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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  October 31, 2011 11:00am-1:00pm EDT

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we'll have your next political update in an hour. for the latest political news go to that does it for us. we'll be back here tomorrow morning 9:00 a.m. eastern time. >> happy halloween. >> are you dressing p up? >> yes. in my battle gear. >> you battle every single day, my dear. you don't need to put on gear for that. >> head-on. >> hopefully i'll see you in the neighborhood trick-or-treating. >> sounds good. live from studio 7, i'm suzanne malveaux. want to get you up to speed on this monday, october 31st. happy halloween. unsubstantial personal attacks is what herman cain's campaign is calling these sexual harassment claims. the report by politico says that two women complained of sexually suggestive behavior by cain when he was head of the national restaurant association. >> i'm not going to comment
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about two people who you won't tell me who they are, okay? that's like negotiating -- i'm not going to comment on that because, you know, i think that is one of those kinds of things that until -- >> that was the last question, yes or no? >> have you ever been accused of sexual harassment? >> have a nice day. >> there you have it. crews are scrambling to get the power back on in the northeast. more than 2 million still in the dark this morning, after this freak snowstorm over the weekend. authorities in massachusetts say it it could be thursday before everybody has got their power back on. jetblue airlines apologizing to passengers who were stuck on a plane for eight hours during that snowstorm. the flight from ft. lauderdale to newark had to be diverted to connecticut and passengers were stranded, sitting on the runway, little food, no running water. some were dealing with some pretty serious medical conditions as well, and the pilot was clearly fed p up wiup
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the situation. >> look, we can't seem to get any help from my own company. i apologize for this, but is there any way you can get a tug and tow bar out here to us and get us towed somewhere to a gate or something? i don't care, take us anywhere. >> that's how a lot of folks felt. occupy wall street demonstrators braved the weekend snowstorm, hunkered down in the tents in that park in new york. but protestors in other cities had run-ins with police. in texas, police arrested 38 people for allegedly violating city rules, they ban food tables outside city hall between 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. p in portland, oregon, more than a dozen were arrested for refusing to leave a park after it closed. the nato mission in libya, officially ending today. 11 days after rebels captured and killed moammar gadhafi.
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now, the secretary-general of nato says libyans have liberated their country and that this is their victory. the campaign started in march with a mandate to impose a no-fly zone over libya to protect civilians. an afghan official today blamed the haqqani network for a suicide bomb attack in afghanistan. nine americans died in the attack, including four u.s. troops. the u.s. considers the haqqani network a terrorist organization based in pakistan and u.s. officials say it has ties to pakistan's intelligence service. pakistan denies supporting that group. well, there's a big announcement today from nasa. the agency is opening up its facilities at kennedy space center to private firms now. boeing plans to build a commercial space capsule there. this move hopefully to bring jobs to an yves hard-hit when the space shuttle program ended. all right, if things seem a little crowded today, don't be surprised. the united nations estimates
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that as of today there's 7 billion people on the planet. so just 12 years ago the world population was at 6 million. so just to put this into perspective, it took 130 years for the population to go from 1 billion to 2 billion. here's your chance to talk back on one of the big stories of the day. today's question is all about the allegations against herman cain. our carol costello is joining us from new york. carol, what do we know? >> hello, suzanne. the cain train may be stopped in its tracks by what else? sex. according to politico, two women accused cain of sexual had harassment back in the '90s when cain led the charge for the national restaurant association. some conservative republicans are already crying lamestream media. >> it's outrageous the way liberals treat a black conserve it tiff. this it is another high-tech
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lynching. >> the words of clarence thomas, the supreme court justice? >> that's right. there's nothing liberals fear more than a black conservative. ask allen west, ask michael steele and ask clarence thomas. >> politico asked herman cain instead, have you ever been accused of sexual harassment? reporter jonathan martin asked cain that question four times, and cain never said no. >> well you know when you get to one of the people at the top you know they are going to dig up all kinds of stuff. >> politico also reports that the accusers received cash settlements and left their jobs after complaining about cain. still politico is not revealing the duzers' names and the two can't allegedly talk about what happened because that's part of the cash settlement. the talkback question is, are the cain allegations high-tech lynching or fair game?
11:06 am, i'll read your comments later this hour. >> those are some racially charged allegations there, carol. i imagine a lot of people will weigh in on this one. we've heard it before so we'll see. >> we'll see. >> thanks, carol. for now on that freak october snowstorm that socked the east coast, we're talking record snowfall, hundreds of travelers stranded and at least five people killed. our own chad myers who's weathers the storm in york, pennsylvania, chad, i know -- i guess there's still, what, a couple million people who don't have power? >> reporter: right. and again tonight temperatures will be between 25 and 30. that's going to be cold enough that houses without power will get down to 50 degrees inside. th that's why our hotel was jammed last night, all the other hotels around the area jammed. the problem was not the snow. you know what? this storm, if it happens again, just like this, 15 days from now or 20 days from now, no big
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deal. but on the ridgeline over there, every single tree is still it completely covered with leaves. the leaves acted like a catcher's mitt. it caught, the trees they're just heavy and moist laden, these branches were breaking down through the power lines because most of the power lines are aboveground hire and all the up into the northeast as well. power came down, the lines came down. now there's what's called a triage going on. even though we know millions of people are without power, not everybody is going to get it back today or tomorrow or even the next day. if a power company can put one line up and get 200 houses back to power, they're going to put that line up first. now, if you're the only house that gets power with one line, you are on the bottom of the priority list. they prioritize, try to get as many people back up as possible. they've got, if i'm working out numbers, about 30% of the people put up last night. today is a great day, sunshine out, there's no wind. all the buckets will be going.
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these crews are going 16 on, 8 off, 16 on, 8 off, working as hard as they can. there's literally nothing you can do when there's this many power lines on the ground. some of them are still charged. you have to be careful. also, two more things we've been warned about. please don't run the generators in the garage. the carbon monoxide can kill you. many times more people die after the storm than during the storm. and don't use your oven to just, leave it on all day, to warm your house. carbon monoxide is also coming out of that natural gas oven. find a neighbor, a friend, a relative that has heat and power and go there rather than doing the things that could jeopardize your family. sue zman. >> chad, i understand that officials in worcester, massachusetts, are now asking folks to postpone trick-or-treating until thursday? is that right? what about where you are? is halloween still going on there? >> reporter: well, this was the first place to get the snow, and this was the first place to get the sun back. that's why we came here. we knew this would be the first place during our tv show on
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saturday that it would be snowing. so as the sun came out yesterday, we recovered very quickly in pennsylvania, maryland, west virginia recovered quickly. the sun is now out into the northern states, new hampshire, maine, massachusetts, vermont, parts of p upstate new york. so today will be a much better day. some officials may rethink, they don't want people trudging out in the cold. they certainly don't want children walking along with power lines down or with trees down. so i think that's a really good idea. does it really matter if you get your candy on monday or thursday? as long as you get candy. >> good point, chad. when the temperatures start warming up there, what's the biggest worry in that region? do we know? >> reporter: you know, i don't think we'll see any flooding from this. i don't see that type of very fast warmwarm-up. what we had yesterday and what we'll have farther north, when the power lines were brought down the first time, if they stayed p up but the trees came down, the snow was laden and it was taking the tree down.
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when the snow falls off, the tree will pop back up and it could actually knock the power line off the other way. so there's that double whammy depending on which way the power line is going, down or p up. as you see the snow coming down off the trees, we may lose more power. also, i would say i've seen at least 5% of the cars i'm looking at with some type of damage from a limb hitting it, a window broken. there's still that problem of things falling from the sky if you're under a tree and either the ice, snow comes off or still small branches coming down. >> chad, thanks for weathering that storm for us throughout the weekend. today as well. happy halloween. here is a rundown of some of the stories ahead. first, a freak october monster storm as you saw ruins halloween for kids in worcester, massachusetts. how local businesses could suffer without those trick-or-treaters. then -- after a rocky start, october is shaping up as one of the best months for stocks on record. as herman cain's popularity
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continues to soar, some accusatio accusations. and this -- >> if it's workable, someone is going to trademark it. why not me? >> i think it's something that belongs to the people and it's unnecessary to trademark it. >> the occupy movement, how a trademark battle now starting to brew. also -- the walking dead marching in georgia? p happy halloween. ♪ it's close to midnight something evil is lurking from the dark ♪ ates another laptop bag or hires another employee, it's not just good for business. it's good for the entire community. at bank of america, we know the impact that local businesses have on communities. that's why we extended $7.8 billion to small businesses across the country so far this year. because the more we help them, the more we help make opportunity possible.
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over p.f. chang's home menu orange chicken women men and uh pandas... elbows mmm [ male announcer ] wanchai ferry, try it yourself. now for stories our ireport hes are sending in from the nor'easter. "want to check out the time lapse as the snow started to hit
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the region over the weekend. an ireporter in oak ridge, new jersey, took a photo every hour on saturday outside his house. you can see how quickly the storm rolled in how the trees are weighted down. this is what neighborhoods look like in wput ne county, new yor. trees knocked down, roofs completely covered, and roads iced over. and in denville, new jersey, this tree knocked down by the storm, it's over the road but people were able to drive under it. a dangerous move with all of those downed power lines. well, it is a tough trade-off if you're a kid, right? in mass malice you got a snow day, but you could be losing out on candy because the city of woos worcester, mass, has canceled halloween after that monster storm dumped more than two feet of snow in some parts of state. i'm joined by michael o'brien,
11:15 am
the city manager of worcester. michael, first of all, thanks for joining us. i guess this was really quite a doozy here, a lot of trick-or-treaters, all dressed up with no place to go. are you postponing it until later in the week? >> that's right, suzanne. we are postponing it. we here in worcester are battle hearty, but public safety always is our priority so we're pushing it off until thursday night. for our children and parents to get out there trick orring. we don't want them competing with snow piles, brush that's down as well as power outages. the streets are dark, porches aren't lit. so all of that leads to concerns as to their safety, and certainly doesn't take a holiday. these extra days will be critical for us. >> how much snow did you actually get out there? >> we got about 12 inches of heavy, wet snow, and, your reporter mentioned, those trees
11:16 am
were full of leaves and those leaves caught that heavy snow and we had quite a bit of tree damage, branches down and all. that's compromised utilities so we've got a major power outage. about 26,000 customers out, about half of our without power. >> how long will that take before they can actually start getting power back? >> well, we're working very closely with national grid, our power supply here, along with our city team. we're looking at restoration likely through thursday in some isolated pockets. but the vast majority of our city back up by tomorrow and then we'll continue to work through thursday on those areas that will be somewhat isolated to get everybody back up and running. >> do you feel like you had enough time to prepare before this thing hit? >> oh, certainly. the city was working as early as last tuesday planning, preparing, working on communication systems and ensuring we had all the resources at my finger p tips to
11:17 am
deploy to be able to meet and deal with this. we're used to snow here in worcester. we're almost the snowbelt of the commonwealth. we always get dumped on. it's just the timing that made it tricky. >> well, michael o'brien, i know what it's like there. i've covered a lot of snowstorms in your region. you are a hearty bunch. all of those kids just wait a cull of days, the snow will clear, a lot safer. it thank you, michael. >> thank you so much. want to go to alexandra steele in the weather center. this it is incredible when think about it, right, the most snow in some of those areas since the civil war that early in the season? >> that's absolutely right. that's when records began being kept, in the 1860s, 1869, 1861. so this storm unprecedented on so many fronts, the earliest snow for a day, the most snow for a day for a month. also in terms of records, in connecticut, just talking about massachusetts, it's a record
11:18 am
power setting event for places like connecticut, being usurped only by august in hurricane irene, plane miening the greatest number of people without power. west hartford, connecticut, saturday alone tallying up to 20 inches, in central park, newark, in october they have never had an inch of snow on the ground. so record setting on so many fronts, including some of these numbers, 30 inches. again, a lot of this it in terms of 20s and 30s is because we saw thundersnow coming down at four inches an hour. if you looked at it out there, itted li elooked like waffles c down. forecast for halloween, we're going to see high pressure in control in the northeast. we've seen some very strong winds, but those will begin to abate. in terms of the forecast, we're going to see rain move across the coast and especially in south florida today. we've got a lingering area of low pressure. so if you're flying, miami, orlando, tampa, the potential for delays.
11:19 am
also in detroit, san francisco some gusty winds may slow you down. nothing like of course what happened two days ago in newark and around the northeast. trick-or-treating forecast, 40s and 50s in the northwest, pretty dry skies around the country, pretty benign, quiet weather. clear in the south again. the only real caveat is what's happening in the south and the northeast. back to you. >> great. thank you. are you going to be trick-or-treating here? >> oh, absolutely. i have a 3-year-old. this is our first one. >> exciting! >> she is dressing as a prip success. she's aurora from -- i never knew who aurora was three years ago. >> have fun! wall street is on track for one of the biggest months on record. is this october rally in for a had halloween surprise? we're going to go live to the new york stock exchange. and for those whose halloween is going on, can you guess how you many calories an average trick-or-treater will
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♪ and suddenly to my surprise so did you guess correctly how many calories will an average trick-or-treater collect tonight? the answer, between 3,500 and 7,000, that's right, 7,000 calories. study by the university of alabama birmingham also calculated how long it's going to take for a 100-pound child to actually burn off those 7,000 calories. all right, they would have to walk almost 44 hours or play full-court basketball for 14 hours. that's a lot of calories. you better get moving because i think you'll get a lot of
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calories tonight. wall street also getting a halloween treat. stocks set to close at one of the best months on record. is it going to last? i want to check in with karina huber it at the new york stock exchange. so it's been a good october, right? what do we expect in the following months? >> well, suzanne, let's just start by talking about how great a month it has been because, had you invested in an index fund at the begin being of october, one that tracks the s&p, the nasdaq or dow, you would have gained between 12% and 14%. that is it a very nice return for the month of october, particularly heartening to see after we had such a dismal august and september when the markets were weighed down by that credit downgrade and europe problems. as far as going forward, what does this mean? of course we'd like to have a crystal ball in moments like this. we've spoeken to some of those geeks, those who track stocks. they say this year is looking like a normal year and that means that november and december we should see gains,
11:24 am
traditionally which is very good for wall street. so we expect nice gains again and hopefully we'll end in positive territory for the year. that's because we're seeing a better growth in the u.s. than expected and corporate earnings have come in also stronger than expected. suzanne? >> what do we think this means for the months ahead? >> right, so for the months ahead that is what we're expecting, a bit more gains on the markets but of course you have to keep in mind we still have worries about europeans' govern sovereigns debt. they're looking at the details and wondering if this is the fix-all. but if it's a normal year as some of those geeks as i mentioned expect, we could see great news. >> what is holding the stocks back today? >> what's happening right now, japan has intervened in their currency markets, that has pushged the dollar harply higher today, that's weighing on the commodity related shares. some concerns also about european's debt problems, whether this plan will be
11:25 am
effective and at the same time we saw nice gains last week so it's quite normal that investors would take some of their profits this week. we are seeing that the major indices are down by more than 1% right now. but keep in mind we had a very great month. >> okay. we'll take it. thank you, karina. white house hopeful herman cain is facing a friendly audience, but you there are some ugly headlines, allegations as well as his response, up ahead. a
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here's our rundown some of the stories ahead. up next, a report about herman cain's past has him facing a lot of questions today. then testing teenagers for hiv. we'll show you the nation's most affected areas and how pediatricians now are looking to increase awareness. and later -- trademarking occupy wall street. and republican presidential herman cain goes to washington to talk about policy, but there's also talk about allegations of sexual, suggestive behavior against him. i want you to listen to this exchange between cain and a reporter from politico who broke the story. >> i'm not going to comment about two people that you won't
11:29 am
tell me who they are, okay? i'm not going to comment on that because i think that that is one of those kinds of things that -- >> will you answer yes or no? >> have you ever been accused of sexual harassment? >> have a nice day. >> i want to go to joe johns joining us from washington. so, joe, first of all, tell us the backstory behind these allegation s what this is about >> this it is something that's been going on for some time. these are allegations stemming from the 1990s when herman cain was working it at the national restaurant association, suzanne. at least two allegations have surfaced from women, as we understand it, claiming that he made some type of sexual, suggestive or unwanted advances, conversation, that type of thing, reported very recently by politi politico. the latest is that he's beginning to respond to those allegations. he is expected to appear at the national press club in just a little while.
11:30 am
he's also told fox news that he did not harass anyone. however, he is aware that something that he calls a false harassment claim was made against him while he worked it at the national restaurant association. now, he says he was unaware of any legal settlement that was apparently entered as a result of all of that. however, the indication is from politico that there was some type of settlement. so we await more from him at the press club here in washington, d.c. we've gotten denials also from campaign staffers, some have been sweeping, some less so. cnn's brian todd actually caught p up with herman cain and asked him if he engaged in any unwanted sexual advances toward people at the nra. he didn't answer that, but he did say no when asked if he engaged in any innuendo, suzanne. so the story continues, sort of
11:31 am
a moving target, but you get the gist. >> sure. joe, earlier today i understand when he was at the washington think datank -- i guess he was going to address the arrows or the pings he's getting? >> exactly. he said he was going to take the arrows at the press club. that obviously was a suggestion that he was expecting to get questions from people in the room at that luncheon, the newsmaker luncheon, about this issue which has become of very high interest here in washington, d.c., because he's doing so well right now in the polls in the race for the republican presidential nomination. >> and how did thhis campaign explain this? i understand they put out a statement and they were making it sound like people who objected to his policies or initiative have made no inroads so they're going after his personally. >> right. >> what kind of angle are they taking? >> well, that's the gist of it. i think you got it exactly right, that he's been doing so
11:32 am
well in the polls, has been one of the messages they put out, they weren't able to do anything about that so they result to -- unnamed people result to this tactic to try to discredit him. nonetheless, the facts are still on the table. we want to hear more about the allegations in chief and hopefully we'll hear more about that at the press club, suzanne. >> all right. we'll get back to you as soon as you have anything else that cain is responding or what his campaign has to say. right now cain top orz ties mitt romney in several polls. how will the allegations affect his campaign? i want to bring in our senior political analyst david gergen joining us from harvard university. david, you've dealt with democrats, republicans, many administrations and people have to deal with allegations and tough times all the time. cain's a guy who sells himself that he tells it like it is. we've seen some sidestepping. how will this play out and what
11:33 am
does he need to do? >> it depends on how he handles it. we've seen this movie before, many times. >> absolutely. >> what we know is when these allegations arise you can evade, but you can't hide. you eventually have to come forward and the sooner to better to put the facts on the table. the central question right now is this -- were there women at the national restaurant association who took paid settlements to leave and drop any accusations against herman cain? he was head of that association. he has to know because when that kind of issue arises for a man, of course, it's a dagger aimed at his heart. so he would know whether, in fact, there was a settlement with any of these women. and politico has reported from a source that at least one of these settlements was in five figures. that's over $10,000. that's a fair amount of money to pay someone to leave. you know, so right now the question is was there a settlement or was there not?
11:34 am
once you know whether there's settlements or not, then you can go to the other questions, well, what was behind the settlement? what were behind the accusations? what as the truth? he's always going to deny, i think, that he sexually harassed anybody. but settlements, if there were settlements in five figures, people will draw their own conclusionses about how seriously the people at the national restaurant association took the charges. >> right. david, just looking at how he's responded so far, what do you think -- how do you think he's doing here? i mean, is he doing i guess the timetable that makes sense in terms of the response hire? or is he getting himself into more trouble? >> well, i think he's getting himself into more trouble. look, i -- in defense of herman cain, he is a candidate who has excited a lot of people. he has been someone who has brought some snap and crackle to this race. he has ideas that stir people. but when at an issue like this
11:35 am
comes up, you have to be straightforward. he's been evasive. rather than dealing with the charges, he's attacking the messengers. we've learned, as we've watched that movie so many times, you can do that for a day or two. then you have to deal with it. i hope he deals with it at the press club. in fairness, if there are no settlementses, he ought to be able to move on with his campaign with no more questions asked. if he can't, then there will be further questions. but he ought to deal with it today. right now at the press club. >> david, i understand we're getting new sound in. he sfoek spoke to fox news regarding this matter the i want to play that for our viewers. take quick listen here. >> publicly in an exclusive interview that we are currently planning and anticipating, but you won't see my family out on the campaign trail on a day-to-day basis. and that's because it was a conscious decision because my adult daughter with her kids, she has a alive, my son, he has children, they have a life.
11:36 am
and my wife represents that calm and tranquility that i look forward to getting to see when i get home. she will be -- she will be introduced in terms of some limited exposure, but it's not her style for her to be with me on every campaign stop because, number one, it's grueling and i want her to continue to be the nucleus for that calm and tranquility that you want from your family. >> i want to bring you back in, david gergen. david, i didn't hear anything addressing the allegations here in any kind of direct way, did you? >> no, not at all. and it goes to another issue that's secondary, and that is whether his wife or children accompany him on the campaign trail. he's chosen for them to maintain more of their privacy, and one has to respect that. you know, not everybody likes to go through what often can be described as a freak show running for the rezpresidency. i respect that, but it does not deal with, as you say, suzanne,
11:37 am
the central issue today, and that is, were there settlements with women who came forward to the national restaurant association accusing him of inappropriate behavior? were there settlements or not? let's find the answer to that first. >> david gergen, thank you so much. obviously it could be a make or break moment for herman cain and the campaign today and how he deals with this controversy, whether or not he answers questions from journalists within the hour or so. so did you know that of the million people who now have hiv/aids in the united states, 55,000 are teenagers, young adu adults? pediatricians are now changing the rules on who should get tested regularly. i'm going to tell you what that it means for your teenager.
11:38 am
11:39 am
11:40 am
should your teenager get tested for iv?
11:41 am
it all depends on where you live. there are new guidelines out for the american academy of pediatrics. our senior medical correspondent elizabeth cohen is here to explain. elizabeth, tell us what this it group is recommending. >> this group is concerned we're missing too many teenager whoz are iv poz it tiff. a teenager who is hiv positive may not know it and because they've just been infected and they may not be sick. the current standard is, if a teenager says they're sexually active, theest them. now they're saying, doctor, you're practicing in an area with high hiv, test them once a year whether they're sexually active or not. test them if you're in an area of the country with a lot of hiv cases. >> how do we know which areas have a high number of those who are infected? >> hopefully pediatricians know when they have a lot of hiv in their community. we're sort of relying on them. let's look at some places that have very high hiv rates. for example, washington, d.c.,
11:42 am
has a relatively high hiv rate and so do states like florida, new york, and louisiana. now, suzanne, it doesn't mean that all kids in new york or louisiana need to get hiv testing, but there are pockets of high rates of hiv in those states. >> it's good to know. why are they changing the recommendations now? >> the way they did it before, again, was if a kid said, hey, i'm having tex, they'll test them. they know kids aren't owning up to having sex. they don't want to rely on them to say it. well, we should just test them because perhaps they are having sex and if they are having sex with an adult, there's a rely activelily high chance they're contracting hiv. >> good information. thanks. the campout on wall street just got tougher. a look at how proet testers are coping with this weekend's monster storm. -three. -one. -two. -three. [ male announcer ] with the bankamericard cash rewards credit card, earn 1% cash back everywhere, every time.
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11:46 am
poppy harlow is going in depth. >> reporter: you know what those are? they're trademark applications for this movement, occupy wall street. and this guy over here, you see him? he's one of the folks trying to trademark it. >> i made these t-shirts just a few on the first day and then i made about 20 on the second day and then i realized that it's not very healthy to smell the fumes so i decided that i should get in touch with a silk screener. >> reporter: why trademark it? >> well, because when you start to go into a large order, you have to make a large investment and there's the chance of being sued, the potential did not go through my head it was a business thing. >> reporter: amazon is full of merchandise with that slogan and an ebay search for occupy wall street brings up nearly 5,000 results. and then there's ray agrazone, a
11:47 am
self-titled protestor online. he's made a few hundred bucks selling t-shirts at the occupy >> if it's trademarkable, someone will trademark it. why not me? >> reporter: but can anyone actually trademark "occupy wall street"? it's not a brand name. at least not yet. >> would argue on one hand it's just common words, it's just descriptive. but it does have a little ring to it that may very well pass muster with the trademark office. >> reporter: if you get this trademark, are you going to keep it, or are you going to give it to occupy wall street? >> i will give it to whatever legal structure that they organize and they can do what they feel is best for it. >> reporter: down at zuccotti park, there's pretty overwhelming sentiment against owning the occupy wall street trademark. >> i think it belongs to the people and it's unnecessary to they'd mark it. >> it's a bit hypocritical,
11:48 am
counteracts why we're here. >> reporter: what attracted you to this movement? >> separate money from politics. >> reporter: but robert maresca insists he doesn't want to profit and promises to funnel the money back to the move. ment how is another question. how do you think you could get the money you might make off of this if you get the trademark, how do you get it back to occupy wall street, if that's your goal? how does that work? >> well, i don't -- i'm ghoting to say that i had this big giant business plan in my head. all i knew is that i was getting sick off the smell of fumes. >> reporter: you said that you would sell the trademark if you get it to occupy wall street, if that's possible, for $1. >> for $1, yeah. >> cool. sold! >> sold. all right, poppy joins us. i mean, the irony is not lost on us here. a people's movement suddenly becomes a hot commodity? what do people think of this,
11:49 am
that someone could potentially get sued for using this if the trademark goes through? >> sure. i mean, just going by the law, they could, right, if occupy wall street is they'd marked by one entity, anyone else who used it on that merchandise it's trademarked for it could get sued. but i think we're a long way from that. robert maresca was a former ironworker. he didn't know anything about trademarking. he was making the shirts, he thought he better trademark it. he didn't want it to get into someone else's hands,s someone who could profit from it. the question is, if he wins this trademark, it will be months before we know, how is he going to get the money back to the movement? that is a big question. as you heard, he doesn't have a plan for that yet but he does want to support the movement. something interesting we found out, though, is that just last week the movement, occupy wall street, applied for their own trademark on the same day that a california-based investment group also applied for that trademark. so this is going to be a big
11:50 am
question, who is going to get that trademark, in general, or is it just going to be deemed public domain and therefore no one can own the trademark to occupyfascinating, this was bound to happen. right? growing popularity, someone's going to want to own the name. it is not just that. it is also trademark applications for "i am the 99%," "we are the 99%," "occupy d.c. 2012." there is a trademark application in for that so this is getting pretty big, pretty quickly. >> potentially a lot of money caught up in this as well. all right, thank you. >> absolutely. today's "talk back" question -- are the new allegations against herman cain "fair game"? >> mike says -- high-tech lynching describes it well. and from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle...and go. you can even take a full-size or above, and still pay the mid-size price. i'm getting an upgrade.
11:51 am
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11:53 am
you've been souning off on our "talk back" question. carol costello is here with your responses. it is a doozy. >> it is. are the cain allegations high-tech lynching or "fair game"? this from adam -- in today's world sex is a non-issue. stop trying to make it one. now if he ripped a bunch of people off and ran a company into the ground, then tell me about that. >> seriously, after the millions of taxpayer dollars going after clinton, it is the height of hypocrisy for the conservative right to make such ludicrous accusatio accusations. if they want to be the party of value, maybe they should's better be served by those who have some. >> just get it out in the open if we can all decide worth trashing or move on. honesty all around would be refreshing. richard -- who are his accusers?
11:54 am
for all anybody's knows, this could have been some kind of extortion scheme. but cain needs to speak up for himself. keep conversation going, i'll be back in about 15, 20 minutes. >> so far, cain denying these allegations so we'll see how this goes, how this plays out. thanks, carol. rick perry trying to get back on top. cheb being latest strategy in our political ticker update.orke . it's a medication i could take and still smoke, while it built up in my system. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix is proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. if you notice any of these, stop taking chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of depression or other mental health problems, which could get worse while taking chantix. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic
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you want to save money on car insurance? no problem. you want to save money on rv insurance? no problem. you want to save money on motorcycle insurance? no problem. you want to find a place to park all these things? fuggedaboud it. this is new york. hey little guy, wake up! aw, come off it mate! geico. saving people money on more than just car insurance. back to politics. one candidate who was trying to get his mojo back, our deputy political director paul steinhauser is back. >> texas governor rick perry. remember when he jumped in the race for the white house in mid-august, he quickly zoomed right up to the top of the polls there but there's been a definite decline for him. he's trying to get some energy
11:58 am
back in his campaign. up with his second ad in iowa. talking about paid ad on cable and broadcast. this is the second week in a row. just like the last week for rick per perry, talks about creating jobs in texas. the economy and jobs the top issue on americans' minds. just over two months away from the start of the voting in iowa. the caucuses there kick off the primary caucus calendar. rick perry trying to get his mojo back and raise those poll numbers. >> another problem, his campaign kind of hinted that he was going to start skipping some of the debates. not the case anymore. >> not the case. an update from last week. remember when he campaign said maybe they won't be going to all those debates anymore? his poor performances in a lot of those debates were the reasons for his declines in the polls. but the candidate himself saying he will go to all four debates scheduled in november. go to the calendar quickly. first one on november 9th, the cnbc debate in michigan on the economy. then you've got a debate, a cnn
11:59 am
debate -- sorry, a south carolina debate on the 12th, a cbs debate. a cnn debate on the 22nd of november. this is a foreign policy, national security debate. and another cnn debate on november 30th in arizona. arizona becoming a power player in primary politics, they're moving up the date of their contest. >> we'll mark our calendars, paul. thanks. >> for the latest political news go to top of the hour, i'm suzanne malveaux. want to get you up to speed. herman cain's campaign is firing back against the reports accusing him of inappropriate behavior back in the '90s. we expect to hear from cain live this hour. now the report by politico says that two women complained of sexually suggestive behavior by cain when he was head of the national restaurant association. cain denies the allegations in a fox news interview just a few minutes ago. >> i have never sexually harassed anyone. let's say that.
12:00 pm
secondly, i've never sexually harassed anyone, and, yes, i was falsely accused while i was at the national restaurant association and i say falsely because it turned out, after the investigation, to be baseless. the people mentioned in that article were the ones who would be aware of any misdoings and they have attested to my integrity and my character. it is totally baseless and totally false, never have i committed any sort of sexual harassment. >> folks in the northeast are digging out today after getting walloped by a weekend snowstorm. now that storm buried parts of the region under two feet of snow. heavy, wet snow sent trees crashing on to power lines. more than 2 million folks still don't have electricity. jetblue airlines is apologizing to passengers who were stuck on a plane for eight hours during that snowstorm. the flight from ft. lauderdale
12:01 pm
to newark-diverted to connecticut. passengers were stranded sitting on the runway, little food, little water, no water as a matter of fact. some were even dealing with medical conditions. and the pilots, clearly fed up with the situation. >> we can't seem to get any help from my own company. i apologize for this. but is there any way you can get a tug and tow bar out to us and get you towed to a gate or something? i don't care. take us anywhere. >> the nato mission in libya officially is ending today, 11 days after rebels captured and killed moammar gadhafi. the secretary-general of nato says that libyans have now liberated their country. it is their victory. the campaign started back in march with a mandate to impose a know-fly zone over libya to protect civilians. a big announcement today from nasa. the agency is opening up its facilities at kennedy space center to private firms now. so boeing plans to build a
12:02 pm
commercial space capsule right there. the move will bring jobs in an area that's pretty hard hit when the space shuttle program ended. bernie madoff's wife and son say they were shocked when they learned his investment business was really a $50 billion ponzi scheme. one of the sons committed suicide and ruth madoff and the youngest son andrew talked with cbs's "60 minutes." andrew says that he felt betrayed by his own father. >> it was one of the hardest things to come to grips with in trying to get my head around this was that feeling that i had been used almost as a human shield by him. it's unforgivable. no father should do that to their sons. >> talk about going out on top. cardinals manager tony larussa announced today he's retiring after 33 seasons managing the major leagues. the cardinals beat the texas rangers last week to win the world series.
12:03 pm
larussa told reporters it is time to do something else. good for him. . here's a chance to "talk back" on one of the big stories of the day. today's question, about the allegations against herman cain. carol costello joins us from new york with more. >> political story of the week and it is only monday, right? the cain train. the cain train may be stopped in its tracks by what else? sex. according to politico, two women accused cain of sexual harassment in the '90s back when cain led the charge for the national restaurant association. some conservative republicans are crying lame stream media. >> it's outrageous the way liberals treat a black conservative. this is know high-tech lynching. even the allegations -- there's nothing liberals feel more than that. ask michael steele and ask clarence thomas. >> politico asked hemp.
12:04 pm
cain instead have you ever been accused of sexual harassment. he was asked the question four times an cain never said no. but today, on fox, cain did answer that question. >> outside of the restaurant association, absolutely not. if the restaurant association did a settlement, i am not even -- i wasn't even aware of it and i hope it wasn't for much because nothing happened. >> politico reports the two accusers did receive sizable cash settlements and left their jobs after complaining about cain. still, politico is not revealing the accuser's names and the two women allegedly can't talk about what happened because that's part of the cash settlement. so the "talk back" question for you today -- is the right right? are the cain allegations high-tech lynching or fair game? i'll read your comments later this hour. >> this story is moving pretty fast here.
12:05 pm
we're already heard cain responding and we'll see if he has more to say at the national press club in the next hour when he goes before a whole bunch of journalists. >> i'm sure there will be questions. >> carol, thank you. here's a rundown of some of the stories ahead. bernie madoff ripped off a lot of folks. now his own wife and son say you can add them to the list. then, freak super storm hammers the northeast. is this a preview of the winter expected ahead? as nato congratulates itself for mission accomplished, millions in africa with mourning the killing of moammar gadhafi. plus, we'll see what more of herman cain has to say about allegations of inappropriate behavior. then this -- >> why did you decide to have a child, if i may ask, with so many people on the planet? >> i live in ohio and it doesn't seem to be as crowded. >> good enough reason. celebrating a global milestone as the world population officially hits 7 ...
12:06 pm
over p.f. chang's home menu orange chicken women men and uh pandas... elbows mmm [ male announcer ] wanchai ferry, try it yourself. whose non-stop day starts with back pain...
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outhwash,to go, coach. toothpaste and mouth wetting lonzenges - guaranteed effective on all types of bad breath and dry mouth. nothing works faster than therabreath. visit it is an inside account of the greatest financial scam of all time. when news broke that bernie madoff had swindled thousands of investors out of billions of dollars, a lot of people assumed that his family must have been in on it. but now madoff's wife and son tell "60 minutes" they were victims, too. >> he said, i have a confession to make. i've been running a ponzi scheme. he said $50 billion. >> he said -- everything i've been doing is all a big lie. he said, he said the business is
12:09 pm
a ponzi scheme and the firm is completely insolvent and i'm broke. and then he just started sobbing. >> a lot of people including madoff's victims are kind of skeptical about the story ruth madoff and her son are telling the media. senior financial writer for "the new york times" interviewed ruth madoff about her side of the story and she also got an interview with bermy nnie madof behind bars and she wrote a book whether the scandal called "the wizard of lies." we spoke about this last week. first of all, did bernie madoff ever tell you about this confession that he made to his family, that everything he had been doing was a big lie? >> he did tell me about that scene and the version he gave me matches very closely to what ruth and andrew have now described. the scene in this study, in his
12:10 pm
penthouse. their account adds a few little touches. i was struck by andrew's recollection that the first thing his mother said was "what's a ponzi scheme?" and she actually is financially naive enough that i can find that plausible from my long conversation with her for today's story in the "times." >> i wanted to ask you about that. how is that possible? a lot of people would find that hard to believe that she was that ignorant about what her husband's business was about and what he was doing. but for you that rings true? >> it does. because remember, he had a legitimate business that was one of the most respected wholesale stock trading houses on wall street. he was on my rolodex as a source for years and many other financial journalists as well. he was consulted by the fcc. he was former chairman of the nasdaq market. he was quite a wall street statesman and as far as anyone knew, his legitimate firm was very successful. so it would have raise nod red flags for anyone in the family that he made a lot of money and
12:11 pm
that he was very successful. >> and ruth madoff says that she and her husband tried to commit suicide after the story broke. what did she tell you about that night? >> she was very moved by that. in fact, it was one of the many points during our interview where she spilled into tears. they were getting hate mail, daughters, she never experienced the kind of hostility that was focused on her before in her life an she said i told him, i can't get through this, nor do i want to. she said it was her idea, more or less, but they took all the ambien they had in the house and decided that they just were relieved to be leaving this place. i got an e-mail from bernie madoff himself over the weekend, essentially, but reluctantly, confirming those details. madoff hates to admit failure at anything and suits of course would be the ultimate admission of failure but he says it was a feeble suicide attempt in a state of deep depression.
12:12 pm
so he confirmed that account. and it gives us some idea of the kind of pressure they were under in those immediate weeks after the arrest when there were dit rally people standing outside his apartment building saying jump, bernie. >> wow. diana in that e-mail that you got over the weekend, was there anything else you learned that you didn't know? >> foreign policy madoff? >> yes. >> no. i had questioned him about the suicide issue before and he had said, well, it crossed my mind. and that, of course, is pure madoff. so i think this was a reluctant confession. ruth of course had nothing to gain from creating a story like this. so i find her account a good bit more credible than bernie's, on any score. >> sure. and then on "60 minutes," we heard morley safer saying the
12:13 pm
madoff story is just a charade here and they're trying to get off on their role. you know them, you know the family. >> i think we have to look at the hard facts here. they've been charged with nothing, neither andrew nor mark have ever been the subject or target of a criminal investigation. we're three years into the case almost now and they have been absolutely no accusations of wrongdoing have been made against them in any official capacity except in the court of public opinion. so i think they're trying to be heard. andrew especially. ruth clearly is participating in this because she is trying to rebuild her relationship with andrew. but they're trying to be heard. i don't know if they're going to succeed though. at some point i think you do have to say to the skeptics, well, if you think they're guilty, prove it, because it is very difficult for them to prove they're not. >> you've been in touch with the madoff family and will continue to have those insights. we will continue bringing you back. we really appreciate it.
12:14 pm
nato's eight-month campaign in libya officially ending today. moammar gadhafi gone, dead. but libya has a tough road ahead. our senior international correspondent matthew chance was in libya during the campaign. he's joining us live from tripoli and matthew you actually shared a flight with nato secretary-general as you traveled from brussels to libya. what did he tell you in terms of the campaign and how it ended up, was successful? >> reporter: well, i mean all of the nato officials that you speak to, and particularly anders rasmussen, are very upbeat about it, mission accomplished, sort of triumphant coming to libya to kind of congratulate themselves essentially on a mission that they see as being very clean-cut and having fulfilled all of its objectives, having limited civilian casualties, though
12:15 pm
that's disputed of course, as to the bare minimum. there's very much talking as if this was one of the most successful campaigns in nato's recent history. they are using those very words -- it is one of the most successful campaigns as far as nato officials are concerned. there's much more reservations though when you speak to officials in the libyan national transitional council. they're talking about their concerns that they have about nato leaving possibly prematurely. they've still got concerns about the stuart threat here but nato's hearing none of it. they're saying that from 12:00 midnight tonight, less than six hours from now, the nato air campaign which resulted in thousands of air strikes on various targets in and around tripoli and elsewhere in the country as well will come to an end and that is final. take a listen to what we were told coming into tripoli earlier today. >> we have been mandated to
12:16 pm
protect civilians and that mission has been a great success. we have prevented a massacre. we have saved countless lives. that was our mission. >> reporter: it is a mission accomplished as far as nato's concern. but still a lot of concerns, a lot of questions about what kind of libya will emerge from that nato mission. >> matthew, how's this playing for secretary of state hillary clinton? >> reporter: well, hillary clinton of course welcoming this, saying it is a huge military victory for the nato alliance. it is a big victory as well for the obama administration as far as the united states is concerned. president obama has gone on the record saying it cost $1 billion of the u.s. contribution to
12:17 pm
basically change the regime. not sure he used those words. that's essentially the effect of that's what happened here and get rid of the gadhafi, who was seen very much as a brutal dictator in the united states, other countries as well, and replace it with what we've got now. the big question is of course we don't know what we've got now. it is still very nch this fledgling moment, still very much decided what kind of country this is going to be. >> maybe a little too soon to celebrate quite yet. a lot of people still having questions in terms of what's going to happen on the ground there. thank you, matthew chance. hundreds of thousands are people are without power in the east coast, digging out from a record-breaking snow. we'll have the latest.
12:18 pm
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12:20 pm
now for stories our i-reporters are sending in from the nor'easter, check out the time lapse as the snow started to hit the region this weekend. so an i-reporter in oakridge, new jersey took one photo every minute for eight hours outside his home saturday. that's amazing. you can see how fast the storm rolled in just by looking at how the trees are actually weighed down. this is what some neighborhoods looked like in putnam county, new york. an i-reporter sent pick tuesday of giant trees knocked down by the heavy snow. roofs completely covered, roads iced over. and in denville, new jersey, an i-reporter sent us this video of a tree knocked down by the storm. it is over the road but people were able to drive underneath it. kind of a dangerous move with all those downed power lines. now more on the freak october snowstorm socking the east coast. we're talking about record snowfall, lundz of travelers
12:21 pm
were stranded, at least five people were killed. our own chad meyers is weathering the storm in york, pennsylvania. chad, i was out there this weekend traveling, had no idea i was going to hit. i was in maryland. just a little bit of snow. where you are, more than 2 million folks still without power? >> reporter: yeah. it has started late on friday, early on saturday and we were the first ones. we were the farthest south really. we're the first ones to get the snow. but we were also the first ones to get the sunshine yesterday. look at this. i was standing in 10 to 12 inches of snow 24 hours ago. it is completely gone. but whether the snow was here, it was also there. over on those big trees over there. all of those trees still have leaves on them. and this is the problem. this is the rub with this storm. this is not so much of a record breaking snowfall in december, this is a record breaking snowfall when the leaves are on and when the leaves are on the trees, the branches came down so did the power lines. that's how we got 4 million customers without power.
12:22 pm
now those power lines are getting back up but some of them are going to take a very long time when you have all of these power lines down -- and there are many. they're going to try to get as many people online with one line as possible. can you get one line up, you get 200 people back on, that's a bonus. you get one line up with only one customer back on -- you are the lowest priority. so it is going to take a long time. the good news is now it is warmed up. it may be like 50 degrees out here right now but this morning it was 25. some people were telling me inside their homes this morning this morning it was 55 degrees and it was very cold. that's why people have now gone to hotels and all the hotels in this area are completely full last night again for the second night in a row. these are families that planned on not spending $125 a night for a hotel and maybe planned on spending a lit more for christmas. maybe their budget's going to be moved around a little bit, thinking four or five more days having to spend nights in hotels rather than at home where it is essentially free. >> that's too bad.
12:23 pm
i was out there waall weekend i the cold weather. i understand in worcester massachusetts they're asking people to postpone trick-or-treating until tuesday. in york is your trick-or-treating canceled there? >> we're okay. because the sun came out so fast here compared to massachusetts -- which we might have been 15 hours later for that sun to come out, today it will warm up in mass but yesterday it was warm here. all the snow is off, all the lines are down, lines are getting back up. they're not to the point yet in massachusetts. there are still many power lines down. they don't want kids walking around those power lines. still some trees could come down. they don't want kids under those trees so it is a safe bet to not trick-or-treat tonight. wait a couple days. candy's not going stale in two days. >> it not going anywhere. they'll be okay, couple days to wait. thank you, chad. it is halloween, expect some strange things. right? just outside of atlanta zombies took to the streets.
12:24 pm
but it was for a good cause. not the usual trick-or-treating that you see. this is the first annual marietta zombie walk. >> we need all zombies inside the corral! all zombies make their way inside of the corral. >> zombies are the new vampires. we're much cooler. we don't eat much. we don't blissen a eglisten and. we don't have love stories. we're zombies. >> the idea was to do a family friendly zombie walk in his neighborhood. he loves zombies. he wanted to team up to make it a food drive because he knew we were low on food in our food pantry.
12:25 pm
>> we were expecting for the first year maybe 50, 60 people show up. i think we had 300 or 400 or so. >> crazy. white house hopeful herman cain is about to take on a roomful of journalists and there are some controversial headlines. the accusations and what he's been saying so far. the world needs more energy. where's it going to come from? ♪ that's why right here, in australia, chevron is building one of the biggest natural gas projects in the world. enough power for a city the size of singapore for 50 years. what's it going to do to the planet? natural gas is the cleanest conventional fuel there is. we've got to be smart about this. it's a smart way to go. ♪
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an aarp medicarecomplete plan insured through unitedhealthcare. remember, the annual enrollment period begins and ends earlier this year. call unitedhealthcare today about an aarp medicarecomplete plan. you can even enroll right over the phone. or visit us on the web. don't wait. call now. here's a rundown of some of the stories we are working on. next, presidential hopeful herman cain says that he has never sexually harassed anyone. his comment comes after a report referring to accusations of inappropriate behavior in the '90s. then cnn learns who may have been behind this weekend's deadly bombing that killed nine americans in afghanistan. and later, the world reaches a major milestone. today 7 billion people living on earth. we'll talk to a few of them in
12:29 pm
new york. and we're waiting to hear directly now from herman cain. that within the hour. he's been fending off questions all day about allegations of sexually suggestive behavior but he is about to face a roomful of journalists. these are live pictures from the national press club. it is a gathering in washington. i want to bring in joe johns who's in washington. so joe, i know you and i have both been there many times. folks -- you eat, have a luncheon, you have your main speaker. clearly he's going to be faced with a lot of folks who want to know the details of this. how has he responded so far? >> well, interesting, too, there at the press club, they'll write out the questions an somebody will read them so it is not the kind of forum where you just get pounded in front of the cameras. but herman cain certainly is the center of attention in washington right now. stuld appearance with the national press club. he says he's ready to take the arrows -- presumably tough questions about this controversy that went public with an article in politico.
12:30 pm
there he goes right now. these are allegations of unwanted sexual behavior, claimed by two women while he was working at the national restaurant association. restaurant association hasn't commented so far to us. cain has now on the record denied engaging in sexual harassment. he says when he work at the national restaurant association, he was he says falsely accused -- his words -- of sexual harassment. he says he was not aware of any settle many the association may have entered into on his behalf though he says he hopes it wasn't a large payout. here's a snippet of his appearance on fox. >> i have never sexually harassed anyone -- anyone -- and absolutely these are false accusations. >> so the question of course is whether these people who made these allegations, accusations that he says are false, will
12:31 pm
come forward and we'll hear a little bit more about the details. that's always the problem in a situation like this, the more details you hear, the harder it is for a campaign or what have you to stay on message. >> joe, talk about the campaign a little bit. do they see this really as a make it or break it moment for cain right now? >> well, it is not clear at all. i mean they have been a bit all over the place and it looked like it was steadied somewhat when he finally came out and said when he had to say in his own behalf about these allegations. we'd heard a variety of messages from other people who worked for the campaign, but it is clear that they know they have at least a public relations problem right now because this is a man who's doing very well in the polls achbdnd a lot of people consider him to be the front-runner. so you got to handle a situation like this and you got to try to clear up the nagging questions, if you can, and move on.
12:32 pm
>> joe, this is all the buzz in washington, i imagine. a lot of folks have been gathered there and it was already kind of an interesting event at the national press club. now it is even more so. can you give us a sense of the mood here of folks who are covering politics and the campaign there? >> reporter: well, there is plenty to talk about here with herman cain, because as you know, in some ways it's been kind of lackluster covering this nomination race. as people sort of move to the front and then move away, up and down in the polls. and so there is obviously a couple questions out there for the people who reported the story. we've asked politico. so where did it come from? it come from another campaign or what have you? they've said, look, we got a tip and we're not going to say anything more than that. it would be interesting to find out more from them but reporters, just like we here at cnn, want to protect their sources. a lot more to do on this obviously and it looks like the
12:33 pm
center stage story at least for the present time, suzanne. >> all right, joe johns, thanks again. we're keeping a close eye on the national press club event. we know that herman cain -- we saw those live pictures of him actually going up to take the stage. he's going to get a chance to speak and we'll be dipping in when we hear him and what he's got to say about all of this. we're rolling out a new segment here on cnn today. we call it "politicians say what?" sometimes on the stump politicians go off message and off the radar. here are some of the stranger statements out of washington this week. ♪ >> you know, my hair's a little grayer now. you noticed that. huh? my girls say it is distinguished. michelle says it just makes me look old. >> i don't know whether or not people are going to these debates or not. there's going to be a lot of debates. shoot. i may get to be a good debater before there is all over. >> i decided i'm going to start
12:34 pm
a caucus called the why can't we get along caucus. i'll probably be one person alone. i'll sit there and have a beer by myself. >> you wrf course cheering for -- >> i was. >> actually i'm a good catholic. hey. >> the study i looked at said each individual in his lifetime will consume 9 345 pounds of copper. i certainly hope the word "consume" was not a literal word more than a hypothetical word because i really had not had much copper on my cornflakes lately. >> afghan officials point to a possible link in a suicide bombing in kabul. 17 people were killed, including nine americans. we're going to go live to kabul, afghanistan.
12:35 pm
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12:38 pm
player, runs basketball stars of new york, clinics an camps for kids. he launched the business this spring after leaving a job with the nba. >> freeze. freeze. freeze. >> reporter: brown says he's fortunate, he's still working in basketball given the league lockout and prospebts for 400 more job losses. career coaches say pursuing a passion in the job market with 9.1% unemployment is a big gamble. >> i love passion. i think it is great. you never want to take a job you'll hate or not be pleased with. i think for people coming out of school there is this almost romantic view of jobs. they're like i want a job that i'm going to love every day. and the fact of the matter is, there's probably not many jobs that anybody loves every single day. >> reporter: after graduating from college, brown coached at the high school level and at two non-division 1 universities. he loved the work but the pay was tight. >> i haven't had a chance to really earn a real paycheck that would sustain living so i had to go out for another opportunity and look for what my mother
12:39 pm
would call a real job. >> reporter: brown got a job with the new jersey nets selling ticket plans for games. he eventually was promoted to the team's marketing division. >> you don't need to say it 50 times a week. >> reporter: but after two years on the job he felt like he ran out of room to grow. he and the team parted ways in the spring but brown took what he learned and applied it to a new career. coaching kids. >> it's very important that you take stock of your current situation, you understand what your opportunities are and the areas that you are familiar with, but then stay active and also look at areas where you can transfer your skills, areas and industries where you can see growth. >> reporter: for now, he's happy to be working with kids again and having the opportunity to grow his business and pursue his passion for coaching. >> do what you love. if you do what you love, it is not going to be work. you're going to be successful. >> reporter: christine romans, cnn, new york. americans are always ready to work hard for a better future.
12:40 pm
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12:43 pm
new information about a suicide bombing in afghanistan that killed 17, including nine americans. afghan officials say that they have uncovered direct evidence linking the blast to the haqqani network. it is a militant group that is based in pakistan. our nick paton walsh is live in kabul. nick, first, what kind of evidence do afghan officials have to say that it is the haqqani network in pakistan? >> reporter: well, a spokesman for the interior ministry in afghanistan stresses this is the early part of their investigation, but so far they have contact information about vehicles and evidence, they say, which points to the haqqani network being behind this. that's significant because the haqqanis have been behind three significant attacks here in the center of kabul over the past five months or so.
12:44 pm
different parts of the insurgency accused by u.s. officials of having links and safe havens in pakistan, not necessarily working as much with the taliban or traditional insurgency in afghanistan but certainly sophisticated in terms of their reaching what should be safe areas here in the capital of kabul. >> nick, i imagine this only complicates the situation between the united states and pakistan. they've been trying to work together but clearly u.s. officials an military have been very frustrated that you have that network just over the border that is creating such havoc. >> reporter: i should stress that isaf says they don't believe at this point the haqqanis were behind it. you have to look at this particular moment in u.s.-pakistani relations. many suckses the americans are looking against the pakistanis to assist in the peace process and would it for example help for them to be accusing pakistan
12:45 pm
of assisting the haqqani network in yet another attack that killed a significant number of americans here in the capital kabul. so yes, that extremely extremely explained and going to be under the spotlight again in the next day or so and the u.s. and pakistan, and afghanistan, all converge in istanbul for a number of meetings. >> nick, do we have any more information, know anything more about those killed in this attack? >> reporter: well, there were five afghan, i understand, including four policemen, when a huge amount of explosives rammed into a nato bus. confusion about who was on the bus stems from the passenger manifest and not having the people on-board the bus. so far we hear four american soldiers, one canadian, five american civilians, and two british civilians as well. >> nick paton walsh, thank you so much. the world hits a huge milestone today. 7 billion people on earth. how long do you think it took
12:46 pm
for us to grow from 6 billion to 7 billion people? a, 100 years, b, 65 years, or c, 12 years? that answer in just a moment.
12:47 pm
12:48 pm
the world is expected to reach a whopping $7 billion people. did you guess how long it took us to grow from 6 billion to 7 billion? can you believe -- the answer is c, just 12 years. check out the graphic. in 1800 we had 1 billion people on earth. you see how fast the population grew after that, in part because advances in modern medicine. so here's a tough trade-off.
12:49 pm
if you're a kid in massachusetts you got a snow day but you could be losing out on a lot of candy. that's because the mayor of worcester has canceled halloween after that monster storm dumped more than two feet of snow in some parts of the state last night. i spoke to the worcester city manager earlier and here's what he said. >> we're postponing it. we here in worcester are certainly a hearty bunch, battle hardened an seasons to snowstorms. we're kicking one in the pants, but public safety always is our priority so we're pushing it off until thursday night. for our children and our parents to get out there, trick-or-treating. we don't want them competing with snow piles, brush that's down, as well as power outages. right? the streets are dark, porches aren't lit and so all that leads to concerns as to their safety and certainly doesn't take a holiday. these few extra days are going to be critical for us. >> all right. what do you think? just a few hours, kids in worcester are going to dress up
12:50 pm
in their halloween costumes. one of america's favorite holidays in full swing, carl azuz to tell us how to keep your kids safer. you said my hat is clashing with my outfit? >> yeah, you should have coordinated better. the purple and dark teal -- >> bow do you like the hat? because i'll be out there. >> i never thought of you as a witch. sgli got a witch side to me, let me tell you. >> not on the air. >> no, tell me a story. >> we've got 41 million kids expected to be out tonight trick-or-treating. 41 million is about 13% of the u.s. population. actual number might be even higher than that, because that 14 million comes from a census bureau from 2010 -- excuse me, 41 million comes from the census bureau for 2010. 41 million is on the low side because it is only kids ages 5 to 14. we know that there are thousands of parents of toddlers, kids up to 5, who are going to be trick-or-treating and there are going to be kids like me who at ages 15, 16, 27, show up on your
12:51 pm
door asking for candy. so 41 million is a low stim but that's what they're saying this year. >> what do they recommend in terms of keeping your kids safe? >> a number recommendations came to us from the national crime prevention council. a few of them include keeping costumes short. if a kid's going out as a princess or ghost maybe, maybe sure they aren't tripping over their costume. also preflekter erspreflekters, strips. anything to make your child stand out in the dark. have a time and place to regroup with your kid in case they get lost. encourage group outings. the bigger the group there is, safety in numbers to some extent. this i didn't think about -- feed your child before he or she goes out trick-or-treating because there are a couple reasons. one, it will keep them consuming vast quantities of candy along the way but also it will keep the child from eating the candy before you have the chance to inspect it.
12:52 pm
my parents ate half of what i got, but it is still a good idea. >> we always sat and traded our candy for hours. do we know how much candy americans actually eat? >> as far as halloween goes, it is hard to say exactly. it depends on how your kid get, how much you eat from them. but overall in 2010 -- this blew me away -- americans each ate 24 pounds of candy through the year. the fact that statistic was put in pounds makes it a little worse. say two chocolate bars a month, that makes sense. 24 pounds of candy makes me start looking at my waistline, some pounds went here. that's -- >> that's a lot of candy. >> i'm sure it spikes at halloween. >> we got to go, carl. but happy halloween. >> thank you. you've been sounding off on our "talk back" question. carol, what do you think? >> you have never looked more
12:53 pm
beautiful. >> there is a witch side to me. but i understand, what do you have to talk about here? >> the question this afternoon -- are the allegations against herman cain high-tech lynching or fair game? that's the question. this from paul -- >> right or wrong it's all been fair game. a candidate needs to know the skeletons in his closet and get out in front of them because eventually you know they'll get unearthed. by not doing that you look as though have you something to hide and perception is everything. this from mary -- absolutely fair game. he's in the big leagues an needs to answer questions about his fast, not to mention that i have to love it when ann coulter whips out the race card. hilarious. gerard -- i'm nowhere near being a fan of cain but having said that i feel this is just another sad example of gotcha politics but all too often drives qualified people from thinking about running for office. this from michelle -- sexual harassment is a serious problem an yes, it does happen. it should never, ever be
12:54 pm
ignored. so yeah, it is fair game. if the payout was made to make these women go away, cain will have a serious problem getting the women's vote. keep the comments coming. keep the conversation flowing. thanks, as always, for your commence. >> carol, you can stop searching for baby number 7 billion, by the way. >> who is it? >> so the stork made a special delivery to the malvo family this weekend. you got to check them out. baby great britain yell remington malvo, born 4:10 in the morning, october 29th, 4 pounds, 6 ounces. his proud parents, my brother greg and sister-in-law, lisa malvo. >> is it really baby number 7 billion? >> i'm convinced he's number 7 billion. >> did you get a t-shirt? >> i'm going to have to make t-shirts, too. >> you should. >> congratulations, guys. we'll have more after the break. and started earning loads of points.
12:55 pm
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our cnn's richard roth took to the streets of new york. >> reporter: 7 billion. hard to believe, and -- >> it is a humongous number that's beyond most people's comprehension. >> reporter: 7 billion people on planet earth. 7 billion.
12:58 pm
>> as in billion on. wow! >> reporter: symbolic but powerful number. have you seen these people, the 7 billion? >> no, i haven't. >> have you create any of those 7 billion? >> i hope not. >> oh, baby, this hospital arrival looks like he wants to accept the prize but emerged too early. another baby's mother not disappointed at just missing producing the 7 billionth human. >> i mean he came out at the time he was supposed to come out. but he was close. >> what does the number 7 billion mean to you as a demagrdemagro pch demagr demagropherp. >> we vin creased the amount in the world in a very short time. we add 75 million people every year. >> reporter: it also seems there are 7 billion baby carriages in manhattan. why did you decide to have a child, i may ask, with so many people on the planet? >> i live in ohio and it doesn't seem to be as crowded. so i moved out of new york. >> why is your child now crying
12:59 pm
since i asked you that question? >> that you don't want people to have anymore kids? >> as a secretary-general of the world are you ready to tell people to stop having children, or at least in manhattan? >> let us make sure that the 7 billionth child can live in peace. >> ladies, good evening. i'm richard roth of cnn. i entered a womb-like environment in the back after mexican restaurant where few men had gone before. >> just living in manhattan you feel so claustrophobic and you think that number is just massive. >> it is a new mom support luncheon. baby knows what's coming. what do you thin about bringing a kild in this world with 7 billion people? when is enough enough? >> i didn't even ever give it a second thought. it means nothing to me. >> the child or the 7 billionth -- >> the child means yt


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