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tv   Washington Journal  CSPAN  February 2, 2016 7:00am-10:01am EST

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abbas to will political editor about presidential politics and the new hampshire primary. also, read new hampshire primary. eed wilson at morning consult with analysis of the iowa caucuses. tonight, thanks to the incredible hard work of everyone of courageous conservatives across the state, votes of r earn the 48,608 juans. >> good morning. cruz oted and senator ted surged ahead of donald trump in the hawkeye state. the former secretary of state hillary clinton and bernie sanders are locked in a tight race, still too close to call morning.officials this at the clinton camp, however,
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declaring victory. all the candidates have flown on to new hampshire, the next battleground in this primary contest. they'll vote in six days. this morning's "washington journal" is giving you reaction to the first in the nation voting last night and what's next for these candidates. 202-748-8001. emocrats, 202-748-8000, and independents, 202-748-8002. iowa, new hampshire voters, we want to learn from you how you hawkeye state and how you plan to vote in the granite state. 202-748-8003 is your line. join the conversation on twitter c-spanwj or facebook do dom/csan. good morning. ed cruz has been declared the winner on the republican side or
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a virtual tie as bernie sanders has called it. this is the results from the new york times this morning. that rate is called on the epublican side, senator ted cruz got 27.7% of the votes. that gives him eight delegates of iowa.t donald trump with 24.3. he'll get seven. 23.1%.rubio, the senator, he too will get seven delegates. side, only ratic points separating hillary clinton and bernie sanders. delegates and 23 bernie sanders 21 delegates. this is updated at 6:30 this morning. we will wait to talk to you this night's iowa last caucuses. what did you watch? what did you think? what did you think about the winners today? let me show you the "washington journal" this morning, their front page about ted cruz's victory. the headlines say that ted cruz
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bumped past trump in iowa. racks mr. trump's status after a six-month ride at the top of the polls. cruz's superior turnout machine and the texas appeal with the party's most conservative voters. we'll look at those numbers and find out who turned out to vote in iowa, in lansing, north carolina, democrat, you're up first. good morning to you. welcome to the conversation. they just h, i think waste too much money on all primaries on and the candidates. host: you think too much money this? en spent by caller: yes, too much money and too much wasted. we need to put that in there to alance the budget of our country. we don't need to waste all this their n people buying everyone knows who's
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win because they're going to buy the electoral votes like they did in 2000. this is right, well, from the weekly standards web headline, jeb bush $2,884 per iowa vote and sixth place. 2.8% ote total constitutes of the republican turnout placing him in sixth place. in either race spent more than the florida governor. bush spent $14.9 million in iowa all coming from bush's super pac. this means that the republican 8884 per iowaspent vote. alone, 60,000 tv ads
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aired, 1600 candidate rallies in that state. on the republican line, john, good morning to you. what's your reaction to the results? caller: well, the candidates all senator cruz's ground game has started paying off. screener, ing your he's getting back to conservative values and getting back to where the country has been leading from versus the left socialist state, which is mrs. clinton and wanted to continue with. but i think the american public needs to look at it in a whole different light as well. he conservative side of the coin, you might say, is a stark of law. to the rule senator cruz wants to basically einforce the rule of law and
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our individual responsibility, t cetera, whereas half of the united states is considering mrs. clinton which, you know, indictment of -- not under indictment yet, but she's under the investigation by the fbi of such sensitive information of breaking sensitive novembers laws, but for the t even produce public to see how sensitive it is. only tark contrast not between the conservative values of a free market economy versus left.olled economy of the p u're seeing what we're u against, we're either going to have the rule of law or not the why thisaw, and that's is such an antiestablishment campaign because everybody outside the belt way and iowa, we're all adhering to the ruling class, whereas the ruling are, and the beltway is not.
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we want a constitutional lawyer who wants to protect and stand with the rule of law versus flounced the rule of doesn't care about american secrets and security. ost: let me ask you this, are you happy with the one, two and three spots, senator ted cruz followed by donald trump, followed by marco rubio. do you like all three? aller: first of all, i think all the lower candidates need to start dropping out after south carolina or new hampshire. but i think ted cruz, when you put cruz, trump and rubio has the most cruz depth and the most intelligence him, i would hind s say, is rubio. public you come to policy discussion and also public policy production, which would be the best for the united states, mr. trump, as much as i like him as a sensationalist, i hate to say this, he's tapped
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into the anger of the american people. he's a shallow as a bird bath. i haven't heard any public whereas om him, rubio -- host: let me ask you this, if areld trump is the nominee, you concerned that he could not beat hillary clinton if she's the nominee or bernie sanders if he's the nominee? public if you get a policy conversation going, it to see the eresting details. host: i will leave it there, john. they were close on the democratic side but all of them this ted cruz's win, and is. they say more than 185,000 votes were cast at republican caucuses monday night easy shattering past totals. but it was cruz, not trump, who won among infrequent voters. the public polls, including the gold standard des moines register iowa poll miss
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victory. there are some clues buried in the election results immediately caucusesesment iowans considered their decision up to the last minute. according to the poll, 35% of the g.o.p. caucus goers said they decided on their vote in the final days of the race but for the most part the polls didn't do the same. the polls to explain the narratives of the race for other business purposes. hat's why the des moines business register poll comes out saturday night so it's ready for sunday's newspapers. polls conducted by live telephone interviewers, only one survey was in the field all the way until caucus day but that poll showed trump with a seven-point lead, conducted over the course of an entire week. the entrance poll suggested late deciders went to cruz and marco rubio. rubio won 30% and cruz captured another quarter. 14% of those decided in the final days backed trump. the evangelical vote, 64% of
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voters identified as evangelical hristians in the entrance poll higher than either 2012, 57%, or 2008, which it was 60%. these voters went strongly for cruz. ical n 34% of the evangel vote compared to 22% for trump and 21% for rubio, despite donald trump talking about religion, going to church in he , according to that vote was at a church last night. ahead of one of caucuses voting. the evangelical vote like the polls had shown. he cruz turnout machine succeeded. organization and ground game are difficult to measure before an election. campaigns count the number of field offices they've opened or he voter contacts they've made using a turnout model that relied on past vote data and stated vote intention. monmouth university estimated would0 votes he predicted tilt the scales toward trump. that didn't happen. it went to cruz. results remain unclear.
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democrat ic the race, hillary clinton led by four points in the final, realclearpolitics average and the race is a dead-even tie. but that isn't exactly clear. the tied race between clinton and bernie sanders represents state delegatein equivalent, not raw vote count. at this point is the democratic entrance poll which shows clinton leading by points. percentage that race has not been called yet. the clinton campaign declaring victory. but right now, as bernie sanders said last night, they're in a virtual tie. bob in silver springs, maryland. you rat line, bob, what do make of the democratic results and martin o'malley, your former of the , dropping out race? you got to turn down the tv, all right? caller: okay.
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we'll move on. avid, independent line, good morning to you. caller: hi. i just want to make a statement ce ut that we need to reinfor individual civil liberties, and we need a system of ppropriations to fund the utilities of civil commerce, and we need to stop focusing on seat theng to take the next time and get to the actual pay nd the bones of how we for these systems and how it's unfair for property owners to have to bear the brunt of the expense -- the cost of civilization, and policing it. host: okay. tom, harrisburg, pennsylvania, democrat. tom, you're on the air. what do you think about last night's voting in iowa? excited.i'm very i'm a bernie sanders supporter, and i'm very excited.
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he's going to win so big that south carolina and all the other southern states, will provide momentum for him. say that oubters who we can't afford this program, nightin line he said last i want people to remember is, people on main street were there to bail out wall street and if you tax wall street speculation and the richest 1%, we can free community college at public institutions and all the about.programs we talked great win. on to new hampshire. there.i think we lost tom tom, i wanted to share with you and others the upshot column by kohn who times nate writes: the official tally for 49.9%, hillary clinton at mr. sanders at 49.6% with 97% of precincts reporting this
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morning. but in the end, a virtual tie in acceptable if not ideal result for mrs. clinton and an ominous one for mr. sanders. he failed to win a state tailor made to his strengths. e fairs best among white voters. 91% white pere was the entrance polls. he's heavily dependent on turnout from young vote ers and ad months to build a robust field operation. as the primaries quickly unfold, he won't have that luxury. white state ust a but also a relatively liberal few states e of a white arack obama won voters in the 2008 primary and elections.l in the end, mr. sanders made strengths.l those e won an astonish iing 84% of those aged 17-29 years old.
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by a forming mr. obama wide margin. iberal voters he won comfortably 58-39%. but these strengths were neatly canceled by mrs. clinton's strengths. she won older, more affluent liberals and ome moderate democrats. this raises a straightforward challenge for mr. sanders. he has nearly no chance to do as well among nonwhite voters as mr. obama did in 2008. mr. sanders will need to secure large margin.y a jim in florida, what do you make far and the o republican party? just want to i angry forhat i am not the first time in eight years about what's going on in the opinion, because in my no matter who wins, america will off.much, much better it looks like it's going to be
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either hillary clinton or a republic republican. ither one, i hope when they take the oath of office and give a speech, the first words out of their mouth is the nightmare is over. nightmare, re in a and they don't even realize it. who's youre ask you, candidate, jim? caller: excuse me? host: who is your candidate right now? caller: any republican. take your pick. [laughter] donald d that includes tru trump? caller: definitely includes donald trump. but i don't think -- i think better will be at a much path with hillary clinton if, for some reason, she wins. here's the thing. things have become so complicated. it's become so hard to follow the thoughts as to what happens country economically,
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voters's really hard for to understand what's happened to them. let me throw you one or two out okay. the people who have a high deductible in obamacare do not are paying they directly for the cost to give to other people also on obamacare. example andake that we'll leave it there. this is some reaction on twitter from our viewers. jody says rubio is the real winner. he shouldn't even be there in place.rst he's just loving he did better than jeb. he did come in third place and he's going to use that ticket announced , who also a key endorsement in the state politico, thelina, scott.for rubio to score
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senator has the also secured the backing of south carolina representative trey galley. rubio is expected to make a major play in south carolina's february primary. that's after new hampshire votes on february 9th, in six days. a time rsement comes at of growing anxiety. many of the hierarchy worried that rubio, john kasich, jeb bush and chris christie are dividing the establishment vote. rubio's ope among backers after the caucuses will help him unite the party. speaking of establishment, there's this story in the hill lobbyist is slowing to two candidates, marco rubio clinton.ary the cast was clinton and rubio washington bundled more than 4.1 million for hillary clinton's campaign last year, with lobbyists funds going
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1.17 million for the florida republican in 2015, the most of any gop candidates. ellis, fort walton beach, florida, democrat. ellis, you're on the air. ive us your reaction to voting last night and the state of law going into new hampshire. caller: my reaction is i'm happy hillary won. i supported hillary in the 2008. ies in host: okay. importantly, more -- were broken concerning the e-mails? question.t a go ahead. caller: you had a caller about four callers ago that said that broken the law with the e-mails. that those oven e-mails were classified after she received them. she also been proven that sent none of the e-mails that have been classified.
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yet, he stated that -- you asked you never tried to correct the record. in, : and ellis, you called and you said from -- you're elling the rest of the viewers right now from your perspective what's happened. investigating s the e-mail situation. are you concerned about this as a democrat, if she were to get the nominee? caller: as a 31-year, seven month, and two day retired i'm not person, no, concerned. it was legal when she used her blackberry to do that, and she did not break any laws. host: okay. let me show you this, an update on politico, the ew hampshire date hearing on hillary clinton e-mail, the legal haggling over hillary clinton's use of her private secretary of as state seems destined to closely
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shadow the presidential campaign. at least through next week, the new hampshire primary after a ederal judge scheduled a hearing next tuesday on a key lawsuit seeking those messages. ordered district judge government lawyers to appear in federal court in washington at 2:30 on february 9, the same day as the first in the nation primary. his order issued monday doesn't hearing ifics but the appears intended to discuss the status of their efforts to comply with an order he entered last year requiring monthly releases of the 54,000 pages of e-mails clinton turned over to her former agency in 2014 at its request. so that is happening there. your reaction get to last night's iowa caucuses. senator ted cruz winning on the republican side. emocrats, as it states right now, hillary clinton and bernie sanders are locked in a tight race. it's too close to call. however, as we said, hillary saying s iowa campaign that they are victorious in the
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hawkeye state. what's your reaction to all of his, iowa and new hampshire voters as well. let me show you what senator ted cruz had to say last night when he came out to declare his victory and talk to his supporters in iowa. ted cruz: let me first of all say, to god be the glory. [cheering] tonight is a victory for the grass roots. [cheering] tonight is a victory for courageous conservatives across iowa and all across this great nation. [cheering] iowa has he state of spoken. [cheering]
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that the ent notice republican nominee and the next resident of the united states will not be chosen by the media. [cheering] by the be chosen washington establishment. [cheering] will not be chosen by the lobbyists. [cheering] chosen by the most incredible, powerful force where in our reignty resides nation, we, the people, the people.n [cheering] host: senator ted cruz's victory night and owa last donald trump coming in second
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despite the polls saying that he hawkeye first in the state. donald trump's home town york, dead crowd walking. all of the blather and the baiting, nd the race proclamations were missing from donald trump's losing speech in iowa monday night. nd the new york post this morning, with their headlines, cruzified is what they put on their front page. trump left humbled by ted's victory and hillary and bernie demthri thriller, we'd love to hear from the iowa and new 202-748-8003. let's go to tony in orlando, florida. good morning, tony. caller: good morning. can you hear me? host: we can. tony, you're on the air.
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caller: okay. you want me to talk about last night's election? host: we do. go ahead. caller: okay, well, i'm a bernie sanders guy. and i originally wasn't. only candidatehe to me out of the republicans and democrats who seem to be talking seems to be honest with people. i just get that feeling about him. originally, i didn't think he might have the chance to win, weeks, i'me last two going to start donating money can. i $20 here and there. i think the guy can actually win the nomination now and i think up and eed to wake listen to what he's saying, because he is going to be good i don't ca, whereas think any of the republican candidates will be good for merica, and i'm not so sure hillary is part of the system. ask you aboutt me foreign policy. is senator sanders, does he have experience? is he talking to -- from your
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erspective, is he saying the right things on foreign policy issues? he fight against isis, the middle east situation? caller: actually, i haven't really heard him speak a lot about that. and this is my concern, you isis, and wek about talk about all these foreign policy things, and i like what as far asent is doing negotiation. however, those problems are not america's main problems to me. he main problem is america is economic inequality in this country, okay. we can talk about overseas and isis and everything else. we have home-grown terrorists killing people. from eople die in america gunshot wounds every day than we hear about in other countries. host: that was tony, an independent in florida. another tony coming from tennessee, a republican.
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tony, good morning to you. good morning. put out a suggestion after i make my comment. host: okay. but i'di'm a trump man, like to see him talk a little bit more about policy and, you on some he stands things especially in this country and some of these foreign countries, isis, and this and that. let's say i want to change the subject. to see something on the ballot, to remind people about politicians. i think democratic and forced as far as career politicians goes, it's ot this country in the shape it's in. host: do you think some of these epublican candidates that placed lower last night can get out of the race?
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caller: well, the way it looks, it might as well. host: why? what do you think? should they wait until after? caller: some of them wanted 2% approval, you know, i mean, i believe they're fighting a losing battle, you know. host: okay. well, as we said, many of the lower thanwho placed marco rubio's third place were not in iowa last night. many of them focusing on new hampshire. new ve aldmoved on to hampshire. but jeb bush, for one, here's a in manchester, a big thanks to all those who came out. iowa.n't in and you had chris christie, the pulling up overnor, to the last town hall of the day with his wife. outside ee the crowds of his bus there. john kasich, the ohio governor saying, another wonderful crowd. love new hampshire tonight as john kasich closes in on 100 new hampshire town halls.
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nd the ohio governor there and along with chris christie and jeb bush hoping that new hampshire will be the difference for them and that they can turn this around and get some momentum heading into south arolina and the other primaries. senator ted cruz, not wasting new will be in windham, hampshire today. we'll have coverage of that on c-span 2 at 12:30. senator marco rubio has a town hall in new hampshire as well at 6:00 p.m. eastern time. that.into c-span 3 for and then donald trump will be milford, new ly in hampshire. he has a commanding lead in the ranite state at 7:00 p.m. eastern time on c-span 2. so our road to the white house coverage continues on c-span. go to our web site to find out more. et's go to sandra in chesapeake, virginia. democrat. good morning to you, sandra. caller: good morning. how are you? host: doing just fine. what do you make of the results? caller: well, i'm a republican and i'm really on a split
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and hillary, so i'm really starting to sway sanders. and as far as the republicans go, my choice would have been rubio. best k he's the representative for the republicans, but i am a democrat. sanders will help the united and help states in more areas than any of he other candidates, which would be a great help to retirees and people that are on fixed incomes. host: senator, why not donald trump? * sandra, why not donald trump? caller: you don't really want me him.ay what i think of i think he's pompous and arrogant and i just don't like his attitude. host: all right. let's listen to the billionaire last night in iowa when the he came in in, and
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second place. donald trump: we finished second and i want to tell you something, i'm just honored. i want ly honored, and to congratulate ted and i want to congratulate all of the including candidates, mike huckabee, who's become a really good friend of mine, so everybody.tions to congratulations. [applause] i want to thank all of the folks that worked with us. we had a great team and we will continue to have a great team, and we're just so happy with the out.everything worked and most importantly, i have to erin my wife and laura and don.anessa and they were doing speeches. n fact, dawn and erin, i think you did about six speeches today. i just want to thank my family. they have been so amazing and so supportive. and we've had every indication, we're going now -- we have a
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poll, we're at 28 points ahead, new, new hampshire, we love hampshire. we love south carolina. and we're leaving tonight and tomorrow afternoon, we'll be in new hampshire, and that will be something special. it's going to be a great weekend. we're going to be up there next week. and i think we're going to be hope. iming victory, i host: that's donald trump's coverage in new hampshire. today, you can tune into c-span that, 7:00 p.m. eastern time. go to for more details. on the democratic side karen bucanon tweets this: hope someone can explain how a coin toss got to decide winners in an iowa precinct. apparently, this happened in more than one precinct last night. take a look at this vision that was shot by a univision reporter in one of the caucuses.
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>> you've got the extra delegate. > so our official delegate of this precinct, hillary clinton. [cheering] it was very, very close. remember, it's the caucus. close.very, very it was called by a coin toss. can that happen? according to the hill newspaper, that the rules for the precincts, ties between two or more candidates can be broken by a coin toss. reportedoines register at least two instances of decisions by coin toss all clinton. for hillary the iowa democratic caucus is too close to call with sand ers nd clinton locked in the dead heat as we told you. robert in reno, nevada, an independent. hi, robert, good morning to you. you're on the air. caller: hi. i'd like to say, ou know, i'm a very
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independent. i think that we have issues on both sides of the republican and democrats. i think if we had three full parties in washington, we would less block of one controlling this and one controlling that. parties to get along to have to decide something, we'd get a lot more a lot d there would be more work amongst them. that being said, you know, took office, we were in a terrible state of affairs, you know, the economy collapsed, the housing. banks, the motor manufacturing companies. i don't think there's enough credit given to him about what he's accomplished and what he's done, including healthcare. it astonishes me that people will step all over that. being said, i am leaning towards clinton.
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i think bernie sanders has some great ideas and i'd like to hear about that. more ut you know, every time i hear from the republican side it's, you know, i get the feeling if you can afford it, then you can have it. it's sort of like our justice system. f you can afford it, you can get justice. but if you don't have the money, you're going to get stuck with whatever is left, and -- host: can i ask you then, is it important -- are you leaning towards hillary clinton because she has said she will protect president obama's legacy? his ill continue with policies? caller: yes, i do. i think that, you know, it's very important that people have healthcare. maybe if you're a republican, those resources don't have f people a
7:36 am
are, then, you know, healthcare is essential. everyone should have that right, and why republicans are trying to take that away, i have no idea. everyone is entitled to healthcare. host: okay, robert, let me ask you this. caucusin nevada, another state. you'll get your chance on february 23rd. to caucus? caller: yes, i do? host: okay. our viewers about how that works. nevada, it's a lot different here. we don't do it by coin toss. i am just appalled. i cannot believe that that could even be a system that is in place. i have lost so much respect for done.y having that i work with campaign work with hillary clinton, and as far as the actual process, i'm not sure
7:37 am
will be, but i do participating a lot more than i have in the past. i think it's essential that vote ne get out and regardless. host: robert, what group will be nevada, ing factor in do you think, for the democrats? aller: what is the deciding factor for democrats? host: what group do you think in nevada, what demographic, will be the deciding factor, do you think, for the democrats in nevada? caller: i think that healthcare economy is, you kno now -- nevada has been the fastest growing state for so many years, and then we had a terrible collapse here. the economy just hit everyone, you know, we went into a many states e, as did and i've seen such a turnaround in our economy.
7:38 am
things moving in and so many attributes and our economy is growing again, and never happened had we had a republican in elections. e last host: that's robert in nevada and why he's saying he supports hillary clinton because he wants her to continue down the same road as president obama when it comes to the economy and healthcare. take a look at this from the take in the washington post this morning. among democrats, about 2/3 of caucus attendees last night liberal,d themselves as with about three in 10 saying they're very liberal. both are about 10 points higher than in 2004 and 2008. bout three in 10 say they prefer the next president to pursue an agenda more liberal than president obama's but six in 10 say they want the next resident to continue those policies. that gives you an idea of what those iowa ind of
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caucus goers last night. right now, it is still a tight clinton and hillary bernie sanders, only .4 percentage points separates them. one last precinct hasn't been called, with 97% reporting. waiting to see what politico cording to this morning. they have the update on it that clinton ekes out a victory there. this is an update they put on 4:00 web site at about this morning and they say that illary clinton narrowly defeated bernie sanders in the iowa caucus according to the results announced by the state democratic party early tuesday morning. a dramatic finish to a race so close that the associated press declined to call it even after all precincts except one had reported results. 699.50 stateawarded for tes versus 699.47
7:40 am
bernie sanders. hat was the closest in state democratic caucus history and 1,109 democrats turned out to caucus. on the republican said, over 185,000. some estimates, 189,000 so around there, record turnout for republicans. republicans.o, what do you think about the race for the republicans in ohio? caller: i don't really care for ur governor but i will say he is a good businessman. host: okay. so is that a credential that should consider? caller: yeah, yeah, but you know, i like donald trump. i just like him because he's just himself. i'm not dem -- i don't care for democrats and i don't know why so many people like hillary. host: okay. ho do you think has the
7:41 am
best -- what republican has the best chance of beating hillary nominee? f she's the what republican has the best chance of beating bernie sanders if he's the nominee? caller: ooh, it might be cruz. i like cruz, too. it's just that i like -- i don't know -- why is it the last few close? s have been so have you noticed that? host: yes. about the do you make field of republicans? should some of these candidates paul, who finished in disappointing fifth place with just 5% last night in the cox, e failed to fully expand and inherit upon the libertarian base of his father. carle fiorina could not reignite fault.mise she made last damaging blows to the white house with the candidates with the most government experience, including new jersey governor chris christie, and ohio each or john kasich,
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finishing with 2%. should some of these people get out? they should. quit wasting people's money. yeah, they should. yeah, i think so. because it's not going to happen. host: why not for these candidates? caller: well, bush is boring, christie, ing, and he's very likable, but i don't think people think he can do the job. host: okay. why not? caller: i don't know. [laughter] host: okay. caller: that's what my grandson says. grandson says, i don't know... host: john in herndon, virginia. democrat. you are on the air. good morning. caller: good morning. thanks for taking my call. lady want to say to the who just called, i mean, john kasich is one of the best the united states. what he did -- he was a congressman. he's the only one next to bill clinton that could balance the
7:43 am
budget. people that are calling, some of them, are not very informed. we could pick cruz, rubio, rand paul. run as the guys who tea party. today, all three of them are millionaires. they all have money. ted cruz was complaining yesterday about obamacare. day, he joinedhe obamacare. you can't say one thing to the people and do another thing. and we find out that he was money -- he's taking from the new york bank. greta, tom line is this, when america goes down, the pulled out of recession is bill clinton at the time, and the second time, when barack obama came, we were what the and now, republicans wants is to get to the white house by insult, not on ideas. i'm worried about john kasich because john kasich, really,
7:44 am
e's the only governor that thinks that he can bring people together and if he wins new hampshire, watch out, because johnhe wins new hampshire, kasich will keep moving, and people will wake up. a t: and john, you're democrat but supporting governor kasich? i'm supporting kasich. i really am. you have to understand, this is not about democrat or republican. we have to find someone that can bring people together. i'm worried about hillary clinton. by the end of the summer, they something, and i respect hillary clinton, but here's something that tells me that she's not telling something true, and i'm worried about that that, theyof some of may find out, and we might end up for nothing. i mean, that's what -- host: okay. so john -- we'll move on to tacoma park,
7:45 am
maryland. independent caller. hi, melissa. caller: good morning. thank you for taking my call. host: what are your thoughts on iowa caucuses? caller: i believe it's still a victory for bernie sanders, despite having lost by under 1%. host: okay. caller: i mean, the last thing -- no offense to what inack obama has accomplished office. however, the last thing we need is continuity. we need somebody who's going to gather l, real change, the american people together, and just rally for what we need nd what we want to succeed in this country. host: melissa, can i ask how old you are? old. r: i'm 30 years host: okay. so you are right in that sweet spot for bernie sanders, as we take a look at iowa caucus last night. 17-29-year-olds y 84%, 30-44-year-olds by 58% over hillary clinton. rs turning der vote ers
7:46 am
for hillary in iowa. what do you make of that, melissa? caller: i mean, i think that it says that a lot of people want change.real clearly, the middle class is completely disappearing in this country, and we need to get the banks out of elections. banks, we need to get the out of the government. everything is so corrupt that we need real change. host: what about the former governor of maryland, martin o'malley? caller: oh, he was wonderful. he was a strong, strong candidate. but at this point, i mean, i think that bernie is the leader that we need, and he's spread such awareness. he basically has no agenda, other than to help the american people, and you know, it's super important that he's made it clear that it does not stop here
7:47 am
at the national election. involved in o get local elections and won -- if he ere to be president, people need to continue getting involved. people need to rally. people need to communicate what need. and what we host: okay. so melissa, i want to show our viewers senator sanders from last night. but first, martin o'malley, the former maryland governor, presidential the contest last night, sent out a tatement around 11:00 last night before the winner was declared. to say. is what he had governor o'malley: tonight, i have to tell you that i am suspending this presidential bid, but i am not ending this fight because the fight you and is a tough aging in fight and i believe the toughness of the fight is a has of telling us we're fighting for something worth saving. the country is worth saving and the american green is worth
7:48 am
saving. ost: that was martin o'malley in iowa last night saying he drops his bid but will continue to fight. sergio in lolita, california, democrat. good morning to you. you're on the air. caller: good morning. first, i would like to say i in orted obama in 2008 and 2012. i am disappointed. the other lady was saying something about continuity. ontinuity is not what we need, meaning hillary cannot be elected. personally prefer berns. i feel trump is a good leader, a decent father and a hopeful pundit. i hope he will mold into a politician by the end of the race. the iowa caucus is just a number for donald trump. he will connect to the middle ideas and reform social issues. by the way, you have a beautiful smile. have a good day. sergio.hanks, thank you. let's listen to what the vermont
7:49 am
independent senator bernie last night to say when he addressed his supporters, again, this race has been called, officially yet, just four percentage points separating hillary clinton and bernie sanders in iowa. bernie sanders: if i think about tonight, i think the people of iowa have sent a message to the political establishment, to the by omic establishment, and the way, to the media establishment. [cheering] that is given the enormous crises facing our country. late for too establishment politics and
7:50 am
establishment economics. [cheering] what the american people have i hear and by the way, this not just from progressives. i hear it from conservatives. moderates.rom and that is we can no longer a corrupt have system. financed [cheering] i am the former chairman of the senate veterans committee, and in that capacity, not only have i worked hard to try to protect our veterans, i've had the privilege of and women many men who put their lives on the line to defend us and protect our way of life. and what they were protecting is democracy of one person, one vote, not
7:51 am
elections.s buying host: bernie sanders last night, and iowa voters waking up to this headline in the des moines register: cruz prevails, dems in a dead heat. top democrats clinton and sanders are neck and neck. hillary clinton is claiming victory. bernie sanders is calling it a virtual tie. it's on to new hampshire now where all the candidates, republicans and democrats have for votes in gn the granite state and the union leader this morning out in new voters are ready there to have their say. newrts say that the vote in ampshire should top 500,000, taking place on tuesday, february 9th. we'll have coverage of many of the candidates in new hampshire today. we have ted cruz town hall on c-span 2 at 12:30. on c-span 3, ght senator marco rubio, and donald trump at 7:00 p.m. eastern time on c-span 2. go to
7:52 am
road to the w our white house coverage there. in new castle, pennsylvania, a republican, good morning, shirley. caller: good morning and thank you for taking my call. caucus last night, i was a little upset because trump didn't come in number 1, but he couple of times throughout his campaign, that he could very well come in number 2, and that's what happened. now, as far as ted cruz, i would man.r vote for that i don't think he can be trusted. but cause othing trouble since he went to washington and remember he's party, and he tea that's what they do. disloyal.y first of all, his wife is affiliated with wall street and most of us know that wall vete
7:53 am
vete -- wall street is one of he biggest problems we have in this country so we would never be able to do anything about that's ause, you know, where his wife works. and then on top of that, that's where his money came from to run for senator. so now, think about that, and then when it came time to file, there was a few things that he didn't file. when he was asked about it, he said he forgot about it. host: who is your second choice? donald trump is your first. who's your second? the governor ow, from ohio, i think, is a very would man, and i think he make a good vice president. host: okay. what's the most important characteristic or qualification for you? 1 is : well, number honesty. that's the first thing. in a 2, our country is total disaster. and if we don't get somebody in there that's going to stand up, speak up, and do what they say
7:54 am
going to do as far as ur economy, our security, that's the big thing, our security. look where we're going there. we just need somebody that's going to be honest, are going to what they lk and do say they're going to do and that's what i like about trump. host: okay. 2008 and in ote in 2012 2012? caller: i did not vote for our president because i just felt that he was not good for the country. and i'm sorry, i mean, i know things andto do good i do respect him as our president, but our country is in a shamble. host: okay. that's shirley from pennsylvania. sioux ear from nate in city, an independent. nate, did you caucus last night? i registered as a caucusedlast night and for bernie sanders.
7:55 am
presinct, there were 16 o'malley supporters. they wasn't viable so went between two other andidates and bernie got four delegates and hillary got three. host: okay. caller: go ahead. ost: you go ahead and finish your thought. caller: i was going to say that how people can say that it's necessarily a win for half ofclinton, because iowa democrats have rejected her as a candidate. and on the other side of that, you -- i think it's a good sign bernie, because if you look at where he was back in april may, you know, his poll umbers were down to two, and now, you know, he only got beat by something like 3/10 of a iowa. t in host: nate, were you listening earlier when we read the upshot times, rom the new york nate kohn's piece about how iowa
7:56 am
tailor-made for bernie sanders. so a virtual tie is not that goingfor him because it's to be more and more difficult to get the type of voters that he come out and vote for him. maybe not in new hampshire where wide lead, but nevada, south carolina, et cetera. caller: well, yeah, i think he's done pretty good among, like, liberals, and there's plenty of those in iowa and new hampshire and honestly, i think e beat a lot of peoples' expectations. my concern is not so much with demographic but with the african-american and latino vote. i think he's going to have to expand, you know -- he's going o have to get a more diverse electorate to win the nomination. host: yeah. caller: but i think what he did in iowa and i think a lot of people are expecting him to win new hampshire, i think that's
7:57 am
going to help him and, you know, we use one of the things kept hearing is that, well, he's at electable, he doesn't have lot of support, but iowa sort of proved otherwise. host: okay. and all our eyes now turn to new hampshire and they'll vote february 9th. february 20th, democrats in nevada will vote and south carolina republicans on february 23rd, republicans in nevada will vote. on february 27th, the democrats in south carolina will vote. and then march 1st is a big one. alabama, alaska, arkansas, colorado, georgia, massachusetts, minnesota, oklahoma, tennessee, texas, vermont, virginia, and wyoming, will all get their chance. march 5, kansas, kentucky, nebraska., maine, maine democrats will get their chance on march 6th and you can aftere states that follow that. with south carolina just around the corner, senator marco rubio
7:58 am
who got the ticket out of iowa last night announced yesterday that the only black senator in the senate from south carolina, republican will endorse him, and he did so. take a look. tim scott: i'm tim scott. it's a long way from where i u.s. senate and i believe that the best days of our country are ahead of us. 2016 may be the most important electio election. i'm putting my confidence and my rubio because i believe he takes us to that better future. marco rubio understands that here in america, it's not about where you start. it's about where you're going. we have one shot in 2016 to beat hillary clinton. that shot is marco rubio, and with him as our candidate, we win. join me. ote more marco rubio and let's see the next american history nfold before our eyes, because with marco rubio, america's
7:59 am
future is very bright. host: the endorsement from tim cott followed the endorsement from republican trey gowdy from south carolina for marco rubio as well. so some momentum for the florida senator as he heads to new hampshire and then south carolina. armando in san antonio, texas, a democrat. good morning to you. what do you make of last night's iowa? in caller: i think hillary came out little bit further ahead but biggest thing, when people run for the president, they promise to give you a raise in office for years and promise to have been giving you a raise. that's one of the hardest things to believe. host: okay. promising clinton that? caller: no. know, i ers is, and you don't like the idea of them he's ning that because been in office for about 16 years or something like that and yet to't passed any laws
8:00 am
give people raises in texas. host: so you're a hillary clinton supporter. i will not bo volunteer. i will be able to vote for her. as we said, martin o'malley, the democratic former governor maryland dropped out of the race. so did mike huckabee. he suspended his campaign. he was the winner of the iowa caucus in 2008. he spent a lot of time in that state. he announced that last night he suspended his campaign following a poor performance of the caucus. we'll hear from don next in california, a republican. hello. caller: hello. i think that the big winner in iowa was donald trump. i would like to say that the guy started from zero. no political machine behind him. nothing. running against sitting senators and sitting governors.
8:01 am
his message has resonated with the people so well in so deep. a close second to a sitting senator who has camped out in iowa for the past year. spending an ungodly amount of money trying to buy the votes. compared to him, donald trump has spent next to nothing. i think it is amazing. i think it is an amazing phenomenon. it will carry into new hampshire. host: what do you like about donald trump? i like the fact that he is a real leader. i like that he can communicate with people in an honest way. is, you know in john wayne movies coming you know what he was going to do in any situation. you knew it. the same thing with donald trump. you know how he will react.
8:02 am
you can trust him. host: ok. republican from california. we will find out what will have her in new hampshire. so, share, the candidates are all there, they are on the ground. we will be getting here pretty soon. host: yes. iowa had in the past on the front runners as they go into new hampshire? absolutely, usually, somebody has an unexpected victory in iowa. by that i mean maybe they have a good show, that can really impact how new hampshire voters vote in their primary. it can either give somebody a lot of momentum that they do not have before. sometimes, it puts them in a good standing in the new hampshire primary, or sometimes
8:03 am
somebody in the iowa caucus does well, new hampshire voters will operate as a check on the vote, will say wait, we need to look at this more closely, they might vote for someone else completely, host: let's start with democrats, bernie sanders said it is a time. what is it looking like for hillary clinton and bernie sanders enhancer? caller: their polls going to iowa that show bernie sanders and hillary clinton trading leads back and forth. so, wall it is shocking that we saw such a close race, i think a close race like that is always surprising and exciting. shocker, weotally a knew that there were different holes within a overlap of each other. the appalling appear leading up
8:04 am
to the caucus has shown bernie sanders with a substantial lead. anywhere from seven points to as much as 27 points in new hampshire. with clinton's win in iowa, you could see a situation where she rides the momentum and narrow that down in the coming days. what is the ground game like for her in new hampshire? do you know? like? it looking caller: bill clinton will be in the state today. was in the first event in nashua, it is quite close to massachusetts. it is more southern. you'll be moving in doing more get out the vote. then, they split ways she could go to new hampshire. to theinton will go
8:05 am
lakes region. that is both for get out the vote organizing. host:4 where will senator sanders focuses time and energy? he is quite interesting. a really has this kind of lauric of support on the west coast. -- west border. so, a lot of the people there know him. that is not the complete region why he has so much support. that is in college town and darkness. part of it is that these are liberal caucuses. it is a very liberal and progressive part of new hampshire. other parts of the state are not as liberal, that part is particularly one where people lean to the left. given the number of colleges.
8:06 am
the have a lot of environmental and conservation issues. let's talk about the republican side. how does it look for the front runners coming out of iowa? caller: let's start with donald trump. will go back to the polling. we did see him lose some momentum. the i will polls over the last ,onth, while it is surprising it is not totally shocking. new hampshire is a different story. he has led every single hole of the republican race since july. it has never happened in history. so, he comes in with an advantage that he did not have in iowa. that is the short story. if he won the iowa caucus, he is not your traditional candidate.
8:07 am
outsider which a lot of republicans like. conservative is not usually the candidate that new hampshire republicans pick, or have picked in the last few decades. it will be interesting to see how he does in new hampshire. for him to in iowa and new hampshire will be very difficult for another candidate to stop the momentum. is the race for third which will really be important. you have some candidates fighting for the establishment , jeb rubio and cruise bush, chris christie, john them havech of momentum coming out of aisle. certainly, much of the vote will be impacted by new hampshire's large population of independent voters. more than 40% of their voters are not affiliated or undeclared.
8:08 am
they can going and pick any ballot on the primary day. in regards to where the democratic race could impact the republican race, it looks like bernie sanders is running away be more independent voters will realize they count more in the republican party. you can see some of these establishment candidates doing better on primary day. host: a lot to watch. of moneyhere was a lot spent in iowa. how much is being spent in new hampshire leading up to this tuesday? tens of millions of dollars. not quite what it is and i will. new hampshire has different television markets. new hampshire has one main broadcast channel. a lot of candidates, especially the democrats will buy television in boston, that is my hallmark. it is not cheap. it is tens of millions of dollars. you cannot turn on the
8:09 am
television set here and watch a commercial break anymore. see a commercial without a candidate. i it is super pac spending. a lot of it is from jeb bush. for more a new hampshire, you go to boston thank you. caller: thank you. host: so, with all eyes turned to new hampshire this morning, after the iowa caucus last night, we're getting a reaction to what the i/o voters said. with their pick was, it and the republican side. it looks like a virtual tie. each will get a percentage of the delegates. right now, it stands at 23 delegates for hillary clinton, for bernie sanders. there is a .4% difference between the two of them. we will keep you updated, if we
8:10 am
hear anything. hillary clinton said she is the winner, bernie sanders said it is a tie. will get your thoughts and comments. will spend washington journal putting my campaign 2016. jeremy, kansas, independent. you're up next. caller: hello. i was just calling. good morning. the berniek that sanders voters do not realize what they're getting themselves into. i mean, the idea of socialism in america, the most powerful turningin the world into a socialist country is ridiculous. then, you have to think about obama supporters. now, obama took office with the national debt at about $1 trillion. finished, ite was
8:11 am
will be closer to 30. host: who do you like echoed -- like? i like ben carson. he is the most honest. host: that is most important for you? caller: yes. out of everything it is probably the best policy. there is one story in the paper today. host: ben carson's camp choosing ted cruz were telling voters in iowa that he was out of the race. what you make of that? i think most voters not and i will ted cruz is a nasty guy. he will call donald trump out for not being a conservative, when he was for amnesty, when he was for all these other things, hex voted for these awful policies, now he wants to come out and say he is a conservative.
8:12 am
even he voted against conservative principles. then, he took his boat back. we all know ted cruz is a bad guy. we will hear more from this story on the gateway pundit website. they accuse the cruise camp of foul play. they said carson was dropping out his support. reported thate the clinton campaign said they spread false rumors because the president dropped out. was incensed from the iowa caucus. accusing the winner of spreading falsehoods about him. steve king who was campaigning today tweeted this out. during the caucus tonight, carson looks like he is out. iowans need to know when they vote. most will go to cruise, i hope. that was part of i was 9.3% of the vote. richard, florida, hello. caller: how are you?
8:13 am
good morning. i was just amazed. people are not -- host: just listen and talk to your phone. caller: i was amazed how different our economy's has changed since bush was in office. what, a reminder to everybody, you have to listen to your phone when you call in. we ready to go. we will go to michael next. in alabama. republican. caller: hello. we definitely have to technology cut off. i heard that last night on the news. if ted cruz did that, that is dirty. supposedly he went back to florida to get some shirts. a change of closer something. that is crazy. texas? u mean
8:14 am
caller: ben carson went to texas to change a shirt or something. it was weird. i do not think anything about it. today, carson comes out and said that was dirty. i thought rubio did a good job. tromp is goingat to do all of this stuff. but, they do not realize that he has to go through congress to get something done. you know the democrats hate him. he has not gotten one single endorsement from anybody. has picked up an endorsement from the senator from south carolina. host: you mean got the endorsement from tim scott? rubio would beco able to get things done better
8:15 am
than ted cruz or donald trump? know, you talk about building a wall, marco rubio was the immigration bill done. it has been so long. you know, speaker of the house said there is no way they could do it with this president. the president is the president. everybody should respect this man, we can have different views, but he is the president. that if he himself could have gone back, he worked of -- what have worked with congress more. host: let's listen to a marco rubio had to say. the republican from florida senator. segment the third-place finish. >> vermont told us that we do not have the right endorsement of the right political connection.
8:16 am
they told me that we have no chance because my hair was not great enough, my boots were too high. the told me i needed to wait my turn. they told me that i needed to wait in line. tonight, tonight, here in iowa, the people of this great state sent a clear message. after seven years of barack obama, we are not waiting any longer to take our country back. [applause] >> this is not a time for waiting. for everything that makes this nation great is in the balance. this is a time when we need a president that will conserve and protect the constitution of the united states. not one that undermines, attacks, and ignores the constitution.
8:17 am
this is the time for a president who will defend our second amendment rights. not a president to undermines them. a presidentme for that will rebuild the military, because the world is a safer and better place when the united states has the most powerful military in the world. host: marco on his third-place finish in iowa. this is what usa today editorial board said about ted cruz and first, followed by donald trump. rewrite caucus voters this shift. republicans snub the establishment and lb cruise over tromp. although i will provides momentum, it awards only 30 delegates of the 2000 470 attending the convention in july. fullop primary schedule is of states that are different in demographics and politics from iowa and new hampshire. the states, including
8:18 am
florida, ohio, arizona and california award most of all of their delegates to the winner. rather than dividing them a proportionately. that means the candidate could lose early and still claim the nomination. like they arenk problematic general election candidates who could also cause problems for gop candidates running down the ballot. ,arco rubio from florida suddenly becomes establishment phase minute -- favorite by virtue of the establishment. of six980, only two non-incumbents went on to win the gop nomination. justugh this race is beginning, and candidates who live by the polls and die by them as well. robert and belton missouri, an independent. you're on the air. caller: good morning. i have been listening to all of the numbers back-and-forth, it occurs to me that the winner of
8:19 am
any of the caucuses or primaries have to be determined by the number of delegates, or is it determined by the number of votes they get? for the democrats, you will see that they have a republicans,r the senator ted cruz with about 28% around there. for the democratic side, they proportion, then they have awarded delegates based on the percentage. right now, it stands for the democrats. hillary clinton has 23. bernie sanders has 21. we will see what happens as we wait for somebody to officially call the race in iowa. as we said, hillary clinton said she is the victor. the delegates are being split up
8:20 am
. when you come out of, it is not winner takes all. you are confused? you? i have confused caller: who winds? is a delegates or votes? host: if you get the most delegates, you will win. it is a percentage of votes, but then, delegates are voted for republicans. as are red in usa today, this goes on, let me ask that. the washington times, with iowa concluding more debates are ramping up, gop white house hopefuls will go saturday in new hampshire. they will have the official primary election. the national committee has sanctioned for additional debates after saturday's forum. including in february.
8:21 am
campaigns of hillary clinton and senator bernie sanders are clashing over debates and most locations. i have three theoretical debates this season. with martin o'malley. no push for additional debates. they agree in principle for thursday night form in new hampshire. no longer in the race. dropping out as did mike huckabee on the republican side. the democratic national committee said they will mail them plans for thursday's debate . following that is following the caucus. go to victor in georgia. a democrat. hello. caller: the morning. may i say that i agree with the previous color, you do have a beautiful smile. you do an excellent job. host: thank you. glad that hillary one. -- was the winner. it was a close election.
8:22 am
sanders, after new hampshire, he will probably abate. i hope hillary gets in, that is because she will continue the good policies of president obama. thrilled to death got a trumpingmp last night. the elections in november will totally do away party which isa the worst thing that ever happened to our country. host: thank you. victor, georgia. daniel and pennsylvania, hello. hello. yes i'm for donald trump.
8:23 am
what he did for the service people i think is great. he would benk that a good president, that is because he is not a quitter. that this of the way government is being run by obama. she has ruined our military. he has ruined our country. that is as far as our debt. people cannot see this. they need to look and see about other people. republican of pennsylvania, mark, independent. good morning. thank you. good morning. you're looking pretty as ever. i just want to clear up some misinformation about our great honest governor here in ohio. stole billions of dollars
8:24 am
from the school fund budget. anybody also steals things goes to jail. an extortion fun for the most part. it is unconstitutional. donald trump, he is looking pretty good. it's as the bible that no politician will solve our problems. i also like bernie sanders. but, the thing that socialism our country is already socialistic. look at how we fund our schools. people that go to parochial school or private school are paying double. you know, it says in the constitution that they should not be funded by property taxes. that is because it is extortion. trump is not looking bad. bernie is ok. i really cannot lysine to people from the same family as
8:25 am
president. i do not think that has ever served us well. you bet. mark, independent caller. a lot of this comes down to money being spent in the campaign cycle. money being raised in a weather is contribution or large here's thens, washington times, clinton and bush said -- spent most of their money on staffing. on the inside, jeb bush all of the clinton model, spending 22% of his disbursement from october through december on staffing. the two front-runners's grand less conventional campaigns. were trying to win spots on ballots. clinton was the most effective candidate. mr. sanders was close behind with $33.6 million raise. he spent half of that on ads.
8:26 am
he spent 5.6 million on digital ads. he spent 12% of his money on salary and payroll taxes. clinton spent 32%. they went to the three months alone, he built campaign machine he helped will be able to survive. he is posting the best numbers from the field, raising 20.5 million. marco rubio raised 14.2 million. 22.6 million.sed it came from direct marketing. that is meaning he had less cash to build than an organization. who's pumping nearly 20% of his money into research. 5% of his money went to staffing costs. diana in indiana.
8:27 am
caller: good morning. i am a staunch obama supporter. voted for him in 2008, and again in 2012. -- hillary has one my support. what i was really shocked to see on saturday was sanders supporters and clinton supporters on the same blocks. it showed me right away that is sanders campaign, when they stole her data come on the dnc breach was down, that they put that to use. i do not know of that was just iowa data they accessed, but, sanders supporters had already gone into nevada, they put on union badges, there is a lot going on that is not being covered by this. had hillary's team illegally accessed the dnc database, it is
8:28 am
not fair. democrats need to work hard. havell take everything we to hold the white house. the republicans, everyone of them are really scary when you listen to them. why the former secretary of state? why is she your candidate? caller: she has gone -- i've watched her career always back to watergate. older, 67 old, female voter. she has taken everything, they cannot knock her down, matter how hard they try. i watched every minutes of those benghazi hearings, which was overspending. times, it hasmany
8:29 am
proven that the same misrepresentation is getting repeated and repeated. there foro can said 11 hours without onslaught, they deserve every bit of credit. if she can hold up under that. if she can hold up under that, i think she can stand strong. she represents these values. she is not a liar. the slantse somebody that they put on certain stories, which all politicians get that. i understand that. there --t that goes on you have to really be paying attention to see how they are going after her from all these fronts. they say she is under fbi investigation. she is not. she is not. host: why do you say she is not yet cap the fbi said that they are investigating her. caller: they are investigating the e-mails.
8:30 am
host: there are not invested her personally. ok. i see the distinction. caller: there is a big difference there. host: you not think they are investigating whether or not she broke a national security law? through theing exchange of top-secret information? caller: there has not been any e-mails wereose designated that way. i think dianne feinstein came out and said that there was no there was a need there to dismiss. i think it was perfectly legal what she did when she set it up. what she said was she shot herself in the foot. article, whereis the primary day hearing on hillary clinton's e-mails per they said the legal haggling
8:31 am
over her use of her private e-mail accounts, secretary of state seems desperate to shatter the campaign, with the hearing set on the same day as the new hampshire primary on february night, the u.s. district court judge has ordered government lawyers to appear in court that day. he issued this monday afternoon. butid not give specifics, the hearing seem to discuss the status of the safety department's efforts to comply with an order that he entered last year, requiring monthly release of over 54,000 pages of e-mails and clinton turned over to a former agency. at its request. hillary clinton, in iowa last night. this is what she said to her supporters about the campaign. is very it is rare, it rare that we have the opportunity that we do now. to have a real contest of ideas. about whathink hard the democratic party stands for. what we want the future of our
8:32 am
country to look like. that is if we do our part to build it. i am a progressive. i get things done for people. [applause] clinton: i'm honored to stand in a long line of american reformers who make up our minds that the status quo is not good enough. that standing still is not an option. that bringing people together to find ways forward that will improve the lives of americans. i look back over the years of my involvement from that very first job i had at the children's dispense fund. i know what we are capable of doing. i know we can create more good paying jobs and raise income for hard-working americans. i know that we can finish the job of universal health care
8:33 am
coverage for every single man, woman, and child. hillary clinton in iowa last night. she declared victory there. although it is still too close to call. you can see there are calling himself a progressive. usa today and tour aboard said this. sanders gives clinton is a privately tough challenge. they write that a second lesson is that voters do not necessarily live in the real world. do thinkromises to that not even a democratic president could do, and obama's first term, they were wildly unrealistic. hillary clinton has not found an effective way to say that. even if she squeaks by, she's not home free. is an 18 point favorite. perhaps, more ominously, the fbi continues to investigate her arrangement. damien, sebastian florida, hello.
8:34 am
caller: hello. good morning. thank you for getting the word out. you are doing americans a great favor. i just want to put my position down at there's too much money in politics. iran for local office here. when you work for the office, people can be contributions. i can see developers getting favors when the going front of city council, i notice on a national level. i'm leaning towards donald trump. however, he makes a love promises was not a lot of specifics. what i would like to propose, donald, get it in writing. if you do not perform, put up security, let us take away something that you own. this way, you will follow through on what you propose to the american people. it is like a contract with america. politicians get into office and do they want.
8:35 am
with hillary, i think enough of the clintons. integrity should go to the office. when you're being investigated by the fbi, that should show that when they are not showing 22 e-mails, people from the democratic party need to wake up. bernie sanders, you got a love the god. hasa republican, but bernie recognition in the senate and the house. he has integrity. he's not taking super pac money. he is taking money from millions of people. that is a message to the american people. stay tuned, it'll get very good. host: take a look at fox's website. among the unexpected surprises of the 2016 campaign is the real possibility that we could of two major party candidates.
8:36 am
they have minimal support from wealthy donors. many, myself included, expect very large donors to do their usual gatekeeping function. keeping the field of serious candidates limited. happened,weird has for the first time, there are now two leading candidates, donald trump and bernie sanders who are not that all with the doma class on either side would want. if wealthy donors are so powerful, how is a trump sanders race so importing yuriko they have the support of the all-powerful 1%. is american democracy now broken after all you go probably three things are going on, trump and sanders are in tune to the mood of the country, sandals and trout represent authentic alternatives to the candidates. and, the cutera dynamics of both
8:37 am
parties create a situation for both of them. let me go to chris in greenville michigan, hello there. hello. caller: i guess my question was about the caucus last night, i think that the real winner, blue or not was ben carson, because, despite the media establishment which was definitely against him, he still was in fourth place. after remember, he was always one or two or three. on all these polls, he was there until politico did a hit piece on them. it was retracted. usually liberal media said how unfair the piece was. it pretty much stayed there for the whole time after that. i think that the republican party is done quite a disservice, for not only the democrats, but you cannot have a
8:38 am
conservative blackmail elected, it destroys the progressive movement. the progressive movement is dominated by the democrats, it is also progressives and the republican party. host: did you see this out of iowa? his camp acree uses ted cruz of foul play, telling supporters he was dropping out of the race. it is on gateway , inside the story, they showed this tweet. steve king who is campaign with ted cruz tweeted this out during the caucus. carson looks like he is out. i was need to know before they vote. plays at 9.3%rson of the vote. anyway, that is quite a story there. he is a true american dream that he is lived. anyway, our put up with this. several people brought this up.
8:39 am
for all of you hillary defenders over this accusation like this is fabricated of e-mails, you're not going to listen to any comments that anybody has to say over c-span. anyway, just her do for yourself. it is called security section code 793 section f. ok.: that was chris, an independent in michigan. mark, iowa, would you think last night? caller: i was with the democratic party. host: for which candidate? caller: martin o'malley. host: how did that work echoed -- work? caller: the purpose of the caucus is to elect delegates to the county and to the state convention. so, it is not just wrigley voting, it is more than voting. host: correct. so, what you make of your candidate getting out of the race?
8:40 am
how did it work last night you in my precinct, martin o'malley was not viable. we were able to talk to our neighbors, we were trying to persuade some of them to come over to martin o'malley. the caucus is also an opportunity to share ideas with your neighbors. another component of the caucus is building planks for the democratic platform, and i do not know another state or you have these opportunities 1-1 to talk with your neighbors about issues of concern. it is up to the state on the democratic party. host: in the end, did you get enough votes, enough people to come over to you so that governor o'malley was at 15%
8:41 am
within your caucus? caller: no. he was at less. -- is an a neighborhood growing neighborhood. the town is expanding. say there areould two types of people who attended last night. large percentage of college students, and a large percentage of people over the age of 40. host: how did it all work out? where did you go once mr. o'malley was not viable? where id you put your support? caller: given the mathematics of it, it did not matter really. we went to hillary. aspect of the caucus is
8:42 am
that it is an opportunity to talk to people about who could run for office. both at the local level, and the state level. that is a county to. so that, if you see somebody who has the potential come at the caucus and there particularly ,nteresting, you can say hello have you considered running for office? i do not know that in a district voted situation, we have gone into this scene where you get that opportunity or not. host: cedar falls, i will come a democrat. scott, indiana. republican. hello. caller: hello. thank you. -- one thing on to say, america needs to go through some real changes or he is very important for us to know what we are facing. one thing i understand and the one thing i like about donald trump is that united nations
8:43 am
policies are not being pushed through his campaign. we have had eight years of having you have policies forced their way to the united states. that, it tendsh to towards globalization. that will turn this country into a third world country. that is not what i want. of other problem i have rubio and crews come on i do not care, they have their own congress. they are part of the same machine. it just cannot find in my heart to go that way. realize that republicans that -- politicians are not always straight with you. host: we have a supporter of donald trump. don't from's hometown paper in new york. the daily news but this on their cover. dead clowns walking.
8:44 am
that is about donald trump coming in second. then, the near post this morning, cruise is their headline in that newspaper. will go next to jerry and tennessee. independent. hello. caller: hello. how are you? something i notice that nobody is mentioned, how historical it was last night. he was the first hispanic to win a primary from one of the major parties. three in the republican party's are both hispanics. historic, back in 2012, during that election, do new sam webb is? host: no. caller: he's the chairman of
8:45 am
becomes party usa. he openly endorsed president obama. he never ask you mentioned it. people being of talked about bernie sanders is a socialist, i guess they really have not read about socialism. one of the early leaders of the socialist party, over 100 and .ears ago was eugene debts he said the goal of socialism is communism. you have to do it over a long run, because american people will not be ready for communist revolution. host: who is your candidate? caller: -- caller: right now, it is up in the air, i like ted cruz. i like ben carson. judgment not think the would really have that much to offer right now. host: why? caller: one caller talked about the hit piece from politico.
8:46 am
you know, once ac gets planted, even though it is not true, evil will believe it. they will research stuff. it is said. forll probably either go ted cruz. host: jerry, tennessee, independent. we are getting your thoughts this morning on the iowa caucus results. senator ted cruz was the winner. followed by donald trump, pretty just a second-place victory over senator marco rubio. so, if three of them get their tickets of iowa. their vote goes on tuesday. so, what is your reaction to all of this? and on the democratic side, it is looking like it is basically a tie between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. they are only separated by .4 points. hillary clinton is saying she is a vector with more delegates
8:47 am
coming out of iowa. on youre phone numbers screen. keep dialing in. we'll keep the conversation rolling. news in the front page of the new york times. world health organization has over thean emergency zika virus. the outbreak is in 20 nations. it is transmitted by mosquitoes. it was in brazil. which they're saying is ground zero. in may, we have got down to more than 20 countries in latin america. , thatta rica and jamaica in the front page is on the front page of the washington times. this morning, a story about republicans aiming to kill the sanctuary city program. house republicans in charge of writing the justice department budget has vowed yesterday that this will be the year congress punishes sanctuary cities, insisting that abuse of powers and the obama administration to grant money to minister polities
8:48 am
who to cooperate with immigration agents. president of the subcommittee that oversees the justice department warned the attorney general loretta lynch is that she needs to shut down sinkers -- century cities, he will use existing powers to shift money through 2016 budget. that is from capitol hill. by the way, congress on the house and senate lawmakers in washington this week. they are making headway on an energy bill in the senate. the newspapers noting this morning that for the first time, there'll be a formal meeting between paul ryan and president obama this week. washington times, they have the arrival of the syrian rebel delegation opens at peace or they have peace talks getting a small measure of momentum. they have the u.s. special envoy's talking about the development of indirect negotiations. they said russia is producing a new hitler in moscow.
8:49 am
so, we have more to come on these possible peace talks. please negotiations. they will resolve the ongoing five-year civil war in syria. this from the washington times, new report from washington says president obama misled congress on the debt limit. he could continue to send social security checks, and make critical payments in the event it reach the debt limit. the obama administration intentionally misled congress about that to force republicans to hike the borrowing ceiling. it said on monday the internal treasury department documents. the services committee which released the report accusing ministration of fundamentally altering the next debt site. those after president obama leaves office. for more and that commuting go to the washington times. the scope back to calls. more of your thoughts on last
8:50 am
night's first in the nation caucus. ron, west chesterfield, new hampshire. a democrat. ron, a lot of damage -- attention coming your way, who do you plan to vote for on tuesday? and i plan toe vote for bernie sanders p we went to so hillary clinton a few weeks ago. i actually got to ask him questions. i was not terribly satisfied with the answer. that it willmum is be at least a protest for hillary if she does win the nomination. long we willst how deal with these things. host: was your question? caller: it had to do with the wall street crash in 2008. the names of families that had been affected. the names of more families dealing with $70,000.
8:51 am
the predatory nature of the banks. raising people's interest rates on their credit cards. that was the maximum limit. just driving people into bankruptcy. people to what is the difference between predatory lending, and loansharking? there is no difference, why are the heads of all these banking and lending industries going for the bare minimum of loansharking? host: why do you think senator sanders, if he became president, would be able to do anything about this? -- what comes to the subject alone, not so much foreign policy, or women's rights -- he is all for those but for thell --
8:52 am
subject of wall street, basically being too large and too intrusive in people's lives -- my wife pays $5,000 a month for medication. it is ridiculous. the pharmaceutical companies, in the interest companies, the republicans seem to think that it is the government that is too big and intrusive with obamacare and things like that, it is not, is wall street. host: i think we understand your point. michelle, california, republican. you are next. go ahead. caller: hello. thank you for taking my call. int to sit at first of all, am a christian conservative. i'm a donald trump supported. before i go on to talk about donald trump, on to talk about hillary. i was aher for so long, lifelong democrat. i supported her in 2008 through 2012. after that, i could not support obama or mccain.
8:53 am
after the 2008 hastion, as far as her, she really disappointed me. after benghazi, i lost a lot of respect for her. regarding the air-conditioned conference room, that is nothing. to have four americans who requested help over thousands of e-mails, it is despicable what she has done. you are correct, it is rare. ok, now, moving forward to donald trump, people are calling him a savior because he is -- i'm a christian only christ is the savior. donald trump promises the best chance to reclaim american values. now, what he said last week about skipping the debate, look,
8:54 am
he has been saying that since august. when his first debate went out, he said he made a preposition told the networks. let's raise money for veterans. it is not like he is a scapegoat. host: let me ask you. this is from the washington post about last night's caucusing. ted cruz won a plurality of evangelical christians. as most important constituency. them proximately for intent i will republicans who called himself conservatives. a pluralitywon among those. he said there somewhat conservative. the constituency past republican ballots has been critically important. why are you viewed as a christian conservative not supporting senator ted cruz? most evangelicals in iowa are. caller: as the college as pointed out, he is playing dirty politics. aboute said on twitter
8:55 am
ben carson, he is a dirty player. he is a dirty player. no question that he got some votes from carson. he is a manipulator. as far as rubio, both of them together, the same old tired worn out washington politics. they both need to be cast aside. we need a new america. we need to vote for donald trump. he is either the pure campaign with money, he said it is true, you cannot be bought. he made some errors. he made some areas where he did kid.o that he had a previous campaign measure. i do not know why he didn't do better on the ground game. he needs to tighten up where he is not -- where he is dealing with voters on the ground better. i do not want to see him make the same mistake. trump 2016 is our best chance. cruz and rubio are old washington politics.
8:56 am
cruises not plaintiff again. host: thank you. why the polls got it wrong. politico has his peace online this morning. the poll showing donald trump would win in iowa. 28% to senator ted cruz 23%. those two numbers pretty much flipping on their head last night. the actual voting, that is because they said polls underestimated the evangelical vote. 64% of voters identified as evangelical christians. higher than in 2012 which is a 57%. 60% in 2008. there was strongly for crews. human 34%. 22% for trial. the polls greatly underestimated this vote. only 47% of voters were self identified. they identified as evangelicals and the des moines register poll. the final university poll had evangelicals at 55% of the electorate.
8:57 am
politicone reason why said, the pundits are saying that ted cruz one that vote. also, this turnout machine succeeded. the ground game is difficult to measure. the number of field offices they a recorded, they have turnout. a jump in the percentage of evangelicals. the ground saying crew succeeded trump in iowa, not because voters stayed home, but because crews identified and mobilized his supporters. from frank in michigan, independent college. good morning. go ahead. you are on the air. caller: hello. i'm a trump supporter. i think he had a good showing in iowa last night. he is the one who is talking about the $19 trillion debt.
8:58 am
i could never vote for hillary or bernie. how are we going to get this debt under control? there is no way that people should ignore this debt. our country will go down. donald trump understands what is going on. he is a visionary. a lot of people cannot see what is going on. i believe that michigan will go for donald trump. host: that is frank, michigan, independent collar. talking about his top issue. we will continue with your phone calls and your thoughts this morning about campaign 2016. they voting that took place last night. and they voting that will take place in six days in new hampshire, followed by south carolina. of course, many other states following that. wilson whowith read is the chief political correspondent for the morning consul. we will be right back.
8:59 am
♪ >> the issue is that they we have too many problems in this country right now to continue having this type of debate. i am supporting governor chris christie. iowa is noticed all over and we are proud he recognizes these efforts and as he comes up with a better plan. [indiscernible]
9:00 am
>> if you are interested in the process, it has to begin in iowa and new hampshire. we do not set the rules in which status first or second. we just simply cover candidates where they are. there are a lot of people interested in this election. every four years, the american people decide who should be our president. for those who want to follow the process and do it in a way that is unfiltered, we are the only place that does that. the other thing to keep in mind, as you look at this campaign and the candidates, you are able to see how they are trying to close a deal, and during the final days of any campaign, there is a lot of attention on every nuance, every new story, every speech, every ad, how are you
9:01 am
trying to respond to candidates in the day in age of social media. the news cycle is constant. we are the one space that can allow you to take a step back and watch it. you can get the analysis on other networks, here viewer calls and the way in on the program, that we are the one place that allows you to see it as it happens and they could be on decision. -- and make up your own decision. >> "washington journal" continues. host: and we are back this morning with reid wilson, morning consult, cheap political correspondent to talk about bio caucuses and the new hampshire primary. -- about the iowa caucuses and new hampshire primary. haveted to begin with you gotten the democratic side, but hillary clinton says she won an
9:02 am
bernie sanders saying it is a tie. the democratic party said hillary clinton won, but when he says it is a virtual tie, is he correct? guest: it is a virtual tie. there are some work around the exact numbers, a little around 1200 delegate equivalents. when happens in the iowa caucus, you are not electing delegates for the national convention but the county. elections aso won delegates last that will go from precincts to the county convention, and then they will move on to a congressional district or convention and the larger state convention, and eventually, way down the line, iowa will elect 33 delegates to the national convention in philadelphia later this year on the democratic side. ist has essentially happened the clinton campaign won what looks like about four more
9:03 am
"so-called delegate equivalents" than sanders hot until hundred, so this margin makes rick santorum's win like a landslide. it is very close. both candidates get to claim a win. i think it is a good thing for both candidates. clinton gets to claim she came back after trailing sanders in the polls and she is the first clinton to ever win the iowa caucuses, except when bill ran for reelection and he lost the iowa caucuses in 1992 when thom was in the race back then. she is the first person to win the iowa caucuses after losing eight years ago. she is the first woman to win the caucuses, and by the way, bernie sanders gets to claim a victory because he came pretty close to knocking off a former secretary of state, so they move on to new hampshire where all the polls show bernie sanders is leading by a significant margin.
9:04 am
host: he is leading in new hampshire, but what happened after? doing intok times is the numbers of entrance and exit polls and make the argument that iowa was tailor-made to bernie sanders, well, a virtual ties not that great because white elect [indiscernible] and younger voters are harder at this point. host: the iowa caucuses were 97% white. you. is diversity for and on the democratic side, two percent white, so iowa is a very white state. new hampshire is a very white state. to the most homogenous states and the we moved to south carolina, where it is a huge part of the democratic primary, and the caucuses out there, and as we pulled the democratic primary in the morning consults,
9:05 am
we find week after week that hillary clinton by huge margins amongst hispanic voters and african-american voters. she has a better connection to the parties emerging baseband bernie sanders. meanwhile, bernie sanders has a better election to the younger electorate. olds, heto 29 year percentage ofer the vote. host: what about getting the youth vote out after iowa? he spent a lot of months in iowa on the ground, setting up an organization to get people out, motivating them, whatever you need to do to get the not, but that gets harder to set up as you go on. voters, they felt more consistently than younger voters. host: the benefit of iowa and
9:06 am
new hampshire and south carolina , and to a dual effort, nevada, we are talking about a lot of delegates. i what represents 1% of all the delegates that go to the democratic convention, but it is all about momentum. if you can build up some head of steam, then the voters who tune in later in florida, michigan or wherever they go later, they and of feed that momentum that gives you a little boost in the polls. you are right, it is the older voters who tend to turn out. it is more difficult to have a ground operation in some of the states. both sanders and clinton, their campaigns are both by organizers , these professional folks who know how to organize and they have been in a lot of the states for a long time. these are two candidates who are consistently more popular with than whatatic base the republican base. i was looking at the morgan
9:07 am
consult new point yesterday. we found hillary clinton's favorable rating among democrats is 77%, bernie sanders is 70%. significantly higher than knowing -- significantly higher than any republican voters. donald trump has the highest favorable rating among public and voters and ted cruz a marco rubio and ben carson not the only, together, those for candidates, are the only for whose favorable ratings among republican voters is more than 50%, and that tells you that one part likes the candidates in that could lead to a greater turnout, whether it is from older or younger voters. the others set up side of the conversation, how republicans did last night. the headline on morning, ted cruz, marco rubio over performed on caucus night. guest: they did. i think it was the last seven holes that came out of iowa because it is tough.
9:08 am
you have to figure out eye orally, who of the residents are going to show up to caucus, and it looks like about 170 thousand did on the republican side, impressive. 800 or something [indiscernible] guest: that is remarkable. every four years, the democrats turn out more people but the republicans did this time. sell -- what we saw was in the last seven polls, donald trump had the tune about two points and 10 points throughout the caucuses and caucus nights. his people did not show up or not as much as ted cruz's fans did. this is a big win for ted cruz. we were all sort of thinking to ourselves that it ted cruz cannot win in iowa, his path shuts down but now he has won.
9:09 am
by the way, won while everyone was expecting donald trump to win, which gives them a bonus. do not overlook marco rubio who came out of nowhere. he was in the high single digits, low double digits the week ago and finished in a stronger position. i think better than everybody else expected. especially among voters who were looking for a candidate who can win an election coming up in november. marco rubio and ted cruz got a had aight -- donald trump terrible night. everyone expected him to wait and he did not. for guys whose brand is based on winning and success, losing is tough. host: does that impact him in new hampshire? that willon't think impact him because he is more ahead. what we found in our research at morning consult, as you consider the different ways poles are taken, trump does better than
9:10 am
some others. when we think about a poll, we think about someone calling you on the phone and asking who you support. trump does less well than he does in online or automotive polls. called the social desirability in political science jargon, and one of the caucuss is that when a comes around and you have to stand up and say that you support candidate x or candidate y, obviously that did not happen , you arepublican side sitting with friends and neighbors, but the theory is you are more likely to pick a candidate that you think your friends and neighbors are probably supporting as well. when you're in the ballot box, that may be better for donald trump because it is in the privacy of the voting booth.
9:11 am
we may see donald trump too much brighter in north carolina, south carolina -- sorry, new hampshire than the next to contest coming up and then maybe he dips down in nevada. all that, thank you percent setting the table. let's go to rod in michigan, democrat. good morning. caller: good morning. i have looked and checked out all of the candidates, especially hillary clinton, and i realized that hillary is the best choice to be president simply because she has experience, and she is a realist. i am a christian realist methodist african-american, and our vote is one of the most important votes for the presidency, as well as hispanics. i realized that the republicans do need our votes as well as hispanics, where ted cruz
9:12 am
upsetting donald trump is a victory for republicans because donald trump is really not prepared to be president, not prepared to lead our country and the way that the democrats have, the way that president obama has, and we cannot allow the media to pump up trump in a sense that he has to be the change, read the example, be the forerunner because we have to stand strong, we have to keep our way of living ever since the democratics puts out there because there's no other way can get the word for our people. talk about the importance of the minority vote for hillary clinton. guest: by the way, we did not get a clear example of that last night because iowa does not have a huge percentage of minorities, is one thing that rod said he is a democrat.
9:13 am
one of the big divisions we saw last night was between the sort of establishments, if you will, and then you guys. take a look at the people who showed up to caucus before, it hillary had 59% of the vote, some people who are never caucused or their first time and bernie sanders 159%. putting 56% and bernie sanders had 69% of the vote. for people who consider themselves old-line democrats, they are in line with him. bernie sanders is exciting the base. the reason then senator barack obama was successful eight years ago, first of all, he was a third candidate who qualified for a few delegates, by the way,
9:14 am
a lot of the counties, if you can find a map of the results and i all, a lot of counties that hillary clinton had, especially the southern and northern parts of the state, or -- more rule areas, those were edwards strongholds in 2008. senator obama was able to merge that outsider new interest and blindment with the old democrats who lined up behind him. hillary clinton has yet to get those -- those old-lined lined up behind him. hillary clinton as yet to get those. host: i want to show the map you are talking about, the breakdown by counties. lou is hillary clinton supporters, green are bernie sanders supporters and the great counties that were there, it was a tie. guest: you will notice the southern counties for clinton
9:15 am
are rural, 56 counties in the state that have populations of less than 15,000 people, clinton had the vast majority of those. she also had the most populous county in the state, where des center, and not surprisingly, bernie sanders had the counties around the university of iowa, it can see in the east side of this day, south of cedar rapids, johnson county, iowa city, the university and he did well there. the county north of des moines, where iowa state university is, bernie sanders had the counties with the largest college populations. surprisingly a little bit, bernie sanders did well along the western edge of this day, the northwest, and down south ,long the river, the low hills
9:16 am
they apparently only exist in iowa and japan, i just learned this the other day, -- host: fun facts. guest: got to love him. that is where hillary clinton did well back in the day, but bernie sanders did better this time. host: let's stick with that caller's question, on this issue of immigration, marco rubio was part of this gang of eight that ted cruz really attacked him on that issue. in iowa, you have the base folder in iowa and they say he deserves a spot. voters who said immigration was the most important issue, donald trump had 33 percent, ted cruz percent and marco rubio had 9%. this really tells you that this is still a third rail for republican voters. they are much more interested in
9:17 am
donald trump's vision of build a wall, make mexico pay for it, which i don't understand how that will happen, but whatever, and then they are in a comprehension immigration reform package like the one marco rubio participated in when the gang of eight got together, however, they don't support that because it is running for president. host: how did he get third is that only garnered him 9% of the vote? guest: you take a look at which candidate they believe will win and marco rubio to 43% compared to the 22% for ted cruz, so marco rubio is trying to emerge as the candidate who appears to be the most electable in the long run. we will see if that is a viable option. ted cruz said something fast during the speech, he said, this is a win for the grassroots, and better likets --
9:18 am
that at the moment. host: ted cruz supporters, that is that 10 area, donald trump the red, and marco rubio with few counties. guest: but the most populous counties. he has the morning, johnson county south of cedar rapids, and by the way, these maps can be a little misleading because in a lot of the counties, ted cruz may have had 28 and rubio at 26, so they are a little bit misleading, but notice that ted cruz did well in the rural counties. this looks a little bit like a 2012 map where rick santorum narrowly beat mitt romney. in that case, rick santorum had the vast majority of these abiola, rural counties, and mitt story had few, including -- actually, well, anyway, this looks similar to that map.
9:19 am
trump did well along the western of the states and the eastern sides, too. on the other hand, in the northwest, that is where it the christian conservatives face is the strongest and those are some of ted cruz's best candidates. host: we go to indiana. beth, thank you. caller: my question is about ted cruz. how can he run for president? isn't he canadian? i'm confused. i had written this down, but there is a section of the u.s. code, and i cannot recall the exact section and it lays outbut exactly what it means to be a natural born citizen. 's campaign says he qualifies as a natural born citizen under the provisions.
9:20 am
they include -- there are provisions, and i'm no constitutional expert, but there are provisions that include sort of the what happens when one parent is a citizen but living abroad, so i am not the guy to give the final answer, but there is a section of the u.s. code and i will try to find it during break or something. host: abilene, texas. lindsay. a republican. caller: good morning. in my opinion, the most important issue right now is our economy. i feel like it is important that we [indiscernible] i am for rand paul, and he has been actively trying to push this. as being a rand paul supporter, i get frustrated with the media. sometimes, he will be higher in the polls than other candidates, but they don't mention him. i think a lot of the votes we saw in iowa were strategic votes
9:21 am
to make sure that donald trump does not win. i do not think that we are really paying attention to who is the best candidate. opinion, rand my paul, very constitutional, a good financial plan, one of the best plans in syria. i just feel a little bit in the twilight zone. host: well, he came in fifth in iowa last night. guest: and among the toys 7% of republican voters that said jobs in the economy where the most important, he had 4% of the vote. the poll has been one of the more surprising to downside candidates. one year ago, he was the most interesting person in the republican party as one washington publication put it way back then. he was reaching out to minority voters, doing everything he could to change the shape of the republican party. he just has not caught on.
9:22 am
he has not been able to light a fire under a significant portion of the base. i am shocked. take a look at the iowa caucus results from 2012 from 2008 and if you look at those maps, they are counties that rand paul won. host: what is the future of this candidacy? inst: for the u.s. senate kentucky is probably strong. he faces reelection this year and he is able to be on the ballots for presidential and senate races, but it is not likely will continue to be in the presidential race unless he has a shockingly upsetting result in new hampshire. host: when do you see more republican candidates getting out of the race? guest: we lost huckabee and martin o'malley. i think you can probably expect rick santorum to be out of the race soon. he tried his best. rick santorum spent more time in iowa than any other candidate,
9:23 am
something like 293 events, which is a lot. he must have met everybody in the whole state, but still do not too terribly well. heen that the bank on iowa, is probably gone. i think new hampshire will be know?g clearing out, you you have so many candidates making the case in new hampshire, whether it is john kasich, jeb bush, carly fiorina, that is a lot of people trying or vying for the top three spots, one of which will go to donald trump. the second of which will probably go to ted cruz. if you divide the establishment, just like the christian right does not have a strong foothold in new hampshire have a but if you divide the establishment arrived as 17 ways from sunday, that is a small foothold in the becomes 30 valuable. if two of the tickets out of new hampshire are already taken, it will be tough for a lot of the
9:24 am
others to continue. host: and those other guys not spending the night in iowa but many in new hampshire, and then there joined this morning by all the others as eyes turned to the granite state and you will be voting on february 9. ryan, you, democrat. good morning. caller: good morning. host: question or comment, sir? caller: i would like to say i am very surprised that bernie it this far. i am a bernie sanders supporter, i would like to say that burst, and that appreciate c-span taken my call. surprise that bernie sanders made it this far. guest: i am, too. it is hard to contemplate the something 70 frequent-accented guy who is been the senate for -- what? his second term after being in
9:25 am
callsuse -- and he himself a socialist. this is not barack obama, someone would the magnetism, yet, he has struck a chord. in a sense, it should not be that surprising at a time when people hate their politicians so much. there is a deep anger on the left and right about politics as usual and how broken washington is. the conclusion, it is the same feeling leading to a conclusion to support donald trump or bernie sanders. poll echoedhe exit that sentiment? guest: i did not see anything specifically got to that point, i have spent a lot of time at and, go sign up at morning, but we toduct weekly polls of 2000
9:26 am
4000 people. a couple of times, i have pulled the numbers of people who support donald trump, and you call them up and say why? inevitably say because i hate washington, politics, and it is not a dislike, no, no, it is the strong hate filled feeling of what happens in washington, d.c. and it is hard to blame people. host: reid wilson is the morning consults chief political correspondent. alice,good alex, -- high, alice. think i ametimes, i living in a twilight so. i voted for hillary clinton when she was running for president before, and she is out there debasing andd
9:27 am
seamen like she did not do a thing, and then i wake up to a minority vote like she thinks people are stupid. she cannot be- touched. host: we will take that point and she needs to be held accountable. guest: as well as bernie sanders and donald trump are generating excitement because they hate washington. donald trump is the republican nominee. he can win the general election and i think you can win because the democratic party appears poised to collect the single ,ost political candidate hillary clinton. why my sources and that tell me that the fbi investigation were not lead to an indictment or conviction, it does not have to. it speaks, the e-mail issue and all that, it speaks to the sort of nagging question that
9:28 am
everybody has about hillary clinton -- does she follow the rules? does she think that the rules that apply to me applied her? a lot of people do not think that is the case. if the single most political person in america goes up against a bombastic bullion there who says crazy things and promises to blow up politics as usual, [indiscernible] host: priscilla, republican. go ahead. mr. reid just heard when he mentioned bernie sanders. i have been watching the caucus thing and have never seen something like that before, i heard one of the guys from fox or cnn ask one of the kids at the college did he know it socialism was? probablyi don't know, has to do with social security or medicare.
9:29 am
i was just amazed. most of these college kids, these people voting for bernie sanders, i don't think they know what socialism is. i am a person of color, born again christian, very conservative, and i love my country. andearn about socialists socialism, communism, and we had to get under the desk just for practice because we were expecting russia to attack us, usually the communist our going to attack us. i don't understand how americans can even contemplate taken this a socialist country. host: who is your candidate? caller: donald trump. guest: i actually do understand how the thought process that leads -- i think it is ironic that priscilla is a trunk folder and perplexed by -- a trump supporter and perplexed by bernie sanders parried the topic
9:30 am
is, i hate politics, and here's someone on the right who can do that and someone on the left it can do that. whatever your political leanings, that is the way you will go. give a talk to a group of republicans, i always say, if you think president untilis a socialist, wait you see bernie sanders, who is an actual socialist? he has a pretty liberal record in the senate and not the most liberal record of any senator who was running, largely because he votes with gun right supports. that howard dean used to be on the board of the nra and they supported him when he was running for governor of vermont and they have always been ok with sanders, probably because they know they cannot be bernie sanders in vermont, but he is not like traditional socialist as you would think of
9:31 am
coming out of the soviet union or something like that. i sort of wonder whether or not republicans have used the word socialism so much against president obama over the last seven years that it sort of lost some of the steam. well, democratic voters think it is just republicans kind of socialist or something like that. madison heights, michigan, david is a democrat watching us there. caller: hi. thank you particular call. i am very glad that donald trump did lose. he guaranteed a win, and i think his campaign, the song should be from the beatles "i am a loser." dealing with the terrible republican governor that has poisoned the people that he serves, and i think that bernie sanders being a socialist
9:32 am
, quote unquote, i am glad hillary ticket. powered be glad with bernie sanders also. it is better than being a trump,st like donald that is why god america who loves him so much. all you trump supporters out there, you would vote for a communist. donald trump is not supposed to be using a dell -- adele. britishman for the power battle queen reacting to donald trump's use of such hits such as "rolling in the deep," and "sky fall." they say they have not given him permission to use her music for political campaigns. guest: the music in a political campaign is so dangerous. first of all, candidates never listen to the lyrics because everybody always plays on in the usa and they don't understand it is an anti-vietnam war ballot.
9:33 am
it's like, guys, listen to the music, but the one candidate who has listened to the music and put out what i thought has been the best ad only because i am simon and garfunkel fan, but with the use of simon and and i thought it was a great ad. iowa andrly founded in new hampshire because there were no people of color until about the second half when the filmmaker must've realized, we have had diversity here. again, the music is always a treacherous path. host: let's go to the republican side and talk about jeb bush's candidacy. here is the headline, jeb bush $2884 per iowa vote any received 5165 votes in iowa and came in sixth place. guest: to be fair, his campaign did not spend that money but his
9:34 am
super pac money comes of the super pac could've literally written a check for $1000 to every i went -- iowan republican. here we are in the agent super pac spending and for all of those worried about citizens those big new secret money flowing into politics, i would point out that president obama won reelection in 2012 with the help of the super pac. i don't think money played a huge role in 2014, that was the republican wave coming anyway. here we are in 2016, and the wealthiest candidate, who had raised $100 million, who was supposed to have raised so much money that everyone was scared to run, cayman six and -- came in sixth and not looking too good to new hampshire. just crunched the numbers on how much every candidate raised yesterday, raised before quarter
9:35 am
of the year, and ted cruz raced about $20 million, ben carson raised about $20 million, and i million or was 16 something like that and jeb bush -- it is a great quarter for maybe 2000, but it is clear that not only has bush's money not won him votes, but the spigot is closing fast. host: is it going elsewhere? guest: apparently. i have not crunched the number of donors who have given to both, but there is a fascinating split from the donor class about who is next. -- this campaign is such a great illustration of the pillars of the republican party and there is the donor class, which writes the checks, the consultant class that is the professional who get republicans
9:36 am
elected, the ideological class, the weekly standard and the national beer and people who think about the ideology of the republican party, and the actual class, people who vote. this particular election, it is clear that the activist class is the one that matters. host: that is what ted cruz said in his speech last night. sandy in california, independent. caller: hi! umm, umm, umm,, registered toa anyway,the early 20's, she was republican -- i am not or independentt something like that. i just really feel sorry for
9:37 am
heidi cruz. you know? host: why is that, sandy? caller: well, i don't think she is being treated right by ted. host: i'm not sure where you are going with that, sandy, but heidi cruise was campaigning just as hard as her husband. guest: and she is a political person. she has also been campaigning will beyond iowa. i saw a clip the other day of missouri,gning in which does not have a primary for a while, but that is the benefit of having a really talented political spouse like heidi cruz. the ability to have the candidate in two places at once, if you will. in 2008, you can recall bill clinton sort of being able to
9:38 am
rest on the stump and michelle obama did a great job campaigning for her husband and some of the early states. this time around, heidi cruz has probably been the most outspoken , the most visible spouse on the campaign trail. host: brenda in florida on the line for republicans. i just want to say i will probably vote for trump. it would be great to see trump run against bernie sanders because that would be capitalism against socialism. host: [laughter] sorry, brenda. guest: that would be an incredible race. capitalismt be here -- let's be clear, donald trump is no free market capitalist. he is all about messing with the markets, especially in things like trade deals. he wants to put a bunch of terrorists on some of the international goods coming in, which is not free-market
9:39 am
principle. a fascinating contrast of perhaps the two most different people you can imagine running for in the highest office in the land. that being said, every four years, there are always those people who say something to the effect of, well, it so and so to canada,ill move and i think you'd have a lot of people on both sides of that. host: missouri, delano, democrat? i can articulate this problem, as an 83-year-old korean vet, i have two elephants congress, walmart -- not walmart, but that is another problem -- our federal reserve, that is what bernie sanders is talking about, and our stock market. trading,does insider that is what martha stewart went to prison for.
9:40 am
here is the other thing, there is poured out one million undocumented workers in las vegas taking up jobs, they come in with no inspection, health inspection or nothing. that is where i agree with donald trump. he is the only guy who was that building the wall, stopping the flow of illegals coming into the country. stools ofback to the the republican party. there is a fascinating disconnect that we don't talk about enough on the immigration issue. the activist class feels a lot does, too many people are coming over the borders, they're taking the jobs, things like that, and then not reallye -- consultant -- but the chamber of commerce, is this. i am from washington state originally, and in washington a couple of years ago, you never
9:41 am
see an immigration hardliner come out of washington state because a few years ago, 40% of the largest apple crop stayed on the trees because they were not enough workers to pick the apples, at the height of the has aion, immigration benefit for business. this is why the chamber of commerce clause is interested in h1v visas and confidence of reform because the employers need, in places like las vegas and washington state, and elsewhere, need workers. there is a divide within the republican class, at least in iowa, only 9% of people who said immigration was the most important, voted for marco rubio. independent stan, caller. caller: good morning. i think right off the bat that
9:42 am
trump is my man and bernie is my man. they could do it if they wanted to. just get both those men out there and vote for president, vice president, and i tell you what. i have never seen such an archaic way of browbeating, their bullying, their talk to go to the to other side. when we get in the voting booth in texas, nobody messes with you. you, if youe ask have participated in the caucus, do you think anybody could sway you? guest: no -- caller: no. guest: iowans are very tough. host: even coin tosses. guest: i was not aware of that until just now. host: they said that is allowed if there is a tie to do a coin toss. guest: tyler caucus is
9:43 am
fascinating. i was out there couple years ago and that actually watched one. -- the iowa caucus is fascinating. i was out there a couple of years ago and actually got to watch one. it's not something that happens a lot in the west, south, but it and part off voting our democracy. every four years, iowa and new hampshire worry about their place in the nominating process. the fact that iowa went for ted will mollify a lot of republican members of the republican national committee, the people a make a decision about who goes first and second, and things like that. i think if those republicans had seen donald trump win, this is the bio would have been in jeopardy by losing. host: i thought they were nervous about ted cruz as well guest:. they are nervous, perpetually nervous about whether or not they will be able to keep this process. somethingther lend
9:44 am
like $10 million to the state economy or $100 million, depending on the economist, but in the general scheme of things, not a huge part of the gdp. host: mickey in connecticut, a republican. caller: thank you for taking my call. year registered democrat who just turned republican because of donald trump. the sickly, i have big issues. i like some of the other republican candidates, ben carson, it is not about race, it is about creating full-time jobs. i have been out of work for two years. country,fense for our the stopping of illegal immigration, i want to protect our second amendment rights. i did not like president obama's deal with iran, you don't give billions of dollars to a terrorist nation and letting go all these terrorists out of
9:45 am
guantanamo, and then hillary, hillary said after she not that she won in iowa, the way i believe america should be, what does that mean? what is her idea of what america should be? that scares me. host: ok, who are donald trump supporters and what does that mean in a general election? guest: donald trump supporters are a fascinating group of people. they are republicans who hate their own party, and there are a significant number of those, by the way. the small side, if you have ever seen gallup with the manual survey where they talk about who is registered to vote with either parties, independents are at an all-time high and a lot are conservative voters, photo republican but calling themselves independents because they think the republican party has gone too far to the left. those are some of donald trump's supporters. others are people like mickey.
9:46 am
people who feel economically detached, feel like their country is moving ahead without the recovery probably left them behind. there are a lot of those people. they are very real feelings and orlings that a lot of people that are motivating people to get involved in politics in the way they have not before. the real question is, does that involvement extend beyond just showing up by the c-span or putting a bumper sticker on their car is something like that? host: buying a hat. guest: you have to love the hat. you spend like -- he's been like one dollar of every six dollar on campaign hats, crazy, but good for him. does that extend to voting, knocking on your door and trying to convince your neighbor to vote for donald trump? ofthe caucuses last night the people who said they were for a trump and chewing at the mega rallies, they did not end up voting for him. is that mean he is a paper tiger?
9:47 am
not quite yet. let's watch other primaries evolve, but in the long run, donald trump supporters had the ance to show up and they did not. host: the next one in new hampshire on february 9. let me show you the latest over the attention goes after. february 20, democrats voting in nevada, republicans in south carolina and on the bright 23rd, republicans in nevada will vote the 27th, top carolinian democrats. on march 1, talk about march 1. guest: it is a busy day. super tuesday, the first day -- i mentioned by the way that the rnc and dnc are the two groups that set the calendar. they can do things like section if they holdtates contest earlier, so march 1 is the first day that every state is allowed to hold her contest
9:48 am
if they want to. those states that will hold their contest have or who allocate the delegates, which gets 25%t if ted cruz and everybody else gets 20%, ted cruz gets 25% of the delegates, whereas in later states -- there are some states where that's really 5% can get you 100, when not take all contest, but these are largely states that will do well for conservatives. they are states that typically elect conservative candidates statesublican primaries, like alabama, mississippi, georgia, they call them the fcc primary states. they all got together and decided to become a little more important. wyoming, massachusetts, other states like that will have a contest that day. a lot of delegates are available. host: and march 15?
9:49 am
march 15 is the first day that states can hold win or take all collections, and florida will be the win or take all contest. this goes to marco rubio's path of the white house. he is banking a winning florida. you only need a small plurality to win the state and then you get 100% of the delegates. i have not seen a poll that shows marco rubio leading. i think it will have jeb bush and marco rubio leading donald trump and ted cruz. host: jane is a democrat. welcome to the conversation with reid wilson. caller:hi, the conversation has gone a little passive sense i called thing, but one of the things -- i called in because everybody was talking about socialists and thinking about ago as they work 100 years in an entirely different world.
9:50 am
i am just wondering when, if ever, the media will stop just and doames of things their research and learn what it means. if you go the democratic socialist countries like in scandinavia, you see people taken care of, students being able to study, you see people who are nicely dressed and have enough money to go and buy food, etc., etc. it does not mean they are not democratic and holding democratic elections. nobody seems to talk about those things. jane, are you concerned, as a democrat, that if bernie sanders was the nominee, republicans would be able to frame -- caller: no, i am for bernie sanders. i am going to turn 71 next week, and a democrat at age 71 handing out [indiscernible] i have always considered myself democrat. host: all right. wast: my favorite teacher
9:51 am
from that part of california. sorry, j, but that point that you raise about the labels that we all use, bernie sanders called himself a democratic socialist. it is not likely invented the title. when bernie sanders ran for his first office in for a model in 1980, he ran as a socialist. he was not democrat or republican but a socialist. title that using the they give us. host: in tennessee, independent. caller: hi, folks. host: morning. caller: thank you for your talk. it is really great and i have learned a lot. i wanted -- i am a bernie supporter -- i wanted to make a point about the similarities and bernieald trump sanders, from what i can see.
9:52 am
it is interesting that bernie sanders, both independent types, and when you showed that map of mountainsome of those areas, it is interesting that geographically, the mountain areas are going for trump and sanders. one of the big dynamics of this election is the independents. you talk about bernie getting the youth vote, but he is also getting a lot of independents. trump is getting a lot of independents as well. it seems to me that all of this, one of the reasons all of this has happened, is that we are not getting the change that obama promised. people -- obama is a great politician, but it is hard -- you try to be in the commentator, and trump and bernie are not the commentators accomodators.
9:53 am
guest: the president tried to engage with congress a little bit, a lot of folks on capitol hill will say he did not try hard enough, but if a bernie sanders or donald trump comes to washington, there is still probably going to be republican house of representatives and, if sanders wins, a democratic senate. i cannot imagine a scenario where sanders would win and the democrats would not take back have aate, so, we will divided government, and it does not always work so well when you have somebody in the white house who was amending they get it their way because there are 535 people at their who get a say in the things, too. republican. dan, good morning. caller: good morning, greta. good morning to you, reid. aloha, as i like to say. it was interesting.
9:54 am
someone in the media interviewed a young millennial and asked her what the socialist was, and she responded, someone who believes in social media. guest: that is awesome. [laughter] caller: yeah, and they were having a big laugh about in the media when they were talking about this person interviewed. isng forward, my problem some of the voter fraud in the registration issues we have. during the democratic caucus, there was a lady who was named josie and she stood up or took up a person from the audience there who responded, an older male, to the 33 illegals that had been found in the process of voting during this caucus. she said -- well, if they found about it and prosecuted
9:55 am
later for voter fraud -- what system is in place when we had 33 people voting and there is no vetting process for them? guest: first of all, i do not know about this particular precinct or anything like that. the second thing, let's remember oft this quote process choosing a nominee is not an election in the way that we think of elections. the caucuses are not run by the ofte of iowa, the secretary state, but by the iowa democratic and republican parties, which means you can up voting as much as you want. in theties themselves california davis v. democratic party or whatever,
9:56 am
whichever way it is, that the parties themselves have what they called the first amendment right of association and they get to set up the process. that means that if the democratic party once to allow only left-handed people to vote, then they can do that. the supreme court says they can. host: explain the caucusing for the democrats in iowa versus how their declared the winner and the delegates versus republicans? guest: it is a little confusing because the process did not end last night in iowa. it will continue for months down the road until the 40 delegates they sent to the convention and they are elected at the state convention, so you start with the precinct caucuses last night, then the people who are elected delegates, joe schmoe, bernie sanders delegate, bob smith, the hillary clinton delegate, move on to a county convention, at which all of the delegates from the precinct come together, they elected delegates
9:57 am
to the congressional district conventions, and then from the congressional district on to the state district, they essentially narrowed the field of delegates down. host: how can the democratic party declared hillary clinton the winner? guest: because she won the eloquent -- delegate equivalents, the people who go in the next. host: she won more of them? guest: more of them, and by the way, they still have to show up at the conventional and state districts. back in 2008, president obama, then senator obama, b john edwards and hillary clinton in the iowa caucuses, and he was supposed to get one more delicate than edwards and two edwardsn clinton, a, people and clinton people dropped off. i the end, before clinton had dropped out, when he got to the convention, obama had a nine or 10 delegate advantage
9:58 am
because his people had stuck through the contest. even if clinton wins, let's call tied as off they are last night, you can still see bernie sanders winning the delegates out of iowa by 10 or 15 delegates because maybe this people show up or vice versa. host: and on the republican side? guest: the votes that were cast last night will go towards electing delegates, but instead of caucusing and electing a delegate to the next level and measured support that way, the republicans measured their support like a secret ballot, so everybody put their choice into a hat and they pulled the ballots. that is why you see ted cruz when he went 20 something -- host: 28%. guest: thousands of votes versus hillary clinton, they are not counting the same thing. host: i hope that clears it up for some guest: -- in line it
9:59 am
probably makes it more confusing. host: what are you watching for in new hampshire? guest: first of all, is losing in iowa and having these inevitability's, is that going to send donald trump's poll numbers crippling? i suspect it might. i suspect they will not be as a in new hampshire tomorrow as they were yesterday or the day before. on the democratic side, it could be anything to make up what looks like a significant gap significant deficit in bernie sanders. the last poll had him up by a big margin. new hampshire is a state that is prone to those big margins. senator kelly had more than 62% of the vote and it is a tough race this year. can hillary clinton close that gap or is she going to give up and say, bernie sanders gets to
10:00 am
have new hampshire, and his neighboring state, and i will move on to south carolina or she has an advantage? host: the house is gaveling in. go to to sign up for all the news from morning consult, chief political correspondent reid wilson, thank you. let's for you to the house where they are about to gaveling for today's session. from the majority and north party for morning hour debate. the chair will alternate recognition between the parties with each party limited to one hour and each member other than the majority and minority leaders and the minority whip but in o five minutes no event shall debate continue beyond 11:50 a.m. the chair recognizes the gentleman from pennsylvania, mr. costello, for five minutes.


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