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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  November 17, 2010 9:00am-11:00am EST

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jeans? obviously, doesn't translate on tv. i'm actually wearing a charcoal gray wool suit, jacket and pants and a sweater. >> you look very nice. >> no t-shirt and jeans this morning. sorry. >> cnn newsroom with kyra phillips starts right now. hey, kyra. >> does someone have an issue the way i dress you? is that the problem here? >> exactly. >> better start tweeting me. >> what i was wearing -- take it up with her. >> kyra's with me. kyra phillips cnn to register your complaints. >> thanks, guys. perfect. all right. it is 9:00 a.m. on the east coast. 6:00 a.m. on the west. i'm kyra phillips. violent storms rake the country from the pacific northwest to the crowded northeast. thousands of homes without power. more severe weather looming today. a murder mystery in
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hollywood just minutes after leaving a star-studded premier, a long-time hollywood publicist dies in an explosion of gun fire. police are baffled. the film industry in shock. and have you seen this new video of dick cheney? skinny and frail making a public appearance yesterday and still managed to poke fun at the white house. we are now eight days away from thanksgiving, one of the busiest travel days of the year and the airline security horror stories are coming. travelers telling tsa agents not to touch their junk, crying toddlers getting a pat down and just last week, i saw senior citizens getting hassled for their yogurt. humiliating security screenings that go something like this. >> a hand in between my underwear and my skin. you know? did a 360 all the way around
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touching certain sensitive points in the back and the front. >> but the tsa says it's all in the same of navesafety and the f will be defending them to congress this morning. that's in a moment but let's get down to the facts. what you need to know before you catch your holiday flight. at 68 airports across the country, fliers will be given two options when they head through the security line. under go a controversial full body scan or get ready for a hands on pat down. you're going to take -- you're looking at a map of the airports, posting the full list on the blog if you're flying into or out of any of these cities, here's the advance airport screening 101. this is what the tsa actually sees when you go through a full body scanner. some people say it's too revealing. others are concerned about radiation but a report on the fda website says that the scanners pose very little risk. now, still, you can opt out but that costs you sometime.
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going through a traditional metal detector takes a few seconds. a full body scan takes about 30 seconds. an enhanced pat down lasts about two minutes. now, there have been calls to protest the scanners by opting for the pat down on the day before thanksgiving. talk about a security line traffic nightmare. homeland security correspondent jeanne meserve standing by in d.c. are airports even prepared for this? >> reporter: are the airports, are tsa, are airlines? big question. nobody really knows how successful these opt-out campaigns are going to be. there's several. one individual who i spoke to yesterday telling people not to fly at all if they have that option. so that could cut down the travel and you are right. if a lot of people opt into the programs that say, say no to scanners, do a pat down, ask for it in private. ask v a witness present that could, in fact, slow things down on what is going to be one of the busiest travel days of the year. and they're expecting more
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traffic in the airports this year as compared to last year anyway, so build in some extra time would be my advice. a point of clarification, you might have to under go one of the pat downs at the airport without the body scanners if, for instance, you go through a metal detector and pings finds an anomaly or if you're picked for random screening. it could happen to you at any airport. >> so jeanne, today's hearing, what can john pistol say that's different from what we heard? he did the network interviews in two days. >> reporter: he had and he was on capitol hill yesterday. the topic was cargo security and asked about this. it's possible there's different questions that could provoke some different answers. i think that even though they have said children under the age of 12 won't be subjected to the pat downs there's concerns of what will happen to children. there are still concerns about people who are saying for religious reasons they should be
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subjected to the pat downs or scanners and some areas could be explored. whether the members of congress seize that opportunity and do it, we don't know yet. >> jeanne meserve, of course following this up to the day if indeed it does happen and there are major back-ups. on capitol hill, all eyes are on january and the changing balance of power. today, lawmakers will choose the leaders to navigate the challenges. one person under the gun is nancy pelosi who loses the speaker's gavel when republicans assume control of the house. she's fighting to keep a leadership role in her own party. senior congressional correspondent dana bash joining us now. there was an unusual meeting ahead of the leadership votes yesterday, wasn't there? >> reporter: there really was. it was a regularly scheduled meeting for all democrats to meet, supposed to last maybe an hour. it lasted four hours and that is because there was a motion for people to air their views out and this is obviously a democratic caucus that's still licking the wounds big time. one interesting thing about the
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tenor of the meeting i was told by several sources who were in there is nancy pelosi kind of got an earful from some of the members defeated. some of them said, look, you should not be our leader still. it was very polite and very direct. lucky for nancy pelosi, those members are not going to get a chance to vote for her in the leadership election that is are going to start ant an hour from now. and likely to be the leader, kyra. >> all right. so meanwhile, the so-called slurpee summit, the various summits, when president obama and bipartisan members of congress, now postponed. supposed the take place tomorrow, right? what happened? >> reporter: it was supposed to take place tomorrow. you know, what happened is republicans said, look, the president made public that this was going to happen in a very kind of open way without the republicans say checking with republicans to see if the schedules worked for this. the republicans say, look, we have all of these new members in town. we have lots of events scheduled
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an enpeople leaving. dinners and so forth around that so we could not make this work and in fact i have to tell you, i'm hearing from republican sources since last week and laying the groundwork privately on the phone saying don't be so sure this is going to happen. democrats, though, on the other side say, wait a minute. you know, the president reached out to republicans. everybody on both sides of the aisle are talking about the need for bipartisanship and how we get along and republicans can't clear their schedule for one afternoon and maybe an evening to come and sit with the president? not to sort of deal with each other personally but to deal with important issues they have got to come together on next few weeks, namely, bush tax cut dice that bash on the hill, thanks. also a critical week for charlie rangel. tomorrow the subcommittee ethics committee will decide the proceedings.
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>> i am really disappointed because i never heard of the possibility of someone being accused of something and not having the time to get a lawyer. they say, well, you have known about this over two years. well, for over two years i have had a lawyer and $2 million bill so that i really don't see what the issue is that i've screamed for a hearing and, of course, i meant a fair hearing with counsel, with witnesses. >> full ethics committee will recommend a penltd to the house and can change from a fine to expulsi expulsion. most believe that rangel likely to be reprimanded and not expelled. storms in maryland leaving baltimore residents in the dark. rescue crews going door to door to check for injured or trapped people. a lot of people made their way to the fire department command post to report injuries but
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nobody was hospital iced. the storms caused damage in the washington, d.c. metropolitan area. power lines downed and trees snapped in that area, as well. rob marciano is tracking the storms for us. that time of the year, right? >> rough go across baltimore and d.c. all associated with this storm with the heavy rain in the southeast the past couple of days and intensifying across lake erie and ontario and the st. lawrence river valley. fair amount of rain here and also some wind that dips into this that could be quite blustery. as a matter of fact, with the size of this thing, and the power this it's got behind it, probably going to see winds to gust up to 50 miles per hour at times so that may very well be a way to take down tree limbs and sporadic power outages here tonight and early tomorrow morning. just be aware of that. most of the rain has moved out of the new york area. about to move out of boston but the wind blowing all day long
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today in through tonight. wind advisories up for the northeast. and between that, decent low pressure system across the mid section of the country. brought blizzard conditions to colorado. we have the videotape. silverthorne, colorado, i-70. tough getting around late yesterday afternoon. 20 inches of snow in breckenridge and i-70 at times closed eastbound. still working to clear that mess up. and the next storm hot on the heels maybe a 24 to 48-hour break. here it is across the northwest. looking at rain in the valleys and mountain snows and windy conditions with winter storm watches and warnings for the cascades. 10 to 20 inches of snow across that part of the world. as far as what you're looking at for daytime highs, want some warmth? go to phoenix, maybe dallas. highs around 70 degrees. you are right, kyra. this time of year with turbulent weather. makes my job more fun and fun. >> fresh powder, baby.
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that's all i'm hearing in my're aexcited for sure. >> thanks, rob. sarah palin is everywhere on the campaign trail, tv, campaign trail, the dictionary. whoo. i'm pooped just naming the list. influence, boy, creeping into "dancing with the stars," too. keeping her daughter bristol on her toes. vast right-wing conspiracy or vastly ridiculous paranoia? we're talking about it after the break.
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all right. let's head cross country. first to indiana where a 6-year-old grace bagged the first deer on the first day of hunting season and learned the tricks of the trade from her father. >> daddy took me turkey hunting and he got a turkey but he called it mine buts in really mine because i shot it. he shot the turkey. i shot the deer. >> oh my. grace says she spotted the 160-pound deer twice before her dad steadied the gun while she pulled the trigger. in laguna beach, california,
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lesson in whatnot to do when arrested on prishs of dui. check out the dash cam video. shows an officer asking the driver to step out. slammed into the arresting officer's car. gets worse. the man put it in drive. crashed into the pole. he's been charged with driving under the influence. april, florida. a special dog needs a special home. he is paralyzed after a dog stepped on him as they played. his family placed him in a no-kill shelter that specialized in disabled animals and now he needs a loving family to claim him. did you see "dancing with the stars" last night? you and 19 million of the best friends did and how about that audience gasped at the end? >> i can now reveal with the couple with the lowest combine total and viewer votes is --
9:16 am
brandy and max. >> bye-bye, brandy. bristol lives to dance another day. and you heard the crowd's reaction so tell me. how is it that alaska's most famous daughter is still dancing even after the judges aren't exactly gushing over her? there's talk a liberal number of tv watching tea partiers might have something to do with it. we're talking about it with carol costello. really? like the new tea party town hall in. >> it is a vast right-wing conspiracy, right? >> infiltrated everything. >> i know. exactly. if bristol palin's presence on "dancing with the stars" proves anything, it does prove how partisan we have become as a nation, right? i've sure you heard this. some believe that the reason she's on the show is because of the tea party republican conspiracy. there's campaigns for bristol palin and conservatives for
9:17 am
palin urging people to vote for bristol. on the site today, if you go there it says liberal heads are exploding all over the place because bristol palin advanced. but here's what bristol palin and her partner told us. >> i've had loads of people come up to me, especially out here in l.a. 100% democrat but i vote for you guys every week because i have a normal life. i have a normal family. i tune in and i think to myself, if i was on that show, that's exactly how i would be and i enjoy watching the journey and it is inspiring. >> i work my butt off here. i skom in every day. i rehearse every day. i'm totally out of my element here and i think i deserve to be here and when people say, oh, it is because of the tea party, i think of think of the people out there that hate my mom. why don't we talk about that? why don't that be another topic of conversation? it is like it can work both
9:18 am
ways, me being sarah palin's daughter. love or hate me and i'm thankful to be in the competition. thank you for voting for us. >> that's what i would say if i was a contestant on the show but just to show you how politics kind of invaded every part of our television viewing enjoyment, in a new study by experience simmons, a media research company, it came up with a list of shows republicans supposedly like and those democrats supposedly like. i'll name a few. republicans watch "dancing with the stars." "modern family." "big bang theory." democrats apparently watch shows about damaged characters like "mad men" "30 rock" and "dexter." this supposed partisan divide happens as, of course, erupted over the bristol palin controversy if you want to call it that. >> i'm nonpartisan.
9:19 am
i love "modern family" and "30 rock." let me ask you a story about willow palin. tmz got some screen shots off of facebook that shes willow using some unfortunately some gay slurs to slam some facebookers that she felt were trashing her family. now, you'd think mom would put the ka bosh on this facebook'g immediately. >> this is all over the internet. we have to keep in mind that willow palin is 16 years old. sometimes teenagers say things without thinking. so in fairness, keep in mind she is a teenager but apparently some kid on his facebook page was maligning sarah palin's new reality show. and willow replied on the boy's wall supposedly, hah hah, you are so gay. i have no idea who you are but what i have seen pictures of you're disgusting. my sister had a kid and she's still hot and then a worse slur, the f-word in relation to gay
9:20 am
people. >> oh my. >> perhaps she should not have -- no question no one should use that term but she's 16 years old. and it's, of course, on every liberal blog you go to is this terrible thing of willow palin and will he say, oh my gosh, she has to apologize? we'll all wait. >> if i said things like that when i was 16, i wouldn't be leaving the houls for a very long time, carol. i don't know about how. >> you'd have your mouth washed out with soap. >> oh, yes, i would. that happened plenty of times. mom needs to talk to that girl. carol, thanks. >> sure. britain's in love royal couple. an engaged sealed with a diamonds and sapphire. they talk love, marriage and the legacy of mom. the newly-engaged pair in their own words. ♪
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♪ well, people around the world are still buzzing today about the engagement of britain's prince william to kate middenton. russell brand weighed in last night on cnn's "larry king live." >> larry: what do you make of your royalty getting engaged? >> well, i don't know about all
9:25 am
of this, larry. when's going on? is he ready? did he rush into it. >> larry: do you care? >> he's some possible people exchanging jewelry. do we care? i don't know. if it makes people, if it makes him happy. >> news of britain's next royal wedding on the front page of every british newspaper today following the stunning announcement and the couple sat down for an interview. the two talked about the legacy of william's mother brprincess . >> well, obviously, i would love to have met her. and she's obviously, she's an inspirational woman to look up to. on this day and, you know, going forward and things. you know, just -- you know, it's a wonderful family, the members who have met have achieved a lot. and, you know, very inspirati
9:26 am
inspirational, so yeah, i do. >> there's no pressure there. there's no pressure because like kate said it's about carving your own future. no one will try to fill my mother's shoes and what she did is fantastic. it is about making your own future and destiny and kate will do a very good job of that. >> paem are bound to ask, you know, it's a bit of an obviously question but children, do you want lots of children? is, you know -- see what comes? what's your -- >> i think we'll take it one step at a time and get over the marriage thing first and then maybe look at the kids but obviously we want a family so, you know, we will have to start thinking about this. >> prince william sealed the engagement with the same engagement ring that his father gave to princess diana. the beatles might have symbolized the '60s but they clearly belong to the ages. the band that broke up 40 years ago in the vinyl age's creating a major buzz in the digital age. at northern trust, we understand...
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♪ thank you for calling usprime pey, yes, i'd for a gift card.points ll points please? 000. ll caating...ase? ooh! 000. sw: five fifty! 550 bucks?! do50ents.fifty! minus redeeming char leavin50 cents. say wh? happy time! what kind of pgram is this? ter rerds? itcho over. america'number 1 cash rds progr. it pays to discover. stock market sold off yesterday. investors worried about debt problems in europe and today the focus shifts back to the u.s. and the problems that we have here at home. alison kosik joining us with that from the new york stock exchange. hi, alison. >> hi, kyra. we have our own problems in our
9:31 am
economy to worry about. first of all, the housing market. we found out that new-home construction fell nearly 12% in october. hitting the lowest level in a year and a half. the outlook for new construction, not looking so good either. we found out that permits for future building projects below estimates. the weak spot is building of new apartment buildings. builders are having a really hard time getting financing still. you know, they also don't just want to build the huge buildings when people aren't out there buying. analysts are putting it this way. they say, the housing market's pulse is faint. after this report, stocks before the bell pulled off the highs. that's despite a separate report showing inflation in check. the dow down a fraction. the nasdaq higher about two. all right. we are keeping our eye on general motors this week. gm will increase the size of the ipo set for tomorrow. it is going to be selling almost 500 million shares. it could raise nearly $20
9:32 am
billion. this is going to be one of the biggest ipos in u.s. history. what does that mean? well, for us, it means a step forward and paying back its tax-pair bailout and see how it unfolds tomorrow. kyra, back to you. >> okay. thanks. 9:30 on the east coast. 6:30 out west. here's some of the story that is have us talking right now. rurian man known as the merchant death supposed to face a judge in new york. this is victor boot. facing terrorism charges. a former soviet military officer accused of arming failed states and insurgents since the '90s. boot was extradited from bangkok yesterday in spite of a last-minute push for the release by russian diplomats. could be a major break in the natalee holloway case. a jawbone found on an aruban beach. it is tested for a dna match to see if the alabama teen -- if it is the alabama teen's. the party may be over for four loko and other calf nated
9:33 am
alcohol drinks. doctors say the drinks are dangerous because the caffeine covers up some of the affects of the alcohol. all right. baby boomers, here's a reminder that something old can be new again. it's been nearly a half century bins beatle mania swept america. ready. another day is dawning. ♪ here comes the sun here comes the sun ♪ ♪ i said it's all right now this time yesterday, we were telling you that the fab four was about to make its long-awaited debut on itunes. americans have listened, logged on and loaded up. the beatles once again climbing the charts in the digital ages and john roberts is our resident
9:34 am
expert on all things music and joins us with the "a.m. extra." john, it's old music meets new media and i bet you're not surprised at strong the sales have been so far. >> i am not surprised at all. you know, i was hearing analysts saying yesterday, why would anybody want the catalogs on itunes? they have the music that they want. there's no reason to want to download it. the beatles proving people wrong yet again. eight of their albums are in the top 20 on itunes. ten of them are in the top 25. leading the pack an album that fans voted was the best beatles' album ever made "abbie road." it was the last recorded before the break-up. went immediately to number one in the uk, stayed on the american charts for number one at 11 weeks and a great album here, great music. "come together."
9:35 am
"something." "here comes the sun." it goes to prove that while the beatles might have broken up 40 years ago, they are still as much a force in the music industry as they almost ever have been. >> i'm sure you were pinning the records as jd roberts back in canada during the day. >> you know, we didn't actually -- when i was in top 40 radio, we didn't play too much beatles but the first records i ever bought. "help" was the first album i ever bought. got a lot of the singles, as well. you have looked at my ipod and how many are on there now. >> i know you have this song. let's listen to a little "come together." ♪ ♪ here come old flat top ♪ he come grooving up slowly
9:36 am
♪ she got juju eyeball >> two reasons to pick this song. not because it's within of your favorites but also "abbie road" is most selling on itunes right now and you have a documentary in a week and a half. we'll talk about that in a minute but the john lennon connection to this song and to the album, got some pretty good history. >> oh, yeah, yeah. it does. i mean, so many of these beatles songs have so much history to them and if you want the definitive look at the beatles' songs and what they were all about, there's an interview that david chef did with john lennon in 1980 just prior to his death going through literally the entire beatles catalog and john talking about the songs and what they meant for you you are coming up with the john lennon
9:37 am
documentary. how many decades it's been since he lost his life. and you have interviewed some amazing characters for this one-hour presentation coming up next week. >> yeah, kyra, it's very significant that the catalog comes out now because october 9th would have marked john lenn lennon's 70th birthday and december 6th, the 30th anniversary of his murder. on december 4th and 5th 11:00 p.m. we give you a look at that time, the days leading up to it, what happened that night and the aftermath of losing lennon. a special documentary. we have never before heard audio tapes of mark david chapman talking about the murder. here he is talking about what was happening immediately after he shot john lennon and going to hear from pete cullen, one of the first nypd officers on scene and actually arrested mark david chapman, put him in the back of the patrol car and took him up
9:38 am
to the 20th precinct. let's listen. >> they left me alone in the car in the back. which frighten the heck out of me. i kept thinking someone was going to shoot me. kill me. >> at one point while we were driving from the scene into the station house, he even apologized to us for giving us a hard time and ruining our night. i said, you got to be kidding. i says, you're apologizing for ruining -- you just ruined your whole life. and he said, well, he said, i have two people inside of me. i have a little person and a big person. and he said, the big person won the battle the last few weeks. tonight the little person won the battle. >> and that's what chapman said. he said there was a war between the little people in his head who were telling him to do the wrong thing and the big people in the head telling him to the do the right thing and that evening, december 6th, 1980, the
9:39 am
little people won out. a fascinating look back 30 years talking to the people who were there on that day and i got to say 30 years later, the vivid recollections that they have of that night are just extraordinary. >> yeah. it's pretty amazing how john lennon lives on in so many people's minds and the music continuing to make history in sales and in another way. >> incredible. >> thanks so much. dick cheney appearing thin and using a cane. he actually makes a rare public appearance since his long hospital stay for heart problems. but cheney was still strong enough to take a job at president obama. that's coming up next. [ diane lane ] when you were 14
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all right. cnn deputy political correspondent or director i shall say paul steinhauser, make sure i get the title right. you'll be upset with me. the big talk today, paul, we saw that video of dick cheney looking pretty thin and frail last night. but still keeping his sense of humor. >> yeah. sure did. that video, of course, kyra, you can call me whatever you want. i still get paid either way. >> okay. >> let's start with dick cheney and then some of the other stuff. look at the video. this is from yesterday from texas. this was the groundbreaking for the george w. bush presidential center and you can see cheney looking thin. his spokesman said it was a result of a long hospital stay and the spokesman said he's trying to keep weight off to improve his health after being in the hospital several weeks. he also used a cane in some of the ceremony yesterday.
9:44 am
that's because of what his spokesman said is an old high school football injury. people talking about that saying, boy, he looked thinner than back in the white house. hitting right now, kyra, start with the republican governor's association meeting out in san diego. this is their annual meeting today and going through tomorrow. and we have a lot of coverage on this. why? because it could be the first early scattle call for the republican presidential nomine. guess who will be there. barbour, pawlenty, daniels, what do they have in common? may, may want to run for the white house in 2012. also there, not a governor, newt gingrich speaking and will be a possible contender for the republican presidential nomination. so much to talk about there. that's why we've sent jessica yellin out there. see her live starting later today. alaska, vote count, today may be the final count of counting the
9:45 am
ballots from overseas in that senate battle between joe miller, remember he is the tea party-backed republican nominee and senator lisa murkowski who after losing the gop primary ran as a write-in candidate. margin of 10,000 for murkowski. if you throw out the 8,000 votes questioned by miller and still allowed she will be ahead. kyra, the big question is now, if when they give the final count she is ahead, does he give up? continue legal action? stay tuned. the house last night, melissa bean from illinois, she conceded that now gives republicans a net gain of 61 seats in the house. check this out. the balance of power in the new congress, 240 seats for the republicans, 190 seats for the democrats. kyra, we have the five races remaining and i make that pledge to you.
9:46 am
we'll be here, your political unit for you until every race is over and every vote is counted. >> i feel like i'm sold something. i'll buy it. thanks, paul. your next political update in an hour and you can always go to our website louisiana governor bobby jindal putting the speculation to rest. he says he is not running for president in 2012. jindal is on tour promoting the new book "leadership in crisis" and last night he appeared on cnn's "parker spitzer." jindal criticized the obama administration's tepid response to the bp oil spill. >> don't worry about the criticism or the pundits. go get the job done and everything else will take care of itself and what was frustrating was it wasn't just one or two isolated examples. you would have thought five y r years after katrina we would have learned this lesson. the federal government trying to run car companies, try to be involved in health care, it
9:47 am
loses the core competency. i wasn't sorry of criticizing the federal government in katrina. it's a competence issue. >> you can watch "parker spitzer" every night 8:00 p.m. eastern here on cnn. well, they won't be calling her waity katie anymore. after years of courtship, prince william pops the question. ♪ obviously that's not prince william popping the question. but can you guess who this is? flashback, november 17th, 1938. gordon lightfoot, my friends, maybe prince william likes gordon lightfoot. he's a hero of ontario, canada. this is one of the biggest hits, "if you could read my mind." at 72, he's going strong, performs tomorrow night in idaho
9:48 am
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9:49 am
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9:51 am
♪ i've got you under my skin ♪ folks, this is no surprise but as an american, i don't care for the british. i wish they would shut their steak and kidney pie holes but those coffee nosed pudding pie crumb pet suckers have news. >> big news out of england where the royal family says that prince william popped the question to his long -time love kalt middleton. >> oh, my god, there's going to be a royal wedding! oh, my god, it's been so long! i'm so excited. i didn't think this day would ever come! >> yes, we are following the royal wedding in addition to many other developments. let's start with you, elizabeth.
9:52 am
>> kyra, last call for college students or anyone who likes those caffeine and alcohol drinks, like red bull, four loko. we'll tell you why at the top of the hour. i'm stephanie elam in new york. guess what. thanksgiving dinner is going to cost you more this year. how much more? i'm rob marciano in the cnn severe weather center. three potent storm systems affecting the u.s. we'll run it down at the top of the hour. also next hour, a stray, abused dog that saved dozens of soldiers in afghanistan rewarded with a loving home in arizona euthanized by mistake in an arizona shelter. a mistake that cannot be undone. we're trying to find out how something like that can even happen.
9:53 am
9:54 am
9:55 am
♪ won't stop >> what's the music today? >> that's your music, tony harris. don't you like it? >> love it. >> tony harris has the news. good to see you. you're kind of mellow on the move in, but shaquille o'neal,
9:56 am
he doesn't hold back from singing. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. [ applause ] >> here we go. get ready. ♪ everything you got >> he is singing the "cheers" theme. >> so shaq should stick to basketball, i think, but i love that he went to boston's favorite watering hole. ♪ everybody knows your name >> this is the only part that anyone knows, right? >> you got to love it. the green bay packers, how they hang out at the local bars with all of the people. >> he's 360 pounds and 7 feet and he's come into boston and sort of adopted the town. the town has taken to him. he went to harvard square, remember that, and sat as a
9:57 am
statue and let people take a picture. >> he's working it. >> we could have used him here in atlanta. they are 8-2 and playing well. do you want to talk about the girls here? >> let's talk about the girls. >> let's hear it for the girls. uconn, the women's basketball team. forget about the celtics. talk about the best basketball team on the planet. the uconn ladies huskies, a rematch with baylor, a terrific game down the stretch. here's the thing. uconn has this habit of just destroying opponents. this was a one-point -- a real nail-biter for uconn to keep its winning streak alive. 79 wins in a row. the all-time record is 88 games set by the ucla mens team. uconn wins, moves on. this is likely to be the toughest game of the season for the lady huskies. maybe a couple of hiccups along
9:58 am
the way, but they seem poised now, the women's basketball team at uconn. >> who is the star player? >> the center. >> i had a written down. >> did you? >> we don't have the name, but she's terrific. she is just the star player. maya moore is the stup star player. >> m squared. i knew it was a unique name. >> you want something else close to perfection? >> okay. >> so, take a look at this. we have all been to these arcade games. >> i do pretty well at this. this is one of my better ones. not as good as she is. >> are you this good? >> oh, my gosh, she's not missing one. how many do you think she makes in a row? >> she has to get 300 tickets and the biggest stuffed animal in the joint. >> how many do you think she gets in a row? >> how many? >> guess.
9:59 am
>> 50. >> 128 consecutive shots for this young lady. didn't miss once. making it look easy, right. >> that's amazing. so she gets everything in the arcade. >> did she win everything? >> just box it up. pull up the uhaul. she gets everything. so she makes it look very easy, right? >> that's congratulate. >> sometimes we can make the easy look really difficult. case in point. let's take you to the soccer picture. take a look at this. the goalie whiffs, so the guy from qatar has a wide open net. look at his face. i can't believe i missed the empty goal! here it is again. the goalie whiffs. that's uzbekistan. >> and then the striker from
10:00 am
qatar strikes out. >> every now and then we get that look. >> yeah, yeah, and we get that a lot from 11:00 to 1:00. >> tony, that's not true. >> you rock. >> great to see you, my friend. i wanted to have your back after the whole michael vick. >> do you want to talk about it tomorrow? >> black radio throwing you under the bus, and so unfair. we need to call in michael baisden for his help. >> i have broad shoulders here. 10:00 a.m. in the east coast 7:00 a.m. out west. the republicans big midterm victories mean that nancy pelosi will no longer be the speaker of the house but she hopes to remain the leader of the party. today lawmakers are voting for leaders for the next session and she is hoping to beat back a challenge to unseat her. a different description of brian david mitchell, the man who snatched elizabeth smart from her bed.
10:01 am
now that the prosecution has rested, defense witnesses describe him as a once devout man. the future king of england announces his engagement and reminds of world of his parents' wedding a generation ago. he proposed with the ring worn by his mother, princess diana. we are now eight days away from thanksgiving, one of the busiest travel holidays of the year, and tsa chief john pistole is on capitol hill testifying about new airport security measures. he says the revealing full-body scans and patdowns are in the name of security. the security horror stories keep coming in. travellers telling tsa agents not to touch their junk, babies getting patted down and last week i saw senior citizens getting harassed over their yogurt. >> he put his hand in between my underwear and my skin, you know, and did a 360 all of the way
10:02 am
around, touching certain sensitive points in the ba, and the front. >> there's a good chance that you're getting ready to travel next week, so let's get down to the facts. here is what you need to know before catching a holiday flight. 68 airplanes will have the full body scanners. you can pass through or opt out in favor of a patdown. you're looking at a government list of those airports. the full list is on my blog, if you are flying into our out, here is the 101. this is twa the tsa sees when you go through a full-body scanner. some people say it's too revealing. others are concerned about radiation, but a report posted on the fada website says there s no risk. going through a metal detector takes a few seconds, a full-body scan takes 30 seconds, and an
10:03 am
enhanced patdown lasts about two minutes. there are protests. talk about a security line traffic nightmare. senior national security contributor fran town send live in new york. not just irritated passengers anymore. that's not what we're talking about. pilots, lawsuits out there, and even sully sullenberger has spoken out about this. is there anything that john pistole can say today to calm all this outrage? >> reporter: i doubt it. having served in the white house in the prior administration, when you are trying to catch up to the story, you have lost it. the problem government typically has is they institute these measures after there's been some attempted attack, and the american people sort of think that the government fails the common sense test. if this was necessary, why weren't you doing it before, and if you're going to do it, why
10:04 am
don't you explain to me how this reduces the threat and protects me before you institute it? so here we are. they instituted the procedures and used the back scatter and now they're trying to catch up to the story and explain it to people after we see the horror story like you showed. there is a real aviation threat. al qaeda is obsessed with using airplanes as a means of attack. they do need to use the measures. it the people standing at the checkpoints aren't reviewing the images. they have done what they can with the back scatter to protect your privacy. it's invasive, yes, but while it was not explained well, it is not necessary. i went through airplanes over the last several days. . the patdowns seem to be what irritate people the most. they are very invasive. they do tend to touch private parts, and i think the screeners are equally uncomfortable as the
10:05 am
american people who endure this. >> there is no consistency. we have passenger interviews where they claim they have gotten hands in the pants, hands up the skirt. i had a patdown a couple weeks ago, nobody felt me up. maybe i should be insulted, but, anyway, there really is no consistency from airport to airport, fran, and i think that's what's frustrating because people get used to one thing at one airport, and they go to another airport and wonder why am i being treated differently. seriously, you cannot go to every single airport and get the exact same protocol. it doesn't exist. >> reporter: that is a problem, kyra. that they can address. john pistole needs to make sure that the training across the tsa, whether you are in atlanta or new york, when we go through, the patdown out to be exactly the same. yes, they have to go between the breasts and underneath, but they shouldn't under any circumstances ever be touching
10:06 am
your skin as the one man said inside his underpants. inappropriate, wrong and does not follow the protocol. you need to know when you can complain and whether to not tolerate an inappropriate search. >> we know that e-- a lot of people are concerned about the radiation of the body scanners, but even more so, people are concerned about where the images go, once they go through and they're out there fully exposed. do we know for sure that shows images are erased and gone forever? do we know that for sure? >> reporter: well, i hesitate to say we know it for sure. that has been the representation, but, kyra, again, the president has the power to have a bipartisan privacy and civil liberties boards, for the republicans and democrats to look at just these programs to ensure the american people and congress that these programs are implemented appropriately. we are told that those images are not retained.
10:07 am
they are not saved and they're reviewed and moved on to the next scan but i do think there needs to be more transparency and more congressional oversight so american people can rest assured they aren't saved and inappropriately used. >> a new cbs news poll came out saying four out of five americans support the full-body airport scans. so what do you make of that? does the tsa just need a pr makeover? >> reporter: well, i think people understand, in the wake of 9/11 and the almost ten years since then, al qaeda has continued to target planes. nobody wants to worry about it, and that's why you see in the cbs poll most americans do agree you have to have the back scatter scans but i do think they need to talk about it and be more transparent. it's more than pr. i really think they need a full-blown education effort to explain to the american people why such an invasive scan is
10:08 am
necessary and safe. >> fran, thank you for joining us. in washington, it may be a case of political brian phrase. the bipartisan slurpee summit is on hold. republican leaders in congress have postponed tomorrow's scheduled meeting with president obama. republicans say they're too busy and have pushed the gathering back until the end of the month. the slurpee summit draws its nickname from two sources, president's peace broker and beer summit, and the campaign jabs that the republicans were idling sipping slurpees while democrats tried to fix problems. today lawmakers will choose the leers to navigate challenges. one person under the gun, nancy pelosi. she loses the speaker's gavel when republicans take control of the house and has been fighting to keep a leadership role in the next session. it now appears she will after beating back a challenge from
10:09 am
the blue dog democrats. bad weather is being blamed for a series of crashes near danville, virginia. 16 people hurt. the problem started when heavy fog moved into that area early yesterday. it forced authorities to temporarily close a portion of the interstate. meteorologist rob marciano is continuing it. is it going to get worse? >> this storm has yet to settle down. these are live pictures from one of our affiliates in baltimore. tell me which one. wbal sending us these shots, and it's just kind of raw as they come in. we have been showing video of damage, nighttime video of damage throughout baltimore all morning long. the northeast part of that city especially. winds gusting 50, 60 miles an hour late last night. the storm came in through the night. i wish they would pan out so we could see what this is, but,
10:10 am
unfortunately, we're at the will of that particular helicopter pilot. there you go. he just zoomed out a little bit. look at that. an apartment complex or town home complex. serious damage there. no reports of tornadoes officially, but certainly strong, strong straight-line wins at the very most. they will probably go out there and do a storm survey to be sure. here's the storm itself. where it is right now, pretty much centered over buffalo, and we are getting some serious winds that are getting into the new york city area as well. the rainfall from this is pretty much done. it's just now rotating out of new england, but the wins behind this are going to be potent. we have wind advisories in effect, wind advisories of 50 to 60 miles an hour. snow across the back side of that, and blizzard conditions across eastern colorado and central colorado through
10:11 am
silver's thorn. they have snow. tough to get around yesterday. i-70 at one point was closed. this looks like baltimore and washington, d.c. video. speaking of washington, washington state has gotten banged around pretty good. winds gusting late monday night over 100 miles an hour and they continued to get infiltrated with storm system. a stormy week through the weekend, and then cold air coming down from the western half of the country. going to be interesting. winter storm warnings up for the cascades, could see 20 inches of snowfall, and whippeddy conditions. day time highs, you have to go across the southern corridor of the country to get temperatures that are more palatable for those without a jacket. rain jack for some, and if you are wearing a hat in the northeast, hang onto it. >> do you consider yourself a sexy man? >> no, no, definitely not. where is this going? >> how would you describe yourself? >> very humble, and appreciative
10:12 am
of my so far mediocre life-style. >> "people" magazine has revealed the sexiest man alive -- the winner? rob got honorable mention. ryan reynolds. sure, he's married to scarlet johanns seven. and he has chiselled abs and a smile that can make ladies melt but a lot of ladies think that rob marciano got gypped. >> i'm hurt by that. >> here's other men i'm offering up in addition to rob for next year. >> how do i get roped into this? >> rider/ladies man ed perry, and associate producer extraordinary nature allen. check out the swagger on allen. >> confident. >> there's our charmer of the group, our writer pete. back off, ladies, though, he's married and has adorable
10:13 am
children. our director scotty. that's a whole other story but you can't deny that handsome face. you should hear when he gets mad in the control room. >> you have to appreciate the serious side. >> hopefully you will listen up and honor all my men next year. >> on behalf of your men, we appreciate it. the dancing is done, and votes are in, people want to see bristol palin more and more and more. the story behind the reality show shocker. gecko: gd news sir, i jugot ae
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♪ more more more how do you like it more more more ♪
10:17 am
>> did you see "dancing with the stars" last night, you and 19 million of your closest friends. check out what made the crowd gasp at the end of the show. >> i can now reveal that the couple with the lowest combined total of judge's scores and viewers' votes is -- brandy and mak. >> jake picked vienna, susan boil sang like an angel. plenty of reality show shockers, but bristol palin winning would shock them all. what's the inside scoop, a.j.? >> that bristol has proven everybody wrong. you saw, it america voted. brandy is out, and bristol is on her way to the finals next week. last week's week nine
10:18 am
elimination episode of that show brought audible gasps and boos from the audience when brandy was sent packing. showbiz tonight was backstage and bristol told us she is as shocked as anyone she is still in the running. >> i'm blessed to still be around in the competition. never thought i'd make it this far. thrilled to be here. >> well, palin faces off against jennifer grey and kyle massey next monday in the final. but, kyra, wow, a lot of people right from the start were saying, even if they liked bristol, she's not going to make it far, and here she is going into the finals. >> interesting to see what happens next. next story, the murder of this well-known publicist. what can you tell us about what happened? >> yeah, kyra, this is one of those stories that has everyone in hollywood in simple disbelief. ronni chasen was gunned down on
10:19 am
sunset boulevard on beverly hills just minutes after she left a star-studded premiere for the movie "burlesque." she died after multiple shots were fooired into her mercedes on sunset boulevard. she was always on the red carpet with her a dish list clients. everyone blind-sided by the news. take a look at the reaction. >> very tragic. i have stunned by that. >> she loved actors, that's for sure. that was one great thing about her. you kind of loved the buzz and craziness of his nutty business we're in. >> full of life, and really energetic and great. it's one of those things i still haven't quite adjusted. that really happened here last night? it just seems impossible. >> authorities don't seem to know what happened. police are calling it an open
10:20 am
investigation. no suspects or motives for the attacks. really a shocking and very, very sad story in hollywood. >> we'll follow the investigation. if you want information on everything breaking in the entertainment world, a.j. has it for you every night "show business tonight" 5:00 p.m. on hln. the party may be over for folks who like caffeine mixed with alcohol. a government crackdown on the dangerous drinks could come today. ♪ into the davlger san antonio ♪ [ male announcer ] some people just know how to build things well. give you and your loved ones an expertly engineered mercedes-benz... ho ho ho! the winter event going on now. but hurry -- the offer ends soon.
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♪ jump well, last call for calf fin
10:24 am
nated alcohol in a can. the food and drug administration could effectively ban the drinks as early as today. critics say four loko and others pack the combined punch of three cups of coffee and almost a six pack of beer. doctors say its a dangerous mix. elizabeth cohen is here to talk about this. >> here's the deal. these have a ton of alcohol and a ton of caffeine, and college kids have been getting so drunk on them when she show up at the hospital, sometimes the officials there think they have been drugged. that's how drunk they're getting. so the fda is expected to say, forget it, get it off the market. the caffeine keeps you awake enough to keep drinking. you don't get the headache. the caffeine allows you to keep going. there is a blog where anyone can go on line to say what happened to them when they drank four loko. we're not sure who these people
10:25 am
are or whatever but it's interesting the kinds of things they say. they say four loko caused me to jump out of the second floor window and grind strawberry cake into the hardwood floor of a friend's home. next, deep into a blacked out state, i started running around campus in my underwear making death rates. i tried to light a cigarette on a gas stove but lit my hair on fire. this is four loko, and there are reports of kids driving places and not knowing where they are and showing up at hospitals extremely drunk. >> one manufacturer is making changes. >> four loko said we're going to take the caffeine and other stimulants out of the drinks. they are trying to take the punch out of what the fda was about to do, but they said in their statement, look, people have been drinking irish coffees, rum and cokes.
10:26 am
his is a tradition of mixing alcohol and caffeine. >> even if you take the caffeine out, this isn't like drinking a beer? >> it's not. take a look at the size of these things. these are huge. secondly, these are like fruit punch flavors and watermelon and whatnot, so you don't realize how much alcohol you are drinking. they are 12% alcohol by volume. 12%. a beer is usually around 5. that's a huge difference. there's a ton of alcohol in these. even without the caffeine, you can still get incredibly drunk on them. >> as a parent, they're the ones that will be glad these changes are being made because if you look at it, too, it's like -- just looking at it and holding it, it is like you're having a soda pop. >> it says juice. it's called juice. that's how it feels and that's how it tastes, i imagine. t minus eight days until
10:27 am
thanksgiving. the holiday feet going to eat more out of your pocket. the bird is going to cost more. potatoes will cost more. you may be surprised at what's about 40% more expensive than last year. [ diane lane ] when you were 14 we helped keep your skin clear. now we have a solution for wrinkles. neutrogena anti wrinkle with retinol sa smoothes even deep wrinkles. it works...beautifully. neutrogena. you don't love me anymore do you billy? what? i didn't buy this cereal to sweet talk your taste buds it's for my heart health. so i can't have any? if you can deprive me of what can help lower my cholesterol... and live with yourself. right. mmm, i worry about your mother. cry herself to sleep every night over my arteries, but have yourself a bowl. good speech dad. [ whimper ] [ male announcer ] honey nut cheerios tastes great and its whole grain oats can help lower cholesterol. bee happy. bee healthy.
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let's talk dollars and deals, shall we? thanksgiving just around the corner, and it's going to cost you more for your turkey day dinner this year than ever before but there are expected to be a lot of black friday deals as you kick off your holiday shopping. good news. stephanie elam has it for us. for people buying their holiday turkey this weekend, what are you advising? >> go shopping now. >> maybe not have turkey? >> yeah. i was going to say for some people out there, it is about the center piece with the turkey. that is the big the expense. turkey prices are up nearly 33%. so you are looking at paying about 1.05 more a pound for your
10:31 am
turkey. this is from the food institute. potatoes up 17%, pumpkin up 6.5%, and important to me, sweet potatoes are up nearly 23%, kyra. a lot more expensive this year. that's for sure. >> why are the prices so much higher this year? >> there's a if you reasons. the pecans, increased demand in china but turkeys, it's interesting. they say the cost of feeding the bird. they eat a lot of corn and we know what else corn is used for. that is up about 56% to feed the turkeys, and there are less turkeys to be purchased. because there are only 242 million turkeys to be purchased for thanksgiving, there's a bit of shortage. that adds to the price. last year there was a huge deal with pumpkins, and people were
10:32 am
hoarding up on canned pumpkins to make pies for thanksgiving. that's still part of the issue for pumpkins this year. >> if folks are cutting back on turkey, maybe they'll splurge on the black friday deals and boost the economy? >> right. maybe after they get over the food comas, they can head out to the store because some of the stores are actually opening up on thanksgiving this year because midnight is not early enough. sears, walmart, opening up at midnight. black friday is seen as the unofficial start to the holiday shopping season. retailers really want to take advantage of that this year. they've had a rough couple of years. americans are feeling better now. feeling tight about how they spend but going to the discounters. walmart has made it clear. they are trying to get as much money away from retailers, and other stores are following suit. the national association of retailers say they see spending
10:33 am
up this year. that will be better than the 0.4% increase the year, and the year before we saw a drop of 3.9%. you think about the fact that walmart has freon line shipping for 60,000 items on their website. they are trying to get your dollars so maybe, just maybe some people can work off the dinner by going to the mall at midnight or 10:00 p.m. on thanksgiving. >> got to have your turkey, got to shop. end of story. >> that's the american way. >> there you go. be a true american. >> is. >> 10:30 a.m. on the east coast. here are some of the stories we are talking about. a russian man known as the merchant of death is supposed to face a judge in new york today. viktor bout is a former soviet military officer accused of arming failed states and sin sur
10:34 am
gents since the 'nints. he was extradited yesterday. dick cheney looking thin and using a cane at the groundbreaking for the george w. bush presidential center. he says he lost the weight during his last hospitalization, but he still made the crowd chuckle, poking fun at the obama administration. he called the library ground breaking. >> is. >> the republicans' big midterm victories mean nancy pelosi will no longer be the speaker of the house. today lawmakers are electing leaders for the next session. sarah palin tips her hand about a potential run for the white house in 2012. sugar and has 3 grams of fiber per tablespoon. use it almost anywhere you use sugar. even in cooking and baking. sweet! [ female announcer ] splenda® granulated with fiber. [ but aleve can last 12 hours. tylenol 8 hour lasts 8 hours. sweet!
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10:38 am
time to check in with dana bash. what do you have for us? >> we have the leadership elections for republicans and democrats in the house today. you see behind me a lot of people. that's because the democrats are under way as we speak. the first order of business behind closed doors is whether or not to delay the elections. some house democrats say they should take a little bit more time after the shellacking the democrats got and see whether or not it is appropriate to put forward nancy pelosi as what will be the house minority leader. that's not expected to happen. these are expected to go forward, but we are expected to see a challenge from heath shuler, the democrat from north carolina in these elections. again, he is saying that he is going to make clear on behalf of conservatives that nancy pelosi is not the right person for the
10:39 am
job but he doesn't believe he has the votes to do it. second item, don't ask, don't tell, the repeal is on the long, long list of items for this lame duck session. not many people believe it can get lieu the senate but the senate armed services committee chairman says he is going to try to get it done. last item on the agenda is sarah palin, will she or won't she? it's the question everybody keeps asking. she has given hints but i think probably the biggest hint she has given so far is in the "new york times" magazine this weekend. she is thinking about it. had discussions with her family, with her advisers, probably not a big surprise given what we have seen her do recently, but it is the most definitive she has been about the fact that she has that toe out almost in the water. kyra. >> dana bash, thanks. put that toe out just barely. next political update in an hour. you can get all of our political news on our website 24/7 at
10:40 am after this story, you might want to get your dog microchiped. a dog that survive the war in afghanistan couldn't survive animal control in arizona. target was a pregnant abused stray that helped save dozens of soldiers earlier this year from a suicide bomber. she attacked him. her reward, a loving home with one of the most grateful soldiers, sergeant terry young and his family. target got loose, ended up at the shelter and was put to sleep by mistake. this was a dog that afghans abused and tried to kill. americans finished the job thanks to some bungled procedures. more on the story from joel waldman. >> reporter: the eery sound of caged dogs fill the sound here. one day after news of a tragic accident here. two-year-old target was
10:41 am
mistakenly put to sleep but there's no mistaking target. >> you go through such an intense experience with somebody, albeit a dog, you just grow a very, very strong bond. >> reporter: target along with friends rue fuss and sasha attacked a suicide bomber in afghanistan back in february, saving 50 soldiers, earning target a home back here in arizona, and even an appearance on oprah, but no one ever expected her to survive war only to die here because of a lapse in procedure. >> well, it's an error that cannot be undone. the employee who made the mistake was on leave during the investigation. the shelter director says she's heartsick. no one is more heartsick than sergeant terry young and his family. he's with us via skype to talk with us, and we will talk with betsy mcfarland with the human society of the u.s. terry, let's start with you. tell us how target got out.
10:42 am
>> we have a backyard with a fence the whole way around it, and there's a gate that goes out to the front of the house, which is what we use when we take the trash bins out to the curb. basically, when i noticed that she hadn't eaten her food we put out for friday morning for breakfast, it triggered something. i was wondering where she was at. i looked around the house, looked at her usual sleeping spot. i looked in the backyard, and i looked to where the gate was. the gate somehow was completely just wide open, and at that point, you know, the worst came to mind. >> terry, i'm going to ask you to lean forward just a little bit because we're having trouble with your audio. good, great. thank you so much. skype is always so tricky.
10:43 am
thanks, terry. so she got out in the back. i saw in the video that she had a collar on. did she have a microchip, and did you ever consider a mike co-chip? >> no, she did not have a microchip, and, actually, yes, unfortunately my wife and i had discussed several times about going in and having a microchip. it's just as soon as she got to the u.s., it was just a whirlwind of media, traveling to new york and chicago, and it's one of those lapses in judgment where, unimportantly, you're putting it off, and so things started to settle down and we were going to have it done, and, you know, unfortunately -- i wish i could go back in time and do that, but, on the other hand, you know, people have asked me about that, and i keep telling them, the microchip is good and all, but say for some reason the shelter wouldn't have been able
10:44 am
to get ahold of it even if she was microchiped, it wouldn't have mattered. that particular officer, for whatever reason -- well, i know why. she called target a bag of bones, kind of gave me the indication that she targeted target -- no pun intended -- because she did not look like a completely healthy dog. but considering her diet was still kind of adjusting to actual dog food and not the scraps from soldiers there in afghanistan. she was a little thin. >> betsy, 7 million dogs are euthanized every year. why is that number so high? you heard what terry said. sometimes shelters get so overcrowded that sometimes if a dog doesn't look that healthy, do they euthanize it even though it has a chore.
10:45 am
>> between 6 million and 8 million enter shelters and about half are euthanized. those numbers have decline over the decades but we still as a society have a long way to go. typically animal shelters have standard holding periods to allow a family to come and find their animal that in this case with target, for example, accidentally escaped from a yard. an animal shelter's goal is to be a safe haven. that went tragically wrong in this case, and a serious mistake was made. it is illustrative of a larger problem. so many animals still enter shelters in this country. if they don't have identification or tags, it is challenging to reunite them with their families. the majority of these pets are loving pets. if more people would choose to go to the shelter and adopt, we would not be euthanizing that many animals in this country. >> what can pet owners do to
10:46 am
prevent this? it is not the first time we heard about it. especially when you hear about a dog that saved 50 soldiers from a suicide bomber? >> absolutely. twas a tragic error and shot no have happened but pet owners can take measures to prevent their animal from ending up in the shelter. it is important to put a collar and identification tag on your pet. it's a quick, easy to see way, to reunite your pet and keep them out of the sheller. if someone tinds your pet, and they are wearing a collar and tag, they can bring them right to you. >> that didn't happen in this shelter. they obviously made a grave mistake. terry, before we let you go, it's such an incredible story. how did target know that this suicide bomber was a threat to all of you guys, and how did she know to go after him? was it instinct? >> it had to have been. that's the only explanation that
10:47 am
any of us over there could kind of grasp. she just had that sixth sense that this man was about to do something very evil to everybody inside that building, and, you know, the three dogs, target, rufus and sasha all went after the individual. thank god they did. thank god we adopted them as our friends and mascots while we were on that afghan compound or a lot of people wouldn't be here today. >> it's heartbreaking. we hope the health shelter where you live there in tucson owns up and doesn't do it again. terry, bet issy, thank you for your time today. we fill them with amazing technology. and we fill them with inspired design. and now your chevy dealer wants to fill them with as much good will as we can.
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we are lifting up private first class andrew martin ward from washington. he was killed when his unit was attacked by enemy forces in iraq in december, 2004. his brother says his older brother was truly a special individual. he loved his family, was intelligent and very adventurous. he had something set in his mind, well, he would do it. walter tells us the last moments of andrew's life are daumed in a book entitled "new dawn: battle for fallujah." he says all of our troops have a story to be told. go to cnn dot pull up the profile, send us your thoughts and pictures, and we'll keep the memory of your loved one alive. ♪ soldier on
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try capzasin-hp. it penetrates deep to block pain signals for hours of relief. capzasin-hp. take the pain out of arthritis. i tell you something. this is no surprise but as an american, i don't care for the british. frankly, i wish they would such their steak and kidney pie holes but efly those toffee nosed pudding faced crumpet suckers still make news.
10:56 am
>> big news out of england where the royal family announces another royal wedding. prince william popped the question to his long time love kate middleton. >> oh my god! there's going to be a royal wedding! oh my god, i mow guide, oh my god! it's been so long. i didn't think this day would ever come? >> colbert may not be excited but there is all kind of excitement surrounding the engagement. if you think you have a hunch on any of the details, you may be able to make a quick buck. ireland's biggest bookmaker is allowing people to place bets on the royal event. you can bet on almost anything, like the date of the royal wedding. august 13th, 2011, a 3-1 favorite. where will it be held? westminster abbey is a favorite. the color of queen's hat, pink, a 9-2 favorite.
10:57 am
remember the snow white tune "some day my prince will come." it's been a theme song for one princess in waiting. for several years kate middleton has been dating prince william. jeanne moos has the story. >> reporter: talk about a royal hot flash. for the prince and the commoner the long wait was over. >> the british papers have been calling her waity katie. >> her nickname is waity katie because she spent so long waiting for him to propose. >> reporter: how long have then known each other. >> eight year. >> nine years. >> ten years. >> reporter: let's let the happy couple answer. >> how many years? >> a long time. >> three, four. >> reporter: in the obligatory post engagement interview, he modestly looked down and bit his lip. she smiled and looked poised. the prince made a few funny
10:58 am
faces, and the only public display of affection is when he patted her. they did well. no gaffes. >> you both look incredibly happy and relaxed. >> we are. we are. we are sort of luck ducks very calm on the surface but peeking under the water. >> reporter: he talked about the engagement ring, the same ring his father gave diana. the news of the engagement was so sudden, networks were left scrambling. >> jim, what else can you tell us? >> well, i'm not exactly sure what you have already said. >> reporter: cbs tried to interview the prime minister. >> sir, good morning to you. are you able to hear? oh, he is speaking to the public there, so we are able to listen in. unfortunately, we are not able to listen in. >> reporter: this "f" word is the word of the day. >> finally.
10:59 am
>> finally engaged. >> finally prince william has seen the light. >> finally engaged. >> reporter: but the prince laughed off their long relationship. >> it's a long time ago now, tom. >> reporter: even though who parodied kate middleton's wait. ♪ when will he ma ary me ♪ i'm in bloody purgatory >> reporter: offered congratulations. what's eight or nine years when -- >> we are planning on spending the rest of our lives together. ♪ his crown jowls are in my grasp ♪ >> true love, tony. >> i wasn't a big fan of the story yesterday. >> you got caught up in the hype, didn't you? >> i got caught up. as the day wore on, i got into it. >> from now until next spring or summer. >> hello! good morning, everyone, live


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