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tv   Sen. Chris Coons Discusses Climate Change Other Issues  CSPAN  April 7, 2021 9:07am-9:12am EDT

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financing and it includes new analytical support to countries as part of integrated climate and development programs. we want to achieve as much impact as possible with the increased financing. our plan identifies key priorities for action with a focus on both adaptation and mitigation. it includes a strong focus on just transition from coal and we're working toward aligning our financial flows with the paris agreement. to conclude i've noted big challenges, we're working to bring altogether to achieve what we call grid. >> we'll leave this here now to return to the discussion on climate change with delaware democratic senator chris coons. hosted by--
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>>, but reskilling and job training is something you're focused on and i'm curious what your view is on the federal government's role and how you see that breaking down? >> well, there's always this idea of carrots and sticks, incentives and penalties, but you raise a very important issue. and it's really kind of two-fold. number one, if we're going to transition at the pace, i think, the administration wants it, we are going to need to think about the dislocation of communities that we serve, both in terms of tax base as we start to go down more facilities, as well as job retraining and a way to help displaced workers on new work and the new economy. so that's a big deal. and so, we work very hard on that and we've already retired, i don't know, 70% so far.
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and before i became ceo, we generated 70% of electricity from this reporting period that number was down to around 16%. so, we're moving, as big as we are, we're moving very quickly, but associated with that, what is the impact on employees and transmission, in order to hit net zero and for this company we're going to have to undertake a building program that is three times bigger than anything we've ever experienced in our history. until we have the personnel in place to carry out that important work, we have tax policy in place that will ease infrastructure investment, until we have supply chains in place, that will commitment to the orderly flow of materials to get it done, these are big
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issues, but we're committed to working with those to get the best result we can. >> and we're just about to get the hook on this portion, before bringing the senator in. before we do, i want to zoom out a little bit because at the top-- [inaudible] to be able to come together. >> well-- [inaudible]
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when i think about, this is the kind of-- you know, they are so pervasive we can't let them become just a device-- >> unfortunately still some issues with this with senator coons on climate change, we'll fix the problem and if we can get you there, we'll take you back to the discussion, while we wait to get to these issues, we'll take you back to the remarks from janet yellen on the covid-19 pandemic. >> it's a pleasure to be here with u.s. treasury secretary janet yellen to kick off our spring meetings. the world faces major

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