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tv   U.S. Senate Impeachment Trial House Managers Arguments  CSPAN  February 11, 2021 4:48pm-7:01pm EST

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patriot and trying to twist this image and project hate toward other people had divide the country for the. >> travis in california, thanks for that. calls and comment ahead tomorrow morning on "washington journal", we get underway as usual. live 7:00 a.m. eastern here, c-span and here on c-span radio. our coverage of the impeachment trial and former president trump continues tomorrow noon eastern in the president's, former presidents attorneys will have their turn, up to 16 hours but as reported by the media, it looks like they are likely to use just one day, tomorrow. we will be here live with the coverage. ♪♪ >> you are watching c-span2, unfiltered view of government. c-span2 created by america's cable television company and today brought to you by these television companies to provide c-span do to viewers as a public
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service. ♪♪ >> we will take you back five hours or so to the start of the second final day of the house managers case against former president donald trump. >> senate will be in order impeachment and black lives the senate entire. let us pray. almighty god, our shelter from storm. senate jurors, discernment that will rescue our nation from ruin. eliminate deadlines with your
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truth as you speak through the whispers, remind them the seeds they plan now will bring a harvest. may the choices theyma make brig blessings, healing and prosperity to our land. we pray in your merciful name, amen. >> join me in the pledge of allegiance. >> i pledge of allegiance to the flag of the united states of america to the republic for which it stands, onene nation under god, indivisible liberty and justice for all.
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>> please be seated. if nof objection, the proceedins of the trial approved today, i asked the arms to make the proclamation. >> hear you, hear ye, hear you. indicate silence while the senate of the u.s. is sitting for the trial for the articles of impeachment exhibited by the house of representatives against donald john trump, former president of the united states. >> senate will be in order majority leaders recognize. >> it is my understanding has scheduled today, similar to yesterday's proceedings, we plan to take a short rake every two
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or three hours and accommodate a 30 minute recess for dinner, presuming it is needed. >> pursuant to the provisions of resolution 47, managers for the house of representatives eight hours remaining to make presentation of the case. the one out here you and presiding officer recognizes mr. mmanager rask to continue presentation to the case for the house of representatives. thank you. senators. representative, to get colorado for the insurrections believed they were following president trump marching orders.
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>> my friends and colleagues, yesterday was an emotionally wrenching day. as i watched the footage of the violence at the capital building, my own experience brought it back to me. i was one of the unlucky members stuck in the house gallery along with congresswoman dean as the house floor was. need us as members and staff, we could see them all pounding on the door in the house chamber. we couldo see capital police officers inside the chamber holding funds and pointing them at intruders. then we heard gunshots on the other side and we find ourselves down on the floor and removed our numbers. and we heard pounding on the flimsy gallery doors right up above us.
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finally, after that situation for some time, we were told to run out of the door at the end of the gallery. as we ran through a line of police to the staircase, this is what i, the swat team went to automatic weapons that people on the floor. look at these people it makes you wonder, who sent them here? in the next few minutes, i want to step back on the horrors of the self and looked january 6 from a totally different perspective. perspective of the insurrectionist themselves. statements before, during and after thehe attack makes it cler the attack was done for donald trump at hison instructions ando fulfill his wishes. donald trump sent them there. they truly believe the whole
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intrusion was at the president's orders and we know that because they said so. many of them posed for pictures, writing about it on social media tagged mr. trump in tweets. this was not hidden crime, the president told them to be there so they actually believe they would face no punishment. the defense argued in their brief and again here tuesday that the insurrectionist were acting on their own, not incited by president trump or acting in ghis direction. this is in their brief. they did so at their own accord and for their own reasons and being c prosecuted. but that is not the case. it's not what the insurrectionist actually said. they said they came here because the president instructed them to
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do so. leading up to the attack, the insurrectionist said they were coming for president trump. he invited them with clear instruction for a specific time and place and with clear waters. stop, fight to stop the certification congress by any means necessary. the crowd at donald trump's speech echoed t and repeated his words. crowds followed his direction and marched to the capital, they chanted the same words as they reached the building. let's return to the speech for a moment. during the rallies, president trump led the crowd a here is what the chant sounded like from the crowds perspective. >> may turn all, we will stop
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the seal. [cheering] [chanting] stop the seal! >> soon after, the president asked as the crowd chanted. people responded. stormed the capital, invade the capital. here are those moments, but from the crowds perspective.. [chanting] fight! [chanting] [inaudible] [cheering]
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>> invade the capital building. >> we have another perspective from this moment. online extremist chatter. at the same time, the people in the crowd shouted -- take the capital building and president trump said show strength. a person posted on parler saying, hindsight civil war is upon us. another user said, we are going to have a civil war, get ready. an analysis shows members of civil war quadrupled our effort donald trump the show strength. in thes insurrectionist to the capital, they continued the rallying cries for closing confederate flags and brandishing weapons all the president spoke words.
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[inaudible] [chanting] stop the seal! [chanting] >> you heard themou chanting. as the crowd chanted at the mall the crowd of the capital made clear who they were doing this for. they also chanted fight for trump. [chanting] fight for trump explanation.acclamation. [chanting] >> it wasn't that they were doing this for mr. trumpg], they were following his instruction.
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they said he invited them as we heard, he had. as one man explained on a lifestream from inside the capital, our president wants us here. we wait and take orders from our president. inside the capital shows when the insurrectionist first got into the building and confronted police, the mob screamed at the officers that they were listening to president trump. ... they believe that the commander-in-chief was ordering this. when president-elect biden went
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on television that day one woman asked to this. >> does he not realize president trump called us to siege the place? >> it's these types of comments are endless. don't worry, i won't play all of them but it wasn't just the words of the insurrectionists that prove that they did this in response to orders from their commander-in-chief. we can see this in the fact that they were not hiding. one rioter to livestreamed da capo said quote we are fighting for trump. [inaudible] >> we love you.
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we are fighting for trump. >> and again this is not an isolated incident. the individual posted photos of himself committing these crimes. trump supporter's who had broker into the capitol were taking selfies streaming live videos and posing. in fact they wanted the president to know this is me and in fact you can see the person wrote on his own page this is me. and if there was any remaining doubt after hours of practice when president trump finally told the insurrectionists to go home only then did some of them began to listen. as you previously saw at 4:17 p.m. mr. trump released a prerecorded video saying to the mob, go home, we love you, you are very special.
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shortly her he tweetedor this video a few of the insurrectionists who had seen it were heard claiming victory and telling people to go home because of donaldpl trump's message and instructions. you saw it earlier with the insurrectionists who quoted we won the day. a little bit for that video he said the same thing to the crowd through a bullhorn instructed them to go home because of the video that president trump had treated. let's watch. >> we won the day. that's why president trump's telling everyone to gode home.
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>> even after the attack the insurrectionists made clear to law enforcement that they were just falling president trump's orders. they didn't shy away from their crimes. they thought they were following orders from the commander-in-chief and so they would not the punished. they were wrong. after the attacks there were dozens of arrests. these were federal offenses including assaulting police. would love enforcement interviewed the people who read the capitol on january 6 they once again said it was because the president told them to be there. robert sanford was seen in his widely circulated video throwing a fire extinguisher that struck a capitol police officer outside of the building.
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a witness told the fbi that sanford said he had traveled to washington d.c. on the bus with a group of people. the group had gone to the white house and they had listened to donald trump's speech and then had followed the president's instructions and had gone to the capitol. folks, the insurrectionists didn't jeff: this up. as sanford's lawyer explains you are being told you better fight like. this fight like mean you throw things at people? may be. the lawyer asked that his client quote wouldn't have been there if it weren't for the president. sanford wasn't the exception. he was the rule. in their statements after the attacks of insurrectionists
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routinely echoed what they had said before and during the attacks. they were there because the president told them to be. now look, the lawyers who were saying that their clients were told to commit these acts by mr. trump, well they know that putting the blame on the president doesn't exonerate their client. they are just saying it frankly because that's exactly what happened. another trump supporter who's been federally charged his real estate agent jennifer ryan. ms. ryan attested in many tv interviews and what she said she was only doing what the president asked her and others to do. shee also reports of video befoe the rally talking about the plans for violence and here's what she said. >> personally i do not feel shame or guilt from my heart for what i was doing. i thought it was following my
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president. i thought i was following what we wereas called to do. he asked us to be there so i was doing what he asked us to do. >> ultimately yes wewe were goig in for president trumpcare president trump requested that we be in d.c. on the sixth so this was our way. >> if it comes down to words i'm going to be there. yet another trump supporter who was arrested after breaching the capitol explained in a media interview why he did it, referring to donald trump he said quote he said hey i need my soldiers to show up on january 6 and wend all did. some of these individuals who joined in the attack on our capitol did so as part of
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violent groups which have been officially condemned liar government. daniel goodwin is a self-proclaimed member of the proud boys. he was one of many. on november 7, goodman tweeted pictures showing the crowd with the logo surrounded bye bye stand back and stand by end of quote stanback in standby. and then orders from our commander in chief. look closely at this slide. you are looking at an image of good ones own to eat. he was such a loyal follower of president trump that he use the president's photo as his own profile picture on twitter. now remember president trump told them to stand backde in standby. they took it as a call to arms and when he called them to arms
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they were all ready to act. they were waiting for their orders on january 6. and goodwin followed those orders. others broke into the windows of the capitol capitol and climbed inside. t here he is on another insurrectionists slide. they were in one of the first four hallways of the building. when it became clear that donald trump was not going to save these folks and i prosecution wn it became clear that the commander of chief had given false commands that went against this country some h supporters expressed regret and they saided they felt duped. here's chance league and who we saw on the video claiming victory after the president told the rioters to go home. earlier in the afternoon as you
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will recall he carried a spirit to breach the capitol entered through the gallery and went right here onto the senate floor. he left a threatening note for vice president pence right there on the senate dais. it read, quote it's only a matter of time. justice is coming. on january 7 chansley spoke to the fbi and he said he came as part of a group effort with other patriots from arizona at the request of the president that all patriots come to d.c. on january 6, 2021. on january 14, chansley gave an interview to chris cuomo in which he said that chansley was their quote at the invitation of
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our president who said he would walk down pennsylvania avenue with him. in fact ted lieu's's lawyer now says that chansley felt duped by the president and he regrets what the president wrought him roto do. this man who ran through our halls, who ran into this chamber, who sat right there on the dais and who wrote a note for vice president pence that he siwas coming for him, he and the with him declared they would remove him from office if we went against donald trump. now he says he would not have done any of that is mr. trump had told him not to. chansley is not alone in his post arrest admission as more and more of these people ever turned. the confessionon in the regrets
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cascades. more and more insurrectionists are admitting that they came in trump's direction. when riley june williams known for allegedly helping steal -- from speaker was his office appeared in court on january 21 her lawyer said to the judge quote it is regrettable that ms. williams took the president's bait and went inside the capitol. he posted on line that they quote the president today president trump told us to fight like. he also posted that the president quote said that our case was a matter of national security. daniel fischer was charged with disorderly conduct and illegally being in the capitol on january 6.he that day before the attack he
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wrote on his web site quote trump just needs to fire the bad signal and the pain then comes. the lawyer for the leader of the proud boys who was the first person to break inside the capitol said that president trump told his clients and others quote people of the country come out now. let people know quote logical thinking was he invited us down. his lawyern. went on these were people acting in a way they have never acted before. and it begs the question who lit the fuse end quote. onot january 6, we know who lit the fuse. donald trump told the insurrectionists to come to the capitol and stop the steal.
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they came to the capitol and tried to stop the certification. they came because he told them and they did stop our proceedings but only temporarily because he told them to. have you noticed throughout this presentation the uncanny similarities over and over and over again of what all these people are saying? they said what donald trump said and they echoed each other. stand back in standby, stop the steel, fight like, we are listening to trump. there riots that day left at least seven people dead. more than 150 people injured, members senators and their staff
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traumatized to this day. damage to americans, damage to our police force in damage to other nations who have always seen us as a bastion of democracy. all of these people arrested are being held accountable forre thr actions. their leader, the man who incited them must be held accountable as well. but as i said earlier you don't have to take my word for it that the insurrectionists acted at donald trump's instruction, they they were invited here. they were invited by the president of the unitedf states. yelling we were invited here.
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we were invited here. we were invited by the president of the united states. [silence]
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[silence] senators representative degette shutout the insurrectionists believed and understood themselves to be following president trump's marching orders. she explained in chilling detail how they wereesh acting in perft alignment with his instructions in his exquisite strategy to retainin power. they did what they told him to do. this did not spring into life out of thin air. we talk about trump spent months cultivating america's most dangerous extremist groups. we saw how he riled them up with corrosive lies u in violent rhetoric so much so that they were ready and eager for their most dangerous mission in validating the will of the people to keep donald trump in the office. we must remember this was not
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the first time donald trump had inflamed and incited a mob. trump knew it is incitement would result in violent not only because of the thousands of violent messages posted all over the forum and the widespread news of preparation for violent among extremist groups and his communications on twitter with the insurrectionists themselves. he knew it also because he had seen many of the exact same groups he wasou mobilizing, participate in extremist violence before. moreover he had seen clearly how his own incitement to violence in flames after the violence took place, galvanized, encouraged and electrified these extremist followers. these tactics were road tested. january 6 was a culmination of
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the presidents actions, not an aberration from them. the insurrection was the most violent and dangerous episode so far in donald trump's continuing pattern of inciting violence. i emphasize so far earlier stacey plaskett showed several episodes that took place during the presidential election but as the encouragement of violence encourages other public officials long predates the 2020 campaign. the intent of violence is always dangerous but uniquely intolerable when done by the president of the united states ofueon america. but that seems the norm. president trump as white supremacist groups to spread like wildfire across the land produce some department of
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homeland security called homegrown terrorism the number one threat facing americans today but no matter how many people inside and outside of government begged him to condemn extreme elements, promoting violence instilled war in america, a race war in america and that's because he wanted to incite and provoke violence for his own political gain and for his own strategic objective. ever since he became president trump revealed what he thought of as political violence forug s side or he praised it and he encouraged it. right now i'm going to play for you a few clips from over the years when the presidents words successfully incited his supporters into assaulting his opponents. [chanting]
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usa, usa, usa. >> the first group i was nice. take your time. the second group i was pretty nice. the third group i'll be a little more violence in the fourth group i will say get the out off here. [applause] >> get him the out of here, will you please? get him out of here. throw him out. we have wonderful security guys. they said mr. trump there may be somebodyn with tomatoes and the audience. if you see somebody getting ready to throw a tomato knock the out of them will you? seriously, okay? i promise you i will pay for the legal fees, il promise.
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>> well we have seen these clips and many more like them before. think about the brutal power and effectiveness of his words with his followers but you heard him. he told his supporters to be a little more violent and they have responded to the command by literally dragging a protester across the floor at one of his campaign rallies. get him the out of here, throw him out. his supporters punched and kicked another protester as he waste escorted from the hall. he told supporters to knock the out of people and promise promised to pay the legal fees of the assailant time after time he encouraged violence. supporters t listen and they got the message but it wasn't just trump's encouragementen of violence that conditioned his supporters to participate in this insurrection on january 6. it was also his explicit sanctioning of the violence after it took place. let's watch some of those
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incidents beginning with trump praising a supporter who assaulted someone. [inaudible] >> we have had a couple that were really violent in a particular one where i said it was very loud and started swinging at the audience and you know what the audience swung back and i thought it was very very appropriate. he was swinging, he was hitting people in the audience hit back and that's what we need a little bit more of. >> i want to talk about that later. >> they are's not going to be time. >> a last time he did the same thing. get the hell out of here. get the hell out off here.
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>> you just broke my glasses. you just broke my glasses. by the way never wrestle him. >> and a guy that can do a body slam is my kind of guy. [cheers and applause] [chanting] [chanting] >> a we did not initiate force against anybody.
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>> do i think there is blame? i think there's blame on both sides. if you look at both sides i think there is blame on both sides and you also had people that were very fine people, on both sides. >> just in case you didn't catch all of thatas the president praised the republican candidate to assaulted as journalist is my kind of guy. he said there were quote very fine people on both sides when many of, the klansman and the proud boys invaded the city, the great city of charlottesville and killed heather haier and he said an attack on the black protester was very very appropriate. does that sound familiar? listen to how president trump responded when asked about his own conduct on january the sixth. >> if you read my speech and
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many people have done it. it's been analyzed and h people thought what i said was totally appropriate. >> so there the pattern is staring us in the face. very, very appropriate after a man was assaulted at one of his rallies, totally appropriate was how he characterizedll his incitement on january 6 meaning of course given the chance he would go out and do it again because while would he not engage in totally appropriate contact? he makes it clear that when donald trump tells a crowd to fight like hell are you won't have a country anymore he meant for them to fight like hell. on january 6, that became clear to all of america. let's consider the offense senators that took place last year in michigan where president trump demonstrated his willingness and ability to incite violence like government
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officials who he thought was getting in his way. when responding to extremist in michigan and trump showed how he knew how to use the power of the mob to advance his political objective level attack on michigan governor gretchen whitmer for the coronavirus's policies in or governor whitmer trump criticized her handling os the pandemic tweeting sailing michigan governor would be much more proactive. we are pushing her to get the job done. i stand with michigan. march 27 he added i love michigan. one of the reasons we are doing such a great job for them during this a horrible pandemic, get yr governor kritsch and half whitmer is way in over her head and doesn't have a clue. likes blaming everyone for her own ineptitude.
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#maga. by april his name-calling turned to call for mass mobilization of his supporters. this was a sign of things to on april 17 2020 tweet it polk liberate michigan. not even two weeks later in april 30 supportersn march from the michigan state capitol in lansing and stormed the building. trump's marching orders were followed by aggressive action on the ground. [chanting] [chanting] [inaudible]
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you betrayed us. you have a. to people. lock [ her up. lock her up. as the video shows the smell of didn't protesters took a violent stand to date came armed in tightly packed themselves in a building with no regard to social distancing. this trump inspired mob may be looks familiar to you. confederate battle flags, maga hats,, weapons, and camo army gear just like the insurrection is to showeded up and invaded ts chamber on january 6. the siege of the michigan state house was effectively a state level dress rehearsal for the siege of the u.s. capitol that trump incited on january 6. itit was a preview of the coming insurrection. president trump first bonds to
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these two events was strikingly similar. following the armed siege and glancing president trump refused to condemn the attacks on the michigan capitol and instead he did just the opposite. he upheld the race -- of his cause and put pressure on the victims of the attacks to listen to his supporters. the day after the mob attackte n lansing trump told governor whitmer to negotiatete with extremist tweeting that the governor should just quote give a little to the violent man who had stormed the capitol threatening not only the stability of the michigan government but her own life. as you can see he tweeted, the governor of michigan should give a little hint put out the fire. these are very good people, but they are angry. they want a their lives back
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again, safely. see them, talk to them, make a deal. the president said heavily armed extremist caring tatel flights and pushing past police to overtake the michigan statee house chamber are very good people and to just negotiate with them. it's clear he doesn't think -- but april 30 wasn't the only time trump supporter stormed michigan capitol. his praise encouragement and support they escalated. governor whitmer refused to capitulate to the presence commands to negotiate with them. two weeks later on may 14 trump mobs again stormed the state capitol. this time as you can see here one-man brought a doll with a news around the neck foreshadowing the appearance of a large gallows erected outside of this building downstairs on january 6 as the crowd chanted
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and i can hear the words ringing in my ears, paying mike pence, hang mike pence. over the coming months even after crowd stormed the capitol trump refused to -- at a rally in michigan on december 10 trump ripped up the crowd saying she doesn't have a clue about reopening. on october 8 the president consequences of incitement to violence were revealed to the whole p world. look at this. 13 men were arrested by the fbi for plotting to stormed the michigan state capitol building launch a civil war kidnapped governor whitmer transport her totm wisconsin and then try to execute her. this was an assassination conspiracy, kidnapping conspiracy. look at the language that they used. in the charging document c fbi reported one of the conspirators
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said he needs 200 meant to stormed the capitol building and take clinical hostages including the governor. the suspect called it a snatch andra grab, man. grab the governor. one of those men pled guilty. the plot was well-organized. just like the one that was coming on january the sixth. michigan planned on using molotov cocktails and to construct their owntr ieds something that actually happened here on january 6. police authorities arrested extremists who had weapons and materials to build devices including one-man with an assault rifle and enough materials to make a weapon molotov cocktails. on september 27 of 2020 1 michigan conspiracists posted when the time comes there'll be no need to strike fear.
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they fear will be manifested through bullets. what did donald trump do as president of theal united states to defend one of our nation's governors against it plotted kidnapping by violent insurrection is? did he publicly condemn the violent extremists who plan to launch a civil war in america? no, not at all. he further inflames them by continuing to attack the governor who is the object of their hatred in this kidnapping conspiracy. the very night this conspiracy became public and governor whitmer learned that there were men who are planning to kidnap and likely kill her, trump did not condemn the violence. he did not criticize the extremists. he didn't even check on governor whitmer safety.
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he chose to vilify governor whitmer again and amazingly took credit for foiling the plot demanding her gratitude and then quickly change the subject to antifa. he tweeted governor whitmer has done a terrible job. he demanded that she thanked him for the law enforcement operation that foiled the kidnapping conspiracy that had been encouraged by his rhetoric. on october 17 at little over a week after these people were arrested preparing to kidnap gretchen whitmer trump world at the crowd in michigan with more personal attacks on whitmer having the crowd chant lock her up, lock her up. it now seems that some of his followers were prepared to engage in criminal violence with orchestrated attacks, deadly weapons and willing bodies to form -- stormed the state capitol building in to attack
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his perceived political enemy and so is the crowd said locker upkeep pivoted to hiss next goa. he told them they couldn't trust the governor who administered an unfair election. he used the crowd that he knew would readily engage in violence took prepare his followers for his next paramount political objective, claiming the election was stolen and inciting insurrectionary action. he did it again october 27 during a pre-election rally speech in lansing michigan were the capitol was then stormed. trump overly joked with the crowd about critics saying his words had provoked the violence plots against governor whitmer. check a it out. >> we have got to get her. i don't think she likes me so much. [chanting]
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locker her up. lock her up. lock her up. lock her up. >> i don't come into that because they say the president led them. i don't have to lead you. even a little nod they say the president said. your governor [inaudible] the only man allowed to go sailing is her husband so your governor, i don't think she likes me too much. hey, hey hey. it was our people that helped her out with her problem. people are entitled. sit was our people, my people r people that helped her out.
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>> president trump offered them> a little blinking inside joke about his constant incitement of the mop and how much could be communicatednt by him, just a little nod. just a little nod. he presided over another rhythmic rendition of his trademark, lock her up, lock her up or fern to the fbi foiling the kidnapping conspiracy which was deadly serious he said. he helped her up with the problem. maybe it was a problem, and maybe it wasn't. maybe it was a problem and maybe it wasn't. the president of the united states of america. he could not bring himself to publicly oppose the kidnapping and a potential assassination, conspiracy plot against the sitting governor of one of our 50 states? trump knew exactly what he was
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doing in inciting the january 6 mob. exactly. he had just seen how easily his words and actions inspired violence in michigan. he sent a clear message to his supporters. he encouraged planning in a conspiracy to take over capitol buildings and threatened public officials who refuse to bow down to his political will. is there any chance donald trump was surprised by the result of his own incitement collects? use our common sense. the sense we have in common, the citizens. if we don't draw the d line here what is next? if we let him get away with this and then it comes to your state capitol or comes back here again what are we going to say?
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these prior acts of incitement are trump's obvious attempts, obvious attempts is unavoidable knowledge of the consequences of vince incitement, the unavoidable knowledge of the consequences of his incitement and a clear foreseeability of the violent harm unleashed on our people, on our republic. it's not an unexpected radical breakthrough law-abiding peaceful disposition. this was aas state of mind. this was his essential ammo. he knew agon by tweets iswise and a promise of a wild time in washington would guarantee his grip on power and is followers would show up right in early ready to attack, ready to engage in violence and ready to fight like hell for their hero. just like they answered his call in michigan.
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president trump has said over and over his supporters are loyal and the most loyal that we have seen in our country's history. and he knew his most hard-core supporters were willing to direct violence that elected officials indeed to attack and lay siege to a capitol building. he knew they would be ready to heed his call on january 6 to stop the steal by using violence to block the peaceful transfer of power in the united states. he knew they were coming and he welcomed them with open arms. we hear you and love you from the oval office. my dear colleagues is there any leader in this room who believes if he is allowed to get back into the oval office donald trump would stop s inciting violence if he had his way?
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would you betet the lives of moe police officers on that? would you bet the safety of your family on that? would you bet the future of your democracy onac that? president trump declared his conduct totally appropriate. so if he gets back and gets back into office and it happens again butill have no one to blame ourselves. >> mr. ted lieu we'll talk about president trump's total lack of remorse after the insurrection. >> good afternoon.
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my colleagues watching president trump's actions leading up to january 6 and the horrific event on january 6 and we saw both during thehe attack in the days after the attack that this was a president who showed no remorse and took no accountability. in fact quite the opposite. as representative raskin showed you president trump claims his actions were quote totally appropriate. their assertion is that everyone thought donald trump's actions were totally a probe rate including people in this room is course untrue and it is also dangerous. that is why members of congress and u.s. senators former intern did administrations officials state and local officials all unequivocally confirm what we witnessed with their own eyes that donald trump's conduct was
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wrong, was distracted dishonorable and un-american. president trump's lack of remorse and refusal to take accountability during the attacks shows his state of mind. it shows he intended the events of january 6 to happen and what itig did president trump's lackf remorse and refusal to take accountability after the attacks shows us his unique and continuing danger. it sends the message that it is acceptable to incite a violent insurrection to overthrow the will of the people and that it president of the united states can do that and get away with it. that is why we have to hold president i trump accountable, o send that message that it's never patriotic to incite a violent attack on our nation's
5:46 pm
capitol. and future presidents will know that they cannot follow and donald trump's footsteps and get away with it. so let's start with the day of the a tack on insurrection day, january 6 grade president trump did not once condemn their attacks, not even once. even when he finally asked the violent extremist to go home which was three hours after the attacks began he sent this video and he ends it with you are very special. we love you. that was his message to people who perpetrated this violence gruesome attack. we love you. two hours later he tweets, remember this day forever. this is not a man who shows
5:47 pm
remorse. but it's worse than that. after that tweet it took them another full day to even condemn the attack itself. the very next day president trump was eerily silent and then at 7:01 p.m. he releases a prerecorded video and fair president trump for the first time nearly 30 hours are attacking acknowledges and condemns violent mayhem that occurred. he said the demonstrators defiled american democracy. he said these demonstrators didn't represent their country and they broke the law. but even in that video he says more lies but he says in every video he immediately deploy the national guard. that again is not true. the national guard was not
5:48 pm
deployed until overt two hours after the attack began at around 3:00 p.m.. because of this late deployment the national guard did not arrive until after 5:00 p.m.. when the guard was deployed the pentagon had released a statement that showed the list of people and you saw that list, of folks that were consulted before deploying the national guard. those people were on the list including theic vice president. president trump was not on that list. you know as a veteran, i find it deeply dishonorable that our commander in chief did notpl protect us and then later tried to take credit for something he failed to do. also on that video you should know what it did not say. absent from that entire video
5:49 pm
was any acceptance for responsibility for his actions. that video was a call to his most fervent supporters to never do this again and here was his final message in that so-called condemnation of the attack video. here's what he actually says. >> and to all of my wonder supporters i know you are disappointed but i also want yo> to know that our incredible journey is only just beginning. >> president trump not only failed to show remorse or take accountability, he made clear that he is just beginning. four days he did not address the nation after this attack did we needed our commander in chief to lead, to unite aad grieving country, to comfort us but what good president trump due? nothing. silence.
5:50 pm
we are all aware the violent mob murdered a police officer. it took president trump three days before he lowered the flag of the united states of america, three days. president trump who was commander in chief at that time did not attend and pay respect to the officer who lay in the very building that he died defending. some people have argued that president trump made a mistake that he gets a mulligan. but we no president trump did not make a mistake because you see when you or i make a mistake and something very bad happens we show remorse. president trump didn't do any of that. why not?
5:51 pm
because he intended what happened on january 6 and how d we know that? he told us. on january 12 as president trump's boarding air force one to head to texas and he saw the video before and i'm going to show it again he is asked by a reporter quote what is your role in what happened at the q. so what is your personal responsibility and this is what he said. >> my speech and my words and my final paragraph my final sentence, he thought it was totally appropriate. >> on january 12 president trump had seen a violent attack on the capitol. he knew the people that died and his message to us was that his conduct was totally appropriate. i am a former prosecutor and we are trained to recognize lack of remorse.
5:52 pm
it doesn't take a prosecutor to understand that president trump was not showing remorse. he was showing defiance. he waske telling us that he woud do this again that he could do this again, that he is a future president can run for a national election, in flame supporters and then inside an insurrection and i would be totally appropriate. one week after the attack on january 13 president trump response and continuing criticism releases another video. here's part of what he said. i want to be very clear, i unequivocally condemn the violenceto b we saw last week. violence and vandalism have no place in our country and no place in our movement. furtherr trump of course needed
5:53 pm
to unequivocally condemn the attacks but he also needed to -- you saw donald trump tweet sometimes 108 tweets in a day and in public speeches and across rallies repeating words of fight in stop the steal and never surrender. you knoww what it looks like whn president trump wants to convey a message. forcefully loudly and repeatedly he does that gratis video after weeks of the attack was not packed and we know this because in this video he again does not show remorse and does not take responsibility. he again does not -- and insurrection. he does does not say in that video for example everything i said in the months prior went too far and he does not say the one sentence that matters, he does not say the one sentence that would stop future political
5:54 pm
violence, the election was not stolen. he still hasn't said that sentence. that is why a national guard troops in full body army still patrol outside. reports on the white house also confirm that president trump elite he was quote forced by the bipartisan insurrection to acknowledge the new administration. we know he did not stand behind the condemnation because those around him confirmed it. behind closed doors sources confirm president trump still refused to directly acknowledged his election loss to joe biden and refuse to even attend a peaceful transition of power such as other presidents in modern history. president trump evens reportedy while watching the impeachment votes quote focused on
5:55 pm
republicans who voted for his impeachment peppering them with questions about what he could do to exact revenge. president trump's made clear that if he is not held accountable he will not be accountable. he will not stop. president trump would have the world believe his conduct was totally appropriate. it is important to impeach that falsehood. to make clear to his supporters and everyone watching that what donald trump did was not acceptable. in fact quite the opposite. people in i his own party, state officials, former officials current officials members of the congress all on them vigorously and passionately said that what donald trump did was quote disgraceful, shameful and called
5:56 pm
his behavior existential and wrong and they said that his actions gave rise to one of the darkest chapters in united states history. let's hear what some of these officials had to say. >> governor spencer cox, charlie baker might dewine larry hogan and phil scott. >> people have to be held accountable and that includes the president. >> they were the culmination of months of president trump repeating over and over again the american electoral system is a w fraud. after he stoked the flames of leading up toeks the events of yesterday he refused to adequately prepare the u.s. capitol for the possibility of violence and left a nearly defenseless. his remarks duringly and after e travesty of the attack on the
5:57 pm
capitol were disgraceful. >> president trump continued to -- without producing credible evidence and started a fire that threatened to burn down our democracy. this incendiary speech yesterday one day preceding the march that he gave to the protesters served only to fan those flames. >> i proudly stood by my father at age 12 on the floor of the house of the chambers as we both took the oath of office, that oath to support and defend the constitution of the united states. it's clear to me that president trump has abandoned this sacred oath. >> seeing our capitol symbol of
5:58 pm
democracy around the world taken over by an angry mob was heartbreaking and let me be clearac these actions were not patriotic and these people are not patriots. the fact that these flames of hate and insurrection by the present united states will be remembered as one ofpren the dat chapters of our nation's history. >> one of the darkest chapters in our nations history. former members of the trump administration long-standing republicans also made clear that president trump incited his insurrection and it went against our democracy. the president's former secretary of defense james mattis made clear that today's violent assault on our capitol and an effort to subjugate american democracy by mob rule was
5:59 pm
fomented by mr. trump. former white house chief of staff john kelly also spoke on this as well and i'd like to play an audio of what he said. >> what happened on capitol hill yesterday is that the direct result of his poisoning the pints of people with allies and the fraud. >> what john kelly said about president trump was what happened on capitol hill was a the direct result of him poisoning the minds of people with lies and with fraud. former speaker of the house john boehner declared quote the invasion of our capitol by mob incited byed those in would construct with power incited by lies from some entrusted with power is a disgrace to all sacrificed to build a republic.
6:00 pm
h.r. mcmaster former communications director karen former chief of staff mick mulvaney said, >> let me ask you do you think president trump's was on his hands? >> i think he does. look i agree with bill barr. i think he did incite this mob with the clear intention of having an electoral college certification to give him more time. i don't think there's any question about it. therees are many reasons for ths assault on the capitol but foremost among them was the president expectations to stay in disinformation. we have seenp' a presence stoking. >> i want to say what happened at the capitol was unacceptable, un-american, undemocratic. >> i think everybody recognizes that what happened on wednesday is different. if you go down the long litany of things that people complained
6:01 pm
about with donald trump, his policies, his differences and stylistic differences but wednesday was different. wednesday was existential. wednesday is one of those things that struck at the heart of what it means to be an american and it was wrong. >> met albrini, president trump's former chief of staff is clearly saying what we all felt, that january 6 was different. it was existential, it was wrong this sentiment was echoed not just on people outside of the administrationmi but people inse the trump administration. for telling was the flood of resignations from people inside of president trump's administration with access to president trump. his own officials felt so betrayed by his conduct that
6:02 pm
numerous officials resigned in protest at day before president trump's term ended. 16 resigned in protest, 16. they all took this dramatic action of resigning because they saw the clear link to being president contact and the violent insurrection. here is some of what they said. betsy devoss who was in the pincers and entire term told president trump in her resignation letter that quote there's no mistake the impact your rhetoric the situation and it is an inflection point for me. secretary chao explained yesterday our country experienced a dramatic and entirely of available event as supporters of the present storm the capitol building following a
6:03 pm
rally he addressed. as i'mlo sure the case is with many of you it is deeply troubled me in a way that i simply cannot standt aside. deputy costello told his associates that the attack was his quote breaking point" and he hopes, quote a wake-up call. these rebukes and resignations from president trump's own administration made clear that president trump's conduct was anything but totally inappropriate. they also remind us that this must be a wake-up call. as senator fred upton eloquently put it president trump expressed no regret for last week's violent insurrection that the u.s. capitol. this is this exact lee the wrong thing to those who support the corporate principles and took a solid oath to the constitution.
6:04 pm
it is time to say enough is enough. no one is saying here that president trump did not -- cannot contest the election. of course you can but what president trump did and his former chief of staff explained what is different come it was dishonorable, it was un-american and it resulted in fatalities. president trump spent months inflaming his supporters on all of us and then he lied again and told us this was all okay and this was all except the ball and that is why president trump's so dangerous because he would have all americans believe that any president who comes after him can do exactly the same thing. that is why lack of remorse is
6:05 pm
an important factor in impeachment because impeachment, conviction and disqualification is not just about the past, it's about the future. it's making sure that no future official, no future president, does what president trump did. it will undoubtedly cause future harm and he refuses to account for his -- you know i'm not afraid of donald trump running again in four years. i'm afraid he will run again and lose. he can do this again. what an unusual situation because if vice president trump claims that everything he did was find so many have spoken so passionately about what happened
6:06 pm
here. i would like to highlight statements by representative anthony gonzalez. he says the vice president had their lives put in grave danger as a result of the presence of actions and the events leading up to january 6. duringn the attack itself the present abandoned his post where many members asked for help furtherda endangering all prese. these are fundamental threats not just to people's lives but the veryst foundation of our republic. and now it is to show what members of congress did leading up to the most bipartisan impeachment vote in u.s. history. i wantt everyone watching especially president trump supporters to see first-hand what i believe we all feel that what president trump did was not appropriate, that it was not american and that it absolutely cannot stand.
6:07 pm
>> what he has done and what he is caused here is something we have never seen before in our history. >> all indications are that present has -- but from reality itself trades math the president's role in insurrection is undeniable. he deliberately promoted baseless theories creating a combustible and buyer meant for division. allowing this president to incite this attack without consequences is a direct threat to future democracy. >> after this trial i hope you'll come together and cast your vote to make clear how we as a congress and as a nation feel about what donald trump did by convicting him and to prevent this from being only the beginning as president trump
6:08 pm
said and to deter future president who did not like the outcome of a national election from believing they could follow in president trump'sno footstep. it is what ourlo constitutional- constitution requires and it's what our country deserves. representative degette will tell us how extremists were emboldened by the insurrection and planned attacks. >> my colleagues have shown me the overwhelming evidence of how
6:09 pm
president trump's conduct assembled inside it and inflamed the mob. he shows how and why this attack, this violence was not only foreseeable but preventable he showed that president trump knew his conduct could and would result in violence and that when the attack occurred he did not fulfill his duty as commander-in-chief and defend us. instead he was delighted. donald trump incited a violent insurrection andan he failed to defend our nation, our capitol, this congress and our law enforcement from the mpac -- attack inside it. now i want to return to the impact, the long-term harm of this conduct. my colleagues and i will walk through the breath and gravity
6:10 pm
of this harm. i would like to start with the effect of president trump's conduct had on our domestic security. we saw firsthand how donald trump's conduct emboldened and escalated domestic violence. these folks are known in the law enforcement community as -- these are and were made worse by president trump's refusal to takewe accountability and his refusal to forcibly denounce what his own fbi identified as some of the most dangerous elements of our country. even as the attack was underway he tweeted words of support to his violent supporters and then in the aftermath on january 7 president trump made it clear this was only the beginning. >> and to all of my wonderful
6:11 pm
supporters i know you are disappointed but i also want you to know that our incredible journey is only just beginning. >> and he was right. unless we take action, the violence is only just beginning. in the aftermath of the attack we saw huge rise from domestic violent extremists including specific threats to the inauguration in d.c. and also o all 50 state capitols. our intelligence o agencies confirmed that in addition to these specific threats president trump's conduct emboldened the very same violent groups who initiated the attacks and sparked new violent coalitions. experts believe that they are following his orders that they believe that their acts of insurrection and violence are
6:12 pm
patriotic. violencesu is never patriotic ad it's never american. it's not the democratic way and it's not the republican after the attacks, the nation's top defense and law enforcement agency reported in increase incredible threats to the inauguration from donald trump supporters. on january 13, 2021 a joint intelligence bulletin from the department of homeland security the fbi and the national counterintelligence service quote since the january 6 event violent unlike rhetoric regarding the 20 january presidential inaugurationin has increased, with some calling for unspecified quote justice unquote for the sixth of january fatal shootingic by law enforcement of a participant who had illegally entered the capitol building and another
6:13 pm
posting that quote many unquote armed individuals would return on 199 january. the agencies also made clear threats were escalating especially regarding the inauguration. the report explains that the primary motivating factor was quote the shared false narrative of a stolen election and opposition to the control of the executive and legislative ranches of the federal government. it may lead some individuals to adopt the belief that there is no political solution to address their grievances and violent actions were necessary. in other words, president trump's spreading of inflammatory disinformation about the election and cited the insurrection on january 6 and may lead to further violence. on line just as they did prior
6:14 pm
to the january 6 attacks trump supporter stick to the internet to organize and document their desire and plan for future violence at president biden's inauguration and indeed in the days shortly after the attack several posters on extremist web sites made further plans for violence. they posted quote many of us will return on january 19, 2021a carrying our weapons in support of our nation's resolve to which the world will never forget. we will come in numbers. no standing army or police agency can match. we took the building once and we can take it again put other users confirmed that they were waiting on president trump's instructions about what to do next referring to a future planned attack the user on the
6:15 pm
on line platform posted quote i would like to come do this but want to know that our president want us there? awaiting instructions. in fact in the days leading up to the inauguration, multiple individuals many potentially in an attempt to carry out the plot that i just previewed, were arrested in washington d.c. including unserious weapons charges. ones. of those men was the founr of cowboys for trump who took part in the capitol attacks and cowas arrested on january 17. here is what he said about his plans for violence. >> you want to say it was a mob and you want to say with maam.ce, no sir, no we took a 2nd amendment -- if we
6:16 pm
do and there's going to be blood running out of that the link but at the end of the day marked by words we will hoist our flag on -- the desk of nancy pelosi and chuck schumer. >> this building, the capitol where all of us are right now. he may sound familiar because it previously made controversy for a may 2020 video where he said quote the only good democrat is a dead democrat. >> i have come to the conclusion that the only good democrat is a dead democrat. [cheers and applause] >> now when he said this president trumpgr re-tweeted griffin and thanked him for that
6:17 pm
sentiment. when donald trump re-tweeted this he was no stranger to griffin. in fact in march of 2019 over a year earlier had spoken on the phone for nearly 30 minutes. president trump's conduct was edited out and made it clear that he supported griffin and in fact griffin even said so himself. as griffin later said about president trump paris tweeting his inflammatory comment about the dead democrat's quote it really means a lot to me because i know the president of the united states has my back. remember, this is a man who was here on january 6 and was arrested after threatening to come back here to make blood come running out of this building.
6:18 pm
griffin triggered a deployment of forces the likes of which we have never seen. there were proximally 25,000 national guard troops brought in from around the country to protect d.c. leading up to and on inauguration day. as you know many of those troops are still here pray take a look at that. these were scenes that played out all over the country. five days following the siege on the capitol in january 11, 2021 the fbi warned quote armed protester being planted all 50 state capitols from 16 january through at least 20 january and at the u.s. capitol from 17 january through 20 january. as a result at least 21 states activated their national guards in preparation for potential
6:19 pm
attacks. president trump's incitement has reverberated around the country prompting massive law enforcement mobilizations in several state capitols including washington, illinois, michigan and georgia. look at these photos. this is what donald trump has done to america. this massive deployment of law enforcement has cost the taxpayer dearly. theco national guard deployment alone is expected to cost at least $480 million. the bills are racking up in the states for north carolina, south carolina, pennsylvania utah and wisconsin have each spent a half a million dollars to safeguard the capitol in the run-up to the inauguration. ohio spent $1.2 million over the
6:20 pm
same two week period and remember this is at a time when state budgets are already suffering under the weight of this pandemic radar brave servicemembers showed up. thanks to their dedication and their vigilance the inauguration in the days leading up mercifully proceeded without incident. in fact law enforcement prepared us for their attacks leaders of the proud boys to three percentage mush of the organizers of -- the million man march have pulled their followers to avoid protest up to her leading up to the inauguration for fear that law enforcement would crush them and arrest rioters who showed up. thank god there wasn't an insurrection sequel here on january 20 but look at the price we have paid.e e the price that we are still paying. it's not just dollars and cents.
6:21 pm
this capitol has become a fortress as state capitols have all across the country. our constituents no longer have access to the elected representatives. every democrat and republican including people who came here on january 6 peacefully is paying the price. and it's not just a loss ofot access, it's a dimming of their freedom. dimming of all of our freedom. we must the polls are votes and that tens of thousands of law enforcement in the wake of january 6 because we do not president trump's mob stand ready for more attacks. this should be no surprise, having a commander-in-chief who incites violence has given life to the existing violence he spent years cultivating and has inspired new coalitions who
6:22 pm
viewed january is a success. according to the fbi president trump's the semblance of his mobs was particularly dangerous quote in person engagement explained differing ideological during the capitol breeds likely will increase dve's willingness capabilityti d motivation to attack and undermine a government they view as illegitimate. in other words, they all got to talking to each other pay this bulletin by our own intelligence committee was also confirmed by concrete evidence. rioters celebrated their roles in thehe january 6 attack on social media. they boasted about their success in breaching the capitol and forcing members of congress and the vice president to evacuate. take for example right-wing
6:23 pm
provocateur. the data for the capitol insurrection puente said this on his internet show. >> what do you want i do's state legislators? i'm not advising that but. >> fuentes was at the capitol on janer six and praised the insurrection on the livestream as glorious and awe-inspiring. he later said quote we forced a joint session of congress and the vice president to evacuate because trump supporter's successfully burst through the doors. puentes is not the only provocateur to revel in the violence. according to mike dunn and a member of the boogaloo bois and anti-governmentst movement who helped lead multiple groups in storming the capitol the boogaloo bois said quote working muovertime to capitalize on the
6:24 pm
january 6 riots and hope it will lead to more actions. they said just no there is more to come. members of the proud boys were bragging about the capitol. one said people said we so we could do and they know what we are up to and they know they want in. the leader of the proud boys himself sent the same message enrique said the proud boys reacted. tarrio stated its deftly going to see more of desperate extremist groups are also posting the attack on our capitol is a move toward their recruitment efforts. 3% security force said he's been contacted by several people interestede in joining in the insurrection and one expert who focus on domestic extremism explained by all measurable
6:25 pm
events this was a far right extremist, one of the most successful attacks that they had ever launched. they are talking about this is the first stab in a greater revolution.vo as indicated by mr. holt their perceived success has given encouragement to continue and to escalate attacks. intelligence agencies have also noted that these extremist groups willl unfortunately be targeting vulnerable minority communities in the u.s.. on january 27, 2021 dhs warned quote long-standing racial and ethnic tensions that led to man killing 22 people at an walmart will continue to grow and motivate further attacks. the january 13 joint intelligence bulletin reports stating in addition to the other types of violence listed dve may
6:26 pm
be incited to carry out more violencein including violence against racial ethnic and religious minorities and associated institutions, journalists, members of dale to be tq plus community and other among some dve's. these prejudiced elements could be seen visibly in the attacks -- the crowd thativ attacked the capitol. picture here is robert packard. robert packard is an avowed white supremacist and denier who proudly wore that sweatshirt that says camp auschwitz. these elements could also be heard from the crowd. as you heard the insurrection is that attacked the capitol on january 6 used racial slurs including at black police officers per one officer described the trauma experience
6:27 pm
when the rioters sees the capitol said quote i'm a black officer. there was a lot of racism that day. i was called racial slurs and in a moment i didn't process it. i was just trying to survive. i just wanted to get home to see my daughter again. i couldn't show weakness. i finally reached a safe place surrounded by officers. i was able to cry, to let it out, to attempt to process it. these extremist groups were emboldened becausee president trump told them repeatedly that they are insurrectionist activities were the pinnacle of patriotism. well, let today be the day that
6:28 pm
we reclaim the definition of patriotism. impeachment is not to punish but to prevent. we are not here to punish donald trump. we are here to prevent the seeds of hatred that he planted from bearing any more fruits. as mike colleagues show this is not the first time president trump has inspired violence but it must be the last time that he is given a platform to do so. this must be our wake-up call. we must because the threat is not over. president trump refused to condemn this type of violence and to instead over and over again he has encouraged it. our response must be different this time. we simply cannot sweep this under the rug. we must take a united stand, all
6:29 pm
of us, that this is not american.wh think back to august 2017 when a young woman was murdered during a white supremacist rally in charlottesville, west virginia. her name is heather higher. her mother's name is susan brown. ms. brown has been a steadfast advocate for her daughter's memory. in a 2018 interview she expressed concern that people had rushed to quickly to reconciliation without accountability. >> if you rush to everybody singing kumbaya we will be right back here in a few years. >> we will be right back here in a fewba years. those were her words and 2018. three years ago her daughter's murderer was held to account but our nation did not have any
6:30 pm
meeting for accountability on the president at the time said they were very fine people on both sides and now where are we three yearsar later? we are not just back where we were. i would argue things are worse. in 2017 it was unfathomable to most of us to think that charlottesvillee could happen just at his was unfathomable to most of us that the capitol could have been breached on january 6. frankly, once -- what unfathomable horrors await us if we don't stand up now and say no this is not america. .. happens again.
6:31 pm
>> representative they will not now come to show the harm done. and our democratic process. >> mr. president, distinguished senators, you just heard from my colleague, manager diana degette how they conduct of donald trump dramatically increase the threats to our security and bolded violent domestic extremists. i would like to now turn to the harm that was caused here
6:32 pm
inside these walls as a result of the conduct on generally six. the harm to us, to congress, to those who serve our country, into the constitutional processes is the trump mob tried to stop the election certification process. the attack on january 6, wasta one of the bloodiest intrusions in the capitol since the british invaded in the war of 1812 and burned it to the ground. you have heard in painstaking detail the presidents mob posted immediate and threats to the constitutional succession of the united stateste government is the first, second, and third in line to the presidency, the vice president, the speaker of thean house, president pro tem, altogether in basic common threat the sameid location. and we've seen the first and second were purposely targeted by these attackers.
6:33 pm
these weren't idle threats. the mob issue heard chanted hang mike pence. >> hang mike pence. hang mike pence. expect the charging documents show they would have killed vice president pence and speaker pelosi had they found them. don bancroft and diane santos smith, two of the writers charged in the attacker caught on tape discussing the brutal violence they hope to inflict on speaker policy hadt she not been rushed out to safety. they said quotes, we broke into the capitol, we got inside we did our part. we were looking at nancy to shoot her in the freaking brain, but we did not find her". simply put this mob was trying to overthrow our government. they came perilously close to breach the first three people
6:34 pm
in line to the presidency. it is not just the vice president and the speaker, rioters were prepared to attack any member of congress they found. thomas edward caldwell, jessica marie watkins three militia members were also charged with their role on the attack. trapping us inside the underground tonsils, the indictment quotes socialdi media shadow with all members are in the tunnel under the capitol, deal them in, turn on gas. all legislators are down in the tunnels three floors down. do like we had to do in the core and start tearing out floors, go from top to bottom". never did any of us imagine that we or our colleagues would face mortal peril by a mob riled up by the president of the united states. the leader of the free world. but we did.
6:35 pm
all because donald trump could not accept his election defeat. trump shows himself above the people, above our institutions, above our democracy, above all of you. you know we have heard trump espouse for years now this america first policy. a but his true northstar is not america's well beating. it's notnt country first coward dear departed colleague john mccain, here is directive is trump first. no matter the cost, no matter the threat to our democracy. but each and every one of us in this room, must agree on one thing. we can never allow the kind of a violent attack that occurred on january 6 to ever happen again in this country.
6:36 pm
in the immediate aftermath we heard really, disturbing accounts foror many members of congress about what they experienced that day. here are some of those reactions. following the attack representative dusty johnson expressed concern that we had gotten to the point were so many of us had sown the seeds of anger and division. so back we were in there some fear to be sure. but overwhelmingly the emotion i experienced was a one of anger. i just cannot believe this was happening. it could not believe we gotten to this point were so many of us had sown these seeds of anger and of division. we had built this powder keg and we were starting to see this powder keg light out. it was frankly, i was furious. >> represented jason crow compared the events of this day to his time in afghanistan as an army ranger, something senator reid knows about.
6:37 pm
>> what i t felt in the capitol behind this is something i've not felt until i was in afghanistan as a ranger. and to think that as a member of congress in 2021 in the u.s. capitol on the house floor that i was preparing to fight my way out of the people's house against a mob is just beyond troubling. >> representative pat was humbled by his experience on january 6 and describe the events as surreal as they unfolded here in the capitol. of something i just would never -- mike i just never thought i would see this nations capitol. and particularly in the house chambers, it was surreal whenr it was unfolding. what was interesting was with the bravery incurred encourages some ofe my fellow. we got to the point where the mob was banging on the doors and all that kept them from breaching the chamber itself
6:38 pm
was the doors and then some furniture that we had moved in someme capitol police. and they needed to be augmented. so tony gonzalez and a freshman rep from texas, rodney jackson, mark wayne mullen stepped in. and we broke off furniture, some of the hand sanitizer stations on the big giant polls, wooden poles and we turn them upside down. we were ready to actually have to streetlight in the house chamber. he was unbelievable. back many members that they wondered if they would ever see their families again as the rioters breached the capitol and they were out numbered and trapped inside. they were calling a loved ones to say goodbye. represent a dan kelly was one of them, listen to how he described the impact of the right on him. >> i was laying on the floor trying to hide my self, we all
6:39 pm
took our pins off we were certain if this mob would come in they would easily be able to identify says members of congress. and i called my wife. and you know, it was not until i heard her voice that i thought wow, this is like one of those calls that you hear about. >> while most coverages focus on the extreme danger posed toge members the capitol police who were targets of this attack, there were lots of other people in the capitol working on january 6 as well, from personal aides to cleaning staff food service workers, can't forget all of the people that were in harm's way that day. these employees experience trauma hiding in places, just feet away from this rabid
6:40 pm
crowd had assembled. many were just kids, 20 somethings who came here to work because they believed in their country. and they believed in making it better. others are dedicated food and service workers, all work incredibly hard to make sure we can come herecr do our jobs. these workers are the lifeblood of the legislative branch. they deserved better. already heard from speaker policies staff, the staff that was hiding under the conference table, cowering in the dock making sure the attackers could not hear them. i'd like to share with you somewhat other staffers went through t. listen is to staffers recall with the experience that day. >> but then we were seeing on twitter, on phones and hearing some of the police officers on the floor that the building had been breached. building breached, those were two words i'd never heard.
6:41 pm
>> that was particularly stressful, being in a room close to her things were happening and a not really knowing what was happening. and seeing it come in live in getting texts from people are you okay? and truthfully i did not know what waspe happening. i heard shots fired, shots fired, shot fired, shall be her hands, show me your hands. then i did not know if there right outside, if they were lots of people with weapons, if there were one shoe to come if they had -- i did not know what it look like. i just knew there were shots fired outside of the house chamber. >> according to reports, one republican senate staff whose f office was not far from the
6:42 pm
floor, quote took a steel rod and barricaded his door is the rioters banged on his door trying to breakhe in. the "new york times" reported a senior black staffer was on lockdown for six hours during thers insurrection was so disturbed about these events that she quit her job. another staffer was on the floor of the house that day described what happened onn january 6 still echoes in his mind. listen to t him describe the moments just before this indelible image. >> i heard glass break. and i could see the windowpanes in the house main door start to pop. i thought, i was they knew there at the door and they figured out a way to break the glass. the last thing i remember before walked off the floor was several of the police officers had drawn their guns and had the guns trained on the door, clearly i didn't
6:43 pm
there's anything else i could do. and i did not want to be there for whatever was about to occur. so i got to the top of the stairs, the stairway was pretty packed, right about thatut point, but it behooves a police officer or someone else said they are right. i keep thinking about, there's not a day that hasn't gone by since january 6 at some point in the debt have it kind of gone back and picked up some little thing, but the sound of those windowpanes popping -- i won't forget that sound. >> i won't forget that sound how long will the sound of windowpanes and breaking onto the staffer? and he is not alone and. there countless people still living with the trauma of what happened that day for this includes by the way another group of people who were with us in the capitol on that day. that is thee ta press.
6:44 pm
they were in danger particularly after being years of derided by president trump is fake news. christina wilson reported for cnn recently tweeted about her experience. she said i have 14 people on my team. we were scattered everywhere. two of them were on crutches and could not have run if they had to. they had to anyway. one was trapped in the house chamber and had to crawl out to hide. corvus barricaded ourselves up a room in the senate chamber. every bang on the door of them trying to come through, i can still hear in myer head. the janitorial and custodial staff of the capitol the people who day after day ten to our home away from home were also traumatized. we don't talk about them and the harm they suffered often enough. one janitorial worker accounted i was so scared he had to hide in the closet during the attack but he said quote i was all by myself. i did not know what was going on,". another employee a mother of three said the't insurrection
6:45 pm
shattered all of my sense of security at work. an employee of the capitol said quote, i hope nothing else happens because these people were talking about killing us, killing federal employees, killing police. another employee was afraid to work on inauguration day said quote i honestly feel for my life. i've got two children at .home,". for many of the black and brown staff the trauma was made worse by the many painful symbols of hate on full display that day. insurrectionist wave confederate flags and hurled the most disgusting racial slurs at dedicated capitol workers. then after all of that, these same workers many of them people of color were forced to clean up the mess left by mobs of white nationalism. one member the janitorial staff reflected how terrible
6:46 pm
he felt when he had to clean up pc set up and smeared on the wall, blood of the rioters hwho had died, broken glass and other objects through noel over the floor. he said i felt bad, i felt degraded. let's also not forget that this violent attack happened in the middle of a global pandemic. social distancing was impossible as we were hiding for our lives in cramped quarters for long periods of time. since january 6 at least seven members ahead with other members of congress have tested positive for covid-19 for at least 38 capitol police officers have either tested positive or have been exposed. nearly 200 national guard troops were deployed to our nations capitol to provide all of use protection, have tested positive. the capitol police the national guard came here to keep us safe. to serve. and they put their lives in
6:47 pm
danger they deserve better than this we all did. that brings me to the next harm. now all of us in this room made it out live. but not everyone was so lucky. three law-enforcement officers tragically lost their lives as a result of the riots on .january 6. these officers, capitol police officer bryan second, capitol police officer howard leiva burke, metro police officer jeffrey smith all honorably served to protect and defend. my colleague mr. swalwell told you about officer sickness. his 42-year-old military veteran who dedicated his entire life to public service. on january 16 by a mob of rioters and ultimately lost his life protecting us. is a 15 year veteran of the capitol police his father served as sgt and arms in the senate. and followed his example of
6:48 pm
public service. officer smith served for 12 years with the police department heed the call of duty on january 6 by coming to stand at the capitol police to secure our democracy. earlier managers swalwell so youu terrible videos of the police being physically abused and injured. you remember what happened to the officers of the mpd. there were scores of other officers whose names we don't know who were also brutalized that day. entries u.s. capitol capitol police the metropolitan police department include concussions, irritated lungs, serious injuries caused by repeated blows from bats, polls, and clubs. capitol police officers also sustained injuries that will be with them for the rest of their lives.
6:49 pm
one officer bossed the tip of a right index figure on a statement issued on generally seventh a chairman of the capitol police officers union and i quote i have officers who are not issued helmets prior to the tac who have sustained brain injuries. what officer has two cracked ribs into smashed, one officer is going lose his eye in other was stabbed with the metal fence state". in total, at least 81 members of capitol police on 65 members the metropolitan police department were injured during the attack on january 6. former capitol police chief son described the insurrection as violence unlike anything he'd ever seen in his 30 year career in law enforcement. d.c. police chief robert j the third but spoken with an officer who had been beaten and injured with a stun gun said quote, i have talked to officers who have been two tours in iraq who said this was scarier to them than their
6:50 pm
time in combat,". and of course the physical violence is not the only thing that will have a lasting effects on our brave sworn officers.ff trumps mob verbally denigrated their patriotism, question their loyalty, and yield racial slurs. it called them traders, not seas, un-american for protecting us. in the clipng a writer wearing a hunting jacket acosta police officer. [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] don't talk to me about it. [inaudible] [background noises]
6:51 pm
>> listen to how the trump mob talk to these officers. you heard that with your own ears. [inaudible] [inaudible] what's going on? [inaudible] you are a. [inaudible] traitor to your country. [inaudible] >> f ing trader. so much for backing the blue. [inaudible] you can even call yourself american. you broke your oath today.
6:52 pm
[inaudible] 1776. [inaudible] [background noises] [inaudible] [inaudible] traitor. trader. trader. [inaudible] they called law enforcement officers traders. you have to wonder who these writers are sworn to? do they believe the police on their loyalty? to the people? to the constitution? to our democracy? or to donald trump? even those who were not outwardly injured the mental
6:53 pm
toll has been significant. several capitol police officers have reportedly threatened self harm in the days following the riots. in one case an officer voluntarily turned in her gun she was afraid what might happen. black police officers were met with racist vitriol. you heard lead manager at raskin reference a black police officer or reeling from racialized violence that he had experienced that day saying tears just started streaming down my face. i said what the f man is this america? is this america lead manager raskin asked? is this america? what is your answer to that question. is this okay? if not, what are we going to do about it? these people matter, these people risk their lives for us. so i asked you respectfully to
6:54 pm
consider them, the police officers, the staff of this will link when you cast your vote. these people are in deep pain because they showed appeared to serve. to serve the american people, to serve their government, to serve all of us. i asked each of you when you cast your vote to remember them and honor them. an act in service of themr as they deserve. i also want to. recognize that for individuals for four insurrectionist who also lost their lives are in the attack. these people were led here by the words and actions of an individual who made them believe they were patriots. the loss of human life is of course the most consequential. but that was not the only damage brought that day. the trump mob also damage this building. they defiled some of the most sacred places, the statuary
6:55 pm
hall, the rotunda were some of america's greatest champions, presidents, supreme court justices and other defenders are honored after their death. trumps violent mob had very little respect for this place for this videos shows the wreckage left in the senate parliamentarian's office by the insurrectionist. [silence] [silence] [screaming] bust of president zachary taylor was smeared with what appeared to be blood. empty picture frame presumably robbed of its contents was
6:56 pm
found on the floor and videos of the insurrection captured one man stealing a framed photo another when tearing a scroll from the wall and ripping it up and throwing the spaces on the floor. a sign paying to john lewis was alson shamefully destroyed. only a broken peace of the memorial was found in the groundon next to a trash can bring the photo of mr. lewis was gone. the damage done to this building is a stain on all of us and on the dignity of our democracy. the attack we saw had a purpose, stop the certification. stop our democratic process. fortunately, they did not prevail. news papers across america on generate 21st, the day after the inauguration proclaimed democracy has prevailed. president biden said that in his inauguration speech. the headline was in so many places because the world's
6:57 pm
oldest constitutional democracy and the principles underlying it had been attacked and challenged. this was not just an attack on the capitol building and the dedicated people inside, it was an attack on what we were elected to preserve, our democracy. this attack on our elections on the peaceful transfer of power from one president to the next comment did not even happen during the civil war. but it did just happen because of the cold, calculated and conspiratorial acts of our former president donald j trump. we showed you the insurrectionist or d deliberate, they came looking for vice president pence and speaker pelosi ready to kill. and president trump incited a lawless mob to attack our process. he wasur attacking our democracy pretty he was trying to become
6:58 pm
king and rule over us against the will of the people and the valid results of the election. for the first time ever in our history a sitting president actively instigated his supporters to violently disrupt the process that provides for the peaceful transfer of power from one president to the next. think about that for a moment. what if a president trump had been successful? what if he had succeeded in overturning the will of the people and our constitutional processes? r who among us is willing to risk that outcome by letting trump constitutional crimes go unanswered. the founders include impeachment in our constitution not as a punishment, but to prevent we have to prevent every presidents, today, tomorrow, or anytime in the future from believing this conduct is
6:59 pm
acceptable. today we have to stand up for our democracy and ensure we remain a country govern by the people, for the people by telling donald trump and people all across this country and all across the world that his crimes will not in cannot stand. >> the senate will stand in recess placement ask unanimous consent housed in recess for 15 minutes. >> no objection the senate will stand in recess. spit coming up shortly we will continue with the house impeachment managers presenting their closing arguments. the senate impeachment trial will continue tomorrow or the
7:00 pm
former president's lawyers will have the opportunity to present their defense of mr. trump. the trial resumes live at noon eastern here on cspan2. and honor free c-span radio app. a little information of the former presidents defense team. david is a criminal defense and rights attorneys it graduate of lascaux has his own alabama based law firm. bruce castor received his law degree from washington and lee university previously served as county commissioners and district attorney for montgomery county, pennsylvania per according to troll rules, the presidents lawyers at up to 16 hours over two days to make their arguments. but have indicated they expect to only present their case in one day. after that senators can ask questions. debate on witnesses as possible and then the trouble and with a final vote on whether to convict, actually impeachment trial live here on


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