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tv   Iraqi Prime Minister at Munich Security Conference  CSPAN  February 12, 2016 10:44pm-11:15pm EST

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can address this issue. let us not find ourselves meeting again in a few years time to discuss threats that we could have well avoided and prevented. it is you, the national and international leaders gathered here who know best what we are up against. it is you who can best help our countries come together in response. for if we do not act now, the dangers will only grow and if we do fought not act in concert we will miss further opportunities for success. thank you very much. >> ladies and gentlemen, we have
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a huge challenge in iraq. we have succeeded in combating daesh on the ground. the area we have liberated so far is more than half of what was occupied by daesh before. now we have almost all areas liberated from daesh apart from two areas. we intend this year to make it the final year and the last year for the existing of daesh in iraq. this reflecting of the area which is occupied by de -- daesh and this is a huge moment as oil has dropped in price. it is a huge drop in two years
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in a country where the budget relies 90% on oil. we have many during the 2015 where oil prices were also very low. they dropped to something like a third to what it was before but we managed the country. we managed the war successfully during 2015. we liberated tacrete and ramadi. some people say ramadi was lost and regained. but we lost a small area of ramadi and regained a larger area now. it is not only restoring or liberating the city of ramadi. we have liberated a large chunk of anbar which was never under control of the iraq forces before. this is a huge story where they
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are welcoming our iraqi brave forces that are working alongside our military and security forces in the areas. the population well under the role of daesh moved to the areas controlled by iraqi security forces because they feel safer and they feel better under the control of the iraqi federal government. this is a huge departure from like two years ago when the population in these areas didn't want the security forces to be there. the whole thing changed and daesh is loosing ground. they are loosing military and loosing ground among the iraqi population. at the moment a lot of people may look at daesh as an iraqi problem but it isn't. we have many foreign fighters, many foreign terrorist, a lot of gulf states are well off and not
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fighting because they are poor, they are not fighting because they are displaced, they are not fighting because they didn't get the rights. many of the terrorist fighting in iraq come from european countries. they are well off and better placed in society but still they fight. the problem is a bad ideology. an ideology which calls for killing and eliminating others. i know there are a lot of people who are not accepting of us in the world. we have many politicians who tonight accept of us. but to go to the length of eliminating others because they disagree with you is a new phenomena that daesh brought. they call it islamic but it is not islamic. daesh is not islamic. they are wearing a hat of terrorism and a hat of a mini
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state. when we fight them as a mini state it is easier for us. but when we fight them as a terrorist organization it it is much more difficult because this is not an iraqi organization it is an international terrorist organization. the techniques they use are so advance in using the internet, in using the social media, in using the modern technology to communicate and recruit terrorist from all over the world. it is so complicated as we discovered from documents and from terrorist leaders among daesh which sheds light on the next thing to work on. unfortunately not enough work has been done to combat the fallen terrorist who go to iraq and almost smuggling of oil and
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other valuables to the outside world. this is an ongoing business done by warlords in the rengion. everything that is smuggled will lead to more killing of innocent people in iraq and syria. we are fighting a war and at the same time to deliver at home. we have 16-18 where there is no war. people expect welfare. people expect infrastructure. expect jobs. we have to deliver. with this severe fiscal problem where there are no jobs and nobody understand why. there are many of these populations but i have to give a
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warning. the collapse of our crisis may lead to other crisis. it is so hard for the oil-producing countries. it is like the domino effect. once you start that the reserve of some of the gulf states are going to be pulled and taken. that will have a multiplying affect on the stockmarket and the activities around the world. we have to reform. we first reform the structure of our armed forces. when i came to office the first thing i crafted is to restructure our armed forces. we did. this has been reflected a few months later in the better performance of our military on the ground. we cut on what we call soldiers and the military became more
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efficient and more willing to fight for their own country. ramadi in the two or three weeks after leberating them, daesh has used what amounts to a hundred -- liberated -- armor cars which some of them contend something like 2,000-3,000 kilo grams against our forces but never won. in the past such technique would have led to corruption on the frontline and that is what happened in ramadi eight months ago when we lost it. daesh was in a small state with a small form and used truck bombs against our forces and
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they collapsed. not anymore. we have the ability to combat daesh now. the reform is huge. reforms to combat corruption that is very important. they go hand and hand. with that, fighting corruption we cannot have equal forms. this government has embarked on this path and we are very much moving toward this and we have to be in one direction. there was liberalization and read ing. but every time the government takes a step forward it takes a step backward. we have to be conc eshgs nshent no going back. we are very much encouraging
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investmen investmen investments. of cower course in cities we liberated. we were hopinging to do reconstruction of these areas. we created civilization. civilization we have decided there is essential elements which must be provided for the citizens to go back. a it must be clear from explosives and then water,
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electrici electricity, schools, medical care, major roads in the city. it is not only tikrit. there are many cities where the population went back. with anbar, we are providing basic services and people are going back to their own homes. and it is better for them to live in their own homes than living in tents. and this is something that i think was said we should work together on. i think there is a crisis in europe with the refuges. the number is huge. and europe, and i know a lot of politicians in europe, are struggling from this. the last thing we want is national uprise against refuges in europe and there will be
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crisis and some may win in the next election in europe and i think the last thing we want is this. -- this -- this will play into the hands of daesh. they want this dividing of europe and this world so the recruitment of young people can increase. we are doing this in europe. for refuges to go back to their home and cities so they don't to seek refuge somewhere else is the answer. the other one i mentioned with the chancellor here in berlin is i think the criminal gangs who are trading people are criminal games and thought being stopped collectively by europe and other countries. every country is on its own with that collaboration with others. i think we need to stand against
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these people. these critical gangs are destroying families, are causing families to sell their valuables in order to escape to what they are being promised paradise where paradise doesn't exist. we have to stop this. we are very eager to progress. of course, we have in addition to our military, we have the public mobilization forces. these are warranties when daesh entered into iraq elements of our armed forces collapses and we didn't have enough troops to fight. civilians have the quality to fight alongside our military. and it was very good and useful because these warranties are nationalist while fighting for
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their own country and state to defend their own families. but in the process i think there are groups who have to get out of this, some of them out of the control of the state, and we don't have others, and any arm out of the control of the state we don't allow it and are fighting against it and it should be eliminated. the pmf is an official organization under the control of the states. it is direct to the commander and chief who is the prime minister himself and controlled by him. it is like any other military and security program in iraq. we have problems because we are at war. when you are war security becomes weaker because you have to use most of your military for that war and there is crime in the city. we are seeing that and addressing these crimes.
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despite the war, it is as peaceful as it has been since 2003. all ambassadors and iraqis admit that. last year for the first time since 2003 we had to move the night schedule from baghdad. we have removed many of the military checks or security checks in the city to make it easier for the population to move in the city and other cities. and we are winning because the public is communicating with us, is helping us to find the source. this was something to do with the wall of baghdad. we don't have walls. what we are doing, baghdad is a large place. it is a capitol where 23% of the population lives there.
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we know as we progress and defeat daesh they will try again to resort to terrorism and to car bomb news and other mechanisms to kill innocent people in the capitol because this will play out in the media and they are media crazy. we have to protect the population of baghdad through our security checks and our intelligence most of the car bombs, more than 95% of the car bombs, come from outside. we don't want to subject the public to lengthy searches. we are trying to control the population with modern equipment so you can control the flow of terrorist and car bombs into the city. this is important to us. this should make it easier for the population to move in and out rather than difficult at the moment. that is our intention for that
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of course reconcilation is fundamental pillar of my administration and we are working on it. we can focus on intent. in the past, people are talking about external positions inside the country and now we don't have a position inside the country. we are happy with the solution. i am happy with it. i am calling for a new element. i would hope they would agree with me. the reason is to make the government more effective because of the economy. it is a huge problem. i have to have a team who works together. not a team who works on their own party. we have to have a coherent team who knows what is a problem and that contributes with the prime minister to solve this problem.
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i cannot work on my own. i have to have that team and that team must come from the universal council. terrorism is harsh. it is an international problem. we should come together to address it. it must be solved. in iraq this year we have all promised we are going to liberate the last city which daesh is controlling or the last government which daesh is controlling. where will daesh move to? what will happen in syria? we have attended that meeting between foreign minister about syria and the cease-fire that is being implemented next week. i want it to be successful. it must be successful because the trojan city cannot continue as-is. everything was destroyed.
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many terrorist organizations were in syria. we are working on our own cities affected by daesh. this must be addressed and we are hopefully by the time this happens something happens in syria to stop the flow of terrorist from syria to iraq. iraqi sovereignty is important to us. i will repeat it again and again. no foreign troops should get out without the consent of the iraqi government. all coalition partners have forces to train forces, supply weapons, they are there to provide help to protect our soldiers on the ground. they go to together. but we don't have armed soldiers on the ground other than iraqis. there are not any iranians,
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jordanians, brits, americans, australians. some in the training camp are there. apart from turkey who sent so many troops until the government said it is not acceptable. we are nato. if you want to help iraq we decide not you. we should have a say in this. to have the troops deep in the country in a city where historically they claim it belongs to them, which is israel, and that is dangerous. we call on our friends in turkey to listen to this. we cannot move away from palestine and they cannot move away from us. we should work together.
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get this iraqi undisputed territory. there is no way turkish groups should stay there. we don't need them there. they cause more problems. we can find for them in other ways. we are looking for them to help us in a different way. we are extending our friendship to neighbors in the region and to the international community and thankful for everybody to helps us. very important regional support is important and we should work in the region to combat terrorism and the forces around the world. thank you very much. [applause] >> prime minister, you spoke about how the sunni population
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has been more comfort under iraqi security forces. and i believe that is the goal; to extend the unit of the security forces. but the sunni's are not comfortable under the shiite militia. what steps are you taking to help the divide? >> there should be no militias. they are people who are carrying weapons outside of the control of the iraqi government. we are trying hard to eliminate them. we are eliminating everybody in a fighting force that is not in control with the government. during the war you may lose
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control. we have lost our town to daesh. we are fighting daesh a year and a half ago and now they are away. i think there is a crisis, i agree. what daesh created in iraq was dangerous. they used effect against minoriti minorities. this created hostility. we saw it with the women being sold, we have strong against christian and muslims, and shiite in certain areas and sunnis in areas controlled by daesh. we must stop it. sometimes the military can't. the military is there to liberate. it is not there to fight against the people. i issued a command for everyone to hand over the security to the
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local police. we need to do the same. we don't have a problem now in anbar. we have about 9,000 of local forces. we have a local police force who is controlling these places. we don't intend to leave our army inside the city. we are not going back to the previous area. we are going to every city we liberate to hand over to the local priest. that is why we passed the coalition or training of the local police. we started the forces and have been very successful. yes, there are problems. there are criminal gangs which some of them we are trying hard to combat. a lot of them have been put in prison. we bring them in front of the
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magis -- and we are trying toget real information to combat this. sometimes it is hard to get that. i understand it is easy to speak about events but it is very hard to have proof in the courts. that is a tough thing. we need the help other of others so that our judiciary can work on this. >> one quick last question from david ignatious. >> make it quick. >> david from the "washington post." you said interestingly that you believe your iraq security forces can clear mosul and other isis strongholds this year.
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but that brings up the question of how you will be able to hold them. you answered talking about police forces and local sunni forces but your parliament still hasn't had the legislation that would allow establishment of national guard and forces because baghdad will not allow that. how can you breakthrough with that problem with the fact that sunnis in mosul and anbar are responsible were the government? >> i waited a few months for parliament to approve it and didn't. i can't fake this. i got the new process of relying on local police. that is why we are training -- that is what happened in ramadi.
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local police unit worked together with the cps units. mosul and the army are withdrawing from the streets because we managed to train a few of these police units and they are capable of holding the city. i think this is the solution. these are locals. locals who belong to the local police. this is an incentive we have to find out because they spoke. the parliament was registered. we are working very hard on it. >> thank you very much, mr. prime minister. >> every election cycle we are reminded how important it is for citizens to be informed. >> c-span is a home for
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political junkies and a way to track the government as it happens. >> i think it is a great way to stay informed. >> there are a lot of c-span fans on the hill. my colleagues will say i saw you on c-span. >> there is so much they do to make sure people outside of the beltway know what is going on inside. a recent event at a computer history museum is discussed next. let's take a look: >> if you just walk in as an engineer and walk in and look at a bunch of other engineers and see what they are doing and how they are doing it and it was total insanity when you first looked. there were 55 different companies contracted to work on
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different parts of which is complicated but not that complicated. this is another piece of insanity. nobody knows how many people were engineers/developers, whatever you call them, technical rolls on the project, at least hundreds. dozens in different buildings. they didn't have any habit or custom of working together. they were in most cases for bidden from communicating with people. this was setup -- there was nobody -- the government reserved the job of coordinateing how this is going to go and the government doesn't have that skill set is the problem. i will leave that where it is. so what was going on made zero
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since. >> that is u.s. digital service administrator mikey dickerson. watch the entire program tomorrow at 8 p.m. eastern on c-span. on news maker, george senator johnny isaacson, chair of the veteran's affair committee discussed obama's $177 billion va budget and instituting change at the veterans affair. watch news makers at 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. eastern on c-span. earlier this week president obama released his budget request for 2017. the secretary of health and human services was on the hill talking about her chunk of the request that calls for $82 mi million in


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