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tv   BOOK TV  CSPAN  February 21, 2016 1:16am-1:31am EST

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finigan our collections hear we have everything from manuscripts and to contemporary books that is between 50600 years of print. we have specialized collections but one of the major ones connected to the university is the baptist historical collection. so what i have vowed to look at today comes from a number of different places and
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individuals who had early associations. and but i think of as some hidden gems 18th and 18th century that has larger and implications to american social history. there is inside the lurcher collections but his not just church history mitt the papers of the cigar of the works that they did. there are some wonderful things that speak to history and literature. first, 1772 in an
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unpublished manuscript written by a philadelphia of baptist minister in them up -- although not published published, and this opens in -- is a continuation of that history taking the history of the state's to our three virginia and north to south carolina in georgia. in into the image their shaven and and as they read the first. >> you come to the province of south carolina he has
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said his shot for them to weigh him. but then this earth carolina hit him -- unhappy province listen to the complaints of the few who that shows the body of politics see just lie at but that is a stark
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contrast. the man he is here to is a comedy by a colony as he may designate of the southeastern who but in 70 is in the head and he and the half and minister who is the namesake.
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with this was a letter written but to up in the middle of the state to phenomena and not priggish governor half legman's if or in but also to be accustomed
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but his letter explains the situation in an undated -- we should be made the real to the case cumbrous and mean enough but he went on
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to become with most respected is cells per does the head live ascetic but because the selfie carolina race is neck and head. but just to end of with is a huge and there you is that if but coming from a river
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of a close to campeau if but those conditions and in half but then to become president of the diversity in 1860 he ahead debt -- she had then recession tiv print press south carolina after being
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skeptical of in not being sure of that was the right thing to do. ben n number of others did the number of public lectures and talks stumping in this is one of the speech drafts. during the war the university shutdown most have fallen listed as a resume operations. i have one of third document here with his.
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but on religious activity but this is a record and who so be sure you can see here is it named but in some ways
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is a little different angeles house off which had a more indication her age
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when unhinge but the dip in their religious into literary journal published in the there are four of his and a of a yen the within the ceased but it is remarkable because religious
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literary social schumer but a couple of divers but to be plugged into the activities at the time and then they went nine could they have stonily were in in an area into into again see how
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their editors were, very much point. >> this program contains language that some may find offensive. [inaudible conversations]


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