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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  January 26, 2016 10:30pm-12:01am EST

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they are disparate and you are mploying people. i will move us towards a 100% clean electric grid by 2050 and create 5 million american jobs along the way. [applause] so, my fellow americans, these are the ambitions that are worthy of a great people. these are among the 15 strategic goals i laid out to move the country forward. make the mistake about it, a new form policy, a new national ecurity, they depend on making us stronger at home, eliminating childhood hunger, making national service a universal option for people to earn credits and dollars for college.
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cutting deaths from guns in half and overdose deaths in half in the next 10 years. he difference between a tree and a goal is a deadline. we can do remarkable things by working together towards goals that rebuild the truth of the american dream that we share, trengthening and acting upon the deep belief and dignity of every person we have in the country. we have to help one another in order to succeed. there are a lot of people who say that i face a tough fight. i say that we all face a tough fight. this is a tough fight. it is a changing world with challenges that we face and more opportunities. this is a tough fight.
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we are up to it you and i are up to it. i have always been drawn to a tough fight. i didn't run forbaltimore in 1999 because things mayor of are going well and i did not leave my stay -- lead my state through times -- it is a way of fighting for omething worth saving. our future is worth saving. our country is worth saving. this planet is worth saving. have never bet against the people of the united states of america if you have any doubts about where the nation is heading, talk to the young people because you will rarely find young americans united climate change is real or young americans who want to slam the door of america in the face of refugees genocide or why -- the merican immigrants or ones and
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-- young americans that want to deny marriage rights to gay couples. we are moving towards a compassionate, generous, and more connected place standing on the threshold of a new era of progress. there's nothing so divided about the politics that he can't be healed with renewed faith in one another. and new leadership. that is what i challenge you to do, iowa. lift me up and change the dynamic of this race so that we can move this country forward and build upon the good things obama has accomplished and give our children the better future they deserve. thanks very, very much. [applause] thank you. and now, the fun part. q & a.
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think about your questions. i look around the room and i were mind of this dory sums up the iowa caucus in the intimate way. all of you have toward meeting each of us, two, three, four, five, six, seven times. i was in fairfield and a woman say, this is my third time seeing you. i said, how am i doing? she said, you are doing well. i see lots of growth. i said is that how you and your husband vote? she said as a matter of fact, we you as we can and whoever grows the most, that's who we vote for. >> i will caucus for you in seven days. >> thank you, nick. >> when i was assessing the candidates and went to the
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different events, you came out ahead of clinton and far ahead of sanders on syrian refugees. you said that america needs to accept far more than we are right now. it speaks to our history of ccepting refugees. n that note, i want to ask you about, in the role of president, what other things you would do to address genocides that are happening in congo and myanmar. things like that. basically anything you can think of, with the worst of human atrocities, how does america do better?
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martin o'malley: the second week close the doors -- the second we close the doors are the seconds e stop being american. this is an essential aspect of why we have credibility in this world. so, i believe there is a new concept emerging in this world of a global comments with -- global commons with all ike-minded people being forced to work in alliance to prevent the safe havens of local terror activities, requiring new regional alliances. all of those places that you mentioned, we can play a role and we should play a role. we have been to victory in two world wars by building coalitions and alliances that
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incorporate other people and strengths of regions. you see some of this with the african union nations pushing back against al-shabaab in omalia and you are seeing more countries taking on a role to keep the sea lanes open. it is no longer the old cold war, bipolar. this is a regional approach to maintaining the good order of the global commons. that's what we need to do to defeat isil. we need an alliance for progress in the americas. you do not need to go to the middle east to find failing nationstates. you can find them in central america. diplomacy, and yes, as president, i plan to dial-up sustainable development and make
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direct ctor of usaid a report to the united states. >> what would you do to eliminate the federal judicial emergency crisis? martin o'malley: you were talking about the long time it takes to appoint federal judges? >> correct. >> i will come off of my stool for this. [laughter] look, we facing a time of profound division in our country and politics. the most recurring question i get all across the state right now is the question of how i will heal the divisions, work with the congress. there is a sense that the divisions have become greater than we are and it is the work of this time.
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for your decision on caucus night, think about which of the three of us running for the nomination has the best chance of healing the divisions. all my life, i have not been a divider. i have brought people together to get things done. if i had been that way, i wouldn't have the result that i have. i don't consider all republicans to be my enemies. i hope that you don't, either. republicans are our colleagues and friends. [applause] they are our uncles, ok? [laughter] so, i also learned that your job is to get to know the members of the republican and democratic party. people of your own party and the pposite party.
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it took us three types to pass marriage equality. and the only way we got it done was with some republican votes. it took three times to repeal the death penalty, and, again, only with republican votes. we used to have bipartisan pizza night at the governor's mansion. i figured they give you the free food and the mansion to have people over. this is how you reinforce the strength of those ties. we have to make appointments in a timely way and we will have a reset button and hopefully, he'll what is tearing us apart. and making us dysfunctional. i'm willing to throw my energies into that 1000%. yes, ma'am? >> my question is, as the governor of maryland, you signed a drivers license law that extended to all immigrants. regardless of status. there is a similar law that has been stagnant for a long time and community leaders are trying
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to get this to go forward stop i hope that you would talk a little bit about why you supported that in maryland and how that factors into your immigration reform policy. >> it is a question about immigrants or not-yet-documented citizens. we passed this in my state. it took a while. we had to go over a couple of successive administrations, but we got it done. it seemed to us that it made no sense that it was impossible for people to legally drive to and from work and not getting insurance to cover themselves come in the case they were in an accident or hit your car. so we passed that. i'll tell you part of the reason we were able to pass driver's licenses but we were also able to pass the dream act in maryland, and defend it at the ballots.
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we were losing and we won with 58% of the vote. we were able to take care of more refugee camps because of the language we used and the ethic we called for. i always use the term, "new americans." i believe our country is made better every generation by the arrival of new american immigrants. [applause] my own people, half of them were irish and the other half were germans, which means i like to give orders and not take them. but in every generation, new americans make us stronger and better as a country. we're selling ourselves short. expectations become behavior. these people are not going to be put on noah's ark. i remember visiting with a family and two of them were covered by the executive action.
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their youngest daughter, abigail was born in the united states and is an american citizen. the parents are not yet covered by any executive order. the girl goes to school and works in class all day with a fear that the door will have been busted open and her parents would be gone. we need better balance and sanity. we have a deportation policy that is breaking up families. we have immigrant detention camp's that are operating on a for-profit basis. this is not who we are. the symbol of the country is not the barbed wire fence. it is the statue of liberty. [applause] yes? >> i am curious. you mentioned that you want to combat the debt.
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how else do you plan to combat it? martin o'malley: there is no progress without fiscal responsibility. of the three of us, i'm the only one who balance a budget every year for 15 years, which is hard to do in a shrinking city with a shrinking tax base, now growing. i defended the aaa bond rating and i made more cuts than any governor in maryland history, still managing to increase investments to make wages go up. how do we do it? in a word, math. i believe in science and math. [applause] so, the primary reason for the national debt, even as obama has
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reduced the annual deficit spending, which adds to the debt. the deficit spending has been reduced to the smallest levels in a couple of decades, i do believe. that debt was driven by the fact that we were led falsely into war in iraq and it was really, really costly in lives, in blood, in dollars and that's what ballooned our debt. the unchecked greed on wall street -- and, by the way, i am in favor of instituting a modern glass-steagall. to protect our main street economy. from wall street excesses. the recession hit and added to this more. we have to do one other thing -- expand social security. i believe there is an
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entitlement we can no longer afford as a nation. that is the entitlement that some of our super wealthiest $1 zens, making more than mool feel they are entitled to pay in perpetuity a much lower tax rate than america's middle class pays. if we raise it from 39 to 45, by the way it was 70 during president reagan's first term. if we raise it from 39 to 45 and we tax capital gains at the same rate that we do, income from hard work and sweat and toil, that would generate conservatively $700 billion to $800 billion over the next 10 years. that would go a long way to doing a lot of things. it would go a long way toward financing debt-free college again, a long way to the cleaner, greener energy future and a long way to paying down in a timely fashion this national debt. that's what i -- that's how i see it. yes, ma'am. >> when you came to campus last
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year, i asked you about the racial profiling of muslim americans as a result of the u.s.a. patriot act. what would you do to reduce racial profiling for minorities in our justice system? martin o'malley: i think one of he things i have learned about all of these things is that no agencies of our government face a greater imperative to act in open and transparent ways than law enforcement does. given the modern information age, i think all of law enforcement is struggling to get ahead of the wave on this. i believe that we still have a lot of work to do when it comes to better coordinating and sharing information. i also believe that the first line of defense against these sorts of lone wolf attacks is our nation's ethic itself to be very engaged with our neighbors including our american muslim
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neighbors. when donald trump made his comment about wanting to issue i.d. cards to people based on their faith, i said get me to the biggest mosque you can as soon as you can. they didn't disappoint. they flew me on a red eye from california. i walked into a whole group of patriotic men and women and i never thought i would see the look in their eyes in our country that i saw. it was a sense of almost political dread the way they are being targeted and scapegoated by that sort of rhetoric. we can't allow that to happen. it is not just about our president. it is about all of us as citizens. i said, i say now, if donald trump wants to start a registry of people who disagree with his fascist proposals and rhetoric, he can start with me and i think all of us need to step up. [applause] yes, ma'am.
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>> i'm glad she asked that question. it is not just the muslims. i don't fear muslims that are here. i fear people in the k.k.k., the people that -- oh, what were they called? the people that call themselves patriots. i hear some of the commercials the political ads, we want america back like it used to be. well, i didn't like the way it used to be. [laughter] [applause] in my neighborhood in des moines, iowa. we had blacks and whites. we had a german family. we all got along. but i was living in des moines, iowa. but there was people at that same time where maybe i was 8 years old that were getting lynched. at the same time those who were trying to get the legalized voting for all american citizens
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that were getting killed. you know, like the k.k.k. -- it is something that we should fear -- maybe not all you guys but people who look like me, i don't fear the police. if they tell me to stop, i'm going to stop. but i live again in des moines, iowa. my point is when we think about domestic terrorists, we have to include people that look like you. i'm not calling you a terrorist, of course. [laughter] because i'm going for you. martin o'malley: good woman. thank you. thanks a lot. >> i'm like oh, do i do this guy? i knew who i -- the person i asn't going for and that was a given but it is like oh, mr. sanders seems like a nice guy. i know very few things about this mr. o'malley.
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i'm glad you're running. we need someone with common sense and we need someone who is going to do everything that i heard that they told me, how did you get college? was it free college? martin o'malley: we went four years in a row without a penny's increase to college tuition. we made our public schools number one in america five years in a row. like a lot of things, it wasn't an either/or. we had to do both and. we had to make tough budgetary decisions and made the investment. we treated our teachers like professionals, worthy of dignity and respect and they didn't disappoint. all of these things require a collaborative approach. bringing people together. not divide people. not declaring whole groups of people our enemies. i was in the church basement there, the mother emanuel church in charleston probably a year before pastor pinckney had a meeting there. you never hear of that young man who created that massacre referred to as a christian
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terrorist. there was nothing christian about that. there are acts of terror in this world. there are acts of murder. there are criminal acts. it is sadly the nature of our human condition, but i do believe as i think your question says that the longer arc of american history is greater respect for the lives and dignity and the differences of all and that is our story. that's what we do when we do it best. >> they are not christians. i'm church of christ. i am a christian and i will never kill anyone. i don't agree with abortion but i'm not going to stand in your way. i'm not going to say anything to you. if you ask me, i will say something, but i'm not going to stand in your way. if you want to get married, if two people of the same gender want to get married, i'm not going to stand in your way. my point on that is if you are
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really a christian, you're not going to kill and you're not going to shout in people's faces. you're not going to do those things. martin o'malley: yes, sir? >> my name is bob bernard. your website has 15 goals. there are detailed subsets toward implementing those. tell me more about social security, implementing that, making that stronger for people like me. martin o'malley: i believe that social security is one of the greatest programs we ever created as a country. the truth that no person should ever have to work their whole life and retire into poverty. that's what social security represents. yet like so many other things, this is a year when we're not even raising the benefit for social security and some say they want to kill social security because they don't like government programs that actually work well. i have an entrepreneurial mayoral approach, i believe when we find things that work well, we should do more of them. as we face this cliff for a lot of people retiring with fewer
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savings and pensions than ever before, this is the wrong time to undercut that leg of social security. i want to expand it and increase average benefits by $65 and have a caregiver credit within it. so that we don't disproportionately penalize women who more often than men come out of the workforce to or care of family members children. that's what i propose to do. and increase benefits more for people at the lowest earning rung of the ladder. yes, sir? >> what does that entail and how does it relate to -- martin o'malley: thank you. let me talk a little bit about the elements of this plan. this falls under the category of something i have actually done. there are three main components. your state government, institutions of higher learning and your federal government.
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the reason why tuitions have gone up so much is that your federal government and state governments have done for higher education has been greatly cut over the recent years, especially true in public universities. there is a definite correlation. you look at states like arizona that greatly cut higher education funding and you see that is where the tuition ncreased the greatest. the opposite on the other end of the spectrum was maryland. my plan calls for a few leading actions. here they are. we need to invest more as a nation pell grants and create a program that states receive so they are incentivized to keep some skin in the game and not cut their own investments in higher education. we need to set a national goal that the price of college tuition at a four-year university should not be more than 10% of a state's median income and the cost of a community college two-year degree should not be more than 5% of your state's median income. [applause]
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we need to -- we need to enroll all of our graduates automatically in an income-based repayment plan. opt out if you like but an income-based repayment plan so that you're not suffering under this mountain of debt the second they hand you a diploma. we need to lower the interest rates, which in many cases for those parent-plus loans, by the way ladies and gentlemen, no person ever appeared before you running for president of the united states with a greater load of college debt over his and his wife's head than i do. this is an historic moment. [laughter] but the 7% and 8% loans that we're paying to our own federal appeared government, we need to make it possible for families to refinance those and we also -- i elieve need to make national saves universal option so that
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more kids can earn an enhanced pell grant credit even as they are giving back to their country. [applause] and i also think -- i'm also proposing that in moving to the next education reform, like universal pre-k, using technology to reinfuse the learning experience with music and art and science and conceptual thinking, we also need to redesign high school and especially that fourth year of high school so when our kids graduate they not only have a certificate and skill in demand today's economy but a diploma that means something and a year or half year of transferable college credit that can be recognized when they go on to seek their two or four-year degree. those are some of the components of it. with all of this, we need to -- we need to make the goal degree completion. not how long you can keep kids in seats. we have been paying for higher education almost like a hotel. the longer you fit -- the more bed nights you fill up for a
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longer period of time, the more profitable the hotel at the center of the equation. the center of the equation needs to be people. people seeking to achieve degrees so they can have skills and contribute to our country and provide for their families. we need to make this about degree attainment and offer alternative pathways for returning learners so they can move ahead when ready. demonstrate competence and learn online and do it in a flexible way. that's what i see. yes, sir? >> regarding your foreign policy on international conflict -- would you change our current olicy? martin o'malley: we -- look, we always need to be looking at our policies. our policy should never be cut in stone. we need to be fluid. we need to be adaptive.
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we are facing the sort of enemy that is not a big army division in the field like the nation state conflict era. we're facing a very adaptive sort of threat. we need to be even more quickly adapting. to that end, we need to make more judicious use of drone strikes. i do not agree with some of the republican party who used the most bellicose language they can find, trying to look tough, turning the sands, making the sands glow, carpet bombing and all of that hooey that makes that's not what's going to win this conflict. we have to work with special ops, technical support, close air support. what we need more than anything else in that region and every troubled region is far better human intelligence because when we exercise these formidable powers of our military, of our drones, of our technology and we
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do it in a way that is contrary to our first principles, we hurt our effort. we make it possible for our opponents to increase their recruitment and that's not the goal here. we need to defeat, but we need to defeat in a smart way in coalition with others interrupting propaganda and interrupting finances. it's a matter of using several different tools. it's not a matter of carpet bombing and creating more enemies. yes, ma'am? >> yes, my name is kathy. i'm from west des moines. my question is about mental health issues. what is your stand about the prisoners -- not the prisoners -- soldiers coming back from war and having so many mental health issues as well as just our everyday citizen that might be in that category of needing extra help? governor o'malley: one of the strategic goals i have set for our country is full employment for america's veterans when they return. it's a finite number of them and we do an absolutely miserable job helping them transition back to civilian life.
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absolutely no handoff between the department of defense and the department of veteran affairs, let alone your own state department's veteran affairs who often co-locate veteran counselors in the one-stop centers for employment development. and those sorts of things. i found in our own state our best shot of making sure our returning soldiers do not become ghost people and got connected to the services they need including mental health services was to approach them through portal of employment. what is your transition plan coming back? are you aware of the benefits and the things that are available to you that can help you get that job and help you transition back? the dd-214, the discharge form they fill out when you leave the service, it doesn't even have a block on it for an email address. it has phone. it has home address and oftentimes our men and women put their parents and then when they come home, those become obsolete.
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so mental health is critically important. let me shift a little bit to your mental health question. we leave mental health decisions and the resourcing of mental health too much to our states. it means that oftentimes depending how your governor feels about mental health will determine whether or not your family has access to what your loved ones need. in my own state, we increased by 80% access to mental health -- public access to mental health services in my state. you can't treat addiction without also being mindful of mental health. you're not very wise to treat serious health issues without also being aware of the mental health. so we have to work to increase parity with mental health services and again get the states in this game. yes? >> i am in elementary education student. as a future teacher, i'm concerned as to where the
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education system is going in america. if you look on lists of comparisons of education, we're number 25 on the list. you might not know that. i don't know if a lot of people know that. i think we think we're better than we actually are. how do you propose we get back on the right track with education at any grade level? governor o'malley: i found in my own state, we made public schools number one in america for five years in a row. we had a collaborative approach with our teachers and implemented the common core curriculum but in a collaborative way. we drove up the highest numbers of any state in america the kids that take stem-related a.p. courses and actually passed them. and a lot of times teachers are treated with dignity and respect. like the professionals they are, they went out on their own and found the training they needed in order to teach kids at higher and better levels. i see three big opportunities on our horizon. i touched on them briefly before.
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let me go back in greater detail. there is no better investment that i have seen in public education than early childhood education. we need to move to universal pre-k as a nation. there are mechanisms there to allow us to do that at the federal level. [applause] o'malley: for all of the talk about standards, and there has been a lot of talk about minimum standards, kick to the curb has been what we do best as a nation when we educate our people and that is to teach them how to think conceptually and creatively and collaboratively in a problem-solving mode. i believe with technology today, we have better platforms and better means with what we know about how kids learn individually and a sense of their cognitive abilities and the best way of learning, to use technology to reinvigorate the learning experience with more music, more art. it's almost like whenever we
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would put a music or art program back in a school, it seemed like that was the first thing to get cut by the principal the next year. music and art is important. experiential learning. hands on learning. environmental literacy. these are all of the sorts of things that we need to be dialing up in this age so that our people can collaborate and have the skills they need, and the fourth part of it is our high schools. i really think there is an opportunity to redesign our high schools. early access to college as well as career in technical education for skills that are actually in demand in today's economy rather than skills that were in demand in your grandparents' economy. last one. yes, ma'am? go ahead. yep? >> you currently are the only candidate that has a proposal for our cities going forward. what lessons have you learned from the baltimore downtown renaissance and given our time s of economic disparity, how
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could you better distribute those economic gains to poor and minority communities in the city and what would you do as president? governor o'malley: i put forward a plan for a new agenda for america's cities. it has been some 40 years since we had a new agenda for america's cities. way back when we did under jimmy carter that is what brought about in baltimore the famous inner harbor. there were some at the time who hoped with that spark at the center that it would send a ripple throughout the city. but we neglected to pay attention to the very deep structural unemployment, and the human service challenges, to lead poisoning in the generations of kids, to endemic violent crime that we accepted as if it was an inevitable part of living in the poorest sections of our cities. that's just the way it is, 24/7 open air drug markets. so i think what i have learned as mayor is that it is not enough just to do the one thing downtown. that you have to improve quality of life. you have to make a city safer and you also have to make your
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city more economically inclusive. it's easier to gentrify than it is to include and investments of inclusion, of economic inclusion -- >> you will see a video. at the end of the video, she will be coming in to talk to you. [applause] mentioned tonight, i you have been with me for 16 the greatt i now have honor of having been the longest serving state representative from marshalltown. and with your help, i am going to continue in that role and continue to fight. [applause] >> some of you have been very kind tonight to talk about things i have said in previous speeches. you have been kind to talk about things i write to you in the
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newspaper and other ways. i want to tell you something else tonight, probably the most important thing i will tell you. we have this great responsibility of participating in the caucuses and to be the first in choosing the presidential candidate who is going to lead our country forward. the choices this year between the three on the democratic side and the multitude on the republican side could not be any clearer than they are this year. i know you have heard before this is the most important election in your lifetime. but this is the most important election in your lifetime. [applause] and so, i have made a decision. after having the great honor of interviewing all of the presidential candidates on the
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democratic side and being very proud of what we are putting up, tonight i put on a hillary clinton sticker and join those who are encouraging hillary clinton to be the next president of the united states. [applause] >> thank you. so, participate. keep up the honor of being an island -- iowan and progressive people. we have some folks on the other and theyown tonight, were not espousing progressive values for the people. we are a great community. as i said earlier, the most diverse in the state of iowa. things we take pride in. andi take it tremendous -- i take a tremendous amount of pride in all of you and what you stand for. with that, we have the video for hillary clinton. thank you. [applause]
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[no audio] hillary clinton: the children i met lived harsh lives. it was so overwhelming because people were treated like they were not even full human beings. >> it is hard work. it is perseverance. >> she has made a significant
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impact for children. 1995, i was in beijing. clinton: the history of women has been a history of silence. many people in our government and congress do not want [indiscernible] but you do not shy away from confronting human rights abuses. it is a violation of human rights when babies are denied food or suffocated simply because they are born girls. [indiscernible] rights,ghts are women's and women's rights are human rights, one and for all. [applause] she taught me there were no limits to what i could do. bill asked men:
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to lead our efforts to seep we could get quality, affordable health care for every american. now is our chance to give the american people health security. we worked really hard. we were not successful which disappointed, but you have to get up off the floor and keep fighting. i wanted to see what we could do to help kids. think the because i tide is not going in the right direction. i was very wrong on the children's health insurance program. we have reports a plane has crashed. one of the firefighters said, senator, please don't let anybody forget what happened here. don't let anyone forget us. hillary clinton: i am overcome by the courage and compassion. i knew i had to also pay attention to what happened to
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those brave men and women. medical -- for our it has made a huge difference in our life. >> ladies and gentlemen, secretary of state hillary rodham clinton. >> the fact she was willing to work for president obama restored my faith. hillary clinton: he won and i lost. we both love our country. >> she was the most dogged, determined senator i have seen. she did not just fight for american values abroad. [indiscernible] hillary clinton: everyone deserves a chance to live up to his or her value and potential. that is a dream we share.
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that is the fight we must wage. my mom never got to go to college. everyday americans and their families need a chance. we fight for them every day. i want to be that chance. i will get up every day going to work for you, standing up for you. i think right now people know i don't quit. ♪ [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome hillary clinton! [cheers and applause] hillary clinton: thank you all
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so much. thank you! you are great. thank you. oh, my goodness. i tell you, it was worth it, trying to get here. you have been so generous with your time. i am so grateful to be back in marshalltown and have this nowce to talk with you, less than a week until the caucus on monday night. but it is really meaningful to me that you would be here and be part of this process. i really am grateful to each and every one of you. i have learned a lot in the last month. i really think spending all this time in small groups and big ones is going to make me a better president, so i thank you for everything you have done to make that possible. [applause] hillary clinton: i really want
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hishank mark smith for endorsement. i am thrilled. thank you so very much, representative. i have a plan i hope will come to pass that affects mark. and that is, i hope we will be able to make him the majority leader of the house of representatives in the state legislature. think of all the good things he could do for you and people across iowa. well, it is getting close. and when all of you decide to go caucus on monday, you are going to be the first people in the world to get to express an opinion about who should be the next president and commander-in-chief for our country. i know how seriously islands -- iowans take this because i have
11:17 pm
been talking to and listening to you. i want to take a few minutes discussing what is at stake because this is one of the most consequential elections we have had in some time. when you think about it, there are some very big differences between us and the republicans. that puts a special responsibility on you and voters to try to decide where you stand. i will tell you where i stand. i believe the republican policies that are being promoted by this crop of candidates that are traveling across our state and country would set our country back, rip up the progress we have made, and undermine our future. and that is true across the board. theset me pick a few of most important issues. let's take the economy.
11:18 pm
you have heard from them. they are spouting the same failed economic policies, trickle-down economics, cut taxes on the wealthy, get out of the way of corporations. we have tried that. it does not work. it is important to know the facts. the facts are our economy does better when we have a democrat in the white house who cares about creating jobs and raising incomes for americans. [applause] the last twoon: democratic presidents we have whichoth of whom i know, i kind of an proud of. they each inherited economic problems from their republican predecessors. in my husband's case, it was a recession. a huge national debt that had been quadrupled in the prior 12 years and a big deficit. when he got to washington,
11:19 pm
people said, what do you especially bring to washington that can make a difference? he said i guess i bring arithmetic. we will make it out of begin for the american people. at the end of eight years, we did. 23 million new jobs. most importantly, incomes went up for everybody. not just those at the top. hard-working middle-class families, working families, for families. more people were lifted out of poverty then in recent time in our history. and we ended up with a balanced budget and a surplus. we were on the right track. republicansame the and that came trickle-down economics. george w. bush/taxes on the wealthy -- george w. bush slashed taxes on the wealthy got out of the way of the corporations. the man he put in charge of keeping an eye on wall street took a chainsaw to a big stack of regulations and had a great
11:20 pm
big smile on his face. now we know what happened, don't we? we went into the greatest financial crisis since the great depression. and when barack obama became president, we were losing 800,000 jobs a month. i don't think president obama gets the credit he deserves for digging us out about big ditch the republicans put us in during their administration. [applause] hillary clinton: and it was not easy. i know, i talked to him about it. when he asked me to be secretary of state, he said we have to focus on the economy at home. we have to fix the problems we inherited around the world. what did he do? well, we are back on track with 14 million new jobs. the affordable care act was passed. we are now at 90% health care coverage in america for the
11:21 pm
first time. he passed and signed the toughest regulations on wall street since the 1930's, the dodd-frank law. saved the auto industry which was on the brink of collapse, which would have taken another couple of million jobs down with them. we ended up losing 9 million because of that great recession. andllion homes were lost $13 trillion in family wealth was wiped out. if you want to go back there, you've got a lot of folks, including one here today, who are spouting that same stuff because that is where we will end up again. in fact, you are four times more likely to see a recession in america when you have a republican in the white house. the economy is going to be at the core of this election. you should ask everybody running what they are going to do about it. i have got to tell you, i am proud of what we have been doing on the democratic side.
11:22 pm
we have our differences, but we have differences over issues and that is what we talk about. not insults, which is what happens among the republicans. so i put out a plan. here is what i think we need to do. we need more infrastructure jobs. our roads, bridges, tunnels, ports, rail systems, sewer systems, water systems. we have work to do in our country, and those are jobs that cannot be exported. they need to be gun right here. they need to be done right here. put americans back to work building our economy, making us more competitive. and then we are going to take the tax system and get rid of the incentives that encourage people to take jobs and move them overseas, take factories and build them overseas. we are going to reverse that so we start investing in america again. advanced manufacturing. i know it can be done because i have been to some of your community colleges. i have seen the work happening there, the training going on.
11:23 pm
i also know it can be done because while we are going to combat climate change, we are going to create more clean, renewable energy jobs. that will be a huge economic opportunity. [applause] hillary clinton: that is directly linked to what i have been doing. you askblicans, when them about climate change, they all said the same thing. "i don't know, i'm not a scientist." there is an easy way to remedy that. go talk to a scientist, learn about what is going on. that is bad enough that they are in denial. what is really troubling is they are missing this huge economic opportunity. when i tell people that, i see sometimes folks around the country have a little bit of skepticism on their faces. here is what i tell them. i know we can create those jobs because look at what iowa has done. i want you to thank
11:24 pm
representative smith. thank you. it started with tom builds back vilsackdemocrats -- tom and the democrats making a commitment. you have 7000 people already working in the wind industry in this state. you are doing research on advanced biofuels that the defense department thinks may be able to fuel vessels the u.s. navy vessels and air force planes. iowa is in the forefront of the somey revolution because country is going to be the 21st century clean energy superpower. it is either going to be china, germany, or us. i want it to be us. we need to make up our minds it is going to be us and we are going to be doing the technology, innovation, and exporting to the rest of the world. we also need to be focusing on small business because that is
11:25 pm
where most of the jobs come from in america. i want to be the small business president. my dad was a small businessman. i want to clear away the underbrush so people can start businesses again. especially young people. a lot of young people tell me they would love to go into business, but they cannot get credit. part of it is they have such student debts they cannot get credit. we have to fix that. we need to make it easier to start and grow a small business. there are two ways we can raise incomes real quick. one, we have got to raise the minimum wage. people who work full-time should not still be in poverty. [applause] there should be a ladder of opportunity. guaranteeway is to equal pay for women's work. that will raise incomes and families will be better off, the economy will be. [applause] everything ion: have just said to you the republicans do not agree with it, every bit of it. they don't believe in any of it.
11:26 pm
they don't really tell you what they will do except get out of the way and let corporations do whatever they want -- they want and let their big donors do whatever they want. that is not going to work. we know it won't. we can't be sold that bill of goods again. the other thing we have to do is to change the tax system so that it is fairer. i am the only candidate running on either side who has made this pledge. i will raise your incomes. i will not raise middle-class taxes. i do not think it is right to be going to people who suffered because of the republican recession and asking for you to help us make the investments for the future. i want you to take advantage of them, but i want to go where the money is. the money is at the top. that is where we need to be shifting our tax system. we need to close the loopholes and the special gimmicks corporations and the wealthy
11:27 pm
use, like this thing called the carried interest loophole that i have been against for years. we also need to do what warren buffett suggested. i was really very happy he endorsed me. i went to omaha with him. we were standing there -- [applause] hillary clinton: he said, you know, i am not too popular among my rich friends these days because i think people like me should pay more money into our tax system to support our country. he has something he calls the buffet rule. anybody who makes $1 million should have to pay a 30% effective tax rate. rule. adopted the buffet we will try to get that done. [applause] , in i want to go further want to impose what i call a incomesre surcharge on of $5 million or more. there are not very many of those, but there is a lot of
11:28 pm
money there. i want to use that money to make college affordable. i want to use that money to invest in clean energy. i want to use that money to move toward paid family leave so families get more support to be able to do their work at home and take care of their families. i want to use that money to bring down the cost of childcare , which in some states is as expensive as college tuition. there are things we can do that will relieve the burden on middle-class families, and the money should come from those who have it. people say, how will we get that done? i have a political strategy. i've seen a bit of this in the last 20 plus years. there are not that many people who make $5 million or more in america. i think we can make a very clear case, mr. congressman over there, are you in favor of clean energy, affordable college? are you in favor of early childhood education? the way we are going to get it
11:29 pm
is to tax the two in your district who make more than $5 million. or are you going to deny that to the 350,000 people who live in your district? we are going to make a tough case about why we have to make the tax code fairer. you can talk about it, but i have a plan to do it, not just a plan of substance, but a political plan. because i want you to know what i aim to do for you and what it will cost you. i want everybody to be able to look at that and make your own judgment. i also have what has been described as the toughest, most effective, comprehensive plan to go after wall street. i totally agree with my esteemed andnents, senator sanders governor o'malley, that we have got to keep our eyes on the big banks. and no bank is too big to fail, and no executive is too powerful to jail. but we are to have the authority to go after them. that was in the dodd frank bill.
11:30 pm
we don't have to do that. we just have to implement it. i have said if they pose a systemic risk to our economy, and will go after them. i will use the process president obama signed into law. but here is where i differ with my two friends. that is not enough. this is what we have been arguing about on the debate stage. it was not just the big banks that caused our problems. it was an investment bank like lehman brothers. it was a big insurance conglomerate called a.i.g. it was a mortgage company called countrywide. it was another bank, not one of the big five, and others who are what is called the shadow baking sector --banking sector. i said we are going after risk wherever it is in the financial system. paul krugman, the nobel prize-winning economist, said i
11:31 pm
have the best plan. barney frank, who is the frank in dodd-frank, set i have the best plan because i am trying to look at not just what happened in the past prevent that from happening again but what could happen in the future. the best evidence i have that i have the best plan is that the republicans and their billionaire allies are running ads against me. it started a few weeks ago. these two hedge fund billionaires formed a super pac to run as against me to convince them across not to support me. along can karl rove -- along came karl rove, the air and boy for the billionaires. he is now running an ad against me. i another billionaire has jumped in. and he is now running an ad against me. you've got to stop and think, why are they spending all this money to convince them across not to support me? i think you know the answer. because they know i say what i
11:32 pm
mean, i do what i say i will do, and i know how to get it done, to prevent them from pushing an agenda on us that hurts the economy. [applause] hillary clinton: another area where i have very strong feelings and share exactly the single a senator sanders is health care -- the same goal as senator sanders is health care. i believe in universal health care coverage. every american should have it. before it was called obamacare, it was called hillarycare when i was trying to get universal health care. we were not successful. that was really disappointing. the drug companies, the insurance companies spend millions of dollars against us -- spent millions of dollars against us. so we did not succeed. i got to thinking, what can i do now? my view is when you are knocked
11:33 pm
down, you share the human experience with everybody gets knocked down about something. the real question is whether you get back up. i started thinking, what can i do to help 70 make a difference in their lives? i remember and i was traveling around the country trying to get universal health care, meeting so many people who did not have health insurance per they could not afford it. they had a pre-existing condition and the insurance companies would not give it to them. i met so many really good, decent people so overwhelmed by what was happening to them. i remember i was at the children's hospital in cleveland meeting with a group of parents whose kids were really sick with chronic diseases. i have gone to me everywhere to try to get insurance for my daughter's. i have two girls with cystic fibrosis, and nobody will sell it to me. >> i said, what do you say when you ask them and tell them you want to try to pay for something? they say no.
11:34 pm
he said i will say what the last person told me at the insurance company i visited. he said, we don't ensure burning houses. this man said they called my little girls burning houses. that stuck with me, that and the stories i heard. so i started to work with democrats and republicans and we created the children's health insurance program. it now ensures 8 million kids. [applause] hillary clinton: when you run into a problem, you have got to keep going. you cannot ever stop. if you are trying to accomplish something that will help other people. i was thrilled when the president passed and signed the affordable care act. we have been trying to get that, the democratic party has been trying to get that accomplished since harry truman. and now, i meet people all the time who are benefiting from it. i want to build on it, and i want to improve it. republicans want to repeal it. that is what they will do if
11:35 pm
they get the white house back. we can't let that happen. here is what i want to do. i want to decrease costs, out-of-pocket costs. decrease prescription drug costs. [applause] hillary clinton: i want to make sure we get the authority for medicare to negotiate for lower drug costs with the drug companies. i want to go after the predatory pricing drug companies are using to raise the price of drugs. i want to take away their tax benefits. they get a tax benefit for advertising all that stuff on tv to us. i cannot understand what they are talking about. they have people walking through fields of wildflowers, blocking on beaches. they have the name of the drug which is unpronounceable. and then under the music, they have somebody saying if you take this drug your nose will fall off. [laughter] hillary clinton: it drive you crazy. they spend more money advertising on tv than they do on research. we will take them on. i don't want to start over.
11:36 pm
that is the disagreement i have with senator sanders. i want us to build on what we had and make it better, and go from 90% coverage to 100% of americans. i don't want to start at zero. [applause] third clinton: and have to fight it all over again, have the national battle we have had over 25 years. i am determined we will make this work for everybody. i know it is the right thing to do. to getwe will be able your costs down, your co-pays, your deductibles. what a lot of people are telling you are starting to pitch again. i will defend social security against privatization. republicans still want to privatize it. they are still talking about that. it is a terrible idea. you know the worst part of the idea? they want to turn the entire social security trust fund over to wall street. that is what this is all about.
11:37 pm
take all that money people have been paying in for 75 or 80 years and turn it over to wall street. i will never let that happen. [applause] clinton: that is the worst idea imaginable. i will also not let them out to herize medicare or privatize the v.a. we will not take away guaranteed benefits for veterans who have earned them through their service. that is not going to happen at summation point -- that is not going to happen! [applause] when it comesn: to national security, we have a lot to do to keep our country safe and i have some ideas i have been putting out based on what i did in the senate after 9/11, based on my work as secretary of state.
11:38 pm
it is imperative we do everything we can to defeat isis, to stop the flow of foreign fighters and funding to fight them on the internet where they are quite effective, without putting american troops back on the ground in either syria or iraq. [applause] hillary clinton: that will not happen. it is not going to happen on my watch. then we have to do a better job working with federal, state, and local law enforcement to keep us safe at home. we have to do a better job sharing intelligence, getting intelligence that will help us prevent attacks. when i was a senator after 9/11, i would be kept up-to-date on all the threats that still were facing new york. had a very dedicated group of police and federal law enforcement and everyone who worked together. but one of the best things we did was a campaign what said if
11:39 pm
you see something suspicious or hear something suspicious, report it. people were picking up the phone and telling the police or maybe calling the f.b.i., and it really provided kind of the eyes-on help we needed. people could then follow-up. we prevented attacks. the reason i mention that is because of this. the republican candidates, led by the front runner, have been attacking muslims, right? you have heard that, attacking american muslims, attacking muslims around the world. that is not only shameful, it is dangerous. we need everybody in this country to be on the same team when it comes to preventing terrorist attacks. [applause] hillary clinton: and we need people who are in the community
11:40 pm
who hear something, say and notg, to report it feel they are being demonized, defamed, insulted, pushed out. certainly if we are going to defeat isis, we need a coalition that will include muslim nations. i built a coalition imposed sanctions on iran. i know little bit about how you do this. you don't start by insulting people's religion and then asked them to be part of your effort to defeat a common adversary. [applause] hillary clinton: that is not the way it works in the real world. smart about how we protect ourselves. and that will be my highest priority. i also want to continue to move toward comprehensive immigration reform, which i think is in the best interest of our country and our economy. [applause] hillary clinton: and i want to
11:41 pm
let you know where i stand on a lot of issues the republicans have taken positions on, because they seem to be against so many of the fundamental rights i support. i am for a woman's right to make her own health decisions, and i am against defunding planned parenthood. [applause] hillary clinton: i am for against equality, and his combination against the lgbt community. i am against citizens united, which is a terrible decision that has opened the doors to floods of unaccountable money from the koch brothers and others. i would do everything i can to reverse that decision. i also want to keep pushing for criminal justice reform and reform in the incarceration system. and i want to fight for common sense gun safety measures that will help keep americans safe without infringing on gun
11:42 pm
owners' rights. [applause] hillary clinton: we are a smart people. we can do this. what i don't understand is how when we know we have on average 90 people a day dying from gun year,ce, 33,000 people a we cannot figure out how to protect people, protect first-graders going to school, people going to a movie theater, churchgoers going to bible study. we can do this. we can't stop every murder were every suicide or every tragic, avoidable accident. but we can stop a lot of them without infringing on anybody's rights. 92% of the american people agree with that. and 85% of gun owners agree with that. so we need somebody who will stand up to the gun lobbyists and stop them from intimidating commonsense reforms in our
11:43 pm
country. [applause] we have a lotn: of work to do, my friends. and you have been really patient. the children who are still here have been especially patient. i don't want to keep you any longer. i just want to say a few closing comments. and then for those of you who want to stay, i will shake your hands and take pictures and you can ask me questions. but everybody else can go home and not feel bad about it because i need you to get up tomorrow and help work to get more people to go to the caucus next monday! [applause] hillary clinton: i am all about making progress against the odds. i am all about working with people. i have worked with republicans as first lady, as senator, as secretary of state. i worked to get results for the people i represented in the senate as well as our country.
11:44 pm
i worked when i was secretary of state to make our country safe and have our values and interests promoted. and i know how to find common ground because i have done it. i do believe probably every republican i served with at one time or another sponsored a piece of my legislation. actually when i'm not running for something, they say nice things about me. [laughter] hillary clinton: even in the case of mr. trump, they give me money because they think i am so good as a candidate and senator. this is politics. this is all that the goes on. once the election is over, i will work as hard as i can to find that common ground, to get good things to happen for you, for your families, for your country. and make it possible for young people to feel like i felt, that really the american dream was available. you had to work for it.
11:45 pm
but if you did, you could get ahead and stay ahead. that is what i think about when it comes to my granddaughter. i am the granddaughter of a factory worker. she is the granddaughter of a former president. i think it should not banner -- it should not matter. the grandchildren of everybody should have the same opportunities in our country. [applause] hillary clinton: and that is what i am going to stand up for an fight for. with your help, starting at the caucus next monday night, that is what we will do together! thank you all so much! [cheers and applause] ♪
11:46 pm
hillary clinton: here you go. there you go. thank you. i need your help next monday night. thank you. i know you did. have somebody pick you up and take you next monday. oh, good. hello, how are you? thank you. caucus for me monday night. thank you. want to get a picture? want me in it? [laughter] hillary clinton: the three of us will be in it. ok?
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ready? i think it is good. hillary clinton: thank you. caucus monday. >> [indiscernible] ♪ picture?get a hillary clinton: of course. turn right around here. >> i feel like a brick wall back here. i was kind of leaning forward. son?n you take one with my hillary clinton: with both of you, ok? [indiscernible conversation]
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hillary clinton: i love it. of course you can. ♪ hillary clinton: here we go. you are welcome. sure. great. much, hillary. time of my life. thank you.
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♪ >> thank you. hillary. hillary, right here. thank you, hillary. hillary clinton: getting close, next monday. celebrate. hillary clinton: i love it.
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hillary clinton: wrigley field. i love it. family?t you take the [indistinct conversations] >> thank you. hillary clinton: thank you so much. thank you very much. hillary clinton: thank you. >> thank you.
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hillary clinton: a -- next monday. there you go. >> thank you. >> i hope you will come help me. hillary clinton: thank you. how are you doing? so happy i got here. want to get a picture? where is your camera?
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[indiscernible conversation] >> are we done? ok. hillary clinton: how are you? you remember. thank you. with your help, i am. i am so glad to see you guys. thank you. are you together? hi, how are you? thank you.
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[indiscernible conversation] hillary clinton: got it? ♪ hillary clinton: hi. ♪
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[indiscernible conversation] ♪ hillary clinton: right now we are seeing reimbursement rates -- [indiscernible] i know.clinton: and [indiscernible] prescription drug companies, insurance companies. the recipient's price is going up. [indiscernible] hillary clinton: i have talked to a lot of folks. [indiscernible] hillary clinton: high, how are
11:56 pm
you doing -- hi, how are you doing? i think broadband is part of [indiscernible] living with electricity starting in the 1930's. it took about 30 years, but we got it done. we should have a government program that subsidizes the cost until we get it all over the country. wire should we be paying a and haveice for slower some parts of the country hardly covered at all? it is. none of the other countries [indiscernible] [laughter] hillary clinton: let's hope.
11:57 pm
[indiscernible conversation] hillary clinton: i have got to tell you, keep calling her office to find out. don't let them off the hook on this. i am serious because we need to get as much help as we can get. if you have got to borrow money, borrow it and the best rate you can get. if you need money, it will be very cheap. [indiscernible] >> [indiscernible] hillary clinton: don't give up on it because once you are there, there is more help. so don't give up on it. study? you want to >> economics and political science. hillary clinton: do it.
11:58 pm
good to see you. want to get a picture? ok. great, thanks. how are you? nice to see you. want to get a picture? both of you? there you go. want to get a picture? [indiscernible conversation] hillary clinton: want to get a picture? there you go.
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>> [indiscernible] hillary clinton: excellent, excellent. you want to get a picture? all of you? here we go. right here. [laughter] hillary clinton: thank you. >> again, please. hillary clinton: you want to get a picture? come right here. here you go. >> [indiscernible] hi.ary clinton: are you sisters? you stay right here. give me your camera. here you go.
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>> here we go. perfect. thank you. thank you. hillary clinton: vote for me monday night. >> i will. thank you. >> you're on your own. hillary clinton: vote for me monday night, ok? [indiscernible conversation] >> what's your plan towards increasing


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