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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  February 1, 2016 10:00am-12:01pm EST

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eastern iowa where there is a higher concentration of democratic delegates. to checkd to be hard out. i hope there is analysis of what is happening in those towns that are highly concentrated with college students. i'm going to be looking for caucus sites more in the rural counties to see if young people are showing up out there. who: ann selzer, pollster did the final poll for "the des moines register" and bloomberg. thanks for digging into the numbers with us. we appreciate it. guest: my pleasure. host: that does it for today's "washington journal." we will be back here tomorrow. do not miss our coverage tonight at 7:00 p.m. eastern tonight at c-span and c-span2. we will bring you to yesterday where ted cruz held a campaign at johnson county fairgrounds in iowa city. he talks about issues he would tackle in office as his first day as president.
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he was joined by glenn beck and "duck dynasty's" phil robertson. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] announcer: "washington journal" continues [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016] ted, ted, ted. [applause] [cheering] sen. ted cruz: god bless the great state of iowa. what an incredible, incredible afternoon. what a bit of history we are seeing. a strong conservative patriots are coming together and standing united.
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heidiot to say -- isn't going to make a fantastic first lady? [applause] she and i met on january 2, 2000. it was love at first sight. i was immediately smitten. she was and is beautiful and brilliant. she's an amazing businesswoman. she is a wonderful mom to our two little girls. fact, as far as i can tell, she has no discernible faults whatsoever. other than the fact that she is got pretty poor eyesight. but she is my very best friend in the whole world and i love her with all my heart. [applause]
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let me say to all the school-age kids here. , frenchdi is first lady fries are coming back into the lunch room. [applause] maybe it's just me, but i thought the cardboard was supposed to be in the tray and not in the food. and how about my father as first dad? [applause] you know, in our house, i and the shy and soft-spoken one. but growing up in a cuban household, there were two parties -- there were republicans and the communists. i'm not really kidding. which actually, now that you mention it, looking at the
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--ocratic debates [applause] we have a wild eyed socialist whose ideas are dangerous for america and the world and bernie sanders. [laughter] i will tell you one of the things i'm most looking forward is in the cuban house, the tradition for christmas is that on christmas eve, you would roast a whole pig. 24, 2017,cember you're going to see my dad on the south lawn with a shovel digging up hit to roast the tape roast apit to
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pig. my friends in the press will accuse me of pandering to the pork producers in iowa. they will look around and say, oh lordy, the cubans are coming. and glenn beck. [applause] what an extraordinary, visionary, passionate man. every time i listen to glenn, i learned something. what an incredible service glenn does. walking people back through the framers, through the dangers of progressivism, to where it leads us. helping the civic education that media does not engage in. far too much of the academy does
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not engage in, certainly hollywood does not engage in. amen. [applause] and god is good all the time. grateful form so his willingness to speak out when he spoke of the coming caliphate. he was shunned. crazy described as a tinfoil hat wearing, black helicopter fearing, conspiracy nut case. glenn, i can imagine what that feels like . [laughter] that must've been really hard to deal with. to bem so honored
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standing with glenn. and how about phil robertson? [applause] what an extraordinary human being! i mean, listen, god makes every one of us unique, but some are uniquer than others. say of this whole presidential campaign one of the getting toences was go to louisiana and go. coming with phil and the robertson claimed -- duck hunting with phil and the robertson clan. that was truly amazing. i've got to say that for my daughters, the favorite thing they have seen is the video we put together of us in the duck blind and daddy wearing the camo
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face paint. they thought that was the funniest thing they have ever seen. caroline, our oldest, also said, dad, you're not really that cool. [laughter] i would argue with that. but i've to tell you by the way, phil can shoot. i've seen some folks who know how to handle a firearm, but that man with a shotgun, look, if i have a duck that is flying in front of me real slow and old, i can hit it. especially if you have someone holding on to its feet so it doesn't go anywhere. [laughter] i could shot some ducks barely see the things. what are you shooting at? lab swimminglack out and the lapse would disappear and come back with a duck in its mouth. you were like, wow. has tot a voice phil speak out to a lot of people. [applause]
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what a joyful, cheerful, phillogetic voice of truth robertson is. let me say to matt scholz, are iowa state chairman, thank you for the incredible job you have done helping organize a conservative grassroots army all across this great state. [laughter] [applause] and then to my dear, dear friend, congress and steve daines -- congressman steve daines. [applause] fireman is a passionate
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for freedom -- fighter for freedom. he is a passionate fighter for the constitution. he loves this country and each and every day, he is crawling over looking glass with a knife between his teeth, fighting for the men and women in the great state of i would. -- iowa. [applause] this morning at church, many of our pastors may well have gone back to the original greek scripture. if you look at the roots of a word, you can tell a lot about it. if you look at the root of the word politics, there are two parts. and ticksng many meeting bloodsucking parasites. [laughter] and that is a fairly accurate
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description of washington, d.c. [applause] but you know, we are here this afternoon for something a lot more important than politics. we are here because our country is in crisis. we are here because we are bankrupting our kids and grandchildren. because our constitutional rights are under assault each and every day and because america has receded from leadership in the world and it is making the world a much more dangerous place. and yet i am here today with a word of hope and encouragement and exhortation. all across the state of iowa, all across this country, people are waking up and i'm here to tell you help is on the way. [applause] so i want everyone here to look
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forward. january 2017.o [applause] if i am elected president, let me tell you what i intend to do on the first day in office. the first thing i intend to do his recent every -- is rescind executive action taken by this president. [applause] the second thing i intend to do on the first day in office is instruct the u.s. department of justice to open an investigation into planned parenthood and prosecute any and all criminal violations. [applause]
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the third thing i intend to do is instruct the department of justice and the irs and every other federal agent that the persecution of religious liberty ends today. [applause] the fourth bank ion -- thing i intend to do is ripped to shreds this catastrophic, iranian nuclear deal. [applause] and the fifth thing i intend to ison the first day in office begin the process of moving the american embassy in israel to jerusalem, the wants and eternal capital of israel.
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[applause] now that is day one. apparently the obama nsa has cut the lights. they heard there was a group of ns seeking iowa the peaceful overthrow of government. [applause] in the days that follow, i will go to congress and we will repeal every single word of obamacare. [applause] we will pass commonsense health care reform that makes health portable personal and
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and affordable and keeps government from getting in between us and our doctors. [applause] i will instruct the u.s. department of education that common core ends today. [applause] we will finally, finally, finally secure the borders and and sanctuary cities. [applause] and let me tell you -- there has been nobody more relentless, nobody more passionate, no nobody more faithful, no and stopping the fight to amnesty then i was own steve king and i've been proud to
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stand shoulder to shoulder with steve and every one of those fights. [applause] the days that follow, we will rebuild the military. [applause] honor the solemn commitments made to every soldier and sailors and airmen and marines. [applause] that includes fundamentally reforming the v.a. so that every veteran has the right to choose his or her doctor. [applause] and it also includes protecting the constitutional right to keep and bear arms of every service
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man and woman. [applause] we will have a commander in chief who stands up and says to the world, we will defeat radical islamic terrorists. [applause] president willing radical the words islamic terrorism. [applause] and we will not weaken, we will not degrade, we will utterly and completely destroy isis. [applause] in the days that follow, we will take on the epa. [applause]
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be, and the alphabet soup of federal agencies that descended like locusts on farmers and ranchers and small businesses, killing jobs all across this country. [applause] you know, some years back, i was out in west texas. -- i saidlks there what's the difference between regulators and locusts? is you well, the thing cannot use pesticide on the regulators. west texas farmer leaned back and said, one of bet? [laughter] i wouldays that follow, go to congress and we will pass fundamental tax reform -- a
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simple flat tax for every american can fill out the taxes on a postcard. [applause] and when we do that, we should abolish the irs. [applause] now some of you all might be thinking, can it happen? can we do this? you know, scripture tells us there is nothing new under the sun. i think where we are today is very, very much like the late 1970's, like the jimmy carter administration. ,ame failed economic policies same feckless and naive foreign policies. in fact, the exact same country, russia and iran, openly laughing
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at and mocking the president of the united states. analogyis it that that gives me so much hope and optimism? because we remember how that story edited all across this country, millions of men and women rose up and became the reagan revolution. [applause] and it did not come from washington. washington despised ronald reagan. by the way, if you see a politician who washington embraces, run and hide. [applause] it came from the american people and it turned this country around. why am i so optimistic?
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because the same thing is happening. when we launched this campaign, "the new york times" promptly cruz cannot win because the washington elite despis despise him." i kind of thought that was the whole point of the campaign. [applause] listen, if you think things in thenngton are doing great, we need to keep heading in the same pesek direction -- basic direction, fiddle around the edges, make some deals, i ain't your guide. on the other hand, if you think washington is fundamentally broken, that there is a bipartisan corruption of career politicians in both parties that get in bed with the lobbyists
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and special interests and keep growing and growing and growing government, and we need to take power out of washington and that to we the people, that is what this campaign is all about. [applause] for all of us, freedom is not some abstract concept you read about in a school book. freedom is real. .ersonal in our lives and in our families. for me, i think about my dad. my dad was born and raised in cuba. as a kid, he fought in the cuban revolution. he was imprisoned. , he found himself on the floor of the cuban jail
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sell covered in mud and blood and grime. was broken. his teeth were shattered out of his mouth. he remembers thinking, i don't have any kids. nobody depends on me. it doesn't matter if i live or if i die. but thankfully, god had different plans for my father. [applause] he was released from that jail cell and he came to america in 1957, fleeing with peace. he was just 18 years old, couldn't speaking less, had nothing, have $100 some into his underwear. i don't advise caring money in your underwear. dishes,ot a job washing making $.50 an hour.
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he works seven days a week and paid his way through school. he and my mom together started a small business. as the sonp in texas of two small business owners. i saw the ups and downs, the triumphs and challenges of running a small family business. , and, my dad is a pastor he travels the country preaching the gospel. [applause] when i was a kid, my dad used to say to me over and over again, when we faced oppression in cuba , i had a place to sleep. if we lose our freedom here, where do we go? that is why all of us are here. [applause] if you agree with me that it is
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now or never, that the stakes have never been higher, that we are standing at the edge of a cliff, and if we keep going the same direction, another four or eight more years, we risk losing the greatest country in the history of the world. if you agree, then i ask each of you to do three things. number 1 -- join us. commit tomorrow night to come out and caucus for us 7:00 p.m.. stand up and speak for us. if we stand together, we will win. [applause] number 2 -- bring others. commit today to pick up the phone and call your mom. that's a good idea to call your mom anyway. sister or your son or
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your next-door neighbor, your business partner, or your college roommate. say this election matters. it matters to me. it matters to my future. it matters to my kids and grandkids. i want to ask everyone of you here to vote for me 10 times. i look, we are not democrats. i'm not just in voter fraud. but if everyone of you brings not other people to the caucus tomorrow night, you will have voted 10 times. [applause] for any of you who are not yet old enough to vote, if you get 10 people to come out and caucus tomorrow night, you will have voted 10 times before you turn 18. [applause]
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we are 28 hours away from the iowa caucus. it has been a crazy year. it has been a year where you have been subjected to millions in attack ads, millions on the radio, flyers filling up your mailbox. by the way, those flyers make really good kindling in the fireplace. they light right up. the time for all that media nonsense is passed. this is now our time. this is your time to make the decision for the men and women of iowa to say we can't get fooled again. the stakes are too high. we can't roll the dice. literally millions of americans are counting on the men and women gathered here today. to look every candidate in the don'tto vet us, to say
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listen to what we say, look at how we have locked. -- how we have walked. [applause] if everyone here brings nine other people took caucus tomorrow night, we will win the iowa caucuses. andill win the nomination we will win the general election, defeat hillary clinton , and pull this country back. [applause] [cheering] thing i want final to ask each of you is that you pray. that you commit today every day from now until election day to lift this country up in prayer, to spend even one minute a day saying, father, god, please continue this awakening.
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continue the spirit of revival. thatn the body of christ we might pull back from the abyss. [applause] we are here today standing on the promises of second chronicles 7:14. if my people which are called by my name should humble themselves and prayer and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, i will hear their prayers from heaven and forgive their sins and i will heal their land. [applause] let me tell you a bit of history about our friends in the mainstream media and they will never share it with you.
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in january, 1981 when ronald reagan took field of office, his left hand was resting on second chronicles 7:14. [applause] the very real and concrete manifestation of that promise from the word of god. we have faced these challenges before. have faced the of this and the american people rose up and we pulled this country back. we have done it before. if we stand together, 28 hours from now, we can do it again and we can bring back that last, best hope for mankind that is the united states of america. thank you. [applause]
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, on up and join the picture. >> can i get up there with my wife? >> you want in there? ok, quick click.
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>> thank you mr. president. 2017, we'll be there in illinois. >> i love the hat. >> that is one of the many events we covered over the weekend for the iowa polls. the aggregate poll company
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conducting real clear politics close yesterday showing donald trump with a 4.5 point lead. the caucasus start tonight live at 7:00 eastern and our coverage is on c-span and c-span2. we will have coverage taking your calls and tweets and it :00 p.m. eastern, we will so you the democratic caucus on c-span2. here's a look on ads being run by donald trump. hello iowa, i am really excited to tell you how to caucus for my father on security first at 6:30 p.m., shop at your caucus location. it will start at 7:00 sharp and should only take half an hour. it is a secret dallas -- ballot. just write the name and you are done.
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i want to remind you it's not the same place you go to vote. we have tried to make it very easy for you. just go to donald j website, therehe is a tab that says iowa caucus finder. you have to put in your zip code and street address and it will tell you where to go. callnatively, you can 515-267-9191 and we will tell you where your caucus location is. four you can check your local newspaper. now that you know, you have to be a registered republican. it is really easy to do it on the spot. all you need to do is bring a photo id and a proof of mailing address. bring a piece of mail and photo id and you can register to be a republican and put for my father. i will be in iowa, my father will be in iowa. my brothers will be in iowa. there at various
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caucus locations and hope to see you february 1. to make donald j trump resident and make america great again. we hope you will come out. ted cruz: this election matters. it matters for me and my future, for my kids, for my friends. this is now the time. our time. it is up to the men and women of iowa, if we stand together we will win. if we stand together we will win the primary and the nomination. if we stand together, we will win the general election and defeat hillary clinton. ted cruz is the most conservative candidate running. the most consistently conservative candidate running. >> i think that ted cruz is a rock star. he is like the conscience of the conservative and a senate.
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>> if your looking for a republican candidate who is the most opposed to liberalism, it's ted cruz. sen. cruz: commit to come out and caucus for us. >> on february 1, join the thousands of iowans standing with ted cruz. the consistent conservative who has a bold plan for america. he will protect our borders, the life of an unborn child, america from isis and threats abroad. and you're right to bear arms. repeal obamacare and revitalize the economy with both new tax plans. we never walk away from debating tough issues. ted cruz. bold, reliable, a true conservative. >> if i'm our nominee, how will hillary clinton lecture me about living paycheck to paycheck? i
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was raised paycheck to paycheck. because you had better be ready to run the country on the first day. our president could very well confront a national security crisis. the only reason you're doing it now is because we are running it for the same position and somebody convinced you that attacking me will help you. here's the bottom line. my campaign will be about the future of america. welders make more money than philosophers. we need more welders. this has been a special country. a unique place where anyone from anywhere can achieve anything. hillary clinton disqualified from being commander-in-chief. affair ina family
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cedar rapids as former president bill clinton and his daughter, chelsea joined hillary clinton in remarks to supporters. she urged them to turn out tonight in iowa caucuses. ♪ [cheering] chelsea clinton: hello. hello, hello. good evening. hi. , cedar you're getting a particular
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shout out over their dad. thank you. we are so excited to be here, we are grateful you came out on a saturday night. enthusiastice more to see and hear so much enthusiasm. i am so proud to be my parents' daughter. and i am so proud to support my mom. in her campaign. the main reason i am so proud to support my mom in this election is because this is the first election for president that i will vote in as a mom. about my daughter, charlotte, who is 16 months old and when i think about charlotte's future and her
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little sister, i could not ,magine a better grandmother but also a better person to stand up and fight for them and fight for the right of every child and you heard in the video for them to live up to their god-given potential. i want a president for our future who believes in and has fought for universal health care, early childhood education, smart, sensible gun control, and everything we can do to keep our children and family safe. our country strong. and to build a more equal future for every single american, regardless of gender or race or sexual orientation or religion. [applause] i have known my mom my whole life.
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i do think that's pretty cool. i stand on stage with somebody who is not my mother for longer than i have. because i am pregnant i will get off stage and go sit down. i am going to leave you in good hands with someone who knows my mom even better and has known her for longer to introducer. my father, the 42nd president, bill clinton. [cheering] pres. clinton: thank you. thank you. all, thank you, cedar rapids. i had one of the most wonderful rallies of my entire career right here in 1992. i've never forgotten it. fornt to thank my daughter carrying on this great fight for her mother.
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because of her concern for her children and her children to come. thank you, young lady, for holding her book. i want to thank all of the volunteers and precinct captains and the others who are here and i want to thank the men who have led hillary's campaign from cedar rapids. i'm proud of you. look, hillary will come up. and tell you about her plans to restore prosperity. number one. everything the president said the state of the union is true. we're the best positioned country in the world for the 21st century. the big problem is and the reason what is anxiety and apprehension, is most people don't really get -- feel it yet. we have to deal with the problems that hillary will talk about, driving support and we
10:44 am
are to be coming together. a policyve to have that works for everybody again, not just for people who we give unlimited money. [applause] and we have to have a strong commander-in-chief. she will be great, but i want to tell you about something that i know about the job. things that other people don't talk about and she cannot really talk about. there are certain, almost intangible qualities that determine whether a president succeeds or not. and there are qualities that are more important at sometimes than others. borders lookere more like myths and walls and the fighting is been carried on by billions of brings in social media, you have to walk and chew gum at the same time. she is ready to do it.
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there are two things you need to know that i think are important. now, with all the people and what they have been through and as long as they have waited for this economy to pick up, for the social issues to be addressed, as long as they have been disgusted by political paralysis and gridlock in washington, you first need a sticker. somebody who will not quit on you. somebody who won't quit when the going gets tough. someone who will stand her ground and will always leave the door open to common ground. she is the best at that i've ever known. [applause] pres. clinton: i knew that when i met her, she was already famous for standing her ground as a student speaker. they had a u.s. senator there and she said i respect you but
10:46 am
you need to check your position on the vietnam war. we need to bring them home. it made her famous. when she went to represent the united states as part of the two or three most important speeches given by anybody in my administration, including me. in 1995 in beijing, china knew what they were going to hear and they didn't want her so they moved her speech to the country. there was a driving rainstorm and people went in wet from all over the world. she still got up and said women's rights are human rights and human rights are women's rights. [applause] she's a sticker. but she also knows how to find common ground. when she was in the white house with the, when she was a senator in new york, when she was secretary of state, she got the
10:47 am
iran sanctions, got china and russia to sign off. all of these republicans did things with her. that's why they are being mean to her right now. they don't want to read the quotes that say they will have to deal with the fact that she will make everybody he a grown up and do what's right for america. she got over again, people to work with her on things that were right. just because it was the right thing to do. thing you need this time, after all this gridlock, is a change maker. anybody can talk about it but not everybody can do it. to thiste i met her, day, it would be 45 minutes in march -- 45 years in march. she is the single best change maker i have ever known. everything she's touched, she made better. that's why her best friend from
10:48 am
childhood and a bunch of her childhood buddies from illinois are here for her. [applause] because she stuck with them and they are sticking with her. that's why nearly 90 people have gone all the way from arkansas at their own expense to new hampshire. some can barely afford it but they believe in her because she stuck with them and made things better. whether it was improving schools are giving us our first preschool for poor kids and giving thousands a chance to have a better future before there was any such thing around america, working for the children's events fund himself -- in the south or increasing adoptions on foster homes by 60%. the leader other public and caucus in the house -- of the republican caucus in the house this liked me but he was an active parent and said i know you love your kids and we have
10:49 am
to do something. every place she has ever been she makes it better. i am tired, asu i know you are, of all this gridlock. everything the president said is right. we have an unbelievable future but we have to seize it. to do it you need a sticker who knows when to stand her ground and always leaves the door open for common ground. we need a world-class change maker. she is the best i've ever known. the next president of the united states, hillary clinton. ♪
10:50 am
thank you. thank you soon: much, cedar rapids. thank you, bill. thank you, chelsea. thank you so much. thank you. [applause] [cheering] know, i amnton: you so happy to be here again in cedar rapids. i am just thrilled that chelsea and bill can be with me this last weekend as we move toward the caucuses on monday night. i am especially honored to have so many elected officials here. i want to thank them because they have been working so hard. they work so hard for all of you and i appreciate everything they have done.
10:51 am
billy, tammy, ronnie, wally, of, ben, let's give all these great people from here and around the country a big thank you from all of us. i am really happy to see so many of you who are working so hard to get ready for the caucuses. i want to thank our precinct cac dins -- captains. thank you to all of you. as all of you who have made up your mind to caucus for me on monday night, thank you so much. for those who are still making up your minds, i hope we will be able to persuade you to join us
10:52 am
to make progress for our country. [cheering] you know, there is so much at stake in this election. i know that it starts on monday. you will be the first people in the world who get to express an opinion about who you think should be the next president and commander in chief. [applause] hillary clinton: as you all make up your minds to go and caucus, with theu sign up and ship we are doing, we have folks from the back coming in, i know there have been overflowing issues. please, come up in front of the press riser there so we can see and you can see. let me say this.
10:53 am
the reason it is so important you turn out monday night is because of what would happen if you don't. you have had republicans crisscrossing the state, haven't you? you have heard what they have been saying. how they want to rip away our progress, turn back the clock, make it more difficult for people to get ahead and stay ahead again. and inot let that happen, want you all to know that i am going to fight against them if i am fortunate enough to be your nominee. i will take that fight and all the way to november and then we will go to the white house. [applause] here's what i want you to know. i want you to be ready. i want you to be ready not only to defend standing up for me but then to talk to your friends and neighbors about why you think
10:54 am
it's so important. let's start with the economy. it is a fact. republicans don't like it when i say it. we have a better economy when we have a democrat in the white house. [applause] we don't have to go back all that far to realize it. just think about the last two democratic presidents we've had. one is here tonight. each of them inherited economic problems from their republican predecessors. in bill's case it was a recession, a quadrupling of debt, and an increase in the deficit. when he got to washington after said whaton, somebody do you uniquely bring to
10:55 am
washington? to try to begin solving our problems? he said arithmetic. we will make it add up for the people of america again. we are going to create jobs at the end of eight years, 23 million new jobs. , income went up for everybody. don't tell me we can't raise incomes for everybody, we did it. not just at the top, it'll class folks, working people, poor people. they were all better off. -- middle class folks, working people, poor people. we ended up with a balanced budget and surplus. then what happened? another republican president. we begin going backwards. i was in the senate speaking against and voting against his policies to cut -- cut taxes on the wealthy, take your eyes of the financial and mortgage markets, all which treated.
10:56 am
and look what we got left with. a new, young, democratic president comes in, president elect obama. [applause] he called meon: right after the election and asked me to come see him in chicago. turns out he wanted me to be secretary of state but before that, he said it so much worse to me told us -- they told us. 800,000losing jobs a month. 9 million americans lost their jobs. $13 trillion in family wealth, white out. i don't think president obama -- white out. i don't think president obama gets enough credit for preventing the greatest fall since the great depression. [applause] we are not yet running.
10:57 am
people haven't had their incomes go up. there is still too much inequality. there's too much unfairness. what we need is a plan and a commitment, and me. yes. thank you. [applause] i will tell you what i will do. and what i want to do and with your help, what we can get done. more jobsng to create and government can make that happen. let's have more infrastructure jobs. our roads, bridges, tunnels. system, we have work to do in this country. people should be put to work here. these are jobs that cannot be exported. we need to make investments that will make us more competitive as an economy. i believe we should strip away
10:58 am
the incentives in the tax code that enable people to take jobs and move them overseas, bring them back here, put people to work in iowa and across america. i still believe we can make things in america. one of the reasons i believe it is i visited your community colleges. i was up at blackhawk community college at a partnership with uni. they have the biggest 3-d printer in north america. they are training people to use that piece of machinery so they can attract jobs to iowa. they can become a hub of new activity and manufacturing. what i call a manufacturing renaissance. we will make sure the federal government helps that. doesn't just standoff on the sidelines. that we recruit and keep and grow jobs. we will combat climate change
10:59 am
and create more clean renewable energy jobs. [applause] you all hear the republicans when they are asked about climate change, don't you. right? they are asked about climate change and say i don't know, i'm not a scientist. i have been going all over the state. i wish they would hear me because the answer to that is easy. go talk to a scientist. go to the universities. go to colleges. come to this high school and talk to science teachers and you understand what climate change is. [applause] hillary clinton: but you know, here is what i really believe. i really believe most of them are not that ill-informed. they just have to do what the koch brothers tell them. they said it don't you dare believe in climate change, don't you believe your lying eyes. that's bad enough. unfortunate that
11:00 am
they are missing out on one of the biggest economic opportunities we can have in this country. the country is going to be 21st century clean energy superpower. i think it will be either china, germany, or us. i want it to be us and there's no reason it can't be. [applause] like those big goals we're supposed to set and put everybody to work to achieve. the reason i know we can is because what i've seen in iowa. i travel around the country and i tell people we can be the clean energy superpower and i see skepticism. i say you know what happening in iowa? iowa already gets one third of its electricity from renewables. mostly from wind. [applause] iowa has led in the development of biofuels and is now working
11:01 am
on advanced biofuels to see whether they could power naval vessels and air force airplanes. this is important for you all to know because you had a plan that you have been slowly, surely, executing on. you are in the lead and it comes to renewable electricity, of many states in our country. my view is, let's take all the good things that are happening across america, let's lift them up, let's support them, let's create millions of jobs and i have set to big goals. let us apply a half a billion more solar panels by the end of my first term and enough clean energy to power every home by the end of my second term. we can do that. [applause]
11:02 am
i also want to support small business because that's where most of the jobs come from. my dad was a small businessman and i will strip away a lot of obstacles, and get credit flowing against a people have a chance to start small business if that's what you want. the fastest ways to raise income are to raise minimum wage. people who work full-time should not be in poverty. then let's finally get equal pay for women's work once and for all. [applause] everything i just told you, the republicans don't agree with. they don't believe we need more info structure jobs. they don't care about manufacturing. they don't seem to care about clean energy the way we should. they will not raise the minimum wage and i don't believe equal pay is a problem. that is an alternative reality they are living in and trying to sell to us.
11:03 am
we have to stand against it. we have to stand ready to fund what we need to grow together. the way we will do that is by making the tax code fair. this means we are going with the money is. the money is where the wealthy are. we will change the tax code and make them pay for all of the benefits they got here in america. there's a bunch of things i want to do, close loopholes, all of the gimmicky things you find in the tax code. i am the only candidate on either side who has said very plainly that i will raise your income, i will not raise middle-class taxes. i do not believe he should do that. people have not recovered from the great recession. i do believe we need funding to help make college affordable.
11:04 am
to help with early childhood education. to do the kind of things that will lift us up. here is what i believe. i went to omaha a few weeks ago and warren buffett endorsed me. i was very happy to have that support. he stood up there and said he agreed with me and he agreed that taxes had to go up on rich people like him. he said that will not make me too popular, but i believe he is right. i support what we call the buffet role. if you make $1 million, you should pay a 30% effective tax rate. right now with all the gimmicks and lobbyist, tax lawyers and accountants, people make that kind of money, pay a lower rate than teachers, firefighters, and others who are working hard all the time. then i want to go further. i want to impose what i call a onr share surcharge of 4%
11:05 am
incomes of $5 million or more. who pull the people every shenanigan in the book. they send money through bermuda, the bahamas, money sort of flying around so that it cannot be taxed the way it is supposed to. we have to end that. we have to go over and over again with what it is we need to end. and what we need to end is the gimmicks. the evasion. the turning their backs on americans. here's the example that has most recently outraged me. there is a great american company called johnson controls that is headquartered in wisconsin. among many things it makes auto-parts. remember --might you might member. the auto industry was on the brink of collapse. republicans let it die.
11:06 am
president obama and the said that congress millions of people's lives. we have to do something. you and i, the taxpayers of america, we bailed out the auto industry. it turned out to be a good investment. they paid it back. the treasury did not lose money. one of the companies asking for help was johnson controls and they benefited has auto sales picked up and they had the best sales they had in a long time. so what are they announce? they announced they will pretend to sell itself to a company in europe. it will pretend to move its headquarters to europe so that it can evade paying american taxes. to the government that saved its business. to the taxpayers who bailed it out. they call this an inversion.
11:07 am
i think it is a perversion. i will go right at it and do everything i can to end it when i am president. [applause] you see, i have a broader view about what we need to do to make sure people not only pay their fair share but that they do not wreck the economy the way we saw what happened back in 08. and my esteemed opponents, the governor, senator, and i agreed we have to prevent wall street and financial markets and others from doing what they did. but we have a slight difference. i have no argument with breaking up the banks if they pose a risk to our economy. in fact, i have said no bank is too big to fail and no executive is too powerful to jail. but i want to let you know. know that we now
11:08 am
have that law. we passed it, it was called the dodd frank law. we don't have to go past it, we just have to pull the trigger on the process if the banks pose this systemic risk. we are keeping our eye on what the banks are doing but that is not enough. that is where i have joined company with my friend -- part company with my two friends. you have to think about what happened in 08. lehman brothers, an investment bank, aig, a big insurance company, countrywide mortgage, it'ser bank, if all you do like my friends the senator and governor do is talk about the big banks, they are missing the big picture. we have to go after the shadow banking industry. we have to make sure they cannot hurt us. that is what i have pledged to do.
11:09 am
observers who have looked at what we have proposed have all said i have the toughest, most effective, most comprehensive plan. i will give you the best evidence. the folks who really know i have the toughest plan are the republicans and their allies. that's why they are running $6 million worth of ads against you right now. hedge fund guys started their own super pac to run against me. karl rove ran ads against me. another billionaire just jumped into the fray. you have to ask yourself. why are they so nervous about me? because they know me. they know i say what i mean and i do what i say and i know how to go after them and prevent them from doing that again. [applause] we are going to take the fight to them. and we can.
11:10 am
we also have to make progress. i am a progressive who likes to get things done. i am a progressive who likes to make progress. debate i amhe having with senator sanders over health care is so important. we both have the same goals. we want universal coverage. before it was called obamacare it was called hillary care. i was working to get us to universal coverage. film, saw in the insurance companies and drug companies beat us. wentgot off the four and to work, we got the children's health insurance program past. thrilled when president obama passed and signed the affordable care act. democrats have been trying to do this since harry truman. know what the alternative is, republicans want to repeal it, turn it back to the insurance
11:11 am
companies so that they can go and basically charge what they want, deny people coverage with pre-existing conditions, charge women more for health care, not like done people be on their parents policies. we know. tonight, tedine cruz was confronted by a man at one of his events today. who told him about his brother in law who had never been able to afford insurance. could not go to a doctor. when he finally did, he found out he was riddled with cancer. , why do you want to repeal this? finally people like my brother in law can get insurance. went off on an ideological critical comment about affordable care. he never said what the alternative would be. the man could say what would you replace it with? they cannot tell you because they don't have anything. except turn it back to the insurance companies.
11:12 am
that's fine with them. it's not fine with me. i'm not going to let that happen. [applause] hillary clinton: we have fought too hard and fought too long. we are 90% covered. i will fix what is wrong with the affordable care act. i will decrease cost out-of-pocket. we will go after prescription drug costs. but i will tell you, we cannot start over. we cannot do this country back into gridlock. people cannot wait for us to have another twenty-year debate. i have met the people who cannot wait. and shecame to see me said, look at this. she gave me a letter and started
11:13 am
taking a medicine, 10 shots a month in 1988 cost and $20 per shot. it stayed pretty steady. then last month, she went to see the pharmacist to get her the shots and the pharmacist said it will cost you more than $14,000 for this same 10 shots. i said let me see that. i took the letter and looked at it and said oh. here's what's going on. there are a lot of drugs that have been around a long time. there is no research money going in. there are no new investments. they make the same drug and sell it and make a profit. not too much, just to keep it in the marketplace. a bunch of hedge fund guys and speculators said this is a great opportunity for us. they start buying these companies, buying up these drugs. they got a hold that the people need them and began increasing the price through the roof. the company that bought this
11:14 am
other company called valiant pharmaceuticals, it is one of those that is going around gobbling up the drugs that are already out there and charging more than people can pay. it is, and i think we need to call it what it is, but a tory pricing -- predatory pricing. we need to use every legal tool at our disposal to shut this down. i will go after them and prevent them from doing this to people. [applause] somebody saidn: to me i have been railing about this for a couple of days. somebody said the stock price fell and i said good. i hope they get the message. i won't let this happen. i was in davenport and a man said thank you for defending the affordable care act. he had a grandchild born with a congenital heart condition. the little girl had five operations and he said we never could have managed it unless we
11:15 am
had the affordable care act. under the affordable care act, lifetime limits were removed. they could get the insurance they needed for something as serious as open-heart surgery on a child. just yesterday i was in des moines. went towoman before i speak and she said i want to thank you for defending the affordable care act. i said i am doing it because i believe in it. i know it's the best opportunity we've got. she said just a few years ago, my daughter was diagnosed with brain cancer. because the affordable care act, i could put her on my policy. i had her on my policy and we began her treatment, but she got really sick and i had to quit my job. i didn't know what we would do but i could go to the marketplace and get insurance without cover me. this woman told me this heartrending story. it had a happy ending. she said my daughter just got
11:16 am
married but i don't know what we would've done without the affordable care act for her treatment and for my insurance. [applause] it and werepeal cannot start over. we have to build on it and make it work and get us to 100%. it is a lot easier getting from 90% coverage to 100% then to try to go from 0% to 100%. we are on the path to get it done. [applause] i also want to thank all the teachers and retirees who are here tonight. [cheering] so proud to have your endorsement and i will be your partner. we will work together to improve education. account that takes into what the child's need. best what the child needs. i have had heartbreaking stories across the state.
11:17 am
tammy has in with me a few times where teachers have raised their hand in my meetings and they have said it has been below zero. three weeks ago i was in tama. a little kid comes to school with a t-shirt on. i know his family is having such a hard time, we are trying to help. teachers do not just believe their job is to impart knowledge , academic knowledge. the teachers i know believe their job is to lift up these children and get every single child a chance. to live up to his or her god-given potential. [applause] here are things i think would help. we need early childhood education. five.o this would help repair so many more children to be successful when they got to school. -- prepare so many more children. we need more services in schools.
11:18 am
we need nurses back in school. we need social workers. people that deal with the problems that kids are bringing to school. [applause] we need to make college affordable again for everyone in america. i have a plan to do that. i have laid out my plan and told you how much it would cost. i know there are a lot of young people who are very attracted by senators'proposal for free college. i want that free tuition. here's the difference. -- debt free tuition. i want everyone i can afford it to have tuition without borrowing anything. i do not believe giving free college to donald trump soonest child is in the best interest of all the hard-working americans who need help.
11:19 am
[applause] i think we can do it in a sustainable way. by number one, asking colleges and universities to look a t what they are charging. the costs will keep going up as there will not be any incentive to try to rein them in. too many colleges and universities need to understand they cannot just don't everything on tuition -- dump everything on tuition. i want a partnership with the state. i want them to stop building prisons and put money into education including higher education. [applause] important if you are going to college and you get the debt free tuition to work 10 hours a week. make sure you make a contribution so you feel like
11:20 am
you are invested in this. when you get out if you have debt, i believe we should let you refinance and save thousands of dollars, get the payment down, get it as a percentage of your income. then we will make it affordable for the people have debt right now to get out from under it. [applause] there's a lot of work for us to do. i am very committed to fighting hard on all of these fronts at home. there's another big group of issues i disagree fundamentally with the republicans over. they want to take away everybody's rights. human rights, civil rights, women's rights, gays rights, that is in my view, ripping out the progress we've made. i tell you where i stand. i support a woman's right to make choices about health care.
11:21 am
[applause] planned parenthood and will fight against it being defunded. [applause] support marriage equality and i will work against discrimination against the lgbt community. [applause] i support voting rights and i will work to overturn citizens united and get corrupt money out of politics. i support unions and workers rights. they built the american middle class and they are important to our future. i support criminal justice reform and i will work to try and heal the wounds we have seen between our races and peoples across our country. massve to end the area of incarceration and provide second chances and more opportunities.
11:22 am
defend social security against privatization, the biggest wall street giveaway the republicans have proposed. da but i will not let the republicans privatize the v.a. and take away the security of health care for american veterans. and i will fight for common sense gun safety measures against the gun lobby. [applause] know, this morning in ames i was endorsed by gabby giffords, and her husband mark kelly. i will tell you about the commitment of those two young americans. it was so overwhelming to see it in person and see this woman who i knew before she was shot in while she was meeting
11:23 am
with her constituents in a parking lot of a shopping center. there tos who were meet with her, a little nine-year-old girl had come to member wasngress killed. mark kelly, who served our nation 25 years in the military, served as an astronaut on the space shuttle. he honestly said, i am not political. i was never involved in that, i just served my country. we cannot go on like this. this is wrong. 90 people on average a day die from gun violence in america. that is 33,000 people a year. suicides and terrible, avoidable accidents. liken sense gun reform background checks, closing loopholes, not letting people on the no-fly list by guns in america. they are too dangerous to fly,
11:24 am
they shouldn't be buying a gun. [applause] these proposals are supported by 92% of the american people and 85% of gun owners. i have been talking to gun owners as i've traveled around. knoxville and oskaloosa and places. they come up and say i've been thinking about it. they want you to do it so it doesn't interfere with my rights. absolutely. you have rights. it has to be done and it's in the constitution. but don't you think we are smart enough to figure out how to do that? when my husband was president, we passed the brady bill and more than 2 million purchases have been renovated to felons and fugitives and stalkers and prohibited tobeen felons and fugitives and stalkers and other dangerous people. i hope you will consider this as an important issue because there are too many people dying. we cannot stop every death, i'm not claiming that. but we ought to try.
11:25 am
i think we can. let me say a final word about safety here at home. 9/11.senator on passionately about defending our country. keeping us safe from terrorists and others who wish to do us harm. i've laid out a plan as to how i would do that, defeat isis. how to make sure we lead a coalition of air power to support the kurds that have to do the fighting because i will not send american combat troops to syria. ,e also have to take them on preventing their foreign fighters and foreign funding and take them on online. we have to also pull together in our country. that's the point i want to make.
11:26 am
plan.9/11, we had a it was like an information program. if you see something's u suspicious or hear something's this -- suspicious, call it in. being on on everybody the same side. knowing that we were going to protect all of us against any terror attack. we did, we got information that foiled attacks and broke them up. i think it worked because everybody felt like they were part of it. when you hear leading republican candidates say what they say about american muslims, here's what i want to think. -- want you to think. it is not only insensitive to our values, it is a dangerous position to be taking. [applause] where all of a sudden, some
11:27 am
americans are made to feel like they are outside the circle. they are not wanted. their information is not needed. america ismosque in here in cedar rapids. [applause] people, people as your neighbors and colleagues. we need to all be in this together. a coalition to have of nations, including muslim nations, to defeat the threat of terrorism. coalition,together a the coalition that imposes sanctions on iran that drove them to the negotiating table and got the agreement that put the lid on their nuclear weapons program. i know what it takes to build a coalition and i can tell you this. it's a lot harder to build a coalition when you have people running for president of the united states who are insulting the religion of the countries we need in the coalition to defeat the terrorists with. [applause]
11:28 am
this campaign is like a job interview. you all have to decide who is ready to be president and commander in chief on day one in january of 2017. if you will go caucus for me on monday night, if you will go stand up for me here, if you will be there for me, i promise you this. i will stand for you, i will fight for you through this campaign, and in the white house, i will work my heart out for you for the kind of future of our country that we all deserve and wants. thank you all and god bless you. [applause] ♪
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pulls shownt, hillary clinton with a four-point lead over bernie sanders in iowa. and a quick reminder about our iowa caucus coverage. it begins live at 7:00 eastern on c-span and c-span2. at 8:00 eastern, the republican caucus right here on c-span and the democratic caucus on c-span2. byook now at some ads hillary clinton, bernie sanders, and martin o'malley that are running in iowa. >> the time has come to make a choice. about which candidate can actually make a difference for you. this,orld is complex as we need a president as experienced as hillary. in the situation room. at the negotiating table.
11:55 am
and always on your side. children and families with a real plan to get incomes , reduce drug prices, when equal pay for women, and protect social security and medicaid. she will build on obamacare, not start over. break the gridlock, not add to it. defend planned parenthood, not attack it. stand up to the gun lobby, not protect it. lead on foreign policy, not ignore it. we need a president with the experience and determination to get the job done. >> i'm running to make a difference. a real difference for you and your families across our country. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. on february 1, thousands of iowans will be part of something big. it will be caucusing for hillary clinton. it's as easy as 123. find your caucus location. on february:30 p.m. 1. a volunteer will show you where to go.
11:56 am
then celebrate with your friends and neighbors. up toy clinton will stand the republicans and get things done for you and your family. all of that starts at the iowa caucus on february 1. see you there. ♪ one of the wall street banks the triggered the financial meltdown, goldman sachs, just settled with authorities for their part in the crisis that put 7 million out of work and millions out of their homes. how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign contributions and speaking fees. our economy works for wall street. and that's the problem. as long as washington is bought and paid for, we can't build an economy that works for people.
11:57 am
>> i'm bernie sanders and i approve business and. >> hello. i'm governor martin o'malley. a lifelong democrat. and i'm running for president of the united states to bring new leadership forward and build upon the good work that president obama and vice president biden have done. and in my own state i had the backbone to take on the nra and i will do it again to pass comprehensive gun safety legislation. i'm running for president to bring new leadership to our country and build on president obama's progress. i need your help. thanks a lot. inside the exhibit, first in the nation, shaping presidential politics since 1992. lena landis. you began in 1992. >> that's correct. the senator from maine was the presumed democratic favorite. senator george mcgovern does better than expected. even at that time iowa was shaping presidential politics.
11:58 am
>> well-known campaigns and some less well known. >> in 2008, representative john cox from illinois keeping to iowa -- came to iraq hoping to catch fire. he would hand out bags of potato chips with his sticker on them. >> how did you get some of these ? the story behind them? >> a lot of them come from every day iowans. people also donate them to us. was active in the jesse jackson campaign. signed fora caucus jesse jackson. we also have a 1988 press packet for jesse jackson. showing how things have changed in marketing a candidate today. how about the marketing of some of the more modern campaigns? >> we have a lot of things from the post 2000 era.
11:59 am
you will see a mitt romney foam baseball mitt. the standard t-shirt for bill bradley. rudy giuliani. forers were still common candidates. sorts of artifacts in the exhibit as well. >> one of the more interesting pieces i thought were two coffee cans. >> the caucuses are run by each party. they are very grassroots in nature. these are two examples of ballot boxes from a precinct in warren county just south of des moines. in that precinct just grabbed a couple of coffee cans to use. >> and handmade signs as well. >> that's right. the caucus will open at 6:30. there will be over 1600 across the state. captain may hand
12:00 pm
paint a sign. >> coming up next, the u.s. house will begin morning hours speeches in just a moment as members return for the first time since canceling last week's session because of the east coast blizzard last month. lawmakers will start legislative work this afternoon at 2:00 on financial regulation and sex trafficking bills. later in the week, a vote to override the president's veto of a measure repealing parts of the health care long -- law. the speaker pro tempore: the house will be in order. the chair lays before the house a communication from the speaker. the clerk: the speaker's rooms, washington, d.c. february 1, 2016. i hereby appoint the honorable tom emmer to act as speaker pro tempore on this day, signed, paul d. ryan, speaker of the house of representatives. the speaker pro tempore: pursuant to the order of the house of january 5, 2016th


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