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tv   WMUR-TV Interview with Former Governor Jeb Bush  CSPAN  June 13, 2015 10:30am-11:01am EDT

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tments to come up with different locals. so when you come in our office you see different versions of the logo and a little slogan. so, when you come in you can see where everyone is. it is fun. host: what is one of the memorable slogans? ms. palmieri: the slogan for communications is we are too close to the campaign. host: when you read sources familiar with the clintons, what do you think? ms. palmieri: coming to his job people said you have to clamp down on this. the clintons talked to a lot of people. that is a good thing. the press can self regulate. i think they know the difference between someone who -- there are
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a lot of people that talk to both president clinton and hillary clinton. that is different than decisions that the campaign has made from strategies that we are employing. people need to regulate, maybe they saw bill clinton at an event a month ago, but you cannot use that as an excuse to cover the campaign. you have to balance this out. overall, it is a good thing. they know a lot of people, get advice from a lot of people. host: danny carty had great coverage of the clinton campaign and she has a question. >> there is an article from 2007 that was circulated today. let me read you one line from it. it says, introducing information about clinton's childhood and early child, advisers hope, will
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flush out her career -- flesh out her career. and, there was a quote that said something to think they know everything about hillary clinton, but they ask where she was born, and people have no idea. the story read a lot like the story that we both last night after your previewed her speech. i am wondering, did it not stick last time? if it did not stick, why will it this time? ms. palmieri: 2008 was a very different race -- there was extraordinary interest on the democrat side. i think it is hard to compare the two situations. she has talked about this at times. obviously, she has written about it in her book. it is true that a lot of people
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just don't know it about her. i talked to reporters about this yesterday. they said, you don't think people know it? no, they don't think people know it. she talks about it tomorrow, and will do more that. i think it illuminates -- if you think you need this kind of fighter and the white house, one of the reasons why. it is true that people haven't. i think this is a different campaign in terms of what the press might focus on with her. we will stay at it. host: do you have a follow-up? >> i mean -- no. host: we will talk about your favorite topic now.
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just stand was quoted as saying, robby is cut from a different cloth that the old campaign manager. he does everything he can to avoid the spotlight. why are you here? mr. mook: because you asked. ms. palmieri: because i told you you had to. [laughter] ms. palmieri: we need to demystify the clinton campaign. i want you to know robbie and understand his thinking and how he runs the campaign. that is why i asked him to put himself in a little spotlight. mr. mook: in fairness too, part of my job is to mobilize as many people into this campaign as possible. anytime there is an opportunity for folks who are interested in campaigning and becoming more
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involved, we want to take advantage of the and asked them to become -- ask them to become part of the campaign. host: there are some quotes and hear about your training materials. it talks about your mo, your theory. one of the excerpts in your training manual, you wrote -- your notebook should be divided in three sections per day. clearly, you are very detail oriented guy. why is that important? mr. mook: particularly in organizing work, time is the most precious resource on a campaign. i will speak louder. time is the most precious resource of a campaign. when you are an organizer, there are never enough days -- or hours in the day -- when i was
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trained as an organizer, literally every minute of every day has to be in doubt. if you are going to sit down and need, instead of doing something else, it has to be on your calendar. i learned from a number of people, but i was actually working on howard dean's campaign. our director was one of my early mentors. we used a lot of the tactics that were used in labor organizing and other kinds of community organizing. it is literally the key to being a good organizer -- how you manage your time, and holding yourself accountable, and being disciplined every minute of the day. we train our organizers to do that. host: how do you schedule your work? mr. mook: literally, minute by
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minute. jen has to deal with this. ms. palmieri: he loves the 10:30 p.m. conference call. mr. mook: it is a little different now. as a manager, you do need to step back sometimes and think. you don't want to over schedule yourself, but you do have to be delivered. ms. palmieri: and you schedule those times to think. he does. host: you will, to engage people, you have to inspire them. people are very loyal to you. there are a lot of people here. what is the most important thing that you say to young leaders about how to inspire them? mr. mook: one is that leadership is learned. the second thing is that it must
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be about the mission, and not about you. when you go into battle, you have to lead. you have to get out of the trench and go. that is hard. it takes a lot of personal discipline to do that. boy, if you're willing to get out of the trench and walk forward, the soldiers will be with you. ms. palmieri: he sets a good example. we had it all staff meeting today with all of the states. everyone participates. robby makes it a meaningful exchange for people. he sets a really inspiring tone and values everybody's work. it has created a great sense of camaraderie.
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and everyone's role is important. none of this could happen without everybody. he has set a good tone. host: my colleague has a question. go. >> how is it going? i'm glad this is working. host: he is wearing a tie, holy cow. >> i have two questions. robby, you said something about hillary wanting to go further than obama on immigration. what exactly did you mean? mr. mook: specifically in the policy that she was proposing. she wanted to make it easier for families to appeal some of these deportation decisions. essentially, parents of the dreamers that may be facing deportation.
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>> the campaign is having conversations with small donors, some very rich donors. they're having conversations about policy. i'm wondering, what impact if any is bill de blasio having? he is invoking the campaign on issues like tbp, which the first president asked about, but i know if you included in your answer. i would like to know, what impact, if any, is bill de blasio having? mr. mook: i would say that bill de blasio is a very good friend. speaking of campaign teams, i remember bringing up a whole caravan of people to volunteer on his public advocacy case. he has a lot going on.
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run a new york city, he is busy with that. he has been a strong advocate on a lot of issues. as i said earlier, that is great. we all have the same goal here and that is to get the stack on stacked -- unstacked. i know bill is on that team. he is a great friend. we look forward to continuing that dialogue with him. host: despite the friendship, he is not going tomorrow. what is going on? [laughter] mr. mook: you will have to ask him. >> [indiscernible] mr. mook: maybe it is. look, you will have to ask the mayor about his endorsement plans. i think we are on the same team and page. ms. palmieri: he is an important progressive voice. we talked about elizabeth warren
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earlier. we have two other candidates on the democratic side there are strong progressive voices. we think this is all for the good. we think that the democratic primary in 2008 health to elect a democratic president in 2008 because there was so much coverage of democrats talking about this these issues host: i guess -- talking about these issues. host: i guess what i was asking is if it is stage-managed. if you are complicit? ms. palmieri: no. host: is cecilia here? she has a question. while she is doing that, someone else has a question. >> hi. you were sort of addressing this before that there has been a media lockdown, or there hasn't been one. one question i have about the
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medias relationship with the campaign, often we are hearing from a campaign official, or hearing things that are paraphrased and not quotable. why do you think the campaign team needs to be obscured in this way. ms. palmieri: this was raised to me this week by some of your colleagues. it is true across the board people default to it. we think we are doing it too much, and as i said before, we are talking to everyone on the record on the stage. it is something we want to do better job on. mr. mook: [indiscernible] [laughter] mr. mook: we will take your tapes. host: during the campaign, will that be different?
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ms. palmieri: here i am talking on the record. it is something -- i think people tend to fall to that. sometimes there is a reason for why that is an appropriate thing , but you should not default to it. we are proud of our campaign and the work that we do. we will talk more. host: i'm sorry? ms. palmieri: i said we will talk on the record. host: so you're making changes? ms. palmieri: i'm not sure what else i can do than talk on the record at this moment to address that. >> i know in some -- i know the
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campaign has taken some issue with recent polls as far as trustworthiness. we have seen the secretary's numbers drop on that front. the public comment is that you do not like those numbers. what are the conversations happening behind-the-scenes? how are these numbers, if at all, changing your strategy going forward? whether you like the numbers or not come clearly there is a perception out there that secretary clinton is not trustworthy, some would say. how do you deal with that? mr. mook: as imaging, a lot of the public polling out there is not very reliable. i honestly do not pay a whole lot of attention to it. the other thing is we are just now launching the campaign and ernest -- in earnest. the key question is who can
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middle-class americans trust to go to bat for them. hillary is just beginning her campaign. she will lay out her case tomorrow. i'm absolutely confident that when she lays out that case, it will be clear that she could be that champion. >> from now to election day, the campaign is built to prove. [no audio] -- [laughter] mr. mook: on the record. ms. palmieri: who is the person that will not just fight for you, but knows what the problem is and has solutions. people are very skeptical about solutions because the problems facing the middle-class are so deep. host: over the length of the
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campaign. do you think questions about the foundation will be a consistent fever or a burn? mr. mook: i am not concerned about that. what we know the campaign is about and what we will make it about is who can you trust to be on your side. the problem for the republicans is that they have come out with the same set of policies that wrecked this economy in the first place and caused a lot of trouble during george w. bush's tenure. they cannot run on their policy, so they have to make this campaign about anything other than policy. they will throw out all kinds of flags -- go look at this and go look at that. host: but the foundation has not just been from republicans. mr. mook: let's just say this. the right wing republicans were a book.
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literally, as your publication said, they threw the book at hillary, and it lost. ms. palmieri: that was a "political" story -- "politic o" story. mr. mook: i am not considered -- concerned about this stuff. we will stay on our message and keep fighting. i am not worried about that. i will add i know secretary clinton, president clinton, and all of us on the campaign are incredibly proud of the work that the foundation has done. they have literally saved millions of lives. [applause] mr. mook: there are millions of people around the globe that depend on the foundation for aids treatment. people who are producing more crops, living better lives, kids here in the united states get a better, more nutritious lunch at
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school. the empire state building is saving carbon from going into our atmosphere because of the retrofitting that they did. they are an incredible force for good in this world, and we will not let the republicans tear that down. [applause] host: in your mythical is planning, -- in your meticulous planning, do you assume that the foundation and e-mails will be persistent stories? mr. mook: i pursue that there will be continuous attempts to talk about anything that doesn't matter in this campaign. i think you will see thousands of dollars wasted. the purpose of this campaign is to help every day people have a
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better future. i will not let any of the stuff and hillary will not let any of this stuff distract us from our core mission. [applause] host: we are going to do a rapid round here on our big relatable studio shows. what do you think of the "saturday night live" portrayal of hillary clinton? ms. palmieri: it is hilarious. what we love is there appears to be a character -- caricature based on our communications director. christina froze in a probably fear when she realized. it is this one woman with red hair. the hillary character calls or christina. we love it.
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it is hilarious. we may even imitated in the -- imitate it in office. mr. mook: we had a "high five day." ms. palmieri: that is christina's twitter avatar too. she is hilarious. host: what do you think of the portrayal? mr. mook: we love it. ms. palmieri: we really love it. mr. mook: i am waiting for chipotle -- host: what is the likelihood that we will see secretary clinton hosting "saturday night live"? ms. palmieri: the idea has merit. host: the idea has merit? ms. palmieri: yes. [applause] host: is this something that you
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plan to do? ms. palmieri: it is their show. i would just note that idea has merit. "snl" is a great platform. it was great for president obama. host: it is noted in every profile that you lost your twitter password. i want to tell you about something called password recovery. you can get your password back. ms. palmieri: i lost mine to and -- mine too and got it back. mr. mook: our folks call twitter i got it back for me, and then i lost that again. it is gone again. host: why don't you tweet? mr. mook: honestly, i have a lot going on every day. i try to stay focused on my work. e-mail is enough for me. another stream of information would make my head explode.
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i'm very happy with e-mail telephone. >> we are going to break away from this and go live to new york city where hillary clinton is holding a rally for the official launch of her campaign. this comes two months after the former secretary of state declared her can see for the nomination. she will be joined by her husband, bill, and her daughter, chelsea. [applause] >> i fortunate to be here today and share my story. it is not unique. it is the story of millions of immigrants. additionally, i would like to share my story in spanish. [speaking in spanish]
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