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tv   Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Delivers Remarks at World...  CSPAN  January 27, 2021 11:28pm-12:04am EST

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[inaudible] also joining the following dialogue with you, mr. president, which will begin shortly. thank you very much, mr. president. >> the world economic forum also heard from israel he i minister benjamin netanyahu who spoke about the coronavirus and working with other leaders on global efforts. he also responded to questions from business leaders about technology and cybersecurity issues. this runs 30 minutes. >> good afternoon, everyone. a warm welcome to you from geneva. we are really delighted to have the prime minister benjamin netanyahu with us today. welcome, prime minister, for
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this very special conversation swhich will be followed by an interaction with the key business leaders. >> it's good to be with you. >> thank you. i want to also mention, pray minister, that today's holocaust memorial day and we especially appreciate your presence here on such a day. it has such a historical importance about never forgetting. your contribution to the agenda today builds on your long-standing partnership with the forum. we had the pleasure to have you for the annual meeting, physical one in the post regularly over the past few years and we also under your leadership have a center for the revolution of the world economic forum and you have also made a huge and very important contribution with the
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dialogue. you've been at the helm of this government for more than a decade. no other prime minister and israel has had this position as long as you and you are also steering your country during this challengingy covid-19 pandemic. i think many of the viewers and partners would like to know how you see the coming months in israel and the world when it comes to theng pandemic. ...
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>> so that is the challenge of that phenomenon it's a race between vaccination especially the british mutation there are more mutations in the will be in the future which means we have to race as fast as we can to vaccinate the worst of the population then everyone else in order to have immunity and then to expect to produce the vaccine to modify the vaccine
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to accommodate the mutations they don't cover now. that will be our life for the coming years. i don't think we can be that we can overcome it go in israel it is because we purchased a lot i personally got involved in it so i want to be diplomatic. >> you have shared very candid the. >> this is ridiculous. now you pay ten dollars for those now tomorrow they will be ten times that much the legal people with the
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president of pfizer or madonna and up at 2:00 o'clock in the morningad so you need personal leadership to move it and then it turns out to be true that israel can serve as a laboratory for herd immunity are close to and immunity very quickly because we have an efficient distribution system. we have met. we have hmos that are cooperating with each other. that's my we have actually the highest life expectancy almost in the world. one of the lowest frequencies of diseases that is at a minimal cost of 8 percent of gdp it has to with the system that combines competition and
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social security for to protect every citizen. 90 percent of our citizens have digital records in the hmo that go back 20 years. and we offer to share that with pfizer to understand the effects of the mass inoculations not individual information. nobody does that. but statistical information that could prove what is most important and it is a question of to a degree that personal protection you get from vaccine but what is the level of infection when you receive the inoculation? that is the question as we restore life to normal.
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i gave pfizer the argument that they could benefit they could produce and to be convinced and then to go along. and it helps us to do exactly that with a digital system for distributing and they just work it out and with the distribution i don't call that much, five times a day. [laughter] >> i heard you are on the phone talking to pfizer. hu 21 times. not 70 but 21 times. i also speak with moderna and the heads of the other companies.he and with personal leadership checking on munitions in the war you really have to bee sure you have the stock and make
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sure they are distributed and they have to be distributed in the optimized way. we are doing that. that is what we have done is not really what we have done for israel but it truly is a global test case not for these experiments but to understand the safe experiment we are carrying out what is the best way and what is the frequency of using this moderna inoculation to move the economy. at risk are we taking? and what is the infection rate and so on. that is what we are doing and i think a lot of countries that by that. >> thank you for your answer
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and a quick follow-up what we are all concerned about with the mutation we have the uk that has been seen in brazil and south africa the current vaccines with pfizer are okay with uk but they don't know yet on the others so this shows what we are alluding to do in the future we will see different mutations and then we have to adjust of the vaccines. do you foresee when covid-19 is around it will be like the flu so every fall you have to take the updated flu vaccine? will it stay around and how we prepared to adjust the vaccine and are you worried the new strand will work on the new strand?
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>> the answer to the first question is yes. i expect we will have to inoculate ourselves at least annually. that is my guest all one - - my guess although i'm not completely sure. of course i want to sign contracts based on future purchases that the vaccines will alternate for example think they should test in parallel with reduced doses in the system i'veke spoken about that because you can cut a lot of time there is a lot of bureaucracy in this. but as we proceed with either new vaccines were modified vaccines for o mutation and
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modify for teenagers and children, then i think we should start command deliver them and that's even more so than the flu. and then the second question? >> is also related how effective the vaccines would be and are from the new strains from south africa. >> it is the question that right now the vaccines of pfizer and moderna have overcome the various strains that have appeared that we know about and that have been tested. but if you ask me it's a question of time and i'm not sure a lot of time i don't
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pretend to be an expert onan vaccines, but from what i can ascertain talking to people who are experts that the current vaccines are not susceptible and because of that i shut down the airports the first country in the world to completely shut down commercial flights totally non. if you have emergency flights carriers and i'm also shedding the land borders. i am shutting them down. what's the point? all the mutations that you see today the south african and the british and brazilian you are two weeks too late. and the others you don't even know about for another several weeks so i have shut down the borders because i can do
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something that i think other countries would like to do it might be able too do to inoculate millions of people in the time that i close the country to win the race between mutation and vaccination. >> thank you so much mr. prime minister first i want to go to the chair of the executive board and ceo of merck i thank you are ready for questions for the prime minister. >> thank you very much prime minister israel has such a vibrate - - vibrant ecosystem my company has been in israel for more y than 50 years and we are working closely with many institutions and our friends at hebrew university and we
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have r&d centers in different centers a bio farm and life science you have more phd's per capita than anywhere else but this incredible innovation and high-ranking government officials with a very clear policy and so many things to talk over science and technology with the pandemic and beyond, do you tell us what advice of other nations how can we use science andnd technology to tackle these problems and to the right thing for our country's? what can we learn from israel? >> first of all thank you for
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your leadership and being involved in israel because we appreciate this enormously. i think the key is two things was people think it is education especially higher education that is critical that is unnecessary but insufficient condition for the emergence of the high-tech or innovative economy in the most important one is the free market you can i innovate in a closed market so you have to give free markets and give certain risks because it comes especially our innovation we invest at some cost and a huge
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amount of national resources and with that effective intelligence it's a small country but giant. the collection agencies and the west are number two. it's not one 30th compared to the united states that is the investment that goes annually all the time and produces people with information that works in those who are in adjacent technologies and it takes brainpower to do that we literally campus the whole country with these and other disciplines they don't go very fare but when they leave the
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military or the mossad they can start their businesses. if they find a bureaucracy then they will go elsewhere like my brother and i was a pilot and went to california and worked for a small company. but is a young guy. because of the environment change that was very pro-businessne and the we just change that and holding down
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the innovation and then these absurd things are tellingg you this because in the defense of foreign affairs but the regulation going from the next to last place because every
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two weeks i said down and then to have the education that requires military that is focused that is the story of what israel has done. >> thank you so much mr. prime minister but i look at the numbers with the university's. >> education and free market it really is. we havewil two to go so i sugget we will take the two questions from the field the first question is quite historic because we have a seal and the cofounder welcome. one year ago i wouldn't
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necessarily think we began this session together so now over to you. >> so thank you very much so this pandemic i think we must address those issues and with those resources and continuity and sustainability and in many countries and also from the resources which makes it even
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scarcer and with that strategy but do you think that is sufficient at the global level how can an integrated global system to use them back to climate change and millions of people affected? >> we are extremely delighted
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between the emirates and bahrain and it is tremendous. and then to sign documents and the thousands or tens of thousands of israelis went to dubai and the business people because the emirates have proved to be tremendously entrepreneurial. and mohammed is a visionary leader who understands the power of innovation and the power to dare or to dream. with a new kind of peace that is changing the relation between israeli andar arab's.
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it is unbelievable what this is doing so's to answer your question it will be a huge challenge i think we can overcome it has many other things with technology and that forecast and with that growth rate. but it turns out it goes out one - - at a much larger rate it did happen in water we had a little less rainfall and the
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population has grown tenfold and gdp per capita has multiplied we should have greater scarcity so we save our water and recycleat of the wastewater so one of the largest with the emirates as well. and those along the mediterranean using solar technology and then produce solar energy so we can desalinate water without
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unnecessary pollution. these things are combined so now we have more water than we need. we have more water than we make it we cannot make it at night time or in the winter months and sometimes we make more than we need in the summer then we will reverse the supply from the sea of galilee which we used to carry waterr susun down to parts of e country we actually push water back to the reservoir we push it in every direction during the wintertime. you can use technology and overcome the world's water problems countries from chinayo or south america or africa because corona shows we are all in one boat if we can plug the holes we will be better off. >> we support more.
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the ceo of palo alto we want him to have a chance with his question and the floor is yours. >> thank you. thank you for your insights. you may remember seven years ago we met in davos and with that powerhouse in cybersecurity now leading one of the biggest companies in the world now we have a corporation with israel and we have been able to work with and acquire so thank you for your leadership. you alluded to some of the reasons why you to turn israel into a powerhouse on the cybertopic with all the recent hacks you have learned about i
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would love to get a little more elaboration on how youou continue to develop that and one of the largest offices in tel aviv talking about cutting bureaucracy so it what makes life easier but also would love to hear your insights how it continues to be center stage in israel. >> i cannot tell you because i have immense pressure after we develop a very robust cybersecurity industry and then to form the companies and partner with people like yourselves with the immense pressure whose job it is to
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protect our secrets and regulate our industry. because i said that cyberis different because it will be affecting every single thing that we do because we are digitizing the world. it is clear. as that goes up, cybersecurity requirements go up. if we block that then we block the industry. so so far, it's not easy but what we have done is enable the finest minds with the companies go out i think we are number two right now in the world the ups information with capital investments and
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9 million people in the other thing that we do, and it is important, that some cost of cybersecurity or information we are moving to the south of the country to allow the whole ecosystem to develop around it which basically says you take the military and the academy and businesses and you put them within walking distance. walking distance. in palo alto outfits walking or jogging distance you think it's not important but it is amazingly important to have that interaction. the fermentation takes place allowing companies to partake in this obviously within
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certain limits and keep the taxes low and regulations low. that is thest industrial side of the business side i think cyberhas newem problems and the biggest problem is if you have really big state actors with other forms of attacks and then to take a national defense agency to given authority to regulate businesses and so on and we organize the question of defense national defense, air force critical facilities on
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one side and businesses one of the most challenging and difficult and complex problem one - - problem is to simplify with a clear foundation. but the defense against cyberattacks is complicated and the measure we want to get into that but that is a big part of munitions of cybercrime. >> that attribution phase is a problem when you want to retaliate. >> no. i thank you know a lot of times, you do know that it
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gets into a question of mind games. i don't want to start playing thoseayin games but i am off duy now in doing this for a living so i'd rather not get into that but i think it's very challenging the one thing i would say it's not nearly to regulate if you have investments you do all the time but the question is how much do you want to direct your funding, state funding? i'm always resistant to that. there was a case study doing a strategy for a country and i felt very uneasy with that
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because the best regulator is market forces. let the markets work and they will choose better than you do but we don't have a choice with those defense and with the investment the most important investment you can make in cyberthat you can make is mathematics. lot of mathematics. and i say mathematics. not just computation. but it is more important and it will be as we move along and to other disciplines. so that's it. so like the man in the film the graduate. >> thank you so much primewe minister. this is fascinating to listen to you but i remember when i was in the one - - the speechwriter implement they
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say and before people want you to end. people want you to continue but i think we ended at a greatod time. we look forward next year to see you back and we'll davos in the winter. >> thank you. this is the most diplomatic.ti congratulations. [applause] >>
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