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  Donald Trump Campaign Rally in Muscatine Iowa  CSPAN  January 25, 2016 3:35am-4:47am EST

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caucuses are one week away and republican presidential candidate donald trump was in the state this weekend campaigning. he stopped in the city of muscatine for an iowa rally. he discussed his support for the keystone xl pipeline. he discussed some of the comments his gop opponents of made regarding his campaign.
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mr. trump: what a day. i just got back from church. it was really good. i learned something. we talked about humility in church today. i don't know if that was aimed at me. perhaps. [laughter] mr. trump: the church i don't think new i was coming. it may have been by luck. this is crunch time. we are just about a week, a little bit more. i just hope you get out there and do your thing. if we do it, we will have an unbelievable victory. look at all of these beautiful hats. make america great again. look at that. we are going to make america great again. we are going to do a great job.
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when i went on to this journey, june 16, down the escalator. remember the escalator? i will tell you that takes guts. it took guts and certain courage. it is not something i have ever done. politicians run for office, they win and lose, they win and lose. they don't care. they are all talk, no action. that is what their business is. they run for office. i have never done it before. the reception has an incredible. the polls have an amazing. just like this room and every room is packed no matter where we go. we have the biggest growth by far. much bigger than bernie sanders. we are second. we have the biggest crowd. [applause] mr. trump: the press never talks about my crowds. but when somebody else has a crowd -- last week, we had 12,000 people. bernie sanders had 3000. that is good. and he is second, way down the line, but second. we are having these incredible crowds. 25,000 people.
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bernie sanders has 3000 and we have 12,000. they talked about bernie sanders, and they said, he had 3000 people. i had 12000 and we had to send 5000 home because we did not get them in. [applause] mr. trump: but they did not mention that. they don't mention it. i always say the cameras are always on my face. they never want to show the crowd. the people get it. the people are really smart. someone asked me what was the thing i most learned. i learned a lot. hello, darling. look. i love these people. we have the most loyal people. we have the most loyal. that is the other thing i learned, the loyalty. they do polls on the debate, we win all of the polls on the debate. we have another debate coming up
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on thursday and i think that will be fine. i do not know if it will be fair, but we will handle it one way or the other. it is what we have got to do. i learned the level of loyalty to our movement, it is really beyond me. this is a movement. it is not like a normal situation. we are on the cover of time magazine this week, a really fair story, a professional, beautiful story about the fact that there has never been anything like this. there has never been anything like this. it has been an incredible journey. they will study it. i get calls all the time by reporters. one in particular -- how does it feel to do what you have done? i have not done anything. unless we win, we are just wasting our time. that is why, on february 1, we have got to go out and you have got to do it. no matter how you feel, if you are feeling sick, having fights with your wife or your husband,
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no matter what is going on, if you lost your job 15 minutes before, if they said you are fired because the economy stinks, which it does, no matter what happens, you have got to get out because we are going to change things. we are going to change it. [applause] mr. trump: it has been very exciting. the chairman tells me so many calls are made. i want to thank jeff. he is a fantastic guy. he said so many calls are coming in. they are going from democrat to republican and he said he has never seen anything like it and has been doing this for a long time. whether it is republican, democrat, liberal, conservative, they are sick and tired of seeing our country ripped off by every single nation in the world. [applause] mr. trump: they are sick and tired of it and we are going to stop it.
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so yesterday, a couple of things happened. during the last week, we had a wonderful woman who the press does not treat fairly. these are minor details. sarah palin came out and endorsed us. if you knew her personally, you would understand even more. i can see that everybody likes sarah. if you knew her, she is an amazing woman. her husband is fantastic. we got a call, we would like to work with you and endorse you. how nice is that? i thought she would go to ted cruz. she endorsed him for senator. he was at 2%. she endorsed him. he became that a senator from texas, even though he was a canadian citizen. i don't know. maybe if she knew he was a canadian citizen, she would not have done that. but it was sort of interesting. she was amazing. her level of success with endorsements is tremendous.
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the press does not give her her just due. she is a wonderful woman who loves this country. i was happy to have her endorsement. a lot of the fans were. i want to thank you, sarah, who is probably watching. you have all those cameras on right now. we have a lot of cameras. [applause] mr. trump: we have a lot of cameras. a couple of things, individual candidates. should we do that? i think so. we don't have to go through the whole thing. should i go through a couple of polls? yes? fox just came out, 12 or 14 points, trump is up, you heard about that, right? trump is up. [applause] mr. trump: in iowa. you are still lagging behind everybody, folks because the rest of the nation, we are through the roof. a poll yesterday, 48%. another one, 42%.
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36% and 38%. that is on a national basis. we are doing unbelievably. numbers came up from fox and cbs this morning for new hampshire where we are through the roof. in south carolina, all of them, nevada, all of them. i am happy because i spent a lot of time and i love the people of iowa. i think we will win iowa. even my people, they say please do not say you will win because if you come in second -- i say that is ok, i'm going to win. iowa is important. you have not had a winner in 16 years. and it is time. it is time. make america great again. you better believe it. thank you. [applause] mr. trump: think of it. you have not picked a winner in 16 years. if you choose me, we will finally have a winner.
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they want to move you to the back of the pack. you know that? there is a big move that iowa will not be where you are. they want to move you. but i give you this pledge. if i win, they are never moving you. you are staying there. you are staying there, 100%. you are staying where you are. honestly, regardless, a great tradition here. it is an amazing thing. an amazing place, a great place. you are going to stay where you are. i think we are going to win. i am not going to say i will be thrilled when i come in second. i do not think we will come in second anymore. i am looking at what is happening. there is a theory, that i will actually do better than all the polls. people said, the polls with trump, they were saying this morning, not even a fan, but he said, trump is going to win the whole thing. trump is going to be the nominee and he will probably do well
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against hillary because look what he did last week against hillary. i was the best thing that ever happened to bernie sanders. my attack on hillary, she went down and sanders got all the credit for it. [applause] mr. trump: this guy, bernie sanders, give me a break. how does he figure in this whole thing? but he got all the credit. it is unbelievable. i assume the press is listening today. but i had to hit her. because she said false things about me so i hit her hard. on the fox poll and another poll that came out that i am beating hillary, and i will beat hillary -- [applause] mr. trump: we have not even focused on hillary or bernie sanders yet. he is, they say socialist, but some people would say he is a communist. and i should not hit him too hard. if i hit him hard, he will go down and then we will fight with hillary.
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maybe we want them to fight for a wild. so isn't he a wonderful guy? i do not want to hit him too hard. i never thought of it. when i hit hillary last week, and bill, all the sudden they did this and then they start saying bernie sanders is surging. an amazing thing happened. i'm saying i did that. now maybe -- i could hit him. i have stuff in my mind. i could hit him so hard, he would drop. [cheers] mr. trump: he would drop. he is too easy. he is really too easy. look at these candidates we are against. we have jeb. [laughter] mr. trump: we have jeb, exclamation point. the only reason i bring him up -- he is spending millions of dollars with negative ads.
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jeb bush -- here's a guy who spent close to $100 million. the polls coming out this morning, he went down. he is down at the bottom. it is time to give up. it is time to give up. in life, sometimes you have to admit when you don't have it. he does not have it. he does not have it. here is a guy that takes vicious advertisements, "he is not a true conservative." what does this guy know about me? he says, "he will not win the race." if he is so good, how come i am beating him by 38 point question mark unbelievable. he is at three and i am at 42. these people that you have, i do not know. i will have to do something about it. here is a guy who spent almost $100 million. i spent almost nothing. i feel guilty.
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nows supposed to spend -- it is up to almost $40 million. i had a budget to have spent $40 million. i'm spending my own money and not other people's. i am the only one. [applause] mr. trump: i am the only one. i am the only one doing that. everybody else, hillary, and every single candidate, every single candidate, is doing what they are doing. you have cruz getting oil money -- he is so against ethanol, you can forget it. all those wonderful farmers that produce what they have to produce, cruz is totally against -- then he changed. he is not so principled because he changed and then changed again and got a little bit more. what is that about principled? if he is against it, let him be against it. was getting killed and
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then he changed, he changed twice very and he will change back so fast because who is giving him money? oil people are giving him money. nobody is giving me money. i turned down money. i feel so foolish. my whole life, i take and take. greedy. now i will be greedy for the united states and i will take for the united states. i am going to be so greedy -- [applause] mr. trump: -- we are not going to have any more of these deals with iran where we give them $150 billion. $150 billion. we should have never given it and we should have had our prisoners back ears ago before the negotiations started. i tell that story all the time because it is amazing. you go in and they have our prisoners, three and four, and it will set a wave of kidnapping like you have never seen before.
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you watch. people see that deal, and putting the deal together with the other, it will set a wave. if they had done it my way -- you walk in and they will say let's start. we have to have the prisoners back. they will say no. we will say, can i have the prisoners back and they will say no. you walk out. you walk out, you double up the sanctions. they will call you within 48 hours. they will call you as sure as you are standing here, and they will say, you have got your prisoners. now you get your prisoners. you go in and say, there is another item. we cannot give you back $150 billion. what do you mean? they are a good negotiator. we have guys who are better. we want to get the prisoners back. this is what we should have done. we would have had our prisoners back. we did not make any deals.
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say now, $150 billion, we are bust. we have got $19 trillion in debt. my father used to say, take the lump sum. instead of saying, we are not giving it to you, we have got $150 billion. we do not have the money. we own $19 trillion now with the stupid budget deal. do you believe that deal? we are now at $21 trillion, $21 trillion. trillion. trillion dollars. so we say we cannot do it, we have $19 trillion, and they will be angry, and what you do is leave the room and that is the end of that and they call you back. you double up the sanctions and they call you back. now you do not have to give them the money. what they made in that deal, what they did is so incredible. we could have had a great deal. i like the idea of deals. deals are good. one of the problems with ted cruz, everybody hates him. such a nasty guy.
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think of it. not one united states senator has endorsed him. not one. and senator grassley yesterday was with me. introduced us. what a wonderful guy he is, senator grassley, a great guy. but think of it. there is something wrong when you deal with people on a daily basis and not one person endorses you. there is something missing there, something bad. he hit me first during the debate. no matter what i did, i could have done any in, he was backing me up. i said this guy seems like a nice guy, more than anybody else and carson backed me up nicely and he was a good guy personally. honestly, i like a number of them running. but with cruz, he was so positive. everything was great. i did the muslim, great. somebody has to do it. somebody has to say what is going on. we have radical islamic terror
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going on all over the world and we have a president who will not say it. he will not even talk about it. so i did that and he was fine with that a lot of people weren't and now they are. they say trump has a point. i have a point. when planes fly into the world trade center and the pentagon and wherever the third plane was going -- [chanting] mr. trump: goodbye. goodbye. goodbye. [yelling] [cheers]
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[chanting "usa"] mr. trump: he was not wearing one of those hats. and he never will. and he never will but that is ok. we have got to do something because it is not working. i have friends who are muslims and they call me up. not all of them, but some of them. they say, "you are doing a good service." there is tremendous hatred. we have to get to the bottom of what is going on. people, these two young people that got married, they got radicalized, and gave
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them parties, you kill them and then in paris, you lose 130 people who do not have guns. by the way, we will protect the second amendment if i am president. that i can tell you. [applause] the toughest gun laws in the world in paris, who knows. in france, the toughest gun laws in the world as a country, you cannot have a gun. and yet the bad guys can always have a gun. you with the white hat. if i pick out you, you right there with a sign, if i pick out you, if i pick out a few people out of the audience, they could pick out almost anybody. if you had a gun and bullets were firing the other way in paris or california or remember the five military officers that were killed in a gun free zone on a military base, that will
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end the first day. no more. no more. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: if there were some people in there with guns, you would not have had 130 people killed. it would have been much smaller. and they would not have been looking with the guy with the dirty hat. they would not have been looking for him for long. the other thing, the press. they are a dishonest group of people. the guy with a dirty hat, they called him the mastermind. for two days, they are looking for him and calling him the mastermind. he sent people into a couple of places in paris and said shoot everybody that you can. what is going on? said, "we think we have him under control, we think we found him," and they do not even know who the hell he is. and i called him from the beginning the guy with the dirty hat. probably a low iq. he is a freaking moron.
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the press is calling him the mastermind and then they wonder why the youth is being radicalized. what is happening? they are using the internet better than we use it and our guys invented it. they are hearing, he is a mastermind, he is a mastermind. he is a dirty, rotten moron. and we killed him, fortunately. the cops in france did a great job and the cops in california did an amazing job. our police, i tell you what, the most mistreated people practically in this country. police and veterans. remember that. [cheers] mr. trump: i looked at what they went through in california with all the shooting going on and all that stuff. same thing in france. the police are tremendous people.
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you have that one 100th of 1%, where a horrible thing happens, a guy chokes -- or it is a bad policeman, that can happen, too. a huge story all over the world. they play it up but they do not talk about all the good things. we would not be here right now if it were not for the police. give them a hand. [applause] mr. trump: i have had so many endorsements from police all over the country. i just respect them a lot. they go through a lot. they are afraid every time they talk to somebody. if they are a little rough, they end up losing their pension and their job. it is terrible what is going on with our police. people are afraid to call them. literally, i have had policemen, tough cookies, where they are literally afraid to be a little rough with people that are really bad people. because they are afraid they
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will end up getting brought before commissions and lose their jobs. we have got to cherish our police officers. it is very important. very important. [applause] spends $100ush million. myself, really reason i mention bush is because you get angry at it, but here is the story. if we could do what we have done, i spent practically nothing. the biggest expense is my airplane. i own it. i have to pay myself because i own my airplane. so i have an expense. you find the market value of the plane, the whole thing is ridiculous. but i spent very little money. i am going to for two reasons. number one, i feel guilty. i feel guilty. number two, i do not want to take a chance.
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i do not want to be a wise guy, because i will win without spending. i'm going to spend whatever it takes. i do not want to be a wise guy. [applause] but one line i hate getting rid of, it is so cool to say you have spent the least. i have spent less than anybody, just about. and you are by far number one. it is so cool. it is so cool. and i do not really have to spend. a lot of people say why are you doing that, you don't have to. it is because i get good ratings. it is very simple. "face the nation" is a very good show, john dickerson. last night, i have got to be straight. do you think if i was wrong on this, you would think i would say it -- headline, trump said -- a release last week, a big show, cbs. they put out a release last week.
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i did a show a couple of weeks ago from florida, where i am leading to very low numbers. i love florida. we will win -- we will win florida. we will win a lot of states nobody ever thought about winning for republicans. but "face the nation" put out a release last week that we had their interview with donald trump come a long interview from florida, that it was the highest-rated show they have had in 15 or 16 years since the fall the world trade center. highest rated show. it gives you power. that gives you power. you look at the debates. talks at 24 million, cnn said it was the largest show they have ever had. they cover wars and days events. the biggest ratings they ever had was the debate. i know they are not watching jeb, a low-energy person. i know they are not watching ted. i don't want to insult the rest of them. i get along with people. i want to be nice.
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i don't want him to call me and say why did you say that about me. but if you look at four years ago and eight years ago, it used to be like a throw away. they had to do it as part of their licensing. they did not even want to put them on. it is now like they cannot get enough. it is the debate coming up here the big debate, it is crazy. every magazine, they call it the trump debate. it gives us some power because we are the silent majority that is turned into the north the majority. -- the noisy majority. [applause] trump: and it gives us power. the same thing with meet the press. chuck todd is a nice guy. they were down in the toilet with the ratings. then i finally agreed to do a show because he started to treat me with respect. he went through the roof. millions of people watching. they all said, what happened. he will probably go in and get a
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raise now. and george stephanopoulos, we do his shell and it steps through the roof. cnn, a good guy there. they get good ratings. gives us power. they do not care about the poll numbers. i care more about the poll numbers. when i see those ratings, it makes me feel good because that means people are listening to our point of view. that is what it means. [applause] mr. trump: so what has happened is an advertisement was put out by ted cruz and it was so false about eminent domain. most people do not even know what that is. it is where government takes property for a full payment, they pay you, they do not just take it. they call it a taking but you got paid a fortune. frankly more than you never get because you are dealing with politicians and politicians, as we have learned, they pay too much. if you are building a road, if you are building a highway, because let's say you have a
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community like this, and look at all the people, and you need roads and highways and schools and hospitals, and you may have somebody who has a little farm and the corner of the farm makes it impossible to build, let's say a school or a hospital or let's say you cannot build a highway because the farmer says i do not want to sell under any circumstances here at a highway is coming, but you can't get the land. it is called eminent domain. they will take that sliver and they will pay you a fortune. they say it is fair market value but it is more than that if you are smart. they have this thing about donald trump and eminent domain and that i had something to do with, you know, there is an economic developer and project where i would have loved to use eminent domain. i ultimately did not use it but they said in the ad that i did and that i ripped down this house from an old woman. it never happened. it.d not go forward with if i did, it would have been
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thousands of jobs. but it never happened. they have bulldozers ripping down. false stuff. let me tell you about eminent domain. all of these conservative people, the "national review" is a dying magazine. does anybody here read it? nobody. it is dying. the thing is that as a doornail. it is going to be closed. i bet it is close in a short time. what they did is they have a couple of guys at the lead and they got some publicity and it is probably the best thing that happened to me because my poll numbers went through the roof because nobody respects the people. these are the people that said very strongly that trump will never run. if he does run, it is not going to happen here he don't even talk about it. then they said he will never sign form a, where you basically sell your life away. it takes guts to run for president. then they say he will never put in his financials. he does not want to hurt his image. it turned out, i am much richer
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than anybody ever knew. almost 100 pages almost 100 pages of financials. turnberry in scotland weather play the british open. so many different things. it turned out to be great. low debt, tremendous cash flow. i wanted people to see it. these guys went down and said this was bad news. and i put them in right didn't as for extensions. they said he will ask for an extension because you're entitled to many extensions. many of the politicians who filed a one or two page report asked for extensions. and people couldn't believe it. that's the kind of thinking our country needs to make us great again and strong again and all of these things. [applause]
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mr. trump: as an example with china we have political hacks that are negotiating. we have a trade deficit with china of -- it used to be. i heard this morning a more accurate number. $505 billion. $505 billion. and then obama says our partner china -- i love china. these people come to me and by my apartments. the biggest bank in the world is in china. they are a tenant and when my buildings in manhattan. i own a big building in san francisco along with a group that is a great group. we on the bank of america building in san francisco. i am another one, 1290 avenue of the americas. wins. that's how i got them. i beat china.
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but we have to win. i have wins. our country does not win any more. that's the kind of thinking we have. we have people that are real stiffs. we have people that should never be doing what they are doing. i look at the stuff and i see what is happening and i look at ted and i say wait a minute, i put in this report and all these people for the "national review" said i would not run or file. when i found my financials, it was by grand central terminal in front of the federal elections commission with reporters. what do they get instead? ted cruz with a couple of pages. he forgot to say that goldman sachs gave him money. he forgot to say that citibank gave him money. he is a man of the people. he is robin hood. this great man of the people even though nobody likes him or no senators endorsed him and he is a nasty guy. he's going to help people. he doesn't want to know you borrowed from goldman sachs. goldman sachs has him.
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citibank has him. he is going to come out with rulings against goldman sachs and yes a personal agreement, i don't think so. he said he did not know. he's got two banks. how do not put that in your personal disclosure form? it is impossible. smart guy. you know you had banks and in the put them. he didn't want the people to know that goldman sachs owes money to him and he's that guarantees with goldman sachs. he's got very low interest rate loans. he's got low interest rate loans. they are like peanuts. when goldman sachs goes to the senator in texas in the case of the people from texas and they say we have to have this that he's going to do it.
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the nice part about me, i'm not taking anybody's money. [cheers] mr. trump: the other problem with ted is, as you know, laurence tribe, a great constitutional lawyer from harvard said this is an unsettled matter. this great constitutional lawyer. others have come up and said he can't run for president. maybe he can, maybe he can't. i don't know. he should go to court and seek a declaratory judgment. people voting for ted cruz -- there is a real chance he is not allowed to run for president. i know this -- he can run for prime minister of canada. [laughter]
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mr. trump: people laugh but it's true. he qualifies because he was born on canadian soil. then he said another beauty. he was a citizen of canada until 15 months ago. does anybody know this? he's a citizen of canada. he is a citizen of canada and somebody found out. reporters ultimately find out anything. much of it is false with this happens to be true. he's a citizen of canada and they sent -- and they said your citizen of canada. they said how could it be your citizen of canada? he said he did not know about it. and there are advantages to being citizens of different places. you understand that. he didn't know he had loans out the goldman sachs and he didn't know -- come on. are we babies? are we babies?
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we are going to find out what happens. then he makes a false statement about me that i'm ripping down some woman's house that ultimately so forget about it. i saved a fortune. it was in atlantic city. i left atlantic city eight or nine years ago. it totally collapsed. the smart people give me an a provision. i left. i would have built this tower. the woman did me a big favor by not wanting to sell. i never ripped down her house. she was perfectly fine. they show tractors ripping down her house. do you think he will apologize? he should give me an apology. they show a tractor ripping down something. not her house. but they show this a beautiful -- it could be a john deere but think of the caterpillar. [laughter] mr. trump: that was before.
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japan is so devalued that the yen is hard for caterpillar and john deere. iv millions of dollars of it. -- i buy millions of dollars of it. millions. ted has a problem. i don't know what the problem is but i can say that the polls that came up this morning there has been tremendous turn. 12 points or 14 points of swing. we are way up and he went way down. ultimately you got to go caucus. if you don't go out, you are not going to make this country great again. if you don't go out and do it that you have these people at "national review." it's gotten a lot of publicity. it's a failing magazine. got no influence whatsoever. you have brent bozel. he's up in my office asking for money. something to do with advertising. i want money. i want money. i say what -- who is this guy? so i think about it given him a check for his general contribution. this was a long time ago.
4:14 am
doing i was thinking of this. i gave him money. then he calls again and wants more money. i said you can be rich, but why do we have to give money to people? i'd rather give to charity. the next and i hear his name i'm writing a piece about donald trump. i guarantee you folks if i gave him more funny, you give it for the rest of your life, but he would've been fine and would not have written the piece. then you have glenn beck. always crying. i see him, you know why? because fox fired him. now we has a loser going on. in all fairness i don't blame him. he asked for an interview. don't forget until i did this i was sort of not thinking about this. i did not give him an interview only because i was busy. i didn't give him an interview.
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i probably would've acted the same way. he calls my people and i go to first place. i have been in first place almost as the day i announced. [applause] mr. trump: and probably my people -- your people all of a sudden become geniuses. "we wouldn't have given him an interview." i should have given them an interview but i didn't do it. i did not give glenn beck an interview. he asked many times. he said his father is in the hospital. he was sick and not well. i don't know how that worked out. i said i will do your show. bottom line is probably called up and we did not do the show. he comes out against me. if i did interviews, he would not have done it. that's the way life is.
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you don't learn this at the wharton school of finance, but this is the way life is. i don't blame him. if i call somebody and had a a failing network especially and they would not do the interview -- and there was no other reason other than i had things to do. if i call somebody and they wouldn't do it, probably i would be swayed to knock the hell out of them. they came up with a stupid cover. they have 22 guys. i could go other examples. some of them are nice people and a lot of them are not even very vicious. but they did this and they try to sell some magazines. they might sell this one. the national review is finished. it is a dead magazine. they came out and they tried to do something that was good. they got some publicity. i think it probably helps me. here is the story. we have a very major election coming up. i think it's kind of in the most important election we've had modern times. our country is going to hell. we have people that are incompetent leading our country. we have people that are frankly
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, you know, they like to say, "trump likes to speak." i went to an ivy league college. i went to the wharton school of finance which is the best business school in the world. i'm like a smart person. i always say my uncle, slow horses don't produce fast horses. my uncle was a professor for years. a great engineer. dr. john trump at m.i.t. the people in this room are smart. my people are the smartest people in my opinion. they get it. theyople, my followers, are the smartest people. the most loyal and the smartest.
4:18 am
the most loyal and the smartest. [applause] mr. trump: you look at what goes on. we know and we see and they always like to say he is plainspoken. is that a positive or not? think of it. when you have a word to describe your leadership in this country, what's a better word than the word "stupid?" there is no better word. i can go through a thesaurus and come up with others, but there is no better word. pride? i used to say incompetent, but stupid is better. when you look at these deals that we make, when you look at what we do with china, with what we do with mexico -- mexico are friends of mine. i employ thousands of people. tens of thousands of hispanics. in nevada i am meeting. -- leading. i said i'm going to win with hispanics and african-americans. i'm getting great american -- numbers of african americans because of going to give jobs to people. what has obama done for african-americans? they are relatively speaking the worst shape they have been in. you look at kids. 58% unemployment. you look at people that are
4:19 am
35-50, and their prime, unemployment is through the roof. obama has done nothing. with him it is all talk. all talk, no action. just a bad guy. i will tell you what. i thought obama would be a great cheerleader at minimum to this country. guess what? he has been a horrible cheerleader for our country. he has been a divider. our country is divided. it's divided very badly. [cheers] mr. trump: and we have to bring it back. if we don't bring it back, we will have a problem. people don't know this about me. i am a cheerleader. i am somebody that does unify.
4:20 am
divisive.he is a woman came up to me yesterday. i did two speeches yesterday packed houses in different parts of iowa. a beautiful, wonderful woman says, mr. trump, my friends are concerned if your president would you still speak so tough? i say no, it is different. there's a little truth of that. you want to ease up? it's different. i'm running originally against 17 people. four or five are down the tubes and now we have a big group double be down the tubes despite all the money. can you imagine all the money they spent and they are now down the tubes. i said to her -- she said the only thing they have against you is a major rhetoric is tough. half these guys lie. you saw that debate? trump, trump, hit trump.
4:21 am
[cheers] i said i have to use in dealing with all these people and that i want to deal with hillary if i -- if she doesn't go to jail. [laughter] trump: -- or brnie on bloomberg, which would be great. i love the competition. i love bloomberg to come in. i'm dealing with all these people. i have to be a little bit tough and quick because i don't have enough time to be so nice. if i'm president, i would have a little bit of time. the demeanor would be a little bit different but don't worry it will be the same attitude. [cheers]
4:22 am
mr. trump: he said please don't change. don't worry. i'll be a little softer. maybe the attitude will be tougher but the words of the softer. i tell people it's easy. i could be so politically correct. i own a great place in palm beach. we have the great society people in palm beach that always will be sitting next to them. i sit next the ladies. "donald, it's a beautiful to have you with us." [applause] [laughter] mr. trump: i say, you look beautiful. in modern day society do not allowed to say that about a woman. i've never had anybody complain. they are very up in the air and very nice people and they raise a lot of money for charity. i'm so politically correct. they say we can't believe the sophisticated donald is. i can do it any different way. our country has the problem. i don't have time to be politically correct. does that make sense? [cheers]
4:23 am
mr. trump: it takes a lot of time. [applause] it takes a lot of time. so when i began this journey coming down the escalator, it looked like the academy awards. look back there at all these guys. who has that? on a sunday morning. here we are in iowa. look. unbelievable. i will tell you what will happen. this one section for structural reasons they cannot have people up there. watch. every single seat. people are outside standing. for structural reasons it's under repair. they will probably have one wiseguy show that one section. "not that many people turned out." [laughter] [applause] mr. trump: please, they are disgusting. that's why i like our protesters. they have to show up. i tell this story.
4:24 am
my wife asks, how many people were there? yeah, it's all live on cnn and all of them. did you watch? she said donald, they never leave your face. they never leave you. it's like a tight shot. they never leave your face. i said i don't like that. we were in lowell, massachusetts in a stadium. oral roberts university. the playset 12,000-13,000 people. we had to send away 5000 or 7000 people. they never once show the stadium. my wife said were there many people? didn't they show it? no. she said i could tell by the sound there had to be a lot because it sounds like a brrr. she said i could tell them are a lot of people but they never showed it. [chanting] audience: trump, trump, trump, trump. [cheers] mr. trump: so if you see the section under repair and you see these sleaze bags showing it, remember what i said. they are the worst. they are so dishonest.
4:25 am
but you people get it. i want to backtrack. i want to say this about conservatives. here's george bush -- "donald trump is not a true conservative." this is jeb bush. "donald trump is not a true conservative." this guy will get you nothing done. he spent $100 million. here is what happens. one of the things they say is eminent domain. all conservatives want the keystone pipeline. is that right? i want it. here is my deal. obama either approves or he doesn't. hillary says no good. you know why hillary is with obama on some of the things? why? she doesn't want to go to jail. the man in the front row gets it. you have not been at one of my deals, where you? he gets it. he was a number six. she doesn't want to take him on. she is saying things and she will until the end. she is against the keystone pipeline. all the conservatives are for
4:26 am
it. here is the difference. i am for it. what the hell difference does it make? i love canada. you know who's going to approve that deal fast, ted cruz. he's from canada. [laughter] mr. trump: i never thought of that. ted cruz will approve the keystone pipeline because it benefits canada. it's great. he can be the only guy running for president and then he will run for prime minister of canada. anyway, without eminent domain -- these guys all say "donald trump is against eminent domain." i want to have a highway built. you know what can't be built without eminent domain? the keystone pipeline. no pipeline can be built because it goes thousands of miles from canada down to texas.
4:27 am
it goes through farmland and a goes through a person's house. without this -- when you look under the keystone pipeline, they have a whole section dedicated to eminent domain. what it means, how we will use it. now they're saying i'm not a conservative because of eminent domain. but you needed or you want have roads in the country. i say the keystone pipeline cannot be done without eminent domain. probably connected 20 feet. -- probably could not go 20 feet. they take the property. they pay you a fortune. there are people to make a living off of buying imminent domain lands. they are supposed to pay fair market value but you're negotiating with the government so mr. stupid to get more money than it's worth. if you listen to them, they talked about it the other day, "donald trump lesion the taking of property."
4:28 am
they forgot to say you get a fortune for it. these are dishonest people. eminent domain, keystone pipeline. here is the difference. the conservatives want it approved. we have the democrats that say no. a lot of the democrats think it should be approved, by the way. but you have a group this is no. we have a group that says yes. here is what i say. yes. but i'm not finished. for the country, i want to take for the united states -- why should we let them build this massive pipeline using eminent domain and go through all these farms and farmland in cities and wherever the help they are going -- hell they are going? i want 25% of the deal for the united states. they will make a fortune. [applause] when they do this pipeline it will be a very profitable thing. it's really canada oil coming down. i like canada and i want them to be happy.
4:29 am
i want the developers the pipeline to give united states a big, big chunk of the profits or even ownership rights. like i do in business. that's what i do. here is what is going to happen tomorrow. it's so simple but you'd never heard of it. now everyone says take the oil. i sent in iraq -- take the oil. now they are all saying it. with the keystone pipeline i want a big piece of the deal. otherwise i'm not going to approve it. they will give us a lot. i don't be too greedy, but if i am, i'm greedy for the country. when they did the keystone pipeline i want it approved. i like a lot of oil flow. right now we are low but a member opec and i never want to be in that position again. doesn't that make sense? you will not hear that from anyone else. [applause]
4:30 am
trump: tomorrow you will have always bloodsuckers going i have an idea. i want a piece of the deal -- they would not know where to begin. carl icahn, many other businessmen want to endorse me. they say he's the one that gets it. we have corporate inversions going on for countries are leaving the united states. they used to leave iowa and go some other place. some went to mexico. newton, iowa. they would be these places and go to florida. now they leave new jersey and the good ireland. pfizer is going to rhode island. topfizer is going to move ireland. can back into the
4:31 am
country and because the taxes are too high. my tax plan is an amazing plan. it's going to make us so dynamic. larry, a great guy, said it's a phenomenal plan. it's going to lower taxes for corporations. lower taxes for business. get rid of a lot of rules and regulations. as farmers, people that have farms are telling me stories that are a disaster. they can't even take care of their farms anymore because of the environmental impact stuff. we will bring it back and we would go back to saturday and do things that are incredible. we are going to do things that are incredible in this country. we are now the highest taxed nation in the world. we will make it so we are one of the lowest. we are going to become a dynamic force again. [cheers] all of that money, at least $2.5 trillion offshore. the democrats wanted brought back in. they cannot get it back in. they spend it here but they can't because it so restrictive. they can't do it bureaucratically.
4:32 am
all $2.5 trillion, the government has no idea. just like they have no idea how many illegals are in this country. they have no idea goes on the obamacare website that cost $5 billion. still doesn't work. all that money does offshore, the democrats and republicans want it. this is been going on for three and half years and they can get together. they have no leader.
4:33 am
everyone wants that, even republicans. we want money brought back into the country. the reason they can't get it done is no leadership. it's one thing if they are opposed -- somebody wants obamacare and somebody doesn't. is a logjam. here is something with a want the money to command and they can't -- come in and they can't get it done. there is total gridlock in washington. i doub -- a guy like ted cruz can never get it done. it's never going to happen. you need to me that can we win deal and get things done. -- wheel and deal and get things done. all of obama does now is signed executive orders. he can't get it -- boom. executive order. they will say -- here is an executive order. in five years, don't worry, i'm playing golf. remember ronald reagan and tip o'neill when the country was running good. they got along and you got congress. these doing an executive order on the second amendment. how terrible is that.
4:34 am
we can't do that stuff. here is the story. i was talking about trade. i was talking about china, japan, millions of cars pouring in and we get emphatically nothing. i was talking about mexico. they beat us in tree and at the border. drugs are coming across. anchor babies, which i was right about. the fact is somebody has a baby that is in a legal is it me with to take care that baby for the next 90 years. i am right. [cheers] and we don't need a constitutional amendment. i was right. some of the greatest lawyers in the world to trump was right. all the things they talk about. then you had harris in los angeles and -- paris and los angeles and other things happen. and then cnn does a poll. it was best of the economy? trump by a factor of many times.
4:35 am
in the 60's and 70's. i will be the greatest jobs president god ever created. [cheers] mr. trump: the economy -- then because of what happened in paris and california they started talking about he was best on security for the country. trump. best of the military. trump. it was the best on isis. trump. by a lot. as in the narrative started changing. i was talking about all the different things. trust me. trade is going to be great. we will bring back jobs. we will make good deals, not bad deals. i will use the greatest business people in the world. i know the good ones, the bad ones, the ones that are overrated. the one you have never heard of that are better than all of them. to them it is sport. they love the country, some of them. some don't care. these are tough people.
4:36 am
some will move a country out of the united states if they can save a few dollars. we will have the best negotiators in the world negotiating against japan and mexico and china and vietnam and all of these countries that are absolutely killing us. what china has done to us is perhaps the greatest theft in the history of the world. we have rebuilt china. what they have done to us is taken so much money out of this country and we go them $1.7 trillion. can you believe it? they kill us and we of the money. japan, we go them $1.5 trillion. we will take care of that. we will knock the hell out of them. [cheers] mr. trump: remember, i am the most militaristic person. i am the most militaristic person. we will build our military strong and powerful. i hope we never have to -- i don't want to use it. some people say trump is very
4:37 am
tough and he might be very quick on the trigger. all these weak people want to use our military. i said don't go into iraq in 2003. he will destabilize the middle east. i am the same one in the group. -- sane one in the group. i want to make it bigger and better and stronger and technologically nobody can compete. [cheers] i don't want to have to use it. and going along with that, i have a lot of bad stuff. luke -- vet stuff. we will take care of our vets. we have illegal immigrants treated better than our vets. they will be treated right. they are our greatest people. in closing, i just want to say it has been wonderful. you can read all the time magazine cover stories you want. in my opinion if we don't win, we wasted a lot of time. you have got to go caucus. otherwise we are going to have something that is amazing. here is what we're saying. if trump win iowa, they give you a lot of power, if trump wins iowa he will run the table. [cheers]
4:38 am
mr. trump: if i don't win iowa, and anything is possible, i have to go to new hampshire where i have a massively. like a 20 point lead. incredible people in new hampshire. if i don't win, and i think we going to win anyway because answer is strong. south carolina is through the roof. we have a huge lead in nevada. george it is amazing. florida, 40%. -- 48%. if i can win iowa, we will run the table. i want you to do what is right. but i honestly believe it is very important because you have not had a winner in so long. you will have a winner. i give you my word, you are going to have a winner. [cheers]
4:39 am
>> trump, trump, trump. chanting] >> trump, trump, trump. trump: love you. i love you too. i do. we are going to make our country strong again. we are going to make our century smart again. people are going to respect us again. now.don't respect us when you see ten young sailors sitting in a vote on the hands and knees with their hands up in the air and they are in a baking position and you have thoughts
4:40 am
of guns so there had making them say whatever they want to say, and the only reason we got them back is that they happened to be smart. two days later they got $150 billion. if they didn't have that, those sailors would be there until about february 1 of that year. that i can tell you. but i thought that was a very humiliating -- was that humiliating? does everyone agree? if $150 billion was not coming to days later, those people would be over there for years to come if you had a normal president. here is the story. we are going to win again. who will make our country great again. we will be very proud of these days but you have to go out and caucus. the more of the mandate weekend by --date we can win
4:41 am
and i don't want to come in second. if i come in second, every word i say is going to come back on that long. they can say whatever they want. i want to come in first. we need a mandate. we need to bring -- get our country back. when he to do things we have never done before. we can be stronger and better than ever before. february 1, go caucus. stay there, get that thing done and we are going to have a lot of fun for a lot of years. i love you all. i love you all. thank you. thank you. thank you. thank you very much. thank you folks. appreciate it. ♪ [cheers] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016] ♪ [indistinct chatter] ♪
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nobody else is going to give you the unfiltered look at the candidates as they work the crowds. so we will be criss-crossing iowa. we will be covering all of the candidates. and then keep an eye on what happens because we will be the only network that takes you to the caucus. if you have wondered how it happens, watch c-span.
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you will be glad to know that four out of five polls show him ahead. and closing in on some guy whose name is something like grump.