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tv   Q A  CSPAN  September 20, 2009 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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now on "showbiz tonight" this weekend, jon gosselin responds to "showbiz tonight's" shocking exclusive interview with the other kate. >> do you hate him now? >> i despise him. >> she's the kate who claims she had a romantic relationship with jon gosselin and you only saw her on "showbiz tonight." tonight the stunning reaction to kate major's explosive challenge. >> i will take a lie detector test and i would love for jon to take one. >> "showbiz tonight" dares to ask is jon gosselin turning into one of the most despised men in america? the cougar and the kid. hulk hogan's ex-wife linda,
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she's 50. her boyfriend, he's only 20. and for the first time they're speaking out about their bizarre cougarific relationship. the tv's most provocative show starts right now. hello. i'm a.j. hammer broadcasting tonight and every night from new york city. this is "showbiz tonight" this weekend. the reaction to the blockbuster exclusive with the so-called other kate. jon gosselin is now firing back for the very first time after kate major's claims to "showbiz tonight" about their relationship and her big dare to jon that he should take a lie detector test. the "showbiz tonight" exclusive
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interview with kate major is making headlines around the world, on air, online, and in the newspapers everywhere because the other kate is holding nothing back, and now neither is jon. it's the "showbiz tonight" interview that has sparked a firestorm. >> did you love him? >> no. i think i was in lust with him. >> from headlines from "people" magazine to "ok" magazine. the former tabloid reporter told me that she and jon gosselin of "jon & kate plus 8" had a torrid romance soon after he separated from kate. >> he called me and referred to kate gosselin as the ex-kate or old kate. "showbiz tonight" can tell you jon gosselin is hitting back hard exclusive in "showbiz tonight" tonight he called kate gosselin, quote, damaged goods. it's a new bomb shell in the bitter he-said-she-said battle. >> he made his bed and he has to sleep in it.
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unfortunately it was with me. >> in her interview she shared with me her current feelings about jon gosselin. >> do you hate him now? i despise him. >> approximate she reiched this challenge. >> >> i would love to take a lie detector test and for him to take one for him to say there was no romance is a complete lie. >> gosselin continues to deny any relationship with major. he claims her statements are -- jon believes that the public is smart enough to appreciate the motivation behind statements from people like kate major. and in a final dig, the statement concludes, quote, the public doesn't need a lie detector to identify the intense extend. of patent falsehoods. >> everyone seems to have an opinion on this relationship.
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>> entertainment journalist tells "showbiz tonight" that jon gosselin has a lot of work do if he wants to rescue his image, which has taken a hit thanks to kate a major's claims and his exploits. >> i think a lot of people believe that jon has been acting like a prepubescent hormonal boy, that he's been going around picking up different women. >> after kate major's explosive words to "showbiz tonight" viewers are swamping our facebook page and many of them are divided on kate major. lisa s. writes i don't believe her. she's in for the media. and tiffany c. writes jon is a tool going through mid life crisis too early. >> i think any woman who gets dumped is angry. i think most women would love to
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go on national television and ask their ex-boyfriend to take a lie detector test and say whether or not he was honest na their relationship. even from what kate major said, it wasn't this huge romance a. it was a few-date fling. that's why they call it hooking up. that's why they call it fooling around. and right now it's just his word against her word. >> i'm not going to just go away and let jon get away with this. >> so are we going to need a lie detector test to sort all this out? >> lie detectors should be for capital murder cases, not necessarily for did we or didn't we hook up. >> lie detector or not, things aren't looking good for jon gosselin, who's now in the middle of two battles with two angry kates. well, the angry kates aren't the only ones angry with jon. could he be on his way to becoming the most despised man in america? right now is carlos diaz and also leslie marshal host of the syndicated program, "the leslie marshall show." one thing that has people
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buzzing is the smackdown from kate saying jon take a lie detector test. this is after he denied their fling. watch this. >> jon told me he was falling for me. he called me the new kate and referred to kate gosselin as his ex-kate or the old kate. the thing that i really want to clear up is that the worst thing you can do is lie. and i will take a lie detector test, and i would love for jon to take a lie detector test because for him to say there was no romance is a complete lie that and there are people out there cheering on kate today for calling jon out. carlos, why do you think everybody is so fired up? >> because everyone can relate to what's going on in this situation. it's all about the "r"s. when you get out of the relationship you've got the random, the rebound girl, and something real. right now haley might be the rebound girl. but i've got news for you. kate, you are a random. you had a rap dom fling with jon and you're mad about it so
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you're just shouting from the hilltops. what's jon doing? jon's giving the classic guy response. it wasn't me. i didn't do it. it wasn't me. >> that's making her even more mad. >> yeah, exactly. >> jon is saying no fling. we heard from his attorney who exclusively told "showbiz tonight" the other kate is dishing the dirt on two-week romance calling it nothing than looking for a mate. so jon is saying, no lie detector for him and kate is just out for the money. so, leslie, does that make it case closed on this or is jon adding more fuel to a pretty ugly firestorm? >> well, i think if jon keeps sleeping around there's going to be a lot more fuel because a lot of women are going to come out and ask for a lie detector test and calling it a romance. carlos, really great research on the "r"s, by the way, but these -- you know, the kates out
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there, there are a lot of women. i'm married now but years ago when i dated, we've all had our heart broken. weesh angry. she's angry right now, and she's cashing in on it. so i think as long as these women like kate major cash in on it they're going to continue on. and i think jon gosselin is acting in a way that he didn't get to because he got married so young, et cetera. i'm not excusing it, but i don't think his behavior is going to stop. since it won't, the women are going to continue to be angry. >> i should also point out we have no independent confirmation that jon's been, as you say, sleeping around. i have been paying very close attention to all our comments on facebook page because there's so much fired up reaction. a lot of people hating on jon more than i've seen before. evonne r. writing on our wall, jon is a two-faced jerk. allison c. rights does he realize all that he is doing is
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going to come back and bite him in the butt and has teenage boys behaving like good old dad. i think that's a great point. kate majors says she despises jon. it appears like she's not alone. do you think, carlos, has jon gone from really one of the most beloved reality tv dads to perhaps the most despised man in america? >> yeah, and he could have done it so much better. i could have coached him. listen, jon, when you get out of that relationship that you meet don't say you're falling for them. say you're emotionally unavailable. after that whole thing with kate, you saw what happened. i can't love right now. stick with me, keep having sex with me and maybe something will happen. for now i'm emotionally unavailable. but instead he tells them i love you and it goes out of whack. snoo carlos, lisp to you go. i don't want to know if there's big experience behind your words. quickly, leslie, is he becoming one of the most despised men in
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america? >> i think he is, and i would agree with carlos. he didn't handle this right. you know, women love a really sad puppy, and if he just sat there and cried about the pain of his marriage, he wouldn't have to tell the women he loved him. yeah, certainly he is not loved any more by america, and he is being looked at by a teenager when he's got all these kids. so his ex-wife is getting some points for this. >> carlos diaz and leslie marshal, thanks very much. and carlos diaz, go write a book. i think you can. tonight i'm bringing the entire one-on-one interview with kate majors. she's calling him a flat-out liar. more of our exclusive. also the cougar and the kid. hulk hogan's ex-wife linda, she's 50. her boyfriend? well, he's only 20. for the very first time they're speaking out together. and did you see this? >> it was a foul ball catch that left folks in anything but a foul mood. >> oh, no. you're not supposed to throw the ball back.
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♪ i'll treat you unkind ♪ wow, she still sounds amazing. superstar susan boyle. she's making her triumphant american debut. that was on the season finale of "america's got talent." she sang a stripped down cover of rolling stones' wild horses. boil, of course, became a worldwide super star when her audition for "britain's got talent" became a youtube sensation. that was just five months ago.
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her first album is called, what else, "i dreamed a dream." welcome back to "showbiz tonight" this weekend. i'm a.j. hammer. did you see this? catching a foul ball, obviously something a whole lot of baseball fans dream of and for one philadelphia phillies fan's dream came true. his daughter took matters into her own hand. >> it was a foul ball that left folks in anything but a foul mood. no, it wasn't steve's catch at the philadelphia washington game that had them laughing. it was his 3-year-old daughter's right arm. though she threw back daddy's souvenir, the heart-warming hug is what lingers, one of those moments that evokes this from women and from men -- >> i'm like, what are you doing. >> she was doing what emily is used to do, catching and throwing a nerf ball with dad. it was a post hug.
11:16 pm
>> my husband would have had a fit. >> that hug turned him into a paragon of parenting. what a prince. absolute hero. dad of the year. best dad ever. i want to meet this dad. yeah, well, he's already married. that's his wife with their younger daughter at the game. steve told us he hugged emily when she looked as if she thought she'd done something wrong by tossing away the ball. >> wow, classic. >> reporter: by the way, the phillies sent someone up to the stands to give dad and daughter the ball to replace the one that a emily threw back. when someone suggested that dad should have tossed her after the ball, the next person responded do us all a favor and don't reproduce. but let us reproduce the slow motion replay and watch steve's face as he realizes the beloved
11:17 pm
foul may be gone, but the fairest of all is still in his arms. >> that was cnn's jeanne moos. don't worry. steve who caught the ball and his daughter emily have two baseballs courtesy of the phillies. not only did they bring the family a ball during the game to make up for the one they lost but also on the "today" show steve and emily were given another fall signed by fielders outfielder jason werth. he hit the ball that made their family famous. they received their own personalized phillies jerseys. i love that story. a lot of people have called in about kate gosselin hosting "the view." we got a call from erica from texas. she loves kate on tv and is so happy that kate ditched that reverse moment. >> caller: i want to say i love kate's new hairdo, her outfit and everything about it.
11:18 pm
i hope she keeps the hairdo. please do not go back. i love it. >> heidi from new jersey would walk a kate talk show. >> caller: i think it's great kate gosselin might get a talk show. it might be more of a set schedule for her and she'll be able to tend to the children just fine. you know, i think a lot of people criticize her, but, you know, if she was any weaker, she'd be a broken woman already. good for kate gosselin, and i hope she gets it. >> appreciate your call, heidi. you can call us. call 1-888-sbt-buzz. did you see this? tom and cameron were asked questions. they were asked about tv shows, and other fun stuff. >> i know you're a pilot. what are you better at? flying or sex? >> well, this isn't a tough question.
11:19 pm
>> i don't know. i've -- >> i try to excel in all areas and i've never been asked for a refund. you know, i don't know. >> you don't know. >> having sex with tom is -- didn't you say -- >> it's like flying. >> by the way, tom and cameron are shooting the movie called "wichita." it's going to be in theaters next year. tonight we're speaking with the other kate, kate major. this is a "showbiz tonight" exclusive. you did share some pretty intimate details about your relationship with jon while you were still together, among the things you scared, claims that the two of you were fooling around when his eight kids were sleeping nearby. yeah, i go one on one with the former tabloid reporter who
11:20 pm
claims she was jon gosselin's other woman. did she really have sex with jon with the kids right there? also for the first time i'm going to show you president obama calling kanye west a jackass caught on tape. some amazing never-before-seen footage here. this is "showbiz tonight" this weekend on hln. and now "showbiz tonight" with 2009 prime time emmys, here are the top emmy nominees this year. nbc's "30 rock" received the most nods. drew barrymore got a nod. it received 17 nominations in all. and everyone's mad for amc's "mad men." it received 16 nominations including a nomination for outstanding drama series. gecko vo: you see, it's not just telling people geico
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you did share some pretty intimate details about your relationship with jon while you were still together. among the things you shared, claims that the two of you were fooling around when his eight kids were sleeping nearby. now on "showbiz tonight" this weekend, a "showbiz tonight" exclusive, jon's other kate. tonight i am one on one with the woman who claims she had a romance with jon gosselin. why kate major now despises jon and why she wants jon to take a lie detector test. it is the explosive exclusive interview you'll see only on "showbiz tonight." the cougar and the kid. 50-year-old linda hogan unveils her cougarific new life with her
11:31 pm
20-year-old. and are angelina jolie and megan fox in an ugly new battle? the weekend edition of tv's most provocative news show continues right now. welcome back to "showbiz tonight" this weekend. it is 30 minutes past the hour. i'm a.j. hammer broadcasting tonight and every night from new york city. tonight the cougar and the kid. 50-year-old linda hogan and her loverboy, 20-year-old charlie, tell all about their relationship. >> if he was, you know, any younger, it would probably be an issue because it wouldn't even be legal, but -- >> get ready for a story of a lifetime. tonight you're going to hear all as hulk hogan's ex-wife reveals the intimate details of her love affair with her kids' 20-year-old friend charlie including the stunning reaction to the first time she saw him. get this.
11:32 pm
linda doesn't hold back one bit that she and charlie are, quote, soulmates. are you buying this? is this a case of cougar and boy toy or is this a match made in heaven? but wait. there's more. is charlie afraid he's going to get his butt kicked by hulk hogan for sleeping with his ex-wife? with me in new york is the woman who asked all the tough questions, megan alexander, a correspondent for "inside edition." and leslie marshall. let me say it again. linda is 50. her boyfriend charlie is 20. how in the world did this match made in heaven actually happen? well, linda hogan tells her sweet story to "inside edition," and it's a winner. >> how did you meet? >> on the beach. i said, whoa, what's that? he's so hot looking. i'm like dang, you know. >> dang, you know. megan, i've got to go to you first. you were asking the questions. what was your reaction when you heard that?
11:33 pm
it was so schoolgirlish and he was 20 and he was younger at the time. was it hard to keep a straight face? >> you know, it was, a.j., and that's a 3-0, 30-year age difference. going into it, of course, i was skeptical. 50-year-old linda is dating a man who's the same age as her daughter and son basically. i was prepared to ask tough questions. i was not going to judge anyone. you never know what a relationship is like until you get to know people. the initial picture was rather shocking but after talking to them i asked some tough questions, a.j., and i think charlie actually is a pretty nice guy and it seems like he's treating linda pretty good, however, my concern was more linda knows what she's doing. she's 50. she's lived life. so what's she doing? >> i'm sorry. that particular sound bite is one of my favorite. can we roll that again, charles? that was just delicious. >> how did you meet? >> on the beach.
11:34 pm
i was like what's that. whoa. he's so hot looking. dang, you know. >> leslie marshall, take it away. >> dang. if i had jumped in or jumped into bed with every guy i thought was hot working in radio or television or living in l.a., i would be a ho. i'm not calling the woman a ho but this is crazy. this is a 50-year-old woman. i understand. can't she get a breast implant -- wait. she did that. can't she get herself a car or jewelry. no, she had to get herself a 20-year-old. this to me is crazy. she's got kids. even though the relationship didn't work out with their dad, hulk hogan, it looks like charlie is getting free rent and a free ride and i don't know how long that's going to last. >> well, linda says this is a real deal. it's not a passing fancy. it's a true relationship is what she's saying.
11:35 pm
now, she's been with charlie over a year, which would have made him 19, i guess, when they first got together. listen to what linda told "inside edition" about her feelings for her boy toy. >> i really love him now. and it's like we're good friends. and we're soul mates. >> okay. soulmates. that's pretty song terms for a guy you've nope that amount of time who's 30 years your junior. megan, let me ask you. it is cynical to say, no way, can't be true love. you were right there with them. what do you think about the relationship? do you think it's true love, or do you think it's truly twisted? >> obviously the relationship needs to stand the test of time. i'd like to interview them in ten years and see if they are, indeed, still together. i tried to ask them tough questions in terms of the age difference. i asked them do you want to have kids? obviously linda, biological clock is ticking. she said they've talked about it and they would be open to adoption. i said, charlie, how do you feel
11:36 pm
about that? he said i'm open to it as well. his mother is the same age. i asked how that was. she said it was awkward but they've worked through and talked through that. most importantly what's been shared is the kids. brooke hogan has shared and been very vocal she had a hard time with. this charlie went to the same school. what's going on with my mom. why can't she get her life together. you never stop being a mother, even when your kids hit their 20s. i said, linda, what's your concern about your relationship with brooke if she's not cool with this. she said she would leave charlie if it would make brooke happy. she said she doesn't think that needs to be done. charlie says he would leave linda for brooke but we'll believe it when we see it, guess. >> brooke hasn't spoken to her because brooke doesn't like charlie. she said it doesn't have nothing to do with the age thing. she doesn't like charlie as a guy. we know linda and hulk had a seriously bitter divorce.
11:37 pm
there was so much drama, so much outrage and a lot of smack talk. in fact, hulk was so mad that linda was dating that he compared himself to o.j. simpson in an interview when he said this to "rolling magazine." you know, there's that male instinct where you'd love to get him in a ring. i could have even went in -- i want you to listen to what they just told megan at "inside edition" about that. >> linda, were you ever fearful that your ex-husband would come hard harm you or come harm charlie? >> yeah, i was a little bit afraid because i didn't know how he'd react. he's a big guy. >> it's hulk hogan, 6'5", 6, however big he is. yeah, he can break me like a twig. >> let me go back on this. as they proclaim their love to the world on national television in that interview, did you still get the sense that they felt hulk might harm them?
11:38 pm
>> i asked that. they said they've shaken hands and talked a little bit. charlie said if he sees him it's like, hey, how's it going? they're civil to each other. but he did say he can break me like a twig. charlie is one brave guy to date hulk hogan's ex. we can all gray degree with that. he's so young. he hasn't lived enough life to understand that, you know, the history with their marriage and what it means to come into a relationship with someone who has kids. >> yeah. i mean brook is 21 years old. that's a year older than her boyfriend and linda's son is one year younger. i don't believe people are going to take these guys seriously at all. thank yu so much for sharing with us. leslie marshal, thanks so much for being here. right now i have to show you president obama calling kanye west a jackass. yeah, it was caught on tape, all started when he stole the microphone from taylor swift. the video of president obama called kanye a jackass happening during an off-the-cuff moment and it's now online.
11:39 pm
>> she seems like a perfectly nice person. she's getting her award. >> why would he do that? he's a jackass. >> now -- this -- all this stuff -- >> i'm assuming all this stuff. come on, guys. where is the pool? come on, guys. cut the president some slack. >> well, apparently they didn't. tonight it's my one-on-one with jon gosselin's other kate. why is she calling him a liar. >> i would love to take a lie detector test and for him to take one. for him to say there was no romance is a complete lie. >> tonight i go one on o one in a complete exclusive with jon's other kate. what she thought after jon dissed her on national television. and did she really have sex with jon with his kids right there? you'll see it only on "showbiz tonight." are angelina and megan fox
11:40 pm
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welcome back to "showbiz tonight" this weekend. tonight it's a blockbuster. "showbiz tonight" exclusive. the other kate who quit her job as a reporter at "star" magazine after getting an assignment to cover jon gosselin after falling for him. now she calls him a big fat liar. she holds nothing back. she wants jon to take a lie detector test to come clean
11:44 pm
about their romance. this is the other kate's very first interview since jon dissed her in a prime time abc special. so how did she go from reporting on jon and kate's split to being the other woman? >> i went to jon's house in pennsylvania for "star" magazine, and as most people know, we met because his bodyguard, mike, who was working there, sent him a picture of me. and jon got in his car, his bmw, and drove to the end of the driveway. and then we went to this area near his house and just talked. this was no flirtation, but i was thinking this is awesome because jon never had really been talking to the media at all. so at that point i kind of wanted to see what he was all about. >> was it the kind of deal when you walked into the room or first met him, did you feel sparks? you said there was no flirtation, but did he hit on
11:45 pm
you at all? what exactly did you feel? >> not at first but then at the dinner we started texting back and forth at the table and then other people had joined us. he asked me to go outside with him to smoke a cigarette. there were fans everywhere. and he certainly wasn't trying to hide me. so i just thought it was -- it was a little bit fast how he invite med to dinner, invited me to this party, and then we held hands and kissed in the car. >> that was on the first night? >> yes. >> you kissed on the first night. >> unfortunately, yes. >> you did share some pretty intimate details about your relationship with jon while you were still together. among the things you shared, claimed that two of you were fooling around when his eight kids were sleeping nearby. do you regret that? >> that didn't happen. i'm not sure how that all came about. >> clarify that. >> i want to clarify that.
11:46 pm
>> please do. >> i had never been in jon and kate gosselin's house ever. i would have never went there with the kids there. me, never. i'm not that girl. what i did say is jon asked me if i could go there when the kids were asleep. he asked me. i said where would i park. there's gate. and he said i could park at his neighbor's house and he could get his four-wheeler and pick me up. and, you know, i just thought that that was very strange. and i'm like, no, i definitely -- i'm smart enough to know that that is just wrong to do. so he had propositioned that but that never happened, ever. >> a week after your first date you quit your job and this is what appeared on the "star" website. it says -- tell me how that went down. did you walk into your boss's office and say, hey, you know what? i think i might be in love or really in to jon?
11:47 pm
i can't work here anymore? >> i don't want to really go in detail about how my boss called or anything like that, but i felt it was the right thing to do, to resign from my job because, you know, i even said can i have ten minutes because i really wanted to make sure. and it was just jon in the house that told me that i should quit my job. >> so it was jon's idea for you to actually quit. >> yes. he told me that i was supposed to be his assist aunt. we even discussed this after he went back to haley. i was still supposed to work for him. he even asked me what i made. we talked about it. >> and then came jon's side of the story. we started hearing from him about this. he gave an interview shortly after you resigned from "star" to "e," and i want to read what he said to "e" about you. he said i care about kate major. now, this is around the time that the two of you were also
11:48 pm
seen out in the hamptons, having a great time. seemed like there was something going on potentially. what was it specifically that jon said to you? >> jon told me that he was falling for me. he called me the new kate and referred to the other kate as his ex-indicate or old kate. i fell for him. i believed everything he said. i was reluctant to get very romantically involved. i really didn't know what to do at that point because it has blown up into such a media frenzy, and i felt like every day something negative was coming out, and it was hard. he had promised me, you know, that it would be okay, that things would work out. yeah, just listening to myself speak about this. i sound very dumb to do it, but the think i want to clear up is the worst thing you can do is lie, and i will take a lie detector test, and i would love for jon to take a lie detector test because for him to say there was no romance is a complete lie. >> okay. jon recently gave a very
11:49 pm
revealing interview that i'm certain you saw to abc's chris cuomu. and i want you to watch what he told chris about your relationship. >> okay. this is funny. >> so kate major was a romantic fling, but it was not a girlfriend. >> no romantic fling. >> she'd tell stories. >> she'd tell stories. >> you heard that. she'd tell stories. there was no romance. what goes through your head when you hear that? it's got to make you pretty angry. >> of course, it makes me angry. of course, before he wasn't saying anything. he was beating around the bush. yeah, i laughed because i can tell he's lying with his body language and how he got very nervous. you know, it's a shame that he's a liar. >> did you love him? >> no, no. i think i was in lust with him, but, no, i did not love him. >> do you hate him now?
11:50 pm
>> i despise him. >> i can tell you jon's firing back against the other kate. jon gosselin has always maintained that the entire storyline of kate major with jon gosselin is a fabrication story line of kate major with jon gosselin is a fabrication designed to create a salacious newsworthy buzz that would facilitate a payday for her. jon believes people are smart enough to appreciate the motivation and the public doesn't need a lie detector t t test. >> a lot of people think that the "transformers" star megan fox is like a newer younger angelina jolie. tonight there are reports that there's a battle brewing between them. really? it's definitely time to call in the "showbiz" truth squad. we'll go one on one to set the record straight. man: it seems, only a minute ago, we were kids
11:51 pm
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