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tv   Presidential Campaign Commercials 1992  CSPAN  February 18, 2016 8:15pm-8:26pm EST

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where i worry about me, you worry about you, they worry about them. that's the kind of country the republicans have given us for more than a decade. we've got to be one country again, going up or down together aga again. >> there you have it, arkansas governor bill clinton from marimac tonight, very happy with his second place showing in the first of the nation primary. >> and the strong finish he wanted. we'll take a quick break and we'll be right back as our coverage continues. every weekend on american history tv on c-span 3, feature programs that tell the american story, some of the highlights for this weekend include saturday afternoon at 2:00 eastern. woodrow wilson nominated louie brandeis to the u.s. supreme court. he became the first jewish justice to sit on the nation's highest court. in commemoration of the 100th
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anniversary of his nomination. brandeis university hosted a panel including ruth bader ginsberg to discuss his contributions to american democracy. then at 6:55, professors joy an freeman who studies early american politics and brian bellow discuss the evolution of political parties and partisanship hundred morning at 10:00 on road to the white house rewound. a south carolina republican primary debate featuring texas governor george w. bush, john mccain and allen keys. cnn hosted the event in columbia and larry king moderated. governor bush went on to secure the republican nomination, and at 6:00, american artifacts looks at selections of objects left at the vietnam memorial wall, including letters, photographs, artwork and medals.
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the collection includes about 400,000 items all stored at the national parks service resource center in maryland. for the complete weekend schedule, go to road to the white house rewind continues our look at the 1992 presidential race. next, campaign ads that aired in new hampshire just ahead of the first in the nation primary. candidates include republicans george h.w. bush and pat buchanan, bill clinton, bob kurry and tom harkin. president bush won in new hampshire. on the democratic side, paul tsongas came in first ahead of bill clinton who went on to become the party's nominee. this is just under 10 minutes.
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when president bush led america to victory in desert storm and the cold war, some opposed him. now the president has a plan to cut wasteful spending, create jobs and restore home values, to help new hampshire and the nation. but the democrats in congress oppose him again. >> i ask the american people to let you know they want this action. by march 20th, from the day after that, if it must be, the battle is joined. >> paid for by bush/quayle '92. >> i've never seen it so bad, people lose their homes, they don't have jobs. >> a lot of you are hurting, i've seen the pain in people's eyes. from those who own struggling businesses to those who work in them. this state has gone through hell, gone through an extraordinarily difficult time. i am determined to turn this state around. >> paid for the bush/quayle '92
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primary committee. >> hi, i'm pat buchanan, together we can change the course of america. i will demand an immediate across the board spending and hiring freeze. i will demand a two-year moratorium on all new federal regulations, as president, i will fight for america and make sure foreign aide is spent right here in the united states where it is needed most in trade, america doesn't just want a level playing field. you play to win. then as president, i will use the line item veto to stop wasteful government spending. i will personally go from state to state to get term limits placed on every member of congress. finally, i will cut taxes and create a new middle class revolution for america. together we will say good-bye to yesterday and build a new tomorr
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tomorrow. >> despite a recession, as governor he helped create 2 million new jobs. without raising taxes, he found the money for better health care and tripled state aid to education, he's jerry brown, former governor of california. the one the political establishment fears most. find out why, see fake back america, a revealing tv special. >> paid for by brown for president. >> i got into politics to change people's lives for the better. for 11 years that's what i've worked to do. for health care, to solve social problems, bring people together. that's what we want to do in america today restore the middle class, reduce poverty i've got to find national economic strategy, a plan is still a piece of paper, to change lives you need vision, leadership and action. that's the work of my life and that's why i'm running for president.
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>> this is the story of a young man born in hope, arkansas, the son of a widow who taught him anything was possible. this is the real story of bill clinton, he worked his way through georgetown and yale law school. set out to make a difference for others. against all odds made progress. first he tackled the schools, standards, accountability, smaller class sizes and now the highest graduation rate in the wreathen. built the economy. one of the highest growth rates of any state in the nation. it isn't a miracle, it's just a bit of hope. >> that's what this election is about. and it's about your future, i want you to send a message to this country about what kind of country we're going to have, about what kind of future you want. about what kind of leadership you believe in, and about how we can win again. >> this is the time, new hampshire is the place, this is our country. let's take it back. paid for by clinton for president.
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he's the son of a coal minor, college on an rotc scholarship, senator from iowa, husband and father of two, author of the americans with disabilities act. leader in the fight to transfer pentagon billions to education and medical research. the only candidate with a plan to take back the tax breaks wasted on the rich, tom harkin president. in grade school, sister rose angela taught me you can't be all things to all people. these other candidates say they're for the middle class, yet they all want tax breaks for the wealthy. they can't have it both ways. i'm the only one who had the guts to send bush's plan to send your jobs to low wage countries. i'm on the side of working families. if we're true to our values, we can whip george bush and turn this country around. i ask for your help to do that.
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paid for americans by harkin. in a firefight in vietnam, his bravery won him the medal of honor. home in america, a system of health care for veterans saved his life and taught him to walk again. that's why he's fighting so hard for national health insurance, to bob kurry, health care is more than a political issue. >> there are americans out there who need us now. and we ought to pass national health insurance and guarantees health care to every single american as a right. >> courage for a change, paid for by kerrey for president much. he came to the senate to fight for health care. now his bill is the best hope for national health insurance, bob kerrey never walked away from a fight. his bravery won him the medal of honor. in the hospital, he learned to walk again. home in nebraska he ran a
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marathon. for him, politics is a cause not a career, an outsider who defeated an incumbent governor. hemmed his state through a farm depression, then refused to run for a second term. now in a time of crisis, his cause is fundamental change. national health insurance. get tough with japan on trade. a tax cut for the middle class, a national industrial policy to fight for american jobs. fight back america. paid for by kerrey for president. alone he took on the president they said was unbeatable and sounded the economic alarm. he doesn't offer gimmicks, just straight tough answers. on day one, he'll declare an economic emergency, halt unfair bank foreclosures, make business invest in jobs and quality and create a strong recovery that lasts. now, he's no longer lonely. paul tsongas, he'll take charge from the start.
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paid for by the tsongas committee. some candidates want to give you a tax cut of 97 cents a day, will that create jobs? one candidate knows it's gimmicks and bigger deficits that got us into this mess. paul tsongas offers straight answers. he'll declare an economic emergency immediately to get america moving. rebuild industry and make our workers the most skilled and productive in the world. paul tsongas won't short change our future. he'll lead america back, paid for by the tsongas committee. this weekend, the c-span cities tour, hosted by our charter communications cable partners, takes you to greenville, south carolina, to explore the city's history and lit rarry culture. in 1939, september of 1939, when europe went to war. our allies primarily england and france looked to washington, d.c., for goods and materials that


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