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tv   Politics and Public Policy Today  CSPAN  February 2, 2016 11:15am-1:16pm EST

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this particular woman on television. >> i saw some of the evidence, actually. i think you know, she's obviously, it was a very difficult thing to watch. even her giving evidence. >> it was a difficult session. >> and i couldn't begin to imagine what she must have gone through. i think you said she needs some sort of support as well. >> indeed. >> there was some recent recess that showed that 90-95% of people have been radicalized. have been radicalized by friends, miss jaffa, you mentioned this as well that youngsters are often radicalized by friends. we need to get to them much earlier on at school. and at the same time you gave some evidence to say school isn't the right place to look 0-out for these signs which contradicts the fact which he you also mention that having good role models in schools is is a good thing.
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i would argue just as teachers have to be looking out for kids being groomed for a number of other things, asking them to look out to make sure that these kids aren't also just being groomed, is not a big ask. even though i do believe that you believe that the prevent work in this area has to be much deeper and more than one hour's work for example. >> i do agree that schools can play very vital part in this. stopping people from becoming radicalized. but they need correct and direct training. they need more training? >> more training. they have to be equipped with the tools. >> so i don't accept this as a criticism. it's good work that the government is doing. you have to look at if and do it better. >> i don't think it prevents -- prevent is working at the moment. >> even helping teachers -- >> it's not helping teachers. i don't think what's happening
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in schools right now would necessarily help teach anywhere any greater way to be able to spot signs of extremism and radicalization. think it's creating an atmosphere of fear. i think the longer-term strategy would be as i said, to develop a more positive school environment that's able to debate some of these really difficult complex issues in a very safe open way. rather than what i feel is happening right now. is kind of constricting. that. >> that is what you hoped teachers will be doing in schools, having open discussions around what it means to be living in a particular community. what aspirations young boys and girls should have. what their parents faith, compared to faith being promoted by daesh. because their children are practicing the faith that they've practiced for generations, it's a much more extreme conservative form. it's difficult to have that communication with your chilled as well, isn't it? >> well, it's not just on the
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religion. it's on every aspect of life. young people are not communicating with in any of the society as well. as well as muslim societies, because of the problem of language values as well, now young people in south asians and other communities have brought up here. they only speak english and parents may not know this and they don't communicate with each other. so there's a gap of that as well. when i go into families. they say oh, mum, you don't know much about these things. so -- >> as all teenaged children say to their parents. >> they all say that. >> let's end the question relation to the conica adar evidence session. following that i wrote to the home secretary asking whether specialist support could be provided to families like the dar family and the home secretary wrote back to say there are specialist officers involved in ct who are trained to do this kind of work. it would be better, would it
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not, for organizations like yourselves, to be asked to go and see families to counsel them and to make sure that they were dealing with this incredibly difficult situation. would you be ready to do that? if you were asked to do that? i accept that you don't take money from the government. because you want to be independent. but if you were called upon, at least one of you doesn't want to take money from the government. mr. mohammed doesn't want to. if you were called upon to be part of that process where it's community-trained people rather than cd officers going in in to help families, would that be something you would be up for? >> we created a resource around depression, that's being used across the country. it was made with the user, the service provider and the imam if necessary at other community organizations, so could we do it? yes, we could do it. >>-day agree that we, we are the ones who can go and talk to people. because the cd officers go, they
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don't open up at all. they don't tell them everything. we go as a community members, they speak to us, they open up. we know their issues, we can help them out. i'm doing a lot of work with so many families, the dugay family, narsis family, we're all working with them. it helps because we have islamic scholars in well as our project. she's a woman. and she can sit down with them and say where does it say jihad means go out and killing? >> one final question. the line that people have to ring, the telephone line is called the anti-terrorism hotline. and in our last report we suggested that this should be renamed. we don't think parents want to ring up the anti-terrorism hotline. >> please rename that. >> mr. mohammed. >> i don't think that's going, that's going to work. >> there could be a resource run by the community, with properly trained people who could help
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people. through this situation that is not part of government. >> i would, i would say you just need to have a range of different stakeholders involved in making that happen. can i say one more thing. >> i think it would be really interesting to do a review of prevent right now in schools. it wouldn't take that long to interview a range of teachers across the country and say, what's worked. what hasn't. and what needs to be improved. that would be an efficient use of anybody's money. >> that is a very interesting suggestion which we will look at. mr. mohammed and miss jaffa, thank you very much for coming in today, order, order, that concludes the session. >> democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton narrowly beat out rival bernie sanders at the polk county, iowa democratic caucus last night.
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a finish so close, the "associated press" declined to call it even after every precinct except one had reported results. clinton was awarded 699.7 state equivalents. sanders received 699.with 99.9%
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of precincts reporting clinton had 49.9% of delegates and sanders had 49.6%. the focus now moves to new hampshire with the first in the nation primary next tuesday. recovering a number of campaign events there today, starting at 12:30 with senator cruz. last night's gop caucus winner on c-span 2. here on c-span 3 tonight at 6:00, senator marco rubio in exeter and at 7:00, donald trump. >> if you're interested in the process it all has to begin in iowa and then new hampshire. we don't set the rules in terms of which state is first or second. we certainly have to cover the candidates. where they are. there's a lot of people interested in this election. every four years. the american people make a decision to say who should be the leader of the free world. who should be our president.
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for those who want to follow the process and do it in a way that's completely unfiltered. we're the only place that does that. the other thing to keep in mind is as you look at this campaign and you look at these candidates, you're able to see how they're able to try to close the deal. and during the final days of any campaign there's a lot of attention on every nuance, every news story, every speech, every ad. how is one candidate trying to rebut the other? how are you trying to respond to those? you know, in this day and age of social media and twitter, the news cycle is constant. we're the one place that can allow you to take a step back and watch it. you can get the analysis on other networks. can you certainly hear viewer calls and weigh in on the programming, but we're the one place that just allows you to see it as it happens. and maken your own decision. >> . >> democratic presidential candidate, hillary clinton,
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narrowly beat out rival bernie sanders at the polk county, iowa democratic caucus last night. both are in new hampshire today for get out the vote rallies. >> they want to have filled out. >> and so, that's what that is all about. we're supposed to find the birthday with the close toebt that. everybody is going to be welcome to fill out that survey online. but there was only one to be handed out. >> okay. >> it is interesting. >> all right. >> last name b-e-t-y.
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>> beatty. >> carol beatty. >> that's right. >> okay. >> you're the only one. >> what's your name? you want the other people, i've got them all written down over here. >> we're doing a great job, everybody is sticking with us. if anybody needs to use the bathroom now's the time. because once this gets started, i can't have you leave. does that make sense? we're electing the next president of the united states. so we need all of you -- [ cheers and applause ] >> we need every single one of you to participate tonight, we need your vote to count so we need to you stay in your seats, okay? i'm sorry, i know it's incredibly hot. it's a really uncomfortable.
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but this is really important work. does anybody want to do the caucus math with us? if you do we've got math worksheets. otherwise we trust you guys, trust me to do it, okay. i'll get some sheets.
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>> feel the burn! feel the bern! >> feel the bern! feel the bern! feel the bern! feel the bern! feel the bern! feel the bern! feel the bern! feel the bern! feel the bern! feel the bern! feel the bern! feel the bern! feel the bern! feel the bern! feel the bern! can i have your eye tension,
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please? getting close to having everybody who was in line registered. i want to do a few small things. one, if you registered at the door today -- okay? if you registered at the door today and did not fill out a registration form, you need to do that right now. okay? if you didn't fill out a registration form, we cannot count you. so if you want to count, make sure i have your registration form. all right? do you have any questions about that go to the table. but if you did not fill out the registration form, we cannot count you.
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>> raise your hand, so i'm wondering how you keep track of all of these people. whether they registered on the site or not. >> if we have an odd number that doesn't correspond with what we count? then we're going to have to help -- yup. >> because when you have a lawyer running it -- it's not only a felony, but it's an unprofessional practice. >> all right. >> big room tonight. >> huge room. >> everybody hear my announcement? if you did not fill out a registration form, you need to make sure and do that. otherwise your vote will not count.
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>> h to m-o right here? and then m-o to z. come on in, folks. last name -- last name? d? r. move right on up. >> gerber? you can come right around here to the back side of this blue column. >> s, move right up. you're done. >> that is it. are you folks part of this caucus? are you folks part of this
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caucus? okay we're going to close the doors. which may hurt but we have to do it. it's a little warm in here.
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thank you so much for being here. [ applause ] [ cheers and applause ] >> okay, anybody else in the midsection of hillary's? are you just observers? what? you know what? okay. so you need to sit in these right here. undecided or? yup. there should be some seats right here. >> they're taken over by the bernie folks. >> that's supposed to be the undecideds.
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>> you guys with hillary? thank you for being here. sit on the floor. we've got some spots on the floor. we have plenty of floor spots if anybody wants to be on the floor. prooin, you need a sticker? you need -- you guys want to sit, anybody want to sit on the floor? we have a lot of space in the front. here you guys, sorry. i need to put you on the floor, i want you to be part of our group. thanks for joining us. >> stay with us, i'm good.
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>> anybody want to sit on the floor? i apologize. >> if you have paper, have them fill out the information on paper. >> all right. >> a long game. >> make it a long game.
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>> we don't have any more of these? >> no, just make copies. >> we need to count the people who are registered. settle are we done? >> we are done. >> nobody else is coming in? >> nobody else is coming in. >> i want to know all who have signed in. >> please. >> i got it. >> i just want a total number count. >> it's not in order. just number, you got it. >> we're going to crack down any
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time there's a violation. >> is he going to be able to take, like do, do it in the end, i guess? >> i think he will, i think he's 100% electable because it's about a movement of people and it's about this passion. >> i like it, that's what's getting me. >> i've got my heart and i've got my head. you know, i want to live in the world that bernie can come into congress and kick butt and take names. and get stuff done. i'm not sure -- >> getting it really done. >> but as this kid over here was saying -- >> he's been in the senate for 29 years. >> and he's martin luther king, he's always been on the side of movement. he's been on the side of this is what people need, i'm not going to be working for big corporations. i know with my personal experience, my student loan debt and the cost of health care, i would benefit from bernie.
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and if they want to go to college for free. >> i think, i just don't know -- i just don't know if he can -- >> she knows the reality. >> i hope we're counting. >> we're counting all the people who have registered here today. and registered voters showed up. we'll have a total number to be able to proceed, that's where we are. it won't be much longer. if can you do me a favor. if you are with a preference group at this point. clinton over here, sanders over here. hold it down. hold it down. hold it down. i need to get through this. i'll try one more time in case people didn't hear me, clinton over here, sanders over here. o'malley over there, uncommitted can be right here, all right? and with this many people i imagine there's a fair number of you. >> there's not that much.
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i'm trying to get a start on the divide just in case we do divide. but you don't have to move. it will just be easier if we do it now. sorry. because it really doesn't matter much. until we really get rolling. >> and there was maybe -- >> so you had -- i need to count 95 people mentally. >> these are not in order. you don't care, do you?
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>> okay. i've got it all coming over here. we just have hers left, right? >> are you just doing the signatures? >> no, i'm checking the bubbles. >> some people didn't bubble. >> yeah, i know, i did kind of both. >> how many does she have to go? okay. >> okay. >> you want us to start the count? >> we're getting the count. >> excuse me. >> that's awesome. >> that's the track. >> 122. >> what's your number? >> okay. i did them separately.
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>> i am ready. what's the number? >> 9, 12. i'm giving you 9, 12, 4. 16. 14. 16. 9. 18. and 8. all right? 12, 2, 322. drew? 322.
11:43 am
466? 146. >> 466. >> 322 and 124, right? >> i need to have them corralled so they don't walk. >> i got them. i have 446. 123, plus 442. is that right? >> what do you want with these? >> it's four horses. >> what we need to do is corral these, see if anybody can -- take them all up front. thank you. >> okay. >> you want me to put them in order? >> no. >> why? >> if i -- might be more -- you
11:44 am
want me -- >> that's it. all right. so let's put the absentee ballot forms -- >> excuse me. >> excuse me. i'll show you what the total is and we can start going from there.
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>> i want to give you guys the total, where's the o'malley. >> craig. >> craig. rick miller. rick miller. >> rick. >> coming in. >> okay. >> all right so looking at the totals we have, new registrations of 124. we have registered voters of 322 for a total of 446. which seems about right to me. is that an acceptable number in your minds? >> i don't know. >> we counted the forms. we counted the forms, everybody
11:46 am
that signed in. >> i was approximating that much. >> so we're comfortable with that as a total? >> we're going to end up doing a preference group. if we compare the numbers and they come off funky, then we'll tell people you've got a problem. this is the number we're operating on. >> we all agree? >> yeah. >> are those more? >> no. this is just sign-up. >>.
11:47 am
>> we've got to tone it down. we're going to have to figure out a way to, have to figure out a way to, probably better. >>.
11:48 am
>> back up there? thank you.
11:49 am
now these -- i've been counting because they didn't -- >> the poll registration. now if they want to. -- [ inaudible ] hold up, elizabeth, hold up. we have several people who put out these forms who are not -- >> well, maybe. they didn't complete these forms. >> okay, who else do i need to call up the names?
11:50 am
>> i'm just saying that's what we need to do. >> is there a mic? >> there is no mike. i can count them. >> it's for c-span. >> so we have people who didn't fill out their forms correctly? will that forms correctly? will that add more numbers? >> yes. all right. i need your attention please. everybody, i need you to listen. this is very important. i have a few sheets of paper here where people may not have completed their registration, all right? i'm going to call these names -- >> introduce yourself. they don't know who you are. >> i'm the precinct chair, temporary chair. i need to make sure that these folks are porply registered. if you're registered and signed in and this is just a volunteer sheet that you filled out, let me know that. if you are a new registration, i need you to come up and finish this form for me. >> they didn't have any. >> i understand. >> this is the form.
11:51 am
>> i just need them to complete the information. >> they're not going to know what they're supposed to complete. >> i'll no. >> all right. all good. >> here we go. micah baskum. micah baskum. let me see if i can get more of those. dawn? dawn? i'll take those forms. kennedy fid irks drfitzjunker. does that sound anywhere near somebody's name?
11:52 am
here we go. >> here's more forms. >> she can do it in the back too. that's fine. i just need it back right away. lillian browning. >> lillian browning? >> lillian browning. sherry hall. sherry hall. sherry hall. >> stherry hall. >> brad colina. brad colina.ry hall. >> brad colina. brad colina.sry hall. >> brad colina. brad colina.hry hall. >> brad colina. brad colina.ery hall. >> brad colina. brad colina.ry hall. >> brad colina. brad colina.
11:53 am
carly colina. meredith lee. l-e-i-g-h. >> meredith leigh. >> lisa hokumato. >> she's coming. right there. >> jessica mazier. >> i'm registered. >> you are registered? >> i am registered. >> good. >> julia gillson. julie gillson.
11:54 am
>> thank you. >> right here. >> you are registered. >> i got a card in the mail that this is my caucus place. i don't know why i wasn't on it. >> you weren't on the registration. you need to finish filling out one of these real quickly. i don't need to see an id. thank you very much. one last time for sherry hall. sherry hall. sherry hall. if you're here, sherry, i need to see you. >> do you know who that is?
11:55 am
who is that? thank you. do you know who's that is? this is my grandson jenson. he likes the batman too. thank you very much. we got three and then there's two more coming here and three more coming there. >> i'll have you hand them all to me once so we have one number, if you're good with that. thank you very much. no. thank you very much. appreciate it. want to make sure we count. >> there's two of them here? >> that's two different ones, yep. >> we can get rid of this thing. >> somebody is here, there was somebody that was here before 7:00 but she didn't sign it because she thought somebody just told her she was an
11:56 am
observer. so we can't compute her, right? >> i think we're done. >> that's what i told her. but i wanted to make sure. >> you bet. you're welcome. >> okay. so do you need anything more from me? this is the person that -- well, she's registered. i know. >> where are they? >> right here. >> okay. one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight -- >> so am i done? >> eight? >> so what are you up to? >> 459. >> yes. that was fair. wasn't complete.
11:57 am
>> matching the tote number? >> it does. we now have a total of 459. num? >> it does. we now have a total of n? >> it does. we now have a total of 459. good question. times 15%, yeah. we won't be there yet. we have to go through the basic business first. >> what do you knead me to do? >> that has been a problem thus far? >> looks like 69. >> 15%. 69. >> yep. >> i do. that's me. he hasn't committed. okay.. what do you need me to do? >> all right. so you guys are ready? >> what are we doing? >> i'm getting started.
11:58 am
>> you need the survey back? >> yes, thank you very much. by the way, thank you very much. all right. everybody, listen up so we can get started and we can complete the process for this evening! thank you for your patience. i know it took some time but this is an outstanding showing for our precinct. [ cheers & applause ] we have a total of 459 people here to exercise their rights of the united states of america in this precinct. this is to be really congratulated. thank you.
11:59 am
[ cheers & applause ] now, what i did about, i don't know what was it, 45 minutes ago, supposed to be 15 minutes before our start, there is a survey that each of you can take online. we found the one participant that was closest to that birth date and did that. if you go online, you can take the survey yourself. it's from the -- >> we have two people who were in the wrong precinct but now they've come over to ours. they tried to register in the other precinct and now they sent them over here. they were in the building before 7:00. >> unfortunately they had to be in line at this precinct in order to be counted. >> okay. i'll tell them that. >> sorry. [ boo ]. >> we can keep the doors open as long as you like. we've done a good job of making
12:00 pm
sure that everybody's voice counts. okay. good. if you go online, there's a survey that you can participate in. if you want to know more about it, ask me afterwards. i won't keep all of you for that. all right. we are going to call the caucus to order. we have the caucus agenda listed right here on the wall. basically what we're going to do, we've gotten through the registration portion of the evening. whoa. that was a long one one wasn't it? i'm calling the kau sus to order as we speak. we will need to elect a permanent caucus chair and secretary. we will then have our various presentations. we'll go through the viability and divide if we must. and then we will figure out who gets how many delegates based on the total in each preference
12:01 pm
group. following that we'll go through the additional pieces. i'll have to report the results of our caucus and then we'll go forward with choose whog is going to be delegates to the county convention for each preference group. then we will make sure we have people to be on each of the committees based on who is going to be part of the county convention. now, just because you don't get picked to be a delegate to the convention does not mean you cannot participate. you can sign up to be an alternate. alternates are very often seated. alternates can also participate on the committee. all right. so we will then go through and have our ratification of the elections, we'll talk about resolutions, and then we'll get to new business and at last caucus adjournment.
12:02 pm
all right? [ woo-hoo ]. >> excellent. moving along now. [ inaudible ] >> for those of you who didn't hear the question, he wants me to tell you about the process that's going to take up from the county. if you want to go to the national convention, you have to be a delegate to the county convention, to the district convention, to the state convention, and then get elected to go on to the national. so the only way you can do that is if you are participating at each level. but it's fantastic opportunity to see our democratic process in action and go to philadelphia at the end of it to see who gets the eventual nomination. [ inaudible ] >> this is true.
12:03 pm
all right. so bear with me. vi to read you this letter. i wish i could sum up. dear iowa democrats, good evening, welcome to the 2016 iowa democratic party precinct caucuses. congratulations. as a participant in one of our state's most storied traditions, you're now a part of iowa and u.s. history. welcome as well to all of the observers in the room, whether you're a family member, a young student or a member of the media. we hope you enjoy this opportunity to witness the democracy in action. we take our first in the nation role very seriously. iowans prepare for this night all year by attending events and asking candidates tough questions, by volunteering on campaigns, knocking on doors and making calls. we work very hard to make sure the issues on the minds of all americans are discussed here in
12:04 pm
iowa. your involvement here tonight demonstrates our continued shared commitment to the important role iowa plays in the nomination process for the president of the united states. tonight we will have a discussion about the issues affecting the future of our country and we'll declare or preferences for the individual we believe to be best equipped to handle those issues. we will also take the first steps in organizing our party for the general election in november. because the iowa precinct caucuses are the first step in the nomination process for our country's highest office, the eyes of the nation are on us tonight, note c-span. but after presidential preference is declared and results are reported, we turn inward and began the process of organizing our party for the general election. the future of our state and the progressive policies our elected iowa democrats have fought for over the last several years depend on a strong organized
12:05 pm
structure at the iowa democratic party. and the organization begins here tonight. our precinct caucuses are the largest gathers in iowa and it is imperative that we take care of nes air housekeeping details tonight, like updating our database. that means gathering addresses, e-mails, phone numbers and information about your community. please fill out the iowa democratic party survey. tell us how to contact you and how you can turn our democratic voters in november. we want a big turnout in november, right? yeah. [ cheers & applause ] tell us who you think should be running for the school board and the city council. the courthouse, the state house and the federal congress. this information is critical to our success in november. if we don't gather this information tonight, then we've missed a critical organizing
12:06 pm
opportunity to build on the momentum that i know we all feel. all year long as i've traveled across the strait i'm amazed at the enthusiasm of iowa democrats. tonight i'm confident that no matter which issues drive or discussion or which canned kate inspires us to action, we're all united by our common desire to continue to move iowa and our nation forward and ensure every family has the opportunity to succeed. thank you again for participate in the iowa democratic party's first in the nation precinct caucuses. have a fantastic night and let's turn iowa blue up and down the ballot this november. [ cheers & applause ] that was from the chair of the iowa democratic party, dr. andy mcgwire. all right. now it is my duty to ask each of you to dig as deeply as you can
12:07 pm
to help us support funding these caucuses, the conventions and the party apparatus so that we can continue to bring democrats up and down the ballot to november. this is the green envelope. can i ask for someone to volunteer to carry the green envelope around for me and return it to me for contributions? free-will contributions. thank you. >> dig deep, everybody. >> this is a big cost for us to run these caucuses. so we really appreciate any help each of you can provide. >> start anywhere? >> yeah, walk around and please keep hold of it. i need one more volunteer. awesome. this is for the polk county
12:08 pm
democrats. also, very important because the polk county democrats may a lot of money for each of these kau ku sites to happen in polk county and to put on the caucus presentation. please, help us as well. thank you. there are additional letters and petitions you can read on the table in the back if anybody is interested. i'm not going to read all of those to you tonight. >> thank you! [ cheers & applause ] >> a motion to the county for their review of those? okay. i'll wait. >> all right. so now we're at the stage of election of permanent officers
12:09 pm
for tonight's meeting. we need a precinct chair, i'm the temporary, like i said. you can choose to nominate others or we can stick with me since i prepared for this apparently. are there any other nominations from the floor? anybody else who would like to run the caucus site? >> i nominate -- [ cheers & applause ] >> hearing no other nominations, all in favor say aye. [ aye ]. >> all opposed say nay. thank you. that will help us move along. now we need to nominate a secretary. dawn geds, my wife has been very helpful. >> i don't need this job. >> tim is also available when
12:10 pm
willing to assist. >> then i can take my kids home later. >> anyone else? >> i nominate dawn. >> are you willing to accept the nomination? >> unless tim really wants it. yes, i will accept. >> tim would you like to be a second secretary? all right. so we have dawn as first secretary and tim as second secretary so since he was so kind to help us out in a pinch. any nominations. hearing none all in favor of dawn ginch as the secretary and tim as the assistant secretary say aye. [ aye ]. all opposed say nay. excellent. moving right along. we're just about to the exciting stage of electing delegates and alternates. but before we start that i am going to give each of the campaigns an opportunity to address you.
12:11 pm
they will each get three minutes so that we can move this along. it's an opportunity for those of you who may not have heard yet. i will start with elizabeth buck who is going to speak as a surrogate for clinton. [ cheers & applause ] >> my assistant is here. cindy and i are cochairs. my name is liz buck. i got committed to hillary about a year ago when she first ran. i don't think i've ever known a candidate that's more qualified and experience that can take the job on the day she's elected. the other reason i was drawn to her is we have too many people in the state and country who with working hard and not succeeding and not financially
12:12 pm
self sufficient. i believe in what she's said about that and i believe her platform on those issues. i also was attracted to her this summer when she started talking about alzheimer's research and the funds she thought was important to put into that research. i'm really interested in the work she's leading. >> i'm supporting hillary because she has the most experience and most qualified on both sides of the aisle. she's supported women and children her entire life. it's high time we elect a female president. [ cheers & applause ] >> next we have rick mill whoer is speaking as a surrogate for martin o'malley. [ applause ] >> as a democrat, i feel blessed that we have three fantastic
12:13 pm
candidates. and i'm not going to beat around the bush. it has been a very hard choice for me and i made it not very early. i really looked at all three candidates and realized that one kands date is great in foreign affairs, another one has energy to spare, and then we have o'malley that has all of the experience as far as being an executive in the governor's position in maryland and as the mayor of baltimore. he has been fantastic at working across the aisle which is what i think is most important in a leader we need today. we need somebody that is less polarizing and somebody who can bring us all together and make decisions and help us move forward. and he's done it. it's not that he proposes it. he's done it. he's done the dream act, he's passed marriage equality to
12:14 pm
referendum in maryland, he has done all kinds of things to improve education making maryland five years in a trou best in education in the nation. she an excellent candidate that works across the aisle and i end with one little story. he needed to do something about the gun violence following the stoney brooke incident. he went to people in the hunting community in maryland and he worked out a program with them in which they were able to close loopholes and do a lot of other things to make gun safety an issue in maryland. the nra came in and made a mass mailing to all marylanders and told them they should put down this legislation and not pass it. what did o'malley do? he sent a letter to everybody too and told him how he had worked with the hunting constituencies and how they had come together to make this
12:15 pm
happen and it passed. i hope that some of you will come and join nus the o'malley corner. we need 44 more people to be viable and some of you can make a difference. thank you. [ applause [ applause ] >> and last but not least, carol batey from the sanders campaign. >> thank you. [ applause ] >> do we carry on as we are or do we fight for fairness. >> we fight for fairness! bernie asks for fight for an economic agenda that krooe yates jobs, raises wages, protects the environment and provides health care for all. this is the most important question of our time and how we
12:16 pm
answer this will determine the future of our country. friends and neighbors, i thank you for coming tonight and supporting bernie sanders. i really do think he is the leader of our time. i think he's the only person who cares about us, about the working class, about the average everyday guy. thank you for supporting bernie sanders. thank you, everyone. [ applause ] my name is jess. and i am here to support bernie sanders because when i boil it down, it's -- hillary clinton is fighting to preserve what we have and bernie sanders is fighting for our future. i graduated from iowa state university, i have over $30,000 in debt. and the only presidential candidate who has a solution is bernie sanders. he's the guy going to make sure we can all go to the helicopter and not have to worry if we can
12:17 pm
pay the bill. bernie sanders is the guy that is fighting for us and it's not just about him. he is clear that it's about all of us in this room. he's clear this is about grass roots organizations like iowa cci action fund who has been in this community for over 40 years fighting for justice. people say he's not electing and can't accomplish what he wants. we need to remember we're part of a grass roots movement. we have organizations that have been fighting for this and will fight for this and we will win if we elect bernie sanders. [ cheers & applause ] >> all right. so we are now at that exciting point in the evening where we're going to determine how we will
12:18 pm
elect our delegates. [ inaudible ] about what? [ inaudible ] no. no. okay. moving along, i mean, it's up to the group if you want to have mr. speakers. [ no ]. just checking. >> so there's two ways we can proceed. the usual way is everybody divides up into your preference groups and we count everybody off in the preference group and see what is viable and not available and then we have another shift for anybody that's not viable to move around and see if we can get more viability or not. that's the general way. there's also another way which can speed up the process, but you don't get to do all of the extra caucusing activities that
12:19 pm
are normally associated. the extra activities take more time. it's up to you. it's the will of the body. all right? so the other way you can do it is simply have an election based upon who is here. in order to have the election based on who is here and just elect delegates straight up, one round of voting, we would have to have 85% of you agree to go that route. do i have a motion to attempt that? >> so moved. >> how does that voting happen? >> we'll get there. is there a second? >> yeah. >> yes! >> we have a motion and a second. so we have the opportunity to vote on whether or not to proceed with a straight vote or preference groups. so i think the easy way to start this is -- old up your hands if you do not want to have a straight vote, you do want to go
12:20 pm
to preference groups. hold up your hand. [ inaudible ] >> we don't understand. >> raise your hand and vote for you candidate when it's time and we count them out. >> fill out a piece of paper. >> we can do that if you like but that's going to take a lot of time. we would raise hands and count off. i'm telling you, listen, if you want to do it this way, you simply will raise your hand and vote for you candidate. right? we'll say who's for hillary, they'll raise their hands, we'll say who's for bernie and they'll raise their hands, who's for o'malley, they'll raise their hands, who's uncommitted and then it's done. but what we're voting on right now is not that. what we're voting on is whether or not to go that route. right? i need to know if there's more than 15% of us who want to split into preference groups.
12:21 pm
all right? if you want to split and not have the one vote proveered i talked about, raise your hand. >> which way is simpler? >> similar lest and quickest is to do the straight vote. if you want to do preference groups, raise your hand. when i count you, drop your hand. [ counting ]. >> high balling it, it looks to the chair like we will split into preference groups. we'll split into preference groups. all right. so at this point would all of the -- listen! would all of the hillary supporters come to this side of
12:22 pm
the room, and elizabeth, would you be in charge of counting your supporters? >> yes. >> will all of the sanders' supporters come to this kind of the room and will you be in charge of counting your supporters? and rick, will you get your o'malley folks together in that corner and count them off and give me your total? is there an uncommitted group? is there an uncommitted group? if the uncommitted group will go into the back corner, go into the back corner if you're uncommitted. back born corner. can you count off the uncommitted for me? >> yes, i can. >> help count on the big one. it will cut the time off. >> i'm assuming they will have multiple people actually do the counting.
12:23 pm
>> do you want me to go count them in. >> those would be the easy ones. >> okay. >> all of the uncommitted in the back corner. >> if you're uncommitted, follow us. [ counting ].
12:24 pm
okay. i've got this fifth group here. >> if you haven't been counted yet, we'll go across. >> 77. i've got you already. 78, 79, 80, 81, 82 -- >> lower your hand to get a better count. >> 83, 84, 85, 86, 87, 88, 89 -- did i get you guys back there? okay. so from -- >> start with you. you're 50. >> yeah, just up to the divider we'll get all of you. 89, 90 want 91, 92, 93, 94, 94, 95, 96, 97, 98, 99, 100.
12:25 pm
that's a good number. [ counting ] 122 for you, sir. everybody else keep your hands up. [ counting 122 for you, sir. everybody else keep your hands up. [ counting ]. [ counting ]. >> we need to count those standing. okay.
12:26 pm
we need -- >> chesapeake bay was a mess. it had all this pollution going on. the federal government helped give them funds and some of the other surrounding states to help clean that up. and it's been almost a model for how to clean up the environment. we could actually take some hints here in iowa on that one. but o'malley was behind that all the way and helped make that happen and he was the governor there. so if you're very environmentally conscious and interested in those issues, o'malley is your person. he's different from the others because he's done it. he didn't, he didn't promise it or tell you he's going to try to get it through congress. he's done it in his state and he did it by working with republicans across the aisle to make that happen. so i'm just very confident that if you would come with o'malley, it would be helpful. as you know, we need 44 more people to be viable. its may be a lost cause.
12:27 pm
don't stay undecided forever. thank you for being here today. >> you're welcome. >> sure. >> i told them about the environmental issues. >> that's right. >> they're still deciding, and they will decide. >> how many are there? >> there's only about 10. [ counting ]. >> bernie baby. >> has everyone been counted? >> everybody thinks they've been counted. 211. thanks, everybody. 212. oh, 213, 214. >> what's your number? >> plus one? >> all right, guys.
12:28 pm
we have 214! [ cheers & applause ] >> we got one more you didn't count. >> who didn't we count? >> tim. >> who's tim? >> so you have 215 just so you know. [ applause ] >> we're getting there. >> enough people aren't going in -- >> there's eight of us. >> you know, i don't know. look i'm a royals fan. >> how are you observing? why are you observing? >> because i don't live here. >> where are you here from? >> i believe in things that are really possible. and then we won a world series. kansas city. that's -- you saying -- like i'm not the person to tell you what's reasonable. >> i'm glad you came to observe. >> me too. it's been so fun. this is really cool.
12:29 pm
good job. okay. so have you done this before? >> yes, in 2008. and i think the crowd is substantially larger. >> we'll probably have to count you in. >> i know. >> are you joining us? please do. >> otherwise hillary is going to take three delegates. >> he wants to be a delegate. does anybody want to be a delegate. do you want to? >> no. >> we would love for you to join us. let's change -- this will be a good deal. >> we all want to know what's in it for us. >> can i take you out for pizza? >> pizza. >> all right. across the street i'm buying y'all pizza. would y'all join us?
12:30 pm
we'd love to have you. >> give us 20. >> okay. i'll do that. [ cheers & applause ] >> hold on. [ chanting ]. >> i need rick from o'malley, i need rick from o'malley and carol from sanders. elizabeth buck. not yet. don't switch them yet. i have to confirm the total. i have the confirm the total. we are not moving25b on to chang colors yet. we have to confirm the current numbers with each campaign.
12:31 pm
elizabeth? okay. so. here's what we currently show. we show 8 uncommitted, 26 o'malley, 210 clinton, 215 sander, 459. >> whoa! >> we've got a great thing going. keeping with that -- >> okay. we need a second count. >> we'll have to go through and do another realignment. if i can get you each to initial this so we're all in agreement at this point. that would be helpful. >> eight undecided. >> yeah, eight uncommitted. that way along the way we're keeping track of each other.
12:32 pm
okay. next step we were able to complete that relatively quickly. we'll be able to complete the next one even more quickly. but what i need to have people do, listen up, at this point uncommitted and o'malley are both unviable. so that means that you either need to attract people to your group or realign to another group that is viable. if i give you five minutes, will that be enough for everybody to make their move? five minutes? what? >> what's the count? 26 o'malley, 218, i believe -- no, 215 for sanders and 210 for
12:33 pm
clinton. i was trying to do it from memory. my apologies. [ cheers & applause ] listen up. one more thing to say. one more thing. in order to be viable, in order to be viable your group has to have at least 69 members. okay. >> where are the undecided people? >> she's not undecided. she wants a woman president, she wants a girl. don't you. tell your mom. >> have you guys still uncommitted? >> yeah. >> we'd real lie like to have you -- >> are you working on it? >> talk about education.
12:34 pm
talk about why hillary is better than sanders on education. somebody do it. >> i'll absolutely do it. hill triri has been on the side of teachers and education from the get-go. you look back, her hair was whatever and she had eyebrows. >> national education association. >> she is so strong on what needs to be done for all of our kids, all of our kids. and -- >> what about the college plan? >> i like her college plan. >> tell me about the college plan. >> the college plan is you won't get -- bernie's is -- i'll stick with hillary's. >> yeah, just stick with hillary's. >> it's going to be equitable for all kids to get to college. >> the kids are going to have some skin in the game, not just going to get free college? >> they've good to produce. they won't be able to stay in -- >> bernie wants it free for everybody but that doesn't necessarily mean it's going to
12:35 pm
pass congress. he's got his tax plan and a long roads to go. bernie crosses both sides. he's been doing i it his whole life. >> my concern is, if it's free, the quality -- >> i agree. it shouldn't be free for anybody. it is free. he's got a plan just like hillary has a plan. she also wants her to be free too. >> i think it's the first two years, right? >> i'm not sure. >> i think what's what barack is putting out there, first two years, which makes sense in our community college. >> i think that's a small snu the whole campaign. >> it might be a big issue for this one, a teacher. >> you both have kids. it's going to be expensive. >> i know that. >> to tell you the truth, it's
12:36 pm
just infan advertise mall the difference between the two. y >> you're not going for experience to someone who has dedicated her whole life to public service. there will never be another female candidate with these qualifications. you know that. >> ultimately i'm worried that she is vulnerable. but what really amazed me was the 11 hours of benghazi hearings, that just raised her in my esteem. >> there you go. >> yes. >> every mud slinging at her, she's stood her ground. >> everybody talks about the baggage that she carriecarries. she doesn't have that much baggage but the republicans keep piling it on her. >> they don't want to run against her. they know they will lose.
12:37 pm
>> it's not supposed to go down to the precinct captain. really. come on. >> bernie sanders is ready for ou future. if you want the country to stay the same, you go vote for hillary. >> hillary has been doing it for her entire life. >> so has berncy sanders. >> i am the next generation of this country and i have $30,000 in student loan debt and hillary does not have a plan to help me out. >> yes, she has more plans than ever. >> no she does not. >> it's not about raising your taxes. >> i'm not okay with the status quo. i'm going to fight for any future. >> and she's not? who is going to pay for free health care and education? somebody is going to. >> the rich. >> everyone is going to get taktsed. if you think you're not going to get taxed, you're living a pipe dream. >> the bottom line is --
12:38 pm
>> what about -- >> it is the corporations that need to pay more. >> i do not want to be pounded with student debt when i graduate from college. bernie sanders is the only one with a viable plan. >> a lot of youth vote. >> right. >> it's ironic, he's 74 years old? >> yeah. think about it, in the '60s, he's the same guy as he is now. he's not changed. >> all right. >> well i think the majority of the o'malley went for bernie.
12:39 pm
yes. couple that aren't. >> possibly. what's involved? saturday, all-day event. there will be three of them. >> that's why we need alternates. it goes all the way through the summer. >> by the time she got the e-mails they were unclassified. somewhere along the way they changed. she has been open with everything. and you got a daughter here and don't you want to show her that a female can be in the white house? >> elizabeth warren could be his choice. >> by randy. we'll see you. >> see you later. >> you got a dad that's fighting for you.
12:40 pm
>> are we ready for the new count? precinct chairs, please. do you count and let me know. >> are you staying on that side now? >> i just did. there was nobody back there. >> owl of the undecided -- >> and all o'malley -- >> realigned. >> -- realigned and now commencing recounts for clinton and sanders.
12:41 pm
>> okay. i may not be able to download it because i'm not finding anything that's supporting a mac. any new people? john, is there anyone down here we didn't count? >> i don't think so. >> anybody here that wasn't in the original head count? [ counting ].
12:42 pm
is there anybody else? this is really important. anybody else? we're at 232. [ applause ] >> i don't know if they all went over or not. we'll find out in a minute.
12:43 pm
they're counting. yeah, that's done. [ counting ]. [ counting ].
12:44 pm
[ counting ]. anyone i missed? 222 and there's a guy at the table, 223. 223! whoa! [ applause ] [ cheers & applause ] >> did you count? >> i didn't count you.
12:45 pm
>> how about me? >> no, but you were added in my first count. >> so how many do we have? >> 232. >> 223? >> yeah. >> how many? >> does that add up right? >> i don't think so. >> i don't think so either. >> 456. >> i've got 455 now. >> somebody must have left. how many are we missing? >> we're missing four. >> some people walked out the door. >> you didn't count me. >> we need him in there too. thank you. >> 456. >> we have 232, 224 for a total of 456, right? everybody in agreement? >> so we lost three people. >> yeah, we lost three. >> we have that person that went to the ret room? >> they came back. >> so initial for me. >> 32, 224 equals
12:46 pm
>> they came back. >> so initial for me. >> 32, 224 equals >> they came back. >> so initial for me. >> 32, 224 equals 456.eroom? >> they came back. >> so initial for me. >> 32, 224 equals 456.sroom? >> they came back. >> so initial for me. >> 32, 224 equals 456.troom? >> they came back. >> so initial for me. >> 32, 224 equals 456. >> it kind of looks like that may be. i have to run the matt. >> you didn't just count the new people, right? you counted everybody again? >> we're at 232. >> excuse me. >> 232 times 9 -- 459 -- 4.54. so round up. wow. >> we we're at 232, they're at . [ applause ] >> just recounted the people that joined the group and people could have left. that's not accurate. >> we want to make sure they counted everybody -- >> there were three people that
12:47 pm
left. >> why wouldn't they count -- >> we're going section to section counting people. >> if you want to raise a motion to the body to be heard. to the body to be he1h÷ accurate. >> they said they found three people that left. if you want to challenge the results and do another count -- >> so you guys know what the votes are. >> the numbers do add up. our total the first round was 459 right on the money. so if three people walked out, we're still right on the money. >> here's the thing. if they only -- if they didn't. >> just a second. you'll have an opportunity. i'll announce the total and you can challenge it >> if they only counted the people who joined the count -- >> people could have left. >> we're saying they need to count every individual body. >> every body. >> i'm telling you how that works. if you want to challenge it, challenge it but you have to wait until i announce the vote.
12:48 pm
all right. >> there's no reason to question it. >> if you only count the people you added -- >> here's where we now stand. >> if you question it, we'll do it again. >> hold on. here's where we now sand, uncommitted 0, o'malley 0, clinton 232, sanders 224 for a total of 456. we lost three people in the melee apparently. so i understand there may be some consternation about the count. if anybody wish to challenge that for a recount. >> recount. >> is there a second? old hon. hold on. is there a second? there is a second. we will have a majority vote and we will see how that plays out. >> no! >> so the vote is, if you vote
12:49 pm
yes, if you vote yes, you want a recount. if you vote no, you don't want a recount. does that make sense? everybody understand what we're voting for? >> one more time. people have left. >> nine delegates. >> by the way, just so you know, the difference here will not change the delegate math. there are only nine delegates. i do not believe it will change the delegate math. but that being said, i could be wrong. so all in favor of a full recount raise your hand. all against a full recount raise your hand. >> yeah. >> the nays appear to have it. [ cheers & applause ] the nays do have it.
12:50 pm
so bear with me a second. i have to do the math and report this. unfortunately the reporting app is not working appropriately. so i have to do it by hand. by . i've got 4.392. no, you do not change your number to 456. stick with the original number. so we're doing the result round by round. that's the original number. that's what we use. that does not change.
12:51 pm
>> i want to make sure i had all the numbers. the hillary cling tething's goi tell us the number. >> all right. all right. in order to get a confirmation, the way the caucus math works out, when you do the formula, you take the total number of votes for each preference group times nine, which is the number of delegates we're electing, divided by the original count of 459 participants. that gets on sanders 4.39. with the 232 for clinton doing
12:52 pm
the math you get 4.55. the rules then say for anything above 0.5 you round up. for below 0.5 you round down. hence four delegates for sanders, five delegates for clinton. [ applause ] [ cheers and applause ] do i hear any objections? okay. i need carol and elizabeth.&vi okay. you are for candidate a, so i need your signature there. elizabeth. elizabeth. everybody, we still have more work to do. elizabeth. >> i can sign. >> i need her -- oh, can you do
12:53 pm
it? >> uh-huh. we're co-chairs. >> okay. awesome. thank you.
12:54 pm
12:55 pm
>> correct. yes. i don't know their full -- for sanders her name was carol baty, b-a-t-y. and for clinton -- well, each of them actually had more than one. but clinton it was --
12:56 pm
>> let's ask him. i don't want to be misquoting. i don't know for sure on who the sanders person was who spoke on his behalf. i'm confident it was elizabeth buck and cindy -- >> peterson. >> -- peterson for clinton. >> how do you spell cindy? >> last name?
12:57 pm
>> no, cindy with a y or -- >> c-y-n-d-i. p-e-d-o-r-s-o-n. >> buck was the one with the short hair, right? >> yes. >> all right. we do have a sheet. yes. that makes it a lot faster, doesn't it?
12:58 pm
>> i move we go to county conventional platform planks. >> second. >> if anybody has any let's bring them forward and accept them all, don't you think? you guys okay with that? >> yes. let the county deal with it. >> let the county deal with the planks. anybody opposed to that? >> do we have to vote on that? >> we do. >> we will have to vote on that, yes. >> all those in favor -- >> hold on. hold on. getting ahead of us. all right. so we have before the body a motion to accept all platform planks. do we have all platform planks up here? >> i've got a couple. >> all platform planks and what else? >> do we have them all? >> here's a plank. >> thank you.
12:59 pm
>> excellent. >> do we still have -- we still have one more? >> do you need people to vote on that? >> hold on. hold on. >> sorry. >> have i now received all platform planks that want to be submitted? all right. so the vote here is do you want to accept all platform planks without reading each one and debating each one, okay? all in favor of accepting all platform planks without debate say aye. >> aye! >> all opposed say nay. it appears the ayes have it. now i just need to get you the delegate form. which was here. >> we haven't taken anything from you. >> is it under the pile here? >> what are we looking for? i'm sorry. >> i need the sign up for
1:00 pm
delegat delegates. all right. so we have five delegates for the hillary campaign. do we have four delegates for the sanders campaign? >> almost. >> almost. okay. remember, if you want to go and you're having problems, volunteer to be an alternate. they still go and almost always get seated. >> we got it. >> okay. >> are we okay with those five?
1:01 pm
we need everybody to sign the paper -- >> while you guys are in that process, i have a statement i am to read. it's not going to probably matter at this point -- >> you should check out where i work. grassroots nonprofit. >> why don't you give us a phone number too. tell me what your first name is. >> james. >> trace. >> james. >> james. thank you, james. thanks for volunteering.
1:02 pm
thank you. let's see, casey -- sorry, ca y casey, sorry. >> that's all right. >> casey, it's nice to meet you. >> it was nice to meet you too. >> thanks. >> once you have your delegates selected, if you want to come up and fill them in on the delegate selection sheet, that'd be great. sanders campaign.
1:03 pm
what's that? yeah, absolutely. i have a sheet for you to sign your delegates on up here. so bring up your delegates and they can fill it in. now, delegates you're allowed to have people become part of the platform committee and committee on committees, okay. so if you're signing your information on to the form as a delegate or an alternate, you can also select which one of the committees you want to be on. the platform committee will accept all of the various planks and resolutions that were submitted and debate them for submission as part of the iowa
1:04 pm
democratic party platform eventually. but this step will be the polk county democrats. the committee on committees has the rules committee, which sets the rules for the convention. and they also have the arrangements committee, which will do the logistics for the convention. so when you come up and sign in, fill out the bubble on which one of those you would like to be part of. >> are you going to be an alternate? okay. then you'll need to -- >> no. it's all on the same. >> oh, it is? okay. oh, right here. >> reference group.
1:05 pm
>> i don't know if we did it right. >> we did. >> okay. >> all right. we still have a little bit more business -- i'm sorry? >> alternate sheet? >> i think they sign on this as alternate as well, don't they? >> i don't know. >> alternate. >> then mine needs to go on the other side. elizabeth, is this your phone? >> so we still have some remaining business that we will need to accomplish before we can adjourn. first of all, we will need to ratify or slate so that it can't be challenged. right? we also need to elect somebody to the polk county central committee. >> i nominate drew. do you want to be that? >> i've been on it for years. >> anybody else want to? >> it is two. >> does anybody else want dp--
1:06 pm
>> it's a great opportunity to be on the ground floor. >> you guys okay with them being on the central committee? >> yeah. >> wouldn't that be great? >> are you a delegate? >> i'm a delegate. >> okay. alternates on the backside. >> all right. so hold on. as soon as we have everybody's names down and all listed appropriately for alternate versus delegate and whether or not you want to be part of one of the committees, like i said we'll have to ratify the slate. were there any other nominations to the polk county central committee?
1:07 pm
we have the two. nobody else? all right. all in favor of the slate of drew gench -- and state your name. >> casey ericson. >> casey erikson say aye. >> aye! >> all opposed say nay. congratulations. >> we have a bunch of alternates to sign up too, drew. >> is she on the list already? >> are you a delegate? >> okay. this side. >> drew, do we have to do anything with the chair sns. >> c-span would like it if we help them put some of the chairs back appropriately.
1:08 pm
and i'm not sure how that actually gets done, but, yes. >> i have no idea what they looked like. did anyone take a picture of what it looked like before? >> so, cindy, eventually these rounds are going to come out here. >> do you want to be on either the platform or committee on committees? you don't have to or you can. sd >> the names of the individuals who spoke on behalf of the campaign? >> that was elizabeth buck on behalf of clinton. and i don't have the other name. >> cindy peterson, our neighbor. >> oh. >> sanders. >> sanders was carol baty. >> how do you spell baty?
1:09 pm
>> b-a-t-y. >> who was for martin o p'mallo? >> that was -- rick miller. g-e-n-c-h. thank you. help direct them how to reset this, please. >> so is that right? >> hold on. we have just one more vote.
1:10 pm
>> i filled out mine on the wrong side. >> oh. >> our final count was 232 to 224. >> thank you. >> this was the largest, i think. >> how many have you done? you're great. >> i don't know. i've probably done at least seven or eight. i don't know.
1:11 pm
>> i'd like to thank all of you for being here and for helping. all of you that helped tonight, thank you very much. that's been a huge help getting everybody registered, all the counts done. organizing your votes. >> so do you remember where all these tables were?
1:12 pm
>> where is rup l? >> she's over there. >> well she would know how it goes. >> i know. was trying to talk to her. >> tim. thank you very much. >> no problem. >> we need to get together. >> i know. >> it shouldn't be like this. >> i know. but that's okay that we see each other this way. >> yeah, that is good. >> no, i have one more vote as soon as we get the delegates.
1:13 pm
no. there's one more vote. >> blue folder anybody? >> supposed to record hillary delegate in our names. >> i'm sorry. >> that's okay. >> if you take a picture of it will it work? >> i think so. >> as soon as we get all the names, i need to get everybody otherwise we could be challenged.
1:14 pm
>> don't leave. we still need to vote. >> we all have one more vote. if i can get you guys to vote. it will be just a second.
1:15 pm
>> it was good. see you after the national -- >> all right. so here's the final vote of the evening. if all of the remaining attendees could listen up and confirm this slate, we need to ratify this slate. all right. as you know, we have myself, drew


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