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tv   Hillary Clinton Campaign Event in Nashua New Hampshire  CSPAN  February 2, 2016 11:59pm-12:53am EST

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possible interest rates they can find. i have talked -- here's what you got now is you have people paying 6%, 10% interest rates on student debt yet you can refinance your home at 3% to 5%. people should have the trite get the lowest interest rates they can. them substantial sums of money in terms of student debt. am often criticized -- every day i'm criticized. but here's one of the major criticisms. know, bernie, that sounds great. you're going to help this young lady over there, reduce her you're going to make sure the young people in this country can go to college tuition-free. thank you, santa claus, that's great. but how are you going to pay for of these things? i will tell you how we are going to
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i will tell you how we're going to pay for all these things. we are going to impose a tax on wall street speculation. [applause] when wall street's illegal behavior and greed nearly destroyed our economy you were kind enough to bail them out. very nice of you. i don't know how many if you wanted to do it but congress against my vote help them out. now it is wall street's time to help the middle class. [applause]
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here's the reality. when people tell you what we can afford to do what we can't afford to do. i'm being criticized, the whole lot. this is what everybody's got to understand. while my republican friends and some democrats shudder at the idea of wealth redistribution. i want you was understand this. in the last 30 years there has been a massive redistribution of wealth. is gone from the pockets of working families to the top 1/10 of 1%. [applause] we are talking about trillions of dollars in wealth.
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i don't see the washington post or the wall street journal having very much concerned about .hat redistribution of wealth it is ok when it goes from the middle class to the top 1/10 of 1%. i think it is time that he goes it goes the other way. [applause] we need to think big. that fornies the fact us to su survive we need educated workers for our democracy. we need an educated population.
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street, you are going to have to pay more in taxes so our kids can get a good education. [applause] let me tell you something else about a ring to economy. this is a ring to economy. gged economy. corporations making billions of paying in profits and zero in taxes. they stashed their profits in the cayman islands and other places. we are losing billions of dollars a year in tax revenue. view, when we have our infrastructure, our roads and our bridges, that are in massive
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disrepair and our water systems, our wastewater plants, our railroads, we need to rebuild our infrastructure. when we do its work trillion dollar investment we can create up to 13 million decent paying jobs. [applause] you know how we are going to create those jobs and rebuild our infrastructure? we are going to and this outrageous loophole and have multinational profitable corporations start paying their fair share of taxes. [applause] when we talk about the issues facing not only the united states but the world, let me be very clear.
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as a member of both the environmental committee and the energy committee. climate change is real, is caused by human activity, and it is already causing devastating problems all over this country and the world. [applause] this is what the scientists are telling us. this is scary stuff. if we do not get our act together, by the end of this century this planet could be between five and 10 degrees warmer. you may think that's not a lot. that is in the norm us increase in the earth's temperature. what that will mean is more floods, more extreme weather disturbances.
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more acid in the oceans. we are in the process of destroying the oceans with all of the unbelievable implications of that. rising sea levels. people throughout the world will be engaged in more conflict as they fight over limited natural resources. we have a moral responsibility to say to future generations to work with russia and china and india and countries all over this world in taking on the fossil fuel industry and transforming our energy system away from fossil fuels to energy efficiency and sustainable energy. [applause]
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let me connect a few dots here. i mentioned the power of wall street in getting what they want because of their enormous campaign contributions. because of the revolving door that places their people in government. give you another example equally significant. candidates onmany the republican side running for president. that givenr amazing the fact that virtually the entire scientific community recognizes that climate change is man-made and already causing devastating problems, we do not have one republican candidate for president acknowledging that reality. rather, we have that brilliant scientist donald trump. [laughter]
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who has analyzed the situation thoroughly and spoken to many scientists and he has concluded that climate change is a hoax pushed by the chinese. that shocked me very much because i would've thought that trump believed it was a hoax pushed by the mexicans or the muslims. but the chinese. [laughter] laughable in one sense but is not laughable in another sense. science people ignoring i don't know how you make rational decisions. this is the point where i want to connect the dots. i work with republicans on a lot cancer.ttees we do with they ask sensible questions.
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how does it happen on this issue of climate change none of them is prepared to do with science? the answer is simple. candidate told the american people that climate henge was real, on that day would lose his campaign funding from the koch brothers and exxon mobil and the fossil fuel industry. [applause] that is what i corrupt campaign finance system does. about allowing people on wall street to do illegal dangerous things with impunity. to enable presidential candidates to ignore the science. that is why we are going to overturn citizens united.
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[applause] in my view, this country should move to public funding of elections. [applause] in this campaign, i have been stating that i believe all americans are entitled to health care. let me the be very clear about it. yes. i believe that health care is our right of all people not a privilege. [applause]
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"bernie!") sanders: i am on the committee that helped write the affordable care act. in my view it has done a lot of good. has ended this obscenity of pre-existing conditions. look back and say i can't believe that people went to get insurance policies which promised to insure them for everything except what they needed insurance for. but like in fire insurance the not paying if you have a fire. we have added some 17 million people to the ranks of the insured.
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also protected women against being discriminated against in terms of the cost of the health care premiums for the crime of being a woman. [applause] but you ready for this? earth,ajor country on our neighbors to the north in canada, thank you canadians. [laughter] the united kingdom, germany, scandinavia. country has said that health care is a right of all people. today we have spite the aca 29
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million people without insurance who are more people underinsured with large to dr. and copayments. en so they don't go to the doctor when they need to. and we lose people like that. they don't go to the doctor until it is too late. not often discussed by the media but true. we spend per capita on health care almost three times what the british spend and they guarantee health get all. 50% more than the french. far more per capita than our canadian neighbors. caseuarantee in each health care for all people. on top of all of that? we are being ripped off big
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time by the pharmaceutical industry. [applause] we just love the drug companies. with the drug companies are doing is charging any price they want. thewalk into the pharmacist price of your medicine has doubled and there's nothing you or anybody else can do about it. one out of five americans today cannot afford to fill the prescriptions that their doctors are writing. elderly people are cutting the pills in half to try to make the medicine go farther. some of you in new hampshire may remember a number of years ago i took a group of women from northern vermont over the canadian border. i was the first member of congress to make the point about
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the price differential in canada and the united states. took working-class women who were struggling with breast cancer. i will never forget this. .e went to montreal women fighting for their lives. walks into the pharmacy there and they bought the same medicine they were using in vermont's for 1/10 the price of what they were paying in the united states. this is more than an outrage. dying because they can't get the medicine they need. the three top drug companies made $45 billion in profits. in my view, health care is a right of all people not a privilege. in my view, we should move to a medicare for all single-payer program. [applause]
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as all of you know, there are a lot of people out there who say we can do these things. bernie sanders is thinking too big. health care for all. free tuition. rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure. creating a world-class child care system. leading the world in terms of climate change. ending the absurdity of having more people in jail. dealing with inequality. ending institutional racism and a broken criminal justice system. [applause]
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addressing the fact that 11 million undocumented people deserve a path toward citizenship. standing up to the republicans who want to deny the right to control her own body. [applause] standing up to those who say that our gay brothers and sisters should not have the right to marry. [applause]
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where opponents are saying is that bernie, this is too ambitious. don't you understand that wall street rules? don't you understand that the fossil fuel industry and the koch brothers dominate the political process? i do understand that. in the american people understand that. i want to tell you about campaign finance. i am perhaps the most progressive member of the united states senate. [applause] as i go around this country, and outrage that the billionaires and now buying street hasthat wall so much impact on our political process, it is not just
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progressives and democrats who share those views. you got a lot of moderates and a lot of republicans who say yet we disagree on the issues but no sensible american believes that the koch brothers and a few of their billionaire friends should e able to spend $900 million in this election cycle. the koch brothers and their friends will spend more money on this campaign than either the democratic or the republican party. that is not democracy. oligarchy and the american people know that. [applause] what is this campaign about? what this campaign is about is a very simple principle. it is called political revolution.
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what does that mean? what it means is that if we continue along the path of what happened in november 2014, our last national election. 63% of the american people didn't vote. 80% of young people didn't vote. ,f we continue along that path the koch brothers, wall street, the drug companies, the industry,ica fossil fuel they are as happy as they can be. because of we don't get involved they will continue to dominate the political process. [applause] none of the ideas that i am radicalabout are pie-in-the-sky ideas these are the ideas the american people believe in. if you want radical ideas, go to the republicans.
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they want to cut social security, medicare and medicaid to give huge tax breaks to billionaires. that is a radical idea. wage, paye minimum equity, health care for all paid family and medical leave, those are not radical ideas. those are mainstream american ideas. [applause] where are we today? nothing significant chan will change. notandidate for president bernie sanders or anyone else can do it alone. ande guys on wall street the fossil fuel industry and the koch brothers have so much money and so much power that no president no matter how how-intentioned, no matter
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much he wants to make the change, will be able to do it. what do we do then? we must wage a political revolution. it means that tens of millions of people including many who have given up on the portal process. many who say i'm not going to , these guys dumb will do anything for me. young people who have not yet begun to be involved. there have the time to get involved in the portal process. what the clinical revolution means is that we have got to do a lot of hard work and that is we have got to go out to our friends in our coworkers and our neighbors and our families and we have got to say that the future of this country is at stake and in fact the future of the world when you deal with climate change. for which many people .ought and died to preserve it
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it is not a spectator sport. [applause] we are all deeply grieving the england patriots loss. new england patriots loss. but football is a spectator sport. the mockers he is not. the way we transform america is to understand that every person in this room is an honestly powerful. yes, wall street and the fossil fuel industry have all the money. the corporate media is the corporate media. .ut what we have is the people whenpeople stand together, we do not let the donald trump said the others divide us about whether we were born in america and whether we are gay or
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straight or male or female. black or white or latino or asian. when we come together in force, say to washington that we demand that government that represents all of us and not just a handful of billionaires. on that day we transform america. [applause] next tuesday, new hampshire will hold the first primary in the country. to will have the opportunity help lead this country in a very different direction. .lease come out and vote
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please bring your friends and everybody you know. if we win here, after our great showing in iowa, we will do well in nevada and south carolina. [applause] together not only are we going to win this election but more importantly we are going to transform our great country. thank you all very much. [applause] [applause] bowie singing "starman") ♪ ♪
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shortly after the rallies senator sanders spoke with reporters on his narrow loss in the iowa caucuses. and moving forward in the primary process. bernie sanders: good afternoon. let me say a few words. as i go around this country, what i find is an issue that brings people together is the outrage over the corrupts campaign-finance system. cameve set a report that out the other day in the wall street journal analyzing super
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pac funding. it turns out that wall street once again is pouring huge amounts of money into the political process. it seems to me that at the time when we all know what wall street did to the economy of the united states of america. and now we are seeing them trying to protect themselves by spending huge amounts of money and super pac's and in other ways. it is very clear to me that we need real campaign-finance reform that overturns citizens united and in my view moves the public funding of election forward. issue that aor sanders administration will deal with. we can't continue to have a handful of people on wall street and in the fossil fuel industry and in the drug companies with huge campaign contributions are determining what happens in washington.
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i am extraordinarily proud and gratified that we have up to this point in the campaign received more individual campaign contributions than any campaign in the history of the united states of america. millionee-and-a-half individual campaign 27tributions averaging dollars apiece. much withasts very all of my opponents on the republican and the democratic side. last night in iowa we made history. maytarted off in that state be 60 points behind. no money, no political organization. no name recognition. we fought secretary clinton to a virtual tie. we have not even seen all of the .reakdowns yet i'm extraordinarily proud of the
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volunteers that we had on the ground who made that victory possible. i think the established in this country, the political establishment, the economic establishment is getting nervous. millions of people will now become engaged in what i call a political revolution. voter turnout will go up. working people will become engaged. some people will engaged. when that happens we will not only win the general election but we will create a government in washington that works for all of us. not just wealthy campaign contributors. thank you. conceding the race in iowa? bernie sanders: the last i saw it we were for delegates down. there were some precincts where delegates were one with a flip of the coin.
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we want to take a look at that. >> are you going to contest the results? bernie sanders: i was on a plane last night and i'm here right now. the people in iowa are taking a look at that. i do think it is unfortunate that some delegates were selected based on a flip of a coin. that is not the best way to do it. you comenfident are monday? bernie sanders: secretary here in 2008. she has a very formidable organization and as you know has almost the entire political establishment on her side. so we are taking nothing for
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granted. we are not. we're going to work as hard as we can, we just have this wonderful meeting here. we will be in clermont later in the afternoon. thee going to be all over state. working with the volunteers to bring out is money people as possible and we look forward to winning here but we taking nothing for granted. >> hillary clinton called herself a progressive with a .lan ishii? sanders: some days. except when she calls are several moderate. it is hard to be a real progressive and to take on the establishment. that when youdo become as dependent as she has on her super pac and on money from the drug companies and wall street.
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a book called buyer's remorse is a critique of obama. you gave it a blurb. who you think is the heir to obama? what isanders: disturbing to me is that the republican party in an incredibly partisan way simply denies the reality of where we were seven years ago. we're losing 800,000 jobs a month. the world's financial system was on the verge of collapse. running up a $1.4 trillion deficit. large steps in our history. under obama and joe biden we have made huge progress. the economy is not anywhere near where i wanted to be a no one whose objective and deny the
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we've made progress. i think the president deserves credit for that. in that blurb isblu that the next president has to be incredibly aggressive in bringing new people into the process. unless we change that political dynamic it will be wall street and the drug companies and the fossil fuels industry because of the great power, they will be able to continue to dominate the legislative process in washington. that is what i think at is what i wrote and is what i believe. the next president has got to do everything they can to change the process. can you give us an update on the debate? sanders: the dnc decided
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that the wanted to six debates. we were not consulted. we were told that's the way it is. what i said from day one along with governor o'malley is that we should have more debates. was notcampaign particularly interested in more debates. a week ago, 10 days ago, secretary clinton decided that she would like to do, change the rules and was no longer happy with what the dnc had said. wanted to debate in new hampshire. i like debates. everybody everyone knows that i do debates over time. knows that i dot
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debates all the time. we proposed a debate in california. we proposed a debate in michigan. what the clinton people said was that they wanted to do the debate after the primary which didn't make a lot of sense. now we're back to what i think makes a lot of sense. representingnton new york state in the senate for seven years i would like to see us do a debate in new york city. amazed that secretary clinton does not want to have a debate in the state that she represented for seven years in the senate. that is what we would like. i hope and expect this thing will be resolved. we can have three more debates. california, michigan, new york state.
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that is not definite yet. we're still working on the details. we're hoping that secretary clinton will agree to the debates. if it turns out the you did how long of 1% short is that going to keep you up at night? not at i slept like a log last night. guys this is a national election. we did phenomenally well in iowa last night. we made history. we overcame a 50 point deficit. delegates we are one or two points behind. delegates.ed 2500 we're fighting in new hampshire. we will go to the bottom and south carolina and all over this
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country. media gets hung up on what happens if you lost this. this is the way it is. this is a national election. we're going to go to state after state after state and the vision that we have for america is in bringing forth an incredible response from the american people. i am confident that the end of we will bring forth the major significant political upset in the united states. thank you all very much. ed o'keefe is covering this primary where one week voters in that state will go to the polls. >> what does the new hampshire
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political landscape look like? >> right now, it favors bernie sanders was a lot widely here in most surveys. hillary clinton did win the manager primary in 2008 but she is trailing sanders badly. the tight win she had in iowa monday night suggests she will have a difficult time here convincing democrats to vote for her. so we should expect to see focused campaign. we have heard her say words like progressive the last 12 hours, and of the people. that kind of talk a lot more than we have in previous days. she continues to stick to this pragmatic and practical solution. while sanders math great ideas, generally, has enthused a lot of
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democrats. what he is trying to do is not practical, she says. his alternatives for medicare and the affordable health care the fact that he for years was not a supporter of new gun-control measures as she was. with martin o'malley under the was a much to be had, but she's a double-digit gap to close up and will have several opportunities to do that. there is a cnn forum, and an msnbc debate. we are confident we was the both of them doing a lot of interviews between now and next tuesday. >> clearly, a win is a win, but with the smallest of margins. does she come into new hampshire even with a very narrow win with a sense of strength or weakness?
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ed: i think it is a sense of really frankly that she won the first primary. we will have to see whether these two camps and up fighting over the result in iowa or the chance of a recount and that the sanders campaign will ask major everything went as it was supposed to. there were using a voter tabulation system from microsoft there was some concern about that. there was some other concerns about these polling places that went on where there was a tie. the fact that she won six of the ties in a row was seen suspicious of some of -- by some of the sender supporters. she can claim one win and has about a seven delicately with thousand still to be distributed. the race will continue well into march, perhaps even april the betting and how things go. >> let's talk about the republicans, and the super pac right arrive supporting jeb bush
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spending more than $26 million in new hampshire on advertising. the bush campaign spending close to $5 million in ads across the state in the week ahead. jeb bush did not do very well in iowa. what is his strategy in new hampshire? ed: you have those three at the top, the cruise campaign said the don't is they would in new hampshire. he don't have the demographic favors they had in iowa. not a lot of evangelicals or socially conservative voters in new hampshire that would suddenly be the type that cruz can win. he is going to south carolina, then come back to new hampshire later. that leaves trump and rubio at the top, and bush and john kasich and chris christie fighting for second or third.
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the three of them believe they can make the argument about having executive experience with the governing and presenting themselves where's the senators who did well in iowa are basically smooth talkers with no experience. the three governors say something like that on the stump. the bush team does of the benefit of this super pac. an older woman showed up with all of the flyers that had been stuffed into her mailbox and confront the young bush staffer and was waving a copy of a right to rise fire that had rubio on it essentially twisting on a weathervane. she said this stuff makes people mad. stop endorsing this, stop supporting it. then she held up a flyer that had been sent by the official campaign. she said we need to see more of this. that is the kind of literature. politics is a dirty sport. bush made it very clear he will
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not apologize for the super pac. he argued that clinton are the democrats will be even more forceful against the eventual nominee. he wants to suggest he is the best record and can take the blows and will not let up. rubio's numbers will slide back here in new hampshire. they have also started to affect the john kasich who is been targeted by the super pac. they're working as bush's numbers are to creep up. >> let's quickly talk but donald trump receiving the endorsement for scott brown glenn frey senate seat in new hampshire. that's his endorsement carry any weight in the state? ed: i think that is a really tricky thing to figure out. he was seen by many republicans as a carpetbagger who took advantage of the week field and then ran unsuccessfully. he was unable to pick up a seat here in new hampshire against
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jeanne shaheen. he has played a gracious host over the last couple of months when most of the candidates coming to his home or some other venue near his home. he called it a barbecue with brown. they were handing out chips and the candidate would come and speak. clearly, trump is a brown-like republican who survives in celebrity and making bold statement to coming out of nowhere fully. i think brown is indeed compatible with the trump. he's also a northeastern republican, so is trump. there is an ideological agreement there. that would to just he is more in line with trump. what effect it will have? this may be the jerry falwell endorsement of the new hampshire race. the one that gets a lot of short-term attention but may not actually result in any real award. >> ed 0'keefe on the campaign trail. his work is available online at washington, thank you
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for being with us. ed: anytime. c-span's road to the white house coverage continues wednesday in new hampshire. john kasich speaks to the new hampshire business forum. bush at a townhall meeting in laconia. holds a town hall meeting in milford. if you are interested in the process it all happens in iowa and new hampshire. we have to cover the candidates where they are.
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a lot of people are interested in this election. our coverage is completely unfiltered. how they are trying to close the deal. a lot of attention on every nuance and every news story in every speech every ad. how are you trying to respond to those. in this day and age of social media and twitter the news cycle is constant. we are the one place that allows you to take a step back and watch it. you can get the analysis on other networks and you can certainly here viewer calls and what they are weighing in on the programming. we are the one place that allows
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you to see it as it happens. coming up on c-span, marco rubio in exeter new hampshire. ted cruz in windham. donald trump in milford. wednesday the house oversight and government report committee examines the contamination of drinking water in flint michigan. the response by state and federal officials. every weekend on american history tv on c-span3 we feature programs that tell the american story. matthew andrews of the university of north carolina
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talks about how racial tensions of the 1980's were reflected in sports. >> rocky is a heavy underdog in the first film. he loses. no one thinks he is going to do well. he does not win. in rocky to be not set apollo creed and the most implausible boxing scene ever filmed. but rocky wins. these were both very popular movies. these are much more than just sports movies. these are movies about race. movies about american history. brooklyn law school professor christopher beauchamp talks about his book invented by law. he is solely remembered as the inventor the telephone because he secured a patent.
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we look back at the 1992 presidential campaign. arkansas governor bill clinton's second place finish and his positioning as the comeback kid. clinton: while leaving his young and we don't know yet what the final tally will be, new hampshire tonight has made bill clinton the comeback kid. both democratic and republican ads that aired in the granite state. her book pivotal tuesdays and argues that the 20th century was shaped by four elections that occurred during economic and cultural change.
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next marco rubio at a campaign rally in exeter new hampshire. rubio placed third in monday night's iowa caucus poll the heinz ted cruz and donald trump. over onet is just hour. [applause] thank you new hampshire. i wanted you to meet my family. the greatest eight days in american politics. we had a great time in iowa and that we are ready to do it here in new hampshire. i'm grateful to all of you for coming out today.
12:51 am
we have been married for 17 years. my four children. [applause] they're going to be with us the whole week as they were in december. theywe were coming up here said i hope it snows in new hampshire. i am against snow. i will make them stand here the whole time. i hope you will get to know them during our time here together. [applause] i am so excited to be here with you.
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this election is not just the choice between political parties. it is a referendum on our identity as a nation as a people. , wegoing to tell you what have a chance to be greater than we have ever been. there is a chance are real chance within our reach that my children and the children that are here today and your grandchildren could be the freest and the most prosperous americans that have ever lived. that is within our reach. nextll not happen if the four years are anything like the last seven. will not happen if a bernie sanders or hillary clinton is elected president of the united states. i'm trying to convince as many vote for me a week from today.


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