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tv   U.S. House of Representatives Morning Hour  CSPAN  February 2, 2016 10:00am-12:01pm EST

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have new hampshire, and his neighboring state, and i will move on to south carolina or she has an advantage? host: the house is gaveling in. go to to sign up for all the news from morning consult, chief political correspondent reid wilson, thank you. let's for you to the house where they are about to gaveling for today's session. from the majority and north party for morning hour debate. the chair will alternate recognition between the parties with each party limited to one hour and each member other than the majority and minority leaders and the minority whip but in o five minutes no event shall debate continue beyond 11:50 a.m. the chair recognizes the gentleman from pennsylvania, mr. costello, for five minutes.
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thank you, mr. speaker. i rise today in support of h.r. 515, and i want to commend congressman smith for his continued leadership efforts to combat human trafficking. it's an issue many of us take very, very seriously. this congress -- the house has passed several commonsense bipartisan pieces of legislation to end human trafficking, and we remain dedicated to finding solutions to prevent this criminal activity, protect victims and prosecute those individuals who seek to exploit innocent children. one year ago today, i spoke on this critical piece of legislation when it first came to the house floor. i'm glad the senate has finally considered it and i'm proud to be standing again here today as this legislation will finally make its way to the president's desk for signature following passage here in the house.
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mr. speaker, human trafficking is not a distant concept. it exists in communities across america. an estimated 300,000 young americans are in danger of becoming victims of sex trafficking, and the average age, believe it or not, is 12 to 14 years old for girls. last year alone, my home state of pennsylvania had a total of 106 reported cases of human trafficking and 514 calls of human trafficking violations. in fact, pennsylvania has stepped up the fight by enacting stricter human trafficking laws and was named one of the top five most improved states by the polaris project. this legislation we've passed here in the house is another step in the right direction. we've made progress but there is more that we can and must do. i look forward to working with my colleagues to continue the fight against human trafficking. mr. speaker, i also rise today
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to highlight the success of a local land preservation effort westchesterboro, chester, pennsylvania. the barclay grounds is a beautiful property. the land has a rich history dating back to william pence's charter from the king. over the years it's been served as an orchard, it's been used for agricultureure purposes as well as recreational activities. for over two years, local officials and grassroots volunteers from worked on a common mission -- to preserve the barclay grounds for future generations. i can recall when i was a county commissioner, a gentleman by the name of john, who founded the preservation alliance, came to us and terrence federal and kathy and i decided it was a worthwhile endeavor. we provided the seed funding, if you will, to help kick-start the grant application process
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for several funding streams to make sure we would be able to preserve the barclay grounds. i'm pleased to stand before this country today and say that a group of local officials and local volunteers did something great in a local community that's going to preserve for future generations a real historic, cultural and environmental gem. i want to commend the dedicated officials in the westchester community, including westchesterboro council. a lot of people involved in the grant movement, including the grant writing teams at the lands trust as well as the conservancy and many others for their efforts to preserve this park. mr. speaker, i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields.
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>> complained that the time to vote came to a close too soon before it's allotted 15 minutes. also in the house today, members expected to attempt to override president obama's veto of the health care law repeal passed by the house back on january 6. live coverage when the house returns. again here at noon eastern on c-span. following last night's iowa caucuses, the presidential campaign now moves to new hampshire. and we'll be covering three republican candidates today on the c-span networks. last night's winner, senator ted cruz, will hold a town hall meeting. that will take place in windam, hard money hard money.
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live on c-span2 starting at 12:30 eastern. as the senate is gaveling out. senator rubio who came in third last night is in exeter. you'll be able to watch that on c-span3. iowa runner-up, donald trump, is in mill ford for an event. live coverage of that starts at 7:00 p.m. eastern. that's on our companion network c-span2. senator ted cruz addresses supporters after his victory last night. most polls had him trailing donald trump going into the caucuses in iowa. senator cruz: god bless the great state of iowa. let me first of all say to god be the glorry.
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tonight-glory. tonight is a victory for the rassroots. tonight is a victory for courageous conservatives across iowa and all across this great nation. [cheers and applause] senator cruz: tonight the state f iowa has spoken. iowa has sent notice that the republican nominee and the next president of the united states will not be chosen by the media. cheers and applause]
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senator cruz: will not be chosen by the washington establishment. will not be chosen by the lobbyists. but will be chosen by the most incredible powerful force where all sovereignty resides in our nation by we, the people, the american people. tonight, thanks to the incredible hard work of everyone gathered here, of courageous conservatives across this state, e together earn the votes of 48,608 iowans. cheers and applause]
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senator cruz: to put in perspective, your incredible victory that you have won tonight, that is the most votes ever cast for any republican primary winner. cheers and applause] senator cruz: tonight is a victory for millions of americans who have shouldered the burden of seven years of washington deals run amuck. -- run amock. tonight is a victory for every american who watched in dismay as career politicians in washington in both parties refuse to listen and too often fail to keep their commitments to the people. tonight is a victory for every american who understands that
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after we survive eight long years of the obama presidency that no one personality can right the wrongs done by washington. the millions who understand that it is a commitment to the constitution, to our shared insistence that we rise and return to a higher standard, the very standard that gave birth to the greatest nation that the orld has ever known. to the revolutionary understanding that all men and all women are created equal. that our rights do not come from the democratic party or the republican party or even from the tea party. our rights come from our creator.
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and the federal government's role, the federal government's responsibility is to defend those fundamental rights, to defend us. and while americans will continue to suffer under a president who has set an agenda that is causing millions to hurt across this country, i want to remind you of the promise of scripture. weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning. [cheers and applause] iowa has z: tonight proclaimed to the world morning is coming. morning is coming.
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from day one this campaign has been a movement. for millions of americans across this country to organize, to rally, to come together whatever washington says, they cannot deep the people -- keep the people down. and tonight is a testament to the people's commitments, to their yeernings to get back to our core commitment, free market principles, constitution liberties, and the judeo-christian values that built this great nation. cheers and applause] senator cruz: when the washington lobbyists settled on other candidates in this race, when the media in one voice said a conservative cannot win, nationwide over 800,000
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contributions poured in as courageous onservatives said yes, we can. 800,000 contributions at ted ds with an average contribution of $67, that is the power of the grassroots. but it's more than that. it's 12,000 volunteers here in the state of iowa. it's over 200,000 volunteers all cross this great nation. you know, during the dorse --
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course of this campaign people have asked heidi and me are you tired? and i will admit it is 16, 18 hours a day, six, seven days a week. we are not tired at all. to the contrary, we are inspired y each and every one of you. i leap out of bed every morning amazed that at a time when our country is in crisis every one of us has the opportunity to stand and lead that we have put in a place of leadership for such a time as this. i'm inspired by the stories of
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heroism that i see every day, working men like jerry dunleavy who columbus, ohio requested an entire month off his job to come to iowa to live at camp cruz and volunteer full-time. when his employer refused to give him the time off, jerry uit his job and came anyway. and i love the great state of iowa. i'm inspired by people like
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elliott gazer and josh hammer, students at the university of chicago, who spent their winter break at camp cruz. but they didn't stop there, they came back this weekend, they hit the phones, and they hit the pavement campaigning so that students across this country upon graduation rather than having mountains of debt will instead have two, three, four, five high paying job offers and chance at the american dream. i'm inspired by people like alexander ziegler, a 13-year-old girl from lubbock, texas, who yesterday at our campaign headquarters made 823 volunteer calls.
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that has always been the strength of this campaign are the men and women gathered here and courageous conservatives standing up and speaking out and lifting us up in prayer, lifting this country up in prayer each and every day. and let me say our leadership team, our iowa state chairman, matt shultz, what an extraordinary job. you have done organizing a grassroots army. let me say to our iowa state director, brian english, what an mazing job brian has done. and to our national co-chairman, these men e king
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have become dear and trusted friends. they are warriors, they are men of principle, they stand and speak the truth, they stand to defend their values. let me tell you, these leaders day after day, week after week, have been crawling under broken glass with knives between their teeth. i'm grateful for the support, the early support of my friend, teve days. we are grateful for the over 150 pastors across the state of iowa who joined our team to energize people of faith.
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we are grateful to the state senators, to the state representatives, to the volunteer leaders in each of the 99 counties who stood up and said, we will be heard and this will be decided by the rassroots. and then i am so grateful to national leaders, people like tony es dobson, and , andns, and phil robertson governor rick perry. nd glenn beck. leaders who have stood and led,
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bringing together and coalescing conservatives here in iowa and all across the country. you want to know what scares the washington cartel? actually, not remotely. i don't scare them in the tiniest bit. what scares them is you. cheers and applause] what scares them is that the old reagan coalition is coming back together of conservatives. we are saying conservatives and evangelicals and libertarians and reagan democrats all coming together as one and that
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terrifies washington, d.c. and so to the people of iowa, heidi and i say thank you for your incredible hospitality, thank you for your love, thank you for welcoming us into your homes, into your living rooms. thank you for welcoming my father to preach from the ulpits of your churches. let me say to my parents, mom, thank you for the incredible, unconditional love that you have given me every day of my life, the knowledge that whatever i might do, whatever i might say that my mother loves e.
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p [applause] senator cruz: to my cousin, bebe, who is like a sister to me, we grew up together, i love ou, beebs. , a man who came from cuba at age 18 with nothing , with $100 in his underwear. he doesn't carry money in his underwear anymore. a man who was imprisoned, who was tortured, who washed dishes making 50 cents an hour, who has lived the american dream, and a
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man who is, today, a pastor traveling the country preaching he gospel. [cheers and applause] >> this is the american dream. senator cruz: my dad is 76 years old yet he's got the energy of a teenager, dad, you have been my hero my whole life, i love you, dad. [applause] senator cruz: when the sun rises tomorrow, this campaign will ake the next step. we will continue to campaign the same way, sitting down person to person, leader to leader, v.f.w. hall to dunkin' donuts,
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returning to the great state of new hampshire. let me speak for a minute to the men and women of the state of new hampshire. 36 years ago you welcomed to the granite state a candidate running for president who was also deeply disliked by the washington establishment and the washington cartel. a candidate who has been dismissed outright by the media, some polls had him 15 to 20 points behind, but you refused to let the establishment and the cartel and the media do your thinking for you, you refused to let them tell you how to vote. you wanted a candidate who didn't adopt his positions because of the latest opinion polls. but instead because of a deep and underlying conservative philosophy that grounded him so
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that he knew exactly what he believed, exactly what the principles were that built this reat nation. so tonight i want to say to the people of new hampshire, thank you for what you did 36 years ago. thank you for giving america and the world, and, yes, history itself, our 40th president of the united states, ronald wilson eagan. and i ask the people of new hampshire and the people of south carolina and the people of nevada and the people of the super tuesday states on march 1, to each of you do not listen to
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our words. do not listen to the rhetoric from campaigns, but rather hold each and every one of us accountable, hold me accountable, and hold every other candidate accountable to e a consistent conservative. if you want a candidate to repeal obamacare, then support a candidate who has led the fight to repeal obamacare. if you want a president to stop amnesty to secure the borders and keep us safe, then support a candidate who has led the fight to stop amnesty to secure the borders and to keep us safe. if you want a candidate to
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support life and marriage and religious liberty, then support a candidate who has spent decades of his life fighting to defend life and marriage and religious liberty. if you want a candidate to defend the second amendment , ht to keep and bear arms then ask of every candidate where were you in the spring of 2013 when barack obama and harry reid and chuck schumer tried to undermine the second amendment right to keep and bear arms. if you want a candidate who will stand unapologetically with the , then support a candidate who has led the fight
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over and over again to stand by our friend and ally, the nation of israel. and if you want a commander in chief who will fulfill the most solemn obligation of the president, to keep this nation safe, then support a candidate who has demonstrated the commitment, the judgment, the experience, the clarity of vision to identify our enemy, to call it by its name, radical islamic terrorism. cheers and applause] senator cruz: and to utterly and ompletely defeat isis.
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if i am elected president, every militant on the face of the planet will know, if you go and join isis, if you wage jihad on the united states of america, if you attempt to murder innocent americans, you are signing your death warrant. cheers and applause] senator cruz: i'll tell you this. if the other states across the country follow the lead of the good men and women of iowa, and upport this campaign, then i tell you this, this july in cleveland you will hear these words spoken from the podium of the unified republican convention, tonight, i want to say to every member of the democratic party who believes in
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limited government, in personal opportunity, and the united states constitution and a safe and security america, come home. to the reagan democrats, your party has left you. and the republican party wants ou, we welcome you back. because together this year republicans and the reagan democrats can send an unmistakable message. the message of a reagan-like landslide that once and for all will drive the liberal elite and the washington cartel into the potomac and out to sea never to be seen again.
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[cheers and applause] senator cruz: together, we can bring out a new era of economic growth, the military strength, international security, and the fuhr of hope our children deserve. if we commit to do more than hope, if we aspire to govern by a higher standard, a standard that transcends political party and race and gender and income and to everyone that is tired, of a president that divides us daily on racial lines, on ethnic lines, on religious lines, on gender lines, on socioeconomic lines, we will have a president that once again seeks to bring us together and unite us on our shared values of who we are as americans.
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the most solemn responsibility of the president is to keep this country safe. and we will stop the weakness and appeasement. we will stop making excuses for global bullies and terrorists and rather simply do what is akes to defeat them. i give you my solemn promise, we will finally, finally, finally secure the borders and end anctuary cities. and i want to speak for a moment to the soldiers and sailors and airmen and marines. i want to speak to the moms and dads who have a child serving overseas. i want to speak to the husbands and wives who wake up at night wondering if their loved one is still alive. i want to speak to the little
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kids who have been waiting months upon months to get a hug from daddy, a kiss from mommy, to all of our fighting men and women who have been sent into combat with their arms tied behind their back, with rules of engagement that are wrong, that are immoral, that will end in january, 2017. you will have a commander in chief who finally has your back. and to the police officers and the firemen and the first responders, the heroes who rush into burning buildings instead of out of burning buildings, the last seven years of having a president, having a attorney general that demonizes you, that vilifies you, that sides with
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the criminals and looters instead of the brave men and women of law enforcement, that ill end on january 20, 2017. cheers and applause] senator cruz: so tonight, the state of iowa, the democrats here, seem to be at a virtual tie between one candidate who admits he's a socialist and the other candidate who pretends she's not. i wish them both luck. but i will tell you this, as margaret thatcher observed, the problem with socialism is eventually you run out of other eople's money.
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and let me tell you, tonight i cannot wait to stand on that debate stage with hillary clinton. [cheers and applause] senator cruz: we will win by speaking the truth with a smile. the truth is, the american people are fed up with washington, with the corrupt class that enriches itself and leaves behind the working men and women of this country. the truth is, the american people are fed up with a federal government that views the bill of rights and the constitution as a rough draft, as n inconvenient, as something to be setaside and we are ready to get back to the vision of the framers of protecting the unalienable rights given to each
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f us by our creator. the reason all of you are here is the same reason i am here. the same reason heidi and i have spent every waking moment for the last year, we love our kids. our girls, caroline and katherine, at age 7 and age 5, every one of us here when we go to bed at night we think, what kind of world are we leaving our kids? are we giving our children a brighter future? are we giving our children what our parents gave us? a country with greater greem, greater opportunity, more -- greater freedom, great opportunity, more promise, more hope, you want to know where i'm
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getting on a plane in about an hour and flying all night to new hampshire to knock on doors and sit down and visit with people and ask for their support, the reason is simple. because when i look my girls in the eyes 10, 20 years from now, i am not going to tell them, we could have stood up and saved this country. but we didn't do everything we could. instead, i'm going to tell them, millions of americans saw that america was in jeopardy and we rose up together and said, we are going to preserve this nation for our children and grandchildren. cheers and applause] senator cruz: to those who supported other candidates in this race, the republican party is so blessed to have a bounty of talented young, dynamic candidates, people who i like and respect, to those who supported other candidates, i will tell you, each of them, we
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welcome you as part of our team. because if we stand together as one, if the american people stand together and say we want our country back, there is no force in washington that can stand against the american people, that can stand against the grassroots, that can stand against our unity. we are going to do this together as a movement from the people. i tell you tonight, iowa has made clear to america and the world morning is coming. morning is coming. hank you, and god bless you.
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[captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> donald trump also briefly addressed his supporters after his runner up showing in iowa. mr. trump: thank you. thank you very much. i love you people. i love you people. thank you. unbelievable. i have to start by saying, i absolutely love the people of iowa. unbelievable. unbelievable. so, on june 16, when we started this journey, there were 17 candidates. i was told by everybody, do not go to iowa. you could never finish even in the top 10. and i said, but i have friends in iowa. i know a lot of people in iowa. i think they'll really like me.
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let's give it a shot. they said don't do it. i said i have to do it. we finished second, and i want to tell you something, i'm just honored. i'm really honored. i want to congratulate ted and i want to congratulate all of the incredible candidates, including mike huckabee, who has become a really good friend of mine. congratulations to everybody. congratulations. i want to thank all of the folks that worked with us. we had a great team and we will continue to have a great team. and we are just so happy with the way everything worked out. and most importantly i have to thank my wife and laura and vanessa and don, twhent out and they were doing speeches. in fact, don and erica, i think you did around six speeches today. i just want to thank my family. they have been so amazing and so supportive.
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and we have had every indication we are going now -- we have a poll where 28 points ahead, ok. new hampshire, we love new hampshire. e love south carolina. and we are leaving tonight. tomorrow afternoon we'll be in new hampshire. that will be something special. it's going to be a great week. we are going to be up here next week. i think we are going to be proclaiming victory, i hope. i will say this, i don't know who is going to win between bernie and hillary, i don't know what's going to happen with hillary. she's got other problems, maybe bigger than the problems she's but n terms of nomination, we have had so many different indications and polls that we beat her and beat her easily. we will go on to get the republican nomination and we will go on to easily beat hillary or bernie or whoever the hell they throw up there. iowa, we love you.
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we thank you. you're special. we will be back many, many times. in fact, i think i might come here and buy a farm. i love it, ok. thank you. thank you, everybody. thank you. thank you very much. [applause] fun -- [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> donald trump last night with supporters. today he'll hold a town hall meeting in millford, new hampshire, on c-span2. finishing third was florida senator marco rubio, here's what he had to say to supporters last night. mr. rubio: thank you. so this is the moment they said would never happen. for months, for months they told us we had no chance. for months they told us because
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we offer too much optimism in a time of anger we had no chance. for months they told us because we didn't have the right endorsements, or the right political connections we had no chance. they told me we have no chance because my hair wasn't gray enough and my boots were too high. they told me i needed to wait my turn. that i needed to wait in line. >> you did your turn. senator rubio: tonight here in iowa the people of this great state sent a very clear message. after seven years of barack obama, we are not waiting any longer to take our country back. cheers and applause] senator rubio: this is not a time for waiting. for everything that makes this nation great now hangs in the
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balance. this is a time where we need a president that will truly preserve and protect and defend the constitution of the united states. not one that undermines, attack, and ignores the constitution of the united states. [cheers and applause] senator rubio: this is a time for a president who will defend our second amendment rights. not a president who undermines them. this is a time for a president that will rebuild the u.s. military because the world is a safer and better place. the united states has the most powerful military in the world. this is no ordinary election. 2016 is not just the choice between two political parties. 2016 is a referendum. it is a referendum on our identity as a nation and as a people. in america there are only two ways forward for us now. we can either be greater than we have ever been.
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or we can be a great nation and decline. if bernie sanders or hillary , if they elected were to win, we will be a great nation in decline. if they win, obamacare becomes permanent. if they win, these unconstitutional combeckive orders from this president become -- executive orders from this president become permanent. if they win, our military continues to decline. and if they win, the balance of our supreme court will be controlled by liberal justices for over a decade or longer. they cannot win. hillary clinton is disqualified from being the president of the united states. because she stored classified and sensitive information on her email server because she thinks she's above the law. and hillary clinton can never be commander in chief.
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because anyone who lies to the families of people who lost nir lives in the service of this country can never be commander in chief of the united states. cheers and applause] senator rubio: so tonight i thank you here in iowa. i thank you because tonight we have taken the first step. but an important step towards winning this election. if i am our nominee, and i will be our nominee thanks to what you have done here in this great am our nominee, we are going to unify this party and we are going to unify the conservative movement. when i'm our nominee, we are going to grow the conservative movement. we are going to thake our message to the people who are struggling paycheck to paycheck
10:47 am
to the students living under the burden of student loans, to the families struggling to raise their children with the right values. we will take our message to them and we will bring them to our side. when i am our nominee, we will unite our party, we will grow our party, and we will defeat hillary clinton or bernie sanders or whoever they nominate. cheers and applause] senator rubio: i want to thank our all powerful and almighty god. for the chance that he has given us to be a part of this endeavor here in identify wafment it's been a phenomenal experience. i want to thank my wife and my family. cheers and applause] senator rubio: i want to congratulate my friend, senator ted cruz, he worked really hard
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here in iowa and earned his victory here tonight. i want to thank another good friend of mine, governor mike huckabee, for his service to our country, the state of arkansas. he has announced tonight he's suspending his campaign. we have tremendous admiration for governor huckabee and we thank him for all he's done. [applause] senator rubio: two centuries ago, an extraordinary generation living in one place at one time here in america, colonists, of an english kohlny, declared their independence on the most powerful empire in the world. they did it with a powerful word and principle that our rights come from our creator. they do not come from our government. the rest is a two century history of the most extraordinary nation in the histry of mankind. i know america is special because i was raised by people who knew what life was like outside of america.
10:49 am
i was raised by people who came to this country with nothing. they barely spoke english at the time. they had no money. my father stopped going to school when he was 9 years old. he had to go work. he would never go back to school. he would work for the next 70 years of his life. when my parents arrived here in this contry, they struggled. they were discouraged. but they persevered. less than a decade after they arrived here with nothing, my father, a bartender on miami beach, they owned a home. not a mansion, but a safe and stable home. in a safe and stable neighborhood. decades later they would retire with dignity and with security. and the most important thing of all for them, they left all four of their children with a life bert than their own. -- better than their own. this is the purpose of my parents' life. to give the kids, us the chabs to do all the things they never cofment that's not just my
10:50 am
storery, that's our story. that's america's story. that's the story of your parents. you know the story. of your parents who sacrifice and gave up so much so you could be what they could not. it's the stories of those parents today who are doing the same for their children. it is this that makes america special. and it is this that we fight now to preserve. this is the kind of country i want to leave for my children. this is the kind of country your children deserve to inherit as well. and this is what we must now decide whether we will remain that kind of country. or whether we will be the first generation to lose it. it's an important choice. and one that each generation before us has had to make. for america is not a special country by accident. america is a great nation because each generation before us did their part. each generation before us sacrificed, they confronted their challenges, they embraced
10:51 am
their opportunities, and for over two centuries each generation has left the next bert off than themselves. -- better off than themselves. now it's time for us to do the same. now the moment has arrived for this generation of americans to rise up to the calling of our heritage. now the time has come for us to take our place and do what we must. and when i am elected president of these great united states, we will do our part. cheers and applause] senator rubio: when i -- cheers and applause] senator rubio: when i am elected president, when we together achieve this victory, we will embrace all of the principles that made america great and we
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will apply them to the unique challenges of this new century. and when our work is done, here is what history will say of this generation. it will say that we lived in the early years of this new century in uncertain and difficult times, but we remembered who we were. we rose up to the challenge of our time. we confronted our problems, and we solved them. and because we did, the american dream didn't just survive, it reached more people and changed more lives than ever before. because we did, our children and grandchildren grew up to be the freest and most prosperous americans that ever lived. because we did what needed to be done. the 21st century wasn't just as good as the 20th crentry. it was better. it was a new american century. cheers and applause]
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senator rubio: this is the task before us. and i thank my lord and savior jesus christ, i thank god for allowing me the opportunity to come this far with each of you. i am grateful to you, iowa. you believed in me when others didn't think this night would be possible. when perhaps you were lost in the daily narrative. some suggested that perhaps it was time to step aside, you believed in me. you walked with us. you made the calls and knocked on doors. you made a huge difference tonight. we are going to be back. i will be back here in october, next year, and september of this year [applause] -- i saidbio: because next year. i'll be back next year, too. but i'll be back in october and september of this year because when i'm our nominee we are
10:54 am
going to win iowa and we are going to win this election for this country. cheers and applause] senator rubio: so iowa, thank you so much. we will never forget you. we will see you soon again. and new hampshire, we will see you in the morning. thank you, god bless you. [cheers and applause] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. isit]
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>> senator rubio will also be campaigning in new hampshire today. holding a town hall meeting in exeter, new hampshire. live congress on our companion network c-span3 starts at 6:00 p.m. eastern. remarks from senator rand paul as he spoke with supporters last night. senator paul: liberty is alive nd well in iowa. since we are thanking people, i want to thank my wife for letting me do this for the last few years.
10:56 am
[cheers and applause] senator paul: i want to thank my brothers and sisters and nephews and nieces for all coming up to peak at the precincts. and most of all, i want to thank you guys. every one of you for making those phone calls and working day in and day out because you believe in a government so small you can barely see it. cheers and applause] senator paul: liberty, they say, requires eternal vigilance. to have eternal vigilance, it requires a new generation. every generation has to renew that vigilance of liberty. there will always be people who want the easy way out. there will always be people who say, give me power and i'll take care of you.
10:57 am
give me your liberty and i'll take care of you. but it's the remnant, it's the few, it's those who will stand up and say, we are not trading our liberty, not now, not ever. hell, no. cheers and applause] senator paul: against all odds, against a little bit of bias here and there, tonight the liberty movement beat four sitting governors from the establishment. cheers and applause] senator paul: victor hugo wrote that ideas are stronger than
10:58 am
armies. i think the idea of liberty lives on in you, in us. we will continue to fight. tonight is the beginning. liberty will live on. we fight on. thank you for all of your support. [cheers and applause] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. isit] >> following last night's iowa caucuses, the presidential campaign now moves to ham a we'll be covering three republican candidates today on the c-span networks. last night's winner, senator ted cruz, will hold a town hall meeting at windham this afternoon, you'll see ton c-span2. senator marco rules committeeo, who came in third, he's in exeter for a town hall at 6:00 p.m. eastern on c-span3. of course iowa frontrunner
10:59 am
donald trump in millford, new hampshire, live coverage of that starts at 7:00 p.m. eastern back on c-span2. on the democratic side, hillary clinton is swlitely ahead, statistical tie with bernie sanders during last night's caucuses. here are her remarks. after that we'll show you enator sanders'. >> ♪ this is my fight song ake back my life song ♪ [cheers and applause]
11:00 am
♪ this is my fight song take back my life song ♪ e that i'm right song [cheers and applause] hillary clinton: whoa! i love it. thank you. thank you, all, so much. wow. what a night. an unbelievable night. what a great campaign. this has been -- [applause] an incredible honor to campaign
11:01 am
across iowa with so many of you, to make the case for the kind of future we want for the democratic party and for the united states of america! [cheers and applause] there is so much at stake in this election i don't need to tell you. every single one of you that came out for me, who worked so many hours with my young organizers with so much energy and passion. [cheers and applause] to the families and friends across this state, i am deeply grateful. >> we love you. hillary clinton: well, i love all of you. but here's what i want you to know. it is rare, it is rare that we have the opportunity we do now to have a real contest of
11:02 am
ideas, to really think hard about what the democratic party stands for and what we want the future of our country to look like if we do our part to build it. i am a progressive who gets things done for people. [cheers and applause] i am honored to stand in the long line of american reformers who make up our minds that the status quo is not good enough, that standing still is not an option and that brings people together to find ways forward that will improve the lives of americans. i look back over the years of my involvement from that very first job i had at the children's defense fund and i know -- i know what we are capable of doing. i know we can create more
11:03 am
good-paying jobs and raise incomes for hardworking americans again. i know that we can finish the job of universal health care coverage for every single man, woman and child! [cheers and applause] i know -- i know we can combat climate change and be the clean energy superpower of the 21st century. [cheers and applause] i know we can make our education system work for every one of our children, especially those who come with disadvantages. i know we can make college affordable and get student debt off the backs of young people. [cheers and applause] and i know we can protect our rights. women's rights, gay rights, voting rights, immigrant rights, workers' rights. i know, too, we can stand up
11:04 am
for the gun lobby and get commonsense gun safety measures. and how do we do that? we do that -- we do that by securing the nomination and then we do it by winning and going into that white house as others before have, determined to push forward on the great goals and values that unite us as americans. i congratulate -- i congratulate my esteemed friends and opponents. i wish governor o'malley the very best. he's a great public servant who has served maryland and our i am excited about really getting into the debate with senator sanders about the best way forward to fight for
11:05 am
us and america. in the last few weeks -- in the last few weeks, we finally began to have what i think is one of the most important substantive conversations that the democratic party could have. and i am -- i am thrilled at all of the people who are playing a part in that. i know that we may have differences of opinion about how best to achieve our goals, but i believe we have a very clear idea that the democratic party and this campaign stands for what is best in america and we have to be united -- [cheers and applause] when it is all said and done, we have to be united against a republican vision and candidates who would drive us
11:06 am
apart and divide us. that is not who we are, my friends. i follow their campaign very closely. i understand what they're appealing to and i intend to stand against it. i will not -- [cheers and applause] i will not let their divisiveness, their efforts to rip away the progress that we've made be successful because we can't afford that. so as i stand here tonight eathing a big sigh of relief -- thank you, iowa! [cheers and applause] i want you to know i will keep doing what i have done my entire life. i will keep standing up for you, i will keep fighting for you, i will always work to achieve the america that i believe in, where the promise of that dream that we hold out
11:07 am
to our children and our grandchildren never fades but inspires generations to come. join me. let's go win the nomination. thank you, all, and god bless you! cheers and applause] >> ♪ this is my fight song take back my life song prove i'm all right song my power's turned on starting right now i'll be strong i'll play my fight song and i don't really care if nobody else believes cause i've still got a lot of ight left in me ♪ [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute,
11:08 am
which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [crowd chanting] senator sanders: thank you. iowa, thank you! cheers and applause] nine months ago we came to this beautiful state. we had no political organization. >> thank you! senator sanders: we had no money, we had no name, recognition and we were taking on the most powerful political organization in the united states of america. [cheers and applause] and tonight while the results are still not known, it looks like we are in a virtual tie.
11:09 am
[cheers and applause] senator sanders: and while -- crowd chanting "bernie"] and while the results are still not complete, it looks like we'll probably have about half of the iowa delegates. cheers and applause] i want to take this opportunity
11:10 am
to congratulate secretary linton, somebody -- yep. [applause] and her organization for waging a very vigorous campaign, and i want to thank governor o'malley. cheers and applause] it's never easy to lose. i've lost more than one campaign, but he should know -- he should know that he contributed a whole lot to the dialogue, that he ran an issue-oriented campaign and he won the respect of the american people. [applause] as i think about what happened tonight, i think the people of iowa have sent a very profound message to the political
11:11 am
establishment, to the economic establishment and, by the way, to the media establishment. cheers and applause] that is -- and that is given the enormous crises facing our country, it is just too late for establishment politics and establishment economics. what the american people have said -- and by the way, i hear this not just from progressives, i hear it from conservatives, i hear it from moderates and that is we can no longer continue to have a corrupt campaign finance system .
11:12 am
cheers and applause] i am the former chairman of the senate veterans' committee, and in that capacity, not only have i worked hard to try to protect the interest of our veterans, i've had the privilege of meeting so many men and women who put their lives on the line to defend us and protect our way of life and what they were protecting is an american democracy of one person, one ote, not billionaires buying elections! cheers and applause] i am overwhelmed and i am moved by the fact that millions of people throughout this country have helped volunteer in our ampaign, that three -- we have
11:13 am
eceived in this campaign 3 1/2 million individual ntributions, people who went to and you know what the average contribution was? it was $27! cheers and applause] we do not represent the interest of the billionaire class, wall street or corporate america. we don't want their money. we -- and i am very proud to tell you that we are the only candidate on the democratic -p.a.c. hout a super
11:14 am
and the reason that we have done so well here in iowa, the reason i believe we're going to do so well in new hampshire and in the other states that follow, the reason is the american people are saying no to a rigged economy. cheers and applause] they no longer want to see an economy in which the average american works longer hours for low wages while almost no income and wealth is going to he top 1%. [cheers and applause] what the american people understand is this country was based and is based on fairness, on fairness. t is not fair when the top .1% today owns almost as much
11:15 am
ealth as the bottom 90%. it is not fair when the 20 wealthiest people in this country own more wealth than he bottom half of america. so you guys ready for a radical idea? cheers and applause] well, so is america, and that radical idea is, we are going to create an economy that works for working families, not just the billionaire class. cheers and applause] and, yes, when millions of our people are working for starvation wages, we are going to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour.
11:16 am
and, yes, we are going to have pay equity for women. [cheers and applause] now, i have been all over this beautiful state of iowa. we have spoken to some 70,000 people, and in meeting after meeting, i hear people standing up and they say, bernie, i went to college, i graduated college. now, i am $60,000, $80,000, $90,000 in debt. that is crazy. that is crazy. people should not be punished financially because they want to get a decent education. cheers and applause] and that is why i believe that
11:17 am
in the year twoucks -- 2016 public colleges and universities should be tuition-free. cheers and applause] they say, bernie, that's a great idea. all this free stuff, how are you going to pay for it? i tell you how we're going to pay for it. we'll impose a tax on wall street speculation. cheers and applause] the greed, the recklessness and the illegal behavior of wall street drove this economy to its knees. the american people bailed out wall street. now it's wall street's time to help the middle class. cheers and applause]
11:18 am
and when we talk about transforming america, we will end the disgrace of having more people in jail than any other country. disproportionately african-american and latino. what we are going to do is provide jobs and education for our kids, not more jails and incarceration. and i tell you something that really does astound me. i'm on the senate energy committee, i'm on the senate environmental committee. i've talked to scientists all over the world. the debate is over. limate change is real. and we have a moral responsibility to work with
11:19 am
countries throughout the world to transform our energy system away from fossil fuel to energy efficiency and sustainable nergy. and what amazes me, what totally amazes me, we don't have one republican candidate for president prepared to come up and tell us and agree with virtually all scientists agree with. and you know why they are not prepaired to do that? because -- prepared to do that? because on the day that they do acknowledge the reality of climate change and call for change, you know what will happen, they'll lose their campaign funds from the koch brothers and the fossil fuel nergy.
11:20 am
so i say to the republican candidates, stop about the funds from the koch brothers and the oil industry, worry about the planet you're going to leave your children and your grandchildren. [cheers and applause] now, i have been criticized during this campaign for many, many things. [laughter] every single day. that's ok. >> thank you. senator sanders: that's ok. but -- cheers and applause] but let me repeat what i believe. i believe that at a time when every major country on earth guarantees health care to all people as a right that i
11:21 am
believe that we should do the same in the united states of america. cheers and applause] so for all of my critics out there in "the wall street journal" and "the washington post" and corporate america, wherever you may be, let me tell you straight up. yes, i believe that health care is a right, not a privilege. cheers and applause] and that is why i believe in a medicare for all, single-payer program which will not only guarantee health care to all. it will not only end the form suitcal ripoff of the american people -- pharmaceutical ripoff of the american people, but it will save the average middle-class family thousands of dollars a year in health care costs.
11:22 am
cheers and applause] let me conclude by saying what no other candidate for president will tell you and that is that no president, not bernie sanders, not anybody else, will be able to bring about the changes that the working families and the middle class of this country, that our children, that the seniors, our seniors deserve. no one president can do it because the powers that be -- wall street with their endless supply of money, corporate america, the large campaign donors are so powerful that no president can do what has to be done alone. and that is why -- and that is why what iowa has begun tonight is a political revolution. cheers and applause]
11:23 am
a political revolution that says, when millions of people come together, including those who have given up on the political process. they are so dismayed and so frustrated what goes on in washington, with young people who before have never been involved in the political process, when young people and working people and seniors begin to stand up and say loudly and clearly, enough is our government, the government of our great country belongs to all of us and not just a handful of billionaires. when that happens we will transform this country. thank you, all, very much! [cheers and applause]
11:24 am
>> well, following last night's third place finish in the democratic caucuses, former maryland governor martin o'malley said he was suspending his presidential campaign. here's his look at remarks to supporters. governor o'malley: thank you. thank you. look, i cannot -- words cannot express how grateful i am to all of you, my true friends, who have helped me in waging this courageous battle. when i got into this eight months ago, i had no doubt that
11:25 am
it would be anything but a tough fight and it is a tough fight but i've always been drawn to a tough fight and i felt when i got into this as i looked down the road, i felt very firmly that our country was scanning the horizon, looking for new possibilities and new leadership and a way to heal our divisions and move us forward. you guys have been with me every step of the way, and i cannot thank you enough. have come to love iowa. [cheers and applause] the beauty of your landscape, the warmth of your people -- [laughter] and iowa has been like a second home for me this past year from college campuses to family farms, i have had the privilege of getting to know iowan's whose passion for our democracy is well-known and renowned. and i want to share with you just one brief story.
11:26 am
i was in burlington, iowa, and i collected so many stories across your state from really decent, caring, compassionate men and women who love our country, but i will never forget one of these. in fact, i told a reporter earlier today, it was a story i'll always carry with me. in burlington, i met a woman whose son served two tours of duty in iraq and she knew there was going to be an upcoming democratic debate and she came up to me and said, governor, when all of you candidates are on stage together, i want you to please tell the other candidates not to refer to my son as a pair of boots on the ground. she said, my son is an american soldier and he is my son. and i was so proud to be able to honor that request of hers. and in essence, that's what
11:27 am
these iowa caucuses are all about. it's about each person's voice being heard, each person's story being heard. and i, katy, the kids and i decided that it would be an extreme poverty indeed if the democratic party only had two candidates to choose from. and so we made this fight. i can't thank you enough for giving me an opportunity to be a part of writing this story of our country's future. i want to thank everyone that came out to our events and lent me their ear, everyone that went to caucus for me tonight. [applause] and i want to give my deepest gratitude. and i was getting -- i was getting tweets from people in
11:28 am
caucus locations. od bless dennis, by the way. si se puede. we were getting tweets saying, we're here, they're yelling at us but tell the governor, we're holding strong. [applause] you know, my parents taught the six of us, the politics is actually a noble service to others and that the only thing wrong with us is not enough good people bothered to try. each of us has the power and responsibility to hold strong and point our country to a better future. our economy isn't money. it's people. it's all of our people. and no one who works hard for a living should ever have to raise their children in poverty. it was their cause that we made our cause and was part of this tough fight and we have to hold
11:29 am
strong for that fight. we have to continue to fight, to make the minimum wage a living wage so that every family can work hard and get ahead. to pay overtime pay for overtime work and equal pay for men and women to move our country forward. and we also have to hold strong to the values and the principles that unite us. we have to be unafraid to face our challenges, mayor, right? we have to be able to look at climate change and see it's the greatest business opportunity to come to the united states of america in 100 years. and i was honored to be the first candidate to put forward a plan to move us to 100% clean electric energy grid by 2050 and create five million jobs along the way. we are a great nation and we are a good and compassionate and a generous people and we
11:30 am
have to hold strong to the values that make us americans and that, too, is what this tough fight was about. our diversity is our strength, and we need comprehensive immigration reform to lift 11 million of our neighbors out of the shadow and into the full light of an american economy. i had a -- i met with so many people across our country. i met with a family, the ramirez family in texas and two parents, undocumented, two of their older daughters covered by president obama's executive action and their 13-year-old girl, abigail, born in the u.s.a., american citizen, and this little girl goes to school every single day wondering and fearing all day that when she goes home the doors of her home will be kicked open and her parents will be deported. we are a better people than that, and we need to continue to hold strong to the truth
11:31 am
that the enduring symbol of the united states of america is not the barbed wire fence, it is the statue of liberty. [applause] and two of the most incredible people, the most inspiring people i met during the course of this campaign cass sandy and lonnie philips. they lost their daughter, jessie, in that theater shooting in aurora, texas, and they used this campaign to transform their grief. and you know what, everyone, we also helped transform the grief of all of those who have lost loved ones to guns and gun violence. it was because of our campaign that we drove this issue and it's because of this campaign that we will restore commonsense gun safety legislation in the united states of america. [cheers and applause]
11:32 am
and so, look, this cause continues. this fight continues and i have never been more proud of the people that have been associated with this campaign. i've never worked with a better group of young americans, patriotic men and women in this campaign. and i will say this, no man had a stronger and courageous family than i have and a tough fight. and katie o'malley, katie, thank you for standing by me every step of the way and thank you for being the love of my life, my sword and my shield and without you we would never been able to help as many people as we have. and grace, thank you. , the d jack and william closer. [applause] i think one of the proudest
11:33 am
moments of this campaign was when i tuned into msnbc and i saw william very clearly, without any anger, without any fear call out the racist and fascist rhetoric of donald and say very firmly that he's looking forward to the fall because his father's going to hit donald trump like a freight train. nd i just might. [applause] so look, gang, in conclusion, here is no conclusion. this fight continues, but, look, we fought very, very hard to in order to give the people a choice and the people have made their choice tonight. and it was hard to get over that threshold here. and i know that those numbers don't reflect all of the hard work that you did but we have
11:34 am
driven this debate and so tonight i have to tell you that i am suspending this presidential bid. but i am not ending this fight because the fight that you and i are engaged in is a tough fight and i believe that the toughness of the fight is the way the hidden god is telling us we're fighting for something worth saving. our country's worth saving, the american dream is worth saving and this planet is worth saving. so as we march forward to the fall, let us all resolve together that the love, the generosity, the compassion and the commitment of this campaign will continue to point our country forward, that we must hold strong for that third year -- third grade kid that will only be in third grade once and that senior citizen who is choosing between her food and her medicine.
11:35 am
let us hold strong for that mom and dad who are working three jobs between them in order to make ends meet and sweating over cutting up the bills over the kitchen table after the kids are in bed. look, we are a great country, and we are a good people because of our generosity, because of our compassion, because of the belief we share and the dignity of every person. our own responsibility to advance the common good and our understanding that, yes, in fact we are all in this together, all of us, new americans, american muslims, gay and legislation beean, transgendered americans, all americans, we are one, our cause is one and we must help each other if we are to succeed. god bless you, guys, and god bless the united states of america, and thank you for allowing me to make this offering out of love! thank you. [cheers and applause] ♪ so, share, the candidates are
11:36 am
all there, they are on the ground. we will be getting here pretty soon. host: yes. iowa had in the past on the front runners as they go into new hampshire? absolutely, usually, somebody has an unexpected victory in iowa. by that i mean maybe they have a good show, that can really impact how new hampshire voters vote in their primary. it can either give somebody a lot of momentum that they do not have before. sometimes, it puts them in a good standing in the new hampshire primary, or sometimes somebody in the iowa caucus does well, new hampshire voters will operate as a check on the vote,
11:37 am
will say wait, we need to look at this more closely, they might vote for someone else completely, host: let's start with democrats, bernie sanders said it is a time. what is it looking like for hillary clinton and bernie sanders enhancer? caller: their polls going to iowa that show bernie sanders and hillary clinton trading leads back and forth. so, wall it is shocking that we saw such a close race, i think a close race like that is always surprising and exciting. shocker, weotally a knew that there were different holes within a overlap of each other. the appalling appear leading up to the caucus has shown bernie sanders with a substantial lead. anywhere from seven points to as much as 27 points in new hampshire.
11:38 am
with clinton's win in iowa, you could see a situation where she rides the momentum and narrow that down in the coming days. what is the ground game like for her in new hampshire? do you know? like? it looking caller: bill clinton will be in the state today. was in the first event in nashua, it is quite close to massachusetts. it is more southern. you'll be moving in doing more get out the vote. then, they split ways she could go to new hampshire. to theinton will go lakes region. that is both for get out the vote organizing. host:4 where will senator
11:39 am
sanders focuses time and energy? he is quite interesting. a really has this kind of lauric of support on the west coast. -- west border. so, a lot of the people there know him. that is not the complete region why he has so much support. that is in college town and darkness. part of it is that these are liberal caucuses. it is a very liberal and progressive part of new hampshire. other parts of the state are not as liberal, that part is particularly one where people lean to the left. given the number of colleges. the have a lot of environmental and conservation issues. let's talk about the republican side. how does it look for the front runners coming out of iowa?
11:40 am
caller: let's start with donald trump. will go back to the polling. we did see him lose some momentum. the i will polls over the last ,onth, while it is surprising it is not totally shocking. new hampshire is a different story. he has led every single hole of the republican race since july. it has never happened in history. so, he comes in with an advantage that he did not have in iowa. that is the short story. if he won the iowa caucus, he is not your traditional candidate. outsider which a lot of republicans like. conservative is not
11:41 am
usually the candidate that new hampshire republicans pick, or have picked in the last few decades. it will be interesting to see how he does in new hampshire. for him to in iowa and new hampshire will be very difficult for another candidate to stop the momentum. is the race for third which will really be important. you have some candidates fighting for the establishment , jeb rubio and cruise bush, chris christie, john them havech of momentum coming out of aisle. certainly, much of the vote will be impacted by new hampshire's large population of independent voters. more than 40% of their voters are not affiliated or undeclared. they can going and pick any ballot on the primary day. in regards to where the democratic race could impact the republican race, it looks like
11:42 am
bernie sanders is running away be more independent voters will realize they count more in the republican party. you can see some of these establishment candidates doing better on primary day. host: a lot to watch. of moneyhere was a lot spent in iowa. how much is being spent in new hampshire leading up to this tuesday? tens of millions of dollars. not quite what it is and i will. new hampshire has different television markets. new hampshire has one main broadcast channel. a lot of candidates, especially the democrats will buy television in boston, that is my hallmark. it is not cheap. it is tens of millions of dollars. you cannot turn on the television set here and watch a commercial break anymore. see a commercial without a candidate.
11:43 am
i it is super pac spending. a lot of it is from jeb bush. for more a new hampshire, you go to boston journal" continues. host: and we are back this morning with reid wilson, morning consult, cheap political correspondent to talk about bio caucuses and the new hampshire primary. -- about the iowa caucuses and new hampshire primary. haveted to begin with you gotten the democratic side, but hillary clinton says she won an bernie sanders saying it is a tie. the democratic party said hillary clinton won, but when he says it is a virtual tie, is he correct? guest: it is a virtual tie. there are some work around the exact numbers, a little around 1200 delegate equivalents.
11:44 am
when happens in the iowa caucus, you are not electing delegates for the national convention but the county. elections aso won delegates last that will go from precincts to the county convention, and then they will move on to a congressional district or convention and the larger state convention, and eventually, way down the line, iowa will elect 33 delegates to the national convention in philadelphia later this year on the democratic side. ist has essentially happened the clinton campaign won what looks like about four more "so-called delegate equivalents" than sanders hot until hundred, so this margin makes rick santorum's win like a landslide. it is very close. both candidates get to claim a win. i think it is a good thing for both candidates. clinton gets to claim she came
11:45 am
back after trailing sanders in the polls and she is the first clinton to ever win the iowa caucuses, except when bill ran for reelection and he lost the iowa caucuses in 1992 when thom was in the race back then. she is the first person to win the iowa caucuses after losing eight years ago. she is the first woman to win the caucuses, and by the way, bernie sanders gets to claim a victory because he came pretty close to knocking off a former secretary of state, so they move on to new hampshire where all the polls show bernie sanders is leading by a significant margin. host: he is leading in new hampshire, but what happened after? doing intok times is the numbers of entrance and exit polls and make the argument that iowa was tailor-made to bernie sanders, well, a virtual ties not that great because white elect [indiscernible]
11:46 am
and younger voters are harder at this point. host: the iowa caucuses were 97% white. you. is diversity for and on the democratic side, two percent white, so iowa is a very white state. new hampshire is a very white state. to the most homogenous states and the we moved to south carolina, where it is a huge part of the democratic primary, and the caucuses out there, and as we pulled the democratic primary in the morning consults, we find week after week that hillary clinton by huge margins amongst hispanic voters and african-american voters. she has a better connection to the parties emerging baseband bernie sanders. meanwhile, bernie sanders has a better election to the younger electorate.
11:47 am
olds, heto 29 year percentage ofer the vote. host: what about getting the youth vote out after iowa? he spent a lot of months in iowa on the ground, setting up an organization to get people out, motivating them, whatever you need to do to get the not, but that gets harder to set up as you go on. voters, they felt more consistently than younger voters. host: the benefit of iowa and new hampshire and south carolina , and to a dual effort, nevada, we are talking about a lot of delegates. i what represents 1% of all the delegates that go to the democratic convention, but it is all about momentum. if you can build up some head of steam, then the voters who tune in later in florida, michigan or
11:48 am
wherever they go later, they and of feed that momentum that gives you a little boost in the polls. you are right, it is the older voters who tend to turn out. it is more difficult to have a ground operation in some of the states. both sanders and clinton, their campaigns are both by organizers , these professional folks who know how to organize and they have been in a lot of the states for a long time. these are two candidates who are consistently more popular with than whatatic base the republican base. i was looking at the morgan consult new point yesterday. we found hillary clinton's favorable rating among democrats is 77%, bernie sanders is 70%. significantly higher than knowing -- significantly higher than any republican voters. donald trump has the highest favorable rating among public
11:49 am
and voters and ted cruz a marco rubio and ben carson not the only, together, those for candidates, are the only for whose favorable ratings among republican voters is more than 50%, and that tells you that one part likes the candidates in that could lead to a greater turnout, whether it is from older or younger voters. the others set up side of the conversation, how republicans did last night. the headline on morning, ted cruz, marco rubio over performed on caucus night. guest: they did. i think it was the last seven holes that came out of iowa because it is tough. you have to figure out eye orally, who of the residents are going to show up to caucus, and it looks like about 170 thousand did on the republican side, impressive. 800 or something [indiscernible] guest: that is remarkable.
11:50 am
every four years, the democrats turn out more people but the republicans did this time. sell -- what we saw was in the last seven polls, donald trump had the tune about two points and 10 points throughout the caucuses and caucus nights. his people did not show up or not as much as ted cruz's fans did. this is a big win for ted cruz. we were all sort of thinking to ourselves that it ted cruz cannot win in iowa, his path shuts down but now he has won. by the way, won while everyone was expecting donald trump to win, which gives them a bonus. do not overlook marco rubio who came out of nowhere. he was in the high single digits, low double digits the week ago and finished in a stronger position. i think better than everybody else expected.
11:51 am
especially among voters who were looking for a candidate who can win an election coming up in november. marco rubio and ted cruz got a had aight -- donald trump terrible night. everyone expected him to wait and he did not. for guys whose brand is based on winning and success, losing is tough. host: does that impact him in new hampshire? that willon't think impact him because he is more ahead. what we found in our research at morning consult, as you consider the different ways poles are taken, trump does better than some others. when we think about a poll, we think about someone calling you on the phone and asking who you support. trump does less well than he does in online or automotive polls. called the social
11:52 am
desirability in political science jargon, and one of the caucuss is that when a comes around and you have to stand up and say that you support candidate x or candidate y, obviously that did not happen , you arepublican side sitting with friends and neighbors, but the theory is you are more likely to pick a candidate that you think your friends and neighbors are probably supporting as well. when you're in the ballot box, that may be better for donald trump because it is in the privacy of the voting booth. we may see donald trump too much brighter in north carolina, south carolina -- sorry, new hampshire than the next to contest coming up and then maybe he dips down in nevada. all that, thank you percent setting the table. let's go to rod in michigan, democrat. good morning. caller: good morning.
11:53 am
i have looked and checked out all of the candidates, especially hillary clinton, and i realized that hillary is the best choice to be president simply because she has experience, and she is a realist. i am a christian realist methodist african-american, and our vote is one of the most important votes for the presidency, as well as hispanics. i realized that the republicans do need our votes as well as hispanics, where ted cruz upsetting donald trump is a victory for republicans because donald trump is really not prepared to be president, not prepared to lead our country and the way that the democrats have, the way that president obama has, and we cannot allow the media to pump up trump in a
11:54 am
sense that he has to be the change, read the example, be the forerunner because we have to stand strong, we have to keep our way of living ever since the democratics puts out there because there's no other way can get the word for our people. talk about the importance of the minority vote for hillary clinton. guest: by the way, we did not get a clear example of that last night because iowa does not have a huge percentage of minorities, is one thing that rod said he is a democrat. one of the big divisions we saw last night was between the sort of establishments, if you will, and then you guys. take a look at the people who showed up to caucus before, it hillary had 59% of the vote, some people who are never caucused or their first time and bernie sanders 159%.
11:55 am
putting 56% and bernie sanders had 69% of the vote. for people who consider themselves old-line democrats, they are in line with him. bernie sanders is exciting the base. the reason then senator barack obama was successful eight years ago, first of all, he was a third candidate who qualified for a few delegates, by the way, a lot of the counties, if you can find a map of the results and i all, a lot of counties that hillary clinton had, especially the southern and northern parts of the state, or -- more rule areas, those were edwards strongholds in 2008. senator obama was able to merge
11:56 am
that outsider new interest and blindment with the old democrats who lined up behind him. hillary clinton has yet to get those -- those old-lined lined up behind him. hillary clinton as yet to get those. host: i want to show the map you are talking about, the breakdown by counties. lou is hillary clinton supporters, green are bernie sanders supporters and the great counties that were there, it was a tie. guest: you will notice the southern counties for clinton are rural, 56 counties in the state that have populations of less than 15,000 people, clinton had the vast majority of those. she also had the most populous county in the state, where des center, and not
11:57 am
surprisingly, bernie sanders had the counties around the university of iowa, it can see in the east side of this day, south of cedar rapids, johnson county, iowa city, the university and he did well there. the county north of des moines, where iowa state university is, bernie sanders had the counties with the largest college populations. surprisingly a little bit, bernie sanders did well along the western edge of this day, the northwest, and down south ,long the river, the low hills they apparently only exist in iowa and japan, i just learned this the other day, -- host: fun facts. guest: got to love him. that is where hillary clinton did well back in the day, but bernie sanders did better this time. host: let's stick with that
11:58 am
caller's question, on this issue of immigration, marco rubio was part of this gang of eight that ted cruz really attacked him on that issue. in iowa, you have the base folder in iowa and they say he deserves a spot. voters who said immigration was the most important issue, donald trump had 33 percent, ted cruz percent and marco rubio had 9%. this really tells you that this is still a third rail for republican voters. they are much more interested in donald trump's vision of build a wall, make mexico pay for it, which i don't understand how that will happen, but whatever, and then they are in a comprehension immigration reform package like the one marco rubio participated in when the gang of eight got together, however,
11:59 am
they don't support that because it is running for president. host: how did he get third is that only garnered him 9% of the vote? guest: you take a look at which candidate they believe will win and marco rubio to 43% compared to the 22% for ted cruz, so marco rubio is trying to emerge as the candidate who appears to be the most electable in the long run. we will see if that is a viable option. ted cruz said something fast during the speech, he said, this is a win for the grassroots, and better likets -- that at the moment. host: ted cruz supporters, that is that 10 area, donald trump the red, and marco rubio with few counties. guest: but the most populous co >> and we'll leave this "washington journal" segment at this point.
12:00 pm
you can see it in its entirety on our website a reminder you can watch all our road to the white house coverage, including the candidate events in new hampshire on our website and we're live on the floor of the house. : the house will be in order. the prayer will be offered by our chaplain, father conroy. haplain conroy: let us pray. god of mercy, we give you thanks for giving us another day. with exciting news for some, disappointing for others, and remarkable for our nation, the members of this assembly gathering to -- gather to address the work that is theirs to perform. may each member be remined of the responsibility before them and amidst the heightened emotions of this day properly and accurately discern substance from distraction. we thank you for the


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