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tv   Day 8 of Trial for Derek Chauvin Accused in Death of George Floyd  CSPAN  April 8, 2021 10:13am-10:17am EDT

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sent for dna testing. >> was dna testing done? >> yes. >> who did that? >> i did the dna testing. >> when you tested each, did you follow standard procedures necessary for your lab? >> i did. >> what was the result. >> all eight locations i obtained a single dna profile, george floyd and again, the dna profile would not be expected to occur more than once in the world population. >> that was george floyd blood. >> yes, essentially. >> i have nothing further. ... >> ten minutes, please.
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>> [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [silence] >> we are going to try and fit in these last two witnesses. if we don't finish by 5:00 we will cut off before 5:00. >> the state calls rhianna giles
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to the stand. these were a firm at the testimony you're about to give his the truth and nothing but the truth? >> yes. >> thank you. and if you feel comfortable removing your mask please feel free to do so do we can hear you clearly. and begin by giving us your full name. >> breonna giles
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>> ms. giles how are you currently employed? >> i'm a forensic scientist in the chemistry section of the minnesota bureau of criminal acquisition also known as the bca. >> can you describe for the jurors or educational background >> ironed my bachelors of science degree in chemistry from the university of wisconsin at madison and masters in science and medical forensic sciences from boston university. i have also undergone -- and both of my employments. >> when did you obtain your bachelor's degree in biochemistry collects >> in 2009. >> and your master's? >> 2011. >> and where have you worked since obtaining your bachelor of sc we will be the last few minutes of yesterday's testimony and take you live now to date nine in the trial of derek


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