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tv   Donald Trump Campaign Rally in Milford New Hampshire  CSPAN  February 2, 2016 9:26pm-12:00am EST

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had the worst schools. two of the most improved school systems in america. she made something good happen. [applause] so we got to washington dc, which is kind of like la-la-land. a good rule of thumb in american politics is the furthest away you are from the nearest community college, the crazier politics gets. [laughter] mr. clinton: look, you really do work the way america should. what are the problems? what are the opportunities? solve the problem, go, go. that is what america needs. and you need the best change-maker.
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someone who got the republican leaders of the house to work with her to rewrite adoption laws to move children out of foster care and into permanent homes. [applause] mr. clinton: someone who works in the senate across party lines to rebuild new york after 9/11. who guaranteed us national ,uardsmen from new hampshire who were sent to afghanistan and iraq. someone who worked with john mccain on traumatic brain injuries and posttraumatic stress syndrome. [applause] mr. clinton: someone who is secretary of state. maybe the only thing that survives with russia, the new treaty. it is a good thing to have a smaller risk of nuclear war. took 67 votes in the senate. job,er anywhere, in any
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and she will find a way to do more good than anybody else in the same job. [applause] mr. clinton: so you have to decide. who has got the right position on the issues and who is the right person to make change? all i know is, at the end of the day, when i walked out of the white house, the only thing that mattered, were people better off than when i started? if you want to say yes to that, i urge you to send a clear message to america and support the best change-maker i ever met -- hillary rodham clinton. [applause]
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ms. clinton: hello. oh, my gosh. it is great to be here with all of you. and i am so thrilled i am coming to new hampshire after winning iowa. [applause] i can tell you -- i have won and lost there. it is better to win. and it is a great tribute to my organization and supporters there. we are bringing all that energy, rightment, determination here to new hampshire, where we will work hard up until the primary next week. [applause] gratefulon: i am so for all of you. every single one of you who are
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here this morning to kick off this last phase of the primary in new hampshire. as you know, my husband and i are pretty fond of this we have made friends, starting back to 1991 who have been with us year after year. people we care about. people we know are making a difference in this state. to give your governor a big hug as she was heading out the door. absolutely thrilled about her campaign because we need her in the united states senate. [applause] clinton: this is an exciting week for a lot of reasons. it is, after all, the process by which we choose who each party
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will nominate for the most important job in our country. and it is up to new hampshire voters to way and in the first primary in the nation. at we have seen the arrival the right time for you to understand what the contest of really is between my and my esteemed opponent, senator sanders. by that because that is the best way for you to make up your mind. what do we stand for? what do we think it to be done? how do we believe we can do it together? how do we make a really difference in people past lives? people's lives? how do we make sure this country stays true to its values?
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it goes after the inequality, and not just economic inequality. we had to deal with racial inequality. with gender inequality. with sexual orientation inequality. spirit thaterty of has too much over the lives -- influence over the lives of our fellow americans. i come to you with a lifetime of advocacy and service and getting results. i'm grateful bill was here because he does know a little bit about the job we are competing for. i have to confess, not just because we did meet 45 years ago , i am always surprised when i say that. because he produced results for the american people. opportunity to do that because of the people in
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new hampshire. yount to make this case to and i want to ask you, during these next of days, to go out and talk to your friends and neighbors and colleagues about what is at stake. ,t could not be more stark between what i offer and what the republicans offer. between my record of results and their efforts to turn the clock back on all the progress we have made in america. let me just run through some of the basics. one of the things i love about new hampshire voters is you all it, you take a hard look at what people are proposing, you ask ourselves, does this just sound good on paper or can it get done and who is most likely able to deliver what you need for yourself and your family?
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i think the key issue has to be and must be the economy. that is something we democrats agree on. we have to get the economy producing more good paying jobs and raising incomes toin for everybody willing work hard, do their part to get ahead and stay ahead. outink it is fair to point that the facts are on our side. the democratic party produces presidents who improve the economy and give more americans a chance to live up to their dreams. [applause] clinton: that is a convenient argument, but it has the benefit of being true. i'm not just standing here tell this because i'm in new hampshire. we know the economy does better
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with a democrat in the white house and we know the last two democrats were effective, usning us around and putting on the right track. that is exactly what i will do. just a little brief history. i do think it matters what we have a contest in the past. that is how you can judge us. that is how our party can be judged. when my husband became president, he inherited a recession. the quadrupling of our national debt and deficit. when he got to washington, he said, what you bring to washington? he said, i guess arithmetic because we are going to make it at up for the american people. that is what happened. after eight years, 23 million new jobs. most importantly, and this is
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what i want you to hear because this is what we were able to accomplish and must do again. went up for everyone. everyone. not just those at the top. middle-class families. working people. most importantly, because of my long advocacy on behalf of kids, we lifted more people out of poverty in those eight years than in any other recent time in american history. that matters. balancedded up with a budget and surplus. i think that is not only a good record for bill clinton, that is a good record for the democratic party and what we stand for and what we can do together. story wish this were a that continued to have happy chapters to it.
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but along came the republicans again. we must never, ever let anybody new hampshire forget that trickle down economics was a failure then and it would be a failure tomorrow. every single one of those republicans, that is the same snake oil they are peddling today. in came a republican president, and don't ever forget, close elections matter. it is little different when you get selected by the supreme court, but nonetheless, george w. bush became president and dismantled everything that had been built. of the way of corporations. take your eyes off wall street, the mortgage markets, and we know what happened because we lived through it. in came a new, young, dynamic democratic president. there were so much he had fought
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for and advocated for during the campaign. the first thing he gets met with is, we are losing 800,000 jobs a month thanks to the failed policies of the other party. i remember talking to the president-elect when he asked me to come to chicago after the election. he wanted to ask me to be secretary of state but he said, it is so much worse than they told us and it was. we lost 9 million jobs. wonder, why are folks in america upset? why are we angry? 9 million jobs. multiply that by family members. that is a lot of americans. 5 million homes lost. the most important investment you ever made, ripped away because of the mortgage finagling that went on. and then, $13 trillion in family wealth. people built it up. you want to pass it on. $13 trillion wiped away.
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that is what president obama inherited. i don't think he gets the credit he deserves for digging us out of the debt we found ourselves in. [applause] clinton: in -- ms know there are those who say, well we should have done more. he should have fought harder. i watched it up close. i was in that. i watched him. save the auto industry and the millions of jobs that went with it. him pushed through the toughest regulations on wall street since the 1930's. him achieve the affordable care act and made sure americans have access to quality, affordable care.
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where i come from, that was a lot of good work, my friends. that was an incredible accomplishment. but we have more to do. let's not let the republicans cast a pall of collective amnesia over america. honestly, i listen to them talk about cutting taxes on the wealthy, in fact one of them said recently, the problem in 2008 was not too little regulation on wall street, it was too much regulation on wall street. i listen to them. i watch them voting to repeal the affordable care act. in ano mistake, we are fight to the finish about whether or not we are going to build on the progress we have made or watch it get ripped away. new hampshire is going to have to decide who can go toe to toe with the republicans to make sure they don't wreck us again.
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but that is not enough either. it is not enough to tell you what i am against. that is the easy part of politics. we are all against bad stuff, however we define it. what i am you know for. i will let you know what i will do. bill is right. i don't know whether it is my responsibility gene or whatever it is. i wake up every day, trying to think out, can i help one person? maybe i can help 100. i am blessed and i am grateful. dolso feel compelled to everything i can every single day to help as many people as possible and that is what i want to do as your president. [applause] clinton: number one, job
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one. incomes. with rising the american people deserve a raise and they have not had one. i think there are some things the government can and should do. we need more infrastructure jobs. we can put millions of people to work. good jobs that cannot be exported. we can make our economy more competitive. i am looking forward to coming up with some ideas that both work with congress and go around congress, like a national infrastructure bank where we have public and private dollars to make us more competitive. not just with physical infrastructure, virtual infrastructure. it is time we finally got high-speed, affordable internet coverage in every single part of this country. that is an economic issue.
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i will tell you, i am one of these people who believe we could have a manufacturing base in america. i am not going to give up on making things. there are two mini good jobs and too many opportunities. i have been to community colleges like this one in new hampshire. i know what you are doing to help prepare people who are young or maybe not so young for the jobs of the future. i want to be a good partner for you. i want to change the tax code, which still gives incentives to businesses to move jobs overseas. told factories overseas instead of upgrading our manufacturing. bring new advanced manufacturing right here to new hampshire. i visited so many places in the state. went to ashua, i venerable manufacturing company. it has been around more than 100 years.
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machinery they had literally 100 years ago, they have some of the most advanced computerized machinery because they are keeping up with the times. they got some help during the great recession. the dozens of people working there and their families are so grateful they did. need good work that gives people the dignity, not just the income, as important as that is. the dignity of feeling they are contributing to our society. believe,re people to once again, they are valued because of what they can do for themselves and others. jobs is way to get new to finally combat climate change by really going after clean, renewable energy. [applause] clinton: i am always just a
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little amused when the republicans are asked, as they are, what they think of climate change. say, i don't know, i'm not a scientist. you have heard that, right? across the country trying to answer that question for them. i have said, you know you can remedy this by talking to a scientist. you can go to the universities. you can come to the community college. you can go to high schools and talk to science teachers and they will explain science to you and what we should be doing. [applause] concludedn: i have are not all of them that ignorant. i have concluded they are doing with the koch brothers tell them to. that is bad enough, to be in
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that kind of denial. they are missing a great opportunity to grow our economy. some nation is going to be 21st superpower. i figured is going to be china, germany, or us and i wanted to i us and i will do everything can as your president to make that happen. i have set some big goals. i said, we are going to deploy half a billion solar panels by the end of my first term. and i was very proud to be endorsed by the league of conservation voters because they know what we can do and what we must do. i am most excited by seeing us begin to set the goals in america. have positive energy around what we can do with energy.
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let young people feel they have a future to help pave the way. that is what i want to see. in schools. more young men and women working as engineers. thispeople understanding is the challenge of our time and if we put our minds to this, we can do it. we can overcome the denial and special interests and the oil lobby. we can do this but we need leadership that understands it and makes it a priority and actually call pushes it. -- accomplishes it. say, as i have said for those of you not from new hampshire, that is the name of a beer company. it is pretty good, too. i want to be the small business
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president. that is where the jobs come from and we need to do more to small businesses. give them the credit they need to get started. to raiseastest ways income are to raise the minimum wage, which is too low. and finally, guaranteed equal pay for women's work. [applause] ms. clinton: i am so adamant about this and i am thrilled we have some the great women leaders of our time here with us today. we have stephanie from emily's list.
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group of women leaders who understand what is at stake for women in this election. [applause] ms. clinton: i feel it is a little bit awkward to be stating the obvious all the time. you do the work, you should get the pay. lilly ledbetter just endorsed me, the woman who fought for way upay, she worked her in a factory in alabama. gotworked just as hard, and just as good a valuations and then one day by accident, she discovered she had never been as her fellow male supervisors.
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this is not some urban legend, my friends. this is happening every day across the state and america. it is bad for women because it is unfair, and the mentally. it is bad for their families. and it is bad for the economy. consumption economy. we need more money to make sure we are building a better future with good results economically. so everything i just told you, the republicans do not agree with. they don't agree with infrastructure, manufacturing. they don't care about raising the minimum wage or equal pay. it is a big difference. these are things i have worked on, cared about four years. i know how essential they are to making sure every american has a fair shot in the race of life. a fair chance to get that
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promise of america made real. one of the other big issues we have to think hard about this week is health care. here is where i stand. before was called obamacare, it was called hillary care. [applause] clinton: i tried to get quality, affordable health care. insurance companies and a drug companies, they beat us. that was disappointing. who were many people desperate to have health care who did not have it. inet a lot of those people new hampshire, back in 1992. bill and i met people who were just desperate.
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they had pre-existing conditions, could not get insurance. prescription drug costs they could not afford. they would get laid off. they would lose their insurance. they were young, starting off. they could not afford it, could not get it. stories have stuck with me so powerfully. successful, inot said, we've got to do something especially for all the families with sick kids i met here. i got to work. democrats and republicans to get the children's health insurance program which ensures 8 million kids. i meet these families here in new hampshire. andet them because they, they thanked me. this is what a country is supposed to do for people who
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need help. don't thank me. you can understand why i was so thrilled president obama passed and signed the affordable care act. democrats, we have been fighting to the path of universal health care coverage since harry truman. we finally have the base that will enable us to get there. but there are very different responses. on the one hand, the republicans to repeal it 62 times per they sent a repeal to the president's desk everything goodness he was there and be doted. a republican president and republican congress will repeal the act as fast as they possibly can. thank you, thank you.
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want you to know, i want you to know i am not satisfied. i'm not satisfied with what we've got. we have to improve it. we have to get out-of-pocket costs down. co-pays, deductibles, we can't peoplese interfere with exercising their right to health care. we can make sure that the insurance companies don't take it over again and say you are out of luck with a pre-existing condition. we have to keep young people on icies untilts' pol they are 26 which has been such a lifesaver for them. so i bring out an agenda about how we go from where we are now, 90% coverage, the highest we have ever had. 90% coverage. senator sanders shares my goal of 100% coverage but he has a different approach. he wants us to start over.
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he wants us to begin another contentious national debate about what to do with health care. i fundamentally disagree. toon't want us to go back gridlock. i want to cure diseases. people can't wait for another debate. besides, i think it is a lot easier to get from 90% to 100% than from zero to 100%. i will continue to defend the affordable care act. to doll you what we need differently. one area in particular, getting prescription drug costs down. today, we arecing facing skyrocketing drug costs. there are a number of reasons. one is because of a gimmick, that has nothing to do with big banks. speculators and greed.
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the purchase of small drug companies, taken over by get controlwho then of a drug that gives people -- keeps people alive and increases the price as high as they possibly can. i have met people across america who have told me this. i will give you a quick story from iowa. i was in clinton, iowa. a woman came to see me. she said, i have to ask you, what can be done about this? she said, i have been taking the same drug since 1988. it started off at $20 a shot. i was able to handle that. went on for years. last month, i go to the pharmacist to fill my prescription. the pharmacist said, it is going to cost you $14,000. i said, what?
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show me the paper. she hands me this paper. i said, ok, i get it. the drug company that was making that drug for years, there was no research money going into it, no new discoveries, this was a tried and true drug that had been on the shelf helping people. it had been bought by a company and they proceeded to do whatever they wanted with the price. i think what they are doing is predatory pricing. i will have the justice department and every tool at my disposal to go after these companies that are doing this to people who need the help. about howto be smart we prevent these abuses, but we also have to be smart about how we get lower prices. giveis why we must finally medicare in the right to negotiate for lower drug prices
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with the companies. you, i knowtell some people think these are just details. i should just fly at 30,000 feet thisay, we are going to do and that, thank you very much. that is not how i believe you should select a president. i want you to know what i want to do for you because i want you to hold me accountable for actually delivering for you. i will tell you something else. was a lot of good work we can do in education and i am proud to have teachers and educators. thank you any a. -- nea. i do believe that relationships with the teachers are so critical to children's learning.
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i think it's time we started supporting teachers, not scapegoating teachers in america. [applause] ms. clinton: there are things we need to do that will actually help more kids succeed. starting with early childhood education and universal prekindergarten. cause for me. i know what a difference it makes. now we have all this rain research which makes it so clear, 80% of your brain is physically formed by the age of three. we have to do more. i found a program in israel and i brought it to arkansas. i want to do whatever i can because we have too many little kids going into school not prepared to learn, not able to take advantage of what their teachers have to offer and need so much help. we have to make
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something we haven't done, that is without i program. and anyfree tuition, public or college university. i want to follow up on president obama's plan to make community college free so we get more young people going to community college. [applause] we will take on the student debt problem. we are going to help you refinance your debt and pay thousands of dollars and be happy move into repaying it based on your income, not a fixed interest rate. suppressing the earnings and opportunity of young people. [applause] is a lot to: there do here at home, let's not forget we have a lot to do in the world. this is a very complicated world. tonow that, i was privileged
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be secretary of state for the first time a president obama. [applause] clinton: i spent a lot of hours in the situation room working over problems that don't get to that room unless they are hard. if it isn't hard, somebody else handles it on the way up. once it gets there, and are sitting there with the secretary of defense, the cia director, the president, the vice president, the national security advisor, you know you're facing some hard choices. pu have to figure out, ooling your experience, what will keep america safe. what will help our friends and allies and partners are on the world. tom absolutely committed doing everything i can to deal with the main challenges we face, but also to seize the opportunities in this world.
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i have laid out a company heads of approach for dealing with isis and defeating it. of terrorismreat seriously. i was a senator from new york on 9/11, you know what we went through. no efforts to keep america safe, to be our country safe and protect american families. i want to do it in a smart way that produces the kind of world that we are looking for. yes, i want to go after them over there. i want to have an intensive american-led coalition to go andr their leadership infrastructure to support the arab and kurdish forces on the ground. send american combat troops because i don't believe that is part of a smart
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strategy. [applause] clinton: i will certainly work to cut off the flow of and foreigns fighters. we need a lot of smart young people in our technology s understand help u how to get underneath their propaganda and their celebration of violence. their radicalization of people states,pe, the united and elsewhere. i want to keep a savior. after 9/11, we had a public information program in new york called if the seasoning suspicious, reported. we had a unified front. everyched out to community. leadership dead, and said call the police -- leadership did,
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and said call the police. ks werethat the attac foiled and prevented despite constant intelligence about potential new attacks. it has been safe. i mention this because when you have candidate on the republican insult american muslims, who insult muslim nations, and the religion of islamic, that is not only offensive and shameful, that is dangerous. that is playing into the hands of the terrorists. it isolates and marginalizes people that we want to be part of our first line of defense. have been speaking out against it anywhere that i
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go. i will continue to do so. it also affects our ability to put together a coalition. that includes muslim nations to go after terrorists. to puthow hard it is together a coalition, i did it on the one that put sanctions on iran and drove them to the negotiating table that led to the agreement to put a lid on the nuclear weapons program. and you don't go to nations and ask them to be part of your coalition after you insulted their religion. that is not the way it works in the real world. we have to be focused on those threats that exist and to go after them in a way that brings our country together and brings the world together. clash between civilizations, this is a clash between prosperity and civilization. that is how we have to look at it. [applause]
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sec. clinton: finally, let me i spent a lot-- of my life fighting to expand the circle of opportunity, and the rights of people. when i listen to the republicans, it chills me. they are against so many of the advantage we have made in lifting of the dignity of every person. i want you to know where i stand. a woman's right to make her own decision. against defunding planned parenthood. [applause] here, and everywhere. i will defend marriage equality and fight on discrimination against the lgbt community. [applause] i will fight for voting rights and to overturned citizens united. l fight for copperheads and
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and a path toform citizenship. i will fight to make sure we get criminal justice reform and end mass-- incarceration. defend the veterans administration, but i will not let the republicans privatize it and take away the benefits and services that our veterans have earned. will continue to fight for common sense gun safety measures against the gun lobby. [applause] clinton: my friends, this is what i stand, this is where i will fight. do it without you. this will be a great week of campaigning. forumow night we have a
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on cnn, the next night live a debate. looking so forward to engaging in the contest of ideas. we disagree about ideas. we disagree about how to translate them into positive results for people. on their side, it is insults. it is not the kind of debate that you want to hear when you're trying to pick who should be the next president and commander in chief. new hampshire, come with me this week. make this journey with me, stand up for me, fight for me. when we win, i will stand up and fight for you every single day. thank you, and god bless you. [applause] [cheers] ♪
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♪>> this is my fight song ♪ >> when republicans weren't going after president obama, they were going after me as attorney general. aterved with hillary clinton a known for almost 25 years. this is a woman who fought her whole life to protect civil rights and voting rights. today, hillary is pushing hard for tougher gun laws and police accountability. want to venture republicans don't take us backwards, help hillary take us
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forward. >> c-span's were to the white house coverage continues wednesday in new hampshire. at 4:00 p.m., ohio governor john kasich speaks to the new hampshire business forum. live coverage on c-span3. at 6:00 p.m. we join jeb bush for townhall meeting in laconia, also live. injures a governor chris christie christie will the town hall meeting in milford. you can to that on c-span two his bedroom to the white house in new hampshire. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016] covering this is primary for the new hampshire post. where one week voters in that state will go to the polls.
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>> what does the new hampshire political landscape look like? >> right now, it favors bernie sanders was a lot widely here in most surveys. hillary clinton did win the manager primary in 2008 but she is trailing sanders badly. iowaight win she had in monday night suggests she will have a difficult time here convincing democrats to vote for her. so we should expect to see focused campaign. we have heard her say words like progressive the last 12 hours, and of the people. that kind of talk a lot more than we have in previous days. she continues to stick to this pragmatic and practical solution. while sanders math great ideas, generally, has enthused a lot of democrats. what he is trying to do is not practical, she says.
10:12 pm
his alternatives for medicare and the affordable health care the fact that he for years was not a supporter of new gun-control measures as she was. ith martin o'malley under the was a much to be had, but she's a double-digit gap to close up and will have several opportunities to do that. forum, and an msnbc debate. we was the both of them doing a lot of interviews between now and next tuesday. n, butarly, a win is a wi with the smallest of margins. does she come into new hampshire even with a very narrow win with a sense of strength or weakness? ed: i think it is a sense of really frankly that she won the first primary.
10:13 pm
we will have to see whether these two camps and up fighting over the result in iowa or the and that theecount sanders campaign will ask major everything went as it was supposed to. a voterre using tabulation system from microsoft there was some concern about that. there was some other concerns about these polling places that went on where there was a tie. the fact that she won six of the ties in a row was seen suspicious of some of -- by some of the sender supporters. and hasclaim one win about a seven delicately with thousand still to be distributed. the race will continue well into march, perhaps even april the betting and how things go. talk about the republicans, and the super pac right arrive supporting jeb bush million more than $26
10:14 pm
in new hampshire on advertising. the bush campaign spending close to $5 million in ads across the state in the week ahead. jeb bush did not do very well in iowa. what is his strategy in new hampshire? ed: you have those three at the campaign saide the don't is they would in new hampshire. he don't have the demographic favors they had in iowa. evangelicals or socially conservative voters in new hampshire that would suddenly be the type that cruz can win. he is going to south carolina, then come back to new hampshire later. that leaves trump and rubio at the top, and bush and john kasich and chris christie fighting for second or third. theyhree of them believe can make the argument about having executive experience with the governing and presenting
10:15 pm
themselves where's the senators who did well in iowa are basically smooth talkers with no experience. the three governors say something like that on the stump. the bush team does of the benefit of this super pac. an older woman showed up with all of the flyers that had been stuffed into her mailbox and confront the young bush staffer and was waving a copy of a right to rise fire that had rubio on twisting on a weathervane. she said this stuff makes people mad. endorsing this, stop supporting it. then she held up a flyer that had been sent by the official campaign. she said we need to see more of this. .hat is the kind of literature politics is a dirty sport. made it very clear he will not apologize for the super pac. he argued that clinton are the democrats will be even more
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forceful against the eventual nominee. he wants to suggest he is the best record and can take the blows and will not let up. rubio's numbers will slide back here in new hampshire. they have also started to affect the john kasich who is been targeted by the super pac. they're working as bush's numbers are to creep up. >> let's quickly talk but donald endorsementing the for scott brown glenn frey senate seat in new hampshire. that's his endorsement carry any weight in the state? is a reallythat tricky thing to figure out. he was seen by many republicans as a carpetbagger who took advantage of the week field and then ran unsuccessfully. he was unable to pick up a seat here in new hampshire against jeanne shaheen. he has played a gracious host over the last couple of months when most of the candidates coming to his home or some other venue near his home.
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he called it a barbecue with brown. they were handing out chips and the candidate would come and speak. clearly, trump is a bro wn-like republican who survives in celebrity and making bold statement to coming out of nowhere fully. i think brown is indeed compatible with the trump. he's also a northeastern republican, so is trump. there is an ideological agreement there. just he is more in line with trump. what effect it will have? this may be the jerry falwell endorsement of the new hampshire race. the one that gets a lot of short-term attention but may not actually result in any real award. 0'keefe on the campaign trail. his work is available online at washington, thank you for being with us. ed: anytime.
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road to the, our white house coverage continues with donald trump at a rally in milford. after that, senator bernie sanders campaigns in keene, and later marco rubio indexes are. >> wednesday, the house oversight and government reform committee examines the contamination of drinking water in flint, michigan. and the response by state and federal officials to the health crisis. we bring you that live starting at 9:00 eastern on c-span3. >> if you are interested in the process, it begins at iowa and new hampshire. we don't to the rules in terms of which is first or second. we have to cover the canada's where they are. a a lot of people interested in this election.
10:19 pm
and make the decision as to who will be the leader of the free world. followse that want to the process, and do it in a way that is completely unfiltered, we are the only place that does that. as you look at this campaign, and these candidates, you are able to see how they are able to try to close the deal and during the final days of any campaign there is a lot of attention on nuance, and every new story. thedoes one candidate rebut other, and happily respond. in this day and age of social media and twitter, the new cycle is constant. than can aone place liar to take a step back and watch it. you can get the analysis on other networks. you can hear viewer calls and weigh in on the programming. we're the one place that just allows you to see it as it happened and make up your decision.
10:20 pm
>> donald trump finished second in the iowa caucuses monday behind texas senator ted cruz. tuesday, he received the endorsement of former massachusetts senator scott brown at a campaign rally at the hampshire hills athletic club in milford, new hampshire. this is one hour. >> the giver a much everybody, welcome to milford. we are in the final year of a administration. people are working couple of part-time job to set of good full-time job. businesses are nervous about the future. or regulatoryx certainty. obamacare's crushing those businesses and hurting individuals as well. also, the world has changed.
10:21 pm
byrica is no longer feared our foes or trusted by our allies. isis and al qaeda are fighting for terror bragging rights. the terrible deal with iran, we could talk about them forever. russia is expanding, and moving again. is poking and prodding its neighbors. africa is falling into the hands of thugs. this is because of the leadership under the obama/clinton presidency. our military is the most amazing men and women serving. serving presently or who has served to raise their hand right now. [applause] >> thank you for that service. those military men and women are being asked to do more, much more with far less.
10:22 pm
putting their lives in danger, under this administration there shirking our military to levels that are dangerous. not only for national security, but for world security. and women were serving so valiantly. and not only come home after serving, some dying in order to get medical care. they also have to fight to get homes and jobs. is what is happening under this administration. it is wrong. there is a very stark difference between the republican message in the democrat/socialist clinton andillary bernie sanders. i will say it before and again, any one of the candidates right now in the republican primary would make a better president than hillary clinton or bernie sanders. [applause] >> i have said it before, the
10:23 pm
strength of our nation is its people. as an elected official i never took my order to many special interest or the so-called establishment. i always was guided by what i thought was in the best interest of the people of this country. has the privilege to serve, whether in local state or federal office, that they serve the interest of you, the people of this great country. i was a consummate outsider and ran for senate. i was not one of the so-called "crowd, the establishment, or the democratic machine in massachusetts. i did not a band, and i do not now oh anybody anything. mind,ree to speak my whatever the issues may be. i can challenge our elected officials to do better. [applause] >> this summer i was honored to people runningg
10:24 pm
for this highest office come to our host events. came, grab actually a chair in a hot dog and a beer and you came down and grill the candidates asking them what you feel about border security, national security, what do you feel about our debt deficit? you were there, unbelievable. i had an opportunity to meet these great people. i am proud of each and everyone one of them. that being said, the vetting process for me is over. the decision process has been exciting, but also difficult. iwever, as i discussed, learned about each candidate and my decision became clearer. when i served in the senate i noticed there were some amazing leaders there. honest, hard-working people. however, there are also incredibly selfish people,
10:25 pm
working solely for their personal, petty, partisan interest. putting their interest and our country's interest. as a result, there is tremendous gridlock. hardly anything gets done. nothing of substance gets done. the world hasn been diminished. our economy is suffering. dysfunction in washington must the jibey must stop into these problems. washington needs when i call -- washington needs to stop these problems. it needs when i call an agent of change. it is clear to me that in order to shake up the status quo, and cross boundaries to get things done, that change agent is somebody who is here tonight to see all of you. what, you need to be an outsider to be a change agent. i believe it takes someone who
10:26 pm
has had a private sector job, run a business, and assigned the front of the paycheck to get things done. to actually create jobs. i am looking forward to that person having new and different ideas in order to reduce and eliminate our $19 trillion national debt. deficit, getllar that economic engine going against a we can be leaders in the world stage. get our fiscal and financial house in order. to me, there's only one person that can do that. that is donald trump. [applause] >> i have been a republican tent i was 18 years old. for ronald reagan because he was the person who told me that when my mom and never married and divorced four
10:27 pm
times each and my mom was working her tail off to put a roof over our heads -- he said you work your ass off and fight hard and join forces and work you can create jobs, you can actually save and maybe form a corporation and hire some friends and other people. they can ask fulfill the american dream, ronald reagan was the person who told us we were a country of opportunity. i believe that. we may not agree on everything. news alert, i believe right now the best person to help us address this dysfunction in washington, the gridlock that permeates the halls of washington, get our economy moving again, to change that status quo, is donald trump. [applause] >> i believe that we do live in
10:28 pm
the greatest country in the world. i believe that in my heart. notso believe that we are feared by our foes, not trusted by our allies. we can do more, we deserve better. together -- here's the challenge -- get out and vote. get 10, 20, 50 people out to vote. you better. [laughter] it is critically important. if you stay home and watch tv it is a big problem. i want to get this country moving again. i want to get our economic again.going i want to get america back to the point where our allies trust us and our foes fear us and we will continue to be the leader in this world. ladies and gentlemen, but me a husband, father, businessman and job creator and problem solver.
10:29 pm
the next president of the united states, donald trump. [applause] ♪ donald trump: beautiful, tremendous. amazing. [applause] donald trump: we love you. amazing, it is amazing. one of the reporters just asked me, why don't you do town hall meetings? we have 5000 people,
10:30 pm
there is another room the size packed also. if we do town halls, we will be doing about 200 day and still will not be able to catch up. i want to thank everybody. special people, special place. we have had such an incredible 16, thesince june famous escalator ride. we just got back from iowa. i want to tell you, they are great people in iowa. and i love them. you know what? i will tell you. i started off, and it was very interesting. a very interesting little thing. it is a caucus system, a much more difficult system. i don't say better or worse, but certainly more difficult. when i announced on june 16, there were 17 people. i had not registered. i have not been put in polls. i did not know what was going to happen. in iowa, they said don't go to
10:31 pm
iowa. you don't play in iowa. me. i said why? they said it is not going to work. i said i have to do it and i want to go there. i went there, and i think we did really well. we did really well. [applause] they said if you get in the top 10, you would be lucky. the first time it came out, it was number 10. and then it went to eight and five. we finished number two. and frankly, had i know we could finish number two, maybe i would have spent more time there. i would have taken a day or two off from here, but that would not have been good. it is sort of interesting. i'm very proud of this. i skipped the debate because i was not treated properly. i wasn't. [applause] donald trump: i wasn't treated properly. when our country is not treated properly, we have to the hate that we also.
10:32 pm
just so you understand. when you are not treated the way you are supposed to be treated, you have to remember that. that is all right. stats i wanted to show you. air blowing down there, i will tell you. what happened is i did the debate,,= and then i said you cannot do that. . we could have broken the world record. we did it the first one. they had 24 million people. i think it was more than that after final count. i think this thing would have had probably 26, 28, 29 million people. but you could not tell -- do it. i will tell you why i'm happy we did not do that. in one hour, we raised $6 million for the vets. 6 million. we raised $6 million for the vets. [applause] trump: if you told me i
10:33 pm
could have finished first if i did the debate were second plus $69 for the vets, i will take the $6 million for the vets all day long. [applause] trump: i am looking at statistics. we got the biggest vote ever in the history of a primary in iowa by like 60,000 people came out extra. i'm not going to say it was me, but we -- believe me it was me. two or three night ago, one of the candidates i am against, highly respected, was here. and they had 250 people. we have 5000. that should be a good sign. that is like an automatic poll. [applause] donald trump: the vote i got because we had so many people was the biggest vote in the
10:34 pm
history of iowa for a republican caucus. i mean the biggest in the history of iowa. [applause] donald trump: for a republican caucus. when you think, the amazing thing is the press, not all of them. some are great. some said he started off 10th and came in second. i don't like to hear second that much either, to be totally honest. one poll came out said i was leaving for five points. trump comeses were " in second, he is humiliated." there were 17 people when we started. now you have 11. i come in second. i am not humiliated. think of it. [applause] donald trump: these people are the most dishonest people ever,
10:35 pm
ok. marco is a nice guy, marco rubio, nice guy, and he comes in third. he comes in third. he is a senator, does this do for a living, professional politician. he comes in third. i come in second. trump no good. rubio, unbelievable night, unbelievable victory. [laughter] donald trump: you have to think of this. and then they said, "he is very close." it is about a difference of almost 3000 votes. that is a lot! that is a lot of votes. for iowa, that is a lot of votes. i think it was like some large amount of votes. it was not really close. but he came in second. the headline is "winner of the night: marco rubio." humiliated." they did not really use that
10:36 pm
word. they did not do that well. i'm saying, how come the guy that comes in third, and he is a professional politician, i beat him by a lot, how come the guy that comes in third --isn't this typical reporters, media, -- the worst people ever, the worst. [applause] donald trump: how come the person that comes in third on many of the networks is being covered like it is one of the great victories in the history of politics in this country, and the person that is not a professional politician -- i am a job creator, i build great companies, i build great buildings, i do a lot of great things -- [applause] donald trump: i don't do this crap. i have employed tens of
10:37 pm
thousands of people over the years. i am so proud of the company. i have built an unbelievable country. company. when i did the filing with the federal election committee, see all of those cameras back there? triple them. i will neverid run, right? and then they said he will never filed for may. that is where you sign your life away, you give up everything could the family, the dog, the house. you give up the world. they said he will never filed for maine. oh, he announced. they did not believe me. they said he will never file his financials. if you did, you will get an extension because you can get an extension goes forever. i did not want an extension. i told one of the best firms in the world, i said you've got to get these done. i filed almost 100 pages. bigger than anything ever filed
10:38 pm
with federal election by far. these politicians put one page in and need five extensions. you know why? they are afraid somebody knows about the cash they have been taking. they want to be careful. they want to be careful. [applause] donald trump: politicians, all topped, no action -- all talk, no action. i love you too, darling. what happens is i go in and file. they come back and say, i don't believe it. the company is much bigger, much better. some of the greatest assets in the world, buildings in manhattan, bank of america building, a big chunk in san francisco, some of the greatest assets,s, so many great hundreds of acres of miami beach, so many. they are looking. very little bit, almost no debt. low debt.
10:39 pm
tremendous cash flow, and some of the greatest assets in the world. the number is through the roof. i am not saying that to be braggadocio is. needaying that is what we in this country. our country is going to hell. [applause] donald trump: the press goes down and they see it. it was such a dud. they would never say it. they also i would not file and i would not run because maybe i am not as rich as people think i'm a right? that is what they said. [laughter] [applause] trump: i am wondering if this can only happen at a trump rally,. that could be the way we get them to turn the cameras, right?
10:40 pm
what the cameras don't have and what the press will never report is the crowds. they don't do it. they report it for bernie. recently, i had 12,000 people he had 3000 people. they said bernie sanders had an amazing crowd of 3000 people. i had 12,000. when it is my turn to go, "donald trump made a speech today in front of a crowd." unbelievable. [laughter] donald trump: it is so dishonest. i have friends that are reporters and they tell me they cannot report the truth. they cannot report the truth. they are told what to do. if you happen to be on our side of the equation, for the most part they are very dishonest. what i do like is when that man holds up that sign -- oh, by the way, i should reprimand him. remember when i took a lot of heat? somebody said something that was not that nice to our president. "donald trump did
10:41 pm
not defend the president." do you think he would defend me? they said donald trump did not defend the president. i said, oh, ok. they said i should have defended him and i should have done something. sir, you are reprimanded, ok? [laughter] [applause] donald trump: but we are not throwing him out, folks. [applause] so i put in the statements, and they have been great. i probably would have filed them even if i did not run. it takes guts to run for president. it really does. it takes guts. it takes guts. if you are a politician, you run, you run, you lose, you run. that is all they do. with us, it takes courage. but we needed one of us. we have to do it. there are so many things that are wrong. so, i wanted to just tell you -- and i feel so good.
10:42 pm
while i have the cameras going, i have to take care of a couple of things. ir the veterans, carl icahn, will put him in charge of negotiating with china. we will stop their $500 billion trade deficit, i can tell you right now. [cheers and applause] donald trump: but i have to say this. good guy, tough guy, smart guy. that is the kind of people we want. he is worth millions of dollars. does not want anything. he would love to represent us. let's put him in charge of china, japan, one or two countries, probably one because we have great people. we have the greatest negotiators in the world. we have the smartest business people in the world. we don't use them. we as political hacks, we as people that don't have a clue. we use people that got their jobs because they give campaign contributions to these guys. that is how they get their jobs. they don't give a damn about the country. they care about themselves.
10:43 pm
that is not the way it is going to work. carl icahn, great businessman, gave $500,000 to the vets. [applause] now this was when i was supposed to be debating. big deal. this is when i was supposed to be up debating. we have steve roth who gave $50,000. the fisher family gave $75,000. richard gave $100,000. did you ever hear of donald trump? [applause] donald trump: donald trump gave $1 million. [applause] we have a rich guy from new york city. a friend of mine, i can't believe it. this guy was the worst braggart i have ever seen. if you gave money, he wanted his name up in lights. all of a sudden, he became please, don't tell my name. i'm saying why, the guy is loaded by the way, he said
10:44 pm
because i have changed. see, people can change. i have changed a little bit. people can change. i said if you don't want me to name it, i want. city,"uy from new york $1 million for the vets. [applause] donald trump: one of the great businessman in this country, mr. fill rough and, and his gave $1le lwife million to the vets. isn't that great? [applause] trump: ike from marvel, a great genius, his wife is incredible, $1 million to the vet. -- vets. ok? [applause] donald trump: isn't that great? and there are many more.
10:45 pm
i want to tell you it was such an amazing thing. i told these people. could you give half a million? these are really successful people. i said, could you give half a million? he goes no, i won't. i will give $1 million. i said i will take it on behalf of the vets. we have a lot of good things happening. the whole experience in iowa was great. the only problem was the press did not treat me right. i'm focused here and have been focused here in south carolina very much. instead of saying "unbelievable did alley said trump right. a little disappointed. third-place was fantastic but a little disappointing. it was one of those things. i learned a lot and made great friends in iowa. they are great people. a lot of us are business people. we want to make our country great again. [applause] donald trump: such a great
10:46 pm
theme. is that the greatest of all themes? somebody said what are you going to do for the country? this is a radio person. where is howie? where the hell are you? is he a great guy? we love howie carr. who else do we love? we love tom brady. we love tom brady, right? [cheers and applause] donald trump: and we love coach belichick. i'm telling you, he is the greatest coach. don't ever lose him. tom is a great friend of mine, a great guy. he has said the nicest things about me. in massachusetts, my poll numbers went up 25 points because tom brady said trump is great. that is good. [applause] donald trump: you don't often
10:47 pm
get many people that say something nice when it has a positive impact, but tom is in that category. where is how a car -- howie carr? he has the radio going. he has been so nice to me. thank you, howie. we love you. he is a great guy. here is the final on that whole thing. in terms of money spent per vote, stats, money spent per vote, i was almost the last in iowa. there is something nice about that. campaign, ie on the am self-funding. can you believe this? let me tell you because i said it before. i told it to the press. they will make it a big story probably and then change it. [laughter] donald trump: we had a press conference. i said i will be honest with you. i don't think i have gotten the proper credit for the fact that
10:48 pm
i am self-funding. i don't think it means anything to anybody. [laughter] donald trump: really. bush has $128 million he got. wouldn't he have been better off just taking the money and throwing it out a window or something? [laughter] donald trump: but if you look at ted cruz, he has got tremendous money from the oil companies. he is going to take care of the oil companies and wall street. if you look at some of these people, all of them, they all have money. it is all from wall street, oil, different things. 100% like a are little puppet. they will take care of those interests. with me, i have nobody. i just want to take care of you. i just want to do the right thing. [applause] donald trump: but i said something at the press conference. i don't think they knew what i was talking about. some are smart, but some of these guys are dumb as a rock.
10:49 pm
[laughter] donald trump: you know, when this man lifted up the sign, i liked it for one reason -- because they had to move the cameras around to see the crowd. the only way they see the crowd -- if we have protesters, i love it. i'm thinking about doing it. i'm going to set my protesters up and corners of rooms because those cameras never moved from my face because they don't want to show how we people i have. they don't want to show the movement. we have a movement going for us. we have a movement. [applause] donald trump: and i have to be honest. i want to thank them before it is too late. scott brown, for him to come up and say i love what you are doing, i love where you are going. he loves this area, and he loves you people. for him to endorse me is a very important thing. [applause] donald trump: wherever scott is, it is very important.
10:50 pm
--ave other great, important jerry falwell junior, who is fantastic, sarah palin gave us a tremendous endorsement. tremendous. you know who gave me a great endorsement that you people are really going to like? cheryl joe from arizona. [applause] donald trump: ok? sheriff joe. you know when sheriff joe gives you an endorsement, and you know you are the king of the border, right? all of these other guys i am competing against, they are all coming up and saying when i originally announced, i talked about illegal immigration. and did i take heat. if i did not bring it up, it would not even be a subject right now. i said this cannot be like this. you cannot go on like this for months and months. no human being can take this amount of incoming. no human being.
10:51 pm
they were just going after me. they said it is terrible. after two or three weeks, people started saying trump has a point. he has a point. now they are coming. four or five weeks go by. you see the tremendous crime committed by the people come into our country illegally. tremendous crime. then you have the killing of youthful kate in san francisco. then you have the killing of jamil. you have the killing of the woman, a 65-year-old veteran who was raped, sodomized, and killed by an illegal immigrant. that is three people. you have to see what is going on. you have to see how bad it is. not only that, the economy. i want people to come into the country. but i want them to come in legally. they have to come in legally. [applause] donald trump: they have to come in legally. so, we have all of these endorsements.
10:52 pm
they are incredible endorsements. but i do have to say, one of the gentlemen i am competing against, my wife was watching television the other day and listening to this guy, boring, falling asleep. it is like a sleeper. he said -- i want use the name because i don't want to embarrass anybody. he said, "and we will build a wall." she said, darling, come here, listen. he just said we are going to build a wall. whoever heard of building a wall except for me? they don't give us credit. in iraq, take the oil. for four years, i've been saying take the oil. then after the horrible paris attacks, all of a sudden they said, "we'll take the oil." the problem is they are four years late. when i said take the oil, i mean take it. they mean blow it up. i say take it and give some of
10:53 pm
the profits to our wounded warriors, to the vets, and the families that have lost people in iraq. [cheers and applause] i have been saying that for four years. "take the oil." and you know it. but they are not doing it right. they don't want to bomb the oil because it would be a pollution event. it would be an event of pollution, as they say. it will add to the carbon footprint! this is the way we fight our wars. do you think general douglas macarthur is to have the carbon footprint in mind when he bombed? right? how about general patton? did he think, uh oh, the carbon footprint? general patton, if you mentioned the carbon footprint, he would smack you in the face.
10:54 pm
i'm not sure i believe it, but i think i believe it. they said one of the reasons we are not bombing the oil is because they don't want that pollution going up into the atmosphere. the whole thing is ridiculous. don't forget. we have a president that thinks global warming -- now there are many names. this global warming. that was not working so well. right? climate change. extreme weather. the new one is extreme weather. how can you miss the extreme weather. say it it is nice, you is extremely because it should not be this nice. global warming was just not working. then they went climate change. that was better, but extreme weather is like perfect. we have a president that talks about the biggest enemy of the united states. the number one enemy is -- he calls it global warming. global warming. climate change. one of those things. he doesn't know. any meaning mining the -- eeny
10:55 pm
meeny miney mo. he doesn't know. climate change and the carbon footprint. he said before christmas -- by the way, don't you want to go, merry christmas? merry christmas. we are going to bring christmas back. merry christmas, happy holiday. we are going to bring it back. you can't say merry christmas anymore. you will say merry christmas again very quickly, believe me. [applause] donald trump: but for christmas or whatever he celebrates, he old into a boeing, a very -- it is called air force one -- a very old boeing 747 with the old engines spewing carbon and every other thing. i don't think it happens to hit -- hurt the air personally, but
10:56 pm
that is ok. these old engines are spewing into the atmosphere. think about the carbon footprint. but he's only going to hawaii. he's going from washington to hawaii. these going to play golf. he plays more golf than people on the pga tour. you know that, right? they say if they could play that much, they would be even better players. 747, taking the boeing flying to hawaii. you know how long that is? old engines, these are the big, old engines spewing fumes. these over there for two or three weeks playing golf. he flies back to washington. then he comes back and talks about global warming is our biggest problem. isis, russia,k radical islamic terrorists -- right? china! [applause] donald trump: this maniac from
10:57 pm
north korea. somehow, i think that is a bigger threat than global warming right now. ok? [applause] the only global warming we should be fearing is global warming caused by nuclear weapons. and if we are not smart, that is what is going to happen. we better get really tough, really smart, really vigilant or we are going to have a problem. we better stop playing games, believe me. we better stop playing games. [applause] so, we have become the policemen to the entire world. we take care of the world. they pay us peanuts. we take care of japan. a lot of people don't know that. here is the deals we make. if we are attacked, so many attacks us, wouldn't you rather have trump as president if we
10:58 pm
are attacked? we will be the -- out of them. if anybody attacks us. [applause] donald trump: you know, speaking of potential, because he hates obama so much. putin. he said donald trump is a genius and he is the real leader over in that country. these people i am negotiating with all the time. they said you should disavow what putin of russia said. i said i am not disavowing he called me a genius. are you crazy? [laughter] donald trump: don't worry. i cannot be seduced. but wouldn't it be nice, if you think about it, wouldn't it be nice if we got along with russia and others and we can use them to knockout isis with us so that maybe we don't always have to pay for it? out of it but let them drop some of their bombs that cost $1 million apiece? let them use some of their weapons that cost billions and
10:59 pm
billions of dollars. let them beat the -- out of isis also. right? [applause] donald trump: so crazy. way, i have to say thank you. look at al, my number one vet. is al taking good care of you? if he does not take care of you, i will say "al, you are fired, get out of here." al is a great guy. he has become my friend. we are going to build our military so strong nobody will mess with it. jeb bush and hillary clinton on the same day said i don't like donald trump's tone. that day, three heads were chopped off in the middle east and they are worried about my tongue. don't forget this. this is important. i am the one that did not want to go and rate iraq.
11:00 pm
i said you will destabilize the entire middle east. that was reuters in 2004 and before that. , you're goingo it to destabilize. that is exactly what happened. the middle east is totally destabilized. iran, which made one of the great deals ever with $150 billion, they're going to make nuclear weapons, they are going to self-inspect. how about that? presidenthere is our -- we hear that you are making nuclear weapons. please check the area and call me back tomorrow. [laughter] donald trump: president obama, i give you my word, we just self-inspected, we are not ever going to make nuclear weapons in those areas. , right? the guys going isn't it sick, isn't it crazy?
11:01 pm
then they have the other 24-day period. if we think they are making nuclear weapons, we have to inform them, the clock starts ticking in a month, five months, before the 24 days kicks in. this thing could go on forever. in the meantime, they clean it up. they say 24 days would not be enough to clean up anything. and paint the floor battleship gray so when we walk in, we say nothing is happening here. they get 24 days. this is the dumbest agreement i have ever seen done by your man kerry, from this area. is he the worst negotiator? i hear he wants to run for president if hillary gets put in prison. [laughter] donald trump: that is what i hear. he can't run for president. that deal is so bad. i would love to run, i don't
11:02 pm
even have to talk l.l.c. he has messed up -- talk about how else he has messed up. we paid $150 billion for four prisoners. the most amazing thing. started. not have 95% in this audience would have walked in and said we want our prisoners back. this is like four years ago. this is the longest run the -- running deal i have ever seen. they would have said no. you would have double the sanctions. they would have called you back on most immediately and said take your prisoners. we have our prisoners. you make sure the prisoners have landed. the prisoners have landed. this is the art of the deal, by the way. now you go and say -- my father used to say, son, you are too tough, try taking the lumps out. be nice. instead of saying, "we are not young you $150 billion" --
11:03 pm
don't want to say it that way, too tough, too challenging. you want to say it this way. "fellows, we have got a problem." [laughter] $19 billion, our stupid people in washington just approved a budget three weeks ago. how about that budget? they are getting everything. obama is a horrible negotiator except when it comes to negotiating with the republicans. he is a genius at negotiating with the republicans. he is horrible with a ran, russia, china, japan. but with the republicans, he gets everything he wants. mind the democrats because we know where they're coming from. but we send the republicans in, they are going to get rid of obamacare, 100 different things. they are going to cut the budget, balance the budget, do all these things. they go there. what happens?
11:04 pm
i tell this story. they walk into the beautiful halls of congress and they see the capitol building. and they look up and see the beautiful ceiling. and they see the columns that go so hard, beautiful marble. jim, let'slice or use alice for this one. alice, we have arrived. now we have made it. ofyou approve an extension obamacare? do you approve an extension of obamacare? yes, sir. yes, sir. it is disgusting. by the way, i have been opposed to obamacare from the day they conceived it. ted cruz comes out with an ad that i'm in favor of obamacare. can you believe this? just like he did with carson. with carson, he said left iowa,
11:05 pm
he is out of the race. vote for him. did you hear about this one? he said he left iowa. carson is a nice guy. ben is all of a sudden getting calls that he quit the race. these guys said he quit the race, he is gone, he is out. send your votes to him. what kind of people are we dealing with with these politicians? honestly.-- a liar made up stories. many of you know me. from day one i have been talking about we are going to repeal and replace obamacare, from day one. we are going to do it. [applause] donald trump: if you remember, so important, from day one i have been saying repeal and replace obamacare. the $5been talking about billion website that never worked for years, right? all of a sudden i see an ad or something, "donald trump is in
11:06 pm
favor of obamacare." people are calling. i thought you were against it, that is too bad. these politicians are dishonest people. they are worse than real estate people in new york. [laughter] donald trump: these are truly dishonest people. then he said ben carson has quit the race the day of the election. carson has quit the race! race.dn't quit the in other words, ben carson quit and let me have your vote. what kind of crap is this? then he makes up a thing like it is on a government document. "followed her violation -- "voter violation" on top. it gives grades. f, you haven't voted. it says you can go vote, but you have to vote for him. people are afraid. i am in violation.
11:07 pm
i have to go vote. what kind of people are these people? and then the attorney general in iowa is investigating, but by that time the election is over. what kind of people do we have running for office? it is honestly, really dishonest. and i think i know why. you know why? because he was born in canada! [laughter] donald trump: he was. happens to be a problem, folks. you watch. the democrats have already said they will sue him. if he gets the nomination, they will sue him. actually, they will sue the country, but they will sue them. that is a big problem. iowa,we are talking about price per head, provoke, leading how did you know? bush got 1% or 2%. leading the pack, the man that
11:08 pm
spent the most money per vote, the legendary jeb bush with a number of -- this is per vote -- no, but you are not far off. $2884 per vote. you know, you could have won the election just promising everybody $1000 and you would have saved money. you would have won. you would have saved a lot of money. jeb bush spent almost $3000 a vote. that has got to be a record. would you check the guinness book of world records? you have others with tremendous numbers. marcus spent almost $3000 a vote, but at least he had a good result. he came in third. [laughter] donald trump: no, he had a fantastic result. unbelievable, he came in third. the guy who came in second, terrible night. [laughter] donald trump: dishonest people. [laughter]
11:09 pm
dishonest people. look at these numbers. hundreds and hundreds of dollars. jeb paid close to $3000 a vote. who is one of the lowest? i am just about the lowest. the lowest? the great donald trump. the great donald trump. [applause] donald trump: by the way, i'm very proud of the fact that i have spent less money than just about anybody else on the campaign. i'm going to start spending a lot for two reasons. number one, i don't want to take any chances. number two, i feel guilty because when jeb has now spent $119 million or some ridiculous number and much of it is theyrked to me, ads, cannot be very good because every time he takes an ad, my numbers go up. it is a crazy deal. [laughter]
11:10 pm
donald trump: nationally, i am leaving every poll. honestly, other than iowa. i'm leading the states, leading here tremendously. but every single national poll, i am leaving. and just about every state poll, i am leading. i spent the least and i have the best result. [applause] donald trump: isn't that nice? others like jeb and a couple of others have spent the most, and they have the worst result. how can you put them in charge? think of this. we have a school system. we are getting rid of common core, by the way. [applause] donald trump: education in the united states is the most expensive per people in the entire world. right?
11:11 pm
the most expensive in the entire world, and there is no second place because it is so much lower it is ridiculous. china, denmark, sweden, these are like the top four or five places for education. we are number 30. i used to say 28. we just went up two notches. we are now 30 in the world. byband the most per-pupil far and have the worst education by far. we are now number 30 and spend the most. when it be nice if they did like trump, where i spend the least and have the best results? [applause] donald trump: wouldn't that be good? so important. that is what i mean. our budget. they said we are working on the budget and we think within 25 years, we can balance the budget. i said, 25 years? these are serious people. they said 25 years to balance the budget. i'm talking about doing it
11:12 pm
relatively weekly. we will have a better country. we will get rid of the waste, fraud, abuse, all of the waste, the disgusting waste and the frog. you look at the veterans administration. take a look at what is happening in phoenix, arizona. it is one of the great formula scams you have ever seen. the veterans administration. we are going to take such good care of them. what is going on is unbelievable. we are going to make our country so strong and solid. i said the other day we are going to make our country rich again, and woman said that does not sound nice. i say we cannot be great unless we are rich. we are a debtor nation. that horrible budget i told you about is worth $2 trillion. that takes care of our border. that takes care of the syrian refugees who we are never going to let in. i have a big heart, but we are never letting them in. we don't know who they are. we don't know where they come from. it's not going to happen. [applause] donald trump: it's not going to
11:13 pm
happen. and anybody that comes in, i want everybody to know we have to send them back. we cannot take chances. we can't afford to make mistakes like that. we have the two people that were radicalized, probably she radicalized him, the married couple. oh, great, who in california killed 14 people with many badly injured in the hospital. we did not know this. we did not know anything about it. we had paris with a have the toughest gun laws in the world, because we are going to preserve our second amendment. we are not going to touch the second amendment unless we are going to make it stronger. [applause] donald trump: so paris has the toughest gun laws in the world, right? the toughest in the world. you can't have a gun. unless you are a bad guy, no problem. these disgusting thugs walk into various places and start
11:14 pm
shooting people. move over, boom. 130 dead. many so gravely injured that they are going to be dying. they are dying now. other people are going to live a life of hell because they are so horribly injured. if we had a few people in this room, i can look at them. that guy right there, he's mean. if we had a few of the people, you, you. let me pick a woman. you. and if somebody had a gun on their belt or somebody had a gun wrapped around her ankle, and those bullets started coming at you or you see they were going folks, you shoot them, that is our form of protection. [applause]
11:15 pm
donald trump: you wouldn't have the carnage you had there. how about the military base? five great young soldiers. a gun free zone. one of the soldiers is a world-class marksman, one of the best in the world. they are all top of the line soldiers. takeare told to disarm, their guns, put them 200 yards away. a whack job walks in. these five rate, beautiful soldiers. tough, smart, tremendous future. this whack job walks in and blows them away, kills all five of them. that was it. because you know what? when these crazy people see "gun free zone," that is like saying candy to a baby. that is candy to a baby. we are going to protect our second amendment. we are going to protect ourselves. we are not touching our second amendment. it is under siege.
11:16 pm
they are playing now with bullets. they are playing with magazines. they are playing with a lot. we are going to protect our second amendment. remember that. [cheers and applause] when this all began on june 16 coming down the escalator, it was all about border protection. speaking of border protection, and coulter, she has been such a great help to me. where is our ann? ann, where are you? stand up. she is standing up. [laughter] donald trump: she is so great. "audios, amigo." bestseller. she is so great. she has been so supportive of us. she wants border security. she wants people to come into the country legally. they have to come in through a process. but there is nobody stronger on
11:17 pm
the subject. i love the book. i read the book. go out and buy the book, everybody. great person. [applause] donald trump: she is a great person. when i started this whole deal, i talked about that. i talked about obamacare, repealing it. i talked about the military. i talked about the vets. i talked about social security because we are going to save our social security. i talked about trade like nobody else can talk about trade. when crowe icon endorses me and many of the best business people in the world want to endorse me, i say don't bother, nobody knows who you are. it is true. not like the great scott brown. nobody knows who they are, but they are the best business people in the world. when they endorse me, i talk about trade. china is making a fortune off of us. we cannot do it. vietnam, japan, mexico, both at the border and was trained. you have to see what is moving.
11:18 pm
nabisco is moving the big player from chicago to mexico. four is building one of the biggest auto plants in the world in mexico. what are we doing? we are bringing back our jobs. now we have a case for corporate inversion where companies used to move from here to florida or from here to texas or from texas to hear. now we have a problem. now we have companies. they don't want to move to florida or texas. they don't want to move to new hampshire. boy, have you taken a beating? you talk about companies leaving. you are a prime example. what they have done to you is incredible. we are going to bring them back. we are going to make it so they come back. now we have corporate inversion where companies like pfizer, great companies are moving outside of the united states because taxes are too high. , my bill, i put in
11:19 pm
tax policy. big cuts for the middle class. the middle class in this country has been decimated. big, big cuts for business. [applause] donald trump: we are the highest taxed nation in the world. big, big cuts right now, and it is going to pass. it is going to go through. i get things done. idea what followed -- i deal with politicians all my life. we will get it passed. i used to talk about that. when we had that horrible event in paris, and we had the horrible events, as you know, in california, and many other how herbal in events -- horrible events, i brought up the fact we have to start talking seriously about radical islamic terrorism. we have got to talk about it! liked it, and it was just what happened with illegal immigration.
11:20 pm
i said it. two weeks later, now they are all trained to be tougher than me. nobody can be tougher than me, by the way. they are all trying to be tougher than me. now i talk about the whole situation. there is such hatred out there. when people are flying airplanes into the world trade center, when people are doing all of these acts all over the world, and i have friends that are muslim. they call me and say you have done a great service. there was tremendous hatred. you cannot solve a problem like that unless you start talking about it. we have a president that will not even discuss it or talk about it or use the word. he won't say "radical islamic terrorism." it is real. it is a problem. you can't solve a problem unless you're going to be able to talk about it. we have had tremendous -- [cheers and applause] i took a lot of
11:21 pm
heat, and now everybody is saying thank you so much and it is under discussion. it is a big, big problem. you know what? we are going to get it solved. one way or the other, we are going to get itself. we can no longer be the stupid country. we can no longer be the country led by incompetent people. we can no longer be the country that takes sergeant bergdahl, a dirty rotten traitor, and take him and swap him for five of the biggest killers they have in the middle east, that they have coveted and wanted for at least nine years. think of it. we get bergdahl, and they get these five killers that are already back on the battlefield trying to kill everything in front of them, including us. we are not making deals like that anymore, folks. we are not making deals like that. [applause]
11:22 pm
donald trump: just to finish off, you have to see the cover of "time" magazine last week. amazing cover. amazing writer. i never spoke to him. i do better when i don't speak to the writers. when i speak to them, they kill me. bring that appear. -- bring that up here. throw it. weak arm. that's ok. you have to go out and get this magazine. this talk about our movement, it is a movement. this talks about the movement. in the old days, they would have said silent majority. it is really the noisy majority. people are angry. they are upset. they cannot believe this stuff is happening. we are going to make our country so strong. we are going to make it so just. we are going to have a big heart. we are going to take care of people.
11:23 pm
we have to take care of people. there are people that cannot take care of themselves. we are going to help people. but we are going to make our country so good. we are going to start winning. we are going to win with health care. we are going to win with our military. we are going to win with our veterans. we are going to win with every single thing we touch. we are going to win against china and trade. we are going to win against mexico at the border and with trade. we are going to win against japan where they send us millions of cars and we cannot send anything of value back to them. we are going to start winning again. we are going to win so much. and we are going to make our country -- we are going to make this great, great country even greater. we are going to make america great again. i love you all. [cheers and applause] donald trump: i love you. i love you. we love you. thank you.
11:24 pm
[cheers and applause] donald trump: thank you. announcer: here is a look at a new presidential campaign ad released by governor john kasich. ♪ most of john kasich: our problems which are big are not hard to fix. in the course of my career, i've seen americans accomplish incredible things. not when we fight. not when we put party before being an american. >> new hampshire is a swing state. i think governor kasich can carry new hampshire in a general election. most of the other candidates cannot do that. i think that is critically important. if we don't win elections, our issues don't advance at all. >> i support john kasich because he has real expense balancing the budget in ohio that he will bring to the federal government. >> i'm very impressed with john kasich.
11:25 pm
not only is he a kind, godly individual, which impresses me. but his experience in balancing the budget i find very impressive. >> governor john kasich getting another big endorsement in new hampshire today. "the concorde monitor" thrown its support behind him one day after the "boston globe." surge in new hampshire after five. show the ohio governor taking second place behind trump in the granite state. [applause] kasich aort john president because he is the most qualified man for the job. >> he does not criticize other people. >> he doesn't pull punches. he does not say what people want to hear. what they really want to hear is honesty. >> seven new hampshire newspapers have endorsed him. held his 85th town hall in salem, new hampshire.
11:26 pm
[applause] let's lookhn kasich: through the windshield at the horizon. chanting: kasich! [laughter] [applause] c-span's coverage continues wednesday in new hampshire. at 4:00 eastern, ohio governor john kasich speaks to the new hampshire business form. live coverage on cspan3. at 6:00, we join jeb bush for a town hall meeting in laconia, also life on cspan3. new jerseytern, governor chris christie hold a town hall meeting in milford. you can see that on c-span2. c-span's road to the white house in new hampshire. if you are interested in the process, it all has to begin in
11:27 pm
iowa and in new hampshire. we don't set the rules in terms of which state is first or second. we have to cover the candidates where they are. there are a lot of people interested in this election. every four years, the american people make a decision to say who should be the leader of the free world. who should be our president. for those who want to follow the process and do it in a way that is completely unfiltered, we are the only place that does that. the other thing to keep in mind is as you look at this campaign and these candidates, you're able to see how they are able to try to close the deal. and during the final days of any campaign, there is a lot of everyion on every nuance, news story, every speech, every ad, how is one candidate trying to rebut the other. in this day and age of social media and twitter, the new cycle is constant. we are the one place that can allow you to take a step back and watch it.
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you can get the analysis on other networks. you can certainly here viewer calls and weigh in on the programming, but we are the one place that allows you to see it as it happens and make up your own decision. announcer: on the next "washington journal," representative kildee gives us a preview on the hearing on the water contamination problem in the local, federal, and state response. after that, representative yoho a florida talks about efforts to combat set trafficking. oner that, dave levinthal campaign fundraising and spending. liveington journal" is every weekday morning at 7:00 eastern. sawne of the things i throughout this entire timeline is most of the founding fathers
11:29 pm
and early presidents new in their minds that slavery was wrong. a new it. -- they knew it. they were not willing to inconvenience their own lives to make that come true. sunday night, the associated press reporter discusses his book, the untold story of african art enslaves in the white house. >> the majority of the founding fathers who became president were slave owners. they would bring in slaves from their plantations. george washington did this as well. he brought in slaves to new york city and philadelphia from mount vernon. they served as the first domestic staff to the united states president. announcer: sunday night at 8:00 eastern on "q&a." weekend onevery cspan3, we feature programs that tell the american story.
11:30 pm
some of the highlights for this we can include saturday night at 8:00 eastern, historian matthew andrews talks about how racial tensions of the 1980's were reflected in sports. >> >> rocky is a heavy underdog in the first film. he loses in first film, loses in decision to apollo creed. knocks out, he apollo creed in the most implausible boxing scene ever filmed. it's impossible what happened but rocky wins. popularre both very movies in 1976, in 1979 but are much more than sports movies. these are movies about race. about americans history. announcer: at 10:45, brooklyn school professor christopher his book,lks about ."nventor by law
11:31 pm
sunday morning at 10:00, on road to the white house rewind, with upcoming first in the nation new hampshire primary, we look 1992 presidential campaign and bill clinton's second place finish in new as there and positioning comeback kid. wethe evening is young and don't know yet what the following will be, i think we know enough to say with some certainty that new hampshire has made bill clinton the comeback kid. announcer: we'll also feature democratic and republican ads state,red in the granite including those of bill clinton george h. w bush. 8:00 p.m., margaret o'meara the 20th century was shaped by elections, starting
11:32 pm
1912.he election of for the complete american history tv weekend schedule, go announcer: democratic presidential candidate, senator bernie sanders, narrowly lost the iowa democratic caucuses to hillary clinton. tuesday, he spoke at a keene,-the-vote rally in new hampshire. this is 50 minutes. ♪
11:33 pm
[chanting "bernie"] applause]d senator sanders: thank you, keene. you know, it sounds to me like you're ready for a political revolution. it sounds to me like you are tired of establishment politics and establishment economics. [cheering] senator sanders: and i know what say because gisele and eliza said it all but i'll try. night in iowa, we took most powerfulon political organization in this
11:34 pm
country. last night, we came back from a the polls.ficit in we began thet political revolution not just in iowa, not just in new hampshire, over this country. [cheering] senator sanders: what is this about?n it's not about spin. 30-second tv ads. american people. it is about the woman i met in a number of months ago who said, bernie, i am not daughter's off my student debt. i'm paying off my student debt,
11:35 pm
well. it's about millions of people being drowned in debt to seek aey chose higher education. about the united states of america being the only major on earth that does not family and medical leave. about thet -- it is workers in vermont and new are workingo today in two or three jobs trying to some incomeher because real wages for millions of workers have gone down over the last 30 years. [cheering] senator sanders: it is about a
11:36 pm
rigged economy, when elderly ares and working families struggling to keep their heads whilewater economically, almost all new income and wealth top 1%. to the it is about a nation today which has more income and wealth inequality than any major country on earth and it is worse today than at any time 1928. it is about addressing the disgrace. i want you to listen to this -- top .1% now owning almost as much wealth as the bottom
11:37 pm
90%. of thebout the outrage 20 wealthiest people in america more wealth than the 150om half of america, million people. the unacceptability of one family, the walton family of wal-mart, owning more wealth bottom 40%. when we talk about a rigged economy in which the rich get elser and almost everybody gets poorer, let me tell you a little word about wal-mart and the walton family which kind of demonstrates what a rigged about. is largestal-mart is the private sector employer in america. millions, yet many, many of
11:38 pm
goir employees are forced to on food stamps, medicaid and subsidized housing that you pay through your taxes because the walton family refuses to pay a living wage. so when my republican colleagues go around the country and they talk about welfare abuse, let's be clear. the major welfare abuser in wealthiest family in america, the walton family. [cheers and applause] thetor sanders: so i say to walton family, get off of alfare, pay your workers living wage!
11:39 pm
applause]d senator sanders: when we talk about what's going on in this country, when we talk about why the lowest voting country on any major earth, when we talk about why so many of our people have given up on american democracy and in thy amk at washington and say i hurting, i'm strowdle keep my iad above water economically, can't afford childcare, what are they doing in washington? i'll tell you what they're doing in washington. they're out hustling for large campaign contributions from the wealthiest people in this country. of you know, six years ago, as a result of one of the courtisastrous supreme
11:40 pm
decisions in history, citizens case, what the supreme court said by a 5-4 decision, the wealthiestto people in this country, to the billionaires, to corporate guysca, they said, you already own much of our economy. now we're going to give you the buy united states government and that is precisely righthey are trying to do now. [jeering] senator sanders: now, eight -- awful, as awful of all of your, -- remember, as a result of the illegalecklessness and behavior of wall street, the taxpayers of this country bailed the banks weree supposedly too big to fail. greed ofresult of the wall street and their illegal behavior, all of you know, lost their people
11:41 pm
homes. they lost their jobs. their lifest savings. that's the reality. journal" two days ago, this is what they say. emerging as as particularly dominant funding republicans and democrats in the presidential early campaign finance reports filed with the f.e.c. show." [jeering] senator sanders: so far, super received more than 1/3 financialns from services executives, according -- to data from the nonpartisan center for responsible politics. here is the story. that wall street's greed brought this country into economic downturn
11:42 pm
since the great depression. the story is that the business of wall street is fraud. is that wall street has unlimited sums of money to in any way they want, campaign contributions and speakers' fees. you a story right now that really exemplifies that this campaign is about and why we need a political revolution. a couple of weeks ago, some of noted -- it got some attention, not a lot of attention -- goldman sachs -- goldman sachs is one of the large financial institutions street -- was one of those institutions that helped american economy. sachs -- goldman sachs
11:43 pm
reached a settlement with the united states government for over $5 billion and they reached settlement because they were defrauding the american selling worthless prime mortgage loans. ok, that's the agreement that they reached. i want to tell you what goes on in government and why the american people want a political revolution. this one particular firm over 25 years has been a powerhouse in politics. make enormousthey amounts of campaign contributions. revolvingart of the door of wall street to washington. streetans that wall executives guess into government, do the service of tol street, then go back wall street. in the last 25 years, goldman a democraticvided
11:44 pm
and republican administration treasuryetaries of the and dozens and dozens of other high-ranking officials. of years ago, the c.e.o. goldman sachs who himself is a billionaire, came to washington you know what, you in congress are going to have to security, medicare and medicaid and give huge tax theks to the wealthy and large corporations. [jeering] senator sanders: now, here is the other side. rigged talk about a economy, this is a rigged economy. about a corrupt campaign finance system, this is financet campaign system with wall street putting all kinds of money into democraticand candidates. and when you talk about a broken
11:45 pm
criminal justice system, here's is whyou won't and this the american people are so angry. some kid gets picked up in new today for possessing marijuana, that kid will have a police record that will stay for his entire life. streetyou are a wall banker whose illegal behavior destroyed the lives of millions of people, nobody will prosecute you. living in a time -- we're living at a time when not only are banks too big to fail, to too big together, we are going to change that. [cheers and applause]
11:46 pm
senator sanders: the american back when is a vision of justice, a vision of fairness. and that means whether you are you and powerful or whether are poor and desperate, under of law, all people should be treated equally and we will bring about. talk about the economy, a is not only talking about massive and grotesque and wealth level of inequality. it is also talking about income inequality.
11:47 pm
now, in vermont, and here in new got sore, i know, we many people who are struggling hard economically. talked to seniors who are trying to get by on $12,000 a year social security. can't do that. and at a time when mom is out is out working and the kids are out working, 58% of all new income generated top 1%. going to the for a radicalady idea? together, we are going to create that works for working families and not just 1%. [cheering]
11:48 pm
thator sanders: what does mean? i'll tell what you it means. of peopleave millions $9, $11o get by on $10, an hour, you and i know that a familyertainly not or an individual, can make it on those low wages. recognize we have to that the federal minimum wage today is a starvation wage. raise the minimum wage to a living wage. an hour over the next few years. [cheering] is not aanders: it radical idea to say that if works 40in america hours a week, that person should not be living in poverty.
11:49 pm
and when we talk about equitable wages, i will hope that every man in this room will stand with paywomen in the fight for equity! senator sanders: we will not accept the injustice of women making 79 cents on the dollar to men. is no rational economic reason why that is taking place. is nothing more than old-fashioned sexism and together we're going to end
11:50 pm
that! when we talk about the economy, wealtht just income and inequality. that is a huge issue, that from economic reason we have got to address. it is not only low wages in of people are just struggling desperately and going nowhere in a hurry economically. it is also the simple fact that today in america is much, much higher than the official statistics tell you. is a report, the number of unemployment reports that come out, one of them is report, says that unemployment in america is 5%. anybody believe that? smart group of people. ok. because buried away, there's report report and that
11:51 pm
includes not only people who don't have any jobs but people part-time when they want to work full-time or up looking for work. you add that together, real 9.9% and let me tell you something even worse about, never, ever talk and that is youth unemployment in this country. youth unemployment. we have today is, if kids graduated high school between 17 20, if the kids are white, unemployed or underemployed. for latinos, 36%. for african american kids, 51%. and then tied that reality in my view is another national tragedy. we have more people in jail than any other country on earth. the wealthiest country in the havery of the world, we
11:52 pm
more people in jail than do the people in china four times our size. and if anybody here thinks that a correlation unemployment,outh disproportionately latino and morean american, and people in jail than any other country, i think you're missing the point. secondyou ready for the radical idea of the day? huh? [cheering] senator sanders: here it is. radical what about investing in our kids,and jobs for jails. talk about our
11:53 pm
saying, it goes without that in the united states we should have the best educated work force in the world. that's kind of a no-brainer. 30 or 40 yearss, ago, we did. the other truth is, today we do not. is beyond my comprehension in new hampshire, in vermont, all over this country, we have hundreds of thousands of young people who have the desire, who have the ability, qualification to go to college but are unable to do so for just one reason. families lack the funds. and that is not only unfair to those young people. it is unfair to our economy ofause, who knows what kind scientists and engineers and teachers and business people are sitting there that are not getting the emtion -- education that they need.
11:54 pm
ago, very brave people, very intelligent people theya lot of foresight, said we got to fight for public education, that it's wrong for wealthy families to be able to kids to school while our kids are working in factories or on the farms. said we fought and they are going to establish public education in new hampshire and vermont all over this country for kids from the first grade through the 12th grade. an extraordinary achievement. the world has changed over the last 100 years and today in many respects, a college degree is the equivalent of what a high degree was 50, 60 years ago, in terms of making it into ae middle class and getting decent job.
11:55 pm
so it seems to me to be obvious that when we talk about public education today what, we have about is talking making public colleges and tuition-free! [cheering] senator sanders: and by the way, it is less expensive to send a of newthe university hampshire than lock them up. i prefer to send them to the of new hampshire. or the university of vermont. whatever. point is that as a ignore thisnnot painful reality of having more will, in jail and we
11:56 pm
that national disgrace. how many people in this room are carrying student debt now? how much are you carrying? much? stand up. it out loud. $183,000. vermont auctioneer here but anybody with even more? that's pretty high. all right. much? 42,000. 80. right. [indiscernible] right, youders: all win. i don't know that's a great
11:57 pm
victory that you're happy with. a deep breath. what this campaign is about, the americanging people to think big, not small, not to take for granted what we see every day. that's kind of human nature. we see people sleeping out on the street. well, that's the way it is. have a dysfunctional childcare system where parents quality, affordable childcare. well, that's the way it is. young lady here, $183,000 in debt. goings that a result of to las vegas and losing on the casino? no. because she wanted to get a decent education. and think for a minute. what insanity is it that we are punishing people like this young and millions of others around this country because they wanted to do what every human should do and get as much should.n as they
11:58 pm
[applause] senator sanders: so this is what going to do. what we're going to say is right now people who are carrying a very often areo paying very high interest rates on their debt. i spoke to a guy in nevada a of months ago. i mean, you know, it's an unbelievable and sad story. guy is 55 years of age. been paying off his student debt for 25 years. he's more in debt today than took it out and he is literally worried that when he goats social security, they're going to garnish his social security payment in order to pay the student debt which is legal. right.ll so what we are going to do, at is enablet term, people who have high interest rates to refinance at the lowest
11:59 pm
possible interest rates they can find. i have talked -- here's what you got now is you have people paying 6%, 10% interest rates on student debt yet you can refinance your home at 3% to 5%. people should have the trite get the lowest interest rates they can. them substantial sums of money in terms of student debt. am often criticized -- every day i'm criticized. but here's one of the major criticisms. know, bernie, that sounds great. you're going to help this young lady over there, reduce her you're going to make sure the young people in this country can go to college tuition-free. thank you, santa claus, that's great. but how are you going to pay for of these things? i will tell you how we are going to


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