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tv   George W. Bush Campaign Event  CSPAN  December 31, 2015 8:26pm-8:36pm EST

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is, do i know what to do? i believe i'm prepared, i'm ready to leave. >> i know conservatives were wondering how much ronald reagan conservativism is running through those george bush veins? >> i appreciate it. i'm a different era from my dad and from president reagan. i'll be dealing with circumstances somewhat different, but i think if people analyze my record in the state of texas, they'll find it's a conservative record and i'm a compassionate fellow. bu bush? >> they both did a lot for america.
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. >> thanks,ht= i appreciate it. a pleasure. >> how you doing, buddy. >> i'll see you. >> that's why the governorçát!p. [ inaudible ] >> appreciate you all. thanks. thanks a lot.
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thank you. >> you're watching "road to the white house rewind," american past on presidential races. past on next we look at george w. bush on the campaign trail. in cane new hampshire in 1999, he takes questions from reporters and learns about the town's pumpkin festival. >> our daughter is i@ loves it. >> really, lubbock, texas. i know reese. nice to see you. >> ma'am? step back just a little. >> i appreciate it, thank. nice to see you. >> you have to win, george! >> republicans wish you the very best. >> that's why i can't be at thaq debate tonight. >> where are you tonight?
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>> i think montpelier. >> what do you say about not debating? >> i love my wife. she's going to be notedj>o as a esteemed student at smu. there will be other debates. surely, though, people can understand a guy wants to be with his wife. you would like that, wouldn't you? >> thanks a lot. you've got my vote. >> thank you.
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thanks for coming. thanks. >> the author of that is a convicted felon, according to the newspaper. >> really. >> yeah. i'd be careful. you should go get your money back. >> there is an article in the globe that some of your supporters suggested that you might not be spending enough time in new hampshire, though you're here today, or doing enough grassroots campaigning. can you respond to that? >> yes. i'm doing a lot of grassroots campaigning. in order to win the state of new hampshire, one has to grassroots campaign, and that's exactly what i've been doing. we go, i've shaken hundreds of hands. i will continue to do so, and i intend to remain competitive as
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best i can in the state of new hampshire. i'm pleased with the progress we're making. we've got a great organization. mrs. dole recently got out and we signed up most of her team for the state of new hampshire, so we're making good progress. >> at least one of your former supporters has dropped his support to you going on to mccain claiming youurf' have no articulated well enough on specific issues. how do you respond to that? >> i can't get 100% of the vote. >> we're talking about only five visits compared to then6c6ñ oth >> do you know how many hands i've shaken? i'm going to be back a lot. i've got a campaign that's all across the country. i'm campaigning in iowa and i campaigned in south z california, new york. there is a lot of country to cover. but i think our strategy is going to work in the state of new hampshire. i understand new hampshire politics. and i understand people want their hands shook and people look me in the eye and ask for the vote and that's exactly what they're doing. i think the bigger question is
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how many people are in the crowds and how many hands are getting shaken. >> do you think john mccain will come up in the poll? >> he's a fine man. he's a fine senator. we just have a fundamental disagreement. i think i ought to be the party's nominee. >> how about. [ inaudible ] ? >> i'm not paying much attention to the democrats. >> would you rather go against bradley or gore? >> i would rather win my party's nomination. >> what do you think about bill going down in the senate? >> a fundamental difference of opinion was some part of the bill and the senate. i believe we need to raise the individual limits and have instant disclosure. i'm one of the few candidates, i think the only candidate thus far putting up to who is
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contributing to my campaign. i do believe we ought to not have corporate and/or labor union so long as the labor >> sea martin crest has suspended a book. what do you tvh >> the guy who wrote the book made it up, and the publisher figured it out. unfortunately, there are people in the political process who think it's okay to make things up and float it out to you. it's the publishing company that it's damaging to. most people rrnt going to buy all this garbage and rumors that float in the political process. and i hope you
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yes, alfred? good to see you all. >> thanks. >> thank you. >> finally, huh? >> we're doing an interview this time of the year. >> how do you know? >> minimdy told me. >> mindy told you. sweet mindy. bruce, we'll see you. bruce. we'll see you around. you're going to a game? why? >> why? you really want to know why? >> yeah. >> because somebody invited me and it's a big deal.
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you going to the game? >> no, i'm going to be fishing. >> is that part of your responsibility? keep a clear head. >> i'll go for you if anybody has any questions.xo;f >> michele. >> we're going to the pumpkin festival. >> thank you. >> is that a good likeness? what do you think? >> looks just like me.


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