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tv   The Daily Show  Comedy Central  January 19, 2016 1:33am-2:06am PST

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boys, as president of the united states, i want to commend you for stopping the rebel uprising. don't touch me. well, cartman, the south lost. that means you're our slave for a month! damn it, damn it. i was so close! the first thing i want you to do for us is -- wait a minute! i don't have to be your slave! the north still won the civil war. that means slavery is abolished. he's right, boys. slavery is illegal and immoral, partially in thanks to the north winning the civil war. awww! [ laughs ] oh, to hell with it. let's just go home. bill clinton! yeah, thanks, dick! -- captions by vitac -- captions paid for by mtv networks
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>> from comedy central's world news headquarters in new york, this is "the daily show" with trevor noah! (cheers and applause) >> trevor: welcome to "the daily show"! i'm trevor noah! my guests tonight are the creators of netflix's amazing but infuriating doc cock infuris "making a murderer," laura ricciardi and moira demos, everybody! (cheers and applause) but today is martin luther king, jr. day, a time to reflect on the great things dr. king did before his life was cut short. or the perfect day to finally get that new mattress you have been wanting, because if you're going to have a dream, you should do it in comfort. but this year's craziest m.l.k.
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day promotion had nothing to do with a good night's rest. >> an air force base in georgia is having to apologize for an insensitive flyer. >> the poster advertises a "martin luther king, jr. fun shoot," a skeet shootinga vent set this coming monday. >> a spokeperson for the air force base told the "new york times" he's deeply sorry for any outraged caused and also just called it an honest mistake. >> trevor: an honest mistake? this brings us to our segment, you couldn't find one person to run this by? finding a black person in georgia is like playing where's waldo with only waldos. that's what georgia is. georgia air force base, next time you're doing a black thing, just ask duane if it's cool. that's the rule. let's move on to the 2016 presidential race. over the last five days, there were two debates, one republican and one democrat, both taking
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place in charleston, south carolina. i thought i should sit for this one. see what i did there? a comfortable segue move. no one noticed a thing. let's start with the g.o.p. debate. took place last thursday. like your average american divorce, long, messy and by two people who once affectionally stood by each other, couldn't stand each other. trump and cruz at each other's throats all nights with cruz attacking new york values. >> everyone understands the values in new york city are socially liberal or pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage, focus around money and the media. not a lot of conservatives come out of manhattan. i'm just sayin'. >> trevor: i'm just sayin'! oh, ted cruz, truth is he's just upset because new york chewed up and spit out his broadway dreams. not all of us can be elphaba, ted. (laughter)
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yep! some of us have to be flying monkeys. (laughter) so to get back at cruz, trump made it personal. >> when the world trade center came down, i saw something no place on earth could have handled more beautifully, more humanely than new york. you had two 100 -- (applause) >> trevor: i have to say, i've never been more impressed with donald trump because not only is he making ted cruz look like a dick, but because trump brought up 9/11, ted cruz has to stand there and applaud trump while he does it. that's like getting a guy to cheer for you as you make love to his wife. excellent thrusting motion, mr. temperature. can i get you a gatorade? you're putting in quite the workout. (laughter) but let's get to what the next president of the united states had to say. that's right, i'm talking about dr. ben carson.
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he was asked if bill clinton's past affairs are relevant to this election, and he had this to say. >> here's the real issue -- is this america anymore? do we still have standards? you go to the internet you start reading an article and you go to the comment section, you cannot go five comments down before people are calling each other all manner of names. where did that spirit come from in america? >> trevor: are you serious? half your opponents in this race are just comment sections with campaign stuff! how's ben carson going to -- oh, unless -- wait a minute... ben carson, did you only just discover the internet now? (sounding like ben carson... >> "and don't get me started wt those two girls did to that poor cub." (laughter) so moving forward to last night
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we had the democratic debates which for a change wasn't the boring well educated sibling. bernie challenged hillary on her wall street connections, hillary challenged bernie on the healthcare plan and martin o'malley was challenged about the cross word book he brought to work while waiting for someone to ask him a question. we had to watch t-mobile ads before getting to the questions, questions being asked by youtube stars. meet bernie sanders. >> how would your presidency ensure the incidents of police violence are investigated and prosecuted fairly? >> senator sanders. poll eyes for not hearing all the question. >> would you like me to read it back? >> trevor: i'm sorry, what did she say? i'm sorry, i don't speak the youtube. and late on the questionser from youtube only got harder. >> here's another question from youtube...
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(screaming) senator sanders. >> trevor: oh! how great would it be if bernie sanders understood that question! it's like, yes! the goat gets it! there is too much money of wall street in politics! that's right, feel the buuuurrrrn! (laughter) but that little moment aside, this debate is like bernie sanders. he's neck in neck with hillary clinton upin the polls and got the most speaking time. so naturally hillary went after his record ruly hard. but i believe bernie sanders when he says he's not bound to wall street banks because something about him makes him look like he invests his money in cereal boxes around his house. (laughter) but jokes aside, bernie was so in the zone last night. he didn't even have to speak to get his point across. >> he's criticized president obama. senator sanders called him weak,
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disappointing. he even in 2011 -- (laughter) >> trevor: that is some serious, vicious side-eye. that's the look you give your roommate when he tells you he bought a second snake. i didn't know you had a first snake! you know, i really had to have fun watching -- i headily had so much fun watching both debates. but why not just combine the debates? i know it's not how it works with the two parties. think about it like an all-star break. the way it works now, we may never get to see trump vs. bernie or hillary vs. cruz or carson vs. a lullaby. "i never stood a chance against those tree tops." and all that trash everyone is talking, they get to do it
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straight to each other's face. >> this president allows lawlessness throughout the country. >> president obama led our country out of the recession. >> my great friend trump beating by 19 points in new hampshire. >> president obama is not protecting american workers and we are getting hammered. >> and i am going to defend president obama for taking on wall street, taking on the financial industry and getting results! >> hillary clinton is disqualified from being commander-in-chief of the united states. >> that is not what i have heard. let me leave it at that. >> trevor: it's amazing! but the best reason for combining the debates would be we could have watched bernie sanders giving more side-eye. >> bernie sanders and hillary clinton will say it's those evil rich people. it's not the evil rich people. it's the evil government. >> i like everyone on the stage. no one here's a socialist. no one is under f.b.i. investigation. >> and i know bernie and i can promise you he's not going to be president of the united states. (applause) >> trevor: i love it!
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i love it so much! bernie sanders is the cutest old man ever! it's like he's always being told that the cafeteria is fresh out of pudding! (laughter) oh, i'm sorry, mr. sanders. we'll be right back. (cheers and applause) other wireless carriers make families share data. not t-mobile! switch now and get four lines with up to six gigs each. and no sharing. just thirty bucks a line at t-mobile.
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(cheers and applause) >> trevor: welcome back to "the daily show"! we're covering two presidential
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debates today which, of course, means twice the potential bull (bleep). to dig through it, here's jessica williams with what the actual facts. ♪ (cheers and applause) >> jessica: thank you, trevor. we got a lot of ground to cover tonight so let's begin tonight with hillary clinton. the only person more (bleep) over by email than the post office. fla(laughter) clinton took on inequality in the american justice system with this claim... >> one out of three african-american men may well end up going to prison. that's the statistic. > >> jessica: i guess orange really is the new black. one out of three african-american men may end up in prison. now, that statistics certainly feels true, but is it? well, not exactly. you see, back in 2001, the justice department projected you would have one in three black pen in jail by now if incarceration rates remain constant but they didn't. they went down.
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apparently, throwing black men in jail has been getting steadilyless popular than 2001. it's like having your butt labeled juicy ." experts now say black incarceration rates might have declined by as much as 20%. that would mean rather than one in three black men ending up in jail, we would only have one in four black men in jail. yeah. that is progress. take thatcies tin that systemic! whoo! next up, donald trump. nobody does bull (bleep) better than donald trump. he's the best, ask anybody. here he is on why syrian refugees are so scary. >> when i look at the migration, i looked at the line, where are the women? there look like very few women,
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very few children. strong, powerful men, young, and people are looking at that and saying, what's going on? >> jessica: yeah, what is going on! because of the 4.6 million migrants coming out of syria, less than 23% are men. be you know how donald trump is, whenever he looks at a muhamad, it's like a kaleidoscope, they're all over! (laughter) it's like that story about american muslims celebrating on 9/11, when there were maybe seven middle eastern guys on a rooftop in new jersey. trump said he saw thousands. same with the refugees. trump is having problem with his multiplication. this claim is grossly overgraduated so i'll give ate zoomed-in dick pick. i feel like that's a pretty solid rating. finally, let's go back to the democratic debate for one claim that seemed truly, and i mean truly unbelievable. >> my name is martin o'malley.
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i'm running for president. >> yeah. (applause) i know. trevor, it surprised me, too, but as a professional fact checker, i ammo bliedged to consider everything! so, first, is this this man actually named martin o'malley?! i did a reverse google image search which revealed this person is either a former governor in maryland or a stock photo named "man in suit." the second part of this person's statement, i'm running for president, is actually a real head scratcher. he previously made the same claim in an appearance on a late-night talk show but that show has a history of making questionable claims about presidential candidates. so... martin o'malley takes himself seriously but nobody else does. i rate this claim a sean penn. (laughter) >> trevor: oh! jessica williams, everyone!
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we'll be right back!
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(cheers and applause) >> trevor: i applaud you! i applaud you! welcome back! my guests tonight are the directors of netflix's d cock docu-series "making a murderer." ♪ >> law enforcement despised stephen avery. stephen avery was a shining example of their inadequacies, their misconduct. >> no one ever intended to do anybody any harm by this. we firmly believe that we had the guilty party at the time. >> this was one of the biggest miscarriages of justice i ever saw in 20 years of criminal defense work and thousands of cases. >> trevor: please welcome moira demos and laura ricciardi! (cheers and applause)
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♪ >> trevor: thank you so much for coming to the show and, more importantly, thank you so much for making an amazing show. "making a murderer" is just -- (cheers and applause) yeah, it is phenomenal. i know everyone rushes to get straight into is he guilty or not, but let's start at the beginning. this process took you, what, ten years? >> ten years and a few days. >> trevor: oh, yeah, the few days. that's what got me, the few days. (laughter) where do you start with this? i read and correct me if i'm wrong, you weren't big-time timmakers when you took on this project. that's right. we were actually just finishing up our graduate film work at columbia university here in new york (cheers and applause) >> trevor: new york values. (laughter) >> and stephen avery made the front page to have the "new york times," and the headline read
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freed by dna, now charged in new crime, and that right there was enough to get us interested. the more we talked about it, the more it just seemed as if his story would be this incrediblable window through which to look at our justice system. >> trevor: that's a key point, a unique way to look at the justice system. so many people seem to be focusing on the stephen avery side of it. you had, what, 300,000 petitions to the white house to pardon stephen ave yi -- you have to free him! i can't believe this happened! stephen avery! but that's not why you made the movie. >> no, we did not intend to have an impact on that particular case. our objective was -- you know, with 20/20 hindsight, we could look back at the first case. we knew the justice system failed stephen avery in 1995 and continued to fail him another 18 years while wrongly imprisoned. what we really wanted to explore
1:58 am
and understand was the extent to which the justice system made meaningful progress since 1985. >> trevor: do you feel it's made meaningful progress? >> there is no denying the advances it has made. dna is an incredible asset, meaningful legislative reforms, but i think it's pretty clear from what we've witnessed and what we document in the series that we have a long way to go before we can have a reliable system. >> trevor: how did you get him to be so funny? (laughter) because, like, i've never watched a show where i didn't know how i felt about the person. i was shouting at my tv screen the whole time. it's right there! it's right there! how did you put all of that together? >> i mean, we chose stephen as our main subject, and we understood what his goal was in 2005. i mean, we did not set out to prove stephen avery's innocence. he did. so we were documenting what he was doing, and what his defense
1:59 am
was doing in terms of responding to, you know, the efforts the state was putting forth to try to convict him. >> trevor: now everyone is coming up with stories. it's amazing how you reignited the discussion. people online going, stephen avery, is it jody who came and said, oh, he hit me. and people were, like, you never said that before. on dr. phil, they were interviewing the prosecutor, the sheriff's department, everything has come back to life in the story and everyone is talking about the innocence or lack of opinion sense in this. yet that's not conversation you were trying to start. do you feel like you guys have created a monster? >> i mean, sometimes it feels like that, yeah. but, you know, that's another conversation. we're not talking about the series. they're not talking about the important issues that really with we need to be talking about. i think if you look at who's starting those conversations. you have ken kratz going on
2:00 am
television -- >> trevor: yes, i don't like him at all! grrrr! >> he's only talking about three episodes. this is a ten episode series and they don't want to talk about the other episodes. >> trevor: because you're taking the focus away from the problems in the saints system. everything that was going on, i was shocked, going, is this how a jury works? people are trading lives for i can go home tonight, you give me a guilty and i'll let you go home, but i'm, like, the other person doesn't get to go home, and the planting of evidence. did you ever feel in danger with what you were covering? it was pretty sketchy. we never felt in jeopardy at that sense. we faced an unexpected challenge. we had to try to protect and preserve our own footage. i had written a letter to ken kratz then special prosecutor asking him if he'd like to
2:01 am
participate in the documentary. i didn't receive a response. however, two months later he tried to subpoena our footage. >> trevor: wow. we had to hire a lawyer and essentially quash that subpoena. it wasn't till a month before stephen's trial started that stephen's trial judge settled that matter and ruled in our favor. and i think what's really interesting is what we see now when ken kratz is talking to the national media, he's reusing the losing argument he made in 2006. he was accusing us of being an investigative arm to have the defense and stephen's own trial judge ruled against him and if our favor. >> trevor: it's a sad, fascinating story. i found it powerful because, like when i was on twitter and online and everything, i saw people getting so angry and i think that's what you were successful in doing is getting people to realize there are problems in the system, getting white people to realize, because white people are, like, this can't be happening! oh, my god!
2:02 am
how is an innocent man being oppressed by this system! and black people with were, like, exactly! that's what i have been talking about! (cheers and applause) so congratulations. i read that there may be a season two. is it going to be stephen avery or something else? there's not many cases ofo pegs in terms of -- >> i don't know, we'll have to find another one. >> trevor: will you take ten years again? >> no (laughter) >> trevor: whatever it is, we'll watch it. absolutely amazing, "making a murderer," available on netflix. i suggest you watch it. laura ricciardi and moira demos, everybody! thank you so much! (cheers and applause) all right everybody, if this doesn't get your toes tappin', then check your pulse...
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