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tv   Washington Journal Cenk Uygur  CSPAN  April 6, 2021 6:03pm-6:53pm EDT

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we've been featuring political podcast talking about podcasts and news of the day and joining us from los angeles california theli host and founder and ceo f the cyc network. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> host: is the purpose in starting your podcast and what were you hoping to achieve? >> guest: my number one purpose in the long run was to get the message out there because when we started back in 2002 we were doing the road -- radio show on serious satellite radio and it turned into a podcast and a video form t.obviously. there was almost no progressive shows on the air. there was andy goodman of democracy now and later "msnbc" said keith olbermann and rachel
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maddow etc. and at this point i wouldn't consider any "msnbc" progressive. original purpose is just to be the strongest voice and oftentimes unfortunately the only voice for progressives in the media. >> host: that's the case how do you define progressives is the way you see it? >> progressive the general definition which is expanding the circle of liberty equality and opportunity and justice and if that sounds like most americans are in favor of back? the answer is no or everything about it. if you want to expand it to immigrants? no. you want to extend it to trans people? you never want to expand it and you've never been in favor of justice. and then there's a big giant chunk that the rest of the media never talks about. democrats who say we don't tank
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black people are people but those sweet tax cuts for the rich and they push for that and deregulation so we are not in that camp. we fight for the people. >> host: is it easier to do what youit do nowadays with a democrat in the white house with democrats inus control of the house and thehe senate? >> guest: they are at least willing to listen and they are human beings. you couldn't get trump to do anything that was not 100% in favor of trump. even his own voters know that. he took all your money, he said he was going to set up lawsuits and it went over 60 lawsuits. he pocketed the rest three separate and he's a con man. everybody knows it. republicans like him because -- but when it comes to joe biden
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it's not like oh my god we made it its shangri-la. the guy is the definition of the corporate -- and has been for years. his current bills is war and drugs now has he gotten better? yes he's adjusting to the political whims and right now the country is a veryd. progressive. voters are n massively progresse are but the onlyss reason he became president other than bernie sanders is because he was the only oneer who could be dond trump. barely a donald trump but did we have to push joe biden? >> guest: to push them a lot to get into a halfway decent place. if you want i cano give you one example. >> host: pleaseul do. >> guest: the 15-dollar minimum wage. every democrats said we are in favor of the 15-dollar minimum wage for they knew they were lying and i pulled my audience. corporate democrats are never
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going to pass it. the only way they will pass itit is the progressives beat the living out of them because theyi do not want to help their vote so rachel maddow and everybody else who know how great the doma kratzer will do exactly -- [inaudible] so when i brought up minimum wage the covid relief bill before during and after the bill they are going to have it in there. it's always been a lie so they took it down people were were shocked. our audience was like it's something we have been talking about this whole time. it's the money lebowski. it's the only thing politicians in washington care about with exception of the democrats is money, donations, donations, donations. we made were brief legal american we were surprised.
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mitch mcconnell does nancy pelosi doesn't suthers joe biden biden. >> host: thank you for joining us for the program. questions (202)748-8000 for democrats. you can text us said -- what is the tee y. t. network? >> guest: t. y. t. is home progressives and would largest on line news network so we are on a dozen time youtube facebook youtube tv roku comcast samsung you name it zoom we are on a with those twitter. and we have 24-hour news channels just like other folks do. so sometimes people compare us to the alternatives to news max and oa. we deal with only the facts so
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back then perspective and analysis, we are very proud of her seductive. we don't hide it and -- our perspective then we don't hide it. you guys getting universal health care takes it out of our rich pockets. we are very clear about our perspectives but we never ever look at the facts and the facts come out againstga this it turns out they did a study or here's a result of the mouth and here's what the numbers and the fact that collision show but when you do that yoush have to be pretty popular so right now we have a hundred use a month. >> host: i noticed the other day did an interview with someone who holds an idea of teaching with qanon.
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what made you engage in this conversation and how often do engage in these conversations? conservatives have a love-hate relationship with us because as you can tell from this interview not a big fan of conservatives and republicans. i wanted to find out why and what made them lose their minds? the reason why conservatives don't mind this is my gift to my the mainstream media isy becaue they know. on mainstream media that's a really interesting idea to i can't make up g my mind but to e clear major medias are on that. everyone in mainstream media is also clear about that.
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but they know we are honest with them and sometimes we can agree and by the way i'll give them credit on this. i spent whole chapter by the way justice is coming i spent whole chapter to about where republicans are awful and it's supposed to ber fair precancer -- conservatives have corruption figured out that her than the democrats do. "msnbc" will get democratic voters than their neck. when nancy pelosi spend $120 million she did it for charity and that's absurd. we gain some trust with conservatives. honestly how could you possibly believe this insanity of a child molestation ring run by democratic leadership. that's insane, right? so it turns out they are a couple of reasons. one media lost all credibility
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with them so i don't believe a word they say. they keep telling me trickle-down economics works and the rich trickling down on me is great. then they looked for another. they were into conspiracy theory. the channelization inrk this country is apparently much bigger problem than people are willing to admit. they are much more likely to believe that it is suffered so a lot of the mainstream media is not understanding that problem. and then the second issue is an buckle up and brace for impact here because you never see this on tv. religion is wrong and religion get some to believe there's a -- doing brain harvesting in one of the key qanon people told me the former cop from chicago. he said we eat and the body of
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christ and drink the blood every sunday to want to get people to believe in nonsensical mythology where there's no rhyme or reason or sense they would believe anything. part of the republican party, people who have lost logic and reason perfect for voters. the first call from valerie in new york democrat line you were on with cenk uygur of "the young turks." >> caller: hi how are you? i didn't know you were still around. the first time i've heard your voice was in the documentary about independent journalism. i've got a question. i just wished christopher hitchens memoir and i got a pretty good education about carl far left politics at just died in this country but do you think the republicans are better at
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independent voices? they have all the radio stations in this country and how do you think that's impacting politics? >> guest: it's a mixed bag and it's a great question. again i give republicans credit. republican voters but not politicians. they either work for -- or the case case of donald trump he works himself a case of voters they are more independent and they have gotten rid of the blanket of propaganda that oppresses us all. i've got to say began trickle-down economics mainstream media in "new york times" npr and "cnn" they said trickle-down economics make sense? i know that is? evolve the money to the rich and hope it trickled all over you. come on how could you possibly believe such nonsense? almost qanon like and it turns
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out you do a covid relief bill and it actually stimulates the economy bottom up. every economist knows it's true yet they never share with you on television at least or the near times. though there more independent-minded people and that's good in their media as well but look at the insanity so often are public and media. they have lost in the court everyt conservative appointee every trump appointee said you have no evidence there was no fraud and republicans are like obviously there's broad and all the trump appointed judges are liberals and they didn't rule on it. then you are worried a liar so they lose all credibility and they leave the arena facts.
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let's go on the line nashville tennessee tom, go ahead. >> caller: hello. i would like to talk about remember ukraine giving weight like it's in medicine? how about charisma and corruption and here's another thing, how many houses does biden, look, pelosi on? why don't they give up their houses and give it to the homeless people and the american citizens of the united states is? and giving vaccines all of the worldhe you know what they are doing they have set up things like hunter and burisma. >> host: color you are honored guest is there something specifically want to ask him? guess why by to come and after here l you. but so what would you like to ask him specifically? >> guest: i'd like to ask them about hunter biden and burisma
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and joe bidenn holding up blankt medicines. let's go all right go ahead. >> let me take those one by one. first on burisma was hunter biden on the board because he was ukrainian -- of course none ofof that's why conservatives trust is more than mainstream media. he knew nothing about gas let alone ukrainian gas. that was a way of hoping to influence joe biden. is that true? of course it's true. is hunter biden relevant to current policy? not at all. if you want to beat the risen son and that makes you feel good have added but understand trump's kids robbed us blind when they were in office. what did they get $640 million x. to wealth while they were in office in jared kushner let
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alone beavis & butthead baruch and don jr.. so after you got fleeced by trump and hehe put jared -- jeed kushner in charge of criminal justice reform and that guy couldn't even get it clear in the secret service. he put them in charge of national security so after trump brought you in robbed you you worry about hunter biden? the brother here to tell you corruption is real it's really democratic and republican party but hunter biden has zero hold, zero and is doing that to distractct you. if you say hey pelosi and others have a lot of houses of worse they do. they'd they get rich off of politics? yes they did. when pelosi takes $720 million in aid donations exxonmobil
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and other wealthy corporations didn't give them that money for health and for their charity. theygi did it to implement their votes and guess what. it worked. of course it did but rather mitch mcconnell did the same exact things but worse. giant amounts of money from corporations and he said about the saudis after they cut off "washington post" journalists head in dismembered him muslim fundamentalist dismembered him and journalists working for the "washington post" and trump said we get a lot of money from the saudi's and earlier he said why would i be opposed to the saudi's? you have to open your eyes and you are worried about the democrats quick the republicans are picking your pockets. i don't know if anything is going to get through your head but most republicans are totally brainwashed by the media. democratsre are really corrupt t
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trump takes all of your money in corporations and give them exactly what theyey want to read get a clue, man. watch something other than propaganda. >> host:ro art guest is from the wharton school of business university of pennsylvania columbia law school -- on the business side of your experience and when it comes the biden administration's plans to raise taxes 20% when you think as the agenda of the biden administration andnd corporatio? >> so first of all corporations the supreme court never decided you could look into that there's a case in the 1800's where the head of the railroad corp. said -- are human beings and the summary of the case never ruled that corporations found a way to take over this country. you have all these science-fiction movies where
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machines or the robots take over. we are in a science-fiction movie because the machine we told corporations because they are legal fiction they took over the country. how do they do at? they started with the railroads and 1800's but mainly citizens united so we -- the supreme court said corporation to give a moment of money to politicians for the city worker that is called bribery. now we go oh no $1 million to politician all but there does having a friendly conversation. no, to bribe reid so republicans get rides by more corporations than democratsmo do. amazon pays nothing and they laugh at a us. we bought all your politician to idiot on that republicans had in the democratic side. hey trump we will give you money. he lowers the taxes for
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corporations to 35% to 21%. and there's outrage. it's highway robbery. if the corporations don't pay their taxes guess he does? you do, i do. regular people do. taxes and fees and all the different things we pay from traffic tickets every one of those things has gone way high sales tax is higher and higher. is it mainly to support the middle class and the rich they are tax nothing. doesn't affect their income at all. corporate taxes are arguably in some ways more port and notice the trick of the democrats. they didn't say let's bring taxes back up to 35% for corporations. no, biden said 20% and pretended as if he was repealing the trump taxes for corporations. this is a shell game the corporate republicans and democrats play so in and corporationsan get their taxes massively cut for some period of
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time and if they are able to reverse that they never go back to the original. rate in the first place and by the way again huiwei be that the mainstream media so so much weight do you see anybody and "msnbc" saying wait a minute that's not up 35%? or proposed 20% and a trump was never an office we'd he proposing a massive tax cut for corporations. what part of that is progressive so keep your eyes open if you iare democrat or republican. there is nothing wall-to-wall propaganda out there. >> host: senator joe manchin arm west virginia saying he would oppose this plan and having considerable play in this. would he think about modern democrats and this idea of a modern democratic? >> guest: thank you for asking that last part. there are no moderate democrats. a democrat who is moderate and it'll be the first chapter of my look but you can look at on line at any issue and the progressive
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position has two-thirds of the country behind it and 80% of democratic votes. if you are a moderate democrat you would be right around where aoc is. people are like oh no i heard it on "fox news" she's too radical. look at her positions for their coupleok of outliers like to demolish i.c.e. and defund the police that are not a two-person popular. but everything else raising taxes on the rich green new deal and yes green new deal. there are millions of jobs in of jobs and if the structure andnd universal health care coverage. and yes on criminal justice reform and legalizing drugs. whenf you hear a moderate democrat coming out of washington they mean the center of d.c.. they don't mean a a center that country. the center of washington is incredibly right-wing.
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joe manchin another great example right there says i represent people of west virginia and people of west virginia don't want higher rates. could you say that out loud? d that's a mistake or they do a poll and of west virginians want minimum wage -- of course they want higher wages. of course they do. just because you live in west virginia you don't want to make her money? but kind of in the serb -- absurd lie to that? joe manchin is a moderate democrat. no wheeze not he's a corporate democrat. he's worked for the chamber of commerce. he gotorde legally bribed of millions of dollars and he now works for the people who bribed him. he it has nothing to do with the voters of west virginia. i get it the people of west virginia have a different you've are governed -- government than
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i do in california. i hated but i get it i understand it but when you say the people of west virginia don't want higher wages and they want you to work for corporate america that is nonsense and i can't believe the rest of the folks in washington call themselves reporters and they can't figure out he's not a moderate use of corporate democrat. >> host: this is cenk uygur from "the young turks" joining us aarp podcast. acolla made up that line. >> caller: i've been on the front rim before and i agree with many of the issues and the trickle down effect iis thought was -- and i got a real good of that one and the democrats what can i say. i'm an independent to the democrats on the other side just eliminate capital gains raise the limit on social security
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from the 100,000-dollar cut off. they want to come up with some cute little gimmick inck order o do it. what worries me right now about the main media and you may be involved in this to is this identity politics. if i'm black latino or homosexual or whatever might -- goes up to that kind of stuff is tribalism and the british used to control the indians 20,000 troops. what i'm seeing is the corporate media and some of the liberal media were mostly the liberal beauty is buying into this and i have sam against police violence from the very beginning all police violence but to sit there and say that blacks are killed at a higher rate is just not true. >> host: caller you put a lot out there for our guests and i
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want him to respond. >> guest: that question is reallyly interesting and complicated that may try to walk through this quickly as i can. first of all do i at agree withg identity politics it depends on what you mean by that. do some people use it as a weaponon sometimes,, yes and i will get to that in the second okay? first of all the people who i'd invented i didn't oppose taxes the republican party. he was a oh no i've never heard that before so must not be i tr. the propaganda effort is that as aidemocrats. it's called the southern strategy and you can look this up anywhere. and they any book. they not only that they do thehe southern strategy to have apologize for the southern strategy for the southern strategy was racist for the said oh the democrats face the civil rights act and the voting rights but this gives us an opportunity picked up racist parties in the south. we will get the white voters in
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south and it breaks my heart that awards but it did work and when i was a host on "msnbc" they said we had a good 40 year run. that's it or they identified identity politics you hate black people come vote for republicans and no one disagreed treating so then you come to present-day politics do corporate democrats often use it as a shield and a weapon? >> guest: mud they do. .. rican-americans were people of different categories and talk down to everyone else. it gets absurd. sometimes they say, cenk you can't say that because janet yellen is a woman. wait, she got paid millions by giant corporations. that's empowering women? no was not. not it's empowering who's been an you cannot be ahead of the federal reserve and treasury secretary and told me i cannot
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or tell anyone that you cannot get criticized because you are a woman, that is insane. by the way that's not female empowerment that the exact opposite of female empowerment paid say please i am just a woman do not criticize me. no, that is nonsense of not going to miss los angeles yellen and not going to listen with marjorie taylor greene or' pelosi does not matter which side you're on. but he say hey it's all nonsense white people get treated the same as white people in this country my guess is you are white. [laughter] and so you have not actually experience it, brother. i mean for god's sake walk in someone else's shoes for a second period every one of these is verifiable you can verify it on your own, okay? so black people and white people smoke pot at about the same rate. black people get arrested four times the rate. if you are white and someone says white privilege you get upset say i'm not rich i don't know your time both white
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privilege i don't have a yacht i'me not in a manchin. what privilege? the approach of not getting arrested when the other guy did braid the reason white so frustrating to white can't understand it is by definition you have never experienced that discrimination or racism. it is a foreign. concept to you. seventy comes up to you and said oh this thing happens and they sent never happens to me they say of course, you never knew it because it did not happen to you. i ask you to open your eyes and look into your brothers and sisters who are black or latino or transgender, or yea insight hey nobody ever kicked me out of the bathroom. i bet that would suck pretty special if it was unfair. hey, nobody ever denied me the right to an adoption. nobody denied me the right to control my own body. maybe if i thought about from their perspective so that is a problem. look i will tell you something you relate to britt a lot of time it's about race sometimes it's about both.
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they nil on george floyd's neck for over nine minutes they killed him we all saw with their own eyes but anyd chance they would have done that to a white banker? not everyone in the audience, republican democrat you all know there's no chance in the world that any cop in the country would have nil on eight white bankers and neck for nine minutes white customer because they knew they were get in trouble but with black people they have been crushing them and crushing them and crushing them for hundreds of years. so i never get in trouble for. i had a former baltimore cop on the show and he said why do we arrest white people more? because we rest upon the white neighborhood could be a judge's side of it would get in trouble. we've got to hit her quota. in order to hit our quota since black people of no powert because the black parties and arrest people. and now he is a whistleblower. so i say of course we arrested right or wrong. if you go to white never hurt and they started rounding people up you'd find pot in the pocket to find something
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because they have no part that's real brothers totally real. strictly a political podcast are seared "washington journal", cenk uygur he's founder and ceo of the tea white network. that's how you find them online. when does your show air? and how often is air? first of all 24 hours. [laughter] anytime you want you just ty t. almost any platform you're on you can watch our videos one by one comment segment by segment. wouldn't think about this question record of the think of the news of the day, you can watch the 24 hour channel it is eight flag ship show. check them all out it's excellent programs.
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back then it was me. young progressives looking to overthrow as an english dictionary at the time with that young progressives looking to overthrow theng established system that's us. we were against the established system back then when george bush and dick cheney were in charge and we are against it now. sarah cures marianne from pennsylvania republican liner on with our guests. >> caller: hi thank you so much. i have two points i want to bring up. one is about i took economics here in pennsylvania and we were taught that lowering the corporation taxes allows hiring to increase. and therefore it like you said there is going to be more
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taxes eyes because more n employees not because you are increasing the amount that each individual is paying. that is what happened under trump. use our corporate taxes were decreased, more hiring was going on. there was no increase for the individual tax base for the individual employees. the second point i want to bring up is i do understand about racism. i am white and i was a beat up in high school by a group of black students and i had just moved there from new jersey. they were making fun to be being a white hunky. i got beaten up and when my dad went to the counselor they were told that the school would not charge any of the students or suspend them because the naacp would get on their backs. so i do understand racism. i think we have to look at the
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perspective what the problem is is hatred. people have empathy for each other. i have friends of mine that were black. and i thank god for thate because i never thought okay i'll black people are like this, never, never even occurred to me that's why said i thank god that i had a black friends. i appreciate your points on the empathy. we just look at each other as human beings you know what is, mean. that's all it takes. in all this and your whole perspective changes pizza thank you so much. suspect arianne thank you. stomach let me address this it's really interesting bird that's why i love doing this show. i love talking to real people so the talking points and republican democratic politicians. number one sometimes the racism goes the other way were black folks might do crime against white folks, of course. it might it be racially?
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yes it could be. so i believe your story. does it happen more? yes every fact bears that out if you look at the crimes et cetera. i do not know what the number is exactly. but certainly and historically not anywhere near close you know that. you know the story about the lynchings et cetera. we think a black person looked at eight white woman the wrong way let's hanging from a to repeat that happened in this country for long, long time. now that does not happen today unless it is an outlier. and then sometimes you see modern-day lynchings where they chase the jogger in the neighborhood and shot them in the back. i would consider george floyd a moderate lynching it happens in some degree today it happens less horrifically as it happened back in the day with hanging from the tree, the burning's et cetera. but does that come down to
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other things? black people being arrested more often, having to deal the cops more often. and all the things we talked about. yes. racism usually goes from white to black for that's the history of this country that's the current day of this country. could it on occasion go the opposite direction? of course it could. there is no race that is saint. we are all human beings. black people are not better than white people they are not worse than white people. guess what, they are equal. that is the whole point of this country, right? the part i have to confess that i don't like i'm nothing i don't believe you might've been your principal, there is no such thing as the naacp will criticize us if we arrest black people. while the naacp would be really busy because millions of black people have been arrested and the people who arrested them got away with it. the naacp may not be able to do anything that's total nonsense. naacp is going to come into a
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local school insight black people beat up someone but we do not want you to punish them? that is just one 100% made up. and again i'myi not saying you made it out, but very likely it was a convenient excuse for your principal paid their 0% chance that happens. okay now, in terms of the revenue you talked about. look, i used to be republican. i am old enough to the used to be something called a liberal republican back in the day. i was in favor of civil rights brabson favor of the things on social issues that are considered liberal or progressive. but on economic issues i believe the republican party. and i was wrong. so they told us they were gonna cut deficits spread so i waited for them to cut the deficit or balance the budget. they never did preaching of the last republican president that balance the budget? dwight eisenhower. all is there tax cuts to the rich and tax custody
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corporation doesn't rank a day, that's what bush did, that is what trump did. and then i realize that at some point all my god they are lying. it is not to get us more moneyin or more jobs. it's not to balance the budget. we never get more revenue from it. we always get less revenue vefrom it. so cut the corporate taxes they will hire more people than those people or create a tax base will have higher taxes. when did that ever happen? and never because it's always been a lie. they will see you get more jobs, no wait a minute. trump before covid kept adding the jobs. he added less jobs than obama did. that's complicated to because obama recovered from yet another republican led recession. the put the politics aside obama was adding jobs at an incredible rate. they're like no, no that does not count that's no good et cetera. trump got more jobs but less than obama and they're like oh my gosh it's a miracle because he helps corporations. no,, no.
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it was the flow of the economy and he rode obama's way. that's the jobs part of it. after they cut taxes this had they would increase employment. we tracked it they didn't. they didn't on a big scale and they certainly did not do it on a small scale. so corporations are out front on television on cnbc et cetera were going to hire more people, we went back and tractor. those exact corporations cut jobs because they are like suckers. we already got the money we already got the tax cuts are going to ship your jobs to namexico or china, and they did time and time again. where the did efficiencies. to get more efficiencies they never believe that when this it over we are not taking all of the money for us. we are taking it for your benefit. you know it should tell them? if it's for my benefit why don't you just give it to me? and how could they give it to? they get increase your wages but are the increasing yourge
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wages? you know the answer to that hell to the know. spickler to from brian washington d.c. independent line. >> hello, how's everybody b doing? i just have three questions. one, what you think of what happened to the capitol on january 6, 2, who do you think will win the next election, presidential election and three, do you ever think bernie sanders will ever be the president? i'll take mansur online, thank you for respecting you those are great questions. so look, i love t to makeo predictions. a lot of them have proven correct. unfortunately because pretty bad things because that is how politics is. whether there are republicans or democrats in charge. as i said earlier in the show kratz are not going to pass a 15 min wage for their full of it. and unfortunately i was right
6:44 pm
about that. i can give you 20 other things like that. so i give you that as background for number one, i have no idea who is going to win the next election. i almost never say that. but right now, we are in a very unstable time. and it could be biden. biden might not run. it could become, harrison could be trump, trump might not run it could be halley it could be tucker carlson it could be nina turner. the could be jamaal i do not know i do not know if noon tells you they know they don't. you can logically see if the outcome is going to be.ti the reason i am right about all most all the legislation is because it's about the money. it's not at all complicated you can figure who has more money and then you will know just as well as i know who's win. to what about gay-rights?
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because in that case democrats have more made than the republicans. use of the republicans have t more money because they were willing to do anything a behalf of the corporate friends. because those are their donors and the bribe them, right? out democrats take bribes from corporations but less in the republicans do. on the gate rights issue all of the domes on the democratic side one easily. you could say it's history partly it is andor i'm thrilled we one on that. but wasn't also because we have a lot of donors on that side? yes. so in this case though it is not enough facts to be able to discern who's going to win in 2024. i am positive about that at least for now. later we'll see as more facts come into more evidence comes in. that's just saying i don't know yet. i thought bernie was going to win this time around. back in 2013 i say to get beat hillary clinton back when ever they thought it was nuts he was pulling at 1%. he closed a 60-point lead and almost beat her into thousand
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16 per diaper felt pretty good about that he did not ultimately pull it out with those i held a prediction based on logic. i know how progressive the country is. but in 2020 i really thought he would pull it out. and i was wrong. looking back at it i think the main reason was because i underestimated the power of mainstream media and its ability to brainwash people. they told everyone he could not win when every poll indicated he was tied with joe biden on who was most electable. and a lot of independence love bernie sanders because they know he is honest and not corrupt. but that media told every democratic voter and msnbc the number one culprit of this. lie after lie after lie, he can't win he's a social is going to murder people in central park. that was chris matthews. that was his l inference from his statement. and oh my god there's no way trump is deafly going get reelected. whatever you do i'll give you one less example of that part in mississippi over 70% of the
6:47 pm
voters wanted medicare for f all. but they voted for the one guy who said he was deafly not going to do medicare for alluy they voted against the guy's head is going to do it, why?st because main stream media scare the gps out of them. bernie's going to lose to trump bite is going to be trump. what happened to that? that's something that said about hillary clinton hillaryri clinton lost. whether is that what bernie continent 2016 of that is more electable. i was right they were wrong, okay?? you'll never see any of them admit that pretty juicy anyone on tv say oh are sorry turns at hillary clinton was out of it? that's pretty clear because she lost but not one of them apologize for c that. now with biden sehgal we told he'd be biden heat won by 43000 votes for that's less than trump's margin of victory in 201,643,000 votes and three states they almost lost a trump again the corporate democrats suck at politics. anyway they were good enough with their main street media to beat us in 2020.
6:48 pm
every year that goes by the online media get stronger in mainstream media gets weaker but online media in the right wing sign iss a disaster they have way more facts. that is the thing we keep catching them on all of their lies. so eventually were under 45 a year old we have a massive advantage. this under 45 -year-olds are incredibly progressive. everyone in the democrat party but everyone in the contributor going to eventually win but i don't live 2024's eventually yet. so the last thing you ask asked about capitol riots. so look, i love enthusiastic protests. and i think you should shake the rafters a little bit. i think the establishment is very comfortable in their seats of power. and so when a politician gets yelled out in the streets they say how dare they the masses bothering me you are not even
6:49 pm
a corporation you did not even donate to me. i cannot stand the attitude purdue the cross the line and generally six? yes massively. didn't you see it, they were chanting hang mike pence as they were walking and it wasn't one or two it was hundreds of people chanting hang mike pence that's her own vice president. trump got them riled up in a murderous and new they came with nooses, and zip ties they're looking for nancy pelosi they're looking for mike pence and they were looking for trouble. now when they found trouble go crimea river. all these going i thought we are going to go murder people we are right white right wing. are we able to do that? >> generally word but not anymore. they should base those consequences. in terms of trump himself was a political crime he knew he'd lost the election or he's insane, i don't care either way try to undermine
6:50 pm
democratically held election. he even considered martial law the guys a fascist through and through. i think he should have been convicted after he got impeached and convicted in the senate. but in terms of the legal trial i think it's going to be very hard to convict him on criminal offense because his words were vague enough to be very hard to prove in a court of law beyond a reasonable doubt that he meant they should go and kill people face big apologies to an report out of time you can find his program the young turks on a ty t network. cenk uygur he founded and see and host of the young turks thanks are being part of our political podcast week. >> thank you so much. rex he spends washington journal every day taking your calls live on air on the news of the date and to discuss policy issues that impact you. coming up wednesday morning michael host of the michael moshe discusses podcast and news of the day.
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