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tv   Hillary Clinton Campaign Event in Iowa City Iowa  CSPAN  January 22, 2016 5:45am-7:01am EST

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billion dollar profitable corporations to stash their money in the cayman islands and other tax havens. [applause] we are losing $100 billion a year. we have corporations that make billions of dollars not paying a nickel. that is wrong. we're going to change that and invest in the infrastructure. [applause] and by the way, not only do we need to create millions of good paying jobs, we need to stop the loss of millions of jobs through a disastrous trade policy that
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allows corporate america to shut down plants here and move to low-wage countries abroad. [applause] when i talk about an economy that is rigged. when i talk about a campaign finance system that is broken, it turns out that we have seen all of that in a recent story in the papers about a week ago. it tells you corrupt our economic, political, and criminal justice systems is. it was announced that goldman sachs was going to reach a
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settlement with the federal government for five billion dollars. they were reaching that settlement because they had sold subprime mortgage packages that were worthless. over the last 30 years, goldman sachs has operated a revolving door. and goleave wall street into government, do the bidding of wall street and go back to the private sector. goldman sachs is given this country two secretaries of the treasury. that's how the system works.
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the government works for big money. it turns out the guy that is head of goldman sachs, the financial institution that paid $5 billion in settlements with the government is a billionaire who, a couple of years ago, went to the congress and said, you know what? you've got to cut social security, medicare, you got to cut medicaid. this is coming from a billionaire whose company paid a $5 billion fine for ripping off the american people. when we talk about why the american people are angry and why they are increasingly alienated from the political process, it has a lot to do with the fact that there are kids in
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new hampshire and kids in vermont that get arrested for possessing marijuana. and they get a police record. and when you are the ceo of a multibillion-dollar financial institution which helped crash the economy because of their greed, recklessness, and illegal behavior, helped create a situation in which millions of people lost their homes, life savings, their jobs. and when you are that person, you somehow don't get a police record. that is wrong. that is got change. -- that has got to change. [applause]
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and by the way, to make a bad situation even worse, this particular company spends huge amounts of money on campaign contributions and on speakers fees to unnamed candidates. but that's how the system works. that's what power is about. it's why the 1% gets richer and everybody else gets poorer. and when i talked about the political revolution and bringing in millions of people,
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powermongeringt to create a government that works for all of us, not just a handful of people. [applause] and speaking about campaign contributions, today is the sixth anniversary of one of the worst supreme court decisions in the history of this country. that is the citizens united decision. and what citizens united did was to say to the very wealthiest people in this country, you already own much of the economy and that we will give you an opportunity to purchase the united states government. and that is what they are trying to do. you have one family and a few of
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their friends, the koch brothers, that are very nervous and unhappy. they're working really hard and think they can become even richer if they can cut social security and medicare but and -- end social security and medicare and medicaid and the environmental protection agency. that is a family spending $900 million on this campaign. when you have one family spending more money in a campaign than either the democratic party or the republican party, you are not looking at a democratic society. you are looking at an oligarchic society. together, we are going to stop that. [applause]
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and the reason that that issue is so important is that it touches on every other issue. you name the issue. if people are elected to office to represent the wealthy and the powerful, the needs of the middle-class and working families, the needs of women and children and of the environment will not be addressed. let me conclude that by telling you -- here is the problem. no nominee of mine to the united states supreme court will get that nomination unless he or she is crystal clear that they will vote to overturn citizens united. [applause]
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everybody in this room knows that we live in a highly competitive global economy. and if we are going to succeed, we need the best educated workforce in the world. there was once a time when we did. that time is not anymore. it seems to me to be totally absurd and beyond comprehension that when we need the intellectual capabilities of all of our people, we have hundreds of thousands of young americans who are able and qualified who cannot get to college for one reason and one reason at all. and that is their families lack the money. that is why i believe that in
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the year 2016, we must make public colleges tuition free. [applause] and i say that not just for the obvious reasons. that it means that bright young people will be able to go to college. but there is a more profound reason. i grew up in a family that never had a lot of money. but like every new you, the people you associate with, you associate people with similar economic backgrounds. the people we associated with just did not have college education.
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there are kids that don't know anybody who went to college. if we can make public colleges and universities tuition free, every parent and teacher and child in this country, kids in the sixth grade and eighth grade understand that if they do their school work, if they pay attention. [applause] they will be able to get a college education regardless of the income of their families. that is revolutionary. and when we talk about our responsibilities as adults and inhabitants of this earth, it seems to me that we have a moral responsibility to make sure that
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the planet we leave our children and grandchildren is healthy and habitable. [applause] i sit on the senate environmental committee. committe.ergy i've met scientists all over our country and all over the world. climate change is real. it is caused by human activity. it is already causing major problems in our country and around the world. this is scary stuff, if we do not get our act together, planet earth could become 10 degrees warmer by the end of this
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century. means more drought, more rising sea levels, more international conflict as people fight for natural resources. i will lead our country into working with russia and china, india, countries all over the world to take on the fossil fuel industry, transform our energy system away from fossil fuels. let me connect some dots here and show you how everything is related to everything else. [applause]
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today, we have a major political party called the republican party. not one of their candidates has -- and they have many candidates -- has stood up and said i have read the literature, i've talked to the scientists, we've got a problem. climate change is real, we better do something about it. not one. and in the congress, there are very few of them. some may say that republicans are dumb or something like that. that's not the case. you may think it's the case but it's not the case. i serve with republicans and we discuss the issues like cancer and alzheimer's disease and heart disease on the health
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committee. they asked the same rational questions anybody else would ask. they don't go around attacking cancer researchers. but on this issue, things are very different. and the reason for that is a corrupt campaign finance system which tells republicans that if one of them were to stand up and say climate change is real, we've got to do something about that. on that day, they would lose their funding from the koch brothers and the fossil fuel industry. [applause] and that is just one example of many for why we need campaign finance reform. [applause]
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when we talk about america, and when we talk about the future of our country, what i am trying to do is to get people to think big and not small. we would have one type of discussion if we were an impoverished country. but we are the wealthiest in the history of the world. and it calls for a different type of discussion. there is one major country on earth, the country that you live in that does not guarantee health care to every man, woman, and child as a right. [applause] i have been criticized for
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believing that health care is a right and not a privilege. people want to criticize me, that's fine. that is what i believe. [applause] i am a member of the senate health education committee. and in that capacity, spent an enormous amount of time working on the affordable care act. and in my view, the affordable care act has done some very important things. it has ended the private insurance company obscenity of pre-existing conditions. [applause] and 20 years from now or 50 years from now, people will look back and say i cannot believe
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you had a system where insurance companies could tell somebody that you had breast cancer five years ago, we will provide you with insurance but not for breast cancer because it may recur. it's like saying i'm going to give you fire insurance unless if you have a fire. it is totally insane. that's gone. what we have also done is provided health insurance for 17 million americans that otherwise would not have it. it is much fairer to women who do not have to pay higher prices for insurance than men. there's good stuff but let's also be clear. today 29 million american americans have no health insurance. many more are underinsured with high deductibles and copayments. there are people in this room
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that have high deductibles. anybody want to tell us what their deductible is? $6,000. $4000. $10,000. ok. [laughter] whatever i do, i feel like a vermont auctioneer. sorry to say you won unless someone can go higher than $10,000. but that means is that people do have insurance. but they have high deductibles and high copayments. it means that people hesitate to go to the doctor when they are sick because they don't have the money in their pocket. sometimes people go into the doctor's office and they are really sick.
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the doctor says why didn't you come in here six months ago. i didn't have any health insurance or maybe i had a high deductible. sometimes those people do not make it. sometimes they end up in the hospital with great expense and great suffering. in my view, when we have a system that shows 29 million people uninsured, more underinsured, when we pay the highest prices in the world for prescription drugs, when we end up spending almost three times more than the british spend to provide health care to all of their people, 50% more than the french spend to provide health care, far more than our canadian neighbors. i think that we need to move
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forward for a medicare for all single-payer program. [applause] and because medicare for all takes the private insurance companies out of the equation. the prices with the drug companies, we end up with a medicare program saving middle-class families thousands of dollars a year on the health care costs. [applause] when we talk about issues in america, i know all of you share
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with me our fatigue, our disgust, our anger at seeing videos on television of innocent people being shot to death by police officers. [applause] and often, those people are african-american or latino. i was the mayor of burlington, vermont. and in that capacity, worked very hard. the vast majority of police officers are honest, hard-working. asked to do an enormously difficult job. [applause] it is not easy to be a police
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officer in 2015. but as is the case, if a police officer breaks the law, the officer must be held accountable. [applause] we need major reforms, we need to de-militarize the local police department. [applause] we need to make police departments look like the diversity that the communities that they serve. [applause] we need to take a hard look at the so-called war on drugs. [applause]
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right now, marijuana is listed as a schedule one drug right next to heroin. i don't have to tell the people of new hampshire about the horror of heroin and i don't have to tell the people of my state about the horror of heroin. it's a growing problem all over this country. we have got to get a handle on it. [applause] which means that we need a revolution in mental health treatment in this country. [applause] which means that when people need treatment for substance abuse, they get the treatment when they need it, not six months from when they need it.
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[applause] and i am aware, i just met a mother earlier today who lost her daughter to drugs. i know how serious that problem is in your state and how serious the problem is in my state. but when you have marijuana next to heroin, i think that makes no sense to me at all. [applause] and what i worry about is young people who get police records for possession of marijuana and then find it really hard to go out and get a job, and that is why i have introduced legislation to take marijuana out of the controlled substance act. [applause]
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in america today, we have about 11 million undocumented people. many of them are being exploited. many of them are living in fear. i have talked to young latinos with tears running down their cheeks who worry that their parents could be deported or that they could be deported. as president, i will be as aggressive as i can in moving toward comprehensive immigration reform and a path toward citizenship. [applause] now, we can have honest disagreements about any issue, including immigration reform. but what we should not be having
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in the year 2016, what we should not be having our candidates using racism and bigotry -- the [applause] the idea that somehow in the middle of the night we're going to pick up in roundup 11 million people and throw them out of the country. the idea of people like donald trump referring to people who come into this country as criminals and rapists is unacceptable. unacceptable. [applause] this campaign is about not just electing a president.
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it is about transforming america. it was mentioned a little while ago that it's not good enough to elect a president. what we need to do is to transform this country. and no president can do it alone. we need to be working together. we need to raise political consciousness, we need to have an understanding about what is going on in washington in a way we have not had for a very, very long time. [applause] so here is the bottom line. the bottom line is that we are the wealthiest country in the history of the world. we are a country in the last 30 years that has seen a massive transfer of wealth away from the middle class to the top 1/10 of 1%. i believe that if we stand
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together, if we do not allow the donald trump's of the world to divide us up as if we are latino or muslim, but if we stand together, there is nothing, nothing, nothing that we cannot accomplish. [applause] please don't tell me that the united states of america, our great country, cannot guarantee health care to all people as a right. don't tell me that we cannot make certain that all of our young people, regardless of the income of their families, are able to get a college education if they have the ability to do so. and don't tell me that we can't train carpenters and plumbers and sheet metal workers who need that training to get good jobs.
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don't tell me that we have to have more income and wealth inequality than any other major country on earth at the same time as we have more childhood poverty than any other country on earth. don't tell me that we have to maintain a crumbling infrastructure. don't tell me that we cannot address the fact that the wealthiest people in this country often pay and effective tax rate lower than what you pay. [applause] when we stand together, there is nothing would cannot accomplish. that is what this campaign is about, and that is what a sanders administration is about. thank you all very much. [applause]
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thank you. [applause] >> thank you, thank you, you are going to win. ♪
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>> you are giving me a lot of hope. i'm from vermont, my family is from vermont. >> thank you very much. >> my daughter and i worked on your campaign. we really need you. thank you. >> my name is jane.
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>> 0k. >> hello, how are you? how are you? >> i got it. thank you. i feel like i have to get out of here. >> thank you. >> here is a look at some of the democratic ads for -- the ads for democratic presidential candidate. ♪
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bernie sanders: i'm bernie
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sanders, and i approved this message. today, senator tim kaine in davenport, iowa. we will bring you that lives here at 12:30 on c-span. pollsh the most recent showing donald trump and ted cruz leading. where does this leave the other contenders? joining us from des moines is jennifer jacobs. thank you very much for being with us. >> good to be with you. >> your story focusing on senator rubio, dr. ben carson. where are their campaigns today? name risestion is can up to beat donald trump or ted cruz. their numbers are sky high. be as feelings about both of
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them, what they are thinking, tot it would take become the number one choice. both carson and rubio have the potential to with the caucus. they are very popular. we're trying to figure out what on earth it would take great as i called around, they all said, yes, we really like both of them for various reasons, but they have two words for them -- not ready. >> we learned when senator santorum was in the single digits and narrowly winning on caucus night -- a lot can happen over 10 days. >> that is it. it is always the dream of the non-front runner, and a last-minute jack in iowa. they will get all the favorable press. it will give them the momentum as they head into new hampshire and south carolina. lead.uckabee had the big
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rick santorum, days before the caucus in 2012, are pulling picked up that he was surging. indeed, he finished ahead of mitt romney in the near type. it can happen. even the people at the very bottom are still thinking -- we did have a 21 point leave, ted oll wasnd october p around 10 or 11, and made a 21 front inp into the our early december poll. it can happen. everybody in the field is thinking that they will be the next person that that happens to. this weekendarn
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the "des moines register" endorsement for democratic and republican candidate. if you look at senator rubio and ben carson, and get the words not ready, and this year when there is so much antiestablishment anger or frustration in the republican party, what do you sense we will see from these campaigns and the other candidates? >> they will have to show that they can appeal to that segment. you are exactly right. our polling shows that the majority want someone who really shakeup government in washington, d.c., and so far they think that trump is the best at doing that, and ted cruz is the second best. will see, in iowa, you that marco rubio is running a tv saying much of what ted cruz says. ben carson has a stellar
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reputation with the hard right or christian evangelical conservatives in iowa. he also has a profile that does very, very well in iowa. 71% think favorably of him, and 73% think highly of marco rubio. they need to prove to the likely caucus goers that they would be better than ted cruz the donald trump at shaking up washington. >> as a reporter on the ground in des moines, you are closer to this than just about anyone else, who has the strongest republican organization, and what kind of organization does donald trump have? even donald trump, when he was in iowa best friday, with saying the all of a sudden you will not show up for me. even trump does not know who will show up for him.
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we have encountered in our calling around iowa, and talking to people, they do not necessarily public want to admit that they are trump backers, but really do like him. i think people are really inspired by him. likely caucus-goers do not need caucusf handholding on night. especially those who have done this before. they show up who they are most -- show up for those who they .re most passionate for ted cruz, from all sides, has a wonderful organization. they have tons of volunteers. they are making dozens of phone calls every day. game. a good ground those two are probably the best,
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but ben carson also has a super pac that has been going great . it is all about popularity. the ground game can get you a couple of points ahead, but aress people really, really passionate for you, the ground game will not overcome a lack of interest. toyou talk to candidates, campaign staffers, you watch the process, you attend rallies, what is your sense? what does it feel like a week and a half before the caucuses? >> it feels really exciting. it feels really unpredictable. i don't think anybody out there can tell you who will win the iowa caucus. how crazy is that. is a two-pointit race -- or three point race. it is so amazing. no one knows what will happen. >> jennifer jacobs is chief theitical correspondent for "
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des moines register can go thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. >> democratic presidential candidate, hillary clinton, spoke to supporters in iowa city. to asked audience members caucus for her in iowa. she was injured deuce eisinger -- she was introduced by singer, demi lovato. [applause] >> i could not be more thrilled to be here in support of her. a person who is about to walk on the stage, not only am i voting for because of her believes, her strengths, and the fact that she
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completely embodies the concept of women empowerment. [applause] >> last but not least, i'm voting for her because i truly believe that there is nobody more qualified to run this country -- our country -- then our secretary of state, hillary clinton. [applause] ♪
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hillary clinton: thank you so much! oh my gosh. i'm so happy to be here. i have to tell you, i'm so emi is here with us. you already know what an extraordinary talent she is. you got a taste of that tonight. i want to thank her for how brave she is. how confident she is. because she is using her voice not only to seeing and inspire us through that, she is using
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her voice to reach out to so many people who need a little bit of help themselves. to have challenges -- who have challenges that she is i appreciate that. i think we all need to help each other along life's way. you have been an extraordinary example for so many in the way that you have talked about that people sometimes find hard to talk about. [laughter] [applause] and a lot ofn hope positive reinforcement to so many. herethrilled you are lending your voice and your example to our efforts to get
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people to come out and caucus on february 1. [applause] how many of you are precinct captains, team leaders, volunteers, people who are already involved. thank you so much. somewhere in this big crowd is i am thrilled to have him here, as well. exciting 10to be an or 11 days until we get to the caucus. i am hoping that each and every one of you will get interested, get involved, be part of this process. people in iowa are being watched just not around the country but around the world. you get the first chance to
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decide who should be the next president of the united states. [applause] i would be so thrilled and honored if you came and caucused for me. [applause] will work as i hard as i know how to take it to the republicans to win the election in november of 2016. i am proud of the progress we have made under president obama. i don't want anybody sending us back. please, if you haven't already, sign up to be part of this campaign. not only to deal with the big issues like how do we get the economy working for everyone, not just those at the top and raise income. how do we keep our country safe and the the world with peace,
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prosperity, and security, and how do we deal with those common -- problems that people across iowa have talked to me about? how are we going to afford college? how are we going to get the cost ?f student debt down easier for people to afford everything from prescription drugs to childcare. how are we going to defend our rights, humanvil rights, women's rights, gay rights, voting rights, workers rights? and how are we going to take on big special interests who are always trying to put the wall against the kind of progress we in?eve we are not going to let them
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have their way. this is a great night here at the university made very special by this extraordinary young woman. please come and join us in helping to change our country, keep it on a progressive path, make sure we don't go back, we go forward with confidence. thank you, demi. [applause] ♪ ♪
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>> here is a look at campaign ads for the democratic candidates. here hasrson who lives
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to solve problem's as big as the world and as your kitchen table. that is the job every day. now, the first lady who helped get health care for 8 million helped a senator who city rise again. the secretary of state who stood up for america and stared down hostile leaders around the world is the one candidate for president who has everything it takes to do every part of the job. she will never let anyone privatized social security and medicare or shut down planned parenthood. she will take on the gun lobby, finally get equal pay for women, and stop the republicans from ripping all of our progress away. on february 1, stand up for hillary. if you want a president who knows how to keep america safe and build a stronger economy, hillary is the choice. hillary clinton: i am listening to you, i'm fighting for you, and with your support, i am going to deliver. i'm hillary clinton, and i approved this message.
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conference of winter mayors continues today on c-span two. today, the internet archive holds a discussion on political television ads. our live coverage from the national press club starts at 9:30 a.m. eastern on c-span3. >> c-span's campaign 2016 taking you on the road to the white house this weekend saturday morning at 10:00 eastern urine live coverage from nashua, new hampshire for the first in the nation presidential town hall with a to gop candidates. kentucky senator rand paul, former virginia governor jim gilmore, former governor jeb bush, ohio governor john kasich, new jersey governor chris ricktie, carly fiorina, santorum, and marco rubio.
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saturday at 8:00 p.m. eastern, live coverage of a campaign rally in waterloo, iowa with texas senator ted cruz and tv and radio host glenn beck. sunday afternoon at 1:00, live coverage from muscatine, iowa at a rally for donald trump. for the complete we can c-span schedule, go to our website, >> washington journal is next. 12:30, virginia senator campaigning for hillary clinton in davenport, iowa. today marks the 43rd anniversary of the supreme court decision in roe v wade legalizing abortion in the united states. coming up, in 45 minutes on washington journal, donna crane of pro-choice america talks about the supreme court's decision to hear two cases
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related to women's productive rights. 30, david of the center for medical progress will discuss his organization's primary role in a secretly recorded videotape of planned parenthood staff. >> today, we live in a time of threats like few others in recent memory. it can be tempting to follow the siren call of the angriest voices. we must resist that temptation. host: several new pulls out showing that the majority of the american electorate is angry, angry at the direction of the country, of the president, of congress, at the economy, angry about some of the issues we face today in the u.s.. are you an angry voter? we want to hear from you on the washington journal.


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