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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  January 4, 2016 3:16am-3:29am EST

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>> now, we talk with an iowa reporter about the presidential campaign in that state. we begin with a political ad being run there by the marco rubio campaign. states, including this in the bernie sanders campaign. [video clip] face ever-growing threats, islamic terror, lunatic in north korea, gangster moscow and a president more respectful to the ayatollah and iran the prime minister of israel. our enemies do not fear us. in the world does not know where america stands. on day one of my presidency that will change. i am marco rubio. i approved this message because the world is a safer place when america is the strongest country on earth. host: that from the marco rubio campaign. packng he remains in the but not meeting in iowa or new hampshire.
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bernie sanders raising a reported $33 million in the last quarter. this is a story inside "the washington post." john wagner points out this means that bernie sanders is going to be in the hunt in the early primary caucus states. hillary clinton reportedly raising about $37 million. now here is one of the latest ads from the bernie sanders campaign. [video clip] bernie sanders: is the economy rate? the 15 richest americans acquired more wealth in two years in the bottom 100 million people combined. i am bernie sanders and i approve this message. my plan is make wall street banks in the ultra rich pay their fair share of taxes. provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. the middle class will continue to disappear. will.our help we host: on the bernie sanders campaign. -- she is inve is
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des moines on this sunday morning. thank you very much for being with us. guest: happy new year. host: as he said earlier a month out from the iowa caucuses. according to real clear politics, ted cruz remains in the league in the state but donald trump also very strong right now. the big question is who is going to show up on caucus night? give us the lay of the land. host: guest: yesterday there were two candidates campaigning in iowa. mike huckabee, the winner of the 2008 caucuses. this message was iowa republicans have not yet made up their minds. he was touting sim internal polling that his campaign has aroundich indicates three out of every four republicans in iowa who are likely to attend the caucuses have not yet decided on a candidate. that does track with what the polling we have seen from other outlets which indicates as many
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as two thirds of iowans have not made up their minds. the landscape may be a bit more fluid on the republican side than on the democratic side. there was one candidate, martin o'malley, he was campaigning in iowa yesterday. he drew a rather large crowd at his first event. he seemed to be believed by it. he needs to have a strong finish in iowa to continue down the road to new hampshire. he addressed questions about not making the ballot in ohio. little game of intrigue on the democratic side in 2004 johnmber edwards is a beneficiary of a last-minute deal whereby the kucinich forces allied with the john edwards forces in caucuses that night and helped push
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edwards into second place that evening ahead of howard dean. there was some discussion among democrats. what happens with all the o'malley people who turn up on election night? -- 15% don't have 50% caucuse best within each will they ally with clinton or bernie sanders and help him immeasurably? host: jennifer jacobs has a piece this morning. front page of the newspaper. it reads, and is just -- you just alluded to. predicting turnout is difficult. iowansns of interviews who usually vote in general elections wasn't ambivalence about participating in the caucuses. they are turned up by political gridlock, the campaign's nasty rhetoric, or the complex any of the process itself."
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can you elaborate on this point? guest: there are two candidates in this race that are depending on turning out new voters. on the democrats that would be bernie sanders. people who fit the profile you just described. people turned off by the political process and are looking for someone new. senator sanders is trying to motivate this people to get them to turn up for the caucasus. on the republican side it is donald trump who is attempting to motivate nontraditional voters. people who have perhaps not participated in the caucuses before or who have gone in the past in the last century but haven't turned off by politics and motivating them to turn on caucus night. this is far different than going to your primary elections or a general election. on the democratic side you literally have to stand in groups and everyone in your
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neighborhood knows which candidate you are supporting. on the republican side you have to figure out with a precinct meeting is and you have to sit through the beginnings of the meeting before they pass out what essentially turns out to be a stronghold -- strong poll. you can leave after that and avoid all the discussion about issues on the republican side. it still requires a commitment of at least 15 minutes a half an hour on the republican side to actually cast a vote. host: we will be the one network that will take you to those caucuses here on c-span and c-span2 to see exactly what happens as this process unfolds. let me follow up on another point. back in 2008 the obama campaign generated a huge interest in his candidacy, bringing about 250,000 caucus-goers. that was more than 100,000 then
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2004. is any candidate coming close to what obama did back in 2008? guest: that is the question. one of the problems and you talk to people. does quite campaigns know what the other campaign is doing. it is hard for you are inside the bubble of the campaign to figure out what is going on on the other side. two, on the obama campaign after 2007 there were deployed across the state of operatives who lived in communities and met weekly with supporters, trying to explain the process and encouraging new participants and indeed republicans who want of crossing over and voting for a democrat for the first time that they should be comfortable with the process and that the obama
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campaign was there to explain everything to them. the only campaigns that have that kind of scale in iowa right now are ted cruz on the republican side in terms of not only staff but volunteers on the ground, and the clinton campaign on the democratic side. ofders has deployed dozens campaign staffers and now volunteers, but they were not started as the obama campaign was in february of 2007 to make that kind of effort. host: we will follow your work online at radioi would a, -- >> on today's "washington journal," a preview of the obama administration with jeff mason
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and associated press recorder erica warner. kraushaar looks at some of the key races in the house and senate, and richard lugar looks at some bipartisan work. as always, we take your calls, and you can join the conversation on facebook and twitter. "washington journal," live at seven ago a.m. eastern on c-span. today, former president bill clinton makes his first campaign trip for hillary clinton in 2016. he is in new hampshire for a series of grassroots organizing meetings. he will talk about how hillary clinton will make a difference for families across the country's. live coverage at 5:15 on c-span. >> tonight on "the communicators," consumer technology association president on the major technology issues
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he expects in 2016, and why the cta changed its name this past fall to consumer technology association. he is joined by tony rahm. companies in over 2.5 million thi, up from 2.4 million. it will be spectacular. more innovation, more excitement, more categories than ever before. it is the future. it is a show where solving problems, comes to the world. it is about health care, transportation, clean food, clean water, greater food production. >> tonight at 8:00 eastern on "the communicators" on c-span2. >> c-span has your best access to congress in 2016.
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the house and senate will reconvene on january 4 to mark the second session of the 114th congress. theuesday, january 5, houses back from legislative work and first photos with paul ryan a speaker of the house. on monday, january 11, the senate returns at 2:00 p.m. eastern. be sure to follow craig kaplan on twitter for daily congressional updates. c-span: live coverage of congress on tv, on the radio, and online at >> next, house hearing on how new technology will affect cars of the future. after that, a c-span conversation with mark walker of north carolina. with michael ramirez. >> more than half of the vehicles sold this year connect to the internet.
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next, a joint oversight committee hearing on the future of automobiles be connected to computer networks. topics included the potential for major safety improvements in cyber security and privacy concerns. >> good afternoon. this meeting will come to order. without objection, the chair is authorized to declare recess. the order of business will be as follows. since we hav


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