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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  May 11, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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instagram @wolfblitzer. you can tweet the show. erin burnett with "outfront" starts right now. ♪ "outfront" next, liz cheney promised she had something to say as republicans gearing up to not touting to trump's lie. states of emergency, long gas lines and markets tanking in the united states. fears of a gasoline shortage is growing. let's go "out front." good evening, i am erin burnett. congresswoman liz cheney promising she will have something to say, quote, "in a
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little bit." jeffery rosen is going to testify tomorrow. he's going to testify this. i quote him. "the department had been presented with no evidence of widespread voter spread at a scale sufficient to change the outcome of the 2020 election." no evidence. no evidence of a stolen election. just to be clear rosen was doing was reaffirming what chris wray said and what more than across the country courts have said. steve scalise voted to remove liz cheney, telling cnn "it is not about right or wrong, it is about the focus of our conference and focusing back on
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the agenda that's pushed by the biden administration." i want to take this into two parts. the basic thing right there that i said, "this is not right or wrong." right or wrong on the basic fact that a presidential election that was fraudulent or stolen did not matter. that's incredible. now the second part, "kicking cheney out of her post." well, that's a reason for kicking cheney out of her post is demonstelrly faulse. >> around the world we are watching as our adversaries are testing us. >> a massive increase of spending and they come back
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around and impose middle class tax increases. >> foreign, domestic consistently against biden's agenda. that's just consistent for cheney. she stood up for her conservative policies, her entire career and her conservative square for the action of america, 80%. it is not anything to do with biden's agenda. that's the problem here. that issue of right or wrong. it is only this one thing that l liz cheney is getting kicked out of her position. >> there was the president and many around him pushed the idea that the election had been stolen. that's a dangerous claim. it was not true. the election was not stolen. the notion that the election was stolen was the election was rigged and it was a lie. people need to understand that. >> that's why the gop is kicking her out of leadership and c cancelling liz cheney.
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i just laid it out and list ed the facts. she says cancel culture is cancel culture no matter how you look at it. i still think we should not be trying to cancelvoices. she says it like it is. it is a rallying cry that's constantly on their mind. it is the first line of defend that they throw out there when under attack these days. >> i am not going to be silence or cancelled. >> if it continues, it won't just be republicans who won't get cancelled or the president of the united states. cancel culture will come for us all. >> they can't cancel this rally or this movement or this congressman. >> this cancel culture have gone too far and we got to change that. >> i refuse to bow to the
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cancelled mob. >> of course, in this case they're not bowing to the cancelled mob. they are the cancel mob, cancelling their words and the leader of their party who dare to speaks the truth to our country as to whether a presidential election was fraudulent and stolen. this should upset anyone no matter who you voted for. in fact, i do want to point out that it is upsetting a few elected republicans as well, notably today, the third highest ranking republican, juneohn thu, said "the only thing i can say is if we continue to rehash the 2020 election" -- he went onto say the election was not rigged. let's move on.
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>> she's being ousted for disagreeing with the president. we need all republicans on board. >> it should be a run-out for one thing. her consistent. she said the same exact thing that kevin mccarthy said on january 6th which was donald trump was responsible. >> that's true. that's what mccarthy said then and not now. senator romney tweeting, expelling liz cheney won't gain the gop but it will cause us us -- cost us quite a few. manu raju is "outfront." i know you spoke to congresswoman cheney, she told you she had something to say in
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a little bit. i know you have been speaking with members in congress. what are you hearing from cheney? >> he did confirm that he did speak within the last few days even during all of this as mccarthy tried to align himself and trump saw cheney's ouster for her post. it is very clear that most of them are exact siding with donald trump, are in fact siding with kevin mccarthy. many of them don't want to call
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out donald trump about what he did in the run-up of january 6th or he continued to say the election was stolen. they also don't want liz cheney bringing the issue up which they'll have to answer questions about what the number three republican leader is saying about all of this. this all comes ahead of tomorrow's key vote. we do expect in the morning and overwhelmingly will vote to oust her and the question will be how quickly to replace her with elise stefanik. there are some concerns from conservatives who are worried of stefanik's moderate record. >> all right, manu, thank you very much. on that measure which liz cheney had an 80% and stefanik replacing her has a 48% voting record.
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you can see the difference. "out "outfront" now is john kasich. what is liz cheney thinking on all of this right now ahead of this vote. >> as manu says, she expects it to be a lopsided vote, different in february where she won 165-61. this time she's expecting the opposite to happen. i think that she does not look at this vote personally. she looks at it as a vote of principle and she looks at it actually as a vote on her colleagues and whether or not they are willing to stand up for the truth. they are willing to stand up for democracy and this is just the beginning, erin. there is going to be life after
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leadership for liz cheney and i believe she will be campaigning against donald trump far into the future. >> so governor kasich on this point of congressman scalise that i quoted, "it is not about right or wrong, it is about the focus of our confidence and pushing back by the biden administration." when i play liz cheney on both foreign and domestic policies, the only thing they dislike her for is calling out his wrong. what do you say john kasich? >> republicans think they got to suck up to donald trump because they need him to fire up their base and they take the map and
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make it good for their own party to win the majority. it is all about power. i hear mr. potato head and i hear about "dr. seuss" and the cancel culture. what are they thinking of healthcare and prescription drugs and environment and the spending since they went out the door and spending after donald trump. it is pathetic. erin, i will say this. if they win the majority, they'll moderate joe biden, i am surprised of joe biden's performance so far. if they win the majority, they'll moderate joe biden. they'll be happy with that. what are they going to be for or improve the lives of americans. that's why you get elected. you get elected to try to improve people's lives. this is a sad day in our country. another sad day. we'll get through it. >> jamie, i want to ask you
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about this vote, you point out last time a couple of months ago when there was a vote of cheney, she won it. it is going to be a secret ballot. oh, we hate you for this trump stuff but we'll vote for you. she does not think the secret ballot will go. >> no, maybe it won't be a secret ballot so governor kasich knows this better than i do. when you have a conference vote and keep in mind, erin, liz cheney, will be sharing this conference. she will be calling it to order. she may even do the ultimate power play and bring the vote to the floor herself. it could just a voice vote, the yays and the nays. if there are people on the other
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side and i am guessing there are who want that number out there. who wants to say she lost by x then someone can call for a secret ballot. it takes i am told five people to second it. i think there are five people to second it and you will get that secret ballot and then you will see the lopsided vote. make no mistake, liz cheney is doing this because she thinks donald trump remains a threat. >> and that's the thing. governor, let me ask you because when i was talking about the handful of republicans who stood up to this other than liz cheney. i played or quoted romney and kinzinger, those are all people who voted for impeachment. i have john thune in there in leadership. he did not vote to convict trump. today he came out and said what few elected republicans will say that the 2020 election was
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legitimate and not rigged. he was clear about that. what's the role for somebody like john thune in the party, who says that now and did not convict trump and the insurrection that came from it. >> it is a great question. we were in the house together, i like him a lot. he's under fire for trump because he said the election was legitimate so trump is after him, too. thune is a great athlete. he'll be out there win or lose, he'll hit the board hard. i didn't go to the circus. now what we are seeing is the circus. we have a terrible thing going on in israel and the middle east
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right now and the sociocyber at on our health lines and this is what they are messing with. come on. erin, it is prosperous, is it? you have been covering many stories for us and financially and the issues many are cared about. >> thank you very much. we'll hear what liz cheney had to say in a little bit. next, protest in the streets of elizabeth city. now, two stories are coming out. the family's attorney is outfront next. i i ism. this is an urgent crisis right now, long lines at the gas
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breaking news right now, the family's attorney says it shows " "unjustifiable killing." >> at no time we have seen going towards a sheriff deputy at any time. >> what's in the dark will come into the light. >> wayne kendall, attorney for the brown family. i appreciate having you back on the show. tell me what the family saw in this video. >> as chance told you earlier of what we saw last time in the 20
4:21 pm
seconds clip a couple of weeks ago, we saw a 19 plus minute clip today from five body cameras and one dash camera. essentially they showed the same thing that we have all expected to see which was that this was unjustifiable killing with sheriff deputies fired into the vehicle unprovokedly. we are at the same conclusion before. >> the district attorney says, this is their version of it. they said deputies only fired when brown drove towards deputies. now i know that today, your council says the first shot was fired before the car even moved a when you see this, this would seem like a verifiable fact,
4:22 pm
what happened? did the shock come first? where do you think the discrepancy is coming from, wayne? >> well, obviously the officials want to paint the picture in their best light. the facts don't bare what they say out. i have been to the scene and i have seen the entire tracks. that vehicle was in reverse and backing up and across that vacant lotto the east and ran into a tree and in the neighb neighbor's yard. the tire tracks don't lie. you can see that vehicle never went towards those deputies and they were unloading from the drive way path into that vehicle as it sped across. i don't think that vehicle went towards deputies in any way shape or form at any time. that's what chance lynch
4:23 pm
identified today when he revealed what he saw on the 19-minute video. >> so when you say the 19 minutes, i know there is almost two hours of footage. so today the family only saw 19 minutes. >> that's kcorrect. you did lay out what they saw was a compilation included five body cams and a dashcam angle. the judge says the rest of it is not appropriate for quote, "disclosure." do you have any idea by what the judge means by saying that? >> what the judge is saying is that the petition that were filed to reveal these recordings show mr. brown's image in all the 19 minutes. but there are other videos that shows other aspect of the shooting. the judge said that well, i can only let the family see what's in the video that depicts mr.
4:24 pm
brown's image. we want the beentire video. we want the entire two hours worth of video. so we can see what happened in the lead-up and after math. all of those moments are important. >> all right, wayne, i appreciate your time. thank you very much. arizona's governor signing a bill that purges tens of thousands from early voting list. secretary of state is out front. florida is now the fourth state to declare a state of emergency over fears of gasoline shortages. those fears sending stocks plunging as well.
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maricopa stretched into its third week. despite two previous audits found no evidence of any fraud. two audits shown there had not been an issue. >> if we have any problems, we can fix them and we make sure the next election is safer and cleaner and runs smoothly. >> the cyber ninja was hired. the secretary of state katie hobbs. i appreciate your time. first, since you run the state's
4:30 pm
elections, i want to ask about the bill. you urged the governor to veto it. will they rerecceive a mail in ballot and will it remove them if they had not voted in four years. he signed it into law. what's your reaction and what do you think the damage could be? >> it removes voters who may vote but they may choose not to use their mail-in ballot to vote with which is an option that we long enjoy in arizona. currently 3.2 million arizona voters are on this list. 75% of our registered voters. so across all parties, it is popular and the effect that this will have is going to make it harder for people to vote. it is really unfortunate that
4:31 pm
this is the politicians respond to election results they did not like. they are pamaking it harder for people to vote. >> all of that is important and you see 75% people and you got 3.2 million people. the governor says look, no one is going to lose their rights to vote. you will be removed from this list because you have not been using this. if you want to stay on it, you can say i want to stay on it. if you don't reply, you can still go vote in person and no one is going to take you off the role to vote all together. republicans are not going to send ballots in the mail for people who do not use ballot in the mail. i can see that. why is that sinister? >> well, look, the senator who sponsored this legislation spruced this bill or similar bill for the last ten years. clearly it is not popular because it has not passed the
4:32 pm
legislature for ten years. i voted no on it eight times when i was in the legislature. she's now using this past election and the so-called voter confusion or the need to fix problems to now justify this bill and its passage which is not necessary. this election was the safest and most secure and highly participated in recent history and there is nothing to be fixed. this is fixing a problem that does not exist. we work hard to educate voters about how the vote by mail system works. they are used to it now. any time uma you make changes especially like this that don't need to be made. you are going to create more voter confusion and making it harder for people to vote. >> now, let me ask you about the audit as i pointed out. mar maricopa, two audits already done. shown there to be no problems of
4:33 pm
any magnitude. so now you got your republican-led officials hiring a private firm called cyber ninjas to oversee it. the chief has talked about various conspiracies about the election. do you think that's going to lead to finding some kind of fraud where there is none. do you have that fear? >> well, this audit is clearly an attempt to continue to promote the big lie and continue sewing doubts in the election system and creating disarray and confusion when in fact we had one of the most problem-free elections in recent history. yes, i am very concerned. we did all of the post election
4:34 pm
audits and plus additional ones and nothing was found. there were nine court cases with no evidence to support any fraud. nothing was found . here we are trying to rehash the 2020 election, this is going to do nothing but undermine our democracy. >> i appreciate your time, katie hobbs. >> thank you. next, florida skjoining a growing number of states de declaring a state of emergency, over fear of a gas shortage. you can see the line there. how bad could this be? a top republican urging colleagues to not support elise stefanik to replace liz cheney. how come? tax-smart investing, managing risk, and all the ways schwab can help me invest. this is andy reminding me how i can keep my investing costs low and that there's no fee to work with him. here's me learning about schwab's satisfaction guarantee. accountability, i like it.
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breaking news, florida became the first state declaring a state of emergency. one of the largest fuel lines are shut down. drivers are filling up gas. the dow plunged nearly 40 points today. the colonial pipeline starts in texas and runs all the way up to the east coast. it is responsible for all half
4:39 pm
fuel cos consumed. t it was shut down by hackers. senator grandholm says there is no panic. >> the pipeline should be substantially operational by the end of this week and over the week. >> phil mattingly is "outfront" at the white house. publicly the administration is saying no concerns here but what we are seeing in the public and the states are unsettling. what's going on right now? >> reporter: part of what you are seeing, they recognize this could get serious and spiral
4:40 pm
quickly if you see the crunch in demand like you see over the course 24 hours. when you talk to white house officials, they made clear, they took a government approach on this. department of transportation and emissions trying to mitigate some of the effects that's happening on specific states that are in this pipeline past. that's something happening. there has been top officials at the white house's briefings and you have seen officials in regular phone calls with the governors of the states where it is most effective. this is not long-term and if everything is normal, supplies should be enough at this point in time. if it is not, they're trying to provide regulatory side of things to allow the surge of supply. this is how people see and react. that's the biggest denveconcernt now. >> thank you very much, phil. i want to go to daniel yergen
4:41 pm
and the author of "the clash of the nation." is there a legitimate supply issue right now for gasoline? >> yes, it is not a complete disruption. it is 45%. the southeast is parti particularly -- it is a panic buying. some of the gas stations we have talked to in the southeast have volume four times as much as normal as people see these reports and instead of having their tanks one quarter full, they want their tanks completely full. i think it means the next few days as it is going to continue like that until we start to see a restart of the colonial system. >> you are talking about gas stations you spoke to in these
4:42 pm
four states of meemergencies, atlanta gas stations now are out of gas. it is deeply unsettling. and charlotte and raleigh reportedly out of gas. >> how bad could this get? >> if it continues and we have heard about the pipeline and the government will start up by the weekend. that means by next week it will accrue. if it takes longer to get on then it is a more serious problem. if these stations are out, people will be impacted by their ability getting around. there are things you can do, bringing tanker from the gulf coast. they're beginning approval for that. and truck drivers who's driving tank trucks. there are things to be done
4:43 pm
here. it is something less than half the supplies. >> it is though as i said it is deeply unsettling. we have a pipeline that's knocked out by a bunch of hackers in russia. it is deeply unsetting. >> exactly. >> we whatted huhad hurricanes things knocked out. this is digital der interruptio. a cyber attack, a wake up call is an under statement. >> is the biden administration sort of slow on this? >> i can't say about that. once you get the pipeline goes down, you are go i think to panic. they're taking the step now and sending messages that they are
4:44 pm
in contact with the pipeline and making sure the pipeline system is safe and resilient and how do you resolve with dealing with these criminals. >> daniel, thank you very much. >> the top republicans enc encouraging them not to back elise s el elise stefanik. what does her supporter thinks? >> she's a breath of feresh air. >> i am winner of the kentucky derby, media. >> why did his horse fell the drug test. ay body. fearless in my skin. the harry's razor is not the same.
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♪ baby, yes i do mean you ♪ ♪ i see it ♪ ♪ and i like it ♪ ♪ and i want it ♪ ♪ yes, i do ♪ ♪ woo! new tonight, a top member of the house freedom caucus urging colleagues to not support elise stefanik because of concerns she's not conservative enough and ben klein. what do voters in stefanik's own district make a rush to the right. athena jones is o"outfront."
4:49 pm
>> she's a breath of fresh air. >> she's a vicious demagogue. >> reporter: one of just 25 in the country to vote twice for barack obama choose donald trump in 2016 and pivot back to joe biden in 2020. >> this is a classic purple district. >> reporter: maybe that's why elise stefanik poised to be the highest republican woman in congress after embracing trump's lies about the 2020 election are decidedly mixed here in the small town. >> she's done a lot of good stuff for a lot of towns and counties around here. >> she's backing the big lie and i trump, too. i am not supporting that at all. her first term when she ran up here, i voted for her but i would not vote again for her.
4:50 pm
>> the harvard graduate worked as an aid for george w. bush and mit romney. >> i think any political observer two years ago would have said that elise stefanik >> she was someone who opposed donald trump early on things like nato and his attack on nafta. moderate right down the line. >> stefonic endorsed and taken a different tack becoming a fierce ally of trump during his first impeachment. >> this has been an unfair process from the start. >> reporter: and voting to overturn election results. >> tens of millions of americans are concerned the 2020 election featured unconstitutional over
4:51 pm
reach but unelected state officials. >> reporter: and she's won over some voters protrump but had their doubts when stefanik who grew up in albany grew up from here. >> i'm elise stefanik. >> i wasn't impressed. if you can't tell the people you're trying to represent where you're actually from, that spoke volumes to me. she really is trying her best for the north country. >> reporter: as her political star has risen, others here complain he's left her district behind. >> there are a lot of very important issues with many rural areas, drug abuse, health care, broad band access, which is critical now. education. i don't see her talking about the north country and the issues that are involved here. >> reporter: one thing seems clear. >> she is a very different politician now than she was a
4:52 pm
couple years ago, different policy ideas, different allies shedding, you know, people who had been close to her for a long time and that's turned out to be a winning strategy. >> reporter: and that was athough that jones. a big announce 789 ament athough that jones. a big announce 789 about te future of the kentucky derby winner medina spirit, ♪ jones. a big announcement about the future of the kentucky derby winner medina spirit, ♪ ♪ ♪ comfort in the extreme. ♪ the lincoln family of luxury suvs. bipolar depression. it's a dark, lonely place. this is art inspired by real stories of people living with bipolar depression. emptiness.
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. tonight medina spirit will be allowed to compete in the preakness. it was in question after post race testing revealed medina spirit had double the allowed steroid in his system. bob baffert said he was treated with an anti fungal but he denied medina spirit had the steroid. >> that's the only way it could happen, contamination is the on way because that horse was not treated by anyone and we'll investigate who touched the horse, who was near hip. he went from the derby, everyone is up there touching him.
4:57 pm
there are so many ways these horses can get contaminated and when they test at these ridiculously low levels, america is different, it was like a cancelled culture kind of thing. >> of course, he has now admit that medina spirit was treated with the steroid. so nick watt is "out front "and nick, you know so much about this industry and that's what it is. it's a huge business and bob ba baffert is the king of it. tell us how this could happen and why it such a big deal. >> reporter: erin, mistakes can happen and they are saying they did not know this steroid was in this ointment they were rubbing on this horse. now, found out today that he was
4:58 pm
dinged in september for using it in november, different horse and fined $1500 for it. i've been emailing with his lawyer today and his lawyer said we've decided to accept that punishment and move on and after that vent, a decision was made to not use that steroid again in the baffert barn. the only way to find its way into the horse's system in this case, by the way, it needs c confirmed by the sample, the only way is through some innocent contamination event. listen, that can happen and the rules in horse racing are complex, different rules for different states, also a drug like this you're allowed to use out of competition in kentucky, you just can't have it in the horse's system on the day of the race. why is doping and horse racing a big deal? not just performance enhancing but safety. if you have a horse that is injured and pump it full of painkillers, it canblivious to s
4:59 pm
itself a very, very bad injury. >> inhumane. ma edina spirit gets to do to t preakness, the next race and that gives the horse racing wide spread appeal. baffert is banned from entering any horses in churchill downs. so baffert that trained two horses that won the triple down and could never win a triple crown again. how big of a blow is this? >> reporter: yeah, listen, i mean baffert is colossal in this sport, white house and signature blue glasses. the numbers back him up. he's won over $320 million in a 30 plus year career, 13,000 plus starts. he's placed one to three in half of those. he is a big deal. and, you know, if there is a stain on baffert's legacy, there
5:00 pm
is a stain on the entire sport. that's how big this guy is. he's had issues in the past. he's got over them. we're not saying this is definite. that split sample still needs to come back but if there is a stain on baffert, stain on the sport. erin? >> nick, thank you very much and thanks to all of you. "ac 360" starts now. good evening. breaking news on the house floor of the u.s. capitol where congresswoman liz cheney is expected to speak any moment now. her office sent out a statement saying her speech would start around 8:00 p.m. likely, her last speech as house republican conference chair. now, with that happens, we will go liveher remarks. tomorrow it's expected to go to vote to lose her position, a battle between her place in the party but the former president and his false allegations about voter fraud which have continued to be em brbraced by the vast