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tv   Martin O Malley Campaign Event in Indianola Iowa  CSPAN  January 25, 2016 3:30pm-4:31pm EST

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wisdom and judgment of new hampshire voters that takes the time to ask the right questions, that takes the time to challenge the candidates, make them walk on the hot coals, to do it politely. you make us walk on the hot coals. i have total confidence and belief that you'll make the right choice. i humbley ask for your support and i promise you, should i be our party's nominee i will unite around common purpose and the conservative cause and i will defeat hillary clinton and we will restore america's greatness. thank you all very much. [applause] thank you, guys. questions? es, sir. mic is right behind you. >> i have a national security question to ask you. it's about a particular type of
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nuclear attack called electric -- electromagnetic pulse. >> yes. >> some of your opponents in the primaries have forth rightly talked about this issue and have been pillried in the press. >> why? >> well, they're called, if you read the "new york times" or "the washington post" -- >> i don't. >> there are references to people who talk about this particular type of nuclear attack, electromagnetic nuclear pulse forthrightly, as wearing tinfoil hats, craze cray sis, crack pots, that kind of thing. >> got you. >> is this a serious national security issue? >> it is. i got to tell you an interesting new hampshire story because on my first, i think it was my first trip here, i went to politics and pie. in concord. you guys have great titles for events. ive enjoyed, what was it? politics and eggs, politics and pie.
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and the first question this lady asked me and apparently she has a -- she tries to find trick questions, you know, to see if you can trip up the candidate. she said, are you concerned about e.m.p.? electro magnetic pulse? i would not have known that to be honest with you. i had no clue what that was 10 days before but i had just read an article about it. and if you read the articles about what this is, damn right it's an important issue. there's no tin foil problems with this. this is a huge issue. it could actually happen naturally. and the more that we're dependent upon the grid for everything, you think about today, half of the east coast is shut down. if the grid was shut down, it would just paralyze everybody in place. we are totally dependent upon the interconnectivity that exists technologically now. so it is hugely important. a surge inside the grid could destroy, just freeze us in place. it would be chaotic. if it was an agressive act taken by a hostile nation it would have a dramatic impact. or by ultimately a rogue nation that believed in the apocalypse.
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it is a serious problem. it's one of many new challenges that we face as a nation. one of the dangers i think in politics is that we focus on the old battles. look, there are things that we, a traditional army and air force is still important. we need to maintain the traditional force structures but we also need to recognize from a national security point of view that these asymetric threats of terror are important, cyber security is hugely important. this issue of the grid and its attack, the attack on the grid is important and how we deal with the space just in terms of our capabilities which we're gutting now. i am from florida and have a special place in my heart for the space industry. it's part of our d.n.a. as a nation. but from the defense posture we are not -- we are, the gap that we have, superiority gap has narrowed. the russians app chinese are totally committed to this and we hold back. so it is not a tin foil question. it's a good question and i think the next president needs to make
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sure he is vigilant on that subject. yes, sir? ight behind you. >> governor, thanks for coming out. i'm from the neighboring state of massachusetts. >> oh, okay. you don't matter. you matter a lot sir. don't take that as a joke. march first is your primary. love to have your vote. >> looking forward to having you come down. many people feel that the greatest threat to national security is the $19 trillion national debt. >> yep. >> and can you give us some specifics on what you would do to get that under control? >> sure. it is a threat. economically, it's hard to imagine how we could restore the military strength of the country. the solution to the deficit or the debt is to reduce the deficit. and the way you would do that is, first, grow the economy, create pro growth strategies as it relates to regulations and taxes, embracing the energy revolution. those three things will
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jump-start investment in our own country. we've had a recovery that is totally consumer driven, not capital investing. and so our wages have declined and our growth is tepid. 2% growth that is acceptable today. work force participation rates are lower. you lessen demands on government with higher growth and you increase revenue for government by higher growth. it is far better to do that than raising taxes because that is a, you know, creates a lid on economic growth. o growing the economy. secondly, we need entitlement reform and social security reform. i've laid out detailed plans to do that. that saves over 10 years hundreds of billions of dollars. if we don't do it, the growth of medicaid, medicare, obama care, and the kid care program, the schip program will grow at 6, 7, 8% per year far more than the revenue the government takes in and far more than any other government program. we have to reform these programs.
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and i've laid out detailed plans to preserve and protect social security but move to a system that is sound that won't create huge drains. similarly with medicare and medicaid. we need to do the same thing. i think states ought to run the medicaid programs. we ought to shift all of this out of washington, d.c. [applause] we need to get rid of obama care and replace it with a consumer driven private sector oriented patient centered health care insurance system that will lower costs. that's the second part. the third part is we need civil service reform. there are too many government workers. we can reduce and i promise you we'll reduce the government work force by 10% just by attrition. my plan says if you want to hire someone in a department you have to have three vacancies created. we can shrink the government but we need reform so that they can embrace technology and be rewarded for a job well done but it should not be lifetime employment. that creates huge costs. then finally across the spectrum of government as much as
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possible beyond medicaid, education programs, the delegated authority to e.p.a., transportation programs. washington is not the place where this should take place. they should be providing this money in bloc grants back to the state. and i trust states. maybe it's because i'm a governor. i just think you have the chance to do it the right way from the beginning. you get a far better result if you just, if you didn't have all the infrastructure and all the old elements of it. if you had the ability to say if we weren't doing it this way how would we do it? that is a liberating kind of approach on policy and that's how you get the balance, get the budget to balance. and then the growth of the economy as it relates to debt begins to get smaller. we have to do this. there is no way for us to grow as a country unless we deal with the fact that government is growing far faster than our ability to pay for it. yes, ma'am? [applause] >> i'm sorry. >> it's yours. you win. [question inaudible]
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>> i hope you're going to ask me about the student loan program. >> no. i'm going to ask how you plan to identify and root out terrorist threats and national security threats without threatening individual privacy rights. >> everybody hear the question? how do we balance our civil liberties concerns, the right of privacy in our own country, innocent citizens, and protect the homeland? well, in my mind, that's what we did with the patriot act. and the reauthorization of the patriot act was the right thing to do. i would have supported including the metadata program in it. people have no trust right now that the government is not snooping on us because, you know, you see the revelations of snowden and other things like that. there's no evidence. there is no evidence that the federal government is snooping on innocent people. none. people say it but there is no evidence that's the case. there is evidence that the metadata program combined with other tools of the patriot act have had the ability to keep us safe.
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and that's the first priority as a government. they attack our freedoms, the people that are trying to attack us, they see our freedom as a vulnerability. the way you protect the freedom is use these tools with all sorts of safeguards in place. the fisa corps, making sure that you have, if there is any case where someone is violating civil liberties you bring the hammer down on people that do it knowingly or unknowingly. we can protect civil liberties and keep us safe. the challenge now though is the trust that has been broken now makes it harder. technology companies are now not cooperating with the united states government. we need to restore the trust between the government and the large technology reforms where much of the conversation in our lives go through. the terrorists now encrypt their messages and we don't have a back door means by which to identify how that works. that could only happen with
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enhanced cooperation. other countries no longer believe that the united states is a serious partner because of the revelations of snowden so they've cut off communications. we have to restore this trust. it can't be done by law. it has to be done with a level of cooperation that will keep us safe. thank you all very much. god bless you all. i wish i could answer more questions. come to my town hall meeting. [applause] thank you. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016] >> we were planning to take you lye to democratic presidential candidate martin o'malley this
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afternoon. he has a campaign stop at simpson college in indianola, iowa. it was set to start at 3:30 eastern. we're unfortunately having technical issues with the signal so we won't be able to brick that to you immediately. we hope to have that for you at some point. in the meantime, remarks from republican presidential candidate marco rubio speaking at a town hall meeting over the weekend in nashua, new hampshire. >> thank you very much. i'm honored to be with you. first of all what you just heard from kelly ayotte reminds us, we cannot lose that seat in the
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senate. i want to tell you how honored i've been to be part of this gress in the nation in pro -- process. if you want to be president, you've got to start by driving to town halls and meeting with 30 to 40 peoples in the car. but the most important political figure in the world begins in a process like that where they're asked tough questions. for example, the next leader of the free world is going to have to el us up front are you going for the broncos or the patriots? you guys know i'm a dolphin fan, but i am indeed rooting for the patriots on sunday. [applause] but not for the reasons that you think. you see, aye figured out that the more rings tom brady win the likely he is to retire and then the dolphins can be good again. i'm being selfish.
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so thank you so much, i'm honored to be here today. we begin, we all agree on this, 2016 will be a turning point in american history. history will write that 2016 was a turning point. what it writes next is what we are about to decide. for over two centuries, america has an exceptional country. there has never been a country like america. we were founded on an incredibly powerful truth. that our rights do not come from government, our rights come from god. rom our creator. this is why we believe that all human life is worthy of the protection of our laws. [applause] this is why we embrace the only system of smicks where people had an equal opportunity -- system of economics where people had an equal opportunity. this is why we embrace individual opportunity and it made us the freest people in the
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world. in over 00 year, america was a miracle and there's never been a nation like it. but now there's a growing number of americans that are starting to doubt how much longer we will be that kind of country. a recent poll found that over 50% of young americans, millenials, believe the american dream is dead. and in your own lives you are facing the struggles of people living paycheck to paycheck, of young people struggling with the weight of student loans, of a foreign policy that leaves us confused, worried and maybe even scared. a growing number of americans are saying we do not recognize our country anymore. things don't seem to be getting bet for the our lives, in our country, or the world. and there are now real doubts about what kind of country we are about to leave for our children. here's the hard truth -- we are on the road to decline right now. and the reason is because in 2008, america elected a president who wasn't interested in fixing the problems of america. we elected a president who wanted to change america.
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to change it, to become more like the rest of the world. that's why he undermined the institution. -- the constitution. that's why he's obsessed with attacking this second amendment and religious liberties and issuing executive orders that violate the constitution. this is why he undermines prix enterprise. this is why they try to take over our schools, through common core. and this is why we have such a broken foreign policy, because we have a president who views america as an arrogant global power that needed to be cut down to size and so he apologizes for america. and he reduces our military and guts it. and he cuts deals with our enemies and he betrays allies like israel. and the result is the anger and frustration that people are feeling now. people have a right to be angry and frustrated. and by the way, it's not just the democrats. it's both political parties. for never in our history has washington been more out of touch than it is now.
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now, i want to stop here for a moment and say that in washington right new, they are being buried in the snow blizzard which means that like federal agencies were not able to work all day yesterday issuing new regulations. [applause] apparently barack obama's xecutive order pen has frozen. probably one of the best things that's happened as a republican in a while my opponent when i ran for senate was the sitting governor of florida. the entire political machinery said i couldn't win but i ran and i run because i wanted the senator from florida to stand up for our agenda the same people came out, the same lead orse
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they have party and said you can't run, it's not your turn. if you run we're going to come after you. that's why there's been $25 million of attack ads run against me. that's not grass roots money. those are big chunks of checks from people who thought i need wait in line and wait my turn. this is not a time for waiting. this is not a time for patience. after seven year os barack obama, this is a time of veragetcy. if we get this election wrong, there may be no turning around for america. but here's the good news. i know it's hard to believe this same stoo -- sometimes, if we get this election right, i believe america can be greater than it's ever been and our children can be freer and more prosperous than any americans have been ever been. it begins by electing a
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president who didn't just read about thing yourself going through but someone who lived it personally. hillary clinton cannot lecture me about student loans because i had a student loan. i had student loans over $100,000, i was only able to pay it off because i wrote a book. she can't lecture me about people live paycheck to paycheck. i grew up paycheck to paycheck. i have lived paycheck to paycheck. i still have many in my family living paycheck to paycheck. she can't lecture me about how harr it is for working families and people raising children in the 21st century because my wife and i are raising four children right now in the 21st century. and i know -- [applause] and we know how hard it is to
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ensure they grow up with the values we want to teach them not the values that the media and popular culture is trying to ram down their throats every day. applause applause. the next president needs to be somebody who understands these things, who is equally frustrated with the direction of the country. that is why i want your vote. being frustrated about the direction of america alone is not enough. the next president, needs to tell you, before their president, exactly what they're going to do about it. i will to you exactly what i'm going to do. i will take the oath of office, which means i will place the left hand on the bible and my right hand in the air in swear to protect and uphold the constitution. unlike barack obama, i mean it. [applause] sen. rubio: we will defend the second amendment, not undermine. we will protect the religious liberties of all americans as well. [applause] sen. rubio: i will go to the
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oval office and repeal every single one of barack obama's unconstitutional executive orders. every single one of them. [applause] sen. rubio: these crazy epa rules will be gone on my first day in office. [applause] sen. rubio: any work being done by federal agencies who oppose common core in the schools, it stops. [applause] and on my first day in office this ridiculous and dangerous deal with iran is canceled on my first day in office. [applause] as president, i will support getting term limits on congress and term limits on judges and a balanced budget amendment so we can bring the national debt nder control once and for all.
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[applause] sen. rubio: we will embrace free enterprise, reduce taxes, scale back regulations, utilize the energy resources in america. in short, once again, we'll make america the best place in the world to create better paying jobs and we're going to restore the economy. [applause] when i'm president we're getting rid of obamacare. [applause] by the way, i am the only one running for president that's ever done anything meaningful against obamacare because in 2009, they created a bailout fund where your taxpayer money was going to be used to bail out private insurance companies. in 2014, i led the effort and we got rid of the bailout fund and we saved taxpayers $2 billion. now some are saying, this is terrible. what marco rubio did is going to
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lead to the collapse of obamacare. yes, i hope. so but whether it does or doesn't, when i am president, we will finally repeal obamacare and put you again in charge of your health care and health insurance decisions. an issue that's talked about a lot is immigration. i'll say this to you with full confidence. canned dt r been a for president who understands this better than i to. my mother was an immigrant , my father was an immigrant, my wife's entire family is imgrants. i understand every aspect of this issue, the good, the bad, and the ugly. i can tell you three things about it. first this issue is now first and foremost about keeping isis out of america that means when that's why i think it's wrong
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that the democratic candidate for president wouldn't tell us how she would have voted on the syrian refugee deal. let me tell you what i'm going to do when i'm president if we do not know who you are 100% for sure and we do not know why you are coming 100% for certain, when i'm president you will not get into the united states of america. second, as a son of immigrants, i can tell you, enforcing immigration law is not anti-immigrant. it is not. it is what sovereign nations do and we will. when i'm president, we're hiring 20,000 new border agents. we're going to finish the 00 miles of fencing and walls the experts tell us we need. we're going to have mandatory everify and an entry-exit tracking system to prevent visa overstays. and only after we have done that will we do anything else. and it will not be amnesty. i do not support amnesty.
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there are real consequences for violating our immigration laws. for example if you are a criminal alien, you should be and will be when i'm president immediately deported and if you are -- [applause] and if you are a canth ware city, when i'm president, you ill lose your federal funding. last but not least the most important thing the federal government does is supposed to keep us safe. the world is a dangerous place. off lunatic in north korea with nuclear weapons. the chinese hack our computers and build up their military. vladimir putin is poisoning people even as he's creating all sorts of afwregs all over the world, iran is about to get $100 billion that they're going to use to build long range missiles and buy or build nuclear weapons and sponsor terrorism and isis is beheading people, setting people on fire in cages and
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trying to infiltrate their fighters all over the world. and in the fiss of this growing danger, they're gutting our military. we're not spending enough on our military this emost important thing the federal government is supposed to do, and you know what the results of that are going to be? we're about to have the smallest army we have had since the end of world war ii. we are about to have the smallest navy we have had in 100 years. and we are about to have the smallest air force and the oldest airplanes in our history. i, quite frankly, need to tell you i find it unacceptable that there are people running as republicans that have voted to spend even less, that have voted for budgets and bragged about how they cut defense spending. when i'm president of the united states, we are not cutting defense spending. we are rebuilding the u.s. military because the world is a safer place when w a strong military in the world. [applause] when i am president we're having a real war on terror, not a
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series of speeches or half measures. and here's what he war is going to be like. the best intelligence agency in the world is going to tell us who the terrorists are and where they are. the best military in the world that we are going to rebuild is going to destroy these terrorists. and if we capture any of these people alive, they're not getting a lawyer or their miranda rights. they are getting a one-way icket to guantanamo. and in guantanamo, we are going to find out everything they know. everything they know. because we're going to keep merica safe. so in close, let me say that i know we face some extraordinary challenges in america today. and people have reasons in their own life to feel pessimistic about the future. because we are on the road to decline. and if we stay on this road, we're going to have to explain to our children why they are the first americans in history to inherit a diminished country
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from their parents. but this election is about changing -- about taking a different direction. one that will allow taos make this nation greater and more prosperous than it's ever been. and that's why it's so important. that's why what you do here in new hampshire is so critical. we cannot afford to allow hillary clinton to win or bernie sanders for that matter. i think bernie sand is a great candidate for president of norway. i have nothing against norway. [applause] i have nothing -- i don't want to be called anti-norwegian. i have nothing against norway. we've got a really good candidate for you, bernie sanders. hillary clinton is disqualified from being commander in chief. hillary clinton stored the most sensive -- sensitive intelligence information on her personal server so she could read it on her blackberry. so it could be read by north korea or whoever. and hillary clinton lied to the
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families ofvilles in benghazi. she cannot -- she cannot be president of the united states. and hillary clinton does not want to run against me. they attack me every single day, literally, her campaign attacks me because they know if i'm the nominee, we will beat her. the polls say it and they know it thamplee don't want to run against me but i tell you,ky not wait to run against her. we can't just elect any republican either. it has to be someone as committed to undoing the obama adi -- obama agenda as he was to doing it in the first place. the selection in the end is not just a choice between parties. the selection is a generational choice about what kind of country we will be in the 21st century and we can either be greater than we have ever been or we will be the first generation to leave their children worse off than themselves.
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what we are being asked to do is no different than the generations before us had to do. for 200 year, each generation in this country made the right choice. i am personally moved by this cause because america is not just a country i was born in, america is the nation that changed the history of my family. my parents came here with nothing. and somehow working as a bartender and a maid with no money new york connections, and no high education, they were able to own a home and retire with dignity and leave all four of their children better off than themselves. this would only have been possible here. because this is the greatest nation in the history of mankind. and that's not an accident. we are the greatest nation in the history because of the -- because of what the people whoo ame baffer us did. embrace opportunity. that's what your parents did what your grandparents did, what your great grandparents did. now it's time to do our part in
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this generation. when i'm president, we will. [applause] [applause] for as bad as things may seem, we on the verge of doing what needs to be done. when i am president, we will. when i am president, we are going to re-embraced all of the things that made america great, and we are going to apply them to the challenges of the new century. and i promise this, if we do that, we won't just save the american dream, we will expand it to reach more people and change more lives than ever before. our children will be the freest, most prosperous americans that ever lived. the 21st century won't be just as good as the 20th century, we can make it a new american century. [applause] so i'm asking you for your
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vote. a bunch of other people are too. one in every six republicans are running for president. [laughter] sen. rubio: i saw the ballot. 'm asking for your vote. if you nominate me, we will beat hillary clinton. we will undo the damage barack obama has done to america and usher in the greatest era in our history. i will unite this country, not divide you against each other. i will cut taxes for the people to protest against me, too. i will work every day to get america -- to make america safe. you will always be proud that you supported me. we will leave america for our children as great as our parents left it for us, the greatest nation in history. thank you. [applause]
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>> what happens when bert and ernie have a baby? you get a bernie. [laughter] > that's a joke. which you support the bernie sanders -- would you support bernie sanders' plan to tax co2? sen. rubio: no. we don't have a tax problem. we have overtaxation in this
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country. these people are obsessed with taxes. concussions in football, let's put a tax on concussions. they are out of control, everything they solve his attacks. text this, text that-- is a tax. tax this, tax that. we are one of the most tax crazy environments in the world. we will reduce taxes and embrace free enterprise. we will make poor people richer without having to make rich people poorer. [applause] >> things are coming out.-- thanks for coming out. which taxes should we cut to llow businesses to grow? sen. rubio: the personal rate can be as big as 39.5%. the first thing i am going to
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o is ensure that all businesses in america are taxed no more than 25%, no matter how you are organized. that will make us globally competitive. you will immediately be able to expense everything in your usiness. under my tax plan, you will be able to write off expenses right away. third, we will bring some of he money back, the $2 trillion overseas, by moving to a territorial taxation system. we have $2 trillion of american corporate money overseas. that's the size of the russian economy. we will bring that back. we will not have a back tax, a value-added tax like in europe nd canada. we will not. and we will not, as some others support, and internet -- have an internet sales tax. [applause]
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sen. rubio: 10,000 jurisdictions across america are not going to be breathing down your neck to collect a sales tax. you should not be forced to collect sales tax in new jersey or any state in america. [applause] >> of new hampshire. as president, how to -- how would you address poverty, in frica? sen. rubio: it is important for us to be engaged in world issues. america has only done more than
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anybody else, both are taxpayer and individuals. where the most generous people on this planet. people are alive in africa today because we have funded hiv medications that cap people alive.-- that have kept people alive. ultimately, it is up to those countries to decide they want to embrace economic models that allow them to be prosperous. we can help within limits, but their destiny is in their hands. our priority is to keep america stronger than it has ever been. [applause] >> senator rubio, i don't understand why somebody people onsider you establishment. this is the label you have been given. you are the one who can defeat
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hillary. [applause] >> can you explain why you are the wind whose -- the one who should win the nomination? sen. rubio: i read against the entire republican leadership in the senate. -- ran against the entire republican leadership in the senate. even now, i am not complaining, i am pointing it out, i'm not omplaining about this, there has been $25 million spent ttacking me. that did not come from $50 checks. those were multimillion dollar hecks. they told me i cannot run, have not been there long enough. every time we listen to people in washington who tell us who we should nominate, we ose.
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i will beat hillary clinton, because the issues she talks about, i have lived. she cannot lecture me about these things. she cannot lecture me about student loans. i had one. my parents never made a lot of money. that is why believe in free enterprise. it is the best way to help people climb up, stand on their feet. she cannot lecture anyone on national security. she is disqualified from being commander-in-chief. [applause] sen. rubio: and so, we will win the election if i am the nominee. i will beat hillary clinton. they know that. i know that. i cannot wait, god willing, to be the leader of this country. we will turn this country away from the disaster of barack obama. [applause] >> i am a child.
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my parents are going to pass the station down to my generation. you touched on a lot of issues, and i want to know what you felt was the most pressing, and how you are going to fix t. sen. rubio: i didn't get your name? >> caitlin clark. i am 11. [applause] sen. rubio: i have four children. having a standup today makes me miss them. my oldest daughter is 15, my next one is 13 and then my boys are 10 and 8 and hopefully they'll join me here on the campaign on the road soon. it is hard to be away for my kids. i will never get these years back that i'm away. i will tell you why i am running. i wanted to inherit a country as special as the one given to me. america changed the history of my family. when my father was nine, he went to work and never
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ack-to-school. he worked for the next 70 years of his life. the first word my father learned was written phonetically, "i am looking for work." he would say that in broken english. they struggled for the first few years. he became a bartender in miami beach. my mom was a cashier, unmade, a stock clerk. they never became rich or amous. they never made a lot of money. they were able to own a home and retired with dignity. they lived to see all four
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children better than hemselves, and there is no other place in the world where this could of happened. anywhere else on the planet, and i would not be standing here today. most places so you can only be what your parents were. that is good news if your parents are wealthy and connected to my parents, thanks to god, happened to wind up in the one place on earth where that is not true. i want you, when you are my age, to live in a country that still does that. i want you, and my children, and that generation, to inherit a country not just as good as the one that welcome to my parents, but one that is better. we are losing that. we are losing that. every country in the world has rich people. we celebrate financial success. but what makes us special are the firefighters, nurses, teachers. [applause] sen. rubio: the veterans. [applause] sen. rubio: when you become a firefighter, you will not get ich being a firefighter. your goal is to own a home, raise your family, afford patriots season-tickets.
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[laughter] sen. rubio: to retire with dignity. that is the american dream. we are losing it because our president is taking us more like the rest of the world. what countries the people come here to get away from. there is no way in the world i can stand by, after everything america has done for me, and watch that happen. my kids deserve a country as good as the one my parents left for me. i will fight every day to make sure that happens. [applause] >> we really wrap it up. thank you. sen. rubio: thank you. [applause] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016] >> it's back to new hampshire
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tonight. a town hall meeting with governor john kasich in new hampshire. he's joined by former republican u.s. senator, gordon humphrey. that's coming up here on c-span, 8:00 eastern. and it's one week until the iowa caucuses. we are ramping up our coverage tomorrow. road to the white house coverage with bernie sanders. a campaign rally in des moines tomorrow at 11:00 eastern. we'll follow that a littler knit -- follow that later in the day. hillary clinton with a rally in marshalltown, iowa. live coverage tomorrow night at 9:30 eastern here on c-span. >> c-span's campaign 2016 is taking you on the road to the white house for the iowa caucuses. monday, february 1, our live coverage begins at 7:00 p.m. eastern on both c-span and c-span2. we'll bring you live precaucus coverage, taking your phone calls, tweets and texts. and then at 8:00 p.m. eastern, we'll take you to our republican caucus on c-span and a democratic caucus on c-span2. see the event live in its entirety, be sure to stay with
4:14 pm
c-span and join in on the conversation on c-span radio and at >> on tomorrow's "washington journal," sean higgins of the washington examiner looks at the top news stories of the day. after that, editor and publisher of "the nation" will discuss progressive politics in campaign 2016. plus of course your phone calls, facebook comments and tweets. "washington journal" live tuesday and every day at 7:00 a.m. eastern. on c-span. with the weekend east coast winter storm, blizzard, both chambers of congress out of session today. the house had been scheduled to vote this week on overriding the president's veto. of a bill to repeal parts of the health care law and defund planned parenthood. vote was also scheduled on legislation to impose new sanctions on iran. but those have been canceled because of the snow, moved into next week. the house held a pro forma session today, one scheduled for thursday. but again, they're back for votes next week. the senate, however, returns on
4:15 pm
wednesday for legislative work, beginning work on an energy bill, modernizing the u.s. electric grid. also re-authorizing the federal land and water conservation fund. they'll also debate a u.s. judicial nomination. the senate live on c-span2. and they gavel in for legislative work on wednesday. meanwhile, back on the campaign trail, senator rand paul with a tweet about tonight's cnn iowa town hall. he says -- >> senator paul met with voters at the puritan back room, a sfraunt and bar in manchester, new hampshire, he talked about gun control, health care, education, federal spending and it's from last week. this is about an hour and 10 minutes. >> this is new hampshire.
4:16 pm
i'm supposed to be tough. i'm originally from canada anyway. that's why i moved down here. >> how are you? >> good to see you. nice to see you. > how are you? >> good to see you. >> thanks for being here. > welcome. >> wanted a picture. >> hi. welcome back to manchester. good to see you. hi, kelly. nice to see you. how are you? >> good to see you. how's it going? >> it's going good. it's a warm day today. >> yeah! arming up.
4:17 pm
are you good to go? >> great. >> good to see you again. how are you? >> i am good. thank you.
4:18 pm
>> there has been a firing line of like 50 guns and you have to it years to get on the firing line. we will see you. >> they have the best chicken fingers and steak. >> yes. > all right. >> i've got your back. >> are we blocking your way? >> yes. >> excuse me. >> sorry, sir. > thank you. trying to get out of that man's way.
4:19 pm
[indiscernible] >> hi. very nice to meet you. indiscernible] indiscernible] [laughter] [indiscernible] >> working for tip money. do you guys have any questions? >> do you want a picture?
4:20 pm
>> would do you think we need to do differently in washington? >> i don't know if we have that much time. [laughter] > this is my wife kelly. >> nice to meet you all. good to see you. snowmageddon in d.c. got the last flight out of d.c. >> one of the headlines yesterday said one inch of snow closes down d.c. two feet coming. one inch was a mess. they couldn't clean it up. they have two feet of snow coming. >> there was a good one on facebook this morning. people from washington screaming, we're going to die, we're going to die, it shows
4:21 pm
new hampshire -- [inaudible] -- what do you want? relish and mustard. e're having a cookout. [indiscernible] >> we have a wal-mart in our building and i ended up there last night because i'd forgotten one onion. i said, it's like doomsday preppers down there. there was not one onion left. >> they were exiting that city this morning. ou couldn't get a train. >> everybody buys milk and bread. >> water bottles. >> how is your father? >> he's doing great. still doing speeches. i think he's going to join me in iowa. it helps to have him out. we've been doing a lot of college campuses. we think a lot of support comes from the younger generation. so we're going to have big rallies in iowa.
4:22 pm
[indiscernible] >> i think it's unknown. everybody says, trump's going to get 35%. i don't think so. i think the polls are not accurate. >> that's a bunch of bull. new hampshire, new hampshire, new hampshire. nobody knows. 76 years. >> i think a lot of the estimates when you calculate out the estimates, they have like three times what normally turns out for voting. it's going to be similar to -- -- we're looking forward to it. we think we have a lot of support, particularly amongment ns and college students. >> i know out of 15 polls, not all of them have rand's name in
4:23 pm
the poll numbers. >> turning people off are the phone calls. you cannot sit down and have a meal. >> in the last poll, it was in the margin of this deviation, but one of the networks had it on television and a completely left their name out. they put kasich twice. indiscernible] >> well, you're having fun anyway. good luck. > see you. >> seriously, do you want chicken fingers? >> there's a friend we'd like to you meet. > all right.
4:24 pm
>> ready? >> oh, yes. >> all right, thank you. >> let me introduce you to my best friend from the army. >> can you wait for me to go by? >> get kelly back up here. indiscernible]
4:25 pm
>> where are you guys from? >> like favorite question is how much can the national debt be reduced by the end of the irst term. >> i am the only one on the stage to us introduced a budget. the plan is five years, but i think it can be done within our years. the balance budget amendment constitution says it has to be balanced within five years. to put it in perspective to how you do it, a few reduce spending a chair, it names for years or five years, but i think that is eminently oable. one of my biggest gripes in washington is that i think even though they go outside the senate, we have not been standing up enough. if we had my way, we would. i voted against the big spending bill, raising the debt
4:26 pm
ceiling. we have to realize that it's right and left. both parties are to blame. until we figure that out, we're never going to fix the problem. thanks, guys. >> thank you. >> you have a nice day. indiscernible] >> we are certainly going to try.
4:27 pm
>> we're up by dallas. [indiscernible] from fort worth. >> i'm here for a funeral. indiscernible] >> we are so glad to have you on board. thank you. >> their are on videos, the services and not being provided for citizens. i'm wondering if you have any open support for anything to ympathize with them? >> we have something a lot of americans need to understand that there is a long war between the sunies and shi'a. that's what's going on in bahrain, yemen, saudi arabia.
4:28 pm
it's the same things. june dominated. indiscernible] >> i believe that ultimately it will have to come from their side to figure out the sunni and shi'a divide. we need to defend ourselves. we need to make sure we are able to defend american interests. but i don't think us going in -- [inaudible] -- has worked very well. from hussein to assad to gaddafi. we've toppled dictators. indiscernible]
4:29 pm
>> is this lady bothering you? >> now. indiscernible] >> where do you live? >> concord. >> we hope you will consider. do you have any questions? >> i'm an educator. strong public education system is really important to us. we hope that you would have a commitment to that if you were president. >> i have two nephews who teach. one is now an assistant principal but he's also taught. the other one teaches sign language. he's deaf. he teaches sign language north of houston. i think i am the only senator
4:30 pm
to ever give a speech in sign language on the senate floor. >> there's one more thing. student loans. children cannot sustain the debt that they're going to have. loans at 7.9% to help their child get an education. i know that the government makes a lot of money off of student loan interest. but at the expense of people educating themselves, that's very poor public policy. we should find other ways to raise money and perhaps -- [inaudible] -- so we won't need to raise that. that needs to be something hat's addressed. >> we have to figure out how to lower the cost and we should not just say we have to lower the cost. and then we have to figure out how to pay for it. i have a bill that would allow the students to the deck principal and the interest over the entire working career. when happens now is that if your parents made more than $60,000 a year, which is not


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