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tv   Book Discussion on Assassinations Threats and the American Presidency  CSPAN  February 20, 2016 11:00pm-12:31am EST

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tonight it's my pleasure to introduce you to dr. ronald feinman. he specializes in 20th century american history with an emphasis on political and diplomatic history. he has taught courses at florida atlantic and diversity on america in 1900 to 1945, fdr a new deal era. u.s. 1945 to the president and america in the 1960s refinement is also the author of twilight of progressivism, the western republican senators and the new deal. he currently writes for a blog
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www.the progressive professor .com. i will come ron nibikov -- ron fineman. [applause] >> think you and i pursue your deduction today want to begin by thanking certain people. i want to thank stephanie for inviting me to speak here on my book. i want to thank c-span for agreeing to indeed take this event and put it on booktv in a few weeks. i want to also thank my sons david fineman and paul fineman for aris being there for me. we are definitely very close family pretty want to also thank one of my colleagues and former students david who took me for courses at broward college in florida atlantic university. azaleas say he majored in fineman and minored in history. he took me eight times. i guess he likes me and enough
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teachers that broward kelly jenny up to me with a power point i'm to use because i'm not that technically savvy and also with the index and the chart in my book so i want to thank david glover for that. i also want to thank steven engel who is one of the people on the blurb for the back of my book who is the head of the center for the presidency for also having contributed a great deal and having indeed reviewed the book and criticized and helps make it better as well as david glover. this question comes up, in fact i was asked by brian lamb on c-span q. and they on november 29, 2015 hour to show why did you pick this topic or what did people say to you and why did you pick this topic? is that little bit weird to be discussing in researching assassinations and i said yes i guess it is but frankly i find
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fascinating and i think it's certainly significant rate assassination has certainly affected not only american history but world history. they been given a few examples in my introduction about the fact that after all that space at world war i began because of an assassination. with horse have the fall of the roman republic because of an assassination. we of course had our country itself divided when abraham lincoln was of course murdered in 1865 and we are still reverberating from the events around john f. kennedy in 1963. but it's a lot more than just looking at abraham lincoln and john f. kennedy. the fact is assassination has been a common theme unfortunately in world history but also in american history and i have devoted a chapter to each president who faced a direct assassination attempt or those who were unfortunately assassinated and those who were wounded and those were unhurt
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but also presidential candidates which i have not seen anybody else do that i'm aware of to have a chapter in huey long was assassinated in 1935 bit of a chapter on robert f. kennedy assassinated in 1968 both seeking the presidency and also a chapter on george c. wallace who was shot and paralyzed for life in 1972. so i cover altogether 11 presidents and three presidential candidates, one chapter each of them i have two chapters on recent presidents who have not had direct contact with assassination meeting eyeball to eyeball but have been threatened so therefore i discussed the issues around jimmy carter, george h.w. bush, bill clinton, george w. bush and barack obama write us october 2014 right after all mark gonzalez held events at the white house and got into the building. luckily the obama's were not
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there and got far into the white house unbelievable and showed us the secret service needs a lot of reform because it's getting more and more varied. more and more but fence jumpers as i call them white house intruders and thank goodness none of the living presidents have had anything directly affect them but there have been lots of threats and as i point out barack obama i talk about 20 threats but there are many more has had more threats than any other person other than abraham lincoln and it continues then of course presidential candidates you have to worry about two are even now after all we have a lot of rhetoric out there a lot of investors out there and i've listened on the and history news network that the danger of assassination or at least the threat this year because of the rhetoric because of the hyperbole going on and i advocated that donald trump
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should have secret service protection and benjamin carson shed and they do it by also have advocated that bernie sanders should have it. he does not as far as i am aware at least not publicly. hillary clinton does with that even lesser candidates those who are not as serious or those who are serious like marco rubio r. ted cruz her eyes in danger and all you need is one error and that's one too many. that's what we have to remember. there's never enough perfection. so the thing is i have looked at all these presidents. i've done a lot of research. the question comes up how did i get interested in this? when i was in college more than a half a century ago at queens college of the city university of new york as an english course freshman course i had to do a term paper. i chose lincoln assassination. i was fascinated by it and the 1962.
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the next year of course was the john at kennedy assassination. that course we had the assassination of robert kennedy the assassination of martin luther king, the assassination of malcolm x, the assassination of george lincoln rockwell, the attempted assassination of george wallace and of course the assassination against ronald reagan and the threat against gerald ford and also richard nixon although we didn't know much about richard nixon's case is. the recently was pretty well kept quiet but there were and therefore it's the kind of thing that fascinated me. i started to lecture on it before dull groups over the last few years and two in a half years ago almost three years ago roman and littlefield my publisher indeed who i was aware of but have never had contact with wrote me in my e-mail and said we see you doing lectures
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on presidential assassinations, would you like to write a book? i have more free time. i still teach and i lecture and do my blog but i'm much freer than i was and i said well it couldn't have done this 10 years ago no matter how much i would have wanted to, why not? we made a deal that it took almost two years and now the book is out. i've had great reception. i've had over 30 radio interviews. i've been on c-span and now i'm on c-span again. i have had articles in the hill and i'm going to be a contributor on npr on february 15, monday presidents' day with bonnie berman and joseph cooper and i was interviewed last week that on the book but i think that's how we have found out about it by john hockenberry on the take-away. seven minister at the end of the hour. i party had people write me who
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don't know me and say i listen to you is amazing. a lot of people listen to npr. a lot of people do watch c-span. the sale started to shoot up right after brian lamb so i'm very appreciative and i'm very appreciative to have these opportunities here and elsewhere to be able to speak. so enough of the beginning. now let's get into the meat of the matter and what i want to make clear is i have the powerpoint here and we are going to go through it and it will help make it more interesting beyond myself speaking. of course we begin with the first attempt at an assassination which is andrew jackson and actually it's more than just the one on the board. that's the one i picked on the powerpoint but there are actually three threats against andrew jackson and the earliest is two years before in 1833. we have what we could call an assault on andrew jackson, not with a weapon, not with a firearm but with this.
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you've got to remember andrew jackson was not a well manned by the time he became president. he was in his mid-60s. use duquesne and all that soy was the greatest of health by the man named robert randolph a former sailor assaulted have been punched in the nose gave him a bloody nose. i was still considered a thread and honestly we have come i've never been able to find her nobody is found of any earlier president having anything happen that we know of. it's not a big deal but said a beginning. 1835 there are two events. the one i have on the board is not expressed in a physical threat. the verbal threat. the verbal threat comes from a well-known person who is very famous at the time and he writes a letter. his handwriting to president andrew jackson threatening his
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life just by the letter. doesn't go further than that, handwritten though. it goes to jackson. spend to everything that deals with presence is capped. everything unless they somehow get rid of it. calvin coolidge a lot of stuff was burned or destroyed that most times anything that happens to the present are going to find. the history project that deals with jackson authenticated who this person was or who they thought it was shocking. not only was it alone actor in 1835 but because he views get this the father of the later actor who assassinate abraham lincoln. that is julia's brutus burt -- julius brutus booth. what a name by the way. three years later 1838 but imagine was a genetic?
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was a maniacal behavior? was a mental illness? who knows but a threat and that was it to the point is it's been authenticated so we have to save the threat as much as somebody an e-mail today are faced with doing it traded still a threat. he was never arrested nothing came of it but the fact is we do call it a threat so it's reported in my book. the biggest event is in 1835 as well and it's two months before the incident. occurs on january 30, 1835 so on my face but age on assassinations threats and the american presidency i wrote a little entry about this which is now 181 years later that we had andrew jackson, 181 years earlier should say that andrew jackson was threatened by assassination.
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we have victor lawrence who is definitely mentally arranged and want to make it clear both to the assassins have mental problems. i don't know about john wilkes-booth but i think less of them did. he comes with two pistols to capitol hill. tax and is at the funeral of a congresswoman -- congressman and walking out of the capitol building where the capital building area with his cane when richard lawrence lunges at him fired one of his pistols. this is in the middle of winter. it misfires and it's astronomical that he would miss both times about the jackson duplex is immediate action was to attack his assailant with his cane. he kicked him down about them over the head and so other people came along to help them out. into play to help them subdue his own assassins. no other president could ever
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say that. he'd been involved in guns and killed some people so why not attack his own attempted assassin? lawrence went to a mental institution for the rest of his life. luckily he did not harm jackson but still nothing to worry about. you have to realize jackson engendered a lot of anger and a lot of people by his policies by his temperament and all that and that's the kind of thing that fuels people who want to kill its leader and become famous. let's be honest if you kill a leader or even try to you or infamous. richard lawrence is still alive today because of me because people have written articles about jackson. suddenly he somebody and although he was mentally ill to think he probably was very happy that he had gotten some notoriety. after this we have the next attempt and a few attempts.
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abraham lincoln in 1861 before the evacuation. lincoln on his way from springfield to washington d.c. had to go through baltimore which is a very radical place, very competitive before the civil war and there is concern that he might be harmed so he is placed through by pickens and agency detectives who help tab and he basically skipped third also more without stopping enemies ridiculed when he arrives. he's a coward and doesn't want to stop and say hello to an audience at the station. this was the baltimore plot that was believed to have existed there is evidence of is that nobody was arrested. the thought was oh my god he's on his way to inauguration. we don't want him bad deed spacing assassination. he's going to have death threats
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all the time and in 1864 he writes to the old soldiers home and it's up on a hill and he just had a few soldiers with him. there was no secret secret service yet i have to point out. the point is he wears his high hat on his head and he has a couple of soldiers and suddenly their sniper fire. his had a shot off of his head. my god. he laughs it off. his wife did not go with the accidental? probably not. it could have been. someone who is john wilkes-booth? the could have been, we don't know. his wife -- he chuckled about it but he needs more protection and he's a stagecoach when he goes to the old soldiers home. eisen i graded for a second term because he wins and is worried
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about it that is not going to be able to win it so he decides he's going to drop his vice president because vice president didn't matter. they were to stand by equipment so the first of the so-called might have been president tonight chapter 17 in my discussion of 15 might have been and president. hannibal hamline vice president hannibal hamline. i've mentioned it to students and they say find many were making that up. no, not making that up. it's real person and probably would have been a pretty good president judge and he's dropped and andrew jackson is picked to place him. johnson is not a republican, he's a democrat. this is the mistake of trying to cross party lines to pick a vice president from the other party. this is the same problem for william henry harrison when he picked john tyler. he was a democrat when here's a day.
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it's good to cause trouble for the johnsons when lincoln dies. the point is six weeks in office as vice president. lincoln is of course assassinated in forbes theatre in washington d.c. and we know john wilkes-booth was involved and we know a few days before he was mumbling pretty badly that he was going to make sure the president did not live much longer. he was that it an event at the white house and all that we booth had been plotting with a group of nine other people at a boarding house headed by mary surat and the whole idea -- the whole idea of killing not only present but the vice president magic johnson secretary of state under the succession laws of at the time who of course was secretary of state william shuman who later purchased alaska under andrew johnson. turns out he kills hemet forbes
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feed her. this is the seed. i get so involved i forget to move this. of course he succeeds him anyway but he becomes president anyway. they'll lincoln killed before -- and this is the scene. the thing is the vice president is not harmed. lewis powell wanted the other conspirators is supposed to kill him but he gets drunk and chickens out. he does not do at the johnsons saved and he goes on to be president of course. overnight april 14 and april 15. at the same time suet is attacked. he's at home recovering from surgery and his life by one of the conspirators but he survived stays on the sick. state durante johnson eight years as secretary of state one
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of the best. again he purchases alaska in 1867 from czarist russia. in any case at that time and are johnson would succeed and to would be a tragic figure. judged by most scholars to be about the worst president one of the bottom few. usually james p. cannon and warren g. harding. i would say probably the cannon is the worst. you have to believe hannibal hamline would have been dead. get this, but sandra johnson had been killed. the successor laws at the time were strange. we have had three successor laws the first succession law was if they present a vice president not available the president pro tempore of the senate the deciding officer of the senate which today is they'll be serving member.
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it was not that way back then but this is really obscure. i had to dig to find out who is this guy. president pro tempore and senator from connecticut. johnson of the killer mike and was we would have had president lafayette forbes of connecticut as we study about him he would have been better than andrew johnson i believe. for no other reason he was the northern johnson was from tennessee. he collaborated johnson with the south against reconstruction. let's say he had replaced johnson and hannibal hamline would have been the president in case lincoln was in baltimore or by the sniper shot. hannibal hamline would have been president and i think he probably would have been better. as faras far as we could judge a long career being vice president. as a senator. he actually was pretty good.
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anyway so lincoln is killed and johnson comes than and this is something that is the most fateful moment in american history for fast by brian lamb and i've been asked by others which assassination have most impact and i said definitely lincoln. people say not jfk? no, of course it's terrible for what you have to realize he succeeded by andrew johnson which is a full tragedy. jfk is perceived by andrew but i'm not so sure kennedy would not affect weight in vietnam but as for symmetric policy lbj accomplished everything lbj wanted bianca was not like a horrible tragic thing in that sense. andrew johnson was and i think we could step is the most fateful of all. not that the kennedys are not that i think more so. the next event and this is a tragedy in different ways.
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the 20th president of the united states. he comes into office and after four months p. a shot and mortally wounded. we didn't know that for sure because he recovered but it's a tragic story. garfield was brilliant. he was an intellectual. he knew eight languages. he could write in latin and greek at the same time in opposite directions. he was college president for a while. the guy is amazing but that's intellectually between lincoln and teddy roosevelt. i think you could say the least link and accomplish the end of the war. candidate covers quite a bit and arrested him by lbj but garfield never had much of a chance to do anything but i think that makes it a human tragedy in this book that came out a few years ago about this tortuous death the constant mistakes like doctors,
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the fact that they were incompetent. they came to the station where he was killed in washington d.c. riding horses. to forget this 1881 and they don't wash their hands. they don't know about germs or infections are back. andy suffers 79 days until he finally dies in september 1881. it's really tragic, early us and of course what happens is charleston tofu is a maniac is the assassin. he had actually visited garfield at the white house although he was killed at the baltimore potomac where a boat station. he visited secretary of state james g. blaine as well. but he wants but he wanted patronage. he wanted job. it was part of a deal to time. there was the civil service reform so that was the spoils system. the thing is with a qualified?
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he's not somebody significant. he made clear when he visited the white house he told garfield i would just like one of the following either the ambassador to france or austria-hungary. garfield was very nice to him and of course his eyes rolled after he left andy throughout the information they need came up with the conclusion that only went going to get a job i want us to kill president garfield. make chester alan president. he will olick to me that his these president and he will give me the ambassadorship. that's how he has. this is in the book i want to point out. all right now so to long torturous death. he will be held for murder of course and he will put on quite a scene at his trial. he will act like he's crazy but i think he was.
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it was not accepted at the time. he was found guilty of you would be at executed but he puts on a show. he dances around the courtroom like a ballerina singing in a falsetto voice. can you imagine that? he comes across as really a wacko billions of being executed and is just a sad thing is garfield could have been an outstanding president. we don't really know. who becomes president? chester alan arthur and i want to point out something. arthur wants to be the nominee and 84. he will be the fourth president never elected a only other whenever elected was gerald ford. it's lucky he wasn't elected in 1884. why? he died of -- disease and atv six natural causes but it would
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have been his vice president would have has succeeded him. it's one of those what has if he had lived in elected on his own. he signed the civil service reform buildup title x act. exclusion act by a two-thirds are wary of both houses. unbelievable nativism to get the chinese that he's a man of courage. i think he is seen as better to be pleased to see him. the next one is mckinley and by the way should point out one thing about garfield. you might say wait a minute he went to the white house. wasn't the secret service going to check them out even though he didn't kill him there? the secret service was created in 1865. it was some lincoln's -- interestingly when he was killed but it was not designed to protect the president or anybody else. was designed to do it
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counterfeit currency. that's all it was for and it would not be different in 1901. no secret service protection for the president to 1901. so you say there's nobody at the white house to check anything? there are two officers. two white house police officers outside the building, yeah. so they don't check the comes of the building? no. what are they there for? to keep people from -- i'm not joking. to keep them off the lawn. isn't that crazy? only after william mckinley is killed in 19013 president in 36 years 1865, 1881, 1901. finally the secret service takes over. so mckinley is in his second term. he is one the spanish-american war. we have gained puerto rico the philippines qualm and influence
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over cuba. we have also acquired hawaii separately. you talk about expansion in creating an empire but can we have done so in mckinley is looking better in recent times that he's getting a better rap i guess you would say as time goes on. he was not seen as well all along that he's improving his image. presents are either improving or declining in their image. leon -- as an anarchist. he's a terrorist. he's an anarchist against all government and is not so much mckinley, is the office. he wants to kill the president of the united states and escape. he's a little obviously that is a political fanatic rate he would travel across the ocean and killed king edward the seventh of england to get away and then go until the pope and
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vatican six -- vatican city. imagine that. he really thinks he can do all three. unfortunately he chose the present of united states. he was the first that he would indeed kill and what happens, buffalo new york and buffalo has a big exhibit on this, we have the pan american exposition, a world fair of the western hemisphere and is in buffalo new york and the thing is the press secretary that mckinley was worried about, there was talk about anarchist and in general there was a terror threat as we face today but he went on with his plans and on september 6, 19 no one he's in a receiving line to greet the public at the pan american exposition and he's in the crowd. yes again that's under a glove or under a washcloth or
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something. he comes up to the president and shoots him in the abdomen. .. >> mckillip mckinley dies on september 14. they don't know that he died and after eight days he dies on
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september fourteenth, 1901. what i thought after september eleventh, 20011 of the first thought i had one of the first thoughts i had was on my god, 100 years almost to the day. a transformational moment. when fdr came in the presidency was never the same. once september 11 occurred nothing would be the same. so it's so it's the same thing minus three days. imagine if september 14, 2001. but it was the same month, new century. amazing when you think about it. so he went to trial and he does not testify at the trial. he doesn't seem to want to. he is found guilty and executed very quickly. much more quickly than the other. the thing is -- this is the scene of what happened.
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they wounded him and thought he would get better it was eight days but he is going to end up in executed. now the thing is he now becomes president. he will transform the presidency and be the first vice president to succeed for the presidency and get elected to his own term. then another term and running in 1912 as the best third-party nominee ever the progressive boom party of 1912 which is my favorite election. the united states, the point is this, i said i'd skip it but, the first term vice president was gary, wasn't teddy roosevelt. teddy roosevelt was not even
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known yet. teddy roosevelt had not become a war hero so the first team is garrett of new jersey. another of them might have beds. garrett hobart was very close with the president, his wife was very close with the first lady. they spent a lot of time together and actually looking at garrett hobart he was at the time an active vice president. not now but for the time. he actually was a significant figure. his vindication was mckinley would have kept him for the second turbo what happened, hobart dies of heart disease in 1899. there is no vice president. he would've been president, not teddy roosevelt. we would've had president hobart and nobody would have known who tells the roosevelt was. instead hobart. instead hobart dies in office he is replaced by fdr and fdr
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becomes president. now he has his home in long island on the north shore of long island. he goes back to his home often as every president would. this was really something. something. i do not know anybody else, i'm waiting for someone to write or tell me know, i found an assassination threat but i found in newspapers online that was never mentioned in any teddy roosevelt study that i've ever seen. the fact is we have a man, 20 years old named henry wilde breath. he comes to the hills one evening bike horse and buggy, he wants to see the president.
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the secret service is a much but there is a secret service now in 1901. this one. this is september 1, 19 oh three. the secret service says do you have an appointment? no. well unfortunately you cannot see him then, sorry. he leaves. he comes back an hour later and again says i want says i want to see the president. no, you can't. then he comes back at 11:00 p.m., third time and now the secret service agent think there's something weird about this guy. i don't know i took three times to figure it out. the second time should have been enough. but now they check-in out and discover firearms. the theory is, it's only theory that he said he will see the guy and he may have killed or wounded teddy roosevelt. we don't they would have but it is still a threat and something to point out. it is the only one we know while he is president. if that had happened what would've happened? it would've been john hay would
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have been come president. he is well known, secretary of state under mckinley and teddy roosevelt. and get this, he was a private secretary to abraham lincoln in the white house during the civil war as a young man. along with john g. they wrote a work on him. now, the thing is hey lived in the white house as he served under like it. he helped him but he became secretary of state. so the thought crossed my mind, while while if hillary clinton gets it she can say she is the second secretary of state who lived at the white house. john hay could have been the first. the fact is that john hay would have been a good choice, he would have been fine if he would have succeeded. luckily that did not happen. now, the thing is .-ellipsis office in 19 oh nine, he said in
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19 oh four i will not run again. and then he said why did i say that. he left office at 50. he was the youngest president we ever had 42 years and 11 months, nine months younger than john f. kennedy who is the youngest elected. he could not stand being out of office. taft is his successor and alienated his own party in many respects. it was a split between conservatives and progressive. roosevelt decided he was going to run and in 1912 he announced his hat is in the ring and he has a boxing ring at his home in and that's where we get the hat in the ring. although nobody does that now.
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can you imagine? hat in the ring, donald trump say that? even a challenge to tap to our boxing match. that would have been fun to match. taft is 250 pounds, roosevelt could've lost some weight as well. he also can campaign against him because of cofactor. he did say low energy, that's true. he did not say you want to look at that pace for four years with things like that but he did say fatso which is quite funny. anyway he challenges him for the republican nomination but being the president helps as we discovered in later times as well. taft would win the nomination.
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there is attempts to stop jimmy carter in 1980 but couldn't succeed, stop joe borden 76 but couldn't. george hw bush. george hw bush and 92, the president always, at least in my mind has an edge in getting nominated. of course each time they are challenged in their party they lose the election, every single case. taft, hoover, ford, carter and bush one, but they got the nomination. so now roosevelt forms the progressive party and adopts the symbol of the bullmoose. as he has in his den. after speaking safari in africa. he said i misfit is a bullmoose, not sure what that means honestly. now becomes part of political history just as the elephant of the republican and the donkey of the democrat actually to be exact it's a type of a donkey known as an. there is such an animal. this is done as a cartoonist and
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per trade democrats as asses or donkeys and now we have the bullmoose added to this in 1912. it's exciting because wilson is running, eugene is a socialist and he is running and his dynamic. and ftr. everybody to the left. even taft is not that conservative. but he's done some progressive things. of course ftr does very well he gets 27 and a half% of the votes. he win six went six states, he was 88 electoral votes. but still, he is is not going to be able to win. that is why michael bloomberg cannot win if he wins on a third-party. if he runs they will elect the republican nominee probably donald trump or whoever.
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actually went to get enough electoral votes. but ftr was his liberty. he did well and did it nationally is still only six states. so the fact is that during the campaign he was subjected to his assassination attempt. on on october 14, 1912 in milwaukee, wisconsin. he is shot, but the thing is this, in his jacket pockets he has a 50 page speech wrapped up. he also has a glass glass steel case because he wears glasses. the bullet grazes him because of that class steel case. he was bleeding a little bit and is wounded but he insists he is going to milwaukee and giving an 80 minute speech while bleeding.
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he even tells the audience look, i'm bleeding but i'm going to show you that i am as fit as a bullmoose and i'm going to finish my speech. he goes on and on. he loves to talk. he's a real character. a very colorful guy. then he goes to the hospital and luckily he was not harmed badly. they did not remove the bullet though, they decide not to but i don't understand why. he kept it it in his body and recovered. today's went by and he went on the campaign trail and ended up second behind wilson who won overwhelmingly. taft only want to states and eight electoral votes. it's funny one of those thing and so goes the republican party. vermont is so liberal they would not for vote republican. you would be sure democrats would win vermont but i think
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even trump thinks he might win new england but i don't think so. it's very liberal now. it wasn't always but it is very different times. the fact is he recovers but he only had six more years of life. he's crazy enough to go on amazon river expedition in 1913 and 1914 was close to 60. he's not in good shape. he gets malaria nearly dies. he takes all kinds of chances, that's him, chances, that's him, he wants to be a boy never wants to grow up. and he dies at age 60 partly because his health was declining but also his youngest son was killed in world war i and he was only 18. he just connected over it. he died six months after his son was killed in the war in france. but what of life. he had so much he accomplished.
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of course reagan is one of our top by president of the united states. there's still a lot of debate about some of the things he said it did did but that is what history is all about. question and analysis of issues. this was an attempt and he was shot he gets a life sentence and he lives on for 30 years more in total isolation. it's really said. it really a set. in any case did i go too far? the next one is franklin d roosevelt. this is something people don't realize. in miami, florida at bayfront park ftr, president-elect of the united states on february 15, 1933 is at a democratic party gathering and it's a public event. people people are there to meet him and in the crowd is
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the man and if you watch c-span they show a brief interview with him. a lot of little clips but it's about an hour that i am with him. anyway, he's a short little guy, he will shoot and aim at fdr and he's in a wheelchair. instead instead his hand is knocked and he ends up shooting them mortally when wounding the chicago mayor. the mayor was working against the mob. you'll see on c-span with brian lamb that he wanted to kill the president because he's the president not to mention.
11:47 pm
so i don't think it was to kill the mayor. but the the mayor dies about two weeks later. he was charged with assault and then a prison term but then he's charged with murder and a very quick murder trial. this is florida 1933. found guilty, quick appeal, is executed five weeks after the shooting. three weeks after sir mac died. can you believe that? had fdr died however which he could have, he would've had former speaker of the house, vice president-elect from texas who would have become president. the think about that that stands out is he is the longest lived vice president of the united states, he lived till 98 years of age. what else downs out is his birthday was november 22. he was 95 at the day kennedy was assassinated. that morning we
11:48 pm
know jfk made a phone call to the former vice president wishing him a happy birthday. within a few hours he is dead. little things like that stick out. garner live to 98. would he have done the kind of stuff that fdr did as a southern devon entrée democrat? it would've been a disaster. the whole history of america would have changed. so thank goodness it did not happen. after two terms with ftr runs for third term, garner breaks with him and then he has henry a wallace and then he is harry truman for a brief period as fourth term. he is under constant threat by the nazis and the soviet union, there's all all kinds of threats but nothing actually transpired. there is believed that they wanted to kill all of the leaders in tehran in 1943.
11:49 pm
they were right-wing and left-wing groups that do not like him. the communist party condemned fdr. on the right we had gerald smith attacking him, we also had conklin who is a supporter of hitler and mussolini and said your name is really rosenfeld not roosevelt which was not the case. among those that are a threat to them but nothing this to his death would be he we long, he has not actually announced and at that time if you can announce that forehead but you can make it clear that he is going to announce he was campaigning and writing books. he was doing her radio show. he we long was seen as a possible threat to actually be a serious challenge to in 1936. suddenly it will be over very
11:50 pm
quickly and very controversial. on september 8, 1935 in baton rouge, the state capital of louisiana where he had once been governor, he was in the u.s. senate, he is shot and killed by a medical dr.. however there are those who say no they don't think he actually did it they don't understand why he would've. he he had an issue with long that's true. but the .. is that the time he was with long or supposedly about to shoot him the security guard almost like storm troopers are round long, opened fire on white and pumped him for of 61 bullets. imagine see that body after 61 bullets.
11:51 pm
and then the son of him has tried to defend his father and there has been a debate about it because there is never a real autopsy properly done. long himself died two days later and said it was medical malpractice and it was a plot of people to kill him that he could not recover from his wounds. it's a big controversy that still exists. there's still thought to be a cover up with he we king long. he is the first presidential candidate who is directly threatened in a way that would lead to such a tragedy. then we have truman. truman is an incident that is highly controversial. the question is you want to believe are great truman's daughter. she wrote a study of us father and she argued that a scientist terrorist group as she called it which did exist after world war ii and was at fault in killing
11:52 pm
british leaders in bringing about terror and palestine be for we had israel. they were trying to kill president truman and 47 because he had it was felt he was unlikely to recognize a jewish homeland if it came about. it was thought that he would not be influenced as he was by his good friend eddie jacobson convinced him to recognize israel within 11 minutes of be declared in 48. in 47 he was out to kill the leaders and according to margaret truman is that letter bombs were sent to washington. of course it never got to truman but it was still of possible threat to his life. they say that it's not backed up by lot of evidence. the question is why would she do this? some might say that she is anti- israel, who knows.
11:53 pm
we know mrs. truman did not like jews that we do know. she never allowed jacobson in the house. everything truman should've said he's coming in. but he called his wife the boss and they did check with the boss. but that's what i report i don't expect 100%, the question is do you want to bleed the president's daughter, that's issue. we'll see in a moment who a moment who would've been president of something would've happened. but george c marshall was a secretary of state at the time. the success was after 1886 until 1947 were that after the vice president the secretary of state and then the other members would follow and indeed in the line of succession. that would be changed in 1947 which i think is a mistake. i a mistake. i think it should still be that
11:54 pm
way. at that time he is the secretary of state but before his succession had changed of treatment had been assassinated we know that marshall was a great world war ii general. we know that marshall worked against the recognition of israel, lobbied truman not to recognize israel and truman did anyway and then marshall resigned as secretary of state 48 and later came back as secretary of defense in 1950s i guess they made up. but he is not for the recognition so that could of affected. the thing is the law was changed and 47. what it was is what it is now. the speaker of the house is first after the vice president. then the secretary of state. i've studied this in written about it, that's three out of
11:55 pm
every four years the speaker of the house and/or, meaning one or both the it has been the opposition party of the president. that's not good. if something if something were to happen to the resin or vice there should be continuity. now we have the speaker of the house was paul ryan, so obviously he is the other party, so the point is that is not good, doesn't matter which way that is but that's the law. i. i think we should go back to the cabinet directly linked to the president. if an event later in the year that this threat was worked out the speaker who was a republican, joe should martin junior would've been president and i don't think he would've made much of a president. i i think marshall forgetting israel would have been all right. but martin, not particularly and
11:56 pm
i don't ask speakers of of the house of being presidential material myself. although now that house speaker would like to be president, now we know, that's true. but i don't think of them as being that way. then we have sam which i can't see as president. now truman would have the threat at blair house. he's living up layouts instead instead of the white house. two puerto rican nationalist want to kill the president and maybe his wife as well. they have better revoked to puerto rico. puerto rican nationalist and puerto rico wants to have an independent nation and there has been a revolt which was suppressed by the un which many people don't realize just a few
11:57 pm
days earlier one of these people sisters was killed in the military assault by the u.s., and november 1, 1950. so they assault and what happens is one of them was killed and the other one is wounded and he will go to prison, truman is not affected he's inside the blair house but he's looking out the window, he's in his underwear. the secret service agent say get back because being in the window could be dangerous. here we have the lifetime of a secret service agent killed in dealing with this three-minute assault of gunfire, leslie is killed and it is very sad. he's buried in the national cemetery but if truman was killed in 1950, vice president and truman did have a vice president's first two.
11:58 pm
we have a senate majority leader being considered for the supreme court a few times to buy roosevelt a couple of times and even by truman earlier, anyway he would've been president would've been good i think. i want to point out he was older than him though that's interesting. that's becoming a trend more than every the vice presidents are older than the presidents. what's interested is berkeley after he decides not to run but he's already in his 70s, he said he's too old. notice the difference from now, we are going to have the oldest president, oldest combination of candidates ever. both are probably going to be 69 or older, it looks like it. it is different we don't look at it the same way the thing that's interesting is berkeley wanted to run but he was dismissed because he was too old, his 73. let's say he had one we all know
11:59 pm
that he died in 1956 so six so he would have died in office. so these are things afterwards we think thank goodness when you look at it. so we point out how it changes from 1886 until 1947 in the presidential succession act of 1947. i would rather go back to the 1886 bob because i think six bob because i think it is continuity. it makes more sense. now the next one is john f. kennedy, john f. kennedy has threatened other times. we know of the threat when his president-elect in december 1960 and he is in palm beach florida. a man named richard who is the oldest attempted assassin. he has a car with dynamite and
12:00 am
he parks near the kennedy compound in palm beach. he wants to hang around in the secret service notices him but doesn't check them out, i don't know why. eventually he leaves but then they say to this guy was hanging around, they track them down after the fact and discover that the car had dynamite and he was planning to kill kennedy as president elect. why? he did not like catholics. also he did not like rich people so the kennedys were were rich and supposedly what stopped him so he says and he went to prison for number of years is he thought the president elect kennedy with his wife and little john junior and caroline and he just felt i can't do it in front of all of them. so they they were met him he might have been killed before he got to president. we could've had no president theodore roosevelt, we might not
12:01 am
of had franklin roosevelt if he had been killed. we might not have had john f. kennedy either theory but these are certainly what could have been. and lyndon johnson would've taken over that happen. but of course the story of the kennedy assassination has been debated and will forever be debated and people always ask me what is your thought? there's no way to know for thought for sure. i don't accept the conspiracy theory. they're both written books ripping apart every conspiracy theory imaginable. you could argue that he didn't do a good job, you can say whatever you want, i'm not an expert on it but i tend to believe the report although i don't understand part of it. that's hard to understand.
12:02 am
was anyone else involved it seems clear although some people say not but of course the tragedy of him being killed by jack's will never really know the truth absolutely area here's the thing before the shots are fired. this is in my book also. just seconds before. mrs. connolly is turning around saying mr. president you cannot say people of dallas don't love you. and he says you sure can't and then the bullets are fired. every time i hear it i get chills by its unbelievable the tragedy of it all. he left us at a time when people would say if he had been around for the whole term, would feed then reelected, that's a big debate. i'm not convinced he would've been, he was living losing the south over silver writes that he was initiating and he couldn't run it on the south and i don't know if he could've made up the difference
12:03 am
elsewhere. if he had lost a bet out one term president he would have never looked as good. they never look as good except for one, james polk because he didn't want to run again and he had a great record of accomplishment. every other does not look good because they're defeated. in a way for history being killed it made him look better, i hate to say that but i've had students in recent years say terrible things like i wish george w. bush would've been assassinated. and i say no don't ever wish a violence on anyone. besides it's wrong, think about it if he was to be killed in office he would become a martyr. would you want that to make them better and then they realize you're right. violence is never the answer. and that's why i worry and pray for everyone of our candidates this year that they will all be
12:04 am
safe. no matter what they say or what we think of it, leave them alone, don't harm them. let us them. let us make our decision and live with it. then lbj comes in. this is beyond believe robert kennedy won the primary and two and a half years not even three, an attorney general under his brother and decided to keep the presidency then johnson dropped off then humphrey replaced him and mccarthy and in california he won the california primary look as if he might be nominee of the party. he is one of my 15 might have been's. i believe he would have been. i think it would've been president if he defeated richard nixon. the country came close enough.
12:05 am
he is killed by a palestinian christian not muslim, i bet donald trump doesn't know that. he probably think that the muslim. it's never from the middle east. he is killed .. at the hotel in the kitchen pantry right after the speech that he is accepting the victory but there is there and he's going to be given a death sentence or to life maybe 11 appeals are more to get out of his sentence. it's the only person who tried to kill a candidate who still in prison.
12:06 am
the the argument is he killed him he's not of her release. with george wallace and with gerald ford's attempted assassin have all been released. and hinckley even reagan's person assassin has a have a lot of freedom. but not this case. then we have george c wallace. of course i did not not like and do not like george c wallace but i wrote a book without political commentary i just reported things as they were. still not right to go through what he went through and he divided the country. i wrote a letter comparing donald trump and wallace and ross perot. and it's not healthy or good as far as people's anger. i do worry that he could be a victim of an attack because of that. but it's right on tv with taft
12:07 am
may 15, 1972. this is four years after wallace wins five states and he becomes a third-party candidate, the the second best performance of a third party ever. but he's trying for the democratic nomination and is going to win florida which is regrettable. he's going to win some states but the fact is he is shot and paralyzed for life by author brammer. author brammer is the youngest potential assassin, he's 21 years old and he just wants attention in that kind of thing. he had read about lee hot harvey oswald and others. he shot wallace and paralyzed him, there's 26 years of suffering and pain, surgery, surgery every year to try to relieve the pain. being in wiltshire but still serving in government as governor of alabama he had four
12:08 am
terms and one of the longest times in office but the third or fourth longest-serving ever in his last term you had a republican opponent he was a liberal. i think his paralysis changed his mind and he has for forgiveness and civil rights leaders. he apologized for his bad behavior and his racist statement that he ran on. the fact is while he was being stalked and shot and put into a wheelchair by author brammer. author brammer had others on his mind. he was stocking richard nixon during the campaign of 72 as well. think of it, let's say he had shot and killed the which could have been, who would've been president? oh my god.
12:09 am
and this person i find hard to be neutral. anybody who watches the sun c-span your unit turnoff. agnew we didn't know about it yet and there's no watergate yet but he would have been president if that had happened. so again, it's after nixon's resignation he may have been impeached and removed himself on mike nixon instead of next in. so agnew was the vice president for four years is one of the 15 them to make it clear he is one of the shortlist i would say please, please, thank goodness we did not happen. i'd also put garner and martin on that list. but martin not as much to speak of under treatment.
12:10 am
more agnew than anybody would be the worse. beyond that, agnew is out of office and i we have gerald ford who replaces him. we have an attempt and a threat on richard nixon by a man named samuel bike. he has a plot that is unique. he's never going to can front the president directly. something covered up from a long time a lot of it was not known until ten or 12 years ago when the movie came out. the assassination of richard nixon. starring sean penn as samuel bike. i remember saying what, what he mean assassination? it was covered up well until 2004 and 2005. the history channel had an hour documentary.
12:11 am
it was covered up for long time. what did he he want to do, he wanted to hijack a plane, try to in the baltimore washington airport he shot and killed the pilot and wound to the copilot and then was shot and killed by airport police. what he wanted to do was buy the plea from baltimore to washington and attack the white house. house. hit it. none of them wasn't on that day but so he would not have been killed. but the thought of someone using a plan to attack the white house in february 1974. 911, 27 years early. that's mind blowing. one other way way can you look at it. it's amazing. if anybody had attacked the white house so he is killed and pretty much covered up. so the argument so people so when will johnson?
12:12 am
nothing public that we know about the argument is that's not war nobody threatened him. not directly or maybe it's been covered up. even eisenhower why has eisenhower not shown to have threats. they're probably hidden records but i was not able to get any of the information on either of them. neither seem to have threats. this one was well covered up for a long time. gerald ford would've been the president if that had happened. it would've been six months before he became president. accorsi was picked by nixon. he had other people on his list the next and who was under fire. he had john connolly, treasure secretary and is less. and i remember saying please, don't to this i do not like john connolly who was shot when
12:13 am
kennedy was shot. you have george hwb shauna's list, imagine that. he had bob dole on this list and ronald reagan on his list and nelson rockefeller. all interesting and significant in the future. he ended up picking ford because he figures ford is the vice president nobody wants that jerry to become president. no, slice he's a decent fellow, and on the sky, general form would be fine. that's what he did not understand. now he himself will have to assassination attempts. on september 5 and 20 second, 1975. two and 75. two in one my. seventeen days apart. amazing. both by women. the only other cases running the boardinghouse to lincoln. here we have lynette, a follower of charles manson confronting
12:14 am
president ford when he is in sacramento california, the state capital she has a weapon but she doesn't withdraw it. so it's not as direct. but 17 days later sarah jane is actually going to point a weapon at the president and is going to lead to she gets a life sentence in 2007 with their jane more and here's the scene i had in the book with their jane more shot and for looking stunned actually marine knocked her hands and therefore she was not hurt. i mention people look at how he's done there and some of my friends would say was and he always love when you look what is that that's in my book as well. now this is a story of the century. who would've been his replacement, nelson rockefeller,
12:15 am
the liberal republican who conservatives like ronald reagan hated even today if you said you are rockefeller they would kick you out of the room he was very liberal, he had tried to be president three times, failed to but he was picked to be vice president he left for month of the debate because he was very wealthy and not liked by conservative republicans or democrats. he was not easy and he was twice in 17 days he could have been president of the united states and it probably cost some people to have a stroke or heart attack thinking all my guy, president rockefeller and after this is over 14 defeats reagan, reagan's people make it clear that we
12:16 am
will not back you and 76 unless you agree that you will dump rockefeller. he picks bob dole and tells rockefeller he can't be on the ticket and later he says i'm may have been jimmy carter. he lost ohio and hawaii. dull was a nasty campaigner against walter mondale. i think he helped ford and 76. rockefeller could've been president i think it would've been a good one. reagan in 81, john hinckley but actually have the month you could see his mother which is like 91 years old now but i agree he should not be free he's in in a mental hospital. he seriously wounded not wearing a vest neither is the secret service agent who was shot and wounded it could've been very
12:17 am
different if it had course if it would've been garfield he would've been gone in 1881 but this is different time, this is john hinckley and he comes from a well-to-do family and of course bush would've become president then of course he became president anyway. the thing about hinckley is he was oppressed with someone else. he was stocking president carter months earlier let's say that he had killed carter and want to learn mondale had become president, who says that mondale has a new president and it would not have defeated ronald reagan. so maybe breggin would've been president either. so we had carter and what happened with mondale.
12:18 am
we just passed january twentieth, 35 years since jimmy carter left the presidency and walter mondale left the vice presidency, all-time record. ninety-one, and 88 you have to say wow that's a story. thirty-five years on january 20 and there we do it by book and that's all i have to say. i also covered the weekend president i thank you very much for listening,. i welcome people to come up and ask questions. >> thank you very much ron. if you're going to ask a question please come up to the microphone so that we can be recorded for the cameras. >> i have a question and you say you would like to see the succession go back to the members of the cabinet. you feel like they were all the same party. >> sometimes that's true. >> a lot of members of the
12:19 am
cabinets. >> even if they were loyal to the president it could still be a problem. not going to happen. it's like going to change. you have to get a two thirds vote of both houses to get it in the 38 state legislator that's impossible that's not the way to go, thank you. >> you mention there is five best presidents and you mention one, who were the other four was there any major threat against obama? so it's about the type five presidents but the c-span rating
12:20 am
of 2009 and nine and will have another in 2017 so abraham lincoln republican, george washington federalists, teddy roosevelt republican and harry truman democrat. if i could change change that i would make fdr second and i would make truman no debate about lincoln, even even hillary clinton said the best president could be lincoln everybody says lincoln pretty much unless there's something to sympathize but that's the list now, the most recent in september 2014. we have two threats against
12:21 am
obama 2008 by young men, the one denver would've been a shooter. there have been tons of threats, their thousands over the years and it's miraculous that he's been able to avoid any direct threat. and his wife but he has threat more than anybody. >> thank you for that question. come up to the microphone please thank you. this is not related to the exact topic, you mention trump over
12:22 am
and over. seems to me you're pretty convinced that you think he's going to get the nomination is this what i'm gathering? actually not i think marco rubio will be the nominee. my prediction and i'm not bragging but i am in 2012 i picked the electoral college exactly. this time i predict that it may be wrong it may put it on paper. that hillary clinton will be elected president, her running running mate will not be here to hear about ohio is the crucial state. a republican must win ohio to win the white house. i think what will happen is rubio will be the nominee. he will take k-6 from ohio was the best person to be his running mate. my prediction is florida will go with the republicans which and
12:23 am
ohio will go with the democrat how will that be in my prediction is his pick senator sherry brown of ohio who is good and then you would have ohio and forget about martin o'malley, you got it in ohio pick sherry brown and he's important in a good that guy to be a running mate. i think it be three oh 32235. so i think florida will be a small margin. trump has shocked everybody so i don't know we'll have to see. i actually thought we'll see
12:24 am
what happens next week and the week after. when it be funny if he ended up he did not do well after all. a lot of people like to be around a reality star. so we'll have to see. i'm still thinking rubio will be the nominee. thank you. >> what you think about the situation with hillary with the fact now that the fbi is practically ready to indict her. >> i'm not so sure they are, there's not been proof of that at this point, if it happens however i don't think it will happen i think a lot of it is opposition propaganda. if it does happen then i think ayden will come back and run. i'm a joe biden fan. last weekend i was asked but a
12:25 am
year ago i said he should run for a third term as the vice president there is no amended on president i go from february last year that i may tell you about joe biden so last week we spoke seven minutes and he made fun of it and said one man campaign to make sure but i wonder today you know i like joe biden that much and i think you should be secretary of state what i would do is write him a letter type a letter up and send it signed to his office and tell them about the interview and how
12:26 am
much i admire him and that i wanted to give him my book and i'm curious to see the reaction that i had i just sent it off today. but i thought maybe they will just blow it up before it even gets it but i decided to send it. i think if hillary closes i think joe biden will have to come in i don't think sanders can win. that's my gut feeling. of course there's a multitude and when it's done so i thank you for the question. anybody else wants to make a comment or ask a question, feel free to come up. >> let's say hillary does not get the nomination and biden is out of the picture because of his family situation.
12:27 am
do you see any dark horse democratic candidate, viable one? >> the only when i talked about was former candidate al gore or john kerry. john kerry be an active, gore has been out of office. i don't know. i know. i think of be difficult at this point. that is pretty much it, there is no new bench although martin o'malley i thought he was the youngest generation, he's the the kennedy of the 60 the carter of 76, the clinton of 92 in and the obama 98 but it has not happened, so i don't think it's possible but he's a good man, there's still other teams of the party you booker of new jersey
12:28 am
that could be brought up you grove return of minnesota but these people would have to have a campaign apparatus so it could be a real problem if hillary was to be forced out i don't think it's true. i think joe biden will be the best bet to think of it would be a problem though but hopefully there is no real issue and i do think it would be propaganda. >> one more question with all of the republicans in the race right now and there was talk and still is about a brokers convention, i also believe rubio will get the nomination. i think it's going to come about because of a broker convection. when i remember 40 and 52 when
12:29 am
eisenhower ran and when stevenson ran so they were both broker conventions for both parties but we did have caucuses and primaries there a lot of on pledged delegates. >> their primaries but not many think there primaries to be very hard to imagine a brokers convention but i think it would damage the republican party if that happened. but thank you all very much. thank you very much [applause]. >> .. book.
12:30 am
we welcome the "tough as they come" today. the u.s. has been involved in a war in afghanistan for more than 12 years and our next author retired staff sergeant lost almost everything in fighting in afghanistan. he is one of five soldiers to survive a quadruple amputation. through willpower, endurance and no small amount of fate he has lived with a capital l. living by the creed never give up, never quit. he swims,


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