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tv   Day 8 of Trial for Derek Chauvin Accused in Death of George Floyd  CSPAN  April 8, 2021 7:10am-7:50am EDT

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male dna profile that matches george floyd again this would not be expected to occur more than once among unrelated individuals in the world population. >> so that was george floyd's blood? >> yes, essentially. >> i have nothing further your honor. >> cross? >> we'll attack a ten minute break if you have cross. >> ten minutes please.
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>> nelson -- thank you. be seated. >> we're going to try to fit in the last two witnesses here very quick, you have lives you don't finish by five we're going to cut off by five. >> your honor state would call breanna to the seat. >> >> raise your right hand do
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you swear or affirm that testimony that will be the truth and nothing but the truth. >> yes. >> if you feel comfortable removing your mask do so to be able to be heard clearly. begin by giving us your full name spelling your name breanna jills. >> b-r-e-a-h-n-ag-i-l-e-s. >> thank you, your honor. >> how are you currently employed? >> i'm a forensic scientist in the drug chemistry section of the minnesota bureau of criminal apprehension alsoo known as bca. >> can you describe for the jurors your educational your forensic scientist. >> i earned my bachelor of science in biochemistry in the university of wisconsin madison and that sciences and bob
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forensic sciences from boston university. i'vefr also undergone various training in both of my employments. >> when did you obtain your bachelors degree in biochemistry >> 2009. >> and your masters? >> 2011. >> and where have you worked since obtaining your bachelor science degree in this field? >> i worked for four years in dallas county, texas. at the southwestern institute of forensic sciences, as a drug chemist in the forensic science. >> how long did you do that? >> four years. >> and when did you leave that job? >> 2017. >> where did you go to work from there? >> at the bca. >> been at the bca ever since? >> yes. >> and do you have any professional affiliation and groups that you belong to? >> yes. >> can you tell the jurors what
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those are. >> i'm a member of the american academy of forensic sciences. i'm a member of the midwestern academy of forensic science and a member of the laboratory investigating chemist association. >> and can you tell the jurors maintaining your competence in this field what kind of trainings you go to. >> i attend various conferences webinars keep up on current articles and try to stay up to date with all of the changing discipline in our field. >> so what kinds of things do you do as a chemist at the bc ?arks >> analyzation unknown substances for absence of controlling substances and generate reports on those findings maintain the custody and testify in court as needed. >> and were you asked to perform
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items that bring us i to court today? >> yes. >> and do you recall what the first item was that you tested? >> yes. >> what was that? >> it was an apparent glass pipe. >> and given your history your work history and your training and experience, did you inspect that visually and if so what did you think of it? >> yes. i inspected it visually, and performed analysis according to our policies and procedures. >>na and what kind of testing dd you do on that pipe? >> i performed a prumpghtive test and confirmation test. >> what is presumptive test? >> incase it was a cover test. >> what does that tell you? >> it gives me an indication of what the substance could be. >> so how do you test the pipe how do you get stleng to test?
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>> for a pipe or an apparent type of smoking device, i will scrape out a portion of residue that is on device and use that for testing. >> and so with this particular pipe, did you find any like green leaf material anything of that nature? >> there was only a visible charred residue. >> and in your job as a chemist for the bca how often do you see a pipe with residue in it? >> very often. >> so did you perform some testing on that residue? >> yes. >> did you follow all of the procedures necessary for a chemist atat the bca in doing tt testing? >> yes. >> what were the results of that testing? >> that material contained thc that no marijuana was identified. >> what does that mean what is
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thc? >> it is the main psychoactive ingredient found in marijuana. >> by find nothing marijuana what do you mean by that? >> there was no visible plant material that was able to be identified as marijuana. >> so this would indicate that it was used at some point in the past is all right? really poorly worded question isn't it? >> finding of this residue that really tell you anything about the pipe itself? >> just that the pipe contained the material that was found. >> and were you asked to conduct some additional testing and some other items or testing on additional items i should ?ai >> yes. >> did that include item 48? >> yes. >> can you describe what item 48 is for the jurors? >> a white round tablet with
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apparent pharmaceutical markings. >> now were there actually two pills item 48? >> yes. >> did you test them at separate times? >> yes. >> okay. >> when you initially tested can you describe for the jurors, well the condition of item 48 or at least one of the pills? let me ask o you this way -- two fills look king the with iewn another? >> yes. >> can you describe to jurors the appearance of the pill when you saw it? >> both pills appeared the same. both white and round with markings. rph on one side 10 over 325 on the other side. >> and you mention earlier pharmaceutical markings. what did you mean by that? >> the markings rp1035 third-degree they had a mark or logo on both sides of the
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tablets. >> in your job do you have to become familiar with how manufacturers mark their pills? >> somewhat, yes. >> and when you saw these markings, did you recognize them as anything? >> i did not. >> they're just markings on most pills. > yes. >> so sounds like you recognize these as markings for aspirin or something of that nature? >> correct. >> and so initially you only tested one of the pills, why was that? >> per our policy, at the bca typically when we receive multiple tablets in a submission, the only will analyze one of that population if they're all similar unless it is requested that additional tablets are. >> did that, in fact, happen here? >> yes. >> who requested that you remember who requested to test both pills? >> agent. >> and describe for the jurors
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how you go about testing these pills.s. >> with tablets that will have markings, the first thing i will do will be take a weight of the tablets. the second would be to look up the markings using a database to determine if they're farm farm suedically made type of tablet followed by a conform story test to show what's in the tablets. >> with these markings you did not recognize manufactures marking? >> not upon my visual observation. >>on and then so how do you taka sample of these pills for testing? >> i use a razor blade and scrape off a portion of the pill. >> and what kind of testing do you do on these pills or did you do on these pills? >> so the first type of testing is looking at the mark
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technician and upon looking at the markings in the database, the markings did indicate the material contained oxycodone and scraping off a portion of the tablets. and putting it in it a liquid and that liquid is then injengted onui to a gas gcns. >> you indicated that markings on the pills indicated -- i'm going to butcher if i try it but contained what? >> oxy oxycodone and asidemin f. >> do you know whether sometimes -- home made pills are given those same markings to make them look legitimate? >> yes. >> that can happen. >> yes. >> and so in this case, you got that initial indication from the markings but you proceeded to
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follow through with the testing correct? >> yes. >> and you tested both of those fills, correct? >> yes. >> did you follow all of the standard procedures to do when performing that kind of testing if your laboratory? >> yes. >> what were results of the testing? >> the tablets contained methamphetamine and fentanyl. >> are you able at the bca lab to quantity if how much are in those pills? >> for methamphetamine yes for fentanyl, no. >> so were you asked to do some additional testing with other item it is in this case? >> yes. >> and were those items 51, 52 and 53? >> yes. >> let's look at item 51 first that item can you describe for
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the jurors a condition of the item you saw it? >>he it appeared to be a partial white tablet with no observable markings. >> and did you then test that item as well? >> yes. >> and again cut a portion of it off for the testing? >> yes. >> and did you follow the necessary procedures to conduct the testing on that item as well? >> yes. >>pr and what were results of tt testing?g? >>e methamphetamine. >> and were you able to detect any other controlled substances in that pill through that testing? >> not conclusively. >> what do you mean by that? >> per our policies, and our procedures there are certain requirements that we have to conclusively identify substance. methamphetamine was the only
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substance that was identified. >> so were there other substances that were not detected in the sufficient amount to have you identify them as present? >> yes. >> and do you know what substance that would have been that you found that way? >> per our testing, i can't confirm or state any identity of those other substances. smg that's because you have to have a certain identify a certain h amount before you can say it is present. > yes. >> call that a threshold right? >>ho we don't use that word in e type of testing. [laughter] w >> it's just not enough there to say it is there. >> it doesn't meet all of the requirementse that we have to give an identification. >> i should have asked you to explain rather than me try to do it. so did you t also then do testig on --- item 52? >> yes. >> and did you distinctly weigh
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item 52? >> yes. you remember the approximate weight? >> .009 plus or minus >> scale there is that in terms of a pill is that a small weight a large weight? >> it was a partial amount -- of what would be a tablet if you would think of a normal type of tylenol type tablet you're going get a weight approximately about .5 grams. this was .019. >> and did you also conduct testing on item 52 using the appropriate procedures for your laboratory? >> yes. >> and what was the result of that testing? >> methamphetamine. >> were you able to identify any other substances in that pill? >> no. >> and item 53 did you also
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conduct some testing on item 53? >> yes. >> can you describe the can condition of item 53 when you looked at it. >> similar in appearance to item 51 and 52 only much smaller amount. >> do you recall weight of item 53? >> it was less than 0.01 grams. >> even less than 52. >> yes. >> and did you conduct testing on that item as well using the standard procedures in your laboratory? >> yes. >> what was result of that testing? >> methamphetamine. >> were you able to call presence of any other substances and item 53? >> no. >> and did you also or did you conduct some testing on item 54? >> i did not. >> thatt was not submit to the e for analysis.
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>> okay. that's all i have your honor. >> nothing further. good afternoon just a couple of very brief questions, ma'am. the first test you did was the testing of the marijuana. correct? the pipe that you recovered thc correct? >> yes. >> but second test you did in report number 9 you tested the pills. that appear to have the pharmaceutical markings, correct? >> yes. >> you looked up pharmaceutical markings they were consistent with oxycodone and tylenol? >> and yes. >> okay. >> a the weight of those pills was .397 plus or minus .005
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grams correct? >> that was the weight of one of those pills. >> one of those pills. >> those pills were -- did not appear to be -- you can see the pharmaceutical marking right? >> c yes. >> now, item the items that you tested n 51, 52 and 53, 51 appeared to be a more consistent pill, correct looked like a pill? >> yes. it looked like a personal pill. >> that weight was .269 the plus or minus .05 grams correct? >> yes. >> and 52 was a more, was more of a part of what appeared to be a pill right? >> yes. j and that was .019 grams, correct?
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>> yes. >> plus or minus .005. >> yes. >> so the difference between item number 52 and item number 48 would be .39 grams give or take right? >> can you repeat what items those were. >> item 52 was .09 and item 48 was .397. >> yes. >> okay. >> and then you did -- just to be clear, item 48 came from b the center console of the mercedes-benz or identified as the center console of the mercedes-benz, correct? >> to my knowledge yesterday. >> yes. >> that was reported and items 51, 52, 53 and 54 they came from the backseat or they were identified as coming from the backseat of squad 320, correct? >> i can't speak to 54.
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but 51, 52, and 53 yes. >> identified coming from backseat of squad 320. >> yes. >> and in terms of the -- is it fair to say that there was some evidence that didn't meet your laboratory scientific threshold or scientific standards that a different controlled substance was potentially present. >> there were indications of other substances, i can't speak to whether they are controlled or not controlled substances. >> those were brought to attention of everybody involved, right? >> for business purposes, it is in my notes. >> okay. and that was fentanyl. >> i can't confirm. >> because it simply didn't meet
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that -- laboratory requirement. i>> yes. >> in terms of quantity, right? >> the testing i did did not have anyms type of quantitative measurement. >> butat in terms of whatever other markings you may be looking for -- right? whatever guidelines. you can't say it was or wasn't fentanyl? >> yes.u >> i have nothing further. >> anything further? >> all right thank you you may step down. next witness. call -- [inaudible conversations]
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raise your right hand do you affirm that testimony you're to be give is the truth and nothing but the truth. >> i do. and if you wouldn't mind removing your mask for testimony and let's begin by having you state your name spelling each of youreg name. >> m-e-t-i-h -- >> spell, good afternoon where do you work, ma'am? >> i worked a mms labs in pennsylvania. >> what's your job title? >> i'm a forensic chemist. >> how long have you worked in a meth lab? >> i've worked for approximately 27 years, 15 of which in the capacity of a forensic chemist. >> what did you do there other than being a forensic chemist?
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>> i did gop testing as a study manager. and what i also did quantitative analysis and biological samples -- >> you mention gop testing what is that? >> for good laboratory practices. we conducted studies on animal -- of clinical trials and we would test the sample from the animals and creately report regarding findings of the studies. >> prior to joining in a meth lab did you have any other lab or pharmaceutical experience? >> i did work in the pharmaceutical industry for about 7 years. >> could you describe your educational background for the jury. >> i have a bachelor of science degree in medical technology from the university in philadelphia, pennsylvania. >> do you have any specialized training or certifications to do the work you do as a forensic
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chemist? >> i'm certified by the american board offo criminalistics in drg analysis and i also have a license from the texas forensic science commission in drug analysis as well. >> are you up to date on all of the requirements for insurance, certification. >> yes. ye>> mns is a credited laborato? >> yes. to>> in terms of your job as a forensic chemist can you maybe describe your job duties on a day-to-day basis for the jurors. >> b i analyze substances for te presence of controlled substance or other pharmaceutical drugs. i perform quantitative analysis as well for controlled substance it is and pharmaceutical drugs. i prepare reports that summarize the findings of my analysis and
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yotd peer review of data and i do instrument maintenance calibration, trouble shooting, and i also represent asset for meetings during presentations as well. >> approximately how many tests have you performed as a forensic chemist in a meth lab over course of your career? >> approximately 6,000 tests -- 4,000 approximately 4,000 of which were quantitative analysis. rng you talked about quantitative analysis can you describe what that is, and what that process looks like. >> it's a process to determine how much drug is in a substance what the concentration is. >> and do you follow certain steps inin order to perform a quantitative analysis. >> yes we have a standard operating procedures. >> and just sort of as a general overview what's -- what step do you go through when you get a substance for quantitative analysis?
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>> so the evidence will come in, we will open it, an describe it. and take an analytical weight of the material. and then when we perform the analysis we will generate a calibration curve from a certified reference standard so that means i will make four different levels of that drug and create a calibration curve from that. also we will prepare or i will prepare a controlled sample as well to run along to show that our line is good. and the sample itself will be prepared in trk with it we run three separate times, and we report the mean concentration of those three riply we also do another where we add a known amount of the drug of interest
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to show that we are recovering drug from the matrix that it's in. >> can you describe doing an initial weight of the substance you received is that right? >> yes. >> and then subsequently going through this process for testing --en that accurate? >> that's accurate. >> and are there particular tests you do for identification and then additional testing you might do for confirmation? >> yes. depending on the analysis requested, we will do an identification as well to assure that the drug that we want to quantity at a is in sample firsd do a screening method by spectrometry to have compound in substance from there we can -- do a targeted analysis for quantitative analysis, though, that -- that analysis is specific for
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one individual drug. >> often describe that there's a peer view process as well for in a meth lab is that right? >> yes. >> so i'm going to talk about or ask you some questions about some testing that you did related to this case. did you receive three pills from the bca to perform testing on? >> yes. >> and did those consistent of two pills identified as bca item 48 as well as one pill identified as or partial pill identified as bca item 51? >> that's correct. >> and did you do a quantitative analysis for each of those pills to determine both of the amount of fentanyl and methamphetamine in eep of those three substances? >> i did. >> let's talk first about item 41 which was the two pills.
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together what was your understanding of where those pills had come from? >> did you mean 48? >> i'm sorry 48. >> it is my understanding they were retrieved from the console of a mercedes. >> and what condition were those pills in item 48 in when you received them for testing? >> they were not complete tablets. they had a portion that appeared to be cut off of it with so i couldn't read exact monogramming on either tablet they appeared to be round tablets. nothing out of the ordinary. >> you mention for monogramming did you note monogramg on those pills? >> noted in the description on analytical report. >> would it refresh your recollection to see a report to describe that monogramming? >> yes. >> i would put on the screen
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just for the witness to refresh her recollection -- exhibit 628 please. and looking now at your report, did that refresh your recollection respect with respect to what you observed on item 48? >> yes. >> and what did you observe? >> the first tablet from agency item number 48 was a partial round white tablet that was monogrammed with a 0 and a 2511 and cabal p on other side. the second tablet in agency item number 48 was a partial round white tablet that was monogrammed 325 on one side capital r capital p on other
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side. >> aside from the portions of those pill it is may have been cut to perhaps eliminate some portion of the monogram dog they appear consistent can one another? >> they appeared to be. >> all right. >> you can take that down, thank you. >> did you initially perform fentanyl testing on two pills identified as bc48? >> yes. >> what did you do after taking the weight in terms of next steps of that process to occur? >> so i photographed the tablet because i wanted to grind them before analysis to ensure that they're fully mixed before i take sample it is for analysis. so to preserve the visual appearance of the tablet before i did that i it can a photograph and then ground tablet. >> and then did you ultimately come up with a quantitative
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level where respect to fentanyl in item two pills that were part of items 48? >> yes. >> and then did you also later perform differentrm quantitative test on items 48 for purposes of identifying methamphetamine? >> yes. i did. >> and did you follow that same type of process although pills would already have been ground at that point is that right? >> yes, that's correct. j did you also perform testing n item identified as bca item 51? >> yes. >> and what was your understanding of where that item originated from? >> it was originated in the rear passenger side of a squad car police car. >> did you perform quantitative testing for both methamphetamine
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and fentanyl on that item as well? >> o yes, i did. >> and what was the condition of the bca items 51 when you first received it for testing? >> that was also a partial tablet with no visible monogramming of any kind on it and it had a little bit of what appeared to be red staining on the tablet. >> was the texture that of thatm different from way of thehe two pills you have previously tested? >> it seemed to have a rougher surface king the city compared toed other two that were smoothr in appearance. >> ultimately, did you issue a report documenting your findings with respect to the fentanyl and methamphetamine in the bill bca items 51? >> yes. j do you recall the details of those findings offhand? >> i would need to be at the
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report again. >> we will put exhibit 628 up just for the witness to refresh her recollection. seeing your report does that refresh your recollection with respect to your finding? >> yes. >> and this continues on from page 1 to page 2 so just focusing in on -- on the first part of your find what is did you find with respect to bca item 48? >> in both of, both of those cases the fentanyl concentration was less than 1%. now, for exhibit the meth exhibit one which was first tablet of item 48, the methamphetamine was 1.9%. and again fentanyl less than 1% for item second tablet in item
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48, the fentanyl was less than 1% and methamphetamine was 2%. >> and then with respect to item 40 i'm sorry -- bca item 51, what were your findings with respect to bca item 51? >> pengtal less than 1% and methamphetamine purity 2.9%. >> and with respect to fentanyl is that amount -- how does that amount less than 1% amount compared to what you would expect to see for fentanyl in your experience? >> in my personal experience when quantitated fentanyl in powder or tablets low inless than 1% or maybe slightly above 1%. >> so having a level under 1%
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with respect to fentanyl purity is common and sometimes might be slightly higher is that your experience? >> in my experience yes. >> with respect to amount of methamphetamine,et raging from 1.9% through 2.9% -- purity how did that compare to what you typically see if your line of work or street or recreational methamphetamine? >> that result is low generally we see higher levels in methamphetamine samples that i have tested. >> when you say higher levels, approximately what percentages of purity do you typically look at for street methamphetamine? >> majorities of the time i see 90 to 100% methamphetamine. >> nothing further, your honor. >> thank you.
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for the jury we're going to recess until 12 tomorrow we have sol matters to take care of and shoot around 9:15 tomorrow. thank you. coming up live today the international monetary fund hosted debate on the global economy with federal reserve chair jerome powell and imf manage director christalina live at noon eastern on c-span. then at 2 p.m. house speak speaker nancy pelosi speaks to reporters about the legislative agenda when congress returns next week. at 4 p.m. a discussion on potential changes to the federal court system from the american constitution society for law and policy.
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