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tv   2016 New Hampshire Primary Results  CSPAN  February 9, 2016 8:00pm-10:01pm EST

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they were stuck in place for a long time and we thought it was a huge voter turnout. as it stands it turned out to be a traffic issue to get the voters into the polling place. i last checked the moderator was going to play by ear and see how much longer they needed to extend the polls. they have been dealing with a heavy crowd and the crowd has alleviated, people are getting the chance to vote but it has been a hiccup in the community of merrimack. at the bottom of
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your screen you can see 2% of the boat coming in. we will keep you up-to-date at the bottom and will continue to bring you our analyst throughout the night tonight. >> will see a grasp of the situation down there. >> because of traffic updates and traffic problems from years past the police chief recommended making a new traffic pattern for people getting to the polls this year. that turned out to be a mistake. that is what caused the problems in merrimack today. because of that they extended the hours at the voting polls and technically at this point the voting polls have a closed. anybody that is in the parking lot right now that has made it to the high school will be able to vote. the town moderator said she is very sorry for any of those stuck in traffic and many may have decided to turn around and that was not her intent at all. >> thank you suzanne, that was
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great. breaking news. on republican say, abc news calling this race for donald trump as winner of the new hampshire primary. on the democratic side they're calling the race for bernie sanders. >> so the race as it stands now if you stick with us we will continue to watch and talk about the numbers as they come in. the race on the republican side with donald trump ahead of the campaign was expected somewhat. now the real question is who is in a second, third, fourth, fifth spot. >> as you noticed there was a very tight third place right now. we will watch as that that developed. let's get out to the sanders campaign. >> a big cheer went up about 30 seconds ago and they called the race for bernie sanders. we saw early on it was looking like it was going to be a good night for
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him. essentially it is how big the margin will be. that's what the story was coming into the night. it would have been a tremendous shock had hillary clinton defeated bernie sanders. the question is by how much, we just talked about this a moment ago. >> that's what he really needed to have the momentum. people will look back at i was a a few votes here and there, bernie sanders could be two-zero right now. now just looking ahead to south carolina. the probably not expected, we ask spector to go and re-examine her campaign structure. it's been a good night for bernie sanders. we been putting it into perspective all night long. senator bernie sanders used to be the guy to invite down for your labor day breakfast to fire up the crowd, i don't think anyone in new hampshire at the top level politics that he would
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be up paul presidential candidate or the winner of a first in the nation primary. i believe michael dukakis one by 16 that year. he has done something not only rare for him but rare in the democratic primary. >> you can see his candidacy emerge and it was reflected by the actions of the hillary clinton in the democratic party. hillary clinton never mentioned bernie sanders early on. and that she had to start addressing bernie sanders more. and he's been more the national media as well. they thought maybe we should re-examine our methods. and you heard hillary talk about things that bernie was talking about. income equality, closing the gap, ending the denomination on wall street. it's a remarkable story for
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bernie sanders is but a good night. >> is certainly a celebration for the senator tonight for the is ready to go wild. i think it is about five or 6000 people that you can fit, maybe less than that because of the massive media presence. there are dozens and dozens of cameras here to capture the moment for bernie sanders. >> overall on the republican side just how much new hampshire voters vote democrat, the non- established candidate as you just pointed out. >> a reality tv star, however you want to characterize out of the gate. people never thought he was going to run but here he is. declared the winner of the primary. donald trump and bernie sanders, no, no one would have guessed that a year ago. >> completely unpredictable. these are both new yorkers, getting up up there in age, they both speak their mind. those things resonated with a
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lot of people here in new hampshire. >> on republican side of things the way the polls and the numbers are going john kasich is holding it comfortable lead over jeb bush, right now between john kasich and donald trump is very significant. it will likely be donald trump at a big victory. by the way john kasich or jeb bush, second they will live another day. >> in terms of style with trump, case acted at the old-fashioned way. he came to new hampshire and a lot of town halls, investing in the state. they were just speaking his mind for an hour, i think people underestimated how much that
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resonated and what was coming to your mind. >> he was taking a lot of hits, when i do in the retail thing of the diner stuff. he he said look every time we reach out thousands of people show up. it's not our fault if you can't fit in. then he picked up secret service campaign and he did spend a lot of nights here, overnights. but he wanted to, definitely a contrasted john kasich who put all his eggs here he didn't pay much attention to iowa and jab for a lot of weeks got a boost out of here. he said he's gonna move on to south carolina.
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jeb bush with support of lindsey graham, not really talking about five or 6% of the precincts committed but we'll see what the final number stay. >> the bottom storyline coming out tonight, the the headline of course, new hampshire fires a shot across the establishment loud and clear, that people want something very different. now back to you. >> another story lane out of the primaries the front runner. bernie sanders declared victorious and donald trump on the other side. he has in fact one new hampshire. let's check let's check in with trump headquarters last night. >> and that shears have erected here donald trump winning the new hampshire primary. just at 8:00 p.m. as soon as the polls closed across new
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hampshire people were cheering, hugging, waving signs and hats that say make america great again. it almost seems a surprise that he would be declared a winner so quickly. he entered the race back in june more than seven months ago, he is never far never fall behind in the polls the entire time. he was hoping that high voter turnout today was a good sign for the trump campaign. people were getting involved in the race and they were sending a clear message that they wanted donald trump to be there gop front runner in new hampshire and beyond. this would be his first official win in the presidential race because he came in second place in iowa. something that you will have to hear what he has to say about this. he was telling voters that he did not want to count on all of those votes coming through,
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he wanted to see for himself, he wanted to watch the return with his family in the state of new hampshire. he also promised voters that if and when he won his last event would be right here in the state of new hampshire, tonight celebrating and it looks like he will be doing that with his supporters here tonight. >> jean, thank you very much. the trump headquarters, we will go to abc political director who is with us tonight. located here in manchester, rick if you're there, let's talk about donald trump and bernie sanders are the winners of the new hampshire primary, abc has called that race, what happens to this campaign going forward? >> to earthquakes and their blowouts that will blow up the nomination contest on both sides. people who thought things would be orderly and the democratic side got a wake-up call tonight with bernie sanders victory. no one thought that was possible when he declared his canvas to
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see. on the other side, donald trump of his big win, the real story might be who is in second place. the four candidates are buying for that position is a jumble that is going to balance the race. donald trump a winner tonight, second place in iowa, but still any establishment royal by his internal contention. there's a chance of marco rubio to beat him, doesn't look like he will emerge. >> as you know going forward there was discussion yesterday that hillary clinton might be taking an internal look to see if there is a need for reshuffling, as you know going into south carolina might be friendlier territory down there. do you expect to see any changes in the coming days? >> a memo out from the clinton campaign outlined why they think they have a solid case for the nomination. because of of the
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demographics they think the next series of states through the balance of february and march they say they will have an insurmountable delegate lead by the end of march. let me tell you talking to people in the clinton world there is lot of nervousness. zero margin for air. so one more surprise and clinton land do not underestimate the power of this victory. bernie sanders is poised to have a record fundraising days given his online army. people are now going to look nationally and i think the democratic race resets. >> john kasich finish second in new hampshire, does he have what it takes to take the momentum in south carolina, what does he need to do their? >> k sick would be the story if he indeed finishes second. he was nowhere on anyone's radar screen despite 100 town hall
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meetings in new hampshire. the question is what does he do with that? is not well-suited for the next contest in south carolina or in nevada. he is not well-positioned elsewhere. the people can bring in a lot of money, you would expect the votes to go to him however the establishment has not kept its total vote yet. i don't think people on the sidelines him as including the money people are likely to cast their lot with john kasich just yet. a lot to lot to celebrate if he finishes second but he will have to prove a bunch more before you can consider him a serious contest or for the nomination. >> chris christie was another candidate similar to john kasich who put all of his eggs here, spent a lot of time here and was really hoping for strong turnout. with that said, he has said that he's planning to go to south carolina, do you think we'll see him last much longer question work. >> he's going to have hard time
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making the argument. if he comes in third among the three governors who spent significant time and resources here, if he comes in behind marco rubio who so famously tangled with on the debate on saturday night, he will have a hard time making the argument. his money is going to dry up. he's already seen a situation where he was almost broke. if he can afford the plane ticket to south carolina he may not even be allowed on the debate stage in the next debate. you have to make some tough choices coming up on whether he has the ability to carry on. >> thank you for joining us tonight. >> thank you so much. >> again the update at merrimack the updates did close, we do want to check in if there is any residual impact going on down there. >> things are packing up now you can see behind me that there are closing things here at merrimack. it had been at problem with traffic earlier today not
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because of heavy voter turnout but rather because this year they used a new traffic pattern of getting voters to the polls. obviously they said that was a mistake and they will take a look at that. the polls technically close at 8:00 p.m. tonight, just one hour after the designated 7:00 p.m. closing time. that was with was with permission from state election officials. they will be looking at a new traffic pattern before the general election. live in merrimack,. >> it always amazes me as quickly as they set it up they take it down. >> we want to take a look at some of the numbers and talk about the early numbers. as we told you that two races have been called at the town only for donald trump and bernie sanders. we'll look at the bottom of the republican field. here are the numbers for the top and bottom parts of the republican parts. take resort &, chris christie with a, carly a, carly fiorina with five, and ben carson with two.
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we are told this is about six of the 12 wards reporting. >> manchester was going to be very telling for some of the campaigns. it gives you a hand as to why you can call these races with that little touch of information already in. interesting again to bring it back to john kasich, he is is the candidate that spent so much time here and really hoping to close the deal with these undeclared are undecided voters in the last few days. 106 town hall meetings, he's learned more about himself as a person and he could move on from here. we'll take a quick break, our coverage our coverage continues on the other side. >> that is a two minute break, we just want to use the opportunity to thank them for allowing us to simulcast their coverage. campaign headquarters including the donald trump headquarters. as you are before donald trump declared a winner on the republican side. we. we welcome our listeners who are joining us on c-span radios, and the bernie sanders is in concord
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new hampshire. we'll show you a tweet who is quoting james same laconia, bernie sanders winning, donald trump winning with nearly 1100 votes followed by governor casey, bush, and cruise. you heard the mention about what happens next in the south carolina primary, here's how that race is shaping up. >> once the day starts in tomorrow jeb bush will give a speech and rally at hilton head in the lower part of the state. you'll see movement of candidates from the coast towards the interior of the state and into the mountain area. i expect seven to be here all in one day. it will be completely different
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than what you have seen so far in iowa and new hampshire. we have more military, more retirees, we have what's left of the tea party elements. the bulk of the vote you're going to see which is the corporate headquarters of south carolina. >> tyler is a reporter with a career in south carolina the caucuses are taking place on february 20 and 23rd. you can look at a map it manchester, have a republican, heavy, heavy democratic areas. as you move former -- >> bernie sanders and hillary clinton are in the race that started but sanders ahead 56 --42% on the democratic side. >> will look at the republicans as they stand now with 13%, 10%
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republicans reap porting. donald trump is the declared winning with 34 percent. john kasich coming in at 16 percent. just behind him in third is jeb bush, ted cruz at 11% behind him. marco rubio at ten percent, chris christie christie just under him at 8%, carly fiorina 4% and doctor ben carson with 2%. let's take you to jennifer crompton who is with the marco rubio headquarters. rubio's writing the strong support out of iowa that did not translate here tonight. >> i talk to someone in the campaign a few minutes ago and they're looking at the return as a one and saying 10% of the vote be in it they are not hanging their hats on this number yet. they think the night is young and they will watch these returns. certainly marco rubio was hoping the bounce out of iowa could put him in the second position or third position.
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he is in this for the long haul, he talked about this on the trail. he knows that he has been hammered by chris christie for what christie says a lack of experience as a freshman senator. on the other hand, he talks about his agents be in a positive, as someone who can unify the republican party, the conservative movement. also with young people he doesn't see it as a negative at all. he also also talked about how deep this republican benches. he was talking with employees and they're asking who he would have as a running mate but he would go there. he talked about the republican bench being full of potential presidents and vice presidents and cabinet members. then he to the tables and say, how many young democrats do you see promising presidential hopefuls in the 40-50-year-old range. he gave people a few minutes to think and he said there are not any. he sees himself in it for the
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long haul. no matter matter what happens tonight there's been a lot of speculation that the debate may have created some issues for him. he told us after the debate that his campaign actually raise more money during the debate then they had an any other debate during the cycle. we are here for the long haul seen what happens. right now will check in with the ted cruz campaign headquarters. >> john, thank you very much. just like the christie campaign, the other campaign, the rubio campaign, the crew's campaign said they're in it for the long haul as well. they came into new hampshire nine it would be an uphill battle even though ted cruz was the winner of the iowa caucuses is not really a true constituency here new hampshire. he won the iowa on the basis of evangelical, there's not as
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strong evangelical base in new hampshire. have been counting on the libertarians, he did place so far it looks like he might be in fifth place. someone on the campaign tell me that is a strong showing because they are not sure exactly how well they would be doing. there considering their core constituency is not here. i'm also told ted cruz is planning on getting on a plane to south carolina. he is hoping for a better showing there in the bible belt where more of the true constituents to his campaign may be. so right now that the same from here. were hoping ted cruz will show up soon to speak to his supporters here. standby, if he comes in will bring them to you. now back to you. >> breaking news is that there could be a traffic jam again at manchester airport. due to all
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the planes taking off her south carolina later tonight. >> more to come. we'll take a take a quick break can be right back. >> as wm you are saying the real contest is now second and third place on the republican side with governor john k sick of ohio, now in the second place spot and jeb bush in the third-place bot. governor bush's in manchester and governor casey is in concord, new hampshire. we also shift out west, in nevada about what to expect after tonight. >> about iowa and new hampshire are over where coming to a state, nevada that is a more of a new camera to this grandeur. it is only been an early state since 2008, while iowa and new hampshire are part of this tradition. we only became an early state because harry reid assured the democratic national committee that nevada was more represented of the country and it would be a good early state gateway to the
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west, early state member. then republicans quickly mimicked what democrats had done. that is how we became an early state. the politics of that aren't much different than iowa or new hampshire, with a diverse population, there are many hispanics in the legislature, the hispanic population of the state is bursting in the last decade. it is now more than one quarter of the states population. you have a completely different dynamic at work than you do in the other two states. nevada is really three states, to urban areas, las vegas and reno m and 16 county separating them that are very rural and very conservative. >> earlier from las vegas i wanted to share with you a tweet based on the poll results. 46% of gop voters say they feel betrayed by politicians.
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>> welcome back to our 2016 attachable coverage and getting a look at where the democrats are standing out with 13% of the precinct reporting him. bernie sanders has been the declared winner of this recent 56% to hillary clinton at 42 percent.%. >> donald trump has been declared the winner with 34%. his nearest contender are this story of who comes in second, third, fourth, fifth. john kasich is now holding second place with 16 percent. followed closely by jab bush and ted cruz and then in the lower end of the field you have a look at the rest of the race showing marco rubio not at all far behind and chris christie not at all far behind. things aren't jumbled up in very close to one another. then carly then carly fiorina ben carson follow after that. we want to go to andy smith at the survey center.
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what you think so far? the numbers we're seen on the screen mostly the city of manchester, how are the candidates performing. >> let's talk about the democratic side. i think we can cover that quickly. hillary clinton win new hampshire she would have had to win manchester by about 55% of the vote. for her to do okay and keep things in single digits she would've had to get about 50% minimum in manchester. she in manchester. she is well under that right now. we don't have all of the words and obviously but she is not in a strong position at all, that tells the story about manchester. on the republican side it's very interesting because what we are seen in the early wards is that donald trump is doing strong in the more blue-collar towns across the state. casey is doing well, some of the more upscale, you see casey can rubio doing better. the overall thing is that the
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numbers are not that much different than the pre-election polls. instead of getting much of a balance out of iowa or impact on the debate that is largely flat. >> in the past couple of days there were signs that you are looking at that were pointing to this race with the spreads you are seen. >> the thing i was looking at on the democratic side was turnout. where seen among first-time primary voters and among young people, those least likely to show up that if they showed up that bernie's margin could get quite big. the numbers where seen right now don't include any of the college towns. i've heard informally that there's record turnouts in towns like durham, these are towns that should be very good to bernie sanders. i think we can expect to see that lead increase as the night goes on. >> let's talk about the senators
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and the governors at in the republican side and what has to happen now. there must be a call asking of the candidates. >> i think the republican party or the elders and the republican party are hoping one of these candidates can claim they are the number two person. i would put ted cruz off to the side because he has his own block a supporters that he will have in the south regardless of what he does here. they're going to hope that either john kasich or marco rubio, or jeb bush will bubble up so that they can claim that they are the establishment candidate so that they can try to push some of the others out so the votes get divided up into states like south carolina, nevada and beyond. >> we know that jab bush plans to be in myrtle beach, south carolina early tomorrow. he said no matter what happens in new hampshire he had the organization, the the money, and
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he was moving on. you must look at this now and if you're jeb bush's campaign and say okay if we pull out a third place in new hampshire, that's pretty good. >> i agree. he has the resources and money is really what causes candidates to drop off. remember that butch's brother did quite well in florida, no i mean south carolina. that's the state that stop john mccain and 2000. i would imagine some of the residents of that bush campaign in 2000 are still there in 2016. it's a long time and states do change somewhat but i think south carolina may be a place that jeb bush if he goes for it could surprise people. >> there is no sign that christie, rubio, bush, or, or john kasich are really ready to drop out.
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>> i think they will all wait to see with the results are tonight, they will reassess where the resources are tomorrow. what kind of money they have left and should they be able to go on. i'm sure they will all get some conference calls from party elders and they will have some discussions as to what the best strategy, not only for the candidate for the party itself. >> okay a lot of regrouping. >> i think it will be some very interesting conversations tomorrow. >> we will take a quick break, will come back with more coverage, stay with us tonight. >> since 1992 we have we have been simulcasting on election night. thanks for letting us share a national audience across the state. if you're just listening in or tuning in, the results a lot happened this last half hour where bernie sanders winning on the democratic side and donald trump on the republican side. we are live at the camp headquarters, than the
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candidates had south to south carolina. skyler is with the courier to talk about what to expect beginning tomorrow. >> with the democrats and what they are going to do after new hampshire the key thing to look at is how close they are going to try to tie themselves to president obama who did very well here back in 2008. i think that gives hillary the advantage. bernie's bernie's coming in and trying to talk to that suburban liberalism, it just doesn't exist here the way it doesn't i will will order hampshire. gives a huge advantage to hillary clinton. the black vote will make out all key demographic, and bernie sanders should be nervous with these group. he has tried and peeled off a few endorsements from the state house level but these are lower level members of the black caucus. hillary seems to be doing better on the older established female black democratic crowd.
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>> the hill newspaper pointed out that hillary has conceded the race and has hired additional staff members to reach out to the african-american community. a tweet, if rubio finishes in fourth or lower, raising money will get tougher. we'll continue our live coverage of w and you are in manchester, new hampshire. >> it is primary night in new hampshire. welcome back everyone. getting a look at the numbers as they stand now on the democratic side, bernie sanders has been declared the winner of the new hampshire primary. 56% over challenger hillary clinton coming in with 42 percent. at this time we are at 13% precincts reporting. >> a big never donald trump has been declared the winner with 34
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percent. a good showing, strong showing by john kasich so far with 10% reporting. 16% reporting. 16% of the vote. right behind him, jeb bush is at 12%, ted cruz is not far behind, all bunched up for the number two, three, four spot. also four spot. also marco rubio and chris christie still not far behind from them either. we do have a very close race and we will watch these votes being counted tonight and where they finish in the pecking order is very important to these campaigns as they move forward. >> let's go to manchester now and check in with andy hershberger who is at the jeb bush campaign. >> good evening, at the manchester community college with the jeb bush campaign there are a few more people hear them are here the last time we checked in about an hour ago. there is zero energy here right now. that's a little hard to understand. we are seen the former florida
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governor is checking in somewhere around maybe third, still within striking distance of second place. may be close to being tied for third. this is much better than jeb bush could have other thought of doing several weeks ago. he said he got a late start here new hampshire, he didn't want to speculate so he didn't show up._ to in the often in the early stages. when he came appear he was all in. now, why they may be disappointed with the third place showing it's unclear unclear perhaps because he has been going so aggressively after donald trump. donald donald trump appears to be having such a big lead and should pull big victory. he has been the one candidate and he had said at his town hall
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meetings, you're looking at the guy who's going after donald trump, now, now may be wondering if that is the strategy that has worked. in in any event he is moving forward, he does not need to win here although it would be nice. wherever he finishes he will move on. when he's going to come out and address these crowd is anybody's guess. maybe sooner than later because he says he does have a campaign stop tomorrow morning in south carolina. >> thank you. he really needed a big showing tonight and it looks like he may have gotten it. let's check in with our team over at john kasich headquarters tonight. >> it is a battle for second and it looks like john kasich may be pulling it off, who knows. he put a lot of effort in new hampshire. >> john kasich is a candidate that is totally at peace.
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he knows what he's done in new hampshire and that's everything he could possibly do, over 100 town halls. right now he's at the hotel room and had a little dinner with his wife and his close campaign staffers. he's watching the results commit. unlike a lot of other candidates in the race he has been a guy that has stopped to smell the roses a few times. he is repeatedly said i'm having a good time with this, i want -- no matter what happens. [inaudible] right now he's hoping it pays off with the wind. >> to other governors irvine, what does it mean for them, where they stand right now where john kasich is? >> chris christie and jeb bush both wanted to finish in second place. jeb bush has more sway, he has
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better funded. chris christie has some strong supporters up here and throughout the last few months they continue to drop in the polls for no apparent reason. people would say i don't get it and why can he pick up traction. he did town halls, it is the gift of gab, has a great debate the other night yet he cannot get out of the mud and it appears that way right now. it looks like the polls are correct for chris christie. the qb is in a lot of trouble, he needed new hampshire. he did spend a little little time in iowa but didn't finish well there. he really needed to do well in new hampshire.
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>> they could be a celebration here for governor john kasich. heading to south carolina and going up against jeb bush it is going to be a fight between those two. donald trump should be happy tonight with his voters. i was wrong when it came to donald trump. people are thinking that he probably has a feeling about 25 or 28%, he has exceeded expectations. >> and a good time here at the john kasich campaign. thank you very much. >> carly fiorina has at her headquarters, she is coming to a room to greet supporters. she is around 4% of the vote. according to our numbers with about 13% in. she has run of vigorous campaign i was saddened a bit and
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outspoken about her not being included in the last abate a she will go on. >> she has the infrastructure according to her, she has the money. she has the has the energy to move this campaign forward. she said she is been invigorated by the response that she is seen in new hampshire. she said coming into the state was a complete unknown and getting a good turnout at the town hall and the coffee with carly as she was known to hold. she said this election was about the integrity of the country. she is not necessarily new to politics. but she said is primarily her business experience is former ceo of hp that would make her ready to leave on the world stage. it will turn management so that she was ready to leak coming in from washington on day one. >> she also won the endorsement and campaign manager ship of a well-known political figure and
8:40 pm
conservative in new hampshire. a gubernatorial candidate most recently and he signed on with carly, carly has shown throughout the course of the campaign that her supporters have a lot of respect for her. since she is the only one who could truly have a one-on-one debate with hillary clinton. >> this is inside the dairy field at manchester. she is making her way up to the stage. we will listen to the audio when she gets to the podium. a lot of people start to pay attention to carly fiorina, during the setting of a debate she is a ferocious debater. she said yes that was one of the objectives was to get her on the stage with hillary clinton. a lot of people started to pay attention. she knows her stuff. she has. she has been well advised and well traveled. with being a manager and being a
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president, she picked up support after debate performances but she was concerned that not appearing on my saturdays debate stage could have hurt her chances here. >> she did so well on the first undercard debate that elevated her to the main stage. then she did well there as well. her number spiked significantly for a short time and then began to fall off as other candidates performed well too. she has pledged to move on, she is with her support system. the only people holding the placards in my location were carly fiorina supporters. she does have a hard core, grassroots level of support. it just might be better in south carolina. >> it's check-in now as we watch her continue her way to the stage. >> that's right, we are here and i know cnn is projecting right now the winner of the new
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hampshire republican primary to be donald trump. you really could not tell to this room here in manchester. the room is very upbeat, everyone is excited to see the candidate, carly fiorina. she is. she is making her way to the crowd right now shaking hands with people. a lot of people are excited to see her, even though as of now the projections are showing that she is coming in seventh and the new hampshire primary which is the same as her seventh place disappointing finish at the iowa caucus. as people wonder whether or not we'll be hearing a concession speech tonight, we have really got no word from her campaign. everything we have been hearing so far has been suggesting that she is on the ballot in 26 states. they. they have the funding, the willpower and they will stay in this for the long haul. the former hewlett packard ceo has read her campaign her campaign on the fact that they have business experience. she has the blueprint for
8:43 pm
america and that this kind of financial expertise and political outsider quality is what would make her a qualified commander-in-chief and president of the united states. that is what we are hearing from a lot of her supporters here in manchester. they like the fact that she is outsider, not a not a washington insider, she has fresh ideas. seems like a lot of the sentiment here is that she does not matter where she places. of course course it does matter in terms of delegates. the sentiment here is that a strong showing is more about ambition and more about passion than it is about actual votes and delegates. again, what we're seeing right now is projecting that donald trump is the winner of the republican primary in new hampshire and right now preliminary results arse showing carly fiorina coming in seventh place. of course we have a limited number of precincts reporting right now. time will tell whether or not
8:44 pm
that is the case or not. we will send it back to you. it looks like she's making her way to the stage. she is going to shake cans with her supporters before hand and she will take to the stage. we'll have to see what this is if she will talk about the campaign to come or if she is heading out for now. >> we will go back to you if we hear that the arena is making a speech of some sort. in the meantime let's check in at the christie headquarters tonight. >> we are here at the chris christie headquarters where as you can see behind me people have been coming in all nights. the supporters are waiting to hear from governor christie. they don't know at this time went they'll be hearing from him. governor christie wanted a win in new hampshire, he new hampshire, he had a busy day on the campaign trail trying to
8:45 pm
make that happen. his meeting with voters at manchester and wanted to reach out to the undecided voters but also to say thank you to everyone who worked hard during this campaign. christie had a defining moment and we keep talking about this on saturday nights with senator marco rubio saying he is unfit to leave. christie said that change their policy but was not enough to land christie l win in new hampshire. the question is christie has been saying all week his eyes are set on that, will he had there's still a question we'll find out and we're still waiting for chris christie to get here. his supporters will be here all night long live when this does happen. >> and chris christie when the endorsement of the newspaper, had the backing of a number of prominent people in the state, he i'm sure we'll be looking at
8:46 pm
the numbers up until the last one is counted. those those margins between second, third, fourth, fifth place on the republican side are minuscule. we will see how it really ends up. there was talk politically about 16% of precincts reporting. christie is not finishing where he wanted to tonight. we also talked about putting your eggs in one basket and christie said new hampshire is where he wanted to make a stand. as you can see now he's coming in about 8%, network you wanted to be. with that said you have to ask if he has the infrastructure and does he have the organization to continue with the state and into south carolina. >> wayne mcdonald was a pay director, a lot of people i christie side, a significant amount of support in the state. he said new hampshire owes him nothing, he has enjoyed every
8:47 pm
second he has campaigned in the state. he played the political game here the weight new hampshire expected to be played. he had tons of town hall meeting so he will be watching for the final numbers down to the in tonight. >> we will take a quick break and be right back. >> it only cost $1000 to be on the ballots and there are 30 republicans and 28 democrats on the ballot. about 17% about 17% of the results now coming in. we are across the state of new hampshire at the campaign headquarters. let's let's take a look at the clinton headquarters the sanders camp pain is in concord, new hampshire, donald trump campaign is in manchester. this is the same this hours supporters continue together as
8:48 pm
he is claiming victor. john kasich is in manchester as well with a second place finish. he has about 16% of the vote compared to 34% for donald trump. the bush campaign is in new hampshire and he is in third place. still many votes to be counted in new hampshire. senator cruise has vowed to stay on the campaign trail. chris christie who had more than 100 campaign trails is a nashua, new hampshire. as you heard, carly fiorina is working a room and manchester, new hampshire. she's coming in seventh place. we'll have coverage of all the speeches as the candidates, and what is next. this is the headline from the boston herald and donald trump
8:49 pm
and bernie sanders wind with lightning speed. the results are coming in across the state. you can keep track of all ten counties ten counties on our website on we will rejoin the abc affiliate in manchester. >> welcome back to our coverage. getting a look at the board on the democratic side. bernie sanders declared the winner of the new hampshire primary. the numbers are following with 17% precincts reporting. he's at 57% and hillary clinton is at 41 percent. on the republican side donald trump has been declared the winner. he's holding around 34 percent. behind around 34%. behind him is john kasich, then jeb bush, and ted cruz. cruz. ted cruz was the iowa caucus winner. we will take a look at the ted
8:50 pm
cruz headquarters. rubio, christia are following the top three. let's go to the ted cruz headquarters. shelley what is the mood there tonight? >> a few minutes ago there was a huge cheer, an all-out battle for second place in the primary race tonight and one of the networks put ted cruz in second place. now these numbers have been flip flopping back and forth. a lot of people here excited and very optimistic about the strong showing they feel the senator from texas is showing this evening. i went to bring in senator bob smith again, what is the feeling right now? >> these numbers change and we started with just a few percentage points but now we are getting up there, maybe 15 or 20 percent. as the returns commit and the smaller communities command a lot of conservatives in the rural areas.
8:51 pm
we are going to keep fighting. no prediction just we are in their competing. were on on the field so put everything out there. we had the greatest grassroots team i've ever seen all the years i've been in politics. the most most energetic people who work their hearts out. let the voters make the decision. i'm hearing some sounds back there that i like. i can't wait to find out what it is. >> thank you very much. i know you're very busy. >> thank you. >> again lots of optimism here at the headquarters, a feeling that there's showing very strongly at the new hampshire primary. again he won the iowa caucuses and rose to victory on the back of evangelicals there. the evangelical constituency is not a strong one in new hampshire. senator ted cruz have been counting on libertarians, reagan democrats to carry him in new hampshire. he's having a strong showing here.
8:52 pm
people hoping that when all the numbers even out it will put senator cruise in second lace but that remains to be seen. he's expected to show p once they have a firm firmer idea of how he will place in the new hampshire primary. lots of optimism here. >> that will be quite a story of cruise were to finish second in new hampshire after finish first in iowa. that would narrow it down to a trump, ted cruz race. >> now into hillary clinton's headquarters. we do not have a hard time for when clinton will or should be appearing, as you can see with a live pitcher it does appear the crowd is buildings a moment to to hear from clinton. we will go to her remarks live. it's not the night that hillary clinton hope for or the night
8:53 pm
that she experience in 2008 when new hampshire have been so good to her and she had come from behind to beat the surging a barack obama who had just one iowa caucus. she was able to evaporate that lead and make a stance here in new hampshire. it was not the same kind of landscaper this time around. we'll hopefully be hearing from her in the very near future. >> i want to bring in political director josh was with us to talk about the clinton campaign. i guess they expected this from the beginning. i guess how wide with the margin be? >> when you say they expected it from the beginning, i'm not not sure they expected this to occur. hillary clinton not to make any mistakes early on because there is nobody out there that could really beat us.
8:54 pm
obviously that strategy, for hillary clinton it was tough to map out. no no one could expect on the republican side, no one could expect trump or sanders to emerge. so be an active for hillary clinton rather than being proactive. suddenly she found herself in battle with bernie sanders. a lot of people said that state was lost. fight it out in iowa and then going to north carolina. when she came here anyway perhaps on a lawyer t, she does have a lot of friends.
8:55 pm
[inaudible] [inaudible] >> on that note it's a two-pronged question, with bernie sanders with a narrow lead and now a resounding victory over clinton, does that now solidify him as a major player moving forward and is clinton campaign adjust for that in south carolina or a southern stronghold? >> i think what we understand hillary clinton will have a discussion in the next few days to re-examine her campaign structure. changes may be made, what those
8:56 pm
changes are whether it's at the highest level or state level, we don't know. certainly this is a work in progress. they're adjusting to a game plan that they didn't think they would have to deal with. basically they do want to make any mistakes or give the republican nominee -- but now it's about surviving bernie sanders. now the situation. [inaudible] -- is a totally complete panic for clinton supporters. right now there's real concern there could be good indication of what we saw a few weeks ago when bernie sanders had a meeting with the president. ackley according to analysts
8:57 pm
that meeting was about senator sanders you have a chance to pull it off. here's what the democratic party stands for, you are major player now and i think across the country will see what happens in south carolina. but he has been identified as a real real challenge and threat to hillary clinton. >> thank you josh. the hillary clinton campaign here tonight will be back to shortly. we wanted take a look at the country club right now where carly fiorina has been meeting with her supporters tonight. she's expected to come up to the podium now. heard chairperson has been sticking with carly all the way through. she is getting ready to announce the candidate for the public.
8:58 pm
>> carly fiorina spending a great deal time in new hampshire thank you note the supporters who are giving her a shot at this. she's taking the stage right now so let's listen and. >> here on c-span tonight with coverage of the new hampshire primary will take you to carly fiorina as she addresses her supporters. >> [applause]. >> thank you everybody. thank you so much. frank and i we have to tell you the truth, we have sort of fallen in love with new hampshire [applause]. let me begin if i may bite thinking odom and betty. we cannot we could not have asked for a better state chairman and cochairman.
8:59 pm
betty of course is frequently the case, she figured it out first, but she brought odom along, thank you both of you for all you have done. [applause]. thanks to all of you, as frank and i have walked through the room tonight it is so wonderful to recognize everybody here. you have all become friends. as i said we have fallen in love with new hampshire and it is really true. you have all become friends and supporters, how many of you have come up to both of us over the course of the last year and said keep going, keep going. you really have given us the energy to keep going. you are giving us wind at her back tonight. we have a long way to go in terms of knowing how things will settle out but we feel very encouraged. you give us us wind on our back. as i said to many of you tonight, we we are going to keep going. [applause].
9:00 pm
>> ..
9:01 pm
>> i have to say we travel and fell in love with new hampshire since we started in may when none of you had ever heard of us. really most of you had never heard of us. and everywhere both of us went you were so welcoming and warm and so intent on hearing what i had to say. for that i am forever grateful. i think we know -- i think we know what is at stake. the passion and energy that you have shown to lift this campaign up from where nobody had ever heard of us to even when they try to shut us out everybody knows we are talking. you have done that.
9:02 pm
you have done that. i am not going to sit down and be quite and neither are you. i am not going to settle for the way things are and neither are you. i am not going to accept a system that no longer works for us and neither are you. and so our fight is just beginning actually. this fight is jus beginning. so, friends, citizens, our great supporters here in new hampshire, frank and i will kerry you in our hearts for the
9:03 pm
rest of this journey and it will be not the last time you hear me say, tonight will be the first of many times you hear me say all throughout this nation, as i have said with you. stand with me. fight with me. vote for me because citizens it is time we must take our country back. god bless you all. thank you. >> and we are going to leave our new hampshire presidential primary election coverage here on c-span2. but our live road to the white house coverage continues on our companion network c-span. we will break down the results on tomorrow's washington journal and preview the primary in south carolina. washington journal is live starting at 7 a.m. eastern time on c-span.
9:04 pm
>> during campaign of 2016, c-span takes you on the road to the white house as we follow the candidates on c-span, c-span radio, and >> the director of national intelligence james clapper along with the director of the national intelligence agency testified about global threats at a hearing at the senate arms service committee. he said attacks by isis are the main concern, they talked about north korea and the civil war in syria. senator john mccain chairs this two hour hearing.
9:05 pm
>> well good morning. we meet to receive testimony on the global threats faced by the country and its allies. i would like to welcome back james clapper and general stewart as this is likely his final appearance before the committee. i would like to thank director clapper for over five decades of service to protect the country. we thank you for leading the men and women who strive every day to collect information and analyze and help keep america strong. i thank you for being with us today. i have had the honor of knowing you for a long time and i know no individual who has served this nation with more distinction and honor and we
9:06 pm
have grateful for your service and know that service will continue into the years to come. the list of the threats confronting the nation is near but impossible to say we have seen much improvements. 9,800 american troops are in harms way in afghanistan and the networks continue to affect our interest and now isil arrived on the battlefield raising the concern to plan and execute attacks. regional order in the middle east is breaking down and the power vacuum is being filled by the most extreme terrorist forces sunni terrorist groups like isil and al-qaeda. it is expanding from afghanistan
9:07 pm
to lebanon, egypt, yemen, and most worryingly to libya. attacks from paris to san bernardino. more than a year into campaign against isis it is impossible to say isis is loosing and we are winning. at the same time iran continues to travel regional order in the middle east by developing ballistic missile capability, supporting terrorism, and supporting and arming pro-iranian groups and engaging in activity in places like lebanon, syria, gazaand yemen. as the islamic republic receives tens of billions in sanctions relief from the nuclear deal it is obvious the crimes will continue. russ russia an exed crimea and we hae
9:08 pm
that on. in asia, north korea continues to develop its arsenal and capable ballistic missiles one of which it tested this weekend independent violation of multiple security resolutions. china is taking action to assert claims. china reclaimed 400 acres at this time last year and now it is 3, 200 acres with extensive infrastructure underway or already complete. i look forward to our witnesses assessment of the nature and scope of these challenges and how the intelligence community prioritizes and approaches the direct threats we face. we look to you to provide timely
9:09 pm
and accurate information about the nature of the threats we face and the intention of our advisaries. we have high regard of the intelligence committee however we cannot afford to believe our intelligence agencies are omnipresent especially after years of sequestration and arbitary budget caps that damaged the national intelligence every much as it has to national defense. this is fed by the prideful politicians seeking to justify their policies. during the iran deal we were told the united states had quote absolute knowledge about iran's nuclear military activities. we were told that the teal quote absolutely guarantees we will know if iran cheats and pursues a nuclear option. this hubris is dangerously misleading and compromising the
9:10 pm
debate over national security policy. americans must know that intelligence is not like in the movies. although our intelligence professionals are the best in the world there will not always be a satellite in position or a drone overhead and not every terrorist phone call will be intercepted whether it is russian activities on the border of nato or the movement of terrorist groups across the world or any of the other things we expect our intelligence committee to penetrate and understand. we will not always know how our adver saries make decisions. this is true if we limit policy decisions and effectiveness. our intelligence capacity and capability are just like everything else constrained by time, space, resources, technology and policy. as one senior u.s. official
9:11 pm
acknowledged about limited understanding of isil two years ago quote a lot of the intelligence collection we were receiving diminished significantly following the u.s. with drawl in iraq in 2011 when we lost some of the boots on the ground deal to know what was going on. put simply, if our national leaders decide not to be print places we should not be surprised later when we lack sufficient intelligence about the threats and dangers that are emerging there. as we receive this important intelligence update today we must remember it is the responsibility of policy makers from the white house, to the pentagon to hear on capitol hill to invest in cutting edge capability that can provide early warning and intelligence professionals with sound policy decisions and support including at times military support that enable them to perform their often dangerous and always
9:12 pm
important work on behalf of our nation. if we fail to make these commitments we will continue to be surprised by events at an every increasing cost to our national security. senator reid. >> thank you very much. let me join you in welcoming director clapper and general stewart. you both deserve praise and i want to eco the chairman's comments on clapper about our distinguished service and continued service i am sure. we live in a time where there is a com plex array of threats facing the united states. it is a challenge we decide how to allocate our finite resources to those. in afghanistan, the security and political environments both remain challenging. the taliban has sought to take
9:13 pm
advantage of the afghan forces by creating their off tempe and isil entered the battlefield in the so-called islamic state. all the while, remnants of al-qaeda continue to seek resurgeance. this adds to the dynamic by pushing other bad actors into afghanistan. i look forward to the assessment of our witnesses of these secured challenges for the coming here and the prospect of reconcilation between the afghan government and the taliban. isil controls less territory but it is a threat to the united states and the regional. we support local syria and there are a number of questions we must ask. what local forces will serve as a whole force once isis is
9:14 pm
removed from morocco? how will turkey respond oo the threat posed by isis? will the partners unify efforts in syria and how will isis react in syria and trans-regionally. i look forward to your assessments on these issues. the past year has seen changes with iran. the joint plan of action between the so-called p5-plus one has critically placed iran's nuclear program under the most surveillance system every seen. while the jcpoa made substantial
9:15 pm
progress it allowed iran to return to the economic community. this presents partners in the middle east with additional resources they may use to support proxies in places like syria, lebanon, yemen and other locations in the gulf. iran may chose to use the additional resources to advance their missile program. it will be a key metric to evaluate how to array our forces in the gulf and what assistance our partners will require to con front iran. i welcome your talk on the unconventional forces and where this committee should consider additional investments. russia's posturing and aggressive act in the middle east is something we must continue to monitor, contain and when necessary counter. the president's decision to increase funding for the european initiative is a
9:16 pm
critical step. russia's syrian campaign for the moment as eclipsed aggression in the crimea and ukraine. in syria, russia continues to bolster the military of the assad regime while running an information operation campaign to suggest its military operations are focused against the islamic state. unlike russia its actions in syria are being played out in deadly headlines talking about support where moderate forces are aimed to get out from under the rule of the assad regime. this as a complex problem for the united states, the coalition fighting isis and our friend and allies in the region.
9:17 pm
north korea presents an immediate threat conducting a launch in violation of multiple resolutions. china could increase sanctions and insurge the system to decease they want to stay on good terms and put the entire region at risk. without china's cooperation they will not step back. china continues to deny access to others and exhibit power. china's continuing its aggressive efforts to solidify its claims in the south china sea despite the protest of its sovereign neighbors. it is critical we enhance our partnerships with others congress to region to bring china into the rule of law based on a global regime that will guarantee piece and prosperity across the region.
9:18 pm
it is also critical we use all of the nations tools to make sure mine china's intellectual property is halted. another equal area of concern is cybersecurity. protecting our networks and our intellectual properties and action against certain ad visaries who utilize the internet for propaganda and recruitment and control. we look forward to your assessment of these services. let me thank you again for your service and we look forward to your testimony. >> director clapper? >> general mccain, ranking member, and members of the
9:19 pm
committee, thank you both for your acknowledgment of my service. last week marked 55 years since i enlisted in the marine core reserve. i was very proud of that. proud to be sitting next to one. >> and an auspicious beginning. >> i want to thank you, chairman mccain, of the acknowledgment of the great men and women who work in the intelligence committee for both of us. i also appreciate your -- i thought very accurate statement about the capabilities of the intelligence communities and what we can and can't do and what is reasonable to expect and not expect us to do. general stuart is here to update you on some of the pressing intelligence national security issues facing our nations. after listening to both of your
9:20 pm
statements i think you will hear some ecos here. in the interest of time and to get to your question we will cover some of the wave tops. as i said last year, in predictability instability is the new normal and the trend continues for the continued future. violent extremist are active in 40 countries, seven countries are experiencing a collapse of government, 14 others face regime violence or instability or both. another 59 face significant risk of instability through 2016. the record number of pligrants, one million, is likely to grow fourther. migration and displacement will strain countries in europe, africa, asia and the americas. extreme weather, climate change, environmental degrading, wiseing demand for food and water, poor
9:21 pm
policy decisions and inadequate in -- infrastructure will continue to cause problems. the zika virus has reached the u.s. and it is projected to cause up to four million cases in this area of the world. i want to comment on technology and cyber. technological innovation during the next few years will have a more significant impact on our way of live. this innovation is central to our economic prosperity but it will bring new security vulnerabilities. the internet will connect devices that could be exploited. artificial intelligence allows decisions about data and physical systems and potentially disrupt labor markets. russia and china continue to have the most sophsophisticated
9:22 pm
systems. iran and north korea continue to conduct cyber espionage as they enhance their attack capabilities. isil uses cyber for recruitment and propaganda but also to hack and release sensitive information about u.s. military personal. as a non-state actor isil displays unprecedented online proficiency. cyber criminals remain the most pervasive threat to the financial system using cyber to conduct theft and extortion and other activities. there are more extremist groups and members and save havens than at any time in history. the rate of travelers going to syria and iraq in the past few
9:23 pm
years is without president. at least 38,200 fighters have traveled to syria from at least 120 countries since the beginning of the conflict in november 2012. as we saw in paris, returning fighters with battlefield experience pose a dangerous threat. isis demonstrates a sophi sophisticated tactics. isis has become the preeminent global threat conducting scores of attacks outside of syria and iraq in the past 15 months. isis' strength worldwide exceeds that of al-qaeda. isis wants to target the homeland. isis external operations remain a critical factor in our threat
9:24 pm
assessments for 2016. al-qaeda's affiliates have proven resilient despite a decimation of the core leadership in afghanistan and pakistan al-qaeda affiliates are positioned to make gains in 2016. the al-qaeda chapter in syria is the most capable branch. the increased used of encrypted technology enables terrorist actors to go dark and serve as undercut intelligence and law enforcement effort. iran continues to be the fore most sponsor of terrorism. through the islamic club force its terrorist partner hezbollah and proxy groups. iran and hezbollah remain a continuing terrorist threat to u.s. interest and partners
9:25 pm
worldwide. we saw the threat posed into the united states in homegrown extremist with the attack in chattanooga and attack in san bernardino. in 2015 the number of isis supporters increased five fold. north korea continues to conduct and test activities that concern the united states. on saturday evening they conducted a satellite launch and claimeded it was successfully placed in orbit. and they claimed they had a hydrogen bomb but it was too low to be staged as a nuclear device. they continue to develop a submarine launch ballistic missile and they are committed of developing a long-range missile system that imposes risk
9:26 pm
on the united states. russia continues its aggressive military modernization military program. they have the largest and most capable nuclear ballistic missile force. it developed a missile that violates the inf treaty. china, for its part continues to modernize its nuclear force and it is thriving for second strike capability but continues to profess a no-first use doctrine. the jcpoa provides transparency into iran's production and increases the time they would need to produce enough enriched uranium from a few months to a year. iran probably reviews this as a mean to remove sanctions while preserving nuclear capabilities.
9:27 pm
iran will dictate their level of adherence to the agreement over tile. chemical weapons continue to pose a threat in syria and iraq. damascus used chemical weapons on multiply occasions. isis has used toxic chemicals including mustered gas. the first time a chemical has used a chemical warfare in attack since 1995 in japan. space and counter space. 80 countries are engaged in the space domain. russia and china understand how our military fight and how heavily we rely on space. they are each pursuing disruptive systems. china continues to make progress on its ni satellite program. moving to counter intelligence, the threat from foreign intelligence energy is state and
9:28 pm
non-state and persistent, complex and evolving starting a collection of u.s. political, military information by intelligence foreign service continues unabated. russia and china pose the greatest threat followed by iran and cuba on a lesser scale. and the threat from insiders taking advantage of removing national security information will remain a persistent challenge. i want to touch on one transnational issue including drug trafficking. over 10,000 people died of heroin overdoses in 2014 much of it laced with fent naul when is 30-50 times more potent than heroin. 28,000 died from opioid overdoses and cocaine production from columbia which supplies
9:29 pm
have increased significantly. let me quickly move through a few regional issues. in east asia china leaders are pursuing an active foreign policy and dealing with slower economic growth. they embarked on the most ambitious military reforms in the country's history. russia has demonstrated its military capability to project as a global power and gain support from the west and advance russian interest globally. moscow's objects will probably not change including influence over kiev. putin is the first leader since stalin to expand russia's territory. this marks the first use since the 4-a in afghanistan of
9:30 pm
significant combat power outside of the soviet space. this shows the confidence in using. moscow faces the reality of economic recession driven in large part by falling oil prices as well as sanctions. russia's nearly 4% gdp contraction last year will probably extend into 2016. in the u.s. and south asia there are more operations underway in the middle east than at any more time since the arab-israeli war. they will make gains through the spring. isil is somewhat on the defense and territory an and manpow er s declining but it remains a threat. there are significant gains in the north and southern syria.
9:31 pm
manpower shortages will continue to undermine the syrian regimes ability to accomplish strategic battlefield objectives. the opposition has less equipment and have competing battlefield interest and fight among themselves. some 250,000 people have been killed as this war has dragged on. as of last month 4.4 million syrian refuges and together represent half of the pre-conflict population. establishing authority and security across the country will be difficult with hundreds of militia groups operating throughout the country. isis established its most developed branch outside of syria and iraq in libya and
9:32 pm
maintains presence in areas of the country. the yemen conflict will probably be stalemate through 2016. affiliates in yemen have exploitedexploi exploited the conflict. the country's economic and humanitarian situation worsens as well. iran deepened involvement in the syria and iran issues and highlighted by battlefield alliance. iran's supreme leader continues to view the united states as a major threat. we asses his views will not change with the detainees and release of the ten sailors.
9:33 pm
political cohesion and power brokers and financial short falls and sustained country wide taliban attacks are eroding stability. there are many more threats to u.s. interest world wide and we can address more of which are covered in the statement for the record. i will stop my litany of doom here and past to general stewart. >> chairman mccain, ranking member reid and members of had committee thank you for the opportunity to provide the assessment of global security environment and the threats facing the nation. mr. chairman, my statement details multi faceted challenges, threats and transnational terrorist networks. taken together these issues reflect the diversity, scope and
9:34 pm
complexity challenges to today's security. i would like to highlight a few of these. the islamic state. gia is helping the war fighter and our policy makers better understand both the ideology and the capabilities of isis. isis as well as like-minded extremist are born out of the same extreme and violence sunni ideology. these jihadist are determined to restore the caliphate and are willing to justify extreme violence in their efforts to impose their social order on others. as the paris attacks demonstrated isis is the most significant threat to the united states and our allies. in 2015, the group remained entrenched in iraq and syria and expanded globally. attacks demonstrate isis'
9:35 pm
relevance and reach. isis will try to attempt additional attacks in europe and direct attacks on the u.s. homeland in 2016. isis' foreign fighters are tieded to -- tied to the externexter external capabilities. on the ground in syria and iraq isis continues to control large swaths of territory. the ability to operate openly was impeded on in iraq and syria and they forced them to lower their profile. in 2016 the growing number of anti-isis groups will challenge isis' ability to govern in iraq and syria but the group will probably retain sunni arab
9:36 pm
centers. in afghanistan, afghan security forces increasingly conducted independent operations but those forces struggled to adapt to the lack of coalition enablers and uneven execution of operations. insurgeance expanded influence in rural areas and limited the extension of government control. the deployment of afghan specialized units and their enablers will be necessary to continue to secure and keep population centers. in russia, russia military activity is continued at a hist historic high. moscow is conducting operations in syria, sustained involvement in the ukraine and expanding military capabilities in the arctic. they continued their robust exercise schedule and aggressively and occasionally provocative out of area
9:37 pm
deployments and we expect similar activity in 2016. china is pursuing a long-term military modernization program to advance its core interest which include maintaining its sovereignty, protecting its territory, and projecting its regional influence particularly in the south china sea. they have undergone reforms including increasing the number of navy, air force, and rocket force personal and establishing a theater joint command system and reducing their current military regions down to five joint theater of operations. klein china has the largest and most complicated missile force and prioritizes regional and ballistic capabilities to expand against forces in the region and feel ship missiles which provide
9:38 pm
the ability to attack u.s. aircraft carrier in the western pacific ocean. china displayed a new intermediate range cape able of attacking guam. they are a continue threat. north korea issued a statement claiming it had successfully carried out a nuclear test and a couple days ago they conducted their six space launch. it was a second launch to place a satellite into the orbit. they displayed a new or modified mobile ibcm during its recent parade and the test of a ballistic missile test further highlights the commitment to diversify the missile force and nuclear delivery options. north korea always continues the
9:39 pm
effort to expand weapon grade material. in space, china and russia increasingly recognize the strategic value of space and are focused on diminishing our advantage with the intent of denying the u.s. the use of space in the event of conflict. both countries are conducting anti-satellite research and developing anti satellite weapons making the space domain competitive, contested and congested. and the growing concern of russia and china which are actors that target personal, networks, supply change, research and development and critical infrastructure and information in cyber domain. iran and north korea also remain as significant threats are conducted. non state actors use of cyber space to recruit, propagandize
9:40 pm
and conduct open research remains a significant challenge. the men and women are providing unique defense intelligence around the world and around the clock and the war fighters, defense fighters, defense acquisition community, and policymakers, to provide warning and defeat these and other threats. i look forward to the committee's questions >> thank you very much general. director clapper in all of these many deck aped -- decades you have served the country have you ever seen more diverse conflicts to the security? >> no, sir, i have not. i have said that every year i get up here. this is my fifth or sixth time i have been up here. in my 50-plus years in the intelligence business i cannot recall a more diverse array of challenges and crisis that we
9:41 pm
confront as we do today >> and your job has been made more difficult because of sequestration? >> yes, sir, it has. i think the biggest problem with it over time is the uncertainty that it injects in a context of planning and particularly plays havoc with system acquisition. it is the uncertainty factor that we now have that has also become a normal fact of planning and programming >> thank you. just in the last few days the issue of torture has risen again. general david petraeus made a statement i would like to quote to you: he said your nation has paid a high price in the recent deck apeds for information gained by the techniques and in
9:42 pm
my view that price far outweighed the information gain through the use of techniques, irks ie water boarding -- do you agree with general petraeus' assessment? >> i do. i believe the army field manual is the standard and that is what we should abide by. it services the purposes of providing a framework for the elicitation of valuable intelligence information and it comports with american values. >> that is the point, i think. isn't it the fact american values are such that no matter what the enemy does we maintain the higher standard of behavior? and when we violate that the consequences are severe? >> yes, sir. >> and an erosion of our moral
9:43 pm
authority. >> i would agree with that. >> isn't it already proven that mr. baghdady is sending people with this flow of refuges that are terrorist that in order to inflict further attacks on europe and the united states? >> that is correct. that is one technique they have used and that is taking advantage of the torrent of migrants to insert operatives into the that flow. as well they also have available to them and are pretty skilled at phony passports so they can travel extensively as well. >> and they are pretty good at establishing secure site for them to continue to communicate? >> that is true. i alluded to that in my opening statement about the impacts of
9:44 pm
encryption and the growth of encrypted applications which is having a negative impact on intelligence gathering. i recently traveled to texas and this was affecting not only us in the national security realm but the state and local officials as well. >> as you know in addition to the atlas rocket that uses the russian rocket engine the united launch alliance maintains an american rocket with an american engine. as we continue to have the support and debate about how to break our nation's dependency on russia for national security space launch do you believe we need to look seriously at the delta as an alternative way to get off the rd-180 and encourage competition from other organizations capable of providing us with this ability?
9:45 pm
>> i am a customer, general mccain, of the launch industry in the united states. i am trying to see our overhead is replenished and replenished on time. there is a capability with it delta that as you allude which is we think from our standpoint since we pay the freight when we use these systems which is both effective and cost efficient. i certainly do agree on fundamental american tentative competition. that is why i am quite encouraged by the aggressive approach that space x has taken. our plan is to certify space-x to carry national payloads into
9:46 pm
space. >> it isn't to your benefit to continue to depend on russia for rocket launches? >> we are more dependent on the rd-180. we have been and they work for us. my interest though is getting those payloads up on time. >> thank you very much, senator reid. >> thank you very much, mr. chairman. general clapper, today what is your assessment of the compliance by the iranians with the jcpoa? >> i think the key milestone is implementation day on the 16th of january and the iranians did comply with the requirements they were required to live up to. i think we in the intelligence committee are very much in the distrust and verifying mode. there are half a dozen or so
9:47 pm
ambiguities in the agreement we have identified and will be vigilant about iranian compliance. >> well that is exactly what you should be doing. i commend you for that. just going forward, are you confidant that you could detect a serious deviation from the agreements in sufficient time to give the executive options? >> yes, sir, i am confidant. my fingerprints are on the infamous national integration assessment in october of 2002. i think we approach this with confidence and institutional humility.
9:48 pm
>> the russians are facing low oil prices that seem to be continuing. has the intelligence committee made an assessment of the impact medium to long-term on this? on the ability of the russians to maintain their military posture and provocative actions? >> well the falling price of oil has had huge impacts on the russian economy. the price of euro crude is running around $28 a barrel. the russian's planning factor for their planning and programming for their budget is around $50 a barrel. so this is causing all kinds of strain. if you look at all of the classical measurements of economic measures -- inflation, the value of the euro, stresses on the welfare system, unemployment, and etc. that said the russians appear to
9:49 pm
be sustaining their commitment to their aggressive modernization program particularly with their strategic missiles. >> looking ahead is there any indication or is this an area you are picking up information through many sources that are reflecting great concerns by the russians and their ability to keep this up. >> well, that determination will be made by one man. i think for lots of reasons you will sustain the expeditionary activity in syria. although i think perhaps even the russians are seeing that this is headed for stalemate in the absence of a substantial ground force incertsuinsertion.
9:50 pm
>> in afghanistan, multiple challenge, the president is trying to pursue a reconciliato reconciliatory -- reconciliation with the taliban. anything about this action? >> i think the taliban position has consistently been not to do that; not to negotiate. they are the pre-condition they always ascribe is the removal of foreign forces and i don't see them changing that position. >> thank you very much. general stewart, thank you for your distinguished service. >> thank you, mr. chairman. it is a very accurate litany of doom you covered a lot of stuff
9:51 pm
in a short period of time. we will have to go back and reread that. when you look at what -- right now we are in a situation where russia is pursuing new concepts and exploring weapon strategies and that is a quote from the u.s. national intelligence consul. you covered that in your opening remarks briefly. when people outside say you have russia saying they will make advances and modernize and we have a policy where we are not doing. what kind of justification and answer can we give people asking that question including me? >> that is a policy issue i worry about. i worry about the advarsaries. we are just down in the engine
9:52 pm
room shoveling the coal and the people on the bridge get to decide where the ship goes and how fast and and arrange the furniture on the deck. that is a policy issue that others decide. >> well, i personal don't think it is a good policy but we all have opinions on that. i was fortunate enough to be in the ukraine back when the parliamentary elections were happening and for the first time in 96 years there was not wub one communist in the party. that was exciting. although i was upset with putin coming in and killing people and our lack of support at that time as a policy for the ukraine. as we are looking at it now, and there has been statements made
9:53 pm
from russia saying as nato becomes more aggressive and we become more aggressive does it look to you like that is going on right now? what is the endgame? >> to answer your last question on what the endgame is i don't know. but i will say that the russians, i might ask you to comment on this, but i think the russians are fundamentally paranoid about nato. they are greatly concerned about being contained and of course very concerned about missile defense which would serve to neuter what is their essence to the great claim of power status which is their nuclear arsenal. a lot of these aggressive things that russians are doing for a number of reasons, great power status, to create the image of
9:54 pm
being weak with the united states, and etc, i think could possibly go on and we could be into another cold war like spiral here. >> cold war. i was thinking of that at the time. isn't that what went through where you had russia or the ussr making the statements and preparing themselves and wanting to outdo us for the image? i see something similar to then. dr. clapper in your statement you said u.s. air campaigns have made significant gains on isil and we have reports the u.s. fights against isil is actually benefiting al-qaeda. what is that relationship between al-qaeda and isil? >> y i have seen that. i don't know that i could say airstrikes against isil are
9:55 pm
somehow benefiting al-qaeda because we are still keeping the pressure on al-qaeda. >> you are familiar with those reports? >> i have read them. but i am not sure i would subscribe to them. there have been, you know, i think there has been progress made against isil in its iraq-syria incarnation because it assumes some of the characteristics of the state and that makes vulnerabilities we can exploit. the important thing is to keep the pressure on on multiple fronts and keep attacking those things which are near and dear to isil which is the oil infrastructure that it owns and its access to money. >> one last question. my time is expired. but the rd-180 issue is one we are all looking at and i think there is a recognition we need to keep using for a period of
9:56 pm
time as we make any transition that might be in the future. in the defense authorization bill of '16 we talked about nine additional ones and i think the air force has requested at one point in some form 18 additional ones. what is your thinking about that? >> i tell you, senator, my position here is i am a user or a customer. i have to have certain payloads delivered on time to sustain the health and viability of our overhead reconnaissance which is important to the nation's security. i don't get into it other than i have to pay the bills because i pay the air force whatever we avail ourselves for their launch services. how they design their systems is up to them. i am interested in delivery. the delta has worked great for us. it appears to be cost-efficient
9:57 pm
and it is effective in terms of when we used it it delivers. >> thank you, mr. chairman. i want to join my colleagues in thanking you for your extraordinary service to the nation. director clapper, you made the point in response to senator reid and in your testimony that the international community is in your words well postured to detect any violation by iran of the nuclear agreement. has there been any indication so far that it is moving toward a violation? >> no. not yet. no. we have no evidence thus far they are moving toward a violation. >> and i am sure you would agree this nation and the
9:58 pm
international community need to be vigilant and figurous in enforcing this agreement? >> absolutely. i think we in the u.s. and others are in the distrust and verify mode. >> and that includes the iaea and other investigative tools you have at your disposal? >> absolutely. >> going to the ballistic missile issue which i believe is profoundly important and general stewart makes this point in his testimony as well. i urge the president to impose sanctions and enforce them as a result of iran's continued development of ballistic missiles which are a threat not only to the renal -- region but our allies in europe as well. unfortunately he has heeded those request. how important is it do you think
9:59 pm
we continue to enforce sanctions on iran? >> i think it is important sanction be enforced not only for missiles but other things covered. the iranians have a missile capability they continue to work on. they fired 140 missiles since the resolution 1929 of 2010 and about half of those firings were going on during the negotiations which of course were separate from the actual negotiations.
10:00 pm
after 35 years i found the most capable force to be


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