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tv   Treasury Secretary Yellen Discusses COVID-19 Economic Recovery  CSPAN  April 7, 2021 9:03am-9:08am EDT

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elections -- i think that i'm afraid for the good intentions, i think emotions have taken over and the discourse has become too political. in many roles, whether in cyber security or economic or energy policy, very often i think the best role for the private sector-- >> well, clearly, we're having some technical issues with this event with delaware senator chris coons to talk about climate change and ways to reduce carbon emissions. and hosted by punchbowl news. and while we wait we'll show you remarks from janet yellen on remarks about during the
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pandemic. >> and with u.s. treasury secretary janet yellen and the kickoff of our spring meetings. >> the world faces challenges, covid, climate change, rising poverty and growing fragility and violence in many countries. the inequality is most apparent in direct effects of covid that its informal workers and the vulnerable the most. the inequality extends well beyond that to vaccinations, the concentration in wealth, the equality impact of the stimulus purchases and the balance in debtor-creditor relationships particularly for people in the poorest countries. the group is leaning forward to
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face the challenges, in response to covid-19 we took broad, fast action and quickly achieved over 1 # -- 100 operations. and raise 65%. we've conducted over 100 capacity assessments, many even before vaccines were available. we are now passing several specific country vaccines and operations each week through our board with already 10 approved. 10 more scheduled in april, and around 30 more expected in may and june for a total of around $4 billion in 50 countries. there are major challenges for the countries in securing deliveries from kovacs and manufacturers and supporting their countries.
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many enter the pandemic with unsustainable debt levels. we worked to achieve a suspension initiative and increase transparency and debt contracts. both steps are helping. we have dramatically increased our grand and loans to the dsii countries and our goal is to maximize to people. we're working in close collaboration with the imf to support the g20's implementation of the framework. >> we're pushing together and hopes to put in fast dispersing resources. chad has a heavy burden of collateralized debt owed to a narrow group of creditors presenting specific challenges and finally, we're finalizing a new climate change action plan which includes a big step in
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financing and it includes new analytical support to countries as part of integrated climate and development programs. we want to achieve as much impact as possible with the increased financing. our plan identifies key priorities for action with a focus on both adaptation and mitigation. it includes a strong focus on just transition from coal and we're working toward aligning our financial flows with the paris agreement. to conclude i've noted big challenges, we're working to bring altogether to achieve what we call grid. >> we'll leave this here now to return to the discussion on climate change with delaware democratic senator chris coons. hosted by--


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