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tv   The Daily Show  Comedy Central  February 2, 2016 1:37am-2:11am PST

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see ya next time, everybody! - so i'm supposed to press menu, then function, then enter. captioning by captionmax >> from comedy central world news headquarters in new york this. is the "daily show" with trevor noah. [cheers and applause] [cheers and applause]
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>> trevor: welcome to the "daily show." i'm trevor noah. thank you so much, everyone. our guest tonight founder of girls who code reshma saujani is here, everybody. [cheers and applause] >> trevor: i know a lot of you are closely monitoring the results from the iowa caucuses right now. thank you for taking time from martin o'malley's surprise victory party to watch the show. i appreciate it we will get into iowa later. have full coverage of the caucuses tomorrow. first, i want to take a moment to talk about danger, people. because danger is all around us. whether it's a zombie apocalypse or mythical things like global warming. and now a new threat is in town. the zika virus. you know the zika virus is a lot like soccer. a mild cuter in the u.s. but it's [beep] in brazil. [laughing]
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>> worth health experts call it a rapidly rising crisis. a estimated forty two hundred babies born with small heads and no brains. >> there is no treatment. >> rash and red eyes. president: why put red eyes he t the end. you don't use a sim stop that you can get from weed. today the world health organization dubbed the zika virus a major virus. we know who to blame, white people no moss sweet oefplz. >> the virus is rapidly spreading through mosquitos. president: i'm as progressive
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as the next guy or girl. i have to ask is it okay to be racist against mosquitos. they have ruined the neighborhoods we lived in. they move in and everything changes. you have been to a pond around dusk recently. i don't feel safe anything anymore. i don't. do we own this planet or not? what is crazy is some officials are afraid of offending mosquitos they plan to fight zika by eliminating humans. >> officials in columbia asked women not to get pregnant this year. other parts of the country asking women to put off pregnancy until to 18. president: easy for you to say. you have seen south american women lately. not get them pregnant for two years. two years is a crazy amount of time not to fall pregnant in
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south america. it is a great time to have the anal conversation. it is. but baby the government. they said so. [laughing] >> trevor: now not only is zika threatening reproduction but it's threatening threat itself. >> there is a case of possible transmission through sexual con ta *pts tact. >> more evidence is needed to determine if zika can be transmitted sexually. >> trevor: time to own up people, who has been blowing the mosquitos? this is getting serious, people. we need to do something. fortunately one country refuses to lay down and surrender to these bio terrorists. >> it t two hundred and twenty thousand brazilian solders are going house to house -- >> trevor: good for you, brazil somewheres two hundred and
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twenty thousand troops. it may suck being in the brazilian army. you make it into the special forces and they hand you a fly swatter. your general is this guy. [laughing] >> trevor: talk about unconventional warfare. can you imagine the battle scenes. a guy going down. i'm hit, ahhh, it's itchy! go on without me. tell shakira i lov i love her. that's you zika is affecting south america. here in north america it's a little different. >> the travel advisory for pregnant women to avoid these this hours. >> we were looking forward to get ago way from the cold to a hot tropical def destination. sort of a baby moon for us. my main concern is canceling the flight and receiving some sort of a refund. >> trevor: yes, of course your baby moon. you poor poor relatively rich
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woman. for those who don't speak privilege. a baby moon is a honeymoon you take before having a baby. it's the last trip you take before you're the worst part of everyone else's vacation. i just thing this -- [ applause ] president: -- this whole thing is hilarious. everyone else in the world is reportinreporting this a threate population. in the american news it's like, i have to cancel my vacation. let's move on. as you know today is the first day of black history month. [ applause ] president: yes. >> trevor: which is weird for me. back home every month is black history month. come to africa now a lot of people don't know this. the "daily show" has been running for century. a lot of secret tapes out there. this month we decided to open up the "daily show" archives and
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take you back to the moments of black history we offer you this daily show flack back. >> february 1st, is the of a it's the daily show black history month show. >> welcome to the daily show. i'm trevor noah. my guest tonight up and coming comedian bill cosby. this guy's jokes are going to knock you out. we begin in selma, alabama. >> if you're not familiar with sell la it's a small southern city northeast of no negros please and five miles north of say boy. and today dr. martin luther king jr. got into legal trouble there. >> the reverend martin luther king jr. was arrest today leading po 0 negros to the stkal as courthouse protesting voter registration. the negroes were taken into
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history for not having paper mit. >> why the white people so afraid of us voting. not like we can ever vote for a black man. for more we go to our junior civil rights correspondent. roy wood jr. >> what did you see there. >> a bunch of [beep]. proud negro men and women be ago rested for no reason. >> the police said there was a reason. they were parading without paper mit. >> i'm sorry did the clan fit out their paper work before marching in my neighborhood? when you have seen white people paraded without paper mit? >> that's the world we live in. black people won't get the same treatment as white people. that won't change. >> trevor, i disagree. you have to look at the bright side of things. the police arrested dr. martin luther king and our brothers and sisters without violence.
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forty years ago a white man wouldn't give a black man water. now we can get it if we want it or not. we have gone from lynching to beatings to now peaceful arrests. i hear dr. king is coming back next month to selma to march across the bridge. at the rate we are making it will be a fun day marching on and on with the police. one day there will be a movie about it "selma, the day when nothing happened at all ." >> that sounds like a great movie, roy, and great news. we could see this policing behavior spreading across country. >> except chicago. >> not chicago, roy. the civil rights is working. it will take a lot of time. my guess is racism will be over by is the the 0. >> i think so. >> black people will have what they need. evening like money, education
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and most importantly respect from the police. >> yes, trevor, that date is coming. (sirens). >> that day isn't today. i have to go, trevor. >> that maybe the last time we hear from roy. god speed. we will be right back. we will be right back. phr *u[ applause ]
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opinion if you're doing a fly by do it spectacular like denzel would do it. it would of been great if he kept going and crashed into a school next zoo. then trump comes out from behind everyone saying, it was decoy plane andçó then, yes. wait, the school. whatever, yeah. so, caucus results will be in tomorrow. lear with background on what we will be seeing is ronny chieng, everyone. >> thank you, trevor. >> i look into iowa, it turns out iowa is like a kardashian there is no real for the obsession, it's just how things are. >> for months it's been 24 hours this. >> we are reporting iowa caucuses. >> iowa is very important. >> the hawk eye state.
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>> iowa. >> iowa. >> iowa. >> the candidates have been kissing iowa's ass sko hard as so many campaign stops they have now deep throated every fried food on a steak in existence. it's not just disgusting it's weird. iowa is tiny. it has six times more pigs than people. iowa is a kwoeupbt farm that's the 0% white people. most of them are friendly old baseball ghosts. so why are these politicians risking heart attacks and diarrhea to pander to these people? maybe because it's the single event where democrats and republicans choose a final presidential nominee. no that's [beep]. it would make sense for at tension iowa gets. no, i totally made that up. why people really care about iowa is after all of the months of poles and ads and can he debd
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speculation, and whatever this is. the iowa caucus is the first time people go out and vote. ya, remember. voting. like the reason for all of this in the first place. so iowa is special because it's voting first. it's first for a good reason. studies show people in iowa have better judgment then average americans. iowa's brains being 10% larger. i made that up too. iowa goes first because it's something they started to do in the early 1970. that's what this was state of the art. >> iowa hasn't updated how it runs the caucuses either. i guess that's part of the charm. to me it's ridiculous. that's coming from me a kpwroepb man holding a tiny pig in a tv studio. instead of regular sroegt republicans write names on bits of paper. like picking wins of of
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president mike huckabee and rick santorum. some how iowa democrats are even less organized. look at these people they're picking a president by shuffling around a gym until they find people that feel the same way about abortion or private e-mail service like they do. the secret isn't who wins but who loses. someone can come in third and still be president. more than that, you have to go back home to your job as a loser senator or governor. so, in short, trevor, the iowa caucus is a around of "survivor." instead of being on a trap cal island with a strabg tiff people it's in -- attractive people it's being here with these guys. >> you don't have to eat. that. >> i can't stop eating fried
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>> trevor: welcome back everybody. my guest tonight is the founder and ceo of the non profit organization, girls who code. welcome reshma saujani. [cheers and applause]
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president>> trevor: people love. welcome to the show. >> thank you for having me. revor: i guess it was the foforright timing you have girlo this program and the president was talking about the importance of this. what got you into this? you're not a coder. >> i'm not a coder. i was running for office in to 10. i saw hundreds of boys clamoring to be the next ceo or mark sucker berg. i we have 1.4 million jobs in computer and technology. there are no women in tech. soy started girls who code. it was an experiment and we have turned it into a movement. [cheers and applause] we have taught, this year we will teach how thousand girls in
2:02 am
almost every state in the country. >> trevor: it's fantastic. you know what is interesting about this in the early -p o *zi red the first coders were women. women got into coding of computers. then what happened along the line? how did the women go out of it? >> yes, the foundational woman who created the industry were women. in the wil eighth eighthys the . you think of "weird science" "the nerds," we have a programmer myth of a brogrammer. >> trevor: yes. >> a dude in a hoody . a cool hoodie. little girls look at that and say i can't relate. that doesn't look i like me.
2:03 am
you can't be what you can't see. >> trevor: we need barbie coder, jessica jones coder. >> we need girls who code. trevor: i feel i see it in tv shows. like in "criminal minds." >> yes "girl with a dragon taxer ta * too." yes we are lobbying to change hollywood and media. these guys writing the shows have stkauters. they see what happens in eighth grade and girls are opting out and they want to tang it too. >> trevor: let's talk about the school system. you're not just talking about girls in coding but schools focusing on coding as part of the curriculum. it's not normal in america. >> no, only one in ten schools have computer science. that's part of what the white
2:04 am
house move is so important. kids should be learning java. only one percent of computer science test takers are girls. if girls study in high school they're more likely to major in it in college. i think it's the most important issue of our time. >> trevor: why is it important. >> because girls will build awesome things and change society and the world. let me give you an example. we have a syrian refugee who built an app to get people to polls. a 16-year-old developed to help save lives. a girl who is latina buildings a app called "whacky worlds." she had the courage to build for someone else not herself. they are looking at the community and the world. they think how can i use
2:05 am
technology to make it better. we need them. it's interesting. [ applause ] >> trevor: it's interesting how you frame it because when you think about it people code apps for what they think the world needs. >> if you're a middle class white man your needs are different from a minority or female thinking of the world in a different way. you get a sraoeuft apps you don't normally see. >> yes. we will teach how thousand girls this year. they constantly think about their world. maybe they have a brother who is autistic or a mother who is abused. they went to nigeria and saw women who don't have access to water. they find coding and then apply it to something they see in their life. i believe when we empower girls to code they phraeubgt world better. i want to be part of. that. >> trevor: how can people get involved. if they say this is amazing, i
2:06 am
want to get involved and help you. what can they do. >> right now our summer program is open. we have two programs. one buildings classrooms for technology companies. those applications are up now. >> if you're a high school girl, apply. if you have a daughter or sift whore is a high school girl get her to a phraoeufplt we're looking for teachers. part of obama's initiative was to make sure we have teachers to train. young girls raising their hands and saying, teach me. we are recruiting teachers. check out the website. >> trevor: it's an amazing initiative. it's now open to the girls who code. visit for more. reshma saujani, everybody. [cheers and applause] here are some slides from my research trip down in nashville. now, here i am at the airport. here i am trying classic nashville hot chicken with a spicy, smoky flavor. here i am thinking, man, this would be great with my crispy, hand prepared chicken.
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>> yes, the expectations are so low. >> you have succeeded there, govern governor. >> mission accomplished. >> larry: tonightly, it's the iowa caucus! which means iowa gets to enjoy its last day of relevancy for the next four years.


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