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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  December 7, 2011 11:00pm-12:00am EST

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yes, it's true, i still want to be your best friend but until then you're hereby on notice. i went there on the ridiculist. that's if for us. thanks for watching. er erin burne"erin burnett outfron now. mitt romney pulling out the big guns, chris kissty giving a speech this hour. no charges for bernie fine. the assistant basketball coach at syracuse accused of molesting boy. we discovered something shocking about the statute of limitations for child abuse in america. jerry sandusky in jail tonight, he couldn't post $250,000 cash bail but he might tomorrow. bottom line on that, let's go out front. "outfront" tonight arrested
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again. former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky arrested for the second time. police handcuffed him and charged him with sexually abusing two more boys from his charity the second mile. sandusky was arraigned in court and unable to post $250,000 in cash bail. he remains in jail tonight. sandusky is now charged with sexually abusing a tote ol of ten boys but he continues to deny all allegations. sara ganim is in state college tonight and has the latest on the story. thanks for being with us. >> other attorney told united states he's working on it overnight. he was arraigned too late in the day, that's what his attorney said it was a 3:00 hearing and by the time they could get something together, he was going to have spend the night in jail and hopefully post in the morning. it's $250,000 cash bail.
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he c put up property or put up cash. he has to post the whole amount not just a percentage. if he's able to post -- he is going to be out on an electronic ankle monitor which is going confine limb to his house. it's house arrest until trial. >> what can you tell us about these boys? >> well, these two additional victims are several years apart one of them, the prosecutor in the room said that he was the most recently abused victim about. his allegation is, is late as 2008, it's around the same time as victim one came forward. other one from 1997 and they both say you know, things very similar to the things that we've already read in the earlier grand jury presentment, which is, abuse over a long periods of time, inappropriate touching and one of them actually goes so far as to allegation rape. >> thank you very much, sarah.
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we have news about the syracuse assistant basketball coach accused of sexually abusing three young men. the case took a strange turn. no charges are being filed in this case. the district attorney said they would not prosecute bernie fine though the alleged victims were credible. >> in addition to considering the victim's over believability, the district attorney's office was able to interview a person on sunday, november 20th, with significant inside information about the fine household which left one with little doubt that an inappropriate relationship existed between bobby davis and bernie fine, and that lori fine was well aware of its existence. >> the d.a. said the victims' allegations would have resulted in the arrest of bernie fine. so why didn't they? because the statute of limitations expired. this got us upset. we don't know whether he is innocent or guilty. we were upset that if something really happened, a statute of
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limitations could mean a person guilty of great harm could go free. we wanted to get to the bottom of it. so we got the numbers. by our count, 19 states plus the district of columbia have statutes of limitations on sex abuse. most states give a victim until the age of 18 to report an instance of abuse. but every state is different. it's a damning situation considering that 45% of sexual abuse victims who do tell about abuse don't do it for at least five years and, of course, most people still never tell anyone. isn't a statute of limitations for crimes like these wrong? paul callen is a former nyc prosecutor. mark geragos is a defense attorney. i appreciate both of you being with us. let me start with you, paul. it does seem rather shocking. you look at state by state. i know this is complicated. but why would there be statutes of limitations in these cases? >> well, it exists for a good reason. the reason is that if you try to reconstruct whether a crime too place, it's not fair to go back so far in time. 20, 25 years.
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you're accused -- let's say you were accused falsely. >> why isn't it fair if you did it? >> what if you didn't do it? what if it's a false claim? where are you going to find your witness to support you? traditionally we've had statutes of limitations in everything but murder in the united states. and there's been a trend though recently, and this, i think, is legitimate. where children are involved, because they have an inability to report the crime themselves, most states have extended statutes of limitations to allow them to become adults and have a certain period of time after that to report it. that probably wouldn't have saved the syracuse case. i think he was in his 30s when he reported it. >> what do you by this this concept of statute of limitations? >> look, paul said it perfectly. what if you have the situation where somebody is innocent? how do you reconstruct, 10, 15, 20 years after the fact? it's extremely difficult to do. one of the more astonishing things though from this press conference from my standpoint
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though was as this d.a. went out of his way to say, look, there's this exonerating information. he called it brady material which is what the nomenclature we use when we're in court. he said this couldn't have happened basically in some of the accusation but was we're confident beyond any doubt that it happened in other accusations. the problem is that you've got a u.s. attorney who is sitting there, who is doing the investigation, who must be cringing when he sees his d.a. counterpart out there trying the case in public because that's not something that a federal judge is going to take cotton to later on. >> i want to follow up on this though. i know someone sexually abused and didn't deal with it, married, had a family and had his own problems, marriage broke up as a result of it. well beyond the statute of limitations and has no intent of coming forward. but what happens if he did? doesn't he have a right to come forward when his whole life and now ex-wife's life and children's lives are affected? >> it depends on what state. there is a national trend to
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extend the statutes of limitations. in pennsylvania, until you're 50 you can bring these things up. can you sue for money damages in many states. where criminal charges are involved, the statutes have traditionally been shorter. now, by the way, i think -- i agree that there should be longer statutes in some cases where children are involved. but we have to have a system where there is fairness where we're going to send somebody to prison for a long time. >> i understand both your points. but reconstructing after so many years, it clearly hurt. >> the other problem with this is the u.s. supreme court has already come out in a case that originated in california and said, well, it's fine if you want to extend these statutes of limitations. but you can't revive crimes where they've already expired. and a lot of the hala ba about the statute of limitations are people who are trying to do
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something that the supreme court has already said you cannot do. i just -- >> let me talk about one practical example. a case i had. i get a call, a catholic priest in his 50s. gets a telephone call from someone who says, i was with you in a camp 30 years ago and you sexually abused me. and the priest says, you know, son, i don't know what you're talking about. you know, if this is true, report it to the police. now we investigated it subsequently. and the person making this claim, it was, in my view, a totally false claim. but you know something? but if that statute had been extended, he could have been arrested on that charge. now is that fair after 30 years? the camp had burned down. there were no records of the camp as to whether they had even been there together. how do we reconstruct it? there has to be basic fairness in the system. >> and if the claims are untrue, it is something in a horrible way ruin the person being accused. appreciate it. still out front, the body of
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a 7-year-old found near a dumpster. a man who worked in her building arrested. and former illinois governor rob blagojevich sentenced today to 14 years for trying to sell president obama's senate seat. and we've got reports today that moammar gadhafi's son planned to sneak into mexico. his lawyer speaks to "out front" next.on radearchect. this is web-based trading, re-visualized. streaming, real-time quotes. earnings analysis. probability analysis: that's what opportunity looks like. it's all visual. intuitive. and it's available free, wherever the web is. this is how trade strategies are built. tradearchitect. only from td ameritrade. welcome to better trade commission free for 60 days when you open an account.
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americans love walmart. globally not so much. walmart was trying to tap into india's $450 billion retail market. indian leaders suspended the decision on letting foreign retailers come into the country thanks to resistance from citizens. this isn't just a walmart problem. this is an american problem. u.s. companies about a hard time breaking into the biggest markets in the world collectively called the bricks, brazil, russia, india, and china. and that brings us to our number to tight. 2,868,060,586. that is the estimated population of those four countries.
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41% of the people on earth. and a group that analysts tell us that u.s. companies are desperate to reach. walmart's brazil and china operations had struggles. american tastes don't always fit that well into other countries. sometimes there are problems with local governments that don't welcome foreign and especially american businesses. and local companies often have the edge, no matter where they are. american companies need to get into the markets big time to keep being the world's biggest and best companies. so walmart's setback is something all americans should watch. all right. to chris christie right now. a live picture of him at a campaign event. obviously, he endorsed mitt romney for president. this is happening in west des moines, iowa. we're going to be watching this carefully for you. we're going to have more on this in a couple moments. we're monitoring every moment to see what he has to say. you remember when he was expected to make his decision on his own candidacy,
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he decided not to run but made his endorsement for mitt romney, who is trailing newt gingrich by double digits in national polls. this is a time for me to be strong for my children, be strong for patty, and this is also a time for patty and me to get home so we can explain to our kids, our babies amy and annie, what happened, what all this means and where we're going from here. >> well, what it all means is that former illinois governor rob blagojevich has 90 days left as a free man. after that he'll start serving a 14-year prison sentence, that's what he received today. he was found guilty of corruption after trying to make a profit of selling then-senator president obama's seat. cook county commissioner, thank you for coming out front. you say it's no secret. you're not a fan of the former governor. you called for impeachment. that said, do you think he got a fair sentence today? >> i think the sentence that came down today is harsh but
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justified. you know, let me be clear. i have sympathy for rod blagojevich as a father and husband but not a governor that tried to shake down a children's hospital and try to keep the state at a standstill and sell off the president's former senate seat. >> so he's now the second illinois governor who has been sent to jail. what does that send to the state's political community? i mean at first there were sort of jokes about the mafia-like atmosphere in illinois politics. but what does this mean? >> it's not just the second governor. he's the second consecutive governor to be sent away to jail. fourth governor to go away in four decades. when is enough enough? former governor george ryan got 6 1/2 years. that didn't send a signal. rob blagojevich ran on a platform of cleaning up corruption in politics. sure enough, he wound up taking it to an art form. hopefully a 14-year sentence
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will send a message loud and clear to other people that it's time for a change now. politics as usual in illinois cannot continue. voters can't put up with it anymore. our economy can't put up with it anymore. >> all that true. but he, you know, he -- you heard his apology the other day. he admitted that he had done something wrong. he said, i didn't think so at the time. it was sort of the first time he really admitted it. it was a plea to spend time with his family. you weren't won over at all? >> i've got to tell you what, when you're up there and for the first time that you actually accept any responsibility for your actions, is that the sentencing phase? i think it's too little too late. this is somebody that went on to the media constantly to take on the judge, take on the prosecution, and was very defiant until the end. if he believed he was innocent, then he believe he was innocent. for me to think that he had a revelation today, it's too little too late. now that being said, i think the fact he did do that today probably led to the judge taking a few years after of that sentence, keeping in mind for anybody that thinks this
11:18 pm
sentence is harsh, the prosecution asked for a 15 to 30-year sentence. the judge came down below that at a 14-year sentence. and there's no question, listen, that's a long time, even under federal guidelines he'll do just under 12 years. but that means his oldest daughter who is now 15, she'll be in her late 20s by the time her dad is out again. his youngest daughter will be coming out of high school. you know, that's the tragedy here. >> it is. all right. thank you very much, sir. we appreciate you taking the time. viewers, let us know what you think, fair or too much for the sentence nor rod blagojevich of 14 years. post your thoughts on our facebook page. reports that moammar cogadhafi's son tried to sneak into mexico and buy safe houses there. that's what mexico's interior minister announced today to the world. i spoke to sadi's lawyer who told me that he is still in niger, the country that has given him political asylum. he also told me that he has not tried to flee since he arrived in the country. here's his statement. he said, quote, the sensational nature of the mexican press conference was
11:19 pm
designed to discredit my client who since fleeing for his life has shown complete respect for the ung u.n. sanctions and the republic of niger. cnn's international report nick robertson met sadi. >> for sure he doesn't want to spend the rest of his life in niger and for sure he wants a better lifestyle. he's used to the cosmopolitan way of life, spending a lot of money, having a lot of money. having a decent lifestyle. he spent some time in hollywood. that is the kind of life and that's the kind of guy he sees himself being. absolutely he's going to try to get out from where he is right now. he's also the kind of guy that kind of things that he didn't really do too much wrong. hey, you should be accepted back into the rest of the world. >> saadi's brother was thwarted in his attempt to sneak into niger. he is captured and held in an unknown location. >> governor christie is stumping for mitt romney in iowa right now. we showed you he's speaking. will his endorsement be enough
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and now a story we can't resist. it's hump day. we usually run a story about camels on wednesdays. we already filed this week's camel report.
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but speaking of the sheikh he was with tom cruise today in dubai to promote cruise's new movie "mission possible." ghost protocol during the city's annual film festival. a scene from the film was shot in the birds building in dubai. it is the world's tallest tower. it's the location we interviewed sheikh on the 123rd floor where i really didn't want to go up that high. it's an amazing building. it's an exciting scene and we can't resist giving you a look at how they did. >> what, tom, what do you think? this angle is great. ♪ >> action! >> i have to tell you, i honestly feel sick. just that building is not -- hanging on ott outside. we couldn't resist showing
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that. tom cruise, you got courage. can you find more footage in dubai including our exclusive interview with sheikh mow happened on our blog. we have a great story coming your way soon on all of this that we can't wait to show you. still "outfront," the "outfront" 5. the front-runner. >> he is resilient. he is always thinking. >> a muppet for president. >> it's. [ beep ] and [ beep ] all over the place. >> all this "out front" in our second half. what do you got? restrained driver in a motor vehicle.
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we start with second half with stories we tearer care about and fine the "outfront" five. up first, former penn state coach jerry sandusky arrested for the second time. police handcuffed him, charged him with sexually abusing two more boys from the charity, the second mile. our sara ganim was in court and said that sandusky will remain in jail tonight after failing to pose a $250,000 cash bail. she says, though, that his attorney said he could post the bail tomorrow and leave jail. number two, letter bomb sent to the ceo of germany's deutsche bank in frankfurt. as a precaution, the new york city police department increased security around the company's new york offices. number three, florida a & m university holding off on its plan to dismiss the school's
11:30 pm
band leader and force students involved in an alleged hazing incident. we learned that law enforcement officials have asked the school to hold off on any action until the criminal investigation into the death of the band member is complete. investigations believe -- investigators believe hazing played a role in last month's death of robert champion. he was found not breathing on the band bus after a football game. number four, 2011 not over yet but it's set the record already for the most billion dollar natural disasters. there have been 12 this year. the damage right now at $52 billion. the total can go higher they're kplekting data from the pre-halloween snowstorm that hit the northeast and damage from tropical storm lee. it's been 124 days since america lost the top credit rating. what are we doing to get it back? the federal reserve showed consumer borrowing increased.
11:31 pm
most of the increase came from student loans. breaking news tonight, the most popular republican in the nation new jersey governor chris christie speaking in iowa. here what happens he just said about why he is supporting mitt romney is the presidential candidate. >> also, he is the only person that i think can legitimately take the fight to obama this november. so as republicans, we know we love our party. but lie it tell you if you're looking for the candidate who agrees with you on everything, buy a mirror, okay? buy a mirror because that's the only one that you'll find that agrees with you on everything. >> before he got talk, he got heckled and he loved it. [ yelling ] >> chris christie. >> chris christie and mitt romney. >> the corporate 1%. >> oh, yeah.
11:32 pm
>> well, you know, no, no, no, no. h hey. >> all right. let's bring in john avalon, former president bush speechwriter, president and founder of american majority. i believe what his exact words were oh, now you all went new jersey on me and everything. so he had a sense of humor about it. what do you think about chris christie? can you turn this around for mitt romney? he was socially liberal, right? the tea party loves chris christie because he's conservative when it comes to final matters. can he win them over? >> that's right. what we're seeing now is romney campaign pivoting. putting forward the big of the gun, someone who is comfortable with conflict and can speak to the base but has credibility across the board. by deploying chris christie to iowa right now, they're going to double down play in iowa. they're running ads as well.
11:33 pm
it shows the power of a strong endorsement, someone that might be more popular in the candidate themselves in really trying to take offense. >> do you think he can turn it around for mitt? >> i don't know. i will say it's a good move for the romney campaign. chris christie is definitely popular with a lot of tea partiers. but as we've seen, mitt can't get past the 25% ceiling. is chris christie going to make it a better sale? i don't know. i don't know. but it's a good move for the romney campaign, i'm not going to deny that. >> is this a sign, david, of real desperation though for mitt romney and the sense you've got to pull out chris christie to move the needle. >> one of most frightening things. >> is that a new word here? i like it. >> i made it up. in the recent polli data has been the discovery that lots of republicans activists and base voters think of newt gingrich as
11:34 pm
electable. and, yet, the people who write party's collects and run the party's campaigns and hold office do not think so. so they see newt gingrich as a barry goldwater disaster waiting to happen about and so what you're seeing with the bringing forward of people like chris christie, he's a plea to the party, do not make this mistake. you and all of your neighbors may love newt gingrich but the country's full of people who remember the clinton impeachment and don't want to relitigate that. today newt gingrich came on with wolf blitz somewhere it was a lot of -- i mean generous newt, actually. he was talking about mitt romney, praising him, calling him confident saying he would support him if he became the nominee. he would pick him as a vice president potentially and listen to this. >> i wish everybody had loved me. i'd rather be effective representing the american people than be popular inside washington. what do you think, john?
11:35 pm
>> he's very gently responding to the criticism he's been getting from the colleagues from back in the 1990s. >> it's been nasty stuff. >> when year on top you have to be above the fray. he's the tea party candidate. you have the outsider insurgent force. and that is a fascinating role reversal. among other things it really shows the depth of frustration with the romney camp. they'll circle around even this ultimate insider is an alternative right now. >> john did a great story, the next endorsements -- you've got kid rock, you know, the singer. i can't sing the song, i won't hurt anyone's ears. but anyway, he is coming onboard and be the songwriter for his campaign. maybe this endorsement will matter where others like chris christie haven't. but david, newt gingrich hasn't gotten endorsements really, and it hasn't mattered.
11:36 pm
>> it hasn't. endorsements give a feeling of inev vit ability. but the question people should ask, why are there no endorsemented of newt gingrich? >> he said i'd rather be effective than popular in washington. he wasn't effective. republicans lost seats in 1998 newt gingrich had to resign. before that the hostage passed to tom delay because newt gingrich couldn't work the caucus, that the open secret among those who were close him and knew him he was not good at that job. and he was great at getting the majority but he's not good at executing or keeping the majority. that's what the bitterness is ineffecti ineffectiveness. >> it seems like mitt romney is trying much tougher, harder edged side. here he is on president obama. >> internationally, president obama has adopted an appeasement strategy. like others among the washington elite, he believes that
11:37 pm
america's role as the leader of the world is a thing of the past. >> ned, that's a tougher, stronger mitt. but also a mitt that is very clearly trying to make it him versus obama than him versus newt. >> romney is realizing we're 30 days away from iowa. newt's very strong in the polls. but, erin if i could, the irony to me in some of this here you have two poster children for many of the issues that the tea party came out against. individual health care mandates, t.a.r.p. with newt, medicare part d. historian for freddie. but i think what you're seeing now, mitt is saying a strong stance. he realizes that newt is a threat. the grassroots is looking at this and going, anybody but mitt. they cycled through bachmann and cain and perry. and all of a sudden, low and behold the last man standing it looks like is newt gingrich. it really does boil down to anybody but mitt.
11:38 pm
i think it's going to be very interesting to see. mitt has much better infrastructure. newt has admit they're flying by the seat of their pants less than 30 day as way. i'm going to be very interested to see what happens in iowa. is newt going to pull a howard dean? what happens here in three, three-four weeks? >> i just want to mention this appeasement rhetoric. five of the six used the rhetoric of appeasement a reference to neville chamberlain. this is the 70th anniversary of pearl harbor. have policy differences. you can have stylistic differences. you can have substantive differences but raising that specter on this particular date that seems to be in bad taste, at least. >> i think the interesting thing with newt, and i've pointed this out to many people, many leaders and some are on the sidelines, i
11:39 pm
think wisely, being very pragmatic, keeping their powder dry. the one concern that some of them have expressed and i think is there they're projecting upon newt gingrich their hopes that he'll be a champion. i think some of his behavior in the last 15 years has shown otherwise. i think newt has a lot to still convince people he is an authentic conservative and i think, you know, he and mitt, especially mitt, have a lot of ground to make up with the tea party movement. >> but is it done as john avalon is saying, less than 30 day as way at this point. >> i don't think it's done. i think things move very fast. and the points that ned makes, i mean if your complaint against mitt romney is he's on too many different sides of too many issues, newt gingrich has been on more sides of more issues. if your complaint is that -- >> he was in congress, for god's sakes. >> but he's unusual. what people think is that anyone's veement and violent in his speech as newt gingrich is can't -- he must be sincere.
11:40 pm
he was just as vehement the other day he must have been sincere then, too. if mitt romney's greatest vulnerability is the health care mandate, newt gingrich was in favor of that. in fact that was the republican alternative to the bill and hillary clinton health care plan when newt gingrich was leader of the republican party in the house of representatives. there is an unreality about the whole gingrich campaign. i think that is going to come home. it's above all going to be the case that with newt gingrich the republican party is making this an election about the past, about the republican past and not about president obama's record which is what the party should want to make the election about. >> thank you. david, ned, john. appreciate it. david's got a fair point. a lot of people don't realize the things you just said. we'll see if they do after they views change or not. thanks, guys. meantime, the clock is counting down on the extension of the payroll tax break. we've been telling you this could result in you paying $700 to $2300 more in next year.
11:41 pm
so this morning the president met with senate democrats and late this afternoon, he took a hard stand. white house correspondent jessica yellin is with us. jessica, what did he threaten? he stopped short of threatening he would veto anything. what the president says he wants a clean bill. he wants that payroll tax cut passed. the oing thing attached to it, basely, that he would accept for is he don't want anything ex-training yus attached and if there is anything else, he would, quote, reject it. he also suggested that he knows that senate democrats would not allow a bill through the nat that has anything extraneous attached to it. so what do we mean by extraneous? for example, speaker boehner suggested ta he would like the controversial xl pipeline that brings canada down through the united states that he'd like to force a decision on that. legislation attached to the payroll tax cut as part of that package. >> i know a lot of americans
11:42 pm
would support the president in his taking a hard stand on nothing extraneous being attached. that's where the pork comes in, i guess. do you think that we'll get a millionaire surtax as a way to pay for the tax cut or will that not pass republicans and we'll hear something else come through? >> given the makeup of congress and the way it looks, it is unlikely what this republican house of representatives is ultimately going to swallow. so it seems unlikely politically that that would happen. you never know. but probably some other compromise will have to be fashioned, erin. >> thank you very much, jessica. appreciate it. i think we all can make a bet that there should be some sort of compromise just because the american people love this tax cut. thanks, jessica. pakistani actress says the they -- a 7-year-old girl murdered in a georgia apartment
11:43 pm
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every night. we reach out to our sources around the world. first, russia, after two days of protests over the results of sun's parliamentary vote, gosh cleav is calling for new elections over voter fraud concerns. phil black is in moscow tonight. how significant is his statement here?
11:47 pm
>> reporter: erin, it is significant to an international audience. the international community always held michaele gorbachev in high esteem. near russia, people stopped caring about what he thinks a long time ago. by the time he stepped down as head of the soviet union he was already deeply unpopular. his credibility had eroded to pretty much nothing. in recent years he's been an outspoken critic of putin on the issue of democratic reform. no one will start changing opinions because michaele gorbachev expressed here. >> syria, al assad denied responsibility for the crackdown in syria. ivan wasson is following the story closely. what reactions are you hearing? >> reporter: delusional, the true meaning of insanity, a mad man in denial of the situation in syria. those are the words that western diplomats, syrian opposition
11:48 pm
activists and longtime political analysts in syria watchers are using to describe their reaction to bashar al assad's abc news interview. he does have some supporters as he deny is in government rule in the killings that have taken place in march. hezbollah came out forcefully in support of the syrian ally in a public speech on tuesday. erin? >> thank you. now to india, where a pakistani actress says an indian magazine doctored photos of her to look nude. including one that shows her with nothing but the initials of the pakistani intelligence agency, the isi, written on her arm. sara sidner is in pakistan. >> reporter: the actress decided to take a legal action against the magazine because she says they doctored a photo that was on the very front page of the magazine this month. that photo shows her nude, she says she did not pose nude.
11:49 pm
the magazine says she was aware and happy with the spread they did with her and knew those was going to be in their magazine and they are now serving her legal notice to countersue her. why is this causing such a big controversy? well, in pakistan, the government has reacted and her family has disowned her. the interior minister of pakistan's government says they will look into this case. certainly this is not the kind of image that pakistan wants for its intelligence agency. >> thank you. we have breaking news for you about the man under arrest in the brutal stabbing death of a georgia child. ryan brunn was take noon custody today. he was accused of sexually assaulting and murdering 7-year-old girl 40 miles north of atlanta. he's set to be arraigned tomorrow. police say he worked in the same apartment complex where jorelys rivera lived. she was last seen friday at her apartment. her body was found in a trash bin monday. she was killed nay vacant apartment and they were able to find brunn with help from the
11:50 pm
public. >> we have had brunn under surveillance since last night as we continue to collect evidence in this case. we reached a point this afternoon where we had sufficient evidence to obtain arrest warrants for the murder of the 7-year-old child. holly firfer has been covering the story for us. walk us through what led to his arrest when they say help from the public. >> reporter: it was a tip from somebody in the apartment complex that actually led them to ryan brunn. now remember, back on friday when they started canvassing the apartment, law enforcement told united states they were focusing on somebody who lived and had access to the apartment complex, a couple of things that transpired monday when they found her body in a trash compacter. first you need a key to use the trash compacter. the only people that had keys were maintenance people. secondly, there was evidence,
11:51 pm
blood and a mattress, found in an empty apartment building next door to where jorelys lived who would know about that? they said somebody who libbed there or somebody who had access to those apartments. so they canvassed the neighborhood, asked residents for anything they saw and sun said there was a maintenance guy who started a month ago, he started november 7th. he was living in the apartment complex with somebody else, we're told by a neighbor, the property manager's son, and that he was very friendly, he was seen around but they didn't know him that well. so when gbi and the fbi and the sheriff's department were asking around, a lot of people were mentioning this guy, ryan brunn, erin, so his name kept coming up. when you're saying he's only worked there a month, it's possible people didn't have a sense of whether he appeared to be off or looking at children or behaving around children inappropriately. do you know whether he had to go through any background check before he was hired?
11:52 pm
>> reporter: yes. moments ago, we've got a statement i want to read to you from the company that manages the apartment complex, where jorelys rivera was killed. it says, quote, he was put through an extensive background check that included a criminal and sexual predator background check and he passed. he had to undergo this for both employment and residency. and according to law enforcement officials, they did not find any criminal record in his past but they do say they're going to check out every county, every state that he's lived to see if there are unsolved crimes or whether it was a sexual crime that wasn't reported. but they suspect there might be something in his past that they didn't know about. >> holly, thank you very much. a deeply horrific story. the gop nomination is still up for grabs. you saw chris christiane the stump for mitt romney, you see the poll for newt gingrich and republicans having a mutiny against newt gingrich, some of them. so you know what? maybe it's time for a new candidate. we have one exclusively going to announce his candidacy and he's going to talk about why he felt
11:53 pm
he needed to run, next. citracal slow release... continuously releases calcium plus d for the efficient absorption my body needs. citracal.
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11:56 pm
we have some exciting news tonight. "outfront" is here with a new presidential candidate. someone we haven't met before and we don't think you have either. but they really might be shaking up this campaign, big time. it's a he, and he's not just any old politician. he's a muppet. so let's not wait any longer. let's bring our guest on. with us is mr. wozniki.
11:57 pm
thank you so much. you've got your platform, sir. what do you have to say to america? >> first of all, i want to thank you for having me on to speak with you and to be talking together as we are now and i thank you for the opportunity. basically, here's the deal. i was driving in my car a couple of weeks ago and i was listening to the debates, and i'm thinking to myself, this is all a bunch of bull [ bleep ]. and i'm tired of it and i'm going to change it and make america good again, or at least get us back in the playoffs. >> all right. you released a statement earlier this morning on youtube, and i have to say, sir, it was laced with some profanity, provocative language, shall we say? let's take a listen. >> it's [ bleep ], [ bleep ], [ bleep ] all over the place. >> so what are you trying to accomplish here? why use that language? >> well, you know what? sometimes i would talk, and i
11:58 pm
get heated, but my heart's in the right place. and i'm going to clean up my act. you bet i am. no more bull [ bleep ], no more [ bleep ], no more -- no more, you know, dirty [ bleep ] [ bleep ] [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. none of that! >> one question here. this is a big one. if you were president right now, we've got this payroll tax cut that americans have been enjoying. it's got to be extended by the end of the year. democrats and republicans, they both want to do it, but they can't agree on how to pay for it. how would you pay for it? >> put rich people in jail. take their money and then give it to everybody else. number one, boom, done. >> really? >> yeah. >> and you're a republican? >> well, you know what, i'm a republican. right now i'm only running as republican, because they are a bunch of clowns. about you never know. but i'm an american. i'm for the people. i'm for everybody in our country -- not people who aren't here, but everyone -- and fortunately,
11:59 pm
i will get people back to work. >> let me ask you, you say they're all clowns, this is important here, who is the biggest clown running for president? >> well, now, i don't want to disparage anyone's -- i don't want to disparage anyone's personality, so let's point out the physical defects. >> okay, that's good. >> all right. rick perry has got a tremendously good coif. a nice head of hair on him. that mitt romney fella, good posture. michele bachmann, good eyes. and i know eyes! well, herman cain's gone on the account of he's -- didn't do something he shouldn't have. newt gingrich! he's got the cutest cheeks i ever seen. you could pinch him all day long. >> oh! i don't think i'd want to do that. >> okay. well, i'm just saying. i didn't ask you too, you said you couldn't. >> you gave me a mental image, that's all. >> i didn't mean too. i'm sorry. i apologize for that! >> well, that's all right. mr. quasniki, thaner


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