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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  February 29, 2016 12:04pm-3:01pm EST

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♪ >> that was hillary clinton in columbia, south carolina, on saturday following her victory in the primary in that state. and the state department will release the final batch of her e-mails today 10 months after the process begin. her campaign is try to shake off the e-mail controversy at the monthly releases have fueled fresh headlines about her exclusive use of a private
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e-mail account while serving as secretary of state. with the release is now near him in, republicans say more than 1800 e-mails from her machines were eventually classified. what we've learned and is discovered is that she trafficked and sensitive information that were unclassified and by the way, private e-mail system said carol isa a member of the house reform and government oversight committee. i road to the white house coverage continues today. ahead of the more super tuesday primaries in 12 states and one territory. coming up at 12:30 p.m. marco rubio holds a rally in atlanta, georgia. live coverage here on c-span2.
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>> while we wait for senator marco rubio's rally in atlanta, here's a portion of today's "washington journal" on flint, michigan, drinking water contamination. >> host: nick saban will deal with the crisis in the water supply going on in flint, michigan. earlier the hous house held a hg taking a look at the specific issue and representative elijah cummings making short statement of what's going on in a situation. here's what he had to say. >> they are struggling. they have come over here all the
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way from plan. i don't know how they got here. i guess on a bus. but the fact that they are here. but do you know what, they are also americans. they are also americans just like you and just like your children. i want to be real clear and the chairman will bear me out on this. i have said i don't care whether it's epa, whether it's local, whether it's state of our want everybody who is responsible for this fiasco to be held accountable. i'm not protecting anybody. because that's not our job. we are the last line of defense. if we don't do it, nobody's going to do it. >> host: one of the people testifying in the hearing joining us now is mark edwards with virginia tech university. vsv environmental resources water engineering professor.
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good morning. >> guest: ain't to proud to me. >> host: tell us briefly became involved in it. >> guest: we became involved when a mother determined her child had been lead poisoned from drinking water exposure gave us a call and asked us to sample her water. we did that and gave her data to an epa employee who wrote a memo up that essentially said flynt was not being protected. and children as they were at risk. this memo was covered up in july of this year. was only after the state michigan department of environmental quality in the meeting that they handled, that flint residents would not be hearing from him again and, frankly, no one was going to be
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helping flint residents. we dropped everything and tried to even the odds on behalf of flint residents so they find out the truth about their drinking water. we collaborate with them and found a high lead throughout the whole city postman you and your students would run tests on the water. what kind of levels are we talking about? >> guest: they got as high as two times as waste water level. the w.h.o. says 10 as max. during our sampling we randomly around the city levels as high as 1500 parts per billion. in general to this random sampling we found the lead in water is about twice the federal standard but when you sample to meet the longest most defined the worst-case homes. it was a bad situation, no question. >> host: you just returned from michigan. have things improved? >> guest: oh, my, yeah.
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our recent sampling has shown to lead the levels are probably three, four times lower than they were this august when incidents of lead was rising in many neighborhoods. and, finally, and this collection of outsiders got kids out of harm's way. they changed the water supply back to detroit. they've had an extra inhibitor to the water and we still need to do additional sampling to confirm that things are indeed better but probably the water has never been better than it's been like the last two years. no one trusts the water at this point. no one in flint trust either state or federal employees what they are telling them. it's going to be hard road back. >> host: ultimately who's to blame and are those people or groups trying to make things right? >> guest: there's a lot of blame to go around but certainly the michigan department of environmental quality are the
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policemen, we take to protect us from this problem so it would never happen. they dropped the ball completely. they were assisted, unfortunately, by regional administrator of epa, susan henman who knew about this problem about february 2015 and helped cover it up. that's why people are just so upset. we released our freedom of information act request e-mails and people realized government failed them at every level. these agencies, the civil servants we pay to protect us from the state and federal governments, just worked overtime to not do their job. it's very disconcerting postmen are just joining us to talk about the water supply in flint, michigan. athlete of this was going on is mark edwards from virginia tech university. if you want to ask you questions
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-- what's the long-term effect of drinking that kind of lead on the human body? >> guest: led adversely affects every system in the human body. it affects our most profound, our children but it's bad for a dolt. there's no safe level of lead exposure for adults or children. it's very concerning. they also have problems with leaks, the water was easy up both the publicly owned pipes and the pipes in people's houses. then there is the legionnaires outbreak. >> host: you can find yourself a member of the interagency coordinating committee for flint. what's your role going to be? >> guest: on that particular committee it's a group of
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experts try to figure out how to go forward from this day perspective. governor schneider has made very, very clear that he wants to get this problem fixed. not just the short term by giving the water better but improving flint infrastructure and also trying to improve its economy. so the interagency task force from state is going to be look at that very, very carefully. essentially have to regenerate the flint flint system so it's stable and safe for a few decades. >> host: with the best approach be to replace all those main water pipes into the city altogether? >> guest: that would be the best approach but it's also very, very costly. you have to do with the lead pipes, like what's going happen with the lead pipes? there's been a little bit of interplay bipartisan ping pong on how to best deal with the lead pipes. with each iteration i think we're getting a more efficient and smarter solution. i've been pleased with a back
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and forth about where the lead pipe you shoe is heading. just this week i think we are so intent on consensus on how to deal with that issue. >> host: what's the consensus? >> guest: i think it would increase the what the lead pipes out of the ground. one of the big problems is that no windows where these lead pipes are but it's going to take years to come to figure out where they are because essentially have to dig out the hole in the ground, each part of the city to determine what the pipe is made up. in addition it also a lot of galvanized pipe and a system as well. in the long-term, surprisingly a galvanized pipe is probably a bigger problem than the lead pipe because the control -- corrosion control of the lead but doesn't good job at over the years these galvanized iron pipes which go into people's houses have sponged up so much lead that they are a huge lead reservoir. because the corrosion control doesn't do us good job of
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keeping the lead on the galvanized pipe, we have to figure out a way to deal with that. we are thinking about ways of cleaning those galvanized pipes and lining them with epoxy as a long-term solution. it's been fascinating to think about how to upgrade its infrastructure hosting we have people who want to talk about this issue. let's go to alex, louisiana, independent line. go ahead. >> caller: actually. can you hear me? >> guest: yes, i can. >> caller: i guess doctor you know this is far from an isolated incident, the tragedy in flint, michigan. i was just curious as to your opinion, what role has maybe a systematic effort by local and state government desegregate neighborhoods in the advent of the overturning of plessy v. ferguson 1954 to essentially we have poor black neighborhoods now from local and state
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governments segregating. and innocence those neighborhoods are now not paid attention to, especially by city waterworks and things of that nature. >> guest: there's no question these lead pipes are concentrated in neighborhoods that can be before. everything is conspiring against the poor in terms of lead water exposure. they are very likely to be using infant formula which is by far the highest risk of exposure, less likely to breast-feed for economic reasons. and also they are less likely to be able to afford bottled water and filters but i think this is environmental justice issue. how the epa has allowed this to spin out of control like they have. we have been screening about the cheating going on in terms of lead monitoring in the u.s. for about 10 years. epa office of water has just
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turned a blind eye and i sat in meetings where they talked about cheating. it's just absurd as we people in this country are being told that the water meets federal standards when it doesn't. it's time when people drink the water. i think this is something we have to address. there's no doubt it's health effects are much, much worse in poor neighborhoods for the reasons i mentioned. >> host: texas, democrat's line. larry is up next. >> caller: good morning. thanks for c-span. my question is why is there no criminal liability being assessed against the emergency manager appointed by governor rick snyder with which the water supply from like iran to the flint river? all this talk about the epa to me seems to be a smokescreen once again to try to blame the president and people in
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washington for actions taken by state officials that are only concerned with one thing, and that the money. thank you. >> guest: regardless of what you think about the emergency manager, personally i'm not in favor of the emergency manager. i think it's un-american but the reality is if you look at this resides in achieving perspective the emergency manager is not someone who makes decisions about corrosion control. all of these problems are related to the fact that a state civil servant did not follow federal law. they did not require the corrosion control to be put in the water. all these problems came from the back. it was backed up by the ep. this is not a decision that's made by the mayor of flint, emergency manager or the governor. this is a very specialized skill and with civil servants paid to make sure the law is followed, and that didn't happen.
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the emergency manager does not make this decision that triggered all these problems. >> host: san antonio, texas, there is up next with our guest mark edwards. republican line. go ahead. >> caller: when the story first came out a satellite it was a water supply was the problem. lately have been hearing stories where one has to have a problem at another house would not have a problem. i need some clarification is the water supply or the individual pipes going to the houses? >> guest: it's a combination of corrosive water plus lead in plumbing the title. if your house has no lead pipe going to get connecting your house to the water main or you have no editors in your house, even though the water is corrosive and maybe even your pipes that there is no lead going into the water. so it depends. your tablet in your plumbing to get back in the water. there's no lead in the water leaving the treatment plant or
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that comes to the water main in front of the house. at the same time it's a corrosive water for speeding the pipes up. if the water had not been corrosive the lead would've stayed on the pipes and out of the water, so it's both. >> host: we hear about these filtering systems whether they are done, installed on the line or done outside but are they sufficient enough to filter out at least levels of lead to the point where water is drinkable? >> guest: they are. had to be installed the end of your kitchen closet. that's the only way you can be sure it's going to move all the lead. if you installed whole house filter and the water filter the committee house, the one screen to pick up a lead from your indoor plumbing so there is lead in brass. the whole house builders are not nearly as effective, a 20-dollar filters you put on the end of your faucet. >> host: baltimore, maryland, walter, independent line, you are next. >> caller: good morning,
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c-span, and thank you for your assistance in bringing to light the poisoning of an entire city by the republican administration of michigan. i deny you the emergency managers made the decision to switch to save $14 million. and idea that this clown was then passed over to detroit to destroy the detroit school system is outrageous. i need you to answer just one fact. how much more in this country has been, is being destroyed by the effort to save pennies and destroy millions and millions of people? if you have any knowledge on how many other localities have been poisoned from virginia to baltimore, maryland, through the united states if you have any
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ideas of your assessment on the poisoning of millions to save pennies? >> guest: well, i understand the anger of his emergency manager issue, but the reality is that the emergency manager did not make this decision did not follow federal law or add the corrosion inhibitor. if it had been in the water and we shall miss inox payments in the lab, the switch to flint river would have been deemed a success today. we would not affect any of these problems. they would have saved money. yes, i mean, i don't think even the decision was made to save money. adding corrosion inhibitor to water as a smartest economic decision was made. for each dollar you spend, typically tense dollars. influence cases they would've said $10,000. i think it probably started as an oversight but again this is
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such an important and specialized skill. we have civil servants who are there to make sure that the law is followed and it wasn't. so that's the reality of the situation and that's what the e-mails have shown and i realize people are angry about it and i get that. >> host: vero beach florida democrat's line. >> caller: hi. i want to talk about infrastructure. when this all happened i got so mad. a whole city as poison and they are still going through it. i don't know why i hope army of plumbers isn't there right now fixing the pipes, removing all of the lead pipes, removing all the pipes and just putting in a whole new set. >> guest: well, the simple reason that they're not doing that right now, first off they need a strategy that can be employed throughout the whole city. secondly, they don't even know where all the lead pipes are. it's shocking but they just went to the records of the city and a
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map with a lead pipes were based on the records. two weeks ago they checked out how accurate those records were coming to look at 100 homes and it was only 20% accuracy in the records. i'm not talking 20% error. they went to 100 homes they thought had a lead pipe. only 20 have led by. this is a situation where facing all over the tiny. know what contract with a lead pipes or. even if you have an army of plumbers after tomorrow, first you have to find the lead pipes. secondly, this is not something that just anyone can do. you are digging up the street. you are making sure come you're trying to avoid natural gas lines so you don't create explosion, trying to avoid fiber-optic cables. you're trying, the sewer line running right next to the lead service line. this is not just something anyone can do. it requires a very, very specialized skill set. they do have the steam from lansing who has had a great
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success in replacing lead service lines in the country. they will bring that expertise into flint and figure out a way to also take of these galvanized iron pipes which are perhaps even a bigger problem than the lead service lines. this is not as easy as it sounds. it's not as civil as i've got a leak in the house, colin plummer and get it fixed. this is infrastructure issue that underground, requires special skills that. bubut we knew what the lead pips or we would have a chance to get rid of them all india but it's going to take two or three years to find out where all the lead pipes are. >> host: can you offer how many vocations they are? >> guest: in general for flint they have two or three. the first is the water comes in from the river and they do particle removal by settling. like there's a big swimming pool that lets the particles sink out. and have a normal filter and also have a graduate of activated carbon filter to clean out any other contaminants.
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they have to resort of levels of filtration before the water is sent into the distribution center. of course, some flint residents have filters in their house at the end of the tab. in an extreme case you get five levels of filtratio filtration e inflicted a. there's always the three that are deployed at the treatment plant post but even with those tip sheet on the levels you didn't? >> guest: the lead is coming from the house. it doesn't matter how clean the water is leaving the treatment plant. it's going to contaminate the water with lead. that was what was happening. to get the lead out you needed at the last step. step. these are filled with. these are filters that go on the end of your faucet so there's no chance the water would be contaminated after that point post a our guest marc edwards with virginia tech, environmental and water resources engineer professor, also a member of the water interagency coordinating committee include michigan. works in the area of water
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treatment corrosion and arsenic removal as far as other things. if you would ask questions about what's going on in flint. you found similar issues with the water system in washington, d.c. what did you find? >> guest: it's an interesting comparison because the d.c. that crisis which occurred from about 2001-2004 was very similar, was caused by failed to install corrosion control. it was the federal government runs the entire system but the federal government runs the treatment plant, the primacy agency. they oversee the primacy agency. epa is the primacy agency and oversees the epa. of course, there's the local water utility that was selling the water to customers. once again it was a complete failure of government but more
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of a code of federal government in d.c. the lead issue with a 20-30 times worse than what we are seeing in flint in terms of the number of people affected and did not ask exposure, the length of exposure. unfortunately, the u.s. centers for disease control came in and wrote a falsified report. they just made up a conclusion that said no one got hurt. of course, that derailed about six congressional investigations, a gao investigation that would've found people, had held people accountable and the stench of this absurd conclusion that no one got hurt. it was this miracle. people to all this lead in water and don't utter. sbdc covered it up and it took six years before we showed in 2009 of thousands of kids were lead poisoned in d.c. but by point how a control people -- post but just had of them are super tuesday primaries, marco
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rubio is holding a rally. live coverage now enter phone calls afterwards. [cheers and applause] >> hello, atlanta. [cheers and applause] so i always love to come to my sister state, and to see the good people of georgia, but we have somebody kind of cool who is here with us as well, and he has lost his voice. [laughter] so i will tell you the interesting thing is when you work hard and you fight hard,
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sometimes these things happen. and so when these things happen what do you do? you call your friends. and when you call your friends, it's a dangerous thing when you say, will you speak for me? because you know what i think markowitz said if he could talk? [laughter] my ear's art big. [applause] so there's one thing i've always known, and that is if you really want to know what kind of leader you're going to get, you can always tell by how hard they work in a campaign. [applause] the fact that he's doing five events a day to touch as many people as he can, and when he
12:40 pm
gets up and he says i don't have a voice, but he knows we've got thousands of people out here in georgia and says i'm going anyway, that's someone who is fighting all the way till the end. [applause] [chanting] so this is what i want to do. i want us to be the voice that he can't have right now. until he can talk, and he might talk a little bit, we'll see, i want, i want to give you a little bit about why i am for marco and wanted to go bit about what marco rubio for president sounds like and what it could be if we fight hard enough.
12:41 pm
i am the daughter of indian parents reminded my brothers and my sisters and me everyday how blessed we were to live in this country. [applause] they came to this country with $8 in their pocket because they knew the opportunity that was america. and they knew that in america they could make a better life for their children. my mother, she was a lawyer coming within one of the first scene of judges in india, but they didn't allow women to be judges and she wasn't able to do it. yet when she came to this country six years ago she got to watch her daughter become the first female governor in the state of south carolina. [applause]
12:42 pm
go, tigers. i know what my parents wanted for us. i know what i want for my children your first and foremost i want a president that's going to keep my children safe. [applause] secondly i am the proud wife of a military combat veteran. [cheers and applause] i know the words that military families go through. and let me take something that marco goes right and says all the time. we have the smallest and oldest air force that we've ever had in history of our country. we have the smallest army since world war ii.
12:43 pm
we have the smallest and oldest navy in the last 100 years. do you know what that does to military spouses like me? it means when you call me husband to go fight, you're not going to have his back. i want a president like marco rubio allow the backs of our military officers when they go overseas. [cheers and applause] >> we want to know they're going to do something to take care of our military. we want to know they're going to have our backs of golf want to look at everything else these last eight years has done. we want someone that's going to go in there and repeal obamacare and say it is not working. [applause] we want a president that
12:44 pm
understands the importance of the supreme court nominations and say will not put a moderate in there. we are going to put a conservative in there. [applause] with our first amendment come our second amendment on the line and hobby lobby case, guess what, the hobby lobby ceo came out and endorsed marco rubio for president. [applause] >> and then are some of the people that are running in the race. but let's talk about this because the want to talk about the reality of the race. when there's other contenders out there we have to acknowledge them. first of all i appreciate the sacrifice that anyone who decides to run for president. [applause] but i have to tell you, donald
12:45 pm
trump is everything i thought my children not to do in kindergarten. [cheers and applause] i taught my two little ones, you don't lie and make things up. [applause] i taught my two little ones that you don't push people around and just tell them what you think should happen. and i told my two little ones to get exactly what marco rubio did in the last debate. when they boldly hit you, you hit that bully right back. [cheers and applause] [chanting]
12:46 pm
[inaudible] [laughter] spirit so i will tell you this. now let's get serious about the opposition. this race is really about two people. in our republican primary it's about marco and it's about donald trump. we are talking about a man who has filed for bankruptcy four times. we can't afford for a minute to go in as president and bankrupt our country. d.c. is already doing that. we don't need someone encouraging them to do that. [applause] donald trump is one who goes after pride -- project after project after project. we have seen it with trump vodka, trump mortgage, we see with all of his trump endeavors. right now he is being sued for
12:47 pm
fraud with trump university. every single one of them has failed. i know he wants to run for president. this is not a game but we are not a project. this is the best country in the world fighting for the truth and value of what makes us great. [cheers and applause] >> so what i want to get it is there's a lot of people who will be out of their loud about trump. but the one thing that i want you to remember that i came from south carolina to georgia to tell you is south carolina went through a terrible tragedy last year. and the kkk came to south carolina from out of state to protest out our statehouse grounds. [booing]
12:48 pm
we saw a look at hate in the eyes last year in charleston. i will not stop until we fight a man that chooses not to disavow the kkk, that is not a part of our party. that's not who we want as president. we will not allow that in our country. [cheers and applause] >> that is not to our republican party is. that's not who america is. because when my parents came here, they came to because they knew there was love and excesses in this country. and a new that this country had opportunity for all your soul
12:49 pm
ladies and gentlemen, i will tell you that when it was time for me to endorse, i wanted someone who had to leadership and courage to do everything we needed to do to self correct america. i wanted someone with true passion that would fight until the bitter end even if it meant losing his voice and showing up anyway. [applause] >> i wanted someone with integrity to do the right thing. and above all i wanted somebody with humility that understood you serve and work for all people, not just the ones that vote for you. [applause] >> so where do we go from here?
12:50 pm
[shouting] >> we fight, we show our passion, we show our integrity, we show what we are made of your georgia needs to stand up tomorrow and need to show the entire country what we want in a president, and that's marco rubio. [cheers and applause] >> we have two presidential candidates right now that are under investigation. hillary trump -- [laughter] that could be something.
12:51 pm
that even cracks me up. [laughter] hillary clinton and donald trump. we have two presidential candidates that refuse to disclose information. hillary clinton and donald trump. i am an accountant but i can tell you there is no audit that preclude you from showing your tax returns. donald trump, show us your tax returns. [applause] >> so in closing i'm going to say this. i know what my parents wanted for me. i know what my parents, what i want for my children. i know what all of you want for your family. we know the sacrifice that our parents gave for us.
12:52 pm
we know the sacrifice that our grandparents gave for us. we know the sacrifice of every generation who wanted better for the next. this is our chance to do for them what they did for us. and so i know that if we can go out and we can fight and we can show the people of america that we do want to be great, but we are going to make sure as i always say, it's a great day in south carolina, i want you to go out and tell 10 people that you're voting for marco rubio tomorrow. [applause] i want you to go on social media and contact everybody in every other state and let them know that time is now to show what a great america really looks like. [cheers and applause]
12:53 pm
let's show our fight. let's show our passion. it's a great effort in south carolina. it's a great day to day in georgia. it will be a great day in america when marco rubio is president. ladies and gentlemen, marco rubio. [cheers and applause] >> did great. wow. [cheers and applause] thank you. thank you. that was -- [chanting] >> thank you. thank you. that was something else. sounded -- i got my voice back just a little bit. if you ever need to be pumped up, if you need lifted up, you call nikki haley and she will get you going.
12:54 pm
unreal. [applause] she covered a lot and so i just want to go right to the point. first of all of what you think the government of succulent for being with us today. she is a phenomenal leader. [applause] if you want to know what republican party should be about, if you want to know what the conservative and should be about, if you want to know what the party of lincoln and reagan should always be about, you should look at nikki haley. that is what our party is about. [applause] and that's an important question for us right now. it's an important question for us as conservatives come as republicans and as americans. you have a choice to make tomorrow, if you have a choice to make in november. in november you get to choose what kind of country america is going to be in the 21st century. tomorrow. going to get to choose what kind of party are they going to be in the 21st century. [applause]
12:55 pm
in the process of politics and government and of leadership that are two ways to motivate people. history teaches us about. one what is to appeal to the anger and fear, to go to the darkest parts of people's lives and convinced them that they're not all have a right to be angry but a right to be fearful. it is time to go to implement on someone else. that's what they take the attack on someone else. it's a powerful motivator. i want you to know the lesson of history. there has never been a great movement in human history that has been led i aim for and by fear. [cheers and applause] never. there have been movements that have taken power to anger and fear, movements that have motivated people through anger and fear but the ever been a
12:56 pm
great cause in history of all of mankind led by anger and by fear. in fact, history teaches us that any movement who at the core is motivated by anger and by fear by appealing to your anger, to your fear, your worries is a movement that is just not just to fail but to do great harm. history also teaches us of the great movements in human history whether spiritual movement or political movements are led by hope and dreams. are led by the belief -- [applause] that things can be better. that doesn't mean you ignore your problems. for you do not have to be oblivious to our challenge is to be optimistic about your opportunities. you do not have to ignore people's frustrations in order to understand their dreams. we have to choose tomorrow and went to choose in this election what will it mean to be a conservative in the 21st century and what will it mean to be a republican? are we going to be the party that did what reagan did 36 years ago that says to people
12:57 pm
times are difficult, the world is bad, there are things going wrong in your life but if we do what needs to be done it can be morning in america again. [cheers and applause] >> the truth is that the day donald trump leads in the polls and is one already many delegates here and if it is to be believed he would do very well tomorrow as well according to the experts pick in the end it's up to you, not up to them. [applause] that will not change what i'm doing. i will go to all 50 states and every territory. i will continue to speak out until i literally have no voice left up about anywhere to speak to anyone before i let a con
12:58 pm
artist get a hold of the republican party and the conservative movement. [cheers and applause] >> i suppos suppose i could cq y and hurl insults against him because he's done that the whole campaign. i don't like a couple of times lately but -- [laughter] i'm not. i'm not that. they want me to read -- not today. i lost my voice. too crazy. making fun of my peers. they are the way god made me -- my ears. [cheers and applause] >> what really motivated me the other night when i got to the debate with two things. it wasn't standing up for myself because india and this is
12:59 pm
politics. the worst thing that happens in politics on to something mean about you. i was standing up for two things. number one i was standing up for you, for us, for this country, for the direction we have to choose. the other i was standing up to the truth. earlier that morning i read a story i had heard about it before but i never about so i looked into the i saw a promotional video for something they can't imagine called trump university and that's when my blood began to blow. i saw a promotional video of donald trump sitting in a chair saying to a camera we are going to buy the best people, the smartest people, we were coming into the best education better than the best schools in america and will teach you everything you need to know and all you'll do is win and win and you'll be successful. if you aren't successful after going to my program then you are never going to be successful. let me tell you why that curled my skin. that's what he's telling voters now. so i look at the success of this
1:00 pm
program. this program was an outrage. this is a program where they brought americans that were struggling because either successful you're not going to trump university. [laughter] these are people who were struggling. [applause] and they told people that were struggling if you give us money will teach you to be somewhat like donald trump. if you give us money and people so i don't have money, you can borrow money and people would so i do want to borrow money. i don't want to go into debt. ..
1:01 pm
what he is trying to do to our country. he pour frays himself as this fight are for the little guy. this is a scam of the highest order. a guy that goes reason saying every day i'm going to fight for the american worker, but he in florida, just this year, turn down 300 american workers and instead brought people from abroad. he says to do jobs no americans were qualified to do. i know americans are qualified to do those jobs because those are the jobs my parents did working at a hotel. [applause] he says, i'm going to take on china, and i'm going to take on mexico, and they're going bring back the jobs, but he doesn't tell you that all the cloths
1:02 pm
that says donald j. trump on it, it's not just tacky. it's made in china and mexico. [applause] if donald trump wants to bring jobs back to america from china and mexico, he can start today. why don't you announce that from now on no products will be sold that day donald j. trump on them unless they're made in the america. [applause]kfn [chanting] u.s.a., u.s.a., u.s.a., u.s.a., u.s.a. he says he is mr. anti-illegal immigration. why did you hire workers from poland illegally, brought them into this country. you were found to be part of a conspiracy to defraud workers of
1:03 pm
their pay. he says he fights for the little guy. ask any of the subcontractors because every single time that a trump project went bankrupt, the first people that didn't get paid was the subcontractors. there are literally people in this country, they're e-mailing us and calling to us tell us their stories. we have to make sure they're all accurate but you'll hear about the stories, people that were plumber and electricians and everyday people work on a project and when the projected went one, donald trump kept his money, the bank got a little money and the workers got none of their money and some of them were broken by him. now, why is all of this important? is this just a smear against the person? no. it is because this is the person who is trying to convince -- and has been successful as convincing some americans he is fighting for them. he has never fought for them. he has never fought for anything except himself. [applause]
1:04 pm
and if this is just a business thing, it would be annoying, but he's asking you to make him the president of the united states of america. what he is asking you to do is to make him the face and the voice of the conservative movement. drew realize that if he is our nominee, americans will say, republican is someone like donald trump. a conservative means donald trump. we are going to lose a generation over voters and a generation of americans, most of whom want to be nothing like donald trump. [applause] he is asking to us turn over the conservative movement to someone who yesterday was asked repeatedly, will you condemned david duke who is array cyst, avowed racist, and he wouldn't
1:05 pm
condemn him. he said on twitter, why won't you day it. cow say david duke to me, i say assist immediately. why wouldn't he condemn the klu klux klan. [applause] there is no room in the conservative movement and there is no room in the republican party for members of the klu klux klan or for racists like david duke. [applause] and the thing that keeps me going in the most is not just the future of the party. it's the future of america that is at stake. this election is a referendum on our identity as a nation, as a people, and if we nominate someone like trump who can't win, he won't win, the press right now -- everybody likes to beat up on the press.
1:06 pm
they're doing their job. their number one job as the press is ratings. and that's why every time he says something outrageous they cover it. they'll say, this is so disrespectful but they cover it incessantly. he has had ten times more coverage than everyone necessary the race combined. they're building him up. but all of these things about his record i just said to you, they know all of it and more. even as i speak to you i promise you there are democratic groups interviewing the victims of donald trump's scams, and i promise you that the day -- it's never going to happen but if he were ever to become or nominee, the minute he becomes the nominee, the presidency, the democrats and all these groups will descend on him like the hound of hell and they're going to rip him apart. they're going to rip him apart. [applause] honestly. you know our country. you know your neighbors, your family, and you know your friends. do you really believe that
1:07 pm
those -- they're going to vote for someone who refuses to disavow the klu klux klan? do you thick they're going to vote for someone with record like his? they're not. that means we'll lose. that men's the winner will be hillary clinton. because there's no turning back. someone the other day said some of these people that are voting for trump are so angry at government, so angry at the party, but i am, too. both nikki and i were elected in 2010 when i ran against the establishment of my party. [applause] but they said to me, this is like someone who marries sun their parents hate just to get back at their parents, and i said, yeah, but the difference is, you get married to this guy, you can't get divorced for four years. you got live with him for four years. i don't know if america has four more years. not the direction we're headed now. and if we lose this election,
1:08 pm
and we will if donald trump is the nominee -- then hillary clinton will be the next president of the united states. i say this to you, without any hesitation, and without any glee, a vote for donald trump tomorrow is a vote for hillary clinton in november. [applause] and that's why i'm here today to give you a choice. because it's still not too late. it's still not too late to get this right. it's still not too late to wake up and realize the direction we're headed as a party and as a country. it's still not too late. to choose a different direction. and i want you to know what that different direction looks like if i'm elected president. and nikki touched on it. when i'm elect president of the united states, for the first time in eight years, you're going to have a president that follows the constitution of the united states of america. [applause]
1:09 pm
not a president that ignores it like barack obama, not a president like donald trump who says if he is president wants to change the first amendment to make it easier to sue people that say things he doesn't like there aren't enough judges in the world to hear all those cases. when you elect me president you're going to have a president that protects your second amendment right to defend yourself and your family again. when you elect me president, you're going have a president that understands that what makes america great is not our president and is not our government. it's our people. it's our families. it's our communities. [applause]
1:10 pm
when i take the oath of office, up like barack obama, i will actually mean it. and that means on -- [applause] -- that means on my first day in office i will immediately repeal every single one of broken -- barack obama's unconstitutional executive orders. [applause] you'll have a president that will fully embrace the free enterprise system. it works. i know it works. because my parents would not have had a job if free enterprise didn't work. my father was a bartender, my mother was maid at a hotel. they had jobs because free enterprise works, because someone built those hotels and hired them. [applause] the american economy is not a real estate deal or a scam. the american economy is not run
1:11 pm
by the president or the government. it's run by our people, and we have mike it easier for them, and i have shown the voters what -- i have given the voters what you deserve. real ideas. not talking points. not platitudes. not slogans. real ideas. [applause] applause so i always chuckle at these reports, why are you saying those things i say because for months i've been talking about real ideas and they don't cover them. i give speeches at education and i ignore it. i give speeches about health care and they irknowing it. you talk debt i don't want to say it again. talk about anything else that has nothing to do with that and they jump all officer it. it leads to newscasts. what a sad indictment on the state of the political debate in this country today. [applause]
1:12 pm
so, from time to time, i'll still read the mean tweets, but i will never stop talking about the ideas you die serve 0 to have. they're on my web site. go on it now -- well, not now, when i'm done -- marco and we have a real plan to fix our tax code, real plan to roll back regulations. [applause] we have a real plan to save social security and medicare. we have a real plan to balance our budget. one of the most embarrassing moment tuesday the last debate is when trump was asked about the debt and she said we're going to get rid of the fraud, waste and abuse. there is a lot and yet our defendant is so big issue if you got rid of them it wouldn't make a dent. but they transport press him on it and moved on. you desearch real plan to deal with the debt. i have a real plan and you can see it on our web site.
1:13 pm
we're going to fully utilize our energy resources when i'm president of the united states of america. [applause] when i'm president we'll have a real plan on health care look more than just getting rid of the lines around the states. [applause] i'm going to get rid of the lines around the state. the lines arounds the states. the lines around the states. when i did it was a catastrophe. when he did it, oh, he's on message. [applause] somebody said to me, maybe that means donald trump is a robot. isn't that what they said you were? i said, yes, but if he is a robot, he was made in china. [applause]
1:14 pm
>> i have real plan on health care, and that's why i can tell you this with certainty. when i am president of the united states, we will repeal and we will replace obamacare. we're going to keep our country safe again. that's the most important job of the federal government. okay? the most important job of the president of the united states is to be the commander-in-chief. the president of the united states has access to these nuclear codes, by the way, that give you access to the most powerful military force in human history. people should think about that before they vote. access to the nuclear codes. the president of the united states has the power to send your sons and your daughters and loved ones off to die in the
1:15 pm
service of our country. i want you think about that before people vote. and today, nikki talked about what we have done to our military and the gutting of our military that the president has undertaken, and the most shameful thing is trump knows nothing about the military. he keeps saying here's geese to hire the best people to work for him. the best people already work for us, our generals and commanders in the military. [applause] and by the way, if he knew anything about this he would know that you can put the best people in the world in a room and they're going to give you conflicting opinions, and then the buck stops on the president, to choose between those different opinions, the right route forward, and this guy has zero understanding of anything serious when it comes to defense or foreign policy. and this is not an issue you can take a course in at trump university. [applause]
1:16 pm
you have to know about this on your first day in office. we cannot elect as president of the united states a man who believes that the nuclear triad is a punk rock group from the 1980s. [applause] defense spending is not the cause of our debt. and that is why when i am president of the united states we're going to undertake a reagan-style rebuilding of the united states military. [applause] we're going to have a real war on terror, real war on terror is not talking tough. a real war on terror is not outrageous and outlandish claims what you're going to do. sounds cool. funny to listen to on tv
1:17 pm
sometimes. people like it because it sounds tough. it doesn't solve your problem. you've need real war on terror, one in which the best intelligence ann finds think and the best military destroys them and one in which you capture terrorist alive they don't go to a court hearing, they go to guantanamo. [applause] when i'm president, we're going to have a foreign policy of moral clarity again, which means we are allies to our allies and to our enemies, don't dare test us. you have -- donald trump thinks that vladimir putin is a fascinating man. he thinks they're going to get along well. putin is a calculated political figure but he is a proven killer.
1:18 pm
his guy poison people with radioactive material. he ordered people to be poisoned. this guy is not a game. he is not some real estate developer from across the country you're doing a deal with. he is a guy that is sowing ininstability in the middle east and europe. he provided weapons to shoot down the mall shape aircraft over ukraine. this guy is not playing around. he will take advantage of donald trump or anyone not prepared for that position, and i'm going to tell you one of the most outrageous things that has happened, how this president has undermind our alliance with israel. [applause] israel is the nation with a special purpose. israel is not just another country. israel was created as homeland for the jew wish people after the holocaust.
1:19 pm
applause israel is the on free enterprise, pro-american democracy in the entire middle east. when donald trump was asked, are you going to take side between israel and its enemies? he said, no, i'm going to be neutral because i want to work out a deal. when i'm president we are going to take sides sides and be on is side. [applause] and everyone is going to know that because on my first day in office, as soon as i walk into the oval office, i am going to cancel president obama's deal with the ayatollah of iran. [cheers and applause] we're going to take care of our
1:20 pm
veterans, not use them as a prop, which the way too many politicians do. [cheers and applause] the first gentleman of south carolina, nikki's husband, is a veteran. my brother is a veteran. he served in the seventh special forces of the green berets. if you are veteran, will you raise your hand so we can thank you for your service. [cheers and applause] everyone running for office sis that. i've done it. listen, bernie sanders and i -- i'm special forces. >> thank you. we need to support you.
1:21 pm
bernie sanders hi and do not agree on many things. he is a socialist, i am not. but we work together on something that we could agree on and that is if you work at the va, and you're a senior executive and you're not doing a good job, we should have the power to fire you. and we have had that. donald trump says he cares about veterans, but what is his record? i'll tell you his record. his record was he asked the city of new york to evict homeless veterans because they were a nuisance in front of trump towers. that's his record, when he skipped the debate in iowa he said he was doing an event to raise money for veterans groups. know how much money they got out of that and a previous event? zip. this is not a game. they are not props. we are going to take care of our veterans. when i'm president of the united states, veterans, they're good people at the va and if they're doing a good job, we thank them but if you're not doing a good
1:22 pm
job, when i'm president, you are fired from your job at the va. [cheers and applause] when i'm president, our veterans will not be their begging the va for benefits. when i'm president, veterans will be able to take their benefits to any hospital or any doctor that they want to go to. [cheers and applause] by the way, was in virginia last night, all day. we had five stops there, four stops there. and we were remind that many of our veteran does not just stop serving when they come home. if you go to any fire station in america you'll meet veterans. if you go to any police department in america, you're going to meet veterans. and yesterday or the day before a couple days ago in virginia, there were three police officers shot. one of them was on her first day
1:23 pm
on the job, a marine reservist. and she died. on her first day on the job and she was a veteran. >> blue lives matter. >> not only do they matter, not only do blue lives matter, -- [cheers and applause] -- but i want to thank our veterans and our police officers and our firefighters for what they do for our country. [cheers and applause] and that is why the stakes are so high. these are just a sampling of the issues before the country. with be the these wrong because we lost the election and nominated someone without any idea what to do about it. we elect someone with views on the issues are opposed to where we need to go as a country, i can just tell you that i honestly believe that our
1:24 pm
children are going to be the first americans that inherited a diminished country. never happened in the 200 year history of america. but i'm running for president not because i'm worried about the future but because i'm hopeful about it. because i know our government is messed up. i know our government has a lot of problems. i know our leader in many instances are not the best' not doing the best. but i know that america is not a government. america is a country, a nation, made up of its people. we have a government. but our government doesn't define us. our people do. i know that this morning people across this country got up and went to work, and they took their families to school, and they'll come home tonight and raise those kids and feed them and they'll go and start businesses and this weekend they'll volunteer in their charities and communities and give hours and money to churches. now that people across the country are touching lives, one life at a time. i know there are people out
1:25 pm
there that aren't wait forgot to tell them to do it. if they see someone in need of help, they provide it directly themselves. and the great thing about this campaign is i have meat so many of them, in south carolina i met an incredible woman, who every single day is saving lives at a pregnancy crisis center in which she is taking in young and scared girls and convincing them that all human life is worthy and led by god. [cheers and applause] i know people in miami, florida, who are taking care of homeless veterans not through a government grant but out of their own pockets. and they're not wealthy people doing this. you know why we do this? it's not because the law tells us we have to do it.
1:26 pm
we do it because this is a nation that's been shaped by our judeo-christian values. because this is a nation that was founded on the belief that our rights come from an all-powerful and everliving god. [applause] because this is a nation founded on the belief that our rights, our source is not the law. the source is not the constitution. the source is not our president. we all have a god-given right to go as far as our hopes, our dreams, our talent and our work will take us. [applause] this is what makes us special. this is what makes us different. and i know it because i've lived it. because like nikki's parents, mine came here from another country and came here with nothing. my parents had no advanced
1:27 pm
education of any sort. my father started working when he was nine years of age. he never went back to school. he worked 70 years of his life. for the next 70 years of his life. when they got to this country, they didn't know anyone. the first words they learned in english were, i'm looking for work. they sacrificed. they were discouraged when they first got here but persevered and the miracle of america changed their life and the course of our family's history. less than a decade after my parents came here with nothing, my father was just a bartender at a hotel. but he was able to buy his first home. their first home. my parents never became rich or famous people. but they were very successful people. because after arriving here with nothing, they raised a family, they retired with dignity, and most important of all for them, they lived to see all four of their children live a life better than their own. [cheers and applause]
1:28 pm
about to run out off cough drops here so i better hurry. i tell you that story, not just so you know more about me. i tell you that story so you remember who we are. for the story i just told you is not just mine. it's hours. the vast majority of you i've never met in person. i don't know your personal stories. but i know that you're americans. some that -- because you are americans, i know that everyone in this room is probably just a generation or two removed from a story not unlike my own. [cheers and applause] who are we? we are the descendents of pilgrims and settlers, the descend decembers of immigrantss and slaves, people who overcame
1:29 pm
extraordinary obstacles to stake their claim on a better life and stake their claim on what is known as the american dream. that's the blood that runs through our veins. every single one of us, i don't care what your last name is, don't care how it's pronounced, or the color of your skin, or where you worship. the blood that runs in our american vens is the blood of a go-getter, the blood of someone who refused to accept the limitations of the old world. [cheers and applause] this is who we are. and now we must choose whether this who is we will remain. will re still remain the place where people can do what my parents did for me and your parents did for you? that's is what is at stake here. with stay on the road we are now many of these things will leave us because the american dream was never automatic. the american dream did not
1:30 pm
happen on its own. what your parents did for you and what you are doing for your children now is possible because for over 200 years, each generation before us did what they needed to do. there has never been a time in this history when? i generation had it easy. a cursory examination of our history will tell you this was the nation, the nation that overcame having to take on the most powerful empire in the world to declare its independence. the nation that fought a brutal civil war to put an to end the evil institution of slavery. this was the nation that had to fight two bloody world wars. this was the nation that had to overcome a great depression. this was the nation that had to work through the civil rights period, that took to us where we needed to be, as we continue to advance the work of equality for all. this is the nation that was divided generationally over vietnam. that had longas lines. that had hostages in iran.
1:31 pm
we have never hate easy. no -- each one faced obstacles and each time they did what needed to be done. the time as arrived for us to do its part and this generation will do its part. [applause] >> if you elect me president you will have a president that will never pit you against each other on purpose. you will have a president that will never ask you to hate another group of americans so i can win an election. applause [applause] if you elect me, you will have a president that loves all of the american people, even the ones
1:32 pm
that don't love me back. [cheers and applause] if you elect me, we will confront our challenges. we will embrace our opportunities because our opportunities are real. the 21st century is made for america. it is about innovation, and we are the most innovative people in the world. it's about productivity and competition. we are the most productive workers on this planet. we're the biggest dreamers and the hardest workers, the 21st 21st century is there for us but we must shape it now and when i'm president we will. [cheers and applause] so, it's okay to be dissatisfied at the direction of our country. it is okay to be frustrated at government leaders in both
1:33 pm
parties that have failed you. it is okay to be indignity at the people who are in office and refuse to solve any problems because they just want to be re-elected. nothing wrong with any of that. but do not a give into hopelessness. do not give into fear, to anger, for despite how difficult things may seem i want you to know what history will say of us when we do our part. history will say of this generation, that we lived in the early years of this new century in a very difficult time. and it will say we almost got it wrong, that every eight years of barack obama and the most unusual election ever, we okay. this close to getting it wrong. but we finally remembered who we were. we finally remembered what america was. and we rose up to the task before us, like each generation before us. we solved our problem, not left them for our children. we embraced our opportunities. and when our work was finished, this was a generation that left
1:34 pm
their children as the freest and the most prosperous americans that ever lived. [cheers and applause] this was the generation that didn't just say the american dream, this generation expanded it until it reached more people and changed more lives than ever before. [cheers and applause] and this is the generation that authored the greatest chapter in the amazing story of america, the generation that brought about a new american century. [cheers and applause] so i am here once more before i leave -- i don't nowhere i'm going next -- i think --
1:35 pm
arkansas? and then oklahoma? they keep calling it the sec primary. there's some acc schools in there, too. [cheers and applause] [shouting] >> this is georgia tech town, right? [cheers and applause] >> no? listen, -- [shouting] all right, enough. go gators. i was -- one of our last events in south carolina was at clemson. we finished strong there. you know why? because i said something that wasn't probably true but i told the people there, listen, vote for me because everybody else on the ballot, they rooted for alabama in the national championship.
1:36 pm
i'm asking you to vote for me tomorrow. i'm asking you to go out and find more people. you have friends you can still influence. who perhaps have been taken in by what is happening around the -- and by all this noise and all this idea they're going to vote for a strong leader, and i ask -- ask them this question. name me a single great leader in human history that looks anything like what donald trump is showing himself to be now. a single great leader in human history that sailings the things, doing the things or acting the with a he is acting now. this is not what we can turn this country over to our party. so let your friends know that tomorrow is an important day, and in november as well, because friends don't let friends vote for socialists like bernie sanders. [cheers and applause] and friends don't let friends vote for candidates under fbi investigation like hillary clinton. [cheers and applause]
1:37 pm
and friends -- and friends don't let friends volt for con artist d vote for con artists. i need your vote. if you make me president, we are going to leave our children what americans always leave their children, the single greatest nation in the history of all mankind. thank you, georgia. thank you, atlanta. god bless you. thank you. [cheers and applause] [inaudible conversations]
1:38 pm
[inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] >> we roes our video signal from atlanta, georgia. the rally with marco rubio rapping up there at the buckhead enter continental and the day before super tuesday, candidates
1:39 pm
hopscotching all over the country for rallies and as is our coverage, we'll start in georgia this afternoon, obviously with marco rubio, and later on tonight be back in val kosta with more coverage. we'll tell you about that in a bit but we want to hear from you, what you heard from marco rubio. here's how to join the conversation. for rubio voters 202-748-8920, and for all others, regardless of party, 2 other 2-748-8921. if you're on twitter and tweeting@c-span this the handle to use to send us a tweet and we'll look at those as well. and let you know about our coverage coming up this evening, this afternoon, and this evening, on the c-span networks. let's go first to ketchikan, alaska, and alan is there you're one of the 12 states on super tuesday. go ahead, ellen, you're a rubio supporter. what do you think? >> caller: i think rubio has heart and vision. he is a true christian man that
1:40 pm
we need to lead this country, and trump set the tone for this election, shame on him and shame on the news media for perpetrating him. we need rubio to run his country. he has heart and soul and true, true character. a good man. i don't know why -- >> host: what do you think of his response to donald trump and his -- the word offed of the former kkk leader david duke? how do you think rubio hit that response to donald trump? >> i think he hit the nail on the head. unmasking trump for who he really is. it's sad that trump is just -- he's not a true republican. >> caller: okay. thank you for your call. let's go to lutherville, maryland, and this is stephanie in maryland. stephanie, you're a rubio supporter as well. >> yes, i am.
1:41 pm
our whole family is, yes. definitely. >> host: why? >> caller: we feel like he is the future, and everything that trump has been exposed for being the fraud that he is. and we believe in marco rubio. we feel like he represents what republicans really are, and we're not going to be -- our party is not going to the hijacked bay fraud and that's exactly what donald trump is. i'm embar'sed by fellow republicans supporting him, and just buying into the nonsense. >> host: you said your whole family is supporting him. how many voters in your family will be voting in -- maryland ills not one of the 12 states for super tuesday. maryland get it chance in a comp weeks. how many voters in your family. >> caller: my husband and i and two daughters 22 and 26. and we are totally 100% behind marco rubio.
1:42 pm
and i urge all other republicans, if you want to save our country, and get us where we need to be in this election you have to support marco rubio because there's too much we don't know about donald trump. why doesn't he release his taxes from the last few years. there's something there, too. and there's just too much going on. plus, there's a case, the frye case with trump university is going to be coming up this summer. there's so much, and we just don't trust him. and we just cannot believe that there's other people buying into it. >> host: marco rubio brought up the issue in his comments there in buckhead, and just the northern section of atlanta this afternoon, joined by the south carolina governor, nikki haley, who endorsed marco rubio. a reporter for "boston globe,"
1:43 pm
covering the candidate, a vote for donald trump tomorrow is a vote for hillary clinton, in november. some of the words of marco rubio this afternoon. 202-748-8920 for rubio supporters. marco rubio voters and a others 202-748-8921. go to childress, texas, next and this is tim go ahead. >> caller: yeah. i'm a veteran, and i was lisping to what rubio was saying. i'm not for him. i'm for donald trump. the reason being is we follow the different parties, whether it be democrat, republican, liberal, turn democrat and republican. we need a shock and awe. this country is in such a bad shape that i've lived through several generations of presidents, and we don't need to really answer to the party because when we do, there's certain things these supporters want you to do, and the only
1:44 pm
reason you're running is because you're supported by them. we need someone, like a reagan. reagan stood up. he didn't -- he had supporters, but he had a mission to do. the wall came down under reagan and we need someone that is not going to have to answer to this one, that one or the other one. >> host: tim, you're a donald trump supporter. how do you think he's going to do against ted cruz tomorrow? >> caller: i think he'll bro him out of the water. because the country is tired of your general everyday elections in and out. >> host: tim from texas, we'll let you know our coverage continues, resumes in texas, this afternoon. we'll bring you coverage here on c-span3 at 3:00 p.m. eastern, senator ted cruz endorsed by the current governor, greg abbott,
1:45 pm
and former governor, rick perry, this afternoon, at 3:00 p.m. eastern. we continue our coverage this afternoon. hillary clinton coming up in virginia. one of the 12 states in super tuesday, a rally in fairfax, virginia, and later on this evening, we'll take you to donald trump's rally at 6:00 tonight, back -- we'll go back to georgia, and valdosta, and just added to our schedule this evening, bernie sanders on c-span2, at 7:00. so a full afternoon and evening of road to the white house coverage on c-span networks. let's hear from tim who nissan --son, florida, and a marco rubio supporter. >> caller: yes, i support marco rubio. he has been an outstanding senate -- house of representative for us here in the state of florida, and he's been a outstanding senator. i'm glad he is exposing donald trump, the con man, because
1:46 pm
seems to me -- i kind of fell into just like most of the people that support donald trump, everybody wants to hear this and that and -- but here's the deal. donald trump sued his way too riches. he has threatened people and he has belittled every candidate that has been on that stage. now getting a little built of his own taste of his medicine and don't like it. as far as chris christie, i have no respect for him. he proved he was a liar when he supported donald trump. and marco rubio is an outstanding god-fearing man and he is acting like ronald reagan. >> host: tim, mentioning governor chris christie, former candidate, who over the weekend endorsed donald trump. we're getting word this afternoon of a chris christie
1:47 pm
news conference. we don't know the nature of that news conference or the subject, but as the news has -- as the news conference happens, we'll relay that to you as well. this is joe. joe, who are you supporting in the election tomorrow, the primary? >> caller: bernie sanders all the way. you're calling -- this is about rubio. 'll give a few comments on that but if you want to hear about why bernie sanders, i'll speak to that as well. what's your preference. >> host: both. we have plenty of time. 0 both candidates are fine, joe go ahead. >> caller: so first thing with rubio, i can come up with reasons why all of the republican candidates are not even remotely qualified other than the constitution requirement that age. when candidates start calling each's names, this is down to, like, elementary school before
1:48 pm
students learn manners and things like that. i've heard very little -- i have attended several campaign rallies in iowa during the caucus time -- heard very little of the candidates talk about what they want to do, their vision. the only one who actually does that is bernie sanders and to some extent hillary clinton, but lately it's been just knocking down the other person, and that's certainly not a way to do it. they introduce red herrings. he debate moderators, all dough jude do wood woodruff did a good job, most office the debate moderators don't know how to run a debate and that's a problem when the candidates interrupt each other, very poor manners, attacking each other, and not really explaining things. i'd like to ask rubio what kind of tax plan he has, he should simply tell us how many tax brackets, the tax rates, what would he like too do for working people, and i don't want to hear
1:49 pm
about the government's too big and we need to cut taxes. are how're going to pay for the services we have. >> host: how about bernie sanders, why should folks vote for bernie? >> caller: well, i'm to the left of ralph anyway -- ralph nadar and bernie is the. one with a vision to clean things up. if you aim for the sky you might not get there but at least you're going to aim for something. so his proposals for cleaning up campaign, they should be publicly funded. lobbyists -- proposals for reforming wall street, i think i would support that. i think that whether we keep
1:50 pm
obamacare or go through a single payer health plan, it's great. i want to say one thing that -- not the previous caller but before that said that the country is in terrible shape. by what means is the country terrible shape? stock market up, unemployment down i. think we're doing pretty good in general. the ultra rich are doing great. most people are getting by -- >> host: all right, joe, we'll let you go there. lots more to come. the 12 state voting tomorrow, i said michigan is one but it's not. here are the 12 states participating in super tuesday tomorrow. alabama, alaska, arkansas, colorado, georgia, massachusetts, minnesota, oklahoma, tennessee, texas, vermont, and virginia. and coverage tomorrow on c-span tomorrow night at 7:30 eastern. live coverage of results and your comments and calls. let's go to florida on the others line is joyce. who do you like in the election?
1:51 pm
>> caller: just trump right now. i'm not 100% on him. i'm just -- it's really hard to choose. i definitely know i do not want an establishment, bought and paid for candidate. and the reason i called in is what most people don't mean because i'm a florida resident, most of the taxpayers down here in florida want rubio to resign because he has not shown up 50% of the time down near florida. and he basically -- he is really should give back about half of his salary, and the florida taxpayers aren't happy with the job he has done in florida. >> host: you disagree with the previous caller who thought that rubio has proven him to be a good senator. >> caller: he doesn't show up 50% of the time. he doesn't vote 50% of the time. the florida taxpayers aren't
1:52 pm
happy with the jump he has done in washington. they think he should resign. >> host: all right. let's hear from aaron in north carolina, marco rubio supporter. welcome. >> caller: hey, buddy. how is it going? >> host: going well, thank you. >> caller: this is the way i feel. the democratic party is out of it. it's all about donald trump and rubio. cruz is out of it. carson, kashich, all out of it. in my opinion i think that maybe kashich should join up with rubio and just take donald trump out. everybody else should just drop out and the republican party will destroy the democrats because hillary is not going to win it anyway. bernie is not going to win. he should drop out, too. and it's all a mess. it's a mess.
1:53 pm
>> host: aaron, when is north carolina's primary coming up? >> caller: i have no idea. i haven't heard anything about north carolina as far as what is going on with north carolina, pretty much have it together. >> host: let's hear from peter who is in orangeville, california. peter, who do you like in the campaign so far? >> caller: this is klammath falls, oregon. >> host: i'm sorry, say that again, peter? >> caller: this is sandra, i'm in klammath falls, oregon. >> host: okay, well negotiating ahead, sandra. say what you think. what's your -- who is the candidate you like? >> caller: okay, sir, may i make an observance first? >> host: you certainly can. >> caller: all right. i'm 72. i'll be 73 september 25th.
1:54 pm
i'd like to know why, sir -- i'm an older senior citizen -- i'd like to know why, sir, all of the tv stations, cnn, msnbc, and 360 are now watching c-span 2, sir -- why all of them are allowed to -- in the republican party, to adult bully each other. to my knowledge, sir -- i do not have an internet -- there is laws in the united states against internet bullying. there are laws against grade-school bullying. there are laws against high school bullying. and then i don't understand why the republicans, cruz, rubio, and trump, can all of them -- it seems to me, it blows me away,
1:55 pm
sir, that adults are allowed the space on the tv to adult bully each other, talking about if they tped their pants or if their hands are as mall as their wee-we. i am at 72, sir. i'm totally blown away. i don't understand why the commentators, like wolf, don't come -- cut in and say, excuse me, and if they don't quit shouting at each other, turn the freaking microphone off. rubio and cruz, they're not even dry behind the ears in my book. i got a lot of years, and i don't understand the reason for the call is the -- how come it's okay for adults on national tv. >> host: sandra, thanks for your comments and all your comments
1:56 pm
and more ahead, and more road to the white house coverage here on this day before the super tuesday primaries and 12 states across the coverage. we'll take you texas to hear from senator cruz and also from the current governor, greg abbott, former governor and candidate, rick perry, 3:00 p.m. eastern, and then at 4:30 eastern, we're in fairfax, virginia, for a campaign rally. hillary clinton there, 6:00 p.m. tonight, we'll be back to georgia for donald trump and his rally there, and one more for you this evening, over on c-span 2, it's bernie sanders in milton, massachusetts. and we'll take you, actually to a bernie sanders rally3
1:57 pm
♪ ♪ [chanting] bernie, bernie, bernie, bernie, bernie. >> thank you. thank you rochester. thank you. representative, thank you so much for that introduction. you said it all. what this campaign is about is not just electing a president. that pretty important. but there's something that is more important, and as tina just said it's about transforming america, it is about thinking big and the kind of country we want to become.
1:58 pm
it is understanding something that the media will not tell you or talk about much, is that in the last 30 years there has been a massive redistribution of wealth. problem is that redistribution has gone in the wrong direction. [cheers and applause] yes, thank you, president obama, we are better off today than we were seven years ago. that's for sure. [cheers and applause] it's amazing to me that our republican friends suffer from a very, very serious illness which seems to be all pervasive among republicans and that is short-term amnesia. they could go forward with a
1:59 pm
straight face and talk about the problems we have today while ignoring what world bush left us in when he left office. [cheers and applause] so we are going to make sure that our republican friends do not forget that when president bush left office, we were losing 800,000 jobs a month. unbelievable. our deficit, deficit, was a record-breaking 1.4 trillion, and by the way, the world's financial system was on the verge of collapse. other than that, we were doing really good. so, to hear republicans talk about where we are today, without putting into it that context, is somewhat of an outrage, but here is another truth. yes, we are better today than
2:00 pm
seven year ago, but the reality is for the last 30 years, on the republican leadership, under democratic leadership. 1%. [booing] now, the reason i think we are bringing out huge crowds we have 10,000 people out this is a good turnout tonight.
2:01 pm
thank you very much. [cheering] and the reason is we are doing something very unusual, talking truth to the american people. and sometimes truth is not pleasant. it's like you go to the doctor and you're not feeling well. even if the news is bad, you have to find out what's going on before you can get a better. we have to face some very unpleasant truths and let me give you a few. number one, you are living under a corrupt campaign finance system which is undermining democracy. [applause]
2:02 pm
i wish i could describe it in more pleasant terms, but i can't. when you have billionaires and wall street and corporate america pouring hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars into the political process, that is not democracy. that is all a guard -- oligarchy. [applause] and together we are going to stop that oligarchy. [cheering] you know what democracy is about, and i really do love democracy, is one person, one vote and if you disagree with me that's fine, if you have a better idea than me, fight for it. that's a beautiful thing but
2:03 pm
what democracy is not about is a handful of billionaires buying elections. [cheering] and i will tell you something else democracy is not about is about cowardly republican governors trying to suppress the vote. [cheering] you know, i've been in politics for a while, and it had never occurred to me to figure out a way to make it harder for people to vote because they might be voting against the. so i say to those republican governors and legislatures who are trying to make it harder for poor people, older people or people of color to vote. if you are afraid of
2:04 pm
participating in a free and fair election, get out of politics, get another job. [cheering] today in america, we have one of the lowest voter turnout rates. i want to see us revitalize american democracy and have one of the highest voter turnout rates and in my view, we are going to make this very simple and we are going to tell the republican governors either it's the constitutional amendment or through legislation that if somebody is 18 years of age and a citizen of this country, they
2:05 pm
have the right to vote, and of discussion. [cheering] now, i think the reason the campaign is doing so well across the country is that we are listening to the pain and the needs of ordinary people and not to the needs of billionaire campaign contributors, and that is a real difference and when we listen to people, what we hear is people coming up to me and saying bernie, i can't make it on nine or $10 an hour. but as a wage i can't live on and certainly my family cannot live on. truth is, the federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour is a
2:06 pm
starvation wage. [applause] millions of people in this country are working 40 or 50 hours a week and they are still not earning enough money to take care of their families. people are working full-time sometimes ending up at the emergency food shelf because they need food despite their 40 or 50 hours of work to take care of their families. and that is why in this country we are going to raise the minimum wage to a living wage of $15 an hour. [cheering] what this campaign is about, and it's not easy, is trying to
2:07 pm
force the discussion on issues that the congress chooses not to talk about and the media chooses not to talk about. the reality that is kind of swept under the rug and let me give you another example of that, all over this country, minnesota, vermont, all over the country you have senior citizens and disabled veterans who are trying to get by on 11, $12,000 a year of social security. you know what, nobody can get by on 11,000 or $12,000 a year on social security. [cheering] and it's important for a moment to try to put ourselves into the life of somebody that is 80, 90 years of age that needs
2:08 pm
healthcare company and prescription drugs companies to keep their home warm in the winter, needs decent food and they can't do it on $12,000 a year. people want to cut social security. while, i've got bad news for them. we are not going to cut social security. we are going to expand social security. [cheering] you measure the greatness of a country not quite a number of millionaires or billionaires that has come about by how it treats the weakest and most vulnerable among us. [applause]
2:09 pm
we will not turn our backs on our parents and grandparents and disabled veterans. we will stand with them. [cheering] we are listening to workers and seniors but we are also listening to young people. and what young people -- [cheering] what young people are telling me is bernie, why does it have to be that i end up 50 or $100,000 in debt for what crime, because i wanted to get a higher education? that makes no sense. [cheering]
2:10 pm
so, what this campaign is about is asking people to go beyond the status quo. ask yourself a simple question what kind of world we live in, do we live in, what kind of craziness exists when we are severely punishing millions of people for what crime, the crime of getting a good education plaques that is nuts and we are going to change that. [cheering] and this campaign is listening to women. [cheering]
2:11 pm
why is it that when we go to work working alongside some of some in the same job, why are we getting 79 cents on the dollar compared to that guy? .-full-stop. and what we are looking at is nothing more than the old-fashioned sexism, and together we are going to change that. [cheering] this campaign is listening to the african-american community. [cheering]
2:12 pm
they are asking how does it happen in this country, the wealthiest country in the history of the world how does it happen that we have more people in jail than any other country on earth? china has fewer people in jail than we do. how does that happen? and people in jail are disproportionately african-american, latino and native american. [cheering] so, together we are going to take on and fight institutional racism and a broken criminal justice. [applause] [cheering]
2:13 pm
we spend $80 billion a year of taxpayer money locking up fellow americans. there are a lot of better ways to spend money than locking up fellow americans. [cheering] this campaign is listening to our brothers and sisters in the latino community. [cheering] and they are telling me that they are tired of being exploited, tired of living in the shadows, tired of seeing a family member being deported and families being separated in what they want and i want is comprehensive immigration reform
2:14 pm
and a path to citizenship. [cheering] [cheering] this campaign is different than others and others in a lot of ways it's not just that we have the most progressive agenda it something more profound than that it is me telling you what you with another candidate for president .-full-stop you.
2:15 pm
and they can't do what this country desperately needs a loan. can't do it alone. [applause] no president, no matter how well-intentioned, no matter how well working he or she may be, no matter how smart. no president can take on the power of wall street, corporate america and the huge campaign contributors alone and that is why the i need more than that from you. i need your help today after the general election because i can't do it alone. [applause] [cheering]
2:16 pm
what the political revolution is about is revitalizing american democracy and making sure that every american understands that yes, football is a spectator sport, democracy is not a spectator sport played every person in the room is extremely powerful if you choose to use your power. and what i will tell you because i am in the united states senate and see how things get done, there are people up there at incredible wealth and power and what they want is for america not to vote, not to be thinking about politics, not to get involved in the shaping of the future of america.
2:17 pm
what they want is low voter turnouts, low public consciousness so that the lobbyists and the big-money interests can control the future of the country. and our job is to take them on and that many women fought and of the women fought and died for american democracy and we are going to revitalize american democracy. the art going to have a government that represents all of us, not just a handful of campaign contributors. [cheering] i want to take a brief moment just to mention to you the differences of some key issues
2:18 pm
between secretary clinton and myself. number one, maybe most importantly when we began this campaign we had to make a very important decision. do we have a super pack or do we not have a super pack? we concluded at the end of that one second that given the fact we don't represent wall street or the billionaire class we will not have a super pack. [cheering] and here is what is absolutely extraordinary and something that i wouldn't have been the. i would have been able to tell you nine or ten months ago, we have now in our campaign received over 4 million
2:19 pm
individual contributions. [cheering] that is more contributions than any other candidate in history in the country up until this point. [cheering] and do you know what that average contribution is? with such a brilliant audience there is no way we are going to lose minnesota, i can see that. [applause] you are just too smart. i can see that. >> [inaudible]
2:20 pm
[laughter] gets $27.2. raise abraham lincoln and gettysburg, this is a campaign of the people, by the people, and for the people, and i'm proud of that. [cheering] now, secretary clinton has chosen another path to raise money. she has several super pacs one reported raising 25,000,015,000,000 from wall street. [booing] they said i've always received millions and millions of dollars from wall street and the drug companies and fossil fuel industry, doesn't impact me.
2:21 pm
they just give me that money for the fun of it. they just throw that money around, doesn't impact me. then on top of that, secretary clinton as you may know, gave some speeches to goldman sachs for $225,000 a speech. i think if you get $225,000 for a speech it must be a really excellent wonderful speech. and therefore you should be very proud to release the transfer of that speech. [cheering] it must have been an unforgettable speech. second issue, everybody knows
2:22 pm
how important foreign policy is in our country and the decisions we make are the decisions of life and death. back in the 2002, the most important foreign-policy debate in the modern history of this country took place. and the debate was over whether or not we listened to president bush and vice president cheney and secretary defense donald rumsfeld and go into war in iraq. i listened to those speeches they gave and the remarks were very thorough because ie has other members of congress know that the decisions that we make will impact in very real life and death ways men and women in our states. i've listened very carefully. i've concluded that they were lying and they voted against the war in iraq. [cheering]
2:23 pm
and it gives me as the senator that suffered casualties in the war it gives me pleasure to tell you that much of what i feared would happen if we invaded iraq in fact did happen. go over to my website, look at what i said back in 2002 and my fear about the political vacuum and the instability that would be created. secretary clinton heard the same evidence and listened to the same speeches and voted for the war. that's a difference.
2:24 pm
that's why their real wages are going down. a lot of that has to do with our disastrous trade policies like nafta, permanent relations with china. [applause] this is an issue that the media doesn't talk about all. you can hardly see any discussion of trade on television for pretty obvious reasons. but these are issues of huge consequences. and what this trade issue is about is not complicated. you don't have to have a phd in economics to understand it. it's about writing trade agreements that would say agreement that would see why do i have to pay workers in
2:25 pm
minnesota or vermont a good wage with good benefits and protect the environment and deal with unions when i could shut down plants in the united states and move to low-wage countries, not worry about the unions or the were the environment and then bring my product back into the country's. here's what happened in 2001 we lost almost 60,000 factories in this country, and millions of decent paying jobs. people who once worked in a factory and made a middle-class wage and good benefits are now flipping hamburgers at mcdonald's. now, i ago today and helped lead the opposition against all of these trade agreements. i am helping to lead the opposition against the tpp. [cheering]
2:26 pm
secretary clinton supported nafta and supported the permanent normal trade relations with china. now, when we talk about what's going on in this country and why there's so much angst and frustration, it has everything to do with the fact in vermont and minnesota all over the country because millions of people who are working not one job, they are working two jobs and three jobs and despite the increase of the worker productivity, the wages are going down. so you have mom working, dad working, you've got the kids working, you've got marriages that are being stressed because they don't have time to spend together, kids not getting the attention they deserve. we have people -- our country, people in america working the
2:27 pm
longest hours of any people in the industrialized world. we work longer hours and at the end of all of that, only 58% of all new income goes to the top 1%. [booing] that income. then you got the top one tenth of 1% today owning almost as much wealth as the bottom 90%. you've got the 20 wealthiest people in the country owning more than the bottom 150 million half of america. this is a raid economy. [cheering]
2:28 pm
heads they win, tails you lose. so together, are you ready for a radical idea? together we are going to create an economy that works for working families, not just the 1%. when we talk about the economy, please understand every month is still on the front pages of the paper statistics of employment, nationally it is 5%. anyone believe that? your right. if you look at people that have given up looking for work and are working part-time, real unemployment is close to 10% and here is something else that we
2:29 pm
do not talk about at all and that is the youth unemployment in this country. kids who graduated high school between 17 to 20. if those kids are white, 33% are unemployed or underemployed. latino, 36%, african american, 51%. [booing] and if anyone here thinks there isn't a direct correlation between that outrageously high rate of youth unemployment in the fact that we have more people in jail than any other country you would be missing an important point. to come here is radical idea number two. we are going to invest in our young people jobs and education, not jails and incarceration. [cheering]
2:30 pm
when real unemployment is almost 10% and we have an infrastructure which is collapsing in many parts of the country, i was in flint michigan the other day and let me tell you, let me just tell you because i don't even want to talk about it was so horrific come it was hard for me to be leave that i was listening to people who were living in the united states of america in the year 2016. when you hear what they were talking about the poisoning of children because of a terrible, terrible water system, schools are inadequate, health care healthcare system and adequate, massive poverty, you would think that you were living in a fourth
2:31 pm
world country. you really would. but all over this country we have systems in trouble. bridges, the system for airports, lefties, we can create 13 million decent paying jobs rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure. [cheering] think about america that has the best system in the world's. the state-of-the-art water systems and wastewater plants that create millions of jobs, and when we look at the educational system, we should be high earrings teachers, not
2:32 pm
firing teachers. [cheering] [applause] it's important to think outside of the box and status quo. every psychologist that studies the issue you understand that the most important years for intellectual and emotional development are zero through four. that's a fact. and yet all over this country, working parents are finding it very hard to get quality affordable child care. you have child care workers who make the wage wages lower than mcdonald's wages while they do some of the most important work in our society we can create
2:33 pm
hundreds of thousands of jobs, good jobs, rebuilding our dysfunctional child care system. [cheering] jane and i have been married 27 years. we have four great kids and seven beautiful grandchildren and we be leaving family values, but our family values are a little bit different than republican family values. [cheering] i want everybody here to understand what republican
2:34 pm
family values are and what they mean. and what they mean when they talk about family values but no woman in this room come in this state, in this country should have the right to control her own body, i disagree. [cheering] what they mean is that the federal government should be fined planned parenthood and i think we should expand. [cheering] what they mean about family values is that our gay brothers and sisters shouldn't have the right to be married but i disagree.
2:35 pm
[cheering] and when i talk about family values, when i talk about the international embarrassment of the united states being one of the few countries in the world that doesn't guarantee paid family and medical leave. [applause] [cheering] you tell me whether in america in 2016 a working-class woman who has a baby today should be forced to separate herself from her baby and go back to work because she needs to bring income to her family.
2:36 pm
that is not a family value. what we need to do is pass legislation in congress right now that guarantees three months of paid family and medical leave. [cheering] let me make a very simple straightforward promise to you this evening and that is with citizens united undermining american democracy, no justice for the supreme court but i will nominate will get to that position unless he or she makes it crystal clear that they will vote to overturn citizens united. [cheering]
2:37 pm
when we talk about the economy today, everybody here understands that we live in a competitive economy and we need the best educated workforce in the world. it is incomprehensible and again i ask you to think outside of the box. in comprehensible that hundreds of thousands of bright young people, qualified young people who want to go to college are unable to do so because their families lack the money. that's why i believe in the year 2016 when we talk about public education it's not good enough to talk about first grade through 12th grade. we have to make public colleges and universities tuition free.
2:38 pm
[cheering] is this a radical idea? i don't think so. countries all over the world do it. they are investing in their young people, investing in the future. now, i am criticized for saying i think that this is an important step forward. i think we have to substantially reduce the burden of student debt. then people say you want to make universities tuition free, it's an expensive proposition. it is about 70 billion a year. we will pay for it by putting a tax on wall street speculation. [cheering]
2:39 pm
you know, this is what a rigged economy is that brought country into the worst economic downturn since the great depression wall street went begging to congress and said bail us out. well, if congress could bail out the crooks on wall street, then it's time for wall street now to help the middle class of the country. [cheering] [chanting "bernie!"] let me say a word about wall street because i think that very few people recognize the incredible power that they have
2:40 pm
over our country. when i talk about a corrupt campaign finance system or the broken criminal justice system, it all comes together in the one brief story. some of you may have read goldman sachs to one of one of the large financial institutions agreed to a settlement in the government for $5 billion. $5 billion. why did they reach that agreement back to veto because they were selling worthless packages of subprime mortgage loans. they reach reached the $5 billion settlement point. point number two, wall street firms like goldman sachs make huge contributions to candidates so they put millions of millions of dollars into the political process to get candidates to them. point number three, the
2:41 pm
revolving door. people go from wall street to government back to wall street. the last 25 years, goldman sachs itself had two secretaries of the treasury as well as many other high-ranking government officials working on government go back to wall street. point number four, may be the most painful of all some kid in minnesota today vermont gets picked up for possessing marijuana. that kid gets a criminal record that stays with him his entire life but if you are an executive on wall street as fraudulent behavior destroyed the lives of millions of people, you know what happens to you, you get a salary increase. [chanting[booing]
2:42 pm
than if you are the head of goldman sachs you come to congress as a billionaire and say to congress cut social security, medicare and medicaid and give huge tax breaks to the wealthy. together we are going to bring justice back to a broken criminal justice system. [cheering] and that means justice under the law is a profound statement, something deeply embedded in who we are so that it means is if you are poor and break the law you will pay the price but if you are rich and break the law, you are going to pay the price. that does not happen in america today. together we are going to bring justice back to the criminal
2:43 pm
justice system. [cheering] i am a member of the senate committee on the environment of the senate committee i talk to scientists all over this world. the debate is over, climate change is real. [cheering] it's caused by human activity. for the future generations to stand up to the fossil fuel industry to transform our energy system away from fossil fuel to the energy efficiency and sustainable energy. [cheering]
2:44 pm
i have been criticized for saying that the united states should join every other major country on earth. the uk, france, germany, holland, scandinavia, canada, every major country. in guaranteeing health care to all people as a right. [cheering] as tina pointed out, the affordable care act has done a lot of good things, but we've got to go further. today in america, 29 million people, zero health insurance. many of you are uninsured with high deductibles and copayments
2:45 pm
and we pay by far the highest prices in the world for prescription drugs in fact we are getting ripped off right and left with the pharmaceutical industry one out of five americans cannot afford to fail the prescription drugs their doctors right which is pretty crazy. meanwhile on top of all of that, we end up paying far, far more for healthcare than any other country on earth, which leads me to the conclusion that the way forward is a medicare for all single-payer program. [cheering] now, people can disagree with me all they want, but it is my view that healthcare is a right of all people, not a privilege.
2:46 pm
[cheering] now, we can do great things in america when we do not allow people like donald trump and some of his friends to divide us up and make attacks against latinos, vicious attacks were against muslims or african-americans or whatever. when we stand together, there is nothing that we cannot accomplish. i look forward very much, it would make me so happy to have the opportunity to run against donald trump. [cheering]
2:47 pm
[chanting "bernie!"] the reason i would love to run against him first the national and state polls show us beating him pretty badly. [applause] but the reason i would like to run against trump is that we will defeat him because the american people do not agree with him that we should give hundreds of billions of dollars in tax breaks the billionaire families like his. the american people do not believe or agree with donald trump. the american people do not agree with him when he says in a republican debate if you can believe it that wages in america are too high a.
2:48 pm
[booing] if you are a a billion or maybe you billionaire maybe you think wages are too high, i don't know if my perception is that is not the case. now also, we know that donald trump is the greatest of the greatest of everything, right and among his many other attributes is he is a great, great scientist. [laughter] he has concluded that climate change is a hoax, and that it is a hoax created by the chinese. [laughter] i was shocked to hear that because i thought from his perspective it would have been a hoax created by mexicans or the muslims, but the chinese kind of took me back a bit. [laughter] [applause] we will together defeat donald
2:49 pm
trump because the americans be six apostles shear to we will defeat him because the american people do not want a president who insults mexicans, muslims, women, african-americans, veterans and basically anyone who does not look and sound like donald trump. [cheering] we will win because togetherness, bringing people together trumped divisiveness. we will defeat trump because community trumps selfishness.
2:50 pm
[applause] and most significantly, and the deepest point that i can make, we will defeat trump because love trumps a h. -- hatred. [chanting "bernie!"] now, what the political revolution is about is bringing millions of people many of whom have given up on the political process to say i don't trust anybody and young people who've never been involved in the political process, it's bringing people together by the millions
2:51 pm
to stand up and say something very simple and that is that the government of this country belongs to all of us, not just a few. now what politics is about isn't just wearing a pin or coming to rallies. it's more than that. it's getting deeply involved in the political process. minnesota can play a profound and important role in moving this country forward towards a political revolution on tuesday, just a few days from now. [cheering] in minnesota, we will win if the voter turnout is higher. i have no doubt about that. we will not win if the voter turnout is low. your job, and i ask you to do this is to work as hard as you
2:52 pm
can to bring out as many people as you can on tuesday. and if we do that, minnesota will play a significant part in shaping american history. thank you all very much. [cheering] ♪ ♪
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is attack ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> bernie sanders in rochester minnesota, one of the 12 super
2:58 pm
tuesday states. a couple showing hillary clinton winning 18% and the other 40% of bernie sanders in minnesota. there's more coverage coming up on the c-span networks ahead of tomorrow's primary. coming up shortly ted cruz holds a rally in san antonio texas. he will be joined by the texas governor and former governor and former presidential candidate rick perry coming up at 3 p.m. eastern on c-span three. then 4:30 eastern on c-span three, hillary clinton and fairfax virginia just outside of the nation's capital at george mason university and a 6:00 tonight, it will be donald trump in georgia and the university of georgia. coverage at 6:00 and here on c-span2 we plan to bring you bernie sanders again this time from milton massachusetts and that is set to get underway at 7:00 eastern. although this ahead of tomorrow's super tuesday primaries. texas, virginia, massachusetts or four of the 12 states putting
2:59 pm
their primaries and caucuses tomorrow. part of the super tuesday, the biggest single day for presidential candidates to win delegates in all 595 republican delegates up for grabs and 1,004 democratic delegates. ♪ shortly on c-span to the senate session getting underway starting their week. they will take up legislation addressing heroin and prescription drug abuse, a bipartisan bill from ohio governor rob portman and sheldon whitehouse. the legislation hurdles from the democrats who want to attach a $600 million emergency funding measure. they argue that spending is necessary to get help
3:00 pm
immediately to the communities ravaged by the addiction epidemic to be a procedural vote this afternoon and we will take you to the senate floor on c-span2. the presiding officer: the senate will come to order. the chaplain, dr. barry black, will lead the senate in prayer. the chaplain: let us pray. lord of life, hear our prayers. fill us with your spirit so that


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