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tv   Book Discussion on Retaking America  CSPAN  February 28, 2016 6:30pm-7:31pm EST

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sometimes i'm not. the general chief of staff asked me if i would be in the military and go around with them, but i don't want you to. that's more of the joking site. i broke down and cried and the general said i can't do my job anymore which i love and i really enjoyed my job and i said if i can't do my job i don't want to put the uniform on anymore and going to retire with what i have and be thankful for what i was going to do. so, i'm still active with supporting. they call me for an event i go and do it and that and i talk to my friends regularly throughout the nation. the two guys got hurt with me and they went home with me.
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right has since had a child and named it after he. you will see that there was a nice letter written from the flight medics. i was yelling at them and telling them to take their hats off and they couldn't believe the situation that i was in. but i hope everybody buys the book and enjoys it. but if you don't, check it out. i'm not going to force you to buy it or feel awful if you don't. [laughter] >> i can see the timer is going and you are in charge, not me. [laughter] >> speaking of the book that we want everyone to buy. [laughter] >> travis will be out at the author book signing as soon as we leave here he is going to go out and sign books. i just want to say that i am very honored and blessed to be
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here today and having you here. >> don't forget to come back. she's phenomenal. [applause]
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>> i first met nick about three years ago and if you understand history, think about the young men that came to the united states of america to the early 18 hundreds. we want to understand what made
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america so unique and different from all of the other countries and he wanted to understand that single thing that is indistinguishable of the individual rights of freedom and liberty. so come here today we have a modern day alexis de tocqueville has come from the land down under and he is sharing thoughts and perspectives with us so let's me give you a brief overview. he's a best-selling author and commentator and has appeared on virtually every television in the program including fox and friends, the sean hannity show, the glenn beck program, the 700 club. he's a columnist for and also serves as a centennial institute policy fellow at the christian university. his work has been published in newspapers around the world such as the washington examiner and
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online at fox news, the daily caller, the jewish world review and elsewhere. rick. appointed him an honorary texan in 2013. the most recent book is really taking america crushing political correctness. ladies and gentlemen i present a fantastic young man, rick adams. [applause] >> good morning ladies and gentlemen, distinguished guests. what an honor and pleasure and privilege it is to stand here before you this morning at the country club right here in dallas texas. i am thrilled to be speaking to the national center for policy analysis, one of the world premier think tanks. it is a tremendous honor to be
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with each and every single one of you today. in the world's exceptional nation, in the world's indispensable country. and to top it all off in the greatest state in the country. [applause] >> i love coming to texas. i love being in texas. to me, texas is the living and breathing embodiment of american exceptionalism. it is a confident and successful society. and i so admire the moxie, swagger and bravado of texas and the steadfast refusal to enter the embrace the world that we now occupy and for that reason
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texas is a model for the entire world to follow. texas is to america what america is to the world. it is a guiding light. it is the idea that we should turn to whenever we seek guidance or counsel and that's why on the tenth of july, 2013 when the former governor rick perry appointed me an honorary texan, it was one of the greatest days that i ever had. ladies and gentlemen, i am here at the moment on a book tour, retake in america, crushing political correctness is a book for anybody that loves america and hates political correctness. and i look forward to sharing with you a lot about that book and its content today. i want to thank a lot of people
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that made this event possible. i want to thank the wonderful staff at the national center for policy analysis who went a great way preparing this event to be what it is right now. it's got a tremendous turnout and it's great to be here with so many wonderful patriots. i know that many wonderful people in this audience have traveled far and wide to be here today. the gentleman that comes to mind is sitting in the front row from texas. [inaudible] i stand corrected. it is on the oklahoma red river county and you know, when i think of political correctness
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and american exceptionalism, texas really is the best place for that message because i find that texans have a merciless content for political correctness and that's something that i certainly have a great deal of time for and he's been a good friend of mine for many years. it's refreshingly political incorrectness that comes from texas whenever i speak to sean today i had an occasion last year to be in new york and i have a photograph taken with a young lady who is a news regular that she happens to come from the opposite side of politics. there was a photograph that was posted on facebook and social media and sure enough, there i was coming back from fox news and my cell phone starts ringing and it is no one else.
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he said he had a minute and i said sure, i have a minute. i think you're making a mistake. i said okay. what have i done wrong, i don't know what you're talking about. he said i don't want you messing with liberal women, do you hear me clacks [laughter] so i've always loved that refreshing friendship that does animate from every side of the spirit and this. and that's why i've got so much time for texas. i've also got to thank my friends, colonel allen west. i know that he would want us to know that his extraordinary
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humility means that he doesn't enjoy it when people like me have so much praise on him so i think i have about 30 seconds before they jump into action and take me off stage. he's an extraordinary companion of graciousness and knowledge and a model for civic engagement. and it is touching that he spends so much of his time prepared to help and helping young men and women that are up and coming and who share the values of the united states and the traditional principles and for that, all of us are very grateful. well, ladies and gentlemen, we do stand here in the greatest country in the history of the world, the constitution of the united states is the best political document ever written and the united states military is the finest fighting force that mankind has ever known. and i want to ask today any
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active duty or veterans in the united states military to please stand along with any former or present law enforcement so we can thank you because america is free and the world is free because of you. [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, some of you may be wondering where i get this accent for him and i'm here to kill you of course but it is undeniably from south texas. [laughter] one that i have worked on for some time, very deep south, southern texas. and you may be wondering why this guy with a funny accent here is about the united states. while it is very simple, ladies and gentlemen, what's good for america is good for the world and when america does well to the world does both. when america is weak, the world
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becomes a seemingly dangerous place and that isn't a hypothesis or fear or something that i've dreamt up were written on the back of a cocktail napkin. it's what we are living right now in that reality with the united states that has been weakened by an administration that doesn't appear to be acting in america's best interest around the world. and as a direct result of that, right now america is not in the position that she has always been. and i happen to be beefed up primary reason for that is this totalitarian ideology called political correctness. political correctness is behind every single major problem in america today. whether we talk about open
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borders, the police having to have their own handcuffs, declining educational standards, gun control, secularism, burgeoning size, unsustainable federal debt, a diminished america on the world stage. every single policy concern in every matter of consternation in the everyday ordinary america is rooted in political correctness and the solutions to those problems cannot be undertaken because of political correctness i can't think of any ideology that is more antithetical to the foundational principles of the united states and political correctness.
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political correctness tries to remove three things. identity, individualism and confidence and the united states of america has three things in state from the rest of the world and other countries. this is the world's most optimistic, petri object, religious nation in the world. initiative, risk go much further in the united states than they do anywhere else. and i had to leave that anybody that was born in america an american or has become an american or is a permanent resident of the united states of america has truly won the lottery of life because this is the country that magic happens. this is the country anybody can rise above the circumstances and
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go on to achieve whatever it is they want to achieve and that is an elegant and beautiful and magnificent principle and the reason why so many people want to come to the united states of america. for so long the educational elites have sold us the narrative that america is a hateful place and terrible place and racist place. my friends, nothing could be further from the truth. i don't care what your color orientation, who you are, where you come from, what you do, this is the greatest country in the world for you. this nation gives you the best opportunity to achieve the dreams that god put in your heart, period as he would say.
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that's the reality but sadly and tragically, that's not what our young people are being told anymore or what you hear a on the television stations or in your living rooms. but it's something that's got to be sad because apart from freedom, the next greatest casualty of political correctness is the truth. political correctness isn't interested in telling the truth. political correctness isn't interested in expressing reality. political correctness is only interesting in asserting a narrative, and painting a picture that benefits the objectives of the politically correct and their advocates. that's why they are selective with the truth. that's why they are more than prepared to stick their head in the sand when something is so obvious.
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take for example the president of the united states. he refuses to name radical islam even when the enemy is more than happy and more than prepared and more than willing and does so over and over again and tells us what their motivations are. but the president isn't prepared to say. there's lots of people because of course all religions have to be close. all countries have to be equal. all cultures are not equal. all religions are not equal. you're not going to hear that at universities today or in the classrooms at atlanta race schools or middle schools are high schools. and it's a crying shame. and what it has done is it has led to an america right now where so many young people don't
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like their country. they've bought into this nonsense and this idea that america is an oppressive place and that america has so much to be ashamed about, so little to be proud of that everything that it's done is in some way changed and yet, they don't realize that they have no more clarity. they don't understand that the united states is special because it isn't just a country, not just the stretch of land. it is an idea and it, it is the experiment of humanity. it's the freedom from a civilization of humanity as we know it. it depends on the united states. if we lose america there's no one else to pull us out.
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that's why i have an investment in it and people all around the world, no matter who they are, no matter where they live, even if they've never even set foot on american soil could they have an investment in america being healthy, being strong and absolutely crushing the sculpture lead to trouble. political correctness. i write my book crushing political correctness because i believe that if america is to make it to her third centennial in 2076, this year, ladies and gentlemen will be the 240th birthday of america. but unfortunately, i must tell
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you if you ask any history in their thoughts about the longevity of the great nations throughout history that would tell you they tend to last between 200 to 250 years. and i'm here to tell you, ladies and gentlemen, that's america right and the kill zone as we celebrate 240 years in the united states. and if america is to make it to the third centennial, in 60 years time it is going to require all of us, every single one of us to stand up and protect and crush political correctness because it is stealing your confidence and stealing your joy and ability to lead. every single thing that america is not for is being attacked.
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i'm here to tell you that political correctness has dozens of targets. there's lots of groups that it specifically targets, but if the politically correct crowd had a deck of cards, the ace of spades with the america because erica is the great holdout to the leftist agenda. it is the only country that is showing resilience against what is going on. and i know that on my behalf and many of you that are in the thick of it actually appreciate that but i'm here to tell you that as withering as america might be right now, it is still heads and shoulders the greatest country in the world.
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where would you want to start up a company and work that's why more people want to integrate the united states than anywhere else and if america is such a hateful place then why does america have the problem at the southern border like it does and of course then you must ask yourself the obvious question why the politically correct when you can be right? ladies and gentlemen, as i have traveled all through the united states, i feel that ordinary everyday americans are finally fighting back. that ordinary everyday americans are sick and tired of being attacked from micro and macro and not filling the different genders and being accused of being racist if they didn't criticize or sarcastically in
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the center. they are sick and tired of these pixies' is a sin is us into conformity and tell us how to think and and hope to see and where to go and what to do. that's not american. america is about pride in having an identity. we don't want america to be a self-loathing suicidal race. we don't want it to turn into another european country or to aspire to mediocrity instead of greatness. we want it to aspire to be great. we want the young america of today to be proud of who they are committed advocates of american exceptionalism, to be proud to reassert the american idea and to acknowledge what is america and what is not because if you bb gun everything, you'd be leaving nothing.
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that's why it is so important that we step up and stop this bully in the nose nose nose that we hit first and hit hard and we don't stop. because if we don't take that action, if we remain a punching bag for these folks, everything that it gave to us, all of those things would mean nothing. they will mean absolutely nothing. and we might as well all go out and buy some bedsheets and headwear and we need to be able to defend ourselves. we need to be able to have as much passion and hunger and desire to win as our enemies do. we need to be able to match the fervor of those that would seek to diminish america.
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that's with my book does it lays out a very clear strategy to retake america and to crash the political correctness and it involves reasserting the american idea, it involves engaging in the cultural war and one of the fabulous things about the catalyst society is if we don't like something we don't have to watch it. or if there is a network that doesn't really float their boat. we can change the dialogue whenever the sixth channel on the remote but the only way we
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can win is by understanding the enemy as well as they know themselves and anticipate that they are going to do and what they are going to say. they call us racists sexist and homophobic bigots and i could go on. i've had the great privilege and i boarded a badge of honor because this new gospel wants to force upon us it must be rejected. america isn't about political correctness were about not having confidence or an identity and stripping away individualism everyday ordinary people that
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hold the traditional view on marriage or the view on the climate change are no longer welcome in polite society. you can't be a part of the company if you don't subscribe to this new gospel and heaven forbid you blast steam against the gospel and in that way, my friends in the conservative the conservative americans were everyday ordinary americans who just happen to have a traditional idea of family and country have become the new communists. what do i mean by that? what i mean by that is that it wasn't that long ago that if you were a communist or you have some association with communism whether it was real or perceived you couldn't get a job. you missed out on opportunities and applications.
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how have the tables turned, today it is precisely the opposite if you're a person that puts traditional ideas and values and were prepared to express them you are in a world of hurt and trouble. people are losing their jobs every day, not just in america but elsewhere. ..
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>> >> if this really is about
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humanity as we know which. we cannot erase the situation. fifth we continue to be pushed around by these politically correct advocates the though someone to see america pulled them that don't appreciate if what makes america great. then we will lose this fight ladies and gentleman. i believe there is no greater moral imperative and america needs to make a comeback to limit the government to protect the borders exercise fidelity to
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the conversation. and cut taxes. in order to do those things you have to crush liberal correctness first. with each of those things coming to fruition. anybody who loves america and gloves opportunity it wants their dream to come true needs to understand key. the way read reach parts and minds is to understand that to achieve the dream they had in their hearts that political correctness exist. that is what we need to get through to people that political correctness is a
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barrier and a setback that prevents people from doing what they want to do including what is closest to their heart. because political correctness is about encouraging mediocrity. and nothing could be more anti-american than that our more anti-american this intellectual tyranny that political correctness has devolved. i want all of you to pick up a copy of my book if you love america or you hate political correctness, this is a book that i would respectfully submit to you that you need to read. because we did not invite
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this war on america. but i can tell you even as a non-american i know that you are proud as well and we need to pull on that compassion on that unshakable belief and we need to be relentless for those that want to destroy us. we can't let it happen we will to let it happen. thank you ladies and gentlemen, afford to taking any questions you may have. [applause] >> that would like to start with a first worker recently there was a poll that said 43% of millenials 30 years and below prefer socialism
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over capitalism. we knew about the growing movement there really does prevent the debate going on. what is the most important thing we can do to educate our young people and get them to realize? >> it is a great question. i appreciate that. you are exactly right. the problem is in the classrooms of america. in the left have always understood far better than the right to control tomorrow you must be in control of the children of today. the last 34 years there has been an incredible effect that has managed to successfully infiltrates the high school and elementary schools of america.
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we need to encourage every day ordinary americans and it isn't for everybody but if they want to do that. unless we can erase that situation or remove these edits of history we will lose everything we have. there is no greater evidence of that. every single day young people in my country and in your country are joining isis. that is stunning when you first looked at it but if you take a deeper look is a really a surprise? when their entire life they have nothing to be proud of
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as america. they have not been permitted to have an identity and that is outlawed. evil as they are they offer an identity to say come and join us. i would like to try. they are evil but they have an identity. and that is why we're losing the fight because we have not allowed our young people to have an identity. so we have to be vigilant if we hear the teachers something that i write about in retaking america. use the tactics of the left in shame these teachers and universities who have been proven to spout anti-american hatred.
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to bring up the local school love the children too sad want this teacher to teach my kids because i know what that kind of person teaching my child. we need to be bold and vigilant and get ordinary everyday people that are not traditionally conservative jobs to incentivize people to get into that particular part of the employment otherwise is a solid construct. >> i've adopted child of the united states of america. behind america stands for. from your perspective, how do we help young people to
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understand to see what america offers? to eliot for somebody help. to you start and others will follow. what do you think we should do? what should we do to help the man at the same time i want to ask you that we are christian. we look at people and we approached them. :sometimes we isolate ourselves to say he is so liberal he does not our principles i should go and tell him. >> first of all, let me preface to say i was born in 84 exactly right before
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ronald reagan smoked walter mondale 49 at a 50 states. by a reagan baby but that puts me in the millenials pile technically. i don't identify as one and i try to keep that part very quiet. a reagan baby is not as common as the clinton baby but we don't use that hysteria. [laughter] but we need to get every child to be proud to be an individual. because america unlike any other society is an individualistic a society, it is not a collectivist society. the collectivist sentiments of europe doesn't fit in the america of that we know.
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angeles people embrace their individualism. and those to come to the united states is an incredible diversity of individuals. i am more interested in the individuals in the culture. we do need to reach out much more to the riverside increasingly america has become polarized and we need to win the hearts and minds of people. i encourage every single one of you to be involved in your local community and not condors and talk to your neighbors and go down the street. even if you don't convince the person you will understand who they are to
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combat that ideology. and it is really important that people understand that. i don't believe for example, that today the allies could successfully prosecute. i feet our thinking has changed so much it would be impossible for freedom to defeat nazi germany or mussolini we could not do it. we could not do it. we don't have the stomach anymore or the patience anymore and the world of instant gratification. i know the military can do it and they want to. but if targeted u.n. have won the second world war either.
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but if we kill five of theirs then it was an overreaction. that is not how you win. there has to be moral clarity in political correctness will lose that moral clarity. 75 years ago your country and find intered japanese and germans and italians. fifth there was no proof any these people were aiding the patriotic. no proof of that labor in any way colluding with what was going on the other side of the world. but the thinking was we want to win we don't want to risk it. with a culture we have we
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have people that are living in countries all around the world that are prepared to blow us up and shoot us up bin top of our heads in a plot against us every day in foreign countries and if anybody today would raise the specter of intermit camps it would be completely crazy. but to tell you that our thinking has changed in the way that we do things in the way we see the world has changed. and there may come a day where our change -- thinking has changed again because we
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have to kill at before it kills us make no mistake for make no bones about it. it is real the politically correct put their heads in the sand but we cannot afford to do so. and a talk about the islamic threat. this is been happening since the seventh century. their battle of constantinople. it is not new or a new phenomenon thomas jefferson was dealing with this in tripoli. this is ongoing. it is always going to happen and we need to do something about it and political correctness is stopping us and that is why we need to get rid of the political correctness. >> it seems you're destroying ourselves how
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reducing that could happen? >> that is a great question. but i do follow american politics. much like the country and a culture in the people is exceptional and we're getting a great look at that this time around says of a great opportunity the last couple of weeks i was in charleston yesterday then i had back tomorrow. it is very interesting to see what is happening. i believe in 2016 what we are seeing is the rise of the politician and you're right it is swinging back. i don't know how far. adenauer the greatest representation of that will be built only that is the
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decision for the voting americans to make. but i want to tell you the president of the united states is not just the president of america, here she is the president of the entire world and that is why everyone has a stake in this. what i go to new hampshire and south carolina those for a ride around the world because everybody knows the next document will be important. right now people in australia are not sleeping well because president obama is not keeping the world safe and not adequately fighting this courage of radical islam. so that is an example for you. i would love to see american unity but i do not believe that will be possible unless a consensus is reached on what constitutes being an
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american. post rolled or to into the communist era there was no doubt what it meant to be an american. but unfortunately in the last 30 years the dollar this sudden there is a debate that consider socialism to be an american for. but to my mind anti-communist of is what we really have to get back on. that there emerges a consensus is increasingly
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unlikely and it will be very difficult to have unity. but unfortunately right now we have a considerate -- a conservative and liberal america. about putting people into groups are pockets or divisions to talk about victimhood in the culture of complaint. those have to be addressed because those are not american. >> one of the brick walls is dealing with or understanding the threat to of radical islam is the religion inverses the ideology that covers aspects of religion but also their entire life so how do we get
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to the point to educate people on the concept that is in just three legibly are confusing people and we look likely our intolerance a really weird justin garett. >> your full of good questions. you are exactly right. previous city three years ago i sat down and read the entire crime in english. -- the corolla and. who i am here to tell you what they're doing is precisely what it says to do in that little black book. they are following word for word does that mean there are not peaceful muslims? of course, there are.
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they're only peaceful because they're not hearing to their faith in not acting in accordance to what is presented so yes there are peaceful muslims but it is not peaceful itself. is an ideology the americas about life and liberty the pursuit of happiness and sharia law is about death and slavery in the pursuit of power. profoundly anti-that a call and we do need to get people to understand it is an ideology not just a religion but it is political we need to educate people and is part of the whole idea that i talk about in my book and in even today we need to
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engage in a culture war into for those people out there on the television and radio talk about it is the ideology and we need to start doing that. we'll come at a cost. volume suggesting talking from experience and that is the right thing to do is we are heavily on numbered but american history teaches us the justin name to achieve great things of that is what i am hoping to call upon from you today that you leave here today to be bold because that is american and be strong and unwavering that and unafraid.
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>> it was shared with me the muslim religion creates a shameful culture that and contrast the american culture based on what is morally right or wrong so how would you contrast that shameful culture created in the middle east of the muslim faith to the political correctness of a shameful culture to those that don't hear a the principles? >> you are right. there is a great degree of commonality there. both encourage shame and to speak to remove the conflict and freedom so the objectives of radical islam of political correctness are one in the same.
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i think our war talk about the world trade center one that continually runs defense. they are just as guilty in dealing with this in a meet. -- enemy. this is not something that will delay. they are not on the run and. they are coming right at us. analysts we knock them flat on the ground it will be a bad day for us.
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>> with radical islam isn't that politically correct? because the radicals are those that say they are peaceful but the religion themselves but it is about islam is the problem but we want to admit that. >> you are right. i shouldn't but it is out of habit. but that is an example sometimes people step up but i appreciate you pointing that out. you are right. the religion and ideology itself there for saying that in in force is that. we need to get out of the habit to do that. it is a cover and i apologize.
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>> so the tenets of christianity your love and forgiveness compared to is long. that christ himself did not hesitate to shame those it did not exercise love and forgiveness i would suggest we need to take that example and start shaming friends and family and anyone we associate with when they embrace the politically correct nonsense. but we're not doing that. but i hear you say we knew -- a duty to encourage people to be courageous. and to get out there and fight. the last has all these tools
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that they use political correctness is recognized through social media why it has become such a force in our culture. if you go google any prominent conservative identity how terrible and awful that we are but the research he will find the google search results and we do need to encourage to plume -- improve the tactics of the left that we need to
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do things like that. headed has gone too far. but now we have no choice but to act. i want americans everywhere to know who to call on the spirit of the 16th president of america, abraham lincoln and ordinary man with the desire that went through so much to "in-depth" he emerging as a leader had been enormously
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critical time. that is what i want american children to be taught in the courage but it doesn't matter. because then you get an opportunity to fight. in the place that gives you that opportunity big issue a greater chance to succeed and that is something of the personal story of abraham lincoln has propelled for the from my wife he lost six elections in three of four siblings in a terrible relationship with his father and no indication whatsoever
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everything he learned was self-taught. board in the kentucky race in indiana group in illinois in this is done and who apparently never back down when challenged. that is the kind of americans that we want to see today are that spirit to call on and he made it abundantly clear to all those show americans that are watching this on c-span that they can go forward to achieve whatever it is they want to achieve because the 16th president of america made that clear. you could be born common and come out on top to of the founder and desire can do whatever it takes to get back up.


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