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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  February 26, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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russians no where certain operations are occurring? >> i wouldi would love to go in the greater detail privately. in terms of russians and syria they have a memorandum of understanding, the word is accurate and precise. the conflict from what the russians are doing which is unfortunately something quite different which is not what they said they would do. so they are off on the wrong trajectory, a somewhat
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separate subject that we do not agree with and cannot align ourselves with. deacon flexion does not mean we are aligning with the russians but we are working with them so that we do not inadvertently run into each other. they are abiding by the memorandum of understanding. it is professional, military to military and the russians conduct themselves in accordance and therefore do not impede our campaign. at the same time i must compete we do not otherwise associate ourselves because it is wrongheaded. >> able to unite disparate group of shiite militias do
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you have any degree of discomfort? >> chairman, thanks. i am satisfied, and aggressive counter intelligence program. thatthat is a piece of what you alluded to. with regard to provisional forces ii am encouraged. they recognize that our support was conditioned on not having the iranian backed forces and so they were not participating. there is a great deal of energy being applied to talk about how to integrate forces and we are not adding
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john providing support for any forces that are not legitimate parts of the iraqi government and under the prime minister's control and responsibility. >> the issue of force protection just because at this point in time people are leaving us alone comeau one must assume they are doing what we are doing. >> we are concerned and watching closely and i would not suggest for a minute that we are complacent. the other significant amount of resources dedicated to ensure we can recognize changes and take appropriate action in anticipation. >> good to have the public reassurance. one of the benefits of congressional travel is that
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we often separate ourselves from general officers, the men and women who do a remarkable things and i follow the lead of my predecessor getting out to bethesda walter reed and i run in to situations where remarkable people have done courageous things and have been injured in the bothers me when i hear that they did not get the air support needed. as you pointed out, maybe the afghans are ready for prime time, but i hear more than anecdotal information that some forces do not fight at night and as a result some men have been put in compromising positions. it hinges on my introductory remarks which are not
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political. there is a feeling shared by many members of congress that somehow forces of higher up -- and i understand the chain of command -- people have to check with a variety of different people before they look after the mission that they are involved in. could you comment and give a level of reassurance, to think that someone would be checking on you the remarkable people in positions of command and 2nd guessing you, assure me that that is not happening. >> first of all, i would not understate concerns of the folks you have talked to. i have talked to them to. believe it or not they bring it up to me as well.
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they do not hesitate to unload on you. if you make yourself available for questions you must be prepared to answer. i would distinguish rules of engagement has become a catchall phrase for a wide range of activities. i can assure you this nothing that limits a soldier, sailor, airman can more marine from taking appropriate action. that is the fundamental. whatfundamental. what you are referring to is when, where, and how we combine arms. there are times when decisions are made at a more senior level and i made them at that level on occasion because there are strategic implications. >> collateral damage. >> collateral damage. we have various levels of authorities associated with
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the numbers of civilian casualties in the amount of collateral damage. elevated to the general officer level. again, when it comes to soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines they can crush and call and combine arms and do what must be done. when it comes to conducting a deliberate strike we have, do, and will make those decisions federal level were risk can be managed appropriately to ensure what appears to be tactical actions was strategic consequences, the decision-making is being made at the right level. in some cases our very presence and ability to contact counterterrorism operations was being managed as a result of these strikes.
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i understand their concerns and try to explain, it is an we don't trust you. frankly your is a little wider. when it comes to doing what needs to be done it is decentralized. sometimes we make decisions federal level and those of us feel like sometimes we have to make those decisions >> i am glad to hear it because i think as our footprint shrinks force protection, every soldier and whoever is representing our government deserves that assurance.
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>> the european reassurance initiative, a number of interchanges, any sense given my impression that this will be a permanent situation some monies migrated to the base budget? >> the reality there is that this is money we need to spend on a requirement that is quickly come upon us and therefore it is appropriate. therethere are other things being done that are part of
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enduring investment, so there is a mix and if the question is are we going to be doing more you see that in fy 1717 already assuming with the chairman said is our biggest risk which is a collapse ofa collapse of budget agreement and reversion to budget control. that is the biggest risk to everything we are trying to do. >> one more question and more if you wish to address the issue of the budget recommendations on health care retirement. congress has a huge improvement and blame, not that the administration is always
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right. i mentioned mandatory. you suffer from the same problem. if you will comeau what is, what is your justification of doing this wrong budgetary standpoint? >> we have made proposals and the department continues to ask for your support and have not always gotten the support of this committee for what we regard as reasonable steps to make our provision of healthcare more efficient and to the rise and growth of healthcare cost. we try to do that in a way that is -- does not compromise quality of care but restricting the number of people receiving care, but i can give you examples. medical treatment facilities are using them more efficiently. the issue of co-pays has
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come up, strong -- small co-pays and the basic purpose is to make people asked if i really need to go to an emergency room for this or take a different route. this is just a little signal in that regard. and we try to allocate these efforts across the population so that we protect parts of our military family, active duty and retired to have the greatest needs and the fewest alternatives. we try to do it as carefully as we can. we have not received 100 percent support. we are grateful for the support we have gotten, but it is tough on us as well as the congress. with respect to retirement,
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we do have an approach to retirement for new members, a blended retirement system. i think that is a good thing. it will be good for the all volunteer force going forward. for members of the service who are already end, they do not have to go to the blended retirement if they do not want to. this is a program that will be available in the future. those are a few things about healthcare. ..
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>> >> so i looked at compensation holistic play it is the entire package that insurers have the most training and well incentivized force we could possibly have. i appreciate the latitude to make these decisions free share high quality people to recruit and retain with the right skill set to make sure >> a quick follow-up with
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those rotational brigades to be ideal for the reserve component formation it does a law of things this state partnership programs with the relationships that are forged to become combat multipliers if necessary. so just to put in a plug for that i got to know general hodges pretty well in one remarkable person to make 30,000 look like 300,000 on a given day and he relies heavily on the state partnership programs so ask for your continued support without regard. as most of those speaking
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today may i commend you for the relationship of our staff and other committee members? with the facts we need to do the job. >> with the discussion and looking to send programming this year as a possibility. >> be sure to take a look at all the programs with the awful justifications. >> then the next day the women's team beat the basketball team for cargoes for ever.
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>> and i am very delighted to hear. spec on behalf of the remarkable men and women please extend our thanks to their dedication and service to the best of america. we stand adjourned. [inaudible conversations]
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there's a lot that tech sector can be which we talk to them about to up amplify the counter message, to counter the message of the islamic state.
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that is not a government mission. that's a private sector tech sector mission. by seymour more tech sector getting involved in them and so we want to help them partner with muslim leaders. and talking to others as well. i do think that the grant money for cve which we begin this year want to continue has been and will be used very effectively. the cve effort, given of the global terrorist threat has evolved is in much as important as any other homeland security effort. >> if i could do a follow-up, trinity even though my time is up because i think it's relevant to this issue. the funding was awarded in 2016, my understanding is it's actually going to be out in communities in the dispersed until the end of the year at the earliest. can you talk about why the additional funding


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