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tv   Buchanan Campaign News Conference  CSPAN  February 14, 2016 10:35pm-11:06pm EST

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samepretty much do the things as the senators in washington today. >> each week until the 2016 election, road to the white thee or rewind -- wrote to white house rewind features archival coverage. next, pat buchanan in south carolina. the night before he won a never wrote victory over gop front-runner bob dole. he hope to continue his campaign's momentum in south carolina with the endorsement of eagle forum founder and president phyllis schlafly.
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but mr. dole won a decisive victory in south carolina and everyne every -- won primary except one on the road to the general election. good morning, everyone. i am phyllis schlafly, president of eagle forum, and from the national pro-life organization. i am very proud to be here to endorse the candidacy of pat buchanan. at [applause] i had to get on the plane even before i knew the spectacular results in new hampshire area and i am happy to be here, and i think that pat is the outstanding pro-life candidate now. he is the one candidate who can win who we know respect the
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fundamental right to life of the unborn baby. movement wantsfe today is a president that will be to pro-life what bill clinton has been to pro-abortion, and we know that pat will be that man because we are sure he will desend clinton -- rescin clinton's five pro-life eggs -- five pro-abortion executive orders. we are tired of those who equivocate about this issue, talk about pro-life, but won't do anything about it. >> go, pat, go! go, pat, go! when capfly: we know buchanan goes up in debate
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against bill clinton -- [applause] ms. schlafly: he will, he will do it. he is the one man who can do it because he speaks from the heart on this issue. not just her, but all of the other issues where he offers us a real choice and not an echo of ill clinton. -- of bill clinton. the other candidates are hopelessly compromised on all of the other major issues of the day. i was appalled to read yesterday's "new york times" where the ones leading candidate said he was surprised that jobs were the leading issue in this campaign. jobs are the issue. you take all of the important issues, where it -- whether it is jobs, nafta, the mexican bailout, foreign aid, the appointment of judges, term limits, you take them all -- pat
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buchanan offers us a real difference from bill clinton, whereas the other candidates are just trying to make a deal with him or they are standing to gel standing clinton -- jowl with bill clinton. i hope that all of those who once supported phil gramm will come over and join the buchanan campaign. the one who can win, with your help. [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, the next president of the united states, pat buchanan. [applause] go!o, pat, go, pat, go! go, pat, go! ! go, pat, go !
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gather -- i: i gather the ones not applauding are the press. [laughter] mr. buchanan: so, we will have a press conference now. we will have a press conference and this will be for the press questions, but before we begin taking the questions, let me say i am honored and privileged to have the public indoor smit the first lady of the conservative movement -- and the public endorsement of the first lady of the conservative movement phyllis schlafly. [applause] >> vice president. [laughter] phyllis is the one who stopped, more than any other, the feminist supported .qual rights amendment she alone mounted that initial effort joined by others and it was one of the great achievements of our movement and
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our cause. let me say in addition -- press will move to the questions and i apologize for being late in some of our press friends, i think, were sleeping at the park and i apologize for that. i do want to say this. what we've got a peer is a sign -- what we've got up here is a sign the economic folks and the social conservatives are coming together. the phil gramm folks are moving to pat buchanan. we have brought in almost the organization in minnesota, in maine, significant slices of the leadership from message uses have moved our way. of the eight delegates that phil gramm captured in louisiana, three have declared for us. they have, to new hampshire and declared for us. i think this campaign is bringing together the social and
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economic conservatives. let me talk about the great battle coming in south carolina about 10 days from now. i think we have a fighting to win south carolina for several reasons. we are with south carolina and all of the great issues of the south carolina republican party. the issue of right to life, there is no stronger right to life candidate and pat buchanan, and indeed, i am the only right to life candidate who is committed to keeping the right to life plank in the platform to keeping -- the right to life like in the platform, to keeping a pro-life running mate, to appointing justices that will overturn roe v wade. neither senator dole nor lamar alexander have made such commitments. that is why it is so important that the right to life movement unite now.
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divided, wen, cannot. the same is true of economic conservatives and those of us concerned about the loss of american sovereignty when those jobs are being exported abroad. no industry in america has suffered more from the beltway betrayals then the textile industries upon which south carolina and has depended. i just read yesterday and i do not have the material with me -- that another textile mill has 65% ofut down here and the employees were minority americans. their jobs are being sent to mexico. these are some of the voiceless men and women who have no one to represent them in washington because the hierarchy of both parties -- over half of these trade deals are done with
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corporations that want to shut factories in american move them overseas. as phyllis mention, bob dole got up on monday and was quoted in the new york times, i believe it tuesday or monday and said, you know, we did not expect this to be an issue. this issue of jobs and economic insecurity, that was not our game plan. as i said on cnn a minute ago, they had that movie, "sleepless in seattle," they can call this establishment in washington "clueless in washington." [laughter] [applause] seriously, i have traveled this country for one year. i have been home one night in the last deed months. i have gone to one went after another. all over america. .he plants are closed
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you look into the face of the women. they do not understand why the american dream is slipping away from them. they did right. they worked hard. they raise their families. and all of a sudden they were dropped off and they will never again have as good a job as the overseas.ed and those in washington, d.c. at the hierarchy level, they don't understand this. either that, or they don't care about it. and the reason we are doing well, i do care about these folks. i am going to speak for those folks. i will be the lobbyist in the white house for the people who cannot afford to put a lobbyist on k street. that is who we are going to represent. [applause] and what is their answer?
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i've got answers. we have a plan to make america the enterprise zone of the western world. it marries the tax policy of ronald reagan with the terrapin trade policies of the sound -- of the founding fathers. england, europe, australia -- it gets tough with people who are tough with us. at if the chinese communist government imposes a steals oured on us, intellectual property, fires what is at our friends, wrong with a president sitting down and saying, listen, i won a free and fair trade deal for my country? youybody is like, oh, pat, can't do that. they will punish us. running thes were situation in the cold war when ronald reagan and i were in the white house, we would all be speaking russian now.
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[laughter] they are not going to beat us by calling his name's. they will not beat us by running attack ads. those are substitutes for ideas. a slew of attack ads cannot substitute an agenda for america. i would be happy to take your questions and i think we ought to restrict to the questions to the members of the press who have come here for what we build as a press conference, so we will be happy to take your questions. yes, sir? >> [indiscernible] i wasn'tfly: announced, but i have let it privately be known that i think he would be the best candidate, and i urge all of those who are phil gramm supporters to come and join pat buchanan. [applause] ?r. buchanan: yes, sir you and then you. go ahead, sir.
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asyou described senator dole an archer mcdaniels republican. what would you say to being called a roger milliken republican? mr. buchanan: let me say about roger milliken -- he is a friend of mine and he held a small fundraiser for me where he about one third of what phil gramm did at his biggest to dinner. he told the workers in his plant, we are not moving to mexico. we will rebuild this plant right here in this town in georgia -- i will get the name of it in a second -- and they rebuilt plant in every worker he had in those textile mills was immediately given the first opening in any jobs he had, and a couple dozen were sent to london or to england to work in his mills
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over there, because roger milliken believes and working -- looking out for his workers and considers the members of the family and that's what a good boss, a good employee or does. like mr. fierstein did when his steel mills have problems. this is the type of capitalist leader, free enterprise leader i respect. my argument is not with folks who do well, who make a lot of money, who are very wealthy. consider workers as family, you consider them interchangeable parts, and you don't them out like at&t did. and of the year, let's lop off 40,000. my argument is not with capitalism and free enterprise. it is with her print what yours and corporations -- it is with corporate butchers and corporations that no longer feel any loyalty to their employees, no loyalty to their country, who
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worship only the bottom line on the balance sheet. it's these folks i have a disagreement with. yes, sir? oh, i'm sorry. yes. >> i have two questions. night'ssage does last victory sent to the establishment in washington? as the campaign season becomes as the primary season becomes more diffuse, how do you expect to compete with candidate to have more resources , who are better organized, and have better organizational the ground? mr. buchanan: hmm. um -- [laughter] are coming atthey me. let me say this. the message that was sent last night was, i think, listen -- hold on, my friend. i think the message that comes out is basically this.
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the people of this country want ,o hear the issues discussed and the economic issue at the core of this campaign is gnawing at the soul of america, this issue of good paying jobs being sent overseas by corporations that build factories over there, export their products to the u.s., and kill other jobs. it is the economic insecurity of the american middle class. people want this addressed. they want their concerns addressed. they want ideas for how to get the standard of living of americans rising again. we know that they are doing well, but these fellas, their wages are going down. i have presented more ideas than anyone else. most of the others, what are they doing? they call me names. that is all they do. they call me names. they run an attack ad, and they say pat buchanan will give out
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nuclear weapons like light sabers. the hollowness at the core of the washington establishment. senator dole's comment, you know, this is what we plan to have appear. they are talking about jobs. it was not in our game plan. it shows how out of touch washington is. how out of touch with america. some of these guys -- excuse me -- i belong to a wonderful party, the republican party. i have been part of it for 30 years, since the goldwater days. there are wonderful people there. but they are so out of touch. the state department is going to orientationnize trips for these guys to go out of the country. now let me talk to these matters of organization and money. now, it is an exaggeration to
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say we are very, very weak in that department. people forget, in the third and fourth quarter, each of those quarters in january and february, i raised more money than any other candidate except from -- except senator dole. i got more matching funds than any other candidate, i believe, except for senator dole. we got much more than lamar alexander. last month, 500,000 dollars in small contribution landed in our mclean had orders. -- headquarters. next, in terms of organization, how can they say we are not organized? we beat them all in the last one. 400,000- how much, dollars to our $60,000. bob dole is a great organization
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man. we beat him to do one. phil gramm is a great organization man. we beat him for the one. our organization went out there and beat him. gap withd a 50-point senator dole to three points when he outspent us five to one. what we have demonstrated is -- not only is it true money cannot buy you love, as the beatles taught us, but money is no substitute for ideas, ideals, passion, and conviction. none. none. [applause] know, ianan: but you said it long ago. you can't buy iowa. you can't buy new hampshire. and you can't buy america. and that's true. and you can't buy south carolina. but what i'm also saying is -- where's lamarr?
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i've got three gold medals in a silver. lamar has two little bronze medals and he is up there at attacking me today. where is he going to get his money? >> [indiscernible] mr. buchanan: yes, sir. >> [indiscernible] know, no,an: you because i think the worst maneuver you can make in the middle of the battle is traversed the front line. it runs over to bob dole from lamar alexander it will be cut to pieces. it will be perceived as the politics of expediency and folks who desperately want to hold onto power and privilege and stand for nothing. you know? and with due respect -- i admired a lot of what phil gramm did in the congress. but phil gramm spent one year great pat buchanan is a guy and a good conservative, but he can't win, so you rally
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behind me. bob dole is our problem. get rid of bob dole. as soon as phil gramm got beat, he ran over here to bob dole and said, bob dole is a great guy and pat buchanan is the problem. you do this enough, it starts to look like the washington game all over again. let me say this as a political project -- as a political prediction. i think the establishment might prefer lamar, but they will stand behind senator dole because they have all endorsed him. think they are going to stick with bob dole, but i would urge lamarr to get out there -- >> [indiscernible] thinkchanan: no, i senator dole has the resources and the polls -- the national polls he leads -- but i'm the only authentic conservative in
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the race and i am the challenger to bob dole for the nomination. [applause] you are more or less lockstep with these south carolina gop on most issues except -- [indiscernible] mr. buchanan: the whole party establishment, i believe, came to the conclusion early on when bob dole was 50%, 55% and we were all scrapping in the single-digit that bob dole was going to win this. they said, let's all get a board with the winner. and they all got aboard. and the train is not moving. [laughter] meanwhile -- meanwhile, there is a dixie express coming through here. [laughter] [cheers and applause] >> go, pat, go! mr. buchanan: i think that's it.
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i'm sorry, sir. go ahead. >> [indiscernible] do you think you will be bringing aboard south carolina republican leaders or fighting south carolina republican leaders? said somean: i have very critical words about the republican establishment. i do believe it is out of touch. but there are many people in that organization, and many of them came to work with -- to washington with richard nixon. lamar alexander was in the white house for two of those years. i worked with those people and we were friends. but i believe i have maintained over the years the conservative philosophy, convictions, and belief, and i have fought for them a long time. many of these folks have become accustomed to washington and they have become part of the establishment we once came to do battle with. it's part of the culture now, all of the big money and they are now lobbyists making a
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million dollars a year, representing foreign governments and they are getting along with all of these fellas, and they no longer have the fire and energy and youth we all used to have. they were friends of mine and i would say they are friends of mine now, but they are out of touch. all i am saying -- look. we talked about the pitchforks and everything. [laughter] thisholding out possibility. look, if i win this nomination, i will sit down and talk with them. i will keep the door open to my campaign to anyone who does not slam the door to us because our objective is not punitive. base to broaden the republican party. when i was very, very young, richard nixon put together the great majority coalition. it was the greatest coalition since the new deal. it was a
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i helped ronald reagan put together a 49 state, 60% victory. that is what i'm looking for any future. to do that, we have to open the party. we have to bring in the working-class folks and share our values. they believe the country is going downhill culturally and they want to be with us. we have to address their economic concerns. they are sitting up at night looking across the table saying i cannot believe it. they let me go after 20 years. i can't believe it. what are we going to do now? we got to move out of here. we've got to put the kids someplace in school. what happens to our health insurance? if we won't address their concerns, we don't deserve their support. i'm addressing that. i just tell the friends back in washington, stop calling me names. you all know the firm long ago. -- you all know me from long ago. we've had dinner a thousand times.
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keep your door open and i will keep mine open. >> what is your relationship with the american labor unions? mr. buchanan: i'm a member of the newspaper guild, and i'm a member of two unions. haveieve that unions played a tremendous role for american history. they played a positive role for working people who do not have a living wage. a lot of corporate folks got out of touch in the 1970's and things. let me say this. when the issue is whether boeing aircraft bought a new factory in china or keeping its plants in the united states and these aerospace workers are out there striking, my heart is with the workers striking. it is not for the guys moving the plants.
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this is where i disagree with the established republicans. i have disagreements with units. -- with unions. for example, i have trouble with right to work laws. they're going to force me to pay dues for a strike i believe in. -- a strike i did not believe in. you guys are out of it. they stamped not in good standing on my union card. i believe in supporting unions when they are right in their right most of the time. >> they merged to unite and have more strength. are you going to be involved with them at all? mr. buchanan: i welcome all the workers. you tell them this. on the main key issues, which is keeping your jobs in the u.s., getting your pay going up again, making sure the family centered of living is rising, you can
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raise your family in one little community your whole life if you want to. that is conservative. i'm with you all the way. thank you very much. [applause] >> during campaign 2016, c-span takes you on the road to the white house as we follow the candidates on c-span, c-span radio, and >> monday night on the
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communicators, the longest-serving ftc commissioner talks about major communications issues including next months spectrum auctions, the net neutrality rules and 11 -- unlimited screening. >> we should always be evolving, improving and always attempting to bridge gaps so people can help themselves. this is about enabling individuals to help themselves, providing them with the technological ability to help them improve. to have educational options where they might not have certain languages, to help bridge those gaps. not just the digital divide but the opportunity divide. >> watched the communicators monday night at 8:00 eastern on
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c-span2. [applause] election cycle we are reminded how important it is for citizens to be informed. >> it's been a home for political junkies and way to stay informed. >> my colleagues are going to say i saw you on c-span. >> are so much more that c-span does to make sure people outside the beltway know what's going on inside. >> 2015 mark the 150th anniversary of the friedman's incorporated by congress in 1865, the bank was for newly freed slaves in the post-civil war era. up next on american history tv the treasury department hosts a ceremony to rename the treasury annex building to freedman'ba


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