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Mitch McConnell
  U.S. Senate Senate Minority Leader Mc Connell  CSPAN  February 24, 2021 7:48pm-8:01pm EST

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and giving platform to those lives is a preposterous contribution to a senate hearing capitol security. everyone to the back here is discussing the capitol complex. i yield the floor and note the absence of a quorum. >> yesterday i discussed the k-12 crisis facing american families. it shows in prison school safe.p private schools in europe have been open for months have brought, currently bought into will not reopen federal funding. even though their own plan will only spend about 5% of the money
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this fiscal year. this is just one illustration of how democrats started reconceived ideological goals and worked backwards. instead of starting the actual needs of american families. let's look at the economy. our economy to protect our health system, the senate about the bipartisan paris act, the biggest rescue package in american history. his $2.2 trillion to save the healthcare system, find a vaccine and support families. we refilled many of the programs with another 920 last december. today we spent a different kind of crossroads. more than 13% of americans received at least one dose of
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the manufactured we spent on rescue policies 20 of there economy roaring back where one time in the crisis federal reserve by the end of the year blue-collar sectors and unemployment job openings are already higher than they were before the pandemic. manufacturers can't keep remarkably, even economic output obviously is 20, overall household income and personal savings and the relief congress
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delivered them is also struggling finished yet. on a broad scale historic pile cash, waiting for the economy to reopen more ahead president obama's council of economic advisers says we have no savings. he says we've never seen this much, even mainstream liberal economists agree our country does not keep another brought money. this is not april 2020. this is a different chapter. washington should focus on practical policies to finish the fight, accelerate vaccinations, get kids back to school, help
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the families that actually help laid-off americans asap.' unfortunately, the democrats partisan proposal with not just wasteful but in certain ways, counterproductive have a lot of our way to discourage returned to work and keep things shut down longer. minimum wage policy, abrupt one-size-fits-all change one and a half times the number of workers that would live out of poverty. proposal for another long-term extension of the federal government, unemployment benefits was questionable, pay an essential workers while jobs.
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another long-term would make even less sense. this is how one lady in our economy puts it, expanding economy putting the virus behind us, paying people more and unemployment and they could receive from working is substantial economic self-harm. it would keep workers on the sidelines, stop unemployment rate from falling as rapidly as it would otherwise and overall slow recovery. then there's $3,150,000,000,000 bailout for state and local governments, many have seen revenues on rebound. several multiple of any sober estimate of the actual needs, senators and democrat side tried to pare back this absurd request
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proposal seems to be stuck back in april last year. i haven't even talked about the hundreds of millions of dollars without a shred of relevance to the panda or recovery, money for climate justice. transportation for the democratic leaders home state, all kinds of products that would iedo nothing families but coverd behind them. just about 1% of the money is for vaccines. it's a new administration completely taken their eye off the ball, not starting from scratch at all like they claimed. only 5% of the educational funding would go out this fiscal
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year, 5% of the educational funding would go out this fiscal year. our own democratic colleagues reportedly admit part of this reportedly targeted. liberal economists the washington post editorial board say americans deserve more bang for their buck. predictably, chilly reception for parties started with outdated ideological wish list instead of the current need of american families. consequently different note, i've spoken about the crimes committed here january 6. but discussions of judge garland, the president nominated attorney general raising the need to continue investigate and prosecute anyone who broke the law that day. i'm r glad he's repeatedly emphasized this would remain a priority. everyone agrees today's events
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must a series for review of the specific institutions and security procedures within congress i that proved insufficient. that process is underway, as we saw with the hearing conducted yesterday. the speaker of the house proposes even more investigation through a new commission. the 9/11 commission but her draft bill fails with the president in key ways. the 9/11 commission was intentionally built to be bipartisan. 5050 bipartisan split the commissioners was a key feature. it will help the effectiveness of the investigation itself and helped give the whole country confidence innd work and recommendations. this time, speaker pelosi started by proposing a commission that would be
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partisan by design. seven implement for democrats, work for a public. the commission that consensus by required bipartisan support for subpoenas. this would be crispo chosen by the democrats. both democrat and republican leaders of the 9/11 commission for speaking out against this is in conflict. the leaders of the 9/11 commission, one republican, one democrat speaking out against the way this proposal is crafted by the speaker. democrat vice chairman of the commission says that does not sound too many like a good start. sounds like a partisan beginning.
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tom kane, for hogan chairman pointed out should have representation, not as much confidence from the american people. along these lines, and b the undertaking needs to be fair, evenhanded. that shouldn't be controversial and it goes beyond the makeup of the panel. the speaker's proposal is more than an investigation into specific security failures heard here at the capitol. set the stage for broader inquiry and domestic violence extremism beyond just that day but the partisan panel wouldn't decide which are and are not relevant. political violence are important and unacceptable no matter what caused the mob.
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these are not forms of political speech. for almost a year, we've seen this almost as an increasingly normal phenomenon. none of us should except that. january 6 was uniquely great because intent was to interrupt constitutional duty ofut congres but if thisrg new commission iso go beyond a targeted security failure here the capitol, congress is going to attempt some broader analysis of political violence across the country. in that case, we cannot have artificial of t what terrible behavior just in which terrible behavior does not deserve scrutiny. we can do something now that looks at the capitol or do something broader to analyze thu full scope of political violence
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here in our country. some artificial politicize, don't take it from me, taken from the democratic and republican leaders of the 9/11 commission. an inquiry was a hardwired partisan never legitimate in the eyes of the american people. in undertaking of uneven or unjust would not help our country. >> coming up tonight on c-span2, representatives of the pharmaceutical companies producing covid vaccines testify on capitol hill. the second day of the confirmation hearing for new mexico representative, president biden's choice to be secretary interior. house subcommittee hearing executives from pharmaceutical companies