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tv   Bill Clinton 1992 New Hampshire Primary Speech  CSPAN  February 6, 2016 9:15pm-9:31pm EST

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announcer: each week, until the 2016 election, road to the white house rewind brings you archival coverage of presidential races. from the 1992 campaign, remarks billt clinton. he calls himself the comeback kid, framing his second-place finish as a victory. he faced allegations of a next her marital affair and draft dodging during vietnam. he went on to win the nomination and defeated president bush and ross perot. this 10-minute portion of the speech is courtesy of a tv station in new hampshire. >> the governor of arkansas is coming to the podium. standing by live, jeanette
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hansen. jeanette: i can tell you that the arkansas governor is shaking hands, what he has to do is put aside character doubts. doubts that were put to the public in publications like this. he has apparently done just that. perhaps those were not that significant to voters here in new hampshire. you can see the governor, the back of his head, shaking hands. he is about to go to the podium, a resounding reception for governor bill clinton, who is very solidly finishing in second -- what appears to be second-place. i have not yet gotten a glimpse of hillary clinton. some 16 years together, they have one child, chelsea. she is 11. she is not here tonight. the crowd began to chant. the crowd -- here she is. mrs. clinton.
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>> we want bill! >> we want bill! from new reporters hampshire, arkansas, a contingent from new jersey, new york -- chanting "we want bill." governor clinton gave me an exclusive interview at 7:40 tonight. he wants to take his message of reclaiming the south for the middle class. live in maryland, georgia on march 3. and super tuesday is march 10. supporters in this room nor brin numbering about 500, celebrity their candidate. [applause] [cheering] [applause]
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[cheering] [applause] governor bill clinton: thank you. thank you. thank you, very much. [applause] , while the you evening is young -- [laughter] and we do not know yet what the final tally will be, i think we know enough to say with some certainty that new hampshire, tonight, has made bill clinton the comeback kid. [applause] [cheering]
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[applause] governor clinton: thank you. [applause] [cheering] there are so many people i have to thank. beginning with a person who is up here with me tonight. [applause] [cheering] without whose love and friendship, over nearly 20 years, i would not be here tonight, would not be fit to be here tonight. [laughter] [applause] that i justll you cannot wait now to take this
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campaign across the country. [applause] wait to win the nomination. [applause] and i know -- [applause] [cheering] and i want you to know that i know in november, we will win a great victory over pat buchanan. [applause] [cheering] [applause] governor clinton: thank you. >> we want bill! governor clinton: i want you to let me thank just a few people. lee,, my state cochairs,
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stephanierge, anita, powers, henry smith. i have so many i want to mention, but i must mention a few. bill. nancy, me last night,ld i am scared to death, but i think we will do all right in manchester. [applause] and thent to thank fern whole family. [applause] laced throughout the crowd. mayor ray, we had more votes in claremont than the next three people put together. [applause]
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and i want to thank my dear friends from arkansas that have been up your for so long. [applause] [cheering] the first to thank arkansasans who work in this crowd. [applause] word ofnt to say a profound thanks to mitchell and to barbara and the whole headquarters, all the young people who work for us. [applause] [cheering] and i want to thank my wonderful friend and senator david fryer,
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who came appeared to speak this afternoon. [applause] i first met david and barbara 26 years ago. and i do not know who is more surprised about this night -- them or me. [laughter] who have come across new hampshire, and from my native state, all across this country to decide the future of this country, this is been a tough campaign. but at least i have proved one thing. i can take a punch. [applause] [cheering] i will tell you something else. [applause] [cheering] , when you look at the results of this evening, however it comes out in the later hours, it will not have
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been a very good night for the status quo crowd in washington. and it will be a great night for those of us who believe in change. [applause] we began this campaign in new hampshire, fighting for the forgotten middle class of people who have been left out and left behind here. people who never gave up on me, or themselves, or their country. you people here in new hampshire have continued to fight in the face of layoffs, and cutbacks, and foreclosures. and a president who has not cared. and i want to say this to you, for the first time in my life, after being in 17 other campaigns, three days in a row, i have met three americans who broke down crying, telling me about their problems. and i want you to member this. whatever the final outcome of
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the vote, unlike this president, i will never forget new hampshire. [applause] [cheering] someday -- [applause] [cheering] someday, when the history of this campaign is written, they clinton well, bill took a lot of hits in this campaign. of course i did. but i want you to know something, and i want you to never forget it. the hits i took in the selection are nothing compared to the hits that the people in this state and country are taking every day of their lives under this administration. [applause] you want toknow,
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know about hits? who was iniend, ron, our advertisement with his family. he is here somewhere. where is ron? raise your hands. let us give him a hand. [applause] here is a man, a good man, who because his beloved son had open heart surgery cannot get insurance for his family, even though his wife is pregnant with her second child. now, that is a hit. you want to know about hits? ask emily. where is she? this is a girl who was a senior in high school, whose dad had to go all the way to find a doctor. ask david springs, who lost his job 30 days before his pension vested.
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and the people who sold them out, so their company out, were bailed out with a golden parachute to a cushy life. he had to find a job in another state and commute here on the weekend. want to know about him? go to nashua and talk to mary and annie, who broke down crying to me in the senior center yesterday, telling me they were literally having to choose between her medicine and food in the refrigerator. those are the hits that i care about. if these people can fight that hard for their homes, their health, their jobs, in the future of their children, i can take a few hits and fight for them. [applause] [cheering] these are the people -- [applause] [cheering] thank you.
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thank you. [applause] [cheering] these are the people who deserve a president who will fight to get and keep good jobs, educate your children, to provide for health care in a new and decent environmental policy. to restore the middle class, reduce poverty, and reclaim the future all of our children deserve. most importantly of all perhaps, we have to have a president who will fight to bring this country together again. tomorrow morning, i will carry this campaign away from new hampshire. but not before we have the opportunity at our state headquarters to say thank you at 7:00 in the morning. i will be there. if you feel like coming, come. [applause] [cheering[ ] i will go --
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[applause] i will go all across this country, to the rest of the nation, asking them to embrace the new covenant that i have advocated to restore opportunity and increased responsibility in the american community. we can no longer have a country where i worry about me, you worry about you, they worry about them. that is the kind of country republicans have given us for more than a decade. we have to be one country again, going up and down together, again. >> there you have it. arkansas governor bill clinton tonight. very happy with his second-place showing. >> and a strong finish that he wanted. we will take a quick break. our coverage continues. announcer: road to the white
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house rewind continues with our look at the 1992 presidential race. next, campaign advertisements that aired in new hampshire, just ahead of the first in the nation primary. candidates include republicans george h.w. bush, and pat buchanan. as andul song tom harkin. came in first, ahead of bill clinton. in the general election, mr. defeated bush and rosd perot. >> when president bush led america to victory in the gulf war, some of post in. now, he is a plan to cut spending and restore new hampshire and the nation.


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