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  Impeachment Trial of Former President Trump  CSPAN  February 10, 2021 3:55pm-7:43pm EST

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>> behind closed doors, president trump applying pressure to his second-in-command. multiple reports confirmed uses personal attorneys another officials to pressure the vice president. april poorly told him must anybody in the homeless colony one. when he was in the oval office, president trump would call people to try to get them to convince the vice president to help him. and he kept repeating the pence would stop the certification to space to anger that . hoping to intimidate mike pence. in the morning of the rally on january 6, president trump tweeted, all mike pence has to do is send them back to the states rated in all caps he wrote that and we win. he said do it my, this is in time for extreme courage. president trump nearly a dozen
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times in his speech to save america march. i'm in person before pence headed overseas to a joint session on january 6, president trump again threatened pence per unit you need to go down in history as a patriot mr. trump told him according to conversation. or i can go down in history as a publicity. as a veteran i find it deeply dishonorable that are former commander-in-chief equated patriotism the violating constitution and over turning election. the senior the consequences of president trump's repeated attacks on the vice president. as a traitor. thankfully, vice president pence students run. like other brave officials stood their ground to refuse the
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president and fulfill his duty in january 6. even after the capital was attacked. even after he was personally targeted and even after his family was targeted. vice president pence stood strong and certified the election. he showed us what it means to be an american and show courage. if what is countries morals about the will of one man. the president tried everything in his power to cease power from the rightful a picture of the election. his extraordinary actions to increase leak got more desperate. he saw him pursuing claims in the course and threatening state and local election officials and to then attacking the congress and the senate to compromise the department. then to attacking quick republican vice president. so they're being pressured by
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her commander-in-chief to overturn the results . some of them in the families got death threats. thank fully, and every term, or democratic processes and build in the rule of law prevailed. >> in the impeachment trial of former president donald trump will resume soon. we will get back underway at 4:00 o'clock and continuing into the arm look better early in the evening, we give expected in a wreck at some point . in the house managers gets 18 hours . in the same with president trump's attorneys. sixteen hours front of her that will carry legal arguments on both sides into saturday as well. focusing on the proud boys . want to shut it article about that . it was published today in the headlights of politico said the proud boys charge an insurrection bless trump deception in the new court filings and they say that the defendants criticism of trump duck tales in the house
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impeachment managers case and again her focus and presentation was how the violence those that . will show you what she has to say as we can until the senate gavel's momentarily . >> will continue to show clear evidence that president trump incited a violent mama to storm our capital when he ran out of nonviolent means to stop the election. and once assembled, that mamba at the presidents direction, erupted into the bloodiest attack on this capital since 1814. some of you have said, there's no way the president could've known how violent the mob would be. that is false. because, the violence is foreseeable. i want to show you why this violence was foreseeable in my
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donald trump was different than any other politician compelling their fighters, their supporters to fight for something. the violence that occurred on january 6, like the attack itself, did not just appear. ... ... so they publicize loudly, proudly, exact blueprint of how
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she attacks would be made. law enforcement talk the postings and reported they would attack the capital itself. this is not just comments but officials to fight for a cause, this was months of cultivating people who were violent, praising violence and leading them by rage straight at our door. this is the point. by the time he called thousands of supporters january 62 and event, an event he invited them to, he had every reason to know they were armed, violent and that they would fight. he knew who was calling the violence they were capable of and he still gave marching
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orders to go to the capital and tell and stop the field. make no mistake, the violence was not just foreseeable to president trump, the violence was what he deliberately encouraged. as early as september, when asked to denounce violence, he do the opposite and encourage it. if the president only said something once about fighting to stop and violence erupted, there'd be no way to know intended to incite it or saw it coming but just as the president spent months spreading the big lies of the election, he also spent months cultivating groups of people following his command repeatedly engaged in real dangerous violence.
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when they did, when violence erupted at the response of his call to fight against the election, he could not walk it back. he did not tell them no. he did the opposite, the opposite. he praised and encourage violence so it would continue. he fanned the flames of violence and it worked. you will see this over time. these individuals whose violent the president praised helped lead the attacks on january 6 and that's how we know clearly that president trump deliberately incited this and how we know he saw it coming. there are many examples were the president engaged in this pattern and i will walk you just
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through a few of them. let's start with president trump's incitement of the proud boys. many of you have heard of this group, 2018 has been classified by the fbi as an extremist organization. since that classification, through groups repeatedly engaged in serious acts of violence, including pro trump rallies and in one such act september 7, the proud boys attacked the man with a baseball bat and punched him while he was down on the ground. september 29, during a presidential debate, president trump asked specifically if he was willing to condemn white supremacy and militia groups if he was willing to tell them to stand down and stop the violence. watch. >> are you willing to condemn
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white supremacists and militia groups and to say that they need to stand down not add to the violence and what we saw in kenosha and as we seen. >> president response now. >> do it, sir. say it. >> what you want to call them? give me the name. >> proud boys. >> proud boys, stand back and stand by. >> when asked to condemn the proud boys and white supremacists, what did he say? he said stand back stand by. his message was heard loud and clear. the group adopted that phrase,
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stand back and stand by their official slogan. they created a logo in which they were probably across the backs at tom's rally and followed the president's orders. he will see more later in the trial about this but you will see in these photos the left and to the right, william, to leaders of the group heading to the capital january 6. they were later charged with working together to obstruct law enforcement. as we go through this evidence, i want you to keep in mind the words by president trump asked to condemn violence. stand back and stand by and see example after example of the kind of people like the proud boys he had standing by january 6.
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by october, as my colleague showed you, donald trump was escalating, the only way he could lose the election was if it was rigged. so as election day nears, his supporters were frustrated and angry, prepared to ensure his victory, by any means necessary. one of these violent acts was october 30, sometime after 12:30 p.m., a caravan of more than 50 trucks covered in pro trump campaign dear conference and surrounded cars of biden harris campaign workers as they were traveling down interstate 30 live from san antonio to austin.
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according to witnesses, this caravan repeatedly tried to force the bus you saw and see the video slow down in the middle of the highway and ran off the road. the video you just saw does not show the bus they tried to run off the road was filled with young campaign staff, volunteers, supporters, surrogates, people. as trump supporters closed in on the bus, a large black pickup truck adorned with trump flags suddenly intentionally crashed into a car driven by a biden harris volunteer. >> the senate will come to
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we have order in the senate, please. thank you, mr. president. members of the senate. at this time, representatives raskin and swallow well will take you through the date day of the attack create the attack and
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focus on what brett is president pelosi and pence speaker pelosi, joint session and law enforcement. i want to alert everyone there is very graphic violent footage coming, just so people are aware. i'm going to call again, i should tell you went to work at the department of justice and senior counsel for deputy attorney general. thompson under attorney general, a very well trained experienced prosecutor. >> mr. president, senators. almost all of us were here january 6 and we all have our
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individual experiences but we felt, but we saw, what we heard, we seen clips and reports in the media i have to tell you, it was not until hearings of this trial that i understood the full scope and learn the information you're going to see that i understood effort to attack our receipt of government. in order to carry out president trump's mission, the certification of a presidential election, it was an attack to our republic, to our democratic process, my colleagues, swalwell and i are going to walk you through attacks on the capital
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that day and the danger that opposed the vice president, the speaker of the house, and senators, my colleagues in the house and everyone in and around capital heard from have been telling supporters and millions twitter followers that he had the ability secure the presidency for trump that mike pence alone had the power to overturn the election results he would just do it. january 6, vice president pence formally refused the president's demands. he wrote, and i quote it's my
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considered judgment that my oath to support and defend the constitution constrains me from claiming lateral authority to determine which electoral vote should be counted and what should not. pence ended his letter of passage including the word, i will do my duty even though the account resulted in the defeat of his party and his own candidacy, vice president pence had the courage to stand against the president, tell the american public the truth and uphold our constitution. that is patriotism. that patriotism is also what put vice president and so much danger danger january 6 by the
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mob sent by our president. to the president and mob he incited from that duty to our constitution was an all out betrayal and the vice president was the direct target. 12:53 p.m., senators, members of congress, vice president pence were in their respective chambers outside rioters, putting some linked to the proud boys broke through the outer barricade surrounding the lawn of the capital. [chanting] [chanting] usa! [chanting]
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[yelling] twelve minutes later, vice president pence began presiding over the joint session of congress, to certify the results of the presidential election. you can see vice president pence dabbling in the joint session here. >> madam speaker, members of congress. the constitution of the laws of the united states. senate and house of representatives are making a joint session, very fine certificates and electors in
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several states, the president and vice president of the united states. >> vice president pence presided over the joint session, trump supporters began assault on our capital radio communications from the metropolitan police department highlight how during and following president trump's speech, trump supporters descended on the capital and became increasingly violent. what you are about to hear has been not made public before. >> 1318. >> coming around from the south lawn. >> together a group of about 50 of the hill in the left front.
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[inaudible] >> law enforcement entry! thirty seconds out. they are starting to pull the gates out. >> they were here. [inaudible] >> after attempting to dismantle the outermost perimeters, the rioters did everything in their power to storm past the police and into the capital. they coordinated, moving metal barricades, the police used to maintain distance. listen to the yelling, pull them
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this way as they grabbed the barriers and attacked officers trying to hold the line. [yelling] pulled them this way estimation.pull them this way. [yelling] [yelling] >> about 1:10 p.m. and 1:23 p.m. respectively, capital police sent out the first evacuation order of the day telling people to evacuate the madison building and cannon building respectively. shortly after, 1:45 p.m., trump supporters search past capital police, protecting the
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capitalist west steps, the side facing the white house. in other radio communication between metropolitan police officers, you can hear and they declared that there is a riot at the capital at 1:49 p.m. >> going to give a warning. [inaudible] this is now effectively a riot. >> declaring a riot. >> next video. as well as several videos that follow have a model of the capital complex. the video is from the west front of the capital on the senate side, the side facing the white house. watch the red dot which moves up the lower steps of the capital indicating the approximate location of the rioters as they
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search past police. [yelling] [yelling] >> while the mob donald trump sent came closer and closer to breaching the capital, just one floor below where we are now, vice president pence continued to preside over the session in the senate chamber above. at about 2:12 p.m. the secret service quickly and suddenly evacuated by vice president
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pence on the senate floor. here is reaction to that evacuation. >> it looks like they -- >> it looks like they put tents up really quickly. >> that's exactly what happened. they ushered mike pence out, they moved him fast. >> while the vice president pence was being evacuated from the senate chamber, rioters were, at that time, breaking into the capital. this next video shows their approach and initial breach of the capital complex. members who watch the red dot, tracking throughout this incident. [yelling]
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[yelling] [yelling] [banging] [yelling] [banging]
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[yelling] we are going to show you security footage not made public before. what the same breach looks like from the inside. now because this is security footage, there's no sound. note, as the video begins, we
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are seeing the inside view as the mob approaches from outside and beating the windows and doors. you can see the rioters break the window with the wooden beam you saw and a loan police officer inside, response. begins to slay the first man who enters but is quickly overwhelmed. i want you to pay attention to the first group of assailants as they break into the building. the second man to the window is wearing full tactical body armor and carrying a baseball bat. others are carrying riot gear. among this group are members of the proud boys, most of them, recently indicted on federal conspiracy charges, we will discuss later. watch where they are coming.
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when i first saw this, that was created for this, i thought back to september 11. i know a lot of you senators were here, some of you might have been members on the house side. i was also here on september 11. i was a staffer at the time. my office was on the west front of the capital, i worked in the capital and i was on the house side. this year is 20 years since the attacks of the september 11 and almost every day, i remember 44 americans gave their lives to
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stop the plane headed to this capital building. i thanked them every day for saving my life and the lives of so many others. those americans sacrificed their lives, their love of country, honor, duty, all the things america means. the capital stands because of people like that. this capital conceived by our founding fathers, built by slaves, it remains through the sacrifice of service men and women around the world. when i think of that and i think of these insurgents, these images incited by our own president of the united states,
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attacking this capital to stop the certification of a presidential election, our democracy, our republic at the same time that that breach on this capital building occurred at approximately 2:13 p.m., one floor up while senator langford was speaking on the senate floor, senators grassley who had taken over for vice president pence called an unscheduled immediate recess of the senate. a senate aide approached senator langford and informed him that the capital had been breached. senator grassley is immediately escorted out of the senate chamber. >> thank you.
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>> while this was going on, officer eugene goodman responded to the initial breach. you all may have seen footage of officer goodman previously but there's more to this growing story. in this security footage, you can see officer goodman running to respond to the initial breach. mr. goodman passes senator mitt romney and directs him to turn around in order to get to safety. on the first floor just beneath them, the mobs had already started to search search the senate chambers. he makes his way down to the
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floor where he encountered the same insurrectionist we just saw watch breach the capital. we can see rioters search toward officer goodman. the rioters in bed and officer goodman in this model is in blue. watch officer goodman who backs up the stairs. [yelling]
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[yelling] [yelling] [yelling]
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[yelling] >> all day although they were shouting they didn't have weapons, you know from the earlier video that's not true. the second assailant to that breach was one carrying a metal baseball bat. we know there were other weapons there that day. did you hear the other shouts? we are here for you. he's one person, we are thousands and where do they count the votes? they were coming at the urging of donald trump to keep congress, a separate branch of government from certifying the results of a presidential election.
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as the rioters reached the top of the stairs, they were within 100 feet of where the vice president shelter and with his family. they were just feet away from one of the doors of this chamber where many of you remained at that time. i also want to show you a different angle from the security footage of officer goodman's act. this video is on the second floor of the senate wing of the capital. the red dot represents insurrectionist. the blue dot is officer goodman who led the mob away from the chamber minutes earlier. >> on the left-hand side, the doors of the senate chamber. watch how officer goodman provokes the rioters and
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purposely draws them away from the doors of the senate chamber toward the other officers weeding down the hall. the rioters are seen carrying a baseball bat in this video, the same one we saw moments ago reaching the window on the first floor. while all of this was going on, vice president pence was still in the room near the senate chamber, it was not until 2:26 p.m. that he was evacuated to a secure location. this next security video shows that evacuation. movements are depicted by the orange dot in our model. the red and blue are locations where the mob and officer goodman were where officer goodman led the mobs away from the chamber moments ago.
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you can see vice president pence and his family quickly moved down the stairs. the vice president turns around briefly as he headed down. as pence was being evacuated, rioters started to spread throughout the capital. those inside helped other rioters break in through doors, several locations around the entire building and the mob was looking for vice president pence because of his patriotism, because vice president refused to do with the president demands and overturn election results. during the assault on the capital, extremists reportedly coordinated online and discussed how they could hunt down the vice president caps off reporters heard rioters say they
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were looking for pence in order to execute them. trump supporters erected on the lawn in front of the capital building. another group of writers chanted, hank mike pence is the stood in the open door of the capital building. security alarms from the doors in the background and you can hear the mob calling for the death of the vice president united. [chanting] paying my clients. [chanting] paying mike pence. >> it was an isolated area, where that was being said. it was going on everywhere.
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there is another example of the crowd yelling bring out pence. bring him out. >> bring out pence. [chanting] bring out kind his followers for months and the rally goers that morning, it's no wonder the vice president of the united states was the target of their wrath after pence refused to overturn the results listen. >> congress are hidden inside an emergency escorted away. pence lied to us and his name
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will be marked forever. the real battle it looks like the people so good luck with that. >> several insurrectionist describe what they plan encountered the vice president or other lawmaker. one of them, a member of the proud capital january 6 with deadly intention the shield used smash a window, entered capital and paid the way thousands of insurrectionist. video, one of the first waves of
4:39 pm
life the building. the screenshot from the video showed earlier on the right, you can see him in the mob, through the building. the man in the photo with a gray beard. he's been charged with eight federal crimes crimes for his conduct related to january 6. according to an agent affidavit submitted to the court, the group with him confirmed they were out to murder anyone they got their hands on. here is what the fbi said. i quote, other members of the group talked about things they had done that day and said anyone they got their hands on, they would have killed including nancy pelosi and they would have
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killed vice president mike pence if given the chance. they were talking about assassinating the vice president of the united states. during the course of the attack, the vice president never the capital, remain locked down with his family, with his family inside the building. remember that think about these images and sounds of the attacks. the vice president, second in command, was always at the center of it. vice president pence, threatened with death by the president supporters because he rejected president trump's demand that he overturn the election. the mob went after speaker of the house, who alongside vice president was presiding over the joint of the certification in
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the house chamber. the chilling evidence shows january 6, armed and organized insurrectionist trained their sights on speaker pelosi. they sought out the speaker on the floor and in her office, publicly declaring intent to harm or kill her, ransacked her office terrorized her staff and they did it because donald trump sent them on this mission. as the insurrectionist got closer, capital police rushed the speaker from the house floor at 2:15 p.m., minutes after the capital was first breached. they recognized immediately that she was in danger. the speaker, not just rushed from the floor, the capital police deemed the threat so dangerous that they evacuated her entirely from the capital complex, brushing her to a
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secure off-site location. the insurrectionist intent to murder the speaker of the house is well documented and documents are now available. we know from the rioters themselves that if they had found speaker pelosi, they would have killed her. i've already discussed proud boy member, mozilla charged with eight federal crimes for his conduct january 6. as you will recall, according to fbi agents affidavit submitted to the court, the group he attacked the capital with confirmed that anyone they got their hands on, they would have killed, including nancy pelosi. william calhoun, a lawyer from georgia participated in the insurrection that day and has been charged for his actions. this insurrectionist detailed his criminal activity at the
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capital online. calhoun wrote about his involvement on his own facebook page. calhoun stated get this, the first of us who got upstairs, kicked in nancy pelosi's office door and pushed down the hall, the mob howling with rage, praising nancy probably would have a shortage of pieces so she was nowhere to be seen, praising nancy jones' nickname speaker of the house. he explains he and his group's office when a swat team swat team showed up. he writes, a swat team showed and they retreated back to the rotunda and continued our hostile takeover of the building
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hostile takeover. he's using military time for this attack. including invading her hostages. the mob search is marked in red. >> where are you, nancy? we looking for you. nancy, zero nancy. nancy, where are you, nancy? >> during the siege, the speaker staff to cover in her office, hiding in fear for their lives for hours at rioters broken and ransacked her office.
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as the writers break into the capital, her staff retreated into an interior room, eight gathered in a conference room. the same time, the capital was breached announced, he'd the call, shelter in place. on our model, you can see rioters in red speaker's office in orange. this is a security video, so there is no sound. as you can see, the staff moves through the halls and enters a door on the right hand side. that's the outer door of the conference room which has an inner board they barricaded with furniture. the staff under a conference
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room table in the inner room. this is the last staff are going in and barricading themselves inside the inner office. after just seven minutes of barricading themselves and the last staff are entering the door on the right, the group of rioters entered the hallway outside and once inside, the rioters have free range in the speaker of the house is officers. in this video, pay attention to the door we saw the staffers going into. one writer you can see, throwing his body against the door 30 times until he breaks open the outer door. luckily, when in the inner door,
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he moves on. another rider tried unsuccessfully at this time, the mobs had already broken into the speaker's formal conference room in the back of the hall at the top of the video. i want to play some audio have from staff with rioters at the door that day. you can hear the terror in their boys as they describe what's happening to them as they are barricaded in the conference room. listen carefully because the staffers whispering into a phone as they hide from the rioters outside the door. [inaudible]
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[whispering] >> you can hear the pounding in the back as the staffer is speaking. one of the staffers explained later they could hear the mob going through offices, banged on the door and yelling, where are you, nancy? the mob vandalized the speaker's office and documented their crime on social media. they stole objects, desecrated the office of the speaker of the house of representatives, the united states. as you can see in these photos, rioters broke down a door and shattered a mirror. at 2:50 p.m., rioters, including richard barnett enters speaker pelosi's office. the world is all too familiar with the images.
4:49 pm
if you look closely at the now infamous pictures, you might see something you didn't notice previously. here is a better look. as the photo highlights, he's carrying a stun gun tucked into his waistband. the fbi identified the device as a 950,000 full stun gun walking stick. it could have caused serious main and incapacitated anyone used again. richard bragged about his actions, he was proud of the way he desecrated the speaker of the house is office let's a note. we will not back down. in his own words, --
4:50 pm
>> i'm in her office. [inaudible] i left her a note on her desk. [inaudible] >> trumps mob ransacked speaker of the house is office. they terrorized her staff. again, that is a mob signed by the president of the united states to stop the certification of an election. the vice president, speaker of the house, first and second in line to the presidency were performing their constitutional duties, presiding over the election certification they put
4:51 pm
in danger because president trump put his own desires, his own need for power duty to the constitution process, the target on their back and mobs march into the capital to hunt them down.
4:52 pm
we need -- [inaudible] be careful. they are behind. >> shortly after 2:00 p.m., the capital police and metropolitan police were overwhelmed by president trump's mob. parameters were broken, the capital breached.
4:53 pm
those officers kept fighting back for hours and hours to hold the line. they bought the capital building and all of us with in but they weren't there just to protect us. and they did. and our staff and custodial staff and all the people work so hard, they were there to protect the votes of the american people being held captive that day. i will show you more later about what that day was like for those brave officers but first, let's go back to what was happening where manager left off in the house chamber. rioters who entered the building through the senate quickly spread out through the capital, many headed toward the house and senate chambers. after speaker pelosi was ushered out, chairman mcgovern was
4:54 pm
residing in the house attempting to keep the counting process going. on our phones, members were receiving security updates and watching social media to see the horror going on outside. never thought it would make its way and. 2:25 p.m., rioters already in the building opened the east side doors of alcohol, to let more of the mob in and quickly came in through the doors, overwhelming the officers. this is new new security footage of those doors and as before, the mob is identified with red dot on the metal of the capital. look closely, you will see the first person to the door holding a trump flag.
4:55 pm
at the same time, one for below, the mob violently pushed police officers and overtook the area. we all know that area. this is directly beneath the rotunda at the center of the capital. [yelling]
4:56 pm
[yelling] inside the house chamber, a security officer suspended the floor debate to update members. >> under the presidential staff and be prepared to continue. >> we were told there were tear gas masks under our seats and be prepared to grab them. determined to keep the outgoing, called house back discussion but only four minutes later, 2:30 p.m., the house abruptly recessed. new security announcement made.
4:57 pm
>> get down under your chairs if necessary so we have folks entering the rotunda and coming down this way so we will update you as soon as we can but be prepared. >> as i heard that announcement on the floor, i saw the new house chaplain on her fourth day of the job, walked to the podium, unannounced amidst the chaos, she started to recite the prayer for peace. uncertain what happened next, i sent a text to my wife. i love you and the baby. i imagine many of you sent a similar message. what we cannot see from inside the chamber was outside the mob
4:58 pm
was growing larger and larger, approaching our course but we could hear them. this is security footage, which does not have sound, a close-up of trumps mob as they move toward the sixth floor of the house chamber, stopped the counting of votes. [silence] you see one carrying a sign. they get within footsteps of the house door. this video is the view of the insurrectionist, it begins with a mob and cut the head to show you the surge of the.
4:59 pm
[cheering] . [chanting] we want trump! [chanting] >> we are going. >> you are not helping. you're not helping. you're not helping. [yelling] >> it's too late for that. [yelling] [chanting]
5:00 pm
>> those doors are the doors of the president of the united states walks through when he or she gives a state of the union address. you may have heard one yell, no violence and another responded, too late for that. they don't listen without that. they were there to stop the certification of the election. at this time, we can now hear pounding on the doors. 2:35 p.m., members on the house floor were told an evacuation route was secure and time to leave. this video shows members of congress exiting the side of the podium where we go through the house bobby. ...
5:01 pm
representative susan wilde. the rioters continued to surround the house chamber flooding the halls and kick down the doors as they pass them. the security video shows ashli babbitt followed by others in the mob turning a corner tribe the house lobby doors where the members were leaving.
5:02 pm
[silence] chairman mcgovern was one of the last members to leave the floor. as she left the house lobby just after 2:40 p.m. she was spotted by the mob. [yelling]
5:03 pm
>> minutes later at 2:40 p.m. ashli babbitt attempted to climb through a shattered window into the house lobby. to protect the members in the lobby, an officer discharged his weapon and she was killed. i want to warn everyone that the next video which shows her death is graphic. [yelling] [yelling]
5:04 pm
c inside the chamber representatives staff and journalists remained trapped in the gallery, one floor above the house floor and heard the gunshot. my colleague represented the end she'll be. >> this recording. out of fear that they would be seen or taken by the mob, my colleagues were telling each other to take off their congressional pins. that sound you hear in the background of these videos was the sound of the attacks. it was not until approximately 2:50 p.m., six minutes after the shooting downstairs many members, staff and journalists in the gallery were finally able to flee.
5:05 pm
in the security footage video you can see many members are still wearing their gas masks. they walked just feet away from mark c.'s are holding an insurrection is the gunpoint. just minutes earlier that insurrection is had tried to open the gallery door and thankfully was stopped by a tactical team. [silence]
5:06 pm
all the members were moved to another location the mob continued to fight, to fight the members and engage with the police. the building was not yet secured. the security video from 2:56 p.m. shows the mob in the house of representatives weighing on the second floor of the capitol. insurrection is who are still inside the building or fighting with the police who were overwhelmed and trying to get them out. throughout this presentation we've been careful not to show where representatives got out in a afar but that issue was under discussion by the insurrectionists themselves. one example comes from an fbi
5:07 pm
affidavit which stated the leader of a militia group known as the oath keepers receive messages while at the capitol. the leader was given directions to where representatives were thought to be sheltering and instructions to quote turn on gas, reeled them in. as you know the threats to the senate was no less than the members of the house. the mob approach the senate with the same purpose, fulfilling president trump of delaying the certification of the electoral college votes of the american people. as you heard from manager plaskett vice president pence was moved away from the area near the senate chamber around 2:25 p.m.. by that time rioters had breached several areas close to this chamber and they were flooding the hallways just outside a nearby.
5:08 pm
the senate chamber was not evacuated until 2:30 p.m.. the mob had been in the building for more than 15 minutes. this new security footage of the senators and staff in the chamber will be displayed on the screen. it is silent. [silence] you cannot see it in this footage but quick thinking senate floor staff grabbed them protect good the electoral ballots that the mob was after.
5:09 pm
those of you who were here that they will recall that once you left the senate floor you moved through a hallway. that hallway was near where officer goodman had encountered the mob and lead them upstairs and away from the senate chamber. you know how close he came to the mob. some of you i understand could hear them but most of the public does not know how close these rioters came to you. as you are moving through that hallway, i pasted off. you were just 58 steps away from where the mob was amassing and where police were rushing to stop them. they were yelling and in the security video you can see how the capitol police created a
5:10 pm
line and blocked a hallway with their bodies to prevent rioters at the end of the hall from reaching you and your staff. [silence] [silence]
5:11 pm
because this is security footage that you have not seen before i'm going to play it again. at the top of the screen at the other end of that hallway the mob had amassed and rushes -- officers rushed in to protect you. [silence]
5:12 pm
additional security footage shows how leadership murder and the members of his protective detail had a near miss with the mob. they came within just two yards of the rioters and had to turn around. here in this new video uc leaders schumer walking up the ram, going up the ramp at this detail and he will soon go out of view. seconds later they were turned and ran ran back to down the hallway and officers immediately shut the door and used their bodies to keep them safe. at 2:45 p.m. shortly after senators reshard to safety from
5:13 pm
the second floor insurrectionists breached the senate gallery. the following video was filmed by a new yorker reporter. minutes later the insurrectionists invaded and desecrated the senate floor. these vandals shouted and rifled through the desks in this room. they took pictures of documents and of themselves celebrating that they had taken over the floor and stopped the electoral college votes.
5:14 pm
[inaudible conversations] [inaudible] >> larry brock who was arrested for his role in the insurrection was photographed on the senate floor wearing a helmet, tactical gear and carrying flex cuffs. this man also in the senate gallery is eric montillo.
5:15 pm
mike brock was dressed in what appears to be tactical gear, also holding up flex cuffs. at the doors to the chamber had been breached just minutes earlier imagine what they could done with those cuffs. after insurrectionists occupied the capitol and stop the joint session from counting the votes the capitol was in lock down for five hours. as long as it took to get back to the capitol, to get back to the certification of the election, it could have been so much longer, or we might not have been able to resume at all. as horrific as it was, 140 officers injured, three officers
5:16 pm
who also lost their lives, we all know that horrible day could have been so much worse. the only reason it was not was because of the extraordinary bravery of the men and women of the capitol police and the metropolitan police departments. for hours and hours these insurrectionists were in hand-to-hand combat with these brave men and women. like some of you, i come from a law enforcement family. my dad was a cop. my two brothers, my little brothers are cops who walk the beat today. i'm proud of them and like in every law enforcement family when we hang up the phone we would only say i love you, we would say be safe. so let's focus now on the attacks and what it was like for the officers defending the capitol that day and again i
5:17 pm
want to warn you that the following audio and videos are graphic and are unsettling but it's important that we understand the extent of what occurred. here's a nadia recording from the radio traffic from the d.c. metro police department, describing the violence. >> he's. the officer described the
5:18 pm
munitions, they are using munitions against us. this video shows how the sprays that were described were used against the officers. in a separate metropolitan police department radio traffic you can hear the officer when he realizes that the insurrectionists had overtaken the police line. >> we have lost a life. we have lost a life.
5:19 pm
the mpd officer calls out of 10:33 for merchants say, officer in need of assistance. his words, we have lost the line. hours after members of the house and senate have left this area on the west front of the building the mob continued to grow, continued to beat the officers as they tried to get in. this new security video, you can see the mob attacking officers with a crutch, a hockey stick, a bull horn anti-trump flag -- and a trump flags.
5:20 pm
[silence] i want to show you that same attack from the officer's perspective, from his body camera footage. [yelling] this body camera footage is from 4:27 p.m., over two hours when the capitol was first breached. the attack on police that afternoon was constant.
5:21 pm
metropolitan police officer michael put down, a 20 year police veteran with four daughters was part of a line of officers in the capitol. he was one of three officers that the mob drags down the stairs. when they dragged him they stole his badge, his radio, his ammunition magazine and they taste him triggering a heart attack. here he describes his experience. >> it's a look like a medieval battle scene with the brutal combat. at one point i got taste and people were yelling at them, got one, got one. >> officer christina lowry who regularly serves in mpd's narcotics division also protected the front capitol entrance. here is her experience.
5:22 pm
>> i can't say enough about the officers that were there on the front lines and when i say the frontline i mean literally officers were in a line stopping these people that were beating them with metal poles and they were spraying them with bear mace. they did everything in their power to not let those people in and this was going on for hours. >> around 4:30 p.m., hours into the capitol riots officer daniel hodges was protecting the west side capital interest when rioters who were trying to stop the certification trapped in between two doors. when officer hodges was interviewed later this is how he described what happened. >> they threw down a metal object that hit me in the head and knocked down basque i was wearing at the time and it got hold told up over my eyes and i was blinded. they started attacking me from
5:23 pm
all sides. >> a rioters crushed officer hodges was wedged in the doorway, blood dripping from his mouth struggling to breathe all while the insurrectionists hit him. officer hodges experience reminds me of what he and many other officers experience that day, what they went through. we are also reminded of the three officers who lost their lives. capitol hill police officers sicknick, lieben goodin metro police officer smith. in many law enforcement families we pray for our loved ones and we know the scripture of matthew, chapter 5, verse 9. blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the children of god. i'm sorry i have to show you the next video in it you will see
5:24 pm
how we were that on that hellish day we had a peacemaker like officer hodges protecting our lives, our staff slides. this capitol in the certification process. may we do all we can in this chamber to make sure that never happens again. [yelling]
5:25 pm
[chanting] [yelling] [silence] >> mr. president we will now have the recess and we will resume at 6:15. the senate will stand in recess.
5:26 pm
>> good evening c-span live coverage of the second day of the impeachment trial against former president donald trump continues here on c-span2. in a minute we want to get your reaction to her what you heard today from the house and preach -- impeachment manager. there are single arguments laid out today over the past five and a half hours taking a couple of breaks. they took eight hours today to make their arguments and another eight hours tomorrow. we want your reaction to what you've heard so far. republicans 202-748-8921 democrats 202-748-8920 and all
5:27 pm
others dial 202-748-8922 and you can also join us on twitter c-span or go to to post your comments there. as you just heard the majority leader calling for a dinner break and they are expected to return in 45 minutes and we will continue on. it's unclear if the house impeachment manager would use their entire eight hours today but they can do so and then they will convene tomorrow at noon eastern time per day to another eight hours to lay out the case against the former president. we will hear from the president's lawyers, the former president's lawyers will make their case and they will have to daze, to eight hour to make their defense of the former president. and it will be followed by questions from the senators as well as consideration of calling witnesses and finally closing
5:28 pm
arguments. after that we will take a look on whether to acquit or convict. we want to show you a little bit of the arguments made just in this last session for house managers from stacey plaskett age 54 peers they are to machine made while we wait for your calls. >> as the riders to reach the top of the stairs they were within 100 feet of where the vice president was sheltering and they were just feet away from one of the doors to this chamber where many of you remained at that time. i also want to show you a different angle of the security footage of officer goodman. this video is on the second floor of the senate wing of the capitol. the you recall represents the insurrectionists. the officers who led the mob away from the chamber just
5:29 pm
minutes earlier. on the left-hand side of the video just inside of the hallways the door to the senate chamber. watch officer goodman provokes the riders to purposely draw them away from the doors to the senate chamber and towards the other officers waiting down the hall. the riders seen wearing -- carrying a baseball bat in this video is the same one we saw moments ago breaching the window on the first floor. while all of this was going on vice president pence was still in the room in the senate chamber. it was not until 2:26 as he was evacuated to a secure location.
5:30 pm
this next security video shows that evacuation. his movements are depicted by the our model. the red and blue dots represent the location where the mops and officer goodman led the mobs away from the chamber moments ago. you can see vice president pence and his family quickly move down the stairs. the vice president turned around briefly as he is headed down. as pence was being evacuated rioters started to spread throughout the capitol. those inside helps other riders break in through doors in several locations around this entire building and the mob was looking for vice president pence because of his patriotism,
5:31 pm
because the vice president had refused to do what the president demanded an overturn the election results. during the assault on the capitol extremist reportedly coordinated on line and discussed how they could hunt down the vice president. journalists in the capitol reported they heard rioters say they were looking for pence in order to execute him. trump supporter's erected the gallows on the lawn in front of the capitol building. another group of rioters chanted hang mike pence as they stood in the open door of the capitol building. you can hear the security alarm from the background and you can hear the mob calling for his death of the vice president of the united states.
5:32 pm
[chanting] hang mike pence. hang mike pence. >> this was an isolated area where that was being said. it was going on everywhere. here's another example of the crowd outside yelling bring out pence. bring him out. >> bring out pence. >> ring him out. >> bring al pence. >> bring him out. after president trump had told his followers for a month and inflamed the rally goers that morning it is no wonder that the vice president of the united states was the target of their
5:33 pm
wrath. after pence refused to overturn the election results. listening to this man explain it. >> congress are cowards hidden inside because of the fear the people. of course the people can't do the right thing. pence lied to us and his name will be mud forever. it looks like the american people are very passed. so good luck with that detail. >> several insurrectionists described what they had planned to do if they encounter the vice president or other lawmakers. one of them dominic says hola is a member of the proud bois like
5:34 pm
we discussed. he came to the capitol on january 6 with deadly intentions he commandeered a capitol police shield used it to smash a glass window, enter the capitol and pave the way for dozens of insurrectionists. as you recall from an earlier video fisoli was one of the first waive of the riders to breach the building. on the left you can see screenshots of the video that breaking we showed earlier and on the right you can see fisoli in the mob chase capitol police officers and gene goodman to the building. pisoli is the man in the center with the gray beard. pisoli has been charged with a criminal crimes for his conduct related to january 6. according to an fbi agent at the david submitted to the court the group that was with him
5:35 pm
confirmed that they were out to murder quote and the one they got their hands on. here is what the fbi said and i quote other members of the group talked about the things they had done that day and they said anyone they got their hands on they would have killed including nancy pelosi end quote they would have killed vice president mike pence if given the chance. they were talking about assassinating the vice president of the united states. during the course of the attack the vice president never left the capitol and remained locked down with his family, with his family inside the building. remember that. you think about the images and the sounds of the attack. the vice president, are second in command was always at the
5:36 pm
center of it. vice president pence was threatened with death by the president's supporters because he rejected president trump's pick man that he overturn the election. >> lisa murkowski talking to reporters, let's listen. >> this whole scenario that has been laid out before us, i don't see how donald trump could be reelected again. >> you are under no pressure or are you from your leadership? >> no, none whatsoever. none whatsoever. >> you feel free to vote your conscience?
5:37 pm
>> absolutely. >> thank you for your time. >> host: alaska republican lisa murkowski talking to reporters during a dinner break on the second day of the impeachment trial of president trump a lisa murkowski voting yesterday along with five other republicans to say in a vote 56- 44 that the trial could move forward. she voted that it's constitutional and she joined senator cassidy of louisiana susan collins of maine mitt romney of utah ben sasse and pat toomey of pennsylvania six republicans voting to move move forward so you had today the house impeachment managers, their first day laying out there arguments. we want to know what you heard from them today. carolyn louisville kentucky democratic caller you are up first, go ahead. >> caller: if this man is not
5:38 pm
impeached it would be a disgrace to this country. because i'm an older woman and i have never seen anything like this in my life. win or lose, you take it as it is and you just keep going as a country. this man is dangerous. he is not well mentally and he is just a one of the dictator to me. >> host: carol have you've been watching the arguments today? >> caller: yes, i have. >> host: what has really made you have the thoughts that you are having that he needs to be convicted and barred from running for office again.
5:39 pm
>> caller: seeing the trial today i have seen so much that is led up to it and all the things that he is done throughout his time but for him to allow this to happen and other things i have just never seen it before. >> host: all right carol the house managers today including just in this last portion showed to all of you and those senators to be in that room new surveillance video taken from inside the capitol on that day on january 6, video that had not been seen before. we want to get your thoughts on that as well today. carl in maricopa, arizona republican. carl, go ahead. >> caller: thank you for taking my call. first of all i want to say i am him -- i am a republican.
5:40 pm
i did vote for trump in november but i am so upset at mr. trump. what was really convincing in what we saw today, when we see those gallows that they really wanted to assassinate the vice president of the united states, mike pence and what he has to go through, he and his family with protection. here is the vice president of the united states who was so loyal to trump and he never said one negative thing against president trump and here he is trying to do the right thing. he's trying to do what the constitution says, validate the election and here he is, trying to do the right thing. i feel like mr. trump, he basically is just doing his own thing and thinking about
5:41 pm
himself. i would vote for impeachment if i were a republican senator, no question at all. he should never ever be allowed a federal office based on how he is treated vice president mike pence and that speech before they stormed the capitol, all his rallies that took place. he said the country was going to be ruined by democrats, all that rhetoric. and this climactic event took place because of all that in the past. hosgri you voted for the president in november. if you vote for him in 2016 as well? >> caller: 2016 i voted for ted cruz and carlo -- i didn't have the guts to vote for him in
5:42 pm
the election. it was a write-in ballot. i voted for trump and 2020 with my wife a die-hard republican. >> host: carlin arizona. maribel in bronx new york, independent. have you've been watching all day? >> caller: i've been watching all day and i have to say the impeachment managers have done such a great job laying out the timeline. i like many of the people have been home for months because of the coronavirus and they went from being like this is too political, not voting, to having all this time on my hands and watching daily briefings and the president not matching up with my own research on covid and
5:43 pm
seeing that they were lying to the public and rewriting history in real time. it's extremely disturbing so i kind of became a historian i might own documented all of these tweets and interviews and everything. i thought my god this will be wiped from history and no one will really know what happened. here i am quietly having a freak out attack and documenting everything and when this january thing happened in a way was relieved because my fears of how bad this could get them where they were heading. the next thing i was afraid of was the democrats would drop the ball and let them get away with it. they. >> a concise and clear timeline of what was going on and i can imagine seeing that and not
5:44 pm
voting to convict. >> host: mirabelle hume mentioned the house managers. we have heard from eight of the nine. who do you think has made the most compelling case of them? >> caller: i don't know her name, she is from the virgin islands. >> host: stacey plaskett, we heard from her couple of times. >> caller: i loved the way she delivered and she has such regalis the to her. she is like a queen and i'm most impressed with her. >> host: jamie dupree tweets this out for things we learned today, speaker pelosi was evacuated entirely from the capitol complex officer goodman may have saved mitt romney's life. the majority leader schumer and his security detail had to run from rioters and vice president
5:45 pm
pence was holed up off the senate floor with the attackers in the hall. those are four things that are new today, revealed by the house impeachment managers. let's listen to eric swalwell, democrat one of the impeachment managers talking about that moment with the then minority leader now majority leader chuck schumer. >> the mob had been in the building for more than 15 minutes. this new security footage of the senators and staff leaving the chamber will be displayed on the screen. it is silent. [silence]
5:46 pm
you cannot see it in this footage but quick thinking senate floor staff grabbed and protected the electoral ballots that the mob was after. those of you who were here that they will recall that once he left the senate floor you move through a hallway to get to safety. that hallway was near for officer goodman had encountered a mob and lead them upstairs and away from the senate chamber. you know how close he came to the mob. some of you i understand could hear them, but most of the public does not know how close these rioters came to you. as you were moving through that
5:47 pm
hallway, i paced it off. you were just 58 steps away from where the mob was amassing and were police were rushing in to stop them. they were yelling. in the security video you can see how that capitol police created a line of block a hallway with their bodies to prevent riders at the end of the hall from reaching you and your staff. [silence]
5:48 pm
because this is security footage that you have not seen before, i am going to play it again. the top of the screen at the other end of the hallway the mob has amassed and officers are rushing to protect you.
5:49 pm
[silence] additional security footage shows how leader schumer and the members of the protective detail had a near miss with the mob. they came within just yards of riders and had to turn around. here in this new video you see leader schumer walking up a ramp , going up the ramp at the detail and he will soon go out of view.
5:50 pm
>> host: let's listen to majority leader chuck schumer. he's at the microphone. >> my situation come i want to give tremendous credit to the capitol police officers who were my detail like the rest of the capitol to lease officers. they are amazing and great and we love them. the majority leader reacting to the video watching the replay of new surveillance footage made public today during the second day of the impeachment trial capitol footage capital surveillance footage. he is 40 years old elected in 2012 a democrat from california and you just saw the majority of leaders thanking the police and
5:51 pm
his security detail for that day. we are asking you your reaction what you've heard from the house managers and from the president's lawyers. we will do so in a couple of days and you'll get the same amount of time that the house managers get to present their case. what have you heard today and what did you make of that? southfield michigan, democratic caller go ahead. >> caller: i tried to call and didn't get through. it's kind of scary. i just want to quote to my good friends or he's a historian and i liked what he said and he said i'm starting to run out of quotes and relevancy is in history. we have a problem and it's very scary to think in my short 20 years that we have had the president who has tried to corrupt another government in ukraine to influence our 2020
5:52 pm
election and then try to get away with it. republicans have a responsibility and a moral duty to convict from. there's no way he can get away with this without corrupting the system in america. >> host: what do you think today was the most powerful piece of evidence? >> caller: i can't remember her name but delegates. >> host: stacy plaskett. >> caller: everything that has been leading up from the house managers really i believe one of the senators said they were building a case against trump rick bier brick. he led this riot and they are proving how it affected
5:53 pm
everybody and i could not be more proud of democrats. >> host: mcallen texas, what do you think? good evening, what do you think? >> caller: good evening. it's been quite a day day, has an it? i voted for bush and i voted for mccain but it lately it seems like the party of gop is turned in to the party of trump in its something to see personal loyalty is a requirement in this day and age. it was shocking to see a gallows erected and officers risking their lives for elected officials doing their job. it's been a very difficult period of time for all of us i think the time when we were more at odds with their neighbors than ever before. >> host: how did you vote in november? >> caller: november i voted against trump. >> host: because?
5:54 pm
>> caller: because i felt that his party was no longer standing for any principle other than trump and i felt that the american people need to stand for america and not for a king. >> host: how did you vote in 2015? 2016. >> caller: in 2016 i didn't vote and i regret it. >> host: what would be your message to senators who have been sitting in that chamber today listening to the evidence? >> caller: that the american people care about america. they care about their well-being , that the american people are people just like the senators are, and the families and we see that they were at risk doing their job and same with many of us who have been put at risk during our own job especially during the pandemic. do your job.
5:55 pm
don't let this person put us in danger again. >> host: you would want them to convict the president and then barham from running for office again? >> caller: i would wish them to bar him from office than any other penalty that would be adjudicated in a different court perhaps the certainly this person needs to be barred from office. >> host: those are two separate actions according to the "washington post." when this is all said and done at the end they will hear closing arguments in the end it will take a two-thirds majority of the senate to convict the former president. if they do so then they would take a vote on barring the former president from future federal office and that would be a simple majority meaning 51 votes are needed. here's the schedule. we have heard from the house manager today. they have a couple of hours more
5:56 pm
remaining in their first eight hours. tomorrow they will get another eight hours for a total of 16 and then you'll hear from the former president's lawyers. they will get their turn friday and saturday. eight hours each day to make their case defending mr. trump and then on sunday we expect the senators to get to ask questions of the lawyers and then it will turn to whether or not they want to call witnesses. that would be a vote and they are reporting today in washington in both parties are reluctant to call witnesses. then we could see closing arguments early next week followed by that vote on whether to convict or acquit. bill in kansas city missouri a republican. what did you make of today? >> caller: how are you doing? post who i am doing well well. what a gimmick of today's evidence? >> caller: i'm kind of old
5:57 pm
school and there has been a lot going on this past year or two. i just can't believe what's going on. with mr. trump. >> host: what do you mean? >> caller: what i mean is you know like you are talking to everyone else this year i voted for trump and in the past election i did not vote for trump because of the person that he is and he filed bankruptcy in the past to represent the united states of america. >> host: let me ask you do you think the president is guilty of inciting violence? >> caller: of course i do. >> host: why? >> caller: i'd like to go a
5:58 pm
step beyond that but i will keep my mouth shut on that. anyone who charges the government to me that's like treason and it could be off a little bit on that but that's how i feel. just seeing everything and everybody doing what i have seen on tv and the republican from california, i was appalled with what i have seen in this country and the separation and what this man has done to us. >> host: i'm going to go on onto steven and kernersville, north carolina a democratic caller. stephen. >> caller: thank you for taking my call first and foremost. i was listening to the past couple of calls. i feel like the same sentiments i would like to say we have
5:59 pm
never been in this position in the country where we have been this divided and the reason for that is because the racism, saw jenae, has always been on the back burner and there were certain things you couldn't say it tell a president such as donald trump came into office. he was elected and now it is as though the proud bois in the neofascist, they feel the gratification or the grandeur of being bashed by the highest person in the land of this country so they ran with it but they lost and they lost not once but twice. this is not their first loss, it's their second or third and they are not willing to deal with that. just as trump is not willing to deal with that. >> host: let me get your
6:00 pm
reaction to scotland reporter on capitol hill "the hill" newspaper tweeting out that some republican senators said they were moved by the video presentation. here's senator john finn republican from south dakota who is in the leadership or the republicans. the impeachment managers were very effective. it is strong on the strong presentation put together in a way that i think makes this very compelling but i think they have done a good job connecting the dots. steven what you think? emet that's a good sentiment but that's from one senator if i'm not mistaken and we need more than one senator. we think two-thirds majority to impeach. >> host: we need 17. >> caller: exactly so that's a good first step but for the other 49 republicans senators who are willing to turn a blind eye to the horrible crimes and the violence of the president of the united states the highest position in the office of the
6:01 pm
world basically, for them to act as if this is the new normal, this is not normal. i have been alive for 40 plus years now and i've seen republicans that i've disagreed within democrats that i've disagreed with politically but this is never been normal to actually incite violence because you have a deficiency in your mental capacity to be able to deal with losing and that's what this boils down to. >> host: steve just know that you need 67 senators. that would mean 17 republicans have to vote with all 50 democrats to convict the former president. you saw a test vote yesterday on the question of constitutionality. we did not have enough republicans side with democrats on that question. democrats have enough to move forward with the proceedings,
6:02 pm
but it does not mean that they would have enough to convict. now one of the senators who is open to voting to convict a performer present as utah republican mitt romney. i want to show you from this basie plaskett's presentation the moment where she talks about how capitol police and the law enforcement on capitol hill saved his life and others. >> at approximately 2:13 p.m. just one floor up while senator lankford was speaking on the senate floor senator grassley who had taken over for vice president pence called for an immediate recess of the senate. a senate aide approached senator lankford and informed him that the capitol had been breached. senator grassley was immediately escorted out of the senate chamber.
6:03 pm
>> thank you. >> while this was going on officer eugene goodman responded to the initial breach. you all may have seen footage of officer goodman previously but there is more to his heroic story. in this security footage you can see officer goodman running to respond to the initial breach. officer goodman passes senator mitt romney and direct him to turn around in order to get to safety. on the first floor, the mob had already started to surge for the senate chamber. officer goodman made his way down to the first floor where he
6:04 pm
encountered the same insurrectionists we just saw breached the capitol. >> host: after seeing that video mitt romney told reporters that he had not seen it before and he said about officer goodman quote no i did not know that about officer goodman but i look forward to thanking him when a nexium but i was very fortunate indeed that the officer goodman was there to get me in the right direction. that was new video shown in today's proceeding. you can watch that video and all the other videos if you go to our web site you can watch any time on demand all of the impeachment proceedings. back here calls steven and lake st. louis missouri on the independent lankford evi been watching today? >> caller: i have all day, yes. >> host: what have you've been thinking? >> caller: honestly there are
6:05 pm
two key things that come to mind in the first and foremost that it's insane that the future of accountability for the executives depends on finding 17 republicans who are willing to uphold their oath and instead, the chief thing i think people need to know about this is when the senators go in for the impeachment the first thing they do as is they take an oath to be an impartial juror and i was reading reports 20 minutes ago what prompted me to call in which said that there were reports of republicans who weren't doodling and sitting with their feet up, not paying attention at all basically just being -- how is that being an impartial juror? how can they be in impartial juror if they are not being attentive? that's crazy to me. the other thing that stood out to me has just been really tearing how close we were to losing our republic. we were say what did he say, i
6:06 pm
think it was swalwell that said 58 steps away from the mob catching up to people and we could have ended up with a lot of assassinated representatives. it's pure insanity again that we have a group of people who call themselves patriots and yet are willing to go and kill our elected officials. how can they call themselves patriots? that's not patriotism, that's terrorism. >> host: steven why should in your opinion, they rule or how should they rule, the senators, do you think and why? >> caller: i am thinking they have to rule guilty. the reason being that it seems very clear to me what what the impeachment managers have laid out that trump is guilty of incitement between everything they have done up to january 6 and the speech he gave on
6:07 pm
january 6 which he gave his one little pittance towards peaceful protest in his speech. read the transcript if you have it. he absolutely incited this insurrectionists attack on the capitol. they have to do it because it if this is in an impeachable offense, nothing is. >> host: what do you think has made one of the more compelling argument of all the house managers that you have heard from? >> caller: they have all been a fantastic job at my favorite so far is swalwell. the last thing he showed right before break, the unfortunate capitol police officer being crushed in the door and i can't remember his name off hand but that was powerful. had me shaking. i had seen it before but having seen it, i was afraid for his life and i was afraid for the future of democracy. i was scared and i was angry.
6:08 pm
i don't know how you can watch these things having happened and not be terrified. this is a scary time in this is a scary thing that happened and even weeks later i'm still shaking about it. >> host: steven where are four hours and 30 minutes into the house managers ate our presentation. that means they have come and we don't know if they will take, the rest of their time. they get eight hours today and eight hours tomorrow. they are on a dinner break. we are waiting for them to return for the majority leader chuck schumer said it would be around 6:15 p.m. eastern time when they resume. of course we'll bring you gavel-to-gavel uninterrupted coverage right right here in c-span2 and you can also watch on come on our web site. you can listen live with the free c-span radio app. just downloaded onto your phone and then on demand any time at
6:09 pm you'll find it all bare. adam who has been a vocal reddick of former president a republican from illinois. the prosecution is compelling. donald trump incited the insurrection. he knew what he was doing but i cannot imagine how any senator could vote against removal. that is adam kinzinger republican of illinois. chatty covers "fox news" and this sweet up before 4:00 p.m. eastern time, his colleague reports the fbi director christopher wray will testify about the capitol attack on march 2 and that will be his first major mark since the attack in january. let's hear from entering corona california. welcome to the conversation. have you've been watching today? >> yes, i have. first of all i'd like to say i'm a trump supporter and i think i can probably speak for
6:10 pm
70 million trump supporter's saying i do not condone violence in any way they don't condone what happened at the capitol that day. but i think we need to get back to the basics here. the question is whether or not president trump incited the violence or the one thing that i come back to in all the footage from today there were people that had baseball bats and there were people that had helmets and bear spray munition fits tight cuffs. i've been to a trump rally and you don't get into a trump rally with that's tough so those people plan that before the speech that trump gave. i mean how can you say that he incited it with his speech of those people came prepared to do that? >> host: earlier on in the day the argument being made by the house managers was that the president before that day in a
6:11 pm
series that tweets had re-tweeted the people said that calgary is coming to d.c. and they were ready to fight for him but he was read tweeting that type of language that started before that. what do you make of that argument? >> caller: i think that the rally was there and i would have liked to have gone to that rally. there was an unfair vote count and i believe there was voter fraud. it's unfortunate that happened at the capitol and i think it's very convenient for the democrats that it did because it took away from the vote docks to the riots at the capitol where is not where one of big conversation to go. we needed to make our voices heard so the senators understood that we want a fair election and we don't want things stolen from us. i'm a reasonable person and i look at things from all different views and i have
6:12 pm
thought about this and i've looked at in every different direction but i have friends that are democrats and i have friends that are republican. this is not but we wanted. this is political theater we are dealing with right now. they could have made it documentary and posted it and the tv station would have played it for them. we need to go back to why he is being impeached, because he incited violence. he didn't tell anybody to go out there. there were over 100,000 people at that rally. all those people were not there for violence. it was a couple hundred people that were there and the proud bois and the people that were in there with baseball bats was not the average trump supporter and i don't appreciate being labeled as a violent bigoted and all these things that the mainstream media and these democrats better up there are terrible.
6:13 pm
i don't condone and a lot of trump supporter's or military. they are law enforcement. >> host: we have heard your point. you don't condone it. wondering if you think now that the president should have been more forceful in his denouncing of groups like the proud boys? >> i think that he did to announce violence. he denounced the violence all summer long. all summer long. how many times does he have to say that he was not a racist and he was not a white supremacist. these people that call in on your show, they are watching the tv in the tv is unfair. it's unfair. you know what's really fighting right now? i am being labeled that. have to be a frayed to say that i'm a trump supporter because the tv is told people that means i'm a bad person.
6:14 pm
>> host: what you are watching on tv today, the proceedings are you saying that's unfair? >> caller: what you guys are doing is great and i think your phonecalls are great. i wouldn't waste my time if i didn't. it seems like they are a lot of callers. >> host: i understand. let me clarify because it's important to note that cameras inside of the senate chamber are not our cameras. they are not any media cameras. they are operated via the senate reporting studio. the senate chamber itself so c-span and other networks who were showing you what's happening inside of the chamber they are giving you that feed. that video feed, we don't have any control of it. aaron writes for "the news york times" "new york times" and as a staffer tucker puts out this week with a picture, members of pelosi staffer were barricaded
6:15 pm
in a conference room terrified for their lives in a january 6 attack on the capitol, watch video from that day during the senate impeachment trial of former president donald trump on capitol hill today. let's listen to that moment when stacey plaskett talks about the pelosi staffers and what they went through that day. >> the mob also when after the speaker of the house who alongside the vice president was presiding over the joint certification in the house chamber. chilling evidence shows on january 6, armed and organized insurrectionists trained their sights on speaker pelosi. they sought out the speaker on the floor and in her office publicly declared their intent to harm or kill her, ransacked her office and terrorized her staff. and they did it because donald trump sent them on this mission.
6:16 pm
as the insurrectionists got closer, capitol police rushed the speaker from the house floor at 2:15 p.m., near minutes after the capitol was first breach. they recognized immediately that she was in danger. the speaker was not just rushed from the floor. the capitol police saw a threat so dangerous that they evacuated her entirely from the capitol complex, rushing her to a secure offsite location. the insurrectionists intent to murder the speaker of the house is well-documented. the charging documents are now available. we know from the rioters themselves if they had found speaker pelosi -- authority discussed the leader of the proud boys. as you will recall according to
6:17 pm
the fbi agent's affidavit submitted to the court the group that he attacked the capitol would confirm quote any one they got their hands on they would have killed including nancy pelosi. william calhoun, a lawyer from georgia also participated in the insurrection that day and he too has been charged for his actions. this insurrectionists details his criminal activities at the capitol on line. calhoun wrote about his involvement on his own facebook page. here's the post. calhoun stated quote and get this, those of us who got upstairs kicked in nancy pelosi's office door and pushed down the hall towards her inner sanctum. the mob howling with rage, crazy nancy, probably would have been poured into little pieces but she was nowhere to be seen.
6:18 pm
crazy nancy, that is trump's nickname for the speaker of the house. then he explains that he and his group only abandoned their claims to the speaker's office when quote a s.w.a.t. team showed up. he writes quote than a s.w.a.t. team shows and we were retreated back to the rotunda and continued our hostile takeover of the capitol building. retreated, hostile takeover using military terms for this attack. the mob continues to look for speaker pelosi throughout the time they occupied the capitol including invading her offices. watch now how the mob searches for speaker pelosi's office which is marked in red and the house chamber itself. >> where are you nancy? we are looking for you.
6:19 pm
nancy, oh nancy. nancy, where are you nancy? >> during the siege the speaker staff to cover in her office, hiding in fear for their lives for hours as rioters broke in and ransacked her office. as the rioters were breaking into the capitol her staff retreated into an interior room. eight of them gathered in the conference room. about the same time capitol police announced the capitol had been breached speaker pelosi's staff heeded the call to shelter in place. on our model you can see the rioters in the rotunda in red and the speaker's office again in orange. this is a security video so
6:20 pm
there is no sound. as you can see here staff moves from her offices through the halls and then enters a door on the right-hand side. that's the outer doors of a conference room was also has an inner door that they barricaded with furniture. the staff then hid under conference room table in that inner room. this is the last staffer going in and then barricading themselves inside of the inner office. after just seven minutes of them barricading themselves in the last staffer entering the door on the right, group of rioters entered the hallway outside and once inside, the rioters have
6:21 pm
free reign in the speaker of the house's office. in this security video, pay attention to the doors that we saw the staffers going into. one of the rioters you can see his throwing his body against the door three times until he breaks open that outer door. luckily he moves on. another rioter tried unsuccessfully to breakthrough that inner door. at this point the mob had gone to the speakers formal conference room that is in the back of the hall at the top of the video. i want to play some audio i have of the speaker staff traded the rioters had entered the door. you can hear the terror in their voices they describe what's happening to them as they are
6:22 pm
barricaded in a conference room. please listen carefully because the staffers whispering into a phone as they hide from the rioters that are outside the door. you can hear the pounding in the background as that staffer is speaking. one of those staffers explained later that they could hear the mob going through her offices breaking down the door and yelling where are you nancy? host the house managers stacey plaskett from earlier today the house democrats presentation of their case against president trump. senators have been in a dinner
6:23 pm
break and some of them are making their way back into the chamber. what you are looking at is the hallway outside of the senate chamber. leadership has their offices to the right and the left of that hallway and we know the minority leader mitch mcconnell has already made his way to his seat for the resumption of today's impeachment proceedings. the house management, house impeachment managers have been making their case for four hours and 30 minutes according to reports on capitol hill. they have eight hours total today to make their case. when they reconvene the senate, when they gavel back in we will of course bring you to the floor, live coverage here on c-span2. the house managers will show even more new evidence when they resume their case against the former president this evening.
6:24 pm
you can watch that here uninterrupted on c-span2. it looks like one of the lawyers for the president or the presence team making their way into the chamber. i don't know if that was mr. schoen, the lawyer on your screen. people are getting in place and we will bring you our coverage than three can also also watch on our web site c-span. oregon you can download on our freeze c-span radio app and listen to the proceedings they are and if you have missed anything you can find in watch it on demand. there is the president lawyer mr. castor making his way to the chamber. the watch everything you've seen today everything you will see in the coming days on our web site on-demand at here is senator cassidy. >> how that influences the final decision remains to be seen. say it one more time.
6:25 pm
[inaudible] >> i think you should be come absolutely. [inaudible] >> there is no one thing. there are many things. one more time. [inaudible] >> again there's so much to say that should be taken away. that is one. but you realize there were insurrectionists who attended to affect the peaceful transfer of power and that she did anyone who loves the republic great pause. >> host: senator bill cassidy
6:26 pm
republican of louisiana one of the six republicans yesterday that voted with 50 democrats 56-44 to reject the argument from mr. trump's defense team and decided to go along that the senate have the jurisdiction to try and impeached former president or this paved the way for the trial proceedings today. we are waiting for the senate to reconvene to get back underway and continue with the house managers legal arguments. they have laid out for hours and 30 minutes so far today. they get a total allotment of eight hours today followed by another eight hours tomorrow and then you will hear from the former president's lawyers. they will have friday and saturday to lay out their arguments in defense of the president on this one article of impeachment, inciting an insurrection on the u.s. capitol. after the lawyers make their
6:27 pm
arguments and then the senate will turn to questions from the senators. they have four hours to do so at that point and then there will be consideration of whether or not to call witnesses followed by closing arguments and then deliberation and a vote on conviction. they will need two-thirds of the senate to convict, that's 67 senators. yesterday's vote on the constitutional question six republicans. that means they would need 11 more republicans to convict the former president. brian stelter from "cnn" reports from his colleague on capitol hill mona raj you several gop senators have made clear they viewed the footage they have seen today as chilling and they are shaken by what they saw that they are signaling they won't change their plans to acquit former president trump in the impeachment case.
6:28 pm
kyle griffin of "msnbc" republican james lankford watching the footage of the capitol police officer getting crushed appeared emotional. sitting at his desk with his head back down he put his hands on his colleague's arm appearing to comfort him and cbs news supporting mitt romney was blinking rapidly and watching intently as impeachment managers showed that january 6 footage of him being directed to safety by capitol police officer eugene goodman and finally rebecca shabad of nbc reporting senator rick scott, we'll leave that later put the senate is back and we'll take you there now, live coverage. mr. president and members of the senate managers cicilline he and castor will remind us of what president trump was doing during the attacks and they will show how he continued to stoke the insurrection and refuse to speak
6:29 pm
out against the violence or do anything to stop it. mr. cicilline he --. >> mr. president, senators you just heard from my colleagues about the harrowing events that happened here at the capitol on january 6 and saw that very disturbing video. i would now like to turn your attention to what was happening on the other end of pennsylvania avenue at the white house. and the truth is, the facts are that on january 6, donald trump is not once condemning this attack. he did not once condemned the
6:30 pm
attackers. in fact in january 6, the only person he condemned was his own vice president mike pence who was hiding in this building with his family in fear for his life. in the first crucial hours of this violent attack he did nothing to stop it, nothing to help others. by all accounts from the people that were around him, he was delighted. ..
6:31 pm
these are the things and events that happen when a sacred landslide election victory is so un- ceremoniously and viciously stripped away from a great patriot who is been badly and unfairly treated for so long. go home with love and in peace, remember this day forever. he got what he incited, and according to donald trump, we got what we deserved. donald trump's incitement of this insurrection, including his dereliction of his duties as commander-in-chief to defend the capitol and the people in it, is complete refusal condemn the attack while it was going on, and his continued incitement of violence during the attack require impeachment. but let's turn to than president trump's conduct in that day. i want to start at the beginning when he addressed his thousands of great
6:32 pm
patriots as he called them that morning, around noon donald trump began speaking just down pennsylvania avenue. even before donald trump finished speaking, his supporters began to walk down towards the capitol. they were already starting to chant stop this deal, stormed the capitol, invade the capitol, fight for trump. and by 12:53 p.m. they had violently forced their way through the barricades here at the capitol. now, about 1:00 o'clock that day with this chaos just starting, speaker pelosi has these constitution requires a formally commenced the process by which this chamber certifies election results. within ten minutes, 1:11 p.m., as if almost on cue, donald trump concluded his speech with his final reminder to the
6:33 pm
thousands gathered there, it was time to go to the capitol, let's watch. sit back and we are going to the capitol and we are going to try and give -- we are going to try and give our republicans, the weak ones because the strong ones don't need any of our help, or going to try it and give them the kind of pride and boldness that they need to take back our country. so let's walk down pennsylvania avenue, i want to thank you all, god bless you, and god bless america, thank you all for being here this is incredible thank you so much. this is incredible. [background noises] >> now you have seen when these supporters following his orders at the capitol. we want to look at what happened next. you recall during the speeches that were going to the capitol
6:34 pm
suggesting he was going to go with this crowd, course that was not true. but let's hear what he says. >> now it is up to congress to confront this egregious assault on our democracy. and after this were going to walk down, i will be there with you, we are going to walk down, we are going to walk down, anyone you want to think right here were going to walk down to the capitol. [cheering] 's been at this of course was not to rupert he did not go with them to the capitol, he left and went back to the white house. and while he was on route to the white house, violence really began to grow hear the capitol. and within minutes of donald trump's speech ending, there were significant reports of escalating violence began to surface. buildings around the capitol were starting to be evacuated.
6:35 pm
and by 115 in explosive device had been found at the dnc. a pipe bomb had been found at the rnc about 15 minutes earlier. the house sgt at arm's called for immediate assistance at 1:34 p.m. the mayor of washington d.c. called for additional national guard troops. i will go through all of the details of the violence that unfolded here, you just saw that. but as we walk through what our commander-in-chief did that day, i want to be very clear about exactly what was happening here at the same time. for 40 minutes, while buildings were being cleared, pipe bombs were being found, his supporters were literally breaching the perimeter of the capitol. overwhelming lawn force me saw the violence that was occurring, we heard nothing in the president of united states.
6:36 pm
we did not hear anything from donald trump until 1:49 p.m. when all of this is unfolding, president trump sent out a tweet. this was the first thing he did when he learned the united states capitol, all the members of congress, his own vice president was under violence attack. and what was that tweet? nearly an hour after the rioters breached the capitol perimeter at 1:49 p.m., donald trump released a propaganda reel of his save america speech that he had given an hour before. i want to be clear, the events i just described, the rioters are breaching the capitol, attacking law enforcement, the violence has been broadcast all over the television for
6:37 pm
the whole world to see including the president of the united states. i want to show you, this is what is happening right before donald trump sensed that video out again and as he does it. [background noises] our country has had enough, we will not take it anymore, that's what this is all about. [cheering] and to use a favorite term that all of you people really came up with, we will stop this deal. because you will never take back our country with weakness, you have to show strength and you have to be strong. even if president trump claims he did not know the extent of the violence that would follow his speech, it was now happening in plainview, broadcast on television. his supporters were attacking law enforcement, they mayor and the police chief or calling for help, members of
6:38 pm
congress and the vice president were inside, scared for their lives. he does not send help. does not try to stop it. does not even acknowledge the attack. instead, our commander chief tweeted the video of the speech that he had given before, that included language like our country has had, we will not take it anymore, and that is what this is all about, you have to be strong. those around donald trump as was later reported, were disgusted. his aides, his advisors, those working for them, former officials even his family was begging him to do something. the president's close advisor add your name to the course of aides urging donald trump to take action. ivanka trump, the president's own daughter went to the old
6:39 pm
office as soon the rioting escalated. and was as confirmed by senator graham quote trying to get president trump to speak out and tell everyone to leave". minority leader kevin mccarthy called jared kushner pleading with him to persuade trump to issue a statement, or to do something and he too went down to the white house after that call. it wasn't just the people at the white house. members of congress from both parties who were trapped here, work calling the white house to ask for help. some members even appealed directly to donald trump. these members who had quote been loyal trump supporters were even willing to vote against the electoral college results, were now scared for their lives. minority leader kevin mccarthy repeatedly got into a screaming match as the attack
6:40 pm
was underway, demanding more from that trump do something for issue a statement denouncing the mob. i imagine many of you sitting here today, picked up your phone and tried to reach somebody at the white house to ask for help. this was not partisan politics, these were americans from all sides trying to for our commander-in-chief to protect and defend our country. he was required to do that. now the extent of how many people tried to reach the president to get him to act, is not known. but what is clear, what we know without any doubt is that form the very beginning, the people around donald trump lobbied him to take commands. what is also clear is what donald trump our commander-in-chief did in those initial hours to protect us, nothing. not a thing. he knew it was happening.
6:41 pm
the attack was on tv. we all know that president trump have the power to stop these attacks, he was our commander-in-chief. he had the power to assess the security, send backup send help. he had also incited this violent attack. they were listening to them he could have commanded them to leave. but he didn't. the first critical hour and a half of this blood he attack, donald trump tweeted his rally speech and did nothing else. and we know why. we know his state of mind that prompted his utter complete refusal to defend us. it was reported by those around him. the president as reported by sources at the time was delighted as he watched the
6:42 pm
violence unfold on television, president trump was reportedly and i quote order light and enthusiastic it meant the certification was being derailed". senator ben sasse had a conversation a senior white house officials, president trump was quote walking around the white house, confused about why other people on his team weren't as excited as he was,". trump's reaction to this attack reportedly, genuinely, freaked people out. i understand why. we just suffered a very serious attack. an attack on our country, and the people around him knew it. but when donald trump sought, he was delighted. now what president trump did next, confirms what he was so delighted, why he wanted this. because it shows his singular
6:43 pm
focus that day, the date we were attacked was not protecting us, was not protecting you, was not protecting the capitol, it was stopping the certification of the election results. the evidence is clear. shortly after 2:00 p.m. as the siege was fully underway, then president trump made a call. this is the first call that we are aware he made to anyone inside the capitol during the attack. did not call the vice president to ask how he could help defend the capitol, did not call the next two in line to the secession of the president to check on their safety or well-being, instead he attempts to call senator tauber bill. styled center leave by accident. senator lee described he just ended a prayer with his colleagues here in the senate chamber and the phone rang, it was donald trump. annette howitt center lee explains of the phone called
6:44 pm
us subject is, hey tommy, trump tasks, and center lee said this is not tommy. he hands the phone to senator tauber bill. senator lee then confirmed that he stood by as senator tuberville and president trump spoke on the phone. and on that call, donald trump reportedly asked senator tauber bill to make additional objections to the certification process. that is what he called. let's be clear at roughly 2:00 p.m., when donald trump was walking around the white house, watching the team delighted and spent five to ten minutes talking to senator tauber bill urging him to delay the election results, this is what was happening in the capitol. [background noises] [background noises]
6:45 pm
[background noises] thank you. [background noises] [background noises] >> you saw senator lankford stop speaking and leave the floor quickly and that clip. the insurgents had broken through the barricades that had entered the building. and as these armed insurrection is a banged on the doors members of congress were told to put on their casks masks, to put bags over their heads for safety and prepared to evacuate. in donald trump was calling to ask a senator to delay the certification process. let that sink in. donald trump did not get to finish that call, it was cut off because the senators had to move to another location for your security and thank
6:46 pm
god they did. because as the call was occurring the rioters got closer to the senate chambers. and as we all know now, for the heroism of capitol police officer eugene goodman and other police officers took them in a different direction to the police line, they very likely would have gotten here. think about that. armed insurrectionist, guns, weapons, zip ties, brass knuckles, they were coming for us. they were inside the united states capitol trying to stop the certification process. the police were outnumbered. and but for the grace of god they would have gotten us, all of us. and our commander-in-chief makes a call about an hour after the siege began, not to preserve, protect and defend you in our country and the
6:47 pm
capitol, but to join forces with the mob and pressure a senator to stop certification. we just cannot get numb to this kind of behavior. there can be no doubt as to the purpose of donald trump's call, that he was not calling to assess the security threats or to check on the well-being of you and anyone else, indeed later on that evening while all of the destruction and damage still continued, dozens of officers are being treated for serious injuries, deaths were confirmed, about 7:00 p.m. president's personal lawyer rudy giuliani made a call. and just in case you don't think there is some coordination, he also called senator lee's phone trying to call senator tuberville. we don't have to guess as to what rudy giuliani said in that voicemail because we have it recorded. so let's listen to what the
6:48 pm
president's personal lawyer said on the night of this attack. >> senator tibor bill, or should say coach tibor bill this is rudy giuliani the president's lawyer. i'm calling you because i want to discuss with you how they are trying to rush this hearing and how we need you, our republican friends to try to just slow it down. this was the singular focus of donald trump during this ability, violent attack on the capitol, stopping the certification. look, site mention i was a trial lawyer for 16 years, sometimes you have to ask a jury to use inferences to peace together a defendant state of mind. we don't have to do this here. while our country was violently attacked by an armed mob, president trump not only refused to stop the attack or
6:49 pm
even address the attack at all, he made clear his focus was the same goal as the attackers he incited, to stop the certification process and prevent the peaceful transfer of power. the only action we know that he took an hour into this attack was to call senator tauber bill to ask them to delay the certification. this is as clear evidence as i have seen of what donald trump really cared about that day. now look, the certification process as we all know, includes debate and objections. some of us disagreed, but we came here on january 6 to formally administer the certification process pursuant to our constitutional duties. at the end of it congress certified the results to ensure that we continue to be a country with leaders who are elected by the people, for the
6:50 pm
people. donald trump's objection to the certification are not on trial. but what is on trial as well we were under arms attack and it being evacuated, for our law enforcement officers were fighting for their lives, our commander-in-chief was calling not to determine how to best secure the building and the people in it, but to continue to pressure senators to stop the certification process in the peaceful transfer of power. just as he incited the mob to do earlier in the day. this was a breath taking dereliction of his duty, of his violation of his oath is our commander-in-chief. centers come before this i hand this over to manager castro to walk to the rest of the day, please let me make one final point. these attackers stood right where you are.
6:51 pm
they rifled through your desks, and they desecrated this place. and literally the president sat delighted, doing nothing to help us, calling a one of you to pressure you to stop the certification. it can't be that the commander-in-chief can incite a lawless blood he insurrection and then utterly fail in his duty as commander-in-chief to defend us from the attack. to defend our law enforcement officers from that attack. and just get away with it. donald trump advocated his duty to us all. we have to make this right. and you can make it right.
6:52 pm
sit at my fellow manager david cicilline, show jewett president trump trump data did not us first critical hours of the attack. he said the tweets at 1:49 p.m., he reposted the video of the speech that incited the attack. and he called the senator to ask him to delay the certification as the senator was being evacuated for his own safety. we left off around 2:15 p.m., at this point, insurgents were inside the senate and the house. and they said it had been evacuated for everyone's safety. and as you saw, vice president
6:53 pm
mike pence and his family, even had to be evacuated for their safety. now, you will recall donald trump had made vice president pence a target. he attacked the vice president at the rallies in speeches and on twitter. and during president trump's speech that morning of the attack, he ramped it up again. after privately pressuring mike pence in front of thousands in the crowd, he called mike pence out 11 times , including saying quotes, mike pence, i hope you're going to stand up for the good of our constitution and for the good of your country. and if you're not, i am going to be disappointed in you. i will tell you right now. if this was the crowd's response to donald trump's days of relentless attacks on
6:54 pm
his own vice president. [background noises] wears it mike pence. where's mike pence. by 2:15 p.m. the crowd was chanting in unison, hang mike pence outside the very building he had been evacuated from his family. now, even if president trump did not know that his inflammatory remarks about his vice president would result in chance of hang mike pence, by 2:15 p.m. he surely knew. the attack was all over television. they were doing this out in the open. this was a vice president
6:55 pm
whose life, whose families life was being threatened by people the president had summoned to the capitol. and what did president trump do in response? did he stop? did he tell his vase and, don't attack my vice president? even when president trump knew what his words were causing, he did not do any of those things to stop the crowd. in fact, he did the opposite, he fueled the fire. at 2:24 p.m., he tweeted quote mike pence and didn't have courage to do what should have been done protect our country and our constitution. usaid demands the truth. over an hour and a half into
6:56 pm
the attack and this is what he tweeted. he still, even at this point did not acknowledge the attack on the capitol. let alone condemn it. instead he further incites the mob against his own vice president. his life was being threatened. some of you may say well, who is paying attention anyway? while that mom was paying attention. >> mike pence did not have the courage to be do what needed to be done. giving them a chance to certified incorrect set of facts. it's in an accurate one which they were asked to previously certified. the use demands the truth. [background noises]
6:57 pm
>> [inaudible] [background noises] speaker pelosi? mike pence. [inaudible] [background noises] [background noises] >> donald trump sent a tweet out that i can't let him down. [background noises] i can't let him down. you want to get something done you're going to have to do it. spent the insurgents amplified president trump tweet attacking the vice president with a bullhorn. they were paying attention. and they also followed instructions. in fact, the insurgents were
6:58 pm
at one point as you saw, beat away from the vice president and the vice president's family. some of these insurgents were heard saying quote, they hope to find vice president mike pence and execute him by hanging him from a capitol hill tree as a trader. and then, they erected a gallows with a noose. this is what donald trump incited. please, take a close look at that picture. it harkens back to our nation's worst history of lynching.
6:59 pm
a presidents or words have the power to move people to action. these were the results. and why did the president cite such rage against the vice president? he was fulfilling his constitutional duty, as we all were that day. vice president in this country been carrying out this constitutional duty, overseen the certification of the election results without incident, without contest, without a word for the entirety of our nation. it is part of our peaceful transition of power in the united states. the vice president said he reviewed the constitution he could not block certification as president trump wanted him and was pressuring him to do. he told the president and a letter that morning, a few
7:00 pm
hours before president trump's tweets, quotes, i will approach this moment with a sense of duty and an open mind. setting up politics and personal interest aside and do my part to faithfully discharge my duties, our duties under the constitution. i also pray that we will do so with humility and faith. and the president's response to that statement was to attack mike pence wealthy with his family under the threat of a violent mob. the vice president was following his faith, his duty and his oath to our nation. the vice president and i don't grant too much in politics. but he is a man who upholds his oath, his faith, his duty
7:01 pm
and most of all upholds the constitution. in mike pence is a traitor to this country. he is a patriot. and he and his family who was with him that day did not deserve this. they did not deserve a president unleashing a model on them. especially because he was just doing his job. as this was unfolding and the crowd grew more violent, the president of course was not alone the white house. and the people closest to him, his family, his advisors who saw this unfolding in real time, begged him implored him to stop the attack. in aid to market meadows the president's chief of staff, urged his boss to go see the
7:02 pm
president saying quote, they are going to kill people. they are going to kill people. that is with those around president trump feared. and it still, nothing. it wasn't until 2:30 8:00 p.m., nearly two hours after the start of the siege that donald trump even acknowledged the attack. and when he finally did acknowledge the attack here's what he said, on the right you'll see what have been happening prior to that tweets, and as he sent the tweet. and on the left you'll see exactly what he tweeted. >> i went to stopper the for just one moment we do some breaking news went to bring in congressional correspondent as this is developing right now.
7:03 pm
chad i understand the capitol is now in lockdown? [background noises] [background noises] >> they are definitely fired up by the chance i heard the most today was a fight for trump. that is clearly what many of them feel they are doing. [background noises] hold the wall. [background noises] >> that is what our president saw unfolding in real time, broadcast all over television. and this is what he tweeted at 2:30 8:00 p.m., quote please support our capitol police and law enforcement, they are truly on the side of our country, stay peaceful.
7:04 pm
much has been made of the fact that in this tweet he says stay peaceful. senators, stay peaceful? think about that for a second period these folks were not peaceful. they were breaking windows, pushing through law enforcement officers, waving the flag as they invaded this capitol building. this was a violent armed attack stay peaceful? how about, stop the attack? stop the violence? stay peaceful? how about you say and immediately leave. stopped. he said, please support our lawn. how about he actually support our law enforcement by telling these insurgents to leave the capitol immediately. which he never did.
7:05 pm
they didn't because the truth is he did not want to stop. he wanted them to stay and to stop the certification. and his failure had grave and deadly consequences. by 2:45 p.m. the warnings were tragically proven correct. ashley babbitt was shot by an officer she tried to break through a glass door to reach the speakers lobby. at this point, the police of donald trump publicly and privately grew even more desperate for a 2:54 p.m. elicit fair a unit director begged the president quotes condemn this and now, you are the only one they will listen to. for our country, nick mulvaney the former chief of staff's
7:06 pm
right-hand man at one point tweeted at 3:01 p.m., the president's tweet is not enough, he can stop this now and needs to do exactly that. tell these folks to go home. he can stop this now. tell these folks to go home. at 3:06 p.m., rhett mccarthy appeared on fox news, here's what he said. >> i could not be sad or or more disappointed with the way our country look at this very moment. people are getting hurt. anyone involved if you are hearing me, you hear very loud and clear this is not the american way. >> he is saying on fox news which the president watches, this is not the american way. stop the attack. representative gallagher at
7:07 pm
3:11 p.m., while secured in his own office, posted a video to twitter. mr. president, you've got to stop this preview are the only person who can call this office. call it off. >> and then when the president did not answer his pleas on twitter, or possession of gallagher went on live television. >> this is intent. i've never seen anything like this since i deployed to iraq in 2007 and 2008. this is america and this is what's happening right now. the president needs to call it off. like call it off. call it off. >> represented gallagher you see there, said he had not seen anything like this since he was deployed in iraq. the message around the president was clear from everyone.
7:08 pm
you need to call this off. stop it. but does he? no. his next tweet was not until about 3:13 p.m. once again it's important to consider what was happening between donald trump's 2:30 8:00 p.m. to eight and his next tweet at 3:13 p.m. you'll see footage from the attack during that time on the right. and donald trump's tweet on the left. >> we have been informed that protesters have penetrated the capitol here. [background noises] hey we got a problem here. >> the streets is getting to a different level spinning out of control, this is turning violent this is getting dangerous. [background noises] [background noises]
7:09 pm
[background noises] [background noises] [background noises] [background noises] >> this is not ten minutes into these insurrection, this is not just after his speech earlier that day, that's what our commander-in-chief saw happening and that was his response. you will notice, one of the things he says to his mob, to these insurrection us, than to stop or to leave, was to say thank you.
7:10 pm
thank you. thank you for what? thank you for shattering the windows and destroying property? thank you for injuring more than 140 police officers? thank you for putting in danger all of our lives in the lives of our families? how about instead of thank you, donald trump of that day acted like our commander-in-chief and stopped this as only he could. and told those people to leave. here is a former governor chris christie, his very good friend said after that tweet. >> pretty simple, the president because this approach has to occur. he is the oil when you can make it stop.
7:11 pm
but the president said is not good enough, the present has to come out and tell his supporters to leave the capitol grounds, he has to allow congress to do their business peacefully. and anything short of that is an abrogation of his responsibility. >> he is right. chris christie is right. we now have donald trump acts on twitter and otherwise when he has the message to convey. in fact i asked you to remember those tweets earlier this morning when he yelled on twitter, op account. when he wanted to incite her supporters to shop on generous six president trump tweeted 16 times between midnight on generous six and his new not rally the next day. sixteen times to get them to do something he wanted.
7:12 pm
and his message in those 16 times was clear, fights, stay strong, be strong, but when the violence started he never once said the one thing everyone around him was begging him to say. stop the attack. he refused to stop it. and as governor christie and representative tins anger and others made clear, only donald trump could have stopped that attack. >> you know the guy who knows how to tweet very aggressively on twitter, puts out were the weakest statements in one of the saddest days in american history because his ego won't let him admit defeat. >> is not just our commander-in-chief, he had
7:13 pm
incited the attack. the insurgents were following his commands. and we saw when they read aloud this tweet attacking the vice president. they confirmed this during the attack too. [background noises] [shouting]. >> senators ask yourselves this pre-how easy would it have been for the president to give a simple command, a simple instruction, just telling them, stop. leave. this was a dereliction of duty, plain and simple. and it would've been for any president who had done that. that brings me to it my next point. you heard from my colleagues that one planning this attack
7:14 pm
the insurgents predicted that donald trump would command the national guard to help them with there's a lot we don't know about that day. but here's what we do know. donald trump did not send help to these officers who were badly outnumbered, overwhelmed or being eaten down. two hours into the insurrection by 3:00 p.m. president trump had not deployed the national guard or any other law enforcement to help. spite multiple pleased to do so. president donald trump was at the time, our commander-in-chief at the united states of america. he took a solemn oath to preserve, protect and defend this country. and he failed to uphold that
7:15 pm
oath. there's no indication president trump ever made a call to have the guard deployed, or had anything to do with the guard being deployed when it ultimately was. shortly after 3:04 p.m., the acting defense secretary announced the guard had been activated. in list of the people he spoke with including vice president mike pence, speaker pelosi, leader mcconnell and representative a hoyer but that list did not include the president. this omission of his name was not accidental. according to reports, quote tuan initially rebuffed request to mobilize the national guard and required interference by other officials. including his own white house counsel. and later as it mob of trump
7:16 pm
supporters reached police barricades and sees the capitol, trump purportedly was disengaged and discussions with pentagon leaders about deploying the national guard to aid the overwhelmed u.s. capitol police. president trump was reportedly and i quote completely, totally out of it. he made no attempt to reach the national guard. and it was a vice president pence, still under the threat for his life that reportedly spoke to the guard. president trump's conduct confirms this too. at no point on january 6 did donald trump even a reference the national guard. the only thing that we heard connecting the president to the guard was from his press secretary who tweeted about the guard being deployed at the president's direction over
7:17 pm
half an hour later at 3:30 6:00 p.m. we have seen what donald trump does when he tries to take credit for something. even when the national guard was finally deployed, he did not even acknowledge it. in fact, he did not say a word about the national guard the entire day. think about that. the bloodiest attack we've seen on our capitol since 1812 and i were couldn't be bothered to even mention that help was on its way. these insurgents have been attacking our government for over four hours by that point. emily may have been the target. it was a brave men and women who protect our capitol who are out there combating thousands of armed insurgents in a fight for their lives.
7:18 pm
that is who donald trump left entirely unprotected. >> hold the line, hold the line,. [background noises] [shouting]. [shouting]. [background noises] [shouting] >> this is hard to watch my think it's important we understand what the capitol police were facing. how severely they were outnumbered while our commander-in-chief whose job it was to protect and defend them was just watching, doing nothing for hours, refusing to send help. if you wanted to protect these officers, if he cared about their safety as he tweeted about he would have told his
7:19 pm
supporters to leave. he would've sent help right away. one brave officer was killed, others took their lives after the attack. more than 140 police officers were injured, including cracked ribs, smashed spinal discs, one officer will lose an eye, another was stabbed with a metal fence stake. they were completely and violently overwhelmed by a mob and needed help. in our commander-in-chief president trump refused to send it. senators, you have seen all of the evidence so far. and this is clear. on january 6 president trump left everyone in this capitol for dead. for the next hour, after
7:20 pm
president trump's three tweet he still did nothing. not till 4:17 p.m. over three and half hours since of violence started to the president send a message asking insurgents to go home. on the right you will see it happen in that day and the hours leading up to its prerecorded video. on the left you'll see his message, let's watch bird >> i know your pain, no you're hurt. we had an election that was stolen from us. it was a landslide election, and everyone knows it. especially the other side. but you have to go home now. we have to have peace. we have to have law and order we have to respect our great people in law and order. we don't want anybody hurt pretty to very tough period of time, there's never been a time like this where such a thing happened and they could take it away from all of us. for me, from you, from our
7:21 pm
country. this was a fraudulent election. but we can't play into the hands of these people. we have to have peace. so go home, we love you. you are very special. you have seen what happens, you see the way others are treated that are so bad and so evil. i know how you feel. but go home and go home in peace. >> this is the first time our commander-in-chief spoke publicly at all since the attack began. over three and a half hours after it started. these are the entirety of the words the president spoke out loud to the people or to the attackers that entire day. nowhere in that video, not once i condemn this insurrection. i condemn what you did today. nowhere did he say i am
7:22 pm
sending help immediately. stop this. here's what he said instead. i know your pain. i know you're hurt. we had an election that was stolen. even after all the things we witness, even after all of that carnage, he goes out and tells the same big lie. the same big lie that enraged and incited the attack. he repeated this while the attack was ongoing. but were still under threat. here's what else he said. go home and peace. we love you. you are very special. senators you were here. you saw this with your own eyes. you faced that danger.
7:23 pm
when president trump had the opportunity to confront them as a leader of us all as the commander-in-chief, what did you tell them? we love you. you are very special. this was not a condemnation for this is a message of consolation, of support, of praise. and if there is any doubt that his supporters, these insurgents took this as a message of support and praise, watch for yourselves. >> donald trump asked everybody to go home. he just put out a tweet it's a minute long acacia writing a home. he won, he won. >> how did you win? >> he's sending out messages to these centers in the congressman he won by sending a message depends. at they don't do what is their oath to do if they don't uphold the constitution, then we will remove them from office one way or another.
7:24 pm
>> i suspect you recognize that man. you will hear him say that we won the day. who in the day? we know that at least five people lost their lives that day. the house and the senate were in life threatening danger and so was the vice president. and think of everyone else here as well. who one on january 6? that is not a win for america. but it is a win for donald trump unless we hold him accountable. now, a little over an hour after that video of the brave members of law enforcement secured the capitol and we as a congress got ready to continue certifying our free and fair election.
7:25 pm
a half-hour after that president trump issued another tweet. in case there is any doubt as to whether he was happy with the people who did this, as to whether he had insights in this, he commemorated what happened on january 6. at 6:01 p.m., on january 16 tweeted quote these are the things and events that happen when a sacred landslide election victory so unceremoniously and viciously stripped away from great patriots who have been badly and unfairly treated for so long. and with remember this day forever. my colleague manager cicilline started with this tweet. because this tweet shows exactly how donald trump felt about what happened on january 6. these are the things that happened. he is saying this was a
7:26 pm
foreseeable. he said i told her this was going to happen if you certify the election for anyone else. and you got what you deserve for trying to take my power away. great page risk a home with love and peace. remember this day forever. he is saying to them you did good. he's not regretful, he's not grieving, he's not sad. he's not angry about the attack. he is celebrating it, he is commemorating it. this is the entirety of what president trump said to the public once the attack began, five tweets and prerecorded video on the day of the most blood insurrection we have faced in generations. our commander-in-chief who is known for sending 108 tweets in a normal day sends a five tweets in a prerecorded video. that is the entirety of president trump's public
7:27 pm
statements from when the attack began until he went to bed on january 6. that is all he did. despite all the people we know who begged to to preserve, protect, and defend. that was our commander-in-chief's response. he began the day with quote our country has had enough. we will not take it anymore. and that is with this is all about britt and he ended the attack, letting us know that we got what he forewarned that morning. we will of course, each of us are member that day forever. but not in the way president trump intended. not because of the actions of these inviolate unpatriotic insurrectionist. i'll member that day forever because despite president trump's vicious attempts throughout the day to
7:28 pm
encourage the siege and block the certification he failed. at 8:06 p.m., the senate gaveled into session and the counting of the electoral votes continued. about an hour later the house followed suit. close to 4:00 a.m. after spending a significant part of the day evacuated, or on the floor, or hiding, this great body fulfilled the will of the people inserted by the electoral college vote. i am proud to be part of congress. i am proud we ensured the will of the american people finally prevailed on that day. and i'm proud that i and everyone in this room, abided by our oath of office. even if the president did not abide by his. president trump two took an oath as president but he swore on a bible to preserve, protect, and defend.
7:29 pm
and who among us can honestly say they believe that he upheld that oath? and who among us while at utter dereliction of duty stand? >> mr. president the managers are prepared to recess for the evening and to finish her opening statement tomorrow. >> mr. president. mr. president. >> majority leader parts. >> pursuant to rule 69 make a motion, statements or attributed to me moments ago by the house impeachment managers. statements relating to the content of conversations
7:30 pm
between phone call involving president trump and senator taber bill. were not made by me, were not accurate in their contrary to affected move pursuant to rule 16 they be stricken from the record. >> pursuant to the senate resolution 47 section four, by these presentations are not limited provided for in such that resolution. >> mr. president. >> i could hear what he said. [inaudible] : : we might as well hear clearly
7:31 pm
what the ruling of the chair was. so if you would repeat that. >> i will and pursuant to the resolution 47 section four the parties presentation is not limited. >> pursuant to the senate resolution 40s seven section 4 parties imitation are not limited to the record provided for section one of that resolution. the senator from utah has appealed. >> is that correct? >> yes i have. >> the yeas and nays are requested. >> what is the question shall the ruling of the chair be
7:32 pm
sustained? is that the question. >> yes. >> what do i asked the ruling of the chair, it was not about whether it's report, my point was to strike them because they were false. >> whether the ruling of the chair that the senate resolution 47 applies to the situation is correct. >> the question is whether the senate resolution 47 section 4 is correct the parties presentation not limited to the record provided section one of that resolution. >> mr. president that is not my motion preview ruled on a motion and something that was not what i moved. what i asked was, statements were attributive to me repeatedly. as to which a personal knowledge because i have the source. they are not true, i never made those statements, ask that they be strict did, this has nothing
7:33 pm
to do whether or not there based on depositions which they are not, it simply based on the fact that i'm the witness, the only witness. those statements are not true and i asked that you fight them. >> mr. president. >> mr. president. >> joe -- the yeas and nays are asked for under the appeal. >> come on. >> were having trouble with the microphone. i'm sorry. the yeas and nays have been asked. >> the yeas and nays have been asked for. >> the yeas and nays have been asked -- >> please let him explain
7:34 pm
mr. president, what was not false, what was false about it. >> mr. president -- >> understand it resolution 47 section 4 prior presentation not limited to the record provided for section one of that resolution that has been appealed, the yeas and nays have been requested, the clerk will call the roll. [roll call vote] [roll call vote] >> point of clarification, what is the question? >> were not allowed to hear, yes? i suggest the absalom of a
7:35 pm
quorum why we work this out. >> the clerk will call the roll. [roll call vote] [roll call vote] [roll call vote] [roll call vote]
7:36 pm
[silence] [silence] [roll call vote]
7:37 pm
[roll call vote] [roll call vote]
7:38 pm
[silence] >> the senate impeachment trial of the former president trump in a holding pattern right now as you can see what we understand to happen is the house impeachment managers were ready to adjourn for the evening they were done making their legal cases for the day. he saw mike lee republican of utah asked that the comments attributed to him in a phone call made by president trump be struck from the record. you then saw the presiding officer senator patrick leahy of
7:39 pm
vermont unclear as to what his ruling was, you heard senators asked for him to annunciate that ruling again, then he had technical problems. it's unclear right now what exactly they are voting on or if a vote is taking place at this moment. you can see the huddling on the senate floor. we will continue to watch. >> a quorum call underway. >> without objection, there will be order. >> mr. president we need order. >> the senate will be in order. >> i redraw the request for the yeas and nays. >> i withdraw the quorum call and call on the manager mr. raskin for a brief
7:40 pm
statement. >> the impeachment manager mr. cicilline correctly in accurately quoted a newspaper account which the distinguished senator has taken objection to sober happy to withdraw it but on the grounds that it is not true -- we will withdraw this evening and without any prejudice to resubmit it and we can debate if we need to but this has nothing to do about nothing because it's not critical in any way to our case. >> the managers issue stands, mr. lee has withdrawn his request and we may relitigate it tomorrow if we have to. i now ask the unanimous consent the trial adjourn until 12 noon tomorrow thursday february 11 and this also constitute the adjournment of the senate.
7:41 pm
>> objection without objection, the senate stands adjourned. [inaudible conversations] [silence] >> the senate has adjourned for the evening they will return tomorrow at noon eastern time, what unfolded moments ago was a senator from utah mike lee a republican asking that the record be struck when it referred to a phone call that the president made.
7:42 pm
now you heard the house management impeachment managers withdraw that for now, they may relitigate it tomorrow when they reconvene at noon eastern time for the second day of the house impeachment managers case against the former president for inciting an insurrection at the capital. there's a phone numbers on your screen, we want to get to your thoughts and just a minute on what you heard today on the case made by house democrats. you might've noticed right before the slate when up, that is the signage this is a senate stands adjourned you might've noticed the presiding officer patrick leahy democrat of vermont who is presiding over this callout mike to mike lee and then mike lee approaches the podium as those to discuss, look like they were discussing what just happened, reporting for the