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  Impeachment Trial of Former President Trump  CSPAN  February 10, 2021 11:55am-3:56pm EST

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unfiltered view of government . c-span2 was created by america's cable television company and brought to you by these television companies who provide c-span2 to viewers as a public service . >> yesterday late yesterday after 3 and a half hours of legal arguments the senate voted 56 to 44 to move forward with the impeachment trial of donald trump, agreeing that the constitutionality of the trial of the former president was indeed subject to the court of impeachment as and peddled by the u.s. senate area they are dabbling in for legal arguments in five minutes and hear about how today will unfold in the u.s. senate. today house managers begin their 16 hours of presentations, the legal case against the former president on impeachment, one articleof
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impeachment . that will take today and tomorrow. attorneys will get their turn beginning on friday. 16 hours total of arguments for the president's attorneys area on sunday at 2 pm the senate will return for possible consideration of arguments on either side for witnesses and to subpoena documents really expect the closing arguments and vote on impeachment will take place early next week. the senate returning for the court of impeachment momentarily by jamie raskin of maryland. we also will likely hear from all the nine managers, others include diana of colorado, davidsisley who spoke yesterday from rhode island , joaquin castro, eric swallow and ted lieu of california. the only delegates to serve as a representative on the managers side, stacy laskin of the virgin islands, madeleine dean of pennsylvania and joe neguse who spoke yesterday. our cameras are up as senators arrived for the
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presentation today getting underway in a couple of minutes in our live coverage as well here on c-span2 as we watch members entering in the corridor earlier this morning we spoke with zach cullen of national journal about what we can expect in legal arguments today . >> the managers have ruled under the rules that the senate adopted yesterday they will have as much as eight hours starting at noon today to present their arguments . yesterday was focused on the constitutionality of the trial which the senate did eventually a vote to affirm . they do have constitutionality over the impeachment trial of former president trump area today is supposed to get into more of the fax of january 6 and the events leading up to it and what role the president unsubstantiated belief that he won the election played into the riots, the mob that stormed the capital on january 6.
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we expect to hear more from impeachment managers but by punishment jamie raskin and there are seven other house members that are part of that management team. >> back live outside the chambers of the u.s. senate as senators arrived for the impeachment trial getting underway. legal arguments on the house managers side running today and we will take them up today and tomorrow and the president's attorneys get their turn beginning on friday with again a total on each side of legal arguments of 16 hours. jennifer jacobs who covers the congress and senate in particular from bloomberg tweeted this earlier today saying that republican leader mitch mcconnell in a private meeting on the eve of the impeachment trial again invade the final vote is up to each senator that they should listen to the lawyers arguments before deciding whether to convict several sources tell me, that's from jenniferjacobs. senator grassley arriving, former judiciary committee chair .
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>> it is likely throughout the day today as well that we will see several breaks. again, eight hours of legal arguments today sothere will probably be a couple of breaks in the afternoon and a dinner break of some sort . all of it live here on c-span. >>. [inaudible]
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>> .. [background sounds] >> let us pray. all-powerful god, sovereign of beloved land, you are our fortress and you desire justice to be done. as our senate jurors remember
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their accountability to you, use them to cause justice to roll down like waters and righteousness like the mighty stream. lord, during this impeachment trial, give our lawmakers the gift of discernment so that they will know truth from falsehood. inspired them to commit their thoughts and decisions to you. let your kingdom come and your will be done on earth, as it is done in heaven. we pray in your mighty name. amen.
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>> please join in reciting the pledge of allegiance. >> to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. >> and senators, will you please be seated. if there's no objection, i hear none, the sergeant at arms will make the proclamation. >> hear ye, hear ye, hear ye come all persons are committed to keep silent, on pain of imprisonment while the senate of the united states is sitting for the trial of the articles of impeachment against donald john trump former president of the united states.
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>> mr. president? >> the majority leader is recognized. >> thank you, mr. president. now for the information of all senators, emotions were filed this morning so we will proceed to the house managers presentation. we anticipate two, ten minute breaks and a 45 minute dinner break around 6 p.m. >> pursuant to the provisions the senate resolution 47, the managers for the house of representatives has 16 hours to make the presentation of their case. the senate will now here you, and recognize mr. manager raskin to begin the presentation of the case for the house of representatives. mr. raskin. >> thank you ver y much, mr. president, members of the senate, good morning, good day. as some people think this trial
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is a contest of lawyers or even worse, a competition between political parties. it's neither. it's a moment of truth for america. my late father once wrote, democracy needs a ground to stand upon, and background isn't the truth. america needs the truth about x president trump's role in inciting insurrection on januard our government and it disrupted, it easily could've destroyed the peaceful transfer of power in the united states for the first time in 233 years. it was suggested judgeship by president trump's council that this is really like a very bad accident or a natural disaster, were lots of people get injured or killed in society, he's just out looking for someone to blame and that a natural and normal human reaction, according to president's counsel but he said it's totally unfair in this
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case. president trump according to mrn innocent bystander who got swept up in this catastrophe but did nothing wrong. in this assertion mr. castor unerringly across his clients ex-president trump are declared after the insurrection that his conduct in the affair was totally appropriate. and, therefore, we can only assume he could do and would do the exact same thing again. because he said his conduct was totally appropriate. so now the factual inquiry of the trial is squarely posed for us. the jurisdictional constitutional issue is gone, whether you persuaded by the president's constitutional analysis yesterday or not, the senate voted to reject it and so the senate is now properly exercising its jurisdiction and sitting as a court of impeachment conducting a trial on the facts. we are having a trial on the
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facts. the house says ex-president donald trump incited a violent insurrection against congress and the constitution and the people. the president's lawyers and the president's say his conduct was totally appropriate, and he is essentially an innocent victim of circumstances, , like the otr innocent victims that we will see giving caught up in all of the violence and chaos over the next several days. the evidence will be for you to see and hear. the evidence will show you that ex-president trump was no innocent bystander. the evidence will show he clearly and cited the insurrection. it will show donald trump surrendered his role as commander-in-chief and became the insider in chief, of a dangerous insurrection, and this
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was as one of our colleagues put it so cogently on january 6 itself, the greatest betrayal of the presidential oath in the history of the united states. the evidence will show you that he saw it coming and was not remotely surprised by the violence. and when the violence and asked actually and eventually came as predicted and overran this body and the house of mac was chaos, we will show you that he completely abdicated his duty as commander-in-chief to stop the violence and protect the government and protect our officers and protect our people. he violated his oath of office to preserve, protect, defend the constitution, , the government d the people of the united states. the evidence will show you that he assembled, inflamed and incited his followers to descend upon the capital to stop the
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steel, to block vice president pence and congress from finalizing his opponents election victory over him. it will show that he had been warned that these followers were prepared for a violent attack targeting us at the capital through media reports, law enforcement reports, and even arrests. in short, we will prove that the impeached president was no innocent bystander whose conduct was totally appropriate. and should be a standard for future presidents. but that he incited this attack and he saw it coming. to us it may have felt like chaos and madness, that there was method in the madness that day. this was an organized attack on accounting of the electoral college votes in joint session of the united states congress under the 12 a minute and of
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electoral count act to prevent vice president mike pence and to prevent us from -- from county sufficient electoral college votes, to certify joe biden's victory of 306-232 in the electoral college. a margin that president trump had declared a landslide in 2016. when my colleague mr. neguse speaks after they come he will set forth in detail the exact roadmap of all the evidence in the case. my fellow house managers and i will then take you through that evidence step-by-step so everyone can see exactly how these events unfolded. but i want to tell you a few key reasons right now that we know this case is not about blaming an innocent bystander for the horrific violence and harm that took place on january 6.
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this is about holding accountable the person singularly responsible for inciting the attack let's start with december 12. you will see during this trial a man who praise and encourage and cultivated violence. we have just begun to fight, he says. more than a month after the election has taken place. and that's before the second million maga march, , rally that ended in serious violence and even the burning of a church, and as a present forecast it was only the beginning. on december 19, 18 days before january 6, he told his base about where the battle would be, that they would fight next. january 6 would be wild, he promised. be there. will be wild, said the president of the united states of america. and that, too, turned out to be true. you will see in the days that followed donald trump continue to aggressively promote
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january 6 to his followers. the event was scheduled at the precise time that congress would be meeting in joint session to count the electoral college votes and to finalize the 2020 presidential election. in fact, in the days leading up to the attack you will learn that there were countless social media posts, news stories, and most important a credible reports from the fbi and capitol police that the thousands gathering for the president's save america march were violent, organize with weapons, and were targeting the capital. this mob got organized so openly because as they would later screen in these halls and as they post on forms before the attack, they were sent here by the the president. they were invited here by the president of the united states of america. and when they showed up knowing of these reports that the crowd was angry and it was armed,
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here's what donald trump told them. president trump with the crowd into a frenzy telling followers if you don't fight like hell you are not going to have a country anymore. and then he aimed straight at the capital declaring, you will never take back our country with weakness. you have to show strength, and you have to be strong. he told them to fight like hell, and they brought as hell on that day. incited by president trump, his mob attacked the capital. this basalt unfolded live on television before a horrified nation -- this basalt -- according to those around him at the time, this is a president trump reportedly responded to the attack, that we saw him insight in public.
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the light, enthusiasm, confusion as to what others around him were just as happy as he was. trump incited the generous attack and when his mob overran and occupied the city and attack the house and assault of law enforcement, he watched it on tv like a reality show. he reveled in it, and didn't did nothing to help us as commander-in-chief. he served as the inciter-in-chief, sending tweets that only further incited the rampaging mob. he made statements lobbying and sympathizing with the insurrectionists. over 4:17 p.m., over three out at the beginning of the siege for the very first time he spoke out loud, not on twitter, spoke out loud to the american people. here's what he said. >> i know your pain. i know you're hurt.
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>> so you might be think all right, the president is going to console us now. he's going to reassure america. he knows our pain, he knows we are hurt. we've just seen these horrific images of officers being impaled and smashed over the head. we had just been under attack for three hours, but here's what he actually goes on to say. >> i know your pain, i know you're hurt. we had an election that was stolen from us. it was a landslide election, and everyone knows it, especially the other side. >> so you think is about to decry the mayhem and violence, the unprecedented spectacle of this mob attack on the u.s. capitol, but he is still promoting the big lie that was responsible for inflating and inciting the mob in the first place. if anyone ever doubt as to his focus that day, it was not to
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defend us. it was not to console us. it was to praise and sympathize and commiserate with the rampaging myopic therewith to continue to act as incited in chief, not commander-in-chief by telling the mob that their election had been stolen from them. even then after that vicious attack he continued to spread the big lie. and as everyone here knows, joe biden won by more than 7 million votes, and 306-2 what a 32 in the electoral college. donald trump college. donald trump refused to accept his lost even after this attack, and he celebrated the people who violently interfered with the peaceful transfer of power for the first time in american history, and did that at his urging. and when he did in this video, finally tell them to go home in peace, he added this message. >> we love you, you're very
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special. distinguished members of the senate, this is the day that will live in disgrace in american history. that is, unless you ask donald trump. because this is what he tweeted before he went to bed that night at 6:01 p.m. not consoling the nation, not referring, reassuring everyone think of it was secure, not a single word that entire day condemning the violence insurrection. that's what he says. these of the things and events that happen when the sacred landslide election victory is so unceremoniously ambitiously stripped away from great patriots who have been badly and unfairly treated for so long. don't home with love and in peace. remember this day forever. these are the things and events that happened when the sacred landslide election victory is so
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unceremoniously ambitiously stripped away from great patriots. in other words, this was all perfectly natural and foreseeable to donald trump. at the beginning of the day he told you it was coming. at the end of that he basically says, i told you this would happen. and then he adds, remember this day forever. but not as a day of disgrace, a day of four and trauma, as the rest of us remember it, but as a day of celebration, a day of commemoration. if we let it be and will be a day of continuation, a a callo action and a rallying cry for the next round of insurrectionary justice. because all of this was totally appropriate. senators, the stakes of this trial could not be more serious. every american young and old and in between is invited to participate with us in this essential journey to find the facts and share the truth.
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trials of public events in a democracy, and no trap is more public for significant than an impeachment trial. because the insurrection brought shocking violence, bloodshed and pain in the nation's capital, we will be showing relevant clips of the mobs attack on police officers another innocent people. we do urge parents and teachers to exercise close review of what young people are watching here, and please watch along with them if you are allowing them to watch. impeachment managers will try to give warnings before the most graphic and disturbing violence that took place is shown. we believe that the managers comprehensive and meticulous presentation will lead to one powerful and irresistible conclusion. donald trump committed a massive crime against our constitution and our people, and the worst violation of the presidential oath of office in the history of the united states of america. for this he was impeached by the
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house of representatives, and you must be convicted by the united states senate. before i close i want to address a constitutional issue still from yesterdays argument. the president obviously is still exploring ways to change the subject and talk but anything other than his responsibility for inciting the attack. we heard a lot yesterday about his claim that this incitement of insurrection with perfectly appropriate because it's on a protected by the first amendment and this little divergent, my eye because i have been a professor constitutional law and the first amendment for decades. and as we will demonstrate over the course of the trial the factual premise in the legal underpinnings of that claim are all wrong. they present president trump as merely like a guide expressing a political opinion that we disagree with the now we're trying to put him in jail for it. that has nothing to do with the reality of these charges or his constitutional offense.
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a particular political opinions being expressed are not why we impeached the president and had nothing to do with it. it makes no difference what the ideological content of the mob was. and if we license and forgive incitement to violence insurrection by militant trump followers this week you can be sure there will be a whole bunch new ideological flavors coming soon. as we will do mr. with overwhelming evidence, portraying trump is a cut on the street being punished for his ideas is a false description of his actions, his intent, and the role he played on january 6 when he willfully incited and insurrection mob to riot at the capital. last week 144 constitutional scholars, including floyd abrams, a a ferocious event of free speech, charles freed, president reagan's solicitor general, stephen, , the cofoundr of the federal sobriety against açai the site completely systemic on
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the present first amendment argument legally frivolous, legally frivolous adding we all agreed that the first amendment does not prevent the senate from convicting president trump and disqualifying him from holding future office. they went on to say, no reasonable scholar or jurist could conclude that president trump had a first amendment right to incite a violent attack on the seat of the legislative branch or sit back and watch a television as congress was terrorized and the capital sacked. incitement to is of course not protected by the first amendment. that's why most americans have dismissed donald trump's first amendment rhetoric simply by referring to justice oliver wendell holmes handy phrase, you can't shout fire in a crowded theater. but even that time-honored principle doesn't begin to capture how off-base the argument is. this case is much worse than
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someone who falsely shouts fire in a crowded theater. it's more like like a casee town fire chief who is paid to put out fires since a mob not to yell fire in a crowded theater budget actually set the theater on fire, and who then when the fire alarms go off and the calls start flooding into the fire department asking for help does nothing but sit back, encourage the mob to continue its rampage and watch the fire spread on tv with glee and delight. so then we say this fire chiefs should never be allowed to hold this public job again, and you're fired and your personally disqualified, and he of jack's. and he says, we are violating his free-speech rights just because he is pro-mob or pro-fire or or whatever it might be. come on. i mean, you really don't need to go to law school to figure out what's wrong with that argument.
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here's the key. undoubtedly a private person can around the streets expressing his or her support for the enemies of the united states and advocating the overthrow of the united states government. you've got a right to do that under the first amendment but if the president spent all of his days doing that uttering the exact same words expressing support for the enemies of the united states and for overthrowing the government, is anyone here who doubts that this would be a violation of his oath of office to preserve, protect and defend the constitution of the united states? and that he or she could be impeached for doing that? look, if you are president of the united states you have chosen a side with your oath of office and if you break it we can impeach, convict, remove and disqualify you permanently from holding any office of honor, trust or profit under the united states. as justice scalia once said, you can't ride with the cops and root for the robbers here and if
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you become inciter-in-chief to the insurrection you can't expect to be on the payroll as commander-in-chief for the unions. trump was the president of the united states and he was sworn to preserve protect and defend the constitution he had an affirmative binding duty, one that set him apart from a joint else in the country to take care of the laws be faithfully executed. including all the laws against assaulting federal offices come to storing federal property, violently threatening of congress and the vice president, interfering with federal elections and dozens of other federal laws that are well known to all of you. when he incited the insurrection on january 6 he broke that oath. he violated that duty and that's why we're here today and that's why he has no credible constitutional defense. i will tell you a final, sad
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story in this kaleidoscope of sadness and terror and violence. one of our capital officers who defended us that day was a longtime veteran of our force, a brave and honorable public servant who spent several hours battling the mob as part of one of those blue lines defending the capital in our democracy. for several hours straight, as the marauders punched and kicked and mauled and spit upon and hit officers with baseball bats and fire extinguishers, curse the cops in stone our capital, he defended as and he lived every minute of his oath of office. and afterwards overwhelmed by emotion, he broke down in the rotunda, and he tried for 15 minutes and he shouted out, i got called in in word 15 times
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today. and then he recorded i sat down with one of my buddies, another black guy in tears, started streaming down my face and i said, what the f, man? is this american? that's the question before all of you in this trial. is this american? can our country and our democracy ever be the same if we don't hold accountable the person responsible for inciting the violent attack against our country, our capital and our democracy, and all of those who serve us so faithfully and honorably? is this america? mr. neguse will now provide a roadmap, the roadmap of our evidentiary case.
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>> mr. president, distinguished senators, counsel. like several of you, i am a child of immigrants, and as a son of immigrants i believe firmly in my heart that the united states is the greatest republic that this world has ever known. a hallmark of our republic since the days of george washington, has been the peaceful transfer of power.
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for centuries we have accepted it as fact. unfortunately, sadly, we know now that we can no longer take that for granted. because as lead manager raskin explained on january 6, peaceful transition of power was violently interrupted when a mob stormed this capital and desecrated this chamber. as you will see during the course of this trial, that mob with somebody, assembled, and incited by the former president of the united states, donald trump. and he did that because he wanted to stop the transfer of power so that he could retain power, even though he had lost the election. and when the violence erupted, when they were here in our
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building with weapons, he did nothing to stop it. if we are to protect our republic and prevent something like this from ever happening again, he must be convicted. now, i want to be very clear about what we will show you during the course of this trial. as my fellow managers present our case to you today, tonight, tomorrow, it will be helpful to think about president trump's incitement of insurrection in three distinct parts. the propagation, the attack, and the harm -- provocation. let's start with the provocation. we will show during the course of this trial that this attack was provoked by the president.
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incited by the president. and as a result it was detectable and it was foreseeable that and, of course, that makes sense. this mob was well orchestrated. their conduct was intentional. they did it all in plain sight, proudly, openly, and loudly. because they believed, they truly believed that they were doing this for him, that this was their patriotic duty. they even predicted that he would protect them. and for the most part they were right. in his unique role as commander-in-chief of our country and as the one person that the mob was listening to and following orders from, he had the power to stop it.
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and he didn't. now, some have said that president trump's remarks come his speech and generally six was just a speech. let me ask you this. when in our history has a speech led thousands of people to storm our nation's capital with weapons, to scale the walls, break windows, kill a capitol police officer? this was not just a speech. it didn't just happen. and as you evaluate the facts that we present to you, it will become clear exactly where that mob came from. because here's the thing,
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president trump's words, as you will see, on january 6, in that speech, just like the mobs actions were carefully chosen. those words had a very specific meaning to that crowd. crap. and how do we know this? because in the weeks prior to, during, and after the election he used the same words over and over and over again. you will hear over and over three things. you can see them on the screens. first, what lead manager raskin referred to as the big lie, that the election was stolen, full of fraud, read. you will hear over and over in using that lie to urge his supporters to never concede, and stop this deal. and finally, you will hear the
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call to arms, that it was his supporters patriotic duty to fight like hell, to do what? to stop this deal. to stop the election from being stolen, by showing up in this very chamber, to stop you, to stop us. i respectfully ask that you remember those three phrases as you consider the evidence today. election was stolen, stop the steel, and fight like hell. because they did not just appear on january 6. let me show you what i mean. let's start with the big lie. you will see during this trial that the president realized really by last spring that he could lose, he might lose the election. so what did he do? he started planting the seeds to
12:34 pm
get some of his supporters ready by saying that he could only lose the election if it was stolen. in other words, what he did was create a no lose scenario. either he won the election, or he would have some angry supporters, not all, but some who believed that if you lost, the election had to be rigged. and they would be angry. because he was telling americans that their vote had been stolen, and in america, our vote is our voice. so his false claims about election fraud, that was the drumbeat being used to inspire, instigate, and ignite them, to
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anger them. watch this clip. >> because were not going to let this election be taken away from us. that's the only way they are going to win. we're not going to let them. it's the only way -- it's only we can lose in my opinion is massive fraud. >> we all know what happened after that. he lost. he lost the election. but remember, he had that no-lose scenario that i referenced earlier. he told his base that the election was stolen, as yet forecasted forecasted. and then he told them, your election has been stolen, but you cannot concede. you must stop the steal. >> you can't let another person steel that election from you. all over the country people are
12:36 pm
together in holding up signs, stop the steal. >> the democrats are trying to steal the white house. you cannot let them. you just can't let them. >> now, while he's inciting supporters come he's also simultaneously doing everything they possibly can to overturn the election. first he begins with the courts, and legitimate avenue, legitimate avenue to challenge the election. but he ignores all of their adverse rulings when all of his claims are thrown out. then he moves on to try and pressure state election officials to block the election results for his opponent, even though he lost in their states. you will hear my fellow managers discuss that in detail. then he tries to threaten state
12:37 pm
election officials to actually change the votes, to make him ie winter, even threatening criminal penalties if they refused. he had the justice department investigate his claims. even they found no support for those claims. so we try to persuade some members of his party in congress to block the certification of this boat with the tax. when that failed he tried to intimidate the vice president of the united states of america to refuse to certify the vote and send it back to the states. none of it worked. so what does he do? with his back against the wall, when all else has failed, he turns back to his supporters who
12:38 pm
he had already spent months telling them that the election was stolen, and the amplified it further. he turned it up a notch. he told them that they had to be ready not just to stop the steal but to fight like hell. >> we are in a fight for the survival of our nation and we're going to keep on fighting. >> we will never surrender. we will only win. now is not the time to retreat. now was a time to fight harder than ever before. we have to go all the way. >> were going to fight like hell, i'll tell you right now. >> we will not bend. we will not break. we will not yield. we will never give in. we will never give up. we will never back down. we will never ever surrender. >> you will see that in the months the president made the
12:39 pm
statements, people listened. armed supporters surrounded election officials homes. the secretary of state for georgia got death threats. officials warned the president that his rhetoric was dangerous and it was going to result in deadly violence. that's what makes this so different because when he saw firsthand the violence that his conduct was creating, he didn't stop it. he didn't condemn the violence. he incited it further. and they got more specific. he didn't just tell them to fight like hell. he told them how, where and when. he made sure they had advanced notice, 18 days advance notice. he sent his save the date for january 6. he told them march to the
12:40 pm
capital and fight like hell. on january 6, lead manager raskin said the exact same day that we were certifying the election results. what time was at rally scheduled for? the exact same time that this chamber was certifying the election results in joint session. when did he conclude his speech? literally moments for speaker pelosi had gaveled us into session. many of us were in the house during that joint session of congress. i was sitting two rose behind leader schumer and leader mcconnell. i remember it vividly, and as we were standing there fulfilling our solemn oath to the constitution, the president was finishing his speech just a couple miles away. how did he conclude that infamous speech? with a final call to action.
12:41 pm
he told them to march down pennsylvania avenue, to come here. that it was their patriotic duty, because the election had been stolen. and when they heard his speech, they understood his words and what they meant, because they had heard it before. let's take just a minute and really look at his words on january 6 as he spoke of the save america rally. member, i told you three phrases, election was stolen, stop the steal, and fight like hell. let's start with that first phrase. >> all of us here today do not want to see our election victory stolen. there's never been a think like
12:42 pm
this. it is pure theft in american history, everybody knows it. make no mistake this election was stolen from you, from the and from the country. >> now of course, each of you heard those words before. so had the crowd. the president had spent months telling his supporters that the election had been stolen, inc. he used his speech to incite them further, to inflame them, to stop the steal, to stop the certification of the election results. >> we will never give up. we will never concede. it doesn't happen. you don't concede where there is theft involved. [cheers and applause] and to use a favorite term that all of you people really came up with, we will stop the steal. we must stop the steal. >> finally, the president used
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the speech as a call to arms. it was not rhetorical. some of his supporters had been primed for this over many months. as you will learn, days before this speech, lead manager raskin noted, there were fast reports across all major media outlets that thousands of people would be armed, that they would be violent. you will learn that capitol police and the fbi reported in the days leading up to the attack that thousands in the crowd would be targeting the capital specifically, that they had arrested people with guns the night before the attack on weapons charges. and this is what our commander-in-chief said to the crowd in the face of those
12:44 pm
warnings, right before they came here. >> we will not let them silence your voices. we are not going to let it happen. [cheers and applause] not going to let it happen. [shouting] >> thank you. and you have to get your people to fight because you will never take back our country with weakness. you have to show strength and you have to be strong. and we fight. we fight like hell. and if you don't fight like hell, , you're not going to have country anymore. >> you have to get your people to fight. he told them. senators, this clearly was not just one speech. it didn't just happen. it was part of a carefully
12:45 pm
planned monthlong effort with a very specific instruction. show up on january 6, and get your people to fight the certification. he incited it. it was foreseeable. and again, you don't have to take my word for it. the president's former chief of staff, retired marine, 4-star general, was confirmed by this body to be the secretary of homeland security, overwhelming vote. that man was john kelly, and on the day after the insurrection he said that this. >> you know, the president knows who he's talking to when he tweets or when he makes statements. he knows who he's talking to. he knows what he wants them to do, and the fact that he said
12:46 pm
the things that he has been saying since the election, encouraging people is no surprise again at what happened yesterday. >> no surprise. think about that. no surprise. the president had every reason to know that this would happen, because he summoned the mob. he summoned the mob and the incited the mob. he knew when he took that podium on that fateful morning that those in attendance had heeded his words, and they were waiting for his orders to begin fighting. and that of course brings me, my fellow managers come to what happened here in this building. as lead manager raskin stated, my colleagues are going to walk through the events of january 6 and evidence in very we detail.
12:47 pm
they are painful to watch and to recount, , and are not going to repeat the evidence now. but i do want to be clear about what also happened during that terrible attack, and that is this, that president trump once again failed us. because when the violence erupted, when we and the law enforcement officials protecting us, protecting you, were under attack, as each if you were being evacuated from this chamber from a violent mob, as we were being evacuated from the house, he couldn't immediately and forcefully intervened to stop the violence. it was his duty as commander-in-chief to stop the violence, and he alone had that power. not just because of his unique role as commander-in-chief, but because they believed that they were following his orders.
12:48 pm
>> [chanting] fight for trump [chanting] >> we were invited by the president of the united states. >> i was following my president. i thought i was following what we were called to do. >> president trump requested that we be in d.c. on the sixth. >> you heard it from them. they were doing what he wanted them to do. they wouldn't have listened to you, to me, to the vice president of the united states who they were attacking. they didn't stop in the face of law enforcement, police officers fighting for their lives to stop them. they were following the president.
12:49 pm
he alone, our commander-in-chief, have the power to stop it. and he didn't. you will hear evidence tonight,, tomorrow, throughout the trial about his refusal as commander-in-chief to respond to numerous, desperate pleas on the phone, across social media, begging him to stop the attack. and you will see his relentless attack on vice president pence, who was at that very moment hiding with his family as armed extremists were chanting hang mike pence. calling him a traitor. you will see that even when he did finally, three and half hours into the attack, tell these people to go home, in peace, he added, as lead manager
12:50 pm
raskin said, quote, you are very special. we love you. think for a moment, just a moment, of the lives lost that day, of the more than 140 wounded police officers, and ask yourself if as soon as this had started president trump had simply gone on tv, just log onto twitter and and said stop the attack, if he had done so would even -- with even as much as half force as he set a stop the steal, how many lives would we have saved? sadly, he didn't do that. at the end of the day, the president was not successful in stopping the certification.
12:51 pm
that we know, thanks to the bravery of our law enforcement and to the bravery of the senators in this room. each of you who still fulfilled your constitutional duty, even under the threat of mortal peril, but there can be no doubt of the grave harm that he caused. to our elected leaders, to us, our families, to all who work in the capital, our staff, your staff, to our brave capitol police who defend us tirelessly with little thanks, who believed that they had a commander-in-chief who would defend and protect them, and instead put them in harm's way. to those killed for heeding his command, to our democracy and the system which ensures that we had a president elected by the people, to our national security
12:52 pm
and our standing in the world, the harm was real. the damage was real. five people lost their lives on that terrible, tragic day. a woman was shot dead from where we later certified the election results. and for those who question just how bad it was, criminal complaints recently unsealed by the department of justice are more than revealing. you will see one of these documents on the screen. in the charging affidavit of one of the leader of the voice we learn that members of this group said, i'm going to quote, they would've killed mike pence if given the chance. in another, we learn of a tweet in real time while they were in
12:53 pm
the building stating, we broke into the capital. we got inside. we did our part. we were looking for nancy pelosi to shoot her in the freaking brain but we didn't find her. and for anyone suggests otherwise, these defendants themselves have told you exactly why they were here. you will see this in the trial, that in the halls of the capital, on social media, in news interviews and in charging documents, they confirmed they were following the president's orders. you can see some of the statements on that screen. one who said trump once all able bodied patriots. another, the president trump is calling us to fight. this isn't a joke.
12:54 pm
another one, i thought i was following my president. i thought i was following what we were called to do. our president wants us here. we wait and take orders from our president. he made them believe over many weeks that the election was stolen and they were following his command to take back their country. as i prepared for today, yesterdays trial, one memory that i couldn't shake which was on the night of january 6, and the feeling of walking back on to the house floor and seeing many of you there. i remember us finishing our task at four in the morning. and as i walked off the floor i was so grateful, so grateful for the opportunity to thank the
12:55 pm
vice president of the united states, mike pence, for his actions, for standing before us and asking us to follow our oath and our faith and our duty. we only got a couple of hours of sleep that morning. early the next day i called my dad who came to this country, as i mentioned, as an immigrant 40 years ago. and i told him that the proudest moment by far of serving in congress, for me, was going back onto the floor with each of you to finish the work that we had started. i'm humbled to be back with you today, and just as on january 6 when we overcame the attack on our capital, on our country, i'm hopeful that at this trial we
12:56 pm
can use our resolve and our resilience to again uphold our democracy. by faithfully applying the law, vindicating the constitution, and holding president trump accountable for his actions. >> senators, representatives joaquin castro and eric swalwell will now show the evidence of president trump's long campaign to delegitimize his electoral defeat and to galvanize his supporters to help them retain his power at any cost. so we're going to go step-by-step and explain the progression all the way up until the attack.
12:57 pm
>> good afternoon, you will. my name is joaquin castro and i represent san antonio and the united states congress. there's a saying that a lie can travel halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to put on its shoes. that was before the internet. the point of that saying is that a lie can do incredible damage and destruction, and that's especially true when that lie is told by the most powerful person on earth, our
12:58 pm
commander-in-chief, the president of the united states. this attack did not come from one speech, and it didn't happen by accident. the evidence shows clearly that this mob was provoked over many months by donald j. trump. and if you look at the evidence, is purposeful conduct, you'll see that the attack was foreseeable and preventable. i will start by discussing president trump's actions leading up to the election when he set up his big lie. beginning in the spring of 2020, president trump began to fall behind in the polls, and by july president trump had reached a new low. he was running 15 points behind his opponent, and he was scared. he began to believe that he could legitimately lose the election. and so we did something entirely unprecedented in the history of
12:59 pm
our nation. he refused to commit to a peaceful transition of power. here's what he said. >> can you give a direct answer you will accept the election. >> was i have to see. look, i have to see. i'm not just going to suggest. i'm not going to say it. >> commit to making sure that there's a peaceful transfer of power -- >> get rid of the ballots and we will have a very peaceful, there will not be a transfer frankly. will be a continuation. >> senators, the president of the united states said, quote, there won't be a transition of power. there will be a continuation. president trump was given every opportunity to tell his supporters yes, if i lose, i will peacefully transfer power to the next president.
1:00 pm
instead, he told his supporters the only way he could lose the election is if it was stolen. in tweet after tweet he made sweeping allegations about election fraud that couldn't possibly be true. but that was the point. he didn't care if the claims were true. he wanted to make sure that his supporters were angry, like the election was being ripped away from them. .. six months before the election happened and on june 22 more of the same. rigged 20/20 election. it will be the scandal of our time. again, about an electionthat had not even happened .
1:01 pm
on july 30, 2020 will be the most inaccurate and fraudulentelection in history . again, just big words with nothing toprove them. but you wanted to make his supporters believe that an election victory would be stolen from him and from them . this wasto rile up his face, to make them angry . this these were just a few of the many times president trump tweeted about this and he did it in speeches and rallies and television to . >> this is going to be the greatest election disaster in history. the only way we're going to lose this election as if the election is read, and remember that. >> the only way they can take this election away from us is if this is a rigged election.
1:02 pm
>> it's a rigged election, is the only we were going to lose. >> this will be one of the most fraudulent elections ever . >> this is clearly a man who refuses to accept the possibility or the reality in our democracy of losing an election . there are dozens more tweets, speeches of donald trump spreading his lies but youget the point . his supporters got the point as well. they firmly believed if he lost it was because the election was rigged. >> will you accept the result if joe biden wins and mark under any circumstance? >> no. >> why is that? >> because it's lies and deceit and corruption. >>. [inaudible] if biden winds up
1:03 pm
somehowbecoming the winner do you think it's rigged ? >> verymuch so . >> if it shows up as joe biden one in your opinion would that be the only way trump could lose his if he had a rigged election? >> absolutely, i agree with you that there's no way in heck our president is going to lose but it would be a rigged election, on type of cheating went on, what have you and i firmly believe that . >> of us in this room have run for election. and it's no fun to lose i'm a texas democrat . we've lost a few elections over the years. but can you imagine telling your supporters that the only way you could possibly lose is if an american election was ringed and stolen from you? then ask yourself whether you ever seen anyone at any level of government make the same
1:04 pm
claim about their own election. but that's exactly what president trump did. he truly made his base believe that the only way he could lose was if the election was rigged. and senators, all of us know and all of us understand how dangerous that is for our country. because the most combustible thing you can do in a democracy is convince people that an election doesn't count. that their voice and their vote don't count and that it's all been stolen. especially if what you're saying our lives. let us turn now to the election . as you know, the results were not fully reported on election night which is not unusual in our nationshistory .
1:05 pm
but by november 7 major news networks including fox news reported that once the remaining votes were counted, joe biden would be thelikely victor . so president trump began urging his supporters to stop the count. i would imagine that if we went around his room, there are folks sitting here started down on election night and ended up coming back up and winning their races. perhaps that's why some of you are seated in this room today. but imagine if you were behind and the results start coming in and as you started pulling ahead, your opponent said that's not fair. the count while i'm still ahead. that's what donald trump did. but that's not how america works. here, every vote counts. you don't just stop counting when one person is ahead. we count every vote.
1:06 pm
and let's be clear, president trump new that you can't just stop counting votes but he wanted to inflame his base. there was a purpose behind this. >> then at 12:40 9 amthey're trying to steal the election, we will never let them do it . a little over an hour later roughly 2:30 in the morning before even the boats were close to being counted hegoes further and actually declares victory . take a look. >> this is a fraud on the americanpublic. this is an embarrassment to our country . we were getting ready to win this election, frankly we did win this election.
1:07 pm
>> frankly we did win. rather than call me saying let's count the votes, if there's legal issues we will go to court. we will resolve it. instead, he told his supporters that he actually won the election and the whole thing was a fraud . he said that on november 4 and he has never recounted thatstatement since . despite president trumps pressure at the time election officials around the country continue to carry out their duties . and as votes were counted and his loss became morecertain he riled up his base further . take a look atthese tweets . on november 5 he tweeted in all capital letters as if shouting commands, stop the
1:08 pm
count. stop the fraud. senators, these, this is dangerous. i also want you to remember these tweets for another reason . because that's what it looks like when donald trump wants people to stop doing something. and the bear in mind, this is not the president saying to his supporters that somebody stole your cup of coffee. this is the commander-in-chief telling his supporters your election is being stolen and you must stop thecounting of american votes . and it worked. his words became their actions. his commands led to their actions. take a look at this. the same day as those tweets,
1:09 pm
the same day as those tweets around 100 trump supporters showed up in front of a maricopa countyelection center in phoenix, some of them carrying rifles , literally trying to intimidate officials to stop the count just as president trump had commanded. arizona secretary of state katie hobbs said that protesters were quote, causing delay and disruptions and preventing those employees from doing their job. let's call this what it was. we are facing a global pandemic. workers were risking their health to ensure the integrity of our elections . and president trumps supporters were encircling them trying to prevent them from doing their own jobs. this was dangerous. it was scary and it was a blatant act of political intimidation . in philadelphia, that same day police investigated an
1:10 pm
alleged plot to attack the cities pennsylvania convention center where votes were being counted. police took at least one man into custody who was carrying a period this happened all over. in atlanta, in detroit and in milwaukee. his supporters used armed force to try to disrupt lawful counting of votes cause they bought into trumps big lie that the election was stolen from them. president trumps months of inflaming and inciting his supporters hadworked . they believed it was their duty to quite literally fight to stop the count so they showed up at electioncenters across the country to do just that . >> this is a fraud on the american public. this is an embarrassment to our country . we were getting ready to win this election, frankly, we
1:11 pm
did win this election. >>. [chanting] stop the count. stop the count. >> they're not taking it from us. >>. [chanting] killed account. till thecount. >> we were winning in our numbers started getting whittled away in secret . >> they will be destroyed. [inaudible] [shouting] >> there it is.
1:12 pm
they had bought into his big lie. president trump pulled his supporters over and over again nearly every day in dozens of tweets, speeches and rallies that are most precious life in our democracy, their voice, their vote was being strict away andthey had to fight to stop that . and they believed him so they fought. you may say he didn't know they would take up arms. but what he did know when it was all over the news, president trump didn't stop. as mister swallow well will show, he became even more desperate and incited his base even further. he urged them again and again with increasingly forceful
1:13 pm
language to fight to stop the steal and even as the certification got closer and he grew even more desperate he gave them specific instructions on how, where and when to fight to stop the steal. he told them to show up on january 6 and march to the us capital to stop the certification of the election results and he told them to come here and fight like hell . you will see clearly that this violence mob that showed up here on january 6 didn't come out of there. president donald john trump incited this violence . and that's the truth.
1:14 pm
>> mister president, distinguished senators, my name is eric swallwell . manager castro just told you about donald trump's lies and acts before the election . but to paraphrase winston churchill, that wasn't the end of his efforts. that wasn't the beginning of the end but perhaps it was the end of the beginning. here's what i mean. you saw president trump trying for months his supporters to believe that if the election was lost it only
1:15 pm
could have been so because it was rigged but that took time. just like to build a fire it doesn't just start with the flames. donald trump for months and months assembled the tender, the kindling, through on logs for fuel to have his supporters believe that the only way their victory would be lost was if it was stolen. so that way president trump was ready if he lost the election to light the match. and on november 7 after all of the votes were counted, president trump did lose by 7 million votes. but for donald trump, all was not lost. he had a backup plan. instead of accepting the results or pursuing legitimate claims, he told his face more lives.
1:16 pm
he doused the flames with kerosene. and this wasn't just some random guy in a neighborhood bar blowing off steam. this was our commander-in-chief. day after day he told his supporters false, outlandish lies that the victory, that the election outcome was taken and it was rigged and he had absolutely no support for his claims. but that wasn't the point area and he wanted to makehis base angrier and angrier . and to make them angry he was willing to say on november 15 , he states i can concede nothing. we have a long way to go.
1:17 pm
rigged election. it doesn't say why the election is rigged. november 17 in a twitter statement, then people voted. that's it. no evidence. just dead people voted. november 28, twitter statement. we have found many illegal votes. . this just wasn't true. he never found illegal votes. he didn't even try to pretend he had evidence forthat . and stay tuned, that was all about inciting his base. not about bringing legitimate claims. it was about dramatizing the election to anchor his supporters. december 5, you see here he goes after the governors of arizona and georgia, governors from his own party aiming they worked with him.
1:18 pm
you see senators, he is casting this in combat terms that either you are with him, making sure that he won the election or you are fighting against him. these are just a few of the hundreds of twitter statements that president trump sent. and it wasn't just twitter statements. as you'll see hewas dialing into meetings , holding rallies, appearing on television, continuing to spread the biglie that his election victory was stolen . >> people that were dead were signing up for balance. not only were they coming in and putting in about people were requesting balance that had been dead for years and they were requestingbalance . >> the alleged biden margin of victory in several states is entirely accounted for by extraordinarily large
1:19 pm
midnight vote dumps. you saw them going up to the sky. >> massive midnight vote dumps. dead people voting all over the place. he said there were quotes going up to the sky . this was never about pursuing legitimate claims. he was saying anything he could to trigger an anchor his base so that they would fight like hell to overturn a legitimate election. and it worked. just as manager castro showed you president trump's supporterswere taking up arms to stop the count . his message to fight like hell was having real consequences. and in michigan, you'll recall president trump was attacking that state and its officials. he continued these attacks even after michigan certified its votes .
1:20 pm
>> take a look at michigan. take a look at what they did with respect to counties. then you get to detroit and it's like , more votes than people? did people voting all over the place. >> i won almost every county in michigan, almost every district. we should have one that state easily. we have a similar type of governor i think but i'll let you know that in about a week . >> he's literally telling them there were more votes in detroit been people. about 260,000 people voted in detroit. there are roughly 500,000 registered voters in detroit area there are approximately 670,000 people living in the city. so again, not true. but he needed to make deep, outlandish claims to truly make his supporters believe that their victory was stolen from them.
1:21 pm
and it was working. a few days after these clips on december 5, his supporters surrounded the michigan secretary of state. >>. >> stop the steal, stop the steal. [chanting] stop the steal, stop the steal. you're a threat to democracy. you're a threat to free and honest elections . >> 9:00 at night, the secretary's family inside protesters surrounded her home. and they're chanting that she's a felon. and as you saw when armed processors showed up to follow trump's direction to stop the steel this was not the first time that president trump's supporters used
1:22 pm
threats and intimidation. president trump cannot say i didn't know what i was inciting. from what manager castro showed and i just showed there was plenty of evidence that his words had consequences . and if you wanted to stop it, he could stop it. you saw mister castro read statement after statement from our commander-in-chief saying stop the count. stop the steal. president trump was never shy about using his platforms to try and stop something. he could have very easily told his supporters stop threatening officials, stop going to their homes. stop it with the threats. but each time he didn't. instead, in the face of escalating violence, he incited them further. the next phase in the certification of results was
1:23 pm
the certification on december 14 of the electoralcollege votes . the night before, president trump personally issued 14 twitter statements with more false claims about the election being stolen and directing his supporters to make sure that quote, they cannot be certified . he states here , the rhinos, the rhinos that run the state voting apparatus have cost us a problem allowing the democrats to so blatantly cheat in their attempt to steal theelection which we wonoverwhelmingly . we will never give up . and the face of threats to elected officials, this is his message. and he called them rhinos, republicans in name only and tell them to never give up . president trump, to him it
1:24 pm
was his supporters against anyone who would not overturn the election results so that president trump could win. so on december 14, despite all president trump's efforts to stop the electors cast their vote according to the will of the american people and go biden was certified as having one 306 electoral college votes. the day after this occurred, leader mcconnell recognized this, stating many of us hoped the presidential election would yield a different result . but our system of government as processes to determine who will be sworn in on january20 . the electoral college has spoken. as manager castro said, no one here, no one among us wants to lose an election. sometimes there's a reason to dispute and election. sometimes the count is close. sometimes we ask for a recount and we go to court. that's entirely appropriate. but what president trump did
1:25 pm
was different. what president trump did was thepolar opposite of what any of us would do if we lost an election . because once the outcome is clear and a judge rules, we concede. we recognize the will of the americanpeople. because we let the people decide . and that's what all of the courts, the justice department and the 50 states that have counted the votes, they said it was time for a peaceful transition of power because that's what our constitution and rule of law demands . accept president trump, he directed all of the rage that he had incited on january 6. that was his last chance to stop the peaceful transition of power. and that brings us to the attack. manager castro told you the power of the lie, especially
1:26 pm
when the lie comes from the powerfulperson in the world, the commander-in-chief . it also helps if you spend millions of dollars to amplify that line. you will see here in december president trump announced the release of ads entitled one entitled the evidence is overwhelming. fraud, stop the steal. spent $50 million from his legal defense fund on the ads to stop the stealand amplify his message . they were released nationally , played in video ads, online advertising and targeted text messages. they use the same words and phrases that president trump had been spreading for months. that the election was full of fraud . to stopthe steal , but now they hada specific purpose . how do we know that purpose?
1:27 pm
these ads were designed to run all the way up to january 5. and then they soft stopped. this was purposeful and deliberate planning to target his base to rallyaround that day . it wasn't just his ads. he continued to use his own platform. he told his supporters who truly believed their victory had been stolen and you're ready to fight when, where and how to stop what he believed was ace steal. donald trump would issue a deliberate call to action. and just like in his ads, that action was centered around january 6. on december 19, at 1:42 in the morning, our commander-in-chief tweeted,
1:28 pm
big protest in dc on january 6. be there. we will be wild. will be wild. we know why he picked this day. it wasn't random. it was his last chance to stop a peaceful transition of power and he gave his supporters plenty of time to plan. this was a save the date sent out 18 days before the events onjanuary 6 . it wasn't a casual one off reference for a single invitation for the next 18 days donald trump would make sure to remind them over and over and over to show up from january 6. and he would tell them exactly what he wanted them to do. on december 26 he tweets if a democrat presidential candidate had an election
1:29 pm
rigged and stolen with proof of such acts at a level never seen before the democrat senators would consider it an act of war and fight to the death . mitch and the republicans do nothing. just want to let it pass. no fight. he's saying that the republicans are doing nothing and have no fight because you are doing your job. taking on the constitutional process ofcertifying the electoral college results . and he also suggests, president trump that if this was the reverse and the democrats have lost it would be an act of war . an act of war. that's how donald trump prepared hissupporters for january 6 . he even stated again 14 minutes later to make sure his supporters understood quote, the justice department and the fbi have done nothing about the 2020 presidential election voter fraud, the
1:30 pm
biggest scam, in our nations history despite overwhelming evidence. they should beashamed . then he asked history will remember. never give up. see everyone in dc on january 6. that phrase, history will remember was the only time, the first time donald trump had used it in his presidency and he sent this to 70+ million twitter followers. the day they needed to show up and be ready to fight. on december 27, he reminds them again don't miss it. information to follow. a few days later december30 , all caps, see you in dc. january 1 states the big
1:31 pm
protest rally inwashington will take place at 11 am . location and details to follow. stop the steal. you will see that an hour later, president trump retweeted one of his twitter followers. was highly proper, executive director of women for america first, the organizing the january 6 rally and creator of thefacebook group stop the steal . kremer treated quote, the cavalry is coming mister president . referring to the cavalry showing up on january 6. she also added a website for supporters to rsvp and made clear what the message was. tag stop the steal and what did president trump say in response to hearing the cavalry was coming? a great honor, he wrote back.
1:32 pm
this wasn't just a single tweet. he and his organizers would do this over and over repeatedly. on january 3 another supporter tweets we have been marching around the country for you mister president. now we will bring it to dc. thank you for fighting for us . when president trump reposted her tweet she wrote back best day ever. thank you for the retweet. it's been an honor to stand up and fight for you and our nation. we will be standing strong on january 6. we are bringing the cavalry, mister president. we are bringing the cavalry. that was the consistent message. this was not just any old protest. president trump was inciting something historic. the cavalry was coming. and he was organized.
1:33 pm
in her post, miss lawrence tag kylie kremer whose post we just saw president trump retweet. again you see this was all connected. i want to show you all of the twitter statements and there are a lot but here's one more. president trump retweeted another of miss kremer spoke with the same hashtag. do not certify, stop the steal and in response president trump writes that i will be there. historic day. before congress, i prosecuted violent crimes in california.
1:34 pm
as an alameda county deputy district attorney and when you investigate and prosecute violent crimes you have to distinguish, was this a heat of passion crime or was it something more deliberate, planned, premeditated. the evidence here on this count is overwhelming. president trump's conduct leading up to january 6 was deliberate, planned and premeditated. this was not one speech, not one tweet, it was dozens and in rapid succession with specific details. he wasacting as part of the host committee . and in fact, when he had assembled his inflamed mob in dc, he warned us that he knew what was coming. this was president trump's statement the night before the attack. i should say this was one of his dozens of statements on twitter in the hours leading up to the attack.
1:35 pm
i hope the democrats and even more importantly the weak and ineffective rhino section of the republican party are looking at the thousands of people pouring into dc. they won't stand for a landslide victory. to be stolen. at senate majority leader, at john cornyn, at john thune. thousands pouring into dc who won'tstand for the landslide election to be stolen . it's all right there and he tags senators to pressure you to stop this. and he warms all of us that his thousands of supporters who you will see the fbi have warned were armed and charging the capital won't stand for us certifying the results of the election . this was never about one
1:36 pm
speech. he built this model over many months with repeated messaging until they believed that they had been robbed of their coats and would do anything to stop the certification . he made them believe that their victory was stolen and incited them so he could use them to steal the election for himself. >> this election was rigged it's a tyranny against the people of the united states . >> if we don't root out the fraud, the tremendous and horrible fraud that's taken place in our 20/20 elections, we don't have to country anymore . the last line they cheat and they steal, their ruthlessand hell-bent on getting power and control by any means necessary . [shouting]
1:37 pm
>> can't let it happen. [shouting] the democrats are trying to steal the white house. you cannot let them. >> can't let it happen. never concede. fight, he told them in speech after speech these crowds were ready to fight. this is what trump was inciting. he foresaw what was coming and this is what he deliberately led to our doorstep on january 6 . i want to be clear. during this trial when we talk about the violent mob during the attack, we do not mean every american who showed up at president trump surround. certain americans came to protest peacefully as is their right. that is what makes our country so great, to debate
1:38 pm
freely, openly and peacefully our differences. just like all of you were attempting to do in this very room on january 6 . but what president trump did was different. he didn't tell his supporters to fight or be strong in a casual reference. he repeatedly over months told them to fight for a specific purpose. he told them their victory was stolen, the election was rained and their patriotic duty was to fight to stop the steal. and he repeated this messaging even after he saw the violence it was inciting and when they were crying and angry and ready to fight, he escalated and channeled their rate with a call to arms. show up on january 6 at the exact time the votes of the american people werebeing counted and certified and
1:39 pm
marched to the capital and fight like hell . he told us, told this to thousands of people who were armed to the teeth targeting us and determined to stop the electoral college kept area what our commander-in-chief did was wildly different from what anyone here in this room did to raise election concerns. this was adeliberate , premeditated incitement to his base to attack our capital while the accounting was going on. and it was foreseeable. especially to president trump who warned us he knew what was coming. this is what the evidence is overwhelmingly shown and will show in this trial . andit's also the truth . >> mister president the majority leader. >> may i ask consentthe senate recess for a 15 minute break . >> objections, so ordered.
1:40 pm
>> is the first of what we expect will be several breaks throughout the day in this first day of arguments, legal arguments in the senate impeachment trial former president donald trump. it began with the lead house manager jamie raskin of maryland laying out of the constitution arguments they would address. then we heard from joe neguse of colorado who talked about the art of themanagers legal case and what they would present ahead . after that came walking castro of texas. he looked at some of the pre-election alleged provocations i then
1:41 pm
president, former president trump ahead of the election while wrapping up their eric swallwell of california was laying out the after the election, what happened after the election, how the president contested the election and some of the events , the rallies leading up to the attack on the us capital on january 6. as you heard from senator chuck schumer a 15 minute break in the proceedings in the senate. 10 minutes turned into 20 minutes so it could be a little bit longer. here's how the schedule looks for today. there are 16 hours of presentation here by the house managers, both eight hours today, eight hours tomorrow and then the president team, his lawyers will get their turn on friday and saturday but again a total of 16 hours over those 2 day. we expect on sunday the senate will come in at 2:00 eastern and may take up any actions, any questions that senators have of the
1:42 pm
attorneys. they may also choose to decide on witnesses and submitting subpoenas for documents in the trial. final arguments, equal amount each side. expected early next week with a final vote on impeachment keeping in mind the final vote in the senate takes two thirds majority . there are 50 republicans, 48 democrats with two independents who caucus with democrats effectively making a 50-50 chamber that the senate and the majority, majority leader is chuck schumer. a couple comments from people watching the senate impeachment trial, people participating. this is a tweet from mark meadows, former president chief ofstaff . he says there's one line from president trump's january 6 speech that democrats keep conveniently leaving out, peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard.
1:43 pm
from the majority leader just before they galvin today he said i'll trump is charged with inciting an insurrection . the united states capital was invaded and desecrated her in the senate impeachment trial is about truth and accountability following the despicable january 6 attacks. yesterday the vote in the senate was 56 to 44 to move ahead, to decide that yes indeed, these proceedings were constitutional. one of the republicans voting with the democrats was phil cassidy of louisiana. after that vote he talked about why he voted along with the democrats as opposed to the last time when rand paul west and the constitutionality he voted on the republican side. here's what he said . >> what's the question? [inaudible] >> the reaction to the vote yesterday was some folks
1:44 pm
incredibly positive, some very negative. those negative implied this is a constitutional question clearly and had been established it is constitutional and the constitution obviously becomes , it is constitution and country over party. for some, they get it and for others are not quite so sure but that's to be expected. this did not predict myvote on anything else but it is but i will listen to these articles as i did to the ordinance yesterday with an open mind . i've got to run.>> that senator bill cassidy yesterday after the voted the six to 44 to move ahead with the trial. deciding on the constitutionality of attempting to impeach a
1:45 pm
former president, keepingin mind he was impeached by the u.s. house in the house on january 13, a week ahead of the inauguration of the joe lighting . we from craig kaplan, capitol hill producer caught up with mike braun this morning and on the cassidy talk to mike braun and in that mike braun says editor cassidy voting to move ahead with impeachment trial. after that when you have one senator that changed a point of view i think that says a lot so i think it is in place what you might see as the eventual outcome. i want to remind you that we're in the middle of a break. could be a 15 minute break in the senate area if you miss any of the goings on, any of the proceedings you can always follow-up online at and in particular you will find their the briefs on each side submitted by the house managers and also by the president's attorney. listen live wherever you go at the c-span radio app and scores our coverage onc-span2
1:46 pm
through the day . either we will give you a chance to weigh in on your thoughts on what you are seeing today and over the next couple of days we will do that as well. let's hear from the democratic side, basically the house managers, the house judiciary committee, their overall view of this and jamie raskin said some of this earlier saying incitement of insurrection against the united states government is the most grievous constitutional crime ever committed by a president . let's take a look at some video from earlier today. >>. [inaudible] >> so the question was regardless of what happens this week, how do i feel about continuing to support president trump , if he's not
1:47 pm
convicted and not impeached and of course he had the opportunity to run. that to me raises another question which is why immigrants are so concerned about having him on the ballot for years from now. clearly he surprised them once and maybe they think he could surprise them again which raises the question about their confidence at all. back to me. you talk about in fact i've had many republicans say bill clintonwas never punished for his crimes . i think punishment is called losing elections and or it's called losing your license or whatever it might be in the case of bill clinton. >> lipstick you live outside the senate, senatorrichard blumenthal . >> apparently by killing some of the people involved. like michael pence.
1:48 pm
it was a coup attempt, an effort to overthrow the government and stop democracy from working. the founders worst nightmare and that's why this high crime was among the most heinous that any public official could comment. what we will see is that donald trump not only incited this riot and insurrection but also then as commander-in-chief did nothing to save our democracy. in fact he continued to inflame.he called them special people. and in the long run lesson here is not only about january 6 or about donald trump. it isabout domestic violence . the danger of domestic violence in this country is persistent and legal as the domestic terrorism bulletin has said. it is a real threat to our democracy.
1:49 pm
>> senator richard blumenthal of connecticut live just outside the senate chamber area and were keeping our eye out for statements like that as the senate is in a break . the first one of the afternoon, they gambled in today at noon eastern , keeping in mind the house managers, the democrats will have 16 hours total of recitations today and tomorrow. likewise with the president attorneys on friday and on saturday so they should return shortly here from that first break of the day. the newsweek has a story today about some of the senators not only is there this their secondimpeachment in 13 months or a dozen of them, their impeachment .
1:50 pm
both jurors will serve as impeachment trial jurors for a third time. they talk about chuck schumer and say senator schumer who now serves as majority leader had the unique role of serving in the house of representatives when bill clinton was impeached before joining thesenate in 1999 as and serving as a juror for the child in the house . humor voted against impeachment and went on to vote against clinton's impeachment. the democrats voted to convict and has condemned the former president's actions in the wake of the january 6 riots we mentioned the day began with the lead house manager jamie raskin laying out the constitutional case and responding to some of the attorneys arguing yesterday and opening the constitutionality question, here's some of what we heard from jamie raskin. >> the evidence will be for you to see and hear anddigest . the evidence will show you that ex-president trump was no innocent bystander. the evidence was so that he clearly incited the january 6 insurrection .
1:51 pm
it will show that donald trump surrendered his role as commander-in-chief and became the insider in chief. of a dangerous insurrection and this was as one of our colleagues put it so cogently on january 6 itself the greatest betrayal of the presidential oath in the history of the united states. the evidence will show you that he saw it coming and was not remotely surprised by the violence . and when the violence inexorably and inevitably came as predicted and overran the spotty and the house of representatives with chaos, we will show you that he completely abdicated his duty as commander-in-chief to stop the violence and protect governments and protect our officers and protect our people . he violated his oath of office to preserve, protect and defend the constitution,
1:52 pm
the government and people of the united states. one of our capital officers who defended us that day was a long time veteran of our force. a brave and honorable public servant who spent several hours battling the mob as part of one of those blue lines defending the capital in our democracy. for several hours straight, as the marauders punched and kicked and mauled and spit upon and hit officers with baseball bats and fire extinguishers, cursed the cops and stormed our capital he defended us and he lived every minute of his oath of office. and afterwards, overwhelmed by emotion, he broke down in therotunda . and he cried for 15 minutes. and he shouted out i got called and n-word 15 times a
1:53 pm
day and then he reported i sat downwith one of my buddies , another black guy in tears and started streaming down my face and i said what the f, man. is this america? that's the question before all of you in this trial. is this america? can our country and our democracy ever be the same if we don't hold accountable the person responsible for inciting the violent attack against our country, our capital and our democracy and all of those who serve us so faithfully and honorably. is this america? >> that's jamie raskin from earlier, democrats are two hours into their 15 hours of arguments against the president. as you can see the senate in recess here, a break here in the trial and we expect them to return shortly so that so
1:54 pm
far we've heard from four of the nine managers, jamie raskin, joaquin castro and joe neguse. joaquin castro was talking a bit about the supporters and what they hadto say. here's a look . >> into his big lie. president trump told his supporters over and over again nearly every day and dozens of tweets, speeches and rallies at their most precious right in our democracy, their voice, their vote was being stripped away and theyhad to fight to stop . and they believed in. so they fought. and you may say he didn't know that they would take up arms. what he didn't know when it was all over the news, president trump didn't stop. as mister swallwell will show after donald trump lost he became even more desperate
1:55 pm
and incited his base even further. he urged them again and again , increasingly forceful language, to fight to stop the steal and even as the certification got closer and he grew even more desperate he gave them specific instructions on how, where and when to fight to stop the steal. he told them to show up january 6 and march to the us capital to stop the certification of the election results. and he told them to come here and fight like hell. you will see clearly that this violent mob that showed up on january 6 didn't come out of thin air. president donald john trump incited this violence. and that's the truth.
1:56 pm
>> you heard it from them. they were doing what hewanted them to do . they wouldn't have listened to you, to me, to the vice president of the united states who they were attacking. they didn't stop in the face of lawenforcement , police officers fighting for their lives tostop them. they were following the president . he alone, our commander-in-chief had the power to stop them. and he didn't. you will hear evidence tonight, tomorrow, throughout the trial about his refusal as commander-in-chief to respond to numerous desperate pleas on the phone, across social media area begging him to stop the attack. and you will see is relentless attack on vice president pence who was at
1:57 pm
that moment hiding with his family as armed extremists were chanting and mike pence. calling him a traitor. you will see that even when he did finally read and a half hours the attack tell these people to go home in peace, he added lead manager raskin said a quote. you are very special. we love you. think for a moment, just a moment of the lives lost that day. of the more than 140 wounded police officers and ask yourself if as soon as this and started president trump had simply gone on tv, just
1:58 pm
log on to twitter and said stop the attack. if he had done so with even half as much force as he said stop the steal. how many lives would we have saved? >> to him, it was his supporters against anyone who would not overturn the election results so that president trump could win you on december 14, despite all of president trump's efforts to stop the electors cast their votes according to the will of the american people and joe biden was certified as having one 306 electoral college votes . the day after the this occurred, leader mcconnell recognized this, stating many of us hoped the presidential election would yield a different result. but our system of government as processes to determine who will be sworn in on january 20. electoral college has spoken.
1:59 pm
as manager castro said, no one here, no one among us wants to lose an election area and sometimes there's a reason to dispute an election. sometimes the count is close. sometimes we ask for a recount or we go to court. that's entirely appropriate. but what president trump did was different. what president trump did was the polar opposite of what any of us would do if we lost an election area because once the outcome was clear and a judge rules, we concede. we recognizethe will of the american people . because we let the people decide. and that's what all the courts, the justice department and the 50 states that have counted the votes, they said it was time for a peaceful transition of power because that's what our constitution and rule of law demands . accept president trump, he
2:00 pm
directed all of the rage that he had incited to january 6. that was his last chance to stop the peaceful transition of power area and that brings us tothe attack . manager castro is the power of the lie, especially when the light comes from the most powerfulperson in the world . >> .. they were released nationally, played in video ads, online advertising and targeted text
2:01 pm
messages. they used the same words and phrases that president trump had been spreading for months, that the election was full of fraud to stop the steel but now they had a specific purpose. how do we know that purpose? these ads were designed to run all the way up until january 5 and then they stopped. this was purposeful and deliberate planning to target his base to rally around that day and it wasn't just his ads. he continued to use his own platform and told his supporters who truly believed their victory had been stolen and who were ready to fight when, where and how to stop what he believed was a steal. donald trump would issue a deliberate call to action and
2:02 pm
just like in his ads that was -- that action centered around january 6. on december 19 at 1:42 a.m. in the morning our commander and chief tweeted, big protest in dc on january 6. be there. will be wild. will be wild. we know why he picked this day, it wasn't random. it was his last chance to stop a peaceful transition of power and he gave his supporters plenty of time to plan and this was a save the date sent out 18 days before the event on january 6. it wasn't a casual one off reference or a single invitation for the next 18 days of donald would make sure to remind them over and over to show up on
2:03 pm
january 6. he would tell them exactly what he wanted them to do. on december 26 he tweets, if the democrat presidential candidate had an election rigged and stolen with proof of such acts at a level never seen before the democrat senators would consider it an act of war and fight to the death. mitch and the republicans do nothing. just want to let it pass. no fight. he is saying the republicans are doing nothing and have no fight because you are doing your job taking on the constitutional process of certifying the electoral college results. and he also suggests, president trump, that if this was the reverse and the democrats had lost it would be an act of war.
2:04 pm
an act of war. that is how donald trump prepared his supporters for january 6. he even stated again for two minutes to make sure his supporters understood quote, that justice department and the fbi have done nothing about the 2020 presidential election voter fraud, the biggest scam -- all caps —-dash in our nation in history despite overwhelming evidence. they should be ashamed. then he adds history will remember, never give up and see everyone in dc on january 6. >> thank you, mr. president. my colleagues will now detail
2:05 pm
former president trump's increasingly desperate attempts to stop the steel. >> mr. president esteemed members of the senate, it is my solemn honor to be before you today. i am meddling dean, congresswoman from the fourth congressional district of pennsylvania. i am a lawyer, former professor of writing and i'm a sister, a wife, a mother and i'm a grandmother to three with a fourth on her way and i am a person of faith and i am an american. along with manager lou i will
2:06 pm
present the actions of a desperate president and we will present evidence today of a class of public servants who standing up to enormous pressure from the president of the united states did the right thing and upheld their oath. my colleagues just presented evidence of a president trump's month-long effort to incite his base leading them to believe the election was stolen. that they needed to fight like hell to stop the steal on january 6. these weren't president trump's only effort to overturn the results. manager lou and i will present evidence of president trump's relentless escalating campaign to fabricate an election victory by ignoring adverse court rulings, pressuring and threatening election officials, attacking senators and members of congress. pressuring the justice
2:07 pm
department and finally, bullying his own vice president. president trump and his allies filed 62 separate lawsuits in federal court across more than half a dozen states and the district of columbia, including pennsylvania, my home state, as well as arizona, georgia, michigan, minnesota, nevada and wisconsin. of the 62 postelection legal challenges he lost 61. only one was successful and that case involved valid obscuring in pennsylvania and had no impact on president biden's 80555 vote victory in our commonwealth. to be clear, not a single court, not a single judge agreed that the election results were invalid or should be
2:08 pm
invalidated. instead, court after court reviewing these challenges said these cases were quote, not credible and without merit, based on nothing but speculation and flat out wrong. the judiciary resoundingly rejected trump's fraud allegations and upheld the election results. it was more than that. the courts said these cases were different and they were dangerous to our democracy. for example, in an opinion by united states district court judge matthew brands from pennsylvania he said and i quote, this court has been presented with strange legal arguments without merit and speculative accusations. in the united states of america this cannot justify the disenfranchisement of a single voter, let alone all the voters
2:09 pm
of its six the most populated state, our people and our laws and institutions demand more. because this court has no authority to take away the right to vote of even a single person, let alone millions of citizens, it cannot grant plaintiffs requested relief. that decision by the judge was affirmed on appeal by judge stevens, trump appointee who agreed and wrote and i quote, the campaign's claims have no merit and the number of ballots it specifically challenges is far smaller than the roughly 81000 vote margin of victory. it never claims fraud or that any of the votes were cast by illegal voters. plus, tossing out millions of mail in ballots would be drastic and unprecedented, disenfranchising a huge swath of the electorate and upsetting all down ballot races
2:10 pm
"-right-double-quote. similarly, as judge linda parker of the eastern district of michigan framed it, she said, stunning in its scope and breathtaking in its reach if granted the relief would disenfranchise the votes of more than 5.5 million michigan citizens who with dignity and hope and a promise of a vote participated in the 2020 general election. donald trump told his supporters they are stealing the election and they took away your vote. it is rigged. that was not true. according to judge after judge truth was exactly the opposite. trump was now suing to ensure the election integrity but he was pursuing lawsuits that would, in effect, strip away american votes so that he could win.
2:11 pm
in other words, donald trump was asking the judiciary to take away votes from americans so that he could steal the election for himself. then after losing in all the cords trump turned to another tactic pressuring and threatening election officials and you saw what happened in michigan after trump attacked the state and its election officials. his supporters surrounded the secretary of state's home. you saw in the earlier slide, they were chanting and calling her a felon on november 17 the board of canvassers for wayne county, michigan home to detroit unanimously certified the election results for biden. that same night after their votes were certified results trump called the two republican members of that board pressuring them to change their minds. the call worked and the next day both monica palmer and william
2:12 pm
hartman, the republican board members, attempted to rescind their vote to certify michigan election results but they simply couldn't. president trump did not stop there. he then contacted majority leader of the michigan senate and the speaker of the michigan house, lee chatfield to lobby them to overturn michigan's results. trump invited mr. chatfield to washington to meet with him at the white house where the president lobbied them further and let's be clear, donald trump was calling officials and hosting them at the white house and urging them to defy the voters in their state and instead awarded votes to trump. the officials held strong and so trump moved on to a different state and my home state of pennsylvania and i am certain my senators casey and senator toomey remember what happened there. in early december, as he did in
2:13 pm
michigan, he began calling election officials, including my former colleagues in the pennsylvania legislator, republicans majority leader kim ward and speaker of the house ryan cutler. majority leader ward said the president called her to quote, declared there was a fraud in the voting. then in november 25 president trump phoned into a republican state senate policy during trying to convince the republican legislators, senators and house members there had been a fraud in the vote. he even had his lawyer hold a phone up to the microphone in that hearing room so the committee could hear him, here is what he said. >> we can't let that happen but we can't let it happen for our country and this election has to be turned around because we won pennsylvania by a lot and we won
2:14 pm
all of these swing states by a lot. >> this was a gathering, i have attended many and i have to tell you as a former state legislator with a lot of policy hearings. i have to say with some confidence that was likely the first time a president of the united states of america called into a state legislative policy hearing and remember, here is the president saying he won pennsylvania and pennsylvania had been certified that biden had one by more than 80000 votes. less than one week after calling into that meeting he invited multiple republican members of the pennsylvania legislator to the white house. the same scheme he had used on the michigan legislators. it didn't work with those public servants either. think about it. the president of the united states was calling public officials, calling from the white house, inviting them into
2:15 pm
the oval office, telling them to disenfranchise voters of their state and telling them to overturn the will of the american people. also he could take the election for himself. and then in georgia a state trump had counted on for victory his conduct was perhaps the most egregious. on november 11 republican secretary of state confirmed that he believed ballots were accurately accounted for biden. trump went on a relentless attack. here are just a few examples in all trump tweeted at 17 times in the coming weeks let me show you just a few. called him a disaster and obstinate, not having a clue and being played for a fool and being a so-called republican all because he was doing his job and ensuring the integrity of our election and these attacks had
2:16 pm
consequences and mr. roethlisberger and his family received death threats quote your husband deserves to face a firing squad and you better not botch this recount because your life depends upon it. he should be put on trial for cheap treason and face execution. just some of the threats they received. after these death threats, on november 25, mr. raffensperger wrote an op-ed where he said my family voted for trump we donated to him and are now being thrown under the bus by him. he also noted elections are the bedrock of our democracy and they need to be run fairly and perhaps more importantly in partially. that is not partisan but that is just american. it is important to remember that this wasn't just a random attack
2:17 pm
but trump wasn't just criticizing a politician over policy or saying he did not agree. donald trump was savagely attacking a secretary of state because the official did his job and certified the state according to how the people in that state voted. donald trump was trying to undermine our elections by taking votes away from the american people so that he could remain president and he was willing to blame and betray anyone, anyone, even his own supporters if they got in the way. remember senators, those threats were to mr. raffensperger's family and so some may say that trump did not know his attacks against strict raffensperger would result in death threats, except that all of this was very public and the secretary published his op-ed in usa today and major networks, including fox, covered the threats against
2:18 pm
raffensperger. what did trump do? did he stop, did he say no, no, supporters that isn't what i meant. no, he doubled down. let's see the evidence. >> this is a massive fraud. we should never take place in this country and we are like a third world country. i understand the secretary of state, who is really is an enemy of the people, the secretary of state and whether he is republican or not this man what he is done -- >> this character in georgia is a disaster. >> let that sink in. a republican, public servant doing his job, his family had just received death threats and the president of the united states labeled him an enemy of the people.
2:19 pm
that is why this is different because this was not just one attack or one comment but this was an attack after attack in the face of clear threats of violence. on december 1, another official, daniel sterling, republican who voted for trump made this point and appealed directly to our president to stop his dangerous conduct. >> mr. president, it looks like [inaudible] there is always a possibility and you have the right to go through the courts but you don't have the ability to step up and say this is stop getting people to commit acts of violence but someone will get hurt someone will get shot. someone will get killed. >> mr. sterling but this perfectly. in this country we can appropriately challenge a close count or go to the courts or disagree with others or make bold statements but what trump was doing was different.
2:20 pm
someone is going to get hurt, someone is going to get shot, someone is going to get killed. stir sterling saw what trump's conduct was fomenting and he warned him on live tv that violence was already happening and that more violence was foreseeable and inevitable. sterling's pleas were played over and over on every network. rather than he that warning trump escalated again. in early december trump called brian camp, governor of georgia and pressured him to hold a special session of the state legislator to overturn the election results and to appoint electors who would vote for trump. a few weeks later on december 23 trump called the chief investigator for the georgia bureau of investigation who was conducting an audit and audit of the signature matching procedures for absentee ballots and trump urged him find the
2:21 pm
fraud and claim the official would be a national hero if he did. let's call this what it is and was asking the official to say there was evidence of fraud when there wasn't any and the official refused and the investigation was completed and on december 29 raffensperger announced that the audit found quote, no fraudulent absentee ballots with a 99% confidence level. on january 3 trump tweeted about a call he had with georgia election officials the day before. he said and i quote, i spoke to secretary of state brad raffensperger yesterday about voter fraud in georgia and he was unwilling or unable to answer questions such as the ballots under the table scam, ballots of destruction,
2:22 pm
out-of-state voters, dead voters and more. he has no clue. on january 5 "the washington post" released a recording of that call which had occurred on january 2. remember, four days before the attack on the capital. here is what president trump said. >> it is more illegal for you than it is for them because you know what they did and you are not reporting it. that is the thing. that's a criminal, that's a criminal offense. either you can't let that happen and that's a big risk to you and to ryan. your lawyer, that's a big risk. >> let's be clear, this is the president of the united states telling a secretary of state that if he does not find votes he will face committal penalties. and not just any number of votes. donald trump was asking the secretary of state to somehow
2:23 pm
find the exact number of votes donald trump lost the states by. remember, president biden one georgia by 11779 votes. in his own words trump said, all i want to do is this. i just want to find 11780 votes and he wanted the secretary of state to somehow find the precise number, plus one, so he could win. here is what he said. >> look, all i want to do is this, i just want to find 11780 votes which is one more than we had. >> he says it right there. the president of the united states telling a public official to manufacture the exact votes needed so he can win. senators, we must not become numb to this. trump did this across state
2:24 pm
after state so often and so loudly and so publicly. public officials like you and me received death threats and calls threats and criminal penalties all because trump wanted to remain in power. these public officials exercised great political and personal courage in the face of unprecedented pressure from a president of the united states and senators ours is a dialogue with history, a conversation with the past, with a hope for the future. senators, i thank you today for your kind attention. >> good afternoon.
2:25 pm
i am congressman ted lieu. my colleague congresswoman dean went through president trump's efforts to overturn the election through the courts and when that failed his deeply disturbing attacks on the state and local officials. i will walk through president trump's extraordinary efforts remaining until january 6 when he tried again to overturn the election. i first want to highlight representative question to you, is this america mac like all of you i love this country and i am an immigrant and my parents came to ohio and we started off living in a basement of a person's home and we were poor and went to flea markets to make ends meet. over many years we would go to small business, open six gift stores and achieve the american dream. it is one reason i joined the united states air force on active duty. i believe america is an exceptional country and i was
2:26 pm
trained as a prosecutor at the air force base in alabama and i remain in the reserves because we are the greatest country in the world. but how did our exceptional country get to the point where a violent mob attacks our capital murdering a police officer and assaulting over 140 officers and how we get to a point where writers desecrated, defiled and dishonored your senate chamber where the very place in which you said became a crime scene and where national guard troops still patrol outside wearing body armor. i will show you how we got here. president donald j trump ran out of nonviolent options to maintain power. after his efforts in the courts and threatening officials failed he turned to privately and publicly attacking members of his own party in the house and
2:27 pm
in the senate. he would publicly beta senators, naming them in social media and for example, on december 18 president trump named at senate majority leader and the republic and senators telling them they have to get tougher or they won't have a republican party anymore. we won the presidential election a lot, fight for it, don't let them take it away for it president trump was adjusting to members of the senate that if they did not help them try to overturn the election there would be consequences. on december 24 president trump wrote, i say that eight republik and senators, including mitch, from losing the last rigged for president election. now, they almost all sit back and watch me fight against a crooked ambitious foe, the radical left democrats. i will and in all capital letters he wrote, never forget!
2:28 pm
president trump was telling you, that you owe him and that if you don't overturn the results you will never forget and there will be consequences. these are threats just like the threats he made to state and local officials. and it continues. on december 29 president trump tweeted, can you imagine the republican that they stole the election from democrats. all hell would break out. republican leadership only wants a path of least resistance and our leaders, not me of course, are pathetic and they only know how to lose, ps. i've got many senators and congressmen and congresswoman elected and i do believe they forgot. president trump targeted senators calling them pathetic for letting the election get quote, stolen from them. on january 42 days before the
2:29 pm
attack president trump tweeted, the caucus within the republic and party will go down in infamy as weak and ineffective guardians of our nation. they are willing to accept a certification of fraudulent numbers. now, he is mocking some rough plug-in members calling them weak and ineffective guardians of our nation because they would not pretend that he had one when in fact, he had not. and then the very day before the attack president trump's threats grew even more heated and specific towards republicans that he considered to be a part of that surrendered caucus. now, we've shown you the street before but i want to draw your attention to how the president was not just inciting his base but how he was also calling out specifics republicans at the end of this tweet. this is a specific warning to anyone who won't help them overturn the results of anyone who was against the president
2:30 pm
became an enemy. let me be very clear, the president was not just coming for one or two people or democrats like me but he was coming for you and for democratic and were public and senators and he was coming for all of us, just as the mob it did at his direction. in addition to going after the senators and members of congress present from pressured our justice department to investigate the false claims that it was stolen and at the president direction attorney general william barr authorized medical prosecutors to pursue substantial allegations of voting and vote tabulation irregularities. bill barr pursuing these allegations sparked an outcry. sixteen assistant u.s. attorneys in the trump administration urged attorney general to seize investigation because they had not seen evidence of any
2:31 pm
substantial anomalies. that means they did not find any evidence of real fraud. attorney general barr pursued investigations anyways and after his investigation, this is what he found. quote, we have not seen fraud on a scale that could have effected a different outcome in the election. two weeks later on december 14 the electors voted to give joe biden 360 electoral votes and ensure his victory. the following day bill barr resigned. attorney general barr had loyally served president trump. he never publicly come out against the president but for bill barr making up election fraud claims and saying the election was stolen was a bridge too far. bill barr made clear that overturning the election results crossed a line and according to a news report bill barr, the highest law official in the land
2:32 pm
told president donald trump to his face that his theories of election fraud were quote, bullshit. jeff rosen took his place. president trump initially tweeted out that he was an outstanding person and when he announced he would become acting attorney general. but when rosen took over president trump put the same pressure on him that he had done with state officials, members of congress, u.s. senators and his former attorney general. president trump reportedly summoned acting attorney general rosen into the oval office the next day and pressured rosen to appoint special counsel to keep investigating their election including unfounded accusations of widespread voter fraud and also to investigate dominion didn't voting machines firm. according to reports, mr. rosen
2:33 pm
refused and maintained that he would make decisions based on the facts in the law and reminded president trump of what he'd already been told by attorney general bill barr. the department had already investigated and quote, no evidence of widespread fraud. but president trump refused to follow the facts in the law so that the president turned to someone he knew would do his bidding. he turned to jeffrey clark another justice department lawyer who had allegedly expressed support for using the department of justice to investigate the election results. shortly after acting eternal tunnel rosen followed the duty in the law to reopen or to refuse to reopen investigations president trump intended to replace mr. rosen with mr. clark would then try to stop congress from certifying the electoral college results. according to reports white house counsel pat cicilline said to
2:34 pm
not fire and they threaten to resign en masse if he had fired rosen. president trump's actions time and time again made clear that he would do anything and pressure anyone if it meant overturning the election results. we watched president trump use any means necessary to pursue this aim and feverishly grasp for straws at retaining his old on the presidency. all his efforts prior to januar. finally, in his desperation he turned on his own vice president. he pressured mike pence to violate his constitutional old interviews to certify the oath. president trump had decided that vice president pence who presided over the certification could somehow stop it as a pence later confirmed the vice president does not have that power in the constitution. president trump never tried to explain why he thought the vice
2:35 pm
president could block the certification of election results but just began relentlessly attacking the vice president. publicly president trump attacked depends on social media and its rallies, getting his supporters to believe that mike pence could stop this certification on january 6. here is what president trump said in georgia on january 4. >> i hope mike pence comes through for us. i have to tell you. i hope that our great vice president, our great vice president comes through for us but he's a great guy. if he doesn't come through, i won't like him quite as much. >> behind closed doors, president trump applied significant pressure to his second in command. multiple reports confirm that president trump used his personal attorneys and other officials to pressure the vice president. trump reportedly told almost anyone who called him to also
2:36 pm
call the vice president. according to reports when mike pence was in the oval office president trump would call people to try to get them to convince the vice president to help him. president trump kept repeating the myth that pence could stop the certification to his base to anger them hoping to intimidate mike pence. on the morning of the rally on january 6, president trump tweeted, all mike pence has to do is send it back to the states and and all caps he wrote, and we win. do it, mike. this is asked time for extreme courage but president trump later went on to attack him a dozen times in his speech at the save america march. privately, in person before pence headed to oversee the joint session on generally six, president trump again threatened pence. you can either go down in history as a patriot, mr. trump told him according to the brief
2:37 pm
on the conversation or you can go down in history as a pussy. as a veteran i find it deeply dishonorable that our commander-in-chief equate patriotism with violating the constitution and overturning the election. you will see and hear the consequences of president trump's repeated attacks on the vice president and the chance of trader and chance of paying mike pence. thankfully vice president pence stood his ground like our other brave officials stood their ground to refuse the president and fulfill his duty on january 6, even after the capital was attacked and even after he was personally targeted, even after his family was targeted. vice president pence stood strong and certified the election. vice president pence showed us what it means to be an american, what it means to show courage.
2:38 pm
he put his country, his oath, his values and his morals above the will of one man. the president has tried everything in his power to seize, everything in his attempt to seize power from the rightful victor of election. president trump's extraordinary actions grew increasingly more desperate and you saw him go from pursuing claims in the courts to threatening state and local election officials to then attacking members of congress and the senate and to compromising our justice department and then to attack the republican vice president. these public servants are being pressured by our commander-in-chief to overturn the results and some of them and their families got death threats thankfully, at every turn our democratic processes prevailed and the rule of law prevailed. it was only because these people stayed strong and refused president trump that our
2:39 pm
republic held fast and the will of the electorate was seen through and at this point president donald j trump ran out of nonviolent options to maintain power. i began today by raising the question of how we got here. what you saw was a man so desperate to cling to power that he tried everything he could to keep it and when he ran our nonviolent measures he turned to the violent mob that attacked your senate chamber on january 6. as you cast your vote after this trial i will hope each of you will think of the bravery of all these people who said no to president trump because they knew that this was right and that this was not america.
2:40 pm
>> next, representative from the virgin islands will show and equate chilling detail how president trump was well aware of the threats of violence on january 6 and how he welcomed and amplified his supporters plans for insurrection against the union. i should say as lead manager this is a moment of special pride for me because representative plaskett is not only the first delegates ever to be on a team of impeachment managers in american history but was also my law student at american university washington college of law and i hope i'm not violating any federal educational records or laws when i say she was in a student then and an a+ student now.
2:41 pm
>> thank you so much. hello. mr. president, distinguished senators, i am stacy plaskett and i represent the people of the virgin islands of the united states. over this past weekend my 11 -year-old daughter, i overheard her telling one of my sons,
2:42 pm
mommy doesn't seem really nervous about the impeachment trial to which that son sounding like an older brother said, talia you will learn that most of the time mommy really seems to have it under control. now, we know his parents that is not always the case but i have learned throughout my life that preparation and truth can carry you far. it can allow you to speak truth to power and i have learned as a young black girl growing up in the projects in brooklyn housing community sent to the most unlikely us of settings and now as an adult woman representing an island territory speaking to the u.s. senate. and because of truth i am confident today speaking before you because truth and facts are
2:43 pm
overwhelming that our president, president of the united states and cited a mob to storm the capital and to attempt to stop the certification of a presidential election. my fellow managers have shown and will continue to show clear evidence that president trump incited a violent mob to storm our capital when he ran out of nonviolent means to stop the election. once assembled that mob, at the president's direction, erupted into the bloodiest attack on this capital since 1814. some of you have said there is no way the president could have known how violent mob would be. that is false. the violence was foreseeable.
2:44 pm
i want to show you why this violence was foreseeable and white donald trump was different than any other politician just telling their fighters, their supporters to fight for something. the violence that occurred on january 6, like the attack itself, did not just appear. you will see that donald trump knew the people he was inciting, he saw the violence that they were capable of and he had a pattern and practice of praising and encouraging that violence, never ever condemning it. you will see that the violent attack was not planned in secret and the insurgents believed they were doing the duty of their president grade they were following his orders and so they
2:45 pm
publicized it openly, loudly, proudly. exact blueprints of how the attack would be made. law enforcement saw these postings and reported that these insurgents would violently attack the capital itself. this is not just the common line of officials to fight for a cause but this was months of cultivating a base of people who were violent, praising that violence and then leaving that violence, that rage straight at our door. the point is this, by the time he called the cavalry of his thousands of supporters on january 6 and an event he had invited them to he had every reason to know that they were armed, that they were and that they would actually fight.
2:46 pm
he knew he he was calling and the violence they were capable of. he still gave that marching order to go to the capital "-right-double-quote, fight like hell and stop the steal. make no mistake, the violence was not just foreseeable to president trump but the violence was what he deliberately encouraged and as early as september trump set the precedent that when asked to denounce violence he would do the opposite and encourage it and now if the president and only said something once about fighting to stop the steal and violence erupted there would be no way to know that he intended to incite it or saw it coming. but just as the president spent months spreading his big lies of the election he also spent months cultivating groups of
2:47 pm
people who, following his command, repeatedly engaged in real, dangerous violence and when they did, when the violence erupted as the response to his calls to fight against stolen election he did not walk it back and did not tell them no. he did the opposite, the opposite. he praised and encouraged the violence so that it would continue. he banned the flame of violence and it worked. you will see this all the time. these very groups and individuals whose violence the president praised help lead the attack on january 6 and that is how we know clearly that president trump deliberately incited this and how we know he
2:48 pm
saw it coming. there are many examples where the president engaged in this pattern and i am going to walk you through a few of them. let's start with the presidents trumps incitement of the proud boys. many of you have heard of this group, which sense 2018, has been classified by the fbi as an extremist organization. since that classification the group has repeatedly engaged in serious acts of violence, including at pro trump rallies. one such act on september 7, the proud boys attacked a man with a baseball bat and then punched him while he was down on the ground. on september 29, during a presidential debate president trump was asked specifically if he was willing to condemn white supremacy and militia groups and if he was willing to tell them
2:49 pm
to stand down and stop the violence. let's watch. >> but are you willing tonight to condemn white supremacist and militia groups and to say that they needed to stand down and not add to the violence in a number of these cities, as we saw in kenosha and as we have seen in portland? >> sure, i prepared to do it. >> let's hear now the president's response. >> say it. do it. you want to call them -- what do you want to call them? >> white supremacist. >> stand back and stand by. >> when asked to condemn the proud boys and white supremacists, what did our president say? he said, stand back and stand
2:50 pm
by. his message was heard loud and clear. the group adopted that phrase, stand back and stand by as their official slogan. they created merchandise with their new slogan which they were proudly across their backs at trumps rallies and they followed the president's orders. you will see more about this later in the trial but you will see in these photos to the left dominic [inaudible] and to the right william pepe, two of the leaders of the groups heading to the capital on january 6. they were later charged with working together to obstruct law enforcement. as we go through the evidence, i want you to keep in mind these words by president trump when asked to condemn violence. stand back and stand by. ansi example after example of
2:51 pm
the kinds of people like the proud boys who he has standing by on january 6. by october, as my colleagues mr. castro and mr. swalwell she told you, the only way he could lose the election was if it was rigged. so, as election date neared his supporters were frustrated and they were angry and they were prepared to ensure his victory by any means necessary. one of these violent acts was on october 30 and sometime after 12:30 p.m., a caravan of more than 50 trucks covered in pro trump campaign gear confronted and surrounded cars carrying ayden harris campaign workers and abide in harris campaign bus as they were traveling down interstate 35 from san antonio to austin.
2:52 pm
according to witnesses, this caravan repeatedly tried to force the bus you saw and you see in that video to slow down the middle of the highway and then to run it off the road. what that video you just saw does not show is that the bus they tried to run off the road was filled with young campaign staff, volunteers, supporters, surrogates, people and as the trump supporters closed in on the bus a large black pickup truck adorned with trump flags suddenly and intentionally swerved and crashed into a car driven by a biden harris volunteer. news of the event went viral on social media. the president of the united states, in a campaign, saw his
2:53 pm
own supporters trying to run a bus carrying his opponents campaign workers off the highway and to physically intimidate people in this country campaigning and here was his response the next day. >> three, two, one -- go welcome to the red kingdom! ♪♪ red kingdom ♪ ♪ >> the president of the united states tweeted a video of his supporters trying to drive a bus off the road. you will recall in that first video that i showed you there
2:54 pm
was no sound. the one that he tweeted had a fight theme song played to at the the president, the president put that music to that video. he added at the top, i love texas! by the next evening that tweeted that he did had been viewed 12.6 million times and it wasn't just the tweet. on november 1 at a michigan rally with a slew of a porters the president talked about that incident again. here it is. >> nothing, you see the way our people, they were protecting this bus yesterday. they had hundreds of cars, trump, trump, trump and the american flag. you see trump and the american flag. >> the president made a public joke of violence against
2:55 pm
campaigners in an american election and he made light of it. this was not a joke. in fact, it was so violent it put so many people in harm's way that the fbi investigated the incident in the criminal responsibility of those who attacked these campaign workers. now, our president donald trump could have said okay, i didn't realize how bad that was in this was very violent. please, stop. but he didn't. he saw the investigation and made a statement in defense of his supporters attack on the bus writing quote, in my opinion these patriots did nothing wrong and engaging in violence for him made them patriots to donald trump. for anyone who said donald trump did not know the violence he was
2:56 pm
inciting, i ask you to consider his supporters who try to drive a bus off the highway in the middle of the day to intimidate his opponents campaign workers and his response was to tweet the video of the incident that had bite music, joke about it and call those individuals in that incident patriots. once again, donald trump prays worked to incite them further. emboldened by that praise remained ready to fight, ready to stand back and stand by. this link is not hypothetical. just like we saw with the proud boys showing up in full force on january 6 donald trump's encouragement of this attack made sure his supporters were ready for the next one. the caravan bus attack had been organized by trump supporters
2:57 pm
named keith lee. leading up to the attack on our capital a generous six mr. lee teamed up with other supporters to fund raise and to help to bring people to washington dc for that day. the morning of the attack he filmed footage of the capital and pointed out the flimsiness of fencing and then addressed his supporters before the attack and saying quote, as soon you all get done hearing the president you all get to the capital, we need to surround that place. during the attack he used the bullhorn to callout for the mob to rush in and he later went to the rotunda himself and then back outside to urge the crowd to come inside. these are the people the president trump cultivated, who were standing by. i would like to look at another
2:58 pm
example. after the election on december 12, trump supporters gathered en masse to protest the stolen election in dc. it was billed by his loyalist as the second million mag eight march. the rally was organized by women for america first and the same group that you will see later secured the permit for the january 6 rally. and who else was there? the proud boys, standing by. donald trump did not attend that rally but he made sure to make clear his supporters throughout the day, how he felt about the event. at 8:47 a.m. he sent out a tweet, we have just begun to fight.
2:59 pm
and then the rally began and donald trump's ally who spoke at the rally carried on his message of the stolen election and the importance of fighting to stop the steel. here is a commentator who would organized a stop the steal rally in michigan with trump supporters. >> we promise that the gop would not do everything in the power to put trump an office that we would destroy the gop. [cheering and applause] >> as we gather here in washington dc for our second million maga march we are tired of promises, they have to happen now and we will destroy the gop. [cheering and applause] destroyed the gop excavation part.
3:00 pm
>> those words, that was trump's message, destroy anyone who won't listen, who won't help them take the election for trump. as you will see, this was just the preview of who like the proud boys and the trump caravan organizers would later heed the president's call and come to washington and be there on january 6. ... plaskett: and then she added that we know both the republican and democrats were against these people. , we the people. and we are the calgary. no one is coming for us.
3:01 pm
it is clear that trump is on his supporters saw this as more. fight against anyone who was unwilling to do whatever it took to keep donald trump in power. we are the calvary. and president trump continue to reinforce to supportive these messages throughout the day. at 1:30 p.m., after both speeches, he retweeted, to the deputy chiefs staffs tweak showing the ground that he had flown over on marine one. and he tweeted, thank you patriots. these people were as you can see, gathered in mass and being told by the presidents allies that their election had been stolen. and they were told they were the calvary. no one else could do it. and after hearing these speeches and sing the president support, this is what donald trump's calvary was capable of.
3:02 pm
[background sounds]. [background sounds]. plaskett: what you just saw, was the violence that ensued after that rally. the problem boys, after that rally engaged in serious acts of violence in downtown dc. some trump supporters and self identified proud boys, vandalize churches after that rally. we look at these events, it is clear how we got here . because what did the president do after that? he turned right around and a
3:03 pm
little over a week later, he began coordinating january 6 save america rally. the same people who had planned the second mega march. you will recall that the women for america first, and organized that second million mega march. they had originally planned valleys for january 22nd. also january 23rd. after, the inauguration. but donald trump had other plans. on a summer 19th, president trump tweeted his save the date for january 6. he told his supporters to come to dc for big protest. in the day would be filled as wild . just days later, women for america first, amended permits to hold the rally on january 6 . pursuant to the president save the date . instead of after the
3:04 pm
inauguration. this was deliberate. supports confirmed that the resident himself, president trump became directly involved with the planning of the event . including the speaking lineup and even the music to be played. just as he chose the music first retreat of the caravan without that drove the biden harris bus of the song that fights on bargaining brought the same people who spoke at the second million mega rally to help as well. trump campaign advisor katrina pearson who you recall that on december 12, that this is the only the beginning, we are the calvary also became directly involved in planning the event. they even sent out invitations together. and this is one of the founders for women for america first tweeting the invitation, taking
3:05 pm
donald trump another organizers, inviting the same supporters who were just engaged in serious violence the second million mega rally to show up to the largest rally to stop the spiel. and president trump seem to have other plans for what was going to happen in the rally as well. women for america first had initially planned the rally goers to remain in the lips until the counting of the state electoral was completed . just like they had remained at freedom plaza after the second million mega march. the permit stated in no uncertain terms, that the march was not permitted. it was not until after president trump and his team became involved in the planning that the march from the lips to the
3:06 pm
capital came about. in direct contravention of the original permit. this is not a coincidence. none of this was. donald trump over any months, cultivated violence. he praised it and then when he saw the violence and supporters were capable of, he channeled it to his big wild historic event. he organize january 6 the same people that adjust organize rally resulting in substantial violence. animate absolutely sure this time, these violent rally goers would not just remain in place. he made sure the violent people would literally march right here to our steps, from there to the capital to stop the spiel.
3:07 pm
his calvary was deliberate. and because president of the united states incited this, and because he was orchestrating this, because he was inciting them, the insurgents would not be shy about the planning. they believed they were following the orders of the man reggie. they were as a tweet we just saw, quite literally his calvary. and so they posted exact blueprints of this openly. and it was loud, probably. and they did this all over public forums. they were not just dark websites, the truck would not have seen. quite the opposite. we know the president trump team monitored these websites. we know this because the advisors conferment. in the insiders you will read,
3:08 pm
they have been no - said there was no way that the trump social media operations would not have been aware of the plans at circulating online to storm the capital. because in a quote, the trump operation closely monitored webb's darkest corners. ranging from mainstream sites such as twitter, facebook, and reddick, two french messy entered message boards and divorce, to the donald . win. an offshoot of the band reddick community, dedicated to support all things trump. they actively monitored the exact site like that donald . win in which these insurrectionist brother posts. and so what would trump and his team have seen when they were monitoring besides.
3:09 pm
what would his supporters have said. they would've seen it clear roadmap of exactly what is happened. this is an example of a post that was captured from one of the sites dedicated to donald trump. that we just. shortly before the site was taken down. in the main quote is that the capital is our goal. everything else is a distraction. every corrupt member of congress locked in one room and surrounded by real americans is an opportunity that will never present itself again. let that sink in. think about that. the exact thing that happened on january 6, that was their goal. and they said it out loud. on size of the trump
3:10 pm
administration was actively monitoring. a third party site captured post on the donald . win where one user posted quote, this cannot simply be a protest. it has to be an establishment of the mega militia with a command officers set up . with all further militia tactical missions spreading from there . another user said in response quote, we will have to achieve an actual tactical victory like storming and occupying the capital. to have the intended effect. that's what they understood the donald trump to want. there is in black and white. and they explained why they felt justified in this. another post on the forum, wrote on january 4th quote, if congress legally certifies biting, trump would actually have no choice but to demand us
3:11 pm
to storm congress and kill/beat them up. donald trump will have no choice. that was what he made them believe. to the afflicted his supporters justified even in carrying weapons and stormy our capital. if this was a post after post and here is another. it when discussing how to carry guns into the sea, footnoted foot, yes, it is illegal but this is more. we are clearly in a post legal phase of our society. what. they treated it as a war. and demented. the morning of the attack, under the threat of today i told my kids goodbye. one poster wrote, today i had the very difficult conversation with my children. that daddy michael come home
3:12 pm
from dc. within a matter of hours, as post had 4000 bikes for unit president trump had truly made them believe that their election had been stolen . and that it was their patriotic duty to fight to steal it back. patriotic. the term that he gave those who use violence for him. they were willing to say goodbye to their children for this fight. and their supporters did not just to rely on entering the capital with guns have how does hazard like. they talk through which tunnels to use and how to get to the senate chamber. some posted specific floorplans and layouts of the capital alongside hopes of overwhelming the law enforcement to find the tunnels. and rest the worst traders.
3:13 pm
there also fixated on their ability to easily overwhelm the capital police as their only around 2000 of them. and again, the urged quote, the capital is our goal. every thing else is a distraction. there were hundreds of these posts monitored by the trump administration. in these posts they were accurate. in a new affidavit filed by the fbi, despite the preparations for the right wing group, to storm the capital. including using your pieces walkie-talkies to direct movements throughout the building. that is the level of planning and events that occur. and earpieces. on the slide, you will see proud
3:14 pm
boys member, has a earpiece in his right here consistent with the affidavit. in addition why they thought they could do this. they were just following the president's orders, they thought he would help them. and a third party site captured a post on the donald . when again. the site monitored by stephen he wrote meaning donald trump in this instance had ordered them to stand down needed. and unfortunately, in no control over the capital police. but there only around 2000 of them and a lot of useless fat assess liberals. all right there. the overall goal, maps of the capital the weapons the communication devices they even
3:15 pm
said publicly and openly, probably, the president trump would help them with the national guard so they had to do is overwhelm the 2000 capital police officers. this was reported in the nbc news in the washington post with headlines like, violent threats ripple through the far right internet forums ahead of protest . probe trump forums corrupt with violent threats that out of wednesday's rallies against the 2020 election. fox news also reported that the product boys that he came to the january 6 rally, prepare for violent action. the recording of product boys member is that they would quote, incognito and spread across downtown dc in smaller numbers. city officials saying the same warnings also publicly warned about the violence in unlawful weapons at the event.
3:16 pm
dc mayor, cautioned the residents of the district of columbia to avoid the downtown area while the rally attendees were in town. federal law enforcement warned of these threats also on januare intelligence reports, one of a violent scenario in which congress itself could be the target of angry supporters of president trump on january 6. according to the report, obtained by the washington post, supporters of the current president, seek january 6, 2021, as a last opportunity to overturn the results of the presidential election. this sense of desperation and disappointment may lead to more consensus to become violent in my previous post election protest. the target of the pro trumped supporters are not necessarily a counter protester as they were
3:17 pm
previously a rather congress itself is the target for januar. the day before they write in the congress, and fbi issued that extremists were preparing to travel to washington to commit violent and quote, war. according to internal reports. the fbi reports cited, to an ongoing group where they declared that trump supporters to go to washington and get violent . the supporters", stop calling this a marsh or a rally or a protest. go there ready for war. we get our president or we die. these threat warnings were not just hypothetical. actual arrests occurred on the days leading to the attack . to two days the rally on january 4th, 1 extremely well-publicized rest was a proud
3:18 pm
boy leader to destroy churches black lives matter and inventor. a month earlier than this december 12, second million mega march, report emphasizes that when he was arrested, he was carrying high-capacity firearm magazines which he claimed were meant to be supplied to another rally attendee for january 6th. the dc police had already made sixth arrest in connection with the plan protest on charges carrying weapons and the emissions and salt, and assaulting police. this is all in public view. all of it. the truth is usually seen and rarely heard. truth is truth whether it is denied or not. and the truth is the president trump has spent months calling his supporters to a march on a
3:19 pm
specific day in a specific time in a specific places to stop the certification in leading up to the event, there were hundreds of post online showing his supporters took this as a call to arms to attack the calf photo. there were detail posts the plans to attack online. what enforcement warned the these posts were real threat. and even made arrests days leading up to the attack. and yes, and yet in the face of all of this these credible warnings of dangerous threats to our capital, when this thousands of people were standing in front of president trump ready to take orders and attack, this is what he said. we are going to the capital. and we fight. we fight like act. if you don't highlight kent,
3:20 pm
you're not going to have a country any more. and that's why this is different. that is why he must be convicted and disqualified. >> presented dean will return to the events of january 6 itself and demonstrate president trump's and repeated incitement to the ground . in his last ditch effort to retain his hold on power.
3:21 pm
>> for me and any americans, january 6 is forever etched in our memory. it i went to work with a sense of excitement. the start of my second term in congress in the first time i was participate in the certification of a presidential election . and we all know what happened. i know any of us have similar experiences from that day but i'll briefly share mine. i stood with colleagues in the gallery above the house floor. to observe the arizona challenge. moments later, police radio did reported in breach of the capital grounds . someone
3:22 pm
shouted up to us, duck. and lie down. and get ready for your gas masks. shortly after, there was a terrifying banging on the chamber doors. i will never forget that sound. the shouts and panic calls to my husband and sons. and then the constant worrying of the gas masks during the year and a chamber of united states house of representatives turn to chaos. and for donald trump, was a very different day. earlier i showed you donald trump's desperate attempts to maintain our ignoring adverse rulings attacking elected officials and pressuring his justice department and even attacking his own vice president. it is not man refused to lose. it was desperate to retain power by any means necessary for you shot a man willing to attack
3:23 pm
anyone and everyone who got in his wake. and so man who thought he could play by different rules. he told his supporters and as my colleges showed you, exactly what he thought those different rules work. combat, fight, violence. this was not just one speech, this was weeks and weeks of deliberate effort of donald trump to overturn the election results so they did not have to give up the presidency. it is speech on january 6th builds on refers to and amplifies that same pattern. the pattern that he used in broadcasting for months and he refused to lose. his attacks on others and has different roles. and the only different about his speech on january 6, from all of these other times that we went through was that he was no
3:24 pm
longer telling that they had to fight to stop to steal. he was finally telling them, now is the time to do it . here's the place and here's how. and for weeks he urged his supporters to show up in specific time and place and we got there, he told them exactly what he wanted. let's start with his desperation. you saw how much planning went into january the sixth per unit on day arrives, donald trump desperation was in full force . between the time that he woke up on january the fifth, and the start of the save america march, the next day he had tweeted 34 times. when donald trump was to get his message across, he is not shy as you all know. his tweets were relentless. in these tweets all centered on a singular focus coming his drumbeat to motivate and anger and insight is supporters.
3:25 pm
his big lie, the presidential election had been rigged and stolen from him than they had to fight to stop it. the timing was no coincidence . he sent 34 tweets because this was his last chance to rile up his supporters before the big historic wild event he had planned. and now i won't go through all of these tweets but let me just highlight a few. that when the morning he tweeted if vice president mike pence comes through for us, we will win the presidency . might consider. this will look familiar to you because they showed you how trump probably, was pressuring and publicly attacking his vice president to stop the certification . and when vice president pence refuse, when he explained that the constitution simply does not allow him to stop the certification, donald trump provoked his base to
3:26 pm
attack him. and delayed enter in the late evening tweet was a different . just got more forceful. it must be clear, when donald trump was saying, the vice president pence kids and back the certification . is not true. all 50 states had ratified this election. and for another, vice president pence explained to him that he does not have the power to unilaterally overturn state vote and just send a certification back. and donald trump knew this. but this was his last chance. to get his vice president to stop the certification so he was willing to say or do just about anything. he squeezed attacking the election is fraudulent and attacking his vice president and urging his supporters to fight and continue throughout the morning. here's another example in an 8:17 a.m. he tweeted, oh mike
3:27 pm
pence has to do is send it back to them and back to the state and we win. and we went. that's what he said. even though by then to clearly lost. as trump continued to tweet to save america march at the white house was now in full swing. the speakers is warmed up the crowds for trump members of his inner circle, family members and his personal attorney rated people president trump and ties to speak on his behalf. some of the speakers also spoke of the second million mega march which resulted in serious violence . the warm-up act on january 6 focus on promoting donald trump's big life. they stoped the same fears, the stolen election of fraud, and prepping victory away from them. and the speakers told them what to do about it. as the crowd erupted in-trump,
3:28 pm
chancellor of the morning, donald trump jr urged, that's the message. these guys better fight for trump. the speakers lasted for three hours repeating president trump's message and finally at about noon, donald trump took the stage. the seal of the presidency on his podium in the white house as his backdrop. president trump spoke more than 70 minutes as narrative was familiar. it was a message he has spent months spreading to his supporters. big fly. the election was stolen. they should never concede. and that is supporters should be patriot and fight harder to stop the steel, to take back our country. in the same phrases he spread for weeks but now the message was immediate. now is just no longer despite .
3:29 pm
it was fight right now. >> all of us here today do not want to see our election victory stolen by a radical left democrats which is what they are doing. unsullied by the fake news media. that is what they have done and what they are doing . we will never give up. we will never concede to bring it does not happen. you don't concede with this. [applause]. at our country has had enough. we will not take it anymore. and that's what this is all about. [applause]. and he is a favorite term that all of you people really came up with. we will stop the steel. it. [applause]. >> that set the tone. our country has had enough and we will not take it anymore. he told them and us right in the beginning, the only way to take back the country was to fight.
3:30 pm
let's look at what he said next. >> and rudy, you did a great job for unit you have guts for unit unlike a lot of people, the republican party he has gotten he fights. >> this last shows example after example of donald trump when confronted with violence, praising it. we saw him and start the proud boys of violent extreme groups to stand back and standby. the group was there on january the sixth. we saw him praise a caravan of his supporters after they tried to drive a bus below and the biden off the road . organizer of that attack was there on january the sixth . over time team up with the organizers of the violence second megamillion march to plan his rally on january the sixth. and what did he do for the
3:31 pm
rally, just giuliani that is doing great job of directing the ground. saying that he has guts to call for the fighting. to be clear, this is what he was praising. trump: let's have trial by combat. if. >> trial by combat, donald trump praised rudy and said he did a good job in a guts for telling the crowd that we need trial flight combat. and then next. trump: all vice president pence has to do, send it back to the states to recertify as we become president and you are the happiest people. dean: this attack like that tweet that he said that morning had a purpose. convincing his supporters in the future of our country, our
3:32 pm
democracy hinged on whether vice president pence what overturn the election. something he knew pence could not and would not do . he called out vice president pence, nine times that day. and each time, he got more forceful here's what he said at 1215. trump: we will have to fight harder for unit and mike pence is going to have to come through for us. and if he doesn't, that will be a bad day for concern because your sworn to uphold our constitution. valid to confront this egregious assault are our democracy and after this, would've walked out and i will be there with you. would walk down any when you walk by. we walked down to the capital.
3:33 pm
[applause]. trump: and we will put on a brave senators and congressmen and women and will probably not going to be hearing so much for sharing so much for some of them. because you will never take back our country with weakness . you have to show strength and you have to be strong. [applause]. dean: were going to have to fight much harder. mike pence to come through for us for unit that is what he said . and he told the crowd when he met . exactly what to do. literally, commanding them to confront us the capital. even told them they would walk there with them which of course was not true. and then he told them exactly what to do when they got to the capital. he will never take your country back with weakness. you have to show strength. do not forget it was standing there. the same people that was described you, any violent people.
3:34 pm
violent people law enforcement had warned would be armed it and targeting us. when the president trump ski defenses focuses on what he said for a few seconds. fifteen minutes into the speech. trump: i know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the capital building. to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard. dean: in the speech spanning almost 11000 words, yes we did check. that was the one time and the only time the president trump used the word peaceful or any suggestion of nonviolence for the application of the president's tweets, the rallies and speeches were clear. president trump use the word fight, 20 times including telling the crowded needed to fight like heck. to save our democracy. we know how the crowd responded
3:35 pm
to donald trump's words and he knew how they responded to his speech. here's the evidence of how the crowd reacted. [background sounds]. [applause]. [background sounds]. [background sounds]. [inaudible]. [inaudible]. take the capital. , take the capital. take the capital right now for unit. [inaudible]. trump: make your voices heard. dean: stormed the capital.
3:36 pm
invade the capital. fight, fight, fight. take the capital right now. these were the words of the crowd. trump was telling them to fight and he would keep telling them to fight throughout the rest of his speech. these are not only words of the aggression, they are words of insurrection. and if you have any doubt. listen to what he says next. trump: today, we see a very important event because right over there, right there. we see the events that will take place. i will be watching. because history is going to be made. we will see whether or not we have great and courageous leaders and whether or not we have leaders that would be ashamed of themselves. throughout history and eternity. then we ashamed and you know what, if they do the wrong
3:37 pm
thing, we should never ever forget that they did . we should never forget it. [applause]. trump: we should never ever forget. dean: the commander-in-chief points to congress and tells those assembled, i am going be watching and history will be made. this was clearly not some rally or marcher process. this was about donald trump trying to steal the election for himself. claiming that the election was fraudulent and illegitimate so that his supporters would fight to take back. after stoking the crowds anger for nearly 40 minutes, after repeating false election conspiracy after false election conspiracy, he said and this in no uncertain terms. trump: you will have no legitimate president. that is what you will have. dean: any outcome besides him keeping the presidency would be illegitimate. this was building a bill like
3:38 pm
that of a rigged and stolen election. and here's what he said a little later in his speech. trump: when you catch somebody in part, you're allowed to go by different roles. so i hope he has the courage to do what he has to do. dean: when you catch somebody and friday, you are allowed to go by very different rules. we told you context matters. here's the context. this was not just one reference or a message to supporters by politician. to fight for a cause. his symbol of thousands of violent people. people he knew were capable of violence. people he had seen be violent and they were standing now in front of him. then he pointed to us. and then he sent an angry mob to fight the perceived enemy.
3:39 pm
this was by the president and the members of congress. as we certified and election. trump: i said something is wrong here. something is really wrong and this cannot happen. we fight. we fight like heck. and he delphi the. , in a dynamic country anymore. our exciting adventures and endeavors have not yet begun. my fellow americans for our children and for our beloved country and i say this despite all that is happening did the best is yet to come. [applause]. so we aren't going to walk down pennsylvania avenue. i love pennsylvania avenue . did are going to the capital and we are going to try, the democrats
3:40 pm
are hopeless they don't vote for anything, 91 votes. but we are going to try to give our republicans the week was because the strong winds of your help. we are going to try to get them the kind of pride and boldness they need to take back our country. so let's walk down pennsylvania avenue i want to thank you all, god bless you. and god bless america. thank you all for being here . this is incredible. fight for truck. >> fight for trump. [inaudible]. fight for trump. [inaudible]. dean: if you do not fight like
3:41 pm
heck, you will not have a country anymore. and there was only one fight left. and it was a mile up the road. donald trump, the president of the united states ordered the crowd to march on congress and so the crowd marched. this is incredible. that is how president trump and his into his speech. it would like to close a very brief timeline of what was happening in parallel alongside the president as he spoke on the sixth of january. little afternoon, president trump began his speech with a fiery refusal to concede. he commanded the crowds to fight in downtown pennsylvania avenue around 1220, some rally goers, some attendees began marching. by 1230, is president trump continues to incite his supporters, large segments of the raleigh crowd where the capital. in 1253, is the present speech
3:42 pm
was playing on cell phone broadcast, the outermost barricaded on the northwest side of the capital, was breached. in capital police were forced back to the steps of the capital. in the 110, the president and it is speech with a final call to fight. in the final order to march to the capital. in 145, the president followers past the capital policing this is a revolution. just having 210, an hour after president trump ended his speech, insurrection a small but overwhelmed capital security and made it inside of the halls of congress. because the truth is, the attack never would have happened but for donald trump. instantly came.
3:43 pm
had trump legs and use our flag of the american flag. two batter and at 230, i heard that terrifying bringing on house chamber doors. for the first time in more than 200 years, the seat of our government was ransacked. that was on our watch. >> mr. president, think this would be a good time for break. [inaudible]. >> recess until 4:00 p.m. until 4:00 o'clock.
3:44 pm
>> they have 16 hours to do so in the impeachment trial former president donald trump . eight hours today, they will have a more hours tomorrow. the president's attorneys, the former president's attorneys get their turn beginning on friday. so they will break here until 4:00 o'clock eastern or so. here's what the schedule looks like the rest of the week as we mentioned house managers today and tomorrow the president's defense team on friday and saturday. it's all of 16 hours for both sides. and on sunday at 2:00 p.m., the senate will return takeout from questions to the lawyers on both sides of the house managers and the lawyers. they may go into next week and consider whether to allow
3:45 pm
witnesses, subpoena additional documents in the closing arguments at about on impeachment that would happen early next week. if we don't have a specific day quite yet. keep in mind as they are in the right now, if you missed any of the earlier activities in the presentation by the house manager. goodbye that our website at we are streaming this life here on "c-span2". and as you go out, you can bring it along. the c-span radio app. keeping and i am things on capitol hill, writing for business with the senators are doing. senators were still attentive to the child managers presentation in the mid afternoon. any of them taking notes and listening intently especially when the videos were played. tweets were displayed. he said senator mike lee had hoped stuck on his desk
3:46 pm
including the federal impeachment process and the contested removal power of 1789 - 2010. and another is keeping an eye and capitol hill is this map about senator holland reported to be watching ashley from the visitors gallery saying that senator holly said this to nbc, the gallery, if you have a little bit of view where i sit of the senate chambers in the quarter so here you can space out a little bit more. it's not quite as crowded. you can see where he was seated in the chamber itself to keep an eye on the proceedings . and earlier we heard that sooner blue blumenthal and how he felt that managers were handling the case so far. [inaudible]. >> this is so powerful.
3:47 pm
brick by brick. [inaudible]. [inaudible]. and it was in a deliberate way. [inaudible]. [inaudible]. [inaudible].
3:48 pm
[inaudible]. [inaudible].
3:49 pm
[inaudible]. [inaudible]. >> were little over three hours into the arguments my house managers in the impeachment trial former president donald
3:50 pm
trump . we heard from his attorney yesterday in the argument over constitutionality. and sing and tweets this about the president of the former president's reaction . drumbeat said the president thinks his lawyers need to tighten up their arguments. jason from fox tweets us. senator graham on speaking with, reinforced to the president of the cases of abuse just a matter of getting the final verdict now. it he was asked if he sensed frustrations about the performance and he said no not particularly. and rand paul, tweeting this afternoon about one of the managers . we been lectured by eric swallow, guy accused of consorting with a chinese spy. and an attorney, and operations a written a new book on impeachment observing the saying first when delegate said original permit was on january 23 but that changed to generally six, the day of the
3:51 pm
certification was made by an trump would like more details. in delegate as pointed out by jamie ruskin, the first-ever delegate to present an impeachment case, she among the four managers who spoke at that last session . heard twice from medlin dean. and we expect to hear from diana. she's only one so far that is not spoken in the separate currencies into waiting for the senate to return to resume the court of impeachment against former president donald trump said to be back in the next ten minutes or so. at 4:00 o'clock eastern was resume of the arguments made in this last session my house managers. >> donald trump told his supporters that they are stealing the election . they took away your vote . is rigged. that was not true. according to the judge, after
3:52 pm
judge, the truth was exactly the opposite . trump was not silly to ensure the election integrity. he was pursuing lawsuits that would in effect strip away marking votes so that he could win. in other words donald trump is asking the judiciary to take away votes . from the americans. so that he could steal the election for himself. then after losing in all of the course, he turned to another tech take part in pressuring and threatening election officials. you saw what happened in michigan . after trump attacked the state. and it's election officials. his supporters surrounded the secretary of state home. as you saw nearly five, chanting and calling her a felon. on november 17th of the board of canvassers, they were at wayne county michigan, home to detroit, unanimously subdivided election results provided. that same night, after the vote
3:53 pm
to certify the result, trump called the two republican members of that board. pressuring them to change their mind. nicole worked. the next day of monica palmer and william morgan, the republic of our members tempted to resend their votes to certify michigan's electoral results . they simply could not. >> the actions time and time again make clear that he would do anything to pressure anyone if it meant overturning the election results . watch president trump use kenny, means necessary to pursue this and feverishly grasping for straws . and retaining his all of the presidency. but all of his efforts prior to generally six kept telling. and finally, in his desperation, he turned on its own vice president. he pressure to mike pence in the
3:54 pm
refusal of the certified two of targeted decided that the vice president pets who presided over the certification his amount stop it. and pence later confirmed that he does not have the power in the constitution. president trump never try to explain why he would try to block it the election results . just began relentlessly attacking the vice president. publicly, president trump attacked vice president pence in a million getting his supporters to believe the mike pence could stop the certification on january 6th. here's what president trump in georgia on january 4th. trump: and i hope the mike pence, come through for us. i have to tell you. i hope that are great vice president, our great vice president come through for us . is a great guy. some he doesn't come through, i won't like him quite as much.
3:55 pm
>> behind closed doors, president trump applying pressure to his second-in-command. multiple reports confirmed uses personal attorneys another officials to pressure the vice president. april poorly told him must anybody in the homeless colony one. when he was in the oval office, president trump would call people to try to get them to convince the vice president to help him. and he kept repeating the pence would stop the certification to space to anger that . hoping to intimidate mike pence. in the morning of the rally on january 6, president trump tweeted, all mike pence has to do is send them back to the states rated in all caps he wrote that and we win. he said do it my, this is in time for extreme courage. president trump nearly a dozen