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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  January 20, 2016 8:00pm-12:01am EST

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. >> a the president a candidate known for wearing a boot on his head and promising everyone a free pony if elected was barred the state from participating in the new hampshire institute of politics lesser-known candidates forum. "the concord monitor" reports that this comes after he sprinkled letter in the head of a candidate whom he saw as racist and at the same event four years ago he waited outside the event tuesday. he was 19 degrees.
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inside, five lesser-known candidates for the 2016 republican presidential nomination and 20 for the democratic presidential nomination participated in the forum hosted by santana from college. from manchester new hampshire, this is three hours and 10 minutes. >> thanks to neil and the same as one college in the manchester institute of politics and bill gardner and his terrific staff and the elections division joining in what is a great night. and amplify what's extra gardeners that i want to set the record straight. this is not a happy hour. this is a uniquely new hampshire opportunity for all the candidates to put themselves forward for the highest office in the land to speak to the people of new hampshire and explain why they think are the best candidate to be president of the united states. this year the new hampshire primary at 50 candidates on the ballot, the second-most in the
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presidential primary in the state and the most since 1992 and we love a chance to hear from some of them and their views on the issues. before he do that now i want to introduce the panel that will be helping me. to my left brad melky covering the new hampshire primary for abc news, the best job in politics i think as we alluded to. journalist for abc news and a reporter for abc radio where he won in edward armour all wards. next we have -- [applause] >> absolutely. of a familiar face to many in the granite state. he's a 35 year granite stater who is a plan for porter since april of 2015. he also began his new hampshire journalism career as a reporter for the union leader. all of us were avid readers of the column that he wrote so well for so many years and we know he will bring in a great case this
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evening as a fellow new jersey and any yankees fan i should add [applause] not a popular view in this audience. last but not least tim a former 30-year new hampshire year new hampshire state representative and senator involved in every single new hampshire primary since 1960 and he is following the great tradition of the author of the primary law in new hampshire. mr. explained has helped guarantee new hampshire's first in the nation status by writing the loss that has guaranteed that the secretary of state has at his discretion the ability to set the primary seven days or more before an election so thank you all for joining me tonight. [applause] tonight our plan is to go down the line and ask each of the candidates a question. they will have one minute to
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answer. mr. spillane is the timekeeper and he will let you know when you 30 seconds left in a red card when it's time to finish up. we hope to get as many rounds of questions as we can pray pray for true-up two-minute opening statements from each of the candidates. let's introduce them. we have steven comely from crowley massachusetts tim cut from browns summit north carolina walter iwachiw andy martin from manchester new hampshire and joe robinson from boston massachusetts. these are the republican lesser-known candidates create everyone please give them a round of applause. as i said we will begin with opening statements and mr. comely you can begin. >> i want to recognize this college and i'm going to be interviewed by the students chief editor of the student paper and that really impressed me.
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the power of this country is with the young people because it's not so much about our future but it's about bears. it's very important. i've been doing investigations in washington, and then a private and guest -- investigator washington for 30 years. i have had people come out and scare my wife and kids while i was in washington and the car was burned in my yard. it was 1:00 in the action after my family left. i'm not too happy about it and i'm going to get some more threats when i bring this information out. it's very important especially in the audience because i'm not depressed by the national media but youtube i'm impressed with. i want you to remember this web site. www.steven comely and youtube is on there with mr. trump. i gave him evidence and also
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mr. carson. they have had evidence for 140 days about unsafe conditions in nuclear plants across the country including seabrook. i get involved and my family is in the nursing home. i had arisen in my home that was paralyzed and after getting media attention the nuclear regulatory commission, the executive director wrote to us and told me to leave the paralyzed resident behind my son's nursing home now. he is running for 22 years, for generations. he told me to leave the resident behind and give her iodine to be administered by a volunteer following the accident seabird. we have heard about responders doing their job at right now there's a gag order on the new hampshire national. >> mr. comely we are trying to make sure we are fair to all be
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candidates. we will move down the line to mr. kho. mr. cook you have two minutes for an opening statement. >> you have to get involved and do more than complain. thank you. >> my name is tim cook and i'm running for president he in case you were wondering i used android. i understand it's all about politics. you have a lobby to make men free. that's ironic because they say americans are the land of the free. i'm here to tell you that's simply not true. in fact it's a lie rape our women are made to cover their faces and our children are told who they can marry and why are we told who we can both are present. the tv debates are played -- based on poll numbers and what
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candidate is included. someone is cherry-picking the candidates for voters and that is un-american. the president should be elected and not selected. there's a very good chance that abraham lincoln today would not be chosen and where would we be. the federal election commission and the congress has let this happen. it's all about money. if you have money to pay for your own private polls and hire polling company it's a pretty good bet that they are going to include you in the public polls. also some states themselves restrict ballots ask us to some candidates. even if you have 20 to 25% of votes and pass statewide elections you may be excluded from the state ballot unless you are a millionaire. even after the party has said in the news hour welcome. the constitution only applies to some, not all.
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>> thank you mr. could. mr. iwachiw. >> at. >> at eating my name is walter iwachiw i was born in brooklyn. i cherish the people of new hampshire. they're independent, they are able to make their own decisions. this is the year that people are seriously looking at other candidates the nonprofessional politicians. i endorse the feeling that new hampshire's and i went have and i ask for your vote for president of the united states. think you mr. iwachiw. next up mr. martin. i would like to thank the audience for coming out on a brisk generating. my name is andy martin and i'm celebrating a 100 year
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anniversary this year. in 1916 my mother's parents, my grandparents emigrated to manchester from greece and my mother and my uncle graduated from the university of new hampshire and my grandfather was a small businessman in what was then the ethnic greek neighborhood on lake avenue. as a boy in the 1950s i fought the tail end of that immigrant experience so while i'm a conservative when it comes to lawful immigration and fighting illegal immigration i also have a tremendous sympathy and a connection with the immigrant experience. i'm also a little unusual in that i'm the only candidate better known or lesser-known who has actually lived overseas in china in 2003 and iraq and has spoken the local languages and has predicted with rather devastating understanding what's going to happen and what's going
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to go wrong and what could go right. it's not informed by experience or knowledge. we had elected a man two or three elections here never left the country who didn't know anything about the role. and created disaster. i'm somebody who has been fighting crush in the political system since onto capitol hill 51 years ago, and i worked for senator paul douglas who was the corruption fighter and a guy who like to stir what was it vastly more corrupt bureaucracy than it is today. i'm very proud to be here to present might qualifications to participate in the primary and to do honor to the great democracy which my grandparents enjoyed when they came here 100 years ago in 1916. thank you. >> thank you mr. martin and last but not least. >> watching the politicians and the wealthy on television is obvious as any of us knows what
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our problems are. none of us has a clue how to solve it. i'm the only candidate who knows how to solve our four major problems of unemployment terrorism immigration and government debt. i'm an expert on commissions chemistry and i can tell you these problems can be easily solved once we resend the epa's regulations we were successful in destroying our economy and successful in financing terrorism. the present litigation between the epa bullfight improves the epa knows the natural gas emissions are polluting industrial oil emissions of sulfur at azeris second-worst. in order to favor the oil and gas interests financing terrorism in order to -- the car
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make her's or wilbur r. on carmakers. we should be using that vote not only to fuel our reduction of oil but to manufacture gasoline. you won't be the first. south africa has been doing it since 1957. it will require us into taxing illegals. release profit sharing plans to ensure the quality of the work is good and middle-class wages. in this election you will bow to continue continue the epa's regulations which bankrupt america or you will vote for me to create the middle-class employment to restore america to its grandeur. >> thank you mr. robinson. once again the format tonight we'll ask each of the questions one by one.
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you will have one minute to respond to mr. spillane will remind you how much time you have left. if i feel there's an opportunity to do so we may ask all of you on the panel questions from time to time so while we get questions underway. >> mr. cook since we last help us debate this country has seen tens of thousands of gun deaths including several mass shootings at schools. what can you do to prevent more of them? >> looking at violent video games and the mental health bill that as far as the 2nd amendment for the first 150 years the country was founded there was no basic gun laws. in the last 40 years it's been gradually eroding more and more of our rights.
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i don't like to see gun deaths in children but also there are 6 million reasons in europe that should be -- we should have gun laws. >> thank you mr. could. the next question will be for any martin. >> following up on that when we have a terrorist incident or mass shooting in the united states from newtown to san bernardino to debate immediately turns from the white house to the 2nd amendment. what restrictions, there are any restrictions that you find sensible that have been suggested by the president that should be imposed on gunners -- gun ownership and available weapons and do you agree with the present executive action to close the so-called gun show loopholes? >> to answer the gun show question first, no. i agree with the ball people bernie sanders. bernie sanders represents vermont and i'm doing a story
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about how hillary clinton shot herself in the foot by attacking him for gun control. bernie's argument in the debates that i've watched and i do occasionally watch the democratic debates, then we have the kind of sit down among ourselves as a country both parties. we are very divided on this republicans and democrats come and see if we can work on sensible accommodations. they're probably up with personal promises impossible to know what makes sense but doesn't because whatever he says polarizes the nation and so in his own way bernie sanders is making since when he says look i live in vermont as a socialist. he doesn't support gun restrictions of an extreme nature. think more conversation and less hostility is called for. i would be my solution. >> thank you mr. martin. mr. comely the next question in 2013 the senate debated an expansion to the proposal expanding back round
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requirements for all gun purchases including those at gun shows. senator shaheen supported that and what could -- what would your voted them? >> i don't think you need a machine gun to kill a rabbit that i do respect people's right to own a gun. none of the press or politicians are asking why so many people in other countries hate us. i was out to chattanooga when the marines were killed. i have had armed forces come to me and they said mr. comely we understand you are protecting -- and we want to give get the information of the american people should know about. but you can't give up identities. if you let me i will and if you don't if i give up your name out of business. do you know what they told me?
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the obama administration impassive administrations and bush have helped people to sign up or isis. i said why do you feel that why? all the bombs and chemical warfare that were given to the saddam hussein, given by the u.s. military. >> mr. comely thank you for your answer. >> they were given to military companies and that's why a lot of people in other countries hate us. we have to find out why they hate us. until we do we can't stop the terrorists. they are going to come. >> the next question will be for mr. iwachiw. >> you mention new hampshire's live free or die attitude. should the role of government be smaller than it is today and if so how would you balance that with the needs of everyday americans? >> the will of the government should be smaller and it should be smart. technology has to be used to make the people that we
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influence more efficient. there has to be smart technology issues to protect the people. i propose using smart weaponry to enhance the availability of weapons to legal ownership. smart weapons would prevent people from shooting other people. there are other issues that we have to deal with. a limited amount of money and the constant terror threats are turning away our resources. i was attacked by seven men. these things have to be protected by the 2nd amendment.
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>> the next question is to mr. robinson. >> i'm going to stay with the topic. as president how would you protect your schoolchildren are propose protecting our schoolchildren on our college campuses in an effort to sure there are no more sandy hook's or umpqua community colleges in oregon. some say there should be restrictions on gun ownership and others say there should be more guns allowing officers, armed officers and retired policeman in the schools. >> it would take longer than 67 67 -- 60 seconds answer questions but put one of my costs of would be to legalize -- in this country. that seems like there's no connection. if you are familiar with pirate bay what allows people to do is to take them all types of computer programs and movies and videos and whatnot without paying for it. if you think about it what is a person using a gun responsible
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in the answers you have two things what is the concept of an accessory to a crime and by legalizing pirate bay you take all these people in the movie business and all these people in the video business and a computer program they will see from a much different point of view. >> thank you mr. robinson. we are discussing the 2nd amendment one of the important rights that americans hold dear. the next president will likely have an appointment to the supreme court who will hear cases involving the 2nd amendment and others. why do we go down the line and if each of you would name a supreme court justice current or former that you would consider a model of the kind of justice he would like to point if you have the opportunity to do so. mr. comely why do you go first. >> i'm sorry, didn't quite hear the question. >> what would be a supreme court justice current or former that you would consider a model for the kind of justice he would appoint.
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>> i still don't catch it. i'm sorry. >> what kind of qualifications in the supreme court nominee would you consider? >> i will tell you, you know i took majored in accounting business in college and i know how to add. one plus one makes to and not three like congress thinks. there is so much on the backs of the working people. i mean every illegal alien that comes into this country and refugee, the working person has to pay for them and we have got to eliminate these programs. the only reason why we have so many illegal aliens is because we don't enforce the law. if we enforced the law when the first one came in he wouldn't be here. we don't need to build a wall. we need to bring the soldiers back because we can't afford to please all these countries.
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i feel bad for my grandchildren. will they even be the hubble to have a house in alt-a right now i'm the only candidate that has the qualifications to turn washington upside down i can do. >> mr. cook the supreme court question. >> ideally i would like to have someone that models thomas jefferson for freedom. i think of chief justice roberts right now, someone along that caliber i would like to nominate to the supreme court. i think he would be someone. >> mr. iwachiw. >> i think i want to focus on ethics in and the judiciary. i'm having a lot of problems with judges which are going and making orders and judicial judgment based on -- and in the
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federal courts there's really no remedy for equal justice at this point. >> thank you. mr. martin. >> president reagan appointed the first woman to the supreme court and i'm a little embarrassed to say i can't remember her name right now. sandra day o'connor, thank you. i thought she was a very good justice because she came out of the political process. she had been a state senator in arizona and she understood the complexities of different branches of government yet she was a swing justice but she was very effective. she gave us what we needed in this country which was balance. extreme right-wing judges and extreme left-wing judges really provoke public anger. we need to work toward solutions and not towards -- people.
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>> mr. martin. >> the justice whom i admired the most was the supreme court justice louis brandeis. to me the most famous statement that he made was democracy can only exist when we have a majority middle-class which we know when i'm -- no longer have today. today we have 49% middle class and that's because of our enormous problem of unemployment and underemployment. on the other hand if we look at justice robinson he made an enormous mistake. he took his job as an adjudicator and decided he was going to be a legislator. that's totally unacceptable and the fact that even legal. what we have to do is to get people clearly to understand the difference between legislation and adjudication. that's a very nice appeals decision which clearly delineate what is legislation what is adjudication. that's what we need. >> thank you mr. up then.
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our second round of the administrative questions, you are out. >> over the next few months foreign policy has become one of the most important issues to the average voter so how can you assure us that you qualify as service commander chief and what would be your chief policy? >> i help in the education earthquake situation. going to the -- i tried to negotiate very opening of three hospitals to handle the injuries in haiti but politics being what they were once i got there how did we get rid of them? my concern was their health and safety. these are the same issues that are being replicated all around the world. there is terrorism, people are being displaced. we have to somehow get a grasp
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on people who are being forced out and provide them with a way to stay there, to protect themselves and to fight off these forces which are forcing them to move. i don't want to be in that situation. we need to work together to make the world a safer place. >> bank in the next question for andy martin comes from john. >> and kumar. actually i would like to post this to mr. martin but i'd like to get everyone's opinion on it because it's a very pernicious. secretary of state john kerry says the world is safer today because of the african nuclear deal and accelerated the release of the five american prisoners held in iran. do you agree with that or do you disagree with that statement and why? >> i disagree with it. my experience is unique. i was in iran in 1979 after the
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hostages were taken and i was back in iran in 1980. so i have actually dealt with the iranians person-to-person alone in that country. i managed to get a -- my problem with what secretary kerry did and what the president did is that i believe they were too anxious for a deal and as a result i think frankly donald trump is the better of the argument when he says they negotiated a bad deal. i think we could have done a better deal and i think we should have done a better deal. i'm concerned that we may not be safe. today as i was coming over to this meeting the elders are not sure the technical term but they took thousands of candidates for office off the ballot in iran. that's not democracy. so it's still a very dangerous and unstable theocracy and i'm not sure we can trust them.
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>> mr. robinson. >> first of all we need a strong military because evil has no respect for -- and number two in the year 2010 the european court of appeals was right. the muslims are the people who propose and the court agreed with them in the case of the christian greeks were forced out of their homes in the characters section of cypress were not entitled to go back to their homes but they weren't title ii compensation. i think all we have to do is take that human rights court decision and put it together and be very frank about solving the israeli-arab problem and we will find peace in this world. the one thing we accomplished as we made closer friends in saudi arabia and israel and that's where we stand today.
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>> mr. cook on the u.n. question. >> i'm not favorable of the deal the government hates us and they hate israel. they will help enable them to give nuclear weapons but yet our own government wants to disarm the city. that simply doesn't make sense and in fact given the iran deal iran is one of largest state sponsors of terrorism. as a result of america to deal that makes america now the largest state sponsor of terrorism by funding iran. that's something wrong. >> mr. comely on the iran deal. >> i know kerry and he knows my family. he was going in the reverse direction. you know in 1941 pearl harbor we lost 200 soldiers to 9/11 we lost 3000 people.
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i have information that was given to me by insiders inside the nuclear regulatory commission that threatens 3 million citizens in new hampshire and massachusetts and beyond. you know i watched the pbs the other night the documentary on bombs. do you know that we have 60,000 nuclear warheads and we tell iran that can't have one? do you think that's going to sell? it's not going to sell. we should take the leadership in disarming nuclear weapons. we should do it. if we don't, you are going to have -- we have to lead and disarmament. you have to. and if you don't wear going to happen nuclear -- a lot worse than chernobyl or fukushima. i have the evidence that shows up in the rnc is covering it up.
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>> thank you mr. comely. >> i believe kerry is going in the opposite direction. >> the answer i guess is yes and no. now because it's dangerously close to paying for the hostages. that is my concern. as the world trade center family member and first responder and concerned about the judgments that were placed against iran. it's a very complicated issue. i would have to see if we are making real progress bringing iran into the world community. from that i would have to make my decision. >> stay on foreign-policy novel's date this question to mr. robinson paper mr. robinson prepares upon the city will present to congress this year plan to close the detention center at guantánamo bay that if
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congress doesn't act is considering using his executive authority to do so. what do you think a president should do and if you are president but would you do with the dutch pension center in guantánamo? >> with that president obama has issued more executive orders than the present different. issuing executive orders means he is not a present but a dictator. a person's job is to recite overlegislate of congress. that's number one. number two he said eight years ago he was going to close on time of day and it obviously hasn't done so that the perp is a good example of somebody has decided to be a dictator and not a president. >> a show of hands from the candidates, they would keep the detention center at one time of a x.. >> i would put hillary clinton there. and you say you wouldn't? would wouldn't? would you close it down? >> we are going through a process where we are trying to to -- so i'd have to see what happens with that.
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>> the next question for mr. comely. >> mr. comely mr. martin just brought up donald trump and donald trump seems to fundamentally change the nature of the republican race so what is your take on mr. trump and the policies easy as raised particularly immigration? >> mr. donald trump, his poll numbers are up there. the people are very angry about what's going on in washington. immigration you know, if they were legal and they have a record we are going to send them back in the cab. every illegal alien that is in the country right now has got to be held accountable from the time they broke the law.
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either they are going to pay a lot more taxes are they are going to keep coming here. you have got to enforce the laws and we are doing it. the bible says -- we have chaos in this country and it's a mess and we have to fix fix it. we have to be involved. we can't just complain about it. the work in person, don't know how they are doing it. i have them form is coming to me on every issue. i have medicaid fraud coming to me. obamacare is going to destroy the quality of care that hospitals and nursing homes are able to deliver. >> thank you mr. comely. we have to move on. >> who is going to pay for all of that? >> mr. martin where do you go ahead.
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>> a unique relationship of donald trump. shortly after he married his first wife he wanted to move into high building. i was on the board of directors of the building where he wanted to move and normally i used to approve contracts as i was in the building during the day. if i thiessen fama the only person who has ever said you were hired to donald trump because i signed off and approved his lease. he was a tenant and i also was an informal adviser to the architects at trump tower. on balance i think trump influence in the campaign has been positive. he brings an incredible amount of energy. he comes from outside the process. he threatens the established order and all of those are good. we have an encrusted bureaucracy political republicans and democrats. both parties are corrupt. not just the democrats are not just the republicans. trump has pluses and minuses but
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on balance i think he's been a tremendously positive force in this election. >> mr. robinson there are some republicans a set of donald trump was the nominee they would not support him. would you support donald trump support donald trump is the nominee? >> i would like to know who they democrats is therefore and make a decision in that situation. thought you were going to ask me about the situation on immigration in general and that like to respond to that as well. my father and my grandparents were all immigrants to this country. people come for two reasons. they are looking for work and they're looking to live in a democratic society. what we have to do is there's plenty of room for them in this country but we have to do is realize how to employ them with decent paying jobs and how do we give them the opportunity to be legal just like my father my grandparents did. my father came from ireland. not only was he a citizen of the u.s. possesses some of ireland's well. that's a we are here for and
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that's what your want to do. i want to cut out all this unemployment we have in the country which is the real problem. convert it to cool and i have three other projects that would employ people. states don't have enough water. >> will come back to some of those topics later. mr. cook the next kind was you because you john. >> on wednesday that because mr. trump has been accused sometimes accused sometimes it going overboard that not only by democrats. some in his own party especially when he proposed a temporary ban on allowing people, muslims and to guide states. do you feel that's a legitimate response to some of the situations the country has been faced with over the last couple of months? >> i think isis does pose a real threat and also i don't want to exclude anybody solely on their religious beliefs. you have to wonder is islam
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really a religion or is it more of the nazis believed that nazism is also a religion. from certain areas of the world i wouldn't restrict muslims from entering. i would not take the syrian refugees. if america wants to contribute let them go somewhere else. why can't we send them to another country that is willing? >> why don't we ask the same question. >> i thank that people want to move to safety and they choose places to come based on their needs. there are lots of ways to -- someone who wants it comes to states they can apply for visas
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to come here. there are lots of ways to bring people here. there are lots of ways to protect them from these radicals and that's what they are. a group of radicals which are affecting everybody's standards at decency and they just can't be tolerated greatly need to make a stand against them, not against an entire population. i think we need to be charitable. >> mr. martin and i will pose the question to be one of the things that donald trump has contribute to the dialogue is questioning whether his senator ted cruises constitution eligible to be present at the united states. >> i have to keep an open mind because i'm having a forum next week in washington and i've written to senator cruz. you have to balance the intent of the founding fathers with the power of the people in this room
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and in this nation to interpret the constitution. for our own needs in times. i am clear that the founders intended for that natural-born citizen clause to have her restrictive view but i'm also clear that society has basically loosen those requirements. i think it's a debatable question where mr. cruz falls. i was involved in the obama dispute and created a perhaps. obama had two of the three qualifications. he was born here and his mother was an american. cruz has only one of them, the mother. he was born in canada and his father was given so it's a tough question that's why i'm sponsoring a conference to give people a chance to talk. i have an open mind on it but i think it's a legitimate question and i think whether you are conservative or liberal scholar they do agree to a point of reasonable debate and discussion.
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>> who thinks that ted cruises not cuss just my eligible to be the president of the united states? would you support a constitutional amendment to strengthen a natural-born citizen clause? >> it is true that it is restricted. we remember what -- when mr. mccain was running for president. obviously a person who is in the military outside the country with his family you can't in any way restrict that person from running for the present of an estate. the question is whether or not someone born in canada where one parent was an american citizen the person obviously -- so was he born an american citizen and what does the constitution have to say about that? >> the next question to mr. comely will come from brent.
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>> mr. comely new hampshire massachusetts are both going through drought epidemics. since two years ago judged as an amateur level to what would you do as president to stem the tide? >> drugs? enforce the law. our kids have got a lot of temptations. we don't need families growing drugs in the backyard. we don't need it. we need to enforce the law. and the statute of liberty you can't discriminate people coming in here but if you enforce the law if you do something wrong, we have the kkk still here. we have him muslims coming in here. you enforce the law when they break you. that's what you do and we have to learn to live on this planet in a safe way. and you have got to enforce the law in order for that to happen. we don't have 12 million illegal
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aliens if we enforce the law in the beginning. we are not doing it. we send them to prison for five years am i let them out for good behavior. that man has to live with that for the rest of his or her life. we don't have enough prisons because we don't enforce the law. >> thank you mr. comely. because the heroin epidemic is such an important issue new hampshire we should hear from every candidate. mr. cook what are you continue on this question. >> my view is this. as president of the united states united states constitution establishes powers from the federal government. what is not under the federal government falls back to the states. the federal government in my view is to protect the citizens of and essays from foreign powers as well as enemies foreign and domestic which we do have enemies from within. i also think as well as, my time
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is almost up but basically it's a states rights issue. the federal government can negotiate trade deal to protect national interests and that is a states rights issue and individual states should have it. >> word would you do as president to dress the u.s. heroin epidemic? >> heroin is an abuse of medical issue. i was trained as a nurse practitioner. i would have to say it has to be a medical issue that has to be resolved as that issue. since the illicit drugs generate illicit cash which is being used all around the world for criminal activity somehow we have got to grab the extra money
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derived from selling heroin illegally and maybe there's a process we can do for treatment and getting some kind of legitimate -- part x. like tobacco. they there are medical issues and they should be treated the same and people should be treated. >> mr. martin same question to you. >> well if i was the president the first thing i would do is declare war against drugs over. it's been a failure and that was one where we don't have to negotiate a peace treaty for it. secondly i would acknowledge that at least in the hampshire as i walked down highway three opposing a local transmission line on the northern pass i saw hopelessly derelict homes. i saw people toward employed on assistance. i saw factories across the connecticut river that had been closed in vermont.
8:47 pm
they exported the jobs of my belief that economic urgency and economic failure and economic pressures create the conditions where people would turn to drugs. a strong economy would be a helpful -- i don't want to call it a states rights issue but i think a president can also use the bully pulpit to encourage the states to balance compassion with law enforcement. there has to be balance and that is what we lack today. >> mr. robinson same question. >> we know that 40% of white males have a police record by age 23. a lot of this of course is addressed. why are they dealing in drugs? because they are unemployed. there is no decent middle-class employment in this country. we have over 30% unemployed and another 30% that are underemployed walmart wages and that's exactly the reason people
8:48 pm
turn to drugs. they want to e and they want to pay their rent. we have to create honest employment with middle-class wages and that's exactly what i'm talking about. that will solve most of the problems. >> thank you mr. robinson. the next question we will pose to you. mr. cook. >> switching gears mr. cook a little bit on the airways are ads and candidates from super pacs. of course a lot of it was spurred by the citizens united decision in 2010. do you agree with the citizens united ruling backpacks and super pacs have as much right as any individuals to express their political preference by making unlimited expenditures or is this something that has some republicans certainly many democrats saying it needs to be
8:49 pm
reined in and restricted? >> well, i think there needs to be a lot done as far as fec regulations to how campaigns are allowed to broadcast especially some of the free publicity that has allowed some candidates but not allowed to other candidates. now as far as some of the super pacs i recently got an e-mail from, which i thought was -- for america ended ended up being four candidate. some of these packs are using candidates names to make people think that they are donating to a particular candidate. there need to be regulations on how they identify themselves. to think individuals rights they can pay for anything they want whether they are group of individuals or a political candidate for an ad. >> banking mr. cook. mr. comely present upon the use of state of the union address last week to call for better politics in the country.
8:50 pm
he talked of our redistricting reform as well as campaign-finance reform. what would you like to see them if your present and essays to reform the political system in this country? >> the only way to inform the political corruption in washington is for the people to get involved and rise up in a peaceful way. but they have got to make, they have got to get involved. they have got to make their voice heard. as far as, you know both parties , they are in charge and we let them be in charge and we complain. we have complained for years about it. together we can repair america. we really can but you have got to get involved. as far as you know i don't have the money to finance a tv station, that's for sure. my single mother never gave me a million dollars but you know i'm
8:51 pm
the only candidate running right now that has all the qualifications to turn washington upside down. and i'm going to do it or it's. >> rolley is the only town in the united states to get 80% of their town on a petition to investigate the nrc. do you know what mr. reagan did? he wouldn't see me. >> for chopin says we are talking about the political process or how many -- [inaudible] have run for any office before? how many of you have run for president of the united states before this year? >> i would like to ask really quickly since we are on this topic does anyone support the concept of public financing which many say is using public financing taxpayer funding of
8:52 pm
elections of candidates? does anyone see that as a viable alternative? >> john has a constitutional expert i can tell you we are in a straitjacket because of the first amendment. states have a lot more freedom and there are states that engage in public financing because they are not bound by the first amendment. i don't know the answer to your question and i don't know a better system necessarily can be produced. the only thing that troubles me about the existing system and of course i watch her tv station every night. that's not a plug that it's a necessity and you look at these ads and assess vote for this guy citizens for good works and the committee for babies and puppies and we think marco rubio is a bad guy. what the supreme court left open citizens united was disclosure
8:53 pm
laws and full disclosure payday think that's where we have to start but we cannot make progress as long as we have chief executives who hate politics and a people. i was obama's weakness and i'm sorry to say it's awesome mrs. clinton's. i think trump could ask to get people to talk. >> i would like to comment on that. as far as the public financing i see public financing as possible viable alternative. what i really seen a presidential election when you have a public debate of the candidates with all the money they can spend their money advertising on the tv ads but they have the debates. they can see the news and they can watch the debates. you have to have the lexus to the debate. with the internet now we don't really need to have campaigns putting out tv ads all the time. the fec can have an individual pole. our states dates have pole where the voters can qualify and use
8:54 pm
that as well as the current polling to see it qualifies for the debate instead of the current chair of picking -- cherry-picking. if you are not included in the polls then no one gets a chance to vote for per year and that's not very pretty honestly think i would be in the debate. >> thank you mr. cook. anyone else want to talk about public financing who hasn't? >> the government -- over $17 trillion we are bankrupt. if we would pay out the principle that a $1 million a day would take 50,000 years to pay that debt. $17 trillion divided by a million is 50,000 years. it's just unbelievable. what we have to do is to start paying off the debts over grandchildren and great grandchildren don't pay at number one and number two a lot
8:55 pm
of this money is owed to the chinese or the japanese. they will foreclose on those banks. the only way to do that is developed private enterprise employ lots of people pay middle-class wages through profit sharing and pay the taxes. also if you are an employee there's no reason -- we can get rid of 60,000 of the 85,000 people who work at the irs. let's figure out how we can cut down on expenses and how we will pay taxes to balance her budget and pay off our debt. >> we should talk about illegal aliens to finance the deficit. >> we should put them to work and that their taxes pay off the debt. that's exactly what i'm saying.
8:56 pm
>> i will post the next question to you. in a recent debate senator cruz was discussing their ideas and donald trump responded to that. what do you consider new york values? >> lycee hi and they smile them to give you directions. we will show you a good time. that is what the united states is about. [inaudible] >> the next question goes to mr. martin. >> we have been talking about the cost of campaigning but i want to talk about the cost of college. there are several students here. what should be done to keep college tuition costs down? >> i know it can't be done and that is to accept simplistic solutions like the democrats are saying that the so-called mitt romney free stuff approach. we have got to work on cutting some of the overhead.
8:57 pm
when i went to school at the university of illinois and i was a football player so we had more benefits. we ate pressed turkey and a slice of lettuce and that tomato with like it'd been sitting around in the refrigerator for a couple of days. we didn't have fancy dorms and pools in all of this so today the college experience has become a luxury living. that's why it's so expensive. we have got to think about whether we can have experience for people who want to work and get an education and don't want to be in a four-star hotel in midair. i survived quite nicely pressed turkey and jell-o and nobody gets that today because we think tearing down my old dormitory, these were barracks but today they're building high-rise luxury places for the students. of course that costs money so there's a little hypocrisy and the high cost of college because the experience has rendered a change since i went to college.
8:58 pm
>> the cost of college has become a major issue this campaign. mr. comely what was your first up present to address college costs? >> when i went to college i was working three days a week in a cereal factory from 6:00 at night until 6:00 in the morning and then i would go to class at seven. i think students should be working instead of taking so many loans out. education is not free just like health care. it's not free and i think the gentleman who just talks about the high-rises since whatnot it's a way to cut costs in colleges, administration and whatnot that you have to focus on it. and the students should be working. that gives them experience in the working force. northeastern college does that.
8:59 pm
you can cut costs for heaven sakes. all you have to do is as an accountant, you can add and if you're getting abused and that you can find it if you want to look for it. college can be cheaper. if you work on it and you focus on where you can cut costs. >> i am actually college student by the way. i work in a company. for example last year i simply had three roles and the multinational company. i was lab manager quality manager and finishing in mbaa and marketing from liberty university which i finished in december as well as nc state masterman engineering which i am still a student of that program. i do think you should have more of your tuition coming off it for taxes. that's what i feel.
9:00 pm
.. so it is too much money for nondegree, and a lot of people, if they fail to make the degree to have a big chunk of money that they have to pay back. it extends your ability to
9:01 pm
pay back. so i think it's too expensive. we need to do more online teaching so that you don't need as many facilities. >> on this as well. >> $1,500 a year for tuition. did not increase by that much. the big difference was all of a sudden this loan money was available. we know many are not being replaced -- repaid properly. you can forget these high tuition rates. the student has to work. it will be the best experience of his lifetime. >> each candidate a chance to ask a close have to give a closing statement.
9:02 pm
>> we have not gotten to the federal deficit. i know that's a big question, but in a nutshell would you cut taxes -- would you increase taxes? what are the main proponents of your proposal to deal with the federal deficit which is in the neighborhood of $439 billion. and while your at it, your party controls congress. how are they doing? >> what i cut taxes? you have got to cut taxes. and you have got to give businesses less taxes, too. you got to cut capitol gains because they have to reinvest in america. they are the ones that take the worst. obama wants to penalize someone that took the risk
9:03 pm
to create jobs and whatnot. it is incredible. he is a dictator. you're going to have more jobs and have companies invest, then you have got to cut taxes. this is a capitalistic society, not socialism. they penalize and penalize people from being successful in creating jobs and they dictate to them. in this bars taxes go comeau we have got to cut taxes. we have to eliminate the deficit. if you don't eliminate the deficit 1st -- and there are ways to do it. find the programs because -- [inaudible conversations] >> they spend it. the only way we will clean up this deficit is by
9:04 pm
giving, creating the employment in the private sector and paying middle-class wages which means developing, don't have enough water, using reverse osmosis up and down the coast of california, up and down the coast of texas. the pipeline to distribute this to the present and future population. number three, develop an automobile that not only will give you a nice ride in the car, not only give you at least 50 miles to the gallon and 60 miles an hour. that is one of my areas of expertise. the 4th area is of course -- i'm sorry.
9:05 pm
creating jobs and middle-class pay that will then pay taxes. once there is no reason. that is how you pay off the debt, people in the private sector, millions and millions of them. >> your plan for the deficit. >> businesses grow. a whole new prospect of exploring states and using mining. things that we need. the opportunity, a colony on the moon to provide different avenues of manufacturing. that is what we are doing now. i think we should invest in exploring the resources.
9:06 pm
and that will help reduce the deficit. >> well, i checked the "wall street journal" webpage. there was a story, for the 1st time since 2009 congress has voted to increase the deficit. i think my republican friends were making good progress cutting the national output claimed by, making genuine progress, but this slipped off the wagon as it were. i do not think the explanation that was given, he was retiring, is good. the eternal vigilance, the price of democracy, a strong, healthy economy and working to live within our means is something the republican party is for in theory. i think that is a weakness.
9:07 pm
i do not favor tax cuts. i do not believe the propaganda, and i think we have a long way to go to make ourselves a more consumer family-friendly party. i am committed to that. >> okay. the 1st thing is to secure the borders. the 2nd would be to cut off aid to illegal aliens. the 3rd would be, we have a spending problem. we need to go through line by line and reduce and eliminate unnecessary spending. i do think job creation can be created if someone wants to invest as an entrepreneur, they should be able to and have that as a deduction from their taxes.
9:08 pm
>> it will give each of our candidates the final one minute closing argument. >> as i said earlier, the only way to solve our problems are unemployment, terrorism, immigration, government debt, yes everyone working in the private sector through various means weather. opening up coal sources, providing water, making intercom commercial aircraft , supersonic aircraft from the east coast to europe and from the west coast to boy in the far east. it was a bad mistake, and we should be doing that.
9:09 pm
that's another area where millions of people can be employed in the private sector paying good taxes which is the only way you will solve the problems of this country. get people working in the private sector so that they have middle-class wages. new line democracy, you have to majority middle-class. >> i hope those who are watching on television will get some appreciation why new hampshire is such a special place. we live democracy. and a good reason why we are 1st in the nation. we owe a great debt to secretary of state, and i consider him the field marshal of the 1st of the nation primary. he knows i am one of his regimental commanders and will help in any way possible to unleash whatever
9:10 pm
has to be unleashed to fight to keep new hampshire 1st. we do a good job, are fair and impartial. we have a meeting which is important in maintaining the openness of our state and society which is a good idea. i have nothing bad to say, but they are such huge places. they could not offer the public the option we have today. you have sure is 1st in the nation. i am marching right behind them. we are locked and loaded to the 1st in the nation. >> well, the people out there have to take time. a very complicated field, lots of people. sixty people registered in new hampshire alone.
9:11 pm
a fair job. there are ways to research individual people and find out where they stand for more than you can trust them that is what new hampshire and iowa have to decide. disregard and give the smaller voices a chance. thank you. >> what to have for dinner whereas their public is a well oiled machine. and solid like to say americans republic.
9:12 pm
please visit me on twitter tempo 2016. you can see my twitter poll where i will pull to everyone including some democrats. i can beat hillary one-on-one. visit tim cook 2016 .com. please support me. >> i am running for president of the united states because none of the candidates with paul numbers are telling you the truth. they are not telling you the truth about al qaeda, isi s. i get military people telling me how they feel. we don't need another politician in the white house for the start of another dynasty. we need a business person. i have been a business person since i was 15.
9:13 pm
i have been an administrator for over 50 years. you have to tell the truth to the american people and help the working people, or you will not have programs in washington. i will eliminate them. i promise you that. please remember my please remember my website because there is more information coming out. the government will be after me again because i admitted to the tape recordings. the only person i'm going to give those tape recordings to his obama. >> your time is up. i want to thank all of our republican lesser-known candidates.candidates. we will take a ten minute break while we -- [applause] they will take a ten minute break while we set up for the larger field of democratic candidates, and we will be back in ten minutes. [inaudible conversations]
9:14 pm
[inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] >> let's introduce our next group of candidates. we have 20 democratic candidates. i will start by a request for our viewers on c-span, when you're answering a question if you can make sure you'reyour speaking into a microphone so that the viewers can here your answers. there going from five candidates to 20. we will make sure we keep
9:15 pm
things as fair as possible and make sure everyone has a chance to answer questions, but we will probably do more in terms of show of hands to make sure everyone has a chance to make their wishes known. with that, we will begin with our two-minute opening statement. >> thanks. first, i should introduce myself because i am relatively unknown. i have a former college philosophy professor and assistant state attorney general running for president because i believe in a better tomorrow, we need to have other options. everything i have done has been behind-the-scenes, but, but i have been quietly supporting democrats my entire life. i have been bleeding from the shadows and requesting
9:16 pm
and asking for special forces to fight extremism in the middle east ever since i ran for congress. president obama sent more special forces, so i applaud that. we need to work with russia to combat the problem and it needs to be a priority. i also want to thank you for adopting my position on student loan interest rates. it was my position that we must cut those in half and keep moving forward. i'm looking forward to getting talked to more. i would also like to thank jim for introducing marriage equality. he introduced marriage equality 2009, never like to thank new hampshire for being the 1st in the nation, being the guardians of the presidential election process.
9:17 pm
how much time do i have left? thank you. i would like to thank new hampshire for being the guardians of the presidential election process. i am targeting new hampshire. i have a new england connection. i feel that what i have done , a lifelong democrat. i felt it would be better for the country. everything i have done for marriage equality all the way down to water rights please take a look at my website. >> rocky disappointed. >> thank you. >> is the only person i am here representing the great state of california. anyway, i will try to keep it under two minutes.
9:18 pm
i consider myself lucky that i was born in san diego. i have become successful. i am very proud to be hispanic. it is my heritage. i know how it feels to jump through hoops. i know most of us have faced the same type of hurdles in our daily lives. however, i always found a way to overcome them. in case you do not know, i have qualified over 30 ballots, and 30 states including american samoa and americans abroad. in addition, voters will have only three choices, clinton, sanders command myself.
9:19 pm
so the race technically has decided by the i hope borders by three different people. i am tired of the republicans blaming the democrats and the democrats blaming the republicans. a potholes, bridges,i potholes, bridges, and homeless are ignored or washington does absolutely nothing. ignorance, arrogance, and eight. this up because i'm pleased to be here tonight i am here today because of the leaders are not. >> massachusetts. >> thank you. on october 1 i returned from
9:20 pm
several months of conducting focus groups in indonesia. i was troubled by what they showed and decided to enter the 1st primary in the country as a forum to discuss ideas and move things to a whole new area of understanding. i will leave those troubles to you turn the question time, but ii would like to share with you a solution that i see in that i have not heard in this campaign. the problems and the states her job, is divide and conquer is a way to play them off against each other. assuming they are continuing
9:21 pm
to fight these proxy wars that we are playing a role in, my suggestion is we redraw the map of the middle east so that we create sunni and shia countries that would allow democracy to take hold because democracy is the confidence of people advancing one way of life instead of using dictatorial powers to suppress your opponents. thatopponents. that is an idea i would like to inject into the campaign. i come from that by having directed a program at harvard. i was thei was the director of the national strategy think tank for president obama and then currently the ceo of the strategy, national security corporation washington dc. the last thing i want to raise is the other best kept secret of the campaign, the amazing president we have
9:22 pm
them barack obama. the greatest president of my lifetime, and i started with harry truman. thank you very much. >> bill french from middlebury, massachusetts. >> i am a single dad with a stanford economics degree, harvard mba and a successful business. middle class in the us is hurting. he cannot support a familya family on $7 in the quarter an hour. a $15 minimum wage will bankrupt many businesses and hurt exports in the economy. what do we do? for everyone earning less than $15 an hour the government should make up half the difference between their pay and $15 an hour. heavily financed this? with a supplement, a 25 percent tax on imports from china.
9:23 pm
free trade is not working between the united states and china. we import 480 billion a year and export 120. the us will receive about 75 billion a year in new revenues and about 2 million jobs will be created. saving about 30 billion and welfare. we should adjust the tax each year based upon netthat import so that china does not have an incentive to stop buying from the us. although this tax will result in a small increase in the price of goods coming from china, i would rather pay $5 for an item that is made in the us than pay $4 for the item made by children in china. other items, weitems, we should limit the price of each prescription drugs sold in the us to the lowest
9:24 pm
price messenger is sold anywhere else in the world. criminals should be in domestic job court learning job skills rather than in jail, skills that will keep him out of jail in the future. we should require any unemployed person who is offered a job that they can do to accept the job will lose benefits, increase the standard deduction and close loopholes from have the educational testing service give tests on online courses. >> thank you. >> the overall cost of all these programs zero. >> thank you. i next candidate. >> thank you. i am a lesser-known candidate trying to make the case to be a well-known candidate. i think there is aa good reason for the nation reporters to pay attention. i am a liberty minded democrat. they do not here that often.
9:25 pm
some people call it a conservative democrat. i am in the space that jfk once was, but our current leaders in my party have vacated. they do not get liberty. in their attempts to support groups, they hurt them. i make a message to every one of those groups to think how liberty actually brings you together. students is one group. you heard bernie and hillary it is ludicrous when you try to make something free when it should have value. bernie and hillary pander as if you were fifth-graders are worse. liberty is something that actually could unite progressives and conservatives. i think it is a pretty good message. i am a lot like rand paul in that way. you will here this all the way to california.
9:26 pm
i hope i collect enough delegates to make a difference. with enterprising reporters it really might work. students get hurt but bigger government. women have not been advantaged despite a lot of the leaders of my party saying, i am all for women. disabled people, we care for them, but the government can't care for them as well as individuals can. i tried to make that message throughout the primaries. it's a good site. i have have more content there. thank you. >> thank you. >> my name is henry hughes. i am the pro-life democrat. the democratic party has traditionally supportive and thought for those without voices in power. i am troubled by illegal immigrants in the country
9:27 pm
who drive down wages for working americans, troubled byamericans, troubled by students who are burdened with huge debts from going to college, troubled by 3,000 drone attacks in foreign countries, troubled by social security and medicare verging on bankruptcy, but food stamps which have created an epidemic of diabetes. ii am troubled by an income tax system which penalizes labor and rewards capitol. most important, i am running to try to make the point for life. being distinctly pro-life. hillary clinton, bernie sanders are both pro- abortion radicals. they stand in support abortions in the late-term.
9:28 pm
the support partial-birth abortions, abortions for population control and abortions for sex selection. we have to understand, 3500 babies died today. 25,000 will die this week. 100,000 babies will die this month and never 1,300,000 will die this year. hillary clinton is not concerned about this. i am concerned in the great majority of democrats are concerned. the democratic party is not populated i am majority of pro- abortion radicals, good people who want to support the right to life of every citizen. >> thank you. we will go to our 2nd level. >> good evening. i am running for president because we are jeopardizing
9:29 pm
our children's futures with contingent budget deficits. currently we have a national debt approaching 19 trillion and are poised to have almost 500 billion more than 2016. imagine going to the store, buy a bunch of stuff, put it on your credit card, get home, take the credit card bill. you hand it to the kids and say here, you can pay this off over your lifetime. you and i would not do that. i have a plan to fix the problem. excluding social security and medicare which i would not cut, i would cut all other federal spending by 10 pe. that would reduce the deficit by about 250 billion. additionally, i propose raising the medicare tax, not the social security tax, raising the medicare tax
9:30 pm
which is 1.45 percent to a rate of between two and two and a half percent. you're only talking of 1 percent tax increase, yet it would raise 8,280,000,000,000 in additional revenue. additionally i propose a national entertainment tax of five to 10 percent because if you can afford entertainment you can afford a little more tax. finally, i want to emphasize i believe we need to pass a constitutional amendment to enact term limits for members of congress. as we know, democracy can only flourish if everyone can participate. >> north carolina. >> good evening, everybody. i have a trial lawyer from north carolina. i do a lot of family law.
9:31 pm
i also have a wife deborah and five children altogether , stepchildren, i guess you would say. about 12 grandchildren. they have a nice life, and i could be out sitting by my pool, but i felt the alternative would be to get involved in politics and do something about the state of america. so this election is about a lot of things. this next president will decide whether we will be at war workpiece. going to decide whether the middle class will keep going down or come up. going to decide whether the poor that we have are going to completely go under or be able to rise up. i have a plan to deal with these things, how we deal
9:32 pm
with our tax structure. i would change the on social security and reduce the amount of tax roughly 45 percent and get rid of the altogether. the making some of these changes we can make a huge difference in tax revenues. i would also like to change the way we handle veterans health care. the medicare card for all veterans, and we try to make sure they get the same care as everyone else in the country. i don't think there has been much talk about veterans care tonight, but it has been a part of my policies and campaign. that is just the start of what i want to do,, and i would like to see big changes made in america. >> thank you.
9:33 pm
>> fix it america .org. so many of us have started to believe the system of government is broken and highly unlikely to be fixed in our lifetime. so many of us want to do something but have no idea where to start. i have come across to proclaim as loudly as i can that there is something we can do. i have come here tonight to say to as many people and introduces many people as i can to the fix it america constitutional amendment. before you tune out and stop listening, the people want you to think it is utterly impossible to amend the constitution. it is anything but. all you need our votes. you areand i vote for and elect the people who cast those votes.
9:34 pm
the amendment does two very critical, simple, but important things. it stops selling our elections to the highest bidder. number two, it stops the process of gerrymandering so that we draw lines to benefit particular political parties. number one, stop selling our elections. number two, stop cheating when you draw the line. if you go to the website can get your legislators today to sign up to be part of the solution. if not,not, you can learn how to run so that they will. do we really think that those people went into public service believing that what they would do is find total gridlock and be rewarded by spending 40 percent of their time raising money? i don't think so. we hear it every election
9:35 pm
cycle. every time they come out until us washington is broken and needs to be fixed. >> next candidate. >> thank you. i appreciate the introduction. i would like to thank the college for the event and think new hampshire for allowing a non- politician like myself to put his hat in the ring. my feel is technology, computers, and security. what i want to let you know, a little bit of personal and family history. there is a book we have a mother side of the family the talks about one family member who converted to republicanism and the thought struck me, when i
9:36 pm
registered to be a democrat when i was 18 you could not find republicans other than on the sample ballot president, senator, congressman. he could not run a dogcatcher. now you look at kentucky, both of our senators are republican. our governor is. we have one democratic representative. what has happened? even my mother has started. anyway, it is good to hear there are other democrats here who are conservative or moderate. i consider myself a moderate democrat.
9:37 pm
we need to adhere to the constitution. we need to balance the budget, secure the borders, but all in all we need to make sure those who can't take care of themselves are taken care of. >> on the only candidate running for president which includes a wide area. i want to raise particular issues that i think are outside the political mainstream. it is very contentious but
9:38 pm
our politics is completely polarized when you look at the election of 2012. something like 88 percent of the transgender, the immigrant vote, hispanic immigrant vote. generally the majority of the female vote something very strange is happening. i decided to run as a democrat partly on the issue of dignity for white people.
9:39 pm
want to have race discussed in a different way. married to an african-american woman. but this racial division is not going to help the country at all. i think at least i want to run so that we can to five okay. i am also for a shorter workweek, a 32 hour workweek which i think will help all people. >> move on. >> make sure to use your microphone. >> thank you. proud union member from the state of new york.
9:40 pm
my nephew came in from san diego and asked me, why are you running for president? i said, o'brien, irish mexican ukrainian, this should not be a wall. there is no need for that. among other things. and thehe asked me to list some of the things for him. probably by next week the supreme court will decide friedrichs versus california teachers association crushing the public unions. and that was one of the reasons i came here. unions are being destroyed by the corporations. new hampshire had a proud union history. that should be reversed. also i would like to try to
9:41 pm
get a living wage the college girl. 10 percent reallocation for intelligence, not hard army reserve stuff. and for gun-control you should create a federal bureau of gun statistics based on the congressional budget office. no 50 caliber guns and people's backyards. and for the veterans, i don't think they should wait one minute to setset up going to the va go to any hospital. >> thank you.
9:42 pm
>> a small child on christmas morning, all people who have ever lived 12 things, happiness and healing. the 1st after that is for all of us to treat everyone with love, forgiveness, mercy, tolerance, kindness, respect, dignity, friendliness, chivalry, courtesy, and old-fashioned matters. the great football coach completely turned my life around through his friendship. they did that to thousands of other people. that is our job, to turn lives around. my oldest niece is a nurse. my middle niece has the gift of healing. spend one 2nd with her and you feel better.
9:43 pm
my youngest niece is very good at visiting the sick. that is our job, to help other people. this is a guy who never has one moment of happiness. he will be remembered through the ages. our job is to help people, love people, encourage people and to bring the message of christmas to as many people as possible. >> thank you. >> thank you. our next candidate. >> hello.
9:44 pm
i want to thank new hampshire for ballot access. i have been a progressive democrat for 30 years. i am running to promote the most important issue of our time, saving the natural world, stopping the best extinction of species and habitat for doing this now because we're out of time, destroying guns green and blue eyes. what i see is if you do not love the earth and all living things, you love nothing, neither god nor man with your own children. i must demand this issue be dealt with by everyone, in particular the democratic party. i have to say, if support is not forthcoming i am sorry to say i will have no choice
9:45 pm
but to go to the republicans. let me say a few things on economy and social justice. i would like to see a shorter workweek. enough vacation, sharing, and profits. i support black lives matter and feel that it is vital perform the prison system are reduce the population by at least half, and mandatory and excessive sentencing. and i will finish by saying, how we cowards now? we are afraid to help a few women and children the need our help? so i want to finish by saying that i think we need to kick the republicans out of congress as soon as possible.
9:46 pm
>> our next candidate is sam's loan. >> i am a candidate for president. the parents were both born in america. over to my great grandparents were born in america. two of my ancestors fought in the american revolutionary war. five of my uncles fought in world war ii. one with the invasion of iwo jima. a children and five grandchildren. one daughter who served four years in the war in iraq. the 3rd son is in the army, just got back. if ii am elected president he will not be going.
9:47 pm
the no troops sent overseas. going out all over the world and we will not pay any other countries to fight for us either. we will not be involved in these wars around the world, especially the middle east. the republicans want to drop bombs. one republican candidate wants to start a war with russia. but another question is, 6 million americans have been adopted. every day i find more children who have been given away for adoption. i can find the parents and the children. there should be a law that anyone over the age of 21 should have a right to their own birth certificate.
9:48 pm
allowed to have a drivers license. >> thank you. our next candidate of new york. >> thank you. and economic forecaster born and raised in new york. when he presents with specific details comeau workable solutions for economic, social, and foreign-policy, not the platform and empty slogans and promises. you can see the detailed solutions i propose on my website. my main economic policy reform is revolutionary. tax rebates of the standard tool for economic stimulus. that would allow us to prevent recessions and high unemployment in the future
9:49 pm
while maximizing economic growth. this is how it works, whatever the real unemployment rate which includes part-time workers seeking full-time jobs, when that rises above 4 percent the president together with the federal reserve in congress will determine how big a tax rebate will be required to quickly get the economy growing and the real unemployment rate back down to 4 percent. a rebate of about $2,000 for each and every taxpayer. the tax rebate is financed by the federal reserve. the obama stimulus program was the equivalent of a $5,000 tax rebate. for $10,000 for a family of two.
9:50 pm
the past few years we have had $3 trillion of qe but it was not the right type since it was mainly used to benefit the bank. always needed instead was aa $5,000 tax rebate for each and every american taxpayer. >> thank you. >> thank you. my name is michael steinberg, 56 years old and the owner of aa medium-sized social security and veterans disability law firm in tampa. a member of the national organization of veterans advocates. thethe hillsborough county florida democratic executive committee and currently a member of the florida health care advisory board. i have been practicing law for 33 years, given lectures throughout the country.
9:51 pm
all of 50 percent of our budget involves payments for social security, ssi, we need someone with the expertise in these areas, command i don't mean someone who sits on the veterans committee and hears from bureaucrats bragging about how well her agency is doing. the social security trust fund is facing insolvency. the social security administration is not going to be able to pay you the benefits they promised. you'll get $0.7 on the dollar. the disability trust fund would have been bankrupt this year. extending the solvency for a few more years. they are waiting to get there hearings command veterans are in worse shape
9:52 pm
than we have millions without healthcare. -handling thousands of cases over the past 33 years. the job of the president is to make sure government agencies do their job, and i will make sure they serve the people in a fair, prompt, and courteous manner efficiently and on budget. >> thank you. our last candidate for the opening statement. >> good evening. as we all know, washington dc is completely frozen. if this is your computer you would reboot. i propose we reboot america. in 1980 when ronald reagan began a massive tax cuts tax rates were cut from 70 percent to approximately 30 percent. the start of the country on a course where income
9:53 pm
inequality became a major problem. for a taxpayer making 10 billion a year, this meant his income went from 3 million to $7 million. 4 million came directly out of the u.s. treasury. >> and took money away from goods and services that we need for the people of our country. this is a cause for our deficit. i propose that we raise the tax rates 70 percent on incomes above $3 million. these funds could then be used to fund the education for our citizens to help fund the health care for our citizens and then raise the minimum wage to $22 an hour this brings it down to 1960s levels for people can live with the subsistence level which is
9:54 pm
the least amount of money necessary to survive. i also propose we take the income ceilings off the social security tax. presently most americans pay social security, 100 percent of their income. let's take the caps off and allow the millionaires and billionaires to pay the same amount of social security tax is all other americans which would allow social security to be solvent and 75 years. >> that does it for opening statements. now we will open it up for questions. we have a much bigger field of candidates. we're going to do our best to keep it fair and give you all a chance to answer questions. why don't we open it up.
9:55 pm
you have a chance to ask a question 1st. >> one thing that was not addressed and i will direct this randomly, the 1st java president is commander-in-chief. i would like to know, i know you praise president obama. are there any areas -- at what point would you commit american troops to the middle east? is there anything that you can foresee? >> a very good question. basically we have been bombing islamic countries for 15 years now. the islamic world is starting to identify with the people being bombed. that means it's like september 11 every week. they were very effective.
9:56 pm
we don't need to be in the middle east. brought the country to its knees. president obama is a long-term vision of extracting as. right now we need to acknowledge the fact that the republicans have been building momentum for some years. and be thankful for what he has graciously done to get out of the middle east and can prevail by redrawing the nationstates in a way that don't require us to get involved.
9:57 pm
>> yes. what i propose is a new foreign-policy. the goal of his life was to wipe every tear from every eye. i propose ai propose a policy by which we focus almost 100 percent of our efforts on feeding, clothing, housing, employing the third world poor. the wars are spying on people and having our embassies help the poorest of the poor. so a new foreign-policy to help people all over the world. >> president obama has done such a great job why do they still have soldiers in afghanistan?
9:58 pm
>> this is not success. helpless, senseless, winless wars. eight long years under president barack obama, we are still sending drones to assessment people in their houses and it is unbelievable to me that when obama, barack obama ran that this was the legacy he would leave. we need to repudiate that and make a decision that we are not going to assessment people abroad and that no crusader army is ever going to solve the problem of the middle east. >> i want to echo, we don't understand the middle east, so it's not even attempt to try and fix it, especially
9:59 pm
when lives on the line. we don't understand people who will blow themselves up for a lot. that is not an american thing. the people in the middle east, many of them have been fighting for something that started 1400 years ago because one sect thinks that mohammed bequeathed a descendent see the one relative instead of the other. there is one other difference they will self-flagellation on mohammed. i can't understand why they would be fighting life-and-death for this. don't try to get into words we can't fix even if we win. >> we 1st have to realize what we are fighting islamist extremists who want to kill all of us.
10:00 pm
they want to kill everyone opposed to their viewpoint about a lobbying their god and at the end of the world will come through their jihadist movement. ..
10:01 pm
10:02 pm
the oligarchy.
10:03 pm
the foreign-policy on deposing another dictator because you don't know what is doing to his own people. we have to prioritize safety and security, get rid of isi s. i will be sparing and using ground forces. i don't rule it out. >> show of hands, anyone who would send american troops into the middle east? >> wood. >> would. >> i would not rule it out. >> what is your timeframe? is an timeframe important? i would not sending ground troops right now. in the end, the islamic arab states have to address these issues themselves.
10:04 pm
you have a civil war going on that we have been drug into. my now i would not do it. i would never take any option off the table. your question -- >> we will move on. >> i think we need to take a defensive posture. in the us that means watching mosques, watching the internet and facebook and seeing what is going on, where people are radicalized. many to watch it by having computers having to do with attack and jihad. >> we want to try to give everyone an opportunity. >> thank you.
10:05 pm
several strong opinions already. i even heard the name trump. should the us be accepting refugees? >> well, under some circumstances yes, but that should be very much the 2nd choice. i think the key to it is that we supported dissidence or insurgents because we have kind of a romantic notion of the arab spring and i going to bring democracy. that hasn't worked out at all. we have to try to bring the government together with the radicals that have been fighting it, but we do have
10:06 pm
to defeat isys. that is news that needs to be addressed. this war on isys. muslim people radicalized all over the world, they are going to start taking on his cause. the result of americans on the streets. and very quickly that will end american preeminence because we can't get out there.
10:07 pm
it will put in danger the whole concept, and it may even put in danger whole concept of modernity because we all struggle between fundamentalism of modernity. and we are thinking immediate results. but we have to do is project out. we don't want islamic work to consume the 21st century. we are driving that. we are driving that. the american industrial complexes heavily invested. >> have not had a chance to answer yet. >> first and foremost have to know. you need to understand. you cannot telegraph your move.
10:08 pm
he cannot tell a chessa chess player what you are going to move five before. eventually army, navy, and militia. the question becomes what you tell the people you telegraph your moves. you have to keep it close to your best, they need to know how -- they have to understand that you mean business. >> we have the next question. >> you cover a lot of ground in your opening statement. the so-called major carriers they were one in office. what is the 1st if you take, the biggest priority? the one that needs to be addressed and how would you do it. ..
10:09 pm
the first day, i'm going to have to get a thorough briefing about the situation in the world. i'll need the details. specifically, that that you want to know about that. >> it's something we'd really like to talk about. >> with your adversaries, they can work up against that.
10:10 pm
it's all strategically. >> thank you. >> what would you do on your first day in office? >> i would plan to try to raise the minimum wage. i would put forces together, and put together a program to increase our infrastructure standing, our standing on education. we can raise the wage to the level and create much more demand for workers. those two things will automatically raise all wages in america.
10:11 pm
the second thing i would try and do would be use a program to solve our problems in the middle east. at this stage of development in the civil world -- >> do you suggest $22 an hour? is there anyone else who would support that level. >> i saw your hand. why do you think we should have a minimum wage of $22 per hour? >> the first thing i would do, there's $800 billion in the bank accounts of our nation's charity. you have billionaires who want to save america. you have school schoolkids who
10:12 pm
would send in their pennies. you take most of that money, you hire every unemployed and homeless person and prisoner and they're guaranteed a job. they pass out literature for small businesses. they have no customers and nobody for advertising. picking up litter. there is money and recycling. we the shovel ready jobs for the unemployed. the free market will not hire -- the unemployment rate is three times what the government is telling us. >> i believe minimum wage should be a minimum of $14 per hour. more importantly why did i raise my hand at 22? i believe believe it should be more than one minimum wage. it's not the same from the bottom of our social structure. what about the auto mechanics? what about the aircraft mechanic? we need to have four different
10:13 pm
types of minimum wage depending on skill level. like they do in other countries. we do not need to reinvent all the rules. just look what happened in other countries. based on what happens in other countries, we should tell labor and union what to expect within my first four years of government. that question will be for mr. steinberg. >> mr. steinberg, does this country have a problem with police brutality? if so, what would you do about it? >> there are good cops and bad cops, good attorneys and bad attorneys, and good doctors and bad doctors. most officers are good, however when a a police officer does something bad, it's hard for the agency for whom he works to decide, to regulate him. i think the attorney general needs to get involved and
10:14 pm
-kéat occurs on a local level. i like the idea of citizen review boards that are made up of nine police officers who evaluate whether there is a violation of civil rights. i think on a whole, police officers are doing a pretty good jobs but you see these isolated incidents. that's what makes the news. what would you do to help address the issue between law-enforcement and communities of color? >> there seems to be a real problem in terms of attitude of some police and the code of silence, the defensiveness among police on this issue. it needs to be addressed. i think the police, we need to
10:15 pm
talk about much better training for police and how to deal with these crazy situations. and, if there's a problem and 70 does something wrong, others in the organization need to point that out. >> we need to try to work some kind of inner standing between all parties. i think the police try to do great work with people and keep them out of jail. we need to have a new criminal justice system where we are reducing a vast number of people in jail. >> this question will be from john. >> i'd like to know, this week is the anniversary of the roe versus wade decision. i'd like to get a discussion
10:16 pm
going about what restrictions you feel should be put on, if any, on abortion, and whether if the supreme court justice would use that issue as a litmus test? >> your? abortion? that's all you got? i think the first day in office, i would get the fbi involved and ask how one state -- won the election. it's 17 trillion-dollar debt sitting at the top and all the big issues that we care about, we spend every day thinking something is going to be considered in our government and doesn't happen. essentially, while we spend all of our time in government trying to pit one side against the other, finding a way to dislike each other, nothing gets
10:17 pm
considered and nothing gets done. i think abortion sits squarely in the middle of one of those things that eventually will never be considered or move forward in congress, which are the people who would have to move it forward anyway. when it comes to the supreme court justices, i sit on the democratic side so certainly what a point someone who believes that a woman's right to choose. but those constitutional amendments matter. you've got fix the government. >> i have a masters degree and i'm a democrat myself, but i would not take away a woman's right to choose in that situation. i think roe versus wade was up pretty recent decision. i don't think after the first trimester, though, roe versus wade doesn't support abortion after the first trimester.
10:18 pm
i think the interesting thing is how republicans have used this issue over the years and we have had 25 years of republican president and hasn't done anything since roe versus wade pass. what have any of them done to change it? they have not. they just use the issue to attract christian votes. we've got to get to a point where we are not using that issue as a litmus test for judges. i will not use it. >> did you call yourself a pro-life democrat? >> i am the only pro-life democrat in this race. i don't know anyone else who considers themselves pro-life and considers roe versus wade recent.
10:19 pm
>> roe versus wade has paved the way for second and third trimester abortions. we live in a country where a fully viable child can be taken from its mother's womb, except for the head, and then a surgeon can go in and section out the brain and in certain states, under the roe versus wade concept, that's illegal. i am pro-life. nobody who thinks roe versus wade is well recent is pro-life. >> most republicans would align themselves with pro-life and most democrats would call themselves in favor of women's right. i think nobody in this room would say abortion is a wonderful procedure. what we need to do is make sure that people, that women don't get pregnant in the first place. there are a lot of women who get pregnant because they cannot afford birth control. one of the things we should make available is free birth control to anyone who cannot afford it.
10:20 pm
we should also have developed a birth control for men so they can avoid making babies. i think we start at the beginning, before the problem comes up and you have to make a decision about having an abortion. >> we just saw debate in washington about whether the federal government should be giving money to planned parenthood. is there anybody on the stage who would side with republicans who wanted to defund planned parenthood? >> i have eight children that were born. i also have four children that were abortion. so naturally i have a special issue on this particular topic. >> i'm against the principle of abortion because i think human life is sacred.
10:21 pm
not for religious reasons, but just humanistic reasons. i would put the emphasis on encouraging adoption. there are so many people who want to adopt children and so if we facilitated that, that could be an alternative to abortion. and second, as as a prevention, i think most unwanted pregnancies are had by young, relatively uneducated women and father by relatively uneducated young men. so a potential solution is to make sure all our boy and girls get a good education because if their focus on learning and going to university and having a professional career, they will not end up with an unwanted
10:22 pm
pregnancy. >> some an offense have to go if we are going to get the balance sheet in order. >> what benefits are you talking about? >> retirement benefits. >> no nothing should be cut in terms of benefits. we have military expenses that need to be cut. they're using it to pay for the cold war. there is no cold war anymore. i would not cut security or retirement. >> would you be in favor of raising the retirement age? >> no, i would not. >> we have to cut them. it's immoral not to because if you keep pensions going at this
10:23 pm
rate, it's grandchildren who are suffering. they can't pay off the kind of pension debt that elders have incurred. we want to help retirees whose life expectancy at the time was 67. two years after retirement. now if you're retiring at 62 and living until 95 and you're expecting younger generations to take care of you, it doesn't work. the numbers don't come close to adding up and it is an immoral act for a government to take money from generations unborn that can't vote in favor or against. i am a democrat in favor of radically reducing government spending across the board except military environment.
10:24 pm
>> mr. hutton, you you had raised this issue in your opening statement. >> if you could make sure to have the microphone. >> as i mentioned previously, i do favor an increase in the medicare taxpayer and i would suggest 1%. social security, you don't have to raise. if raise. if you raise the retirement age to 70 and probably phasing that in would be the best approach, and and for the cost of living increases you use a different formula which is commonly known as the consumer price index minus 1% which most people believe you can better track the inflation. you can bring social security into solvency.
10:25 pm
i don't think we need to increase the tax for social security and i would not cut benefits because our elderly depend on it so much, but the medicare tax i'd cut. >> the problem is not as great as people think. if if we would simply raise the age for medicare and social security eligibility by three months every year, we would solve our basic problems with medicare and social security, and if you went out among people in america, even people nearing the retirement age and you told them that the price of saving the program for future generations was a three month increase in the minimum wage for social security and medicare, they would be the first ones to tell you do it. >> everybody says we don't have enough money. that's not the issue. we do have the money in the wealth. we need a full employment economy. we can pay for the things we need, social security, pension system, europe does it. the democracy does it.
10:26 pm
it's really not a question of we don't have the money. we are the richest country in the world. the problem is that the 1%, if you will, or the 20% are hoarding the wealth. we can pay for these things. we these things. we don't have to take a backseat. we don't have to take a backseat. we can take care of our own people. >> the next question to you, you talked about the things you had done in indonesia. the president is going to be pushing congress to pass the transpacific partnership. what is your position on that trade bill? would you support a? >> we are ignoring where our real problem of interest lie in the pacific. china is the off ending and we are the defending empire. china wishes to dominate the pacific basin this is our way of
10:27 pm
creating a set of allies that are cooperating from the growing chinese influence. yes i support it. it will need to be built on in the future but it is the kind of move that has long-term implications that the president is wisely pursuing. >> a number of unions are critics of this trade bill. what do you think of the trade deal and what are your concerns about what its impact would be on american workers? >> it would devastate american workers. if you go to the afc i/o website, trump has come out against the ttp, i believe they call it. it would take take tens of thousands of jobs away from americans. i'm against it. i don't see any reason to sign that.
10:28 pm
any unionized worker would lose their job because of that and it's not worth it. >> are there any trade deals. >> or would you consider yourself a free trader? >> no. >> the next question is for you and mr. adams. >> mr. adams, i brought this up earlier and i'd like to hear from the democratic side. what is the main -- you are here and were happy to have you here on this forum, but what has to happen in this country to allow someone like yourself to get onto the so-called mainstage. what needs to be done in our election system? do we need to have public financing? are there other options you see where truly the average person can get to the level where hillary clinton and bernie sanders are today? >> thanks for the question john.
10:29 pm
i do think we have to have campaign-finance reform and we need to level the playing field a little bit more. new hampshire really plays a critical role in allowing candidates to express their views. there's no reason at all that any one or two of the candidates that are at the table right now couldn't jump into the top tier and become a top candidate. although we do need campaign-finance reform, we don't want to have an entire government for sale. that's my opinion on that. to answer the other question, i've got 25 more seconds, on my first day in the white house i cut student loan interest rates across the board. with your national debt you can't give everyone free college but you can cut interest rates and help people anyway you can in a way that makes sense. >> we haven't heard from you in a little while. what would propel you into the top tier?
10:30 pm
>> i happen to be a well-known person in certain fields. the game of chess, every tournament chess player in the united states knows my name. i'm synonymous with the game of chess. i'm one of the best players in the world in chinese chess. i also play thai chess and japanese chess as well. everybody in the world who plays these games knows my name. >> even though hillary is a great candidate, if i could get into the debate, i think i could win and win the election. >> we spent a year trying to get something on television called more to run. i started the poker television
10:31 pm
and it's now an international phenomenon. we started born to run. we would've had two people in the primary here basically having done the apprentice, or the american idol of politics in the new hampshire primary. there was one democrat and one republican that would have been brought by television audience to the forefront. the reason i offer that and support is candidly, when you look at the logjams that sit in the system and make it so hard to get in, something like that is going to happen. it's going to be a disruptor that has nothing to do with the system and it will change it for good. that was not done. we still have it in the hopper.
10:32 pm
>> some of the things i've learned in the last couple of months is how expensive it is to get on the ballot in each of the 50 states. new hampshire charges $500 which is reasonable and another state is free but most are very expensive. to run in the ballot on all of the states would probably cost $1 million which most of us don't have. >> just one more thing, the real problem for all of us is that you do not get the media exposure. there's something called the communications act of 1934 which actually requires all of the broadcast media to provide equal access to all the candidates with some very specific exceptions. but, with all due respect, if you categorize the number of minutes that hillary clinton appears on wm you are and you
10:33 pm
characterize the number of minutes that all of us here together, she would she would vastly outweigh us. if that communications act was actually enforced, and in particular, the broadcast media was required to provide access to everyone who was on the ballot, not equal for everybody, but reasonable access, that would go a long way toward broadening the process. not only not only in new hampshire, but in every state in the union. >> what would you say to john's question about how you would get into the top tier? >> media access would be the answer. if we would have that opportunity to speak on national tv on a regular broadcast, if it was just two minutes, we would get a better opportunity for people to know who we are. the other other thing, once again, new hampshire doesn't
10:34 pm
excellent way of doing this and the thousand dollar fee is reasonable. that means for $50000 you could get it for all 50 states, but some states are incredibly far beyond that. it becomes very difficult to get any kind of effective campaign. >> if you really want to shake things up, we say we support rocky de la fuente but i know he is a multi- millionaire. he can afford to run a campaign if we say we support rocky de la fuente we are going to shake things up. he's on the ballot in ohio. i thing it's going to take an
10:35 pm
outsider. like ross perot in 1992, he stirred things up. maybe that's what it takes is for all of us to say let's take one of us who's on the ballot and let's support him. maybe he'll take all of our ideas and will work as a team and will be the lesser-known candidates for president. >> let's have another question for mr. hutton. >> were talking about access right now and i can't help but notice that there is all men on stage tonight. what will you do to make sure all americans are included in the political process? >> i noticed that as well. we tried to be responsible. right now we has a system that discourages people because of money.
10:36 pm
i think we have to go out and seek people to join. how about all of the people. [inaudible] >> have a getting all of the safe delegates and invite them. >> did you have your hand up? >> if you want to weigh-in on the question that john has then you need to do that. >> about i pose a new question to you. let's look at the issue of
10:37 pm
illegal immigration. they said it would take up the constitutionality of president obama's action for the parents of immigrants. if this were to strike down the program, what what would you do as president to help address the status of the parents of the so-called dreamers and also on the issue of legal immigration? >> it's been the backbone of our society since the formation of this country. we've been trying to watch trump violate the constitution by saying they can discriminate is probably the saddest chapter in our country. it's sad that this is going on. all were trying to do is a lit set the sport and reform our
10:38 pm
immigration system and make it such that this country opens its arms to immigrants that has made a strong. immigrants are model citizens and the rhetoric that we have heard from mr. trump is probably the blackest mark in this country in a long long time. being a jewish man, it's very distressing to me when you start with mexicans and go to muslims. historically it all comes back down. to think that any one group is better than another is just a crime. >> how would you address this issue of illegal immigration? the mexican border is
10:39 pm
2000 kilometers long. if you take a look at that issue, the canadian u.s. border is twice as big. what happens to alaska westmont what happens to the pacific coast? what happens to florida and the atlantic coast. are we going to put a law, are we going to create the chinese law all over again? it did not work in berlin. we have to take a look at a logical plan that will work. the chinese had of problem. i don't know if you've been to the chinese wall before. i've been there. that's their weakest link. they were not able to put the wall in the middle of the river. if you put it in the river becomes a damn. if you want to pull back china you just come in by the river. >> we haven't heard from you in a while. what would you do on this issue of illegal immigration? >> i think one thing that really strikes me is immigration of people who don't embrace our
10:40 pm
values. i don't understand why any person would want to immigrate into the united states if they did not love our values and share our values. so i would not allow any foreigner to immigrate to the united states unless it were very clear that they embraced our values, specifically human rights and equal rights for women and nondegree discrimination on the basis of religion. i think that's very important. we should make this a public matter. it's not acceptable for anybody to immigrate to the united states unless they embrace our values. >> i think the problem is the relationship between the supply and productive labor and what
10:41 pm
were neglecting is the influence of productivity. between the 1930s and today, labor productivity has increased four times. this has had a strange effect on the economy because the agricultural produce, mainstream manufacturing production can be handled much more easily now than before. what we've had is creative ways to view the xx labor. we engage in enterprises now that are not necessary. we have to somehow get productivity and production
10:42 pm
back. >> i speak about 15 languages. i live with immigrants all the time. most of the people in my building are from nigeria. the police made a mistake and shot him 17 times. this poor guys five blocks down the street from me. unfortunately, what obama did, we cannot open our doors to everybody to come here. we have to have some control over the border. even though the people in my neighborhood predominately did come here illegally, and nonetheless, they are here and i have no problem with them at all.
10:43 pm
but we just can't open the border to all these people. >> let's do a quick show of hands question. if president obama could run a third term as president, would you support him? raise your hand if you would support him for a third term? >> some of those who haven't raised their hand, why not? >> i think two terms is good. he's great, but i think two terms is fine. >> as we said before, we are looking at a president who has essentially continued the george bush record in terms of war. we've had growth at 2%. we have a black people and white people at each other's throat in this country. this is a failed presidency. we need to have somebody new and somebody who is going to take us in different directions. the affordable care act is just coming in to a huge disaster.
10:44 pm
it will be bankrupt by the end of the year. >> all people, all the poor people who did not sign up for obamacare as they were required to, they are are going to be find $1000 each. do you know how those fines are going to be collected? poor people get their tax refunds. they rely on those tax refunds to pay their bills. those tax refunds are going to be confiscated by the irs. >> it's going to be a complete disaster. >> everybody will have a minute for our closing statements. we'll take one last question from john. >> let's say you made it to the main stage. you won the new hampshire primary. you are now a national candidate and you're on the main stage with bernie on your left and hillary on your right. is there something that we do here in our local debates, we
10:45 pm
have candidates asked each other questions and they try to differentiate themselves. what question would you ask hillary in which question would you ask bernie? >> i'll be honest with you, i'm in favor of every elected official in the united states leaving public office. i think we have to start the whole government over. i'm proposing a hundred citizens, two from each state, and start the whole government over again. it does not work. >> i don't even want to acknowledge the existence of a current crop. i think they need to get out, all of them. >> i would like to make a, about that. >> when you play chess, you have
10:46 pm
to look several moves ahead to become a champion. you'd have to qualify each individual state. the rules are prohibitive. the rules, every state is clearly covered. besides that, it's very difficult to qualify. the question is, the chance of anybody making it, even if they happen to be sitting next to hillary, it's none. it's not possible possible. you have to be on the ballot. people have to have the right to vote for you. i believe i have done the best thing to give people the option to strike my name or say my name or have me as an alternative. >> this is very important.
10:47 pm
i would ask bernie sanders, and i'd i'd ask his supporters who are socialists, why can't you be content with socialism in your own enclave? hundred thousand who want retirement their way, labor relations their way, educations their way. as a libertarian, i have no qualms about that. there are people can fund their own system. it's when they try to voice it and force it on everybody else. it's off the rails and it will never pass. a liberty minded person, i am am one, iran paul is on the other side will allow it in the socialist best friend. even though i think they're way worse, i would let them try it. let's see if there enclave is indeed happier, more prosperous than a more liberally minded enclave.
10:48 pm
let liberty allowed socialists who don't force it on others to try it and see. >> one more question it and i will get into our closing statement. >> if i had the chance to question bernie and hillary. hillary is by far the most competent on either side and either party. within the existing paradigm. within this unique collection, we have this guy called bernie sanders who is a unique figure who in the past could never get within striking distance of the white house. i believe if anybody really wants change, he is the candidate that can operate outside of this paradigm and introduce innovative ideas and operate from the deep compassion that i believe he has and i believe this country needs both
10:49 pm
to heal as well as to find a new destiny of this country. because of his unique role in the campaign and his unique status, anybody who has supported me and any person that i have managed to convince to be interested in me, i would like to throw my support behind bernie sanders in this campaign. >> thank you all for participating in this debate. we are more or less on time but in order to get everyone to have a one minute closing statement, will begin our closing arguments. >> i would like to thank bill gardner for making each one of us feel like we belong here in new hampshire. i think it's very important to this nation to understand that the region we are are where we are is that our congress decided that we would make a massive
10:50 pm
transport to the wealthy. when we cut taxes from 70% down to 30, we gutted our treasury and our ability to educate feed and give healthcare to all of our people. until we decide, the people to get together and register to vote and go out and vote for people who will believe in them as people and not serve the wealthy who really do not need any help, then we are going to be in a world of hurt. we need to elect people who will fight for the people and not just for the wealthy. >> thank you. mr. steinberg. >> i'm the former chair of the florida democratic --dash the most important job you can do in
10:51 pm
politics, young people out here need to join and become a precinct man and woman. it's very important that you get democrats elected at the city council level, at the county commission level, the state representative level, those are going to be your future leaders, your future president. don't just get involved in the presidential election. get involved in the local and state elections. get involved to become educated. don't be ignorant. my message out there to people who are listening, al gore lost by 537 votes in florida. if we had 537 more democrats who are out there voting, al gore would have been president. , al gore would have been president. please go out and get involved. >> thank you. >> you mentioned a litmus test for the supreme court justice. for me, there's a need to recognize the death penalty is
10:52 pm
unconstitutional because it is cruel and unusual punishment. number two, we have many failing public schools, at least in new york, we have we have them and i'm sure in many other of the inner cities. having volunteered to teach a couple of courses in them, i realized what what the problem was. one, there's no discipline imposed in the classroom. there's no institutional discipline. practically no homework is assigned and not enough is done. a third point is that a lot of these students need individual tutoring and mentoring. if we want to get rid of poverty, we have to make sure that we find a way to get every child well educated. the last one is to greatly reduce prison inmates and have
10:53 pm
real rehabilitation. >> the things i didn't get a chance to say because i didn't have enough time in the opening statements are number one, you must reinstate the estate tax. that was abolish. no one had to pay any taxes like the rockefellers did. they never had to pay it. we have to bring that back. even the children of rich people still have to work because all these children of which people are working now. everybody can have a drivers license if they know how to drive. a lot of people are driving without license because they can't get one because they're illegal here. regardless of whether or not there legally here, they should be able to drive a car. and the third thing is, basically everybody, you give
10:54 pm
all of these immigrants and id and fingerprint them so at least you know who they are because the problem is we have no idea. we have no figure of how many are here. we have to get some handle on how many people we have in this country. >> let me repeat, on the environment, we don't save the natural world, i don't believe we deserve to be here. i don't see how we can stand before god or whatever and claimed to be moral and let me conclude by saying that in this age of war, i want to say something. i love jesus but i am not a christian. i believe that mohammed was a great prophet of god, if not the last. i believe bhutto was a great teacher and i try to follow what
10:55 pm
is practice. but we cannot wait. we have the words god, allah, yahweh, people of the book, the sun and the moon and the earth and the sky. all of the same, all are one. >> he said if there's no literal heaven, the entire bible must be torn up. jefferson wrote back and said yes john, the persistence of a god of love presumes a literal place where family and friends will live together forever. love people, help people and you get into heaven. god gave peter a vision of heaven. it's like a perfect day at the beach in the summer. at the fitness club with a
10:56 pm
whirlpool spa. help people, love people and focus on heaven. >> thank you. >> i would say save the middle class, vote for raymond. if you don't vote for raymond, vote for bernie sanders. >> please have the microphone in front of you when you speak. >> while this is going to be a very important election. i think my two favorite candidates are bernie sanders and donald trump. part of the problem is that we can't really talk about things anymore. there's politics of hate and despising each other. too many people in prison, i'm
10:57 pm
focusing on white people who are the majority population in america. still there's shame which leads to debilitation. we really need to hold our readers to a higher standard. both are political and business leaders. we are being misled. just to do anything to stand up to participate in an election is something, this could be a wonderful year. it could be a wonderful year if the right people are elected. i'm proud to be part of the process. thank you for inviting me and others to participate. >> for those who think that isis is not a threat, be reminded that hitler started off with a bunch of unemployed drunks in a munich beer hall. to think that bullets and bombs will fix the problem is not true. we are fighting the same
10:58 pm
theology or a similar theology that the, khasi's used to fly into american targets with the hope of just killing americans that they would go to heaven. >> what i want you to know is that we have a lot of problems from drug abuse, real unemployment and that we need to deal with them in a logical manner and deal with them one piece at a time. i can work with republicans, new hampshire, send a message and vote for robert lovett. >> recently new hampshire lost one of its greats. perhaps a professor at dartmouth was annexed ordinary
10:59 pm
representation of this state. he grow grew up very near here. his memoir, the unfit mind is a great inspiration. rather than read the amendment which is what i was going to do, i will just suggest that you go to fix that you dare to unzip your mind and think that what we need to do is tinker with the system.
11:00 pm
>> >> because when it came to those other categories of 15 percent of was about to 3 percent of that hopper. >> i stand of to help with the isis situation in the only one that stands for your security in americans here at home and abroad. >> i would like to think
11:01 pm
everyone for having as here this evening. we hear our children will not have the same opportunities those of us on this stage have had. it is more than a shame that a disgrace. when you are the best nation or the greatest nation in the world we can change this outcome if we stop stealing from our children and pay and balance the budget for what we consume now and take steps to give a better opportunity specifically expanding aid to community colleges. and given the opportunity that we have had. thank you very much. >> that would like to use speak directly that if you were not satisfied with
11:02 pm
bernie sanders you still have an opportunity to do something. the death of 58 million babies in the united states are the fall of the moral prime high and the pro-life candidate endorsed by democrats for life let the record show once again there will be 3500 innocent babies killed today. 34 -- 100,000 this month. the constitution and declaration of independence and religious tradition and humanities calls on all of us to do what we can i stand with john and bobby kennedy
11:03 pm
and the majority of democrats please go to pro-life. >> are they to get a show of hands from those in the audience raise your hand if you think there is something it you could do better than congress. [laughter] anytime you explain the policies of congress. and maybe they want more power and then they get more power. go to the leaders of my party who has feel-good statements president obama has been the worst president
11:04 pm
for blacks since buchanan. black lives matter and black education matters. we need a more responsible government. >> mr. french? >> if elected in congress is supportive ben tax rate is 70% the top business executives to make $1 million will be looking at the after-tax income of $100,000 in the united states versus going to another country with net income after their taxes. in the nation will become for.
11:05 pm
with immigration we need to keep the good ones that our hard working in terms of on line, the college system of lectures has been around. some of it is good but it is old technology. online is new technology and the need to support it is very expensive but we can deal off from that. >> when you visit the you can stay in the lincoln bedroom. [laughter] ion not important in this at all. one idea i'd like to express is american leads the
11:06 pm
national service corps. that what they give to their country that will solve these problems of the immigrants for the white cops in the black people. when they're rich guy has to live in the same barracks they understand each other. so one of the things i advocate for a national service corps to use new technologies and their towns and country in international but the idea that i believe in democracy that everybody in the country can contribute to solving the problem. that is what i represent. i've not important. >> however got here.
11:07 pm
the great granddad came on the mayflower. whether grandfather came from france. eventually from mexico they made it back here. so what is interesting is guess what? i will reduce by at least 3%. nobody talks about jobs. and neck in a way to minister before that. with 32 million jobs.
11:08 pm
>> thank you for mentioning the environment and i have been talking about the in beverage 20 years starting with southwest mexican -- mexico aa to take a moment of silence for:friday of the eagles. my time is short but i did want to take that moment he died of colitis and arthritis. it is important that we can spend more than a trillion dollars going to war in iraq but we cannot spend 5% of that researching diseases to cure diseases why is there no cure for record arthritis or ulcerative colitis? he did not have to die. applies the country now focused on what matters to people like curing diseases toward financing science to reassure children have
11:09 pm
better opportunities the the environment is safe and clean for them thank you for coming in secretary gardner and douglas new hampshire in the united states of america. good night to speeseventeen the key for putting yourself for ruth as a candidate in and sharing your views. and also good job keeping time. into the audience to the institute of politics. have a good night.
11:10 pm
>> alarmed clinton supporters are focusing on senator sanders. joining us from new hampshire is national political correspondent for "the new york times" thank you for being with the spirit we heard this from former president clinton today talking about the socialist moniker. what is this about? what is the strategy? >> m1 terry mind of the primary voters going into iowa and new hampshire we're not just registering their views or indicate which candidate is more motivated said they will be picking the next commander-in-chief it what to make the case yes
11:11 pm
what he had a compelling message for this moment to have fought hard time paso hurt the party but if you throw the socialism with especially for older voters. they would be doing it if he was sailing into iowa and new hampshire's but they're trying to find creative ways to take down mr. sanders. >> almost 30-point lead he is looking to less like a thread and more like a runaway train. >> to read and may not be that big but definitely has a strong category of liberal activists.
11:12 pm
but then to have those losses -- losses right out of the gate and then to put almost all that effort into iowa. >> talking about electability the clinton people and is sanders consultant said it is a debate between the candidates who inspires younger people, bernie sanders. >> it sounds very familiar he is making the case that hillary is the outdated democratic playbook and what is to trim around the edges and that is not the way to win in a polarized country that is what they're saying if that sounds familiar there is a reason for that
11:13 pm
but ted cruz is the g.o.p. nominee spirit this is not the race but they expected. >> business no. coming into this with every structural envious of advantage of money and endorsements. but it didn't matter. they were not near what they expected to be. nobody in the mainstream was a serious contender. it was a great reminder this year everything has been thrown up the window and unpredictable. with the future outlets and all the services. >> and a reminder that campaigns better bear her
11:14 pm
candidacy and her own appeal or lack to the voters what is the problem? >> i did talk to onetime adviser to secretary clinton who says she has done everything right. fund-raising, running more of a of a grass-roots campaign that is overnight -- organize. especially on those cultural issues where the democrats are now. but that is what is remarkable is you cannot put the one that has hurt her but certainly the emails story did not helper and they did not have a big concern in which as questions about hillary there more excited about bernie.
11:15 pm
and is a cost to grapple with. >> in the third candidate governor o'malley back in new hampshire to me he has not be -- moved beyond the low digits does he pose a threat at all? why can't you resonate? >> a think bernie sanders is in his face if you look for the al alt you're probably on the left side of the spectrum and marginal value is more conventional as a two term governor straight at of the state house and the desert now that anchor in that thread for demand that bernie represents. >> reporting of lying in the newspaper jonathan margin. correspondent for "the new york times".
11:16 pm
11:17 pm
said he touched on the drinking water contamination in flint. this is 40 minutes. >> hello detroit. it is good to be back in michigan. even the wood is a little
11:18 pm
cold and i am from chicago siamese to let. a couple people i want to start off by introducing first of all, detroit is coming back into everybody deserves credit for that but especially is sure mayor. [cheers and applause] we're proud of him. we have four outstanding members of congress. john conyers. sandy levin. in one of the of best congressman never served john dingell.
11:19 pm
speeseventeen it did dear friend of mine when i was running for the united states senate, not president nobody knew who i was nobody could pronounce my name. [laughter] the regional leader of the uaw was a guy named dennis williams. and then when they ran for president i just want to say how proud i am to call him a friend. in to give that up to 70.
11:20 pm
>> that's my mom. [laughter] your decided tv show. as a child actor very impressive young man. i want to pick up briefly on something in to talk about what is happening in flint and very proud of what i have done as president. [cheers and applause] kneale the job more important is as a father.
11:21 pm
i know if i was apparent up there i would be beside myself that my kids health could be a risk. that is why over the weekend i declared a federal emergency to send more resources on top of the assistance we put on the ground. to make sure they don't get what they -- to make sure they get what they need. and met with the mayor yesterday and the white house provide told her we will have her back in all of the people as they work their way through this terrible tragedy. it is a reminder why you
11:22 pm
can't shortchange the services we provide to our people to make sure the public health and safety. but i have come to detroit for another reason as well. i'll read drive and a great american car. [laughter] that we know as the beast. next year i have to give it up and say goodbye. so i figured i needed to do a little browsing now speeseventeen there is only one voter city. there is only one detroit selling the world's best
11:23 pm
cars and then you need to be is in detroit michigan. i am looking at all of them. >> i got the idea. [laughter] bush will say that charity was the first new car i ever bought. i didn't get a new car in july was 32. [laughter]
11:24 pm
but my first brand-new car was a jeep cherokee. and i thought i was a bad man in that car. i could not be prouder of the world we have traveled together. think about what you thought through. to spark the great recession on main street with millions of americans nearly one out of five that a pay cut. to be a ticket to the middle-class for generations. with little hope of reopening.
11:25 pm
and that was lining. that is a river when we took office. the year before the layoff 400,000 people. we had a choice to make with the economy in a freefall in the markets frozen new private companies or private investors to handovers taxpayer dollars and it just got worse. that would have just kicked the can down the road. to walk away this industry entirely. they deny that later but that is what they said at the time.
11:26 pm
[cheers and applause] still neck think of what that would have meant for america. the suppliers and distributors would have died off. when that happened or could have gone down to. and then to be sold for scraps. and then would have then hung out to dry. and then at the worst possible time. and that they depend on new. the small business owners owners, their livelihoods
11:27 pm
are at stake as well. so we came up with another option. in exchange for a health we demanded responsibility. but that it would have to truly change it retooled then restructured management and labor everybody sacrificed the industry. that wasn't even popular in detroit or in michigan. but i said at the time and and for what needs to be done. and after visiting ottawa plans then we san benardino make the same bed any day of the week with the american auto industry is all the way
11:28 pm
back. all the way back. [cheers and applause] sixty-seven years ago sales hit the all-time low last year it was the all-time high. now they cannot make them fast enough. the big three years starting to boost wages and to add more than 640,000 and because everybody came together and work together together, natalie to produce more cars with the most high-tech and fuel-efficient looking cars in the world to be built right here in the united states of america. and because the auto
11:29 pm
industry came back to gauge that capacity so now you've cut the unemployment rate by more than half. people don't write off detroit anymore. i've sent the top people across government despite the comeback in motor city. new home within businesses there is still plenty of work to do but you can feel something special happening in detroit. stopping by that vestron once with that mayor and a good friend of mine one of
11:30 pm
the house standing autoworkers well was the restaurant's name? the jolly pumpkin? [laughter] a rarity had this watch. in you don't know that story. the factory here in detroit for those who have never been involved. with those swatches and bicycles in purses. and then to have a job there
11:31 pm
as a janitor than a supervisor with the assembly process to make the watch. said is the story when you give people a chance. when you have confidence in what we can do together. what is true a of detroit is part of the reason we came here. i a shopping for a car. [laughter] but right now i want people to remember how far we have come. not because them on the ticket but i want america to have confidence in where we can go.
11:32 pm
seven years ago we put in place new plans for hard-working families to get back on their feet rebuilding roads and bridges. and then to pay a little bit more. we pay our fair share to put the tough as reforms in history. and then to add more than 14 million new jobs eagleton the biggest job creation in history. in right now to have the strongest and most durable economy in though world. the american economy is to &
11:33 pm
decker bin that was at its peak. it hasn't gotten back to where was in europe from 2007. we have added more jobs with all the of their advanced countries invited -- combined. when you did your people claim that ameritech is in decline they are peddling section an ended estrange to watch people ought to each other to say how bad things are.
11:34 pm
and then they just come up with stuff. racing to see who can talk down america the most. in days of the people to lead the industry go under. [cheers and applause] these are some of the same who back in washington the road to socialism. and then to run that into the ground. looks set up. so when i hear these people running for president, who cares if they did with it what you have accomplished another why did take that
11:35 pm
seriously. if you ignore the progress you have made the space they could choices. speeseventeen this same the predicted for those policies that it would hit 658-gallon. i know what you are paying now but it's not $6.50. in most places it is to dollars or less. we saw a gas for less than two bucks on the way here. but then they predicted all the deficit would go way up but we cut the deficit by almost three code --
11:36 pm
three-quarters and below average for the past three years. they said will get an appointment but we getting down to 5% about one year ahead of schedule. ahead of their schedule. this is the crowd and dead set against betting on you and your hard work and professionalism and your skills. they still convinces those cutting taxes will help you succeed. i think there is a better plan. for those of have been doing great they said that will kill jobs. guess what?
11:37 pm
seventy months traded job creation and. speeseventeen in region said that's terrible. 18 million people with health insurance. speeseventeen. >> i am not suggesting we should be satisfied but the economy has been changing for the last 20 or 30 years. we have seen that it is made easier to replace jobs on the assembly line any jobs or work can be automated they are replaced. the attacks on unions have been going on for a long
11:38 pm
time in when participation is down they have less leverage to get a raise. [applause] the fact that companies can move means more global competition. even when the economy is growing. that tells us we have more work to do. if you see those problems for your neighbors and friends and kids then we have to have smart answers not just in the seas that help those that don't need it.
11:39 pm
but then a real opportunity means every american gas to get the education they need. but any of his fathers or grandfathers working in the auto plant would not recognize it. you have to know of a skill that didn't even exist one generation ago. we have to insure our kids are properly trained. and to reach another all time high and bills with progress of the early childhood education so they get a good start with computer and a math class is with the new economy and support and paid properly
11:40 pm
good teachers for our kids. [cheers and applause] we have to make college affordable for every american that doesn't necessarily mean four year degree or community college or a technical school but more than just high-school to provide three years of community college at no cost for every responsible student. [applause] and then with real security. this is a union facility so you know, the importance of the health benefits and retirement benefits. net everybody has that. so real security that have
11:41 pm
some voice of leverage that was so security and medicare we should strengthen them. but for americans they're short on retirement that is what we did with the affordable care act. to save you lost your job and tried to buy that on cobra it was so expensive you cannot even think about it or you decided you wanted to go back to school for more training or if you wanted to starting a business you have a chance to get some coverage at a reasonable price for good quality.
11:42 pm
18 million have gained coverage so far so they should be able that encourages if they don't pay as much so if they take a job with the hope to get a better job in the meantime they could still pay the bills. if you take a part-time job or a temporary job you would have insurance or cushion. they should still be able to take retirement with him. this would make the economy work better.
11:43 pm
>> but we have to make sure gm and ford and chrysler are all great companies. i believe in private enterprise in the incredible dynamism of the american economy. but after years of corporate profits we have to make sure business is sharing what makes with the workers to make it to. [cheers and applause] and that is the american way. henry ford saying i have to
11:44 pm
pay my workers enough so they can buy my cars. working families and not getting a bigger paycheck by letting the big banks or headphones you don't help middle-class families to the bargaining go one answered. and i will not back down. we need to protect the air the kids read in the bader that they drink. by the way that the auto industry hearings figured out we can make more fuel efficient cars and reduce the carbon pollution to put more people to work there is no contradiction between
11:45 pm
creating jobs and economic growth in caring for the environment. with workers and parents in start-ups need more of a voice. not less. invited means to do right by your workers a lot of the best corporate citizens are the most creative and innovative and this is the spirit of creativity in think about the future and not just the past. years thinking about what people want tomorrow. ic the hybrids in electrics into the fishing cars to
11:46 pm
work on the selfie driving cars that could prevent accidents is save lives? my administration will get more of those on the road. right here uaw and gm for the good paying jobs of the future. to say we're all in it together. and doesn't always get attention but all sorts of good things are happening budget of of rudeness and controversy is not who we are or how we lived day today. and then to try to get the job done.
11:47 pm
and then to figure it out. he does the al like those kind of and not those kind by the way the uaw was one of the first union's to realize we're all in this together. and get the history of the uaw if we work hard and try to raise your family to make sure workers get a fair deal. even if we don't look like each other.
11:48 pm
or if we don't worship at the same place. that is what built america. but i see it all across the country in the family from sterling heights. i will tell a quick story working for empire wire and supply. said they were losing their homes. if things did it get better there may have to leave. it is 13 year-old daughter at the time heard what he said.
11:49 pm
kids in here everything. sometimes they will repeated back 10 years later. but she said down and wrote me a letter that said dear president obama. i am 13 years old. and i am worried about my family's future in michigan. working for a company that manufactures for the automotive companies. says she is here today. she is older now. she is 19 years old the this
11:50 pm
was six years ago working their way through community college dad is still in michigan. but today about 110 employees and she says a river lot of people getting laid off with there was a panic but we're going in the right direction. no steve and his family in just one example put those stories are multiplying across the country. we don't hear a lot about
11:51 pm
them. not on tv or newspapers. sometimes we take for granted one but i remember and i read and that is why have so much confidence. because of you we have young students in workers like steve there were tougher than any times we might face because anyone of you and i just for your own sake but for the sake of the country take pride in what you do and when you see the car rolling down the highway you say i know i built that and it is a great product.
11:52 pm
to give you a sense of something bigger. that makes me confident that every single american i have met with the people who love the country can make it better. i want you to know i have faith in you and i'll leave the office i will still have faith in you and every day have the privilege to hold this office we will work side-by-side to major faults have jobs in better wages and benefits and more people have the ability to join the union when they want to and can start businesses and have health benefits and more companies are thriving in this country will keep moving forward and i know it will happen because of you.
11:53 pm
thank you. god bless the united states of america. [applause] [applause]
11:54 pm
one. [inaudible conversations]
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[inaudible conversations] when [inaudible conversations]
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[applause] [inaudible conversations]
11:57 pm
11:58 pm
senate people recognize my father because he had a strunc reputation in about before introduced by said a fellow senator i sure you're a racist. [laughter] one he said you sound like the bright young man. he said when you graduate come in turn for vnu to decide if i ever racist or not. . .
11:59 pm
for the complete american history tv weekend schedule, go to >> on the road to the white house, three candidates for the republican nomination addressed members of the new hampshire legislature today. we'll start with john kasich followed by chris christie then marco rubio. together, this is about 45 minutes. >> what a privilege and an honor to be here.
12:00 am
i actually peaked in one day and never thought i would be standing here and having an opportunity to speak to. it just really illustrates and underscores the amazing life and journey that i have had in my lifetime as a first-quarter freshman in ohio state. i wrote a letter to the president of the united states basically inviting myself down there for a chat. it was carried by the president of ohio state who i had met just a short time earlier. he wrote me back and invited me to a little meeting in the overall office. i remember calling home and my mother answered the phone and i said mom i'm a first-quarter freshman at ohio state. my mother carried mail and i said i need


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