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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  February 5, 2016 12:00am-2:01am EST

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humanitarian law. we look to russia to use its influence with the regime to end its attacks especially barrel bombing. they should support steps of deceased to cease-fire and mandated by the united nations secure to counsel. the difficult negotiations of recent days only show how challenging the road ahead will be. with today's commitments combined with the un's agreement to drive forward planning for recovery, our message to the people of syria and the region is clear, we will stand with you and we will support you for as long as it takes to secure peace in syria, to secure stability to the region and to give syrian refugees a chance to go back and rebuild their homes and their country. the crucial point of today is the money raised will save lives, will give hope, will get people the chance of a future. that, i think is a good a good and vital days work. secretary-general.
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>> thank you. good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. never has an international community raise so much money on a single day for a single crisis. supporting syria and the region conference has been a great success. i would like to thank and highly command the prime minister and all sponsors in the chancellor and with germany than the prime minister of norway, for their leadership, engagement, and generous contributions. and many other countries very generous contributions. as of this moment just set by the prime minister more than 10 billion has been pledged, more than half, i think all the
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participants for their generosity and solidarity for the syrians who are experiencing horrendous conditions. we will continue region millions of people with life-saving aid. the premises of long term funding and alone mean that humanitarian and development possibilities will be able to work together to get children back into school, design employment programs, the commitment of countries hosting large numbers of refugees to open up their labor markets is a breakthrough. as the governments of jordan, lebanon and turkey for choosing solidarity over fear. i also encourage for 1.7 million
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children in jordan, lebanon and going to school and increase access to learning opportunities for children inside syria. perhaps most important i welcome the shared commitment of today's and to use their influence to end other human right abusers. what will most help the people of syria is not just for today, but hope for tomorrow. yet the party to the country we remain deeply divided even on humanitarian. we should not -- the coming day should be used to get back to the table not to secure more gains on the battlefield.
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the international community -- i think the government for hosting us today and think the cohost again and all participants for their commitment and leadership to the people of syria and to the peace and stability of the region. i think you very much. >> thank you very much secretary-general will not hear from two of our other cochairs they will come to the podiums. >> ladies and gentlemen secretary-general, i think it
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has been an important day with an important message for the people in syria, the people are suffering so desperately, all those that the place refugees in the country but also the refugees that have fled to the neighboring countries of syria would have found a new home or at least an opportunity to survive and live, an important signal, over the next years 11,000,000,000 dollars will will be made available and it is also very important that we would have 6,000,000,000 dollars for this year, ultimately it means the work needs to start straight away. before i talk about that i would like i would like to say thanks to turkey, lebanon, jordan, with their own population they are now prepared
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to share with the refugees from syria, this is incredible and for all of those that are receiving refugees we know what it means when you have so many new people that are trying to seek refuge in your country, it is an enormous effort and achievement. what we can do by providing some funds for you that if one element but what you do is much more important when so we want to do to help people not to have to embark on these very dangerous journeys that would take to europe. we would talk about many things today, we try to find answers to the humanitarian crisis, we want to secure the programs all for the
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united nations and unicef, germany has germany has made a contribution for 2016, 1.2 billion euros and so we have very much focused on supporting the program so food rations will not be reduced again. obviously talking about the education, the the education of the school children. as mentioned it will be very important. talking about education for children and work toward the adults. education and training for young people and jobs are for adults, that's for important will work very hard and very grateful to turkey in lebanon and jordan that they are now giving work permits because there is competition between those that have always been living in those countries and those who are newly common to those countries.
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the union will do everything possible to improve the conditions of certain prey trade so products can be sold, nothing is better for people than having an opportunity to be able to work. all in all, germany will germany will will make the 2.3 billion available, will start with that this year. i think the message of today's important. first of all 2016 will 16 will have the money for the important things but projects can be continued. we do have prospect for the future, that opportunity does not replace political places which need to be rethought for the future and called upon all people to come to a point where we don't create more misery, so we don't cause more people to free the country but we have a political process underway.
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i think this coming from the international community should be encouraging for all of those participating in the political process in order to make progress on behalf of the people. >> today all have agreed that we would have no lost generation due to the syria crisis. we have made access to learning education a top priority in our response. we should targets of this conference and i have been it's realistic as possible to house community children by 2016 and 2017, whether we can and say ensure safe learning inside syria when and where there's humanitarian access. i think we know this will not be either, today's conference has taken us steps in the right direction. a significant amount have been
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made available by donor countries and private sectors to invest in schools, to expand double shifts, to support non- formal education and much more. now it is time to start closing the education gap building on the great work that's already undertaking by the neighboring countries in partnership with the un and civil society. there is a lot to think that should be done for refugees in the neighboring countries and to help the situation inside syria. but education is an investment in syria's future. and in the future stability of the region. it's an investment in all of our common interests. i like to use the opportunity to thank the prime minister cameron and the government for their hospitality and the hard work
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they have put into this conference. i i would like to thank the other cohost and the u.s. secretary-general. luckily we should all think the governments of lebanon, jordan, and turkey for the big responsibility they take by hosting refugees who have sought protection. today we have shown that you can count on our increased support and the rest of the international community and your work and i think we have made great steps. i know we are all hoping and pressuring for also a solution, politically in syria so that when we are investing in education the youth of syria will have the possibility to go back and rebuild their country and not so far the future. thank you. >> [applause]. thank you very much indeed.
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thank you for the contribution and year code chairmanships. will now hear from the prime minister of kuwait and of turkey. >> it was a great pleasure for my country to participate in this very important conference. to be alongside the cohosts of this conference and at this conference we heard confirmation and reiteration of a commitment
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to put an end to the suffering of the syrian people and to speed up the implementation of the un resolution of which resolution number 2254. we have agreed on working mechanism to follow-up the results of this conference and to seek to find out what has been already achieved by the work of the un agencies through activities with iran in the future, among is the fewest humanitarian summit conference which will be held in istanbul at the end of may next. here i would like to extend my sincere thanks for all of the pleasures, the generous pledges
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that will help alleviate the suffering of the syrian people. i want to point out that it has been a lot of consensus and we must take more consensus in order to bring back security and stability. thank you very much indeed. >> thank you very much ladies and gentlemen, collects, and are cohost, first of all i would like to thank all of our cohost, all of them and the secretary of the united nations for this very timely, very meaningful conference. meaningful because it was a message to all victims of this crisis, syrians, children, men and women, everyone, it was because it was right at the same
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time so students were hoping to have two messages. one is and the other is political message. humanitarian message today was the message of hope. we are grateful for all those who contribute to the conference because this is a message to all that they are not alone. the world leaders are together, united. but message is not promising at all because the talks will not continue due to the situation on the ground. but we have to know all of us, if if there is no good message from genuine time there'll be heading more conferences in the
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future. we will have to spend more. spending is not so significant, more importantly is the lives, emotion, syrian people. also to note that we put in 2,541,897 in turkey, today. but tomorrow another 10000 may be added because of the situation so every day the number is increasing. we have 700,000 school-age children, 300,000 of them have access to educational services. we hope next year will be providing education for the rest of the 400,000. around 70,000 babies are are born in camps and 300,000 in other cities of turkey. 250,000 250,000 syrians are in camps,
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2.250000 are in the east, they have full access to all hospitals in turkey without any need to show documents. they have full access to service and education as i mentioned. in two weeks ago i declared that they have rights and access to labor market so they can work in turkey. because we see them as human beings, as as our brothers and sisters, the children who are born in turkey may be they are our children, our grandchildren, we'll take care of him, we have spent over $10 billion for most same amount of pledges today, for the rest of the refugees you can't mention what is the course we could reach. these are important as today we
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mentioned the turkish doors open to all because every week i'm visiting hospitals, sometimes every month we're visiting camps, we are seeing victims of these people, which are the most tragic ones of the second world war. we will open our policy, we will continue to help these people because as i said this morning our heart is much bigger than our budget. but the message was not promising, i don't want to give a negative impression. we hope next time that it will be better, but the west wearing message ladies and gentlemen, and less three days, russian
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warplanes and regime forces on the ground make foreign fighters but foreign fighters are part of the regime, they attacked and the humanitarian corridor door from turkey has been cut off. all they need, food, 300,000 people are leaving that are leaving from turkey. now i'm very sorry to say but at the same time from my hard time crying. this to manage or in now under the invasion of the form fighters in the regime forces by the support of russian warplanes. what we want to do today is exactly is that the siege of cell starvation.
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starvation siege methods are on the ground in syria. before coming here till now 10000 new refugees on our border, 30,000 new refugees this gate from camps and they are rushing to turkish border to have a safe haven free of the airstrikes. but 350 airstrikes against syrians. if this continues, if the corridor from turkey, all of us it is critical responsible for humanitarian nobody will be able to convince the position in
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syria to come to the table again. two weeks we could convince them to come to support the un effort in in spite of the crimes being committed there. but this this time it will be much more difficult. i urge all world leaders to work together to help humanitarian to people in syria like we did today but at the same time to fight against root causes of this crisis. again, i am grateful for all cohost, i hope it. [inaudible] the first ever world to mentoring settlement will be
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consulting on syria and all other humanitarian issues around the world. thank you very much. >> [applause]. >> finally we will hear from prime minister from lebanon and his excellency the deputy prime minister of jordan. >> ladies and gentlemen, i start by thanking the u.k. prime minister for the successful organization of this conference and also the cohosts for their support to realize what we all
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expect success at this conference. i would also like to refer to our partners in this refugees situation, jordan and turkey and i would like to say today was a dynamic day, very educated day, the speeches, with interventions and all the positions taken to highlight the difficult situation our countries and refugees are undergoing. we are all -- if it seems to be
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the first time in international pledge of this size is taking place. it is important since of this pledge, it's a necessary mechanism to allow for the sending of all the funds to the needed countries into the world that is being done. and education, and, and comic opportunities, and jobs, in every aspect. i have to say, we on our part are delivering. we are delivering because we are
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headstrong, all engaged in this life and giving all the instability, all the ache taking all the measures needed to keep the refugees not only in their homes under shelter, with the receiving education and food but also preserving their dignity, preserving their human feeling at a time when unfortunately atrocities are being committed bite right and left in the region in syria in particular. and damage to the people of that region is a nonstop and
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therefore if we would stress the importance of the political solution for many other situation in the region and worldwide it is collective international, genuine has to be deployed, we appeal and request to all, especially the big partners, especially and in particular. >> will not give up, we won't continue handling the situation and will look for more meetings and more sharing the difficulties. thank you, all of you for all of you that you have been doing and we will keep our promises on our
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part. >> thank you very much prime minister. a huge thanks to the government and people of the united kingdom for your hospitality and for the efficient organization of this conference which i believe has produced a historic outcome. it is truly nothing short of historic. if there is any conference -- we was missed it today. thank you also to all the cochairs, secretary general, prime minister and of course kuwait and turkey in lebanon, and our partners. let me just say that today was extremely important in terms of the pledges that we saw about. this was the political conference, this was a
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conference that was designed, in my opinion to invest in the security and stability of the region and consequently the security and stability of many countries, not least of all the security of europe and the rest of the world. it is truly a noble issue we're dealing with. having said that and having mentioned to many in previous discussions that there has to be a holistic approach to the crisis in syria and everything that is related to the crisis in syria. we have seen this week and this week only, this hugely important conference a discussion also on our continued effort regarding extremism and terrorism and how to fight the combat effectively but also we saw the launch of negotiations in geneva.
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yes they're suspended for now but a collective effort and determination to have them resume as soon as possible. ladies and gentlemen there is no humanitarian solution to the crisis in syria. there is a political solution that will end humanitarian suffering. there's a political solution that will help us all fight extremism and terrorism which is again a global threat. so i believe we are all in this together. this humanitarian crisis unprecedented humanitarian crisis has built over to the countries neighboring city but the overflow of the spillover has been witnessed by many not least all in europe. after six years i think you know the facts and figures, almost six years of this crisis jordan has today a population 20% happen to be syrian. this is something no country or government or political or economic could cope with. our aim is to ensure that jordan
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will ensure carrying the burden of searing refugees as we have reached our limits because we have been stretched way beyond its ability. let me quote from this morning when he said, my partner with jordan in supporting our refugee response you will not only be addressing the urgent needs of millions, you'll be helping my country continue to do the right thing. >> ..
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let us not forget the humanitarian situation elsewhere in syria, starvation and needless death from disease and different towns and villages in syria, particularly one likable maia that must keep us up at night in order to find solutions. let us not also forget palestinian refugees and the plight of refugees everywhere around the world. let's hope this is an example of how we can lead effectively with these issues. help us to help the syrians, help us to help you so that we can help each other address the syrian situation effectively. just a couple of words in arabic, if i may, prime minister and your colleagues.
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[speaking in native tongue] >> translator: i want to reiterate my thanks her excellency we are facing those challenges as an international community. the results of the syrian refugee, as a region this is a political conference. and a distinguished way and as this morning of course as far as the priorities concern for him is the
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jordanian solution. and of course there were positive and appreciated. we have come. expecting security and piece, having the generosity of heart and hand, everyone who fears for his life as congress, everyone who wants to find a home has found a home. so therefore we give our thanks to great britain and have to continue. achieving a political solution because there is no other solution for this basic problem.
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must be a political solution. achieve the political solution by coordinating efforts and actions in whatever we do. thank you very much and thank you for the coast. thank you. >> thank you very much. previous conference new line every time it seems the refugee crisis. it's not the danger, same thing this time around and all the treasures will ring rather hollow.
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very specific question, after meetings today how confident are you in getting the backing of eu leaders? >> all our say is that it will make a difference. it will make a difference in terms of saving lives, providing shelter and food and these are important and today we will make a difference. that you are absolutely right. every speaker has said a political solution is required. we start with cease-fires and then moved to a transitional government and in the end will we need in syria is what we need everywhere in the world.
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while we have done today is raise the pledges. now we need to see the money they are able to provide for themselves and their families in the countries neighboring syria. a real breakthrough not just terms of money but how we handle the refugee crisis. as for the 2nd issue, i have the opportunity, lots of positive meetings. today is not about britain in europe. it's about syria, syrian refugees and i think we have gone a long way to raising money that will be needed this year.
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[speaking in native tongue] >> translator: whatever was decided today, is going to help germany and the germans? a kind of liberating coup. today we sign a very impressive way how people in syria suffer and how difficult it is for the refugees and how they find refuge in the neighboring countries and therefore that is the top priority for me. but nobody leaves the country without thinking about it. at least who have been displaced within syria or have to move more than 5 million outside of syria who have been displaced. and we do everything possible to make sure they don't need to be away from their home country in the conference here made a
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significant contribution to this. nevertheless, it does not replace the responsibility of europe. we see the neighboring countries making available, the inhabitants who accommodate a lot of refugees. it is important that your makes a contribution, contribute to the fact that people smugglers and illegality is about a legal way to fight, the reasons for fleeing and for exodus to offer jobs, prospects for the future and keep working toward making sure that europe to meet its other obligations. >> a question from kuwaiti tv. [speaking in native tongue]
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>> translator: is there a difference on the philosophy i would like to ask i would like to thank all the countries that have applauded what kuwait is done and of course other cohosts. now the position as far as commitment toward brethren, brothers and sisters, now the philosophy of the conference, of course, the basic contest his have
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opportunity for education, jobs to be created there is the responsibility on us all together with the united kingdom and germany to offer the programs, and we were capable of submitting the ideas, and he has told you what has been achieved through the pledges. but i want to say that the three conferences, yes, collate wanted to go even further. quite wanted to go further. the 2nd and 3rd conference were question of special treatment for the neighboring countries which have paired the tremendous
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weight of receiving syrian refugees and therefore we earmark a very large part, very large percentage so that we can help our brothers and jordan end in turkey, but we went even further. to egypt in europe command once we concentrated on opening opportunities for health and education in order to help those host countries show appreciation for what they are doing to receive huge numbers, i believe this is taken into consideration the actual needs of the syrian people as far as education is concerned and the opportunities of work and we hope your going to find a political solution so sought after that it will put an end to the suffering in
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syria. >> the government and people of kuwait have played an absolutely superb role in bringing together the world for last three years to raise money for this vital refugee appeal, and i applaud the work they have done. i think it is important this year to build on that work and is why i was honored to cochair this conference because this is not just affect the region. it affects us all as human beings and right here in europe, and it is important to bring the world together and ask everyone to do what they can to raise the money because that is essential but also to support the neighboring countries and aa look at new ways of helping with refugee crisis such as this by allowing families to sustain themselves in the region is people's 1st choice is to go back to syria.
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they can go back to the country they love in the homes that have built. their 2nd choice is probably to stay in the region and work in sustain themselves. and so it is right that this crisis affects us all. but i. but i absolutely applaud the role that kuwait has played and continues to play. with that, i think everyone who has come so far. thank everyone for their generosity. they call those who have helped organize what has been a successful conference thank you. [applause] ♪ ♪
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>> friday on c-span2 live road to the white house coverage, campaign event in manchester, new hampshire. 8:30 a.m. eastern time. >> am voting for bernie sanders because he's honest and has a good record. >> the election is important to participate in because it is an historic race in our country has never been more polarized. if you don't participate you don't have a voice. >> this year is going to be historic. either side to give us the 1st female president.
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>> the citizens of this country, growing national debt. ♪
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>> good morning. can everyonemorning. can everyone take your seat so that we can start the program? we want to get started this morning. we have a great line appearance morning, and we are excited that everyone is here. and as i mentioned before, i am representative robert ater hold and i am privileged to be here with my cochair juan vargas from the state of california. [applause] just so you know, over the past 13 months we have been praying and working and pranks more about what happens over the next 75 minutes. we prayed at this table together, pray for you here in this ballroom floor for those in the artillery room them overflow room which are probably enjoying a better breakfast than we are.
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we have pray for everyone that is listening or present because we believe that jesus and his reconciling power prayer is so desperately needed these days. thank you for showing up and for your prayers. here is the most obvious thing you will hear. we need all the help it can get. i would like to introduce my cochair. now he serves in the jungles of the house of representatives. [applause] 's finger upon chicken ranch and quite honestly that is a high qualification for government service in my district. he brings great joy and passion to his new responsibilities, and i wish you could all spent a couple hours with them. what is so maddening about
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the place we work is that there is so much division. it prevents us from appreciating each other and from understanding the wonderful strings 345 unique individuals found, and if you are not from around here you might not know that want -- and we call him paco. he is a progressive democrat i am a conservative republican. ourvoting records are probably about a similar is our hairstyles. but i love him. i know he loves me because we share a common friend, jesus. >> he served 20 years in the house which is like 90 dog
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years, i think. [applause] >> a judge in the gray one. good at seeing things from all sides and all angles. i represent southern california folks with the deep faith. one of the landmarks is a beautiful 60-foot high sandstone bridge, and like that robert is able to connect people. he brings them together. they have the responsibility houses had such a group for 15 years now. republicans, democrats, older, young girl members admin and folks from different faith traditions.
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much to accomplish but making progress by coming together in unity around jesus. this morning's event is a big public version of what we do intimately and privately every week the houses in session. we hope will make progress. when ideally would like to plant in your mind is despite our busy schedules and all our differences we may time to come together every week and pray if aa chicano from california and a conservative judge alabama can do it, why not you? [applause] >> i would like to introduce to you who would be leaving this morning. hold your applause until i introduce the entire table. way down to my right is the hero of alabama the national
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champion university of alabama. [applause] and asked them to carry us through the program. thank you for being here. thanks we have our counterparts from the other chamber here with us sen. senator chen cana virginia and senator john bozeman of arkansas, and they will be sharing greetings from the senate group shortly. and you should know that in about an hour they will start working on the 2017 breakfast. gentlemen, thank you for your leadership. >> thank you. >> most important to me i would like to introduce my beautiful wife of 25 years. you are truly a gift.
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you truly are a gift from god. next is a distinguished member of the presidents cabinet. but she has dubbed the department of opportunity. prior to federal service he was a mayor in san antonio, texas. next is the 1st lady, michelle obama. [applause] and it is not possible to hold your applause for her. a lawyer,a lawyer, writer, and wife of the 44th that current president on president barack obama, 1st african-american first lady of the united states dates and has become a role model. continuing down the table is
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our brand-new. speaker of the house. we have not even cut the tags off of him yet. a great colleague is a lot of energy, knowledge, and faith in our areorder to have him with us while he is still fresh. sitting next to him as democratic leader and former speaker of the house of california. been a strong and gracious forces so many issues and she will offer a reading from the scripture. we are blessed. thank you. we have been blessed by trying to put down in the center of our relationship each day. i appreciate her being here and by the way, adrian and
12:54 am
wildlife have informed juan and myself that this does not count as a date. [applause] we tried. next, keynote speakers who will be introduced in the bed. the honorable judge robert r grigsby for the district of columbia superior court who serve the nation and so many ways including service in the united states army for 34 years. this makes in the 1st district judge ever deployed to the theater of war. blessed to have him as a member of the weekly prayer group will offer a prayer for national leaders. next, distinguished rabbi all the worlds great religious traditions to find common ground. he will offer reading the scriptures.
12:55 am
>> they will each approach the podium when it is their turn. thank you for being here in the us this morning. [applause] >> i would like to introduce a returning favorite artist. [applause] all around the world, pleased to share his gifts with you this morning, heavenly bread. seeing in italian. listen to his words in english. heavenly bread becomes the bread of all mankind, brett
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frombread from the angelic host is the end of all imagination and images. all miraculous thing even the poorest, most humble service amen. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> i can promise you one thing next year we will be following that. [applause] it really is a pleasure to be with you.
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i greatly appreciate his friendship. together we realized they were part of a very, very long, great tradition. humbling to think this prayer breakfast at the meeting longer than either of us is but alive. it is exciting to think also it will be going on a long time after we are gone. we meet, pray, have personal prayer requests, someone shares the testimony or spiritual thought who will believe in our ship to come in our fellowship orare week centered on the teachings of jesus can make such a difference. it is not logical. it is a matter of the heart.
1:02 am
i encourage all of you is you back to communities a sample we had today in every week in the house and senate , that is how you change hearts in the world. >> good morning. what a wonderful occasion. it is truly good to be here with my friend. when ii was young aspen part of 1980 and 81 living which is what missionaries and learned from that experience the power of a small group in advancing your spiritual life, and it has been my blessing with a group ofa group of legislators when i was lieutenant governor and governor and now in the senate working with my friends in the senate and
1:03 am
the senate prayer breakfast tradition. we are hearing a large room command there is greatness. there is greatness in small rooms. i encourage you to advance your spiritual life by joining a small group that focuses on spiritual fellowship. and now word of introduction. my came to the senate within nine wants to govern of the united states shut down. when the government reopens we had a hard task of our shoulders which was the congress was charged with finding a budget deal by the end of the calendar year. i'm on the budget committee and got to watch my chairwoman, great friend, sen. pattysenator patty murray work with the house than budget chair paul ryan.
1:04 am
i came to know my observation is a personal strong principle,, but a person who knows the american people send us your to express our opinions but to be principled and respect and work with the principle of others, and they found the deal that enabled us to move forward. want to offer a prayer for the speaker. and let us not grow weary are doing good. ladies and gentlemen the speaker of the house. [applause] >> i was quite nice. thank you very much.
1:05 am
>> i want to applaud there work to raise awareness. [applause] i also want to welcome you to washington. >> prayer is a part of our national heritage. because all the way back to the declaration of independence. we believe our rights god. our job is officeholders is to protect those rights. we should ask for guidance as we seek to do his will. i noticed a growing impatience with prayer in our culture.
1:06 am
praying for someone or something, the attitude in some quarters these days, to something about it. when you are praying you are doing something about it. [applause] you are feeling the presence of god. even when your about to start some great undertaking they feel the worst pain involved. they feel alone. how my going to you through this? why is this happening to me? why have you forsaken me? that is why there is nothing more comforting for more humbling of the year someone say i am praying for you
1:07 am
because when you hear that you realize your not alone. god is there. 100s if not thousands if not millions of people are speaking to him in your bath. they are praying for you, the person. it says a lot about our country the people of both parties and all face will drop everything and pray for the fellow americans. we believe the dignity of the end of the human person which is why prayer should always come 1st. all americans believe this, but as christians we especially can appreciate this truth. we believe god came down from heaven and became a man with the name of the body so
1:08 am
that we can know him and begin to understand. he could raise us to new heights in the next. it is a miracle. that is why we should rejoice always. in all circumstances give thanks. thank you and welcome. [applause]
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>> i think in these few days we are together there is such a spirit of love and joy and affection, says that an environment is produced these days that elicits the best is a constant struggle and everyone to find a way in which our best selves emerge. and the south of manifests the love of god and the love ones fellow human being, and it calls us to something higher, to a calling that gives us the mobility of what it means to be a child of god. in the spirit i would like to read from the book of isaiah chapter 58, reading that is done every day of atonement an adversary guy
1:10 am
throughout the world. it is a day incidentally were jews fast. and it on the very day when jews fast read this. as such the fast that i choose the day for a man to humble himself, to bow down his head like a rush when you call this a fast and a day except the lord, is not this the fast that i choose? to lose the bonds of wickedness and you see the
1:11 am
naked to cover him enough tied yourself well flush. spring show speed up speedily. the glory of the lord shall be air guard and you shall call in the lord will answer if you take away from the messages the oak the satisfy for the desire of the afflicted and then show your life rise in the darkness and your loom be as the noonday in the lord will guide you continually and satisfy your desire with good things, make your bones strong command you shall be like a watered garden,
1:12 am
spring of water is waters fail not injure ancient ruins shall be rebuilt, you shall raise up the foundations of many generations, be called the repairs of the breach, the restorer streets dwelling. >> good morning. president and mrs. obama, cochair and all distinguished guests with us this morning, on this day of hope and of harmony let us play. do lord we gather here is one connected by the
1:13 am
strength of our faith, our pride in this great nation and by our common bond as children of god. let us remember that each of us is loved equally in the as our lord and let us serve as instruments the spread your mercy to our brothers and sisters. jesus told the disciples in the book of matthew that only do unto the least among us we doing to him, so just as the grace of god provides nourishment our souls and sanctuary for spirit, we must provide food to the hungry, care for the ailing, shelter to the poor. the bible instructs us to find unity in our faith and compassion for all men and women to the example of christ, and i pray that we
1:14 am
will find inspiration from the 2nd chapter of philippians which reads so if there is any encouragement in christ, any comfort, any participation in the spirit, and the affection and sympathy complete module by being of the same mind command the same love, in full accord another one might do nothing from rivalry or conceit but in humility can i was more significant than yourself. yourself. let each of you look not only to his own interest but also to the interest of others. have this in mind among yourselves which is yours in christ, jesuschrist, jesus who he was in the form of god did not count equality with god a thing to be grasped that by taking the form of a servant and being
1:15 am
born in the likeness of men. amen. thank you and god bless. >> good morning. mr. president and mrs. obama for all of the distinguished guests gathered in prayer, i know we all want to thank congressman juan vargas for making this morning's breakfast such a success,, and i thank them for giving me the opportunity to read the following reading from the gospel of john. in the gospels of john we see the golden rule that stands at the heart of the gospel. as we here these words we know that this message, this command of love is not confined to the new
1:16 am
testament. the same sametestament. the same message that stands at the center of the torah and the teachings of the prophet mohammed. from the torah it says love your neighbor as yourself. and for mohammed none of you have faith and tony loves for his brother or neighbor what he loves himself. and now from the gospel of john come over for the feast of the passover when jesus knew that his hour had come to depart out of this world to the father jesus knowing that the father had given all things and that he had come from god it was going to god and when he had finished washing the feet
1:17 am
people in close and returned to his place. do you understand what i have done for you he asked? you call me teacher and lord. and rightly so for that is what i am. now that i, your lord and teacher have washed your feet you should also wash one another's feet. i have set you an example you should do as i have done for you. very truly i tell you the server is greater than his master. nor is any messenger greater than the one who sent him. now you know these things. you will be blessed if you do them. a little while later jesus said as the father has loved me so i have loved you. they'll remain in my love. if you keep my commands you will remain in my love. i have told you this so that
1:18 am
my joy may be with you and your joy may be complete. my command is this, love each other as i have loved you. greater lovegreater love has no one than this to lay down his life. >> listen to jesus prayer for us. my prayer is not for them alone. i've pray also for those who will believe in me through their message that all of them may be one just as you are in me and i am in you. and they also be in us so that the world may believe that you have sent me. i have given them the glory you gave me that they may be one as we are one. i and him and you and me so that they may guide us to complete unity. that is the gospel of the lord.
1:19 am
answer this prayer of togetherness community, and love. may we be united by our service to god and to one another. [applause] >> good morning. this is truly the day the lord is made. let us rejoice and be delighted. live in a country where we can come together in piece, fellowship, and communion after you praise and glory, and honor. we ask that you watch over our president as he
1:20 am
literally carries the weight of the world on the shoulders continue to lead and guide him a blessing that the courage of david and the wisdom of solomon. bless allbless all of our national leaders all branches of our government. charged with the great responsibility to bring hope in the midst of hopelessness. bali and fuse our leaders a call action to protect those it cannot protect themselves. as dr. king said allies begin and end the day we become silent about things that truly matter. let our leaders never forget that is a global community our strength, dignity, and humanity are all closely linked to our willingness to help each other. i pray that our leaders are led by faith because our faith lets us know you hear us.
1:21 am
because we have been granted this awesome responsibility to lead the have the legal and moral obligation to strive for better conditions worldwide. your word in our faith provide us guidance, the gospel of matthew teaches that we must 1st cast out the beam out of thine own eye and then cast out the moat out of my brother's eye. impress upon our leaders the profound us of his passage. i pray that our leaders will understand that our positions of leadership must constantly sit in judgment of ourselves, not an easy or comfortable task but one that is essential when i have a prayer meeting or during times of self reflection must examine actions in the crucible of faith. solomon is reminded of the promise if our people remain faithful than our government
1:22 am
here them. faith has been vital to me. i am proud to share my faith with our national leaders because this patient has invested so much in me. i am humbled and honored to have served in afghanistan and iraq as the united states army officer. sustained well served in combat zones away from wife and son, but more importantly while i was paralyzed shortly after returning from afghanistan, while wife and i relied on our faith to sustain us and keep us. without faith i know i would not be standing here today. i literally would not be standing here today. her mind our leaders he told us to have faith in all we do. not just when it is popular or convenient.
1:23 am
let them know through prayer and faith are brave soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines that works secure our homeland will return home when war will be no more. the minor leaders the faithful sustain them, keep them, and guide them where i know firsthand it is because of my faith in the power of prayer i stand before you today and pray that with continued faith and perseverance our president will be strengthened, fortified my guided, and directed to lead this great nation and be a beacon of justice and piece around the world. in thein the precious name of jesus i give thanks. amen. [applause]
1:24 am
>> mark burnett, two of television's most successful producers, made over 3,000 hours of american tv that has never 70 countries and received an emmy awards. you know them from the productions of some of television's most iconic shows including the voice and their major motion pictures. chief content officer of wide works media. and they give you an idea of so there were we will look
1:25 am
at a brief clip from the hit television series. ♪ ♪ >> people are flocking. some call him the messiah. >> preparing the way. >> what are we going to do? >> change the water. >> there is the kingdom of heaven. >> what are you saying?
1:26 am
>> king comes. >> something unusual. >> something unusual about the ability to cause havoc. >> the disturbance today, i will crush any rebellion. ♪ >> forgive them. they know not what they do. [applause] >> please join me in welcoming the 1st husband-and-wife couple to ever address this breakfast. [applause]
1:27 am
>> okay. >> good morning. madam first lady, senators, congressmen, members of armed forces, esteemed foreign representatives and guests comeau we are grateful to be here this year. we areyear. we are used to sitting out there i love this prayer breakfast. especially grateful to be speaking of president obama's last prayer breakfast.
1:28 am
>> we work together and have been together every day producing the bible and assumed the epic feature film then her. and i just have to acknowledge as to morgan freeman who is here today who is one of the stars. [applause]
1:29 am
spending so much time together as husband and wife is a blessing in the challenge and perhaps the real miracle is that we are still speaking to each other. as business partners we had different styles and approaches. my tapped gently and adore and my husband my kick the door down. and both can be effective and like all partnerships we learn to work as a team. there is an art to public speaking, should feel like a graceful dance. speaking today we willwill try not to step on each other's toes. i'm reminded of some of the great dancers from the past like fred astaire and ginger rogers to move so well together and remember the ginger did everything printed backwards and in
1:30 am
high heels. [applause] of course for the girls, he may be able to tell i am irish for my husband and his english, but we don't hold that against them. [laughter] >> okay. i admit it. i was born in england, but i am lucky to be an american citizen so we can officially celebrate fourth of july. [applause] i amhave also lucky, the only person in the room is married to an actual angel. i have been tested by an angel. well, we are married. >> i was born and raised in northern ireland, and the
1:31 am
2nd city of the north. as you all know it was home to a great deal of violence and unrest particularly in the 1970s and 80s. the river flows to the middle segregating the communities, catholics of the one side of protestants on the other and never the 20 meet. and we hardly ever cross the river to the other side. and as are scary and often dangerous times when shootings and bombings became a way of life. when i was ten years of age or mother died and i remember going to visit her grave when a fierce gunbattle broke out the cemetery. and i narrowly missed being shot. the bullet hole sends the code i was wearing and missed my head by inches. surely i must of had an angel watching over me that day.
1:32 am
enter my teenage years i can remember sitting in my little bedroom on the street we lived looking out at the ring and listening over and over to one of the only cassettes i owned, simon and garfunkel's greatest hits. [applause] and i love the lyrics for a created a political where you could here the size of silence and it seemed possible that you could really build a bridge over troubled waters. and the lyrics painted a picture for me of america, and the seat was planted. the american dream represents freedom and opportunity and there is a young irish teenager in american dream was born in my heart. >> so many immigrants before us this great country has provided us with the opportunity to make our dreams reality.
1:33 am
>> we both came seeking that same american dream. thirty years ago i left the british army parachute regiment and moved to los angeles zero skills. i did need a job and a place to live and had a friend who lived in beverly hills work as a chauffeur for rich family. there was a job advertised. it was a live-in position in beverly hills the pain hundred and $25 a week in the job came with a room of a car, and even cable tv. the trouble was there were two words at the front which made no sense for a guy from the parachute regiment, childcare. [laughter]
1:34 am
my friend told me it was a waste of time even going to the interview, but i remember him saying, come on. i do i was desperate, so i showed up at night in beverly hills for a job interview. it was crazy. keep in mind, i was 22 years of age and had just come out of the army. the husband again what on earth i thought i was doing there. hit a three -year-old from this marriage 17 and 19 from the previous and what is he possibly need another 22 -year-old kid for. [laughter] what he said he needed was a nanny and a housekeeper. just then his wife cut them off and said you have an
1:35 am
accent. ma'am, i am from london. hell, we love london. he did not crack a smile. he was just annoyed. annoyed. he started drilling media rid of me. this job isn'this job is just about chasing a three -year-old around the beverly hills estates. you need to do some cleaning. can you claim? i just left four years in the british army. they came out with a white glove to inspector lockers every no one ever found a speck of dust on my locker. and he asked me, okay, can you do laundry? sir, laundry call washing and ironing. i could iron a shirt with a to sharp you could shave with it. [laughter] patty was loving this.
1:36 am
but then having finally got me said mark mckinney cook. i censor, british. my mom can't even cook. [applause] anyway, i thought i was in getting the job, a few hours later she called and said it was aa tough sell, but he got the job. start tomorrow. and then i began as a domestic out many housekeeper at 624 north beverly drive beverly hills. last year we were or company in the mgm may be the president of mgm television. i was given an office right next to gary barber, the chairman and ceo.
1:37 am
the watching a look at this incredible view and then dawned on me, the address of this building. [applause] you have to know this can only happen in america. it is the american dream. >> there are certain things that can only happen in america. when i emigrated from ireland i lived in new york city, and the 1st job i had was checking coats and a fancy upper west side restaurant. the meals were lovely but expensive and i never could have afforded eat there.
1:38 am
when i checked the coats ii would get a quarter a coat or sometimes a dollar on average. one night i checked the code of regis philbin, the very 1st celebrity that i ever met command he give me a $20 chip command i thought i'd died and went to heaven. [applause] in a few years later living in los angeles starring a tv show cultus by an angel with millions of viewers, and zero was invited to fly back to new york and be a guest on the regis philbin show. checking coats one moment, starring on television the next, only in america. and i remember telling regis the story too many laughed and laughed and was so glad that he had stiffed me.
1:39 am
[laughter] [applause] anyway, ten years i have the privilege of playing the angel monica on television of the sith the great deliveries. and we were undercover angels who showed up at a crossroads in people's lives , often when they hit the bottom there is aa god, he loves us, and he wants to be part of our life. and before we found these angel revelations games each
1:40 am
week it would pray a very simple prayer calista biko more. and we prayed because we hoped we would be used to test people's hearts and open there lives to god and thankfully that happened at the time. been so blessed. we are both so fortunate is an incredibly grateful. >> we are really fortunate and very grateful, but our faith has led us to an entirely bill onbella tv and film careers on family-friendly franchises and shows like as was mentioned.
1:41 am
the voice, prentice, shark tank, survivor, often every week four nights at a seven where the number one show in america. it is a lot of leverage, which is what matters in hollywood. we took that until hollywood we wanted to make a brand-new series called the bible. yes, the bible on prime time american tv. [applause] of course our friends told us we would destroy our great careers is mixing entertainment religion is going to make people angry, but they separated is because no one is going to watch the bible on prime time tv. they know the story and can get it in church. as the americans no, the bible in the most talked about television show in america, the number one series of the year and
1:42 am
100 million of you watching. [applause] and here is really great, the bible was showing canada but the shirt up against the 1st games in the national hockey league. but head-to-head the bible beat hockey. [applause] the bible is also obvious to show called the walking dead and one. my favorite headline ran on cnn, got beat zombies. [applause] that far more important than the ratings for the stories a family sitting together in their living room, the stories of how gun law for
1:43 am
us unfolded through the ages because faith was and is alive and well in america. in this series helps to ignite a much larger conversation by god and faith. we were also humbled before inspired to see us daring to speak out about our love jesus, daring to talk about our faith in god and our sincere belief in the power of prayer. i have never made a decision in my life big or small that i did not pray about 1st. i dare friend said it was
1:44 am
once the most dangerous prayer you can pray is not use me because then you have to be ready that he might just do so. all we did was asking jesus. >> end-users he did, trust me. it was a tv show, but we are also still telling a story of the most sacred book of all time and we knew we had to get it back. i really important, huge responsibility on our shoulders. first thing we do is sign up for scholars, many of you are in this room right now. you know who you are and backed us from the beginning and stood shoulder to shoulder with you.
1:45 am
it was difficult to bridge all this theological between the denominations, but we prayed our way through the process and managed to create a series that brought people together and glorified god. it is fair to say that we have become hollywood's noisiest christians. [applause] at least 90 million americans attend church each sunday in this country. that is more fun inspiration and hope the person, story, and teachings of jesus christ. the mainstream community, they watch the nfl, the voice, buy a, buy a ticket to star wars and go to beyoncé concerts. it is a community of us jesus, loves the country, aa cool committee made up of millions of young believers.
1:46 am
they are vibrant part of the new american economy. it is a very broad audience indeed. a community that we are proud to be a part of and the community that has covered us in prayer. we almost became the international spokespeople for the bible. >> the making of the series was covered in prayer every step away. i can still remember sitting in the moroccan desert reading scripture with actors bring together with them as they prepared for scene. we were getting ready to shoot the crucifixion scene i sent out an e-mail requesting that prayer for be sent ahead of us to clear the way, emotional and spiritual challenges of them make such scene as well as the physical challenge because we had to hang an
1:47 am
actor across. in the day the winds were high and the sun was scorching and we pray for safety and that would use the series to open hearts to him, andcommand we had a man on the set his job was to wrangle snakes and scorpions from each of the locations. on the morning of the crucifixion he removed 48 states around the hillside command we believe that was the power of prayer and the symbolism of the snake not lost on any of us. and we also prayed as we cast the series from only a few months away from beginning filming as though had not cast the most important role we asked that
1:48 am
the right actually show up. his touching and performances jesus help to inspire millions of people around the world. >> that role was so important and was the answer to prayer and the incredible hispanic actor beautifully portrays jesus and the bible series and everyone in the
1:49 am
country was talking about the sector, and it reminds me of a great story. what was an all black men and one was an all white men. they love each other and did everything together. sure he was black and the old white man was just a short that he was a white man. neither could ever get together. when babies great friends time together in a car accident. on the way up to heaven help black man said you're about to find out who is right. you what man said i'm sorry you have to find out this way because you're going to see is in fact a white man. they get their great anticipation and jesus walked up to meet them he smelled them and said by mysterious. [applause]
1:50 am
[applause] i suppose he could of been irish. he lived at home until he was 30. he never got married. and his mother thought it was god. [applause] as a husband and wife producers team not only do we get to do love to do, but we get to do it together and have fun. but we also know that being in media comes with responsibility. those to whom much is given much is expected. we are so pleased that our faith has reinvigorated faith and family programming
1:51 am
in the country and has hopefully -- [applause] and hopefully inspired a new generation of artists to invest their talent and content that inspires and unifies. this is why we named the company that produces the bible white workers media. because we've always believed that it is far more effective to light a candle than to curse the darkness. let me say that again. they believe it is far more effective to light the candle than to curse the darkness. and that is really trying to do. we keep letting candles. >> it is very difficult to
1:52 am
bring people together. did you know if i'll be learned there are over 30 thousand denominations. think about that. it's crazy. and many have argued about their views for thousands of years. for us working across the protestant and catholic community and a detailed of the jewish community was very challenging to make everyone happy as we told the story of the bible. but we worked hard, many people advise this closely and we learn to become bridge builders. >> building bridges has become so much of our mission. i know the power of the bridge froma bridge from my own life's journey growing up in war-torn northern ireland.
1:53 am
today if you go today you will find something new, pieces been restored and there is now walking bridge built across the river and it is aptly called the peace bridge. and it stands in defiance of all that will survive this. protestant and catholic children played together but more than that the overarching feeling, the leaders in northern ireland finally sat down and talk to each other and listen to each other and started work things out together. we are at a time in the world's history where there is so much pain and fear and division everywhere in these divisions show up and race and religion and politics. dividing lines are easy to find.
1:54 am
the bridges to piece in a harder. maybe i'll find our dividing lines and work until we build our own bridges of piece across them. on this day of the national prayer breakfast that it begins with us. perhaps a good place to start is to simply see the image of god in the eyes of everyone you meet. as jesus said, by this everyone will know that you follow me, that you love one another, but in the spirit is the power to faiths. we know the television and film can be powerful ways of
1:55 am
bringing inspiration and hope through emotional stories that open your heart. as my dear friend the late my angela said, before forget what she said, people will forget what you did. but people will never forget how you made them feel. thank you so much. may god bless you. [applause] [applause] [applause] [applause]
1:56 am
>> while. >> thank you again. thank you so much. and that then we came together today to 11 year for the president of the united states mr. president, we were in moscow theater at lunch of our smartest classmates and i asked him who i thought was really
1:57 am
really smart. this guy named barack obama. there is still time. you are a young man. all kidding aside, we honor you for your dignity. they are you for your integrity. ladies and gentlemen: last time a national prayer breakfast is my and it is the president of the united states. [applause]
1:58 am
>> thank you. [applause] >> good morning. praise and honor to god. cochairs robert in one. i will begin the confession. i always felt a tinge of guilt motor kidding appear at the heart of rush hour. i suspect that not all the commuters were blessing me
1:59 am
as they waited to get to work. ..
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