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tv   Washington Journal Steve Deace  CSPAN  April 7, 2021 7:19pm-8:01pm EDT

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modalities. and we wish you all a very good day. and a very, very successful experience as we as a nation begin to emerge from the pandemic. thanks again. yvette goes to for the federal response to the coronavirus pandemic. if you miss our live coverage easy to find the latest briefings and find the response use interactive gallery of maps to file the cases in the u.s. and worldwide. go to >> cspan2 is your unfiltered view of government. created by america's cable television companies. today per brought to by these television companies who provide cspan2 to viewers as a public service. >> this week on c-span we are featuring the host of podcasts and joining us on this monday
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is steve deace. he's joining us from des moines iowa. he's also the a new book called fauci and bargain. thank you for being with a space >> thanks for having me. split looks here about the book in your criticism of doctor fauci?s and what is it centered on?de >> it starts from a premise steve everyone in your audience regardless of which line they're going to call this morning or have already called or just watching their lives, their families, their schools, their sports teams their businesses, their churches every aspect of their livesth whether they can go out and breathe air outside last week the state of nevada which is a state wide desert, for the first time in a year allowed to go to a park and pick up a game of basketball. yet you could walk into those factors called casinos remove your mask received carcinogens on both amount months and months and months ago. the stupidity, the stuff that
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does not make any sense the way our lives have been turned over all really stands in the power of one unelected bureaucrat without a single vote cast for that in the consent of the government whatsoever. without even conformed consent which is what you and i are given only give a doctor perdomo given a serious diagnosis to reject that treatment or get a second opinion without any of those manifestations of what we call liberty in our country at all.d this guy has had complete unadulterated power for the better part of a year. that would be a dangerous forr any way of life. when you throw in how inaccuratete how inconsistent he has been is a document in the book it's now available at it has four footnotes on pages one enter into an argument i enter into the receipts parade this is not just pontification progresses often anthony found she in his own words in his own writings trying to make sense of what's been largely
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senseless for the past year. so what you are calling and the most powerful and dangerous bureaucrat and democracy why dangerous? >> human nature cannot handle that much power. this is why the founding fathers believed men were not angels human nature was not basically good but that's how we need a government they're also afraid of what happens when you get too many fallible beings in government too much power so they want it limited in scope. washington famously comparing government to a fire. it is necessary to provide warmth and shelter and security for us as a species. left unattended it rages out of control. we've kind of seen that with government in our day and age buried there is a balancing act there. when one person has way too much power and way too little accountability with the exception of about three testimonies in front of rand paul and u.s. senate committee and a couple of recent media interviews where they push back on him saying hey, you still have to be a leper he
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sought to wear a mask for those limited exceptions for the better part of theed last year it's been unassailable in human history is shown whener ever you say someone is unassailable that's probably when it's time to get suspicious. back to when it comes to this pandemic in terms ofs, government health officials, who do you trust? >> that is a very good question. one of the things he raised in this book is what has been fascinating is we have been told to trust the experts. the day after the imperial college survey came out in the uk the very day after oxford university had run its primary experts, liz's this is the number one rated university, oxford purchase in the pages of the left-leaning economists criticizing the integrity of that model the very next day. we have had either before anyone knew who doctor scott appel was there numerous scientists at stanford university it's written on the top five medical schools here in the united states the best
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in the world. they were already pushing back on the assumptions and some of the models but some of the procedures of policies we had in place. we have seen people from universities at harvard, yale, carnegie, these are esteemed universities. these are places that probablypr do not agree on a lot of social policy with say someone like me. they also thought what is this we are doing? never before in human history have we ever, ever quarantine the healthy. that is just not how this works. anthony found she himself said last j or that respiratory virus contagions and outbreaks are not driven by a symptomatic spread. our cdc is of the highest estimates of a symptomatically spread in the world at 15% of our cases here in the u.s. a symptomatically spread but everywhere else in the world is three% to 8%. so when you look at those numbers he was right about that in january.
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so we'veue largely pursued now for a year a policy according to quarantine the healthy out of this unscientific voodoo that data does not support of a symptomatic spread. why? these are questions waiting to get answers to that we raise in our book. we believe we need a 911 tribunal in this episode is over. that in depth of a look of what went on here by only some experts that fit a certain narrative why they were considered while others from elite academic sectors were ignored. because here's the other thing that's happening. you can hear it in your own culture this morning. people are saying listen, i have a right to know everything about your life. somebody literally on the call before you brought me on today, show them your papers? we are literally saying that an american now? is not a monty python kid it's as if you've never read a history book before but we've got this going on on a virus that's here april 5, 2021 the
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mortality rate is 1.8%. we are doing all this over a cfr this cdc is estimated we've had ten times more cases than we have been able to detect in our testing. that's with the infection fatality rate 0.18%. we are tearing our lives asunder for something that has impacted a lot of lives on individual level. in terms of public policy the data does not justify that we need front lines ofso truth. we don't need to know what change anthony found she's mind, hey, relax we can get this under control to run for your lives with lord of the rings rarely also need to know hate in the future we may run into something that is more ebola -like than this we have a 50% cfr and a bowl appeared we may need to have serious considerations at how much limit our freedoms given this is a survival event. with now condition another
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half of the populace that did not believe that because they've been gas lighted in light to so much the past year. we need 911 cell tribunal people had to account tona answer questions and explain by opting their solutions does not line up with real-time data paid >> steve deace joining us from des moines, iowa. he is the author of a new book called "faucian bargain" the most powerful dangerous bureaucrat in american history is also the host of his own podcast as to why the reasons we invite him on this monday, all week we are focusing on podcast. want to follow-up on a question we talked about yesterday. that is major league baseball pulling the plug on the all-star game in atlanta. this tweet from kent weeks talks with the georgia law expanding the voting making absentee in person voting using it instinct for joe biden doing this is not like election integrity because it stopped the dnc from cheating.
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so to the decision your reaction? >> the "washington post" of all places fact checked a lot of these associates and found them to be false by the premise of the georgia law is to expand voting opportunity while increasing identification. i cannot walk up and get tickets at will call at any major league stadium in this country that showing my identification but enough show id almost everywhere. this issue has been so many times its overwhelming support across racial, across party boundaries. we do not have much in our country it's if i sit mostly sunnyy simpson a company elevates musick cloudy for this is one issue that is pretty overwhelming support across the board for this issue is completely gasrd lighted. with my gatorade this morning i've got to give a tip in a toast to stacy abrams down in it went beyond she thought was
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capable. her own immediate listen to her so much and now she's complaining major league baseball's pulled out of her state. i don't know how much of your audience is been to fulton fcounty, georgia been there several times is a lot of minority owned businesses. in a community like that especially team like atlanta and now they ironically have all been screwed over by the amount of dishonesty in gas lighting associated with this bill and the backlash against this is quite substantial. and i think you can see it right now and what is happening and half of the media social media accounts in regards to major league baseball. some who grow up as a fan of the grand old gained the last thing america's pastime needs is further alienation of fans it's already dwindled and support over the last few decades. i think we've got to start now saying hey, we went through this evolution when his first coming up in politics it was corporate america considered a tool of the american party to have this shall we say "faucian bargain", we will
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find your social causes if you keep government off our back. from a taxing regulation standpoint when into the '90s early to thousands the corporation corporation largely absolved themselves from the political arena which is probably the smarter play for all sides. i now with corporate america has largely become awoke corporate america. and now he wants to wield for the left america. i makepa themselves into partisan beings if you want to do that? fine. after free country welcome to do that but you're not coming to my state anymore for low taxes regulation you can go into the blue state with a high tax hiig greg screw over your bottom line we are not subsidizing that anymore. when is the going ocular exemption these corporations are soons, going to learn that the blow back on when to exertti
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so much political influence particularly on a false premise likee this is a motherless goat. i think they're about to learn the rubber band snaps backwards met linda with steve deace. >> caller: i just tuned in. i do not understand what he is saying, complaining about doctor factory and what the united states has done about the pandemic. all across the world countries have come to the conclusionad they had to do even worse shutdowns. i just don't understand why he thanks somewhat in the united states is trying to pull the wool over people's eyes. : : one wesi sign in and all the other times that we voted and we
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both and there has been no issue, i just think a t lot of this has just been created by donald trump who came into office and basing things on complete lies in most of the crab he spouted was just lies. in a matter of fact for the donation think they thought they were done eating once $500 and every day they would take out another 500 the next day than the next month another 500 ~ one man his account was empty. i didn't vote for him but we've been con, thank you. >> let me follow up on the first point this is a text message from jimbo about dr. fauci and this echoes what we heard from linda do you believe anthony fauci did anything but show good
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faith and due diligence to the best practices with this virus. >> you bet i do, there's 200 footnotes and are book that say the exact opposite that point out the various inconsistency uncovered 282,020 he wrote the new england journal of medicine the most sustained medical journal in the country when you look at the fatality ratio for covid-19 compared to what we know about respiratory viruses and sars one and this is reallys sars to he estimated that the fatality ratio would be around a pandemic level flew and when the infection fatality ratio for flu is .1 in the infection fatality rate in america is covid-19 0.18 he was exactly right it was a pandemic level flew, we would not have shut the country down for a fatality rate is 0.18. asked the callers what other countries have done, it's simply not true what she said i don't know she's aware norway does not
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mandate masks, they found that their public health department did not have to mandate masks for 200,000 people to stop one single infection, they don't have masks almost every other western country returned to school quicker and sooner than we did as more kids in school than we do right now there is actually been more variance of how much the lockdown across the world is led to believe and i would also say we have a control group in sweden there's been a lot of gas lighting and lies but there is one stat sheet the did the mic drop, and 2020 that access desk for the last four year average, the european union was between 12 - 18% the idea that we don't have a control group we don't know what would happen if we had not done a lot of the mitigation efforts and falsifiable fallacy, what if it even works if we had not done these things, sweden is the
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control group and they've actually outperformed the rest t of the world and they have the lowest mask compliance in the european union as well, it is not true that everybody's done the exact same thing and i would say the caller made my point the fact that countries have gone into wave after wavead after wae ofof lockdown indicates that lockdowns do not work, if they worked so well with to do them for five times, they don't work, lockdowns don't work, but they do kill they deny you cancer screening, they created a mental health apocalypse around the country right now when you look at all the trends, lockdowns do not look they did not work them worked anywhere in the world but they do kill. >> the podcast is available on the website and our guests, author the most powerful and dangerous bureaucrat in american history, bridget is joining us next in washington, d.c. thank you for waiting. >> they give or take a call i
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have three points for steve that i hope we can address, the first one do you know who he is because there's no correlation between the title of your book in the actual story, what medical authority do you have is a political analyst and a broadcaster to really have any kind of informed opinion on the medical advice that anyone is giving out all much less dr. fauci, why should i listen to a man's opinion who has a poster of the dark knight in his basement still hangs up his college letters, thank you so much. >> i to take real offense to number three, i have to pride myself on the in pop culture, your gonna come on here and dog the greatest movie trilogy of all time, christopher nolan dark night, i really got a question on your part of the mental
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health apocalypse that were on the brink of. but to the rest of her questions, what right do i have is a question, but damned american, the constitution says we the people not them the experts, the public health professionals, your government told you for 80 years ufos werev not real, nasa but he wants to tell you they are, asked the ttd airman but they thing about the public health officials, you have a constitution, this government begins with we the people in order to form a new public union, this public healt department when you go to a doctor they tell you you have breast cancer need to get your breast removed over the lump in your chest are you not given informed consent and not entitled to get a second opinion, we ironically actually agree with you were not in position to question particular medical diagnoses that's why we cite so many counter experts, with a great idea for with the responsible medicine
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oxford university all the various doctors, scientist epidemiologist there, would they be expert enough for you, the head of the population health, what would he be that the university making 1% of the audience can he get admitted to on an annual basis. without the expert enough fore you i would ask you who are you to question by your own logic in your own standard, who are you to question all the experts at harvard, yell, stanford, rockefeller university, the number one university in america and the world according to u.s. news and world report, who are you to question their skepticism and scrutiny of dr. fauci by your own standard what expertise do you have to tell martin at harvard that he doesn't have the sam help know what he's talking about i would purge your own standard why would you question those who are questioning dr. fauci how dare you question their expertise they are farfa
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more impressive diplomas and accreditations than you do. >> let's go to john joining us from tacoma washington, waukomis on this conversation. >> i just want to stay to steve, you are on here promoting your book it seems like to me and dre have to understand science, at one point we might say y that yu don't mean masks it was science experiment but you realize out there without masks this is spreading faster so you regroup and you say okay maybe we do need masks so yout try different things and you tell the people who lost family members. we had over half a million people to die from this. so the herd immunity like the other doctor was talking to about letting it go, how many
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people would we want to die before we say we need to do something like quarantine, i am a schoolteacher, i understand having the students at home, doing virtual learning, has impacted the students, don't ged me wrong i have kids that have not logged on and i am very concerned about this but i'm concerned if we let it go and have done herd immunity we would had millions of people to die, staying at home for a year so we can eventually get back to the way that we possibly were, it just seems like you're promoting a book. we have to believe the science and even if it was half them amount of people that die, think of the family members that lost so much, i think when we say dro show on his own, don't crucify
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the man, that's how i look at it. >> when we talk about the book of dr. fauci but the host of your own podcast how often do you host it? >> we are noon to two eastern on radio and podcasts five days a week monday through friday, i don't like to respond to whatve she has to say. >> i'm not prescribed any motivation the entity fatty, that is a false claim, number two we have to follow the science, whose science, i citenumerous experts across the world i decided the ultimate data staff the idea that millions would've died, we have a control group, i can understand why people would have that point if we did not have a control group but we do it's called sweden and they actually beat and surpassed and dominated the rest of the european union in excess deaths last year with
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no year near the mitigationgr efforts, we have a control group the answers that question, thirdly the motion of herd immunity, it's funny to watch people claim they believe in science or around the term one of the most bedrock philosophies and presidents in scientific history, you are here as a human being today despite far worsen plagues than the current one, you are here because of herd immunity, herd immunity is not a theory as try long wrongly said it is not a scam, herd immunity is an observation that we went to this because we recognized and observed how contagion work and what is the threshold for cultures and communities can begin with healthy immune systems pushing back on an outbreak, let me blow some minds, do you know what a vaccine program is designed to get us to, wait for it, herd immunity that's the point of a vaccine program, it is to get us
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to herd immunity quicker and faster so we don't have more loss of life that we can possibly sustain on our way tof herd immunity threshold. i would encourage that team teacher to study some science coming on a national program outing yourself as a teacher and saying follow the science when what she spewed was a bunch of uunscientific cycle battle the notion that i don't care about the half a million people that have perished with covid that is another fallacy every single one of those lives yesterday with easter, jesus died for every single one of those individuals like he died for you and me and every single one of those individuals were fearfully and wonderfully made look how she dismissed we have a couple of students in my class they don't show for the zooms i worry about them, where is the concern for them, where is the concern for the people to dedicate their cancer screenings last year end the people that didn't get thei heart disease screening that the leading killer in america over 600,000 people a year how many
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people did i get early detection, how many people are gonna have a lump in their scrotum and in their breast that could've been detected he year ago could have saved them but now the cancer is too far gone and now they are not going to survive who cares about all of their lives, this works both ways and yet we don't want to make it work both ways you could throw all the accreditations for entity fatty and i throughout the accreditations for people who dramatically disagree with him and have every bit of credential this is why we need a tribunal, this is why we have checks and balances, branches of government this is why we didn't have an expert class that all our was given to and who knows if there right on any given day in my lifetime i'm 47 years old and my lifetime too much fiber is good, fibers that fibers get again low-fat diet is good, high-fat is bad, this is why we need wisdom in a multitude of
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counsel we need to hear for more voices and the biggest mistake the trump administration made from the very beginning is putting too much power in anthony fauci's hands the first 15 days when we were shut down we should had a room on national tv where all the experts from the very beginning that disagreed put them in the room together battle royale and let's see who has the best evidence-based medicine, the best argument, we never did that and we have elevated one particular group of experts, in this case anthony fauci to godlike status almost like he is a colt, that is not the way that we do freedom and liberty in america. >> two quick questions, we have a lot of people waiting while i will have the first in the nation caucus in 2024. >> yes, that will happen it's a matter if trump runs again or not and if it were me i don't think he won't in the process of
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starting slowly because a lot of people are waiting to see if the former president will run againt and went to make it all clear that he's not going to run it again i think you'll see things get started late and go full bore but until then this thing will drag along and if he decides he doesn't want to run again then iowa caucus. >> we covered mark hunter mike pompeo and senator rick scott both in iowa it's on our website and also the fed is looking into representative matt gaetz allegations that he had online solicitation and paid women for sex, what is his political future. >> this is an odd story, he is making incredible allegations that counter this and it's a bribery scandal and the department of justice has been investigating on the other hand, i don't know what to think of it but if you know me for five minutes you're never going to get me too say enough people arn in jail i'm fine with putting a
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lot of people in jail are dy, jail, you get a cell, you get a cell, if matt gaetz is guilty of this i'm happy with putnam and throwing them away. i think we let the process play itself out. >> they keep her waiting from imperial missouri. good morning. >> i would like to comment on the guest remarks about the law in georgia, he forgot to mention that part off that law is in the case of discrepancy in that the georgians attorney general is no longer in charge of looking att that and that the legislature can take away the votes of the people. >> your response. >> i don't know what she's
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talking about legislatures by definition cannot take away votes of people because you both for legislatures. logically your point does not sustainn, you both are legislatures, you consent to them legislating over you, legislatures is actually where state election law is invested and this actually gets back to anthony fauci. what does this mean that we have as people to concentrate so much power into one individual. so i would rather have one attorney general, one person have all that power than a body of i don't have any people in the legislature in georgia, we have 100 in our state legislature in iowa, i would rather take my chances if i don't like it the way things are being done i will take my chances if i can come up with ten or 15 people in that particular lock that could block what i don't like that are duly
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elected and directly accountable to me every two years than one singular official and i don't know what his motivations are, i think that is an upgrade if you want more accountability i would rather have the body that's most directly accountable i would rather have them without power than an executive branch officer. >> steve joining us on this monday as we focus on podcasting's work available at the our next caller is joe from the republican line. >> steve i just want to say i've observed you for 30 years and you're always extremely kind to every color and very courteous i talked to the great steve moore on fox news nearly every day and he told me he's crazy about you and he said he loves you, you're always kind to everybody and i'm a big fan of years and it's great to have you back on and i been calling you for 30 years, you are nice to everybody and
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doesn't matter whether you're republican, independent, steve's goalie is nice to everybody and you're not only an asset to c-span but the whole networks across the country. >> to have a question for steve. >> i just want to say i totally agree with him i think dr. fauci has too much power and i think that is wrong and i'm a big supporter of trump and we don't need to give anybody too much power like doctor anthony fauci. >> he called every 30 days on this network and we appreciate hearing from you.pp did you want to comment on his point of view. >> i appreciate the kind words and i don't expect a lot of the people in your audience to be intimately familiar with my podcast but on our show there
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are no sacred cows, i don't care with the letter if you're right you're right, if you're wrong you're wrong all we care is a ruthless pursuit ofe the truth, what is the truth we have way too many memory holdings in america october 2017 the worst mass shooting in american history done by a white male, nothing is been more politicized in my career then mass shootings and this was done by a white male who took his own hotel room into the most surveilled cities in the world and somehow transform into a sniper's nesteh and nobody knew and he conducted the worst mass shooting in american history if there was ever one to politicize it wouldn be this one with a weaponry, the a white male, this would be the one to target and we completely memory hold it like it really doesn't matter over the last couple of days we saw the attack on the d.c. police officers once the identity of that killer the nation of islam moving on to fit
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the narrative, enough of this right, left, what is the truth, i was anxious to come on here because you're one of the few outlets left in this country that is willing to let people come to the table from all perspectives as long as you're not too insane and let's have it out, that's how we need to do more things in america too much pursuit of my particular narrative not enough pursuit of what is actually true. >> i would ask you about john weiner his new book coming out later this month called on the house, a memoir sitting down drinking a glass smoking a cigarette and talking about his former colleagues and in the book he refers to boston who represented minnesota six congressional district since 2007 and made a name for herself came to meet me in a busy. in late 2010 after the election
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she one a seat on the ways and means committee one of the most powerful in the house i told her no diplomatically in her response was, matter of fact. then i'll just have to talk to sean hannity and everybody at fox and rush limbaugh and mark levin and everybody else on the radio and tell them this is how john weiner is treating the ipeople who made it possible fr the republicans to take back the house, i was not one with the power i just thoughtou i was, se had the power now and she was right of course, john painter talking about talkshow host including those on fox news and at the >> to me it did not matter how many books we sold i'm so glad that we sold more than john painter, we live in an era of lack of self-awareness him on the cover of his own book with a drink that is about odd brand as a kids dislike a toasted stacey
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abrams and him and stacey abrams are on the same side because what he saying the idea that there might be power outside of me the idea that power might come from thee bottom up as opposed to the top-down that ise because i'm in line to the presidency that you're not part olof district one in the hunger games, you're not part of the capital and you have your own of people who you go talk tonight to go through caesar, the character in the movie, the idea that you can do the surrounding that i don't get to dictate to you, it offends him which is exactly why we need more of that, this again was made government of the people by the people and for the people, not for you, this is not about you and your cobol and your cartel,a it is not about you it is about
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the people that you represent or at least you're supposed to. >> were gonna go to texas, you are on with steve. >> i totally agree with you about dr. fauci and i want to remind everyone he said the aids virus was positively going to gy to the heterosexual community, he was wrong about that he's been wrong about so many things, i just want to ask you you are talking about passport earlier i birdie had the virus, why do i need a vaccine and why does that mean i can't travel because i've actually had the virus which is better than the vaccine and i wonder if you can address that at all. >> are book comes right up to the point of the vaccination debate it was published last week, that debate is raging and since were dealing with emergency authorization, these are not vaccines that did not go
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through the normal fta authorization process which takes a lot longer period of time so were talking about experiments also since his, were getting outside of the control of the human trial and now out in the general population so essentially the experiment is happening on the efficacy and safety of i the vaccine that is now actually happening in real time i am pro-vaccine and also pro science and so is your caller because she asked the question, i really had it why am i getting vaccinated one of the things that is puzzled me the desire to get the vaccine, we have things raging in the southern hemisphere of this worldd and there wasn't nearly the immediate place by making sure we have a vaccine immediately for contagion that has 0.18 ifr.
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were working so fast to bring these products to market one thing understood we actually have not published any data since last july 4 weekend and done in the late april an early may and it's affected far more people than in it did not make sense from a public policy standpoint and don't we know who already had this and if we want to vaccinate as many people as possible to get to herd immunity threshold as fast as we can when we already know who's had the virus andd prioritize those wih invulnerable demographics who have not, those are just some of the questions that again we don't have answers to, we deserve answers to, where the american people, we rule here, experts don't rule here, politics don't rule, we rule, regardless of which of the lines you're calling this morning, this is your country, you're m n
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control, you have a right and i would argue we have a duty to ask these kinds of questions, i think we need to get the answers to particularly if they want to create an entirely different class of people on the basis of whether you want to get the experimental vaccines orba not. the fifth amendment to the constitution says no person shallon be denied without due process of law, the moderna, did pfizer, did johnson & johnson, the 14th amendment says no protection under the law and they did get vaccinated yet and make them in a separate category class of people, the constitution doesn't live kindly onin human history, how about we relax, take a timeout, let's follow florida's lead which has radically targeted the most vulnerable demographic in its state and hospitalizations that have plunged 18% in the state
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said to begin the h vaccination effort, why don't we wait those of us that are healthy and those of us that did not get in already had it, why be in a hurry, let the people most vulnerable go first, first of all that is just human courtesy love your neighbor as you love yourself i would want my mom, my mom had a sister many years ago her immune system is a nonstarter destroyed few americans that h1n1 a decade ago, that people like her go first, let's watch in real time to make sure the efficacy at high and then we can haves conversations of what to do with the rest of the population we should be very suspicious thatyo even before we get to the vulnerable demographic were already jumping how much more power can you give government over your life as opposed to let's watch the vaccine to make sure they work, this is not about public health when we debate the government power that is not about public health thatr
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is something more insidious ore. nefarious. >> we will leave it there, steve the host of hise own podcast and the most powerful and dangerous bureaucrat in american history joining us from des moines, iowa we thank you for being with us. >> c-span "washington journal" every day when we take your calls live on the air on the news of the day and we discussed policy issues that impact you, coming up thursday morning we talk about more americans identifying as democrats than republicans by a margin that is not been seen in a decade with gallup senior editor jeffrey jones, then a preview of president biden executive action with gun violence and politicos and anita kumar and radio talkshow host on her podcast the attitude and also ken cuccinelli


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