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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  January 24, 2010 1:00pm-2:15pm EST

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caption funding provided by fox sports net so take the floor, the most prolific scorer in history, monica roberts ready to lead in a top showdown. beautiful. john paul jones arena in charlottesville, virginia is the site of today's matchup between georgia tech and virginia cavaliers. these two teams tight in the acc standings. as we take a look, duke is the only unblemished in conference play, 5 of the top 16 are
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ranking, including these two, who are among five tied at 2 and 2 in the conference. hello, everybody and welcome into virginia along with lachina robinson ion jen hildreth. there's one player that stands out. >> jenn: monica wright, the most dominant, a career high 39 points at boston college. monica the senior to take this team to the top. acc and beyond. >> jenn: monica has been an impressive player her entire year. here in charlottesville, nothing different on the floor, offensive and defensive end. for georgia tech, they are going to roll out a new lineup, couple of new players for the first time. one is alex montgomery who hasn't started since she hurt her knee. >> lachina: she's the answer to
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every question. even with limited minutes she's made her presence felt with prolific shooting. the junior is going to be focused on the defensive end of the floor. this should be a great one prrnlg it should. if you play for georgia he tech you have to focus on defense. cavaliers if t w win chars vi host chaaniey a medle? ♪e mu chhat'you n. voo. 1tes save yoor m car ine. rg, uth , yearoy ed ugamelf hisr.
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by e oe wa alrutplhim. th of entl ng tior chamips e ag4? fn 16on. dds t sa akino th feurpro-tour fn 7 n. th of e "sy" g opepionnce and the u.s. chship? 780ion. e o rofel goavin a ciagnith ? 1 in erls eges tn ths ofm minutes, it's the "final score."
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>> we have worked hard enough to go out here and do what we need to do to win. every single one of you, you should have the confidence when you come in the game to play your role. you don't have to do anything special. what you have to do is play your role. have you to play hard, you have to play hard and together, slow them down, be aggressive is the key. we weren't aggressive at boston college. we were on our heels. we have to go out on our toes with our fists up ready to work. we have to play 40 minutes of georgia tech basketball. >> jenn: machelle jones firing up her team. debbie ryan on the other side. the coach in her 33rd season. the lineup with the jackets, machelle joseph talking about
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aggression and energy. expect the changes in the lineup. the freshman at the point, alex montgomery will be at the two. look for those two to a make an impact with goodlett, foster and ardossi. for the virginia cavaliers, of course, monica wright, the one everybody has their eyes on, a lot of you with her, freshman egwu, gerson, shine. what to watch for? >> a tall order, maintain monica wright. if she had another 39 plus point night, it will be a long one for the jackets. for virginia, yellowjackets, the pressure they bring is unbelievable. 21 points per game off of turnovers. cavaliers have to take care of the ball. one player certainly likes to have the ball in her hands is monica wright. can you best virginia fans like it when she has that ball in her hands. she makes magic happen.
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goes the way of the cavaliers, chelsea shine goes right there but can't get it to go. ardossi battling for the rebound. the senior seems to be involved in every play in one way or the other for the jackets. not only involved in every play but has been involved in every game of her career. never missed a game for the jackets, ardossi is a tough one. backcourt for the jackets as far as the starting lineup goes for this one. goodlett going to get called for the walk inside on her first possession. >> lachina: virginia messed up in the first possession. keep an eye on that goodlett egwu combination. egwu was able to hold at boston college.
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>> jenn: cavaliers working in the half-court, right with the ball at the top. been without a player who had been their point guard, crosby, the seventh game without her. there's one from georgia tech. more often you see it in their pressure. this one they get in the half-court. taylor the freshman drives, takes a shot. no good. fight for the rebound down low. sasha goodlett had it. egwu made it difficult plin that shot by taylor is exactly why she's in the lineup. machelle joseph wanted more firepower off the boards. taylor looks for her shot, can drive, and will bring a little bit extra. >> nice jofb getting down the floor. quick shot. no good. deja foster comes quickly down
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the other end. inside to goodlett, makes it look easy as the jackets get on the board. >> lachina: georgia tech, pressure in three quarter court. >> jenn: monica wright gets it taken away at the top of the press, right into the basket. here is montgomery. another for georgia tech. the jackets job on the defensive end so far but have been able to finish on the other end. >> lachina: i wouldn't be surprised if debbie ryan calls a time-out if there's one more steal by georgia tech. they spent quite a bit of time in practice going over how to break that press. they don't look confident. that was the big thing i asked
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debbie about it, break the pressure as montgomery gets the basket. she said we've got to be poised and under control. that could os they can create forcing people to do things when they are not ready. they nearly get another steal there. the most important thing as far as georgia tech, energy, they need it on the offensive end. >> the first bucket for monica wright. so pretty to watch. jackets lead by two. monica wright matched up with e-montgomery. that will be an interesting one to watch as well. >> nice move by ardossi. she can't get it to go. rebound comes all the way out to taylor and she makes the shot.
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this could spell trouble if this is monica wright's second foul already. looks like it is. >> two quick ones for monica wright. she will have to go to the bench. that certainly would be considered an early victory i would think at this point for georgia tech. it may be the only way to maintain monica wright because you sure can't guard her on the floor. getting her in foul trouble is great for georgia tech early on. >> i think you'd also be a little concerned you get out of your rhythm, have you to go to the bench. this is a player who doesn't go to that bench very often. foul on the floor by the cavaliers. chelsea shine the sophomore picks up her first. as you look out on the floor for
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virginia, two freshman, gerson and egwu, we're going to grow up quickly with monica on the bench. this is a very young team. >> both teams have underclassmen playing significant roles. kind of the theme across the season. nice inside there. regins couldn't get it to go. walthour just came into the game after having been the starting point guard thus far for the jackets. arianna drives it home. pulls it up. takes the shot and does draw the foul. deja foster picked up the foul for georgia tech. moorer steps to the line, 63 point free shooter as monica
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wright had to take a seat on the bench early in this one. foul trouble, couple of fouls. >> moorer has taken on more responsibility, was starting until the season ending injury. last year against georgia tech a pretty good game at well, 11 points six boards at tech. >> that one is going to get called off for a violation on virginia. so moorer gets the first one to fall. >> virginia set up with full-court presser here, jenn. >> have you seen pressure like georgia tech all year long? no, we haven't but we kind of play that way at times. the freshman is going to get called for the foul inside.
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that's her first. >> lachina: egwu says defense is her specialty. she's passionate. >> jenn: tough defense by the cavaliers. shine has gotten her hands on a few of georgia tech's shot attempts. this one results in cavalier basketball. take it in herself. had a nice look at the ring. >> lachina: good battle for the rebound. >> jenn: so far georgia tech jackets has used a couple of early steals to take a
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three-point lead.
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georgia tech leading by three in the first half. montgomery making a defense already. >> we can see her defense. on the offense we know what she's capable of knocking down shots early for tech. >> jenn: meanwhile for virginia they are leading. sitting on the bench, monica
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wright, with two fouls. who do they need to look to to pick up some of that slack. >> lachina: shine is emerging as a leader on this team. for her to only be a sophomore, she's conducted with a high level of confidence. she understands what needs to be done. consistency is important across the board. every coach says we need everyone to be consistent. she's playing good basketball. >> debbie ryan happy with the way they have improved from last year to this year. nearly got one off on the inbound. can't quite get it to go. a foul against the cavaliers. shine picked up the foul and georgia tech will take it. the second foul on shine. so a couple of cavs with some early foul problems here. >> lachina: that's a 15 foul for virginia. >> jenn: too easy down the floor, georgia tech, deja foster
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puts that in with nobody in front of her. now offensive foul, things going the way of the jackets. they have game momentum. got whistled for the foul. debbie ryan not too pleased with it. coach ryan is telling her team right now to back up. she doesn't want to take any chances on pressing the ball in the backcourt with two of her key players already in foul trouble. >> jenn: nearly a reach there but a travel instead, the call on georgia tech. cavaliers have picked up quite a few of the early reaching fouls. one more and the jackets will be on the line. >> lachina: get montgomery to get that ball close to the baseline. she has nowhere to go. defensively virginia can force a lot of things. you said it earlier, play a lot like that, steal, pressure the
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basketball, so at the can get the turnsover as well. >> jenn: freshman just brought into the game defensively by georgia tech gets the rebound. gets another jump ball. whitney edwards entered the game for virginia. she started the previous four games in the backcourt. 5'11" guard from charlotte, north carolina. virginia struggling from the field earlier on this one. montgomery, the basketball looking pretty big to her right now. >> lachina: starting montgomery, coming off that acl injury, keeping her warm is important, off the bench. she looks pretty warm so far this afternoon. >> jenn: georgia tech trying to extend their lead with monica
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wright. now chelsea shine both on the bridge. bridget ardossi gets her first points in this game. she's the leading scorer for the jackets at 14 points per game, averaging seven rebounds to go along with that. meanwhile the cavaliers haven't scored in about three minutes, but alex montgomery who we talked about a few minutes ago, china, is having a good night so far, good day. >> a frustrating season, i can tell you a that. there's been a lot of pain in her recovery, very frustrating, having to sit out practices, missing games obviously. it's good to see her out there and close to full speed. she was just cleared before this game took place. >> the jackets had been limiting her because they felt they had to to let her recover from that knee injury. when you and i talked to her, she was very candid and said it certainly has been frustrating,
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any time they told her she couldn't practice, it just about made her cry because she so desperately wanted to be out there helping her team. georgia tech 12-3. had some looks inside but not been able to finish anything so far. >> lachina: virginia, the ball in the hands of edwards. >> jenn: the battle for the rebound there by simone egwu. a lot taking hands around here, quickly down the court. montgomery decides not to go there nearly and can't get away. finally a jump ball is called. about four players get in. >> lachina: virginia defense kellum coming up big for the cavaliers. i think if virginia can get into this defensively, they have to
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get back georgia tech showing a little more energy down the floor, offensive end. virginia has to sparked things with their defense on the georgia tech run. >> kellum only one field goal against boston college, happened to be the game winner. just a complimentary thing. first. egwu puts bal on
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>> jenn: georgia tech yellowjackets leading virginia in charlottesville. jackets have done it with their defense. they have been pretty good offensively when the star monica wright was on the bench. yellowjackets going on a 6-1 run with monica out of the ball game. but the good news for virginia, she's back, been back about a minute now. there you see how big a factor she is in this team's offense especially. >> lachina: georgia tech went on a run because monica wright was out of the game. it's her defense, really, that is going to make the difference. when georgia tech is not scoring, they are a different team on the full court defense.
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>> jenn: monica wright with four of virginia's five points in the ball game. she does like to look for her teammates. sometimes virginia fans and coaches think she's a little bit too unselfish. >> lachina: wright has the attention of two players. georgia tech a variety of looks, switch, face guard her a little bit, not let her catch the ball. they are going to try to tire her out, make monica wright have to work for every catch of the basketball and every look at the basket. >> jenn: georgia tech in the half-court pretty patient, effective when they have gotten into their half-court. 5:00 now on the shot clock. that one is off the mark. whitny edwards comings up with it for virginia. >> lachina: after the possession by virginia they were able to
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let georgia tech on both ends of the floor and not come out with a board. >> jenn: freshman taylor, monica wright knew it but couldn't finish. down the other end quickly deja foster gets the roll. >> lachina: virginia has to turn and find the basketball. get ready for tech. they are attacking the defense couple of quick points in transition for foster. in trouble. moorer takes it away from her. a steal by regins. if you were rating the hustle factor in this game, where would your vote lie? >> i think georgia tech is controlling on both sides of the floor. virginia is a very young team. mccall assigned to handle the pressure on that possession.
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so far this season, take virginia a little getting used to with this pressure. some teams never do. >> jenn: wright draws the foul. this one on the floor. so virginia will take it out-of-bounds. sasha goodlett back in the game for georgia tech. chelsea regins takes a seat. regins has given her team a few good minutes. nice option for georgia tech off the bench. taylor also comes back on the floor. there's that jumper, that separation you talked about. >> lachina: if monica wright wants to score, she can do it every time. she's dangerous.
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>> jenn: alex montgomery called for the switchoff on the other end for georgia tech. her answer was you can't let her get
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>> jenn: acc women's basketball is presented by the official corporate sponsors of the acc, food lion, gatorade, and
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hardee's. georgia tech continues to lead cavaliers the first half in charlottesville. monica wright has been doing the majority of the scoring for the cavaliers. >> lachina: there's a reason she's number eight on acc all-time scoring list with over 2200 points. the last time i remember a guard that dominates as monica wright, definitely have to go down to duke and think about beard and think about how she can do anything she wanted to on the court. she reminds me of her. >> jenn: maybe a little with her build as well, the way monica has been able to add strength throughout the years. if you look at her, she looks different than a lot of other players on the court as far as her muscle definition. that's going to help the
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cavaliers. britny edwards, the twin sister of whitny comes in. >> lachina: that's a huge shot. not someone you expect points from off the bench, kind of a role player. she need everyone to score against tech defense. >> whitny edwards got that one. take a while and to the basket. that hole really opened up for gerson. >> lachina: that's a sequence for virginia. they got out in transition. here you see gerson taking it to the hole, attacking the rim. if you can get past georgia tech's pressure you have to attack the rim. you can't be conservative, you can't be hesitant. >> jenn: third free throw, three for three. alex montgomery picked up her third foul on that play. time to step over and close that
1:38 pm
gap when it opened up for gerson. she'll head to the bench after a promising start. >> lachina: montgomery got that trying to rotate over to help defense, ardossi with the ball fake and left montgomery at the basket. help outside of the lane. >> jenn: we have a five-point ball game now. free throws from gerson continues to close the gap. ardossi calling for it inside. monica wright comes up on it. kellum loses the handle. bennett got up to that rebound, too. there's wright there under the rim. there's been a lot of play down there at that baseline, but who do you think this type of pace favors so far in this game, lachina? >> lachina: i think it's great
1:39 pm
for both teams. an uptempo game usually favors georgia tech. i like the way virginia is getting out of transition. usually more aggressive in going to the basket. >> jenn: virginia on 8:01. >> lachina: britny edwards tries a basket that doesn't go. >> jenn: you mentioned they don't get a lot of points out of her. looks like whitny. no, that foul against georgia tech. can't believe it. >> lachina: georgia tech has really started to rack up on the fouls. a little push there. it was an elbow, nonetheless, in the eyes of the official. >> jenn: whitny edwards on the
1:40 pm
line. >> best for cavaliers. >> jenn: edwards scored 17 points twice this year. she gets on a role, she's the kind of player that could put up for the team again. looking for a third and fourth consistent scorer for virginia to compliment what they already have with shine and monica wright. >> jenn: the cavaliers here in john paul jones arena, fans are making noise. >> lachina: looks like they are calling another foul on georgia tech. this one off the ball on sasha goodlett. virginia has started to close up this gap with their defense. looking here as georgia tech is looking to get into you see the postseason by the cavaliers. would not let georgia tech get an easy look.
1:41 pm
during the game a lot of space between offense and defense, virginia closing that gap. virginia making a run. georgia tech has not scored in several minutes. 9:05 on the clock would have been the last time. earlier in the game it was the other way around, where the cavaliers had gone on a drought. you can hear the crowd really getting into it. they have seen some interesting ball games between these two teams over the years. the fans know what to expect in terms of the level of intensity. just a relentless effort by both squads. free throws helping cavaliers get back in this one. perfect seven and seven on the line. georgia tech has yet to go there. >> jenn: georgia tech defense continuing to force bad passes. that's what the virginia coaches were yelling over and over in practice yesterday.
1:42 pm
you can't make lazy passes against this defense. how many points -- >> lachina: 21 points a game, a lot. from the free-throw line, end up being for georgia tech, averaging 35 free throws per game. >> jenn: has to take the shot. points for whitny after none in the last game against boston college. whitny and britny edwards has really come alive in the game as she gave a spark to the cavaliers outside scoring, inside with the defense, making passes. >> jenn: britny edwards inside trying to defend sasha goodlett. moving by the jackets. that one is going to go against sharena taylor. >> lachina: when things go bad,
1:43 pm
continue to go bad. jackets, everything against them. on the other end of the floor, edwards gets in and gets the board. virginia sending everyone to the board. look at this possession. mo bennett gets it over there and got the call. the fouls continuing to mount at a rapid pace for georgia tech. nice hand-off to gerson. virginia has the lead. georgia tech came out with so much energy and aggression. deja foster, nice drive to the basket. >> lachina: you have to look at the foul from georgia tech. they could not play that aggressive defense or as aggressive offensively attacking the rim when they are in foul trouble. >> jenn: montgomery on the
1:44 pm
bench, she was really part of the reason the jackets got off to such a hot start. georgia tech in their defense -- try to change the momentum in the game and protect from foul trouble. georgia tech had the answer but a moment ago virginia took their first win of the ball game off this nice little curl from gerson. coulchineico allyyou or m car ine? ho ed all" o ta
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nu'm jnna guate. geicminuuld yoor m >> jenn: we have a one-point
1:46 pm
game in charlottesville, georgia tech against virginia. if you look at the game so far, lachina, georgia tech shooting pretty well. free throw is the big discrepancy if you look if he pepsi game summary. >> lachina: they are not getting to the line and putting virginia on the line way too much in the game. also look at georgia tech's field goal. they are shooting their ball well from the floor but virginia turning it over, therefore they are not getting the opportunity. >> jenn: some other players finally getting points. last three buckets, none of which came from monica wright. that's probably a fairly good sign if you're virginia. under four minutes to play in the first half. it's been back and fourth between these two teams. georgia tech had the lead early but virginia really made a nice run. tech switching off.
1:47 pm
ardossi a big target to shoot. doesn't get the bucket to fall. georgia tech going to try to shut something offensively. they are shooting 55% from the field. that one not good by taylor. fight for the rebound, though. back out to the freshman sharena taylor. >> lachina: twelve turnovers in the game and ten points off of those turnovers. >> jenn: ardossi again is left open. this one she knocked down. a couple of times the jackets had success there when they kick it back out to her. gerson down the other way for virginia. ardossi grabs the rebound. that's a good shot for gerson. the koch doesn't mind her pushing the basketball up, up
1:48 pm
two hours before working on shots, getting them in. inside and gets the basket. she's been quiet early. you would think with the defensive pressure -- presence of egwu on the defense, sasha goodlett would have more impact. monica wright on the opposite side for the rebound. she can't control it but she does draw the foul. >> lachina: look at that last possession by georgia tech. goodlett uses her body to create that with her. she's got the height 6'5" to open things up. >> jenn: monica wright steps to the free-throw line. nice on the first one. i talked to monica wright yesterday about the role of her teammates. she's the loan senior. she said that's a difficult thing to deal with, to know it's not everyone else's last time.
1:49 pm
she's really impressed by the effort of her team. they want to make it a special senior year with her and let her go as far as she can in her last season as a cavalier. clearly a bitter moment for wright when she set the virginia all-time scoring mark. >> lachina: georgia tech trying to get fancy. >> jenn: monica missed the final basket against maryland and they won. she won the ward, got taward, t for all time passer in virginia. break world records as goes on. >> jenn: jackets still struggling these last couple of possessions. offensively gerson running the floor well. looks like they are probably
1:50 pm
going to get kellum for the foul underneath on ardossi. >> lachina: georgia tech offense, could be a zone on that defensive possession. they are trying to mix things up a little bit and keep georgia tech on their toes and not let this get comfortable and get easy looks. >> jenn: give them a little dose of their own medicine there. ardossi steps to the free-throw line. very good free throw shooter. >> lachina: ardossi great for the georgia tech, doubling average for her senior year. i don't think those have ever happened. she has worked so hard and continued to get strong, averaging 14 points a game. >> jenn: when look at their
1:51 pm
scoring, box scores, she affects in so many ways. rebounding, gets to the free-throw line and makes them near turnover by virginia. >> lachina: i think the most interesting thing about ardossi, second in the field. normally you have a couple of guards up there. >> jenn: all around play. georgia tech hoping to draw the charge there but instead sharena taylor picks up her third. >> jenn: kellum steps to the line for the virginia cavaliers. a player who missed last season. now back, coming off the bench for virginia. >> lachina: kellum scored the
1:52 pm
winning basket at boston college with zero on the clock. it showed a lot of confidence down the stretch. she tried to get the ball and monica wright wasn't able to do so. how do you wave off monica wright? boy, she better be glad that turned out in her favor. >> jenn: yeah, really. we may not have heard that story if she missed the bas ket. >> lachina: wright is so humble and has a lot of confidence in her team. i think she was just as happy for taylor as she was for herself. >> jenn: if you look at the end of that maryland game, everyone knew it was going to monica wright. so many on her -- a score there by goodlett -- she couldn't get a shot off. kellum being able to step up and take that shot at the end of the game, certainly encouraging for virginia cavaliers. : 45 seconds left, :18 on the shot clock.
1:53 pm
virginia still has to play defense. georgia tech comes down with :37 seconds. >> man-to-man defense, walthour. >> jenn: sasha tries to drive inside. good hand by edwards. ardossi shot it short, then the other edwards grabs the rebound. those sisters made an impact in a couple of different ways in the first half. ten seconds on the clock as kellum looks up at it. >> lachina: had to be careful. >> jenn: foul on kellum. a good call by the official. i thought kellum forced things. she had a lot of attention over on her side of the floor. got a little bit too deep with
1:54 pm
the basketball georgia tech, in good defensive position. >> lachina: maybe too much confidence off that game-winning shot against boston college in the last one. 1.5 on the clock for georgia tech. they could theoretically get a shot off. see inbound. goodlett have to take it. not quite on the mark for sasha goodlett. georgia tech does maintain a one-point lead, 26-25 over virginia here in this first half in a game that georgia tech really jumped out and got a good lead early against the cavaliers but virginia came back on the ball game. georgia tech started with a lot of firepower. really unstoppable in the first few minutes of the game. virginia able to sustain some foul trouble by monica wright early and key contributions from other players down stretch. >> we look toward the second half, one thing for each team
1:55 pm
wind up making a difference. >> lachina: georgia tech has to take time and make easy baskets. they got some looks down the stretch at the rim and they weren't able to finish. wons they do that, they can get into defense. for virginia, everyone has to continue to contribute. great contributions from gerson, also the edwards' twins. of course you know monica wright íí
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w hom.
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acc women's basketball is presented by the official corporate sponsors of the acc, geico, pepsi and w georgia tech leads over virginia by a point at the half. in the locker room, machelle joseph will come in to try to rally her troops to get them set for the second period. [ ] 7 halcalo
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f floa a bly. stke a nnat l buty d sike ♪ inga... 7 ting a [ wohalfalor the wom] i kat's.
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♪ ♪ >> jenn: georgia tech leading virginia by one at the half. this has been an exciting ball game so far. jenn hildreth with lachina robinson, happy to bring this to you. early on it was georgia tech, then virginia found way to get back in. >> lachina: they understand you have to get busy from the start. debbie ryan looks happy out
2:02 pm
there. she might have been out for a time, when she got back in, there was scoring. her teammates held it down while she was out of the game. you have to look at gerson and edwards able to get points with wright out. >> jenn: virginia, who did not shoot a very good field goal percentage in the first half but sure did a nice job from the free throw line. >> lachina: a great job from the free-throw line. that's what turned it around. they were aggressive not only in offense but defense. you start to see them make a real effort to get to the point. >> jenn: monica wright, pretty human, not super human like we usually see. maybe we need her to step up the offense. >> lachina: monica wright you know what you're going to get, she's always going to step up offense. she's a scoring machine. the other plays can't go to the locker room and cool off. they need edwards to have
2:03 pm
energy, gerson look for her shot. they started to get out in transition and get shots early. >> jenn: georgia used defense early. you know machelle joseph is in theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
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ere' credit fairy we will. by d time ann: thno m tovingcred bure's andfree f omedtrok >> jenn: acc women's basketball is presented by the official
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corporate sponsors of the acc. food lion, gatorade, and honda. the virginia cavaliers have quite a home field advantage, home-court advantage over georgia tech 25 and 1 but the jackets lead this one at the half. [ ] 7 halcalo
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>> jenn: we are moments away from the second half in charlottesville. georgia tech leads by one. georgia tech coach kind enough to let us in the locker room at the half. >> be aggressive, don't get knocked off balance. take your time, go up and finish. don't take jump shots from the rebound. we're on the road. throw it back out, get a good shot inside. all right. underneath the rim, that's a different story. 12 feet out, let's get it out. we need you to step up right here. all right. let's go. one, two, three. >> jenn: by the way, you heard machelle joseph talk about being aggressive. you take a look at the leading scorers, she did have boxing gloves behind her but not going
2:10 pm
to put those on any time soon. it's a motivational tool for the jackets. ardossi leading the way with foster, eight points for virginia. take a look at the scouting report lachina, see how things measure up so far. >> lachina: first thing that pops out monica wright eight points. considering the fact she's in foul trouble, that's mild for her. of course debbie ryan had to kind of be conservative and she had to be conservative offensively. precision passing from virginia, the ten turnovers, those were early, jenn. i feel like later in that half, virginia did a better job of handling the pressure of georgia tech. >> jenn: georgia tech came out hot in the beginning of the game. let's see how they respond coming out of the locker room at the half. nice inside by taylor to ardossi. battle for the rebound underneath. no surprise, britny edwards may be playing the game of her
2:11 pm
career thus far at virginia, making a nice impact. monica right, should have knocked that one down. >> lachina: that's about body control, to be able to move at that speed down the court and jump shot. that takes -- >> jenn: wright again, georgia tech not looking at monica wright. how can they let that happen. >> lachina: georgia tech has got to get back. in transition, monica wright can do a variety of things of the one thing you have to do is stay in front of her. that possession, tech couldn't keep up with her. >> jenn: georgia tech talks about making her earn her basket and work hard for them, that one came way too easy. taylor almost loses it out-of-bounds. ardossi trying to get a little help from goodlett who does draw the foul inside. sasha goodlett at 6'5" can go to
2:12 pm
work onon 6'1" edwards, she has the height advantage. sasha plays well the second half. she tends to come out of the locker room motivated and able to put up points on the board early for georgia tech which have open up their outside shooting. >> lachina: sasha a 66 three-pointer shooter. two-for-two. >> jenn: georgia tech back with the pressure, able to play a little bit more aggressively in the second half with some of that foul trouble they backed off quite a bit from what they were doing earlier in the game. virginia had left gerson wide open on the break. kellum didn't see her or go to her. gerson does get it back, gets the basket anyway.
2:13 pm
a little help from the glass. she was out here shooting early. i mentioned that earlier. she didn't shoot any bank shots. >> lachina: you see her practicing that shot. >> jenn: no, ma'am. >> lachina: you don't generally try for those. >> jenn: ardossi inside. a lot of white jerseys surrounding bridget ardossi as soon as she got that ball. you can see georgia tech making an effort to go inside. sasha goodlett with ardossi getting shots early. trapped there by the jackets and creates a turnover. foster, loses it and winds up in the hands of monica wright. >> lachina: got to get in front of her. a dangerous situation there for goodlett trying to defend monica wright. sasha goodlett. >> jenn: monica wright gets the rebound and goes to the rim here. a little hesitation.
2:14 pm
you saw her fake the pullup. you've got to be ready for both. she could very well be the short jumper. has the speed advantage and go to the basket. goodlett had to play that, two fouls. on the play, 13 points now for the preseason acc player of the year. >> lachina: she's got 13 points in this game and the other night 39 career points. the last player to do that from virginia, their very own assistant coach, coach palmer. >> jenn: goodlett, nice looking side to find an easy basket for sasha. >> lachina: probably one of those moments, take monica out, 39 is enough. we don't need 40. >> jenn: nice move to the


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