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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  January 31, 2016 2:00am-4:01am EST

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here. we have someone on their way so people don't leave. we just want to be prepped for that. .all and let us know make sure we get that resolved. i will take questions at the end. what happens if you run out of forms?
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you are just going to start writing things down. let us know. we have extra forms. begin forming preference groups. you do not have enough space in your location. do you need to use the gym in the hallway and form preference groups differently? can we move into the hallway? do we need to ask observers to leave so we can continue moving forward? we want to brainstorm how do we work with this? that bad cell phone service. you must still report results.
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use the hotline. look for a landline. what if an observer is being disruptive? threee our street -- strike policy. asked them to stop. to leave.sking them if you are in danger, don't hesitate. we are happy to help you as well. things.hose >> is there a certain time results have to be reported by? awardedon as you have delegates. everyone has signed off on that worksheet. get that signoff. call that number. ok. i know there are a few other
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slides. this has been a little bit long. thank you so much. we really appreciate it. [applause] thank you. >> a couple of things. i would ask you to stick around. the night of caucus it is important you bring packets to the hall that night. we will get them all in. that is the 2000 walker street. if there is some reason you can't get it there help me make arrangements. we have committees meeting that weekend. we have decipher everything within the packets and who the committees are.
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this is important. thing. timely the first meeting dates for county convention, that is all in that pink sheet. inause we are where we are the capital county of the caucus we are fortunate to have a lot of people coming to visit us. have threey to .lected officials
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we encourage people to pass by on to their platform. i would like to introduce the united states senator from the district of columbia. >> thank you. i had the privilege of addressing you in february of last year. you past that resolution andorting d.c. statehood promised to make it part of the caucus process. iowa, youraditions of have kept your word. you will find a proposed resolution we are asking all pre-seems to pass and move on to the caucus platform committee. for those of you who are not aware of the facts the american citizens who live in the
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district of columbia don't have rights you hear my constituents get to go to the polls and vote for me on a ballot that says united states senator. when i go to the united states senate to advocate on behalf of them i can't vote. the other members of my cannot that is sell against the values democracy, so against the values that we hold dear. to helpounting on you .nd this injustice you have the ability to use this process, to make them part of your national convention. it means the world to me and
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your constituents. gifts.come bearing statehood..c. i'm glad we brought these now that i know cell phones will be so important. these are affordable cell phone batteries. don't let washington be powerless. they will keep those smartphones charge during your caucus. a word of advice, you have to recharge these. that guy who calls me and says it just quit on me. they are batteries like anything else. take one of these posters. i have to tell you. i have been in this statehood movement a long time. poster.his your state capitol building is
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one of the most beautiful i've seen in this country. , theay that this poster is way that this poster is designed, i'm not a graphics person about what it says to me is iowa has d.c.'s back. say how much that means to those who were denied those rights. say aant to ask them to few more seconds of your time because what you are doing is so significant and valuable to us. >> this is what you get to do if you are the junior senator. we really want to thank you for this. iowa has a proud tradition of standing up for equal rights.
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admitted to the bar was from iowa. we are proud they are standing behind us. this is a political and anachronism that goes back to countrynning of our when we didn't let black people vote. we didn't allow veterans under the age of 21 years old to vote. we are the last bastion of this. it's time to include the people of the district of columbia. congressional medal of honor winners in the district of columbia. the man that wrote cap's is a
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congressional medal of honor winner. we have been part of america since america began and it's time to end this in time to get people around the nation to stand up for us. if we can make ourselves a state we would have done it 200 years ago. thank you so much. i have been in politics for 35 years. i've never been to the iowa caucuses. this is like waking up on christmas day for me. thank you very much. >> franklin garcia. >> thank you. i'm very excited to be here. this is the first am i have visited iowa. i am excited to have viewed the process and witness this.
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i am very excited. no doubt you have heard different topics throughout this , the challenge we have with immigration, all these topics. you haven't heard much about the injustice that happen in the nation's capital. american citizens who pay , more per capita than anywhere else in the u.s.. they don't have any one who can build a house for the u.s. senate on their behalf. we need to change that. you're in a good position because this is a national call. we are excited and we think the iowans who are doing incredible visibility work. cosponsors for our
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statehood bill. we're excited about it. please help us achieve statehood. all cosponsors are democrats. bernie sanders is a cosponsor. hillary clinton has already stood up. questions ife tamara says we can. why has it't -- taken so long for this to come to lie? >> one of the things that has , the tradition of d.c. distant prize just thenfranchised meant is in worst areas of racism in our history. there was an unfortunate reason why southern folks wanted the capital located in the south. it didn't have as much to do
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about federal control of troops. the government of pennsylvania kept refusing to return escaped slaves when the southern officials would,. it was part of the great compromise. it continues today through partisan gridlock. there is not a lot getting done in washington. what really we need is americans from around the country to see it is wrong. it doesn't matter how d.c. is going to vote. they deserve the same rights that we all do. hopefully we are starting something big here. the same voting rights for representatives. in my understanding that? the district of columbia is home to more americans than the states of wyoming, vermont, most to live in the distro of
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columbia don't have anything to do with the federal government. there is a federal portion. we simply shrink the district of columbia to the federal portion and remaining residential portion that had nothing to do with the federal government that contains universities, hospitals , homes, schools, it joins the union as the 51st state. that is the flag of the district of columbia. it is based on george washington 's coat of arms. we have a flag. we have a state flag. we have a bird. what we do not have are the rights of other state residents as american citizens. this is what we need. it can be done by simple legislation.
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it is not required constitutional amendment. we're simply changing the boundaries of the to include only the federal portion. very consistent with the framers vision but not anything that requires changing the constitution. what it does is to fill the proms of the constitution for your fellow americans that don't have the constitutional rights that you take for granted. harde very -- we work very to make sure all of us get the benefit of it. let me thank you for your service. we are going to be outside putting the squeeze on you to personally commit. i have to let tamara come back and close this out but we have very much appreciated the opportunity to come talk to us today. >> my colleague is more eloquent than i am. 139 democrats.
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republicans just don't get it. >> thank you everybody. [indiscernible conversations] >> more road to the white house coverage sunday with donald trump campaigning in council bluffs, iowa live it 2:00 eastern. live coverage of bernie sanders at a campaign event in waterloo, iowa. see both events on c-span. now, bill clinton and chelsea join hillary clinton at a campaign rally in cedar rapids,
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iowa. this is one of a series of stops for the candidate is urging attend the caucus on her behalf. [applause] chelsea clinton: hello. hello, hello. good evening. hi. thank you so much, cedar rapids. you are getting a particular shout out over there, dad.
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thank you. we are so excited to be here this evening. we are so grateful you came out on a saturday night. i could not be more enthusiastic and grateful to hear and see so much enthusiasm in the crowd this evening. i am so proud to be my parents' daughter, and i am so proud to support my mom in her campaign. the main reason i am so proud to support my mom in this election is because this is the first election for president i will vote in as a mom. when i think about my daughter charlotte who is 16 months old and when i think about charlotte's future little
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brother or sister, i could not imagine a better grandmother, but also a better person to stand up and fight for them and to fight for the right of every child, as you heard in the video, to live up to his or her god-given potential. i want a president for our future who believes in and has fought for universal health care, early childhood education, smart and sensible gun control, and everything else we need to do to keep our children and families safe, our country strong, and to build a more equal future for every single american regardless of gender or race or sexual orientation or religion. [applause] i have known my mom my whole life.
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i do think that is pretty cool, but i'm clearly joined on stage by someone who has known my mother even longer than i have come and admittedly because i'm pregnant, i'm going to get off stage and sit down, but i'm going to leave you in good hands with someone who knows my mom even better and has known her for even longer, my father, the 42nd president, bill clinton. [applause] pres. clinton: thank you. thank you. first of all, thank you, cedar rapids. i had one of the most wonderful rallies of my entire career right here in 1992, and i've never forgotten it. i want to thank my daughter for carrying on this great fight for
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her mother because of her concern for her children and her children to come. thank you, young lady. [applause] pres. clinton: i want to thank all the volunteers and the men who have led hillary's campaign. but paul has done a great job. [applause] pres. clinton: hillary has a plan to restore broad-based prosperity. every year, the president's state of the union address was true. we had best positioned country the world in the 21st century did the reason there is anger and apprehension is that most people don't feel it yet. we have got to do that. we have to deal with these
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problems. hillary will talk about them. they're driving us apart, when we ought to be coming together. we need politics that are not just for people who have unlimited money. [applause] pres. clinton: we need a strong commander-in-chief and she will be great. i need to tell you about something that i know about this job. things that other people don't talk about in that she can't really talk about. there are certain, almost intangible qualities to determine whether president succeeds or not. there are some qualities that are more important sometimes than others. in world where the borders look more like nets than walls and the fight of terrorism has been carried on in social media, unique bronze -- you need brawn and brains at the same time. but there are two things you need to know. right now, with all the people
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have been through and as long as they have waited for the economy to pick up, for the social issues to be addressed, as long as they have been discussed, the gridlock and washington, you need somebody who won't quit on you. somebody who won't quit when the going gets tough. somebody whose door is always open and will lead common ground. she is the best at that. [applause] pres. clinton: i knew that when i met her. she was famous for standing her ground as the first student speaker at her commencement. she said, i respect you, but you need a change of position on the vietnam war.
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it made her famous, it did. when she went to represent the united states and one of the two or three most important speeches given by anybody in my administration, including me, in 1995 in beijing, the chinese knew what she was going to say. they moved her speech way out into the country. there was a driving rainstorm. people came in sopping wet from all over the world. she still got up and said that women's rights are human rights. we can move the world. [applause] pres. clinton: but she also knows how to find common ground. when she was in the white house with me, a senator from new
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york, secretary of state, she got those iran sanctions. these republicans all the things with her. they don't want to have to deal with the fact that she will make everybody be the grown up in the room and do what is right for america. over and over again, she got people to work with her on things that were right. because it was the right thing to do. you knew that. the thing we need after this gridlock is a change maker. everybody talks about it. not everyone can do it. from the minute i better to this day -- from the minute i met her, 45 years ago from march, she has been the single greatest change maker i know. that is why her best friend from childhood and a bunch of childhood buddies from illinois are canvassing for her. she stuck with them. they are sticking with her. a lot of them can barely afford
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it. they believe in her because she stuck with them and made things better. so, whether it was improving our schools or giving us our first preschools for poor kids and giving them thousands -- and giving thousands of people chances, increasing adoptions on foster homes by 65% in the white house with the leader of the republican caucus in the house, who disliked me more than anybody else in congress, she said, i know you love your kids, we have to do something. every place she has ever been,
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she made better. she always makes something good happen. i am tired, as i know you are, of all this gridlock. everything the president has said is right. we have an unbelievable future and we have to seize it. you need a speaker who always leaves the door open for common ground. you need a world-class can trigger.-- world-class changemaker. the next president of the united states, hillary clinton. [applause] ♪ i've got the eye of the tiger ♪ ♪ and you're going to hear me roar ♪
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[applause] sec. clinton: thank you. thank you so much cedar rapids. thank you so much, chelsea. thank you. [applause] sec. clinton: well. [laughter] sec. clinton: thank you so much. i'm so happy to be here again in cedar rapids. i'm thrilled that chelsea and bill can be with me. this is the last weekend before we move toward the caucuses on monday night. i am especially honored to have so many elected officials here. i want to thank them all. they have been working so hard. they worked so hard for all of
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you. i appreciate everything you have done. justin shilts, liz bennett, rob pogue, tammy, while he formed-- wally horne, let's give all those great people from hearing around the country a thank you from all of us. [applause] sec. clinton: i am really happy to see some many of you who are working so hard to get ready for the caucuses. i want to thank the precinct teams. let's say thank you to all of you. to all of you who have made up your mind akaka's from the on monday night, thank you so much -- your mind to caucus for me on monday night, thank you so much for joining us in making progress in our country.
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[applause] sec. clinton: you know, there is so much at stake in this election. i know that it starts on monday. you will be the first people in the world to get to express an opinion about who you think should be the next president and commander-in-chief. [applause] sec. clinton: as you all make up your mind to go and caucus, and i hope you will sign up, you have gotten folks coming in from the back, maybe they can just kind of come up. i know there has been some overflowing could come up in front of the -- overflowing. come up in front of the press riser so you can see. let me say this.
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the reason it is so important is because of what could happen if you don't. you have had republicans crisscrossed the state, haven't you? you have heard what they have been saying, they want to turn back the clock to make it more difficult for people to get ahead and stay ahead. we cannot let that happen. i want you all to know that we can fight against them. i will take that fight and go all the way to november. -- all the way to november. then, the white house. [applause] sec. clinton: be ready to talk with your friends and neighbors about what you think this is so important.
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it is a fact, the don't like it when i say it. we have a better economy when there is a democrat in the white house. [applause] sec. clinton: we don't have to go back that far to realize it. think about the last two democratic presidents? one of them is here tonight. [applause] sec. clinton: each of them inherited economic problems from the republican predecessor, didn't they? when bill got to washington, they asked him what he brought uniquely to begin solving our problems. he said, i guess arithmetic.
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he said we will add up for the people of america. at the end of eight years, there were 23 million new jobs. most important, income went up. don't tell me we cannot raise income for everybody. we did it. middle-class folks, working people, poor people. they were all better off. we ended up with a balanced budget in the surplus. then what happened? another republican president. we went backwards, i was speaking in the senate against those policies to cut taxes on the wealthy.
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to get out of the way of corporations and take your eyes off of the financial and mortgage markets. look at what we got left with? a new, young, democratic president. president-elect obama. [applause] sec. clinton: he called me right after that election asking me to come see him in chicago to be secretary of state. before we got to that, he said it is so much worse than they told us. we were losing 800,000 jobs per month. 9 million americans lost jobs. 5 million homes were lost. $13 trillion in family wealth was wiped out. president obama does not get the credit he deserves for making sure we can follow to the great depression. [applause]
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sec. clinton: so, we are standing, but we are not yet running. people have not had their incomes go up. there is still too much inequality. too much unfairness. we need a plan and a commitment and me. yes, thank you. [applause] sec. clinton: i will call you what i will do-- tell you what i will do. we will create more jobs. let's have more infrastructure, the roads, bridges, tunnels. we have worked in doing this country. -- work to do in this country. we need to make investments that will make us more competitive as an economy. i believe we need to strip away
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the incentives in the tax code. this allows people to take jobs, move them overseas, so let's bring them back here and put people to work in america. [applause] sec. clinton: i believe we can make things in america. i believe it because i have visited your community colleges. i was up at blackhawk. they have partnership with uni. they bought the biggest 3-d printer in north america. their training people to use it so that they can attract jobs to iowa. they can be a hub of new opportunities in manufacturing. a manufacturing renaissance. we will make sure that the federal government helps that, doesn't stand in the sidelines, that we recruit and keep and grow jobs. we will combat climate change and create more clean, renewable energy jobs.
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[applause] sec. clinton: you all hear the republicans when they are asked about climate change. they say, "i don't know, i am not a scientist." i wish they would hear me, because the answer is easy, talk to a scientist. go the universities, come to the high school. you will understand what climate change is. [applause] sec. clinton: what i really believe is that most of them are not that ill informed. they just do it the koch brothers tell them. that's bad enough. it is really unfortunate that
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they have missed out on one of the biggest economic opportunities within this country. some country will be the 21st century superpower. i think it will be china, germany, or us. there is no reason it can't be us. [applause] sec. clinton: this is like those big goals that we are supposed to set and put everybody to work to achieve. i know we can. when i travel around the country and tell people we can be the clean energy superpower and see skepticism, we know what is happening in iowa? they are to get one third of their electricity from renewable sources, mostly wind. [applause] sec. clinton: we have let in the
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development of biofuels and are now working on advanced biofuels to see whether they can power naval vessels and air force airplanes. this is important for you all to know. you are in the lead when it comes to new opening -- two renewable electricity. let's take all the good things happening across america and lift them up. let's create millions of jobs. let's deploy half a billion more solar panels by the end of my first term and enough clean energy to power every home by the end of my second. we can do this. [applause]
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sec. clinton: i also want to support small business could that is -- small business. that's where the jobs come from. the two fastest ways to raise income are raising the minimum wage, the work full-time should not be in poverty, and let's finally get equal pay for women's work. [applause] sec. clinton: everything i have just told you, the republicans do not agree with. they don't care about manufacturing. they don't care about clean energy, the way we should. they will not raise the minimum wage. don't think he is a problem. -- they don't think that's a problem. we are seeing them in an alternate reality.
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we need to make the tax code fair. that means we are going where the money is, the money is where the wealthy are. we will change the tax code and make them pay for all of the benefits they have here in america. [applause] sec. clinton: there's a bunch of things i want to do to close the loopholes. i am the only candidate on either side who has said plainly idle raise your incomes-- plainly i will raise your incomes, not your middle-class taxes. i believe that we need funding to help make college affordable.
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to help with early childhood education. to do the things that will lift us up. i went to omaha a few weeks ago. warren buffett endorsed me, and i was very happy to have that support. [applause] sec. clinton: he said he agreed with me that taxes had to go up on rich people, like him. he said that will make intoievhs right. i support "the buffett rule." i believe that people that make a million dollars should pay 30%. right now, because of all the loopholes, they pay less taxes than those of you who are teachers. i want a fair share on incomes of $5 million or more.
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these are people who pull every shenanigan in the book. they send money to the bermudas, bahamas, money flying around so that it cannot be taxed the way it is supposed to. we have to and that.-- to end that. we have to go over and over again with what it is we need to end. this is gimmicks, invasion, turning backs on americans. this is an example that has outraged me. there's a company in wisconsin that makes auto parts. in 2008, you might remember, the auto industry was on the brink of collapse. the republican said let it die-- republicans said let it die.
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president obama said, that millions of people's jobs. we have to do something. you and i bailed out the auto industry. it turned out to be a good investment. they paid it back. one of those copies asking for help with johnson controls-- was johnson controls. auto has had the best year in a while did they have-- in a while. johnson controls will pretend to sell itself and move itself to europe so that it can avoid american taxes. it is using the taxpayers that bailed out.
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this is not an inversion, it is perversion. i will go after them when i am president. [applause] sec. clinton: you see, i have a broader view about what we need to do to make sure that people not only pay their fair share, but they don't wreck the economy like we saw them in 2008. the governor, senator, and i agree that we have got to prevent wall street, the financial markets, and others from doing what they did. but, we have a slight difference could have no argument -- difference. i have no argument -- i want to let you know that we now have the law.
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we passed it. the dodd frank law. we have to pull the trigger on the process if the banks pose a systemic risk. we are keeping our eyes on what the banks are doing. that is where i part company with my two friends. 2008 was not just the big banks. thank you. lehman brothers, aig, countrywide mortgage, wachovia. if all you do is talk about the big banks, you miss the big picture. we have to go after the shadow banking industry. we have to make sure they can't hurt us. that is what i have pledged to do. independent observers who have
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looked at what we have all proposed have all said, i am the toughest, most effective, most comprehensive. people like paul krugman. the best evidence, the folks that know i have the toughest plan other -- are the republicans. they are running $6 million with of ads right now. hedge fund guys have started a super pac to run against me. karl rove. another billionaire just jumped into the fray. ask yourself, why are they so nervous about me? i will tell you. they know me. they know that i say what i mean and i do what i say. i know how to go after them. [applause] sec. clinton: we are going to take the fight to them.
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we can and we also have to make progress. i am a progressive who likes to get things done. that is what i believe in. the debate i am having with senator sanders over health care is important. we both have the same goal. universal coverage. before, it was obamacare -- before was obamacare, it was hillary care. i was working to get universal coverage. they beat us. i got children's health insurance passed. i was thrilled when president obama signed the affordable care act. democrats have been trying to do this since harry truman. we know what the alternative is. republicans want to turn it back to the insurance companies, so
2:49 am
that they can go and basically charge what they want, to type coverage-- deny people coverage, charge women more, not let young people be on parents policies. i know. ted cruz was confronted by a man at one of his events today who told him about his brother-in-law who had never been able to afford insurance. he could not go to a doctor. when he finally did, he found out he was riddled with cancer. the man said, why do you want to repeal this? finally, people like my brother in law can get insurance. ted cruz went off on an ideological critical comment about affordable care. he never said what the alternative is. "what would you replace it with?" they can tell you. -- they can't tell you. that's fine with them.
2:50 am
that's not fine with me. i will not let that happen. [applause] sec. clinton: we have fought too hard and too long. we are at 90% coverage. i will fix what is wrong with the affordable care act. we will go after prescription drug costs. but, i will tell you, we cannot start over, my friends. we cannot throw this country back into gridlock.
2:51 am
people cannot wait for another 20 or debate-- 20 year debate. a woman said to me -- she gave me a letter. she started taking 10 shots among the 1988, $20 a shot. last month, she went to see the pharmacist to get her shots in the pharmacist said it will cost more than $14,000 for the same shots. i looked at the letter, and i said no, here is what is going on. there are a lot of drugs that have been around for a long time. there are no new investments, they just make the same drug, they sell it, they make a profit. they just keep it in the marketplace. a bunch of hedge fund guys and speculators said this is a good opportunity for us. they started to buy these little companies, and then people needed them, and they began increasing the price through the roof.
2:52 am
valiant pharmaceuticals is one of those that is doing this. gobbling up drugs that are already out there, and then charging more than people can pay. i think we need to call it what it is. it is predatory pricing. we need every tool at our legal disposal to shut this down. [applause] i will go after them, i will prevent them from doing this to people. [applause] somebody said to me, i have been railing about this for a couple of days, somebody said their stock price fell, and i said good, i hope they get the message rate i will not let this happen. then i was in davenport, and a man said thank you for defending the affordable care act. yet a grandchild -- he had a grandchild born with a congenital heart defect. she has had five operations. under the affordable care act
2:53 am
from a lifetime limits were removed so they could get the insurance they needed for something as serious as open-heart surgery on a child. just yesterday i was in des moines, and i met a woman before it went out to speak and she said i want to thank you for defending the reportable care act -- affordable care act. i am doing it because i believe in it and it is the best shot we have. she said just a few years ago my daughter was diagnosed with brain cancer, and because of the affordable care act, i could put her on my policy. we began her treatment. she got really sick, and i had to quit my job. i do not know what we were going to do, but that i could go into the marketplace and i could get insurance that would cover me. this woman told me this heart wrenching story about her daughter, and a happy ending. her daughter just got married. [applause]
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but she do not know what you would have done without the affordable care act for her treatment and insurance. we cannot repeal it, and we cannot start over. we have to build on it, make it work, and get us to 100%. it is a lot easier to get from 90% to 100% then to go from 0% to 100%. [applause] i want to thank all the teachers, the retired teachers who are here tonight. [applause] i am so proud to have your endorsement, and i will be your apartment -- your partner. we will work together for education for our kids. we need to take into account for the child's needs. i have the most heartbreaking conversations about teachers as i traveled across the state.
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teachers have raised their hands in my meetings and they have said it has been below zero. a teacher was saying this, and a little kid comes to school with a t-shirt on. i know that is families having such a hard time, we try to help. teachers do not believe that their job is to impart knowledge, academic knowledge. the teachers i know believe that their job is to lift that each child, to give every single child a chance to live up to their god-given potential. [applause] here are some things i think would help. we need early childhood education. zero years old to five years old. this would help prepare so many more kids to be successful when they got to school. we need more wraparound services in school. we need to get nurses back in schools.
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we need social workers, we need people to deal with the problems that kids are bringing to school. [applause] and we need to make college affordable again for every young person in america. [applause] i have a plan to do that. i have laid out my plan. i have told you how much and what koch -- it would cost. i know there are a lot of young people attracted to three college. i want debt free tuition. here is the difference. i would anybody who cannot afford it to be able to have tuition without borrowing anything. i do not believe giving free college to donald trump's youngest child is in the best interest of all the hard-working americans who need help.
2:57 am
[applause] i think we can do it in a sustainable way by, number one, asking the colleges and universities to take a look hard look at what they are charging. because of all you do is have a big glut of free money, the costs are going to keep going up because there is no incentive to rein them in. colleges and universities need to understand they cannot just dump everything on tuition. we also have to get states -- i want a partnership with state. i wanted to quit building prisons and start putting money back into education, including higher education. [applause] and i believe, i believe it is important that you are going to college, and you are getting this debt free tuition, to work 10 hours a week. make sure you make a contribution, so you feel like you're invested in this. and then when you get out, if
2:58 am
you have debt, i believe we should let you refinance your debt and save thousands of dollars, give that payment down, get it off with an interest rate, given as a percentage of your income. that will make it affordable for people who have debt right now to be able to get out from under it. [applause] there is a lot of work for us to do here. i am very committed to fighting hard on all of these friends here at home. there is another big group of issues i disagree fundamentally with the republicans over. they want to take away everybody's rights. humans rights, civil rights, women's rights, gay rights, workers rights, voting rights. that is ripping out the progress we have made. i will tell you where i stand. i support a woman's right to make her own choices about health care. [applause]
2:59 am
i support planned parenthood and will fight against this being defunded. [applause] i support marriage equality, and i will work against discrimination against the lgbt community. [applause] i support voting runs, and i will work to overturn citizens united, and get the corrupt money out of politics. i support unions and workers rights. they built the american middle class, and they are important to our future. i support criminal justice reform, and i will work to try to heal the blows that we have seen between our races and people across our country. we have to end the era of mass incarceration and provide second chances and more opportunity. [applause]
3:00 am
i will defend social security against privatization, the biggest wall street giveaway yet to the republicans have proposed. i will fix the v.a., but i will not let the republicans privatize the v.a. and take away the guarantee of health care for american veterans. [applause] and i will fight for common sense gun safety measures against the gun lobby. [applause] you know, this morning in ames, iowa, i was endorsed by gabby giffords and her wonderful husband mark kelly. i will tell you, the courage and commitment of those two wonderful americans is so one overwhelming. to see it in person. to see this woman, who i knew before she was shot in the head, to see it in person, to see this woman who i knew before she was
3:01 am
shot in the head while she was meeting with her can to join in a parking lot of a shopping center, and others who were there to meet with her, a nine-year-old girl who had come to meet her congress member was killed. nation 25 years in the military. served as an astronaut on the space shuttle. he said i'm not political, i was never involved in that, i just served my country. he said we cannot go on like this. this is wrong. 90 people on average a day died from gun violence in america.
3:02 am
that is 33,000 people a year. homicide, suicide, terrible, avoidable actions. common sense gun reform, like background checks, closing loopholes, not letting people on the no-fly list by guns in america. if they are too dangerous to fly, they should not have a gun, for heavens take. -- sake. these proposals are supported by 92% of americans, and 82% of gun owners. i have been talking to gun owners. they say i have been thinking about it, they just want you to do it so it does not interfere with my rights. i say absolutely. you have rights. it has to be done, in accordance with the constitution. but don't you think we are smart enough to figure out how to do that? when my husband was president, we pass the brady bill and more than 2 million purchases have been prohibitive because of the brady act that was passed while my husband was president. [applause] i hope you will consider this as an important issue because there are just too many people dying. we cannot stop every death, i am not claiming that, but we ought to try. i think we can. let me say i final word about safety here at home.
3:03 am
i was a senator on 9/11, i feel passionately about defending our country, keeping us safe from terrorists and others who wish us harm. i laid out a plan on how i would do that. a how i would defeat isis, how to make sure that we lead a coalition of air power to help back up the arabs and the kurds who have to do the fighting, because i will not send american combat troops back to syria or iran. [applause] we also have to take them on, preventing their foreign fighters, there for 20, and take them on online. and we also have to pull together in our country. that is the point i want to make. after 9/11, we had a plan.
3:04 am
it was an informational program. if you see something suspicious, or you hear something suspicious, call somebody. call the police, call the fbi, call 911. it relied on everybody being on the same size, knowing that we were going to protect all of us against any terror attack. and we did, we got information that foiled attacks, and broke them up, and i think it worked because everybody felt like they were part of it. when you hear leading republican candidates say what they say about american muslims, here is what i want you to think. it is not only offensive, and contrary to our values, but it is dangerous. it is a dangerous position to be taking. [applause] all of a sudden, some americans are made to feel like they are outside of the circle.
3:05 am
they are not wanted. their information is not needed. the oldest mosque in america is here in cedar rapids, iowa. [applause] you know people, people who are your neighbors, people who are your colleagues. we need to all be in this together. and then we have to have a coalition of nations, including muslim nations, to defeat the threat of terrorism. i've put together a coalition, i put together the coalition that imposed sanctions on iran, that drove them to the negotiating table, got the agreement that put the lid on their nuclear weapons program. i know what it takes to build a coalition, and i can tell you this -- [applause] it is a lot harder to build a coalition when you have people running from united they residency or insulting religion of the people we need to build a coalition. [applause] this campaign is like a job
3:06 am
interview. you all have to decide, who is ready to be president and commander in chief on day one of january 2017. and if you will go caucus for me on monday night, if you will go stand up for me, if you will be there for me, i promise you this -- i will stand for you, i will fight for you through this campaign, and in the white house i will work my heart out for you for the kind of future of our country that we all deserve and want. thank you all, and god bless you. [applause] ♪
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former u.s. representative gabrielle giffords and her husband mark campaign for presidential
3:34 am
campa+ign for presidential candidate hillary clinton in iowa. one of their stops was as a canvassing kickoff in des moines, iowa. it was focused on ending gun violence. this is about 15 minutes. [applause] >> it is my honor to introduce captain mark kelly and congresswoman gabby giffords. [applause] >> thank you for coming. >> they were in ames, i will for an event earlier with hillary. honestly, in terms of leaders, there are few people that have been so vocal and so committed in such fighters on this issue. thank you for the work you are doing.
3:35 am
and for your support for hillary. we need fighters like a gabby and mark on this issue. there is so much work to do and there are so much at stake in this election. we need fighters like them, we need fighters like all of you who are going to be knocking on doors and making phone calls to make sure we elect a fighter to the white house. hillary rodham clinton. we cannot do this without all of you. thank you for the work you are going to be doing as well today after we finish here. without further i do, i want to give it to captain kelly to get us started. [applause] >> thank you. thank you. it is great to be here in iowa. it is a great time of you, i'm glad there's not too much snow on the ground. [laughter] hopefully it will stay like that for monday. monday is a pretty big and important tonight. -- night. i was not very big into politics. i was just a guy from new jersey, a bald guy from new
3:36 am
jersey who flew airplanes in the navy. a little while later i have the opportunity to serve my country as an astronaut, fly into space ultra times that four times. that was really exciting. i served in the military for 25 years under republicans and democrats, and i was honored to be a serve my country. i'm not a political person, and then i met gabby, and she certainly was into politics. [laughter] that was her whole career, that was her thing. as all of you know, her political career was cut short. but both of us have been quite honored to have a second opportunity as service. that is in trying to make some positive steps in how we deal with guns and gun violence in this country.
3:37 am
we have been working hard for some common sense reforms to our laws, and making our communities safer. we have a pretty big problem. we have 15 times to 20 times the death rate from violence than any other industrialized country. unfortunately we have a circuits -- certain segment of our political class that is more interested in supporting the gun lobby and powerful corporate interests than they are doing what is right to keep our families safer from gun violence. so it became very clear to us, as we looked at the records of all the candidates that are currently running for president, that there is really just one clear choice in who we need, and who gabby and i know is the right person for this issue, and so many other issues. that is hillary clinton. [applause]
3:38 am
i think everybody has been watching very closely some of the candidates, some of the rhetoric out there. some of the crazy statements you hear from them. how they deal with this issue and what they say. i will tell you a little secret. a lot of those people are terrified of the gun lobby. that really worries me. we have an opportunity here over the next few days to get secretary clinton on the right course. i think about this, this whole thing, these few days as a space shuttle launch. we spent a lot of time getting a spacecraft ready for launch, and it involves an entire army of people. it takes months and months, even years of preparation to get to that point where you take ninth the solid rocket boosters on that space shuttle and build an incredible amount of momentum to complete this mission.
3:39 am
s on that space shuttle and build an incredible amount of momentum to complete this mission. , and all of you working on this campaign as that rocket launch. [applause] so it is up to you to get going in the right direction, on two success to make hillary our next president of the united states. [applause] now my friend and former astronaut jim lovell, commander he thought itaid was impossible to send people to the moon, that nobody would ever be going to the moon. and then he wound up going to
3:40 am
moon himself, twice. he was also the guy who said there are three kinds of people. there are people who make things happen, there are people who watch things happen, and then there the people who wonder what happened. [applause] me and gabby, we really believe that hillary clinton is the type of person that makes things happen. [applause] my wife gabby, she served in congress for two and a half terms. she really makes things happen. one of the things she always reminds me when i watch her after five years trying to overcome this traumatic brain injury from a gunshot wound, she is reminding me each and every day to deny the acceptance of failure rate failure to -- of failure. exist. does not i wanted easy to my wife, gabby giffords. [applause]
3:41 am
-- i want to introduce you to my wife, gabby giffords. [applause] >> hello iowa. [applause] great to be here today. you aboutto talk to hillary clinton. hillary is tough. hillary is courageous. she will fight to make our families safer. wille white house, she stand up to the gun lobby, that is why i am voting for hillary. speaking is difficult for me, but in january i want to say these two words. madame president. [applause]
3:42 am
together to make hillary our president. thank you very much. [applause] thank you. >> thank you, so much everybody. let's make some phone calls. captain kelly and congresswoman giffords will stick around a little bit to mix and mingle. but let's get to work. [applause]
3:43 am
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3:47 am
mr. kelly: certainly, before gabby, i was eyeing to politics. another thing i like about secretary clinton is that she believes in technology and innovation. i have a very hard time with anybody who is promoting against a belief in science. know, it is one of my big
3:48 am
issues. >> thank you.
3:49 am
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3:52 am
>> thank you, everybody. so long. thank you. announcer: on the next washington journal, jerry crawford talks about efforts to get supporters to the iowa caucuses on monday. iowa senator chuck grassley, who has not endorsed a candidate in the republican race, previews the caucuses. radiomon conway, from who talks about the political environment in the hawkeye state. canake your calls and you join the conversation on facebook and twitter as well. washington journal live at 7:00 a.m. eastern on c-span. now, senator marco
3:53 am
rubio at a campaign rally at iowa state university and ames -- in ames. all of the candidates have been crisscrossing the state in an effort to draw people out to caucus for them on monday night. this is 90 minutes. [applause]
3:54 am
>> i want to thank you for coming out today to hear mark grows vision two days before we go to caucus on monday night. did you see the debate on thursday night? i hope he earned your support. if not, we want your support and i and we want you to submit to mark desta caucus for marco. all we want you to do is show up a one houright for
3:55 am
meeting. if you will commit to caucus, we ask you to fill out one of these cards so we can follow you. please welcome the next president of the united states, marco rubio. sen. rubio: thanks for being here. >> thank you. thank you so much. sen. rubio: thank you for being here. >> keep after it, man. >> thank you. sen. rubio: thank you guys for being here. thank you very much. >> how are you? sen. rubio: thank you so much. i am touched and overwhelmed by the number of people who are here today. i know you are here because you take very seriously the role you play. hours, people of iowa will be the first americans
3:56 am
that will get a chance to ask perhaps the most important question of this generation. what kind of country will america be in the 21st century? for the 20th century and for 200 years, america has been a special country, and exceptional country, unlike any in the history of the world. i believe the began were founded , that our rights don't come from government. our rights don't come from our laws. our light snow come from our leaders. our rights come from god. our rights come from our creator. this is why we embrace free enterprise and made us the most prosperous people in the world. this is why we embrace individual liberty and made us the freeze people. that is why the american example, the american dream has inspired millions of people all over the world to pursue it both here and in their own homelands. but now, all of those things are in question. a growing number of americans are certain to doubt what kind of country we will be in the 21st century. many of the things that made us
3:57 am
unique and special are now threatened. i saw a poll recently that said that more than 50% of young asked, is then american dream still alive, more than 50% said no. if that were ever to become true, america stops being a special nation. when was the moment when the american dream started to a road? i think i can point to one moment in particular, and it's the -- yeah [laughter] no, not super bowl 42. i don't even know who played in super bowl 42. it wasn't the miami dolphins. i can tell you that. [laughter] yearnk we can point to the 2008, when this nation elected a president not interested in fixing america's present -- marcus problems. for the first time in my lifetime and maybe in our
3:58 am
history, we had a president interested in changing america. not our problems. changing government's role in our lives. changing america's role in the world. and the role -- the result is what we have seen on the last years. a president who summarily and regularly undermined the constitution of the united states in a lawless way. a president who assaults the second amendment. a president who assaults are religious liberty. president who use america as a global power that needs to be cut down to size. that is a resident who cuts deals with our enemies like iran, that undermines our allies with israel, that guts our military, a president that apologizes for america. it is not easy to enable -- two win and nobel peace prize. it takes a president that believes america needs to be cut down to size. and that is what we have. the result is a growing frustration. and an eight year that i would say is not just with democrats,
3:59 am
but also angry at a republicans, angry at washington. this anger is not new. it has been around for a while. this frustration has been building for a while. i saw it in 2010. that is why iran senate. my opponent was a sitting governor of florida who said he was a replica -- a republican, but i knew he wasn't. i knew he would go up and embrace barack obama's agenda. so i decided to run for the senate. the leadership of the republican party in washington and the entire senate leadership told me i couldn't run and, they would go against me. but iran and we won. there'll must the same people came for the simon 2015 and said, you cannot run for president. i said, why question mark they said because, you have to wait in line. you have to wait your turn. after seven years of barack obama, this is no time for patients. this is a time for urgency. this is a time for action. because if we get the selection wrong, there may be no turning
4:00 am
back to america. we cannot afford to lose the selection. we canada -- cannot afford to the firsto wake up on wednesday in november to the news that bernie sanders has been elected president of the united states. is -- bernierds sanders is a socialist. usually is a slur. it is not a slur. i think he is a good candidate for president. of sweden. you knew what i was going to say. [laughter] [applause] i had an event last night with an event -- with three young men from sweden and i felt really bad. i like sweden. i just don't want to be sweden. but i like sweden. they came in me -- i thought they were going to be angry. they said, why would you wish that on our country? [applause] another person said, you know you are talking about sweden. they don't have a president. they have a king or a monarch.


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