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tv   Senate Debate on North Korea Sanctions  CSPAN  February 10, 2016 7:49pm-8:01pm EST

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and the chinese with such emphasis on stability and i understand. it is right on their border which to me should make these provocations even more infureerating and more importantly relative to the security of their own country. but it just seems they too have exercised the patience you talked about your country exercised. and i believe passage by this and ultimate signature by the president has the potential to release the same change of events that occurred in iran hopefully with a better outcome and i want to thank you for your efforts. >> mr. president, let me start off by thanking the leadership of the senate foreign relation committee. the chairman, and ranking
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member, for creating the environment to have strong bipartisan legislation on a critical issue that affects the national interest and security of the united states and beyond that in general creating a strong bipartisan environment that i think is critical to u.s. foreign policy. it is a tone i tried to set when i had the privilege of being the chairman and i appreciate senator corker's leadership for continuing in the same experience and senator cardin who works hard on maintaining that environment. i want to thank senator gardner as the asia subcommittee chairman for working with me to bring legislation that we can come together in a strong, bipartisan voice because when the nation speaks with one voice it speaks most powerfully to
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both friend and foes across the world. and it has been a privilege to work with senator gardner and see his vision of how we dealt with this and merge my vision of how we dealt with this and together we came up with the most comprehensive strategic effort to deal with north korea. so i want to salute him and thank him for working with me. mr. president, given the north korean regimes recent test of what most agree is a ballistic missile the u.n. secretary moon characterized as deeply deplorable and in violation of security council resolutions one thing that is abundantly clear when you look at this photograph is it is time to take north korea seriously. seriously. well, for too many years the standard response of republican
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and democratic administrations alike whenever north korea stages a provocation has been to dismiss the seriousness of the threat. we tend to see it as a strange reading, seemingly disconnected from gop political reality. something of a parallel universe that doesn't function the same way as the rest of the international community. a strange regime ran by crazy leaders and certain to collapse any day and no need to worry it can't and won't survive. four nuclear test, three kins, two violations of u.n. security council resolutions and one attempt by north korea to transfer nuclear technology to syria later it is clearly time for the united states to start taking the north korea challenge seriously. in fact today it estimated north korea has enough missile material for more than a dozen
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nuclear weapons. it has now conducted four nuclear explosive tests as you can see from this chart starting in october of 2006 and with it the quake magnitude rising with vur virtually every test. it has developed a modern gas centrifuge uranium enriched program to go along with its plutonium, and seeking the capability to match a warhead to a ballistic missile. kim jong-un seems determined on a course of the policy that strengthens his military and economy as opposed to strengthening one or the other. taken together, these
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developments present a growing danger that could set north korea on a path to becoming a small nuclear power. a scenario that could lead other nations in the renal region to reconsider their own considerments to non-proliferation. i know that it has been referenced but i think it is worthy that when the director of national intelligence, the person in charge of mapping all of our intelligence as a country, james clapper and testimony before the armed services committee says the following it is worth repeating: north korea's export of ballistic missiles and associated materials to several countries, including iran and syria, aid the assistance to syria's construction of a nuclear reactor destroyed in 2007 demonstrates their
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willingness to proliferate damages technologies. following the third nuclear test, kim jong-un said it would be referbish to restart the grounds shutdown in 2007 and it has restarted the plutonium reactor that has been online long enough to begin recovering plutonium within weeks or maybe months. he told the committee and i quote kim jong-un is committed to developing a long-range nuclear missile that is capable of posing a direct threat to the united statesme. it has publically displayed their rogueal icbm and the
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director of national intelligence says we assess north korea has taken initial steps toward fielding this system. finally, mr. president, according to the director of national intelligence, i quote again, north korea probably remains capable and willing to launch disruptive or destructive cyber attacks to support its political objectives. though it hasn't received the attention it deserved during today's debate, the gardner and menendez bill assessed the threat of cybersecurity with robust sanctions against those who control the cyber warfare apparatus. this creates a new policy framework that xcombines effective sanctions and counter military actions that can stop the nuclear ambition, address cybersecurity and bring some sanity back to the political
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calculus. a new policy framework that shows urdesire to neutralize any threat that north korea may represent. this bipartisan bill proved unanimously in january expands and tightens sanctions for north korea nuclear and ballistic missile development and other e destructive measures of the kim jong-un. it requires the president to look into weapons of mass destruction, arms related materials, luxury goods, humanitarian violations, the provision of industrial materials like coal or metal used in activities including weapons of mass destruction,
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proliferation activities or use in prison or labor camps. the president is mandated to sanctions any person found to have materially contributed or engaged in or facilitated any of those above activities. penalties include the seizer of access to bands of contracts and we make sure this and future administration maintain the authority to sanctions any entity or person transferring or facilitating the financial access and the property of the north korea regime. the bill also requires the secretary of the treasury to determine whether north korea is a primary money laundering concern and if such a determine nation is made. from a strategic perspective, the bill will promote a strategy
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to improve implementation and enforcement of multi lateral sanctions. a strategy to combat north korea's cyber activities and a strategy to promote and encourage international engagement on north korea human rights related issues. there are reporting requirements related to these strategies as well to report on political prison camps and a feasibility study on providing communication equipment to the people of north korea so we can permiate the opportunity of information to flow to the people of north korea. and last but not least, under the gardner substitute, the state is apartment is required to expand the scope and frequency of travel reportings for north korea. that is what we think about most of the time when we think about north korea. but there is another dimension beyond nuclear challenges, missile challenges, and the
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proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. ... remain serious unanswered questions about human rights and the lot of the north korean people. we only read the headlines like the one on this chart, life in a north korean labor camp: no thinking, just fear. kim's former bodyguard tells of beatings, starvation in north korean prison camp. north korea's prison camp is one of the most evil places on earth: home to 20,000. 20,000 people. under the rule of kim jong-un, north korea is one of the most harshly repressive countries in harshly repressive countries in >> north korea's one of the most repressed countrien


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