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tv   Washington This Week  CSPAN  January 30, 2016 4:00pm-6:01pm EST

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needs. we will have mandatory e-verify, entry and exit tracking systems, and until that is in place and working and we can prove to the people of this country that illegal immigration is under control, nothing else is going to happen. we are not going to round up in -- and deport people, but we are not going to hand out citizenship cards either. how do rubio responded to the question on immigration? usually does, pretty impressively. it is hard to follow my own candidate. i think you said that excellent. the whole controversy about the gang of eight, people complained that nothing gets done in washington and the when you have a senator who is actually trying to get something done, he gets criticized for compromise. of thoseake any amendments, it happens all the time and they make tv ads on the the process issues in the u.s. senate and turning them into
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32nd ads to distort someone's position. i think senator rubio was pretty forthright in what he said and what his position would be and how he would approach the issue of immigration. he is absolutely right. you are not going to get any kind of immigration reform until the american people are satisfied that the issue of illegal immigration has been addressed. he said it will not beat century cities and he will secure the borders and he would deal with the overstay zombie says, our employment system and how they verify -- overstay the visa system, our employment system and how they e-verify. he is the one, i believe, who can truly make outreach into the hispanic community and republican party has got to do that if we are going to be majority party in this generation to come. to the white house coverage continues this afternoon with senator rubio speaking that i what state in ames, iowa.
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we will have that on c-span and c-span radio at 4:30 eastern ahead of the iowa caucuses. our coverage monday night starting at 7:00 with your comments, calls, text, tweets and covering the republican caucus on c-span and the democratic caucus on c-span2. both getting underway at 8:00 p.m. eastern. back for calls in virginia, randy on the republican line. caller: good morning. and trumpublican supporter. i just read an op-ed in this morning's freelance star in fredericksburg. it describes how the republican party of virginia is going to all republican voters in to votearies sign republican. that trampleays
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give you a nomination. what do you think about that? guest: that is a good question. i reside in the junior these days. i come from the state of arkansas and represented arkansas. arkansas has an open primary, so you don't have to register party. you can go in and declare your party affiliation at the time you boat. i think that has been a debate that has gone on a long time. should the party be able to control who the nominee will be by having the members of the party select a nominee? i think there is a strong top republicans selecting the republican nominee and not having democrats crossover or independents influence the nominating process, but i think that is a debate that the people with honest opinions can disagree on. it's not something that will
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divide is too much and i hope it won't. will get aator rubio lot of democratic support as a go into the general election and i would be confident with him regardless of the process being open or closed. wille primary process, he attract the support necessary. i go back again. one of the key attractions to sender rubio -- to senator rubio is his ability to unite. i understand the anger that is in the country, the frustration with the government that is not working, it is dysfunctional, but i also know that we have got to have a uniter if we are going to win the general election. we have to have somebody who can inspire a nation, not to fight a nation. i think senator rubio is the man who has those qualities. host: let's go to the democrat line in michigan. line in paris, michigan. go ahead.
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good morning. caller: good morning. senator hutchinson, this is more of a value question regarding this intense effort to solicit the evangelical vote in idaho. i guess my confusion is, i am not sure what the difference is that to evangelical christian and regular christian, but i assume the common denominator is christ. i listen to how the republican candidates talk about their they heldnd how militias -- republicans held children at the border, terrorizing them, and they were refugees from south america, but those are things christ i don't think everyone have done.
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the kinds of things donald trump is saying, i don't think christ would have ever agreed to that. everything i have read about christ, so it is really a value issue. i typically do vote democratic because there is more compassion for people. you know, the health care. it is not a great hill. it could up in a much better bill, but it is not the great bill, but your party would allow it to be a great bill. look at the people, people cannot get coverage. what kind of the country are we that does not have any compassion for their neighbors and the communities? am in michigan and it is run by republicans, from governor, legislative, supreme court, we just poisoned our children with light -- with lead. host: we will give tim hutchinson and chance to
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respond. thank you. i think the of all, question of value is very important and i do think one of the great christian virtues, whether you are evangelical or some other brand of christian, is compassion. the republican party believes in limited government and is not believe government is the solution to every problem that faces society and they always have the challenge of, how do we show our compassion? in many cases, we have a better way of caring for people and meeting the needs of people and that there is not necessarily rely on a government solution. when i look at senator rubio and i follow his career closely, followed his life closely, i think he displays the values that i want in a president. he has said frequently, you can better influence your life and your politics, and i am glad directs and faith
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influences the way he thinks and his worldview. first time i met marco rubio was at a fundraiser. he was an outsider, given little a governorhallenging in the republican primary for the u.s. senate. it was at a dinner, and in the middle of the dinner, he said, would everybody excuse me for a few minutes? he stepped away and got on his cell phone. i did not know what he was doing . but it explained to me that every night, no matter where he he willat he is doing, call his family and put them to bed before carrying on with his business and that is a priority. i think that tells me something character.alues and he has the kind of character and values i want to see in a president. host: the comment on twitter on issue, erinion tweets, until employers are held accountable for hiring illegals,
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by imposing big fines or jail time, the problem will never be solved. tim hutchinson supporting marco rubio. we go to tennessee. jimmy, independent line. caller: good morning. thank you for talking about compromise. unfortunately, when it comes to their compromise, the people end up losing. that is like trump is doing so well. they compromise to benefit themselves and the party. people liken with they were talking earlier, making them vote for the party. tim hutchinson, is compromised a bad word for republicans? [laughter] guest: it has become a bad word. ison't think that compromise
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mutually exclusive from principle. rubio, to my knowledge, has never compromised his very deep principle position on issues. if you are going to get anything done, there has to be some give and take and there has to be a willingness to work with colleagues. i think senator rubio has struck the right balance. he is a principled but he gets along with his colleagues. that cannot be said of everybody running. again, i totally relate to what the american people -- their anger, the senator has told me that he came back from the august recess and he says, i understand trump a little better because they are mad as hell out there. at some point, you need to have a principled leader that you know will shake things up and change washington.
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in order to do that, you have to be able to at least talk to the other side. i think senator rubio struck the right balance on that. i do not believe he has compromised his deep held believes while in the senate, but he shares the frustration of the american people. that is why he is running for president. at some point, he said, one person in the senate cannot change the system. we need a president to lead. he took that step. it is a big step for him and his family, but i do believe he is the person who can transform the dysfunctional government that the american people are rightfully frustrated and angry about. about 15 more minutes with our guest from arkansas. tim hutchinson is going out to do door-to-door, knocking on doors, calls per marco rubio later today. "the new york times" says -- "in
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need of strong finish, rubio ," and theyrbanites are known as the perfect college-educated middle class, ages 30 to 35 with mortgages, car payments who live just outside of des moines. "the new york times" says that interviews show that mr. rubio's campaign here has put the slice of the electorate at the center to exceedort expectations in monday's caucuses. the rubio campaign will have contact with these voters anywhere from five-15 times by caucus day through a targeted series of phone calls. calls, tailored pieces of mail, social media postings, and television commercials. you know, that is very
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interesting. i certainly do not fit the profile for the perfect voter. i have sons that fit that profile. and, i have a grandchildren. the reason i'm volunteering my time, and i'm supporting marco rubio is that i'm very concerned about the challenges and threats that face our country. i'm concerned about what kind of country those grandkids are going to have. that's why i'm here tried to help marco out a little bit, doing my part, wherever they sent me this afternoon on the door-to-door work. host: here is charlie. go ahead. first, i have been a rubio supporter for about five years. when i heard on c-span -- i love c-span -- i heard marco rubio give his farewell speech to the
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florida house of representatives. it was very moving. i'm just a middle-class type of guy. i am a political junkie, and i've been watching this trunk movement, andump i really think a trump-rubio to would anyonening my house to who wants to talk about rubio. it is a populist movement. something i have never seen. thes with nancy reagan at first ronald reagan inauguration. this is something different. i actually campaign for george bush senior against ronald
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reagan, and then ronald reagan picked bush as his vice president. host: we will get a response. guest: thanks for picking the winner early. thank you for the kind words you had for senator rubio. i hope they are listening and will give you a call to come down. i'm glad i already have a room in cleveland. i'm sure you will get some takers. as far as the ticket, i just -- i want senator rubio to be at the head of that ticket. i will let him decide on vice-president. there is no doubt that trump is feeding off of the anxieties, angers, and frustrations of the american people which are very justified. i believe that senator rubio is the one who can best address the frustrations the american people have. anger will only take you so far. host: next is georgia, democrats
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line, dorothy. caller: good morning to both of you. i would like to ask you a andtion about marco rubio his use of the credit card. there was a caller who called a few calls back. he asked you about the government credit card that had been given to mr. marco rubio, and there was a $400,000 balance for personal purchases. you never adjust that issue. does he have an arrest record? i read that the other day. i would like to know what is the truth about both of those issues . i don't see him as being a good president because i don't think he does have a genuine heart for the poor people that he speaks
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about as immigrants. let me take the last thing first. i think he does have a heart. of all the people running, on both sides, there is no one who and up with the challenges the needs that most americans experience daily. he did not grow rich, he grow up -- grew up in a poor family. he knows what it is like to face student debt. he knows personally what it's like to live paycheck to paycheck. spreadre lies, innuendos deliberately to try to tarnish reputations.
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the allocations are resolved. thehas the allegations -- qualities i would like to see in the president. host: jerry is in tampa, florida. caller: the guy from michigan was right. the republicans have the house, senate, supreme court. guess their distrust of management is their own management. marco rubio is a nice kid, but just a kid. my question is how long do you think ted cruz would have had to have lived in canada to become eligib in eligible to be presidf the united states. i will hang up and listen. guest: that is a legal question that the courts will have to resolve. to my knowledge, they have not made a ruling on this. i think this option has been that he is qualified as a
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natural born citizen to be a candidate for president. rubio being educated, kid,oks young -- being a he looks young, but i think he is older than jfk was when he was elected. , i think, the energy, the vision that he has for likeca is something that i , that i think is attractive, as an old guy. i'm looking at that next generation, and i want to see a next generation of leadership. he is the next generation leadership for the gop. host: senator marco rubio earning the endorsement of "the des moines register." their headline, "marco rubio can chart new direction for gop."
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they say, can he learned from in reforming immigration and persuade his party to agree to a system that bounces enforcement with economic interests and who to meditate -- and humanitarian values? how would you answer that question? guest: i think he has demonstrated that he learns quickly. .he whole debate was a lesson as he said in the debate the other night, it is very clear that you are not going to have any broad comprehensive immigration reform until the american people are satisfied that the issue of illegal immigration is addressed with ,ecuring the border verification, thanks ray cities -- sanctuary cities. until the american people have a real confidence that the american government has addressed the issue of immigration, you will not see a
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broader addressing implemented. he has shown he is a quick learner, and demonstrated that in the immigration debate. host: we will be covering marco rubio this afternoon. live coverage at 4:30 on c-span and c-span radio. he is speaking in iowa state. our coverage monday starts at witheastern here on c-span our preshow looking at the caucuses coming up at 8:00 eastern. s, will take your calls, text comments. a few more calls for tim hutchinson. to iowa, don, go ahead. caller: good morning. my main criteria for somebody who is applying for the most important executive job in the experience.
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i'm a trump supporter for that reason. that -- it seems that an executive apply for that position should have done something. rubio is a nice young man. he has done some things in the senate. i think he is to an experienced for the position of president. trump-rubiohat the ticket would be the ideal ticket. that would give rubio some executive experience in 4-8 in 4-8 years, i think he would make a good
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president. what about his experience, caller points out? guest: if you look at the resumes of the various candidates, senator rubio has more governmental experience that anybody running. i found that when i was in the house, the best members of congress were those who had served in state legislators, the you get invaluable experience there. of course, he did not just serve, he was speaker, which gave him -- utilized political skills that he has demonstrated. we have a different of opinion. obviously, executive experience can be an asset. making work again is not like giving orders as chief executive of a company that you own. congress does not work that way.
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the federal government does not work that way. our founding fathers decided we would have three branches of government, and no person would give an order. that is the problem with president obama, he has given too many of those executive orders, believing he has force of law. i want somebody who will make it work. i don't think his age should be held against him. once again, his energy and judgment -- he would be a great president. host: tim hutchinson spent two in what are the sorts of issues you are working on these days with your firm? guest: i work across the board education, technology, health care, a whole host of things.
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life does not get boring. it is interesting every day. host: a couple more calls here. north carolina, democrats line. jeff, good morning. caller: good morning. host: go ahead. out a: tim, you pointed lot of things in reference to the country today, how mad the country is. i understand that. i think the country is mad, not because of what our president has done. it is what the republican party has done to this country. they have not admitted the president to carry out things in the manner in which he should carry it out. ish marco rubio, i think he a good guy.
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i worked in party politics in the city where i met. i registered a guy, a republican -- i'm a democrat -- i registered the guy, he wanted to register republican. badhere use billing is how the country is today. yes, the country is mad. the country is mad because of the way the republican party left this country from 2000-2008. barack obama had to come into the office and did this country hole.f a w nobody in this country has given him credit. host: thanks for that call. guest: well, we have two parties for a reason. there are very different visions is the kind of america that
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seen for our future. republicans in congress have been the loyal opposition. they don't share a lot of their vision and things that president obama has tried to do. they have tried to stop that. that, to a great extent, has led to the gridlock and lack of accomplishment that you have seen. a lot of places you can point fingers. the american people do want to see this country move forward. dif will be two very contrasting visions for the future. i like the one that marco rubio is articulating to the american people. tohink it will be attractive the american people. as he said in the debate the other night, we don't want to be another country, we want to be
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the united states of america. i think he is the one who can lead us back on the right path. host: one more call. let's say good morning to sharon in texas. caller: i have a short statement at a question. basically, i have not made up my mind about who i will vote for. one person has been eliminated, and that is hillary, of course. she released the statement wanting all the e-mails released, knowing they cannot be, so that is a mute point. my question for tim is concerning executive orders. i know there are cases where that is needed, but when it comes to altering the cause attrition, i feel that is wrong. i want to know what you think about that. guest: i basically agree with what you just said. if there is a place for executive orders, they have been
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used by presidents of both parties, and there is a role for executive orders. i think this president has overused them, and the way in which they have been used has broad. ro senator rubio has said the executive orders on immigration that the president has issued, that he will undo immediately. i think all of those executive orders will be re-examined. i think you are on target on that. there is a place for executive orders, but they can be abuse, and i think they have been. brother, former arkansas governor, supporting mike huckabee. is there any family friction going on at family gatherings over that? guest: i respect him for his
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loyalty to governor huckabee, and totally understand that. i have looked at the field, i think it is a lot different challenges and threats that we had eight years ago. as i look at the field, i think these new challenges, new threats, we need a new generation of leadership. senator rubio offers that. no tension in the family. host: road tor: c-span's live the white house coverage continues in iowa. several more events today and tomorrow. in a few moments, we will take you to ames, iowa, and the campaign rally with marco rubio, the subject of that conversation from today's "washington journal." marco rubio, republican candidate, a live look in ames
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waiting for the candidate to arrive and talk to his supporters. later tonight, we will be with hillary clinton. we will be joined by husband bill and daughter chelsea in cedar rapids, iowa. we will bring that to you at 8:15 eastern time. tomorrow afternoon at 2:00, donald trump in council bluffs followed at 3:00 eastern, a rally with bernie sanders in waterloo, iowa. all part of our live coverage on c-span leading up to the island caucuses. just two days away from the caucuses now. we will watch the room and wait for senator rubio to appear. it should be just a few moments away.
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announcer: we are live in ames, iowa. senator marco rubio, republican candidate, will be addressing supporters. we understand he is in the vicinity. his bus has shown up. the center will meet with reporters, members of the media, and then address supporters here. we have a few minutes. we would like to take your calls about the presidential campaign. the iowa caucuses just two days way, coming up monday. the phone numbers are on your screen. give us a call. republicans,
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independents and all others. us orays, you can tweet leave a comment on our facebook page. jonathan joins us on the line for democrats into,, washington -- in tacoma, washington. what are your thoughts about the presidential campaign? two days away from the official start now? caller: hang on a minute. host: you are competing with your tv. can you turn it down? caller: yes, i had to turn it down. host: go ahead. caller: i have been a democrat for the last 20 plus years. what i see is wrong with the republicans is -- hello? host: go ahead. caller: i never see them campaign in the black neighborhoods, the black cities.
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do you know a reason for that? or the hispanic neighborhoods? host: what do you think the reason is? caller: i don't know. more of the tea party radicals don't want them to do that. the way i look at it, i don't think a republican can make the higher office. i don't see nobody on the republican side that can win at all. they don't show what they are going to do, their plans. they just want to say what the democrats are doing is wrong. i don't see republicans doing anything. until i see that, i don't think it is never going to change about the republicans. host: thanks for calling. and independent caller joining us from new york while we wait for marco rubio. i look caucuses two days away. your thoughts on the campaign so far? caller: i am very interested.
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vietnam veteran. i had a secret clearance in 1962 because i was on a missile base in new jersey. i am calling on behalf of donald trump. i think he is going to win. i like him and i think he is the man. i think he would not want to ruin his name if he was lying, so i think he is the person that is the most honest and i will vote for donald trump. i don't understand what is going on with hillary clinton. why they are allowing her to get away with this. i think the f.b.i. is trying to andecute her, but obama that rice lady from washington is not going to allow it to happen. i think it is a total disgrace. host: thanks for calling. robert in williamson, west
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virginia, on the republican line. caller: how are you? host: good, thank you. caller: good. i think donald trump is going to win. i think hillary clinton is going to be in a lot of trouble after what she did with benghazi. she is trying to act like it never happened. host: do you think hillary clinton will still be the democratic nominee? caller: well, unless she goes to prison. [laughter] caller: which might very well happen. host: thanks for calling. diane with us now from spokane, washington, on the democrats line. caller: i just wanted to make a comment and let you know i have been listening to all the static all morning. i work with a lot of republicans and democrats. i don't have one party over the
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other. one thing i want to bring up that nobody is hitting on, they keep bringing up obama, obama. yet still, obama when he went into office, he had to pick up where bush messed up. when he got there, the people in congress already said they were not going to work with him and they were not going to do anything with him. why are people still talking about obama? the congress, he could not get through to them. that is why he had to use his executive orders for as far as hillary clinton goes, listen to what they said yesterday about them darned e-mails. they were not top-secret when she had them on the computer. people need to get the facts straight. another thing, they all need to get together. they don't get together. they fight with one another. one party fights with the other. republicans are the worst. donald trump, if you cannot face
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regular people just to talk and he gets angry with people because of something somebody says, i am afraid if he gets in he will pick up the red phone and we will all be gone. they need to get the facts straight before they open up their mouths about obama and hillary. host: thanks for calling, diane. we are live in ames, iowa, waiting for senator marco rubio, the republican presidential candidate. he will be addressing the crowd shortly. later, the clinton family will be in cedar rapids. bill and chelsea clinton joining hillary clinton at a campaign rally in cedar rapids, iowa. that will be live here on c-span later tonight, 8:15 p.m. eastern time. some news on the democratic side today. this story from the "wall street journal." the democrats have agreed to
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four more debates. new hampshire, washington state, pennsylvania, and california added to the schedule. campaigns have agreed to add four debates to the primary calendar with one next week in new hampshire in addition to the new hampshire debate, a tentative schedule sets debates for march in washington state, april in pennsylvania, and may in california. waiting for senator marco rubio in ames. as we wait, taking more of your calls, your thoughts on the campaign so far. the iowa caucuses just two days away. ruth is in dubuque, iowa, on the line for independents. hi, ruth. go ahead. caller: ok. it is a hard question actually. i understand rubio has not attended the senate voting for maybe a whole year or more.
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i would like to know his reasoning in that and also what kind of example not going to work will show the public. thanks. host: thanks for your call. kathy, what state are you in? caller: washington. host: the state of washington on the republican line. who is your candidate? caller: we like rubio but we are thinking trump will probably win. although we don't like his antics and the crazy things he says, we almost feel it is a hail mary in a football game. let's try it because he seems to know the things we want a cop west and we are not getting anything done in congress now. it seems we need to move more toward the middle. i would be happy if we got half of the things we wanted. recently, an investor put it this way. when you have recommends in the attic, you just want an exterminator. you don't care what his personality is. you just want him to get the job done.
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that is why we vote for trump even though we like rubio. host: to the democrats side, neil, in pennsylvania. caller: i think obama did a really good job right now. i am on a college campus. arethe young people here thinking bernie would be a good candidate. go, bernie. host: all right. we will be covering a bernie sanders rally tomorrow on c-span. two rallies tomorrow, live coverage of donald trump at 2:00 eastern in council bluffs and senator bernie sanders in waterloo, iowa, at 3:00 eastern time. now in ames, iowa, waiting for senator marco rubio. we expect him in a few moments. in the meantime, try to get a few more calls in. jackie calls us from texas on the republican line. caller: my name is jackie and i am from dickinson, texas.
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i am a proud republican. i am a trump supporter. [tv echo] host: you need to turn your tv down. your hearing feedback -- you are hearing feedback. somebody asked about the blacks and hispanics. they can come to where the people are but choose not to come. aam so glad imho supporter -- trump supporter. if he messes up, i am voting for marco rubio. we have been waiting for this opportunity. it has been seven years going on eight. we cannot letoud a president to change this country around and america will be great again. host: thanks for calling. frank, two days away from the
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iowa caucuses. who is your candidate? caller: i am voting for trump. host: why is that? caller: obama's policies are ruining america. they cannot be continued. my health insurance has gone up $4266 because of obamacare. country, they are not vetting anyone and we have to keep our families safe. and we need jobs. trump knows how to make jobs, that is for sure. host: thanks for calling. marlene is next in sarasota, florida. caller: i just wanted to make a comment as regards hillary clinton. where else in the free world would anyone who is under possible indictment for all those e-mails on the private
4:45 pm
server, and this woman is running for president of the united states. it just seems incredulous this could go on. there was a time i thought well of her, but this is very troubling. as it is right now, i'm thinking about trump. but i am also very impressed with jeb bush. he really is very presidential. andke the policies he has, i think we need to take a good look at who we are going to put into office because this is the most critical time we have ever been in, especially because of the isis threat and all of the threats in the middle east. thank you for letting me have a say. host: you bet. this bit of news today. the "new york times" has endorsed hillary clinton. on the republican side, ohio governor john kasich.
4:46 pm
the "new york times" endorsement is out and goes to hillary clinton and john kasich. we understand marco rubio should be approaching the stage. let's try to squeeze in one more call from donna on the republican line. caller: hi. i would just like to say to the pray before you , and go asecision christian people. we are supposed to vote for the people that believe in the good lord up above. there is none of these people running for president going to save america unless we put god back into our lives, into our homes, into our schools, into everything we do. the good lord is supposed to come first. i just ask the people voting for
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trump to really sit down and about the his values, way he treats people. goingyou imagine this man and talking to russia? how is he going to be when he goes and talks to putin? i mean, really. just think and pray about it and vote for the person that believes in god and believes that god will be the center. vote for the man that is going to sit down and prayed before he makes any decision. host: thanks for calling. william joins us from columbia, kentucky, democratic caller. iowa caucuses two days away. what do you think of the campaign so far? caller: i think hillary clinton and thesexperience
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little e-mail crowd is nothing -- crap is nothing. she is asking people to make them public. they are free to do it. do it. she has more experience than anybody we have running for president. person.she is a genuine i know they are trying to crucify her on a lot of this beff now, but let it whatever it will be. host: thanks for calling. love it, texas, is it when dell -- windell? go ahead. caller: i am independent, undecided. after eight years of democrats, i was thinking we needed a republican as our president. but i am really put off by the
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fear mongering in the republican party. 50's.n my every election i have voted in has been "the most important election." they make it like if we don't make the right choice this year cruz that theted world is going to come to an end. i've got news for you. we are going to wake up the next day and everything is going to be fine. we are a great country. we need balance between republicans and democrats. we need to stop this fear mongering and get together and realize we have a great military. more spending on military is not the answer. that is my opinion. host: thanks for calling. get a chance to get more of your calls hopefully after this event . we expect to hear from marco rubio in ames, iowa, shortly. checking the facebook page, some of the comments you have posted
4:50 pm
regarding the iowa caucuses in a couple of days. adam says this caucus will be interesting. i feel it politics has been turned upside down this season. i think that is a good thing. also, go bernie. scott says hoping people from iowa feel the bern. bob writes three days until iowa recedes into irrelevance. mamie posts those who think socialism is the answer, google venezuela. awful conditions. please realize nothing is free. again, live in ames, iowa. senator marco rubio is in the building and will be speaking to his supporters in a few moments. later today, our coverage continues at 8:15 tonight. bill and chelsea clinton join hillary clinton live in cedar rapids at 8:15 eastern time here
4:51 pm
on c-span. two more iowa events we will be covering tomorrow. at 2:00 eastern, donald trump in council bluffs, and bernie sanders in waterloo at 3:00 eastern. live coverage again here on c-span. back to ames, iowa. we will watch the room. we expect the candidate to be talking to his supporters in a few moments.
4:52 pm
4:53 pm
>> i am a state senator and the state chair for the marco rubio campaign. i want to thank you for coming to hear marco's vision for a new american century two days before we caucus on monday night. did you see the debate on thursday night? hopefully he earned your support thursday night. if you did not, we want your support tonight. we are going to ask you to commit to caucus for marco. all we are asking is for you to show up monday night at the school or church at your caucus site for a one-our meeting and write down marco rubio on that
4:54 pm
ballot. caucus, we asko you to fill out one of these cards so we can stay in touch with you and remind you of the day and time and location of your caucus so you have everything you need to support marco. ames, please welcome the next president of the united states, marco rubio. [applause] marco rubio: thank you very much. thank you. i am so honored you would be here. thank you for being part of it. jack is right. it will be at a church or school union -- near your home. it is supposed to be the one you are to caucus at. make sure you find out the right one. this is important. thank you for being here. i'm touched and overwhelmed by the number of people here. i thank you all for coming. i know you are here because you take seriously the role you play. in about 48 hours, the people of iowa will be the first americans that will get a chance to ask perhaps the most important
4:55 pm
question of this generation. what kind of country will america be in the 21st century? for the 20th century and for 200 years, america has been a special country unlike any in the history of the world. i believe that began when were founded on a powerful truth that our rights don't come from government, our rights to come from our laws, our rights to come from our leaders. our rights come from god. our rights come from our creator. this is why we embrace free enterprise and have made us the most prosperous people in the history of the world. this is why we embrace individual liberty. that is why the american example, the american dream, has inspired millions all over the world to pursue it here and in their own homelands. but now all of those things are in question. a growing number of americans are starting to doubt what country -- what kind of country we will be in the 21st century because many of the things that made us unique and special are
4:56 pm
now threatened. i saw a poll recently. it said over 50% of young americans, millenials, when asked of the american dream is still alive, over 50% said we think it is not. if that were ever to become true, america stops being a special nation. when was the moment when the american dream again to erode? when was the moment that all the things that made america special began to slip away? i think i can point to one moment in particular. [laughter] no, not super bowl 42. [laughter] i don't even know who played in super bowl 42. but it was not a miami dolphins, i can tell you that. [laughter] marco rubio: i think we can point to the year 2008 when this nation elected a president not interested in fixing america's problems for the first time in my lifetime and maybe in our a presidentelected dedicated to changing america,
4:57 pm
changing america. not changing our problems. changing the country. changing the government's role in our life, changing america's role in the world. the result has been what we've seen the last seven years. summarily andwho regularly undermines the constitution of the united states in a lawless way. a president who assaults the second amendment. the president who assaults our religious liberty. a president who views america is an arrogant global power that needs to be cut down to size. that is how you get a president that cuts deals with our enemies like iran, that undermines our allies like israel, that got our military, a president that apologizes for america. it is not easy to win a nobel peace prize three months after taking office without doing anything. it takes president that believes america needs to be cut down to size. that is what we have had. the result is a real growing frustration and anger i would say is not just that democrats. it is also angry at republicans,
4:58 pm
angry at washington. it is not new. it has been around a while. this frustration has been building for a while. i saw in 2010. it is why i ran for the u.s. senate. my opponent was the sitting governor of florida who said he was a republican, but i knew he was not. who said he wanted to go to washington and oppose barack obama, but i knew he would embrace barack obama's agenda so i decided to run for senate. the leadership of the republican party in washington told me i could not run and if i did they would go against me, but i ran -- iran and we almost the same people came forward this time is that you cannot run for president. you have to wait your turn. after seven years of barack obama, this is no time for patients. [laughter] marco rubio: this is a time for urgency. this is a time for action because if we get this election wrong, there may be no turning back for america.
4:59 pm
we cannot afford to lose this election. we cannot afford to wake up on the first wednesday in november to the news bernie sanders has been elected president of the united states. [laughter] marco rubio: bernie sanders is a socialist. usually that is a slur. he calls himself a socialist. i think bernie sanders is a good candidate for president of sweden. you know what i was going to say. [laughter] marco rubio: hold on. i had an event last night. there were three young men from sweden, nice people. i felt really bad. i like sweden. i just don't want to be sweden, but i like sweden. they came up to me. i thought they would be angry. they said, why would you wish that on our country? [laughter] [applause] marco rubio: another persons that you don't know what you're talking about. sweden does not have a president for they have aching and prime minister. i said i know, but if they did, it would be bernie sanders.
5:00 pm
my point is we cannot elect a socialist president. we cannot elect hillary clinton. hillary clinton was asked earlier this week in iowa, a couple of days ago they asked her, can you imagine? the constitution as part of his job description. i'm asking for you to caucus for me on monday. i'm the conservative that will be teller clinton or bernie sanders and they know it. that is why they spent so much time attacking me. hillary clinton does not want to run against me. i cannot wait to run against clinton. [applause] we are going to
5:01 pm
unite the republican party in the conservative movement. the primary will get heated, but we will bring everyone together. .e cannot win if we are divided we cannot win if we divided against each other. know it happens in the last couple of days of the campaign, the desperation kicks in, the kitchen sink gets thrown at you. [laughter] sen. rubio: ted cruz has a video that edits my words, custom in half, distorts what i am saying. you have seen it before and i'll appeared we will go through all of it -- you have gone through it before in iowa. we cannot win if we are divided against each other. we need to grow the conservative movement. we need to go to people that have not for a conservative or republican in a long time. convinced them of the truth
5:02 pm
that the country would be better off with us. i look forward with passion the making that argument. i look forward to reaching out to americans who live paycheck to paycheck. i grew up paycheck to paycheck. my mother was a maid, a cashier. i know what it is like to live paycheck to paycheck. i grew up paycheck to paycheck. i lived paycheck to paycheck. their teachers, nurses, firefighters-- they are teachers, nurses, firefighters. hillary clinton cannot lecture me about living paycheck to paycheck. i will talk to young americans, staggering under the weight of student loans. a 500% increase in student loans in the last 10 years. people graduating with thousands of dollars that they paid for a degree that did not lead to a job.
5:03 pm
they cannot lecture me about student loans. i had a student loan. i had a student loan three years ago. i never thought i'd paid off. either you pay it or you die. [laughter] sen. rubio: can get rid of it in bankruptcy. can't get rid of it in bankruptcy. i got rid of it by writing a book. now available in paperback. [laughter] sen. rubio: if it hadn't been for that, i would still have the loan. when i got married, my student loan was the second biggest item in the budget, right after the rent, more than the car. they cannot lecture me about the issue. that is why spend is so much time talking about it. i'm the only republican the talks about it. i look forward to campaigning among families that are raising children. they cannot lecture me about that.
5:04 pm
jeanette and i are raising four children. it is harder than ever to raise children with the values you teaching your home and church instead of what they ran down your throat and popular culture-- ram down your throat in popular culture. [applause] you caucus for me, we will win the nomination, expand the conservative movement. we will be teller clinton, bernie sanders, turn this beatry around-- we will hillary clinton, bernie sanders, and turn this country around. you have a right to be frustrated. your government has failed you in both parties for longer than seven years. last seven years have been the worst. you have a right to be angry, but anger is not plan. it can be a motivator.
5:05 pm
you have to take action. you deserve to know if the next president of the united states is going to do with your vote. i will take the of office, i will place my left hand on the and my right hand in the air and swear to protect and defend the constitution. unlike barack obama, i will actually mean it. [applause] that means i will defend and not undermine the second amendment, because you have a constitutional right to protect yourself and your family from criminals and terrorists. we will protect the second amendment. we will protect religious liberty spewed every american has the constitutional right to we will the teachings-- protect religious liberty. every american has the constitutional right to live out the teachings of their religion.
5:06 pm
straight tot the oval office, and i will repeal every signal one of barack obama's unconstitutional executive orders. [applause] all ofbio: it means that these crazy epa rules, on my first day office, oregoare gone. [applause] sen. rubio: the effort by the federal government to take over schools with common core, on my first day in office, that ends. [applause] sen. rubio: that means the is a federal taxpayer money that pays for -- overseas, that stops. [applause] sen. rubio: everyone in the world will know that america is once again on israel's side. on my first day in office, i
5:07 pm
will cancel barack obama's deal with iran. my first today there.-- first day there. we will re-energize the economy. it has flatlined because government is taking over. we will re-embraced free enterprise. tax code,x the rollback regulations, save social security and medicare. will bring the budget under control. when we do all that, there will be no better place the world to start a business or expand an existing one. place in be the best the world to create jobs for the 21st century economy. [applause] we will deal with health care. ,verybody running for president as a republican, is against obamacare. i'm the only one who has ever done anything meaningful about
5:08 pm
it. when they created obamacare, it created a bailout fund. they wanted to bailout private insurance companies that lost money under obamacare. in 2014, i led the effort and wiped out the bailout fund. --ir saying what he did is they are saying, "what he did is terrible, it will lead to the collapse of obamacare." i hope it does. [laughter] sen. rubio: we will put americans back in charge of their own health care decisions. [laughter] have plan to replace obamacare. it's on our website. it is better than what we had before obamacare and is better than obamacare. you probably already know this by now. my parents were not from this country. my father and mother were immigrants. my grandparents are immigrants.
5:09 pm
my wife and entire family are immigrants. i was raised in a community of immigrants. this is an issue i understand personally and deeply. in the 21st century, our number one priority before anything else is to keep isis set of america-- isis out of america. we need to do things differently. there is a well organized, well-funded, sophisticated radical jihadist group that wants to send people into the united states as killers disguised as immigrants or refugees. the world has changed. this is not a religious test. this is not about dissemination.-- discrimination. it is about public safety. andss we know who you are why are coming, you're not getting into the united states of america. [applause] sen. rubio: i will also-- i am
5:10 pm
also tired of hearing that securing the borders into immigrant-- borders is anti-immigrant. new irsof hiring 20,000 agents, we will hire 20,000 border agents. [applause] sen. rubio: we will finish the 700 miles of fencing and walls we need. system.have an e-verify if you're here legally, you will not be able to get hired-- illegally, you will not be able to get hired. people overstaying their visas is 50% of the problem. do these things, and we will bring illegal immigration under control. we will not do anything else on immigration until that is in place and working and the federal government has won the confidence of the american , that the illegal immigration problem is under control for the first time in 30 years and once and for all.
5:11 pm
we will deal to rest of it. amnesty.t sanctuary cities will lose federal funding. [applause] sen. rubio: my most important job, when elected president, commander in chief. the world is more dangerous than it was seven years ago. the country is less safe. more dangerous because of a lunatic and north korea with nuclear weapons. the chinese steel our secrets and are massively building up their military. is chinese communist party stealing our secrets, building up their military, taking over the south china sea. vladimir putin is sowing instability in the middle east. iran will receive $100 billion
5:12 pm
from barack obama's sanctions, which they will use to build up their military and acquire a nuclear weapon of their own. isis is the most sophisticated, well-funded terror threat in the history of mankind. it is not just a bunch of people on the back of pickup trucks. it is an organization that has affiliates and over -- in over 12 countries. indonesia, the philippines, multiple countries. you saw what they did in paris. is solidly inspired in san bernardino. inspired inhat they san bernardino. they sell girls as brides to the fighters. this is what we are dealing with. in the face of these threats, what is happening to the military? we are on the verge of the smallest army since the end of
5:13 pm
world war ii. we are on the verge of the smallest navy in 100 years. we will soon have the smallest air force and the oldest airplanes we have ever had. here is what is really unacceptable. people are running for president in the party of reagan who have voted for budgets that brag about cutting defense spending even more. this is unacceptable. maybe you don't agree with me on defense spending, but i will be frank with you, when i'm president of the united states, we're not cutting the military. we are rebuilding the u.s. military. the world is a safer and better place when america is the strongest military in the world. [applause] sen. rubio: these defense cuts are not just dangerous. they are unfair to the men and women in uniform. we are still putting them in
5:14 pm
harms way. we are not providing resources or rules of engagement to allow them to succeed. when i'm president, we will have a real war on terror. it is not a complicated one. hears what it will look like. lookre's what it will like. the best military in the world is going to destroy the terrorists. if we capture any of them alive, they will not get a lawyer or be told they have the right to remain silent. if we capture them alive, they have a one-way ticket to guantanamo. we will find out everything that they know. [applause] and, we're going to take care of our veterans. if you are a member of the armed forces or served this country in uniform, everybody here thanks you for your service. [applause]
5:15 pm
sen. rubio: let me extend that gratitude to police officers and firefighters. when isis struck in san bernardino, it was firefighters and police officers that responded and saved lives. let me tell you the police officers and the firefighters are. they are willing to die so that we can be safe. we thank them for what they do to our -- for our country. [applause] we are going to take care of our veterans. what is happening now is immoral. we have a record number of veterans committing suicide,
5:16 pm
homeless, unemployed, waiting in long lines for the care they earned and deserve. when i am president, if you're not doing a good job at the da, you will be fired. veterans will be able to take their benefits to any hospital or doctor, not just the one the government runs. [applause] sen. rubio: there is a lot more work to be done. of all the republicans, i have outlined for detailed policies than anybody. see oured you to go solutions on debt, social how wey, medicare, on will rebuild the military, on higher education, because it's cost has gotten out of control. agher education is no longer luxury, but a necessity. these policies are outlined on the website.
5:17 pm
if you have questions, we will answer them. this is about the ideas that will turn the country around. i will close by ending where i began. i am talking about the consequences of this election. this election is not about a choice between two political parties, is a referendum. it literally is a referendum. identity as a people. who we will be in the next century. america is not just the country i was born in, it is the country that change the history of my family. when my parents were here in 1956, they had a few relatives living here, they had no money, not much of an education. my father stopped going to school when he was nine years old, because his mother died. he never went back to school, but he worked for the next seven
5:18 pm
years of his life. herenotion that you get and it's instant success, it's not true. they were discouraged, but they persevered. my parents never became rich people, never made a lot of money, and he was never heard of them had i not run for office. my parents are not rich or famous, but they were successful. less than 10 years after my parents arrived, they own the home, not a mansion. they owned a home in a safe and stable neighborhood. they were able to raise four children. they were able to retire with dignity and security. most important of all, they were able to leave all four children better off than the cells. that story would've been impossible anywhere else on this planet.
5:19 pm
set had taken their dreams and hopes to any other nation, i don't know where i would be right now. i would not be standing on the stage, running for the highest office in the land. i think god every day that they came here, to the one place on earth where what they did was possible. because america is truly exceptional. what we have in this country, we can never take for granted. is given to us is an incredible gift, the single greatest nation in the history of mankind. a place where hard work and perseverance allows you to fulfill your potential. everybody has been born into a society that tells you what you are allowed to be. you are rich, lest you are politically connected, your limited by how far you can go, but not here. we are special. why did that happen? america is not special by accident. this did not happen on its own. america is special, because for 200 years, each generation in history did their part.
5:20 pm
for 200 years from each generation in this country confronted challenges and embrace opportunities. now, the time has come for us to do the same. if we fail in this endeavor, so many like hillary clinton or bernie sanders has one. if hillary putting or bernie sanders wins, all the damage barack obama has done to america becomes permanent. obamacare is here to stay. unconstitutional executive orders are here to stay. cuts to the military can continue. in the world will erode. our second amendment rights will erode. everything that barack obama has done remains in place, and worse. hillary clinton cannot be the president of the united states. she is not qualified to be commander in chief.
5:21 pm
she stored classified information on her private server because she believes she's above the law. she believes she is above the law. the information is so classified they cannot release the e-mails. hillary clinton cannot be the commander in chief of the united states. [applause] she cannot be the commander in chief, because she lied to the families of those people who lost their lives in benghazi. she knew that was accorded a terrorist attack. the familiesies to
5:22 pm
of those who served cannot be the commander-in-chief of the united states of america. [applause] the time has come, not just to choose in iowa, but in time has : the come, not just in iowa. will beil, our children first americans in history to inherit a country worse off than their parents. if you caucus for me, i will be the president. this generation will do its part. if you elec me, we will embrace the principles that made america great. here is what history will write of us. here is what history will say about you and i. will say that this generation of americans lived in the early years of this new century. and uncertainling time, but like each generation
5:23 pm
before, we rose to the challenge. we confronted our problems. thed we did what needed to be done. because we did, the american dream reached more people, changed more lives than ever before. children became the freest and most prosperous americans that ever lived it the 20 was not just as good as the 20th wasury -- the 21st century not just as good as the 20th century, it was better, it was a new american century. we must act now at this time, in this turning point in our history. that is why ask for you to caucus for me on monday night. please sign up. we need your help. we will notl people bombard you with females. that's not true. we will.
5:24 pm
for 48 hours. [laughter] sen. rubio: and then we will leave you alone for little while. we will stay in touch, but not every day. willhen i am nominee, we come back to iowa. we will make sure that our children inherit what they deserve some of the greatest country in history of all mankind. thank you for having me, and god bless all of you. [applause] ♪ >> you did an amazing job, wonderful debate. sen. rubio: i'm going around to the other side. if you want to get a photo.
5:25 pm
5:26 pm
5:27 pm
sen. rubio: do you have a camera? stay there, i will have them take it. all right. you get in there too. 1, 2, 3. you.ank rubio: thank you so much,
5:28 pm
thank you for being here. [chatter]
5:29 pm
5:30 pm
sen. rubio: thanks for being here. >> thank you. thank you so much. sen. rubio: thank you for being here. >> keep after it, man.
5:31 pm
>> thank you. sen. rubio: thank you guys for being here. thank you very much. >> how are you? sen. rubio: thank you so much. ma'am, your coat. she was donating it to the campaign. >> thank you. >> we will be there monday. >> good luck to you. thank you so much. >> you convinced me today. sen. rubio: thank you.
5:32 pm
my dad is in the military. thank you for finding that very important. sen. rubio: absolutely. thank him for his service. are we getting a picture? >> he insisted on meeting you. thank you very much. good luck. sen. rubio: great to see you. >> very impressed. thank you. >> can you step down off the chair? sen. rubio: i'm counting on you. it.preciate >> you've got my vote. thank you so much.
5:33 pm
sen. rubio: thank you. thanks for being here. [chatter] >> thank you so much. you are going to win. sen. rubio: thank you so much. hey, how are you?
5:34 pm
>> one of our children changed their vote for you yesterday. thank you. how are you? good to see you. you have all of your eight kids? >> we've got a lot of them. much.ubio: thank you so ter]t
5:35 pm
thanks so much. >> thank you for dedicating your time today. sen. rubio: don't forget monday night. >> absolutely. thank you. sen. rubio: hi, good to see you.
5:36 pm
i can't hold my stomach in that long. >> thank you so much for talking about alternative energy. sen. rubio: thank you. i want my picture with her. put him to sleep? [laughter] last time he made it through.
5:37 pm
thank you so much. sen. rubio: woah. good to see you. hi, nice to meet you. sen. rubio: thank you, guys. [chatter]
5:38 pm
>> thank you very much. sen. rubio: thank you so much. >> this is your biggest fan. constantine. sen. rubio: look at that smile. bye, constantine. thank you so much. thank you so much.
5:39 pm
thank you so much. how are you? thanks for being here. thank you for what you're doing. thank you.
5:40 pm
>> you are relaxed. your surging. sen. rubio: we are going to keep working. i like that sign. >> will you sign it for me? can i have a picture too? sen. rubio: absolutely. thank you so much. good to see you. >> thank you so much. sen. rubio: thank you, guys.
5:41 pm
thank you so much. >> so many pictures today. sen. rubio: that's good. [chatter] >> good luck. we are with you.
5:42 pm
>> 1-2-3. sen. rubio: good to see you. sen. rubio: good to see you. >> good luck on monday. sen. rubio: thanks a lot. thank you. sen. rubio: thanks for being here. thank you. >> thank you.
5:43 pm
thank you so much. how are you? >> good luck. sen. rubio: thanks for being here. i appreciate it. chapped, i'm smiling so much. am i shiny? i'm not going to kiss you. unless you are going to caucus for me. [laughter]
5:44 pm
thanks for being here. were you reading a novel during my speech? thank you so much for coming.
5:45 pm
thank you so much for being here. how are you? >> how are you doing, marco? sen. rubio: how are you? soon.l be in arkansas there. need you thanks so much. i appreciate it. thanks for being here.
5:46 pm
thanks for coming. thanks for coming out. georgia is going to be important. march 1. we will need you there, too. thank you. thank you so much.
5:47 pm
good to see you. >> you're getting a call. [laughter] sen. rubio: answer it. >> it's my mom saying she supports he. -- supports you. [laughter] sen. rubio: thanks a lot. good to see you. >> thank you. how are you doing? sen. rubio: we are doing good.
5:48 pm
are you a gator? that's awesome, man. good to see you. thanks for being here. all right, iowa state. come on. thanks for coming. >> i met you in minnesota. i'm here to -- [indiscernible]
5:49 pm
sen. rubio: i appreciate that. it's warmer. minnesota is going to matter. let's go, guys. it's an interesting process. you came from d.c.? nice to meet you. sen. rubio: thank you for coming. thank you so much for coming today.
5:50 pm
jamie is a great part of our team. thank you so much. hey, how are you? hannah, nice to meet you. >> thank you for committed to the process. sen. rubio: it's a lot of fun. >> welcome to iowa. we will be there for you. sen. rubio: thank you guys for coming today. don't forget, monday night. >> i'm working the precinct. sen. rubio: thank you. thank you so much. hi. >> marco, very nice.
5:51 pm
i met you once before. i'm very proud of you. we are going to keep it going. >> keep doing a good job. >> thank you very much. thank you for coming to iowa. good luck the rest of the race. sen. rubio: hi, guys. nice to see you. come on in. let's get a picture.
5:52 pm
?ow are you ye >> who is the nicest person in washington? sen. rubio: that's a tough question. joni ernst. chuck grassley. they really are. they are among the nicest. [laughter] you?re >> jerry nelson. welcome to iowa. sen. rubio: thank you. proud to support you.
5:53 pm
thank you for running. sen. rubio: thank you so much. thank you for running. hi. >> thank you. sen. rubio: i appreciate it. good to see you. thank you so much. i appreciate you coming.
5:54 pm
>> thank you very much. sen. rubio: thank you for coming. >> i am on a cup. -- monica. >> he might be president someday. cruz. leaning towards why should i vote for you? sen. rubio: i will beat hillary clinton. i can reach people he can't. he was yelling, go, marco! sen. rubio: we've got to unite the country.
5:55 pm
we can't win just with the people we have. we have to reach people we've never reach before, not change our principles, and i hope i can earn your support. hi, who is this? i saw him earlier. didn't i see you earlier? >> 1, 2, 3. sen. rubio: thanks a lot. >> good to see you. hey, how are you? thanks for being here, guys .
5:56 pm
thank you so much. thank you for coming. good to see you. thank you. thank you for your service. thanks for being here. thank you both. >> it's the longest election ever. [laughter] i have a question. i know you want to repeal obamacare, and you have a plan. -- i would lose insurance. how long would it take for your
5:57 pm
plan -- sen. rubio: we would do it simultaneously. if you of a pre-existing condition, there would be high-risk pool so people could sign-up for coverage. either your employer provides it, or your employer gives you health care money so you can buy insurance. if you don't have that, you have a refundable tax credit you can use to buy health insurance from any state in the country. >> yeah. ok, that makes sense. >> how do you plan on fixing the v.a.? sen. rubio: we've got to modernize it. you've got to make it like a g.i. bill where you can take the benefits anywhere you want. there are good v.a.'s. >> not in my experience. sen. rubio: you can take that to any doctor or hospital you want to.
5:58 pm
you should be able to take that benefit anywhere you want. disability? include sen. rubio: that's a separate track. it's too bureaucratic right now. hard to to fight too prove anything is service-related. thank you. >> thank you very much. sen. rubio: some people have to hire lawyers. it's ridiculous. i just want to say, i gather that you are the kind of guy who i want leading the country. i just wanted to say i'm going to pray for you. how are you? >> good.
5:59 pm
sen. rubio: i believe we need to have a deep space mission. that is how you reinvigorate the graham. maybe the moon. we've already been there. space. to reinvigorate it's got to be something meaningful that involves man, man-got its patient -- man -guided spaceship. we know how to get to the moon. we just don't have the people to do it. that's a good objective. thank you. >> how are you? sen. rubio: i'm well. thank you so much.
6:00 pm
>> thank you. sen. rubio: >> who have you got next weekend, marco? think carolina is , but i can't count the panthers out. >> republican candidates do better win the afc wins. mr. rubio: is that true? appreciate it. good luck.


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