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tv   Buchanan Campaign News Conference  CSPAN  February 14, 2016 10:00am-10:31am EST

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me we had forgotten the bitter lesson so soon that we were on the verge of making that same tragic error. general, as far as you know, are the conditions in >> will also hear from special maxwell.t to general for the complete american tv history schedule go to each week until the 2016 election, wrote to the white -- .oad to the white house rewind before mr. buchanan won a narrow victory over gop front runner bob dole. he helped to continue his campaigns amended -- momentum in south carolina.
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days later, won a decisive victory in south carolina. and from there, victories in every state except for one on his way to the republican nomination. incumbentost to president bill clinton in the fall. ans event is about half hour. [applause] everybody, i am president of the eagle foundation. i'm very happy to be here today to endorse the presidency -- happy canon -- pat buchanan. i am happy to be here. is the authentic pro-life candidate. he is the one candidate who a no
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respects the individual right to life of an unborn baby. [applause] pro-life movement want today -- once today -- is what bill clinton has been for all abortion. pro-abortion. we are tired of those who equivocate about this issue and talk about pro-life but won't do anything about it. [applause] >> we also know that when pappy
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can and does up to debate bill clinton, he will do it. he is the one man who can do it because he speaks with conviction and from the heart on this issue. it is not just a pro-life issue, other a -- is all those issues. choicers those a real unlike bill clinton. the other candidates are hopelessly compromised on all the other issues of the day. i was appalled to read in the nor times, that once a leading candidate says he realized -- did not realize jobs were a big issue in this campaign. jobs are the issue. happy canon offers us a real alternative. you take all the important issues, whether it is jobs, the gas,an bailout, ornate,
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you take them all. happy canon offers us a real difference of from bill clinton. whereas the other candidates are trying to make a deal with him or they are stealing -- standing cheek to joel on this issue. happy canon offers us the realist alternative. i hope that all of those who wants supported bill graham will come over and join the buchanan campaign. one who can win with your help. [applause] >> latest gentlemen, the next president of the united states, pat buchanan. [laughter] go]nting "go pat,
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"] the onesnan: i gather not plotting are the press. beginning taking questions let me say that i honored and privileged to have the public endorsement of the first lady of the conservative movement. [applause] mr. buchanan: phyllis, as you know, is the individual as you know stopped the feminist supported equal rights amendment. she alone mounted that initial effort, then joined by others. it was one of the great
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achievements of our cause. and i say in addition apologize for being late. some of our press friends were sleeping out on the parks. . do want to say this what we have here is a sign that the economic conservatives and the social conservatives are coming together. the folks are moving behind pat buchanan. we have brought into camp must the entire graham organization in minnesota. the entire graham organization in maine. significant slices in leadership, the graham organization in massachusetts has moved our way. of the eight delegates that graham captured in massachusetts, three of them already switched our way.
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let me talk about the great battle coming in softer line up. i think we have a fighting chance to win south carolina for several reasons. we are with south carolina on all of the great issues that south carolina and -- republicans -- there is no stronger right to ran inndidate who has the republican party then happy canon. i'm the only candidate who is committed to keeping the right to life platform and picking a pro-life platform and picking justices who will overturn rover's way. -- roe vs. wade. has madeenator dole
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such a commitment. we canwe win, divided operate it is time for them to unite. the same is true of economic conservatives and those of us who are concerned about the surrenders of national sovereignty. no industry in america has suffered more from the beltway betrayals in these trade deals than the industries upon which socko and depended. and i doad yesterday not have a material with me, that another mill has been shut down here. limit --f the employees are not even american. they had been sent overseas. the hierarchy of both parties really argues on behalf of these fore deals which are done
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the benefit of corporations that want to shut their factories for america and send them overseas. how long does it take? up on monday and was quoted in the nor times, i believe it was tuesday or monday, as saying, we really did not expect this to be an issue. the issue of jobs and economic insecurity. as a set on cnn just a minute ago. you know that movie sleepless in seattle, they could call the establishment and both parties in washington, sleepless in washington -- clueless in washington. i have traveled this country for one year. i have been home one night for the last 10 months.
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gone from one plant to another. thelook into the faces of men and women who have lost their jobs. they don't understand what is happening. they don't understand why the american dream is slipping away from them and they did but was right. they saved and all of a sudden they were dropped flat. they will never again have a job been the jobey had that was exported overseas. either that or they don't care about it. and i amnt these folks going to speak for these folks. i will be up and washington -- in washington. that is who we are going to represent. [applause]
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what is their answer? i've got answers. we have a program. it marries the tax-cut program of ronald reagan with the tariff and trade policies envisioned by the founding fathers. it puts these two together. it gets tough for people who are tough with us. if the chinese government imposes a 40% tariff on us. if it feels our intellectual poverty and files -- fires missiles at our friends. presidentong with the sitting down and saying listen, i want a free and fair trade deal for my country? if he cannot do that, then he will punish us. if these guys were running the situation in the cold war, we would all be speaking russian
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.ow we have a very sophisticated complex policy. they're not going to be us by running all these negative attack ads. those are really a substitute for all this. take yourhappy to questions that i think we will restrict the questions to the members of the press who come here for what we dubbed as the press conference. [indiscernible] announced. i let it privately be known that he would be the best candidate of course is out now. i encourage all of those bill graham supporters to join happy canon. [applause]
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buchanan. considering your view on show -- thee sabina financial support -- roger milliken? he supported our a budweiser held for be. -- he supported our campaign and held a fundraiser for me. not going to move to mexico, we are going to build this plant here in georgia. every worker he had was immediately given the first opening at any jobs in the area.
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a couple of dozen were sent to england to work on his mills over there. out forves in working his workers. that is what a good employer does. like the fellow up there in massachusetts. of cap thistype leader, free enterprise leader i respect. my argument is not the folks who do well. not the folks who make a lot of money. not the folks- my argument is not with capitalist free enterprise. it is with corporations who no longer feel any sense of loyalty to their employees, to their
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country. who worship only the bottom-line on the balance sheet. it is these folks who have got to disagree with. mr. -- yes sir? mr. buchanan: -- night'sdoes last victory sent to the establishment? and how do you expect to compete with candidates who have more resources at their disposal, who are better organized and have better organization on the ground? they're coming at me. [laughter] mr. buchanan: the message i think was sent last night.
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i think the message that comes out is basically this. the people of this country want to hear the issues discussed. the economic issue at the core of this campaign is gnawing at the soul of america. good jobs are being sent overseas and they kill other jobs. economic insecurity of the american middle class. people want this address. they want their concerns expressed. they want ideas for how to get the standard of living for americans rising again. how to get wages going up. they have been going down. we know people are doing well, but their wages have gone down. they want someone with ideas and an agenda to deal with it. most of the others, what are they doing? they call me names. that is all they do. toy say happy canon is going
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give out -- this was not what we planned to have a peer. it shows how out of touch washington is. i belong to a wonderful party. the public and party. i have been part of it since the goldwater days. at the top levels, they are so the statech, department is going to have to organizational trips for these guys to meet ordinary americans. they're out of touch. let me talk to these matters of organization and money.
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that exaggeration to say we are very weak in that department. people forget that in the third and fourth quarter, i raised more -- and in january and february -- raise more money than any other candidate except for senator donnelly. i got more matching funds than any other candidate from the third and fourth quarter in the first two months that -- than any other candidate than senator dope. last week, $500,000 in small contributions landed at our mclean headquarters. that was after i was. , where theampshire impact was going to be exponentially greater, we expect more money to come in. next, in terms of organization, how can they say we're not organized? we beat them all. spent --
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we beat bill graham 421 -- 4 to 1. our organization went out there and beat him. in iowa, they said we all have better organizations. pat closed a 50 point gap with senator dole when he out spent us 5-1. that money it true cannot buy you love as the beatles taught us, money is no substitute for ideas, passion, and conviction. none. [applause] but you know, i said it long ago. will. you cannot buy i you cannot buy america. and that is true.
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you cannot buy south carolina. medals and agold silver. bronze medals. where's he going to get his money? >> you have got to get out of the race? mr. buchanan: i think the worst maneuver you can make is to get out of the front lines. it will be perceived as really the politics of expediency and .erceived what program said.
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said.l graham beaton as phil gramm got -- lenny the honest. honest i- let me be think the perception might prefer lamarr. i think they will stand behind senator dole. in third in both. i think they're going to stick with bob dole. i urge lamarr to get out to arizona. i am the only authentic
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candidate left in the race. i'm the one guy. [applause] >> why are so many gop leaders -- [indiscernible] mr. buchanan: when bob dole was at 50% and we were at sing digits.s -- single they said all get aborted with the winner. the train is not moving. [laughter] is the dixieere express coming through here.
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i think that's it. i'm sorry, go ahead sir. you think you will be theting for or against republican assessment and south carolina? mr. buchanan: many of the people in the establishment work young men and young women. washington. came to was in thender whitehouse for two of those years. i worked with those people and we were friends. i believe that i have maintained and many of these folks have come accustomed to washington. they began to express that it is part of the culture.
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they are now lobbyists making half $1 million a year. they no longer have the fire and energy that we all used to have when we came there. people.dislike those they were friends of mine and i would say they are friends of mine now. they are out of touch though. out this possibility that if i win this nomination, i will sit down and talk with them. i will keep the door open to my campaign to anyone who does not slam the door to us. punitive.ive is not it is to broaden the base. when i was young, richard nixon and i put together over six we got 49t we put --
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states and 60% of the votes. we all know what happened at watergate. i helped ronald reagan put state, 60%49 victory. that is what i'm looking for any future. to do that, we have to open the party. we have to bring in the working-class folks and share our values. they want to be with us. we have to address their economic concerns. there sitting up at night looking across the table saying i cannot believe it. let me go after 20 years. i can't believe it. what are we going to do now? we got to move out of here. we've got to put the kids someplace in school. if we won't address their concerns, we don't deserve their support. i'm addressing that. friends back in washington, stop calling me names. we've had dinner a thousand times.
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dolphin and i will keep mine open. -- keep your door open and i open.eep mine >> what is your relationship with the american labor unions? mr. buchanan: i'm a member of two unions. i believe that units have played a chairman this role for american history. for played a positive role working people who do not have a living wage. let me say this. when the issue is whether boeing aircraft bought a new factory in china or keeping its plants in the united states and these
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aerospace workers are out there striking, my heart is with the workers striking. it is not for the guys moving the plants. this is where i disagree with the established republicans. i have disagreements with units. for example, i have trouble with right to work laws. they're going to force me to pay dues for a strike i believe in. you guys are out of it. they stamped not in good standing on my unit card. i believe in supporting unions when they are right in their right most of the time. >> are you going to be involved with them at all? mr. buchanan: i welcome all the textile workers. on the main key issues, which is
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keeping your jobs in the u.s., getting your pay going up again, making sure the family centered of living is rising, you can raise your family and wants me whole life if you want to. that is conservative. i'm with you all the way. thank you very much. [applause] >> during campaign 2016, c-span takes you on the road to the white house as we fall of the candidates on c-span, c-span radio, and
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>> every election cycle, we are reminded how important it is for citizens to be informed. c-span is a home for political junkies. >> i think it is a great way for us to stay informed. c-spane are a lot of bands at the hill. at the hill. >> monday night on the communicators, the longest-serving sec commissioner , talks about major to medication issues. position on net neutrality. evolvinguld always be and always attempting to bridge
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the gap so people can help themselves. this is about enabling individuals to help themselves, providing them with technological means to get in touch with that to have educational options where they may have a certain language, to bridge the gaps, so these divides,-- how do we use technology to close them? >> watch the communicators monday night at 8:00 eastern on c-span2. presidency,he journalist paul brandus discusses his book, "under this roof: the white house and the presidency - 21 presidents, 21 rooms, 21 inside stories." he explains how presidents from george washington to barack obama have let their imprint on executive mansion.


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