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tv   Ted Cruz Town Hall Meeting in Windham New Hampshire  CSPAN  February 2, 2016 8:00pm-9:25pm EST

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in a democracy, and ted grew up with that. believing that you can do it. his mother was born to factory workers in delaware. they worked in the dupont factories. blue collar. her mother was one of 17 and she was first 1956 with aated in degree in math. eleanor is unsteady, and has a backbone of steel. she is an incredible friend and a wonderful woman of wisdom. when it had goes home, which is in frequent these days, she is our neighbor. night in up late at the living room, talking about the campaign, character and what is going well and what needs to change. they are still -- there is still to this day, one person who can tell ted cruz what to do, and that is his mom. [laughter] man of principle, and that is the reason i fell in
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love with him. i knew, for my family, for my reputation, for my life, he would never waiver. i committed to him for the next 100 years. your next commitment to it for the next years he can lead our country, he will never waiver. that is why i married him. the second thing i want to say about ted that i love about ted, he questions the status quo, whether that be at home, in our personal life, specialized, ted is someone who can only see the big picture, who has a vision and is strategic and will not settle in with how the way things are. this country is in a crisis. situation weonomic have never fully recovered from. this has been eight years. this is one of the slowest and so manyoveries,
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people in washington say it is hard with the federal government, china, and no, we can do something about it. ted cruz is running on creating jobs in the private sector with a flat tax for businesses. he is talking about reducing the ,egulatory state, dramatically not just around the edges so we can continue growth areas this is a person who is not happy with the status quo. he went to washington, a left it by 27 million texans. workld every texan, i will with every breath in my body to defund obamacare, and he did exactly that. when the debt and budget negotiations were going on. the leader of our party try to change the rules in the senate, so they could all vote no in the minority.
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ted said, no, we are not going to change the rules of the game so we can say that we tried and disadvantage ourselves and not have to make the argument. as margaret thatcher said, we have to make the argument and do the hard work. we have to make the argument against the democrats so we can win the argument and then when the vote. [applause] >> whenever he is on the campaign trail or at home, he tries to do some homework with caroline. just like in your family, every kid resembles one of the parents to a certain degree. she is just like her dad. our little catherine is a little bit more like me. caroline and ted went off to do some math homework together, and i told him to return the instructions, and i told her to do a problem set. well, he started out reading the directions and she is a really good reader and she followed
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right behind, read them herself. she said, dad, i have read the instructions at the same time you have, and i have a different interpretation. [laughter] >> i could not believe my ears. she did the problem her way, and he did the problem is like, and they came to the same answer. they had a little battle all week. she said on friday, i am going to finish this problem set, and we will see who gets the most right answers. , ande that about caroline she is following in her dad's footsteps. , you can have brilliant people who are principled, busy, working and doing the right thing, but they sometimes are not as thoughtful about people around them because they are so busy and so smart. calm, the most patient, thoughtful person that i know. combination of that
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steadiness from his mother, that revolutionary zeal and passion from his father, to see that demonstrated every day. ted will call me on his cell phone right before one of these debates, or in a stressful moment during the election, and he will call me and sing me a broadway tune. i am thinking, i am on a finance call, do you really need to be doing this? he has a lot more going on and he never stops diffusing stressful moments with a moment his mom andto call wish her a happy birthday. he is busy traveling working, and he comes home with big bouquets of flowers. there was ted. morning, ande next he came home to celebrate his mother. remember -- never
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forget those tough moments, the busy days when i am falling behind and he unpacks my suitcase. i will never forget when i am stressed, and ted, the candidate, is the calm one. he tells me we will win this race for our country. he tells me we will stay positive, optimistic and not attack others. you have a man in ted cruz that believes we will take washington back for you. he will not take instruction from anybody in leadership. he will take instruction from you. is ted here yet? oh, we are going to show the video. good. those are the three reasons i fell in love with ted cruz. he is principled, questions the status quo, and he is thoughtful and genuine. i hope you have gotten to know
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him and our family. we are so honored to spend this time with you. you have a beautiful state. i love the northeast. not all texans say that, we went to school here and have tons of friends here and we will have a lot of fun. with that, a short video on how the campaign is going. [applause] > ted cruz: today, i am announcing i am running for president of the united states. [applause] ♪
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>> ted cruz is the most conservative candidate running in the most consistently conservative candidate running. >> i think ted cruz is a rock star. >> ted cruz is like the
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conservative consciousness in a senate that is callous. how about talking about the substantive issues? [applause] ♪
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[applause] ♪ [applause]
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me where i come from. ♪ ted cruz: god bless the great state of new hampshire. [applause] ted cruz: what a victory last night. [applause] two nights ago, i was watching tv and the stations with every pundit, and they said no way can ted cruz win this. it is impossible. the race is done. night, the men and women of iowa sent notice across this country, that this election is not going to be decided by the media. [applause] election isat this not going to be decided by the
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lobbyists and the washington cartel. [applause] ted cruz: that it is going to be decided by the grassroots, the men and women here in this room, be decided by the men and women across this country who take so seriously the responsibility. one of the things heidi and i have grown to love about hampshire, so love about iowa is both states take your responsibility seriously. y'all treat politics in new hampshire like we treat football and texas. [laughter] [applause] understand there are millions of americans who are counting on each and every one of you. you do not listen to the empty talk, not to listen to the campaign promises, but instead to look us in the eye and
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determine who is telling the truth and who is blowing smoke. that is what y'all are doing. it is incredible, important and there are americans across this country who are counting on you to make that determination. night waswe saw last we saw that old reagan coalition coming back together again. [applause] we saw conservatives and evangelicals and libertarians and reagan democrats all standing together saying, what on earth are we doing? there is a great little booklet, all i ever need to learn in life i learned in kindergarten. they ought to pass that out in congress. [laughter] ted cruz: it is things like, do not lie.
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[applause] and do what you said you would do. [applause] ted cruz: none of this is rocket science. whoabout we have candidates is basic, if you elect me, i will rip deal of obama care, how about we have candidates who will actually repeal obama care? [applause] how about if we have candidates who say, i am opposed to amnesty, i want to secure the border, and how about if we elect them we actually stop amnesty and secure the border? [applause] about if we get back to the constitution? [applause] you look at the
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constitution, you look at the principles that built this country, and by the way, what the media wants to do is say something like the constitution, that is a crazy, right wing document. does that show how out of touch the national narrative is? listen, what we are fighting for is basic common sense. this is in every small town, small business and family for centuries in this country, live within your means, do not bankrupt our kids and grandkids, follow the constitution. that is common sense all across this country. call newhat folks may england common sense. washington, those are viewed as radical and extreme ideas. i mean really, what is $19 trillion? [laughter] ted cruz: to really underscore to 2012 when ik
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spoke at the republican national convention and i talked about the national debt, our to the girls caroline and catherine. afterwards, i went back to the hotel room and begin looking at twitter. that was before donald trump was reading about me every day. -- tweeting about me every day. [laughter] comedian was watching that night, i guess she did not have anything better to do, and she sent a tweet and said, ted cruz just said, when his daughter was born, the national debt was 10 jillion 10 jillion dollars, and now it is $16 trillion. what did she do? [laughter] ted cruz: heidi and i both laughed really hard, but our daughter caroline, who is here
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somewhere, she is seven years old. i want you to think about that. in her short life, the national trilliongone from $10 to $19 trillion. in her life, what we are doing to our kids and grandkids, it is wrong, and moral, and no generation in american history has ever done this to the next generation. this, young stop people will spend their entire lives not working to meet the needs of the future, but simply working to pay off the debt of their deadbeat parents and grandparents. know, the media does not understand why people are so buted off with washington,
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when you start mortgaging the future of our kids and grandkids, people have a way of getting fairly irritated about that. is reason we are here today we want our country back. [applause] ted cruz: this is a movement of the people. it is a movement of people who are furious with washington, d.c., with the washington cartel, with career politicians in both parties who get in bed with lobbyists and special interests and grow and grow and grow government. when was the last time we broke the washington cartel? 1980, 36 years ago, and i will tell you, the granite state played a critical role in making that happen.
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back in 1980, all of the media said, this guy reagan is a andy, right wing candidate is down in the polls. that is what the media said over and over again, but this is a live free or die stay. reagan and look at they said, that guy believes what he is saying. he is not reading from talking points, does not have a consultant, he is speaking from the heart. he means what he says. he tells the truth and will do exactly what he says he will, and the granite state shocked this country by giving reagan the victory, and they literally changed the course of history, of america and of the world. liberated billions from bondage.
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won the cold war, tour the berlin wall to the ground. that is what new hampshire did. washington does not like that. what scares washington is when the people stand up and assert the sovereignty of "we the people." [applause] ted cruz: there are too many politicians in washington who think the people work for them, but they get this exactly backwards. we work for you. [applause] ted cruz: i want to tell you something amazing is happening across this country, people are waking up, there is an awakening sleeping this country -- sweeping this country. i want everyone to look forward
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to january 2017. [applause] if i am elected president, let me tell you but i intend to do on the first day in office. the first thing i intend to do is resend every single illegal and unconstitutional executive action taken by barack obama. [applause] ted cruz: the second thing i intend to do is instruct the u.s. department of justice to open an investigation into planned parenthood and to prosecute any and all criminal violators. [applause] the third thing i intend to do is to instruct the department of justice and the irs and every other federal agency that the persecution of
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religious liberty ends today. [applause] ted cruz: the fourth thing i intend to do is rip to shreds this catastrophic iranian nuclear deal. [applause] the fifth thing i intend to do on the first day in office is begin the process of moving the american embassy in , the wantserusalem and eternal capital of israel. [applause] now that is day one. [laughter] ted cruz: in the days that follow, i will go to congress and we will repeal every word of
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obamacare. [applause] we will pass common sense health care reform that makes health care personal and portable and affordable and keeps government from getting in between us and our doctors. [applause] i will instruct the u.s. department of education that common core inns today --ends today. [applause] we will finally, finally, finally secure the -- and and in sanctuary end sanctuary cities. [applause] ted cruz: we will rebuild our military. [applause] we will honor our
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commitments to every military personnel. [applause] ted cruz: that includes fundamentally reforming that the a so that every -- ba so that --va so that every military member can choose their doctor, and that includes protecting the second amendment of every service men and woman. [applause] ted cruz: we will have a commander in chief who stands up and says to the world, we will defeat radical islamic terrorism. [applause] ted cruz: we will have a president willing to utter the words, radical islamic terrorism. [applause] we will not weekend.
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weight.not ait. we will destroy isis. on the epa. [applause] pb anduz: and the cfp the federal agencies that have killed jobs all across this country. [applause] ted cruz: i will go to congress and we will pass fundamental tax reform, a simple flat tax where every american can fill out their taxes on a postcard. [applause]
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that, we when we do should abolish the irs. [applause] ted cruz: some of you all may be thinking, can it happen, can we do it? scripture tells us there is nothing new under the sun. i think where we are today is very much like the late 1970's, like the jimmy carter administration, same failed economic policy, same naive foreign policy. in fact, these same countries, russia and iran, openly laughing and mocking the president of the united states. why is it that that a naturally -- analogy gives me so much hope? because we remember how that story ended.
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all across this country, millions of men and women rose up and became the reagan revolution. [applause] ted cruz: it did not come from washington. washington despised ronald reagan. it began right here in new hampshire in the live free or die state and it changed this country, changed the world. why am i so optimistic? because the same thing is happening again. it took jimmy carter to give us ronald reagan. i am convinced the most long-lasting legacy of barack a newis going to be generation of leaders in the republican party who stand and fight for liberty, the constitution, the judeo-christian values that built this great nation. [applause]
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ted cruz: with that, i am happy to answer or dodge any question you would like. yes, ma'am. i understand that you are a big supporter of president reagan, and so i want to ask you, if like him he would work to keep a secure by sitting down with the russians and negotiating mutual reductions in weapons. ted cruz: thank you for that question. from my perspective, i am happy to sit down and negotiate with practically anybody, but the key is how you negotiate with the enemies. what we have seen over the last seven years as an illustration that does not work. coddling our enemies is a
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disastrous policy. policy ofin reagan's peaceful restraint. we have to sit down with the republican -- russians, but with a position of strength. putin is not a complicated guy. kgb. essentially a the only thing he respects is strength. obama as af barack laughingstock. let's go back when russia invaded ukraine. i tell you what, i called on president obama to immediately install anti-missile batteries in poland and the czech republic that were scheduled to go into effect. obama and hillary clinton canceled those in 2009 in an appease
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that would've been a powerful statement to our allies, we stand with you. the second thing we should have done is, there were at the time, 22 applications pending to export liquid natural gas. president obama should have held a national tv conference and approved all 22, immediately. that would have done three things. it would have helped the people of europe, the people of ukraine stand free from russia. ukraine, andading russia is the leading provider of heating oil, you understand a new hampshire winter. if putin had the ability to cut off your seat and cause your citizens to freeze to death, that puts you in real vulnerability. gasiding liquid natural
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helps ukraine from the united states. secondly, it hits him where it hurts, the pocketbook. john mccain has a great phrase for russia. he says russia is a gas station with a country attached. --putin is aetrol petrol high rent. taking away the their customers is a powerful low back. it is only because of domestic policy that barack obama was not willing to do any of that. what reagan demonstrated is you can negotiate with the russians from strength. when it comes to nuclear weapons, reagan would like to see a world with no nuclear weapons. and, could wave a magic wna and have everything gone, i
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would, but i cannot. obligation ofrst the commander-in-chief is to keep us safe. this single greatest national security threat concerns nuclear weapons, but it is not russia's. it is iran. i would be happy to negotiate and work with the russians, not being fooled into thinking they are our friends, but where our interests align, we can advance the ball a lot more. [applause] ted cruz: yes, sir. >> i love your plan to do something about these oppressive regulations that anyone in business has suffered with. i do want to ask you, would you be careful and be sure that disabled people in this country continue to be protected by the
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american with disabilities act. ted cruz: great question. absolutely, yes. you look at people with disabilities, and people with disabilities, like all americans, want to be independent. they want to work productively. one of the real problems with federal policies regarding disability is far too often it moves toward stripping them of their independence, institutionalizing them, preventing them from working. the vast majority of people with disabilities are capable of doing meaningful work. some people may not be able to do heavy manual labor depending on the disability, that the vast majority of people with disabilities are able to work effectively and have the dignity of work. i think that should be something to strive for, everyone want to be able to work productively. i will give an example. i former boss, greg abbott, when
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, and the general of texas greg abbott is in a wheelchair. 30 years ago, when he had just taken the bar exam and graduated from law school, lightning struck a tree and they treat fell on him and broke his back. he has been paralyzed for the last three decades, in a wheelchair. it is interesting, when i went to work for him back in 2003, he talked all the time about it. when jokey said was, i know what you must be thinking, how slow was that guy running to be hit by a tree? [laughter] you, az: i have to tell first timer to he tells the joke, you are kind of awkward and are not sure if you are allowed to laugh. he is someone i admire so much because, yes, he has a disability and it has not slowed him down one iota.
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when it comes to people with disabilities, i give you my commitment that i will do everything i can as president to expand their independence, expand their ability to work meaningfully, to empower them, to have access and ability to work and provide for themselves, to give i think that is a human dignity that every human being should be able to experience and is entitled to experience. [applause] go ahead. [applause] >> thank you. one of my biggest concerns is the immigration, and marco has thrown a lot of talk on this poison pill. can you briefly state, because i have researched and i would like a clearer picture on how he has
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slanted it and what you really stand for. ted cruz: i love your phrase, a lot of clouds of whatever. that is a very accurate and evocative phrase. immigration, the lines in this race are very clear. let's go back to 2013. let me step back a little bit and suggest a rubric for all of us to use to assess a candidate. have all been burned by candidate, someone who promised a something good but has not done it. the stakes are too high for that to happen again. applyd suggest a test to is the scriptural test. you show know them by their fruits. that what i would recommend to each of you is do not listen to what any of us say, do not listen to what i say. when is the last time you have heard a politician say that? instead, check our fruits, look to what we have done.
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if you say you believe these principles, do you walk the walk? the moment i believe was the time, the clarifying moment, a time for choosing on immigration was the 2013 battle over the question.ght amnesty marco, when he ran for the senate in florida, promised the men and women of florida, if you elect me, i will go to washington and lead the battle against amnesty. he said that over and over and over again. it was a commitment he made to the voters. me, when i ran into texas, i promise the men and women of texas, if you elect me, i will lead the fight against amnesty. we said virtually the identical thing to the voters who elected us. when we got to washington, marco and i took very different paths. he made the decision, the conscious, deliberate decision not only do not lead the fight
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against amnesty, but to go and stand with barack obama and chuck schumer and harry reid into lead the fight for amnesty, the gang of a bill is the marco bill.schumer the bill failed to secure the borders. obama'sded president ability to bring syrian refugees without mandating background checks. the bill provided that all 12 million people here illegally what have a pathway to u.s. citizenship. it was directly contrary to what he had promised the men and women who elected him. there is a reason he did that. i make a lot of references to the washington cartel. the washington cartel are those career politicians and lobbyists. the washington cartel supports amnesty because wall street
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views them as cheap labor. that is fabulous from their perspective. when you support amnesty, have you noticed how the press praises those enlightened republicans who support amnesty? large support and amnesty as well. i made a different decision. i chose instead to stand shoulder to shoulder with congressman steve king and millions of americans and lead the fight against amnesty. i chose to honor the commitments, promises i made to the men and women of texas. i was not willing to go back to texas and sit in a town hall and look at the people who elected me and say, i broke my word. that mattered more to me than the praise and money. i remembered who i was working
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for, which is the people who elected me to fight for them. on that battle, that was an epic battle. it is worth remembering just how close it came to passing. schumero-shubert and -- amnesty bill passed the senate. then, it was headed to the house and john boehner decided to take it up and pass it with all of the democrats and a handful of republicans. if that had happened, this would have been over. the issue would have been lost and it would have been game over. it would have gone to obama's desk and he would have signed it and amnesty would have happened. that was a time for choosing, a moment and everyone decides where they stand. the reason it was defeated, is because we stood up and led the
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fight and said, this is wrong, this violates the rule of law. it is unfair to millions of legal immigrants. it is unfair to men and women who are losing their jobs and see their wages driven down. millions of people across this country rose up against it. cartel likes to blur the lines. is what they try to convince you, everyone does it, everyone is line, everyone is untrustworthy, so you want to go with me, because i am one of the liars, too. to say, marco is trying push by lots of folks in the media, is he is focusing on one amendment i introduce. i would encourage you to go on my website and read the amendment i propose. it is 38 words. that is the power of an informed
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grassroots. [applause] my one sentence amendment said, anyone here illegally can never become a u.s. citizen. it did not say a word about legalization. [applause] ted cruz: here is what marco is trying to say, your amendment said no citizenship, so you support all of the other garbage in the gang of eight. that that isaying thousands of pages long. the fact that i propose one amendment, does not mean you get to attach all of the rest of the garbage of the bill, particularly when i was leading the fight to destroy the entire bill. [applause] ted cruz: i will point out also that to know who to believe is to look to trusted third parties. jeff sessions, a leading
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opponent of amnesty in the u.s. senate. he came to an event in alabama where he stood up, responding to these reveal attacks and said they were completely false, and what senator sessions said without ted cruz, beginning of eight amnesty bill would have passed. that is jeff sessions. steve king, the leading opponent of amnesty is a cochairman of my campaign and has spent the last month campaigning all over iowa, leading the fight against amnesty and saying, ted was in the foxhole right next to me and it was marco rubio and harry reid shooting at us. the media tries to tell us we were in the same foxhole. beyond that, you can look at rush limbaugh. this is real simple. [applause] ted cruz: even forgetting about
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the gang of eight. by the way, during the gang of eight, where was donald trump? you know, as a presidential candidate he has discovered that illegal immigration is a good issue. if you really cared about illegal immigration, when the gang of eight was on the verge of passing, when we could lose this issue for a generation, anyone who actually cared about it would have said something, would have done something. told donald knows some people in the entertainment business. gone over to the today show and said, this is a really bad idea. tweets, he sent out supporting amnesty. in 2013, during the fight when jeff sessions and steve king and i are getting hit by
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the media and the establishment republicans, donald trump sided with them, saying we should pass amnesty. after that, he said he was supporting marco rubio's dreamers act and he was criticizing and 2013, mitt romney on being too tough on illegal immigration. as i have said, do not listen to what we are saying now, look to what we have done. look at what they have done when there was a price to pay, when people criticize you income after you. that shows you what they will do in the future of the battle is being fought. i will give you my word, i will stand with you. [applause] >> yes, thank you. donald trump seems to be going after reporters with disabilities. do you think that is something that a presidential candidate or president should be doing? listen, i am a
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big believer that you convey a lot about your character and how you conduct yourself, how you treat others. one of the greatest tests of character is how you treat people you do not have to be nice to? everyone knows how to kiss up, kiss up to their boss, kiss up to ever has direct control over their lives, but how do you treat the clerk at the convenience store? bow do you treat the cap driver? that shows a lot about character. every candidate has to choose how they conduct their campaign. i can tell you, six weeks ago, donald trump was saying every day that i was his friend, that he loves me, that i was , andfic, that i was nice
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now i am an anchor baby. [laughter] ted cruz: now, i do not really think six months ago, something profoundly changed about me, but what did change where the numbers. then suddenly, every morning i pick up the phone and look at my iphone to see whatever the latest insult is from donald. i will give him credit, the guy has some creative insults. but there are a lot of mornings i wake up cracking up laughing. if they are really funny, i will show them to the whole team. he can do that. that is his choice. from my perspective, i have not and do not intend to respond in kind. [applause] to the contrary, i am going to sing his praises.
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i think he is bold, rash and i am glad he has energized so many people to get involved in the political process. we need every one of those people to show up in november 2016. that is how we win the general election. i think the voters of new hampshire deserves more. the politicians trading insults and behaving like children -- isoolchildren, so my focus going to be on substance and policy and record. i think policy and record is fair game, so i am happy to talk about how our health care plans are different. i am happy to talk about on amnesty, the differences between domainand me, eminent and the differences on policy. i will not go into personal insults, and i think the people of new hampshire deserve for all of us to follow the standard. i think the other candidates should do so as well. [applause] ted cruz: this will be the last question. about neta question
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neutrality. what is your stance? ted cruz: the question is about net neutrality. let me step back and give you some context. the obama administration recently, the fcc has reclassified the internet as a title to regulated utility. do thiso authority to and law, but that has never been something to slow down or stop this administration. it suddenly declared the internet to be under the sec regulate.-- fcc to the internet has been one of the most extraordinary technological revolutions the world has ever seen. is, on one level, and incredible gateway to opportunity. if you wanted to start a small
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, say you it used to be were selling sweaters, you had to make the sweaters, then you had to have a storefront so people could see the sweaters, you had to have distribution, marketing. it took real capital. it was not cheap to start a sweater business. the internet changed all of that. tolowered the barriers starting a business. if you could make your sweaters, you could put up a website and suddenly, the entire world could see your sweaters. even if someone is in hawaii, they go to your website, order a fedex,, you drop it in a and you have your business. the internet enabled people to start their businesses, and disability is where our economic progress comes from. it is the incredible ability, and the people who benefit the most from it are the most
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alterable, young people, hispanics, african-americans, single moms, those struggling to climb the economic ladder. the internet opens up entrepreneurial possibility. it is also a haven for free speech. you have something to say? you can say it on the internet. how many of you were never dan rather? dan rather was taken down by bloggers in their pajamas. they caught him repeating lies on air. that is the power of the internet. the people rose up against a powerful mainstream media figure. the internet is also good for seeing cute pictures of cats. [laughter] ted cruz: there is nothing that government regulators hate more than something they cannot get their fingers on. their infinite wisdom, the obama administration has declared, we are going to treat the internet like a public
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utility. government regulators are going to decide on the prices, new talk, likeho can china, and you are right, the obama administration is trying to give the internet away to international stakeholders like russia and china. isview, net neutrality obamacare with the internet. it is a disaster, and i will continue to lead the fight to keep the internet free of all government regulations, all taxes, all net taxes and keep the internet free and open. [applause] ted cruz: let me close with this. if you all agree with me, that the stakes have never been never, that it is now or
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that we are standing at the edge of a cliff staring down, and if we keep going in the same direction for another four years or eight years, we risk to doing damage to the greatest country in the world. if you agree with me, i want you to do three things. number one, join us. vote ino coming out and the new hampshire riemer, stand with us. if we stand united, we will win. number two, bring others. pick up the phone, call your mom . it is actually a good idea to do this anyway. [laughter] call your sister, your son, your next our neighbor, your business partner, your colleague. tell them this election matters. it matters to me, my kids, my grandkids. i want to ask everyone here to vote for me 10 times. [laughter]
8:54 pm
well, the gentleman is right, we are not democrats. i am not suggesting voter fraud, but if everyone here gets a nine other people to come out and vote in the new hampshire primary, you will have voted 10 times. i will point out as well, for any of you not yet old enough to vote, if you get 10 people to come out and vote in the new hampshire primary, you will have voted 10 times before you turned 18 years old . [applause] ted cruz: the third thing i want to ask of each of you is to pray. that you list this country up and commit to list this country up in prayer.
8:55 pm
spend a minute to say, father god, please continue this thisning, continue spiritual revival to pull us back from the abyss. we are standing here on the promise of second chronicles. if my people, which are called by my name should handle themselves -- humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, i will hear the prayers from heaven and forgive their sins and i will heal their land. let me tell you a bit of history , and our friends in the mainstream media will never tell you this. 1981 when ronald reagan took the us of office, his left hand was resting on senate -- second chronicles. a very real and concrete manifestation of that promise from the word of god.
8:56 pm
we have faced these challenges before, the abyss before, and the american people came together and pull to this country back. we have done this before, and i'm here to tell you, if we stand together, united as one, we can do it again, and we can bring back that last, best hope for mankind that is the united states of america. thanks. [applause] ♪
8:57 pm
8:58 pm
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9:00 pm
in ♪ ted cruz: thank you. >> can you do me a favor? step back a little bit for us.
9:01 pm
>> good luck, mr. cruz. thanks again. >> thank you so much for taking the time. i got online while this was happening.
9:02 pm
>> you have my vote. >> ok. we will do it together. thank you. >> thank you. can i get a picture, please? [inaudible]
9:03 pm
[inaudible] [inaudible] ted cruz: i have not examined the exact question. [inaudible]
9:04 pm
ted cruz: that would be helpful. those people are begging for help. ted cruz: thank you for being here. i appreciate your coming out. wow. holy cow. picture? get a ted cruz: sure. >> there you go. >> i will vote for you. ted cruz: got bless you. thank you very much.
9:05 pm
thank you. [inaudible] ted cruz: every one of us is doing it together. thank you. have enemies in the federal reserve. [inaudible]
9:06 pm
>> bless you. good luck. >> thank you. ted cruz: thank you. [inaudible] ted cruz: thank you very much. thank you very much. thank you for your service. [inaudible] is your father working with
9:07 pm
david barton? ted cruz: yes. we can pass it on, yes. the only way we are going to win in 2016 is to get people out to the polls. [inaudible] i am just trying to get out. iowa.gratulations on ted cruz: thank you, thank you.
9:08 pm
[inaudible] [inaudible] ted cruz: thank you very much. >> they are paying attention to you. ♪
9:09 pm
[inaudible] ♪ ♪ ted cruz: thank you. >> good luck. >> you are incredible. amazing. ted cruz: thank you. ♪ ted cruz: thank you very much. >> thank you.
9:10 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ted cruz: thank you so much. thank you very much. >> god bless you.
9:11 pm
>> thank you so much. ♪ [inaudible] ♪ >> thank you so much. ted cruz: thank you.
9:12 pm
♪ >> i just want to tell you i am very impressed. i am telling everybody. humbled. i am very what is your name? >> skylar. >> come on. niece. my go on the other side. ok. then i can be here behind skylar. weight -- wait, wait. get it with my camera too. ted cruz: thank you very much.
9:13 pm
thank you for your good questions. >> can i get a picture from a dad? thank you, sir. >> thank you so much. glad i could make it. ♪ thank you very much.
9:14 pm
♪ ted cruz: good to see you again. thank you for being here. [inaudible] ted cruz: i gave it to my team. i do not know where it is. ♪ wrote to the white house coverage continues wednesday in new hampshire. at 4:00 eastern, john kasich speech to the new hampshire business form. at 6:00, we join jeb bush for a town hall in laconia.
9:15 pm
at 6:30, chris christie holds a town hall meeting in milford on c-span2. c-span's road to the white house in new hampshire. issue i'm interested in illegals and problems in this country right now. >> i am supporting governor chris christie. he is campaigning all over iowa. we are proud of his efforts on our behalf. we want to recognize these efforts as we come up with better solutions.
9:16 pm
on the next "washington kildee gives us a preview of the house oversight committee hearing on the flint water contamination problem. talks aboutted yoho efforts to combat sex trafficking. of thedave leventhal center for public integrity on campaign spending. "washington journal" is live every morning at 7:00 eastern on c-span. join the conversation on facebook and twitter. democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton spoke at a rally at the nashua community college in a have sure. overarrowly won the caucus bernie sanders. this is 50 minutes.
9:17 pm
♪ >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome bill clinton. [applause] ♪ mr. clinton: thank you. thank you.
9:18 pm
well, we are here and we are awake. thank president jordan and everyone for welcoming us here. those of you of a certain age will remember it was at a community college in new hampshire i was the first president to deliver a commencement address to a community college. i love these places. [applause] believeson: hillary these colleges work the way america ought to work -- they are open to everybody, inclusive. you either do what you are supposed to or you do not. it helped you build your life and the country's life together. fork you, governor hassan,
9:19 pm
your support. senator, thank you. i want to thank the leaders of our great teachers organization. lily garcia and randy weingarte n. [applause] you.linton: thank ellen malcolm, thank you. someone tells me it is your birthday. happy birthday. , i will be very brief and to the point. debate ining a big anxiety,ull of anger, because itnsion takes a long time to get over the crash that happened eight years ago. country, with the exception of the 1990's, has been growing more unequally for
9:20 pm
a very long time. and we are now in a position to actually do something about it. are wequestion is, what going to do and who is the best person to do it? finally, in the last few days in iowa, we began to have a debate on honest differences, the lack of consequences, who is the best to do it? hillary can talk about all that. what i want you to know is that one of the things i learned that comes president instantly to her -- instinctively to her is that we are going to have some great days. when she signs the bill to give us 100% coverage in the health care law, we are going to have some great days. [applause] mr. clinton: when you sign that
9:21 pm
legislation to make america the inld's leading country making a new economy based on clean energy. when we make college affordable for everybody and debt manageable and everybody gets to pay back a small percentage of their income. there will be some great days. there will be some tough days, when something terrible happens. in other words, the life of a president is like your life. there have been great days, tough days. then there are the other days. you have to show up every day. every single day. and make something good happen. i believe she is the best qualified person for this moment in history. that i have ever had a chance to vote for. [applause] and i believe it not because she has had more
9:22 pm
to protect theng security of americans and protect our values around the world than everybody running in both parties put together. not just because she has had a lifetime of working to deal with the challenges of working families and children, and give women and girls equal opportunities, but because she is the best change-maker i have ever known. being a change-maker is different from holding a certain public office. you get upof office, everyday day and figure out how to make some thing good happened. based on my experience having done the job, in the whole series of debates we have had, the question that came up at the end of the last debate in charleston south carolina, the
9:23 pm
moderator surprised them all. is there anything we have not discussed that you think we should? he called on hillary first. first, let me say i have no criticism of what senator sanders or governor o'malley said. made me proud to be a democrat. they were outraged about what was happening to the lead in the water. hillary said, when this happened, i was upset. i sent somebody to see you to see what they could do. someone says, yeah. i asked for this much money, and they gave me 10% of it. what can i do? you can go on television, do not talk about the campaign or anyone else. tell us why it costs this much money to fix the problem.
9:24 pm
she did it and they got the money. now, i do not know if that is the only reason i got the money. all over america, there was this "oh my god." people learned what happened to babiest women, to their if they get too much lead. even if the children look healthy, they can be damaged. but the point is, her immediate instinct was, what can i do to make it better? the other guys gave good answers. said what the governor did was terrible. but her instinct was, what can i do right now to make it better? [applause] mr. clinton: look.


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