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tv   U.S. House of Representatives Legislative Business  CSPAN  February 1, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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the best president if something should happen, because things can happen. that's ultimately what it's all about. with that being said you want to pick somebody who can help you. you want to pick somebody from a state maybe you have to win. one of the things that one of the polls just came out, the new york post has a big story today that trump is winning with hispanics, a big story, and i'm not surprised because i'm phenomenally with people who are here illegally -- legally. ready soon we will have you legal starting to vote if we do not get tough and smart. but we want somebody who can be a great president always, but also someone who can get us to the goal so you do not have another four years of losses. and there are great people out there. republicans have some great
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people out there. i think we will have tremendous success areas one of the stories written was that -- if trump wins -- first all if trump-hillary -- if she gets there. i don't know if she's going to get there with this e-mail stuff. issue she going to get there? i don't know. it will be the largest voter turnout in the history of the united states. and you know that, the debate i participated -- 24 million, 25 million people. cnn had the largest show in the history of cnn. i think if i was not an -- insulted and we went through normal channels, i think that would have been larger than the 25 million people in the first debate. i think that would have urpassed it. they said it and they said it very strongly.
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the concept of winning new york state is impossible for any of the people i am dealing with. in possible. it's i do something -- they don't even campaign there. i think we have a chance to win new york. hey like me in new york. by the way, if we win new york, you talk about a lot of delegates. right? but if we win new york, we are talking about a lot. we are going to win virginia, we are going to win michigan. i'm always talking about the car business being stripped out of michigan. we did well in ohio. i like john kasich very much. i am beating him by a lot. he is the serving governor. we are going to win florida. am 38% against 16 people. i think a lot of state that are not even thought of -- you look at some of the states they don't even talk about the state as a republican.
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i think we can win states that aren't even thought of in the normal route and you're going to have yourself a victory, folks. and i tell you what. i am not going to disappear like he last group did. i kept thinking, where is he? why isn't he on television? why isn't he doing jay leno and letterman and the shows?
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every night you see obama is on television, television, television. and i call in sick, he has to do jay leno. he has to do with david letterman. i don't know. they took a vacation the last month of the campaign. it's not going to happen with trump, folks. we are going to win. jerry: you know, i have never done anything like this before, i have never gotten involved with national politics. i believe if we hit 24 trillion in debt, we may be beyond the point of no return. i believe if the next president is not the right president there will be maybe up to four supreme court justice appointees that would change this country forever. all of the values we hold dear will be gone. i honestly believe this man who has turned companies around in the private sector can do it for this country, and that is what i am here -- that is why i am here -- mr. trump: thank you. jerry: that is why i am so honored to be invited to join you up here. we could lose our country if we don't choose a man who is electable. he is the only one who is electable in my opinion. mr. trump: thank you, jerry.
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thank you, everybody. thank you very much. thank you so much. thank you, jerry. thank you becky and the family. thank you, everybody. national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] mr. trump: thank you, folks. cable satellite corp. 2016]
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>> we are less than an hour away of the c-span coverage of the iowa caucuses. republicans scheduled for 8:00. we plan to bring you that on c-span. if the house is still in we will push it over to c-span 3. a lot of chances to weigh in with your calls, facebook posts and tweets. don't forget the house coming back in 25, 30 minutes and due to do a couple of votes. and as we wait for the house, more about the iowa caucuses from this morning's washington journal. get ready to cauc catherine lucey joins us. let's begin with this poll from the des moines register some of the bloomberg political poll.
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donald trump is on top was 28%, followed by senator ted cruz at 23%, which slipped a little bit. senator marco rubio follows with 15%. dr. ben carson at 10%. withing it out, rand paul 5%. chris christie with 3%. the others with 2% or less. catherine lucey, what are your predictions for tonight on the republican side? guest: i think we have all learned not to make too many predictions for it obviously, donald trump has remained a leader for a very long time. looking into this pretty good, and ted cruz has lost some ground. i think the big questions we're waiting to see is the difference here between organization and momentum. donald trump has a lot of enthusiasm, a lot of excitement. there are a lot of people at his rallies who say they have never caucused before. ted cruz has invested heavily in a very strong traditional
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organization to turn people out to the caucuses. so i think we will see which one has the edge given the different ways their coming into this. host: explain a little bit more about senator ted cruz's organization efforts on the ground. what has he put into this, and compare that was senator marco rubio, who is looking to make a good showing tonight, as well. the statethey done in of iowa that can make the difference for both of them? guest: ted cruz has invested a lot in this state. he has been coming here for years and has a huge network of county chairs. he has brought in volunteers that have been staying in these former college dorms. they call it camp cruz. he has volunteers from the state. so he is put a huge amount of effort into people on the ground. iowa has also been in
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recently and has beefed up his organization, but i would say it is a little more recent. he, too, has but a considerable amount of resources here. i think it is a question of, you know, who has the -- obviously, coming into edge this, but people are looking to see if rubio can outperform his numbers. trump hasld supporters saying we have never caucused before. donald trump says he can get these people out to caucus for him. but nothing in this whole forecasts a groundswell of new people to just 40% of the likely gop electorate is made up of ours time caucus-goers am a which is on par with the 30 a percent of first-time caucus-goers reflected in 2012 entrance polling.
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catherine lucey, what do you make of that? guest: well, yeah, i am never ,oing to question that polling probably the best in the business. she is picking up what she is picking up. it is true for donald trump that if the number of new people is lower than the poll predicts, that is better for him. he needs new people to come out, those nontraditional participants. the said, he is leading polls. so if he can achieve what she is predicting here, he is going to have a pretty good night tonight. host: let's talk about the democrats. hillary clinton leading within that 4% margin of error. hillary clinton at 45%. senator bernie sanders at 42%.
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martin o'malley with 3%. who'd a silly clinton need to turn out tonight? -- who does hillary clinton need to turn out tonight, and he does bernie sanders need to turn out? guest: clinton has invest heavily in a massive organization here, and she is really looking to get up the traditional democratic caucus-goers. sanders is looking to expand the base. he is been working very hard to try to get college students out, get younger people, people who felt disenfranchised by the process. he has been looking to get new people in the they had been encouraging college students at universities in iowa to go home to their hometown because their caucus participation might be more valuable. might be more valuable participating in a smaller town than a college town.
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they're doing things like that to try and get new people out. host: explain that a little bit more for people that are first-time viewers to this whole caucusing process. about deciding how many delegates to get on the democratic side? -- on theis democratic side, it is a very complicated process. the main thing is that it is not a primary. it is not a simple one person, one vote, going in very quickly to cast a vote. this is a county organizing meeting. they are held all over the state. and each county gets a certain number of delegates. essentially, the number of delegates is based on past democratic performance. so counties with strong performances will get more. and then population. the way it works is that the number of delegates is six.
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you can essentially maxed ou our gains. for senator sanders, for example, in a city like iowa city, a college town, he could maximum number of delegates he can earn. so it does not matter at a certain point. in contrast, a couple of people, it could be helpful and a smaller area in getting a delegate. so the campaigns, and all the campaigns on the democratic side, are looking at this kind where youte map about need your people, where you can get a delegate, where you can get the max done. it is very difficult to explain. watch it viewers can all unfold tonight on c-span and c-span2. we will be covered a democratic
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caucus and republican caucus. you will be able to see how many people show up. it has been a small percentage of the iowa have relation in the past. and you have the weather. what is the prediction for tonight? comingthere is a storm in, but i understand it is coming later in the evening. so i do not think it will help people coming out tonight. always part of the iowa caucuses, how many people are going to show up on a winter night for kind of a lengthy process. at this point in time, it does not appear a storm will prevent them from leaving their homes. host: it could get worst or the night, which means all of the , theren iowa right now are planning to go to new hampshire tomorrow morning, including the candidates. catherine lucey, is there any talk of the candidates getting out of dodge so they can get to new hampshire? or where will they'll be
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tonight? guest: some of the candidates left already. on the republican side, some have not laughed. the summer leaving before this evening. some who think they might think they have a better shot in new hampshire will probably be there by tonight. i think a lot of the campaigns are leaving late tonight. to darlene, las vegas, independent. caller: good morning. i know you like to have articles in front of you so you can also reference them. imc you probably do not have this particular article. probably doy you not have this one. i was wondering why no one discussed this. if this came from a republican, the earth would have shaken. this is an article written by bernard sanders called "man and
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women" published in "the vermont freeman." women talks how about being raped. masturbatesome and his typical fantasy, a woman on her knees, tied up, abused. a woman enjoys intercourse with her man as she fantasizes about being raped -- host: ok, i think we got the points. what are you trying to say here? caller: why is nobody talking about it? why isn't this the stone left thatned? this is something this man took the time to write this essay and a newspaper, but nobody has taken the time to even bring up or mention it. you want to talk liberal candidate, you found it. host: this is from npr. they say that mother jones dug up the 1972 essay bernie sanders
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wrote for the alternative newspaper. it is a commentary on gender roles that also causes stir. following, not been read on data from a the controversy is about. what did bernie sanders right and say about rape? the essay is not long, only one page, and the bit about rape comes at the very beginning. sanders goes on to explain his idea about gender roles, talking about troubling dynamics in men's and women's sex lives. that is what npr says about this article. sounds like this came out when he announced his campaign. talk about the gender dynamic in iowa. hillary clinton has been courting the female vote. how is it looking? guest: yes, hillary clinton has been courting the female vote and talks more the cycle about
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the potential of being the first female president then she did eight years ago. that i think there is a divide between younger and older women. a lot of younger women seem more interested in senator sanders. he has a lot of young people at his rallies. they both are talking a lot about issues that traditionally have been interests of women. pay family leave, pay equity. so some of those things that i think are important to women across the board. john in south carolina, democrat, an early stage. good morning to you. caller: good morning. i first want to say that the candidate i am going to vote for will have to be able to reach across the table and become bipartisan. there are a lot of factors. race relations in the united states is terrible right now in
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my opinion. we're going to have to deal with it. we can march and say "we shall overcome," knowing full well when we go back home, we're going to have to deal with race. it just does not do it anymore. secondly, you know, donald trump , and i have seen a lot of people, when he has come to south carolina, and a lot of people say i am going and i want to see him, and they put weight behind the guy simply because he has an entertainment value. it troubles me, because they don't look deep. we are about to elect president of the united states. policyy has no foreign behind him. host: catherine lucey, what are iowans telling you that show up for these donald trump rallies? why are they supporting him in iowa? the theme that
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has emerged at the donald trump rallies is that a lot of people are frustrated and angry. they are angry with the political process. they seem to like the fact that donald trump is not politically correct, that he does seem to say what comes into his mind, that he is less concerned about how it appears. there seems to be a lot of economic frustration that is consistent with these folks and a lot of people that feel disenfranchised. host: chris in kansas, independent. caller: hello. i don't really have a question. amean, this country is constitutional republic. as far as all the candidates are concerned, the only two i ever really hear talk about the constitution are ted cruz and rand paul. at this point, i am leaning towards ted cruz. i don't know. ok.:
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catherine lucey, who are ted cruz's supporters in iowa? guest: ted cruz, who certainly describes himself as a constitutionalist, has very deep support among evangelical and christian conservatives in iowa. he has made a lot of effort to woo those folks, and they tend to be major participants in the caucus here in iowa. that is a really important group to build a coalition. he has also worked to try and appeal to republicans across the board, arguing that conservative republicans need to unite behind one candidate to be the most effective. with we are talking catherine lucey, political reporter in iowa for the associated press, taking your questions and comment on this primary race as iowa voting is going to be getting underway in about eight hours or so. she can take your questions and comments about how this is all
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working and how this first in the nation state -- i want to get the phone numbers. republicans, 202-748-8001. democrats, 202-748-8000. .ndependents, 202-748-8002 and iowa voters, 202-748-8003. she let in new orleans, a democrat. in new -- sheila orleans, a democrat. caller: hello. my comment is that i have listened to bernie sanders since he started, and i never hear him really give a serious plan about things. he is always talking about going after wall street. het i did hear him say was was going to raise taxes on the middle class. someone asked him a question and
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he stated, yes, he was going to have to raise the taxes on the middle class. i like hillary. hillary was in there with her husband. she helped a lot of people. she did a lot of things. up does not have to stand there -- a lot of first ladies did not do that, but she did. she helped a lot of minorities, as well as all people. and i just find that they are using these e-mails against her right now because they do not want her in office. they do not want a woman in office, with for one thing. and it is not just because she .ights against them she does not let them run over her. my question is, why is it that the media only looks at certain things? we are looking at donald trump. donald trump is a real joke. he has no plan.
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he calls people stupid. he calls people names, and everybody is smiling and laughing. he is the 1%. host: i think we have got a question there for catherine lucey. the e-mail story playing out -- how is it playing out in iowa, and who are her supporters there? really think hillary clinton has strong support here in iowa, as evidenced by the poll you referenced. i have not heard that the e-mails are moving, at least the latest revelations are moving people along at this point. her support is strong. a push bynk this is opponents in some ways. they seem pretty comfortable with her. i do not think the e-mails are moving a lot of people off of hillary. , independent. caller: wanted to make a comment. i would not vote for any of the
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candidates voting right now. taxes,y they would cut but their track records say they are in favor of raising taxes in one aspect or another, typically to promote, you know, whatever. i would not vote for donald trump either. file forch a guy who bankruptcy four times. i would not trust him with an economy period. what i would like to do is i would like to see gary johnson actually have a chance. i was wondering if there was any chance you could do a segment on him. candidate who, as government, cut taxes in his state. host: jesse from lebanon, tennessee, democrat. first, good morning. thank you for c-span. you do wonderful work. ims supporting senator sanders for multiple reasons. am supporting senator
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sanders. "i"t, he is an "us," not situation for one of the principal failures of barack obama's presidency have been on the voters. the voters in 2008 did not show up for him in 2010. showed up in 2012 but do not show up in 2014. every step of the way, senator sanders lets us know that he cannot do it without us. as to the prior democrat caller who was talking about how senator sanders is going to raise taxes on the middle class as she is going to support hillary -- well, if she wants more private prisons and more african-americans in jail, yes, go ahead and support hillary clinton. if she wants more lies as to how the defense of marriage act came thet, go ahead and support former secretary of state. thank you. again, thank you for c-span. host: catherine lucey, tonight
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on the democratic side, where will you be watching the results? tell our viewers where there is an indication of who will come out first in iowa on the democrat side. watchingam going to be an individual caucus in a small town. i will see the process up close and personal, which i think will be really interesting. for viewers, it is going to take a little more for the results to come in. 681 precincts in iowa, and they all have to have their meetings. the democratic process takes a little longer than the republican process, because they meet and divide into groups based on the candidate they prefer. r. for what purpose does the gentleman from ohio seek recognition? >> mr. speaker, i send a
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privileged resolution -- report from the committee on rules for filing under the rule. the speaker pro tempore: the clerk will report the title. the clerk: report to accompany house resolution 594, resolution providing for consideration of the bill, h.r. 3700, to provide housing opportunities in the united states through modernization of various housing programs and for other purposes. the speaker pro tempore: referred to the house calendar and ordered printed. pursuant to clause 8 of rule 20, proceedings on -- to resume on motions to suspect the rules previously postponed. votes will be taken in the following order. h.r. 2187, by the yeas and nays. h.r. 41 -- 416 by the yeas and nays. first electronic vote will be conducted as a 15-minute vote. remaining electronic votes will be conducted as five-minute votes. the unfinished business is the vote on the motion of the gentleman from new jersey, mr. garrett, to suspend the rules and pass h.r. 2187 as amended on which the yeas and nays are
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ordered. the clerk will report the title of the bill. the clerk: union calendar number 309. h.r. 21 7. a bill to -- 2187. a bill to direct the securities and exchange commission to revise its regulations regarding the qualifications of natural persons as accredited investors. the speaker pro tempore: the question is, will the house suspend the rules and pass the bill as amended. members will record their votes by electronic device. this is a 15-minute vote. [captioning made possible by the national captioning institute, inc., in cooperation with the united states house of representatives. any use of the closed-captioned coverage of the house proceedings for political or commercial purposes is expressly prohibited by the u.s. house of representatives.]
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the speaker pro tempore: the question is on the motion of the gentleman from new jersey, mr. garrett, to suspend the rules and pass h.r. 416. on which the yeas and nays are ordered. the clerk will report the title of the bill. the clerk: union calendar number 312. hrment r. 4168. a bill to amend the small business investment incentive act of 19 0, require an annual review by the securities and exchange commission of the annual government business forum on capital formation that is held pursuant to such actions -- acts. the speaker pro tempore: the question is, will the house suspend the rules and pass the bill. members will record their votes y electronic device. his is a five-minute vote.
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[captioning made possible by the national captioning institute, inc., in cooperation with the united states house of representatives. any use of the closed-captioned coverage of the house proceedings for political or commercial purposes is expressly prohibited by the u.s. house of representatives.]
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the speaker pro tempore: on this vote the yeas are 390, the nays are one. 2/3 of those voting having responded in the affirmative, the rules are suspended, the bill is passed and without objection the motion to reconsider is laid on the table.
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for what purpose does the gentleman from texas seek recognition? >> mr. speaker, i ask unanimous consent that i be removed as a co-sponsor from both h.r. 1019 and h.r. 1401. the speaker pro tempore: without objection, so ordered. for what purpose does the gentleman from pennsylvania seek recognition? >> mr. speaker, i ask unanimous consent to remove myselfs is a co-sponsor of h.r. 546. the speaker pro tempore: without objection, so ordered.
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the court: the chair will postponefurther proceedings today on the additional motion to suspend the rules on which a recorded vote or the yains are dered or on which the vote incurs objection under claws 6, rule 20. any will be taken later. the house will be in order. will all members please take their conversations off the house floor. the house will be in order. will all members please take your conversations off the floor.
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fropjasm california seek recognition? >> mr. speaker, i move to suspend the ruse and concur in the. the court: the clerk will report the title of the bill. clerk clerk an act to appropriate the coast guard for 2016 and 2017 and for other purposes. senate amendment. the court: pursuant to the rule, mr. hunter, and jasm california, mr. gar mendy, each will control 20 minutes. he chair recognizes gasm california. members will please take your conversation off the house
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floor. the chair recognizes jasm california. hubt hunt i ask that they have five legislative days to include extraneous material. i yield myself such time as i may consume. the court: the gentleman will suspend. the house will be in order. will members please take your conversation off the house floor. the gentleman will resume. hunt hunt i stand with mr. gar mendy for the coast guard authorize age act. we have a bill before us today. home run 4188 as amended by the
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senate is similar to the legislation that passed the house in 2015. it makes several reforms as well as. it is important legislation that will assist the coast guard in fulfilling is missions. i thank you for your hard work and chairman shuster. and support the coast guard allowed for the development. the members of the coast guard do a tremendous. and save those in danger and ensure the safety and ports and waterways. passing home run 188. will demonstrate the strong support that congress has and the deep appreciation they have for our nation. i would like to thank our staff
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and the democrat staff. i would like to thank for the to getat they put in and this done. i urge all members to pass this. and i reserve the balance of my time. the court: jart. the chair recognizes jasm california. gary: i yield myself such time as i may consume. the court: jarked. gary: i'm pleased to rise to join chairman hunter in strong support of legislation for funding for the united states coast guard and strengthen the prospects for the u.s. flag and u.s. maritime industry. this is a very carefully crafted, bipartisan, bicameral legison


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